View Full Version : Me haul today [spoilers]

2003-01-25, 10:52 PM
Not a bad bunch from my usual order...

Daredevil #41 - Got this 'un free - with the exchange rate, it really isn't worth shelf-space at 18 pence, and the freebie's a good thing for the local Shoppe.... and it worked. Good enough to persuade me to place a standing order, at least for the rest of Lowlife...

Icons: Chamber #3 - Generally not a fan of these series [both Rogue & Cyclops were shoddy enough to persuade me not to buy Nightcrawler & Iceman] but a lack of Jono in Uncanny at the mo, plus a 99p deal for both 1 & 2 [plus a copy of ****ing Free Comics Day Ultimate Spider-Man #1 - I am honestly accumulating these faster than I can give them... I've got more copies of this book than all other Spider-Man titles put together I think], and it's a fun enough runaround, though the killer [possibly] being Jono's green friend currently seems so obvious [from #1, to me at least] I'm hoping for a twist that it wasn't her...

Captain Marvel #4 - Still missing Marlo, Lorraine and Heather, but this is rather good... how are they going to get out of that ending? Are they even gonna bother?

New X-Men #136 - Riot at Xavier's Gets a bit better due to a reduced amount of Kid Omega, but it somehow feels both tired and new at exactly the same time. Xorn ****ing rocks.

The Ultimates #8 - Spiffy stuff generally... not sure about Hitler being an ET, but it's pinging along nicely... interesting to see what happens to Pym...

Avengers #62 - A surfeit of money means I'm giving this another go, and to be honest this wasn't too bad, with some flesh for Jack and Lang. I think I'll stay with it for a couple of more issues to see how it goes, but I still hate that first arc, and this one didn't feature most of the characters Johns arsed up that time round.

2003-01-25, 11:13 PM
O'Con 91 Productions bring you the following question...

Where's Sinister, dude?

Yes, this has nothing to do with the topic, but we couldn't risk non-Cliffys answering, thus tainting the question with their impurity ;)

2003-01-25, 11:45 PM
Christ... I dunno... I honestly can't think when the last time we saw him was... Off the top of my head [and therefore almost certainly wrong] all I can think of is the flashbacks in UCX #350 [Gambit's Trial], and before that his role in Onslaught... There must be something more recent though... must be... I am missing chunks of X-Force and X-Man from that era though... Unless he was in some of Alan Davis' stuff I missed [everyone was in the Alan Davis stuff...].