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StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-06, 09:18 PM
(With Springer's assumed command of the Autobots loyalists in tact, and Optimus Prime out of the picture, Quick Switch has lead a group of Autobots to mount an offensive against Rodimus Convoy and Metroplex. The War rages on with no clear winner in view)

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-06, 10:17 PM
Grimlock nodded solemnly at Rodimus Convoy before patching a secure channel to Silverbolt.

"Prepare Aerialbots and Slipstream to deploy and counter-attack."

Prowl watched the attackers spill forth and Metroplex's massive cannons scorch into life.

"Ratchet this is Prowl, any news to report on the condition of Sky Lynx? By the looks of things, we're gonna need the modest goof soon..."

Un-characteristicly Prowl cracked a slight joke, it was his way of dealing with what was about to come at them.

"Me Grimlock think it about time we got ready to battle, only so long Metroplex gonna be able to stop long-range attack, better we ready for close quarter combat."

2003-02-06, 11:25 PM
Ratchet shook his head "No Prowl? I just got started on the guy. This bomb did alot of damage interior and exterior. I'll work as fast as I can"

"Come on Springer, you're repaired now what I don't wanna be watin' all day"

God Jinrai
2003-02-06, 11:56 PM
" A thousand yards, and closing" Prime muttered... "This is going to be close... "

The rig continued to burn across the battlefield toward metroplex...

"Almost there... NOW! TRANSFORM!"

Prime detached from the trailer segment, and released the powerlinks on sparkplug, astroscope, payload and skyblast. the four transformed along with the base, taking posts at weapons stations, prepping to open fire if called for...

Optimus tore through the air, flying up, landing on what would have been metroplex's left leg... the massive proton cannon not far from his place errupted massive bursts of energy at his oncomming troops... and then he spotted them... atop metroplex's command tower... Grimlock... Prowl... and Rodimus Himself...

Prime raised his two fists, opening fire, sending off two warning shots from his forearm cannons... "Rodimus... we can decide this very easily... and possibly spare the lives of our soldiers in doing so!"

Quick Switch
2003-02-07, 01:26 AM
Quick Switch in his fanatical haze lurched suddenly on his quest toward Rodimus Convoy.

"Optimus, the traitor will never negotiate!" the security expert/assault warrior/field commander said hoarsley. "Don't endanger yourself!"

The robot began sprinting toward his commander. His hero.

2003-02-07, 01:57 AM
Rodimus nodded.
"And perhaps sooner than you think. Prowl, direct the troops from here. Grimlock, you're with me."

With that, Rodimus drew his rifle from subspace, and leapt up onto the parapet, before jumping down, rocket boosters in his feet providing a fast, yet controlled descend, and firing off several shots in return.

"As you wish Prime. This time, I will not allow you to continue your corruption, and spread anarchy among the Autobots!" he called.

"Grimlock, you take Quick Switch. I'll handle Prime."


Omega Supreme saw Bruticus coming, and moved to take his charge, firing a blast from his massive cannon as the lumbering gestalt moved in.

God Jinrai
2003-02-07, 02:10 AM
"Let's see what you're truly made of, Rodimus..." Prime roared... leaping skyward again, his boot jets gave him the additional lift he needed for what he had planned... Flying up and over rodimus, flipping in mid-air... similar in nature to the sort of stunt he'd pulled in 2005 in his final charge against megatron and the decepticons... twisting to his left, and completing his rotation, as he came down, prime opened fire at rodimus' feet... four energy bursts collided with either metroplex's hull, or rodimus' feet... which, Prime knew not... nor cared about. it was meant as a set-up for his next move... which hopefully would take the wind out of rodimus before things got too hairy... Landing, he snapped back into vehicle mode, igniting his headlights, hoping to blind the turning rodimus... and charged full on at his opponent, wheels squealing against metroplex's hull

Quick Switch
2003-02-07, 02:52 AM
Quick Switch scowled as the leaders met in combat, and transformed to his stealth beast mode.

Letting out a feral scream, Quick Switch pawed the ground awaiting Grimlock to engage him.

"I...*snarl*...will rip you apart, Grimlock!"


Bruticus lurched backward from Omega's blast; Bruticus' chest guard was nearly shattered by its force.

Undaunted, Bruticus brought his fists up in a hammerblow, lept into the air, and brought his arms down at the apogee of his leap (a good twenty feet or so) towards Omega's head.

2003-02-07, 03:59 AM
Hardhead: -fires 10 more high explosive anti-armor rounds into the same spot on Metroplex's armor(total up to 30)- "Commander, I'm running dry on hi-ex ammo!"

Nightbeat: "Right. How many shots left?"

Hardhead: "Ten more. Then I'm into incidiary."

Nightbeat: "Got you. I hope you can breach that armor." -looks over, sees what's going on with Optimus, Rodimus, Quick Switch, and Grimlock- "Chromedome! Get back here! If he's nuts enough to go up against Grimmy, he won't appreciate any help!"

Chromedome: "But Grimlock will kill him!"

Nightbeat: "Good point. Better save him. But don't interfere until it's obvious that Grimlock's got him on the ropes."

2003-02-07, 06:09 AM
Jetfire shook off the pain relays and stood up. The wing was damaged, but flying was still possible. The shot had caused more shock than damage fortunately.
"Time for a little payback." He said as he reached into a small sack and popped a couple energy pellets. It had been a distance journey for him and his fuel had been expended. Although the tablets could not make him stronger, they would insure he had enough fuel to battle with. After downing the energy tablets, he charged forward. Comettor ran behind and grabbed onto his ankle as Jetfire began transforming.

"Right with you." Comettor answered as he transformed and latched himself onto the joining post on Jetfire's damaged right wing. Jetfire roared upwards, and turned perpendicular to the ground as he shot a strafing run right down the length of Metroplex's gun turrets.
Below, with Jetfire now off the ground, the Street Action team began to focus their fire on the same wall of Metroplexthat Hardhead was firing on.
Hound didn't see Prime lunge for Rodimus. His mind was spinning- Autobots fighting Autobots... and Decepticons.

His light blue optics fixed on Omega and Bruticus, and he pulled out his rifle. Instinctively, he sighted it on Bruticus, then brought it back to Omega... and then he dropped the muzzle out of frustration. The emotions were very confusing, but never before had he ever been asked to fire on other Autobots. His audials were buzzing from the amount of noise going on and got his attention. The sound of Metroplex's massive cannons discharging was sensor-splitting, but above the din and quite suddenly, a familiar and distant snarl registered in his auditory sensors. Quick Switch! Hound stowed his rifle and started running in the direction he had heard the snarl from.
That's it! Hardhead did it. Mirage thought to himself as he saw the smoke clear to reveal a split in Metroplex's wall. In a flash he sprinted forward and slipped inside the opening. Still invisible, he moved quickly into the hall so he could try to be clear of the area before reinforcements arrived.
Meanwhile, back at Iacon, Jetstorm and Runway followed Sonar into the medical lab in jet form - dropping the medical tools onto an open cot as they did and then transformed, landing in the middle of the room. Runway smiled at First Aid. "We're from Optimus and Hound, and have brought the tools they bought, but we cannot stay. We must return to Optimus."

2003-02-07, 03:14 PM
Nightbeat: "Cease fire, Hardhead! Wall's breached!"

Hardhead: -stops firing cannon, switches to sonic shells-

Siren: "Now what?"

Nightbeat: "Keep up the cover fire until I give the signal."

Siren: "Signal?"

Nightbeat: "When I give the word, you guys enter Metroplex."

Hosehead: "What are you going to do?"

Nightbeat: "Wait for Thunderwing."

2003-02-07, 05:04 PM

It had been a while since he'd driven along the grand boulevard leading into Iacon's enormous gates. Not that there was any nostalgia associated with his current trip. Moreso unending grief. As he pressed on toward the gates, he puttered to a stop and transformed to his robot mode, afraid that the defenses might slaughter him on the spot for what they considered him. He held another Transformer's body in his arms, but it was dripping, mangled, and motionless.

"Hello?" he whimpered desperately.

Lightspeed had come home.



"I don't believe this!"

Strafe pressed his hands against the window and gaped.

"Me too," Afterburner agreed. "Who'da figured Optimus woulda gone to all this? Bet he's got bombs set up all over the base already..."

Scattershot cocked his acid-pellet rifle and clanked toward the door.

"You three just gonna sit there and gawk?" he asked, "'Cause I'm willing to go out there by myself if you're scared."

Nosecone looked from one Technobot to another loftily.

"What about Lightspeed?" Strafe asked defensively.

"We don't need him," Scattershot replied. "Now quit with the dumb questions and move it!"

There was no question to be had. The three smaller Technobots ran to the rack on the wall, grabbed their weapons, and ran after (the somewhat slow and injured) Scattershot. They charged out through one of Metroplex's deployment tunnels, but stopped at a cliff on the fortress' edge. Nosecone spotted a pack of infidels firing on the base below and pointed them out to Scattershot.

"First targets," Scattershot announced. "Nosecone, Afterburner, you distract 'em while Strafe and I get into position above. Roll out!"

Strafe and Scattershot transformed and took to the air, while Nosecone and Afterburner jumped from the ledge and transformed in flight.

Nosecone, drill already warming up, landed before Hardhead and began target acquisition procedures.

Afterburner thumped onto the ground off to the side and squeeled around the group, firing a few sideways bursts from his plasma pulse cannon toward Siren's back.

Strafe, having maneuvered into position more readily than his leader, soared down toward the ground, leveled off, and blasted a pack of haphazard shots off toward Hosehead and the Mini-Cons.

Scattershot circled overhead and, finally having achieved a position of readiness, dove toward the ground and fired a pair of thermal shells at Nightbeat.



Grand checked out the monitor next to him one more time, and sighed. The Maximus was already in battleship mode, but had not fired a shot yet.

"I don't think it's ready, but I've got no choice. All armaments power up! Pick targets of enemy Autobots and fire at will! Protect Metroplex at all costs!"

The cannons lining the ship's hull raised slowly, their barrels glowing with energy, and opened fire on those of Prime's scattered troops not dangerously close to Metroplex. The Master Cannon, mounted on the side of the control tower, took aim on Jetfire's enormous form and fired a powerful blast.

2003-02-07, 07:31 PM
Brainstorm: -leaps and transforms, arcing aound towards Strafe, firing his photon pulse cannons(set to stun) a Strafe-

Hardhead: "A drill? What are you anyway? A dentist?" -fires a sonic shell and both shatterblasters at Nosecone-

Hosehead: -dodges Strafe's shots, starts to move towards Minerva-

Minerva: -fires a stun blast at Afterburner-

Siren: -takes the full burst of Afterburner's plasma pulse cannon in the back, staggers forward and collapses, shaking his head and trying to clear it-

Nightbeat: -dives for cover as the thermal shells impact where he had been standing, fires a stun blast at Scattershot- "Lovely. Instead of Thunderwing, I get the guy who's a walking testament to the power of the NRA."


Chromedome: -skids to a halt next to Quick Switch-

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-07, 08:57 PM
"Blaster, we don't move til Thunderwing shows his ugly head."

Springer spoke with a firm tone, he was itching for battle too, but taken down Thunderwing was his own personal goal.


Prowl simply saluted and sat himself at a console. He sat forward as a device came forward from the station and attached to his eyes.

Prowl saw the oncoming Autobots up close, he took manual control of one of Metroplex's turrets and scattered laser blasts towards the battleground.


"You really stupid as you look..." Grimlock sheathed his sword and made for Metroplex's exit ramp. Grimlock ran through the halls, he'd been waiting for a half-way decent battle, and perhaps this Autobot was the one to give him a good fight.

Grimlock reached the ground and transformed into his massive T-Rex mode. He beckoned Quick Switch forwards to make the first attack.

Autoing Grotusque for the time being

Repugnus shot Grotusque a quizzical look.

"These guys are crazy..."

Grotusque : "Crazy? This is GREAT!! Look around you man, there's war...I LOVE THE SMELL OF LASER FIRE IN THE MORNING!!"

"Oooookay then...Grotusque, you go play with the pretty laser beams, see how far you get..."

2003-02-07, 09:14 PM
Blaster just nodded and then looked back behind and saw a flashing icon on a control panel flashing turning around and walking over to it.

"So Springer what do you suggest we do for Sideswipes head?" Wheeljack asked.

Blaster pressed a few icons then looked at the screen "Springer there are two transformers just entering Iacon. One is badly damaged and being carried by the other do you recognize 'em?" Blaster backed off so the wrecker leader could get a look on the screen was Lightspeed and the damaged transformer he carried.

Karandras looked back after using Crack's head as a launch pad spotting the battle at metroplex on a long range scan.

"Dammit, it's begun" he muttered dropping back to the hard ground crouching as the gestalt team kept firing. "Sorry boys gotta go" he said standing up and beginning to run and weave in between them, going to chuttle mode would be quicker but he still couldn't fly.

Sunstreaker looked at Scattershot and grinned "Pay back" he muttered and retracted his hand compensating for the fact the Technobot was moving and then a missle came forward where his hand was and fired towards Scattershot.

Jazz was moving along the wall where he made the hole with the explosions watching the Technobots carefully. If they Formed Computron he'd lure him over by Omega Supreme and thenn blast them with something special.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-07, 09:31 PM
Springer grabbed a mic.

"Lightspeed, what're you doing here?"

Springer's voice eminated from Iacon's speaker system, booming around the Technobot.

"And where's the rest of the Technobots?"


Springer looked at Wheeljack...

"You not got anything temporary lying around that lab of yours?"

2003-02-07, 09:34 PM
Wheeljack thought for a second "A few heads from Liege Maximos Cybertronians I was using for study, I think those would work"

2003-02-07, 09:48 PM
*** Iacon, Med Bay***
"Thanks for the tools, go and help the others" First Aid replies to the Minicons as he takes the tools and starts working on Trailbreaker.

*** Inside Metroplex, brig ***

Blaze sensed something, something all too familiar, her sisters. So they have finally arrived... time for some action. She heads over to the bars and adresses Bluestreak "If you value your life, you'll leave now...." was all she had to say.

*** Outside Metroplex ***

Frost had sensed Blaze's presence, but was too preoccupied by the current battle involving the Headmasters and the four Technobots. "Gale, cause some turbulance for those 2 fliers. Shock, see if that orange one is fast enough to dodge your stuff. I'll take care of the drill" she orders her sisters as she transforms to robot mode in mid air. She brings her arms together. A glowing ball, light blue in color, starts forming between her hands. Satisfied that it was strong enough to freeze the intended target solid, she hurls it towards Nosecone. Shock transforms and starts concentrating her lightning arcs into stronger ones. When the buildup was complete, she sends three seperate lightning bolts down to Afterburner's position. Gale stays in bird form however and focussing the the magical energy in her form, she starts beating her wings. The air around her starts swirling faster and faster. She send two strong gusts of wind to Scattershot and Strafe intent on shaking them up.

Ooc: owners of Technobots and Bluestreak, please Pm me about the fight. Ooc2: I got Fortress and Grand mixed up, section deleted.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-07, 10:06 PM
"So long as he doesn't go on a rampage like I did, I don't care. Use whatever you have to, get him on his feet again."

Springer took his attention back to the monitor to see Lightspeed's reaction.

God Jinrai
2003-02-07, 11:58 PM
"Grand! NO!" Fortress was too late as his future brother's master cannon errupted energy at Jetfire... but taking no chances, he initiated his transformation...

"This is the ONLY way, my brother... Cosmobots! Dinobots! Deploy now!"

The drop bays swung open, dropping the cosmobots and dinobots directly into he battle zone... from over ten thousand feet up.

The maximus cruiser reconfigured, and fortress transformed into the head of his ship...

" Grand maximus! Stand down, or rise and face me!"
Fortress roared

2003-02-08, 06:34 AM
The flash below was all Jetfire saw of the tremendous blast of energy that Metroplex had fired at him as he banked away after the strafing run. The only reaction he had time for was breaking his connection with Comettor. As the little minicon dropped away, the shot hit Jetfire in the underbelly and his form was enveloped in a massive bright flash and a brilliant ball of black smoke. The intense heat instantly melted through the exterior heat shields, panel grids, and charged through the shuttle's torso and back, fusing and incinerating connectors and reception wires. The firey form dropped back towards the Cybertronian surface outside Metroplex, issuing a long trail of billowing black smoke.
Comettor transformed in surprise to robot mode as he dropped away unexpectedly. Jetfire had never gotten very far off the ground and Comettor landed quite easily as the sound of the explosion above hit his audial receptors. He looked up as cinders of burning and flaking metal skin floated down around. He stared in shock as the burning body of his friend rolled and plowed into the ground, tearing off the right wing entirely and the right pectoral tail guide, finally coming to rest on it's right side in a cloud of black smoke a slight distance off. Comettor ran toward the burning Autobot, forgetting about all else going on around him.
Grindor was nicked in the leg by Strafe's fire and was sent rolling to the ground holding it, but Highwire grabbed his small gun to fire back. Sureshock also took out his tiny gun, and both fired a volley at Strafe.
Inside Metroplex, Mirage slipped stealthily up the corridor of the security center. The floor and walls vibrated with the tremendous explosions going on outside, and caused him to remember the urgency of his mission. He slid past the doors unnoticed and farther down, found the opening to the transformation center. His first reaction was the desire to level the lock with a rifle blast, but he knew that wasn't a good idea. In frustrated thought, he leaned on the handle. Much to his surprise, the door opened.
Hound was stopped dead in his tracks as suddenly, a hulking metal object barreled into the ground mere lengths from him. Hound didn't know what it was exactly, but he didn't have a chance to figure out that it was Jetfire as shot rained down from above across the battlefield. He darted toward the close cover of Metroplex's walls and then jogged again in the direction that he had heard Quick Switch in.
Hope he didn't try to bite more than he can chew. Hound thought quickly.
Jetstorm shifted and led the way out of Medbay, while Runway and Sonar followed after waving to First Aid. They flew down the corridors of Iacon and toward the front gate. Transforming to robot mode near the gate to get through, the jets found much to their surprise, that it was partially open and a transformer was standing there looking at a speaker while holding a mangled mess of another transformer.
"What the?" Jetstorm began to wonder aloud.
"Messy." Sonar interrupted.
Runway frowned. "Yeah, but quiet now. That one looks like he's in trouble. Look how petrified he is, and they're questioning him first."
"Well, yeah- they've been under attack and are in a war- which is where we should be." Sonar said darkly as he tried to ignore it and walk past.
The ignoring didn't work. The minicons got quiet as they drew closer. They couldn't help looking at the two strangers.
Jetstorm suddenly looked up at the speaker, his temper finally getting the best of him. "Awe scrap it. Why do they have to make things so difficult?"
"Jetstorm, don't..." Runway tried to interject, but it was a lost attempt. Jetstorm had stopped and was glaring at the speaker. "What happened to help first and ask questions later?"
"Oi!" Sonar smacked his hand on his forehead, then grabbed Jetstorm's arm. "Come on guys, we don't have time for this."
"True." Jetstorm spun and began walking past while Sonar and Runway followed with mixed looks of nervousness and haste, but then he stopped and glanced over his shoulder back towards Lightspeed. "Take it easy. Optimus has nice people, even if you are in trouble. Oh... and... the medic guy is real nice."
With the last word, the three shifted and made a jet beeline towards Metroplex.

Quick Switch
2003-02-08, 05:05 PM
Quick Switch snarled again, and with a start, began running towards Grimlock.

"For the glory of Optimus Prime!"

The Six Changer bared his fangs and let loose a feral scream as he neared Grimlock.

Lord Zarak
2003-02-08, 05:11 PM
Swoop transformed in mid-air. Being dumped by Fort Max was as much a surprise to himself as it was the rest of the deplyed Autobots.

What was a much greater surprise was the sight before his eyes: Autobot vs. Autobot. From this, he knew that something terrible had occured.

But he himself had something more important to worry about: the rest of the Dinobots, and the ground that was rushing up to meet them.
He tried to flap his wings, but their delicate nature wouldnt allow him to flap all that hard. They were effectively useless.

He pointed his nose down, and started to dive towrds the ground.

"Slag, Sludge, Snarl transform into Dinobot mode. May help youy survive fall!" Swoop said over the radio

2003-02-09, 02:12 AM
Siren: -groans, rolls over onto his back, optics clearing- "That really hu........." -optics widen as he sees falling Dinobots, Cosmobots, and the imminent clash of the twin cities overhead- "HOLY SMEGGING PRIMUS!!!!!!!" -leaps to feet- "Boss, look!" -points up-

Nightbeat: -looks up- "Primus on a jet ski........." -activates commlink- "Chromedome! Get back here! It's gonna start raining Dinobots any minute!" -deactives commink- "Alright guys! Into the city!"

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, and Hosehead: -transform-

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Hardhead, and Branstorm: -head for the breach in Metroplex's wall-


Chomedome: -deactivates commlink, narrows optics- "I can't let Quick Switch get killed!" -transforms to vehcle mode- "But 'm not looking forward to fighting Grimlock." -rolls off after Quick Switch-

God Jinrai
2003-02-09, 02:18 AM

Prime shouted in vehicle mode. He'd seen the blast nearly gut one of his closest friends... and realized that the damage was likely severe... and since no medics would be present, there was only one way to ensure his survival...

Prime swerved from his collision course with rodimus, transforming, and using his boot jets to increase his altitude....


Prime switched into vehicle mode again, reconfiguring into the torso mode for the super robot....

2003-02-09, 03:15 AM
Comettor rushed through the smoke to the stricken Jetfire. Inside, he was relieved to see the thick smoke had caused the fire to self extinguish. The white body was charred and greyed from the damage and smoke, and a large hole was visible in the top of Jetfire's midsection, but inside the cockpit, lights were still visible. Optimus's voice rang out loud and clear above the noise of battle. In a split second, Comettor transformed and connected to a linking post on Jetfire's good wing, diverting all of his available energy to the large Autobot. A minute passed and then a grinding shift began. Slowly and methodically with Comettor's energy flowing into him, Jetfire had regained a very small amount of consciousness and was obeying his leader's command as best he could. The damage was severe, but he was beyond pain. His body finished most of the shift, though some torn and burnt pieces remained fused. With his link to jetfire, Commetor siphoned a good deal of his own energy to manually activate Jetfire's boosters and the attracting forces that allowed them to join. Moments later, Jetfire and Optimus connected successfully, becoming Jet Convoy.

God Jinrai
2003-02-09, 03:24 AM
jet convoy hovered in the air, in spite of the damage to jetfire's wings...

"Sparkplug! Combine!"

at jet convoy's command, sparkplug leapt toward the merged bot, latching onto one of prime's shoulder link spots... routing a great deal of his OWN energy through prime, he activated relays in jetfire's leg... causing an "energy wing" to materialize, re-establishing stability for the combined bot....

"RODIMUS! FINAL WARNING! You and I settle this, one on one, or So help me, I'll have metroplex AND Grand maximus reduced to ash faster than you could convince grimlock that energon was a good thing!"

2003-02-09, 05:04 AM

Lightspeed looked around timidly, watching the Air Defense Team rocket off while he formulated his answer.


He looked up to the security camera.

"I've left Rodimus Convoy. After seeing the massacre at the energon facility..."

He held up the still body of the worker for the camera to see.

"I came here to get him repaired, but it looks like there's not much we can do for him now... I just want to help. I want all this madness to end!"


Outside Metroplex...

Grand humphed at the image on the screen.

