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2003-02-06, 04:30 AM
(OOC: Following his failed meeting with Optimus Prime, Teratron has made a stop-off in Tarn, and Ultra Magnus has followed as a sign of good faith. Galvatron arrived on the scene, presenting himself to the inexperienced Decepticon Leader. At Metrotitan, Astrotrain administrates daily life while his leader is away. Meanwhile, at Teratron's currently unoccupied office, a lost Decepticon has broken in in search of information...)

Deep, heavy respirations repeated at an even rhythm. The darkness around him swooned in and out hazily. His thoughts ran loose and uninhibited. He picked up the body shell before him and again threw it to the floor. He wiped the energon that had dripped on his fingers across his brow and grunted with satisfaction.


Footsteps in the next room. He remained motionless for some time, tracking the invader with his audials as it clanked from one end of the room to the other and stopped. Minutes passed, his perception slowly converting from alert to methodical. He slid stealthily across the floor, trying his best not to be detected by the enemy in the next room. Luckily, he had left the door open a crack when he had returned with his prize. He peeked through the slit; surely, on the other side, his one visible red optic must have shown some. At this thought, he drew back into the darkness, but he had seen what he wanted. An intruder, though having her back to him, certainly must have been there to kill him! He took another look to be sure, and quickly returned. He scuttled back to the corner, picked up the shell, and brought it back with him to the door, where he remained motionless for some time.


She looked at him! She must have. He hadn't seen her optics, but he knew she was looking at him. He could not wait any longer - she would strike at any minute. Pressing his fingers through the slit in the door, he slid it open quietly, and took one careful step out, the remaining half of the body shell under one arm. He raised his left arm and threw the shell, its leaking frame slamming loudly against the door at the other end of the room. The distraction set, he dove from his hiding place into the open and fired one quick blast from his arm cannon, destroying the monitor before the invader.

"Who dares enter my lair?" he asked Maxima, bringing his smoking cannon to bear on her head. "Who dares challenge Megatron?!"

2003-02-06, 04:40 AM
Galvatron's patience faded with each passing second.

Galvatron: "Take your cryptic mumblings elsewhere Magnus. We rely on Optimus to only be present when he is needed. The deathblow to both Unicron and Thunderwing shall be struck...and I shall personally strike it. Now run along Magnus...you are no longer needed here. Go back to Iacon...make certain that Prime fulfills his obligations...we shall see to it that no more violations occur. On this you have my word...go now...I have little time to waste on the worries of an autobot lacky."

Galvatron paused, thinking perhaps he had been far too harsh on Magnus. He did respect the Autobot Commander, but time was too fleeting for this...Thunderwing had to be stopped for Unicron grew stronger by the minute.

Galvatron: "Magnus...please...gather your forces. The hour grows late and we have little time to debate."

Quick Switch
2003-02-06, 04:50 AM
Metrodrone (Command Sector Unit) 555 was going through the paces when it sensed something odd coming from Teratron's office.

The Metrodrone thought it heard voices, but dismissed out of hand. Until someone fired a cannon inside the office, that is.

The Metrodrone silently glued itself to the wall, and began to listen to see if the units inside would identify themselves.

Master Astrotrain would like to know about this disturbance. Data aquisition: under way.


Astrotrain patiently waited for Shockwave's arrival, nodding at Warcry's departure.

Ramjet, leaning up against a side wall grunted:

"He sure does think highly of himself. His buddies don't seem that bad, boss."

"Yes, well," Astrotrain sifted paper from one stack to another. "At the moment, Captain Warcry has impressed me. Let us hope Shockwave will do the same with his strategy. It's distressing, though. Lord Teratron has been absent for quite some time. Most unlike him."

"Eh," Ramjet shrugged. "Starscream would have revolted by now. Actually, a lot of Cons would have. Why not you?"

"Because Ramjet," Astrotrain looked up from his desk, annoyed. "Loyalty is a far more important thing to me now than naked power. Look where it got Starscream- I tried for leadership once, and no one would have me."

