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2003-03-07, 01:49 AM
After the corruption of Rodimus Convoy by Thunderwing and the Chaos Matrix, Rodimus swayed many of Optimus Prime's troops into following him in a quest for peace. Because of the distrust gleaned from the falling out between Optimus and Rodimus, the Decepticon Thunderwing was able to play them against each other. They had some skirmishes, which built up to the final battle between Optimus and Thunderwing.

God Jinrai
2003-03-07, 01:53 AM
seeing springer's body fall to the ground... thunderwing's taunt... and grimlock's words... drove prime over the edge... charging at his top speed, he blasted toward thunderwing...

"both of you will wish you never existed, you sick, twisted piece of slag! "

Quick Switch
2003-03-07, 02:05 AM
Thunderwing laughed.

"So be it! The final battle begins again, posthaste!"

And the aristocrat flung himself once more into the breech with Optimus Prime.


Quick Switch shook his head.

"It must have been an accident," the Six Changer mumbled. "Optimus Prime is no killer!"

2003-03-07, 03:19 AM
Dreadwind transformed and headed off towards the sky, desperate to avoid the fire from Chromedome.

Roadbuster and Hardhead's fire sent Darkwing sent him across the way, into where Thrust and Apeface were laying.

Aero Blade
2003-03-07, 03:33 AM
Aero Blade stood, looking at the ground, but not really looking at anything. He was lost in his own thoughts....

Everything I've learned about the Autobots...all of my dreams...all of my ideals...they mean nothing anymore, this place had proven it... "Everything I believed in was a sham..." He wispered to himself, looking at his hands. "All that time wasted..."

"That's not true," Stratus said, looking up at Aero Blade from his perch on the transformer's shoulder. "This place is different..." He continued, looking over the fighting. "These transformers have forgotten everything you learned..." He looked back up at Aero Blade. "It's like when everyone back home forgot how to fix that weird console in the command room. When you showed them, they remembered what they were supposed to do again," Stratus said, cocking his head at Aero Blade. "Can't you show these guys how to act like Autobots again?"

"Who am I to be an example of an Autobot..." Aero Blade whispered to Stratus and himself, with alittle distain, but also sounding slightly hurt.

Stratus stared up at Aero Blade. "But...if you don't...who will?"

That one statement for some reason almost felt like it peirced right through Aero Blade. Who would show them? Everyone around here were only interested in fighting with one another. Perhaps, if they wouldn't listen to eachother, maybe they'd listen to a stranger...

Aero Blade turned to face Hound again, staring into the Autobot scout's eyes for a long moment.

"I will help you. Whatever you need done, I will do it..."

2003-03-07, 04:34 AM
Hound glanced to Aero Blade and Stratus only for the briefest of moments as the matrix opened. He started responding with, "We need to destroy the chaos-", when suddenly he saw the flash rip through Springer. He stood in shock, jaw open slightly. His whole life had been devotd to protecting the Matrix, and now it had just killed an Autobot.
Or did it? .....Did it? Or is this a trick of the Chaos Matrix? Hound blinked. Everything was silent around him. Figures looked like they were moving in slow motion. He saw Grimlock kill Thundercracker. He saw Bluestreak's mangled body lying near Metroplex.

"I... don't know. I don't know anymore..." He said as his voice died out to a whisper. Then, in the midst of his shock, the little minicon's voice registered and caused Hound's mind to focus on memories and block out the majority of the rest.
Ignoring the battle, he produced a small hologram of several Autobots inside the Ark having fun with games and playing. "This is how things used to be... even in Iacon, and not that long ago."
The hologram switched to show a bunch of Autobots in the central courtyard of Iacon playing ball.
"Then Thunderwing came along and everything split. Some came back later, because they're not really bad, they're just misled, and it all comes down to that slagging Chaos Matrix!" Hound paused, then continued. "We're all still Autobots... we are. They just---- all of us... we don't understand- didn't see what was going on. We've been used, and even our essence of identity ---- it's...we've all been used now--- to destroy each other. The Chaos matrix needs to be destroyed, but I think only Optimus Prime can do that."
He looked up and out over the battlefield with a glazed look as he tried to figure out what to do next.

2003-03-07, 05:08 AM
Roadbuster: -stops firing at Dreadwind as he soars away(and thus having missed Springer's demise)- "Chromedome, forget Dreadwind. Help Hardhead destroy Darkwing." -turns as Thunderwing leaps at Prime, sees Springer's lifeless body- "Springer?" -drops guns, walks over to Springer's body, drops to knees- "No...... dammit, NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" -sags- "I can't be the last of us..... I can't be the last one......."

Chromedome and Hardhead: -concentrate fire on Darkwing-

Brainstorm: -finishes patching Nightbeat's fuel lines back together, looks up, sees Springer- "Oh, no......."

Nightbeat: -woozily- "Wha......?"

Brainstorm: -stands, runs over to Springer, sees the obvious- "Roadbuster, I-"

Roadbuster: -on his feet in a picosecond, smashes his right fist into Brainstorm's jaw, HARD-

Brainstorm: -hit so hard, the interlocks connecting him to his transector burn out and disengage, sending his head flying through the air to land on the ground a little under a kilometer away, head transforms to robot mode- "An' th' lice wen' out, all over th' worl'." -passes out-

Roadbuster: -hears Quick Switch's comment, walks over to where he left his guns, picks them up, checkes the charge and ammo left, looks over towards Prime and Thunderwing- "You'd better hope Thunderwing kills you, Prime...... because if he doesn't, I will." -stalks towards Prime and Thunderwing-

Nightbeat: -sees what's happening, too weak to stand- "No..... Can't let.... him......" -activates commlink-


Siren: -sighs at Minerva keeps yelling at Rodimus, activates commlink- "Yo."

Nightbeat: "Siren...... need you, Hose.... head, and.... Minerva here........."

Siren: "Nightbeat?"

Nightbeat: "Springer's dead..... I think Prime killed him......"

Siren: "WHAT?"

Nightbeat: "Prime fired..... a beam of energy... at Thunderwing.... caught Springer by accident.... I think...."

Siren: "Oh, no...."

Nightbeat: "Not the bad part....... Roadbuster's gonna.... try to kill Prime...."

Siren: "We gotta stop him!"

Nightbeat: "No... you guys have to.... I'm too low on power....."

Siren: "Great. We'll be there ASAP. Siren out." -deactivates commlink- "C'mon, Hosehead."

Siren and Hosehead: -walk over to Minerva, pick her up by the arms, and carry her away, back to Nightbeat and the others-

2003-03-07, 05:41 AM
Darkwing barrel rolled out of the way, finally noticing that Springer had fallen.

He laughed.

"Hey, Roadbuster!" he shouted. "Looks like your buddy couldn't take the heat!"

Quick Switch
2003-03-07, 05:44 AM
Quick Switch snapped his head up at Roadbuster's comment.

In a microsecond, his photon blasters were out in his hands, cocked and ready to go.

"It was an accident Roadbuster! Threaten Optimus Prime again and I'll take you down! For all I know you are infected by the Chaos Matrix. I'd be justified!"

2003-03-07, 06:29 AM
Roadbuster: -hears Quick Switch, stops, turns around, takes in Quick Switch's mangled condition, optic band narrows- "Accident? I doubt it. If Prime could have done that all along, why didn't he do it earlier?" -stalks towards the six changer, quaking with fury- "If your smegging precious Optimus Prime could have fired off that blast when he was fighting Thunderwing, WHY DIDN"T HE?!?! WHY DID HE WAIT UNTIL AFTER NIGHTBEAT LURED THUNDERWING AWAY???? WHY DID HE WAIT FOR SPRINGER TO SHOW UP?????? HE HAD AMPLE OPPOUTUNITY TO FIRE BEFORE!!!!!" -points at Prime- "Because of that swaggering, tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood, my leader and best friend is dead. That makes him no better than Rodimus OR Thunderwing. But that's the way you Autobots at high command have always treated us, even back during Operation Volcano. None of you ever really gave a slag about any of us Wreckers. All we've ever been to you is tools. Use us and throw us away after you break us." -snarls- "If you think you can stop me, you're more than welcome to try. But compared to me, Grimlock's merciful."

2003-03-07, 06:34 AM
Hardhead: -continues firing all weapons at Darkwing-

Chromedome: -starts scanning the skies for Dreadwind-

2003-03-07, 07:12 AM
"You are correct Thunderwing..."

The voice tappers of as a kick is planted squarely on the right cheek of Thunderwing.

The figures land and decloak to reveal Galvatron.

Galvatron: "The end game has commenced...and your demise is imminent. The time of speeches the, time of your domination is at an end...for today, Galvatron enters the battle...and the last thing you see as the life fades from your optics, will be the chaos...the sad heart of Unicron torn from your chest and crushed in my hands."

Galvatron moved into position. The kick had knocked Thunderwing out of his immediate path of fire against Prime. Now he stood glaring Thunderwing down, a defiant sneer on his face...if this be the end of days it would not be his end alone...Thunderwing would taste the cold embrace of death with him.

2003-03-07, 07:20 AM
"We got 'em! Stinger Sedate 'em!" Blaster called as the Scorpion ran forward readying his tail putting a shot into Apeface and Thrust meant to knock them offline for a few hours.

Wheeljack connected the last wires then shut the panel on Sideswipe's chest nodding "Sideswipe you awake?"

Quick Switch
2003-03-07, 07:36 AM
Quick Switch shrugged. The term "Operation Volcano" was meaningless to him, since he'd never heard it before.

"A good soldier never questions his commander," the Six Changer replied, "and while Autobots like me are incomprehensible to damn-near renegades such as yourself, Roadbuster, who don't have the patience to follow the regular chain of command, that isn't my problem."

The Six Changer laughed bitterly.

"You don't think Springer's suicidal battle tactics might have played a part in his death? How he just couldn't wait to enter the fray? Oh, no, of course not. A Wrecker can't admit that he's wrong, can he? So who do you blame- the Command Element. Our glorious Leader, Optimus Prime, who has never besmirched himself to refute such petty accusations by those bitter over his natural gifts."

Quick Switch narrowed his optics.

"But I certainly will defend Optimus Prime's name. I'm a good soldier, and I follow orders. Why? Because that's what an officer does. And spare me your Wrecker elitist-garbage. When did you 'commandos' think of the regular Troops of the Line? Who serve, not for glory, but because of loyalty. To our Cause, and to our Commander."


"I say again- stand down, now, or I won't hold myself responsible for what I do to you."


Thunderwing was caught completely unaware from Galvatron's assault, and landed heavily on his back, knocked away from Optimus Prime. He rose easily.

"Ah, Galvatron," the aristocrat replied airily. "Still as delusional as ever. If you feel the need to rush headling into oblivion by attacking me, then so be it. Far be it from me to stop you."

2003-03-07, 08:00 AM
Far be it from me to stop you.

Galvatron merely continued his sneer.

Galvatron: "Far be it from you to stop anything...much less me from claiming victory."

Galvatron fired a series of plasma pulses towards Thunderwing.

Galvatron: "For too long you have sought to usurp power from me...for too long you have quested, nae thirsted for what is not, nor ever has been yours. The time has come for me to end this little tet et tet we have delved into so bitterly, its time for you to finally learn your place...plebian!"

With one hand placed behind his back Galvatron enlisted a power long since forgotten...long left unused. Not since his days in his tank form had he used the ability...now with his right fist clinched, he commenced the process of energizing the neutrons...exciting the electrons from the air around him...the result...devastation, or so he hoped. With the reaction set, Galvatron brought his fist forward, unleashing the deadly nuclear explosion towards his foe to follow his plasma bursts...praying to primus the shots would find their mark...and be enough.

2003-03-07, 03:16 PM
Roadbuster: "'Wrecker Elitist GARBAGE?!?' Your vaunted never wrong high command FORMED the Wreckers and have spent every single waking moment since trying to kill us! If Prime is never wrong, then why didn't he fire when he had a clear shot?? Simple. You people won't miss another Wrecker. This is just the first time your leader decided to do the job himself. They don't like admitting they need us, so why not? Just send them on missions that they're the best at and HOPE THEY DIE!! And for some reason, we're still following you skekking morons!!!" -optic band narrows to a blazing green slit- "If you think you're good enough, you can try to stop me."


Siren and Hosehead: -still dragging Minerva along behind them, heading for Nightbeat and the others-

Siren: "Minerva, calm down! Forget Rodimus! We need to keep Roadbuster from doing something stupid!"

2003-03-07, 03:53 PM
OOC: Heinrad, you DO realize that Darkwing is pretty much dead right now...right? And Blaster, you do know he's with Apeface and Thrust. Feel free to capture him, too. :)

Apeface and Thrust twiched, then slid into stasis lock.

Darkwing's shell was being stripped away because of Hardhead's constant fire.

"Why not?" Dreadwind said, barreling towards Roadbuster

2003-03-07, 07:22 PM
Ultra Magnus stared at the female Predacon that he helped bring down, He dropped his rifle, "Look we can kill you, you're under an influnce, you must fight it." He then looked at Moonblayze, "Maybe we could retrain her somehow..."

Hot Rod stood in his own place, with his Targetmaster gun smoking, "There is much to fight for today... for love and for freedom." Then Hot Rod overheard Hound's speech, "Hound... it's got to be both of them... I mean Prime and Rodimus, they have to work together to destroy Thunderwing, no I mean the Choas Matrix... wait that's the problem, the choas... the fighting! Listen to me! We have to stop fighting! We're only fueling the Choas Matrix with our hatred!" Hot Rod stood there, did his words mean anything? Or where they empty like the battle itself? Was the way to defeat Thunderwing, the way of peace. There was only one way to find out. Hot Rod dropped his weapon, "I may be doing something very stupid, but it was to be done! I... WILL... NOT... FIGHT ANYMORE!"

2003-03-07, 08:24 PM
"Galvatron has entered the fray..." Scorponok hissed and began to rise up, ignoring those few Autobots that had been commanded to help him. They were mere Autobots, not even worth of his attention... just a small nuisance to his own auto-repair systems.

Despite being heavily damaged, Scorponok was still almost as deadly as before. The time he had been laying on the ground motionless had not gone in vain. The enormous Decepticon
had used this time efficiently to repair his internal damages, thus gaining full control of his systems again. Only his ravaged armor told the gruesome truth.

As he began scanning the battlefield something spotted the corner of his optics and his jaw was almost dropped in disbelief. His indestructable trident... broken to pieces. Incredible... he survived my attack... he survived Optimus Prime and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership... Galvatron cannot win this alone, not even if he has the Decepticon Matrix again. Cursed be fate for making us work side by side with the Autobots again! For that is the only way to win!

Then his audioreceivers spotted the heated change of word between Roadbuster and Quick Switch about Optimus Prime being guilty of a murder of an another Autobot. What is this... ah, Springer run in the way of Prime's attack and died... a fitting end for a fool...

"Nevertheless... I cannot let you kill Optimus Prime, Autobot. He is still needed." Scorponok grumbled and extended his claw to grab Roadbuster who was a mere ant compared to the gigantic Decepticon...

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-07, 09:23 PM
Skywarp shook his head clear of cobwebs, he'd forgotten quite how powerful Grimlock was. After all the Dinobot had been dead for quite some time.

Then he saw the burnt out carcass of Thundercracker in front of him. The body was knelt, the energo sword was still driven through his chest and dug in the ground. Thundercracker was slanted backwards. An appearance of massive trauma apparent on his face.

"Grimlock!!" Was all Skywarp could manage, he couldn't even raise a yell. His anger was over-loading his systems.

The black seeker teleported right in front of Grimlock, startling him slightly.

"Stupid move autobot" Grimlock deftly removed the sword from Thundercracker's broken shell and swung it towards Skywarp. The seeker vanished and re-appeared behind Grimlock, the smirk on his face soon turned to a grimace...then twisted agony.

Skywarp's torso behind to grind and crack, the metal grated and rasped as his body began to split in two. Grimlock has counted on Skywarp's teleportation and swung the sword 360

If he could of Grimlock would have had a massive grin on his face, he'd slaughtered two Decepticons in quick succession.

