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StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-27, 10:26 PM
Teratron journeys to Iacon to face Prime for what he had the Autobots do to Soundwave.

To his dismay, Prime is not there, but Quick Switch and the Protectobots great him accordingly

2003-01-03, 03:02 AM
The two femmes sat in their shared quarters, discussing what each knew of the Decepticons. StarBlade was shocked to hear that Skywarp was with Thunderwing.

"Why would he join that group? Skywarp was one of the best Seekers, till Megatron turned him into the ultimate lackey. He had to ask permission to do anything... At least now he has a will of his own....somewhat..." The grey and black femme shook her head. "What of the other Seekers?" Adeara shook her head at that question.

"Of them, I know nothing, save Ramjet. I had escorted him to the lab, for...reprogramming, I think. Astrotrain called him to his office. I know nothing after that point." The Ta'Kaalen looked at StarBlade. "You were an assassin?" At the other's nod, Adeara looked thoughtful. "Assassins were rare among my people...You'd see maybe one for every 500 people, and our clans were quite large. If I hadn't been eldest Stormweaver daughter, I would have learned the art. It went to my sister, Amala." A hint of sadness crept into her voice. "A shame my world and people are gone....."

2003-01-03, 05:06 AM
Warcry, Stormhawk, and Thunderflare were still sealed in the conference room.
They are not particularly happy about that. Thunderflare, in particular, has grown extremely short on patience.
"When are they going to let us out of here!" he shouted, to no one in particular. "I am tired," he slammed his fist down on the conference room's table, "tired of waiting for Astrotrain's whim to be set free of here." He went on, for quite some time, ranting and raving.
This is getting ugly, Warcry thought, as he watched his soldier rage. If we don't get out of here soon, there may be one less of us to let out. Thunderflare is fast becoming a danger to his fellow Decepticons.
The wait continued...

Quick Switch
2003-01-09, 08:32 PM
Astrotrain crossed his arms.

"Shockwave, what's the status report on the Battle Plan? If you need more time, by all means, report to your quarters and calculate- no need to put together something slipshod to impress me."

He turned to the traitor-turned bodyguard Ramjet:

"Summon those other crew members would you? Of the Flamberge."

Ramjet nodded stiffly and left.

"Increased communications traffic detected in Iacon," Metrotitan rumbled. "Other analysis impossible at this time. Increase in traffic at Metroplex as well."

"Thank you Metrotitan," Astrotrain steepled his fingers. "The Autobots are up to something...."

Lord Zarak
2003-01-10, 12:40 PM
"I have nearly completed the plan, Astrotrain." replied Shockwave."I require only a short amount of time to finalise it."

Quick Switch
2003-01-10, 02:13 PM
Astrotrain smiled, and leaned forward at his desk.

"Very good. Finish your work and present it to me."


Ramjet rapped on the holding chamber where the crew of the Flamberge waited.

"Yo! Astrotrain wants to see you guys!"

2003-01-11, 12:16 AM
Warcry responded to Ramjet's call. "Excellent. Give us one moment, please."
He glared at Stormhawk and Thunderflare. "I want you two to behave. I will stand for none of your childish feuding in front of our fellow Decepticons. Do you understand?"
The two seekers nodded.
"Good," Warcry said. He turned his attention back to Ramjet, "OK, we are prepared. Lead on."

Quick Switch
2003-01-11, 03:26 PM
"Dunno why he's called for you guys," the white jet shrugged, "but it probably is to re-acquaint himself with all of you. It's been a while, and Astrotrain's been busy. Of course, he'll present you to Lord Teratron for formal approval later."

The jet clanked toward Astrotrain's office...

2003-01-13, 05:22 AM
Warcry nodded to Ramjet. "That's OK, I can understand that Astrotrain is a busy robot. Besides, some of us were enjoying a chance to rest after our long journey here."
And some of us were going absolutely insane, he added silently, looking at Thunderflare. But there is no reason for Astrotrain to hear of that.
The three jets rose, and followed Ramjet towards Astrotrain's office.