"Yeah, but only 'cause you and Blitzwing managed to tick off the Constructicons! Back then, Devestator was a powerhouse!" Ramjet grunted.

Astrotrain smirked. Primus bless the Seekers. So loyal.

"Indeed, Ramjet. 'Was' is the operative word. However, the Decepticons without Devestator...well, the Autobots don't really have a comparison. I suppose one the closest I could come up with would be their human friends. Oh wait- Prime seems to have abandoned them too."

Ramjet merely chuckled.

When did Astrotrain learn to talk so well? Could that Triple Changer talk! Heheh, it was funny.

Lord Zarak
2003-02-06, 03:50 PM
Shockwave looked down at Warcry, and saw the look of hatred in his eyes

So illogical. Why do transformers, humans and all other being question the natural, logical order of the universe? Anything unnatural is illogical, and what is ilogical cannot survive.

He walked in.

"Greetings Astrotrain. And to you, Ramjet. Would you like me to proceed?"

Logical answer; Yes. I was asked to provide a battle plan, and I am supplying it now. Therefore it is natural for him to reply 'yes'.

Quick Switch
2003-02-06, 04:52 PM
Ramjet nodded, smiling.

"Right back at ya, Shock."

Astrotrain nodded, crossing his arms.


2003-02-07, 09:41 AM
OOC: Sorry about that Reflector-mun, for not posting so soon.


The blast barely missed her when she heard a voice booming behind her.

Twisting around quickly, a growl like a wild animal, she brought up both of her arms where the plasma cannons rested to aim at her opponent, thinking that he was here to terminate her. She honestly didn't detect him.

But when her optics fell upon the figure before her, she froze. It was like seeing a shadow or a hologram.

Stumbling back a couple steps as she lowered one plasma cannon, "Megatron?!" her deep, sophisticated femme voice choked, stunned as she recognized her former Leader. Thinking, let alone informed, that he was... terminated.

She said nothing more, but dropped immediately to her 'knees'. "I am yours to command again, mighty Megatron. Whatever you ask of me... I shall obey." In the past, she had always served him, obeyed him, never questioning his autority. Ever so loyal to him. She trusted only him. .. & more, but she would never allow feelings. She couldn't. She was a Decepticon, she was a warrior.

She couldn't believe he was back. But was it a trick? She would keep a close watch & find out.

2003-02-07, 07:07 PM
"Gather our forces... right." Ultra Magnus was still recovering from getting verbally blasted by Galvatron, "What I simply meant is that if Prime doesn't uphold the peace and keep his part of the argeement... I WILL." Magnus knew that he had to give the Decepticons some assurence, or was it something else in the back of Magnus's mind. But he left them on that statement and headed off for Iacon.

2003-02-08, 05:55 AM
Warcry, still struggling to control his murderous rage, watched the door close behind Shockwave.
Watch your back, cyclops, he thought darkly, or you just might find my sword in it one day.
As he walked aimlessly out of the office wing, Warcry tried yet again to surpress his rage.
Yes, Shockwave is a sworn enemy of the Outcasts. But we chose to leave the Outcasts, to return here. We are Decepticons again, and cannot just go around murdering officers on a whim. He smiled, At least, not without a good excuse. And, Outcast or no, I cannot just forget what was done to us by soldiers under Shockwave's command, all those years ago. Whether he knew of it beforehand or not, he is accountable for the acts of his minions.
At the very least, this is something to discuss with the rest of the crew. All of them. Which means that it's time to recall Death Knell's boys. He won't like that. Too bad for him.
Warcry continued to wander, and continued to plan.

Lord Zarak
2003-02-08, 05:32 PM
"Very well" began Shockwave.

"At the present moment, Earth is free of Autobots. The Autobot Civil War has led to that situation ending. I believe it logical to permanently station some of our stronger troops their, to prevent further Autobot incursions.

"With regard the Autobot Civil War, it is logical to assume that the leader of the subservient Decepticons, Thunderwing, is attempting to pit Optimus Prime and the future leader Rodimus Prime together in a fatal battle; fatal for Optimus Prime. This is in order to secure the Autobot Matrix of Leadership for himself. If that happens, He shall become too powerful to contain. The power of the remaining Matrix, the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership, will in itself not be strong enough to defeat Thunderwing. This is what I propose: we, the true order of Decepticons enter the Autobot Civil War with two principle aims.