"Prime not distinguish between Autobot or Decepticon anymore. Me know my enemy, it not Autobot all the time, but Prime mis-guided, stupid, blinded by rage and anger. Him want to destroy anything that does not believe he is the right way."

Quick Switch
2003-03-07, 10:39 PM
Quick Switch refused to answer Roadbuster's tirade, if the robot was really foolish enough to attack Prime, either he or Scorponok would take out the Wrecker.

Was Roadbuster suicidal enough to challenge the wrath of Scorponok?


Thunderwing's jaw hung down.

He repeated:

"No," and was flung back into another set of buildings from Galvatron's blast.

Aero Blade
2003-03-07, 10:53 PM
Aero Blade heard Hot Rod as he reasoned out the situation, and Aero Blade too realized the same thing. Aero Blade had been confused ever since he got here, wondering why he was brought to a place in the middle of a battle of pure insanity. Was it possible that he, the most peaceful out of his group, had been brought here for this reason? Was it coincidence that Stratus had found what seemed to be another peaceful transformer like himself? He looked to Hound. Coincidence or not, he wasn't going to waste this...

"You said since the Chaos Matrix was unleashed, everyone's gone nuts. No matter how strong the attack that falls on Thunderwing, nothing phases him. I belive Hot Rod is right. Nothing is going to hurt him, because the Chaos Matrix is fueled by fighting. We have to bring the others back to their senses..." Aero Blade looked over the battle. "What else is there left to loose?"

"You there!" he called to Hot Rod. "Your point is valid, and well founded. We need to bring people to their senses. I think most importantly, we should start with him..." Aero Blade pointed towards Roadbuster, who to him appeared to be about ready to go off the deep end. He looked back and forth between Hot Rod and Hound. "If you two can pin him down long enough, I might be able to disable his weapons and mobility systems. I think that's the only way he's going to cool off at this point..."

"I"ll keep him distracted!" Stratus chriped, jumping off Aero Blade's shoulder and transforming into his jet/shuttle mode. He rocketed over to Roadbuster and started flying top speed circled very close to Roadbuster, varying his circles from all the way down to the transformer's feet to up around his head. If Stratus didn't already trip Roadbuster up with his areial acrobatics, he'd at least keep the transformer sufficiently distracted, he hoped.

2003-03-08, 04:53 AM
(OOC: I wasn't planning on killing Darkwing. In fact, I thought he was still moving. So it goes....)

Siren, Minerva, and Hosehead: -come running up, guns drawn-

Minerva: -skids to a halt, aims at Roadbuster-

Roadbuster: -distracted by four different targets-

Minerva: -blasts Roadbuster with two heavy stun bolts-

Roadbuster: -topples like a poleaxed tree-

Siren and Hosehead: -open fire at Dreadwind-

Minerva: -scowls at Quick Switch and Scorponok- "Can't you just stun people? If he really wanted to do something, he'd have done it by now." -sighs- "I knew I should have stayed awake during psych 101.... "

Nightbeat: -sees Minerva, trying to stay as inconspicious as possible-

Hardhead: -sees Darkwing's condition, stops firing- "Minerva! Got one for ya!" -swings around, starts firing at Dreadwing-

Minerva: -goes over to check the(admittedly horribly mangled) body of Darkwing(and if possible, keep him from dying)-

Chromedome: -goes over to Brainstorm, holsters gun- "You have got to stop getting disconnected from your body like this." -picks Brainstorm up, starts walking back towards Brainstorm's transector- "It's bad for the interface connections."

2003-03-08, 05:23 AM
Dreadwind landed near Roadbuster and kicked him.

"Wrecked and ruled," he snickered.

Darkwing shoved Minerva away.

"NO AUTOBOT TOUCHES ME!" he shotued.

Quick Switch
2003-03-08, 05:56 AM
The Six Changer was not amused by Minerva's flippant remark.

"My photon blasters don't have a damn stun mode," the assault warrior snapped. "And watch your tone to a superior officer!"

Quick Switch could reasonably say that his faith in the Wreckers and Headmasters was at a new low.

And he'd make quite certain that Roadbuster's comments were lodged on the record once this whole thing was over. The Six Changer would file the papers of Courts-Martial himself.

2003-03-08, 07:53 AM
Galvatron's fists quaked. He knew all too well that Thunderwing was not finished...in all actuality, he was shocked that any of his bursts had made contact with Thunderwing.

Galvatron: "You don't know the power I possess...much has changed since the days when our cities opposed each other...from the days when you tried to usurp power from me."

Galvatron entered where Thunderwing had landed and looked from one corner of his optic to the next.

Galvatron: "Well...you have defeated all who have stood before you...and yet you know you cannot defeat me...come out and face oblivion aristocrat slave..."
Pointblank made his way to Grimlock.

Pointblank: "This isn't our way Grimlock...and you know it...now back down."

Teratron had dispatched his Decepticons to the Metroplex battle site and was preparing to depart himself.

You have something that belongs to me you know...

Teratron: "I do don't I..."

2003-03-08, 11:56 AM
Scorponok glared down at Minerva who had so foolishly addressed an enemy she could not beat.

"Insolent Autobot. Watch who you are talking to. Your life means nothing to me." The giant snarled at the female headmaster and turned his gaze towards the battle between Galvatron and Thunderwing.

"This is not good. Despite of Galvatron's words, he does not have the upper hand against Thunderwing. Why does he not use the Matrix... unless... he does not have it..."

2003-03-08, 01:16 PM
"Springer!" Sixswitch yelled, dropping from the sky and landing in robot form next to his fallen leader, but already he knew that nothing could be done.
"It's too late for him now," he told himself, then stood tall.

"Wreckers! We have to let Prime finish this fight, we have to protect him! To war!"

With that, he leapt into the heat of battle, guns blazing.


With the battle between Galvatron and Thunderwing raging, the chaosbringer had temporarily shifted his focus from Rodimus, allowing the Wrecker leader to think clearly for the first time in many months. He looked around the battlefield, and saw the carnage.
"This has to end now. One way or another. What's going on? Autobot fighting Autobot? Decepticon fighting Decepticon? It's madness."

He looked up and saw Prime atop Metroplex, wielding the matrix like a shield in front of him. As the blast of energy shot forth, realisation dawned on Rodimus. To be able to wield the Matrix... Prime was not evil. Yet. There was still time.

"Optimus Prime!" he called, his powerful voice boomed across the battlefield. The voice of reason. A voice of leadership now, unfettered by the machinations of the Chaos Matrix.

"Optimus Prime! What needs to be done?"

2003-03-08, 04:59 PM
Roadbuster... Scorponok... Roadbuster... Scorponok... Thunderwing.
Voices. Too many voices and Hound still couldn't hear from one auditory sensor. He wanted to listen to the friendly transformer in front of him, but everything was becoming surreal to him. Aero Blade had made sense, but Hound's intense loyalty to the Autobots was confusing him. Attack an Autobot who was going to attack an Autobot that had killed another Autobot or attack the Decepticon who had threatened an Autobot but was helping Autobots. Or go to Quick Switch's side, or go back to his prisoner, or stay and still attack Thunderwing? Bodies were forming everywhere. He heard Hot Rod yell that he refused to fight, the threats, the gunfire. He didn't want to attack- he was meant to protect. This all had to be glitch mites... similar to one of those "nightmares" Daniel had told him about. He was in such a daze that he didn't even feel a shot graze the back of his head and lay open a chunk of his neck.

He murmured quietly under his breath, falling back to the core of his beliefs, "I can't do anymore here, but it's my duty to protect, and so I will. Optimus is to be protected because the matrix must be protected. He is the matrix bearer." As he finished the thought, he cast a wall hologram blocking Roadbuster's direct view of the battle between Optimus and Thunderwing. Then he turned and started walking away from the battle along Metroplex's wall. He was going to protect what he could.
Jetstorm had taken a skewed interest in the battle. It had surprised him greatly that Prime would kill Springer to kill an enemy. He was starting to grudgingly respect the Autobot leader for the tough choice that Jetstorm thought he must have made. Also, Thunderwing had had Highwire and Sureshock in his hands and had let them go. Why? He seemed afraid of them. Jetstorm circled once looking over the battlefield. He didn't like the looks of some of the new figures showing up.
This must end, for all.
He zipped closer to Thunderwing and Optimus, and rocketted at his highest speed towards Thunderwing. He fully intended to try and make a mess of the debutant's face with a crash if he could.

2003-03-09, 03:19 AM
(I really need to start paying better attention....I missed a lot....Okay. Here we go..)

Having recieved orders from Teratron to head for Metroplex, and combat, both femmes grinned. StarBlade transformed to her jetmode, and Adeara shifted to a smaller humanoid form in order to fit in the cockpit. Once they had gotten set, the pair took off for Metroplex, and combat.

Once there, Adeara jumped from the cockpit, and shifted instantly to her Decepticon form, her laser sword in hand. StarBlade transformed back to her robot mode, and drew her dual blasters, and looked around, suddenly confused. Autobots fighting Autobots? Was she seeing things????

2003-03-09, 07:44 PM
Siren and Hosehead: -look at each other, sigh, tackle Dreadwind-

Nightbeat: -chuckles to himself at Quick Switch and Scorponok's reaction to Minerva's statement, lurches weakly to feet, right arm hanging limply at his side, walks tiredly over to Roadbuster- "Hardhead, give me a hand here."

Hardhead: -picks Roadbuster up-

Nightbeat: "Carry him over to Minerva. I'll be over there in a minute." smirks- "Unlike my sister, I didn't sleep through Psych 101." -looks at Hardhead again- "Then go help Sixswitch."

Hardhead: "Aye, commander." -carries the unconscious Roadbuster over near Minerva and her reluctant patient-

Chromedome: -sets Brainstorm down on his transector, walks over to Darkwing- "Ah, good. As you don't need any repairs, we can process you right into the cells, then."

Hardhead: -drops Roadbuster near Minerva, then heads after Sixswitch-

Nightbeat: -shuffling after Hardhead- "Sis, disable his main motor functions. He wakes up, I'm going to try to talk him back into sanity."

Minerva: -starts disabling Roadbuster's motor functions, sees Nightbeat- "What happened to you?"

Nightbeat: "One of Thunderwing's new powers is something akin to cellular disruption. Winged me."

Minerva: -finishes disabling Roadbuster's main motor functions- "I told you to be careful."

Nightbeat: -drops down next to Roadbuster- "I was. If I hadn't been careful, I'd be dead."

Quick Switch
2003-03-09, 08:14 PM
Thunderwing turned at Jetstorm's oncoming approach.

"Ah, a power creature wishes to challenge me? So be it," and the aristocrat steeled himself for the little being's impact.

"After I deal with this little one, I shall settle my score with you, Galvatron!" Thunderwing called out haughtily.

2003-03-09, 08:28 PM
Jetstorm focused as he closed on Thunderwing.
He yelled as loud as he could. "This is for the green guy!"
At the last second, he transformed with the momentum and aimed little fists at the big transformer's face.

Quick Switch
2003-03-09, 08:44 PM
"For the green guy?" Thunderwing said bewildered.

That's when Jetstorm slammed into the aristocrat.

Thunderwing toppled, but grabbed the Minicon in the process.

"You impudent..." Thunderwing noticed that, in the collision, must of the Pretender teeth were knocked out.

"How dare you!" he screamed. Thunderwing applied both hands to Jetstorm- and began to squeeze.

2003-03-09, 09:15 PM
Jetstorm didn't get a chance to yell as the debutant started crushing him, for the impact had knocked the wind out of him. He felt his wings snap and the crushing pressure collapse his engine. With his last bit of energy, he dug his fingers deep into Thunderwing's hands. Then his optics flickered and faded as the little body went limp.

God Jinrai
2003-03-09, 09:55 PM
Prime closed quickly on thunderwing... Jetstorm's actions only furthered his rage...


Prime blazed toward thunderwing, slamming his fist into the pretender's face... following up with a left to his gut... and a shot from the forearm mounted blasters right to the face to finish the short combo...

Prime had been pushed to the edge... if unicron wanted him... he'd have to work for it... anger was only a source of chaos if left unchecked...


Prime shouted, understanding fully that he may not survive the fight... but it didn't bother optimus either... He'd been down this road before... and if death was what was to embrace him... so be it!

2003-03-10, 01:50 AM
Galvatron was now in full rage...too many had fallen already. He had hurt Thunderwing, but the sacrifice had also given the demon a chance to gain his wits about him.

Galvatron: "Your death is upon you Thunderwing...you now face the alpha and the omega."

Suddenly Galvatron was struck in the shoulder from behind...he turned.

Galvatron: "SIXSHOT?!?"

2003-03-10, 02:08 AM
Adeara froze, staring. This confused her. Why were.....Just then, she heard Galvatron's voice yell 'Sixshot?!?' Galvatron had been her leader once, and she still felt loyalty to him, though she had sworn total alliegience to Teratron. While StarBlade just stood there, the Ta'Kaalen took off, moving with a speed born from old loyalties to where she heard Galvatron's cry.

StarBlade caught the movement of the shapeshifter just barely out of the corner of an optic, and turned to see where she was going. She hadn't heard what Adeara had, but she knew to follow her. StarBlade took off after the fleshling, blasting at random Autobots as she went.

Adeara made it to where Galvatron was. Instead of saying anything, she sent a blast of superhot flames at Sixshot, who had apparently attacked her old leader. StarBlade appeared moments later.

Aero Blade
2003-03-10, 02:11 AM
Stratus flew back over to Aero Blade, retaking up his spot on the transformer's shoulder. "Someone already took our plan..." Stratus reported, refering to the other guys disabling Roadbuster.

"That's alright," Aero Blade told the minicon. "I didn't really want to fight him anyways. It just seemed like the only option. Those other guys should be able to handle him."

Aero Blade sighed mentaly with relief. It seemed Stratus had been too busy to see the ordeal with Thunderwing and that other minicon. He was upset and worried, hoping that the minicon would somehow be alright but was more than likely dead after a crushing like that, but if Stratus had seen it happening, he might have gone charging after Thunderwing again, and Aero Blade feared Stratus suffer a similar fate for a second interfearance...

Aero Blade looked up, noticing Hound leaving. He didn't know where the autobot was going, but he knew this place wasn't safe to be out alone. He started to jog to catch up to Hound, then paused a second, calling to Hot Rod. "You can come join us if you deside to, but I have a feeling we'll need help before this is over!" He said, then began to catch up to Hound again.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-10, 09:20 AM
Sixshot backflipped away from Adeara's attack

"Get out of here fleshie or I'll step on you..."

Sixshot had desired to fight one of the best for a long time. He felt all his loyalties to various leaders had not been repayed, most of all by Galvatron.

"You lied to us Galvatron, made believe that you were dead...Now I intend to see the job through...."


Grimlock looked up and Pointblank

"Not our way? You not know what side you on! You arrive here with Galvatron then talk about "OUR" way? Me think you a few glitches short of a diode...."

Quick Switch
2003-03-10, 01:06 PM
Thunderwing didn't have a chance to react either way to both Transformers taunts (or Jetstorm's death). The Pretender merely absorbed the attacks Prime heaped on him.

After Prime finished, Thunderwing stood up and hurled Jetstorm's body away.

"Both of you, challenge me- we must end this!"

Lord Zarak
2003-03-10, 04:46 PM
His buttons were pressed the right way....

SL: "Thanks, ratchet. This is becoming a bit of a nasty habit of mine. But there I was, saving the day once again, and I got.....bombed? Ah well. See you around Ratchet, I'm off to fly again. And save the day. Again.

Metroplex, can you open me an exit so I can get out and into the air?"

Metroplex complied with Sky Lynx's request, and he shot out without regard to Ratchet or the insides of Metroplex.

SL: "As the humans say, put it on my tab!"

No amount of jovility would prevent Sky Lynx from nearly falling from the sky as he saw the battle and carnage below him.

Springer dead, Grimlock back from the dead, Prime fighting Thunderwing, Autobots retreating towards Metroplex.

Even I might have trouble saving our skins he thought to himself.