Quick Switch
2003-01-13, 05:49 PM
Ramjet smirked.

"Sure," and entered Astrotrain's office. "The crew of the ship," he said, then stood behind the City Commander arms crossed.

"Thank you, Ramjet," Astrotrain chuckled. There was something about the Seeker's rough-hewn sensibilities which appealed to the administrator. "I've brought you here to, once again explain your presence here and what you can contribute to the Glorious Decepticon Empire. If your answers are satisfactory, you will be presented to my Lord, Teratron, Leader of my faction, for his approval."

Astrotrain settled back in his chair.

"Now speak."

2003-01-14, 04:43 AM
Warcry stepped forward, trying to keep the annoyance from his face. I was never very good dealing with beuraucrats. Gotta get this over with, and then maybe we can get to some killing.
He surpressed a grin at the wholly inappropriate thought of practicing his killing skills on Astrotrain. We can't have that. He's only doing his job. No reason for me to dislike him...I must have been cooped up in that conference room for too long...
"Very well, Commander Astrotrain. First, as I am sure you recall, it was I who informed you of the Autobot unit heading for the Earth System."
Though since I ordered Death Knell to do everything in his power to attract the Autobots to Earth, I suppose that's not such a coup after all. Good thing Astrotrain here doesn't know about that.
Warcry continued: "If that is not enough to earn your respect, then perhaps a short primer on our personal histories and abilities is in order.
"Stormhawk," Warcry gestured to the seeker standing on his right, "is a trained intelligence agent. He was experienced in the field before we left Cybertron, and I would imagine he now ranks among the best in his line of work. In addition, he is also an exceptional pilot, with extremely good deep-space tactical skills. Thus, he is the only one of my officers that I trust with command of the Flamberge for long periods of time.
"Thunderflare," a nod to the seeker standing to Warcry's left, "is one of the most powerful warriors I have ever seen. He is useful in assault missions, or as a bodyguard.
"As for myself," Warcry stated, trying to keep pride from seeping into his voice, "I am fully trained in the art of Metalikato. I have over six million years of combat experience, and over four million years of command experience. I carry a highly advanced Pretender shell. Also, I have slight precognitive abilities.
"Now, as for our presence here, as I explained before, we were part of a group that attempted to rebel against the Decepticon authorities of our time. We fought a short civil war, throughout the Ibex Quadrant. We lost. We were given the choice to accept exile, or be executed. We left. Now, after spending so much time in exile, six of us have decided to return home. We wanted nothing more than to fight alongside our Decepticon brothers, against the Autobots. So, we took the Flamberge, and we came. Three of my troops, I left in the Earth system for a training excercise, and the three of us came here, to join Lord Teratron's glorious army.
"Is there anything else you'd like to know?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 05:54 AM
"I remember something about that," Astrotrain recalled about the whole Earth-Autobot incident. He thought.

"Metalikato- the same technique used by Bludgeon, the warrior? Explain the philosophy behind that, Warcry. Perhaps it has a place with new recruits. You could impart such knowledge, since the only other practicioner of that ancient craft was Bludgeon, who is dead."

Ramjet directed a question to Thunderflare and Stormhawk:

"So if you guys are time travelers, do we exist in your timeline? I mean, did you fly with my group, or Starscream's? 'Cause I never heard of ya."