"Firstly, to defeat Rodimus Prime. The defeat of Thunderwing's puppet will drive him further insane. This will drive Thunderwing to the surface, and with the combined efforts of the Decepticons and the Autobots will defeat Thunderwing once and for all. There is, however, a condition of this aim. Lord Teratron cannot and must not partake in the War. Logic dictates that Thunderwing wants any Matrix to join his Chaos Matrix. Logic further dictates he will stop at nothing to achieve his aim; to have all three Matrices for himself.

"Secondly, Cybertronian peace under Decepticon rule. Logic dictates that because the Autobot Civil War happened on Cybertron, they cannot be entrusted with the peace of Cybertron.

That concludes my draft plan of action. Do you have any questions regarding it? Or is there anyting that you would want me to repeat?" he asked of Astrotrain .

2003-02-08, 08:45 PM
Galvatron watched as Magnus fumed out the door.

If Prime doesn't live up to his end of the bargain, there walks our last, best hope...

Galvatron turned to Teratron.

Galvatron: "Well, with that done...we have much to discuss...though you don't seem overly pleased to see me old friend.

2003-02-09, 04:23 PM

Teratron watched Magnus leave with a sense of combined pleasure and contempt, but his attention was quickly drawn back to his leader at Galvatron's surprising words.

"Oh, no, you are mistaken. It is very good to see you again, Galvatron."

He looked over the city of his birth, and sighed.

"Being Decepticon leader has just been more difficult than I'd imagined. My entire tenure has been marked with discontented grumblings, breakaways, and mutiny attempts. I have fended off all, of course, but it is still a disconcerting scenario..."

He chuckled to himself. Venting made him feel weak and awkward, so he moved to change the subject.

"But where have you been, Galvatron? How have you returned to us?"



Megatron smirked at Maxima's immediate vow of loyalty to him, but kept his aim on her.

"Yes, I thought you would."

He looked over the Decepticon Leader's chamber and scowled. This certainly was no design he would have chosen.

"You must tell me some things, warrior," he demanded as he fell into the chair behind Teratron's desk. "Where is the traitor who would call himself Leader of the Decepticons? And where are his lieutenants."


Just as the door to Astrotrain's office had closed, it slid open again, allowing a some-time-absent Decepticon to step through.


Soundwave looked over the gathering and, noting that Shockwave seemed to be dictating something or another, he took a place against the rear wall and folded his arms, waiting. Laserbeak glared from his shoulder, contemptuous as ever.

Quick Switch
2003-02-09, 05:25 PM
Astrotrain nodded to Soundwave as he entered. Ramjet snapped him a half-hearted salute.

Astrotrain rose from his desk and began to pace.

"Excellent points, Shockwave. Your Earth plans will be stowed for the moment. The planet is of secondary importance. General Hatemunger's task force is sufficient for now. After this morass with Thunderwing is finished, then I will further review your plan."

Pause. Resume pacing.

"My knowledge of the Matrices is, sadly, lacking. I can neither confirm or deny your point...though I will tenatively agree. I will suggest to Lord Teratron that his prescence may not be required but..."


"I cannot force our Lord not to enter a fray if he zealously wishes too. Also remember to factor in the so-called 'human element' for the future, Shockwave. And, in any event, do you think Lord Teratron a fool? After this business is concluded, we will send the Autobots reeling from Cybertron forever!"

Astrotrain rubbed his head with his hands as he sank into his chair.

"When Lord Teratron arrives, I will ask his permission to deploy Metrotitan and any available Decepticons to assist against Thunderwing and Rodimus Convoy. Soundwave, what do you have to report?"

2003-02-10, 02:10 AM
Metrotitan, Commander's office

Maxima stood to her full height as her optics watch Megatron. Still stunned to see he was before her. She really thought he was.. terminated.