"Rodimus, this is Sky Lynx. Is there anything I can do?"

2003-03-10, 06:59 PM
Hot Rod looked over at Aero Blade, "Ok yes, but we have to end this fighting, even is it means surrender, or something like it. Remember we fight with more then our weapons we fight with our minds! We will never defeat Thunderwing with the tools of war!" Hot Rod ran alongside the new Autobot, "I learned this all too well recently... and I would die to stop the Choas Matrix now if need be."

2003-03-10, 10:35 PM
Galvatron turned away from Thunderwing for a moment.

Galvatron: "Adeara, it does me well to see you alive. I ask you to back down from this...this is a score I must settle. Rally to the rest of our forces...they will need your help to push back the rest of Thunderwing's forces.

Galvatron faced Sixshot head on.

Galvatron: "I knew you were angry Sixshot...but I never held you to be a fool! Why do you throw away your life so recklessly? Why do you side with a despot that will only destroy us all if he is not stopped?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-10, 10:38 PM
"Why? I would sooner follow a leader with a clear and concise direction towards victory and total domination of the Autobots and Cybertron. Than follow a leader that doesn't know his own mind, let alone his own troops!"

Sixshot was ready for a battle, he stood his ground firm and strong... awaiting the onslaught.

2003-03-10, 10:54 PM
Galvatron seethed with anger...after all he had done to try to repair the rift after his imprisonment. Sixshot had been one he had pushed to the highest of ranks. He knew the Chaos had corrupted him...and while he didn't want this fight, it was one that had to be done. And Sixshot commenced the attack quickly.

In wolf mode, Sixshot lept on Galvatron and bit into the Decepticon Leader's left hand. Galvatron growing more irrate, now had another fussion burst ready...the electrons ready to explode...and with a sweep of his right hand, the explosion detonated in the wolf Sixshot's chest, knocking him off Galvatron and into robot mode.

Galvatron rose to his feet, now more saddened than angered. Sixshot to rose, in spite of the gaping hole in his chest. Now both Galvatron's fists glowed green as the power of the fussion raced through his hand, leaping forward he blasted a series of punches, each puncturing a hole into Sixshot's badly damaged exterior.

Sixshot collapsed as the final punch tore off half of his face.

Sixshot: "You...you...haven't got.....haven't...enough...to..."

Galvatron: "To what? To kill you? That is where you are wrong old friend. I will kill you because I have no other choice...right now the time has come where those who stand and those who fall will be marked by what side they chose to stand beside. You have chosen the wrong side old friend...the side of death and chaos. As such, all you shall now know is that which you have wrought...death!"

Galvatron reared back and with his last fussion burst he imploded Sixshot's right side...completely destroying his arm and much of his chest. Now bleeding his fluids badly, Sixshot rose one last defiant time to see Galvatron draw his energon blade.

Galvatron: "Good bye old friend...I promise that I will make things right."

Sixshot tried to speak, but his vocals had been shattered with the last fussion burst. With his remaining optic he watched until the blade punctured the optic. A spasm of shock went through Sixshot's body as the sword was withdrawn and Sixshot collapsed to the ground...lifeless.

Galvatron stood over his friend for a moment and the sadness he felt gave way to a shiver of anger and rage.


Quick Switch
2003-03-11, 12:50 AM
Thunderwing shrugged.

"And thus endeth Sixshot."

His forces had been slaughtered around him- and the aristocrat didn't care.

"It will take more than harsh words to stir me, purple fool!" the noble cried. "Lest you have more than petty vengence on behalf of poor Sixshot...I dare say the fight is already won," he remarked acidly.

God Jinrai
2003-03-11, 02:53 AM
Near metroplex, alpha had finished repairs on mirage... and since had started on bluestreak... nearly finished with him as well, he shuddered as he heard the cries of the mayhem occuring across the battlefield...

"I've got to hurry if we're to stop that madman... but perhaps prime and galvatron can hold their own..."

Back on the battlefield, prime began yet another onslaught of battering attacks... but this time, no longer was he holding himself back... drawing his strength from the matrix itself, even unicron wouldn't be able to hold off this assault for an extended period of time...

2003-03-11, 04:55 AM
Dreadwind looked at Siren and Hardhead.

"Two against one?" he said. "Where's the challenge?"

2003-03-11, 05:00 AM
Sureshock pulled at Highwire's arm. Both of the minicons were still riding on Hound's shoulder, and had narrowly been missed when the shot took out a chunk of the Autobot's neck. Sureshock had been the closest, and was rightfully alarmed. With the near miss, the scare caused him to speak in minicon language. "He's hurt, and he's not stopping. What should we do?"
Highwire leaned around Sureshock to get a look, then responded in minicon. "It's messy. It'll be okay though. Besides, those three are following us. On the other hand, I'm not sure where we're going. I don't know if we should leave the battle."
Sureshock nodded. "Wait, I think he's stopping..."
Hound was only vaguely aware of the voices near him, and it bothered him. Sensory reception was something he thrived on, and the shock from the confusion and damage was causing the reception to be blocked out. He was aware of Hot Rod, Aero Blade and Stratus following him however, and their presence was having the effect of easing the overload in his circuits. It was a welcome sensation.
"I left something unfinished..." he murmured with a faint smile to the friends following him.
ooc: Still on QS? :)
Sitting up, Mirage felt a sudden tingling sensation return. Things were clear and he could feel that he didn't hurt anymore. "Thanks Alpha, I'm feeling better," he said as he got up and stepped down from the repair bay.

2003-03-11, 05:23 AM
Galvatron sneered at Thunderwing as he took his place beside Optimus.

Galvatron: "I told Sixshot you cared nothing for him...you haven't even half the honor he had. Yet he didn't listen to me...none of them listened and now those who followed you fall one by one, and what do you care? Not the slightest...you are no Decepticon. You are a fool...you dare defile the honor of the Decepticon symbol? The symbol worn by Sixshot, or Jhiaxus, or Skywarp, or Scourge...by Primus even Starscream had more honor than you!"

With that Galvatron transformed into jet mode and slammed hard into Thunderwing, transforming on impact and tearing the Decepticon symbol from Thunderwing's chest.

Galvatron: "Now monster...you face the two...the chosen ones...and you...you shall join the ranks of the forgotten!"

Galvatron began to charge his antimatter induced explosion...the time for the end game had begun.

2003-03-11, 07:32 AM
Siren: -shrugs- "We're not looking for a challenge. Just trying to get rid of you."

Hosehead: "Do you think he'll leave?"

Siren: "Not sure." -snaps fingers- "Let's stare him down."

Hosehead: "That works."

Siren and Hosehead: -start staring intently at the space between Dreadwind's optics-


Brainstorm: -groans- "This is the first headache I've ever had that made my whole body hurt....... Ow..........." -sits up on his transector, moves around, checks the interface coupling- "Great. I can't even do a temporary patch job on it."


Inside Roadbuster's head.....

Roadbuster: -catatonic-

Dinobot: -robot mode, waving hand before Roadbuster's optics- "Not good...... The controling mind of the body I'm stuck in is now little more than a vegatable. Not what I was planning when I downloaded out of the Axalon's computer."

Roadbuster: -quietly- "And what exactly were you planning?"

Dinobot: "Er..... Nothing in particular." -scowls- "Now what is this about killing Prime?"

Roadbuster: "He killed Springer."

Dinobot: "Was that his intent?"

Roadbuster: "It's not how Prime usually acts. But we've always been the Autobots dirty little secret. The fact that they needed to create a unit that was a direct counter to the Decepticon's commando unit, the Mayhem Attack Squad, and then they didn't know what to do with us, irked the Autobots in charge no end. Xxaron wasn't so bad, because he knew what we were. Xxaron also knew how to use us, manipulate the situation so we'd gladly volunteer to go out and get nearly skagged."

Dinobot: "People who claim to want peace hate warriors."

Roadbuster: "Mostly becasue they don't know what to do with us when the war is over."

Dinobot: "So you think Prime is now taking steps to eliminate all of the warrior elements?"

Roadbuster: "I don't know. But he killed Springer. He's got to pay."

Dinobot: -tilts head- "They've disconnected your motor control relays."

Roadbuster: "They know I'm dangerous."

Dinobot: "Because they want to help you. Realize that Rodimus will take over if Prime dies. Possibly Quick Switch, but more likely Rodimus."

Roadbuster: "Quick Switch? Lead?"

Dinobot: "Granted, it's unlikely-"

Roadbuster: "He understands NOTHING!"

Dinobot: "He's never been part of a team. He's designed to operate alone, not with a group. To him, loyalty to the Autobot cause comes before anything else. In that way, you're both a lot alike. Stubborn, unstoppable warriors. But the difference is, you know loyalty to the team comes before the cause."

Roadbuster: "It's true."

Dinobot: "Prime didn't do it on purpose."

Roadbuster: "How can I know that? He had ample opportunity to hit Thunderwing."

2003-03-11, 01:16 PM
"No, Galvatron. You are wrong. There was one who listened to you, one who understood what was on the stake. One who had to betray his own pride, honor and savior that he could stand against the coming chaos. No, you are not alone in this fight old friend." With these words Scorponok fired a massive barrage of photon blasts at Thunderwing from his shoulder cannons. Then another barrage... and another....

Quick Switch
2003-03-11, 03:24 PM
Quick Switch watched the battle commencing against Thunderwing impassively.

"Strike the final blow Optimus- send that crazed unit into the Void!"


Thunderwing's sanity left him, as Galvatron charged.

Laughing madly, the aristocrat screamed-

"I renounce your creed! Visionaries such as myself cannot be constrained by mere ideologies! All of you- shallow thinkes! None can grasp my vision for the universe!"

And with that, Thunderwing shot two Chaos Beams from his optics into Galvatron, as he was tackled.

Scorponok's blasts fell near, or around him. Frankly, everyone else had vanished- all that mattered no were Galvatron and Optimus Prime.


OOC: :) Sure, Scout!

Dirge rose up from the Cybertronic ground halfway, (and under holographic illusion thanks to Hound) reflective.

"I should have known, since the beginning...but I just didn't..."

Cough, cough. More oil pooled out of Dirge's mouth near the blast Sunstreaker gave the Seeker as a going-away present. The fluid loss was sending the Seeker into shock and delirium.

"...I thought...Thunderwing was like Megatron...and everything would be like the old days...isn't that right guys?"

To the nearly hallucinatory Dirge, the alleged phanton images of Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker flitted about, smiling.

"Screamer!" Dirge reached out with one hand, only to see the vision disappear. "Hey, I'm sorry- never meant to...Skywarp? Hey, let's catch a movie! I know a great horror one...awesome sound..." but Skywarp too vanished.

"Thundercracker?" the dark blue jet called out to his lighter counterpart. "It's me, Dirge! You know, the death-guy?" but he also faded from view.

Dirge choked again, and laid his head down on the cool ground.

Maybe the green jeep would come back. Dirge smiled.

The green jeep was nice...

2003-03-11, 04:23 PM
Adeara froze as Galvatron asked her to back down. Not normally one to back down from a fight, even if so ordered, Adeara simply did as asked. She nodded, and pulled away, as StarBlade grabbed her arm. "What's going....." The assassin stopped, as watched as Galvatron killed Sixshot. Now she was very confused, till she saw Thunderwing. Then everything made sense. "Adeara, come on. We gotta help them push that maniac's troops back, and give those two," motioning to Galvatron and Prime, "time to kill that...idiot." Adeara simply nodded, and let StarBlade lead her back to the fighting, dazed at her own actions and the destruction of Sixshot.

2003-03-11, 06:32 PM
Hot Rod smiled in return, "Hey no problem, let get this done, Hound, we have to do our best to stand together."

2003-03-11, 09:44 PM
Snapdragon had returned to the battlefield. He had left only a moment before to save his life but something kept driving him back to the fields of slaughter. Guilt. He could not leave his kin behind to be slaughtered while he was hiding from the battle himself. Yet, something had changed... he didn't feel like fighting anymore. Not after he had realized what Thunderwing was.

While circling over the battlefield in his jetmode Snapdragon had seen too many of his brothers fall... Skywarp, Thundercracker, Sixshot... the three were already unreachable by any means of help. How he itched to attack Grimlock himself and avenge the death of his Decepticon brethen, yet he knew that he would be no match for the Dinobot in his damaged condition.

Then he happened to see Dirge lying on the ground, barely moving. The Horrorcon triplechanger transformed into robot mode while still air and landed next to the damaged conehead.


2003-03-11, 10:24 PM
Chromedome: -standing over Darkwing, keeping him covered-

Minerva: -working on Nightbeat's shoulder-

Nightbeat: -looks down at the unconscious Roadbuster- "Any idea how long he'll be out?"

Minerva: "I hit him with two stun blasts. He'll be out for a while yet."

Nightbeat: -sighs, then winces- "Ow! Careful."

Minerva: "As careful as you tend to be." -probes Nightbeat's destroyed shoulder joint- "The whole servorelay system in your shoulder, the myomer bundles, , secondary hydraulics control.... everything's fused. Elbow and hand actuators are fine, just not getting any signals or power." -scans fuel lines- "Brainstorm managed to seal off that fuel line that ruptured. How's your power level?"

Nightbeat: "If I don't move, I'll be fine. I stand up, things get fuzzy. Internal monitors say my reserves are at, maybe, ten percent. Nothing left in the main fuel tanks at all."

Minerva: "Great. You heard the command to get to Metroplex."

Nightbeat: "Maybe if we just sit here and look inconspicuous, they'll ignore us."

Minerva: "Or we'll get killed."

Nightbeat: "Fine. Brainstorm, how's it look?"

Brainstorm: "I can get my transector back to fighter mode, just can't merge."

Nightbeat: "Then transform and get over here. You can carry me and Roadbuster over to Metroplex. Minerva, help Chromedome and our guest to follow us. Hopefully, Siren and Hosehead'll get Dreadwind under control and bring him along."

Brainstorm: -transforms his transector, gear down, and drives the jet over to Minerva, Roadbuster, and Nightbeat-

Minerva: -loads Roadbuster onto Brainstorm's transector-

Nightbeat: -climbs on-

Brainstorm: -starts rolling over towards Metroplex-

Minerva: -pulls stun blaster, stands, aims at Darkwing-

Chromedome: "Okay, Darkwing. Up."

2003-03-11, 10:27 PM
Galvatron felt the sting in his chest as the blasts connected as he pulled back. Scorponok's blasts may not have hit Thunderwing head on as intended, but they had knocked him back so that the blasts TW had fired at Galvatron did far less damage.

Galvatron turned for a moment to Scorponok: "I am in your debt...very well...we fight this final battle all together!"

Galvatron stood at Prime's side, chest plate still smoking, glare of intensity in his burning red optics. He raised his cannon and unleashed a volley of plasma and anti matter charges.

Galvatron: "What do you know of vision madman? What do you know of destiny? While we forged our future in the heat of battle you stood in the shadows, hiding like the coward you always were...pampered, spoiled, thinking you were above us. Yet you were the reject! The cast aside that Liege viewed as a failure...you were nothing then...as you are nothing now...save for a mindless slave to the whims of Unicron!"

Galvatron continued to fire...hoping that his blasts would pierce Thunderwing's exterior, and that his words would pierce his very lifeforce.

God Jinrai
2003-03-11, 11:22 PM
Alpha had finally completed the repairs to bluestreak... setting him aside from the repair bay, the two trailers reconfigured, and before them stood the massive robot form of alpha convoy...

"If you two can manage now... It's time to take the battle to that freak thunderwing! "

Transforming back to rig mode, alpha tore across the surface of cybertron, arsenal letting loose a full volley of missiles and ion bursts on thunderwing's slowly beaten form...

"Prime... Galvatron... let us end this! For Cybertron!"

Alpha initiated his transformation again, bursting skyward, he locked his nova cannon into firing position...

Time to crack this nut once and for all!" he shouted...

"Galvatron! Prime! on my mark, hit him with your best shot! "

Trajectory and firing sequences had been preset from the start... locking onto thunderwing was no problem... the problem was ensuring the beam would be tight enough to, when combined with the force of prime and galvatron's strikes, crack open the pretender shell...