2003-01-14, 06:20 AM
Warcry's jaw dropped. "Bludgeon...dead? And he was the only one of our kind left? I'm...shocked. Though, it has been quite some time, and we were so few. It is to be expected, I guess, that many things would have changed..."
He stopped to compose himself, then continued, "As to the philosophy behind Metalikato, it is...complex. Suffice it to say, it is a disipline of the mind, more than of the body. It takes a special individual to survive the training that would be required. Dedication, cold, calculating cruelty, and loyalty to those you call friends and allies. If any among your men are capable of learning such an art, I would be glad to be their tutor.
"Even if they are not strong enough to undergo the full training course, I would be willing to instruct them in the physical aspects of Metalikato. Swordsmanship, hand-to-hand fighting, and the like. Not as effective without the mental disipline to augment it, but still...a great asset."
Stormhawk listened to Ramjet's question.
"You are...Ramjet, aren't you? I vaguely remember you, from all those years ago...
"To answer your question, I personally never flew with any fighter groups on Cybertron. I was designed in the form of a seeker, but I was built solely for espionage. My appearence was intended to confuse by enemies. If they thought I was a soldier, they'd be expecting certain types of actions from me. It made my missions easier, anyway.
"As for Thunderflare, he spent most of his time on Cybertron as far away from battle as he could get. Had quite the streak of cowardice, he did. But he's partly gotten over that now. Or, so I'd hope."
Time travellers, eh? Stormhawk thought to himself, I guess that's pretty much what we are now, isn't it?

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 05:34 PM
Astrotrain narrowed his optics.

"Bludgeon was a subversive who stood against Lord Teratron's rule, and thus he is dead because of it. Should I worry about another Metalikato Master, who may also dream of leadership?"

Astrotrain carefully brought out Bludgeon's head from inside his desk, and laid it out so Warcry could see it.

"Lord Teratron took Bludgeon apart with his bare hands. I've seen the data tapes of the fight, and it wasn't pretty. I've been meaning to get this grinning skull of his mounted and present it to my Lord as a congratulatory gift. Quite striking, don't you agree? Scrapper is working on a suitable presentation stand for it."


Ramjet nodded.

"Yep, Ramjet's me."

"So, you don't fight huh?" he scratched his cone and looked at Stormhawk. "I guess a jet spy's OK."

The white jet looked at Thunderflare, and smirked.

"If you didn't fight, what did you do on Cybertron? Keep Shockwave company?"

2003-01-14, 06:36 PM
Ultra Magnus knew this wasn't going to be easy, someone had to talk to Teratron, someone had to take Optimus Prime's place in the keeping of the peace between the long warring factions. Ultra Magnus didn't take too long to find Teratron, "I'm sorry it took so long, we were working out command issues, Optimus Prime is gone and the one he left in charge was just damaged and unable to come here, but none-the-less we must discuss some things."

2003-01-15, 05:29 AM
Warcry shook his head emphatically. "Bludgeon was always a bit of a fanatic. It doesn't surprise me that he went that way. But, I assure you, whether or not I desire leadership, if I give Lord Teratron my loyalty, he shall have it until one of us is dead. I will not betray him. In that, you can trust, Astrotrain."
Though, if you notice, I did not tell you that you shouldn't worry about me. Only that you shouldn't worry about me betraying Teratron. Did he catch the disinction, I wonder?
Warcry stared at the skull. "Amazing. Perhaps I should see this recording of the fight. Regardless, anyone capable of so easily destroying a Metalikato warrior is deserving of my respect, at the very least. I am beginning to think I will like this Lord Teratron."
Stormhawk nodded. "Usually don't fight unless my cover gets blown, or unless I'm in space. Not to say I can't, but I like it better when I can get my foes to kill eachother for me."
Thunderflare also responded to Ramjet's question. "Mostly, I pulled guard duty. Or urban patrol duty. Boring stuff. Though I don't have much of a choice anymore. We all fought in the Core. We had to. I learned."

Quick Switch
2003-01-15, 06:07 AM
"Of course," Astrotrain replied easily, smiling grimly, "those who fail to respect my Lord end up as terminated units."

Astrotrain steepled his hands.

The Metrodrones will be able to track this arrogant warrior. All Metalikato Masters are the same- practicing a dead art and wrapped up in their own mystic babble. No matter. He'll serve his purpose.

"Let's hope Lord Teratron returns the distinction," Astrotrain replied to Warcry's respectful tone.


