View Full Version : Ok someone is going to have to explain the Crow to me

2003-02-18, 11:45 PM
because I'm not getting the story lines :/

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-02-19, 12:11 AM
The Crow is about a man Eric Draven and his finace murdered and is brought back back to life by a crow to avenge there deaths
that is the basic plot anyway.

2003-02-19, 12:36 AM
so whats the deal w/the face paint? and whats up w/the tv series?

2003-02-19, 08:16 PM
about asking of the face paint is asking the same reason why batman wears a mask and all that, there are two reasons one of wich is definite,

1. to hide his identity (remember hes dead, he doesnt want people to recognize him)
2. to strike fear into people, wouldnt u be scared if a big guy in chains and a trench coat with white and black face paint was coming at u... i would

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-02-22, 03:19 PM
Originally posted by LiquifiedTiger
whats up w/the tv series?

I don't watch the TV series.