Prime drew his plasma rifle, aiming directly for thunderwing's chest... just below where the chaos matrix hung... by weakneing the area around the matrix, it was hoped that it would effectively cause unicron to lose phase with thunderwing... giving the pretender one final chance for redemption... if need be, by sacrificing his pretender shell, he could rid himself of unicron...

Quick Switch
2003-03-12, 12:41 AM
Dirge peered up as Snapdragon approached.

"How...how did you get through the jeep's holorgram?" he wheezed softly. Then he smiled. "It doesn't matter. Leave me be, Snapdragon. I've...surrendered to the Autobots. The jeep is coming to take me prisoner...I just...don't want to fight anymore..."

The Seeker coughed again, sending out another spurt of oil.


Thunderwing was hit on all sides by the powers of Order.

Propelled into the air, the aristocrat hung, transfixed, by the sheer amount of power slamming into him.

And then he made a choice; his vision was clear. If asked to choose between a twisted vision, or his life, even Thunderwing at times displayed flashes of common sense.

"I...renounce...this burden...."


"I do!" Thunderwing roared, opening up his Pretender shell, and exposing the Chaos Matrix itself ensconced in the chest of his regular body to the heavy ordinance deployed by the two leaders.


Thunderwing ejected the Chaos Matrix then, sending it arcing through the air.

"Begone! Begone from me forever!"

The aristocrat tumbled to the ground; the ejection of the Chaos Matrix had allowed the Pretender to collapse out of the way of the last of the firepower from Galvatron and Optimus Prime.

"Ah, good work and all that," he said weakly, his Pretender shell cracked and smoking around him. He'd suffered internal injuries to his normal body when Thunderwing had opened his chest cavity. Thunderwing then collapsed to the Cybertronic floor.

Aero Blade
2003-03-12, 03:20 AM
All this running was begining to get on Aero Blade's nerves. Even since before he got here, it seemed to be running for some reason: Running away from battle, running toward battle, running into Decepticons, running to rescue Stratus, running to keep from getting shot at, running to find Stratus, running from the more than occasional gun-weilding trigger happy weirdos, running here, running there, and now running after Hound who seemed to have flipped out! He was getting sick of running. He was a techworker for pete's sake! Not one of those scatter-brained battle happy warriors. He was supposed to be infront of a computer consol fixing broken relays or something! But no, he was in some strange alternate demention with a bunch of crazed Autobots running around and shooting at eachother due to some 'demonic' matrix or something. His friends back home had told him he needed a change of pace. He doubted they meant this, though...

"Jeez, thanks alot for jinxing me again, guys!" Aero Blade exclaimed to himself. He finally caught up to Hound, hearing him mention something about 'unfinished business.' "What unfinished business? ... Hmm..?" Aero Blade looked over at Stratus, sitting on his shoulder. The minicon had frozen, looking scared. "What's the matter buddy?"

Stratus pointed and Aero Blade looked in that direction, noticing Snapdragon for the first time. "...The scary guy's back..." Stratus answered quietly.

Aero Blade also caught sight of what seemed to be another injured transformer there as well, but from the distance, he couldn't make out whether it was an Autobot or a Decepticon.

Thinking on Decepticons, Aero Blade paused for a moment, looking around as though expecting one to jump out and attack them at any moment. After alittle while, though, he calmed down, but still was suspicious. Ever since he'd gotten here, he'd run into one Decepticon that seemed to have it out for him for no apparent reason. The Decepticon had been following him and his attacks were almost like clockwork, but he hadn't bothered Aero Blade for a very long time. He wondered where the creep had gotten to...

"I probably finally lost him..." Aero Blade thought quietly outloud.

2003-03-12, 04:54 AM
The large form of Snapdragon near Dirge surprised Hound and he instictively dropped the holograms he had cast in favor of a wall in front of himself, High Wire, Sureshock, Aero Blade, Stratus and Hot Rod. He scowled.
Slag... how foolish could I have been!? Not checking for life signals... the jet probably made noise or that thing smelled him. ....Rusting mainframes... bah.

He reached to his shoulder and let Highwire and Sureshock slip onto his hand. After he had set them down, he looked back to Hot Rod, Stratus and Aero Blade with a pained look.
"I need to protect that jet, if I can. He surrendered and I failed before. Another autobot shot him. I won't ask you to come, but I won't stop you either. Whatever happens, Sureshock, Highwire... please stay with Hot Rod and Aero Blade. It's my duty to take Dirge as a prisoner back to Iacon and to keep him safe until that happens.

And Hound stepped out and towards Snapdragon and Dirge.
Mirage armed his gun and followed Alpha as he approached Thunderwing.
All that firepower? What can one hunter's rifle do against a being that can hold out against all that? He wondered as he drew closer. Resigned, he aimed carefully, and fired.

Quick Switch
2003-03-12, 05:11 AM
Dirge raised his head again, and smiled feverishly.

"You see, Snapdragon? Now leave me be, the jeep has come for me."


Thunderwing merely grunted as Mirage's shot hit him.

After everything I've put the planet through...can anyone blame him? Even after I've given up the Chaos Matrix?

2003-03-12, 05:20 AM
Sunstreaker watched Hound and sneered at him. He had watched him since he turned into a holowgram and just kept approaching cautiously.

"Traitor" he muttered watching Hound mingle with the two Decepticons while keeping an eye on the main battle a top Metroplex, he could tell it was almost over. He pulled his weapon up and aimed it at Hound "Should I kill him or tell someone he is a turn coat?"

Aero Blade
2003-03-12, 12:00 PM
As Aero Blade watched Hound walk away, he noticed another Autobot not to far off. It wasn't doing anything, but he had what Aero Blade called the 'I want to shoot something' expression on his face, and he was looking at Hound...and aiming at him!

Aero Blade nudged Hot Rod with his elbow, pointing out Sunstreaker. Without saying anything, he quickly caught up to Hound. Aero Blade started to walk beside him, making sure to keep himself inbetween Hound and Sunstreaker. "Don't look up. There's someone aiming at you," Aero Blade whispered. "I'm in the way right now, though. Let's see what he does..." he finished, continuing to walk as though there was nothing unusual going on.

Stratus transformed and took off, looking as though he was heading back to the other minicon, but once he was out of Sunstreaker's view, he circled around the Autobot's far side. He transformed back to robot mode and picked out a spot as close as he dared to Sunstreaker where he could watch him and not be seen, hoping the big autobot didn't find him...

2003-03-12, 04:34 PM
"Oh great." Hot Rod mumbled, "How can we defeat Thunderwing is we are continously making judgements toward..." Hot Rod decided to be silent, he didn't want to be too preachy after all. He called out after Jolt, his Minicon, to give Stratus some support.

2003-03-12, 07:06 PM
"What the slag are you babbling about Dirge? Decepticons never surrender... we either fight to the end or withdraw so we can fight another day." Snapdragon, whose temper was beginning to rise, snarled at the fallen conehead.

"And what was this hologram around you?" Snapdragon continued. Due to his damaged sensor array he had not noticed Hound yet.

Quick Switch
2003-03-12, 10:14 PM
Dirge shrugged.

"The jeep did it...since he's here...he can explain it to you...and I'm through fighting..."

2003-03-12, 11:38 PM
Rodimus stood in stunned silence for a moment. His entire world was falling around his ears. All that he'd stood for the last few months had been lies, and corruption. All the friends he'd fought, made and lost had been for naught. A cold, calculating anger slowly grabbed and clutched at his spark, but he drove it out of his being with but a thought.

For despite all the lies, the deceit, the infighting and the betrayal - he was still Rodimus Convoy, Autobot warrior. He drew his rifle calmly from subspace.

"I am ready Optimus Prime. I am ready to do what needs to be done, to fight by your side in our darkest hour."

With that, he swung the rifle up, and added his firepower to the volleys blasting at Thunderwing.

Lord Zarak
2003-03-12, 11:52 PM
Sky Lynx saw that Rodimus had not heard him, and was surprised to see that he stood shoulder to shoulder to Optimus. However, he was willing to follow whoever the leader of the Autobots was: Optimus Prime or Rodimus Prime.

Maybe I Can help save the day. But that would mean sharing the credit. What the heck, its Decep'bashing, and there aint no better thing to do. Aparty from saving the day, heroically rescuing the innocent and the oppressed (you get the drift)

BIC: Rodimus, I'm with you!

With that, Sky Lynx transformed into his dino-bird mode, his larger passenger compartment going into subspace. He let go a stream of fire from his mouth, aimed at Thunderwing.

Quick Switch
2003-03-13, 12:07 AM
Thunderwing writhed under the assault from the Transformers.

"You damned fools! I don't have the Chaos Matrix anymore! Fire on it!"

The aristocrat tried to make a sweeping gesture indicating it was somewhere around the battlefield- he'd simply ejected it, not thinking of where it might land.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-13, 12:31 AM
Grimlock watched as a Matrix shaped item bounced in front of, and past, him.

It lay there, momentarily then emitted a dingy green light, there was a sudden explosion of light much akin to a flash grenade.

Grimlock found himself sailing backwards through the air from the force of the detonation, knocked slightly silly.

Quick Switch
2003-03-13, 12:36 AM
Quick Switch too was knocked backward by the Matrix's 'detonation' and sailed a few hundred feet back before slamming into a building in the process.

God Jinrai
2003-03-13, 01:30 AM
as the core essence of the chaos matrix errupted in a bright explosion... unicron went for his move... no longer contained by a mere shell, he chose his target... and made his move... A shadowy form slunk through the air hastily... on course for optimus prime...

But alpha would not have it... Takning notice of unicron's final ditch attempt, alpha threw himself in the way... merging himself with the chaosbringer...

"N...now unicron... now... let's see you try to stop us?" alpha painedly spoke...

"fool... you've given me a form that will suit my purposes better than that fool thunderwing... or even optimus prime himself could have supplied!"

"Only... " alpha gasped for air, trying to maintain control...

"Only ... if you can break me... " he spoke...
"And that... will not happen before your essence is cast back to the void whence you came!"

Alpha began to transform... and shouted to galvatron...

"You who call yourself the omega! Come! It must be now! "

Alpha's engines roared to life, as the slowly dying transformer rolled out.... for the one place where he could find solace... and in such, the gate where, with the omega's aid... he could cast unicron back...into nothingness... even if it meant he was to die in doing so... deep within, he felt his spark being torn at by the dark god... but alpha's resolve was not to be questioned... onward he rode... towards the crystal city... and the temple of primus...

2003-03-13, 03:46 AM
Hardhead: -picks himself up off the ground from where he was thrown when the Matrix exploded- "What the......"


Chromeodme and Minerva: -bowled over by the explosion-


Siren and Hosehead: -sent tumbling by the explosion-


Nightbeat and Roadbuster: -go tumbling off of Brainstorm as the explosion wavefront hits them-

Brainstorm: -flips through the air, wing over wing, crashing down upside down and skidding the rest of the way to Metroplex's wall-

Nightbeat: -groans- "Well, if we got lucky, that's the last we'll see of Thunderwing......."

Brainstorm: -voice muffled slightly by cockpit canopy- "And if we're not?"

Nightbeat: "Then it'll be raining pieces of Prime any minute now, and Thunderwing will kill us all......"

2003-03-13, 05:26 AM
Someone's aiming at me, and Aero Blade's in the way. Autobots and neutrals first. Mustn't let him be in danger because of me. Hound thought briefly and then he let his energy scanners bring up readings from the nearby area.

Recognizing some of the energy signatures that were behind them, he focused for a moment and then suddenly sidestepped out from behind Aero Blade, turning with a pivot as he did. He scanned the battlefield and Hound's gaze fixed on Sunstreaker within moments. Caught between Snapdragon and Sunstreaker- two individuals with intents full of malice, he sought to protect the group, and put a holographic wall up behind them.

"Thanks Aero Blade. It's Sunstreaker. He is - or was- an Autobot. I think the Chaos matrix must be affecting him too. Now for Snapdragon..."

Quick Switch
2003-03-13, 05:28 AM
Quick Switch slowly rose from the impact of the explosion, ignoring the departing Alpha, in his mind, the Six Changer knew the Chaos Matrix would be dealt with.

Cocking both his photon blasters, the Assault Warrior slowly walked up to the prone Thunderwing's position, both sets of bodies shattered and broken by the vicious firepower he had undergone.

Quick Switch squatted next to the Lord of the Realm.

"You've failed," he said quietly. "Or, at leat, been stymied."

Thunderwing raised his Pretender head and cracked a rictus grin; the broken/rotted teeth and dented green optics peered back at the Autobot.

"Hah...hah...I see...always so chipper, Autobot?"

"You could say that," Quick Switch nodded slowly. "There are those who say I'm dedicated."

"A fanatic," Thunderwing whispered. "How trite. You and I are not so different, then, quickness switcher...I could have done much with you. How I would have tweaked your sensibilities..."

The field commander rose then, stung by Thunderwing's comments. He didn't want to admit it, of course...but everything the Pretender Lord had said was damnably accurate. That, and he hated the pithy corruption of his name.

"Well, you won't have to worry about that anymore, Decepticon," he hissed, "because whether you've got Unicron in you or not-" Quick Switch aimed both pistols at the Pretender Lord's head, "-I'm in my rights to terminate you. You threatened my Leader in unspeakable ways-"

"...I see," Thunderwing pushed himself off the ground until his battered body creaked. He sat up, grinning wryly. "And if you put a photon blast in my CPU, will that make you recharge better at night? Hmm?"

"It might," Quick Switch replied, frowning.

"I don't think so," Thunderwing replied. "You see, I thought the Autobots had some form of code...you know, fair play and all that. Would you be such a good lackey for your blessed master if you shot me dead, instead of having Optimus Prime dispense his wonderful brand of justice upon me? Hmm?"

"I am no lackey!" The Autobot replied. His fingers hovered on the triggers of the weapons. Thunderwing wheezed and flapped his arms dismissively.

"Mmhmm. Now run along and fetch your master. I will not die here this day- least of all from a wonderful little zealot...who makes sure to follow orders..." Thunderwing laughed then, bitterly secure in his reading of the Autobot.

Quick Switch lowered both his weapons, then turned.

"Optimus! What would you have me do with Thunderwing?"

2003-03-13, 08:41 AM
Bandit, Rally and Talon had no idea what had hit them. One moment Scorponok rose so they had to scramble to get out of his way, and the next moment a green light blinded them and a shockwave knocked them back a few dozen feet.

The Elementals simply dropped to their knees, their systems screaming in pain as the sheer chaos power registered. As the pain became too great, they fell unconscious.

Lord Zarak
2003-03-13, 02:02 PM
The explosion even reached Sky Lynx, who was pulling up from the attack on Thunderwing.

"Hey Primes, what in the name of Primus was that? It's almost like the Hate Plague all over again!" said Sky Lynx to the two leaders, because to him, that was the feeling he had. He transformed mid-air to lynx mode, landed and ran towards Metroplex.

2003-03-13, 04:55 PM
Nightbeat: -sighs- "Well, it would appear that something else altogether's happened, hmm?"

Brainstorm: "Why?"

Nightbeat: -lurches to feet- "Thunderwing's alive. Think I'll go have a chuckle." -staggers over to Thunderwing and Quick Switch-


Minerva: -stands, stretching, sees the upended Brainstorm- "Great. Can you handle Darkwing by yourself?"

Chromedome: -stands, aims blaster at Darkwing- "Yeah."

Minerva: -heads over to Brainstorm, starts trying to turn his transector back upright-


Siren and Hosehead: -get to their feet-

Siren: "Think it's over?"

Hosehead: "I hope so."


Nightbeat: -standing over Thunderwing, wobbling slightly- "Looks like you backed the wrong horse, bubba."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-13, 06:36 PM
"Kill him now before he talk anymore!"

Grimlock shouted across the battlefield as a small block of metal clanked off his arm.

2003-03-13, 06:54 PM
Galvatron lowered his head...it all seemed to easy.