Ramjet nodded.

"Sure. Sounds good to me. Say, you didn't run into a crazy Autobot tank back then, did ya? Name's Warpath. He and I have...some issues to resolve. Don't know if he's still alive in this time, though."

2003-01-15, 06:18 AM
Warcry nodded, "I hope he does. I look forward to meeting him."
Stormhawk shook his head in response to Ramjet's question.
Thunderflare, on the other hand, let out a furious growl. "Oh, I remember Warpath," he snarled, "and I'd like to settle a few things with him, myself."

Quick Switch
2003-01-15, 06:27 AM
Astrotrain nodded.

"At the moment, I believe Lord Teratron is completing some urgent business. However, feel free to ask questions of me if you wish."


Ramjet pointed to his cone.

"Crazy schizoid broke my cone more times than I can count. Rumble knows what I'm talking about," he said bitterly. "Maybe you guyts aren't so bad after all."

2003-01-15, 11:44 PM

Teratron looked up from his seat on the balcony. Upon sighting the interrupter, he huffed and gazed back out at the scene below the bridge.

"I didn't think Autobots were allowed in Tarn these days. Prime has you all on such a tight leash that you just might choke."

He pushed himself from his perch and stepped up to the edge. Ah, Tarn. City of industry. City of heroes. City of betrayal. Teratron pondered that this, symbolically, should have served much better as the Decepticons' traditional capitol...

"We have plenty to discuss, indeed. I was hoping to convene with Prime, but of course, he was too busy to discuss the fragility of Cybertron's peace, as well as its existence. I understand that joyriding takes precedence to saving the Universe..."

He spun around abruptly and stared at Magnus. Oh, he knew that one. He was on the files. But why. Mmmm...

"You're familiar with diplomatic tactics, I'm sure. The visiting party speaks first."

2003-01-16, 12:43 AM
"There is a couple of things I was wondering about," Warcry said to Astrotrain. "First, do you have any holographic training facilities around here? It's been a while since my men were able to practice their combat skills. Second, are we going to be seeing any action soon, that I should prepare for?"
Stormhawk nodded to Ramjet. "I'll take that as a compliment."
Thunderflare simply nodded, not quite sure what Ramjet had meant.

Quick Switch
2003-01-16, 01:03 AM
Astrotrain laughed.

"Of course. Metrotitan possesses a variety of such facilities. One of my Metrodrones will escort you to one."

As if on cue, a Metrodrone appeared, bowed, and indicated a direction it was to follow.

"And as to your second question...that's classified." Astrotrain rose. "It's been a pleasure, but I am a busy robot. Ramjet, show these gentlebots out, please."


Ramjet stretched, getting up from his perch. He clapped one hand a piece on the backs of Thunderflare and Stormhawk as he showed them out.

"Nice meetin' you guys," he said. "We'll have to knock back a few Energon drinks together sometime. Now the boss needs some time to himself."

2003-01-16, 04:10 AM
Warcry nodded to Astrotrain, "Classified? I understand. I'll get the boys training back up to combat duty levels anyway, just to be prepared. Thank you for your time."
Not a bad bot, I suppose, Warcry thought. For an administrator, anyway.
Stormhawk smiled to Ramjet, "Nice to meet you, too. It's good to know that there are still other seekers out fighting for the Decepticons."
Thunderflare cut in: "And it's good to know that you seem to know how to have a good time, unlike Stormhawk here."
Stormhawk shot him a withering glare, then walked behind Warcry as he followed the metrodrone out of Astrotrain's office. Thunderflare left after them.

Quick Switch
2003-01-16, 05:43 AM
The Metrodrone, a smaller version of Metrotitan, led Wacry's crew to a training room.

"This is the room which you seek," it said. "You may fit the room to your specifications and scenarios."


Ramjet smirked as Warcry's crew left the office. The door shut behind them.