"I do not wish to resort to violence, brother, but you leave me with no option. Transform!"

In moments, the robot dove from the battleship's hull and transformed into the head that would accomodate the shoulders of the enormous...

"Grand Maximus!"

He glared at Fortress for some time, gathering the nerve to make the first attack.

"Forgive me for this, brother, for I am truly sorry."

A panel on the back of Grand Maximus' left hand flipped around, and he sprayed a barrage of miniscule blasts toward Fortress Maximus' face.


Strafe grunted as Gale's windstorm took him into the sky, setting him off course for a second run.

"Geez!" he exclaimed upon returning to formation. "Since when has defending justice been so unpopular?"

Below, Nosecone received each assault pelting his hide. The onslaught would not stop him, but it kept him from reaching his goal. One of Shock's lightning bolts collided with Minerva's stun beam, igniting it and flipping Afterburner through a rough transformation.

"Tell me about it!" he huffed. "'S like the whole world's against us!"

Gale's windstorm forced Scattershot into a nosedive, bringing him safely out of range of Sunstreaker's missile, but nose-to-face with the ground. He transformed into robot mode, hunkered down with his rifle, and let loose some suppressive fire to allow the other Technobots to regroup on his position.

"We can't take 'em all by ourselves! We need Computron!"

"What?" Nosecone drawled. "Without Lightspeed...?"

"Got no choice," Scattershot replied. "Technobots, combine!"

Obediently, the three smaller Autobots fell in line with their leader. Scattershot and Afterburner dove into the air while Strafe and Nosecone firmed up to form their leg components. Computron's torso fell onto them, his right arm attached, and his head appeared. His optics gazed around the battlefield awkwardly. Something seemed different, and it wasn't just the missing arm.


Oh, that would be it, wouldn't it? Without Lightspeed's data processing capabilities, Computron's backup personality came through, dominated by the connected components: a roughneck, a schizoid, a hatemonger, and walking apathy. Would have some psychologically destabilizing effects.


Computron brought his acid pellet rifle to bear on the assembly of enemy Autobots and, without thought or reason, opened fire at random.

2003-02-09, 05:20 AM
Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, and Hardhead: -skid to a stop well clear of Metroplex's walls, transform, dive out of the way as the blast from Computron's gun its the ground-

Brainstorm: -transforms and lands-

Nightbeat: -looking at the Jet Convoy fusion, conscidering Prime's words- "Destroy other Autobots? No wonder the Wreckers don't wear Autobot emblems."

Siren: "Boss, I think Computron is more of a worry at the moment!"

Nightbeat: -still thinking- "Unless........ Either Rodimus' presence is pushing all of Prime's buttons, or the Chaos Matrix is using Rodimus as a tool of some kind." -scowls- "But either way, this has to stop here. All Quick Switch and Optimus are doing is proving Rodimus' point. And by the time Thunderwing gets here, none of us will be in any condition to take him on." -looks up again, sighs- "Siren, take the others and take Computron out. Watch out for falling Autobots, though. I'm going to go get Chromedome and see if we can stop this insanity."

Siren: "Right, boss. Watch your back."

Nightbeat: "I will."

Siren: "C'mon guys. Let's get him!"

Siren, Minerva, Hosehead, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -spread out, open fire on Computron, sending a combination of stun blasts, shatterblaster bursts, and incindary shells at the rampaging gestalt-

Nightbeat: -activates commlink, sends as a burst transmission- "Mirage, I don't know if you can read me, but get the package and get the hell out of there. Prime just merged with Jetfire and threatened to reduce both Metroplex and Grand Maximus to ashes. I'm going to see if I can do something about this. Nightbeat out." -deactivates commlink- "I think I finally know how Jim Phelps feels at the beginning of a Mission: Impossible episode......" -transforms, roars towards Chromedome-

2003-02-09, 06:52 AM
Mirage was taken off guard. He stared at the empty space where the transformation cog for Metroplex should have been. He shook his head in disbelief. Then a broken message from Nightbeat came through on his communicator, but it was enough that he understood. The citybot was already vibrating with the huge concussion blasts from it's own cannons and the growing battle outside. Mirage glanced around and then headed back out the door and down the hall. Just as he entered the security hall again, he decided to sidetrack. He crept up to the brig room and listened. Inside, he heard Bluestreak's voice and a female voice. He grabbed his rifle and turned it around butt first. Got to do this without too much noise - or really hurting him if possible. He thought to himself.

Mirage slipped into the room in invisible mode and headed toward Bluestreak. The conteded-sounding chatter made him feel awful, but he eased toward the chatting Autobot and aimed the rifle butt towards him.
"Bluestreak, freeze, and don't move, please."

2003-02-09, 06:52 AM
Sunstreaker looked at Computron and grinned it was just like on Earth. "Jazz come in" he said into a comm watching Night beat take off then looking at the others "Hardhead you too"

"What man?" Jazz replied

"Remember on Earth with Devestator that one time where we flipped his alignment"


"Well" Sunstreaker pointed at Computron Jazz stared at his hand from the other Jazz nodded catching it.

"Dazzle that Big Freak with a light show" Jazz repeated grinning moving forward.

"Hardhead. When Jazz fires a hook to you grab it then throw it to me and keep one end for yourself... we're taking the jolly red giant down" Sunstreaker said dodging a blast from the acid pellet gun awaiting a reply from the head master.

2003-02-09, 08:01 PM
***Sky above the battlefield***

Bandit had not been prepared for the drop. I never tested this thing, but I hope it works was the thought that raced through his mind as he counted to 10 and activated the 'vertical braking system'. A parachute pops out of his back, slowing his descent from a fast freefall down to a controlled descent. Bandit saw something flash by... Rally Vincent, he tries to grab her, but just fails. "Talon! If you can hear me go and catch Rally!" he shouts. The next moment he sees a purple blur streak down towards Rally. Moments later the shape of Talon came into view again, carrying Rally in his arms. "Couldn't that big oaf have waited till we were on the ground to do that!" Bandit snapped. "He had to, just look around" Talon replies. Bandit looked around and downwards. It was a warzone. The only things clearly noticable from that high up were the 4 giants facing of against each other. "What in the world is going on here..." was all Bandit could say.

***Near Metroplex***

Frost moved towards the hole in Metroplex's wall. She saw Computron form but wasn't able to completely dodge a shot from the rifle. Part of the acid hit her left wing and started dissolving it. She crashlanded near the hole. Gale and Shock immediatly headed over to where their sister had crashed. "Are you alright?" Gale asks as she lands next to Frost and transforms to her robot form. Shock lands next to her. "I'm fine. My body can repair the acid, but it will take a while before I'll fly again" Frost replies as she gets up. "Now lets go inside and do what we came here to do" Frost adds as she follows the Headmasters through the wall.

2003-02-09, 08:25 PM
Hardhead: "Sounds like a plan, Sunstreaker. Let's do it."


Nightbeat: -skids to a halt in front of Chromedome- "C'mon, Chromedome. We have to stop this, and we have to stop it now!"

Chromedome: "But what about Quick Switch?"

Nightbeat: "If Prime blows up Metroplex and Grand Maximus, Quick Switch getting beat up by Grimlock will the least of our worries."

Chromedome: "Good point."

Nightbeat and Chromedome: -roar towards Optimus and Rodimus-

Muzzle: "I hope you know what you're doing, Nightbeat."

Nightbeat: "So do I, Muzzle. But I can't let Prime do this. If Rodimus gives into his threat, fine. If he doesn't, then we have to stop both of them. At the rate these two idiots are going, there won't be any Autobots left. Thunderwing will win by default." -sighs- "Chomedome, if things look lke they're going to hit the fan, you take Prime. Rodimus is mine."

Chromedome: "Heavy stun?"

Nightbeat: "Heavy stun."

God Jinrai
2003-02-09, 09:48 PM
The blasts pounded fotress' hulls, but didn't stop him...

"Not half as sorry as I am, Grand Maximus!"

the twin sets of cannons mounted on fortress' legs came to life... and the waist cannons pivoted into position...

"Maximus blast!" roared fortress...

the six cannons roared to life, opening fire on grand

2003-02-09, 11:56 PM
Siren: -looks up at Fort Max and Grand Max open fire on each other- "Oh, this can't be good....."

2003-02-10, 12:08 AM
Sunstreaker nods to Jazz who looks to Hardhead retracting his hand and firing the hook out for him to take then give to Sunstreaker.

After this Jazz would move into position to dizzy Computron.

Bluestreak stopped immediately thinking 'Why me' he just sighed

"Mirage why would you aim a weapon at a friend? Opposing sides or not I would never level my weapon too you. Why do you think I have onyl signed up for duties that keep me out of this battle. I just want peace"

Bluestreak kept his eyes on Blaze for a second the slowly turning to face Mirage. "Just peace"

2003-02-10, 12:20 AM
Mirage frowned. Even though he was invisible, he knew Bluestreak was speaking truth. And truth followed fact.
"I'm not pointing my gun at you Bluestreak, and I don't want to fight or I could have shot you already. I only want two things, and those are for you to let her out of that holding cell, and to give us a 30 Earth second start before you alert the security team. I don't want this fight. Will you do that?"

2003-02-10, 12:45 AM
"Why alert security? That just means more of my friends fighting my friends. I just want to go back to the old days before the wars. Atleast back to when we fought Decepticons and not eachother"

Bluestreak was afraid of having to fight his friends and he slowly moved towards where he had Blaze and opened the cell door backing up

"I just wish Optimus and Rodimus would realize this war is pointless. Rodmius promised peace through war. So did Optimus but both seem to just lead into more fighting"

2003-02-10, 01:14 AM
Before replying, Mirage sent a fast internal message burst to Nightbeat. "Nightbeat, there was no cog! It's gone. This was pointless. Take the others and leave now before they get hurt- I'm getting Blaze out and we'll follow." Then he focused on Bluestreak as the cell door was opened.

"You're right Bluestreak." Mirage heard the sadness in his old friend's voice and dropped the invisibility cover, still keeping an eye on him. Mirage stood still, clearly tense, but also not threatening as he studied the blue optics looking back at him. He knew Bluestreak had been through things no mech should ever have had to experience.

"I learned long ago war cannot bring peace, but do we really have control? What I do know is that Autobots should not be fighting Autobots. We have to go, but come with us Bluestreak. Come now- let's avoid this fighting. Rodimus Prime didn't live through with his promise to you and the others. Come back with us. We're all still your Autobot brothers." The pleading tone in his voice came through. Rarely did his emotions really show, but strain lines and care showed in his face as he spoke.

2003-02-10, 01:28 AM
Bluestreak shook his head "Yeah I would be with my Autobot brothers if I went with you but what about my friends here? Prowl, Ratchet, Grimlock... I guess him too. Optimus promised peace and he didn't succeed either in his promise of peace and he had a lot longer"

Bluestreak just sat down "No I will stay and just pray to Primus everyday that Rodimus and Optimus come to their senses and the Autobots become a whole again. For now this is my home even though I do miss Iacon... very much Metroplex is my home"

Bluestreak smiles "Besides everyone here is so erious they need someone light hearted like me around to keep some light heartedness to everything"

2003-02-10, 04:33 AM
Hardhead: -grabs line, tosses hook to Sunstreaker-


Nightbeat: -recieves Mirage's transmission, skids to halt, transforms- "No cog......." -looks back a Quick Switch- "Bloody fool." -looks over at Prime and Convoy- "We're all such bloody fools."

Chromedome: "What is it, commander?"

Nightbeat: "Metroplex's cog is already gone. This s all a trap. But I think we hit it lucky. Thunderwing hasn't gotten here yet." -actvates commlink- "Siren, get the rest of the guys out of here, and anybody else who'll listen."

Siren: "We're in the middle of something, boss. Computron's being a pest."

Nightbeat: "Then deal with him and get out of here. Nighbeat out." -deactivates commlink-

Chromedome: -transforms- "What now?"

Nightbeat: "We still have to stop them." -raises voice- "OPTIMUS PRIME! RODIMUS CONVOY! CALL YOUR ARMIES OFF, NOW!!!!"

2003-02-10, 08:18 AM
Mirage gave a rare warm smile to Bluestreak.
"We aren't far away Bluestreak. Stay then and make sure Ratchet and Prowl get some rest. Grimlock does need watching. Keep up those light spirits, and..."
Mirage was interrupted as the room shook from a particularly heavy blast of some variety.
"...and stay inside!" Mirage added with an urgent note as he darted toward the door.
This is the best protected area. He'll be okay here. Mirage thought to himself.
Jetstorm, Sonar and Runway sped toward the battle. Jetstorm led them in a radius flying pattern, trying to pick out where Optimus was. They spotted Bandit and Talon floating down and sped toward them, begining a process of intercepting missiles with their own fire to aid in a safe landing.
Hound was horrified at what had happened and skidded to a halt as he transformed. Optimus had opened fire on Metroplex and Grand Maximus. He was threatening to destroy them. NO! Optimus!!! In a moment of haze, shock and confusion, Hound ran toward Optimus, but was cut off by two minicons. Sureshock and Highwire had seen the reaction as they helped Grindor to his feet, and tackled Hound's right leg as he was running.
He fell on a knee and looked back in surprise, momentarily distracted. Highwire shook his head quickly as the two let go. "Leave Prime to the others! The city can stand up to the attack, but the other Autobots can't!"
The words made fuzzy sense, but the choice was still agonizing. Hound got up and gritted his teeth, then continued running towards where Quick Switch and Grimlock were engaged in battle. He hoped the little minicon was right.

2003-02-10, 08:30 AM
Rodimus skidded aside as the two robots merged.
"Well Optimus. You've gained a few new tricks I see. Well don't worry, you're not the only one."

Transforming momenterily into vehicle mode, Rodimus brought his trailer from subspace. As he returned to robot mode, it cracked open down the middle, leaving a formidable looking weapons platform, which promptly opened fire on the combined form Jet Convoy. Rodimus also jumped clear and opened fire with his own rifle.

"Don't kid yourself Prime. Even in your fancy new form, Metroplex is impregnable to you!"


Omega whirled as Bruticus's form launched into the air, and came arcing down towards him. Dodging as best he could, he leapt back, but the lumbering behemoth was too slow, and Bruticus's fist clipped his head, sending him staggering back.
"Attack: Unappreciated."

Omega swung his huge fist in a wide arc, aiming for Bruticus's left arm.


"Cosmobots! Form Proximus!" Vanguard yelled as the five dropped from Fort Maximus...
"Sun Runner!" Mercury screamed as the shuttle was hit full in the chest by a blast of fire from Grand Maximus and tumbled to the ground."
"We have to get him out of here!" Thorr shouted, diving down too.

Vanguard was in a quandry. Torn between his duty as an Autobot and his duty as a friend.

"Agreed. We return to Iacon now," he ordered as he and the others followed Thorr down. Picking Sun Runner up between them, they took off for Iacon, Mercury and Apollo flying alongside.


"Me Sludge see Grimlock! Grimlock alive!" Sludge yelled excitedly to his fellow Dinobots.
"Us Dinobots help leader Grimlock!"
He swiftly veered off course, to land on Metroplex, near to where Quick Switch was engaging Grimlock in combat.
"Grimlock! Me Sludge here to help!"

God Jinrai
2003-02-10, 02:05 PM
"Impressive... but still old news, rodimus... that weapons platform came from scematics originally used to create ME... you and I are more alike than you think, rodimus... and as much as it pains me to do this, I've no choice.... SKYBLAST! ASTROSCOPE! PAYLOAD! MERGE!"

The three astro force minicons heard optimus' cry, and leapt skyward... linking into the strange looking yet extremely powerful form of the requiem cannon...


Prime hoped that the three jets would hear prime across the battlefield...

"Rodimus... Please... don't force me to do this... If you would ONLY see that thunderwing has been using you this entire blasted time! "

Prime lifted the cannon in line with one of metroplex's primary plasma cannons... and prepared to fire

Quick Switch
2003-02-10, 02:11 PM
Bruticus laughed. For a Super Warrior, it was very mirthful.

"Bruticus not care if Omega appreciate or not-" and with that the combiner suddenly lunged out with his massive right hand, hoping to catch Omega's hand in his own.


Quick Switch dimly heard voices...shouting...but all he saw was the hated primitive, Grimlock. As the stealth beast drew closer toward the T-Rex, Quick Switch thought he heard another supid vocoder register.


A germ of fear began to sprout, but Quick Switch fought it down. An internal debate began to rage in the turbulent mind of Quick Switch.

"We can do this,"

"No we can't- the Dinobots are too powerful- retreat!"

"Retreat? Now in the moment of our greatest triumph? I think you-

"-are a nut! We should do this! Optimus Prime expects no less than ultimate victory!"

"Damn fanatic! You've been in control too much! I thought First Aid removed you."

"I've kept us alive! Without me, we are nothing!"

"Without you, we are sane!"

"Leave us alone!"

"What did you say, you coward?"

"Leave- never come back!"

"No, no, NO!!"

And on the battlefield, Quick Switch suddenly stopped his charge at Grimlock. The cat-like beast began to whine, then howl, and shake. It was shaking its head vigorously, as if trying to sort out its central processor. Which was exactly what was going on.

2003-02-10, 04:44 PM
"Uh uh uh Prime, not a good move," Rodimus replied, opening fire with the precision of a combat master, aiming to blast the requiem cannon out of his opponent's hand.

"Metroplex, cover fire now."
"As you command, Rodimus."

Metroplex's twin cannon swung around, and opened fire at Jet Convoy as Rodimus leapt back out of the way.

God Jinrai
2003-02-10, 05:05 PM
the blasts roared at jet convoy... rodimus' shot nearly hit... were it not for the fact that prime had dropped the cannon before the shot streaked past... astroscope, payload and skyblast separated, regrouping, and reinitiating the transformation... while jet convoy swooped low to avoid metroplex' sprimary batteries....

"Ah rodimus... you never COULD fight your own battles, could you? Always relying on those around you... which isn't a bad thing... but when you doubt your own capacity to command... it all goes out the window. I thought by now you'd have realized that."

Prime jetted forward at rodimus,requiem cannon locked onto his back... this fight would be one of fists and minds... and weapons only if he made a first move for it...

2003-02-10, 06:23 PM
Nightbeat and Chromedome: -watching Prime and Convoy ignore them completely, too engrossed in their own fight, their own petty differences-

Nightbeat: "Bloody hell. It's like getting politicians to listen to you." -looks at emblem on his chest, looks back up at Prime- "Let's get out of here, Chromedome. I'm sick and tired of being treated like a castaway pawn by the great leaders." -spins on heel, starts to walk away-

Chromedome: "Commander? You can't be serious-"

Nightbeat: "They're too wrapped up in their own differences. I don't thnk that, right at this moment,either one of them gives a fetid pair of dingo's kidneys what happens during this battle. They'll keep throwing troops against each other until it's too late, and Thunderwing kills us all." -smiles- "So, it's time we start making our leaders work for us."

Chromedome: "What?"

Nightbeat: "Prime and Convoy have just volunteered to become the bait for a very large rat named Thunderwing." -activates commlink- "Siren, you done playing with the Technobots yet?"

Siren: "Not YIPE! yet. Big guy's still a little frisky."

Nightbeat: "Take him down, then meet us inside Metroplex."

Siren: "I thought Prime was going to melt Metroplex."

Nightbeat: "He's a bit busy at the moment...." -looks back up at Prime- "He's also weighed down with those Minicon things. He looks like the guest of honor at a limpet convention. Nightbeat out." -deactivates commlink- "C'mon Chromedome."

Chromedome: "But does this make us any better than Thunderwing?"

Nightbeat: "No, not really. But right now, I'm mad enough not to care, and smart enough to realize that getting anybody around here to listen is going to be hard."

Nightbeat and Chromedome: -head for the hole in Metroplex's wall-

2003-02-10, 06:59 PM
***Sky above battlefield***

Bandit looked at the Minicon yets that were taking out missiles and what not in an attempt to help himself, Talon and Rally to get down safely. "Thanks guys!" he shouted to the jets. "Uhm, what happened?" Rally muttered as she regained consciousness after blacking out from the freefall. "We were dumped out of the ship. I caught you in freefall" Talon replied. "Rally, you ok? Feeling up to shooting down some missiles?" Bandit asks his female human partner. "Yeah Bean I'm ok. Talon, fly me a little closer to Bean's shoulder would you?" Rally replies. Talon flies up to Bandit's shoulder. Rally drops from Talon's arms, transforms to her gun form and locks into Bandit's shouldermount. She starts locking onto missiles and blasting them from the sky. Bandit and Talon descend slowly down to the surface.

***Metroplex, brig***

"Thank you for opening the door, now I don't have to melt my way out" Blaze replied. She turned to Mirage. "I see you're with Prime's forces. Shall we go outside then?" she asked. She turned to Bluestreak. "It was nice meeting you. I hope that our leaders will see reason soon. Try to stay alive"

2003-02-10, 07:37 PM
"Really Prime?" Rodimus almost sneered... Almost.
"Coming from you, that's rather ironic. Why, you're joined at the hip with your lackey, and you've got those trinkets to play with, and you accuse me of not fighting my own battles? You have a damned nerve."

Rodimus dodged out the way of Prime's initial charge, leaping over his opponent's head and firing a volley from his rifle at his enemy below, then spinning around as he landed.

"I don't doubt my ability Prime. I take advice from my lieutenants, as any good leader should. A lesson you would do well to learn."

"Rodimus, the brig has been compromised. Detecting another transformer down there with Bluestreak. It's Mirage. Your orders?"

"Have Slammer intervene. Block the corridor leading from the brig. There's only one way he can go."

"At once."

Soon, Slammer was speeding through the corridors of Metroplex, and arrived in position, ready for action.

2003-02-10, 07:45 PM
"So Optimus Prime has made his choice... This Autobot divison end nows. This battle will only destroy us." Ultra Magnus stood by observing all that was going on. "Hmmm Minicons... lucky I have some of my own. Bonecrusher, Knockout, Wreckage powerlink!" Two of them connected with Magnus's missle launchers and the last on his chest armor. This was going to be hard, but it had to be done, Magnus grabbed a intercom mic and spoke through a rather loud speaker. "Hound is right you must stop this fighting at once, both of you! This continued hostility will not only break the Autobot unity, but the unity that exists between the Autobots and Decepticons at this time. I just spoke with Teratron and Galvatron, we must keep our end of the peace and do our part to destroy Thunderwing as unitied Autobots! We must do this NOW! If Optimus Prime and Rodimus Convoy do not break off the attack, I AM ASSUMING COMMAND!"

Ultra Magnus put down the mic hoping that at least the majority of the Autobots were keeping peace as thier main objective, or he knew that he would be the next target. of course that's what the Minicons were for.

Lord Zarak
2003-02-10, 07:55 PM
Swoop pulled up at the last minute, and as he did, he saw Sludge land near his leader, Grimlock

Grimlock dead from fight with Unicron. How can he be fighting now? Swoop asked himself.
Optimus never brought Grimlock back from dead. This Grimlock must be imposter!! realised Swoop.

He lined himself up to pluck his friend and comrade from harms way.

2003-02-10, 08:18 PM
Outside Metroplex...


Computron staggered snarling back at the assault of shells pelting his armor, but he would not be stopped. Fighting by instinct instead of rationality, he charged toward the blasts, daring to face any who would challenge him, and stomped violently, hoping to crush the attackers. A few scattered glances of Sunstreaker's plan coming together entered his optics, and he did his best to compute that this was a threat to him.

"Computron not be stopped!"