Gavlatron: "Optimus... you and Rodimus should accompany us...I may need more power than I have in my possession in this form"

Galvatron opened his chest to Optimus to show that he did not have the Decepticon Power Matrix. Then transformed into jet mode and blasted off after Alpha.

2003-03-13, 07:38 PM
Nightbeat: -looks over at Grimlock- "Now why would we want to do that, Grimmy? I'd rather see his broken-toothed mug behind energon bars, myself." -looks back down at Thunderwing- "That way we can shut the cameras off and work him over with rubber hoses." -looks up again- "Siren, Hosehead, get over here!"

Siren and Hosehead: -come running over-

Siren: -sees Thunderwing- "It's about time."

Nightbeat: "Keep him covered."

Siren and Hosehead: -aim weapons at Thunderwing-

Nightbeat: -sits wearily in front of Thunderwing, hold out hand, palm up- "Give me your weapons, grips first."

Quick Switch
2003-03-13, 08:34 PM
Quick Switch shot Grimlock and Nightbeat a glance.

"Back off, Nightbeat. Your vendetta has no place here now- what Optimus decides will be what I as your superior officer, will do with Thunderwing. The Wreckers have no jurisdiction over matters of security."

"I'm certainly no flight risk," Thunderwing chuckled. "In fact, I'm probably dying here in front of you from all my internal injuries..."

And with that, the aristocrat lay back down on the Cybertronic ground.

The pain was starting to get to him.

2003-03-13, 08:39 PM
Scorponok stepped on what was left of the Chaos Matrix and zoomed his optics at fleeing Galvatron and Unicron possessed Alpha Convoy. "This is not over yet..."

The gigantic Decepticon took few steps after Galvatron before stopping before Quick Switch and Thunderwing.

Scorponok turned his gaze down at the two clearly smaller mechs. "Ah, so you have been freed from the grasp of Unicron. Do you now understand?"

Snapdragon crouched next to Dirge and placed hands under the injured seeker in order to lift him up.

"I am taking you slagging out of here. No way I am leaving you under the mercy of the Autobots." The large Decepticon spoke, still without noticing Hound.

Quick Switch
2003-03-13, 08:49 PM
"I understand I've been defeated," Thunderwing closed his eyes, not looking at Scorponok. "Now spare me your gloating. An aristocrat such as myself should have a dignified defeat."

Quick Switch looked up at the huge Transformer and listened at Thunderwing's response.


Dirge reached out and grabbed Snapdragon.

"NO! Leave me be! I've chosen this! Me, Dirge! No one is ordering me around...you don't understand..."

The Seeker coughed again, jetting out another gush of oil.

"I'm tired of fighting, tired of losing over and over again. Don't you see? At least the Autobots offer something: peace. And besides...everyone I know is dead...I have nothing to go back to now...being captured might be the best thing for me..."

Dirge shook his head.

"Most of the Autobots are merciful...and when we had the chance to be..." he trailed off. "Just leave me, please."

2003-03-13, 09:08 PM
"You misunderstood my intentions Thunderwing. I am not here to gloat. There is no victory gained. Not before Unicron has been vanquished." Scorponok boomed, still staring at Thunderwing with his bloodred optics.

"I owe you my life. I do not hold you responsible of actions made by Unicron. I wanted you to know this." The titan explained before lifting his gaze back to look after the distancing forms of Alpha Convoy and Galvatron.

"However, I am not asking for forgiveness. I know what I did was right."

Snapdragon was shocked after hearing Dirge's plea. "You can't mean that..."

"You... you just can't abandon the Decepticons... we are you brethen! Are you turning on us?"

Quick Switch
2003-03-13, 09:51 PM
Thunderwing opened his optics and smiled weakly.

"Well, isn't this a surprise. Thanks accepted...yes...I thought that this time, I had mastered the obsession. It appears that, once again...the obession mastered me."

Quick Switch broke in:

"That's all very nice, Thunderwing, but save the wax philosophical stuff for Optimus Prime. Perhaps he'll understand your motivations; I just think you're insane."

"Hah," Thunderwing chuckled. "What a delightful gaoler you are..."


"Do you want to keep fighting a never-ending war? Neither side will give- but at least the Autobots are merciful. When has any Decepticon leader shown mercy- without any thought of political gain? Decepticons consider 'mercykillings' but never 'mercy' for it's own sake."

Dirge coughed again.

"I don't know if I'm defecting...but I do know this: I don't want to fight anymore. At least, not for anybody with 'tron' as the last part of their name...at least, not for now."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-13, 10:11 PM
"Me guess Prime not too interested in matters like this Quick Switch, him off fighting against big evil. He seeking destruction as me explained before. Me say you destroy him now, not give him chance to do this again."

2003-03-13, 10:20 PM
"And by what right you call the right of judging Thunderwing goes to Optimus Prime, Autobot?" Scorponok asked from Quick Switch with sarcasm in his voice. "And who made you the judge and the executioner Dinobot?"

"No. Thunderwing is Decepticon. And we deal with our own." The gigantic Decepticon grumbled and unleashed few of his drones to surround Thunderwing and give him the little medical attention they could.

"I don't understand you Dirge. Don't you realize that the war from your part does not end even if you surrender to the Autobots? No, from what I have heard you think that its over just like that." Snapdragon said and snapped his fingers.

"This war won't end until there is a victor Dirge. Do you not see this? Either you win the war or die fighting. There is not other release from it." The Horrorcon continued.

"You ask if I am tired of this war? No, I am not. It is in my core programming Dirge. The need to fight is there. The will to conquer. Who or whatever is responsible of our creation did pretty throughout job with us. By Primus, I can't even think what to do if the war was over! But that doesn't mean that I enjoy seeing my comrades fall in the fields of battle. Not by any mean." Snapdragon finished his response to Dirge's question.

"Come, I'll help you out of here... we could try to reach Galvatron... I am sure he will be mercyful if we surrender to him... he..."

Quick Switch
2003-03-13, 10:27 PM
"Works for me," Quick Switch said, priming his blasters...then Scorponok spoke up.


There wasn't much the Six Changer could do against a City.

"Do you think Galvatron will be objective? All Decepticons are alike, Thunderwing will be welcomed back into the fold!" Quick Switch said angrily. "Optimus Prime is fair. He'll know what to do!"

Thunderwing laughed as the drones surrounded him.

"Solidarity!" he said, laughing merrily. "Bad luck, what?" he scoffed at Quick Switch.


Dirge cringed.

"We're rebels. We were never infected with the Chaos Energy...we chose to fight with Thunderwing...I thought he'd conquer the Universe, and end this stupid war...but now..."

The Seeker shook.

"If you want to die over this stupid planet, be my guest. What does it mean for us, really? Nobody besides a historian would care about it; the Quintessons built everything on Cybertron anyway...as I said...I'm tired of fighting...least of all for a war lord's mad schemes."

Dirge shook his head.

"Galvatron will shoot us on sight. He's insane. You know this. I'm never going back, as long as he leads."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-13, 10:41 PM
Grimlock stomped over to Thunderwing and kicked him in the ribs - hard.

"You not in ANY position to be preachy ... and YOU!?"

Grimlock looked up at Scorponok

"Me not think much of you, perhaps Metroplex take you down a peg or two?"

Quick Switch
2003-03-13, 10:44 PM
Quick Switch smiled.

Damn straight, Grimlock.

Thunderwing wheezed as the Dinobot Leader's blow slammed into his ribcage; the aristocrat toppled back over from when the drones had helped him up.

"Hmm...yes...can't hold you responsible...Dinobots being 'primitive' and all that...you can't help it, old boy."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-13, 10:50 PM
Grimlock picked Thunderwing up from the floor and held him, suspended in the air.

"Me think you not in any position to talk about primitive. You taken in by Unicron. Of all beings in universe you invite Chaos Bringer into you...you really not all that smart....think you can control him?"

2003-03-13, 10:58 PM
(OOC: So much for calm argument....)

Minerva: -uprights Brainstorm-

Brainstorm: -groans- "I hate getting knocked around."

Minerva: -smiles- "Part and parcel of what we do."

Nightbeat: "Grimlock, put him down!" -gets unsteadily to feet- "Much as I hate to say it, we can't kill him outright. But we can't let the Decepticons alone decide his fate."

Quick Switch
2003-03-13, 11:02 PM
Quick Switch shrugged.

"It'll take a while before I trust you Commandos again, especially Roadbuster. He'll get a psych evaluation after we get back to Iacon."

Thunderwing gasped as Grimlock snatched him up.

"Well," he stammered, "it seemed like a good idea at the time..."

Thunderwing flicked a glance at Minerva.

"Look at this, you seem like a fair judge of character...notice how I'm being oppressed by this proletarian because of my aristocratic standing."

2003-03-13, 11:10 PM
Scorponok kneeled down and grabbed Thunderwing with his claw and then straightened out to his full height, dwarfing the two Autobots before him.

"You would be wise not to agitate me Dinobot. Touch Thunderwing again before Prime and Galvatron return and I will personally see that you won't live to tell the tale of what happened this day." Scorponok growled at Grimlock gravely. "Do not forget. I am not an Autobot."

OOC: I think I'll let Hound have a chance to interrupt the little discussion between Snapdragon and Dirge before I post again... besides... I need sleep...

2003-03-13, 11:14 PM
Minerva: -smiles- "You tried to kill my brother on several occasions. And, medically, there are things much, much worse than death." -looks sweetly at Grimlock- "Can I play with your new toy?"

Nightbeat: -chuckles at Quick Switch, then starts laughing, manages to get ahold of himself, looks over at Thunderwing- "See what I have to work with?" -looks back at Quick Switch- "Roadbuster snapped after seeing his best friend killed by Prime. Can you blame him for snapping? Or don't you have any friends."

Quick Switch
2003-03-13, 11:21 PM
Thunderwing nearly went into shock after being grabbed by Scorponok.


After getting hold of his bearings, he peered down weakly at Minerva.

"I wasn't myself you understand...yes, Unicron...possessed me. I was merely his instrument."

Ah well. Round and round it goes...


Quick Switch scratched his head.

He supposed the not-very-tactful detecive had a point.

"I suppose," he muttered. "I do have friends..."

The Six Changer, if pressed, could name two. Four, prior to 2005.

Optimus Prime wasn't one of them, though- revered Commander yes, friend, no. The Assault Warrior didn't think of his relationship with his Commander in terms of "friendship".

God Jinrai
2003-03-14, 12:31 AM
from high in the skies, a familiar form descended once more to the surface of cybertron... landing, it took up rest beside metroplex, but only momentarily before transforming to it's massive robot mode... and approaching scorpinok...

"Scorpinok... release thunderwing... he's being taken into joint custody of our combined forces, and as such, is going to face trial... the charge...Treason against our race... the penalty.... death. I would ask you allow fortress maximus to take him into custody, holding him prisoner within his city base's prison block... for the sake of security... as I'm quite aware that thunderwing revived you... and as such... you may feel... obligated toward him... as such, I need to take these precautions. "

Prime turned, and sterted toward grimlock who was not far from rodimus...

Silently he approached the dinobot commander...

"I...I realize that you are not of my time... or my world... and that you follow only rodimus..as far as you are concerned... but I ask you this... in our abscence... ensure that thunderwing is taken into custody... with minimal force if force is necessary.... It's been enough of a massacre in these last few cycles... more death is not something we need... "

Prime clapped his right hand on the dinobot commander's shoulder...

"You...may not be the grimlock I knew... but... it's good to have you back... old friend..."

Prime started forth again, comming up to rodimus...

"Let's go. It's going to take all three of us to ensure unicron stays gone. "

Prime transformed, throttling up, waiting for rodimus to join him as they would begin their trek to the crystal city...

Quick Switch
2003-03-14, 02:13 AM
Quick Switch reacted in a shocked fashion.

Optimus gave the security order to Grimlock- and apparently not the Grimlock we're used to? I don't understand. Why wasn't I given the responsibility?

However, the Six Changer let his Commander go.

One never questioned a superior officer.


"Hah!" Thunderwing said. "I, Lord of the Realm, tried in some kangaroo Autobot Court? Never!"

Thunderwing humphed.

"I will not be tried by commoners- especially Autobot commoners..." Thunderwing tried to turn in Scorponok's grasp. "Now that we've solved this situation, Scorponok...we can go. I have things to do...an estate to look after, hire new servants, that sort of thing. Forget this whole 'Matrix' affair," the Pretender aristocrat said airily.

2003-03-14, 02:57 AM
Galvatron landed as Alpha pulled up to the Crystal City.

Galvatron: "Its been a long time since I have been in this place...a long time indeed."

God Jinrai
2003-03-14, 03:01 AM
"I'm afraid that's not going to happen, thunderwing. You WILL stand trial..whether you desire to or not is immaterial." fortress boomed

"You will be tried by ALL of your peers... autobot... as well as decepticon... One way or another... And Scorpinok... I'm quite aware that you may owe your life to this freakish being... but I also know you have a stronger sense of inner worth... inner worth that surpasses the petty pleas of some pretender to the throne of all of cybertron..."

Fortress stood in silence, waiting for scorpinok to make his move...

Quick Switch
2003-03-14, 03:37 AM
Thunderwing snarled, and gnashed his shattered teeth.

"You have no dominion here, Autobot! Scorponok answers to no enemy!"

The Pretender turned to address the Decepticon City.

"...we really should move along," the aristocrat said.

2003-03-14, 04:54 AM
Nightbeat: "Forget it, Thunderwing. You've tried to kill us all. You can't talk your way out of this one."

Siren: "Nothing says he can't try."

Nightbeat: "This is true. Very true. Besides, Thunderwing, I wouldn't count on Scorponok's help. You tried to kill him, remember? In fact, I was you, Thunderwing, I'd be worried that Scorponok might involuntarialy squeeze his claw in anger when you talk to him."

Minerva: -looking up at Thunderwing- "Think he's gonna squeeze?"

Hosehead: "Hope not. Be kinda messy, wouldn't it?"

Minerva: "True. Although it depends on whether or not his Pretender shell is a synthoid/plasmatic like, say, Landmine's, or if it's a manufactured one like Grimlock's."

Hosehead: "Huh?"

Minerva: "Remember, Grimlock, Jazz and Bumblebee became Pretenders, along with Starscream, after the Underbase incident....." -optics widen- "Oh, pits........ This could be bad."

Hosehead: "Why......." -nickel drops- "Uh oh. I wish Nightbeat'd been able to disarm him....."

Minerva: "Depends on how fast the shell works. I'm not even sure if his shell is set up to do that. I didn't get a chance to check."

Quick Switch
2003-03-14, 05:03 AM
"Underbase?" Thunderwing muttered. "What in the world are they babbling about?"

The aristocrat frowned- uppity commoners! This was not proper conduct from social inferiors to social superiors.

Oilines counted for nothing among rabble, evidently.

"I meant no ill will to Scorponok," he replied smoothly, "it was merely another manifestation of Unicron attempting to subvert my will...in any case, Scorponok seems for the most part...intact," he said truthfully.

2003-03-14, 07:02 AM
Hound stepped out from the adjusted hologram wall, rifle in hand, and aimed.
He's not attacking Dirge. It almost looks like he's trying to help him! Funny for a Decepticon. Maybe they're on the same side? Hound wondered as he got nearer.

With a calm and collected advance, he spoke as he approached slowly. "Dragon!... Dirge said to leave him and I will not allow you to harm him freely. Back away from him and surrender. You can come back to Iacon under protection for a fair hearing."

God Jinrai
2003-03-14, 02:55 PM
"Indeed, pretender? You seemed to show significant force of will in expelling him from you! Dare you refute THAT ??? Dare you deny the fact that you WILLINGLY took up the dark god's essence in seeking utter domination yourself???"

Fortress was becoming unnerved... in any other situation, he would have drawn the master sword from within himself, and simply severed scorpinok's claw... or simply beheaded thunderwing where he was... that was how precise fortress was with his blade...

2003-03-14, 05:30 PM
Hot Rod looked up after Jolt relayed a certain report to him that Thunderwing has been captured, and then he saw for himself that it was true, "No it's not supposed to happen this way!" he shouted, "There is only one to finish this." He looked down trying to find Hound again, "This time victory may be worse then defeat..."

