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StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-27, 10:26 PM
The wreckers retreat back to Debris with their leader, Springer, in very bad condition. Thunderwing's forces proved themselves to be a very strong force, and the imminent addition of Scorponok to their ranks leaves them a force to be reckoned with.

Optimus Prime searched out Jetfire and learned of three powerful mini-con teams that he hoped would aid his desire to destroy the Chaos Matrix

2002-12-27, 11:10 PM
Blaster slowly struggled as the casettes still worked to remove as many peices of rubble as they could to get him up easier. Boltz was helping Mirage

"Come on get up" Fastforward said throwing a chunk of the roof aside.

Blaster slowly came out from under the rocks to a sitting position some still on his legs.

"That was on thing I never wanna go through again, I'm hearin tunes in my head and these are ones I put on" Blaster said rubbing his head.

Sunstreaker looked towards the rubble of thge Crystal City "This is getting boring" he shook his head Transforming driving off towards the Crystal City not waiting any longer.

2002-12-28, 03:12 AM
Teratron glared at Quick Switch maliciously.

"Absurd! How could one of my finest officers, legendary spy, universally revered as one of the most competent Decepticons ever, go so far astray on such a simple task as playing movie projector!"

Soundwave cleared his vocoder loudly, covered his faceplate with a hand, and swooped over toward the huffing Teratron to whisper something in his audial. His facial expression quickly faded from homocidal rage to defensive disbelief.

"Hmph. It's of no concern. Whatever Optimus Prime may have seen, it is inexcusable for him to allow his soldiers to attack a vowed ally in force. This is still a matter of conduct, Autobot..."

He charged his fusion blasters. You know. Just in case.

"Now get out of my way."

2002-12-28, 11:04 PM
The three Elementals arrived at security, to find it was empty. "Hmm, empty. Let's see if we can find any security staff" Frost said as she starts down a corridor. Gale and Shock follow closely behind. After a short time they hear some comotion up ahead. They arrive at the area where Teratron is facing off against Quickswitch.

"Oh-goody. A-fight" Shock says as she starts heading towards the others.

"Hold it Shock" Frost said as she puts her hand on her sister's shoulder. "This is probably some feud between them. So we had better not get involved, unless it gets out of hand.." she adds with a slight grin. Shock and Gale knew what that ment: Prepare for a fight, just in case. Shock's lightning arcs intensified a bit as she moved into position to Frost's left. Gale took up position to Frost's right, the air current that surrounds her picking up in force. Frost stood near the entrance, concentrating to drop the temperature in the her immediate area a bit, just enough to start forming iceshards if needed.

2002-12-29, 07:02 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, Brainstorm, and a reluctant Roadbuster: -all in vehicle mode, bringing up the rear of the Autobot column heading back to Debris-

Hosehead: "They're not following."

Brainstorm: "They haven't even taken off yet. I'm not picking them up on radar."

Nightbeat: "Small surprise. Thunderwing's got no need to come after us now. He can come after us at his leisure. It's the Matrix Incident all over again. But this time, he's holding a much stronger hand than we are."

Chromedome: "I remember that..... well, part of it anyway."

Hardhead: "You'd remember more of it if the manifestation of evil in the Matrix hadn't tried to use you as a hammer to pound me into the deck."

Nightbeat: "You're missing the point. This isn't going to manifest the way it did before. It will probably keep him in a shell that our weapons can't penetrate. And this time, we can't harpoon him and vent him out of the shuttle bay."

Siren: "Then we're doomed, aren't we."

Roadbuster: "Doesn't matter. We go down fighting."

Nightbeat: "I never said we were doomed. We do need to figure out how to turn this disadvantage into an advantage we can work with. And I do have an idea."

Muzzle: "I personally think it's a bad one."

Nightbeat: "If you can think of anything else, please, let me know."

Muzzle: "We think alike. I can't think of anything else we could try, either."

Quig: "None of this is helping my anxiety, you know....."

Quick Switch
2002-12-29, 04:02 PM
Quick Switch scowled.

"Your words do not move me. You will not breech this command center."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-30, 09:55 PM
Springer's head fell backwards on Sixswitch's tank mode.

His face was almost sullen, the oil dripping from his mouth had dried creating a black, river-like pattern down his face.

Never in all his time had Springer been beaten so cleanly...and left to live.

God Jinrai
2002-12-31, 09:44 PM
In the convoy with the remaining wreckers, alpha pondered....

"Thunderwing... he's letting us escape? is he truly so powerful that at a whim he could oust us all? "

Alpha's thoughts blurred as he and the company made their return to debris...

Back at Jetfire's lab...

Prime let out a deep sigh... he'd been monitoring the situation while waiting for jetfire... but now, with terratron at iacon, he had to make his move... quickly... before what was left of the alliance was torn to shreds...

"Jetfire... I'm returning to iacon... make your way there as quickly as you're able once you're fully prepped."

Prime rolled out and headed for iacon

2002-12-31, 11:41 PM
Jazz transformed as he entered the gate of Iacon Wheeljack right behind him.

"Well that was bust I was hoping to thin the Decepticon numbers" Jazz said looking at Wheeljack

"I just wanted to test my weapon and it worked so that was a great battle for me" the Scientist replied

Jazz shrugged "I'm gonna go ditch this shoulder launcher then re-energize just incase those Decepti-Creeps try and pull a counter attack"
Wheeljack nodded as they both took seperat routes down the corridors of iacon.

Sunstreaker was closing in on the Crystal City wreckage when he spotted the large semi-rig that is Optimus Prime

"About time" Sunstreaker said to himself.

2003-01-01, 04:28 AM
Nightbeat: -hearing Alpha's comment- "That's what he thinks. He thought that last time, and we destroyed him."

Siren: "What if it's true?"

Nightbeat: "Then we're in deep trouble. But you remmber the after action reports. The Matrix, and succeeded, in posessing Thunderwing. But Thunderwing did start to fight, after it made him fire on his troops. If we can force that dichomoty in his thinking this time, we'll be able to take him."

Chromdome: "More psychological warfare?"

Hardhead: "Mind games. Lovely."

2003-01-01, 11:12 AM
Mirage laughed softly at Blaster's humour and offered him a hand to get up. "Well now Blaster, if I'm not mistaken, I think you might say 'It's boogie time'? I want to check in and see what happened. I called security a while ago, but they never came."
Jetfire jogged out of the lab and transformed. Over his communicator, he spoke up- "Sorry Optimus. Didn't realize you were waiting for me. But we're all packed now and right behind you. See you out at Iacon."

Inside the cockpit after takeoff, Comettor watched the monitors and scopes. "Jetfire, I see other figures down on the surface level, and not far off. Should we monitor them?"
"Yes, Comettor." Jetfire answered quickly. "I'll do some wide sweeps, and just watch for any hostile movements. According to the scanners, these figures are out in view, so perhaps they belong to Optimus' crew.
In the meanwhile, pick up the radio communicator and let's see if he knows about them."

Comettor pulled the radio down and leaned over the controls to look out the windows at the Cybertronian surface below. He clicked the radio on as they passed over the area.

"Sparkplug, Optimus, this is Comettor. Come back?"

God Jinrai
2003-01-02, 04:24 AM
"Prime here, Commetor. What's your situation?"

Prime roared on toward iacon... the massive city's oversized shield dome came into view, and he spotted several of his autobot out on patrol...

2003-01-02, 04:29 AM
"Checking in Optimus. We're seeing lifeforms out there by you. Couple stationary, and a yellow moving one coming from the city and moving fast. You expecting company? Over."

God Jinrai
2003-01-02, 04:35 AM
"Company, no, commetor... patrols, yes. That's likely sunstreaker you're picking up... he and several others have been patroling the vicinity since I left iacon, if the need arose that I would require their assistance... at any rate, head for iacon's main gates. we'll take things from there."

Prime burned past sunstreaker as he approached iacon... again transforming on the fly, prime stood at the central gate to iacon, gazing back and up at the approaching jetfire... it was then he picked up that something was very amiss... it looked as if the dome of iacon was smashed in one spot in particular..
"Jetfire, get down here! Fast! We may have a problem!"

Prime rushed into iacon at his top running speed. barreling down the corridors, he headed for the command center, and in doing so, had to pass his quarters... where he came across the likely cause for the hole in iacon's dome...

"Gigatron. Is there something that I can do for you?"

Under his breath, prime thought to himself... "Considering you've left a trail that's all too easy to follow... and you only deal with my autobots and I when you've a gripe or complaint..."

2003-01-02, 07:19 AM
The moment of ease from the knowledge the figures below were Autobots didn't last long. The alarmed note in Optimus' voice hit Jetfire and the four minicons he carried.

"Hang on boys... going low." Jetfire called over his cabin communicator. He swung low for a pass over the patrolling Autobots and dipped his right side wing as he headed for a landing.
"Everyone out!" Payload called as they landed and the minicons piled out.

2003-01-02, 06:38 PM
Teratron snarled audibly as his face slowly swung around to face the Autobot leader. His optics were piercing, even maniacal if it weren't for the tinge of perverse reason hidden behind.

"Plenty, Prime! What is the meaning of this?"

He pointed to Soundwave's scattered dents and wounds.

"An Autobot - one of your Autobots - attacked Soundwave with the intent of destroying him! Soundwave tells me there was an error in the playback of the war footage, that what you saw was nothing but a slander on the Autobots."

He put one hand on his face, trying to force himself to calm down, before it exploded away in rage.

"Can't you see?! It was the Chaos Matrix! Laserbeak's records are never inaccurate! Ever! So when I hear that half the Autobot army has seen themselves committing travesties they do not recall, I am forced to reason that there is a major (and the same) physiological flaw in every last one of them... or that, perhaps, there is some mysterious force we do not possess or fully understand causing malfunctions in one Decepticon."

He sighed, giving a glance to the other assembled Autobots. Calm.

"One of those seems a bit more likely than the other to us both, Prime. The fact is, your Autobot attacked Soundwave because he assumed wrong. Which is fine. I understand that most Transformers are not as wise as you and I. But it was your responsibility to make the distinction and keep an innocent and warrior ally protected from blind prejudice."

A hand reached up to his faceplate, and one finger rested along its side. His voice became low as he swooped in toward Prime.

"Or perhaps the Chaos Matrix has found a handhold on you as well."

God Jinrai
2003-01-03, 12:28 AM
"Hmh. I could say the same of you, Gigatron. chaos matrix or not... what was played crippled any chances of reasoning with rodimus convoy. and frankly... I'm sick of your griping about the problems being of MY SOURCE! I know very well what's going on in that twisted mind of yours, gigatron... I know ALL TOO WELL. but for now, you're going to have to stand in line to be dealt with. unless you want to settle this right here and now..."

Prime's right fist balled tightly, his respiration functions became heavy, and his torso rose and fell with the cycling of air...

2003-01-03, 03:01 AM
Sunstreaker stood beside his leader as he traded words with Gigatron. Being out with Kup waiting for Optimus he gathered he missed something. Kup... what happened to him anyways. He was there and then... he wasn't it was odd. Oh well he'd remind Prime later right now it was the two Decepeticons in Iacon that mattered.

Jazz had only made it half-way to the Armoury whene he came across the two Decepticons and the group of Autobots. He stopped and listened knowing it was about the attacks, though he wondered who attacked Soundwave.

Wheeljack set the large back pack on the table looking at it. "This thing will come in handy more then just today" the Autobot scientist said tom himself as he turned to exit for a re-charge.

Blaster looked at Mirage shaking his head.

"Security has never been the same since Ironhide bit it, Kup had a hard time doing it alone, and even he isn't as wise as he used to be" Blaster replied.

2003-01-03, 04:24 AM
The road to Debris-

Chromedome "So what's your plan, Nightbeat?"

Nightbeat: "Well, we'll need a shuttle-"

Siren: "Not again..."

Nightbeat: "No, no. We drop a shuttle on him. His shields can hold against energy weapons, but if we drop a shuttle on him, he might not be able to hold off both a falling shuttle and sustained fire from the rest of you."

Quick Switch
2003-01-03, 05:02 PM
Quick Switch spoke quietly to Prime, optics riveted on Teratron:

"Optimus, if you'll give the command, the Protectobots and I will remove the Decepticons from Iacon with necessary force before they sow more lies."

2003-01-03, 08:53 PM
The wall and floor near Frost were starting to get a thin coating of ice. Frost had lowered the temperature even futher as a single thought went through her mind. I won't mess in this fight of Prime's, if it comes to that. But if this Gigatron kills Prime, I'll give him an icy death...

Gale had reached the wall where Teratron had blasted a hole. If he thinks he can cause a fight and then flee through there, he'll get a surprise.. she thought as she started intensifying the air current that surrounds her, at a moments notice she could move it to cover the hole. If anything tried to leave, they'd have to fight galeforce winds..

Shock just watched the events unfold.

2003-01-04, 02:18 AM
Jetfire jogged down the halls of Iacon with the minicons following him. The many corridors led off in different directions and he didn't see any sign of Optimus. It had been ages since he had been to the city, and things had changed.
Astroscope poked Comettor. "I think we're running in squares," he said with a shake of the head. "We need to rethink this search strategy."
"No, wait!" Payload said excitedly. "Everyone... be quiet!"
They all froze where they stood. Optimus Prime's voice drifted just at the faintest edge of their audio receptors. '...too well'
"This way! Jetfire called to the minicons as he walked quickly down a hall. Rounding the corner, he slowed and stopped. Farther down the adjoining hall he spotted the group with Teratron. The minicons ran up behind him and also stopped. Sky Blast glanced around at the others. "Well? Aren't we going to do something?"
Jetfire shook his head and whispered back, "No, just watch from back here for now."
Mirage flicked a smile as Blaster got up, and then shook his head. "I have to disagree in part there with you Blaster. I miss Ironhide too, but security has been good until now. We're in peace mode, and if Optimus thought we needed more security, he'd have had it done." Mirage (still unaware of the cause of the battle) glanced about. "Soundwave could still be around though. We should go tell Quick Switch and Streetwise that he attacked you."
Trailbreaker slowly and painfully made his way towards Medbay, leaving a trail of steaming red drips behind him.
Well, I've blazed trails before, but this is one I hope not to repeat anytime soon, he thought to himself with a soft chuckle to keep his mind off the pain. "I needed a checkup soon anyway. Bet First Aid'll sure be surprised to see me come in before the appointment time.
A dusty and ancient-looking transformer worked his way slowly through a side hall of Trader's alley. He edged to a dark doorway and pushed the door open. Tables were set around with many transformers about them in pairs and trios. Quiet murmurings gave a busy background hum to the room and the dim lights set off a constant flicker. As he entered under the hologram and saw many hostile and wary optics look over at him briefly, Hound felt glad for the disguise. It was easy to keep the hologram face free from the alarm he himself felt. He glanced around and then settled on a figure in the back of the room, and slowly made his way toward it.

RVZ Prime
2003-01-05, 11:33 AM
The Protectobots are observing the scene between Prime and Teratron in a short distance.

First Aid: "Hot Spot, if you authorize it, I would rather go to back the Med Lab. Hound is probably going to return soon with the new equipment and I would like to see what he got. It's not far from here and if you need me I can be here in a second"

Hot Spot"I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't think that this one dumb Decepticon can give us any trouble and if he does. Quick Switch is here too. So if we need you, I am sure that he'll buy us enough time for you to return."

With that said, First Aid transforms and heads towards the Med Lab.

Quick Switch
2003-01-05, 03:58 PM
Quick Switch narrowed his optics at Hot Spot's decision to relieve First Aid.

I'm not going to countermand the order, but First Aid sure picks a time to be altruistic. Defensor will prove to be a great asset if Teratron makes trouble...

2003-01-05, 04:36 PM
Teratron glared at each of the Autobots present, including the lumberingly hidden Jetfire, and especially Quick Switch, Hot Spot, and their chief.

"Luckily, Optimus, I am a reasonable mechanism. I do not want to see our orns of work together be torn apart because of something so simplistic as this. We shall leave and, with luck, perhaps forget this incident even happened. But be warned, Prime. You are treading on very dangerous ground. Un-Autobot ground. I would not want to see you lose yourself as Rodimus Convoy has under Thunderwing's influence..."

With Soundwave and Laserbeak in tow, Teratron pushed his way through the circle of Autobots surrounding him. He transformed to car mode (noting that the ceiling was no longer a viable exit) and left his cockpit open for the tapedeck and cassette to fall in. Shortly after, he slammed the canopy shut and tore away down the halls of Iacon.

God Jinrai
2003-01-05, 04:46 PM
Prime turned as gigatron tore out of iacon in racer mode... shaking his head...

"He's wrong. the chaos matrix has no power over me. the autobot matrix of leadership ensures that. as part of the essence of primus, I'm shielded from the chaos-bringer's shadow... but something isn't right. I feel a presence... one I've not felt since... Blast it... If it really IS him... I'll have to find him before Thunderwing does... Jetfire, remain here... I'm taking the air and space minicons with me... if this presence is comming from who I think it is... they may be needed before all is said and done..."

Prime transformed, but didn't roll just yet...

"Quickswitch... Inform Springer of my departure... He's to assume command in my absence. I'll avoid an extended departure, but it's necessary. trust me... please."

Prime tore out of iacon, headed for parts unknown

Quick Switch
2003-01-05, 08:37 PM
Quick Switch came to attention and saluted Prime's retreating form.

"Yes sir!"

The Six Changer spun on his heels out of the hall and activated his communicator.

"Blaster, report to the command center at once. Protectobots, fall out with me."

Quick Switch placed his blasters back into subspace and headed for the command center.

RVZ Prime
2003-01-05, 08:47 PM
Hot Spot acknowledged Quick Switchs' command

"Groove, Blades, Streetwise. Transform and roll out to the command centre." Hotspot told the other Protectobots.

Hmm.. I'll contact First Aid. He may be needed too.

"First Aid. This is Hotspot. You are needed in the command centre right away." Hotspot said over the comlink.

First Aid:
"I will be on my way in a mini cycle" (or something like that :D)

2003-01-05, 09:04 PM
Trailbreaker got to the Medbay doors and transformed slowly and painfully. Something grated and he paused a moment to let the pain relays stop before going in.
As he entered, he clutched his side but splashed on a grin as he saw First Aid working in the room. He caught the tail end of Hotspot's relay with First Aid.
"Lucy, I'm home!" He called with a laugh. "Hey First Aid, put me on ice for a bit. Then when you get time, maybe you can patch me up if you think it's worth the bother."

2003-01-06, 05:01 AM
Blaster looked down at his chest as a continuous beep started. He reached up pressed down the play button as QuickSwitch's request came through.

"Wonder what he wants" Blaster asked looking at his casettes opening the chest plate "Everyone in" he said as all but Boltz transformed flying into his chest. "Come on Little Brawn" Blaster said with a grin.

"Watch it pal or I'll introduce you to my new fist" Boltz said walking past both of them Blasters chest closing looking at Mirage "Let's go" he turned to walk down the corridor.

Jazz and Sunstreaker watched as the Decepticon leader took off towards their home base Jazz look at eachother nodding.

"Where did you go?" Jazz asked the Yello comrade

"Followed Prime" was the reply as they began to walk away from the scene.

"You know where he is going" Jazz asked

"Nope" Sunstreaker shot back.