Keeping his arm before him to deflect the Headmasters' fire, Computron opened two compartments in his chestplate, ejected a pair of laser cannons, and fired a pack of blasts at the cable and those holding it.


Grand Maximus groaned painfully as Fortress' shots ricocheted off his chest, arms, and legs. He struggled to keep his balance, knowing that many would perish if he fell to the ground.

"Truly sorry indeed!" he scolded, taking a few sidesteps away from the battle. "Is this about ideologies, brother? Is it about finding peace? No! It's about carnage! It's about death! No more!"

Grand Maximus charged forward, swinging a strong right fist at the other Autobot titan.

"If you leave, brother, you will save many lives. You must know it is the right thing to do."

2003-02-10, 08:44 PM
Sunstreaker took the cable from Hardhead beginning to jump around as laser blasts came from the armless gestalt. His jumping caused the cbale to bocunce around aswell keeping the rope intact. One shot came flying by clipping Sunstreakers leg.

"Aaauuuhg! Dammit! I just got this repainted!" He yelled at Computron driving forward hopinh Hardhead does the same.

Jazz wasted no time stepping infront of Computro "Hey big guy watch this" He yelled up as the sound and light began to pour out from Jazz directed at Computron

Blaster nodded at Lightspeed "Alright! Springer do we grant him access?"

Karandras came closer and closer to the battle. It was Autobot vs Autobot and it wasn't pretty at all. "Man this is not good"

2003-02-10, 09:21 PM
Hardhead: -, spins away, part of the armor on his leg bubbling and melting away, snarls- "Smeg this!" -aims shoulder cannon at Computron's head, fires 4 incindiary shells at Computron's head, fires a shatterblaster at the gestalt-

Siren, Hosehead, Minerva, and Brainstorm: -dodging around, trying to avoid getting hit and firing back-

God Jinrai
2003-02-10, 10:18 PM
Fortress Caught Grand's oncomming fist in his hand... and Grand's words hit home...

"Yes, grand... you're very much right. but there's only one way I'm leaving this battle!"

Fortress grasped grand's other arm, and hit his jet boots...

"And THAT...my brother... is by removing us BOTH as threats to our comrades! "

Iacon: Alpha had sat in silence staring at the displays on the central display... and he'd had enough. It was one thing that springer and quickswitch had LAUNCHED this attack... it was a completely different thing that Prime had chosen to go through with it rather than break it off... and alpha knew thunderwing would come... and soon. Exiting the command center, Alpha transformed, peeling tire down iacon command's central hall... but caught himself stopping almost half way out...

He'd spotted lightspeed heading for the medbay... he altered his course to go after lightspeed...hoping that perhaps by bringing him with him... the mayhem computron was waging could be brought to an end....

"Lightspeed! My name's not important right now, but I beg you... come with me. Computron is on a rampage that can't be stopped unless your personality locks with the other four technobots, and unlocks computron's true personality... otherwise, he may very well be the end of himself... as well as many of the autobots present."

Alpha silently stood waiting for Lightspeed's reply...

Back at the battle: The shots had caught prime in the back, before he'd had a chance to to roll and let his chest armor take the blasts... Rodimus had enraged him with his words...but prime remained as calm as he could...

"Rodimus, There's something YOU don't quite understand. Firstly.... MY combining with jetfire... if I HADN'T... he would NOT survive this battle... and stasis lock was not a possible option given his condition... these minicons that are linked to us... are supplementing the energy being siphoned from myself as well as the matrix to maintain jetfire's spark... The only reason jetfire was ever called into action again... was because I feared thunderwing would do as he has... totally blinding you... Metroplex nearly MURDERED him, Rodimus... he NEARLY MURDERED AN INNOCENT BYSTANDARD! IF you dare say otherwise, then I say this... METROPLEX! WAS OR WAS NOT JETFIRE COMMENCING HOSTILE ACTIONS AGAINST YOU?!?"

Prime's spark burned white, were it possibly seen... optimus had seen too much this day... and he had to stop it.. and there were only two ways to do this... One... to bring rodimus from his haze... or to destroy rodimus... and then the chaos matrix.... he prayed it wouldn't be the latter... but he feared it WOULD be

2003-02-11, 03:01 AM
Chromedome: "Nightbeat, I can't let you do this. You know as well as I do that Thunderwing will destroy them."

Nightbeat: "And destroying them will weaken him enough so we can destroy him."

Chromedome: -hands ball into fists- "But it's wrong! We are Autobots! We can't take this path!"

Nightbeat: -spins, points up towards Prime and Convoy- "They already HAVE! Neither one of them cares about what happens to their men! Just as long as they can prove who's right! That doesn't make them as bad as Thunderwing, that makes them worse! They deserve everything we can do to them!"

Chromedome: -narrows optics- "You know it's this Chaos Matrix that's causing it-"

Nightbeat: "And that's why we need to use them to draw Thunderwing here! I'm going to rip the Matrix from his underserving fingers and DESTROY HIM WITH IT!" -scowls- "Now, are you with me, or-"

Chromedeome: -slams a powerful left hook to Nightbeat's jaw-

Nightbeat: -head snaps to the left, staggers back- "Wha..."

Chromedome: -leaps, catches Nightbeat in the side of the head with a spin kick-

Nightbeat: -spins around in place, staggers to one side- "Chromedome?"

Chromedome: -pulls both blasters, hits Nightbeat with a full stun blast-

Nightbeat: -collapses, stunned-

Chromedome: -picks Nightbeat up, slings him over his shoulder in a fireman's carry- "Sorry, Commander. I can't let you do this. You'd never be able to live with yourself." -sighs- "And if you don't clear your mind, you'll never be able to beat Thunderwing. Both Prime and Convoy will try physical force, and probably be destroyed." -starts walking towards Siren and the others- "I know that's what I would do. That's probably what everybody's thinking. You're the only one who can get inside his mind, fight him that way."

2003-02-11, 03:17 AM
"Fortune and Primus be with you!" called Runway to Bandit as the minicons made a last circle and headed out through the falling shot. Jetstorm, Sonar and Runway heard a familiar voice call for them over the racket of the battle. They headed in Optimus' direction, but Runway hung back, talking out loud to himself. His voice eventually murmured to an audible level as they approached.
"This doesn't seem right."

Jetstorm laughed sarcastically. "What's not right? We're tools to them, that's all. Best get this over and done with. What does it matter if we're fighting Autobots or Decepticons? Whoever wins, all we'll ever be to either side is a trophy."

"It matters to me." Runway replied with an unusually fierce tone. "I like these Autobots! You're wrong Jetstorm. They do care."

Jetstorm scoffed quickly to cover up the ages of hurt and dashed hopes that threatened to come back to the surface as visible emotions. "About themselves, yes! Just look at them. Some Autobots. Fah."

"Hmmm. Seems to me it might be the corruption of Autobot basic programming guys." Sonar finally commented. "In which case, I think we ought to hold off and let them work it through."

Jetstorm considered quickly. "You might be spot on there Sonar, but that's a negative for our teammate. We have an order request and we'll answer. All right Runway, you care about these Autobots, so we'll do this for you.
We're going in Sonar, but I can see trouble happening with both sides exhausting themselves and the Thunderwing guy not being here. He's supposed to be the main target- or at least, I thought so. Join up team, keep power in reserve and checked. I have a feeling we'll be needing it. For protection, let's go!"

Mirage nodded at Blaze. "I'm with Prime. Let's go - your sisters are looking forward to your return." Mirage shot Bluestreak a wave and then resumed his invisibility and slipped out the door. He turned to get his bearings and saw much to his annoyance, that the exit of the hallway was blocked by Slammer. In a flash he backpeddled. "Trouble!" He whispered in a hiss under his breath. "Bluestreak- trouble. Hallway's guarded. Is there any other way out of here?"
Hound saw the dinobots fall out of the sky and land. Moments later the realization hit that Quick Switch was in imminent danger. He ran toward Swoop, grasping for a bit of faltering hope. The big pteranodon - style dino was usually a gentle Autobot, and perhaps he would help.
"Swoop! ... Swoop!"
Back at Iacon
Trailbreaker finally began to come online. Even though First Aid was still working on him, his programming was rebooting and restarting. "No mocha latte there Doc?" he mumbled fuzzily with a grin.

2003-02-11, 05:32 PM
Chromedome: -hears Hound, looks back at Quick Switch- "It never ends....." -waves Minerva over-

Minerva: -runs up- "Nightbeat! Chromedome, what happened to him?"

Chromedome: -hands Nightbeat over to Minerva- "I'll explain later. I have to go help Quick Switch!" -transforms, roars off towards Quick Switch-

Minerva: -staggers under Nightbeat's weight, gets into cover inside Metroplex, starts examining him-

2003-02-11, 08:48 PM

"Sorry Trailbreaker, no snacks until you are fully functional. Just rest while I fix you up" First Aid replied in a friendly tone.

***Metroplex, brig***

"Just one guard in that corridor? Would either of you happen to know the melting temperature for his armor, or skin?" Blaze asked with a devious grin on her face.

2003-02-11, 09:41 PM
Bluestreak shook his head at Blaze "No... Metroplex is a transformer too. My home and a friend"

Bluestreak moved forward ahead of Blaze and Mirage towards Slammer "H...hey Slammer" He said moving forward. "What's....What's up?"

"COME ON HARDHEAD WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR TRANSFORM AND ROLL FOR IT!" Sunstreaker yelled as Jazz kept the sound and light show going.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-11, 10:03 PM

Springer nodded at Blaster.

"Let him through, get that bot to the infirmary, if he's not online, at least we'll be able to make use of his head..."

Springer opened a channel to Wheeljack

"We might just have downstairs what we've needed, injured bot on his way up"

Battle scene

Prowl watched in a stunned confusion, the room is was in was bathed in red light, the monitors around him showed nothing but explosions and chaos.

He began to wonder if all his efforts had been in vain.

Grimlock finally engaged Quick Switch in battle. He didn't usually believe in taking advantage of such a confused opponent, but in the midst of battle his animal instinct took over. He didn't even notice Sludge land, or shout his name, as he lurched forwards, jaws wide open, aiming to sink them in QuickSwitch's neck

2003-02-11, 10:32 PM
Wheeljack shook his head "On my way Springer" he turned and made his way down to where Lightspeed was bringing the injured bot in.

Blaster pressed down and the gate for Iacon opened up allowing Lightspeed entrance.

Quick Switch
2003-02-12, 12:12 AM
Quick Switch finally reacted as his sensors alerted him to Grimlock's proximity and, snarling, lunged for Grimlock's underbelly even as the T-Rex attempted to bite his own neck.

Lord Zarak
2003-02-12, 02:58 PM
Swoop heard Hounds call and was torn: to help Sludge or to heed Hounds call. he looked towards Grimlock and saw he was concentrating with Quick Switch.

"Me Swoop coming Hound " he said as he changed course.

2003-02-12, 05:01 PM
"What kind of madness has possessed them?" Ultra Magnus thought watching the whole thing, noone seemed to care that he was deperatly trying to stop the fighting... there was only one option left, he had to go to Iacon, and do this himself.

2003-02-12, 05:03 PM
Hardhead: -transforms, still attached to the cable, roars forward-


Chromedome: -skids to a halt, transforms, guns ready, looks at the Dinobots- "Well,the odds look about even.

2003-02-12, 08:58 PM
(ooc;- hey hey kids, thought I'd drop in, will post my profile tomorrow.)

Riding the winds he lowered himself from the heavens, towards the chaos below, he was just a short distance from the battle now.

Coming in low to the ground he straightened up and flew straight on, scanning the region for unfreindlies, 'BLEEP!' he'd just found one. Changing course and moving into position he came upon the spec for a visual, it was him! It was Karandras, the butcher.

Immediatly he decided to take no risks and unleashed a volly of cluster bombs along his path to obstruct him. The bombs detonated on impact with the surface, sending a thick cloud of dirt and dust up in the air, for long moments visibility was nil, until the wind began to clear it away, to reveal to Karandras his attacker. Stepping out from the cloud the silhouetted form of the offensive Autobot moved forward.

Nothing save the wind could be heard as the Autobot stood in silence.

'I came here to fulfill a different adjenda Karandras, but I recognise you and I will bring you in.'

Stepping forward the silhouette began to gain definition, his body gave strong indications to his alt mode, an anti gravity craft of some nature, he was in red and white standing at an average size for a warrior, clutching tightly a sword that brightly shone red.

'I am A-storm, just give up!'

2003-02-12, 09:19 PM
Karandras kept moving forward he was almost there Metroplex is in sights. A loud beeping noise alerted Karandrasof an incoming and he slowed down looking up In coming bombs.

"Whoa!" Karandras cried as he immediatly started to slow down jumping up and turning his thrusters on for a quick burst sending him backwards then as the explosion wave hit him switched the thrust to forward so he didn't lose too much ground on what ever it was that did that.

Karandras dropped back down to the metallic surface shaking his head within the suit gripping the scythe tightly. "Damage report" Karandras said

"Minor heat damage, Minor Outter armor damage repair systems beginning work" the monotone voice replied.

Karandras nodded looking up scanning the cloud then he knew something was there but heat vision would be useless it would be covered by the recent explosions.

Karandras caught the voice and just nodded "Take me in eh? Where? Where are you going to take me?"

He asked as A-storm stepped into view nodding. He gave a look of contempt then shook his head chuckeling "Oh yes I'll give up after you take me down you fool. Now get ouyt of my way before you bite off more then you can chew"

Jazz stepped out of the way of the incoming Sunstreaker and Hardhead as they charged toward Computron

Sunstreaker knew he would get there first so he would swing around the leg one way and transform hopefully Hardhead would get the idea.

2003-02-12, 09:26 PM
A-storm took a moment to examine his enemy, looking him up and down as if to size him up.

'We both know that I can't do that, I'm here now, so you'll have no choice but to go through me if you want so badly to follow this path to Metroplex.'

A-storm stepped back a step to dig himself in and raised his sword into a battle position. Then he stopped and held his position.

'I'll ask you once again to surrender, but if you think you can finish your journey at my expense, then by all means... COME ON!'

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-12, 09:42 PM
The massive jaws clamped onto Grimlock like a bear-trap onto a bunny rabbit, unfortunately for Quick Switch Grimlock's torso was made from a highly-durable metal, and whilst the bite did indeed break the exterior, there was no significant internal damage.

"You not too smart...."

Grimlock clamped his own jaws onto the back of QuickSwitch's neck and began to apply pressure...

Quick Switch
2003-02-12, 09:45 PM
Quick Switch let out a howl of pain, and began to transform; his hazy mind happened to settle on his large pistol mode.

Quick Switch attempted to transform...

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-12, 09:55 PM
Grimlock's jaw flew apart and Grimlock staggered backwards, he was not expecting QuickSwitch to transform, least of all into a floating cannon...

2003-02-12, 09:59 PM
Kar shook his head "Listen pal If you wanna die, fine do that but I have somewhere to go right now you want me to go right through you? Fine, I'll kick your ass just to put you in your place"

Karandras raised his right arm the Bright lance weapon already out like a seeker weapon "Catch" he said laucnhing a blast from the barrel of the weapon towards his right of A-Storm sword at his upper chestal area.

Quick Switch
2003-02-12, 10:01 PM
Quick Switch transformed, Shockwave-esque, complete into his large pistol mode. Levitating, the Six Changer lined up a shot with the now-flung-backwards Dinobot Leader.

"Traitorous barbarian!" Quick Switch screamed, as he fired one concentrated blast of photon energy from his barrel at Grimlock.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-12, 10:13 PM
The blast exploded infront of Grimlock who was thrown further backwards.

"Traitor?! Me not a traitor, always been loyal to Rodimus. You an idiot for believing anything that Prime says, he always think with fists, not his heart...you follow him to your own death..."

Grimlock transformed to his robot mode, the chest plates of his t-rex mode were buckled badly, scorched and dented, resting heavily on his bacl, one of his arms also showed signs of scorch damage.

Quick Switch
2003-02-12, 10:22 PM
Quick Switch transformed to robot mode, and cocked his two photon blasters. He too seemed morehaggard, especially with the rend-marks of Grimlock's teeth throughout.

"Dinobot liar!" the Six Changer snarled. "You tried to murder Optimus Prime under the control of Megatron many years ago, now you decide to join the traitor Convoy. Is it any wonder that Wheeljack tried to de-activate you? And how dare you insult the most esteemed Autobot Leader to ever walk the universe!"

The Six Changer brought up his pistols at the Dinobot leader's head from a few feet away, even as he sank to one knee in exhaustion.

"I can't have my revenge on Hot Rod or Megatron, but I can certainly have it on you, Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-12, 10:34 PM
"You plan to seek vengenace for all those slaughtered under Prime's watch too? Me think you a few diodes short of a circuit-board"

~Grimlock reached, slowly, for his sword~

"Most esteemed Autobot commander not Prime, not by a long-shot, your belief does nothing but prove how jaded you become after following him so long..."

~Grimlock watched as Quick Switch sunk to one knee, and the twin-blasters focused on him~

"You blind to the chaos that envelops Prime, since day one he been nothing but a murderer. Grimlock and Dinobots should have killed Prime."

Quick Switch
2003-02-12, 10:48 PM
Quick Switch gnashed his teeth, and coolant fluid poured down his body; his arms shook as he listened to Grimlock.

He should blow Grimlock's head right off. Yes, he should. Especially since the primitive was reaching for his sword...and yet, he couldn't do it.

"It's something called loyalty Dinobot. Perhaps you should look it up. A soldier always follows his Commander. Especially one as noble as Optimus Prime, Hero."

He just couldn't believe the audacity of Grimlock.

"Chaos? No, you're the one infected by Chaos. You're nothing more than a puppet for Thunderwing, but you're too blind to see it. Optimus Prime is Order. Rodimus Convoy is a fraud, a Decepticon fellow traveler, and a butcher. Perhaps you know about the raid on the enrgon depot? That was done under his watch!"

Quick Switch cocked the barrels of his blasters and squinted at Grimlock.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't shoot your diseased head right off your shoulders. Because your last argument didn't convince me."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-12, 10:56 PM
"That slaughter by bots not under Rodimus' command, we went in, simple raid, no injurys. Prime sent those bots to confuse matters, make it look like we murderers."

~Grimlock made sure that Quick Switch's focus remained on his sword.~

"Me not know too much about Thunderwing, but me know that he ten times the leader that Prime ever was. Me Grimlock only loyal to me and Dinobots, follow Rodimus because it the lesser of two evils."

~He tightened the grip on the hilt of his sword, nothing QuickSwitch agressive tone, he took his opportunity~

"You not kill me now, your gun broke."

Quick Switch had paid too much attention to Grimlock's sword to notice the dual rocket-launcher in his other hand, the weapon fired off a missle towards QuickSwitch's weapon. He hoped the change in attack would at least buy him the time to do serious damage with his sword.

Quick Switch
2003-02-12, 11:01 PM
"Lair! I know all about the rai-"

Quick Switch was taken by surprise as the rocket exploded by his fists, causing him to jerk his arms up and away from Grimlock. He checked his photon blasters. Jammed.

Damn it.

Quick Switch pocketed his blasters in subspace.

"I'll continue to fight you, Grimlock, if you'll lay down your sword. Hand to hand- I challenge you!"

If Grimlock charged him, he'd transform to another mode, but he really wanted to tackle Grimlock one on one.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-12, 11:14 PM
"However you want to die is fine with me...."

Grimlock stood up, small pieces of metal debris dropped from his shoulders, his left arm was evidently causing him pain, limiting his movements a great deal. The blast did more damage to him that he first expected.

~Grimlock arched his back, then moved forwards to lock arms with Quick Switch~

Quick Switch
2003-02-12, 11:20 PM
Quick Switch gritted his teeth and lurched into a run, fists up. He lowered his shoulder hoping to barrel the obviously weakened Dinobot over.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-12, 11:27 PM
Grimlock used Quick Switch's own momentum to side-step the oncoming psycho-path and clip him on the back of the head.

This course of action, naturally, had it's own down-fall. Grimlock threw himself off balance, he wasn't too, au fait, with moving quickly.

Quick Switch
2003-02-12, 11:33 PM
Quick Switch lurched and spat oil as the hard blow clubbed the back of his head. The Six Changer wiped the drying oil off his mouth and turned back toward Grimlock.

Making both arms into a hammerblow, Quick Switch once again charged forward, leaping into the air and hoping to slam the hammerblow down near Grimlock's head.

2003-02-13, 02:44 AM
Chromedome: -watching the exchamge between Quick Switch and Grimlock- "Thuderwing a better leader? But Thunderwing nearly killed Grimlock on Cameon's moon, VsQs......" -narrows optics- "But not here." -shaks head- "This is getting way too confusing. But I can at least try to stop this." -looks at the rest of the Dinobots- "Sludge, Slag, Snarl, we need to keep Grimlock and Quick Switch from killing each other! Will you help me?"


Minerva: -checking Nightbeat's damage- "Looks like you got stunned, big brother. Other than that, it's not too bad."

Nightbeat: -still unconscious, stirs slighty, mumbles- "Dstry......Tndrwng........Matrix......" -grins evilly- "Mine....."

Minerva: -optics widen- "Uh oh........" -looks ot of hole in Metroplex's armor- "SIREN! GET OVER HERE!!!!!!"

Siren: -runs over- "What is it? -sees Nightbeat- "What happened?"

Minerva: "I think Chromedome stunned him. The Chaos matrix has him!"

Siren: "Chromedome? I don't want to fight Chromedome! He'll pull my legs off!"

Minerva: "Not Chromedome. The Matrix has taken over Nightbeat!"

Siren: "This is better how?"

Minerva: "It's WORSE!!!!"

2003-02-13, 01:42 PM
ooc: Sorry for the absence. Work has been nuts.
Hound rushed over with a relieved look as the Pteranadon came close. "Swoop, thanks! There's something strange about Grimlock. I think this is a second one- not the one we knew. Don't get close too close to him, but I need you to distract him. Fly up, around Grimlock's back and get his attention. I'm going to try to distract Quick Switch if I can."

Hound waited anxiously for the dinobot's assent, but internally called channel Alpha Nine.
Prowl, I had no idea about this, I'm sorry. I think I understand what Thunderwing was up to now. Destruction of all Autobots. I'm... sorry."
A momentary flash of what Thunderwing looked like raced through Hound's memory. He watched Swoop and picked up his hologram gun.

2003-02-13, 02:14 PM
The blaze from Karandras's weapon struck A-storms sword with a bright flash, which grew and enveloped the Autobot. Throughtout every circuit in his body he could feel a burning pain as though Kar was attempting to cook him from the inside out.

A-storm falls to his knees his body writhing in pain, still clutching the sword he raises his head to look Kar in the eyes with a look of shock of surprise, but then of determination. Nursing himself A-storm rose from the ground.

'Your responsible for the refinery, I can't let you past, no matter where you say you have to be.'

But the pain is to much for the Autobot, dropping his sword and falling to his knees as the pain takes him offline.

2003-02-13, 07:29 PM
"NOTHING WILL WORK!" Magnus skidded to the side obvously upset. "Can't understand... Autobot falling apart." magnus continued however toward Iacon, "If the fight doesn't stop, if the Autobots continue to be divided we will be destroyed." Magnus transformed as he neared the base, "Alpha Trion where are you?! Magnus continued inside the base he needed supporters, supported devoted to Autobot unity and the continued peace with the Decepticons, but would he develop his own faction to do so futher dividing the Autobots? No he couldn't do that.... but he had to think of option. But at this time he could think of nothing but fighting, fighting Rodimus, Optimus.... anyone.