"Fun bunch," he left, before sitting in the chair across from Astrotrain's desk.

Astrotrain silently examined Bludgeon's head, cradling it in his hands.

"Ramjet, tell me; do you have any regrets?"

"Sure; who doesn't?"


Metrotitan's voice suddenly entered the room.

"Commander," he said.

"Speak," Astrotrain said, dropping Bludgeon's head back to his desk. Ramjet, stratled, perked up.

"I sense another City. My long range scanners indicate it has been re-activated."

"Clarify!" Astrotrain said.

"Unable," Metrotitan returned. "Data incomplete."

"Very well," Astrotrain said. "This requires Lord Teratron's attention. When he returns, I will present a report."

Scrapper entered, carrying a simple onyx stand, with a gold rod, fit for embedding things.

"Commander," the Constructicon leader said, half-bowing, "the stand you requested for Lord Teratron is finished."

Astrotrain passed over Bludgeon's Pretender head, and Scrapper affixed it to the stand. The stand itself read "To Teratron, Lord and Leader of the Decepticons. Peace through tyranny.--Astrotrain" which was affixed to a purple plaque, matching the Decepticon sigil color. It's letters were simple and direct.

Scrapper handed it back to Astrotrain.

"Perfectly embodies my philosphy, Astrotrain," he rasped, bowed again, then left.

Astrotrain placed it in front of his desk and asked Ramjet:

"How do you find it?"

"Morbid," he said. "Dirge would like it."

"That's not the point," he muttered. "Symbolism was never a great point with you, Ramjet. Don't you recognize the quote?"

"Nope," Ramjet said cheerfully.

"You're hopeless," Astrotrain replied, and returned to his paperwork.

2003-01-17, 07:51 AM
Using his bond with Teratron, Galvatron was able to navigate undetected to his one true friend's location at Iacon.

Meeting with Ultra Magnus...my poor friend...

Galvatron: "The burden has been great for you, has it not old friend? "

Pointblank and Cyclonus landed beside Galvatron as the trio awaited acknowledgement from the current Decepticon Ruler.

2003-01-17, 06:58 PM
Ultra Magnus opened his mouth to defend Prime but he actually had little to say at the moment so he just started but not on any better of a foot, "Actually Teratron, you're the one visiting Iacon... but no matter, the Autobots on Earth, they're not there with the authorization of the Autobot high command... but I must know what you plan to do with them."

2003-01-20, 04:55 AM
Warcry nodded to the Metrodrone, then sat down and began to design a training exercize for his troops.

2003-01-20, 04:04 PM
Teratron glared at Magnus, but the expression on his face remained facetiously friendly. He shrugged loosely, head bobbing around with false boredom.

"Oh, that will depend on what the situation demands. What amazes me, though, is that you would just allow Autobots to be terrorizing a world where they don't belong like that. Really. I mean, I'm sure they have some nostalgia with the planet, but it simply isn't their--"

For a moment, he fell silent. Like a bullet in the back. Like the eye of a storm. And then, slowly, he turned.

"Well, well," he commented. "Galvatron. You never did strike me as the type to enjoy the retired life. And with Autobots in tow? But then, these are strange times..."

He glanced back at Magnus, still smirking.

"I suppose there's more you'd like to discuss, isn't there?"

2003-01-23, 05:49 AM
Metrotitan's medbay.

Within the repair bay/infirmary/medbay of MetroTitian, the dimmed lights mixed with a small bright light glowed over a few forms. One form was dark & enormous to human standards.
A few drones worked to finally end the repairs & revival of this fembot warrior.

Her optics flicker every few minutes at a regular interval, as the energy flowed into her form to sustain her.

When repairs were complete & with an updated form now, the crimson optics flickered faster & then glowed bright as she came back online. As her optics registered the surrounding, she sat up & slid off the table. Standing to her full height of nearly 40 feet, her joints moved to take inventory of the repairs & new equipment & updates.