2003-01-06, 01:14 PM
Frost, Gale and Shock stopped their preparations when Teratron left. Frost heard Hotspot mention the name Streetwise. With a gesture to her two sisters. Frost made her way to Hotspot.

"Excuse me, are you part of the security team? I'm looking for either Quickswitch, Hotspot or Streetwise" she said to the Protectobot leader.

Gale and Shock headed over to their sister.

Quick Switch
2003-01-06, 02:44 PM
Quick Switch arrived at the command center, and absently keyed up a few monitor displays.

"Someone will have to fix the breech in Iacon immediately," he mutttered, crossing his arms. "Have to check on Hoist or Grapple's status..."

With the Protectobots, I'll be able to keep things together until Springer arrives. Too much of a maverick, perhaps, but Optimus decreed he serve as Interim Leader.

RVZ Prime
2003-01-06, 09:04 PM
First Aid was about to leave the Med Lab when Trail Breaker stumbled in.

"Trail Breaker, you don't look too well, my friend. You better lie down on the table over here. I'm not going to the others when a friend has sustained damage and is suffering from it. What did you do now?"

Meanwhile, the other Protectobots arrive at the command centre too. They all transform. Hot Spot and Blades join Quick Switch near the monitors while Streetwise and Groove stay near the entrance, on guard.

"First Aid should be on his way, Quick Switch. He will join us soon here in the command centre" Hot Spot said

2003-01-07, 04:53 AM
Trailbreaker paused for a moment and then went to the table and sat down with a laugh. "I've had better days First Aid. We weren't successful in our attack against Thunderwing, and Skywarp nailed me in the side with a heat seeker. Springer's down and I don't know how the rest fared."
He paused as he thought about the others, and then continued. "This might not look too big or bad from the top, but I think the damage went fairly deep internally. My transmission is shot- and if I remember hearing Ratchet's complaints right, that's quite a bit of time to repair. I heard Hot Shot's request just as clearly as you did. We're all part of a team and you're needed right now. I can wait. Just put me into shutdown for a while and when you get time, then you can tinker. I'm not going anywhere fast." Trailbreaker chuckled as he leaned backward and relaxed on the medical table. "Besides, I could use a good rest."

2003-01-07, 01:35 PM
Trader's Alley:

A dark blue robot looks up, his face partially hidden by the windshield of hs vehicle mode(think the look of Ironhide from The War Within), as the hologrammed Hound approaches him. "You lookin' for somethin', stranger?"

2003-01-07, 03:59 PM
Frost must have spoken too softly. Hotshot probably hadn't heard her. No matter, she (and of course her two sisters) simply started following the Protectobots to the Command Center.

By the time they arrived at the CC, Streetwise and Groove were already guarding the place. Frost walked up to Streetwise
"Excuse me, we want to join the security forces. Who would we need to see?" she asked the protectobot.

RVZ Prime
2003-01-07, 04:33 PM
Not know the creatures infront of them, Streetwise and Groove quickly get their photon pistols.

"Quickly, I dentify yourselves!" Streetwise replied, not knowing the creatures at all. "You say that you want to join our security forces, but how can we be sure that we can trust you?"

2003-01-07, 06:02 PM
Frost wasn't surprised by the reaction of Streetwise and Groove. In fact, it showed that they took their job seriously.

"A valid question. One I will answer after introducing myself, and after my sisters have done the same. I am Frost" Frost replied coolly.

"I'm Gale" Gale replied from Frost's left.

"Name's-Shock" Shock replied in her rapid voice standing to Frost's right.

"We have a 4th member of our group, but she's not with us at this time. That is one of our reasons for joining the security forces, but I'll explain that later. As for trusting us. Optimus Prime, your leader and mine, trusts us. My sisters and myself have pledged our loyalty to him. And we will not break that pledge. If needed, we would sacrifice our lives to protect his" Frost explained.

Quick Switch
2003-01-07, 07:25 PM
Quick Switch nodded at Hot Spot's report.

"Understood. These times are trying for all of us," the multi-faceted officer replied to the helicopter and rescue vehicle. "The Protectobots have always served the Autobots nobly, and Defensor is the avatar of that nobility. Where the Aerialbots falter, he prevails...and now, with the Technobots treachery..."

The Six Changer stared stolidly at Hot Spot and Blades.

"We'll need Defensor now more than ever. Do we really want to leave the defense of Iacon up to the Combaticons and Bruticus?"

Quick Switch shot a glance behind him at the disturbance with Streetwise, Groove and the Elementals.

"What's going on here?" the Six Changer parted Hot Spot and Blades easily so he could walk up to the motorcycle and police car, along with the strange bird-like creatures. "Only Autobots are allowed in this sector."

2003-01-07, 07:50 PM
Sixswitch roared through the entrance to Debris, and transformed in the main courtyard, catching Springer in his arms as he fell.
"Minerva, you're gonna have to see to him as quick as you can. They say you're a good field medic, here's your chance to prove it. I'm gonna go scout around for some medical supplies, or a sickbay, or something."

The sixchanger stalked into the empty command centre. That attack could have gone a lot better, although it felt good to get a few licks in on his Decepticon counterpart. That would be a fight that he'd relish finishing off.

"Computer, display citymap of Debris on the main viewer."

The old computer failed to respond, and Sixswitch slammed his fist into his palm in frustration. He walked over to what looked like the main terminal, and visciously jabbed a button, causing the main viewer to spring to life.

"That's better," he muttered, before quickly pinpointing the main medical bay.

"Sixswitch to Minerva, I've located the main med bay, sector 41 Alpha. Use it if you need to, just get Springer back online."

2003-01-07, 08:25 PM
Judging by the way Quick Switch acted, Frost deduced that he was probably the security chief.

"Though we do not bear the same symbol as the rest of you, I assure you we are on the same side. I assume you are in charge of security? My sisters and myself wish to join the security forces. And, if possible, we would like to join the strike force assigned to attacking Rodimus Convoy" Frost stated as she stared at Quick Switch with her clear red optics, and a stoic face shown quite clearly beneath the helmet that her bird head was in robot mode.

2003-01-07, 11:50 PM
Blaster quickly slid into the Command Center Boltz behind him. He looked up spotting Quickswitch "What can I do for you man?"

2003-01-08, 03:21 AM
Trader's Alley

Hound cautiously nodded as he glided over to the dark blue figure, adjusting the hologram to fit the movement, then spoke in a firm whisper.
"Perhaps. I'm always interested in some things. Things that can do damage mostly... or things that fix it. Durable surgeon-quality tools, or any of the trade's supply goods are of interest to me. I'm also interested if you know contacts for either."

2003-01-08, 05:57 AM

Minerva: "Sector 41 Alpha. Got it.: -half carries, half drags Springer to sector 41 alpha, starts repairing him-

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, Brainstorm, and Roadbuster: -walk into Debris-

Roadbuster: "Dropping a shuttle on him is the best you can think of?"

Nightbeat: -drops into chair- "I'm just thinking of what worked last time.

Quick Switch
2003-01-08, 01:14 PM
Quick Switch turned to Blaster.

"Broadcast in the most powerful frequency you have an all points bulletin for Springer to report to Iacon at once, by the Command of Optimus Prime. He has been designated by Optimus as the new Interim Leader, and his faction needs him. Now."

RVZ Prime
2003-01-08, 08:33 PM
In the Med Lab

"Verywell, Trail Breaker. If that is what you wish, then I 'll put you "on ice" as you said so yourself. I am however going to let you lie down over here. You are going to be the first one that I will work as soon as I get back. " First Aid said to Trail Breaker


At the Command Centre.

Hot Spot and Blades join the others. Groove lowered his photon rifle, now that Quick Switch and the others joined them. Streetwise still has it ready to shoot it when needed.

Streetwise: "Quickswitch. What are we to do with them?"

2003-01-09, 12:20 AM
"Springer? He's about as battle hungry as Grimlock, and we know how that went" Blaster said

"Good a little fighten is what I need" Bolts said slamming his hand into his open fist "Though I lack the punch I had with my old body which I gotta get back"

Blaster walked over to the communication station of the command center pressing a few keys of the arm of the chair activating the system.

"Don't expect that too soon Bolts, Ratchet bailed ship and went to Rodimus and he is the one that rebuilt you the first time so it will be hard without him. We're really hurttin' because of that inter-loper"

Blaster transformed as the bars on the inner side s of the seat came up attaching to Blaster and the signal began to emit.

"Blaster to Springer. Blaster to Springer. Callin from the command center in Iacon Optimus picked a prize time to take leave and left you incharge to hurry up and move in on the double you got a whole lotta Autobots waiting on your command"

Jazz and Sunstreaker had kept walking they had really nothing to do except this.

"So you think we can take Rodimus down?" Jazz asked

Sunstreaker nodded "He's weak and mis-guided he'll be killed by Thunderwing before he kills us"

Jazz shrugged "I wish I could beileve that as much as I know we can beat this guy deep down, right now I have my doubts especially with Prime being so distant. I remember back on earth he was always there but now somethings up, maybe Rodimus is right maybe the Matrix or something has changed him for the worse"

"Jazz you more then anyone know that is Crazy talk you were is Lieutenant for a time for Primus' Sakes. I can hardly blame him and you know why?" Sunstreaker asked.

Jazz shook his head "There are lots of reasons I guess"

"It's the simplest one. He has to fight Autobots now not Decepticons, not his enemies but people he has led people he has trusted hell even his very own predecessor" Sunstreaker said slightly annoyed at the Spy's lack of faith.

Jazz nodded everything making more sense when he sees it that way, normally he would of but the stress of this was even affecting the laid back Jazz. "Yeah man you're right, I think that thing... the Chaos Matrix. It's getting to me man normally I woulda seen that"

"Normally we wouldn't have to be trying to disable our friends in battle. That spawn of Unicron is gonna kill all of us if it isn't destroyed" Sunstreaker replied.

2003-01-09, 03:31 AM
Trader's Alley:

The blue robot grins, and motions for the hologrammed Hound to sit as the screen before his face darkens slightly, allowing him to bring his H.U.D. up and sart sifting through his inventory lists. "For the right price, my friend, you can get anything."

2003-01-09, 11:26 AM
Sixswitch recieved Blaster's communication in the Debris ops centre.

"No can do Blaster pal. We just had an encounter with Thunderwing's troops. Springer got in a fight with the big bad psycho himself, and he's in a pretty bad way."

He paused, and stood up.

"Minerva's repairing him now, here, and I won't move until he's back online. Tell Prime that he'll have to wait for Springer to recover before he can get to Iacon."

Quick Switch
2003-01-09, 02:25 PM
The Six Changer tuned back to the Elemntals and Streetwise momentarily:

"Permission granted, on a limited basis. Your responsibilities will be regulated to-for the moment- patrolling hostile sectors in Iacon for Decepticon attack. As to joining the strike force...those delegations will be made by Springer alone, I would imagine, unless he deigns to listen to advice."

Quick Switch turned to Blaster, and heard Sixswitch's response.

"Be that as it may, Blaster, you tell Sixswitch to get Springer here as soon as possible! Minverva should only attempt rudimentary repairs. First Aid and the other experienced medics will be able to do more with the equipment here. Transmit that!"

2003-01-09, 04:43 PM
"Sixswitch your job is officially get Springer here on the double Quickswitch's orders. Just have Minerva do the basic repairs required and we'll have the likes of First Aid and Wheeljack do the rest"

Bolts looked around everything seeming so much bigger. "So Ratchets a traitor eeh? Interesting.

2003-01-09, 05:07 PM
"I'm not risking it Quick," Sixswitch replied over the comm.
"Once Springer is stable, I'll reassess the situation, but he really did take a pounding. I'm sure you can keep the situation there stable until we can get back to Iacon."

He tapped another button, contacting Nightbeat.

"Sixswitch to Nightbeat. We've been ordered to return to Iacon. I'm not going to move Springer until Minerva's repaired him, at least to a decent level. If you guys want to head to Iacon, and I'll follow with Minerva and Springer later, that's up to you."

2003-01-09, 08:18 PM
"Very well, we are not familiar with Iacon's layout. Could someone provide us with a map of the target areas? We'll do our best to defend them, but we need to know where they are first" Frost replied.

"I-guess-we-should-call-this-guy-chief-from-now-on?" Shock asked.

"Well, he is head of security, so I guess so" Gale replied to her energetic sister.

Quick Switch
2003-01-09, 08:21 PM
Quick Switch pressed a button on Blaster allowing him to speak to Sixswitch personally on the same frequency, and spoke in an official vocoder register:

"Understood, Debris; but be advised that officially this delay is not acceptable."

The Six's Changer's voice modulator dropped to its normal level-almost a whisper.

"Damn it, Six, you can understand my situation here. If the Decepticons learn we are leaderless-even for a short while- it could spell disaster. You tell that human that she needs to have Springer online as soon as possible. Iacon out."

Quick Switch turned to Blaster.

"Any incoming radio traffic-signals, requests, whatever- gets relayed to me. Clear? Tell any remaining Autobot officers- I don't know, Jetfire, Wheeljack, Perceptor whoever- to report to the command center for a Code One briefing regarding the leadership change."

The officer turned to Hot Spot:

"Hot Spot, find the Combaticons. Tell Onslaught that his team and the Protectobots are responsible for the main security force. Any Decepticons who attempt to breech Iacon again for whatever reason will be fired upon. And take those organics with you! Any Autobot standing around is placed on security detail until Springer arrives to assume command! Necessary force is authorized!"

Quick Switch strode to the center of the room and crossed his arms.

"Nothing like a crisis of command during war," he wispered.

2003-01-09, 08:32 PM
"I know Quick, I know. But if I risk moving him now, he might die, and a doorstop aint much use to anyone in a command crisis. I'll let Minerva know. Besides," he grinned, "I'm a Wrecker now. I don't fall under Prime's authority anymore... Much."

He spun around, and left the command room, running through the corridors to the medbay, bursting through the door uncerimoniously.

"Minerva, the Iacon Autobots are in a bit of a pickle. Prime's scarpered somewhere, and they need Springer to take command. If you can go any faster, try and do so."

2003-01-09, 09:29 PM
"We ain't leaderless yet Quickswitch we got several people here that have taken over on interm basis before"

Blaster opened up all open lines within Iacon and began to voice the message "All Autobots with Command Authority report to the Command Center Code 1 Emergency lets move people this ain't no joke"

2003-01-10, 08:54 AM
In Med bay, Trailbreaker leaned back and let First Aid work. Minutes later, he felt reaxed and pain free as his systems went into a rest and hold mode.

Energon chips were changing hands in Trader's Alley. Hound gathered a bundled sack from and quietly leaned forward to the dark blue robot. He had the hologram cover smile, and then in a whisper said, "Thank you very much my friend. These will be greatly appreciated where they are being taken to. If you come by any more items that may be of interest, you know how you can reach me."

Then he got up and made his way to the door to head back to central Iacon.

Mirage had watched Blaster go, but didn't follow. Instead, he started moving the biggest chunks of the collapsed wall to the side of the corridor. After he had cleared most of the pathway, he heard an announcement.
Mirage stood up straight and stared at the intercom that had relayed the message.
"Something must've happened to Prime..." he said to himself quietly. "Gotta find out what's going on."
He turned on his invisibility and made for the Command Center.

Quick Switch
2003-01-10, 02:12 PM
Quick Switch scowled.

"True, Blaster...as soon as the other officers arrive, we'll delegate subordinate positions to Springer. You, of course, will remain Chief Communications Officer. We'll need you in here more now than ever."

2003-01-10, 03:05 PM
"Slag it!" Sixswitch thought to himself. He remembered back to his role as Prime's bodyguard. To being stuck in Iacon, listening to Prime's increasingly mysterious and cryptic orders. Watching as the hotbed of temprement, of fears, and of worries swirled and banged against each other. Back then, he felt stifled, angry, suffocated in a mystical world that he didn't understand.

The Matrix struggle was a complete mystery to him. It was obvious that the struggles between Primus and Unicron transcended time and space, had brought forth Rodimus Convoy from his own universe... But back there, at their first encounter at Thunderwing's lair, he realised that Rodimus really did not want to fight. The way he refused to fire on Hot Rod, he gave Prime a chance to speak. He had no idea what was said in that meeting, but Sky Lynx's explosion was obviously the cruncher. Rodimus blamed Convoy... Blamed him for the explosion, and it looked like that would bring the Autobots into civil war.

A war that Sixswitch wasn't about to get involved in. Springer had promised him a way out. A way out of the stupid quarrels of order and chaos, of good and evil. He was just happy to be a Wrecker, to do what he did best, to fight the Decepticons. But now. Now, Prime'd scarpered off on another self-righteous pilgrimmage, and Springer would have to return to Iacon. Worse, Sixswitch would have to go with him, and be plunged right back into the melting pot.

"Slag it!" he swore again.

2003-01-10, 06:55 PM
Ultra Magnus had been staring at the computer screen so long he felt his optics might turn into mush, he had doing his job all in research that he remained mostly oblovious to the outside world. Last he remember Optimus and Rodimus Convoy was in a tif, Thunderwing had a Choas Matrix and he was learning all he could, about it, perhaps... too much. He needed info he could definatly use to defend Optimus Prime's position and restore peace to Cybertron. But his stareing was interupted by Blaster.

"Blaster... this is Ultra Magnus. I have recieved your message and I am now headed to the Command Center... what's the emergency?"

2003-01-10, 07:18 PM
"Hey Magnus where ya been just been wonderin about you. Looks like you hay take the leadership of the Autobot's again Prime just jumped ship top go somewhere left Springer incharge but Springer attacked Thunderwing and is now being tended too leaving us in need of interm leader ship so roll here on the double"

Jazz recieved Blasters call for all higher up personel and looked at Sunstreaker.

"That's me" he said Sunstreaker nodded.

"You go I am gonna go put a new wax coat on. My metallic luster is beginning to fade" Sunstreaker said.

"Alright man see yah later"
Jazz turned off and moving as fast as he could towards the CC.

Wheeljack was near by the Command Center in his lab and it only took him a few seconds to get from the lab to the meeting area.

2003-01-10, 07:44 PM
"What..." Ultra Magnus transformed into vechical mode and sped down the corridors to the command center, "I've been caught up in research lately, I'll have to breif myself on the way." Magnus downloaded recent logs and processed them as he made his way over, "Oh boy looks like we have a lot to do now, Teratron, Thunderwing... and now it seems Autobots are causing havoc on Earth." Magnus arrived at the command center after reviewing the happenings and he transformed back into robot form He immediatly addresed those already gathered. "Ok for the moment I will be taking general command of the Autobots until Springer and/or Optimus Prime returns."

Quick Switch
2003-01-10, 09:45 PM
"Magnus," Quick Switch hissed, "Fine time to show up and throw your weight around. Damn you, you couldn't even be present when Optimus left the City!" The Six Changer raged. "Do you think just processing data logs fully underscores the situation? Does it?"

He viewed the other officers who started to straggle in.

"I'll hold my peace if the others decide you will lead, Magnus, but rest assured Optimus will know of your sudden arrival here today after so many periods of inaction."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-10, 10:02 PM
Springer stirred slightly, Minerva had managed to fix something, albeit for a brief moment.