"OPTIMUS HAS FAILED! He's always failed and now that he has the chance to end the war he throws it away... leadership should be mine... it should have always been mine. The Matrix belongs to me... where is the honor I deserve!? Rodimus... that PUNK! I want him!" Magnus didn't know what he was saying mostly he tried his best to recover, and resist these feelings, he dropped to his knees, "I gotta resist... falling... into same madness! Focus on Thunderwing... he is the the cause!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-13, 09:54 PM
Grimlock doubled up, the force slammed down heavily on the back of Grimlock's head, doubled him up, then he sprang back up and backwards.

Grimlock steadied himself, raising to one knee.

"Hear that? Ultra Magnus even realise how insane Prime has become!"


Springer watched the war at Metroplex unfold. He was aware that the Autobots still with him were being to get anxious.

"Hold steady guys, I've a feeling we won't be sitting around too long..."

Quick Switch
2003-02-13, 09:59 PM
Quick Switch came up out of the hammerblow and held himself up heavily- almost in a perpetual slump-crouch due to fatigue.

"What Ultra Magnus thinks is no concern of mine. I follow Optimus Prime."

Considering Magnus nearly lost Autobot City in 2005, and hasn't been present for half of the military engagements during the present war.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-13, 10:10 PM
"Prime trusts Magnus more than he trusts anyone else. Even you."

Grimlock continued to rise, the strain of battle was taking it's toll.

Quick Switch
2003-02-13, 10:12 PM
Quick Switch reacted as if he'd been struck.

"I...I...Optimus...Magnus lost...how can you even say that!"

After all of Magnus' failures...Prime still trusts him?

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-13, 10:17 PM
"Prime devoted to warriors, not bots that at his beck-and-call all hours Primus sends..."

Grimlock was almost at a full stance.

"Magnus know his place in Autobot army, me think you need taken down a peg or two"

Quick Switch
2003-02-13, 10:20 PM
Quick Switch flushed.

"I live to serve one unit- and that unit is Optimus Prime! His cause is my cause! Which I have done so without regret!"

The Six Changer pointed at Grimlock.

"Hasn't your function been the same for Rodimus Convoy? Serving your Commander in battle, and in other tasks? Like a good soldier, not incumbered by other staff officers! You and I are..." Quick Switch stopped, thunderstruck even as he finished the sentence: "not so different..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-13, 10:31 PM
"Maybe not, one thing me know definitely different. Me not insane with loyalty to Prime. Me follow Rodimus to destory our enemies, he a great leader."

Grimlock didn't ever show his true emotions, the fact of the matter was that Quick Switch words had hit a sore spot.

~Grimlock picked up a nearby sheet of metal and flung it towards Quick Switch, the weight dropping him to one knee~

2003-02-13, 10:36 PM
"I am gonna regret doing this" Karandras said to himself shaking his head slightly in the dis-content that he was about to do kneeling down grabbing A-Storm and pulling him up with one arm using his mind to aid him in the heavy lift then flipping him over his shoulder.

"Now then to the battle field" He stopped flipping his scythe back adn reattaching it with his back grabbing the transformers's sword and beginning to make his way towards metroplex jumping over the large crater kewft by the dropped cluster bombs.

Quick Switch
2003-02-13, 10:39 PM
Quick Switch wildly struck at the piece of metal, sending it flinging away. The weight of it sent him crashing forward to one knee also.

"What...what are we doing? I...I thought I always knew, because Optimus always knew, but things have been different...why haven't I thought this way before?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-13, 10:55 PM
"You blinded by loyalty to a lost cause. Any follower of Prime is a fool. To be taken in by promises of peace, his only aim is to destroy and create war. Prime thrives on destruction."

Grimlock stood up again, his words were getting to Quick Switch, that was obvious, he waited to see the hexa-changer's next action.

Quick Switch
2003-02-13, 11:06 PM
Quick Switch shook his head.

"No, no. Optimus Prime is a just and good Autobot. More so than I, more so than you." The Six Changer stood up straight.

"What I mean is...we should be doing this to the Decepticons, the true enemy...I've led this squad here and solved nothing. I...I've been such a fool."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-13, 11:17 PM
"Prime is no autobot, he the very essence of everything the Decepticons stand for. If you fight anyone, it should be him..."

Quick Switch
2003-02-13, 11:19 PM
Quick Switch's temper began to flare again.

"No! Listen to yourself! This...this is all so wrong!" the Six Changer gripped his head.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-13, 11:23 PM
"Only thing wrong with this picture is you still alive..."

Grimlock has lost his patience with the deluded autobot.

Quick Switch
2003-02-13, 11:27 PM
Quick Switch dropped his hands.

"If you're so eager to get written into the deadbook, Grimlock, I can still write you your own page."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-13, 11:39 PM
"Enough talk pawn!"

Grimlock loaded his rocket launcher again and fired off two rounds...

Quick Switch
2003-02-13, 11:42 PM
Quick Switch barely manged to dive out of the way of the rockets, which exploded near him and kicked up huge amounts of debris. Landing in a crouch he said:

"So be it!" and, transforming into his drill tank mode, reved his engine and sped toward the Dinobot commander, drill spinning.

2003-02-14, 01:34 AM

Lightspeed looked Alpha Convoy over once. His optics peaked at the center, clearly showing his uncertainty with any choice he could make.


He looked at the body in his arms, to the monitor, and back to Alpha.

"I can't! I... I left because I didn't want to see the Technobots again! I just want somewhere to hide... I'm sorry, I just can't help you."

With a pained sigh, he gave the body another glance and started unsurely into the city.



Computron growled and stumbled back at Jazz's sensory display. Though his optics were thickly shielded to protect him against such weapons, he turned his head automatically away, bringing into his line of sight the conspirators.


In a blind rage, he brought his fist back and swung (think golf) at Sunstreaker, hoping to smash the attacker with the barrel of his rifle.


Grand Maximus gasped at Fortress' (rather daring) move. He glanced to the disappearing ground momentarily, then back to the other giant. For a moment, there was calm relief.


And then, panic. The linkages in his arms were breaking under the pressure of his weight. He looked up to Fortress Maximus' face with obvious chagrin.

"I would like to know what you're intending to do with us, and very soon!"

2003-02-14, 01:41 AM
Chromedome: -narrows optics at Quick Switch and Grimlock- "Have you two gone insane? Stop this, right now! You're both wrong!!!!! YOU"RE ALL BEING POSESSED!!!!!"

2003-02-14, 02:25 AM
Sunstreaker instinctivley swerved away from the swing but in the process snapping the rope they intended to bring Computron down with.

"Damn it" Sunstreaker muttered "Hardhead Jazz pull back the cable has snapped!"

Sunstreaker pulled a hard 180 his wheels squeeling as he sped back the other way.

Jazz gave a quick nod transforming and flying past Hardhead for cover.

Wheeljack cleared the med bay table he intended to work on for the bot knowing he would be making a Frankenstien like idea, he remember when Sparkplug did that it was interesting but deadly.

"Lightspeed This is Wheeljack bring the worker into the Medbay"

OOC- I just wanted to say that I love the Quick Switch and Grimlock fight that is great stuff! I love reading it!

God Jinrai
2003-02-14, 02:39 AM
"It's quite simple, by brother... " fortress released his grip on grand, reverting to his ship mode...

"We wait. The mastermind behind this entire massacre is soon to show his face... and I fear he may have an adversary that only a maximus could stand a chance against. Please, my brother.... Heed me. What prime is doing now... it is only to draw thunderwing out... I swear to you... it was never his intent to destroy the family that he and his autobots have become... Please, grand... trust in me... and in optimus..."

Down below:

Prime had gotten frustrated with the charade that he was forcing himself to undergo... it was simply not his nature to be a power hungry warrior as megatron was... much less having to fight against his own family in the autobots... He only hoped that when thunderwing showed.... that rodimus would show his true colors

2003-02-14, 05:23 AM
Nightbeat: -groans-

Minerva: "Should I let him wake up?"

Siren: "I don't know. Let him wake up and we'll see how he's doing."

Nightbeat: "I have a headache..... what happened?"

Minerva: "I think you got stunned. And you were muttering about taking the Matrix from Thunderwing."

Nightbeat: "That's the plan...... Thunderwing is mine..... I've got to destroy him....... No matter what."

Siren: "And the Matrix?"

Nightbeat: "If it looks like I'm going to take it..... take me out." -winces- "I'm fighing it off again, but it plays on my anger...... Takes over that way.... Knows Thunderwing is my weakness...."

Siren: "He spent a long enough time trying to kill us, it makes sense. But why isn't it affecting me or Hosehead as bad as it's affecting you?"

Nightbeat: "Just.... call me..... popular......."


Hardhead: -drops cable, aims shoulder cannon at Computron, fires 2 high explosive anti-armor shells at him-

Hosehead: "We're not tryng to kill him, Hardhead!"

Hardhead: "Stun beams aren't working Hosehead!"

Brainstorm: -fires stun beams at Computron-


Chromedome: -narrows optics, wondering if Quick Switch and Grimlock are even listening-

2003-02-14, 11:33 AM
Rodimus leapt back at hearing Prime's words. Once again, flickers of the old Optimus shone through, but he swiftly cleared his head. If he allowed this to continue, many, many more lives would be lost in the ensuing battle for galactic dominance.

"This ends here, Prime. I'm not going to let you do to the Autobots what you did before."


Back in Iacon.

Sixswitch nodded tersely at Springer's order to hold back, despite his instincts telling him to rush off into battle.

"When's Thunderwing gonna show up, that's what I want to know. We know he's been involved in this from day 1."


Meanwhile, Omega Supreme's fist was caught by the stunning strength of Bruticus, and the unemotional Guardian almost winced in pain. He fell to his knees under the preasure, but then a thought struck him.

"Omega Upgraded. Bruticus Terminated."

Activating his recently acquired power claw, Omega sent surges of incredible energy from his claw arm into the arm of Bruticus

(Take a look at his bio for the power claw info Quick)

2003-02-16, 01:37 AM
Roadbuster: "This waiting around is getting to me, Springer. When do we go?"

God Jinrai
2003-02-16, 11:08 PM
Hovering in the air, several yards from rodimus, Prime bowed his head...

"Primus... this wasn't supposed to happen... I did all that I could... I tried... and failed... and now, I stand here on the battlefield, in a broken state... and yet the greatest evil is yet to come... Do I have the strength to stop him? Do I truly have the power to do as I did once before? Now unicron is no longer bound by a physical form in the same way he once was... "

Silence fell again as prime finished his mutterings... and suddenly a cry of utter anguish, hatred, rage and sorrow errupted from prime... something that likely could shake the heart of even the most battle hardened transformer...


Prime roared, his optics burning red, all his inner anguish pouring from him in that one cry...

*back at iacon*

Alpha shook his head, and turned to depart...

"So be it, lightspeed. but remember. you had a chance to make a difference. You may not like THEM anymore... but facing them one final time... would make all the difference in the world for you."

with that, alpha transformed, heading out from iacon...

" Primus help me... Let the Omega be able to finish what I start..."
he muttered as he tore across the landscape toward the battlefield...

2003-02-16, 11:37 PM
Mirage ground his teeth and turned on Blaze with a dark and calm ferocity of voice. "You will not threaten Metroplex or any of the Autobots here while we are inside, Blaze. They are defending their home, and a fellow Autobot. We are the intruders right now. I'll get you out of here if I can. Straight past Slammer and take a left. Go as fast as you can and the follow the wall - you'll find a big hole a ways down. "
Mirage stepped out into the hallway, still invisible. Quietly, he whispered in his softest voice...
"Bluestreak... please trust me and don't move any farther."
Then he whispered to Blaze, "Okay, you have fire power? Blaze, hit the fluids I'm about to throw out with heat. Let's make the hallway cloudy."
Mirage opened his chest and with a few tugs, sent antifreeze, water, oil and transmission fluid spilling onto the hall floor.
Trailbreaker shook off the grogginess as First Aid worked. "No snacks?! I'm no gremlin, or Mowgli or Mog er... fuzzy thing - and it isn't past midnight. I thought Doctors liked consuming too? Have a little pity on a poor starving Autobot warrior huh? When the dinner bell rings, I'm not going to be able to move real fast and I'll get... say... it is awfully quiet in here, isn't it?"

2003-02-17, 12:27 PM
Consciousness returned to A-storm, he was awake again and to his surprise being hauled along by Karandras. But in his condition A-storm could hardly muster the strenght to resist.


Quick Switch
2003-02-17, 01:23 PM
Bruticus, shocked, looked on as the electricity surged into him.

"Bruticus...in...PAIN!" and the Super Warrior bellowed with rage and simply increased the pressure on Omega's arm. By Primus, he'd pay for that little trick.

2003-02-17, 06:33 PM
***Metroplex, brig***

Blaze concentrated. A small line of fire started snaking it's way from her left foot to the area which had been coated by Mirage. Within moments after contacting the minute fire, the liquids started to boil, creating steam and fog, clouding the area.

***Outside Metroplex***

Bandit, Rally and Talon were nearly on the surface, when Prime's howl pierced the air. "I don't know who this Thunderwing is, but I wouldn't want to be in his shoes right about now" Bandit remarked as he landed on the surface, he quickly stowed away the parachute.

Nearby, the three Elementals Frost, Gale and Shock were doing the best they could to help against Computron. Then Prime's howl reached their audioreceptors. Blaze what's keeping you? At this rate the demon Thunderwing will arrive soon and we need Void when that time comes.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-17, 09:31 PM
The drill bore it's way into Grimlock chest, he pushed with all the strength he had left to remove Quick Switch's drill bit from his body.



Springer waited, his patience was beginning to wain also.

"Watch for any movement on the surveillance cameras. If a fly zips past our cameras, I wanna know about it."

2003-02-17, 09:43 PM
In the horizon... an enormous dark figure flew silently towards the battlefield. Its sensors on full alert, its weapon systems ready to strike... and yet the enormous vessel itself was not the largest threat that it carried to the battle, no... the real threat stood on the command bridge the massive scorpion shaped ship known as Scorponok...

>"Thunderwing. We have arrived."

2003-02-17, 09:55 PM
Bluestreak nodded to Mirage and just stared at Slammer as the smoke began to rise up. Bluestreak just hoped anyone getting hurt could bea voided here, he didn't want to be part in any killing of fellow Autobots.

Sunstreaker and Jazz took refuge behind a peice of debris.

"Now what?" Sunstreaker asked annoyed.

"Dunno man, I think we just gotta give it to that guy like Hardhead" Jazz replied.

Sunstreaker grinned pulling his Electron-pulse gun from sub-space "Aim for the joints?" he asked

Jazz nodded with a small smile readying his photon rifle "The joints" and with that they both spun around from the cover firing

Jazz aiming for the joint that connected to the right leg Sunstreaker aiming for the joint hitting the left leg.

"Springer large movement detected at Thunderwing's home base" Blaster said turning his head back and calling to the wrecker leader. "Do we get to go bash some decepti-creeps now?" He grinned at the idea.

"Lightspeed this is Wheeljack bring the damaged worked to the Med-Lab please"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-17, 10:10 PM
"Okay guys, arm yourselves to the teeth, Thunderwing's not gonna go down without taking a serious whuppin' ... We're bringing that whuppin"

Springer stood up, tall, proud, fit, agile. He nodded at both Roadbuster and Sixswitch

Quick Switch
2003-02-17, 10:14 PM
Thunderwing marched to one of Scorponok's access hatches.

"Men, prepare for battle! Scorponok, open all hatchways. As soon as the doors open- attack! Disperse any who harm our allies!"


Quick Switch grunted with effort, even as the drill ground into Grimlock.

"Who's playing now, Grimlock?" The Six Changer increased his traction, trying to ram the drill back into the Dinobot commander.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-17, 10:28 PM
"Me not play silly games any more."

Grimlock dropped to one knee, the tip of the drill mere centimeters away from his cranium. He dug one hand underneath the drill-tank and began to lever QuickSwitch upwards.


"Hey, Thundercracker, try to hit the ground running this time huh..." Skywarp was always jovial before battle.

Quick Switch
2003-02-17, 11:02 PM
Quick Switch grunted in frustration as Grimlock lifted him up and over.

"NO!" he cried. Desperate, the Six Changer shifted to his seldom-used hovercraft assault carrier mode. "Surrender, or die!" he said, bringing his photon blasters to bear on Grimlock.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-17, 11:08 PM
Grimlock transformed to his alt-mode.

"if you try to kill me....better make sure you do good job..."

Quick Switch
2003-02-17, 11:20 PM
Quick Switch growled-

"I will look forward to splattering your brains...wait...is that...Scorponok?" The Six Changer looked up in awe as the scorpion base approached the battlefield.


Thunderwing opened the hatch doors manually.

"No time to waste, men. Especially not technicalities...attack!"

And so saying, the aristocrat dropped out of the hatch, and soared through the battlements until he came upon Rodimus Convoy.

"Good master Convoy, a pleasure. What seems to be the problem here?" The aristocrat turned his Chaos Matrix green optics to Optimus Prime. "Interferring in my affairs again, Prime? This will be a lesson in pain you won't soon forget."

Quietly, Dirge transformed to jet mode and flew through the sky, scanning for targets.

2003-02-17, 11:51 PM
Blaster nodded "Alright! Lets go!" he opened his chest Ejecting all the cassettes that still rested with in him.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-18, 12:03 AM
Skywarp and Thundercracker both barrelled out of Scorponok.

"Careful now Thundercracker!" Skywarp yelled ...

"Targets sighted, dead ahead. Dirge, join attack formation" Thundercracker assumed aerial command for the time being.


Sixshot decided that remaining aboard the shuttle until the last moment would be the most preferable choice of action.

God Jinrai
2003-02-18, 01:01 AM
Prime stared down at thunderwing... utterly disghusted...

"You know as well as I do... you alone have NO power of dealing with me, pretender. relinquish the chaos matrix before it consumes you! it MUST BE DESTROYED!"

Comming across the battlefield, Alpha opened a channel to the decepticon bandwith...

" To the decepticon known as The Omega... This is the Alpha... The chaosbringer has entered the fray... he must be stopped... and quickly, before he posesses another form... I'm en-route to the battle as I speak, but I cannot stop unicron alone... If I'm lucky, containment will be the best I can do... only once the Omega arrives can unicron be stopped..."?

Quick Switch
2003-02-18, 01:08 AM
Dirge would have smiled if he'd been in robot mode.

Just like old times.

"Roger, 'Cracker!" Dirge flew up and adjacent to Thundercracker and Skywarp. He activated his engines, the dread wail filling the skies. "Quake with fear, fools! The Seekers are here!"


Thunderwing smirked.

"Never, Optimus Prime. I should ask you to surrender the Autobot Matrix unto me, so that I might...cleanse it...of its impurities."

The smirk vanished for a scowl.

"Leave this battlefield before I reap utter devestation on your pathetic Army. I will spare no one."

2003-02-18, 01:47 AM
Chromedome: -sees Scorponok hovering over the battlefield- "This place feels more like home all the time. All we're missing are Weirdwolf, Mindwipe, and Skullcruncher."


Nightbeat: -stands, shakily- "Thunderwing's here." -starts to walk out of the hole in Metroplex's hull- "Time for payback."

Minerva: "But he hasn't actually done anything to us!"

Nightbeat: "Call it kharmic carryover." -scowls- "And I want his cyclone cannon."

Siren: "Why?"

Nightbeat: "He pops up again, I want to shoot him with it."


Roadbuster: -looks over at Springer- "Which wall do you think Thunderwing's head will look best on?"

God Jinrai
2003-02-18, 02:01 AM
"Not on your LIFE, demon. Not until Unicron is destroyed once...and for all."

Prime clenched his fists, a grim look of determination glowered over his visage...

"Rodimus... run... before he can corrupt you any further! RUN!"

Jet Convoy lurched forward at thunderwing, fist reeled back to land the first blow on the demonic pretender

Quick Switch
2003-02-18, 02:27 AM
"Demon?" Thunderwing scoffed. "What do you take me for, some pithy organic myth? Typical Autobot hyperbole...all your time among the humans has infected you with their religiosity Prime...why, if I didn't know any better...I'd say you were turning into quite the fanatic. They say great minds think alike you know."

Thunderwing smiled broadly.

Thunderwing pointedly held up his hand and summoned a force barrier.

"Stay out of this, fool," he said to Jet Convoy. "I'm not finished with our parley yet."

God Jinrai
2003-02-18, 02:37 AM
"indeed, Thunderwing? Have you forgotten so quickly of the religions that our OWN world has been granted? The undenyable fact that indeed gods DO exist? Even if "Lesser beings" can do battle with them? AND DEFEAT THEM??? HOW QUICKLY YOU FORGET THE COVENANT OF PRIMUS, THUNDERWING! How Quickly you forget the art of Metalikato...
You speak of the autobot matrix... one half of the essence of primus' being... How great a fool you are, thunderwing... how great a hypocrite you are at that... you lead your troops long ago to a greater disaster than megatron had on earth! "

Jet Convoy was hoping to hit home with that last comment... forcing thunderwing to make a move, instead of forcing optimus to act instead

Quick Switch
2003-02-18, 02:41 AM
Thunderwing glowered, optics flaring.

"If I wanted a sermon, twit, I'd go dig up the body of that dead Emirate myself. As it is, do shut up."

Thunderwing began to gear himself up for battle. By the power of the Might Entire, he'd enjoy killing whoever this idiot was.

2003-02-18, 03:36 AM
Hound was all set to cast a small illusion of Thunderwing right between Quick Switch and Grimlock when a monsterous form became discernable. He gave up most of his caution and started running towards the two fighters.
"Quick Switch! Grimlock! Stop! It's Scorponok! We've got bigger trouble!!!"

Just as he was drawing close, he heard the engine whistle of the seekers. Skidding to a halt and scanning the sky, he added almost in a whisper, "...lots of trouble."
ooc: With Sixswitch's permission
Metroplex: Hall outside brig.
Steam and black smoke filled the hallway. Mirage clapped Bluestreak on the shoulder as a farewell and whisked past, whispering to Blaze to follow. Slammer was confused by the smoke and as he tried to track their location, they slipped past him and headed down the hallway towards the opening caused by the damage.

Quick Switch
2003-02-18, 03:47 AM
Quick Switch transformed to robot mode, hostility with Grimlock forgotten. He turned, ashen, to Hound.

"You were right all along, Hound. I've been such a fool."


Dirge, seeing the clustered group of Autobot below shouted to Thundercracker and Skywarp-

"Guys, look! We can take out all three of them right now! I'm gonna mop the floor with that Jeep!"

2003-02-18, 05:19 AM
"Regret later and you owe me an energon sundae, Quick." Hound said with a forced laugh as he trained his rifle on the dark shadows above.
Hound clicked over his internal radio to send a message burst to Iacon. "Blaster, Ultra Magnus! Scorponok at Metroplex. Trouble! Hound out."

ooc: Philcom: PM or note coming in from Nissan.

Then the sound washed over as a seeker closed in... unmistakeably.
Hound yelled at the top of his vocalizer, "You're singing your last song Dirge!"