"Unavailable. I was searching for answers myself. I obviously was recently re-activated. Why... uncertain."

But she strode over to a comp, connected to it, hacking into the main data banks gathering some information. "It seems the leader of the Decepticons... varies. A few vie for Leadership."

Turning around to face him... "I do believe that there is no ONE REAL leader, mighty Megatron." she smirked. "Only you are Leader." Pausing, a smirk appeared upon her face plate. " That is why you were created, is it not?"

2003-02-10, 06:27 AM
Galvatron looked out at the city below him. He remember his days as Megatron and the battle he had fought to claim this city.

Galvatron: "The events which bring me back to you are not overly clear, but it seems much of my return is due to the efforts of the Autobots Pointblank and Jinrai, along with Cyclonus. After I was lost, Sixshot took me for burial as Pointblank has informed me. My time in the Matrix was peaceful, yet filled with great concern. Unicron has tainted Thunderwing...plucked him from the fold. It was when this happened that I stirred...the Trons told me of what must be done...I am to be the Omega here. Then the darkness ended and I awoke surrounded by who I thought was Prime, though it turns out that it was Jinrai...though it was Prime who had sent his men to find me."

Galvatron moved closer to the window.

Galvatron: "Thunderwing's crew had found another Galvatron and revived him. I thought it was a Quint trick at first...but the Quint that rebuild their Galvatron was just as shocked to see me as Thunderwing was. My only guess is that the fake was planted by Unicron as a way to disrupt my efforts to stop him...and it worked, Sixshot and the others refused to join me. I don't know all that has happened, I only know that it was a powerful force that drew me back to the land of the living...and that what I must do is end this nightmare. For that...I need your help...I need our army...and I need to be whole once more."

Lord Zarak
2003-02-10, 07:35 PM
"I do not consider Teratron a fool, Astrotrain . Logic dictates we take no chance with Thunderwing. I wish only to preserver the logical order of things: the Decepticons being led by Teratron, not by Thunderwing." replied Shockwave.

Quick Switch
2003-02-10, 09:36 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

Metrotitan's voice broke through the silence.

"Commander, the Autobots are engaged in a civil war. Intervention may be opportune."

Astrotrain rose.

"Soundwave, broadcast a high energy transmission to Lord Teratron at once. Tell him the Autobots are at war. What are his orders for Metrotitan, and the Decepticons here- do I have authorization to intervene?"

2003-02-11, 01:33 AM
Adeara and StarBlade sat in their shared quarters, waiting for any orders. Well, StarBlade sat while Adeara paced the width and breadth of the room."Don't you ever relax, Adeara? We'll get orders when we are needed."

Adeara looked at the assasin. "I've never been the most patient. I think that was why I was firstborn daughter. Firstborn daughters are usually the most impatient beings among my people."

"What a complicated race. Not even we are that complicated!" StarBlade laughed a little. "You need to stop thinking of yourself as one of your race, and start thinking of yourself as a Decepticon."

Lord Zarak
2003-02-12, 02:46 PM
Shockwave awaited the reply from Teratron. Being robotic, he couldnt do it with baited breath, but he did the robotic equivalent; he stood there waiting.

Quick Switch
2003-02-13, 09:20 PM
Astrotrain received Hatemunger's message and said angrily:

"What is it, General? We are debating matters of life and death here!"

2003-02-20, 05:03 AM
Galvatron looked out again.

Galvatron: The time for words is at an end. I feel that the final curtain has been called and it is time for fate to decide who shall carry the torch of tomorrow. I will go on ahead...Gigatron. I trust you will join me when you and your forces are ready.

With that said, Galvatron turned and took to the sky...seeking the Alpha.

2003-02-20, 01:41 PM
Hatemonger finally had a response and jumped to his feet.

"Currently the situation on Earth is there is none! The Autobots have left and we have near completion of a new base. However with no Autobots here their is not really any threat to us on Earth." He paused for a moment.

"If Cybertron is going to the inferno in a handbasket would you like our swift return?" He asked and awaited orders.