"G....get me, uhhh...to Ia....Iacon.....nee...*coughs* nee...d ahh....help...."

2003-01-10, 10:21 PM
Sixswitch frowned.
"Minerva, can he be moved?" he asked the headmaster gently.

2003-01-11, 12:41 AM
Jazz looked at Magnus and shrugged "I dunno, though this is a time for solid leadership that Magnus has given remember what happened last time you took charge of a large Autobot force we lost alot of guys man plus you been out of the loop as Quickswitch put it"

"Plus knowing them with Prowl, they'd expect someone like you incharge, we're going to need new tactics something Springer could bring as the Wreckers tactics are unorthodox"

2003-01-11, 09:09 AM
Listening to the happenings, Jetfire just rubbed the back of his neck. He knew of Ultra Magnus' history and Springer's as well, but he did not know much about Quick Switch. Optimus had given an order that Springer should be in control, but Springer couldn't show up. Jetfire was baffled with the tensions going on. Quick Switch seemed to be a sort of second for Prime. Why wasn't he put in charge? He stood quietly back wishing only that Springer could show up.

Comettor fixed his gaze on Ultra Magnus. He also remembered about Ultra Magnus, and Comettor knew that he was a proven fighter and leader. Other Autobots had died under his command, but casualties happened in war. That's why the minicons hated it so much as a whole. Springer - he knew from stories he'd heard - was aggressive, and for him, the option was easy. He'd rather stay out of a war, but he'd also do what he was asked. Glancing up at Jetfire and the others, he watched the rising tensions, but stayed silent for the moment. These Autobots didn't know him that well, and this argument was mostly between them.
Mirage had arrived and became visible as he approached, and stood nearby listening. He shook his head slightly at the building friction. More fighting is the last thing we need. He paused and debated as he listened, then stepped forward. It was rare for him to speak up, and the discomfort showed, but so did the resolve. He thought to himself, "Enough fighting."
"If I may make a temporary suggestion?
Ultra Magnus, Quick Switch, leadership could be shared right now in hopes that Springer will not be gone long.
Quick, you're more familiar with Iacon right now. You can perhaps fill Ultra Magnus in on security here as well as current Autobot staff and their skills. Then if a problem happens while Springer is out, you two can maybe work out a strategy together, with Ultra Magnus having the final say in a dispute because of his leadership experience. I'm only a soldier, but I see things are quiet. No reason to fight. Once Springer arrives, then sit down and talk about it."
Trader's Alley
Hound slipped out of the dark entrance and back into the alley. He went down the corridor at a fast and rounded the corner. With fewer individuals around, he started jogging, clutching the pack closely to his side. As he rounded a second corner, he hit something hard rather unexpectedly. His lighter body flew backward and he wound up sitting on the ground with a dazed expression, having dropped both the hologram cover and the bundle as well. He grabbed for the sack and looked up at the same time. His jaw sank a bit at the sight of the monsterish-looking figure in front of him.

Quick Switch
2003-01-11, 03:39 PM
Quick Switch nodded succinctly as Jazz spoke- that was precisely his point. Magnus did have a history yes, of dependable- if not successful- leadership (Quick Switch had read Red Alert's account of the slaughter during the Battle of Autobot City in 2005, titularly placed under Magnus' command).

He tunred as Mirage appeared, and smiled slightly. He was good for a neat entrance every time. He also noticed Jetfire's appearance, along with other smaller robots he was not familiar with.

"Mirage's proposal is acceptable, and I will agree, for the sake of our faction, but I will request a duty log of what, exactly, you have been doing for all these months Magnus. I hope it's been conducive to the war effort."

God Jinrai
2003-01-11, 09:16 PM
Alpha approached sixswitch and minerva...

"Listen. if we need to get him to iacon, I'm the one to do it. Minerva, make use of the repair bay in my box trailer while we're en route... I'll try to keep it a smooth ride.. but I can't promise anything... the rest of you... do as you like. Roadbuster, you seemed to be springer's second in command, so I suppose it's up to you to discern what to do next."

Alpha finished his comments, transforming into dual trailer semi mode, opening the rear access ramp, bringing the repair bay's primary equipment online in the process...

"There's not much time... so let's move it."

2003-01-11, 10:34 PM
Wheeljack looked at Mirage "I don't know about that if any of the autobots with Rodimus find out they will know who is chances are incharge. Though both are capable to lead it is a matter of them knowing how to get around them. Springer his our best bet at this point. But if we can make it look like Prime is here we should be alright"

Jazz shrugged "What ever man we just need to get someone incharge and organizing the men, I don't even think a quarter of our force is aware of Prime's leaving yet and that may be better just make it look like he went back into the Matrix when we try to get everything running"

2003-01-12, 05:55 AM
Minerva: "As long as it's a smooth ride, we should be fine. Brainstorm, give me a hand?"

Brainstorm and Minerva: -carefully move Springer to Alpha's trailer, go to work piecing Springer back together-

Roadbuster: "Then we go to Iacon. If nobody's in charge there, I reckon everything's going to fall apart pretty fast." -transforms- "Wreckers, let's roll!"

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -transform, roll for Iacon-

Nightbeat: "Thunderwing's getting support. That ship he's got is definately not of Cybertronian origin. If he's working with somebody, that alliance may be the chink in his armor."

Roadbuster: "They're Quintesons. Why they're working with Thunderwing is anybody's guess, but they probably will betray him."

Nightbeat: "And since this Thunderwing is from here, from this timeline... he probably knows that, and has planned for it's eventuality. There has got to be some way we can get at him!"

Roadbuster: "You really don't like this guy, do you."

Nightbeat: "You weren't hooked up to a brain-drain device by him."

Siren: "Neither were we.... well, not by this one, anyway."

Nightbeat: "Nnn. One Thunderwing in any timeline is one Thunderwing too many."

2003-01-12, 08:53 AM
Grotusque, in full monster mode, turned and hissed at whoever had run into him. Trader's alley was often full of all types of unusual sorts, ranging from harmlessly odd to downright dangerous. The one who'd bumped into him, however, didn't seem to... fit.

To Grotusque, the stranger seemed as out of place as a Sharkticon directing traffic. And just as rediculous. He raised a brow as the stranger stared and quickly moved to intercept his reach for the bundle. Swinging his tail, he managed to push it just out of reach.

"Hrmm... now, this could be highly entertaining..." He thought as he sidestepped a little, putting himself in between the stranger and the item. Affecting a menacing tone of voice and attitude, he glared at Hound and said,

"Well well... what have we here? Going somewhere...?"

2003-01-12, 12:03 PM
Sixswitch shrugged.
"Sure, fine, whatever," he muttered, transforming into fighter mode, and shooting into the sky.

"Just be carefull with your cargo, Alpha Convoy," he warned, then switched to long range band.

"Iacon this is Sixswitch, we're bringing Springer in now. Prepare your med bay for action as soon as we get there. Like I said before, he's pretty badly hurt."

2003-01-12, 05:26 PM
The hissing caught Hound's attention and he recovered from the shock of running into the big grey, purple white and blue dragonish monster figure in front of him. Hound sized up the situation as he rocked forward into a human quarterback's snap position and then slowly stood up. The threatening tone of voice couldn't be missed. Hound frowned. He was at fault, and he knew it.
The medical tools are behind him. Don't want a fight, he'll step on them.
He softened the frown and got a firm look as he made sure they were still alone in the corridor.
"I'm sorry I ran into you." Boy am I sorry.
"My name's Hound, and yes, I am going back to central Iacon - with my package. I don't want a fight, and I need to get back quickly."
Just as he finished speaking, he heard an internal message relay on channel Alpha Nine from Prowl. He tried to stay focused, waiting for the big creature's response as he listened.

God Jinrai
2003-01-12, 06:47 PM
the trailer door's slid up into place again, and alpha started off for iacon... the trip was relatively smooth, considering that most of the primary highways used for transit were in utter ruins... alpha kept his steady pace as the group made its way back to iacon

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-12, 09:01 PM
Another thud landed behind Hound.

"Y'hear that? Sounded like a threat to me..."

2003-01-12, 09:55 PM
Grotusque grinned. It seemed he had been right about the stranger... He turned slightly as the second voice sounded, and a wider grin spread across his face. He picked the bundle up in his jaws and neatly tossed it over Hound's head towards the second voice.

"That it does, Repugnus... that it does. Catch."

He turned back to Hound and said,

"You can't come to Trader's Alley and not expect a fight..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-12, 10:43 PM
Repugnus caught the bag in his hand, he found toying with victims easier, if slightly less horrific, in his robot mode.

"Ah, man I ain't played catch since...well, never..."

2003-01-13, 12:08 AM
Sixswitch spotted Iacon's gleaming central spire up ahead, and raised an eyebrow, somewhat surprised that his hail hadn't been responded to yet.
"Oh well," he told himself. "Must be something big going on over there."

Rather than carrying on towards the Autobot HQ, he looped back and returned to the Wrecker convoy. Throttling back, he deaccelerated so that he was flying directly above Alpha.

"Coast looks clear folks, should be a smooth ride from here on in. Still haven't got a response from Command, which is a bit weird, but given all the odd things goin' on lately, that's not too worrying."

Quick Switch
2003-01-13, 12:18 AM
Quick Switch said:

"Magnus, do you want me to scramble the Medics for Springer's arrival? The time is pivotal."

2003-01-13, 12:54 AM
Blaster was back in robot mode and had recieved Sixswitch's comm relaying it too Quickswitch immdeatly.

"Man this going to be none too good at all if we get attacked. Springer may be coming back but if he ain't up and running quick we're in more trouble then we need"

Quick Switch
2003-01-13, 02:48 AM
Quick Switch nodded as Blaster relayed the message.

"Send out an All Points Bulletin, Blaster: any and all available medical personnel are to report to the Medical Bay to tend to Springer immediately."

2003-01-13, 09:21 AM
Where'd he come from? Hound shook his head wondering suddenly if he had glitch mites as the thud echoed in the passageway. One could be manageable. Two were double trouble, and it was clear that these two intended to fight.

Hound darted to one side to face them both. He tensed as he watched the very large pair standing in front of him. He struggled with the choice in front of him. To fight and possibly break the treaty if they were Decepticons; to try and send a distress signal; to leave the medical tools and take off, or to try and reason with them.

He chose the latter, not wanting to fail Prime's trust by risking the treaty or to lose the tools First Aid needed. A distress signal would bring the other Autobots, but also possibly chase off the dealers in the alley - something he didn't want to do if possible. With a fixed look he studied them as he spoke.
"The only ones threatening anyone are you two. I'm asking for my package, and then I will go... without a fight if possible."

2003-01-13, 05:03 PM
"Now... now I may have been out, but with a reason, I was doing as much possible research on understanding the Choas Matrix and the other Matrixes. I'm only taking charge now because it's an emergeny, if I had any other choice, you know I don't like this level of responiblity." Ultra Magnus then opened the comm after Blaster's message to the medics, "Get him on line as fast as possible, he must have some useful information from his struggle with Thunderwings." Then Magnus turned to the others, "Mirage is correct we need to split the command, mainly because we have several things to do. We have to keep on eye on Rodimus, Teratron, and Thunderwing. All while a group of Autobots seem to be causing trouble on Earth for some reason... and we must deal with each circumstance."

Quick Switch
2003-01-13, 05:29 PM
Quick Switch kept his silence; he'd ask Prime about what Magnus had been doing later. For now:

"Magnus, how do you wish to delegate command responsibilities to the officers?"

2003-01-13, 07:00 PM
Magnus nodded his head, "Yes Quickswitch, I'd better stay at Iacon and talk to Teratron, if he is still located here, someone should probably handle any problems that arise with Rodimus Convoy, and one has to get to Earth and take command of the Autobots there. Not to mention we still have to keep Thunderwing in our watchfull eye. I will be taking volunteers from the officers to cover each mission first."

Quick Switch
2003-01-13, 07:28 PM
Quick Switch frowned.

"Dispatching a command officer to Earth won't be necessary, Magnus; just send out a All Points Bulltetin via Blaster ordering them to Cybertron. According to the Treaty agreed to by Optimus and Teratron, Earth is Decepticon Domain. We're in violation of the law, and Teratron or Astrotrain will exploit it if they remain. Besides, the reinforcements would better serve the war effort here."

The Six Changer paused, thinking about the other sectors.

"To be frank, I'd like to stay and help coordinate security efforts here. However, if any of the sector officers need help dealing with the situation from Convoy or Thunderwing, I'll gladly help when I can."

2003-01-13, 08:01 PM
"Blast... the Autobots must have some reason to be on Earth, and I don't want the Decepticons to force them off, but it seems mostly, my hands are tied." Ultra Magnus never trusted that part of the treaty, and he could never belive why Optimus Prime argeed to leave the Earth in Decepticon hands, "Ok Blaster send out the message to the bot on Earth tell them them that it is a proiority order to leave the system at once. But it makes it more important then ever for me to talk with Teratron, to hopefully find a dipolmatic solution, but this can get ugly..."

2003-01-13, 09:38 PM
"I read you Magnus sending the transmission now"

Blaster transformed into his tape deck form the arm of the chair re-attaching to his sides as he began to transmit the message

"All Earth bound Autobots come in. This is Blaster comin' at ya on Cybertron from within Iacon. All Earth bound Autobots it's time to head home to Cybertron. We got major problems and right now it ain't Earth. So our bosses don't care how just get back here asap"

Blaster then switched back to the frequency for within Iacon.

"All medical personel prepare for a Casualty we gotta get Springer up and running. Wheeljack, Perceptor and Firstaid I know you there are here so move out on the double"

Wheeljack stood up from the command table before even hearing what Blaster said getting ready. "Second time repairing Springer in a little while. Can't that wrecker stay together?"

2003-01-14, 01:05 AM
The Road to Iacon:

Chromedome: "This just doesn't make sense. Why doesn't Thunderwing come after us directly?"

Muzzle: "It wouldn't be subtle enough for him. The Marix might give him an edge, but not against everybody at once."


Trader's Alley

The blue mechanoid that Hound dealt with comes wandering down the alley and stops, watching the confrontaion, wondering which would pay better: to help his beleagured customer or to resell what he's already sold after the thugs are finished with Hound...... assuming that the goods weren't too badly damaged, that is.

God Jinrai
2003-01-14, 02:53 AM
*Trader's Alley*

Headlights suddenly flashed into the alley, illuminating the conflict... repugnus , hound and grotesque...

"Grotesque... Repugnus... STAND DOWN. That's an order."

the headlights faded, replaced by a set of burning blue optics... "Are you going to listen or must I remind you why you two haven't already been melted down?"

2003-01-14, 10:35 AM
Meanwhile, the Elementals Frost, Gale and Shock were waiting patiently for the Protectobot leader Hotshot to give them their assignments. Well, Frost and Gale were waiting patiently. Shock was never too good at being patient. She was walking up and down a nearby section of the corridor, if she continued she'd have the floor worn out in no time.

2003-01-14, 05:47 PM
Perceptor got the message to head over, but he just complained in return, "But I'm busy..." Perceptor was having a great time looking over Lockpick's ship as she promised he could, doing some repairs but mostly taking notes on the interesting alien technoligy. "Like we very much to to procure more medical officers at this prolific time... Oh very well." Perceptor dropped what he was doing and rushed over to help in the repair process.

Ultra Magnus looked at the timed and got nervious decisions had to be made, "OK Quick Switch for now I'm putting you in command of field ops, focus getting Springer back on his feet, watching Rodimus Convoy, and those Autobots on earth. While I'll head over to speak with Teratron... and hopefully keep this peace intact, maybe even find a way out of this mess with Thunderwing."

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 06:13 PM
"Yes sir," Quick Switch saluted Magnus. Orders had been given; the time for squabbling was over.

He then turned to Blaster.

"Any response yet from the Earthen-based Autobots, Blaster? They should already be en route by now..." he snapped out of his reverie. "And give me a status report to make sure all the needed medics are assembled once Sixswitch brings Springer into Iacon."

Quick Switch then turned to the remaining officers.

"Who here has any intel regarding Thunderwing or the traitor Convoy's movements? Speak now, don't hold back. We'll file official reports later, if need be. After that I'll try to assemble some teams to watch both threats."

2003-01-14, 06:32 PM
Magnus nodded his head in nsed and started his mission. It was time for him to do his part to preserve peace... or so that's what he kept telling himself.

2003-01-14, 11:35 PM
"No" Blaster replied to Quick Switch "I ain't found not..... Incoming distress signal, Autobot origin"

Blaster began opening up all lines to recieve it easier.

"No words just a beacon coming from an energon facility, under attack. All I'm gettin from this"

Jazz looked at Quickswitch "Decepticons? Or.... is Rodimus a nut ball?"

2003-01-14, 11:43 PM
Sixswitch grinned as he heard confirmation.
"OK, we're clear to proceed into Iacon," he told the group.

Soon, they had passed through the outer defences, and entered the city proper, where a medical team awaited their arrival. Sixswitch transformed back into robot mode, and landed just in front of them.

"Quick, Alpha, get your hatch open so these guys can take Springer to med bay. He turned to an orderly.
"Let me know the minute he's awake," he urged. The other bot nodded his assent, and Sixswitch turned to the Headmasters and Roadbuster.
"I'll be in my old quarters. If anyone needs me, point them my way."

The sixchanger frowned as he stalked off towards the residential zone.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-14, 11:52 PM

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 11:58 PM
Quick Switch frowned.

"Your guess is as good as mine, Jazz."

He turned back to Blaster:

"Blaster, radio Vortex or Blast Off to get over to the Energon facility from the air- scope out the situation, and then radio in what they find."

2003-01-15, 12:04 AM
Sixswitch spun around, and stood shock still for a moment, then walked over to where Springer was being unloaded from Alpha.

Just when it looked like he was going to get some time to chill out, he got lumbered with administration again. But this time, it was different. This time, it wasn't an entire Autobot army. It was an elite team of Autobots, and he knew that he had to take on the responsibility.

"Alright Springer. I'll take charge. At least until you're repaired. What should we do first?" he asked the Wrecker. He was new at this leadership lark after all.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-15, 12:18 AM
All Springer could manage to do was point at a monitor, which showed chaos, the broken shells of Autobot mechs lying dormant.

A sudden explosion destroyed the signal to the monitor.

With it Springer drifted into un-consciousness again.

2003-01-15, 05:37 AM
Trader's Alley

The bright flash of headlights washed over the alley, and the familiar engine sound caught Hound's attention, and for the third time in a very short span, he caught himself being taken off-guard. He blinked as he tried to adjust. He was relieved and confused at the same time. First there was one very large transformer, and all of a sudden there were 3 more.
"Optimus? What's he doing here? ...not that I mind!
Prime knows these two???"

He looked at the two transformers in front of him and shook off the stunned feeling. He wasn't sure what to make of the whole situation, but he didn't want to appear as hostile - even with Optimus standing nearby. These two didn't quite seem like Decepticons either since they didn't shoot first, but they didn't seem like Autobots either. They puzzled him.

"My fault Optimus... I wasn't paying attention and ran into one of them, and fell - dropped the purchase I made from my friend who's standing back there. These two were just helping with the package... I think." Hound glanced back and forth from Repugnus to Grotusque, waiting to see how they would respond.