2003-02-18, 05:47 PM
Chromedome: "No wonder Nightbeat's so disgusted. Everybody listens to Hound." -sighs, resets blasters to full power, looks up- "Seekers. Feh. More like Clay Pigeons." -aims both blasters at Thundercracker, fires-


Nightbeat: "I hope those egomaniacs are ready. If they aren't, I think my circuits are gonna get fried extra crispy if I'm not careful." -holsters gun, raises voice- Come, now, Thunderwing. You would waste your time with them? People who only think with their fists? Maybe that's why you need the Matrix to boost your power. -smirks- I bet it's getting kinda crowded in your cerebral circuitry. Or do you like having Unicron tell you what to do? I thought aristocrats like you took orders from no one, yet now I see you're taking orders from both Unicron and the Quintessions. My, my. How the mighty have fallen."


Hardhead: -fires another high explosive anti-armor shell and both shatterblasters at Computron-

Hosehead: "Brainstorm, we've got to stop him."

Brainstorm: "I don't know if we can."

Minerva and Siren: -come running up-

Minerva: "You'd better. Nightbeat's going to face Thunderwing. Alone."

2003-02-18, 05:59 PM
(ooc: slagging thing keeps logging me out! This is the third time I had to write this post out. Noones fault, I'm just venting, and this message will end up being a lot short then it was originally. And I got the message.)

Ultra Magnus just thought about the battle he just experianced in his own head. The moment he had feared had gone by he had passed the test of his own internal feelings, and now he had to help win the larger battle. He then received a transmission from Hound, it was about the battle, it had taken a new turn. "...Thunderwing..." Magnus grabed the basewide comm-link, "All Autobots left in Iacon, get in gear, we must reinforce Optimus Prime's efforts to defeat Thunderwing and the Choas Matrix. Able Autobots report to me at once!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-18, 06:12 PM
Springer kept running, half-way out of Iacon's gates Ultra Magnus' message crackled through.

"Already on our way tin-can man.... Thunderwing's going down!"

2003-02-18, 06:35 PM
Snapdragon joined the seekers in their attack against the enemy, while Scorponok himself began firing his less powerful weapons down at Prime's troops... yet keeping a sensor on the other city size transformers on the battlefield in case he had to engage them. And to speak the truth... Scorponok was not feeling too thrilled to attack them. The Autobots were the enemy... but Thunderwing had to die...

2003-02-18, 07:32 PM
Blaze could not see Mirage, but she headed down the hallway to where the hole was and quickly went outside into the battlefield. She had spotted her sisters in no time and quickly joined them in their attempt to keep Computron down. "You miss me?" she asked with a cheery voice. "Now is not the time for that Blaze. We need Void to stop that giant" Frost replies as she points to Computron. "Ready to merge?" she asked, more of a statement than a question. Blaze nodded. "Gale, Shock, get over here!" Frost call out to her sisters. Gale and Shock immediatly headed over. "Elementals, merge!" Frost commands as she leaps up in the air and starts her part of the transformation into Void. Gale, Shock and Blaze formed the legs, and arms respecitvly. Void took up a fighting stance and dared Computron to charge her.

2003-02-18, 07:58 PM
On the outskirts of the battlefield, A-storm finally regained his full consciouseness and strenght, lifting himself from the ground he managed to get on his knees. Taking a look around he could see the battle, Autobot versus Autobot, the creator had never intended such a thing.

On his feet at last he looked to the sky, the roof of the world was drawn down towards the battle with smoke and dust, for the most part blocking out most signs of the sun.

Looking again he could see Decepticons, swarming in fire fights of their own, he would not face his own brothers, but he had no qualms about facing the enemy. Looking around he came upon his sword laying in the sand. Bending over he raised it from it's rest, lifting it until he stood straight with it standing by his side, the sand blowing off the blade by the warm breeze that flowed along the battlefield.

Looking to the Decepticons his blank expression turned to rage as he threw himself into the growing madness.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-19, 12:15 AM
"Time to re-claim our reputation eh Dirge!?"

Skywarp banked sharply, then into a steep dive. Thundercracker followed suit, both aimed a strafing run at the three autobots...


Grimlock stood, for a moment he knew that Quick Switch and himself were on the same page, playing from the book. Grimlock didn't recognise the jets as Thunderwing's troops, otherwise he wouldn't have returned fire...

Quick Switch
2003-02-19, 12:58 AM
Thunderwing turned, amused, as someone- was it that commoner detective?- addressed him.

"A Grandee such as myself answers to no one, and keeps his own counsel...watchman." The Pretender peered at Nightbeat.

"And how you deign to reach. I can sense your longing for the Chaos Matrix. Join me, and I might let you taste the essence of Chaos Entire for a time. A communion with Unicron, yes. It will be a joyous experience. Nightbeat, is it? Yes. Your talents will be best served with my faction. I only extend this offer once."


Dirge cackled-

"You bet!" to Skywarp and, engines wailing, dove down to fire two missles at Hound.

"I'm going to enjoy bringing the fear out of you, Jeep," Dirge said. "It will be glorious. And, if you're lucky, I may even give you a mercykilling."


Quick Switch trained his photon blasters on the Seekers.

"I'll take you up on that Hound," he drawled, then flicked his gaze to Grimlock. "Those scum are with Thunderwing. Feel free to fire away." Carefully, the Six Changer squeezed off shots at Skywarp.

"For a guy who's known for his punchlines, that battle cry was pretty weak, Skywarp!"

2003-02-19, 05:22 AM
"Mercykilling?!" Hound sputtered as he started running to the right away from the group. The ever increasing whine level of Dirge's engines as he targeted in began taking a toll. Chills ran up and down Hound's relays and he glanced back to see the missiles closing in. The engine pitch intensified.

With a distinct note of sarcasm, he spat back as he turned and fired his rifle at the seeker... "Oh please spare me the song and da..."
There was a brilliant white flash directly in front of him and one not far behind (though he didn't see it) and all noise was instantaneously drowned out from the two concussion missiles. The explosions sent a concussion wave rippling outwards from the centers of the impacts.

Hound was enveloped between the two explosions and subsequently, was pushed and thrown by the force quite a ways off, and came to rest lying on his back, right arm outstretched still with his rifle in it. After a moment, he opened his optics, but he was completely stunned, images passed and made no sense to him. Oddly, there was no sound registering for him. His mind began fighting to try to regain it's sensory levels.
Meanwhile, Mirage had slipped out of the hole in Metroplex's wall. He was puzzled and irritated both to see the battle going on in full strength and even increasing in all directions.
I thought this was supposed to be for a cog! Slag it. He scowled as he glanced around. Mirage narrowed his optics and aimed his rifle at the first moving enemy he could pick out... Snapdragon. He let out a respiration breath and squeezed the trigger.
"Am I done doc?" Trailbreaker grinned at First Aid as he sat in MedBay.

Quick Switch
2003-02-19, 06:32 AM
One of Dirge's wings was nicked by Hound's blast, and the blue Seeker transformed to robot mode and landed heavily next to Hound, creating large indentions in the matallic Cybertronic ground.

Dirge examined his wing; a noticeable scorch mark showed quite clearly.

"Not bad," he muttered, then went one knee next to Hound's prone body. "You weren't so tough."

Dirge's crimson optics flashed, his mouth formed a rictus grin.

"You know," he said, "the disbelief on your face is almost exactly that of Beachcomber when he lost his precious Golden Lagoon. Or, better yet, when Prowl died after being shot by Scavenger in 2005 on that shuttle. I was there, you know." Dirge chuckled; an evil sounding noise.

"Yes, indeed. The fear, death, on that shuttle was glorious. Anyway, just say the word...Hound, isn't that your name? And let me know when you're ready to die. If you speak up, I'll just snap your neck. If you don't, I'll just strangle you...slowly..." Dirge laughed again.

2003-02-19, 06:52 AM
Blaster and the cassettes came out right behind Springer "Hope you have a fast way of gettin' their Springer or this is gonna be one long run"

Jazz watched as Dirge went down near Hound and shook his head. "Man someone's gotta stop him!"

Sunstreaker looked over at his ally "Really? I hadn't noticed. On three turn and fire aim for that huge head of his, it's a nice target"

Jazz laughed and nodded "gotcha"


Jazz and Sunstreaker both got up tight against the wall of debris.


They both leveled their weapons into a ready position.


Both Sunstreaker and Jazz spun around quickly acquiring their target Dirge and each firing off a few shots towards the head of Hounds attacker.

2003-02-19, 06:55 AM
Roadbuster: -transforms on the run and roars out of Iacon-


Chromedome: -staggers to his feet, shaking his head- "Okay.... Clay Pigeons armed with high explosives. I can understand that." -looks up at Thundercracker and Skywarp- "But if that's the best you can do, you might as well go home!" -aims and fires at Thundercracker and Skywarp-

2003-02-19, 08:06 AM
Omega winnced as the preasure increased, but it was not in the Guardian's nature to yield. With a mighty heave, he lifted Bruticus off the surface of Cybertron, and slammed him back to the ground, collapsing a nearby building.


Sixswitch grinned as he ran out of the command chamber.
"Time for round two with Wolfy," he grinned as he sprinted down the corridor.
"No worries about weapons Big S, I've got all I need right here."
He continued his run, barrelling through a side door and transforming into fighter mode as he reached the outside.

"OK guys, I'll throttle back, keep pace with you. Let's get this show on the road."


Rodimus spun around as Thunderwing approached.
"Wait a minute," he muttered inaudibly.
"Your business?" He skipped back a few steps, allowing the two leaders to speak. He was torn now. He felt the waves of Chaos eminating from Thunderwing, but in his state, was unable to analyse them correctly. He felt the Matrix energy bursting from Prime, but it just registered as... Something.
"Talk Prime. Let me hear what you have to say."

Then he heard Alpha's cry for assistance from an Omega, and he spun around to face Omega Supreme, still battling Bruticus.
"No you fool, it's not him he's calling - but someone else."

2003-02-19, 05:04 PM
Hot Rod's plan was going perfectly, well as much of a plan as he actually had. Well Lockpick was tired anyway, but now he knew for sure that she wouldn't be going along in this battle. Hot Rod felt he had a responiblity to keep her safe now. Being that he, as Javelin caused her too much greif from the moment she arrived. Hot Rod just started the cycle for her, 'Tucking her in' so to say. He then touched her face plate and slowly walked away. Out the door he drew his target master gun and called his new Minicon freind, "Jolt!" Jolt flew over and Hot Rod through up the gun, "Here, hold Firebolt!" The gun fit quite well under Jolt's helicopter nose. "Ok Magnus, here I come!"

God Jinrai
2003-02-19, 05:16 PM
"Thunderwing, you have been a bane to all living things since your creation... your entire brood in the aristocracy and your ideal that you shall rule because of your "status" mean NOTHING. It never did. it was nothing more than your way of hiding from the truth... that you were truly weak inside... that you lacked the heart, courage, and will to lead in a just and honorable manner..."

Prime silently spoke to rodimus via an internal comm, hoping that rodimus would at least heed his words...

"Rodimus... follow your spark... run now... and should I fall here... take up the fight... but no matter what... Thunderwing must NOT be allowed to survive... and the chaos matrix... it MUST be destroyed!"

With that, Jet convoy lurched forward, slamming his fist into the energy field thunderwing had so cautiously raised... it showed deep down inside that indeed he WAS afraid...

"Jinrai must have done it." PRime thought to himself...

"The power he unleashed on thunderwing caused his confidence to be permanently shaken... and forced him to rely on unicron... and soon enough, unicron would make his move... "

2003-02-19, 05:42 PM
Snapdragon pulled sharply to left, only barely avoiding Mirage's attack. You are getting careless Snapdragon... I should have seen that coming earlier, I might not get a second chance... The Horrorcon triplechanger cursed in his thoughts as he began manouvering himself for an attack run against Mirage.

The hypersonic jet made a dive towards the Autobot that had attacked him, targeting his all four lasercannons at Mirage and firing them simultaneously several times before he had to pull up in order to avoid crashing to the ground...

Scorponok was still staying out of the heart of the battle, yet firing the lasers placed all over his hull at the random Autobots that came closer to him than he felt comfortable...

Quick Switch
2003-02-19, 06:47 PM
Dirge looked up as Jazz and Sunstreaker fired at him; the Seeker manged to duck quickly enough. Dirge raised his arm launchers and fired two missles a piece at the interferrring Autobots.

"You'll be next!" he rasped.


Bruticus grunted as the building collapsed; his grip on Omega was lost.

"Die," he roared, shoulder rushing the Guardian. If physical combat wouldn't crack Omega, well, Bruticus would have to resort to his regular weapons.


Thunderwing turned to Jet Convoy and Prime.

"I am a First Lord of the Realm," the Pretender said, drawing himself up. "And you are nothing but a third-rate upgrade from the unit known as Orion Pax. Rodimus Convoy shares the innate right to rule, by birthright, of the Autobots, as the Decepticons shall bow before me. Together, we will create a true vision for the Universe."

As Jet Convoy lurched forward, Thunderwing smirked, and sent a wave of Chaos Energy through the force barrier into Jet Convoy himself.

"Know the power of Chaos, meddler," he said simply.

God Jinrai
2003-02-19, 10:20 PM
The bolt struck jet convoy in the chest, the autobot insignia emblazeoned on it burned brightly, however... Matrix energy flowed to counter the maddness that sought to infect him...

JetConvoy stared down Thunderwing...

"You're a fool, thunderwing... Birthrights mean NOTHING unless proven totally to be valid! In his time and place...perhaps rodimus WAS meant to lead the autobots... for in that time and place, another prime fell... fell to the darkness as you seek to make ME. IT WON'T HAPPEN! Not so long as there is life within my spark, IT SHALL NOT BE!"

Prime's consciousness within the combined state began to ponder thunderwing's state... his arrogance was as ever... yet something wasn't right... had unicron truly posessed him as the original creation matrix had done to him so long ago???

2003-02-19, 11:12 PM
Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, and Brainstrom: -carrying a struggling Hardhead away from the battle between Computron and Void and towards Nightbeat-

Hardhead: "Put me DOWN!!! I'm gonna destroy that gestalt!"

Minerva: "We've got bigger problems right now, you idiot! We have to help Nightbeat, and you've got better firepower than the rest of us!"


Nightbeat: -watching the display of Thunderwing's power against Jet Convoy, smiling- "Most impressive, Thunderwing. Most impressive indeed. The full power of the Chaos Matrix is beyond compare. If I accept your offer, would I gain this power right away?"

Quick Switch
2003-02-20, 12:07 AM
Thunderwing said to Nightbeat-

"Show proof of your conversion. Attack your dearest friends, and then I will know you truly serve the cause of Chaos against enemy Autobots who dare challenge Rodimus Convoy's rule."

To Jet Convoy-

"Crypticism isn't your strong point, Optimus Prime," Thunderwing said. Even though there was a merge of sorts, it didn't matter. The Autobot Matrix was there underneath, and that meant Optimus Prime. "Your resistance is pointless. Rodimus Convoy will rule the Autobots. I will ensure it."

2003-02-20, 12:29 AM
Sunstreaker and Jazz spun away from the shots fired by Dirge watching them soar passed where they were a few moments before

"He ducked" Sunstreaker said

"Yeah but we're buyin' Hound time we can't stop gotta keep going" Jazz replied.

"Rush him?" Sunstreaker asked

"You go I'll give you some covering fire" Jazz spoke getting ready to get back into harms way.

Sunstreaker nodded and vaulted the wall and transformed into his vehicle mode b-lining for Dirge, Jazz spinning around the wall again and firing at the cone headed seeker.

Quick Switch
2003-02-20, 01:06 AM
Dirge simply jumped and transformed to jet mode; flying away from Jazz and Sunstreaker.

Activating his wail engines again, Dirge lobbed off another few missle salvos at the two meddlesome Autobots as he arced around towards their position.

"You'll have to do better than that to defeat a Seeker!" all the while avoiding Jazz's rather precise shot.

2003-02-20, 01:57 AM
Deep burning red... optics and a twisted smile, cold metal on his neck... a bright flash and suddenly - the tremendous roar of engine boosters right next to him. The scattered relayed thoughts rambled into reality as Hound's processors caught up with the moment. Although still stunned, he eased up onto his left elbow joint, shaking his head. His thoughts were just begining to clear, but they were still disconnected and unreal. Additionally, his left auditory sensor was buzzing and there was no sound from the right one. But soldiers are trained to react. His next action was entirely automatic from training protocols...
>>Moving Decepticon jet firing missiles... fire back.
The rifle was brought up and fired as Dirge swept back overhead and fired at Jazz and Sunstreaker.
Mirage was well-prepared for a retaliation attack. He watched as the big jet came bering down on him. He waited until the last moment and then rolled to the left side of the oncoming fire, dodging the last line of laserfire by mere Earth inches. He somersaulted to a kneeling position and spun quickly to follow Snapdragon's movements. The ground nearby hissed where the laserline had struck, something that didn't escape his notice. He's got good fire. Time for a little quarry lure.

Quick Switch
2003-02-20, 02:13 AM
Dirge grunted as Hound's shot scored his other wing.

"I was planning on making your death painless, but since your friends intervened- and now you show some more spunk- I won't be so generous."

Dirge continued to evade shots when he could. Hopefully, his missles would hit something, at least. He was starting to get just a tad concerned.

God Jinrai
2003-02-20, 02:37 AM
"The only thing you will bring is the doom of reality itself, Thunderwing! You wish to prove yourself as the master of all? the great uniter? Cast away you crutch, shun its corrupting power... and FACE ME AS YOU TRULY ARE! OR ARE YOU SUCH A COWARD THAT YOU MUST RELY ON UNICRON TO SUPPORT YOU?!?"

Jet Convoy was by this time extremely adjetated.. it was growing closer and closer to the breaking point... if the alpha and omega couldn't get here to stop thunderwing's maddness... and estroy unicron forever, all would be lost... forever... even optimus' might paled in comparison to that of the alpha and omega in concert

Quick Switch
2003-02-20, 02:50 AM
Thunderwing scoffed and shook his head.

"My my, Prime. That new body of yours has certainly increased your hysteria. An awful lot of shouting, and not much else. And considering the only reason you lead is because of your own Matrix, I find your own pithiness to my so-called 'crutch' amusing."

He glared at the amalagam construct before him.

"I will face you as I see fit. Now, relinquish the Autobots to Rodimus Convoy. I grow tired of these delaying tactics."

God Jinrai
2003-02-20, 03:03 AM
"never, you walking scrap-pile!"

Prime lurched forward again, fist colliding with the wretched energy barrier... prime knew what was to come... and it wouldn't be pretty...

Across the battlefield, alpha convoy came into view of the conflict.. .and spied atop metroplex the two autobot leaders... as well as the source of all of this torment and pain....

"Thunderwing..." he muttered "...you will pay for every life taken... every heart sent into dismay from this madness you've wrought upon our race... with your life if necessary..."

2003-02-20, 03:30 AM
Nightbeat: -bows head to Thunderwing- "By your command, Imperious Leader. But let me try my way, first. Never hurts to have more converts to the cause, after all." -looks over at Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Brainstorm, and Hardhead- "You have a choice. Trust me, join me in following Thunderwing. Help me bring about Rodimus Convoy's rule, so our Imperious Leader gets what he so richly deserves. And I make this offer only once."

Minerva: "I....." -sighs- "Where you go, I go, big brother."

Brainstorm: "You are my commander. I will follow."

Hosehead: "Yeah, boss. We gotta stick together."

Siren: -looking at the others in blank shock, shrugs- "I'm with you, boss."

Hardhead: "ARE YOU ALL INSANE?!?!?!?!?"

Nightbeat: "Well, Hardhead, I do only make this offer once. I hold nothing against you. Goodbye, my friend." -whips out plasma blaster(still set to heavy stun), places it against Hardhead, chest, pulls the trigger-

Hardhead: -blasted back through the air, lands on his back, twitching, shuddering, smoke rising black and thick from the scorched place on his chest, finally falls still-

Nightbeat: -rips the Autobot emblem from his chest-

Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, and Brainstorm: -do the same-

Brainstorm: "What about Chromedome?"

Nightbeat: "He's too much like Hardhead. Better dispatch him now." -smiles at Brainstorm- "Go show your friend what it means to go against Thunderwing."

Brainstorm: "By your command." -transforms, flies towards Chromedome-

Chromedome: "Brainstorm! Good, let's take out those-"

Brainstorm: -blasts Chromedome(blasters set to heavy stun)-

Chromedome: "SSHHHEEEAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!" -collapses, smoldering-

Brainstorm: -wings over, flys back to Nightbeat, transforms-

Nightbeat: -holsters blaster, looks back at Thunderwing- "I learned long ago, my lord, that a potential resource should never be wasted." -sighs- "But an unwilling resource is completely unusuable. Still, one Master Star Autobot is better than none."

Quick Switch
2003-02-20, 04:05 AM
Thunderwing laughed at Nightbeat's conversion.

"Very good, yes. Now, my servants, defend your true Lord against all else. Stop those who attack Metroplex, or who drive off my faithful Seekers!"


Quick Switch managed to divert his attention from the attack on Skywarp to shout to the Headmasters-

"I was right! Never trust a unit infused with an organic! No good traitors!"

Who knew Nightbeat was such an egotripper? He'll be dealt with soon enough. They all will.


Thunderwing watched impassively as Optimus Prime struggled to reach him. He turned to Rodimus Convoy and shrugged-

"You see? This is the last, futile act of a desperate unit. Optimus Prime knows you should lead, but he refuses to use logic. You are the superior unit, therefore, leadership of the Autobots should be yours. I don't think Optimus Prime can be reasoned with," he chided. "Perhaps we may have to use force after all..."

2003-02-20, 07:28 AM
Missiles exploded all around and shrapnel flew in all directions. Things were becoming increasingly clearer with every passing moment for Hound, although the buzzing in his auditory sensor was preturbing to him. Even that was starting to fade, although the other sensor still was not registering any sounds. He saw the shot clip Dirge's wing and struggled to his feet as the seeker passed overhead, firing missiles at Jazz and Sunstreaker. Hound shook his head again, trying to shake out the fuzziness.
Trailbreaker chuckled as Ultra Magnus finished speaking. He hopped off the table and waved back at First Aid as he got ready to leave Medbay.
"Ooops, duty calls! Take it easy Doc!" he called back over his shoulder to First Aidas he slid off the table and opened the door.
He went to take a step out, but much to his dismay, the space was occupied.
"Hellooooo... Who might you be?" Trailbreaker grinned and asked as he surveyed the figure in front of him.

2003-02-20, 07:50 AM
Moonblaze had just received the message from Ultra Magnus "Well Magnus, I think that I will have to lend you a hand with this, partner" Moonblaze Thinks for herself… help in battle.. it was much to her dislike, she had to accept the facts, she's a warrior, she can't hide any longer; besides not used to work in teams is not an excuse in war. "I have tried to stay far away of this battle by a long time, but this is a matter concerning Optimus Prime and I cannot fail him, besides, things are getting out of
control. Yet, I don't really know what to believe… who's who anyways…?" She sighed.
Moonblaze ran at high speed across the large hallways of the base while she runs out an auto-diagnostic. checking her weapons (An almost instinctive habit in her), "It seems I don't
have time to call my teammates. I'll leave alone and contact the rest of the White Cross Team later¨


Moonblaze was so dept in her thought that she barely noticed where she was, when she stopped in front of Medbay's door, she found herself face to face with Trailbraker. With a shocked look still in her face, she grinned.
"Who might you be?" the question echoed in her head for a moment, she shook her head realizing she looked stupid. "I'm Moonblaze" She said in a rough voice, then cleared her throat. "I'm the leader of the White Cross Team, we're loyal to Optimus Prime, however we don't use to spend any time in this base..."
She stopped for a moment, then relaxed, with a soft smile "See, I'm glad i've found someone around here- Let's go!"
She turned, running across the hallway again. "This might be better than I thought, this guy seems nice"

2003-02-20, 02:06 PM
"Pleased to meet you Ma'am... er, Moonblaze. I'm Trailbreaker," he replied with a friendly smile. "I'd like to hear more about your White Cross Team later, but you're right. Ultra Magnus called and it sounds like an emergency."
He glanced back to Medbay as they started jogging and chuckled. "At the very least it's giving me an excuse to play a little hooky."
Minutes later, they arrived in the communications center where Ultra Magnus was waiting.
Having been unconscious, he had no clue about anything that has transpired since the last battle with Thunderwing.