2003-03-14, 05:52 PM
"Fortress Maximus... am I taking this wrong way or do you not trust me, my old rival? If you cannot show any trust towards me, how could I trust Thunderwing to you? No. We wait until Galvatron and Prime arrive back together. I will keep Thunderwing in safe until then." Scorponok stated, staring intently at Fortress Maximus' optics, ignoring Thunderwing's plea to leave.

"Trust me. We are not going anywhere. I do understand my responsibilty to my kin if not to the Autobots." The enormous jet-black Decepticon said with a wicked smile on his face. Looking at the reaction on Fortress' face.

"You assume that I am here to hurt Dirge... that is not true. I came here to help him. But it looks like you have brainwashed him or something..." Snapdragon snarled, got up and turned to look at Hound.

"But that doesn't mean that I would not hurt you!" The Horrorcon roared and charged towards Hound, his optics burning of rage and anger.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-14, 06:17 PM
Grimlock walked up to Thunderwing again...he had never cared for Optimus Prime ever before, and he wasn't about to start now. Thunderwing's constant rambling had become too much for the Dinobot now however.

"Thunderwing...me say you shut up NOW!"

Grimlock recoiled his arm and let fly with a heavy right hand hoping to knock Thunderwing unconscious and shut him up.

2003-03-14, 06:29 PM
Rodimus spun on his heel, shaking his head wearily.
"Yes, yes. You're right I suppose."

He walked over to Grimlock.

"Grimlock. You have the command here now. I must go with Galvatron and Alpha Convoy. To what end, or purpose, I do not know. But look after them. Look after those who stuck with us."

He spun on his heel, and walked away, before transforming into vehicle mode and racing after Galvatron's rapidly retreating form towards Iacon and the Temple of Primus.


Sixswitch circled wearily as he observed the goings on below. Having waded into battle and finding nobody to fight, he instead took to the skies in fighter mode, seeking clarity and peace of mind. Truth be told, he had found neither, but it was worth trying.

2003-03-15, 12:54 AM
"Dirge has a brain and I didn't wash it- but you're choosing to be hung you out to dry!" Hound replied quietly.

Hound didn't budge as the big Horrorcon swung around and charged. He had his rifle out and ready, so he aimed and shot for Snapdragon's legs.

Aero Blade
2003-03-15, 12:55 AM
Aero Blade had been willing to stand back and let Hound handle the situation, but when Snapdragon turned nasty, he decided that he, unforuntately, had to join in another battle.

Judging from the way the conversation ha been going, he decided that firing off even a stunblaster at the horrocon would not be a good idea. Aero Blade did have one set of bolas left with an extra strong cable that he'd hoped to save for a very important emergency occasion, but now wasn't the time to be picky. Besides, he could probably make several more later if he found the right materials.

Aero Blade pulled them out without a second thought and hurled them at Snapdragon, hoping to tangle his feet before he reached Hound...

2003-03-15, 03:29 AM
Hardhead: -having followed Sixswitch but finding nothing to fight, wanders back to Chromedome, looks down at Darkwing- "Shouldn't we put him in a cell or something?"

Chromedome: "I'm short a usable hand here. Keep him covered." -holsters gun- "Come on, Darkwing. Get up."


Minerva: -walks over to Nightbeat- "Uh, Nightbeat..... we might have a problem....."

Nightbeat: -chuckling at Thunderwing, stops, looks at Minerva- "What is it?"

Minerva: -leans in close- "I've got a feeling that his shell is set up like Jazz and Grimlock's were."

Nightbeat: -looks back up at Thunderwing, looks back at Minerva- "His shell's taken a pretty serious pounding, though. And even at full power, I think he'd have trouble with Scorponok. If it does have a built in autorepair system to put him back together, it won't give him a huge advantage." -thinks for a moment- "But.... it might give him a momentary advantage." -sighs- "Siren, go get some energon cubes.... and see if you can scrounge up some food. Or at least some asperin."

Siren: "Got ya, boss." -looks over at Metroplex, shrugs, heads for Metroplex-

2003-03-15, 06:42 PM
Darkwing got up slowly.

"Go ahead," he said. "Shoot me now."

Dreadwind got up slowly, his body damaged.

"Uhhh!' he groaned.

Quick Switch
2003-03-15, 08:59 PM
Thunderwing was about to let fly with a snappy retort when Grimlock's fist impacted his battered Pretender shell.

With a thud, Thunderwing slumped into uncounciousness.

Quick Switch shot Grimlock a look.

"We need to get the prisoner," the secuirty chief remarked.

Grimlock shrugged.

"OK then," Quick Switch said.


Dirge mumbled:

"No, the Jeep hasn't done anything to me...except show me the way to understanding..."

2003-03-15, 09:13 PM
Although Snapdragon was one of the most agile transformers ever created, his damaged condition was seriously turning down his usual advantages against other transformers in combat. In this particular occasion it came apparent as he barely managed to dodge Hound's shot only to fall into ground, his legs tangled by Aero Blade's cable.

"All of you! You're damned madmen! Autobot helping Decepticon! Decepticon begging help from Autobot! Where in the abyss are your loyalties! Have you no pride! Unicron consume you all for all I care!" Snapdragon cursed and began to drag himself towards Aero Blade with his hands. "I'll disassemple you diode by diode with my teeth small one..."

Aero Blade
2003-03-16, 12:59 AM
uh oh... Aero Blade thought, starting to back away from the giant horrocon. He didn't have any more bolas, and in his current state, barely any of his weapons were operating, and the ones that were weren't exactly good for fighting off Snapdragon....

While Aero Blade's mind raced through his options, he came to a startling stop, backing into some rubble. It took only a second to realize he was cornered, and Snapdragon was still coming closer. Finally a thought clicked into his head. Yes, he could get away from the horrocon, but he needed some time to prepare it...

He hoped Snapdragon was like most of the decepticons he was familiar with back home and liked to gloat or 'play' with their victims before attacking them, because he was going to need just slightly more time to get ready than it was going to take for Snapdragon to reach him. And from Aero Blade's experiences, the less defiant or up-to-something you looked, the less likely you were to get throttled, so for the sake of fooling Snapdragon, he made himself look terrified. He even added in a little bit of trembling. Anything to hold him off just a few moments longer....

2003-03-16, 02:51 AM
Hound saw his shot miss and clicked into his radio. "Quick Switch, Sixswitch- we need help by the East wall."

Something whizzed past him, and Hound blinked as the big Horrorcon fell nearby. "String thing?" He wondered aloud as he ran forward. He glanced backwards as he heard Snapdragon threaten Aero Blade, but didn't stop. Right! Helicopter! One chance now...

He skidded to a halt and reached down to gently lift Dirge up.
"All right Dirge- easy does it and we'll do a vanishing act as long as you cooperate."
Highwire zipped out from the hologram and split to the right side of Aero Blade. Highwire transformed and spun his tires in the metallic ground sending sprays of metal chunks flying into the air. Sureshock looked at Hot Rod inquisitively to see what he was going to do.

2003-03-16, 06:13 AM
Chromedome: "Why kill you? We're just going to disarm you and lock you up." -holds hand out- "Guns please."

Hardhead: -keeping Darkwing covered- "Hosehead! Get Dreadwind!"

Hosehead: "Huh?" -looks over, sees Dreadwind- "Oh." -runs over, aims gun at Dreadwind- "Drop the guns."

2003-03-16, 06:23 AM
Darkwing tossed his guns at Chromedome.

Dreadwind looked at Hosehead, and shrugged his shoulders.

"What's the point," he said, tossing his guns at the Junior Headmaster. "Either way, I'm heading for the junkyard."

Quick Switch
2003-03-16, 06:27 AM
Quick Switch nodded and transformed to jet mode.

"Roger, Quick Switch inbound..."


Dirge nodded greatfully.

"I will cooperate."

2003-03-16, 11:02 AM
Bandit got up slowly. "Man who dropped that nuke?" he muttered. "I don't think it was a nuke, no increase of the rad level. Maybe it was a N2 mine" Rally replied from his shoulder. "N2 mine?" Bandit asked. "A weapon used in Neon Genesis Evangelion, about the same power as a nuke, but no radiation" Rally answered.

Talon had gotten up as well and was now flying near Bandit's head. "I see a few people up ahead. Maybe they know what happened" Talon states as he points towards some figures in the distance.

"Alright, might as well go and ask" Bandit muttered as he started walking, with Talon flying nearby.

2003-03-16, 12:06 PM
Sixswitch hadn't bothered to reply, he just altered course and accelerated to maximum thrust, plumes of engine smoke spurting out into the Cybertronian sky as he made a beeline for the location of the distress signal.

2003-03-16, 03:28 PM
"Why are you not running little one?" Snapdragon growled while dragging himself towards Aero Blade.

"You could have easily saved yourself..." Snapdragon smirked and stopped, reaching towards the cable holding his legs together with his hands.

The Horrorcon triplechanger grabbed hold of the cable with his hands and began to stretch the cable but despite of his great strength he was not able to break it. "Ain't this hard stuff... what is this? Durabellium enchanted titanium?"

"Well, no matter... there is always a way to break the chains." Snapdragon smirked at the Minicon and a small blade popped out of his wrist.

"Thermoblade. Quite handy sometimes." Snapdragon said with a grin behind his faceplate. Then with some effort the Horrorcon managed to cut through the cable with his blade.

"Say... don't you have one of those powercreatures? Maybe I won't kill you after all... at least... not yet." Snapdragon spoke as rose up and began approaching Aero Blade...

2003-03-16, 04:39 PM
ooc: Cryhavok - Aero's got a minicon named Stratus. :) Aero Blade- my box will be available this afternoon or you can email me. Sorry!

I hope Quick Switch and Sixswitch can help bring that other Decepticon down. He thought to himself as he heard Quick's reply.

Hound eased Dirge up as best he could and sidled over to Metroplex's wall. Being a jet, the seeker was a bit lighter than he'd expected, but carrying him was a bit difficult because of his size and Hound's injured shoulder and neck. With a soft chuckle and a whisper, he tried to distract himself from the mess he was carrying. "When you aren't well, a human told me once that it's time for a little soup, Dirge. Pea soup."

Hound let his wall hologram vanish entirely, then used a new one to create an illusion of a thick fog. Unfortunately, when he had scanned it, it was a fog from dry ice at a concert, and so it was illuminated with hues of reds and blues and greens.

Working his way down the city wall inside the hologram, Hound was intent on getting to the safety of the lee of the gigantic Autobot's far side- away from where the battle was happening.

2003-03-16, 05:37 PM
Hot Rod nodded his head at Sureshock as Hound created the illusion of the fog and light show, "Ok now it's my turn to help out, by creating some real dust. You Minicon tell Hound to give his holoprocessors a break!" Hot Rod then transformed into vechical mode and Jolt connected with his spoiler while his Targetmaster gun connected with his engine. "Ok... lets see I learned this one from Blurr guys!" Hot Rod started to spin around rapidly, with Jolt's help. This kicked up iron fillings and other small deberis, thickening the fog that had already been created.

(ooc: No... he's still Hot Rod, though I push the Hot Shot abilities on him..."

2003-03-16, 06:20 PM
Hardhead: -keeping Darkwing covered-

Chromedome: -picks up Darkwing's guns, shunts them into subspace, pulls his gun again- "C'mon, Darkwing. This way." -motions Darkwing towards Metroplex-

Hosehead: -kicks Dreadwind's guns off to the side, keeps Dreadwind covered-- "Let's go join Darkwing and Chromedome."


Siren: -finishes loading a formerly empty ammo trolley with energon cubes, assorted foodstuffs, and human painkillers, starts wheeling it out of Metroplex- "I hate doing this."

Quig: "Try being stuck up here with your thoughts sometime. It's no walk in the park."

Siren: "I was with my thoughts for millions of years, little man. You're just a recent annoyance."


Nightbeat: -sits down- "Siren better get back soon......."

Minerva: -looks over, sees Roadbuster's optics flickering- "He's waking up."

Aero Blade
2003-03-16, 07:23 PM
Aero Blade watched as Hound dissapeared behind another of his holograms. Good. He's in the clear for the moment... Aero Blade thought. He watched as Snapdragon started pulling the wires. Now I need to get myself out of this.....

Aero Blad kept a close eye on Snapdragon as he started attacking the wires with some kind of knife, but he made sure to continue his acting. Saw through the wires was taking up a little bit more time, and he needed everything he could get. Aero Blade took the moment to check his SS-systems.... -Chem concentration: 98%; Pressure:76%- ...almost there. His SS-systems needed to be at 100 for this to work properly. He needed just a little while longer...

Snapdragon cut through the wires finally and started to approach him. Aero Blade took one last glance around him. Stratus was no-where in sight. He was slightly relieved at this. His minicon friend had undoubtably seen what was going on by now, but seemed to be laying low. Maybe Stratus had realized Aero Blade was up to something and was waiting to see if he was needed...

Quick Switch
2003-03-16, 07:31 PM
Quick Switch increased his speed until he sighed the battle area.

"Leave this place, or die!" He called out to Snapragon, lining up his photon blasters in his starfighter mode.


Dirge smiled weakly.

"I dealt with the humans once," he said. "It was...at a movie studio, I think..."

Those films had great sound...

2003-03-16, 08:27 PM
Snapdragon stopped moving and turned his gaze upwards, taking a defiant stance, gathering what courage he had left. Standing against Quick Switch in this condition would be a suicide, he wasn't even sure if he could be match for the sixchanger in perfect condition.

"I yield! I have no weapons! Does your Autobot honor allow you to shoot unarmed opponent?" Snapdragon roared back at Quick Switch, spreading his hands wide apart, his optics observing every move of the starfighter above him.

2003-03-16, 09:16 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind silently walked towards Metroplex.

Aero Blade
2003-03-16, 10:01 PM
Aero Blade looked up when Quickswitch called out. Well, there's another guy I don't recognize... he thought to himself. While Snapdragon was distracted with Quickswitch, Aero Blade noticed a gap off to Snapdragon's right with just enough space for him to slip through. Guess I might not have to use the SS-systems after all. Aero Blade took the opportunity and bolted, hoping he could get past Snapdragon before his attention returned to him.

2003-03-16, 11:05 PM
Hot Rod's dust cloud was caught by the air flow and traveled in swirling movements along the wall and spread outwards, lying low to the ground. Hound saw it creep past as he rounded the corner of the wall and then let his hologram drop. With a last glance backward, he saw Quick Switch appear.

Thanks for the cover guys. He thought to himself as he listened to Dirge and moved out into the rocky area where there was better cover.
At first, he stayed silent. Snapdragon had made sense when nothing else was.
I bet you dealt with the humans..." Hound thought to himself, but replied in a hushed tone with, "Humans are very special beings." Then he fell silent again in thought.

Maybe Sunstreaker and Snapdragon were right. I just put the lives of a neutral - I think, and friends on the line to protect a Decepticon. One who'd sooner kill any of us than give a thought for kindness. I could shoot him now and be done with it. One less Decepticon to worry about. But Dirge surrendered to Autobot control... wait, not exactly. He gave up. It's not the same. And yet- he didn't want to fight anymore. It was wrong for Sunstreaker to shoot him, but I may be just as guilty by protecting him...

Reaching familiar cover, he settled Dirge and himself into a rock crevasse, he looked at Dirge and murmured under his breath, "It's going to be a long trip back to Iacon. I'm not a medic Dirge, but you need to get fixed soon and I can't carry you all the way there. Can you shift to your jet mode?"

2003-03-17, 12:10 AM
Hardhead and Hosehead: -following Darkwing and Dreadwind to Metroplex, keeping them covered-

Siren: -walks out of Metroplex, pushing cart- "Ah, good. Guests." -heads over to Nightbeat and Minerva-


Chromedome: -holsters blaster, picks up and subspaces Dreadwind's guns, walks over to Roadbuster- "Brainstorm's going to want a few words with you, you know."

Roadbuster: -growls-

Quick Switch
2003-03-17, 03:01 AM
Quick Switch transformed to his robot mode, and drew his photon blasters.