2003-01-15, 06:01 AM
"Vortex, Blast-Off you got a job where ever you combati-bots are get to these co-ordinates that are being sent via this distress beacon and scope it out"

Quick Switch
2003-01-15, 06:11 AM
Vortex and Blast Off responded (in their own very different ways to receiving their assignemnts).

"Yeah! Action! I'm so bored I could fight myself!" Vortex cracked his knuckles, pleased to get going.

"With pleasure, Blaster. You will receive what information you require- I promise," Blast Off replied reveling in an assignment which called for his special skills.

Onslaught strode forward, along with Brawl and Swindle.

"We will wait outside. If you meet any enemy action, summon us, and Bruticus will show them vengence."

"Understood, sir," Blast Off said, and with that the Combatrons were off, transforming into their vehicular modes flying towards the ravaged power depot.

2003-01-15, 06:14 AM
Trader's Alley:

The blue robot stayed in the shadows, watching. "So," he thought to himself, "it's the Autobots who are buying from me. This information could prove useful. But would I be paid more to spill the beans, or to keep it quiet......."



Minerva and Brainstorm: -place Springer on a gurney and wheel him towards Iacon's medical bay-

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster: -all look at the monitor see the image Springer was pointing at before it shatters into static-

Siren: "So, what does he want us to do? Save them? Avenge them? What?"

Chromedome: "I think he wants us to avenge them."

Hosehead: "I think he wants us to save them."

Nightbeat: "He wants us to stop this, to destroy Thunderwing. All we need to do is figure out how."

2003-01-15, 07:03 AM
Blaster growled "Peaceful my stop button" he growled opening a line to Quickswitch

"Vortex and Blast-off hav confirmed it was Rodimus and if you want this Autobot's opinion lets go catch us some traitors"

"Yeah, it's bashin time" Bolts said "Gonna catch me a fine traitor hang in in my quarters and when I get my old body back use it as a punching bag"

God Jinrai
2003-01-15, 02:21 PM
Prime remained in vehicle mode as hound spoke, and transformed to robot mode not long after hound had finished...

" I bet they were, hound..."

Prime's optics shot a glance at grotesque and repugnus... but not quite a hostile glare...

"Hound, get back to iacon with your package.... there are ... " Prime suddenly went silent... and instead of speaking, just let hound leave the rest to his cpu... Prime had noticed the trader from which hound likely had purchased the surgical tools...

"Well. It seems I owe you something of a debt of gratitude, trader. however, due to the situation at present, energon's in rather short supply, and as such, the usual form of payment won't be possible. however, I offer a different means of payment... consider it a... security measure. I'd like to contract you as an exclusive supplier of goods to my autobots... in exchange, when possible, we'll supply you with due energon, and when not, we ensure that no harm comes to you in your dealings here in the alley... assuming your sales don't involve illegal substances and whatnot... I'm sure you could understand that.
So. will you accept the offer? "

RVZ Prime
2003-01-15, 03:53 PM
Hot Spot:
"Frost, Gale, Shock. We need to find the Combaticons. They and the protectobots will be needed when Iacon gets attacked by the Decepticons. Find them quick and have them report to Quick Swith. If you encounter any hostile Decepticons on your way, shoot them. Can you all fly? If you can then you can take care of the airial search and the Protectobots will do the groung search."

2003-01-15, 08:39 PM
"Do you have a description of these 'Combaticons'? We're not familiar with them" Frost stated.

"Yeah, we're pretty new to this place" Gale added.

"Who-cares-what-they-look-like!-I'll-just-drag-everyone-I-find -back-here!" Shock rambled as she was eager to get started with what she said.

"That would just make matters worse, so don't even think about it" Frost replied to her overactive sister.

RVZ Prime
2003-01-15, 09:08 PM
Blades: "Well, for starters, they are very ugly looking bot's"

"Will you cut that out, Blades? Streetwise replied. "They want to help us and you are not helping them"

Hot Spot: Well, Frost. I can tell you that the leader of the group is Onslaught. You can recognize him by his backmounted launchers.

Quick Switch
2003-01-15, 09:51 PM
Quick Switch rubbed his head with his hands in frustration.

"As much as I'd like to declare war on that murdering traitor now more than any, Blaster, I'll have to countermand your request: if the Autobots go to war, Teratron's forces will mop up whoever is left. Optimus would never condone that, even if innocent beings were killed by Convoy, as Blast Off and Vortex have confirmed. Order them home, Blaster."

Quick Switch addressed the officers:

"This is by no means a condonement of what Rodimus Convoy has done. The units under his command have forever besmirched him as an Autobot, and only a supreme act of faith will ever redeem him im my optics, and I'm sure most of you. What I am authorizing is Blaster to compile what information is available to file away under a special "War Crimes" tribunal to be conferred after the War with the Decepticons is over. Rodimus Convoy will be brought before it and judged accordingly."

He paused.

"Now- what about those intelligence briefings I asked for? Speak up, all of you!"

2003-01-15, 11:34 PM
"Only person here who has had contact with our pal Roddy is Sunstreaker" Jazz said.

"Anyone know where he is?" Blaster asked through the communication system.

"Just saw him before I came here"

"Well perhaps he's the man you want Quick-man"

Blaster now began to relay the message to Vortex and Blast-Off "Mission accomplished boys head home"

Wheeljack had moved to the med-lab now waiting on the others to show up and Springer to repair.

Quick Switch
2003-01-16, 12:48 AM
Quick Switch nodded.

"All right, send for Sunstreaker then," he nodded to Blaster. "The information he provides could be crucial."

2003-01-16, 01:15 AM
Trader's Alley:

The blue robot smiled. "I accept your offer, Optimus Prime."

God Jinrai
2003-01-16, 02:05 AM
"A wise decision, friend. You have our standard comm frequency should any trouble come up... meanwhile, do what you can to gain access to more of those medical supplies you just now sold to my scout... "

Prime turned from the trader back to repugnus and grotesque...

"As for the two of you... I may have a need for you two. But first, A brief report on where you've been this entire time would help..."

Quick Switch
2003-01-16, 03:31 AM
Vortex and Blast Off crested their power towards Iacon, and smoothly landed at the landing strip.

"What'd you guys find out?" Brawl demanded.

"Only that Convoy has psychotics under his command," Blast Off mused, transforming to robot mode, Vortex following suit.

"Yeah, the Technobots and Aerialbots were there- it was a sneak attack! I love-"

"Thank you, Vortex," Onslaught held up his hand. "That is quite enough. As interesting as this information is, for now, the Autobot commanders have decided we are to remain on security patrol."

"After this event, things could get worse," Swindle remarked. The other Combatrons also reflected on the somber turn of events.

"Say Onslaught- you remember when we attacked that bunch of civilians-"

"I don't want to talk about it," Onslaught's optic band flashed. "That was an operational error on my part. Nothing more."

"Yes sir," Brawl muttered. The long waiting period continued.

2003-01-16, 03:38 AM
"Sunstreaker this is Blaster proceed to the command center, they need what you know"

Sunstreaker had a buffer out and was waxing his chest when Blaster came through nodding. "Figures" he dropped the tool standing up and turning out and walking towards the Command Center entering it a few moments later.

"Yout interrupted a wax job for this so it better be important?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-16, 03:44 AM
The Six Changer fixed Sunstreaker with a flinty gaze.

"Blaster tells me you know important information regarding Rodimus Convoy. It's vital to national security; tell me-and the other officers- what you know, right here, right now. This information could prove very useful to the war effort and resolving this schism before it detracts to much against our effort fighting the Decepticons."

2003-01-16, 04:06 AM
"What is there to tell? He is a psychopath hopped up on chaotic energy. He has no stability and carries over problems from another Dimension cause Thunderwing told him too" Sunstreaker replied non-chalantly.

Quick Switch
2003-01-16, 05:29 AM
"Information I already know," Quick Switch nodded. "Thank you Sunstreaker. Dismissed."

The Six Changer turned.

"Everyone- speak your minds. I'd like to know absolutely everything before I make brevret command assignments until Springer arrives. You'd done the same for Optimus-or even Ultra Magnus; please, do the same for me."

2003-01-16, 01:35 PM
"We'll find this Onslaught and relay the order right away" Frost said as she and her sisters start down a corridor. When they reached a large enough space, they transform into their bird forms and start their search. Eventually Frost spots someone who fits the description. She descends towards the Combaticons. When she nears the ground, she transforms into her robot mode(wings fold behind her, bird head becomes a helmet that doesn't hide her face). She proceeds towards Brawl and Onslaught "Excuse me, but is either of you Onslaught?" she asked.

Shock and Gale set down a bit away from Frost, then transform as well.

2003-01-16, 02:05 PM
Mirage leaned up against a wall, folded his arms and closed his optics for a moment as he considered everything and debated whether he should really give his opinion in light of the desire for battle around. After a bit, he opened them and spoke quietly.

"We're Autobots. Autobots shouldn't attack first without knowing the whole situation and we shouldn't be for war either. We're here to protect.

Convoy isn't stupid, and neither is Prowl- and what happened went way against Ratchet's self. Even Bluestreak followed Convoy- and considering his history, I don't think he'd support those actions. No, if they were going to have his troops attack for energy, they would have simply surounded the place and evacuated it. Something else is going on. Maybe that Chaos Matrix got to some of his troops or something, but there is a bad feeling here- I say wait and keep a watch."
Jetfire and Comettor stood back. Jetfire was in a bit of shock from the news and still trying to grasp the whole of the situation. Comettor had picked up on the news quickly, and frowned. Protecting is fine and true, but sometimes you have to attack a problem first in order to protect. Still, maybe those two have a point about waiting.

Quick Switch
2003-01-16, 03:32 PM
Quick Switch nodded.

As usual, Mirage's words made sense. He waited for more comments.

2003-01-16, 04:12 PM
Keep and watch and let them attack us you mean? Sunstreaker thought at Mirage's comments.

"Grimlock is with them aslwell, He's gonna want head on brute force. We attack first or get attacked. May not be the Autobot way but at this time we're short a commander, Fire power and man power. We gotta hit them first that's how this is going to be" Sunstreaker said.

Jazz looked at Quick Switch "That's what Springer would say or somethin' to that effect."

Bolts rubbed his hand together. "Some fightin is just what the docter ordered" the casette said.

Quick Switch
2003-01-16, 04:41 PM
Quick Switch nodded.

He'd wait for more of a concensus among the officers before he made his decision.


The missle trailer turned and addressed the Elementals.

"I am Onslaught, leader of the Combatrons. Who might you be?"

"Look like birds ta me," Brawl scratched his head.

"Hey- they're femmes!" Vortex cried. "Not bad looking, neither."

"Lay off," Swindle jabbed Vortex in the ribs with his fusion cannon.

"Are you surprised to find Vortex's CPU in the gutter?" Blast Off chuckled. "I'm not."

2003-01-16, 05:31 PM
"I am Frost, leader of the Elementals. These are my sisters Shock (motions to the yellow femme) and Gale(motions to the green femme). We were asked to find you, your presence is requested at a tactical meeting held by Quickswitch" the blue Elemental Frost answered.

Quick Switch
2003-01-16, 05:34 PM
Onslaught bowed.

"A pleasure, Frost. Forgive the slurs of some of my less-couth troops," Onslaught waved a hand at Vortex and Brawl, "soldiers will be soldiers."

Onslaught straightened up.

"Unless you have something further, I will be departing for the meeting."

2003-01-17, 05:44 AM
Trader's Alley
Hound looked to Repugnus, but didn't move. The big transformer was still holding the package, and although Hound wanted to follow the orders, he didn't want to just try to grab the tools back. The package held 12 surgical scalpels of differing sizes and a set of 15 seam welders (also in differing sizes)... a nanorewiring set, mid-grade optic repair tools and a microtechnic repair kit for the tiniest Autobots. He didn't want to risk them being damaged, so he stayed put and waited.

2003-01-17, 10:30 AM
"Indeed, soldiers will be soldiers" Frost replied with a small grin. "I won't detain you any longer. We have to report back to our superiors as well. Farewell" she said as she transforms to her bird form and lifts off, Gale and Shock soon do the same and the three Elementals fly off in search for the Protectobots.

(out of hearing range for Combatrons)
"Those guys definatly aren't my type. Too rude" Gale remarked to her sisters. "I-don't-know,-they-probably-know-how-to -have-fun-around-here" Shock replied. "Then why don't you ask them?" Gale replied with a slight sarcastic tone. "Maybe-I-will.-Maybe-I-will.." Shock muttered as they flew along side Frost.

2003-01-17, 01:09 PM
Iacon medbay:

Minerva and Brainstorm: -still working on putting Springer back together-


Nightbeat: -pacing back and forth, thinking-

Siren: "You're wearing a groove in the floor."

Hosehead: -looking at the floor- "That's not such a bad thing. It's time to redo the tile in here."

Nightbeat: -stops, pins both Siren and Hosehead to the wall with the force of his glare, resumes pacing- "The last thing I need is comments from the peanut gallery. I've got the glimmer of an idea here, and you two aren't helping."

Siren: "What is it?"

Nightbeat: "It'd be a two-pronged attack. We get Rodimus' people to attack Thunderwing. While that's got him distracted, we drop a shuttle, or better yet, that Quintession ship, on him."

Chromedome: "That's a glimmer?"

Nightbeat: "Have to figure out how to pull it off, now."

2003-01-17, 02:37 PM
Sixswitch walked away from the Headmasters, and towards the door, casting back a parting comment as he overheard Nightbeat.
"Just remember who's in charge here. Oh, and Roadbuster, you're second in command of the Wreckers."

With that, he was gone.

Shortly, he arrived at the entrance to Iacon's command centre/meeting room, and paused, taking a deep breath.

How would they respond? How many realised in truth that it wasn't he that fired on Sky Lynx. He quickly banished the negative thoughts. He was a Wrecker now. A warrior. Petty politics were irrelevent to him. His hand slammed down on the door's keypad, and it swung open.

The Wrecker leader stepped inside.

Quick Switch
2003-01-17, 05:23 PM
Onslaught transformed to missle trailer mode, then roared off to the command center.

Probably some sort of asinine quorum. Autobots love to delegate, after all.


"Feh, they didn't say anything!" Brawl said, watching the departing Elementals.

"Your charm must've done that, Brawl," Swindle joked.

"Yeah? Maybe I do have a shot," Brawl said, puffing up.

"Um, sure," Vortex answered, catching Swindle's jibe.

"Brawl, you are so intellectual it frightens me. No one should understimate you," Blast Off said, chuckling.

2003-01-17, 08:32 PM
Wheeljack looked at Minerva as he entered the med lab (that he was already in but got ignored).

"Alright you've been working on him so what is wrong with him?" the Scientist asked moving forward.

Jazz looked up at Sixswitch "Springer is in the Med-Bay yes?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-20, 11:39 PM

The new leader of the Autobot army, un-aware of his new role, walked into the conference room, evidently beaten, not 100% and in no fit state to be up and about.

Springer walked forwards, he appeared confident, but he knew that he waas weaker than usual.

"Now, who wants to tell me why I've been called here?"

2003-01-21, 04:06 PM
Jazz looks from Sixswitch to the battered Springer who just entered the confrence room behind him, Wheeljack stood who had obviously voted against him getting up and walking out but hey atleast he didn't turn into a zombie this time.

"Springer, Optimus just took off and you were left in charge so you are the leader of the Autobots now"

2003-01-21, 07:54 PM
"Yeah he..."

Sixswitch spun around, as Springer entered.

"... was. Not anymore though."

He walked over to stand next to Springer.
"You OK?" he asked, a little concerned, but immensely relieved that the Wrecker leader was back in action. Now he could go back to being a warrior - what he liked best.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-21, 10:07 PM
"Fine, I thought I told you to get outta here...."

Springer leant forwards, placing his hands on the table, balancing himself.

"Prime's gone? That'd explain why you're sat around twiddling your thumbs. What's going on? Thunderwing?"

2003-01-22, 12:22 AM
Sunstreaker shrugged "Last time we saw Thunderwing we were attacking his base with you and the Wreckers since then nothin'"

"But we do know Rodimus attacked a civilian energon plant and killed almost everyone there" Jazz added.

2003-01-22, 02:57 AM
"Alright Fortess, I hate the fact we have abandoned earth too but man just you wait we're gonna take that back ASAP just gotta ditch the Chaos Matrix" Blaster replied grimley sensing the Head Masters distaste with having to leave.

"Quick Switch Come in Earth Bound Autobots are on their way home"

Quick Switch
2003-01-22, 03:03 AM
"OK Blaster," Quick Switch nodded after receiving Blaster's signal.

We need all the reinforcements we can get. Especially now.

2003-01-22, 03:47 PM
Frost located Hotspot and landed near him, transforming from her bird to her robot form as she went. "Onslaught has been found and notified of the meeting. He is en-route as we speak. Do you have a new assignment for us?" she notifies and asks the Protectobot leader.

Quick Switch
2003-01-22, 06:48 PM
Onslaught transformed to robot mode and strode into the command center, and saluted Quick Switch.

"Sir!" the Combatron leader came to attention smartly. "Reporting as ordered!"

"At ease," the Six Changer replied. "We're holding a strategy session at the moment. If no one else has anything to add, the floor is yours."

"Understood," Onslaught adopted an 'at ease' position, and flicked his gaze to the other officers present.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-23, 09:03 PM
Springer looked as Onslaught entered the room, then he looked at Quick Switch and the other around and about.

"What is this? Petting day at the zoo?"

2003-01-23, 09:41 PM
"What the hell climbed up your exhaust?" Sixswitch growled, slamming his hand down on the console in front of him for emphasis.
"If you hadn't been so slagging cryptic, I could have done whatever it is you wanted me to do. I'm not exactly experienced at this sort of thing, am I?"

He pointed to the large situation monitor above the central table.

"We just got word that Rodimus attacked an energon facility. A massacre apparently, but there were some sort of rogue robots involved - according to the footage we got, they didn't seem to be following his orders."

Quick Switch
2003-01-23, 10:48 PM
Quick Switch nodded as Springer entered the command room.

"No, Springer- just waiting for you to assume command," Quick Switch said.

His first command action is to start cracking wise? Typical.

"The massacre has already been confirmed by Blast Off and Vortex," Onslaught replied, not giving Sixswitch much of a glance, instead speaking mainly to Springer and Quick Switch, who he nodded to. "Regrettable affair. In my time I've seen Megatron and Galvatron order the deaths of hundreds but- and I must stress this point- this is war, gentlemen, and in war, there are casualties, from all walks of life."

"Thunderwing and Teratron's forces need to be watched, and of course, the traitor Convoy," Quick Switch said to Springer. "Those are the known enemies at the moment. I assume we'll split resources accordingly until Optimus returns?"

2003-01-23, 10:58 PM
Sunstreaker rubbed his hands together at the talk of battle "I am going with who ever goes after Convoy and his bunch!"

Jazz shrugged "I'm in for who ever when ever just aslong as everything is dealt with"

Wheeljack shrugged "I'll stay here and head the Medical staff"

"You guys need me and my cassettes for something? Blaster chimed in"

2003-01-24, 04:13 AM
Mirage stood silently against the wall, watching Springer's entrance with feigned interest and the ensuing commotion with a slight line of distaste. He watched Sixswitch's interaction with Springer, Onslaught and Quick Switch.