Trailbreaker got a friendly, but serious smile as he greeted the big Autobot. "Hello Magnus! Where's Optimus?" And then he registered a confused look as he glanced around at the normally busy communications center, which was now almost empty. "What is going on? Is Wheeljack making stink bombs in here to clear this place out or is someone having a two-for-one energon sale?"

2003-02-20, 02:50 PM
Brainstorm: -snarls- "For the last time you Sextuple-changing, brain dead, war-mongering, dumber than a bag of wet mice goon, I AM NOT INFUSED WITH AN ORGANIC!!!!!!!!!!!" -aims and fires repeatedly at Quick Switch-

Nightbeat: "Wow. Never tick off a techie, hmm?"

Minerva: "Guess not."

Nightbeat: "Right." -taps side of nose- "Siren, Hosehead, I think Mirage is still inside Metroplex. Go roust him out before he gets into too much trouble." -looks at the bodies of Chromedome and Hardhead- "Minerva, I'm pretty sure we're going to need the firepower, so see if you can get out late friends here up and running. They might only wind up being zombies, but we need the firepower. All else fails, rig them so you can run them by remote."

Minerva: -taps side of nose- "By your command." -runs over to Chromedome, starts working on him-

Chromedome: -optics flicker-

Minerva: "It's a pity, Chromedome. All you would have had to do is trust Nightbeat, he's got a plan and he knows what he's doing." -sighs, makes a few adjustments inside Chromedome's chest, then flips the comm panel on her arm open and taps a few buttons- "But, no, you had to be stubborn, and now you're nothing more than a zombie. Now I have to go do the same to Hardhead." -closes panel on Chromedome's chest, taps button on her comm panel-

Chromedome: -lurches to feet, optics glowing oddly-

Minerva: "I knew watching all of those old Peter Cushing Frankenstein movies would pay off one day." -talks into comm panel- "Chromedome. Go attack Quick Switch."

Chromedome: -shambles forward towards Quick Switch-

Minerva: -moves over to Hardhead- "This one won't be nearly as easy." -starts working on Hardhead-

Siren: "What are you going to do?"

Nightbeat: "I'm going to assist our Imperious Leader. Now go secure Metroplex."

Siren: -bows- "By your command."

Siren and Hosehead: -run for the hole in Metroplex's armor-

Nightbeat: -looks over at Prime, taps side of nose- "Sorry, Optimus, but Our Imperious Leader feels the way I do. Confusion, annoyance, destruction, making the enemy think I'm on his side..... Chaos. Panic. Disorder. All the other fun stuff." -smiles- "It's a way of life, after all."

2003-02-20, 04:36 PM
Instead of continuing to take more distance between himself and Mirage, Snapdragon transformed into his robot mode in the air and fired his lasercannons at Mirage before landing to the ground.

"So you wanted piece of me?! Let's see how much you can handle!" The Horrorcon growled and leaped towards Mirage, transforming into his reptilian mode in mid-air...

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-20, 08:18 PM
Grimlock stood, the confusion around him did him no favours...


Skywarp and Thundercracker both managed to avoid the fire from the Headmasters, and pulled back to a higher altitude, trying to get a grip on the battle below.


Sixshot finally dis-embarked from Scorponok, gliding to the ground, he landed hard. His knees baring the full brunt of his landing.

Thunderwing did make mention of ANOTHER hexa-changer, but I did not believe it ever to be true

Sixshot clapped eyes on the badly beaten Quick Switch.


Springer was en route to Metroplex, his helicopter blades echoing the urgency to get to Metroplex. He was carrying Blaster in his cock-pit, the tape-deck anxious to fight as much as anyone.

Quick Switch
2003-02-20, 08:20 PM
Quick Switch managed to avoid most of Brainstorm's shots, and grunted, turning to face the Headmasters dead on.

"So be it- fused or not, you're traitors- and converts to Thunderwing's cause don't need to be negotiated with!"

The Six Changer cocked his photon blasters and aimed at Chromedome. When he reached maximum range, the assault warrior would open fire.

Or he might transform to beast mode and rip off the zombified robot's head. Decisions, decisions.

What the- was that Sixshot? Just perfect.

2003-02-20, 09:22 PM
Jazz was blown back by Dirge's missle landing on the ground and out of the fight for the moment but Sunstreaker using the speed of his vehicle mode just out manuevered spinning around facing the same way as Dirge and flooring forward.

He kept track of Dirge and sped up noticing distroyed rubble shaping up into a ramp then an idea popped into his head and he turned to the ramp keeping an eye on the seeker.

"I'm gonna teach him the greatest form of martial arts"

Blaster sat inside Springer "How much longer till we get there I wanna smash some brainwashed Decepticons"

Bluestreak moved around following Mirage through the smoke cover wanting to see what is going on outside.

"Decepticons!" He whispers to himself staying hidden behind a part of the wall that was left. "Snapdragon!" he said next watching the horrorcon lunge at Mirage. He moved out and forward a bit looking over the battle field Autobot and Decepticon verse Autobot. This wasn't right why was all this happening. They were promised peace but... only more war! Why! Why did Rodimus lie?!

"MIRAGE LOOK OUT!" Bluestreak yelled moving out of the hole in Metroplex pulling his Ion Charge disperser Rifle from subspace

2003-02-20, 09:32 PM
(The job is never easy, especially when it involves planet-hopping. However, it was necessary. The first part, steaing a ship, was easy enough. Resistance was minimal at best. No, the hard part was approaching Cybertron undetected. They wanted NOBODY to know they were there until it was too late. Fortunately, it was possible to fool scanners with holographic images, making something appear to be, tentatively, nothing. They landed the ship and began to stalk their prey in secret, blending in as need be or simply making themselves scarce. Finally, the target had been acquired. They followed him until he reached a lesser-used sector of Cybertron. Then, the five infiltrators stepped out, some twenty-five feet behind him. They were the Battlecons, led by Darkside.)

Darkside: We have been asked to kill you with extreme prejudice, Karandras. Turn around and face your executioners, so you may die with dignity.

(At this, the others snickered oh-so-briefly. They were eager for a good scrap and here Darkside was setting one up for them. It was business, but it was also fun. When the call came in to go slag somebody, they jumped at the opportunity. They had him dead to rights...kinda'. If he tried to send any transmissions, he'd find the channels being jammed in this area by Outlaw's pirate radio station.)

Darkside: So what will it be, Karandras? Will you face your deadly foes...or run like so many of our other victims?

(They were already prepared for battle. Sneaking up on someone like that gave them that luxury. Darkside pointed his own Anti-Matter Cannon...)

OOC: :glance:

2003-02-20, 10:11 PM
Karandras stopped running and slowed down as he heard the voice behind him shaking his head. They never learned they always tried to kill them.

"Scan how many there are" he muttered inside his ship the mech not repeating.

"6" he got the reply then nodded then grinning. Should be pretty easy if there was only five.

"Now you want me to turn around do you? You realize if I turn your lives will be over... and if I don't turn your lives will be over. So the real question here is do you want to run and hide like so many others or do you wanna try your luck 6 on 1 and come out just 1 giant scrap heap?"

Karandras tightened his grip on the scythe as he began to ready his mind for some work mainly a teleportation manuever to get behind these six and make this quick.

2003-02-21, 02:12 AM
Siren and Hosehead: -climb into Metroplex-

Hosehead: "So what's the plan?"

Siren: "You heard Nightbeat. We secure Metroplex."

Hosehead: "But.... there's only two of us!"

Siren: -shakes head- "Hosehead, Hosehead, Hosehead...... think about it for a minute."

Hosehead: "Er......." -dime drops, grins- "Ah. I get it."

Siren: "Good. Now come on. We have a base to secure."

Siren and Hosehead: -head for Metroplex's command center-

Nightbeat: -sighs- "You and your kind are all alike, Quick Switch. You just don't know how to think."

Chromedome: -sees Sixshot, stops his advance on Quick Switch, left optic twitches-

Minerva: -working in hushed tones on Hardhead, looks over at Chromedome, sees Sixshot, mutters quietly- "Oh, pits." -looks at comm panel- "Chromedome. Attack Quick Switch!"

Chromedome: -left optic twitches again, empty gaze takes Quick Switch's mangled appearance in, then Sixshot's pristine appearance, looks back at Quick Switch's, lurches forward again toward Quick Switch-

Minerva: -relaxes, goes back to working on Hardhead-

Hardhead: -visor starts glowing the same way Chromedome's is, face set in a scowl-

Minerva: "It's all set, Nightbeat. Set your comm unit to LCV 705."

Nightbeat: -flips comm panel on his arm open, taps a few keys- "Wave sine RCW...." -checks readout again- "139?"

Minerva: "Yup."

Nightbeat: -pushes button-

Hardhead: -lurches to feet, staggers towards Nightbeat-

Nightbeat: -checks blaster(resets it to full power),smiles- "Stop. Lock tracking sensors on target."

Hardhead: -pivots toward Prime-

Nightbeat: "Minerva! Bring Chromedome back. No point in messing our resident fanatic up any more than he is already. After all, if Prime surrenders, the threat is over."

Minerva: "Right. Chromedome! New target! Target their commander!"

Chromedome: -stops, moves away from Quick Switch, stops, facing Prime-

Nightbeat: "Switch control over to Brainstorm, then get inside Metroplex and help Siren and Hardhead!"

Minerva: "But........." -reads look on Nightbeat's face, sighs- "By your command." -transfers frequency to Brainstorm, runs into Metroplex-

Brainstorm: -checks blasters(resets to full), turns towards Prime-

Nightbeat: "We're sick of fighting, Prime. We want this stupid war to end."

Quick Switch
2003-02-21, 02:30 AM
"You're nothing but a pest," Dirge said, loosing another volley of missles at Sunstreaker.


Quick Switch was grim.

"The fact that you sold your essence for a taste of the Chaos Matrix makes me the one not thinking, Nightbeat? I don't think so..."

The Six Changer tried to resist the urge simply to slump over. In desperation, he transformed back to his pistol mode and aimed (generally) at the Headmasters facing his Leader.

"If they take one more step towards Optimus, Nightbeat, so help me, I'll kill them all. I may be battered but I'm not out. And this pistol damage won't be cosmetic either."

God Jinrai
2003-02-21, 02:46 AM
Jet Convoy bowed his head...

"Nightbeat... you're not alone. but you of all people I thought would never give in to this...maddness... but I WILL NOT STAND DOWN. "

Prime raised his head again...

"I refuse to fight you, headmasters... but I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THIS IS ENDED...and the chaos matrix DESTROYED!"

Prime engaged his jets, rocketing skyward...

"Astroscope...skyblast...payload... I'm sorry, my friends... but the time has come when your combined might must again be loosed... Unicron must be stopped... If things become extreme... you all are to disengage... powerlink with jetfire, and retreat... take all other minicons with you... and depart cybertron... hide... before thunderwing realizes the potential you each posess.... head for nebulos... if they manage to locate you... then forgive me... for I will have failed us all..."

these words were spoken through prime's circuitry to the minicons that were bonded to him... and they each acknowledged him... albeit hesitantly in the case of sparkplug...

The cannon detached from the locking place on prime's back, and prime spun, caught the cannon, and turned back again to his opponent...

"Requiem Cannon... target lock achieved... Primus, grant me strength... FIRE!"

The trigger was pulled, and the massive weapon unleashed its raw power... hammering against the shield... all the while... prime realized it was likely a futile attempt... but any attempt was better than nothing.

Quick Switch
2003-02-21, 03:06 AM
Thunderwing watched, amused, as Optimus Prime attempted some sort of desperate move.

He noticed the pause.

What is that fool thinking?

The aristocrat watched was the cannon unlatched and Prime fired. He half smirked.

"You know, another robot called out his own attacks to me and-" and then the force barrier shattered. Thunderwing's jaw dropped.

"This..this cannot be! That was a Chaos Barrier- I-" and then the blast washed over him. And Thunderwing screamed, though it was lost to outside observers because of the massive discharge of energy from the cannon.


Of course, Unicron...but it burns...


I thought you wished to desire it...that we might possess it, and wield it to Chaos Entire?


Give me your strength!


And Thunderwing's body was a-flame with renwed Chaos Energy, dispersing the cannon blast as so much paper. A green aura now pervaded Thunderwing, his optics turned to a permenant emerald shade. His refined Pretender mouth twisted into a lunatic grin.

"You cannot stop me, now, Optimus Prime! My only mistake was to attempt to possess the Autobot Matrix...but now, I'll be rid of it and you forever- by destroying both!"

And with that, Thunderwing teleported next to Prime's position, and hurled himself at the Autobot leader.

2003-02-21, 03:38 AM
He... he truely is one with Chaos... Scorponok gasped as he watched at Prime's futile attempts against Thunderwing. Helping Prime doesn't feel right but there is no future if Thunderwing thriumps... I am certain of it... Unicron won't spare anyone after the essence of Primus is gone... not even those who follow Thunderwing... not even Thunderwing...

The enormous Decepticon shuddered by the thought and began powering up his twin barreled photoncannons. I don't want to die... Primus grant me strength...

God Jinrai
2003-02-21, 03:45 AM
Prime half expectantly dodged to the left...

"Well. that was a bit unexpected" he muttered...

"Payload, Skyblast, Astroscope, disengage, and divert remaining power to sustaining jetfire..."

the trio separated from their combined form, locking onto powerlink points on jetfire's now recreated wing and prime's forearms...

"I knew you were weaker than you claimed, thunderwing... you always HAVE been nothing more than a snobbish, gloating aristocrat."

Prime reached out tightly clenching thunderwing's right arm, set to swing his opponent about, and fling him further skyward...

Quick Switch
2003-02-21, 03:52 AM
Thunderwing was shocked.

First, that Prime actually was foolish enough to grab him- and the second...

"What are those things that attach about you, Optimus Prime? Another manifestation of that wretched Matrix? Well, I'll just have to destroy them as well!"

With his left arm, Thunderwing coiled it into a fist, and slammed with all his worth into Prime's chest.

"I'll rip the Matrix out of you!" he bellowed.

God Jinrai
2003-02-21, 04:13 AM
the fist collided with the chestplate covering prime's vehicle mode configuration... and it nearly tore through... but prime was quick enough to complete his manuver... whipping thunderwing in an arc, sending him sailing into the sky above...

"What they are is not your concern, thunderwing. you'd think them more peons as you think the rest of our race, simply because we are not of your sickly aristocracy! "

The once gleaming white chestplate now was heavily dented, and remanants of the sickly green chaos energy dissipated from it...

Prime drew up his own weapons.. his rifle, as well as jetfire's oversized thruster cannon, and opened fire for all he was worth...

2003-02-21, 04:17 AM
Moonblaze directed a brief and formal look to the big Autobot, then turned her gaze to the communications center. She was somehow confused, she thought for a moment, shaking her head then glanced at the two male Autobots
“Surely everyone is already in the battle field. .Ultra Magnus, I suppose that this is even more than what we were expecting... Hehehehe, I can’t wait to kick some tail” Her voice was stern and extremely tranquil, -Knowing the situation they were found-.
“Trailbreaker I believe that you will have the great honor to meet my team in less time that I anticipated” Then, slowly she walked leaving behind Trailbreaker and Ultra Magnus “I wish this stupid war to finish as soon as possible, I no longer want to turn my aim to anybody else... MOONBLAZE, TRANSFORM!” Moonblaze transformed to her vehicle mode and rushed out of the base.

I know Thunderwing is strong enough to put a fight to Optimus Prime.... I don't know what will Magnus do, I just hope is something great.... My only question is... what will Thunderwing do if he founds out the minicons high potential?? the only idea scares me...beign a maniac as he is... Moonblaze shrugged, as she tried to contact her teammates....

Quick Switch
2003-02-21, 04:20 AM
Thunderwing corrected his trajectory, laughing all the while as he heard the delightful sounds of cruncing steel and cracking metal...and the Chaos Energy taint, just a little, the exemplar who was Optimus Prime.

Thunderwing crossed his arms.

"Sickly aristocracy? I think not. The few were meant to lead the many. I call it...a meritocracy. Your creator, Alpha Trion, was also a prince of the blood. Do you spit at his lineage as well?"

Thunderwing's Pretender shell absorbed the weapon discharges easily, some spun off and exploded into the Cybertronic buildings around them. The Pretender shell, very durable, was now willingly reinforced by Unicron. The shots could have very well been pin pricks, as far as Thunderwing was concerned.

Thunderwing extended both his arms out and flew toward Prime, gaining speed and momentum. Just a few more blows, and the Matrix would be his. To destroy...of course.

"Give in to the entropy now, so it will make your termination that much more pleasurable for me!"

God Jinrai
2003-02-21, 04:28 AM
"Not on your life, Thunderwing!"

In his mind, prime could hear a faint voice... a song he'd once heard during his time on earth... one that he'd heard during all of his critical battles... one that would drive any warrior hearing it to do the impossible....

Prime returned the charge, locking the twin weapons onto his back, fists cocked back... but it wasn't going to be prime's fists thunderwing would have to worry about... no, it would be his right foot that would be moving at a speed that likely would cause a ding in the toe... and send thunderwing skyward again, in a fashion that would make an earthen football coach jump for joy....

2003-02-21, 04:28 AM
Mirage spun around halfway as he heard Bluestreak's yell behind him and then instantaneously realized his mistake as he twisted his head back and saw Snapdragon descending upon him. He fired his rifle at close quarters and raised his left arm simultaneously to block the oncoming form with a mouthfull of teeth.
Hound's mind was almost clear. His back hurt, but ahead of him, he saw the explosions knock Jazz away as Dirge soared past and the thoughts connected. He focused hard and conjured up a hologram of a massive flock of blackbirds in Dirge's flight path.

Quick Switch
2003-02-21, 04:35 AM

The one thing any good pilot knew, was that birds in the engines meant one thing- certain death.

And for a being who was a plane, that pretty much did it for Dirge.


The blue Seeker, engines still wailing, attempted to juke and jive his way through the sky. A fool's errand, of course.

Dirge soon lost altitude and began to stall.


Thunderwing caught Prime's foot with one hand, and lashed out at his chest again with the other.

"Fool! The Matrix is mine to command! I will possess both Matrices! I, Thunderwing, Grandee Major, Noble of the Realm, First Prince of the Blood- wielder of Chaos Entire and Avatar of Unicron himself! You cannot destroy my destiny!"

God Jinrai
2003-02-21, 04:39 AM
Prime was caught off guard, but not so much that he couldn't react... sliding to the right, he caught thunderwing's arm beneath his own arm, reeled back with his right fist, and let loose on thunderwing's face... releasing the arm, and igniting the afterburners on his feet...

"Famous last words, thunderwing... Unicron can testify to that." prime spoke almost menacingly as he attempted his breakaway

2003-02-21, 04:56 AM
"Sureshock! Look, look what they're doing!"
Grindor was in disbelief as he watched Nightbeat and the other Headmasters fire on Chromedome and Hardhead and the ensuing medical procedure.
Highwire saw Sixshot and pointed with an open mouth. "It's another big Sixchanging guy."
"Yeah but that big Headmaster guy is going after our big Sixchanging guy." Sureshock replied as he started running towards Chromedome.
"Let's take him on a trip guys!" Grindor laughed as they charged at Chromedome's legs. Sureshock began running circles around him and the other two attempted to grab on to trip him.
The buzzing in his auditory sensor kept up, but Hound started moving after Dirge, forcing his body to respond at first and then gaining momentum into a steady, ground-covering jog. The stun effects of the concussion missiles were wearing off, however, he was stiff from being thrown and something in his back hurt. The erratic flight path that Dirge was flying signaled Hound that the seeker was having trouble. He followed with his rifle ready, but kept up the hologram, adjusting the aerial river of streaming birds to form a U-shaped path and return across the flight path some distance down. Something echoed in his head... words of death and destruction, but they were fuzzy. One thing was clear and certain in Hound's mind, and that was that Dirge had become his main focus.

Quick Switch
2003-02-21, 05:46 AM
Dirge's CPU was consumed in an unabashed panic attack.

The birds- they were everywhere.

The jet tried to fly up, down, around, vectors, gimbals, pitches, yaws- it all came down to fear. To be honest, the physics of flight meant a little less right now to Dirge as how the birds had suddenly appeared right in his flight path.

If the Seeker hadn't been so taken off guard, he'd 've realized there were no birds. Not really.

"I don't deserve this," he wailed. "I can't think...my mind is going...I can feel it- I'm seizing up- I just can't deal with this!"

In the back of his mind, he heard Ramjet say-

"Panic will defeat you, Dirge..."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Dirge screamed. By the time he'd come out of that funk, he'd slammed into the ground.

As he transformed to robot mode he realized- he was trapped under a mound of rubble. And that Hound was coming towards him. Like a doombringer. He didn't look very happy now.

And that's what worried Dirge the most.

2003-02-21, 05:54 AM
Sunstreaker watched Dirge crash and groaned no fun there but he could still pound that Coneheads head into a normal seeker head.

Sunstreaker swerves around the ram he was going to use and transformers and runs towards the pil of rubble he crashed in.

Jazz pushed himself up slowly shaking his head "Ungh... what hit me"

2003-02-21, 06:21 AM
Hound slowed to a marked advance and fixed his icy blue optics on the struggling jet. He let the bird hologram disappear and raised his rifle.
"I won't shoot you like this, but there will be no further escape for you Dirge. Everywhere you go, I will track you. I will hunt your downtime and your involuntary processor will never be able to escape. Surrender now and then... get out. You... are mine, and you're going to Iacon, as a prisoner."

Quick Switch
2003-02-21, 06:32 AM
Dirge shook with fright, every sentence eminating from Hound's mouth a whipcrack of pure dread.

It...it was the optics that did it the most. Who knew sky-blue could be so desolate?

Dirge tried to struggle, raise his concussion missle launchers up, even attempt defiance, but just couldn't do it.

"I...can't believe I've been so defeated..." he choked out, still unable to tear himself away from Hound's grim face. "...you are very strong, Autobot. Stronger than most. Fear does not affect you." Awe crept into Dirge's vocoder.

2003-02-21, 07:06 AM
Snapdragon was send staggering backwards as Mirage's close range blast hit him, a low growl escaped his vocal unit but it wasn't a growl of pain, more so of anger.

"I am made to take hits like that Autobot... you need to try harder." Snapdragon smirked at Mirage and swung his tail in wide arc towards Mirage.