She turned to look at a drone as it stepped back. But she said nothing. She had been offline for a while. Her data & memory banks searched frantically for all information through her meta processor. Now at full power, she trudge towards the door to leave. The drones didn't attempt to stop her. This had happened before if she was stopped when she deemed she was ready, then that mechanism would be turned quickly into scrap metal.

Corridors of MetroTitan

As she wandered about, heading 'subconciously' to where she deemed the Headquarters to be.

Memories that were stored were finally coming back to her. Starting from her creation, her loyalty to Gamma, the war with the Autobots & most recently... the loss of Megatron. With that, the Autobots seemed to have won the Great War. Why? All because of a mechanism who claimed to be a reformated Megatron. His name - Galvatron. Her energy boiled in her curcuits, as the anger swelled. But, it seemed that this was perhaps not the case. She didn't seem to be an Autobot prisoner. She smirked, would be fun to see the sights of the Autobots explaining the demise of several Autobots, the majority of them being the fembots.

Curious of where she was, she set about the structure to study it, to learn where she was. It was unfamiliar to her.
Her optics fell upon a bot here & there, but not saying a word to any of them. Her optics glared at them in a wicked & cautious look. Her optics were new, a design that was old yet new. Not exactly her design or idea. But it helped with her abilities of recon & intelligence. The iris' of the optics focused, zooming in & out as she glanced about.

After a good spell wandering around, she came to the 'command wing'. Or so it seemed. Curious as to who was still in control, as it couldn't be Galvatron. Galvatron wouldn't be able to make such a huge comeback like this. Let alone, the Decepticons advancing in such a way would be difficult considering his crazed dilemma.
She found her way to the commander's chambers. Somehow she had gotten there. She didn't believe in luck, just determination. She was slightly surprize that guards were not posted at the doorway.

As she came towards the doorway, she noticed the title upon the plaque: Teratron.

Teratron? Who was that? she thought. Her curiousity was overwhelming at this time. Her hand wandered over the doorway. Then knocked. Didn't seem to be an answer, as she moved to the access panel next to the door, placing her hand on the panel to access, upload & 'pop the lock.' within a few seconds the door whooshed open.

Commander's Room

The bright light was an off set of what she was used to, her optical sensors compensated, as she stepped up to another door & accessed that one as well by placing her hand upon it. The second door opened as she stepped in. Her optics glanced about, the iris' compensating the leap from bright light to a dim light.

Stepping in, she moved like the stealth fighter she was, closer to the 'command desk' is what she assumed was before her. The room was decorated with many gadgets & comp stations. Whoever was seated here, was obviously a very decent commander. But where they a decent enough Leader. She stalked towards one of the comp stations. She was no Soundwave & could hack into anything, but she had to find out anything to what was going on & why she was brought back online.

2003-01-28, 03:54 AM
In Astrotrain's command room, a voice boomed from his console.

"Astrotrain, this is Snake and Abdul Fakaddi on Earth. Please respond."

Quick Switch
2003-01-28, 03:56 AM
Astrotrain leaned forward and activated his comm unit.

"This is Astrotrain. Report."

2003-01-28, 04:28 AM
"We have encountered an interesting situation on Earth, Astrotrain", Snake said. "It seems that the dear departed Insecticons are the only ones who can clear us of our names. Unforturnately, they have been destroyed. Now, we can repair and reprogram them, but their parts are not on Earth. Have any ships arrived at Metrotitain carrying Cybertronian alloys?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-28, 08:22 PM
"Yes, one," Astrotrain remarked after thinking. "It is called the Flamberge."

2003-01-28, 11:29 PM
"Find out who it belongs to", Snake replied. "Then have them contact us. Snake out."

The comm light blinked, ending the transmission.

Quick Switch
2003-01-29, 01:15 AM
"A Decepticon known as Warcry leads a crew. He is its Captain."

Astrotrain activated his comm unit.

"Warcry, report to my office."