"The kid's good, but leading Springer's crew without preparation would be too much. *thought pause* ...Now there's trouble. Springer should know better than to reprimand him in front of a Decepticon. And it looks like Onslaught just picked out the weakest essence... Ignoring him now. Kid's going to have respect trouble on both sides after this. Mmm. Springer- you just possibly put him in danger. Too brash. Wonder if Optimus will come back soon... Hmm? Now, where's he going?"

Mirage glanced toward Jetfire. He now noticed the large scientist was slowly edging towards the doorway. Comettor remained where they had been standing before.
Jetfire was very uncomfortable. He hated fighting and didn't quite know what to think of many things... the arguing, Autobots and Decepticons in the same room and allied, where Thunderwing fit in and where the chaos matrix was - for a start. All he wanted to do was slip away, to an Iacon garden or courtyard. Without a sound, he motioned to Comettor to stay and listen, and then made his way slowly toward the door, trying not to be noticed. He knew Comettor probably understood what was going on better than he did.
Comettor watched Jetfire slip to the door and then turned his attention back to the matter of leadership. The sudden shift in urgency caught his attention, and he listened intently to the discussion of possible actions.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-24, 09:42 PM
Springer laughed...it was obvious to him that the other assembled Autobots didn't care for Optimus' choice of new leader, but chosen he had and Springer was gonna lead in his own style, liked or not...

"Hey, hold up there Sixswitch, I got a splitting headache. Doesn't look like Rodimus was too happy about those other bots showing up..."

Springer shook slightly, he still wasn't 100% but he refused to let it slow him down.

"Until Optimus returns Quick Switch, the way you sound he hasn't left...you immitate Galvatron too?! Agreed that they all need to be watched, some more closely than others. Sixswitch, take whichever of the Wreckers you need, go and scout Thunderwing, see what he's upto, do not engage though, something's screwy about him...Quick, as you appear to have taken a temporary charge, I want you to take charge of something dear to my heart. Assemble a strike force, if anyone's gonna attack first, it has to be us..."

Springer waited for some sort of reponse.

Trader's alley

Repugnus and Grotusque both looked at each other, then at the tools.

"Tell me Prime, why should we care what you say? You booted us out of the Autobots eaons ago..." Repugnus confronted the Autobot leader.

Grotusque looked quite puzzled by Hound's advance.

"When did you grow some bolts?" he laughed in a twised voice.

2003-01-24, 10:23 PM
Boltz slapped his hands together in the comm room "Fighten time!" he said hheading out to the command center to meet up.

Sunstreaker looked at Quickswitch the want to fight evident on his face. He wanted to get after Rodimus now and he wanted to stomp the chaos mutated freak.

Jazz looked over at Springer "I'll go with your Wreckers on this one unl;ess I am needed in the strikeforce"

Wheeljack just looked on waiting to see how things progrees before speaking Blaster staying quiet over the comm-line just listening.

Quick Switch
2003-01-25, 02:10 AM
Quick Switch frowned at Springer's jibe, but said simply, of course.

"Sunstreaker, Mirage, Jazz, Jetfire. These four first off. Onslaught, are the Combatrons ready for deployment?"

"They are sir," Onslaught replied.

"Then their with me too. Blaster, generate a roster of other active Autobots, I'll pick and choose from there. Of course, a sizeable contingent will remain to protect Iacon," he said to Springer.

2003-01-25, 08:19 PM
Jetfire froze in his tracks just as he was about to slip through the door, and unintentionally got a somewhat comical look from the realization that he wasn't going to be able to slide away. Comettor stifled a snicker, but focused his attention quickly back to the command in the center of the room. Mirage stood up and moved quietly behind Quick Switch with a resolved expression.
*Trader's Alley*
Why was Optimus out here instead of back at Iacon? And what was the cryptic message from Prowl all about? Hound was puzzled by the relationship between these two being in front of him and Optimus Prime. In fact, his head hurt. It didn't sound like Optimus to just send someone away from the Autobots. Why couldn't he remember them? Maybe the damage from the energy interferance had been worse than First Aid had let on.

Hound put all the questions out of his mind and focused on the one thing he was certain about... he wanted the tools back, and he approached cautiously with a colder expression.

"When did you grow some bolts?"
"The day some nuts decided to give me no choice." He answered Grotusque quietly, but stayed fixed on the large yellow and orange figure in front of him. "Whatever problems you two have with Optimus are another issue. That package is needed by others, and if you leave me no choice but to fight you for it, I will have to."

2003-01-25, 08:40 PM
"We ain't got a whole lot of men here Quickster We lost almost half our force to Rodimus and then even what's left alot is damaged, forwarding the list to the command center now"

Blaster looked over the active duty roster one last time then pressed a few keys shipping it over to the command center.

Jazz walked over opening the file up then standing aside so Quickswitch can get in.

2003-01-26, 08:18 AM
Grotusque grinned a little.

"You're gonna... fight me for it? You? Me? Hm. Repugnus, he's gonna fight me for it. Well..."

Grotusque carefully laid the package on the ground, and carefully rested one of his large, monsterish feet on top of it. He grinned again.

"Go ahead, take yer best shot, Hound." He said.

God Jinrai
2003-01-26, 09:12 PM
"GROTUSQUE. Last warning. hand it over. NOW" Prime's voice boomed. extending his right hand toward the monsterbot...

"Neither of us have time to waste with your games. If it's a fight you want... it's ME you'll face. And I'm quite sure you DON'T want to go against me."

Quick Switch
2003-01-27, 12:33 AM
Quick Switch scanned the roster, then turned to Blaster.

"I want the Headmasters detached to the mission. Alpha also, if Springer can spare him."

The Six Changer turned and addressed the group.

"Gentlemen, this is the objective. We are to strike Metroplex and cripple Rodimus Convoy's ability to take the war to us. In short, if we cripple Metroplex, we cripple him."


"The Combatrons will provide the brute force necessary to stop any of the combiner teams Convoy dispatches. Onslaught, can you do it? Iacon can't be without the Protectobots."

"Of course," Onslaught said. "Superion is crude and unwiedly, and Computron is an overanalyzer. Omega Supreme is the only tactical threat."

"Then I want you to have Bruticus engage with him immediately. The Headmasters will provide a distraction for the other Convoy ground troops-like Prowl and Grimlock-, along with Jazz and Sunstreaker." Quick Switch pointed at Jetfire. "You, along with Alpha, will attack the other combiner teams and prevent them from merging. Bruticus must interdict Omega Supreme."

"Which Bruticus will do, if we are given ample support," Onslaught looked pointedly at Jetfire.

"Mirage," Quick Switch said, looking at the espionage expert, "your job is the most important of anyone in this mission. You are to infiltrate Metroplex and destroy the transformation cog, during the excitement of the attack."

Quick Switch crossed his arms.

"I," he said heavily, "will draw out Rodimus Convoy himself and do battle with him. It's my responsibility, for leading this unit."


"Are there any questions?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-27, 09:11 PM
"What's the magic word!"

Springer addressed QuickSwitch with a slight grin.

"Sixswitch, take the remaining Wreckers, I want you to be back-up. I doubt Thunderwing will sit idley by and watch Rodimus Convoy get turned to scrap."

Trader's Alley

Repugnus looked at Hound, then at Prime, then at the box on the ground.

"Aww, ain't it like a big family re-union" He walked over to the box and began to dance about, much like a lunatic.

"Fight! Fight! Fight! ... Fight! Fight! Fight! ... Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Repugnus transformed and walked back to Hound.

"So, what's it gonna be pip-squeek?

Quick Switch
2003-01-27, 10:10 PM
Quick Switch cracked a smile. That damn maverick's humor was getting to him.

"Please," he said, laughing. Maybe Springer wouldn't be so bad of a commander after all. It was ony temporary, anyway.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-27, 10:26 PM
"Listen closely and learn..."

Springer stood back from the table looked around the room, his eyes fixed on Sixswitch.

"Wreck 'n' Rule!!"

Quick Switch
2003-01-27, 10:36 PM
Quick Switch shook his head.

"I should have known," he remarked whistfully.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-27, 10:47 PM
"Don't worry kid, it'll come with time..."

Quick Switch
2003-01-27, 10:51 PM
The Six Changer stifled another laugh. What had gotten into him all of a sudden?

I must be wound as tight as a drum if Springer's every line is causing me to chuckle. This mission will succeed- I know it. By the way- why'd he call me kid?

"Sure," Quick Switch said smiling.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-27, 11:01 PM
"Well, what ya waiting for? A napsack and a 'farewell'? Get your guys together, and leave me a security detail, I don't like being a sitting duck..."

Quick Switch
2003-01-27, 11:32 PM
"Right. The Protectobots, the Elementals, and any other normal ground troops are still here in Iacon, Springer. Troops, move out for the main hangar. We'll assemble the main force there, once the Headmasters and Alpha arrive."

Quick Switch saluted smartly to Springer, then walked out with Onslaught, who also snapped off a customary salute to the de facto Autobot leader.

"Combatrons, report at once to the main hangar. We go to battle," Onslaught said, communicating with his troops on their internal frequencies.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-27, 11:47 PM
Springer raised two fingers to his eyebrow as a salute to QuickSwitch then looked again at Sixswitch.

"Well Six, looks like you're gonna get yourself some metal to grind..."

2003-01-28, 12:19 AM
"Stuck at base with Springer man how lame, I wanna be out there rockin traitors" Blaster said leaning back.

Jazz and Sunstreaker moved towards the door getting ready Wheeljack moving over towards Springer

"Now as everyone is getting ready to move out could we by chance get some repairs done on you?"

Boltz stopped infront of the Command center watching Sunstreaker and Jazz make their way out beginning to follow them.

2003-01-28, 02:47 AM
*Trader's Alley*
Hound watched the antics of the two beings in front of him. His normally friendly blue eyes were icy now and dark. These two didn't seem to respect Optimus, they were only thinking about fighting. If they continued to handle the tools as they were, something would certainly get broken. If he took them on, he'd probably get broken, on top of disobeying Prime's orders. Something had to happen though.

In an instant, Hound forwarded Prowl's message to Quick Switch. Then he started laughing quietly in a rather mirthless fashion as he moved closer.

"Pipsqueak? Pipsqueaks are great! There's one that seems to be taking over this one world... heck, if Thunderwing ever learns his tactics, we're all in trouble."
*Hound produced a hologram of Mickey's Plane Crazy flying scene that started buzzing around the two Monsterbots, and then started singing*

"Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? ....Optimus!" Hound made a running bolt to try to scoop and toss the package to Optimus, hoping the two were distracted.

Quick Switch
2003-01-28, 03:12 AM
Quick Switch stopped in his tracks as Hound's message came through.

"What is it sir?" Onslaught said, falling into step next to the assault warrior.

"Transmission from Hound- evidently Thunderwing is planning an offensive, though he can't confirm. Damn! Well, the Wreckers will handle the situation."

"Do you really trust those commandos? So unprofessional," Onslaught's orange optics glazed over with contempt.

"Yes, they are uncouth, and zealous in protecting their Order, but they are a useful tool." Quick Switch began walking again. "No need to transmit the message, since Sixswitch is beginning his assault soon enough." The Six Changer did, however, send a coded signal to Hound confirming that he had received the message.

"That robot doesn't seem to have much experience," Onslaught remarked.

"Why so outspoken now, Onslaught?" Quick Switch turned to gaze at the Combatron commander.

"Because, sir," the former Combaticon straightened, "I was the top graduate of the Cybertronian Tactics Command School."

"Who were other notable graduates?" Quick Switch asked.

"Hmm...Shockwave. Starscream," Onslaught sniffed.

"Really?" The Six Changer strode into the hangar, and was saluted by the rest of the Combatrons. He snapped a return salute.

"Mmyess...he bought his commission," Onslaught said. "He came from a very influential Seeker squadron. He was never suited for combat. More of a dabbler scientist. Megatron tolerated him because he was easy to control."

"Even though Starscream finally killed Megatron eventually?"

"Well," Onslaught said, optics gleaming, "we can't forsee every tactical nuance, sir. Call it...dumb luck."

Quick Switch nodded and waited with the Combatrons for the other Strike Force members to arrive.

2003-01-28, 04:28 AM
Jazz and Sunstreaker entered behind the hangar just behind Quickswitch the little cassette Boltz right behind the two Autobot cars.

"Let's roll" Sunstreaker says immediately

Quick Switch
2003-01-28, 04:51 AM
"All in good time, Sunstreaker. The Headmasters, Alpha, Mirage, Jetfire and his Minicon squad are still needed before we can deploy." Quick Switch replied.

2003-01-28, 12:18 PM
"Uh, Springer..." Sixswitch pulled the Wrecker leader aside.
"What other Wreckers, precisely? We're undermanned, remember. The Headmasters and Alpha are being taken on this attack, leaving, well, me."

He thought for a moment.

"I could do a little scouting on my own around Thunderwing's base. See what information I can pick up about their situation."

2003-01-28, 02:10 PM
Mirage hung back for a moment as the others exited. Jetfire was still standing next to the door with a bit of a shocked expression. Comettor walked over and stood next to his foot. "Jetfire, Comettor, they need us, let's go." Mirage said quietly as he slipped out through the doorway. As he went into the hall outside, he stopped and waited, and he noticed the remaining three minicons playing in a courtyard. Mirgae smiled.

Inside, Jetfire swallowed and looked at Comettor. "Duty I guess. Never thought I'd be fighting with Decepticons. This is all so confusing."
Comettor waved the comments by. "Theory, Problem, Possible Solutions... we're at that stage. Problem needs to be solved. Let's go get the others."

Jetfire nodded, and they exited. Jetfire called Grindor, Sureshock and Highwire over, and the four minicons linked to him for ease of transport. Then he and Mirage followed the others out to the hangar.

2003-01-28, 07:07 PM
Lockpick rests quietly in her room. She'd been here several months, adjusting to her new body, and only now did she stirr from the sleep that helped her acclimate. Optics flicking open, she lays completely still for a moment, before sitting up smoothly. "It... it wasn't a dream." she whispers.

2003-01-28, 07:47 PM
Hot Rod tried his best to wait around for Lockpick to feel better today but he couln't help himself it's been so long. And he still had much to do to repay her for what he was forced to do to her... as Javelin. Hot Rod knocked on Lockpick's door, maybe hoping to get some explaining done today.

2003-01-28, 07:57 PM
Lockpick jerks her he4ad around to the door and swings her legs off the bed "Come in! " she wonders who it could be and wanders over to open the door, her armor still a pale red. "Hot Rod!" She smiles. "Come on in.

2003-01-28, 08:08 PM
Hot Rod walked back in, "Hey Lockpick guess whi just caught up with... my olf Targetmaster Firebolt...." yep, Hot rod was excited about finding his Targetmaster again but Hot decided to change to subject, "Well, I see you're up, are you feeling any better, want to go for a walk?"

2003-01-28, 08:09 PM
Lockpick smiles at this and nods "That's good! Is he doing great? I'd LOVE a walk. I hate being couped up." she leaves the door open, stepping through first. "I'm still studying the things given to me by percept to find out exactly how this 'proto form' things works.

2003-01-28, 08:13 PM
..."This is getting boring."

Grotusque thought to himself as Prime challenged him and Repugnus began dancing about. Hound obviously didn't want to fight, and Prime was far too big for him and Repugnus to take on themselves... he was looking for a bit of fun, not a painful beating, after all.

He swung his tail in an agitated manner as he tried to figure out a way he could get out of this without losing the (obviously important) tools. Hound's sudden movement caught him off guard... He blinked, dumbfounded as the plane buzzed over his head, and raised to snap at it, leaving the tools momentarily unprotected...

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-28, 09:44 PM
"As much as I appreciate your gusto, that's a negative, you're right, we're incredibly under-manned as we stand. Though you snooping around that base of Thunderwings is a certain mission of suicide...Exactly who's left here?"


Repugnus took his eyes off the case to look at the hologram, he didn't even notice Hound sweep past him as he danced as tried to sing along with what he was seeing...

What the slag am I doing?! ... Who cares, it's fun!!

2003-01-28, 09:47 PM
Hotshot turned to Frost.
"A new assignment, let's see now..." at that moment he recieved a message regarding his own new assignment, guarding Iacon along with the Elementals and everyone not assigned to the strikeforce.
"Well, command just relayed a general assignment, anyone not with the strikeforce stays here and guards Iacon" he told the Elemental leader.

"Guard duty while an attack against Rodimus Convoy is being planned? You wouldn't happen to know WHO gave those orders?" Frost queried.

"Quickswitch probably, got a problem with the orders? Well you can TRY getting him to change them, but I doubt he'd agree. I don't have any problems with my orders, so the Protectobots are going to guard Iacon, with or without you ladies. Have a nice day" Hotshot replied as he turned and started leaving with the rest of the Protectobots in tow. First Aid returned to the medbay and starts working on the patients there. The other Protectobots start patroling the area around the medbay.

"Goodbye" Frost said as Hotshot left. She then turned to her sisters, who were still circling in the air above her. "Gale, Shock, we've got a little persuading to do! Seems we haven't been assigned to the strike force!" she called up.

"WHAT!-LET-ME-AT-THE-ONE-WHO-PLANNED-THAT!-I'LL-TEAR-HIM-APART!" Shock replied. She was starting to get anxious again, and that could prove catastrophic.

"Calm down Shock! I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for it" Gale tries to calm her hyperactive sister.

"Indeed Gale, that's why we are going to speak to commander Quickswitch about it" Frost says as she transforms to her bird form and starts flying towards the Command Center, Gale and Shock follow closely behind. Upon arriving at the Command Center, Gale and Shock keep flying overhead. Frost on the otherhand dives almost straight at Quickswitch she tranforms in mid dive and lands almost in front of the sixchanger. She locks her red optics on his face. "I heard from Hotshot that the Elementals are on guard duty. As the leader of the Elemental I advise that you add us to the strikeforce. You might not trust us, but I have some arguments that you might want to consider" she adressed her superior, her tone of voice gave the impression that listening might be a very good idea.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-29, 01:05 AM
Springer looked at Blaster's discomfort...and forgot about it quickly.

"Maybe it's time we built a new group huh Six..."

Springer finally addressed Wheeljack.

"I'm fine...but who exactly have you got sitting in that lab of yours, preferably mostly in one piece...I don't fancy trying to find anything in there.."

God Jinrai
2003-01-29, 01:17 AM
had prime a mouth, a large smirk would have crossed it... Of all the things hound, that mouse that the humans saw as a figure of legend... he thought to himself, snagging the tools from the air as they came flying toward him...

"Grotusque... I'll cut you a deal. give us no further trouble and I'll let you in on a mission that will have you beating on all the bots you could possibly like."

Prime set his gaze on the monsterbot... then over at repugnus... then back at grotusque...

"What'll it be, friend?"

2003-01-29, 01:20 AM
Wheeljack shrugged "I have only had a chjance to get a quick scan in, the cassette's, Brawn though they need major repairs as they were flattened though in one peice"

Wheeljack stopped to think then nodded

"Sideswipe's the only one that I can think of that wouldn't take days to repair but... he needs his head"

Blaster sat in the comm-room getting anxious decided it was getting too boring for all this message stuff and flipped on his receiver and set to an earth music frequency and just sat back listening to music.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-29, 01:25 AM
Springer pondered a moment, then contacted Blaster.