"All right, keep your hands up! Do you formally surrender? If not, get you gone!"


Dirge sat quietly as Hound propped him up on the boulder.

"I can transform," he said wearily. "You...trust me. I can't say many other units have done that."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-17, 09:07 PM
Grimlock grabbed the collar of Thunderwing's pretender shell, Thunderwing was un-usually light for such a burly mechanism.

"Me taking Thunderwing to Iacon to stand trial..."

Grimlock wasn't particularly speaking to anyone, he just spoke out loud.

2003-03-18, 12:44 AM
Siren: -wheels cart over to Nightbeat and Minerva- "Somebody called for energon?"

Nightbeat: -grabs cube, drains it greedily- "Finally." -sighs- "Siren, go get Roadbuster, drag him over here. Chromedome, go with Grimlock."

Siren: -walks over to Roadbuster, grabs his feet, drags him back-

Chromedome: -moves to join Grimlock-

2003-03-18, 03:21 AM
"Okay Dirge, transform now because you may not have the strength to later. We'll need to wait a bit, and let things clear a little before we head out to Iacon, or we'll be targets for certain."

Hound paused to consider then sighed as he looked wonderingly at the seeker. "Dirge... I trust you for what you chose to be. I trust the fact that the only reason you're cooperating is because this is in your better interests, though I'm not sure what those interests are. Prowl could maybe... but I won't pretend to understand Decepticon ways or why they must destroy things for power. I'm sure there's some reason you chose to stop fighting and come back to Iacon with me rather than go back with Snapdragon. Why Dirge?"

2003-03-18, 09:27 AM
Bandit, Rally and Talon near Metroplex. Bandit gets a good look at 2 nearby bots. "Say aren't they.." he said to Rally. "Yes they are" Rally replied. "You know them?" Talon asked. "They're Autobot Headmasters, like me. Well the one dragging the other is" Bandit answered as he walks towards Siren

"Hiya buddy. Remember me? Let me help you carry this guy" he says to the Headmaster as he picks Roadbuster up by the arms and helps haul him towards Metroplex. "By the way, what happened to him this time?" he added as he recognizes Roadbuster.

Quick Switch
2003-03-18, 02:16 PM
Dirge looked at Hound in honest shock.

"I...fought because I was told to fight. I was told it was...my duty, or something. I didn't care about a cause though," he said smiling slightly, "the dogfight, the chase, the...fear I caused the other Autobot jets on Earth, but the war changed...we actually took back Cybertron. And...some of the Autobots actually died. It...wasn't supposed to be like that. We weren't supposed to win, I thought we'd be fighting on Earth forever."

Dirge trembled.

"And because I'm afraid," he said. "A Decepticon fears defeat. It is not in your army, where treachery-or losing battles- is forgiven. And now that Galvatron is alive again...if I return...he'll execute me, for being a traitor, or for whatever reason he wants," the Decepticon shook. "You don't know how insane he really is. I...I want to see what the Autobots are like, not what I've been told about them."

Dirge rose and transformed to his jet mode slowly.

"I'm ready to leave when you are...Hound," he said, calling the Jeep by his given name.

2003-03-18, 03:06 PM
"I surrender." Snapdragon hissed.

"How many times you want to hear it sixchanger?" Snapdragon shouted back to Quick Switch. But no way I am giving up...

Snapdragon had decided that he didn't have much other options left. If he was to leave in his current condition he was rather sure he would not survive much longer. And even if he could get himself repaired and properly functional again, there would be no place to return. Thunderwing, his leader had been captured. Many of those Decepticons that had followed Thunderwing were either surrendered or died in the battle. And Galvatron... would Galvatron give him a new chance or just slag him like he had done to so many others? No, Snapdragon didn't want to confront Galvatron alone... or Teratron's Decepticons... last time they had barely escaped them with their lives. Indeed, perhaps surrendering to the Autobots was the smartest thing to do for now... then he could look for other options...

Scorponok was still holding Thunderwing in his grasp high above the others except for Fortress Maximus.

"Do what you wish with that Pretender shell's remains Dinobot. I am not releasing Thunderwing before Unicron has been defeated."

2003-03-18, 04:22 PM
Roadbuster: -more of a growl to his voice than usual- "Prime killed Springer." -narrows optic band- "Suffice it to say I didn't take it well."

Siren: "Yeah. Minerva stunned him, then disconnected his motor relays. She's gonna reconnect them after Roadbuster calms down."

Roadbuster: "I am calm. I don't want to kill Prime any more. It was...... an accident. I am going to tell him how ticked off I am over it, though." -hisses- "No matter what's he's done, he's still better than the Decepticons."

Quick Switch
2003-03-18, 10:55 PM
Quick Switch trained his pistols on Snapdragon.

"Hand over your weapons."

2003-03-18, 11:16 PM
Galvatron looked as Optimus and Rodimus entered the city. He then saw as Alpha struggled to maintain his control.

Galvatron: "Quickly...we haven't the time...Unicron is beginning to assert his will over Alpha...it must be ended...NOW!"

Galvatron turned to face Alpha...and waited for the word...

Aero Blade
2003-03-19, 12:43 AM
Aero Blade slowly walked in the direction Hound had gone, for once finally feeling relaxed since he'd gotten here. He's slipped past Snapdragon without being noticed, thanks to Quickswitch distracting the horrocon. He looked back over his shoulder as he watched the autobot try to keep the horrocon under control. He spotted Stratus as the minicon finally flew over to join him again, taking up his usual spot on Aero Blade's shoulder, chirping with concern.

Aero Blade looked forwards again, thinking about everything that had happened lately. He wondered where Hot Rod had gotten to, but he didn't doubt that he'd show up sometime soon. Things were begining to calm down at least a little it seemed.

"So what am I going to do now..." Aero Blade thought outloud. Stratus cocked his head curiously at his big partner. Aero Blade thought about things for awhile as he walked, replaying the events in his head. He'd been in a battle...so many things had been happening at once, then suddenly a bright flash, and he was here....he wasn't sure how he'd gotten to this place. It seemed obvious that more than likely he wasn't going to be getting back to his friends and allies any time soon. Thinking about not seeing all his friends back at his home autobot base made him sad, but perhaps maybe the Autobots here would let him join up. It wouldn't be the same, but it'd be similar to what he was used to doing...

As he got closer to where Hound and Dirge were, he was able to hear their conversation. Aero Blade hadn't been designed with a mouth, but if he had, he'd have been smiling slightly. Dirge didn't sound like he was really too bad a guy. Just wound up on the wrong side of the war...

"The wrong side of the war..." he said to himself, thinking deeply. Stratus cocked his head at Aero Blade again. He was talking to himself a lot lately. Aero Blade looked at Stratus. "Never mind. Don't worry about it," Aero Blade told the minicon. They had finally arrived at Hound and Dirge's location. He looked around for a moment, then turned to Hound.

"Need some help?"

2003-03-19, 01:22 AM
Adeara and StarBlade watched as the leaders of all the forces headed elsewhere, and another took charge of the insurrectionist. They looked at each other, confused, then wondered if their coming here had been for nothing. Both were spoiling for a fight, and both were willing to pick one with anyone. The pair turned and headed off to where most of the fighters were, and looked to get into a good fight before everything ended. (anyone who wants to attack these two, please do. but don't try to kill them)

God Jinrai
2003-03-19, 02:31 AM
"Th...Gkkk... Gate.... must be...opened... the... omega... alone can... key.. lies in... weapon's.... power... s...sigil..."

Alpha trailed, as he struggled to maintain control...

"FOOL! You cannot truly expect these worthless piles of scrap to stop me from attaining destiny??? My soul is immortal! NOTHING CAN STOP MY DESTINY!"

Prime's optics narrowed, and so he spoke...

"Correction, unicron... WE...can stop you. Galvatron... there... above the altar... two sigils... one autobot... one decepticon... Perhaps it was anticipated that the matricies could not be relied upon... your anti-matter burst should activate the gate..."

Prime began to wonder, however... how it would be that the gate would be closed.... destruction to open it... but what could have the strength to close a dimensional rift???

2003-03-19, 04:17 AM
Galvatron began his meditation...calling upon this weapon took some concentration...his hands began to glow as he felt the particles race around him...if this failed he knew he would not be able to summon another bolt for a short time...he longed for the days of the matrix when his powers recovered much more quickly.

Now his eyes glowed...this would be the largest powerburst of pure anti-matter he had ever compiled...it would also leave him virtually helpless for a few moments.

Galvatron paused...then shouted as he became engulfed in his own power: "FOR CYBERTRON!"

With a blinding flash...the power was unleashed...and Galvatron toppled backwards.

2003-03-19, 06:20 PM
"I don't have any weapons left Autobot. I lost them earlier on this battle. I have wounds to prove it." Snapdragon said to Quickswitch, hoping that the answer would suffice as he didn't want to depart with the small weapons he had hidden in his body.

Quick Switch
2003-03-20, 02:34 AM
Quick Switch nodded.

"If you lie, and weapons are discovered on you, we'll deal with you. Now transform and proceed with me to Iacon."

The Six Changer transformed to his starfighter mode and revved his engines.

God Jinrai
2003-03-20, 04:54 AM
Prime managed to stop galvatron from crashing to the ground... but just barely... as he did so, he looked up at alpha...

He was struggling to maintain control... and it was a losing battle... unicron nearly had him... but there was one thing unicron wasn't expecting... Alpha's spark... seemed to extinguish... only to erupt around his essence... providing a stronger means of containment... but it would not last...

"My friends... I...must go... now.. before the dark god regains his control...."

Alpha started toward the portal... and with each step, began to shake... unicron was wearing him down... until finally... just as he had reached the gateway... he stopped entirely... and wirled around...

"Fools... His spark is no more... your efforts are FUTILE! CYBERTRON IS MINE!"

"No..." prime whispered under his breath...

"NO!!!" he shouted... setting galvatron down... but as he went for his rifle, alpha's nova cannon fired on him... causing prime to slam into the wall across the room...

"Rodimus Convoy... Rodimus Prime... the name makes no difference. You thought you could destroy me thos many years ago... but now you know that not even primus himself can extinguish my might! NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW!" Unicron roared in alpha's voice... now a mockery of the once noble transformer's gentle, yet commanding tone...

2003-03-20, 05:44 AM
Galvatron's strength was slow to return.

Galvatron: Rodimus...my power is slowly coming back...but it up to you...I have started the gambit, you must pick it up and pray that I can recover..."

Galvatron was now on one knee attempting to rise to his feet.

2003-03-20, 05:52 AM
The pair heard the roared voice, and Adeara shouted a very frightened stream of curses, ending with this, "Will that overgrown planet-eater Never DIE???!!!" StarBlade stared at Adeara, who had turned in the direction of the roar, fear in her ever feature. "Adeara? What's the matter?" The shapeshifter stared at the assassin. "Have you no hearing?! That was Unicron!"

(as I said. Someone, anyone, looking for a fight before this all ends, please, go ahead and attack these two)

2003-03-20, 10:27 AM
Rodimus helped Galvatron to his feet, and the two stood side by side for a brief moment.

"I know," he said quietly, and slowly started gathering his strength. Despite not being able to utilise the Matrix, he was created by it, and in this, the holiest of places on Cybertron, he felt that he was able to draw on its strength.

Eyes blazing, he stepped forwards.

"You! You corrupted me. Lied, cheated, and made me do the same for your goals."

He continued forwards.

"You made me unworthy to wear the sigil on my chest. You made the Autobots fight each other."

Despite outward appearances, Rodimus was calm and as cool as ice on the inside, although he didn't know if he'd be able to fool Unicron for very long.

"And now, you will die."

He levelled his rifle at Alpha's head.

2003-03-20, 10:35 AM
Roadbuster:"Prime killed Springer. Suffice it to say I didn't take it well"

"Prime killed Springer..' Bandit repeated with a mingled look of surprise and shock on his face. He'd heard of the leader of the Wreckers. And that Prime would never do anything to harm an Autobot.
"I'm sure it was an accident. I might not know Prime too well, but he probably wishes it was him instead of Springer that died" he continued.

"What madness is this!?" Rally shouts from Bandit's rightshoulder mount. "We go to Earth for a few months, and when we return the place is in chaos. Autobots against Autobots!? What in godsname is going on!?" she was a tad frustrated to say the least.

Talon had landed on Bandit's left shoulder. He had a few questions of his own, but he'd wait with asking them.

2003-03-20, 02:34 PM
Nightbeat: -partially re-energized, tries to transform, finds that, thanks to destroyed shoulder, he can't, sighs- "Can't you fix my shoulder now?"

Minerva: -transforms, disconnects from transector, sags wearily against the fender of her transector, looks over at Nightbeat- "I need a repair bay for that. Your shoulder servo mechanism is completely fused. Wiring, bearings, magnets, everything is fused into an immovable mass of metal. This won't be a quick battlefield fix. We're talking total replacement here." -smiles- "Look at it this way. You've still got both legs, you can walk this time."

Nightbeat: "Ha, ha."

Chromedome: -checking the mangled remains of his lower right arm, shrugs, transforms, disconnects from transector- "Maybe you could pull the shoulder servo off of mine?"

Minerva: "Wouldn't work." -jumps up, grabs the edge of the cart, pulls herself up, looks at the food- "Your servos are set up the way mine are. Transectors are built differently than regular Cybertronians." -looks over at Siren as he approaches with Roadbuster- "You call this food?"

Siren: "Huh?"

Minerva: -grabs a box of Twinkiees- "It's all junk food. There's more nutritional value in eating a spent energon cube casing than this stuff."

Siren: -shrugs- "I was in a hurry. Besides, I thought there were a couple of sandwiches in there. On that brown bread you like."

Minerva: "Pumpernickel." -roots around for a few seconds, stops, pulls out a Whoopie Pie- "This isn't pumpernickel."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-20, 09:59 PM
Grimlock raised one part of his visor at Scorponok.

"You mind giving me prisoner?"

2003-03-21, 08:16 AM
Hound studied Dirge. He was puzzled and downright surprised, and his arched eyebrows and wide blue optics showed it. "Afraid. You fight in fear of not fighting and we fight in fear of what will happen if we don't as well. I hadn't thought much about Decepticons being afraid before. They always seem to want to kill and destroy. There's so much they're missing..."
Hound stopped speaking when he heard a noise and glanced backward to see Aero Blade coming up. He smiled a tired, but friendly smile.
"Hello Aero Blade. Thanks for your help back there. This is Dirge- he's a Decepticon prisoner and is under Autobot protection until we get back to Iacon. We're waiting until things quiet down and then we'll head back. Dirge- this is Aero Blade. As for help- if you know medical stuff, maybe you can patch him up a little. Otherwise you're welcome to just come and join us for the trip back."

2003-03-21, 08:45 AM
Rally transformed to her normal form and whispered something into Bandit's ear.
Bandit looked down at Minerva. "Hey Minerva, would you guys settle for some pizza?" Bandit asked as he sets Rally down on the ground. He also called 3 things from subspace: a fridge, a microwave, and a portable generator to power them. Rally hooks up the microwave, takes one of the Pizza's from the fridge and starts defrosting it with the microwave.

Aero Blade
2003-03-21, 11:57 AM
"Well, I'm not really a medic, but I do know afew things. Alot of the principles are the same between medics and technitians, it's hard not to pick up a little bit of the other," Aero Blade told Hound as he continued to walk closer. He turned to Dirge. "I can give it a try, but its fair warning to say I'm used to working with computers and large machinery, not electronic nerves...."

2003-03-21, 03:35 PM
Minerva: "Pizza works. All four food groups...." -looks suspiciously at the Whoopie Pie- "...nothing synthetic...." -tosses Whoopie Pie back on the cart, jumps down, looks over at Nightbeat- "You hungry, Muzzle?"

Nightbeat: "Yes. Kinda stuck here, though."