2003-01-29, 04:11 AM
Warcry and his troops were in the midst of their third holographic training exercise when Astrotrain's call came through the training room's comm.
"I'll be there in a moment, Astrotrain," Warcry said. He turned to Stormhawk and Thunderflare. "You two keep this up. If we need to fight someone, I want you to be ready."
Warcry exited the training room, and headed towards Astrotrain's office.

Quick Switch
2003-01-29, 02:48 PM
"Acknowledged," Astrotrain responded to Warcry's transmission.

2003-01-29, 08:33 PM
"Teratron... those Autobots that voilated Decepticon space, are our responbility can I ask that they he handed over to our command for thier punishment?" Magnus knew that Teratron was actually in control of this situation and the determination on what was to be done to those that had broke the treaty, so Magnus was reduced to just asking Teratron, but his tactics didn't end there he had to change the subject to give it more time, "But in actaullity I believe there are other matters, such as the reason behind your visit to Iacon..."

2003-01-30, 05:12 AM
Warcry arrived at Astrotrain's office and knocked on the door.
"You asked to see me?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-30, 06:19 AM
"Yes," Astrotrain said. "Come in." The City Commander activated his comm. "Snake, President Fakkadi, Warcry is present."

Astrotrain flicked his gaze to the captain.

"Our human allies want to know where your ship is. It is of vital importance to our cause."

2003-01-30, 06:25 AM
Warcry frowned, "My ship? It should be right outside of Metrotitan. Unless you had it moved without informing me of it." He paused a minute, "What do humans want with the Flamberge?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-30, 06:28 AM
Astrotrain steepled his fingers.

"The nature of the assignment is, I'm afraid, classified, but I will say that they do not need the ship itself rather some interesting cargo which your crew picked up inadvertently."

2003-01-30, 06:33 AM
Warcry surpressed a small grin. "You refer to the Insecticons, I presume? They can have them. They are of no use to me."

Quick Switch
2003-01-30, 01:39 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Indeed. Relay that transmission to our human friends, so they are reassured of your sincerity."

2003-02-01, 06:50 AM
Warcry flashed Astrotrain an acommodating smile.
"Of course. Do you have a channel open to them?"

Quick Switch
2003-02-01, 07:06 PM
"Yes. Broadcast when ready." Astrotrain replied.

2003-02-02, 05:22 AM
Warcry nodded, then spoke into the communications gear.
"Snake. President Fakkadi. I am told that you have use for the Insecticon corpses that I've come into possession of. Is that so?"

Lord Zarak
2003-02-02, 02:47 PM
"Astrotrain , I have a draft plan which requiers your approval" reported Shockwave.
"Is there a convenient time for me to present it too you?" asked the purple Decepticon.

Quick Switch
2003-02-02, 05:55 PM
Fakkadi responded in Carbombya.

"Indeed we do, Decepticon. Indeed we do."


Astrotrain responded to Shockwave on another channel.

"Yes. As soon as another matter is concluded, I'll send for you. I appreciate your input in this matter."

2003-02-02, 08:33 PM
"Yes", Snake said. "Please send them to Earth as soon as you can."

2003-02-03, 05:38 AM
Warcry responded to Snake and Fakkadi, "Very well. Here is what we can do. I can send my ship to Earth, under autopilot control. I'll give you the proper subspace comm frequency to contact an officer of mine who is on your world. Once the ship arrives, he'll take command of the ship, and bring you the Insecticons. Is that acceptible?"

2003-02-03, 03:23 PM
Teratron's optics narrowed, and sank in color to a menacing crimson. He drew his fist together, then threw it out at Magnus as the pointing of a finger.

"You know perfectly well why I went there, Autobot! A Decepticon had come under attack by one of your kind - and dare I say that there would have been more, had the others been able to keep up - for an accident! Because Optimus Prime cannot control his warriors, it seems."