"Yo! Blaster, I need a bit of recon work. Find me the last known position of Bludgeon, or more importantly Sideswipe's head..."

Quick Switch
2003-01-29, 01:25 AM
Quick Switch simply stared as the Elementals appeared.

"Hey, those femmes are back!" Brawl pointed, guffawing. "Sure got spunk, don't they?"

Vortex chortled along with his comrade.

Blast Off and Swindle merely shook their heads, amused.

Onslaught stepped behind Quick Switch and spoke audibly, so the Elementals could hear,

"I believe these organics mean well, sir, but can you trust them? They seem...well, rather rag-tag," the tactician said airily.

Quick Switch tried to repress his smile. Yes, Onslaught most definitely came from the "old school" approach to soldiering. The former Decepticon's elitist style was readily apparently.

"Duly noted, Onslaught," the Six Changer said, and Onslaught respectfully stepped back towards his group, though listening for what the Elementals would say. "Very well, though be advised that Iacon is presently dangerously understaffed thanks to this mission. Speak, and I'll consider afterwards."

2003-01-29, 01:31 AM
"Aww man I'm comms officer not a blood hound" Blaster shrugged opening up his chest Steeljaw spitting out.

He was there watching Bludgeon kill Sideswipe so this was really back in the past for him.

"Steeljaw find that Decepti-pretender trashcan Bludgeon" Blaster said turning around the cat growling and running off.

"Alright let's see if any of your spy sattilites caught and glimpses of our friend Bludgeon" Blaster immediately went to work.

Wheeljack looked at Springer "How do you know Bludgeon has it and if he does why would he still have it?"

Jazz watched the elementals looking at the Onslaught and shook his head "Hey man lay off 'em it's not like they tried to back stab us before. I know we gotta be but if we don't trust them why trust you guys? If they turn on us so be it but I don't they they will they have been pretty loyal thus far"

Sunstreaker just groaned "Come on I wanna get in there and bust up Metroplex and some Autobot traitors" He called to all the others.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-29, 01:37 AM
"Back on earth, after the assualt on Metroplex was successful, Sideswipe didn't return. It later became noted that Bludgeon had decided to wear the head of his first victim as a sick reminder of his power. That victim was Sideswipe, his head was the trophy."

Springer sat in the command chair.


"Bludgeon's one sick freak, the only thing that would stop him carrying it would be his own, un-timely, demise..."

Quick Switch
2003-01-29, 01:42 AM
Onslaught shrugged to Jazz.

"We risked execution by Astrotrain, and nearly died at the hands of Trypticon. Look at these sigils. We have forsworn the faction of Megatron forever. We've had dealings with them you can't possibly imagine. We were forced to serve that cause, and now, we are free."

His optics narrowed.

"If we are heading off for the battle of our lives, I believe I have the right to question organics who simply appeared and were given carte blanche by Optimus Prime merely by roosting in Iacon! Our lives, and this mission, might depend on whether Operation Leader Quick Switch decides to include them!"

2003-01-29, 02:02 AM
Wheeljack nodded to Springer "Yeah, I knew Sideswipe didn't show but I didn't think he was caught by Bludgeon, I also gotta wonder how his body got here minus a head"

Blaster sat back as the computer did a scan until a reptitive beeping noise began "What the? Already!?" Blaster said moving forward activating the play back.

Gigatron stopped just before Bludgeon. He smirked, long, quiet, maniacal. Then, turning to the side, he pointed one fist down at the prey for aim, and drew the other (dual-sword in hand) behind his head.

The helmet tinkered across the ground gently, then stopped and gaped. That horrified, unmoving skull stared up at Gigatron, only adding flavor to his victory. The winner slowly separated his swords and hooked them to their posts on his back, allowing him more affection in his kneeling before the defeated. He picked up the lost head, rocking it quickly in his hands.

Gigatron gently closed his fingers around the skull, pushing it into his hand and closing the screaming mouth. He glanced at the headless body, still wearing its own prize of ages ago. Gigatron reached over and plucked the chain from the bare neck, holding it in his other hand.

He set Bludgeon's head back on the ground, then used his free hand to tear Sideswipe's head from the chain. He glanced at it for a moment before tossing it aside and taking Bludgeon's again. Taking a few seconds from the vicious war going on around him, Gigatron tied each end of the wire conglomeration to one of Bludgeon's helmet prongs, then slung the entire jewel over his neck. Unlike Bludgeon, Gigatron did not take the time to admire his new accessory; he wore this grotesque item not for its vanity. Pleased with his work, Gigatron thrust himself away from the ground and prepared to head out. He glanced back at Bludgeon once more, allowing him to spot one final item he'd missed - the warrior's sword.

"Got it" Blaster muttered "Springer I got it I am forwarding the last thing seen of Bludgeon, Oh and by the way if you see Steeljaw tell him never mind"

The puma Bound into the command center making his way for the exit.

Jazz shrugged at Onslaught "Doesn't mean you won't back stab us. It just means you'll never be a Decepticon again. I say let 'em go we need the fire power"

Sunstreaker groaned hitting a button that opperated the grat at the front of the hanger transforming into his lambourghini mode "I"ll see you guys there" He began to rev his engine getting ready to take off.

2003-01-29, 02:50 AM
Grotusque snorted as the tools were picked up by Optimus. The game had definitely lost it's fun. For him, at least. He raised a brow as he glanced over at Repugnus, still chasing the plane, and shook his head.

"Win some... lose some. Least I'm still in one piece... what the Pit is he doing, anyway?"

"Grotusque... I'll cut you a deal. give us no further trouble and I'll let you in on a mission that will have you beating on all the bots you could possibly like."

"What'll it be, friend?"

He thought it over for a second. Crushing 'bots definitely sounded like fun... but he remembered all too well the rigid command structure, which wasn't as...

"What, and put up with you? Hah... well, maybe. As long as you remember that we're not a coupla your happy little tin soldiers, that is..."

He eyed Optimus warily for a moment, then looked at Repugnus.

"Hey, Repugnus... what do you think? You wanna crush some stuff or not?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-29, 03:00 AM

Repugnus suddenly found himself back with reality, not something he particularly cared for.

"Hey, you tricked us....stupid Autobots...War sounds fun though...don't expect us to play nice with your goody-goody warriors though."

2003-01-29, 03:09 AM
Grotusque nodded, then turned back to Optimus.

"An' there's your answer. We're with ya... until we're not, that is."

He grinned a little, then turned away and took a swipe at the plane with his tail.

Quick Switch
2003-01-29, 03:20 AM
Onslaught scowled. It wasn't worth carrying on a discussion with Jazz- he'd only make light of everything.

Quick Switch wheeled on Sunstreaker.

"Damnit Sunstreaker, I said to wait and that's an order! If you leave now you will ruin our slim margin for surprise once the full force is assembled! Stand down or you'll be relieved!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-29, 03:33 AM
"Don't try any slaggin' funny stuff though, I won't hesitate to tear you a new exhaust pipe Prime.."

It was a change, as sudden as his volatile mood swings...Repugnus showed, what many thought, his true nature.

2003-01-29, 04:49 AM
Mirage walked in to the hangar where the group was gathered and saw Quick Switch giving Sunstreaker orders to stay put, and he shook his head before heading over to lean against the wall again. Jetfire followed him inside, but this time moved closer to the group. His curiosity was growing.
Trader's Alley
Hound turned and stepped back several paces after the bag was caught by Optimus. Then he made the zooming plane hologram look like it exploded into tiny pieces as Grotusque's tail got close to it.

Remaining quiet he couldn't take his eyes off of the two creatures- that is, until Optimus extended the offer. First Hound glanced at Prime in disbelief and then he heard the threat from Repugnus. His tolerance immediately turned to alarm and his whole body stiffened.
How can Optimus even consider these two? How??? He stared, with a mix of defensiveness and shock on his face. Optimus certainly hadn't been acting like himself, at least, not the way Hound knew him to be. He waited for Prime's reaction.

2003-01-29, 12:42 PM
"All valid points. I will explain our reason for joining the strikeforce, as well as our abilities" Frost started as she looked at everyone present. "You all remember the recent fight outside when Rodimus Convoy and company were here? Our sister, Blaze, was inside the ship he arrived in when it was taken away by that titan of his. We are fairly certain that she is still held inside his headquarters and we want to rescue her. When we have freed our sister, we would be at full combat strength again. I trust some of you are familiar with the 'giant' teams? We are one such team, when all four of us are together, we can combine into one being. And having a giant on your side would be beneficial, considering that titan that Rodimus has" she paused a moment to let everyone sort things out.
"It seems our sudden appearance causes some confusion and mistrust. We are just as metalic on the inside as the rest of you, but our outward appearance differs greatly. We are not organic, our forms are saturated with elemental magic. I wield the powers of ice, whilst my sisters Blaze, Gale and Shock wield the powers of fire, wind and lightning respectivly. We became like this when our previous master, a being calling himself Malzra, awakened us from our slumber inside our crashed ship. A ship that bore the Autobot symbol. We gained our other form, that of a bird, when we awoke. We helped Malzra win a war against a massive threat, and in return he brought us to this world, our homeworld. As for loyalty, the four of us have sworn loyalty to our current leader Optimus Prime, and that vow will only end when either the four of us perish, or Prime does. In 200 human years of service to Malzra we never betrayed him, and we have no intention to betray Prime now or ever" Frost finished.

God Jinrai
2003-01-29, 02:05 PM
Prime chuckled silently...

"Fine. We're headed back to Iacon then. Trader, we'll be in touch."

Prime transformed into rig mode, and sent a coded message to hound...

"These two were among our original forces... they went awol after several of the "more self absorbed" commanding officers thought they could boss them around. At any rate... I think Springer might be able to whip them into some sort of shape. the wreckers were shorthanded last I heard, and these two are brutal and deadly enough to fit right in, I think..."

Quick Switch
2003-01-29, 02:46 PM
"Another merge group would be benificial, I conceed that," Onslaught remarked.

Quick Switch nodded at Onslaught's comment. He addressed the Elementals:

"I appreciate your candor. Another combiner will, naturally, assist the Grand Army of Optimus Prime against the legion of traitors and enemies who we now, or soon will, face. And I appreciate the situation in regards to your...sister," the Six Changer groped for the appropriate word. "But know this," he said, pointing to Frost. "This mission is solely for the purpose of crippling Metroplex, not for a rescue. With that in mind, your abilities will be harnessed to attack Convoy's forces who try to defend Metroplex. You will not be allowed to rescue her. If she escapes during the battle, so be it. But I will not jeopardize the soldiers under my command for one life. The destruction of Metroplex's transformation cog is more important to the war effort."


"If you agree to these terms, yet deviate from the order of battle in the field, I will recommend you to Springer for court-martial."

Officially, of course, this must be my position. But of course, I know they're going to rescue her anyway. I'll find a way to send them inside Metroplex with Mirage as an 'escort'... then, on their own, they can rescue their sister. But I won't provide extra troops to do it.

2003-01-29, 03:58 PM
"Agreed, the mission should come first" Frost replied. And finding Blaze or being found by her is just a matter of time once we get near enough to sense each other she thought.

2003-01-29, 04:28 PM
Sunstreaker growled at Quick Switch "Go ahead and releave me it ain't gonna stop me from going and kicking some chrome plating besides you need all the fire power you can get which I bring"

Sunstreaker replied to the Sixchanger before he went over to the elementals.

Jazz just sat back and watched what went on knowing the risk that this was going to be he fished it was him going in for the cog but ever since Metroplex left Earth and became Metro-titan he wasn't so much a Covert-ops man anymore as much just a grunt ofcourse that is what was needed now especially with the Rodimus and Thunderwing situation.

"So if we are all done here lets hit the road and Metroplex Hard" Jazz said just the Elemental agreed to Quick Switch's orders.

Wheeljack looked at Springer "Well now we know where Thunderwing and Sideswipe's head is how do we go about getting it?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-29, 05:01 PM
"Agreed," Quick Switch noted to Frost and Jazz. "The Headmasters and Alpha will remain to defend Iacon. We cannot delay any longer."

He addressed Jetfire:

"Transform, Jetfire. You will carry Jazz, Sunstreaker, and Mirage."

The Six Changer turned to the Combatrons:

"Blast Off, you will carry your fellow Combatrons, the Elementals and myself."

Blast Off bowed and said:

"A most distinct honor, Commander," and transformed to shuttle mode. "You are in safe hands."

Onslaught gave the command:

"Combatrons, board and prepare for battle!" So doing, Brawl, Vortex, Swindle and Onslaught boarded Blast Off and sat in his cargo hold.

Blast Off kept his hold open for the Elementals to board him.

Quick Switch remained outside, waiting for Jetfire to complete the command and the three Transformers to board before he, himself, would enter Blast Off and give the command to leave.

2003-01-29, 07:05 PM
"Very well. Gale, Shock, get down here and climb aboard our transport" Frost called to her sisters as she headed over to Blast Off.

"Can't-we-fly-there-ourselves?-You-know-how-I hate-being-cooped-up" Shock replied as she dives towards the ground, transforms to her robot form and lands besides Frost.

"I know, but I believe one request at a time is more then enough, be thankful we are going along at all" Frost replied to her sister. I just hope she doesn't stay have to stay inside too long.. she thought.

"Ow cheer up Shock, how bad can it be? Can't be as bad as an unprepared planeshift, now can it?" Gale asked rhetoricly as she too dove towards the ground, transformed to her robot form and headed inside Blast Off.

"Guess-you're-right.-NOTHING-can-be-as -bad-as-THAT" Shock replies as she follows Gale inside. Frost in turn follows Shock.

2003-01-29, 08:28 PM
Hot Rod scratch his head, "Ok But.... I dunno, I'm feeling kinda unconfortable about you know just being out of duty at these times. Of course I suppose we both deserve it... Oh well lets get going then, maybe we can find a duty officer or something."

2003-01-29, 09:14 PM
Lockpick smiles "I also need to see Perceptor about how exactly I choose an altmode and such." she states as they walk along. "Did I miss anything important?"

2003-01-30, 02:55 AM
"Yes Sir!" Jetfire nodded immediately to Quick Switch. Then the four minicons disengaged from their attachments as he transformed. Grindor, Sureshock and Highwire all went up the loading ramp and inside, chattering excitedly. Comettor followed at a slight distance, remaining quiet. Moments later, the figures of the minicons were visible - moving around in Jetfire's cockpit.

Mirage glanced over at Blast Off's boarding party. A slight smirk flicked across his face as he considered the company for the trip. Jazz would make things entertaining, but Sunstreaker would make it a long trip. Still, it's better than being stuck with the Combatrons. He thought to himself as he turned and went up the ramp. Dark brooding thoughts covered the brief amused thought as he entered the padded interior of Jetfire's cargo and passender hold. He took a seat in a swivel chair and waited.
Trader's Alley
Hound covered the distressed thoughts that he was feeling with a transformation. As he followed Prime, he listened to the coded message and thought about the events that had just transpired. He stayed silent, the happenings weighing heavily in his mind.

2003-01-30, 03:57 AM
Sunstreaker groaned "I'm going on ground" was all he said before his back wheels began to screech and he switched gears launching forward.

"Man he is taken this way diffrent then everyone else I ain't ever seen him bein' so trigger happy" Jazz said walking forward up the ramp Boltz following him.

Quick Switch
2003-01-30, 04:16 AM
Quick Switch exploded- just as everything was going according to plan, Sunstreaker had to muck it up. This was the last straw.

"Primus damn you, Sunstreaker! You are relived! Return to base! If you proceed, you will ruin our combined deployment/attack stategy! Desist or I will summon Vortex to stop you in your tracks! And then I'll order the Protectobots to throw you in the Brig for insubordination!"

Quick Switch summoned his photon blasters out of subspace. If necessary, the Six Changer would shoot out Sunstreaker's tires.

"Vortex! Front and center- transform!"

"Yessir," the helicopter charged out of Blast Off and transformed to helicopter mode, hovering near Quick Switch.

"If Sunstreaker continues to drive, use your glue gun to stop him cold."

"Heh, with pleasure, Commander," Vortex said, rising up in the air a little bit more and angling for a good shot.

Quick Switch continued to slow burn.

This will be grounds for an insubordination charge and a disciplinary hearing- maybe even a court-martial. And I'm going to ram it down Springer's throat if he won't agree to hear the case. It's idiots like this that waste lives with their brashness. And I always thought Sideswipe was the more foolhardy of the two.

2003-01-30, 06:08 AM
Roadbuster: -walks into command center, leans against doorway, looks at Springer- "So what's the plan, boss? We got this order for all of the Headmasters to report to the staging area, and all the rest of the Wreckers to come here." -looks around- "As you can see, me, myself, and I are here, and we're it."


Staging area:

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Minerva, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -walk into staging area, watching the others board the ships-

Nightbeat: "I've got a bad feeling about this........"

Siren: "I know what you mean, boss."

Chromedome: "Victory will be ours, because we're in the right. It's the traitors who will fall.

Hardhead: "And we got the guns."

Brainstorm: "We do seem to be ready for battle."

Nightbeat: -shakes head- "And Thunderwing will come in on our flank and recycle all of us while we're battling Convoy's troops. He won't need an army. He's got the Matrix."

Hosehead: "So we distract him, right? Keep him from coming after this assualt force."

Minerva: "Um....."

Nightbeat: "Distract him? How? By himself he's got us outgunned." -looks at Minerva- "And either way, you stay here."

Minerva: "Oh, no... Not this time."

Nightbeat: "Oh, yes. All you have is a stun blaster, your medikit, and most of your injuries from fighting Unicron's ground troops."

Minerva: "Brainstrom helped me repair most of the damage-"

Nightbeat: "Your transector's still damaged. And you know as well as I do what your odds of survival'll be if you have to eject if one of us doesn't get to you first."

Minerva: -scowls- "I've been able to keep up with you so far."

Nightbeat: "And how much longer until something burns out?"

Minerva: "Long enough. And I'll drive there if I have to."

Nightbeat: -sighs- "Fine. Just stick close to Brainstorm." -looks at Brainstorm- "First sign of trouble, get her out."

Brainstorm: "Aye, sir."

Quick Switch
2003-01-30, 06:16 AM
Quick Switch turned as the Headmasters arrived.

"Well," he said. "I'd almost given up on you all. The mission is simple: destroy Metroplex's transformation cog. You all, to put it bluntly, will be used to delay Convoy's ground troops so Mirage can sneak inside Metroplex and do the deed. Blast Off, could you-"

"Sorry sir," the shuttle replied, "but my mass capacity will be at dangerous levels. I'd be forced to jettison..."

"Understood," Quick Switch said. "Ride with Jetfire. Board, on the double!"

He turned back to see if Sunstreaker would have the sense to hold off for a few more cycles before the journey to Metroplex began.

2003-01-30, 07:12 AM
Sunstreaker gave only one reply and it was one he heard from a freind back on earth he opened a private comm-link to interm commander "A friend said this to me once you knew him too and he said 'Aww Shut up and Fight!' and I say the same to you as you're just talking and not fighting and I am sick of it. The longer we wait the stronger they get and you're pushing back maybe you're the traitor who should be imprisoned"

And with that he didn't stop and just kept going. They could easily pass him with the two aerial bots they had and keep the advantage of surprise but Sunstreaker was tired of waiting for it.