Quick Switch
2003-02-20, 02:47 PM
"Stand by, General," Astrotrain said. "As soon as I receive confirmation from Lord Teratron to attack, I will notify you."

2003-02-20, 03:45 PM
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Hatemonger nodded.

"Understood we will stand by." He said looking at the gathering of Decepticons in the cave.

2003-02-20, 04:28 PM
The shuttle armada containing both the evacuated Titanese people and a large amount of power crystals warped out from hyperspace several thousand miles from Cybertron's current location.

>"Razorclaw calling Metrotitan. Cargo: classified. ETA to Cybertron, 1 hour. Clear the landing area."

Quick Switch
2003-02-20, 08:16 PM
"Confirm," Metrotitan replied to Razorclaw and Mindwipe's shuttle; the Stunticons ship not far behind. In moments, a huge amount of Metrodrones has cleared off the main hangar.


"Commander, Mindwipe's group has returned," Metrotitan boomed to Astrotrain.

"Excuse me gentlemen," Astrotrain said quickly and left his office. "I must see to this operation personally."

As the Triple Changer briskly walked through the halls he activated his comm unit.

"Scrapper! All Constructicons on Main Hangar, now!"

"As you command, Mighty Astrotrain," the Constructicon leader rasped.

2003-02-22, 01:51 AM
Adeara growled and muttered several curses in her own tongue. "That's it! I'm going to see Astrotrain!" StarBlade stared at Adeara. "I can't stand this!" cried the shapeshifter. "I need to do something!" With that, Adeara turned and stormed out of their quarters, StarBlade hot on her heels. The two femmes strode through Metrotitan, heading right for Astrotrain's office. Once arrived, Adeara knocked on the wall next to the door, and waited, StarBlade hoping that they didn't bother Astrotrain....

Quick Switch
2003-02-22, 06:22 AM
"What can I do for you ladies?" Astrotrain said quickly, as he left his office.

2003-02-22, 06:27 AM
StarBlade blinked as Adeara immediately answered him. "Sir, we are curious about whether or not we will be called to action soon." StarBlade blinked at Adeara, then spoke herself. "Astrotrain, its just that we're starting to get bored here, waiting to do something..." Adeara nodded. "That's quite true, sir."

2003-02-22, 08:22 AM
>"Razorclaw to Decepticon city commander. I am bringing the fleet down." Came a transmission just before the first shuttles began to enter through Cybertron's atmosphere...

Quick Switch
2003-02-22, 03:27 PM
Astrotrain answered Razorclaw's transmission.

"Acknowledged. Land when appropriate."

He then turned to the two femmebots.

"I am waiting for Lord Teratron's answer to a request. When he gives the confirmation, we will go to war. Be ready."

Astrotrain nodded politely, then set off down the hall.

2003-02-23, 01:56 AM
Adeara grinned at Astrotrain's response of, "I am waiting for Lord Teratron's answer to a request. When he gives the confirmation, we will go to war. Be ready." This would be a good fight. StarBlade nodded, feeling something akin to pleasure. She loved a good fight.

2003-02-24, 06:04 PM
Approximately breem later the shuttles boarded with Titanese people and powercrystals had been landed into Metrotitan's hangar. The Predacons walked out from the very same stealth shuttle that Warcry had been made to give for their use on the mission to Titan.

After making their way out of the shuttle, the Predacons united into Predaking, who immediately began barking orders to the Metrodrones like a veteran slaver...

Quick Switch
2003-02-24, 09:49 PM
Mindwipe flapped out with the Predacons and transformed to robot mode.

"Blah, very good, very good..."

The Stunticons' shuttle landed soon after.

"Yeehaw!" Motormaster said, crossing his arms, as the other members filed out. "We got us a heck of a lot o' crystals, Mindwhip."

"It's Mindwipe, Motormaster, Mindwipe!" The Headmaster seethed. Vorath held his tongue.

"Feh, don't care much about learnin' you Headleys names. Too new," Motormaster remarked. The Metrodrones began unloading the cargo from the shuttle.

Astrotrain appeared outside, followed by an Alpha Drone escort. The City Commander placed his hands behind his back.