He glanced back over at Galvatron. Calm. He settled back against the edge of the bridge, again looking out over the ancient city.

"What is the reason behind your visit to Tarn, hmm? Certainly not because your brethren are under attack by my soldiers. Oh, yes, that's it. It's because Optimus Prime is too busy taking vacations to bother with saving the alliance. Because I have to 'wait in line to be dealt with' while he gets his tan, yes?"

His optics grew especially cold.

"You can let Prime know that he is walking on very thin steel. I am giving him one last chance to keep the alliance from falling apart."

Teratron looked to the sky, and smirked.

"He is to destroy Thunderwing."

2003-02-03, 05:27 PM
"Yes, yes", Snake said, obviously annoyed by having to continue this conversation. "Please send it as soon as possible."

2003-02-04, 05:20 AM
Warcry bristled at the tone in Snake's voice.
A mere flesh creature, daring to speak like that to a Decepticon? One day I shall teach him a lesson in respect. But not today.
He flipped open a panel on his arm and keyed in a code. The Flamberge immediately began it's powerup sequence, preparing for the flight to Earth.
"Very well, human. The ship is on it's way. My associate, Death Knell, is on Earth. He will remove the Insecticons from the ship for you. He should have joined with any Decepticon forces currently on-world. If not, you can reach him on sub-space frequency 4437.5.
"Is that all?" This last question he directed both at the humans, and at Astrotrain.

Quick Switch
2003-02-04, 05:30 AM
Astrotrain smirked wryly.

"I believe so, unless our esteemed human friends have anything else to add. The City Commander opened up another channel. Shockwave, you may start on your way. I'm finishing up that other business I mentioned earlier."

Lord Zarak
2003-02-04, 08:17 PM
Shockwave departed for Astrotrains office
"Recieved. I am on my way now".

2003-02-05, 04:25 AM
Galvatron stood with his arms folded looking at Teratron.

He plays a dangerous game...which is exactly why we chose him wasn't it? But you want to come home now don't you...that's why you call to me...thats why you torment me.

Galvatron: "I think its time for you to leave Magnus...inform Optimus that I have returned...the time to finish Thunderwing is nigh."

2003-02-05, 06:34 AM
Commander's room in MetroTitan

Maxima was at the console. The downloading or access of the files usually led to "Access Denied" statements. This angered her even more. She had questions.. she wanted them answered. & now.

Opening a little hatch upon her form, a couple wires connected to the computer, hacking into it... & started to download & hack into the system to know what was going on.

Seemed this too would take some time. But she watched whatever bit of information scrolled across the screen. Anything that may become useful.

Lord Zarak
2003-02-05, 01:33 PM
Shockwave arrived at Astrotrains office, knocked and waited for an answer.

2003-02-05, 05:18 PM
Ultra Magnus nodded his head as if he got his message and becan to walk away. The he stopped, "You know, you don't have to depend on Prime to do everything..." He turned his head slightly to Teratron and Galvatron, "He's not the only one that can get the Choas Matrix..." he smiled and started on his way again.

Quick Switch
2003-02-05, 06:42 PM
Astrotrain called out to Shockwave:


The City Commander addressed Warcry.

"I believe our business here is concluded. I appreciate your courteous tone toward our human allies."

2003-02-06, 04:02 AM
Warcry nodded to Astrotrain. "It was no problem. If you need me or my troops, we will be in training. They are nearly back up to active duty standards, and spoiling for a fight. Good day."
With that, he walked out, nearly running into Shockwave at the door. His optics flared with hate.
That crosswired, purple hunk of cycloptic slag is still around, even though so many others, better than he, are gone. Where's the justice?
Warcry quickly composed himself, sidestepped Shockwave, and left the office.
The Flamberge lifted off under autopilot, tore out of Cybertron's atmosphere, and activated her hyperdrives, on a course for Earth.

2003-02-06, 04:38 AM
(OOC: Continued in Chapter 4: Something Or Other!)