2003-02-21, 02:15 PM
Snapdragon's tail connected across Mirage's left side and chest. The reflex action of raising the arm had left his torso unprotected, and the blow hit solidly. His light body was thrown backwards into the wall of Metroplex. Winded, and with a large dent in his chest across the hood area, he struggled to get to his feet as he realized Bluestreak had come out.
"Bluestreak, get back inside!" he gasped.
Hound blinked. The seeker's words had sunk in and brought up thoughts pushed aside minutes ago. A sadness threatened to creep in on him. He suddenly felt pity for the Decepticon in front of him. He knew he shouldn't speak, but it wasn't his nature to make others suffer. The warmer look hinted back in his optics and words.
"You're wrong Dirge. Fear does affect me, but not for the reasons it does to you. I'm a soldier and I'm expendable. My fears are many, but they have little to do with my own self and everything to do with my friends and peace. There isn't an Autobot that has lived that I wouldn't have traded my spark for."
Lost in thought for just a moment, Hound suddenly became aware of an engine approaching behind him, and started moving around behind Dirge, so he could see what was coming and still keep him in focus.

2003-02-21, 03:15 PM
Nightbeat: "Gee Prime.... You and Quick Switch are more alike than I thought. Truly scary." -raises comm panel to lips- "Now."


Siren, Hosehead, and Minerva: -inside Metroplex-

Siren: "Now?!?!? We're not ready yet!"

Minerva: "So we play catch up! Come ON!"


Nightbeat: "Lock on target."

Chromedome and Hardhead: -opitcs flare back to blue-

Nightbeat, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -aim at Thunderwing-

Nightbeat: "After all, I never said I actually agree, Thunderwing. It's more fun causing chaos than to actually be chaos."

Chromedome: "I've got minicons running around my feet."

Hardhead: "Then mind where you step. Remember what happened to Shadowlink during the transector tests."

Chromedome: "Yeah. He didn't mind that desk job too much, though."

Nightbeat: "It ends here, Thunderwing. FIRE!!!"

Nightbeat, Chromedome, and Brainstorm: -fire blasters at Thunderwing-

Hardhead: -fires shatterblasters and all eight of his remaining high explosive anti-armor shells at Thunderwing-

2003-02-21, 05:01 PM
Rodimus whirled around, arms flailing as Thunderwing flew through the air. He sailed backwards and landed on his back.
"What the? Alpha? Omega?"

He sat somewhat in a daze, unsure of what was going on around him - for as Unicron gave more power to Thunderwing, the essence of Chaos seemed to lift from Rodimus's spark, as if a bag was pulled from over his eyes and he found himself staring into dazzling, bright sunlight.

He shook his head once more, trying and failing to clear his thoughts.


"Ooomph!" Omega exclaimed as Bruticus hit him, and he flew several hundred feet backwards, crashing hard to the ground. Shaking his head, he tried to struggle to his feet as the Combatron gestalt advanced.


"Springer come in. This is Sixswitch, I'm over the combat zone, and it's gettin' hot down there. What are your orders?"

2003-02-21, 05:12 PM
(ooc: of all the days I had to play Tekken 4...)

Ultra Magnus tired to open his mouth to give Moonblaze orders, but it was too late, it seems that she had already gone. But Magnus figured that he had waited long enough as well, he was probably aready too late for the battle, but he knew what he had to do, now was his chance to prove to Teratron that this peace would work. He transformered and headed off.

Quick Switch
2003-02-21, 05:15 PM
Thunderwing lurched as Prime's fist impacted his face.

Then he saw the Headmasters turn on him.

The missles, blaster shots and the like blasted into his Pretender shell- not doing much damage, but really disorienting the aristocrat.

"Insolent units!" he screamed. "Scorponok, open fire! Destroy these interlopers! Rodimus Convoy, summon your troops and attack, or your leadership of the Autobots is doomed!"

Thunderwing tried to regain his bearings. Things...seemed to be slowly falling apart. For an etropist, true bliss. But for such an ordered being as Thunderwing, it was beginning to border on bi-polar disorder.

"I will not be defeated so close to victory, Optimus Prime!"

Thunderwing had a sneaking suspicion that the tide was about to turn- but surely Scorponok and Rodimus Convoy would not fail him now. Surely. Loyalty meant something...didn't it?


Bruticus suddenly turned and watched the ensuing struggle with Thunderwing and Prime.

"Bruticus think fight with Omega not as important as Prime and Thunderwing," he rumbled, animosity forgotten for a moment.


Quick Switch's jaw dropped, slack jawed as the Headmasters obviously carried out a very well executed plan.

"Well, I'll be scrapped. Major foot-insertion-into-mouth moment here."


Dirge reflected on Hound's speech silently, though he stopped shaking once he realized Hound wasn't going to kill him.

Friends? Self-worth? Sacrafice?

Dirge had done this once...he'd been resurrected because of it.

That's when he saw the ensuing battle with Thunderwing and Optimus Prime.

"What- what's happening to Lord Thunderwing?" his leader seemed...well, nuts. Why hadn't he beaten Optimus Prime? Why wasn't Rodimus Convoy helping him?

Fear of Hound vanished as the simple-minded jet tried to grasp the earth-shattering battle around him, forces he could not even fathom which were re-shaping the possible future of the known universe.

2003-02-21, 05:39 PM
Lockpick rests back at base on her own.

God Jinrai
2003-02-21, 06:34 PM
Beneath his battlemask, a grin unlike any that a human could make crossed prime's face... it had all paid off...

"Rodimus! Indeed, SUMMON the troops! It's time we finished this once and for all! And pardon me for my usurping slight command of your battlestation, rodimus...but... METROPLEX! Initiate target lock on thunderwing, and hit him with everything you've got! And NO MATTER WHAT... NO ONE... NO ONE IS TO LET UP!"

With those words, Prime landed, bowing his head...

"Jet Convoy... initiate separation."

The massive robot form split in two... jetfire reverting to his shutle mode...

"All of you... stay with him... and do EVERYTHING you can to revive him... once he's able, get him in the air again, and have him head for iacon... get him fully repaired, and prepare for departure."

Sparkplug solemnly nodded, and linked to jetfire's beaten form...

"It's the matrix you want, thunderwing? THEN HERE! COME GET IT!"

Prime activated his jet boots, rocketing skyward... no longer was he going to rely on others to fight a battle that he knew could be won only one way... forearm cannons charging with energy, prime came upon thunderwing, interlocked his hands, and let loose his atom blast attack... Within his torso, he felt primus' essence burning brightly... and in his mind... and his very spark, the human's voice grew louder, and mightier....

Silently, he transmitted to metroplex again... "Metroplex... battle music... you know what to do..."

OOC: Six, if you're wondering what the blazes I'm talking about... the touch, if you please.

2003-02-21, 06:36 PM
Sunstreaker stopped at the stuck in awe Dirge then grinned "You know Hound..." he moved his weapon forward right at the fiace of the downed seeker.

"If we killed him here there would be one less Seeker to deal with in the fight against Thunderwing and his Autobot lackeys"

He dropped his finger to the trigger watching the seeker.

Jazz had gotten to his feet a piece of debris was lodged in his abdomen and was causing extreme pain. "Man talk about luck..."

Bluestreak ignored Mirage's plea for him to get back and pulled up the Ion-charge disperser rifle "You were built to take that? Well take this!" He fired off a blast from the rifle and launched a missle from each of his shoulder cannon at the close by Snapdragon

2003-02-21, 06:54 PM
"Don't get me wrong Thunderwing... but there is unsettled business between me and Unicron... and you are between me and my righterous revenge." Scorponok's voice boomed over the sounds of the battle just before he gave the firing command to the six powerful twin photon cannons that were usable in his scorpion mode.

While still waiting did his strike have any effect at all, Scorponok spoke again, with sadness and even regret in his voice. "Forgive me... if you had been stronger to resist the chaos..."

Snapdragon had began approaching Mirage, grinding his teeth together while walking. "I'll just finish you off and then do the same to your friend..."

And then Bluestreak's attack connected with his back, causing the Horrorcon to scream in pain as the two laser cannons on his back along with large chunk of his back armoring exploded.

Snapdragon fell to the ground, twiching in pain, mixture of oil and energon leaking out from the large open wound in his back...

2003-02-21, 08:30 PM
Suddenly like a horse leaping over a chasm Hot Rod in vechical mose soared into the sky above the battle feild, "Noone let up? Battle Music, I gotta remember that one! Transform!" Hot Rod transformed into robot mode still suspended in the air, Jolt tossed him his Targetmaster gun and Hot Rod landed, "Hey Optimus... here's one Rodimus that won't let you down" He pointed to himself, "Ok which of Thunderwing's troops wants some?"

2003-02-21, 09:17 PM
Void heard Prime's general command of attacking Thunderwing with everything.

As you command, my lord
She flies skyward, her black form blocking out the stars behind her. She raised her arms slightly and started concentrating. Fireballs start forming in her palms. She hurles two balls towards Thunderwing. She also forms an ice javelin, sends a few thousand volts into it and hurls it after the fireballs, timing her throw so that the ice cold javelin will impact after the fireballs have heated Thunderwing's form, hopefully embedding itself in him. After she had thrown the javelin however, she dropped a few feet.. something was wrong. I shouldn't be feeling like this... something is wrong.. was the thought that went through her mind as she floated down to the surface, more falling then floating actually. The truth hit her with about as much force as the ground: This world is almost completely devoid of mana.... I used too much energy.. need to recover... was the last thing she thought about before going unconscious.

2003-02-22, 12:10 AM
Roadbuster: -skids to a halt, transforms, sees Thunderwing- "Good. I didn't miss anything." -aims laser rifle and linear blaster at Thunderwing, opens fire-

Nightbeat: "About time you guys got here. We were afraid you'd miss the party!"

Nightbeat, Chromedome, and Brainstorm: -keep firing at Thunderwing-

Hardhead: -keeps firing shatterblasters, switches shoulder cannon to incindiary shells, starts firing them at Thunderwing-


Siren, Hosehead, and Minerva: -burst out onto Metroplex's upper works-

Siren and Hosehead: -switch guns back to full, take up sniping positions, aiming at Thunderwing-

Minerva: "I'd feel better if you two were Targetmasters."

Siren: "Can't have everything."

Hosehead: "Odd name, isn't it? Targetmaster?"

Minerva: "Sounds like it's a cheap toy gimmick to me."

Siren and Hosehead: -look at each other- "Nah." -aim at Thunderwing, start taking sniping shots at him-

Aero Blade
2003-02-22, 02:56 AM
Going unnoticed by most, a small minicon flew around various parts of the battle field, almost seeming to be searching for something. The red, orange, and white jet/shuttle mix seemed to give up searching, choosing a high perch to land on, transforming into robot mode, overlooking the current fighting. The minicon seemed utterly depressed.

I can't even remember how long I've been searching, now... the minicon thought. I see a few people that look familiar, but they don't feel familiar.... He looked over the group of Transformers that had gathered again. Most were unfamiliar, aside from this place's Optimus, and that's what terrified him the most. He had been searching all this time, and still no signs of his partner or anyone he knew. He didn't know what he'd do without Aero Blade...

The minicon looked over the battlefield one more time, then spotted something he hadn't noticed earlier. Sureshock, Grindor, and Highwire. No doubt they weren't the ones he knew, but at least he'd be more comfortable talking to his own kind. He could ask them what was going on. Maybe one of them would have seen Aero Blade..!

2003-02-22, 04:19 AM
Highwire, Sureshock and Grindor tried their best to trip Chromedome, but their efforts were fairly futile. These three had absolutely no sense of battling, and they knew it well. Still they tried their hardest until they saw him change direction and start heading for Thunderwing.
"I give up." Grindor said with a scowl as he stopped and watched the big Autobot head away. "This one's too big, and I don't know what he's doing now."
"He's... going towards the Thunder guy." Sureshock noted, nodding his head.
"Well, I vote for just staying here until we're called." Grindor replied with a set look.
"Nooo.... not me. I want to check out that city!" Highwire grinned. Having lost interest in the battle, he now was fixated on Metroplex.

All three looked at the large hole and the battle going on with Snapdragon outside.
"You've gotta be kidding." Grindor and Sureshock said in unison.
"Nope. Just walk around them all. They're busy anyway." And with that, Highwire started heading for the hole in the wall. Suddenly, Sureshock stopped in his tracks and looked around. He had heard the distinctive sound of a minicon engine.
"Hey guys! Check this out!" He slapped Highwire on the shoulder and pointed at a little minicon jet heading in their direction.
Mirage narrowed his optics at the oncoming Horrorcon as he struggled to his feet and then stared, taken off guard by the monster's collapse and spasms. He was only vaguely aware that the connector shaft in his right leg was hurting, but had no idea it had splintered and part of it was protruding from the outside of the leg until he tried to step forward. The pain shot through his synapsis and he quickly froze, working on trying to redirect it. He glanced over at Bluestreak with a bit of awe.
"Thanks Bluestreak. Remind me never to get you angry."
Trailbreaker wrinkled his nose as he watched Moonblaze leave and Ultra Magnus follow her. He sighed to himself as he looked around the empty room.
"She left and he ignored me. Guess femmes do have a way of getting into the central processors, but I thought he needed everyone.
Still, I guess I'm more of a hinderance anyway. I really do use up too much energon."
Trailbreaker walked towards the door as he pondered his disappointment.
"Maybe I'll just- go into downtime in my room for a bit then."
Hound shook his head at Sunstreaker.
"What you say is true Sunstreaker, but then we'd be like the Decepticons. Please don't shoot him unless he tries to escape, much as he deserves it. I want to take him back to Iacon as a prisoner for a fair trial... but how can we get him there?"
Astroscope, Payload and Sky Blast were exhausted, but they followed Prime's orders. The blast had taken most of their energy, however they linked to Jetfire and diverted the last remnants of their energy into his body, becoming only semi-conscious themselves. Runway and Sonar also settled into links. With their added power, Jetfire became semi-conscious. When Comettor attached, he was able to interface with Jetfire's systems and assist with manually powering him up. Runway and Sonar provided the extra lift and they lifted off after almost a minute had passed during takeoff. Jetstorm however, had gone to link, and disengaged. He didn't like taking orders, and something bothered him.
Optimus was trying to look after Jetfire and the others. He didn't use them as a weapon against Thunderwing, but instead was sending them away for safety. He felt a twinge... and wondered if it was admiration.
He had to find out.
Jetstorm geared up and soared quietly overhead watching the battle.

Quick Switch
2003-02-22, 06:34 AM
Thunderwing grunted as Prime's attack blasted into him.

"Is that all?" the beam attacks, while a nuisance, didn't really hurt the Pretender shell...

And then he heard Scorponok's voice. He turned toward the massive City.

"But- I brought you back from stasis! Scorponok, Unicron is controlled by me...yes, he is harnessing more power to me...but your quarrel should be meaningless to your true Lord-"

and then the attacks slammed into him; Thunderwing was knocked into two buildings, destroying them both in the process. As he rose from the rubble, his optics burned.

Betrayal must not be countenanced!

"The friendship of Thunderwing is not so easily tossed aside, Scorponok," he said. "I offered you a chace at true glory...but you have chosen- the way of pain!"

Thunderwing chanelled a massive energy ball of sheer Chaos Energy and hurtled it toward Scorponok. It puslsed with sheer destructive power.

Meanwhile, aside from impacting the Pretender shell, the attacks of the Headmasters and the Elementals did not faze the aristocrat; in fact, Thunderwing had dismissed them from his mind.

Two enemies- Optimus Prime and now, Scorponok.

But he still had one ally left. Perhaps a thrall but- Rodimus Convoy. Thunderwing liked to believe the noble warrior had accepted his message of elitism, meritocracy and aristocracy. True public virtue, in the ancient republican sense.


Dirge managed to un-earth himself from the rubble pile, but simply stood, watching Thunderwing fight. Dirge realized that, even now in the thrall of Unicron, the aristocrat he one knew, the being who had resurrected him, was not himself.

And Dirge knew victory would not be had as Scorponok betrayed their Lord. He had a feeling that Rodimus Convoy would too.

Better to surrender now, yes. And so, Dirge simply watched the battle above. His part in the war was over. For now.

2003-02-22, 08:18 AM
"Impossible..." Scorponok gasped as he saw Thunderwing rising from the ruins of a building unharmed. "The blast... it would have blasted a hole through Fortress Maximu- aaaaaaeeeerrhh!!!"

The black Decepticon giant roared in pain as Thunderwing's attack hit him, tearing down his forcefield, secondary shielding and still it was strong enough to create cracks to his outer battlearmoring, large enough for a normal sized transformer to stand in. And if it wasn't enough, Scorponok felt losing control of his gyro stabilizers and flight control.

Wanting to avoid crashing to Cybertron, Scorponok transformed into his towering robot mode and managed to land, making the ground tremble under his feet. A massive spear emerged to his claw from the subspace and he began to tap power into it, when he was ready, Scorponok hurled the spear towards Thunderwing with all his remaining strength, knowing that the spear had enough momentum to sink through one of Cybertron's moons had he thrown it against one but this was an avatar of Unicron...

Spent and drained, Scorponok fell on his knees and was forced to take support from the ground with his claws.

"Maximus brotherss... you foolss! What does it take for you to understand to attack Thunderwing instead of fighting against each other?!" Scorponok roared furiously just before he collapsed to the ground with his whole lenght...

2003-02-22, 10:34 AM
Bandit, Rally and Talon had been standing on a ledge, overlooking the battle. They had been unable to do anything except stare at the fight between the Autobots, Thunderwing's arrival and the demon he trully was.

That changed when Scorponok landed and collapsed. The tremmors tossed Bandit(and Rally who was still attached to his shoulder) over the edge. They tumbled down to the ground, landing near the unconscious form of Void. Talon quickly flew down to where they lay.

"You two alright?" he asked his friends.
"Ugh, I'm ok given the fact I just tumbled down a small cliff. How you doing Rally?" Bandit replied. "Battered, broosed and one heck of a headache. But alive, not sure if the same goes for out neighbour" came the reply. "Neighbour?" Bandit replied as his gaze fell on Void. "Hey, you ok?" he asks the gestalt after getting up and heading over. A faint whisper was the only reply. Bandit knelt down beside Void, placed his hand on her shoulder and tried giving it a nudge.

"Uhm.. what.. happened... Did I... take out.... Thunderwing.." came the faint reply. "I don't know what happened to you, but Thunderwing is still active" Rally replied. Void moved her head to look at Bandit. "Damnit, that... attack should... have at.. least harmed him" she muttered. "I hate to say it, but he seems unharmed. He's nothing short of a demon" Rally replied in a kind voice. "Indeed... a demon... just like Yawgmoth... Wait a moment... that tone of voice... it's different.. from the others.. almost human.. but that's absurd.." Void replied. "I don't know about this Yawgmoth. But the fact that we are human isn't absurd, it's true" Bandit replied. "Don't speak nonsense. You are mechanical, like the others" Void replied. "Is that so... Rally, care to show her what we really are?" Bandit asked his partner. "Gladly Bean" Rally says as she transforms from her gun form into her normal form. Bandit raises his arm to be at face level with Void. Rally walks up to Void's face. She returned her exosuit to subspace. She was standing there in her normal clothes. "Still sure we aren't human?" she asked with a grin. Void was dumbstruck. A Phyrexian..here.. No, the smell isn't the same...no oil... So they are human... she passed out again.

Aero Blade
2003-02-22, 03:26 PM
As Sureshock, Highwire, and Grindor waiting, the little minicon jet flew to them. It circled once, then landed, transforming into robot mode. Grindor cocked his head alittle, looking at the new minicon. This one was alittle unusual; it was alittle smaller than them. Usually other minicons were about their size or bigger...

"Hi," Sureshock said, introducing the others. "What's your name? I've never seen you around before."

"My name's Stratus," The new minicon answered. "I kinda just got here. I'm trying to find my partner. His name is Aero Blade. Have you seen him?" Stratus asked.

"What does he look like?" Grindor asked.

"Well, he looks like, what do you call those things again? A 'helicopter'? Well, he's got these four big blade thingies that when they spin really quickly he can fly in vehicle mode. He's also a kinda red and white color."

"I don't think I've seen him," Sureshock answered. "But there's been alot of the big guys around here all over the place..."

Stratus sighed, hanging his head alittle. "I'm not even sure if he's around here. Even if he was, I doubt he'd come this way. He doesn't like fighting..." Stratus sighed again. "I'll never find him...." he mumbled, patheticly sad.

2003-02-22, 07:34 PM
OOC: There are 5 Battlecons, Blaster. I may be working on a sixth, but he isn't finished yet.


Darkside: The stories are true. You are as arrogant as they say. By the way... Roadkill, have you activated that disruptor field yet?

Roadkill: Oh yes. Matter transportation is now quite cut off. With this little transceiver I built, a teleporting object would not be able to remain stable while travelling.

(Whoops. Looks like they've been doing their homework.)

Darkside: Thank you, Roadkill. You just made my day.

(And with that, he delightfully fires at Karandras' back.)

OOC: I guess he wasn't in a playful mood. :D BTW: The anti-matter blast heading your way will cause a violent explosion with whatever solid matter that it hits. It wouldn't be an instant kill if you got hit. It would just mean that you are ground zero for a rather nasty explosion.

2003-02-22, 08:15 PM
Kar just shook his head. "Idiots" is all he said as he caught the sound of the trigger took being pulled and to the air as the with a booster thrust seared only air giving him no need to jump this time flipping over his five opponents. "You think I need to teleport deal with your lunking useless weapons?"

"And as for you and your little device" Karandras from within the mecha pressed a few things on the device connected to his right arm creating an EMP pulse over the area to hopefully deactivate them he was un-aware what it did to transformers but he was sure it would deactivate their little transciever. "You pick a fight you cannot win and now you die"

He hauled the wraithbone scythe above his head then brought long weapon down at Outlaw's connection between his shoulder and head. If the EMP worked he was dead. If it didn't work. Well that he may have a chance, either way Karandras would relish teachings these fools who ever they were.

Sunstreaker grinned as Dirge got up his weapon following him. "He moved" the says and then follows up to the cone heads shoulder pulling the trigger on his weapon.

Jazz was in a sitting position now. "Uggh man where is Sunstreaker" he said looking around "This battle was goin great until the decepti-creeps showed up then became a fight to the death" Jazz struggled to his feet still talking to himself.

Bluestreak nodded bringing the Ion-charge Disperser to his mouth and blowing on the top then pulling it down "You know it Mirage, now lets get you inside and away from this Decepticon" Bluestreak looked at Snapdragon in awe. He couldn't beileve he did that.

2003-02-22, 08:47 PM
OOC: No, man. They're shielded. You see, Outlaw has abilities like that and it would be...very bad for the rest of the group to conk out because Outlaw cut loose. (This is actually in his profile.)


(Outlaw ducks under the blade, aiming his Plasma Rifle.)

Outlaw: That's state-of-the-art lunky weapons to you, buddy!

(Outlaw aims high to fire at the head and keep this guy grounded. He figured Specter would do the same... Hey! Where WAS Specter? He must have cloaked himself, because the white Battlecon was out of sight.)

Darkside: Careful there, boys. That weapon might use vibro-blade technology.

(Yellowjacket drives around in cab mode to get somewhere behind Kar and then lets loose with a few incendiary grenades from the passenger-side window. Karandras may not think very highly of them, but there are some definite tactics going on here.)