The Stunticons and Mindwipe immediately walked up and stood at attention.

"Report," Astrotrain said.

"We got everythin', Big Boss-" Motormaster was cut off.

"Blah, the mission was a success, Astrotrain," Mindwipe bowed low. "Trypticon is remaining on the Moon as a security precaution. But we have all the Power Crystals we need."

"Excellent, excellent," Astrotrain said. He bent to acknowledge the terrified delegation of Titanese. "Welcome, my People."

"O Great Sky God, it is by your grace we survived!" Jero chirped. The populace looked about them in awe at the giant city of Metrotitan, spread out about them.

Astrotrain smiled warmly.

"Indeed...Minwipe, see that the Titanese are taken care of, personally. These Alpha Drones will escort you."

Mindwipe bowed again, and walked inside the building. The Alpha Drones encircled the Titanese who were led by Mindwipe inside the City proper, into a Nebulan-only housing area.

"Scrapper," Astrotrain said into his comm, "Have Bonecrusher, Long Haul and Scavenger assist the Metrodrones in placing the Power Crystals near the core. You, Hook, and Mixmaster will complete the transferral of the Crystals in case we are activated."

"As you command, Mighty Astrotrain," Scrapper said. Before he terminated the connection, Long Haul's distinctive voice broke over the line-

"Remove, remove remove- I didn't join this outfit to-" until he was punched by Bonecrusher, silencing him for the moment.

Astrotrain shook his head, and watched as the loading operation proceeded.

2003-02-26, 09:05 PM
Predaking walked over to Astrotrain and raised his massive hand to greet the city commander.

"Situation under control. Predaking has a question. Astrotrain answers?"

Quick Switch
2003-02-26, 09:46 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Of course, Predaking. Ask away."

2003-02-26, 10:00 PM
"When approaching Cybertron our shuttle sensors spotted energy peak so high that only fullscale battle can cause it. Do you know of this?" Predaking spoke, selecting his words carefully as like he didn't really know what to ask...

Quick Switch
2003-02-27, 07:24 AM
"No," Astrotrain muttered. "I'll have Metrotitan conduct a sweep for energy spikes."

2003-02-27, 02:38 PM
Predaking shook his head, his visor flashing brigthly. "Predaking's sensors have not encountered such power emissions ever since Unicron's last visit. Yet Predaking saw no planet destroyer when approaching Cybertron. Predaking doesn't understand."

Lord Zarak
2003-02-27, 02:47 PM
"Predaking doesnt understand what he doesnt know: nothing" said Shockwave, walking into the hangar.
"Where is Mindwipe? I wish to have an audience with him. These power crystals may change my battle plan I gave to you, Astrotrain. If they are to be used, I wish to know how they could affect my plan, and ammend it if necessary."

Quick Switch
2003-02-27, 04:18 PM
Astrotrain turned.

"Those Power Crystals are classified," he said testily. "I honestly do not know. I am planning to boost Metrotitan's power level, in case we are called into combat. Mindwipe is completing an assignment at the moment which does not concern you."

He sighed wearily.

"As soon as Mindwipe returns, you may speak with him," Astrotrain quickly walked back inside, heading toward his office. The loading was nearly complete, and Lord Teratron might give the order to move out.

2003-02-27, 05:09 PM
Predaking glared dangerously down at Shockwave and cracked his knuckles.

"Predaking loves Shockwave too." He beast snarled and turned towards Astrotrain and spoke. "Predaking offers to test the powercrystals."

Lord Zarak
2003-02-27, 10:22 PM
Ignoring the sarcasm (ooc- I hope), Shocwave said
"Love is illogical, and impractical. Predaking, you would do well in future to keep such...human emotions under wraps. They do not become a Decepticon super-warrior like yourself.
If no-one has any objections, I wish to remain here, until Mindwipe's return."

Quick Switch
2003-02-27, 11:39 PM
"I'll send out a Metrodrone with a small amount momentarily," the City Commander called back.

Astrotrain shook his head as he went back to his office.

"Always something," he muttered.