Quick Switch
2003-01-30, 01:37 PM
Quick Switch clenched his teeth.

I'm the traitor? He dares to call me a traitor? That insubordinate punk! That's enough!

"Damnit Sunstreaker! Get those Headmasters aboard, now!" he said to Jetfire. "We are behind schedule!"

Vortex hovered.

"Shall I pursue, sir?"

"No, we'll beat the young idiot there," Quick Switch snarled, apocelctic with rage. "A damned fool. A damned fool. He's going to get himself scrapped."

Vortex transformed back to robot mode and boarded Blast Off. Quick Switch, still furious, also entered the shuttle.

"Take off!" he said.

"Acknowledged- course setting, Metroplex," Blast Off said. Activating his engines, and shutting his access hatch, Blast Off soon left the runway and soared into the sky heading towards Metroplex.

2003-01-31, 01:49 AM
Nightbeat: "Lovely. Captain Chipper's leading this foray into insanity."

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Minerva, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -board Jetfire-

Siren: "You said it youself. Six changers are moody." -smiles- "Besides, for all his skills, he's going to be out there with us. He'll have to be. He can't go invisible, you know."

Nightbeat: -scowls- "Nnn. I just hope he's not going to get us all killed."

2003-01-31, 06:11 AM
Jetfire brought up the doors as the Headmasters boarded, and wheeled forward to take off. Comettor took the monitors while the Street Action Team sat down and buckled in.

In his cargo area, the Autobot voices rang out clearly. Toward the back, Mirage narrowed his optics and spoke up. His quiet voice carried clearly in the hold.
"Nightbeat... that's uncalled for. Quick Switch may have a lot of stresses right now, but he's not foolhardy or inexperienced. For that matter, if any of you want out, you'd best say so now or put the doubt out of your minds. I've certainly been told that enough. Either be part of the team now, or don't."

Jetfire sighed to himself as he followed above the air trail of Blastoff.
How're we going to take on other Autobots if we're already fighting amongst ourselves? He thought to himself quietly.

After takeoff, up in the cockpit, Grindor nudged Sureshock with his elbow. "Trouble's brewing back there."
"Trouble?" Sureshock got a puzzled look and turned his head to listen.

2003-01-31, 06:31 AM
Jazz looked at them "Settle down guys. We're here to fight Autobots yes but not the ones here, in Iacon or the Combatrons. There are large amounts of stress on everyone right now and we just gotta chill out"

Sunstreaker was covering ground as fast as he could in an attempt to beat the others to Metroplex, futile yes but he had too try.

Quick Switch
2003-01-31, 02:12 PM
Quick Switch quietly went to the front of Blast Off and sat in one of his chairs. Onslaught followed him, then shut the cabin door.

"Problem, sir?" the Combatron leader said, sitting beside him.

Quick Switch turned to look at Onslaught, his face suddenly haggard.

"Yes. I've seen the idiocy of Sunstreaker's ilk to many times in the field to condone it. I'm going to bust him back to energon depot guard when we get back. We could still fail our mission because of him- if he's detected early, the assault will be a disaster."

"Indeed, Commander," Onslaught nodded, "youth, while making excellent cannon fodder, contributes little else."

"He reminds me of another young sports car...one who impacted the course of the war." Quick Switch said, drfiting into reverie.

Onslaught, guessing who that might be, stayed silent.

"When Red Alert first told me that Optimus Prime had been killed in battle, I couldn't believe it. Optimus? Never. Not even to Megatron. But then..." his fists clenched, "when he told another Autobot had caused his own death. Well, I..."

Onslaught stiffened.

"...went into shock. Red Alert and I were stationed on one of the remote outposts at that point, and I said to him, 'Red Alert, who was it?' And he told me 'Some new warrior named Hot Rod'. Even he couldn't believe it." Quick Switch said his anger rising.

"Ah yes," Onslaught said quietly. "You know, many Decepticons were thankful that he interceded when he did."

"I know!" Quick Switch snarled. "If it wasn't for Hot Rod, we would have won this war years ago. Cybretron would have been ours and we would have chased the Decepticons to the end of the universe!"

"And," Onslaught said gently, "Optimus Prime would not have died."

"Yes," Quick Switch said, nearly weeping coolant fluid as he recalled. "Optimus would never have died. It would have been the same as it always was...then he was given the Holy Matrix to rule...and we were nearly destroyed."

"I recall Galvatron nearly going into hysterics- when we could have an audience with him...Cyclonus and Scourge hoarded his attention...Optimus Prime would never have made the mistakes Rodimus Prime did." Onslaught replied. I would have had a field day with him. My tactics would have been perfect...but no. My years of expertise were ignored by a madman for two sycophants.

"So," Quick Switch said hoarsely, "to this day I don't trust the actions of impuslive robots. I've known to many. And Sunstreaker is just another. If Hot Rod had just listened to his superior, Kup, as most soldiers are trained...you understand my point."

"Yes sir," Onslaught said. He had picked up on the Six Changer's near fanatical loyalty to Optimus Prime. "But now we have an attack to prepare for."

"Thank you Onslaught." Quick Switch reached out and clapped one of his shoulder plates. "Go now. I must meditate."

Onslaught rose, saluted, and returned to the hold. Quick Switch lasped into silence as the landscape flew by.

2003-02-01, 04:11 AM
Nightbeat: -looks over at Mirage- "I'm more worried that we're about to be used as little more than cannon fodder."

Minerva: "Cannon fodder? Quickswitch wouldn't do that, would he?"

Chromedome: "He's not the type."

Nightbeat: "Unless something's changed, can you see Thunderwing letting us rough up his fan club without doing something about it? And with his augmented firepower and defenses, can you picture any of us taking him out? I just want to know what we're going to do when Thunderwing shows up. It looks like we've planned for everything but that." -smiles- "But that doesn't mean I don't have an idea."

Siren: "Roadbuster said they wanted the rest of the Wreckers for something else..... but Roadbuster and Sixswitch are the rest of the Wreckers."

Hosehead: "Don't forget Alpha."

Minerva: "You think they're going to get the decoy job?"

Siren: "Probably."

Nightbeat: "We may hve a chance after all......"

2003-02-01, 07:53 AM
Jazz was fiddling with photon rifle listening to the Headmasters and Mirage.

"You all want my opinion? It's simple the Chaos Matrix is meant to control us and distort our minds. Well it's working... in every single one of us it is working in one way or another. I am losing faith in our cause myself. Quickswitch and Sunstreaker have become more Zealous and belligerent.

What about you guys? Or am I the only one noticing these changes in our selves."

2003-02-02, 12:21 AM
After Jazz's words, Mirage locked optics with Nightbeat for a moment as he considered Nightbeat's words and then looked away.
He listened to the Headmasters without saying anything and then glanced back toward the group as he thought it over to himself.
You might have a point about Thunderwing, Nightbeat. But we aren't going to rough up the other Autobots. We're going in just for the cog - or are we? *glance toward Nightbeat* This should be fast- and hopefully without many causalties, but is this really the best strategy?

There was a pause in his thoughts, and then he shifted and sighed. Mirage folded his arms and walked slowly across the rear of the cargo bay as he mulled over the attack. Then he looked to Chromedome and Minerva. "No, Quick Switch isn't going to let you become cannon fodder... you're right about that Chromedome. But Nightbeat has a point too. Thunderwing won't be happy. We'll all have to be very fast at whatever we're expected to do."

Then Mirage turned his head toward Jazz and studied him. "You might be right Jazz. You might just be right." Mirage became quiet again and turned his thoughts to Sunstreaker's behavior.

Up in the cockpit, Sureshock wrinkled his nose. "Nerves I think is all that is back there Grindor. But that Jazz guy's comment is a bit unnerving. Do you think we're being affected by the Chaos Matrix too?"
In answer, Highwire swiveled around in his cockpit chair and thwapped Sureshock and Grindor on the heads. "Of course we are!" Then he stood up and in a mocking, deep voice - laughed. Loudly. "I am Thunderwing, mighty evil Decepticon ruler of all of you and I will beat you all down with my matrix wanna be!!!" Grindor jumped up and grinned. "Oh no you don't! I'm mighty Optimus, and I will conquer you with the real Matrix!" The exchange sent Grindor and Highwire into laughter, but Sureshock shook his head and Comettor only smiled slightly. On his internal speaker, Comettor connected with Jetfire. "I wish it was that easy, and I still don't understand why Prime left. Will we have to fight this Thunderwing along with this mission like that blue and yellow Autobot said back there?"

Jetfire's voice came over Comettor's speaker. "No, I don't think so. But I'm not good with matters like this. And I think Quick Switch is stressed too. We'll do what we are asked- don't give him any trouble. In the meantime, let's get all of these Autobots and minicons sitting and focused."
Jetfire switched on his onboard communications system. "This is your pilot speaking... We may encounter some turbulence soon as we descend to follow Blast Off directly, so please have a seat and fasten your seatbelts for your own safety."
Safely away from Trader's Alley and approaching Iacon, Hound had remained quiet. Lots of thoughts were running rampant in his head, so internally he activated his radio, "Quick Switch?", then waited for confirmation that he was being received.

He was also finally getting over his disbelief enough to muster up a couple thoughts and a question out loud as they drove. "Thanks for showing up when you did Optimus. The help was appreciated. *pause* I don't trust either of those two. They seem dangerous- and they don't like to listen to authority. Are you sure they'd be good in the Wreckers?"

God Jinrai
2003-02-02, 03:12 AM
Prime thought for a moment as he tore across the landscape...

"Well, Hound... all I can say is this. If they can't handle being under springer's jursidiction, Then I'll just as spontaneously discharge them from duty... I just pray it doesn't come to that..."

Prime's thoughts wandered to the situation with thunderwing, and opened a private link to jetfire...

"Jetfire, Prime here. report your status"

2003-02-02, 06:36 PM
Brainstorm: "We've noticed it too, Jazz. Minerva and I almost joined Rodimus' group."

Hosehead: "Part of me wanted to go,too, but I could tell I was being influenced." -chuckles- "Advantage of being a Nebulan Headmaster, I guess."

Chromedome: -thinks for moment- "Not really. I feel fine."

Hardhead: "Same here. We're just too stubborn, I guess." -grins-

Siren: "The only reason Hosehead's got an advantage is he gets along with Lug. I'm to busy arguing with that stupid bookworm, Quig, to be inflenced."

Nightbeat: "I think I am, too. Part of me wants to find Thunderwing and rip the Matrix from him, destroy him with it." -sighs- "Unlike Siren and Hosehead, my human component thinks pretty much the same way I do. I don't have the insulation they do."

Minerva: "You're getting obsessive."

Nightbeat: "But I'm not going nuts about it. And I think my idea may well work. If we have to breach Metroplex's wall so Mirage can get inside and destroy the cog, then I say we all go in. The defenders won't try to do too much damage to their own base, and we can, if our friendly local neighborhood megalomaniac wants us dead bad enough, show his fan club that they're wrong about him."

Quick Switch
2003-02-02, 07:38 PM
Quick Switch was focused deep in thought when Hound's transmission broke the quiet.

"Quick Switch here. Go ahead, Hound."

Blast Off steadily flew towards the outskirts of the mid-point between Iacon and Metroplex...

2003-02-03, 01:46 AM
Meanwhile, back at the base......

Roadbuster: -walks rest of the way into the control room, drops into a chair, and puts his feet up on a console, then looks at Springer- "So what's the mission, boss?"

2003-02-03, 01:55 AM
Jetfire's communicator beeped and he responded with a relieved note in his voice.
"Hello Optimus! I'm receiving, glad to hear you. I have the Headmasters, Mirage and Jazz aboard, as well as the minicons. We're following Blast Off who's carrying the Combatrons and Quick Switch at 16,000 feet and descending towards Metroplex's vicinity at 360 mph, bering a standard course of S by SE and flying in fair weather. The evening sky is nice and clear up here. As per orders, we're going to locate and destroy Metroplex's transformation cog."
Aboard in the cockpit, Grindor and Sureshock flopped back down to their pilot chairs and buckled in. Grindor got an instantly bored look and started drumming his fingers over the velocity monitors as he watched them flicker.
Highwire was about to pop his feet up on the cockpit console, when Sureshock shot him a shake of the head. A flash of a disappointed look crossed his face and then he leaned forward to watch out of the cockpit windows, propping his chin on his fists.
Sureshock was even starting to get bored. He leaned over to Comettor, and after a moment asked, "Are we almost there yet?"

Comettor sat up and looked over his shoulder at Sureshock. "I'm not sure. We'll get there when we get there.

Jetfire laughed to himself as he started to play a Cybertronian video on a monitor. Okay you guys... time for a little inflight movie so I can talk to Optimus.
The Street Action team, now happily diverted their attention to the film. Comettor however, kept his attention focused on Jetfire's monitors.
"Nightbeat, I'm not sure who's going after the cog, but backup plans are always good." Mirage said quietly to him as the hunter sat down in a seat. "And whoever it is will have their hands full."
Destroying it... hmm. Mirage settled back and closed his optics trying to think through what he remembered of Metroplex. This would be no easy task.
Hound fell silent after Optimus replied. He didn't feel comfortable questioning his leader's choices, but he also didn't feel comfortable with the day's events either. Certainly Quick Switch would know what was going on.

"Good to hear you Quick Switch. I'm just reporting in. The trip was much longer than I expected, and I ran into some trouble, but out of the blue, Optimus showed up and helped out. Anyway, we're on the way back to Iacon with the medical tools. We should be back shortly. You sound agitated though... Feel like a snack break when we get back?"

2003-02-03, 02:36 AM
Nightbeat: "That's the other thing we don't know......"

Siren: "What? Why Thunderwing looks like such a doof?"

Hosehead: "I always thought he got hit with an ugly stick."

Minerva: -sighs- "Fric and Frac strike again......"

Chromedome: -shrugs- "You've been with these guys longer than we have, Minerva. I'd think you'd be used to it by now."

Brainstorm: "I'm not used to you and Hardhead yet, Chromedome, and we've been working together for millenia."

Nightbeat: "If the peanut gallery would let me finish?"

Siren: "Go ahead, boss."

Nightbeat: "I just want to know what the insertion method for this is. Do we walk up to Metroplex and ring the doorbell? Sneak up? Split the forces and go in from different directions?"

Siren: "You've been reading Sun Tzu again, haven't you."

Nightbeat: "Well, yes. But this is just obvious, even without a long dead Chinese tactician."

Siren: "True."

2003-02-03, 05:37 AM
"Really simple Nightbeat" Jazz said putting the photon rifle down.

"We provide the biggest distraction we can to allow Mirage here" Jazz motioned to him "Sneaks in and takes out the Cog. We leave they can't transform Metroplex."

Sunstreaker had watched both Jetfire and Blast-off sail overhead and still had them in eyesight and was just keeping track of them.

Quick Switch
2003-02-03, 02:40 PM
Quick Switch sagged in his chair at Hound's jovial tone. He has no idea about the offensive.

Blast Off, out of point of pride, was edging just a bit ahead of Jetfire at the midpoint mark.

"Don't worry Commander, that monstrosity of an aircraft won't outfly me to Metroplex," Blast Off's snobbish vocoder quietly prodded the Six Changer field commander to action.

Quick Switch smiled haggardly. The Combatrons seemed to have "adopted" him as their personal project. He responded to Hound's transmission:

"It's good to hear from you also, Hound," the Six Changer said, rubbing his temples with his hands. "A break would be Primus-sent. I'll have to take you up on it later," Quick Switch said, dropping his hands to his sides, vocoder taking on a reverie-like tone. "At this moment, I am leading two squads to Metroplex. My mission is to cripple Metroplex with whatever means necessary."

The Autobot assault warrior leaned forward.

"Hound, if this attack succeeds, that traitor Convoy's forces will be reeling! I'm going to draw Rodimus Convoy out myself and engage him in combat, for the glory of Optimus Prime. I wish you were here with me now..." his voice suddenly spiked with the stress. "Springer is gambling half the Autobot strength on this mission...I'm not sure I'll even return...it's good to hear your voice again, Hound."


"Remember, men," Onslaught said, addressing the other Combatrons. "When we arrive at the deployment area, merge immediately. We will do what damage we can to Metroplex itself to help Mirage complete his mission."

"Yeah, sounds good," Brawl said.

"A sneak attack!" Vortex cackled. "I love sneak-"

"And when Omega Supreme shows up?" Swindle said, frowning.

Onslaught looked the apprehensive munitions expert dead in the optics.

"Bruticus will terminate him."

2003-02-03, 06:36 PM
***Inside Iacon, Medbay***

First Aid had started working on Trailbreaker.

I hope Hound get's back with those tools soon. I'll need them to fix Trailbreaker fully he thought as he assessed the damage to Trailbreaker.

The other Protectobots kept patroling, everything had been relativly quiet at Iacon.

***Aboard Blast Off***

Shock was becoming a 'tad' nervous. "When-are-we-going-to-get-there! I-HATE-being-cooped-up-like-this!" the yellow Elemental complained. One could see small lightning arcs flash across her form.

"Calm down Shock, you'll electrocute our transport at this rate. I'll go ask how long it will take us to arrive" Frost said as she started walking towards the Combatrons. The blue Elemental adressed Onslaught as he returned.

"Sorry to bother you, but would you happen to know our ETA?" she asked. "My sister is getting somewhat anxious. She hates being cooped up inside anything for long" Frost added.

Gale tried her best to ignore the Combatrons, without much luck. I just hope I don't have to kill anything she thought as she closes her eyes. She never had liked all the killing. Her thoughts drifted back to the memories of the last days of the Phyrexian invasion, and her body shivered as her mind recoiled from the memory.

Quick Switch
2003-02-03, 09:59 PM
Onslaught peered down at the Elemental.

"My dear madam, a good soldier always follows his superior's instructions. Therefore when Commander Quick Switch gives the order to attack, you will know we are in Metroplex's vicinity," the missle trailer remarked, irked by the birds.

"I love it when Onslaught gets nasty- he uses big words!" Brawl guffawed.

"Heh, heh," Vortex chortled. "I hear ya!"

Swindle crossed his arms and looked at Gale.

"What's with you?" he said. "Kinda quiet."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-03, 10:14 PM
"The mission Roadbuster? We've got to finish what we started. Thunderwing's time is up, he has to go down, hard and fast. This offensive against Rodimus is bound to bring him into the open, and I got a feeling he isn't gonna be too happy to see us there."

Springer looked at Wheeljack

"Get me battle ready quick, and find a temporary head for Sideswipe, we'll need him too..."


Repugnus followed Hound and Prime back to Iacon, the first time he'd been back in eaons.

2003-02-03, 11:37 PM
Roadbuster: "Good. Maybe we can finish off the rest of them while we're at it."


Nightbeat: "So what you're saying, Jazz, is that we're all about to jump up and down in front of Metroplex, yelling 'COO-EE' at Roddy and his merry mechanisims,so when they come out to drive us off, Mirage sneaks in."

Siren: "Um....... Er........ Oh, slag......"