2003-02-22, 09:06 PM
Karandras just looked at him as the plasma hit him like a gob hitting the wall it did nothing because the wraith bone was heat resistant. These guys were about as prepared to fight him as a monkey is prepared to fight a tiger with no trees to climb. Karandras just jumped up and to the side letting the grenades keep going towards Outlaw

"No you're not idiots you're throwbacks from an assembly line" Karandras jokes as he hovers atanding a few meters higher then Outalws head in the air raising his left arm and firing at Yellowjacket from the bright lance on the underside as he flips the two shoulder mounted star-cannons out onto his shoulder. Easy battle was all Karandras thought

OOC- Bright lance- Laser Anti-Armor weapon
Starcannon- Gatling gun styled plasma weapon meant for armor.

2003-02-22, 09:39 PM
Nightbeat: -stops firing at Thunderwing- "Cease fire!"

Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -stop firing-

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "Siren! You and the others find Rodimus! We have to keep Thunderwing's supporters from coming in on his side. Talk him out of it, keep him confused, glue his feet to the deck plating if you have to, just keep him busy!" -looks over at Roadbuster- "Stop firing! We're not affecting him!"

Roadbuster: -stops firing, looks incredulously at Nightbeat- "He's got to die!"

Nightbeat: "Oh, he's going to. Trust me on this. We need a spear cannon."

Chromedome: "A spear cannon?"

Nightbeat: "It worked before. Brainstorm, go see if you can find one. You might have to get a shuttle."

Brainstorm: "Yes, commander. I'll check Metroplex's weapons array first." -runs for the hole in Metroplex's armor-

Chromedome: "What about the rest of us?"

Nightbeat: -looks over at Thunderwing- "Well, if it's a'whuppin' he's wanting, we'll have to give it to him." -raises voice- "BRING ME HIS CYCLONE CANNON!!!"

Nightbeat, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster: -charge Thunderwing-


Siren, Hosehead, and Minerva: -go Rodimus hunting-

2003-02-22, 10:35 PM
... struck Scorponok down... and just shrugged of Scorponok's blasts like he wasn't a citycon at all... :p

IC: Suddenly Snapdragon's tail slashed out towards Bluestreak while the Autobot gunner was facing Mirage. Avoiding the hit should be atleast extremely difficult. "Hyrkh... this is not... the end yet..."

Snapdragon lifted himself to standing position and began moving swiftly towards Bluestreak with his jaws open and his claws risen for a strike. "I'll tear you to metal shreds and then eat what's left!"

2003-02-22, 10:41 PM
OOC: Aero Blade - We need to chat before you post again.
Mirage nodded at Bluestreak and then glanced towards the hole in Metroplex's wall with an uncertain look. Guilt washed over him as he looked away and closed his optics.

Traitor if I obey orders and traitor if I don't, he thought to himself bitterly. Comments had often been made to the same in the past, but they had always been unfounded and he brushed them off. For the first time, Mirage felt the sting of the word in his mind sink in with the crushing truth of what he had done.

The response came in a choked whisper. "I.... I can't Bluestreak. I'm... so... sorry." He was about to make himself invisible, when suddenly a sharp movement got his attention in the corner of his optic. With horror, he realized what was happening and started shooting several rifle rounds at the fallen Snapdragon.

It was surreal to him. An Autobot shooting a prisoner who wasn't fighting back or trying to escape.
Hound's optics widened with a mix of shock and anger as Sunstreaker pulled the trigger, and made an attempt to grab the gun.

2003-02-23, 02:03 AM
Moonblaze let out a snarl, she wasn’t receiving any sign from her companions. "I can’t believe it! Girls where are you?? This is Moonblaze!" Completely frustrated she began to curse, when she needed her team, she could find them. I wonder what's interrupting my communicator's signal? I expect that they aren’t holding some battle…At this rate it wouldn’t surprise me, I’m starting to think that NOBODY knows against WHO they are fighting... The engine of her vehicle mode sounded like a furious monster while running through the road quickly.
Suddenly she began to slowdown, she heard Ultra Magnus following after her, Moonblaze noticed that he came alone, without Trailbreaker. "Where is that Trailbreaker guy??" Moonblaze grinned to herself, the boy seemed nice but not very apt for battle -according to the impression that his absence had caused in her- Moonblaze slowed enough to remain side by side with Ultra Magnus. "Hey Magnus, I feel sorry for my behavior of some moments ago, I’m very worried about Big-Boss Prime, besides I was trying to call in my own team to help, but it seems no one is online... while I do another intent tell me, what is what we are going to do now? ...Thunderwing should have already took possession of the Matrix by this moment" She finished very sarcastically, certainly, she was not a very optimistic person.
Meanwhile, a group of shadows pursued both Autobot in their road to the battle that was being carried…

--Sig removed- Quick Switch

2003-02-23, 02:22 AM
(OOC: Attack now, panic later. :D )

Siren: -stops dead- "He just shot down-"

Hosehead and Minerva: -pile into him-

Siren, Hosehead, and Minerva: -collapse in a heap-

Minerva: "What?"

Siren: "Thunderwing just shot down Scorponok!"

Hosehead: "I'm going to go hide behind Metroplex now....."

Minerva: "So he shot down Scorponok? Big deal. If we can hit him while his power's depleated from that, we might have a chance!"

Siren: ""We?'"

Minerva: "He should be drained. We'll have a better chance to get to Rodimus!"

Siren and Hosehead: -unison- "Oh."

Minerva, Siren, and Hosehead: -stand, run towards Rodimus again-

Quick Switch
2003-02-23, 02:30 AM
Dirge let out a choke of surprise as the blast tore through him; the Seeker fell to the ground.

"Backshot...by an Autobot...ironic..."

2003-02-23, 05:35 AM
For a long time he had held his worries in check, covering them lightheartedly. He had had enough of betrayal, Autobots not acting like Autobots, his leader acting irrational and seeing the chaos and carnage around. To his mind, he had trusted Sunstreaker foolishly when Sunstreaker had returned to Iacon. Now, Hound snapped.

Everything moved in slow motion for a moment... The gun, the white shot and Dirge falling to the ground. Vaguely he heard the gun shot with the one receiving auditory sensor. With blazing blue optics and all the speed he could muster, Hound drew back a fist and let loose a punch toward Sunstreaker.

Lord Zarak
2003-02-23, 01:52 PM
Swoop saw the change in the battle, and saw an opportunity.

" Sludge , help Prime fight Thunderwing, get Grimlock to lead us" he said to his fellow Dinobot.

2003-02-23, 07:50 PM
Sunstreaker gave a smug grin to Dirge then stumbled back from the blow from Hound.

He gave a step to regain his brrings then looked back up at Hound and shook his head "What in the name of Primus is wrong with you? Or has the Chaos Matrix taken a full control of you too?" Sunstreaker yelled at his old friend getting ready to fight "You defend someone who was about to kill you? Yes there is an Autobot code but I really do not think there is time for that"

2003-02-23, 08:09 PM
Hound stood up and gritted his teeth. Maybe he's right. I'm not making any sense.Still, we must always be Autobots, battle or none. Too late now I suppose.

He glanced down at the body at his feet then in a very irritated voice replied, "Maybe you're right Sunstreaker. But killing a prisoner that had surrendered or wasn't fighting back was wrong. Come on, what's done is done. Let's go help the others."

2003-02-24, 03:22 AM
Sunstreaker nodded "Yeah Hound you're right we better get over there but you can stay here and watch your decepticon buddy after all we don't want you trying to attack Prime if he kills Thunderwing because he is an Autobot and not allowed to kill his enemies" Sunstreaker snarled and gave Hound a quick shove as he walked past him.

"Can't what? Why are yo UNNGH!" Bluestreak cried as he was knocked forward by the tail skidding and sending sparks up from his chest.

Bluestreak struggled to turn and face his attacker Snapdragon caught off guard by the attack.

2003-02-24, 06:12 AM
"You'll find Aero Blade, and we'll help you Stratus! Won't we guys?" Grindor asked with a reassuring grin.
"Sure, long as he's an Autobot, I don't mind." Replied Sureshock looking around.
"You don't suppose he could be in the city?" Highwire chimed in as he looked toward Metroplex.
Sureshock frowned. "Which city? The good one or the one that doesn't seem to be stopping?"
The street action team glanced at Scorponok as the battle intensified.
"I ah... vote we go in there and search. I don't like fighting and that's where I'd go." Grindor said as he pointed at Metroplex.
"Good idea, or else we can try doing a search away from here." Highwire said as he looked to Stratus. "Stratus, which way would you like to go? You know Aero Blade better than we do. I know there wasn't anyone like that that we saw at Iacon, and there are lots of Autobots here too. Or maybe he's avoiding the city. What do you think?"
Hound stumbled backward a few steps as Sunstreaker walked past and shoved him. He glared silently as he watched the yellow and black Autobot walk off, temper boiling under the surface. Then irritation gave way to hopelessness. He gazed around at the battlefield. Suddenly, he realized why Dirge had simply stood in one place and not moved. The seeker hadn't surrendered to them, he had given up because of what was and wasn't going on. Now, it was his turn to stand in shock as he watched the fight. But after a moment, he shook his head and glared down at Dirge's body as he pulled back a foot and got ready to kick it.
Sunstreaker was right to shoot you. You've caused death and you were trying to kill again just like those out there.
*Hound sighed and put his foot back down, then spoke outloud to himself*
"No, it still wasn't right. You were down, and you weren't fighting anymore. I wish the other Autobots had stopped too, long ago. Has the world gone crazy or have I? And what's the good in helping now? It's clear we've already lost. What difference can one more pair of hands make in this mess except to cause even more of a mess?"

Suddenly, Jetstorm's voice breezed by him as the little minicon landed nearby.
"It may make no difference, but it's the Autobot's given duty to help others in need. Save this flyer for parts Hound- Jetfire may need them, then go help your friends." Hound studied the minicon for a moment. What Jetstorm was saying made the basic sense he was used to, and in all the confusion, there was comfort for him in simply following orders.
He bent down and hoisted Dirge's body over a shoulder, easing to the wall. Then he followed it some distance away and put it down, covering it with a hologram of the terrain. He sighed as he realized Jetstorm was gone, and then Hound readied his missile launcher and rifle as he headed back to the battle with a cold and determined look.
"You'll get indigestion from him Snapdragon!" Mirage growled as he continued firing rifle shots at the big Horrorcon. "You want something to bite on, come bite on me." He forced himself to take several steps nearer to the big monster to attract his attention.
C'mmon Bluestreak... get up and out of here!

Quick Switch
2003-02-24, 02:10 PM
Thunderwing let out a scream of rage as Scorponok's spear wedged him (like a trident effect) and slammed him into a building.

Even with the power of Unicron, the sheer amount of psi's from Scorponok's throw impacted with Thunderwing kept him limp, even though he was merely trapped between the blades, not pierced by them.

"Insolent wretch! I'll finish the job! You'll all pay!"


Dirge let out a small wheeze as he felt himself moving...he heard Hound's words...

This Autobot has shown me compassion...when I have never shown mercy. He saved me...have I failed myself? Am I no longer a Decepticon? I don't understand...but I feel ashamed. I should have stopped the carnage...but I didn't have the will.

I was too afraid.

At least I know the war is over for me now.

A small froth of oil bubbled out of Dirge's mouth and pooled down his chest, near the blast wound. And Dirge was left with his thoughts as the hellish battle raged on.

2003-02-24, 03:43 PM
OOC: I doubt anyone's totally plasma-resistant, Blaster, but it doesn't matter to me.


(The grenades Yellowjacket was launching fell short of Outlaw, showing definite signs that he knew how to aim. So Outlaw didn't even have to worry about that.)

Outlaw: You have the right to be silenced. Anything you say has already been used against you.

(And he just takes a couple steps back, keeping an eye on the weaponry. Meanwhile, Yellowjacket uses his turbo boosters to swerve rather quickly out of the Bright Lance's way. After that transforms and awaits the orders of his leader with great anticipation. Darkside's receiving intel from Specter, who is currently not visible.)

"Yes, it would appear to be very heat resistance. I suggest we either change our weapons or increase the output to an intolerable level."

Darkside: Everything has stress points...but I think we'll try a different angle. Yellowjacket! Outlaw! You know what to do!

Yellowjacket: Fun.... :D

(Putting away his highly-focused Laser Cannon for now, Yellowjacket prepares to lob some more grenades. They are, however, not the same kind as before. But while Yellowjacket holds onto these beauties, Outlaw sends powerful Tesla charges into Karandras' feet!)

OOC: That's pretty much what you get for leaving a guy like Outlaw alone, and to be hit (and missed) by substandard weapons that Yellowjacket only uses for fun.

--Sig removed- Quick Switch

God Jinrai
2003-02-24, 03:56 PM
"Seems you're caught between a rock and a hard place now, thunderwing. Autobots... those of you that can be spared... head to scorpinok's aid... he's likely to still be needed. this needs to be stopped... here and now..."

Prime drew his cannon, focusing what energy he could through it... directly targeting thunderwing's face...

"Let's see how you like this one, scum."

Clicking the trigger, the cannon came to life, pouring superheated plasma from its barrel....

2003-02-24, 05:19 PM
"Uhhhh erm..." Ultra Magnus was caught off guard, he knew he had no actual plan to secure the Choas Matrix and he figured Optimus's plan was the same as his, "We blast Thunderwing into a million pieces? Oh great... that isn't much of plan now, is it girl?" The battle sounds could now be heard as they drove closer to it's location, "Hmmm maybe the Matrix can stop it... no wait, I have it... Alpha Trion--Vector Sigma, maybe they can contain it's power!"

Quick Switch
2003-02-24, 05:43 PM
Thunderwing roared as the energy washed over him.

When I get free, Optimus Prime, I will crush your very thoughts under my feet.

While not hurt by the blast, Thunderwing became disoriented.

2003-02-24, 05:56 PM
"Good idea Big Guy... And how do we get Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma into this....? I think we.... AAHRG!!!!!!!" Moonblaze cried as a plasma blast hit her from behind.
She stoped turned in her vehicle form, What was that? She transformed to her robot mode only to meet someone's gaze. Her eyes grew wide when she recognized the transformer in front of her.
"WHAT IN THE NAME OF PRIMUS ARE YOU DOING!!??" She growled, the only answer she got was another blast right in her chest.
Moonblaze fell to the ground heavily, she was not deffending herself... "Stop it!"

The predacon-like transformer in front of her just grinned evily, pointing her plasma gun to Moonblaze's head.

"Someone... help me...."

--Quick Switch here. Nissan, disable the "show signature" feature before you post. Any questions, please let me know.

2003-02-24, 06:05 PM
Minerva, Siren, and Hosehead: -slide to a halt in front of Rodimus-


Nightbeat, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster: -stop their charge at Thunderwing when Scorponok's spear hits Thunderwing-

Hardhead: "Ouch."

Nightbeat: "Hardhead, you and Roadbuster find Brainstorm and go support Scorponok!"

Roadbuster: "Help a Decepticon?"

Nightbeat: "Would you rather Thunderwing escape and zorch all of us?"

Roadbuster: "Good point."

Roadbuster and Hardhead: -run towards Brainstorm, and towards Scorponok-

Chromedome: "What are we going to do?"

Nightbeat: "Thunderwing still has supporters."

Chromedome: -narrows optics- "Sixshot."

Nightbeat: "Exactly."

2003-02-24, 06:17 PM
"Sheesh, are you really that anxious to die? Wait for your turn. Bluestreak's actions got him to be the first on the line." Snapdragon smirked at Mirage, swung his tail towards the white and blue Autobot and lunged at Bluestreak, trying to sink his teeth and claws into the Autobot gunner...

2003-02-24, 08:28 PM
"What the?" Ultra Magnus barely could stop being that he was going so fast toward the battle. He knew this was going to be a large hold up but he was sworn to protect everone under his command. Magnus transformed into robot mode but too late to stop the ambush on Moonblaze, some other bot had a gun at her head and a frontal attack would prove worthless. "Get off of her, if you want to fight someone you can take me on!"

Aero Blade
2003-02-24, 10:15 PM
Stratus looked around over the all the battles going on, thinking again. Where would Aero Blade go? Stratus thought for awhile, then turned back to the other minicon.

"Actually, I'm not sure where to find him," Stratus admitted, rubbing the back of his head in slight confusion. "That's why I've been wandering around trying to find him. He doesn't like fighting, but it seems like he's in battles an awful lot. The big guys are confusing alot of times." Stratus looked around again, thinking about where to go, still talking to the others. "I think the big leader-guy convinces Aero Blade to fight, even though he doesn't like it," Stratus pointed at Optimus, still battling Thunderwing. "He looks like that guy, but they're not the same person. That's not the one I know, I can tell..."

"I guess I really doesn't matter where we start looking. We can try searching the cities," Stratus said, then looked back at the cities. The other minicon, if they were like the ones he knew, weren't built for flying, so the only other route open for them was to go through the hole in the wall.

Right past Snapdragon . . .

"Um, are you sure we can get around that guy?" Stratus asked, pointing at Snapdragon. He was awfully close to the hole... "He looks really nasty..."

2003-02-24, 11:03 PM
Sludge looked up at Swoop.
"Yes. Me Sludge agree. Me Sludge want Grimlock back as leader."

The Autobot ran towards Grimlock, determined to speak with him, and blithely ignoring the rain of firepower around him.

"Grimlock. Us Dinobots need you Grimlock," he called.


Metroplex frowned.
"Sixgun, Scamper, Slammer. Seal off the breach in my hull now! I'm diverting power to weapons systems. AA guns. Online. Laser batteries. Online. Missile defences. Online."

"Awaiting your orders, Rodimus Convoy."
"Rodimus here. Something strange is happening down here. I don't know what, but it must be allowed to finish through to the end. Keep every other Transformer away from Thunderwing and Prime."
"But I thought..."
"You have your orders. I mean every transformer."
"Aye Rodimus."

With that, the guns of Metroplex opened up, aiming to disrupt the attack patterns of all Autobots firing at either Thunderwing or Prime.


"Sixswitch here Springer, still holding position. Metroplex has opened fire. I think I'm safe up here. Seems to be clearing a space in front of himself. I don't know why though."

2003-02-25, 01:10 AM
Karandras let the tesla shot hit him just shaking his head at them. The Wraithbone suit was non conductive it more or less hit the suit and did almost nothing except shorting out a system or two for a moment.

"So you managed to take out my teleporting ability just to fire weapons at me that have no affect? Is this a sad joke? And tell your invisible pal to come into view just because I can't see him doesn't mean I cannot kill him"

Karandras dropped back to the planet quickly not giving any hint he was going to and landing with barley and absorbing of the fall stressing the legs and body a bit but not enough to do damage. He landed standing so he could push himself into motion immediatly towards Outlaw throwing a quick and vicous right hook with his free hand. The punch was somewhere around 250 miles per hour a good slow punch to start things off and test the waters.

2003-02-25, 07:31 AM
Mirage kept firing even as Snapdragon's tail swung up to hit him. At the last moment, he grabbed it and helf on.
Jetstorm had spotted the trouble with Bluestreak, Mirage and Snapdragon while talking to Hound. As soon as the scout was distracted, Jetstorm had slipped away. Now he was zooming in for a shot at the damaged area on Snapdragon's back.

Lord Zarak
2003-02-25, 04:36 PM
Swoop flew over to Sludge, transformed and stood next to him

"We want you back Grimlock, we need you to lead us. I was lost, but want to be found again...by you Grimlock.

2003-02-25, 04:52 PM
Bluestreak started to try and get up and get away but Snapdraon had luned forward sinkin his teeth into where his leg meets his hips. The autobot howled in pain as he looked down at the beast.

"Ugh get off me!" he cried throwing punches at Snapdragon watching Mirage hopeing for some sort of help as he started reaching around behnd him for his gun.

Sunstreaker had moved closer to the main battle, it was a spectator battle now hoping their sides leader comes out on top and this did not suit Sunstreaker at all.

He began to look around the battle field for som sort of fight.

Jazz leaned against the peice of debris he had hid behind shaking his head looking around for Sunstreaker and Hound spotting Hound but not Sunstreaker. "Hope he is alright" Jazz muttered walking towards where
Hound was going his head still buzzing from the explosion.

"Springer How much longer till we reach metroplex? I wanna get there and lay inta those decepti-creeps before Prime and the other clean them up!" Blaster asked the wrecker leader.

"Ratchet to Rodimus" Ratchet closed the panel and pressin a few buttons within Sky Lynx cock pit "Sky Lynx has been repaired"

Wheeljack had taken the body from Light Speed and had done all he could but he was dead either way. Wheeljack took him offline and then took his head. He would atleast serve a ood cause in death. Wheeljack took the head over to where the lifeless body of Sideswipe lay and bean attachin the head to the body.

2003-02-25, 05:27 PM
OOC: Non-conductive? BS. I'll believe in insulated parts, but you can't expect me to believe in that Not that it matters...


(Suddenly, Karandras was facing a decloaked Specter, who was thrusting both feet into K's face.)

Specter: Here I am! :D

(Specter knew velocity. He knew that a machine traveling the towards Karandras while he was moving that fast be able to use the velocity against him and deliver serious damage to the point of impact. Specter himself wouldn't be damaged. After all, it was just about the same as letting a soldier impale himself on a sturdy pike. As for Outlaw, he simply stepped out of the way when Specter appeared.)

Darkside: Say, Roadkill?

Roadkill: Yeah boss?

Darkside: Do you have a Reaction Charge?

Roadkill: I'll check.

(Of course, in the heat of the battle, Karandras did not realize that they were hardly being serious. They were methodical in their approach, not panicking or worried at all. It was like he was a ferret and they all had sticks, poking and prodding him to see what happens. Not like a test, but more like a game. They had no fear of death, consequences, or retribution. Another good word for it was insane.)

2003-02-25, 05:44 PM
Void shook her head as she regained consciousnous again. "We should take cover, this place is getting dangerous. I suggest we move over to that building" she states, pointing to the distant form of Scorponok as she tries to stand. She almost immediatly stumbles as soon as she gets up. "Hey, take it easy" Bandit says. "I'm more drained then I thought, I'll have to seperate.." Void replied as her totally black form changes color. Her parts return to their normal coloring, the next moment Void seperates back into the 4 Elementals. "Well, I'll be... they're ladies" Bandit muttered. "It took you this long to notice that?" Rally replied as she walks back to Bandit's shoulder, donning her exosuit along the way. "Well..." Bandit started. "We don't have time for this right now. We have to take cover" Talon interrupted. "Indeed, gargoyle.. Shall we be off then?" Frost states as she heads off towards Scorponok. Her sisters quickly followed her. Bandit, Rally and Talon quickly followed as well. She called me a gargoyle.... Talon thought as the group advanced towards the towering headmaster.

2003-02-25, 06:02 PM
Roadbuster, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -run up to Scorponok-

Roadbuster: "Tall drink of energon, ain't he."

Hardhead: "Not really. He's like me and Brainstorm. "Little robot becomes head of big robot."

Roadbuster: "Sounds disgusting."

Brainstorm: "It's got it's upside, though. We were able to get all of our basketballs down from roofs, raingutters, etc, etc."

Roadbuster and Hardhead: -look at Brainstorm-

Brainstorm: -innocent look on his face- "What?"


Siren: "Rodimus, you have to help Prime. Thunderwing will destroy us all if you don't."


Nightbeat and Chromedome: -scanning the skies and ground-

Chromedome: "Sixshot's around here somewhere."

Nightbeat: -looks over towards Prime and Thunderwing- "I hope Prime doesn't get too enthusiastic. I want Thunderwing's cyclone cannon."

Chromedome: "Why?"

Nightbeat: "Call it a trophy. And, it's got more punch to it than my plasma blaster."