Hosehead: "You mean......"

Minerva: "Pictures from Omaha Beach are coming in to my head...."

Nightbeat: "Now, now... Don't panic yet, guys. Although a few questions come to mind. For example, Mirage can cloak himself, so wouldn't it make more sense for a small group to go in, and be obvious about it, then while Roddy's people drive them off, they feel a sense of accomplishment. This may well be what we're doing, but with all these troops, this doesn't feel like that." -scowls- "That's why I'm worried. After all, with all these forces moving in, what's to prevent Roddy opening up on us with Metroplex's main weapons before we land?" -sighs- "So my question isn't so much how are we getting Mirage in, as to how he smeging heck WE'RE going to be dropped into the area?!?"

2003-02-04, 12:27 AM
Jazz looked at Nightbeat and spoke with a serious tone "You hear what happened to Autobot city in 2005? A blitz. We get in close enough before the weapons start firing they won't be able to hit us. Take cover make it look like there is a fight going on Mirage gets in takes the cog out and Metroplex is going no where"

Wheeljack looked at Springer thinking about how he was going to get Sideswipe a head. "Well we can fix you up but getting Sideswipe a head will be the hard part of this task"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-04, 12:33 AM
"Patch me up Doc, we'll find something for Sideswipe."

Springer contacted Blaster.

"Hey if you're wanting some action, set up the Iacon defence grid to maximum and come join us up here, won't be too long before we set off to get us some 'cons to whup"

2003-02-04, 12:45 AM
Wheeljack nodded "Alright then, all exo structure damage no circuits were damaged?" Wheeljack asks beginng to lead him back to the medical bay he exited mid-repair.

Blaster grinned "Alright! Will do Springer!" he didn't waste time immediately activating every known piece of defence and cranking it to maximum.

2003-02-04, 02:31 AM
Nightbeat: "Blasted timeline difference again." -gets puzzled look on face- "Uh, Jazz, I saw the files on that. Not that I don't think this is a good plan, but...... The Decepticons got that close because of a hijacked Autobot shuttle. Unless Jetfire, Vortex, and whoever else is going as transport craft go in with white flags up, Don't you think Roddy and his people will see us coming?"

Brainstorm: "We could be flying low."

Nightbeat: "I hope so." -shrugs, sits down, starts checking charge on gun- "I bloody well hope so."

Chromedome: -starts chuckling-

Hosehead: "What's so funny?"

Chromedome: "By the time Sunstreaker gets there, the battle'll be over."

Siren: "Either that or we're just flying around in circles over Metroplex." -checks internal compass- "Nope. Just not there yet."

Nightbeat: "Good. He can act as clean up." -finishes checking gun- "Okay, guys, lock and load. Make sure we're ready to go when the doors open."

Siren, Hardhead, Hosehead, Chromedome, Minerva, and Brainstorm: -start checking weapons-

Nightbeat: "I never should have watched Starship Troopers. The assualt on Klendathu keeps running though my head."

Minerva: "The one the movie opens with?"

Nightbeat: "Yup."

Minerva: "No wonder you're worried."

God Jinrai
2003-02-04, 02:43 AM
"Slag it" Prime muttered under his breath...

"Jetfire, keep me updated on the situation as best you can... I'm altering course for metroplex now."

"Hound... Burn rubber and get back to iacon as fast as you can. Get those tools to first aid as soon as you get there. Repugnus... With me. we're heading for Metroplex... And with any luck... we may be able to put a halt to this mess before the day is over..."

*Back at Iacon* Alpha sat in the command center, sitting in wait for Springer's repairs to be finished... contemplating why he hadn't simply departed with the others for the battle. as on edge as he might have been, it wasn't the battle itself that worried him... it was ensuring that chaos be removed from thunderwing's mastery... before it consumed HIM... and the rest of cybertron along with him.

*Approaching cybertron*

"Cosmobots, Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop... Prepare for a possible hot insertion to battle. I'm picking an autobot attack force heading for the vicinity of metroplex... I'm attempting to confirm that its' really a strike...

Cerebros to strike force leader, Cerebros to strike force leader... copy... We've returned from the Sol System, and are enroute to rendevou with you en route to metroplex. confirm please."

2003-02-04, 05:06 AM
Mirage was almost completely focused. The voices of the Headmasters were distant, though comprehensible. He wasn't sure what he'd be asked to do yet for certain. Rather than speculate, he racked his mind for all of the possible troubles that might be encounted on the way to the central chamber of Metroplex... where the transformation cog would be found.

Getting in will be difficult unless they caught the security off-guard, but getting out... And I don't know if I really agree that it should be destroyed. It's such a difficult piece...
Mirage opened his eyes as the sudden feeling of dropping ran through him and he heard the clicks of the Headmaster's weapons.
Jetfire's voice came over the speakers. "Descending now from 16,000 feet to skimming level at 200 so we can try to avoid radar on final approach. Please make certain you're ready for a rough ride, and remember, there is no 'terminal' allowed at our destination. All passengers have round trip tickets and are to return safely. Best of luck to everyone in case I don't get another chance to talk."

"Yeah, I wish I was... Oh Primus..."Hound managed to sputter out the horrified realization as Quick Switch's words sunk in.
"Quick, why are you listening to Springer?! Don't take on Rodimus! Optimus is right here..."
The fanatical essence was in the six changer's voice, and Hound instinctively knew it was nearly pointless to try to dissuade him. His internal combustion chamber churned and shot a burning sensation up his throat. Was this the reason Optimus was in Trader's Alley? Had Optimus been affected by the Chaos Matrix? Had Springer? Had Quick Switch? He couldn't even begin to try to process all of the thoughts, so he focused on one.

Out loud, Hound mustered up his voice which wavered with nerves. "Optimus, I just got word that Springer's given orders to Quick Switch to lead the others into a fight with Rodimus. I want to go help, but First Aid needs those tools. Is there some way we can get them to him and go to help?"
Meanwhile, four of the six minicons had been quiet and stationary in rest mode, locked away in the back of Prime's trailer. Runway was in his jet mode, while Astroscope, Payload and Skyblast were waiting in their alternate forms. All four were quite used to sitting still for long periods of time. Sonar however, didn't care for being enclosed, and he was finding it increasingly difficult to stay in his jet form, and finally shifted. Jetstorm had been sitting in the back corner of the trailer, near the loading ramp. He had his arms folded over his knees and sat with his knees bent to his chest, resting his head on them. With a casual glance towards Sonar, he propped his head up on one fist and finally spoke. "Best get used to it, Sonar."

Sonar walked around the back of the trailer, observing monitors and consoles as he went. "Don't see what you're sulking about, Jetstorm. It's not so bad back here, but it is a bit dull after a while."
Payload laughed. "No doubt. Being grounded is no fun. But this is where we're needed right now."
"Hey, watch it! Not all of us fly ya know." Skyblast laughed.
Jetstorm flashed a bit of a smile at the banter. "We could fix that."

Quick Switch
2003-02-04, 05:38 AM
Blast Off conciously matched Jetfire's altitude.

"Entering final descent, mark," he said to his passengers. "Gird yourselves for battle."

Quick Switch stared numbly ahead as the gulf between the massive fortress and the Cybertronian landscape diminished.

"Springer gave the order, Optimus designated command of the Autobots to Springer. I didn't know Optimus had returned to Iacon..." Quick Switch stood from the cabin and drew his photon blasters. "I head into battle to strike down the traitors for the true Autobot Way now, Hound. Goodbye for now, my friend."

Brigadier General Clayton Abernathy ("General Hawk"), famed commander of the late 20th Century American Fast Response Team known by various titles- among them "Action Force"- had once said:

"A Soldier's job is to do the unthinkable- then to die."

Quick Switch couldn't shake that sentence from his thoughts. Metroplex drew closer.

God Jinrai
2003-02-04, 01:06 PM
"Hound... hold that thought. Jetstorm! Sonar! Runway! Prep for flight! you're going on a brief flight to iacon... we need to get these tools back to first aid... and Hound would be better off staying with myself, grotusque and repugnus... "

with those words, the loading ramp flipped down, giving the three jets the exit they sought...

"Astroscope, Payload,Skyblast, you're welcome to go the rest of this trip OUTSIDE the trailer if you like. Sparkplug could use some company on the powerlink grid on the exterior of the trailer. "

The yellow miniature countach sat silent on the trailer's top deck, powerlinked to prime, in hopes he could boost prime's engine output to get the crew to the battle before it got out of control....

2003-02-04, 04:15 PM
Sunstreaker was pushing himself harder and harder just too keep the two transports in sight. At the speed he was moving now he'd show up maybe half an hour late. Not to bad concidering he was on wheels. He just kept going being ready for a fight right when he got there.
"Jetfire, How much longer?" Jazz asked their transport.

2003-02-04, 06:28 PM
Nightbeat: -thinking-

Siren: -looks at Nightbeat, then looks at Hosehead and Minerva- "I'm starting to worry about him. Admittedly, Nightbeat's never been an order follower, heck, since the binary bonding he's been less vocal about telling any higher-up that gave us orders what he thought of them. And now.... this. He's gone all passive."

Hosehead: "It's probably the Chaos matrix. He did say it was affecting him."

Minerva: "But only where Thunderwing's involved. Muzzle's a lot like Nightbeat. He doesn't like to be ordered around."

Nightbeat: "If you guys are going to talk about me, do it when I can't hear." -stands, goes over to window, looks out- "We know Thunderwing's involved. I have no problem with decoying him out, or decoying Roddy out. What bothers me is that Quick Switch appears ready to march us out there like some Cybertronian recreation of Pickett's Bloody Charge. But at least Pickett had artillery backup. If we're going to do this, let's do this right. Subtle. Sneaky. Use our brains to draw them out, not try to shoot our way into Sillicon Valhalla." -looks over at Mirage- "And for pity's sake, bubba, don't blow up the cog. Knock it loose, disable it, get some glue and clog it up. Better yet, grab it and bring it with you." -pulls gun, switches mode selector from full power to stun- "And lock your weapons in on stun. No fatalities. We need to show them that we're not trying to kill them, and if we work it right, wecan show them that Thunderwing is more than willing to kill them."

Hardhead: -dozing-

Chromedome, Siren, Hosehead and Brainstorm: -lock weapons to stun mode-

Chromedome: -nudges Hardhead- "Wake up, Hicks."

Hardhead: -wakes up- "Wha..."

Chromedome: "Reset to stun."

Hardhead: "Can't. You know these weapons don't have a stun setting. Closest thing I have to a stun setting is the sonic shells in my shoulder cannon."

Nightbeat: "The use those, stay in tank mode, and fire low. Go for leg shots and disabling hits with the shatterblasters."

2003-02-04, 07:12 PM
"Fair enough. I'll just have to keep my hyperactive sister from exploding until then" Frost remarked as she saluted and headed back to her two sisters.

Swindle: "What's with you?""Kinda quiet."

Gale looked up and smilled at Swindle. "Just remembering the last great fight I was in, and the horrors it contained. I hope this Thunderwing isn't as bad as Yawgmoth was" she replied, trying to keep her voice steady as she recalled the encounter with the Planeswalker.

2003-02-04, 07:31 PM
"Rodimus!" Metroplex barked, snapping the Autobot leader out of his reverie.
"I'm detecting two Autobot craft heading for our position. Both shuttles, on a direct course from Iacon."
"Prime's made his move... Go to full battle status. Sound the alert."

Rodimus turned to Grimlock.
"This time, he won't catch us by surprise."


"Alert, alert, enemy approaching. Prepare for immediate transformation."

The automatic alert sounded throughout Metroplex, letting everyone know of the situation throughout. Making sure to give the occupants plenty of time to clear the blast doors, and avoid getting caught when he reconfigured, Metroplex activated the transformation sequence.

Hydrolics hissed as doors slammed shut. The whine of servos echoed throughout the city as the two massive wings closed, and shifted towards centre. The main landing pad folded up, and a battery of guns swung out. Towers folded down, to reveal more armaments and the main city ramp swung up as the main shield generator swung down and became active. Slammer and Sixgun reconfigured into static artillery pieces on Metroplex's exterior, and the two huge antimatter cannons emerged from the long front booms of the formidable battle station.

"Transformation complete."


Rodimus stood on the topmost battlement of the city, surveying what would become the battlefield, and turned to Grimlock.
"Think we should do a straight charge out of the main entrance?" he asked with a smile.

"Omega Supreme will buy you time." the hulking Guardian, now in robot form shouted up from the ground, as he moved into position near the main entrance.

"We're ready," Rodimus said.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-04, 08:22 PM
"Hmm...maybe not the best course of action Rodimus. Me Grimlock suggest that Omega acts as frontline, bring the enemy to us on our terms. Aerialbots act as a good deterrent and hopefully Technobots back to full strength soon. Metroplex not a push-over by any means, a last resort perhaps if Prime's squad proves too strong."

Prowl joined the pair, he'd initiated the alarm and miscellaneous bots began running round.

"Spoken like a true pro Grimlock, not what I'd usually expect." Prowl was his usual calm self, despite the impending battle.

"Rodimus, it would appear that Sky Lynx had a stow-away when we brought him back, BlueStreak's dealing with that problem, though it could prove to be a bargaining point.."

2003-02-04, 11:14 PM
Jazz watched Metroplex through a window opening up a comm-line

"Quickswitch we've been detected look at Metroplex."

Jazz groaned "We shoulda followed Sunstreakers lead"

"Dammit, Quickswitch can't even plan a blitzkreig right the idiot got detected" Sunstreaker groaned as the transforming city was withing optic viewing.

Blaster moved to the Medical Bay where Wheeljack had Springer laid out and was working away rewelding the frame fixing the damaged parts of the Wrecker leader.

"How much longer?" Blaster asked and Wheeljack shrugged "Not long now"

Quick Switch
2003-02-05, 01:24 AM
Quick Switch answered Jazz on Blast Off's comm:

"Begin deployment! ATTACK!"

The Six Changer moved to the back of Blast Off and turned to Onslaught. Blast Off opened his main hatch.

"May Primus protect us all, Onslaught. For the glory of Optimus Prime!"

Quick Switch dove out of Blast Off and streaked toward the battlements.

All of the Combatrons flew out of Blast Off and stayed in tight formation.

"Omega Supreme sighted!" Onslaught bellowed to the others. "Get out of Blast Off organics! Now!"

Blast Off replied:

"Please hurry madams. We have a Guardian Robot to destroy."


Quick Switch soared, photon blasters in hand, toward the main battlement. Heedless to the danger, the Six Changer focused on finding Rodimus Convoy.

"I challenge you, traitor! In open combat! I, Quick Switch, Commander in the Grand Army of Optimus Prime!"

2003-02-05, 03:28 AM
Mirage listened to Nightbeat and then gave him a few head nods to affirm he understood. He stood up and walked to the cargo doorway, seemingly vanishing as he neared it.

Quick Switch's voice came through loud and clear over the speakers.
"Begin deployment! ATTACK!"
Jetfire dropped even lower and put on his air brakes, slowing to a dangerously low speed, while pumping his engines and tilting his nose upward. The cargo hatch opened and Mirage took a leap outwards as the ground raced by underneath. A flash of white appeared for an instant and then awareness crept in. Cybertronian bushes and shrubs banged and scraped his metallic skin. Only moments had passed. Luckily, the foliage had broken his fall. Metroplex's outer wall was not far off, and he gathered himself and ran straight for it in invisible mode, hoping for an opening to arise.
"Oh yeah!" Sonar yelled in delight as the trailer door opened. Instantaneously, he transformed and zipped out. Jetstorm blinked a bit as the change in lighting hit his optics. He wasn't quite as gung ho about flying in the growing darkness as Sonar was, but he transformed promptly and did a rollback, falling into a following zigzag pattern above the four Autobots. Runway chuckled as he revved his engine. "Thanks for the lift Optimus. We'll be happy to take those tools to Iacon for you." As he finished, he rolled forward slightly (so as not to burn Payload), and then shot forward. After a rollback, he and Jetstorm each lowered hooks in tandem, and snagged the bag of tools- heading off to Iacon with Sonar leading the way.

Astroscope, Payload and Skyblast transformed and moved carefully up and out of Prime's trailer in robot mode. Getting to the outside, they each found a post to attach and link to.
Hound put on all the speed his engine could muster, and tailgated Optimus after the jets had left, knowing that the draft made by Prime would make travel much faster for him. We're coming Quick Switch. You and the others just hang in there.

2003-02-05, 03:59 AM
Jazz looked out at the metallic ground

"Into the fray we gotta fight so come on guys let's go go go" He said sliding out of the back and immediately taking cover wating for the others

Fighting is under way was all Sunstreaker knew as the troops unloaded and he had to get there soon they were down a man and in trouble.

2003-02-05, 05:22 AM
Nightbeat: "C'mon, guys. Into the fray."

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -dive out of Jetfire, hit ground feet first-

Hardhead: -transforms to tank mode-

Nightbeat: "Brainstorm, you and Minerva hang back Cover our six.. The rest of you, with me!"

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chomedome, and Hardhead: -charge with Brainstorm and Mierva bringing up the rear-

God Jinrai
2003-02-05, 02:03 PM
"Alright. Hound, Grotusque, Repugnus... let's ROLL!" Prime nailed his throttle to the max, peeling tire on the tractor part of his alt mode, the halftrax treads clawing up the ground, compensating for the spinning of wheels... and so prime burnt off for metroplex yet again... and soon enough, the battlestation came into view... and prime spotted an all too familiar form atop metroplex's command tower... "Rodimus... this has to end. and quickly. " prime muttered

"Greetings, gentlemen." spoke sparkplug "Haven't seen you guys in QUITE awhile!" he chuckled slightly at his last comment, but made no further attempt at humor as the battle now approached.

2003-02-05, 02:33 PM
"Departing now. Let's go girls" Frost said as she dived out of Blast Off, transformed to her bird form and swoops down to about a few feet above Cybertron's surface. "Finally-some-action!" Shock shouted as she followed Frost and transformed to her bird form. Gale brought up the rear. The three birds advance towards Metroplex in triangle formation.

2003-02-05, 04:35 PM
"Metroplex, open fire," Rodimus ordered, his nerves icy calm as the Autobot horde poured from the two fliers. Instantly, laser and missile fire poured systematically from his upper cannons and launchers towards the enemy.

"You're right Grimlock. We'll weather the storm. For now at least. Order the Aerialbots to prepare for launch, and get an update from Scattershot."

He turned to Prowl.

"Is Sky Lynx operational? We could use him in our defence. But yes, this Autobot prisoner might be a valuable bargaining point."

"Rodimus, so far my hull is holding. No damage to report," Metroplex told his leader.

"Enemy sighted. Attack readiness. Confirmed." Omega Supreme boomed as he raised his plasma cannon and opened fire on Jetfire.


"Mmmm. Us Dinobots get to fight," Sludge said happily to his fellows.

"Whooo! A fight!" Thorr whooped.
"Wait Thorr," Sun Runner turned to his friend.
"Why is Optimus attacking? I thought he was to make peace with Convoy."
"I don't know," Vanguard replied. "There're goings on here that I don't like."
"You got that one right," Apollo replied offhandedly
"So what do we do?" Mercury asked.
"Wait and see, I suppose." Vanguard replied.