Siren: -sets Roadbuster down, walks over to Nightbeat, grabs the sides of his head-

Nightbeat: -releases interlocks holding his head onto his body, head transforms-

Siren: -sets Muzzle down-

Muzzle: -looking kind of pale- "I hate that. My equalibrium still thinks I'm forty feet tall....." -looks over at Minerva- "Are there supposed to be three of you?" -sags to ground-

Minerva: "MUZZLE!" -runs over to Muzzle, starts checking him for injury-

Muzzle: "Just dizzy....... aftereffects of feedback... Thunderwing's blast....."

God Jinrai
2003-03-21, 03:36 PM
"Foolish child. No one...you least of all cannot dare hope to destroy me with a mere weapon! I will not be condemned to that void whence primus and I once came from! And with this body... NOTHING WILL STOP ME!"

having said this, alphacron's nova cannon snapped to life again.

"Emmisary of primus... fool.... let is see how ou can stop the might of such a weapon of mass destruction!!"

Targeting rodimus' chest, alphacron opened fire... right for rodimus' autobot insignia....

Prime, having tried to aid galvatron , had only now gotten the chance to turn his attention to unicron and rodimus...

"Rodimus! the gate that was opened! It is a link to the plane whence unicron and primus first came! Alpha knew the risk, and he did all he could... Now unicron must be cast back into that very void! if he remains here, we will never be rid of him ! Hurry, rodimus!"

2003-03-21, 06:15 PM
Scorponok glared down at the Dinobot commander who wasn't much bigger than an mouse compared to the enormous Decepticon.

"Thunderwing will be kept as Decepticon prisoner until Galvatron and Optimus Prime clarify Thunderwing's destiny together. What part of this you didn't understand Dinobot?"

"Yeah, whatever Autobot." Snapdragon snarled and transformed into his jet mode and launched himself to the sky...

Quick Switch
2003-03-22, 03:12 AM
Dirge was silent for a time.

He said to Aero Blade:

"That doesn't give me a lot of confidence...but very well."


Quick Switch rocketed into the sky toward Iacon.

"Stay civil, prisoner. Or your accomodations will be effected accordingly."

Aero Blade
2003-03-22, 03:37 AM
Aero Blade almost said 'Join the club', but he decided he'd said enough already...

Aero Blade took out his tools and began working on Dirge, very slowly and carefully, trying to make sure not to hit any nerves. He avoided working on sensitive areas, and he didn't want to chance messing with those. He kept to working on joints, wiring, and basic circutry.

Stratus sat on Aero Blade's shoulder, simply watching as his partner worked. If Aero Blade had his large carry around tool box with him, he would have tried to help by guessing what tools Aero Blade would be using and pull them out for him, but the box had long been left behind; Aero Blade instead was getting tools from two boxlike compartments attatched to the outer sides of his legs, and it would make it hard for Stratus to attempt to reach any of the tools, so he simply stayed where he was, watching Aero Blade do his work.

2003-03-22, 05:59 PM
"Pizza's ready!" Rally called as she takes the pizzabox out of the microwave and opens it. Bandit reverts to his normal form of Bean Bandit as his body reverts to the red sportscar. Bean grabbed a slice and started eating.

2003-03-23, 01:52 AM
Adeara realized something was wrong with the battle with Unicron. Ignoring everything, she took off for where she heard that hated voice. StarBlade called after her, but getting no response, she followed her partner.

Adeara could move pretty fast when time required it, and this time, it did. StarBlade, fast as she was, barely caught up to her before they reached the city.

They burst into the fight, to see Galavatron down, Prime helping him, and a second Autobot about to be blasted. Adeara wasted no time, and called, "You need any help, Prime!?!?"

Quick Switch
2003-03-23, 03:08 AM
Dirge let Aero Blade work.

"I'm not familiar with you. And what is the little one with you? It doesn't look like a Nebulan."

Dirge was familiar with the Nebulans- some had allied with both factions. He steered clear of them on principle, though.

Aero Blade
2003-03-23, 05:28 AM
Aero Blade continued to work, avoiding working on anything that might possibly hit a 'nerve' or any other such sensitive areas.

"Well, I don't know what a 'Nebulan' is, but I'm not really from around these parts," Aero Blade said, leaving it at that. "Stratus here is my parnter." He paused for a moment, either hesitating or just temporarily absorbed in work, it was hard to tell. "He's a minicon," Aero Blade finally added.

Aero Blade put away his tools and straightened up. "That's about all I dare do. If I try to work on any more areas, I'm afraid I might do more harm that good," he said, having finished with Dirge. He turned to Hound again.

"Now then, you keep mentioning an 'Eacon' or something?" Aero Blade turned his head as Stratus chirped. " 'Iacon' ," he corrected.

2003-03-23, 06:46 AM
Minerva: -helps Muzzle over to the food, sits him down, grabs a couple slices of pizza, gives him one, then sits down herself and starts eating-

Muzzle: "Hey, Quig, gonna join us?" -starts eating-

Siren: -transforms, head disconnecting and transforming-

Quig: -lands next to Siren, takes out a container of pills from a compartment on his hip, opens it, dry swallows four of them, closes it, returns it to the compartment, walks over to grab a slice, massaging his temples with one hand- "Thanks."

Brainstorm: -calls over- "Guys! I'm heading back to Iacon, see if I can get the socket connector fixed!"

Chromedome: -waves- "Good luck!"

Brainstorm: -fires up transector jet engines, flys towards Iacon-

2003-03-23, 11:44 AM
"So what's been going on here?" Bean asks after he's finished his slice. "Rally, Talon and myself go back to Earth for a few months and when we get back the place is in chaos. I never thought I'd see Autobots fighting Autobots" he continued.

2003-03-23, 09:26 PM
Galvatron now supported by Prime had been collecting his energy and was now ready.

Galvatron: "Hold me steady old friend..." Galvatron said to Prime as he unleashed one last burst at Alpha...

Galvatron: "The time of death for anyone has ended save for you chaos bringer...NOW RODIMUS!"

The blast hit Alpha square in the chest and the Autobot's shell of a body collapsed broken...the rest was up to Rodimus as only he was near enough to finish the game...

Galvatron: "Now we see Prime...we see if you student is the chosen one of the Autobots..."

2003-03-24, 12:00 AM
Muzzle: "All the insanity's been caused by Unicron, the essence of whom was held in the Chaos Matrix. Rodimus Convoy shows up, claiming to be the new leader of the Autobots, his way is peaceful, better, etc, etc, and all those who this Matrix influenced to peaceful thoughts joined him. Those it couldn't influence one way, it tried to influence the other. More violent, more fanatic. Those of us who weren't as suseptible wondered what the heck was going on."

Chromedome: -sees Talon- "Are you from Master Star?"

2003-03-24, 02:14 AM
Hound sat quietly and watched Aero Blade finish up in glances between keeping watch. His neck and shoulder were hurting and he still couldn't hear from one auditory sensor

"Yes, Iacon. That's where we're going next Aero Blade. It's... a home to the Autobots, their capital city here on Cybertron. You're welcome there, and so is Stratus. There are other minicons there, and it's a nice place to be." He eased himself up and from a compartment in his leg, took out a towing rope.
"Things have quieted now, and thanks to the patch ups you did Aero Blade, I think we can move easily. Sureshock is coming this way, so we can pick him up too on the way out."
Hound bent down and attached the tow rope to Dirge's landing gear, then led it across his shoulder and to his tow bar on his chest before transforming.
"I hope those are solid tires Dirge. If you feel any trouble, let us know..." *the rearview mirror adjusted*
Preferably without shooting me in the back. He added silently as he switched gears and eased forward.

2003-03-24, 12:30 PM
Rodimus leapt forwards, into Alpha (and Unicron's) full view, and opened fire. He knew that the blast would be ineffective, and in fact, was designed to miss.

He took a deep breath.

"You tried to influence me before, and failed, Chaos Bringer. Think you can do it again?"

His voice was mocking... Insubordinate... Challenging the will of Unicron. But would it work?

As he said this, he strode forwards, making for the portal. He knew he wouldn't have much free will, once Chaos possessed his body. He'd have to act fast.

2003-03-24, 12:36 PM
"And I thought that huge monster was slagged when he exploded. Well this Chaos Matrix is gone now, at least I think so since the fighting is stopped" Bandit says.

Talon looked at Chromedome. "Master Star? Not familiar with that world. I'm a Minicon" the Minicon gargoyle replies as he glides down to the surface.

Quick Switch
2003-03-24, 02:50 PM
"Minicon...oh," Dirge answered quietly. "Thank you for your work."

The blue jet watched as Hound attached a rope to his landing gear, transformed and drove.

"I understand," he said softly.

Heading into Iacon, even of his own free will, frightened the Decepticon. Mounting a raid on the Ark was one thing- into the very heart of the Autobot Republic was another.

Dirge was tugged along, and followed without protest, conserving his internal power.

Lord Zarak
2003-03-24, 03:49 PM
Seeing that Thunderwing was held by Scorponok, and that Grimlock was nearby, Sky Lynx headed off that way. He also saw that Swoop was flying in mid air.

"Sky Lynx to Swoop, Sky Lynx to Swoop, whats up? Lost yourself in the battlefiled?"

"Swoop thinks that war is stupid, it has no gains, only death. I no longer want to be part of that. I saw Springer be shot by Prime by accident. I dont want to be in the way of a shot and be killed too"

Sky Lynx thought for a minute, and said

"Then that makes you an admirable Autobot, my friend. But being an Autobot has its responsibilities, and one of those responibilities is killing the guilty for the greater good, whilst respecting the lives of the innocent. Believe me Swoop, if you did not have these thoughts I would be worried. Come, lets give Grimlock a visit. You can have a free ride too"

With that, Swoop transformed, Sky Lynx opened a hatch and Swoop flew into the hatch.

Sky Lynx powered towards Grimlock and Scorponok.

Aero Blade
2003-03-25, 01:40 AM
Both Aero Blade and Stratus transformed into Vehicle mode, following from above. Aero Blade flew close by, but far enough away as his propellor didn't kick up any sand or other stuff onto Dirge and Hound. Stratus however zipped back and forth in almost random patterns, simply enjoying the chance to fly. Even with a Decepticon at such close range, it didn't bother him. After all, Aero Blade was there, and the Decepticon hadn't been acting agressive, so he took little notice of him aside from being another member of their traveling group.

Nearby, a form watched the group as they went along their way. For a long time it seemed to watch, almost as though it wasn't sure of the group, doing nothing. After it's long time of watching, though, it moved. It leveled its weapon and aimed...

Aero Blade hadn't been paying much attention to anything, watching Stratus to make sure he didn't run into anything or bother Hound, but he was shocked back into awareness at the sound of seval shots being fired in succession, all of them aimed at Hound and the towline.

Aero Blade stopped, abrubly pulling into a hover. "Those shots came from up high!" He quickly looked around, spotting a shadowed form dissapearing off a rubble pile into the shadows.

"Stratus, stay here!" Aero Blade ordered, immediately taking off in that direction. He'd about had his fill of armed maniacs taking potshots of himself and anyone around him. Once he reached the area, he transformed back into robot mode and slowly began to search, dissapearing also into the shadows.

It was quiet for a very long time. Not a single sound came from the area. Not even the audible sounds of footsteps.

Just as startling as before, a single shot rang out, followed again by uninterupted silence....

Quick Switch
2003-03-25, 03:05 AM
Dirge's apprehension rose as the shots rang out near him.

His more paranoid side screamed mentally:

It's Galvatron! He's come to take me back! but, fighting to maintaion rational thought, Dirge beat back those emotions.

He simply rolled along with Hound, though his sensors were on full alert. As Aero Blade investigated, disappeared- and was apparently shot or exchanged fire with his assailant- Dirge's dread level rose.

"That Autobot- he's probably in danger," Dirge said in a semi-panic to Stratus and Hound.

2003-03-25, 03:02 PM
Chromedome: -looking Talon over- "Ah. You look like someone I knew back on Master Star."

-shots ring out-

Muzzle: -sighs- "Great. No rest for the weary...." -looks over at Roadbuster- "You okay?"

Roadbuster: -still immobilized- "I'm fine."

Muzzle: "No killing Prime?"

Roadbuster: "I promise on my honor as an Autobot that I won't kill him." -growls- "That doesn't mean I won't yell at him, though."

Muzzle: -shrugs- "Yelling's not so bad."

-a single ominous shot rings out-

Muzzle: "That, however, was. Minerva, get Roadbuster up and running again. The rest of us, back to the salt mines."

Minerva: -transforms, reconnects to transector, starts reconnecting Roadbuster's motor relays-

Chromedome and Siren: -transform back to robot mode-

Muzzle: -transforms to Nightbeat's head-

Siren: -picks him up, reconnects him to Nightbeat-

Roadbuster: -stands stiffly, stretching-

Nightbeat: -stands wearily- "All right, guys. Let's go."

2003-03-25, 08:33 PM
ooc: Hein, are you sure anyone on Master Star resembles a gargoyle?


Talon: "Really? I thought all the Minicons had been exiled"

Just then the shots sounded.

Bean quickly ran to his car, transformed and merged with it to form Bandit. He dropped to one knee, allowing Rally to run up his arm. She in turn transformed to her gun form and took her place on Bandit's shoulder. Bandit then started following the others. Talon flew after him.

2003-03-26, 06:09 AM
The first volley of fire was unexpected. If he hadn't been so lost in thought and so worn out, Hound might have had his scanners on, but he didn't, and two shots ripped through his hood around the towline and a third into the cargo area behind the seats, damaging a connecting joint where his left knee bent. The rope rolled to one side as a shot nicked it, but didn't break.

As Aero Blade disappeared, Hound turned on his scanners and swiveled his missile launcher into position for firing. He was in pain, but picked up the anxiety in Dirge's voice and tried to masque his own.

"You're right Dirge. He could be in danger, but let's wait a moment. I'm scanning for energy signatures now. It could be a Decepticon trap--- Sureshock, keep down. I'll kick up some dust for cover." And Hound spun his back wheels in reverse while keeping his front axel locked.

The little minicon moved to the far side of Hound away from the line of fire as a single shot rang out.

2003-03-26, 06:54 AM
(OOC: Some of the alternate Headmaster heads available in Japan transformed from animal-type robots to heads, from what I've been able to discover. You never know...... :D )

Nightbeat, Siren, Chromedome, Minerva, and Roadbuster: -come jogging up to Hound, Dirge and the others, weapons drawn, get under cover-

Nightbeat: "What's going on?"

Minerva: -sees damage to Dirge, holsters stun blaster, kneels next to him and starts checking his injury-

Lord Zarak
2003-03-26, 12:01 PM
Sky Lynx landed gracefully beside Scorponok and Grimlock. Swoop departed.
"Hello there my fellow primitive....and you too Grimlock. Need a hand in anything? Me and your comrade Swoop are ready and willing."

Aero Blade
2003-03-26, 12:13 PM
Back in the dark alleyway, away from everyone's view, things were going from bad to worse. Aero Blade had been expecting to be shot at when he went to go investigate, but he hadn't been expecting such a huge stun-blast. Sprawled on the ground, he could barely move even his optics.

Not too far away, the Decepticon that had ambused him was adjusting his weapon. A black four-blade helicopter, obviously build for battle. Aero Blade had been attacked repeatedly before by this guy, but he knew nothing about him. Most other autobots, however, would be able to recognize him, if not by experience, then by rumor. There was a small group of Decepticons with a frightening reputation, and this guy was one of them...

"I hate to use stun-blasts on my adversaries, but you have such a bad habbit of running off before we finish things," The Decepticon started. Aero Blade growled slightly as the Decepticon approached him, still adjusting his weapon.

"I came here because I heard the Autobots were fighting among themselves. Figured I could pick off afew for the fun of it. Never expected to see you again, let alone that a couple of trashed Autobots could capture another Decepticon. Don't know how you managed that, but I'll drag that information out of your friend once I'm done with you, if he wasn't already slagged by those blasts..."

"W-who..." Aero Blade managed mumble out.

"Who am I?" The Decepticon asked. "The name's Tracer, not that it'll matter much to you after a moment."

"Why..." Aero Blade growled.

"Why keep attacking you?" Tracer laughed. "I just felt like I needed to take out some pent up agression, and you were the first guy I saw. No particular reason."

Aero Blade began to feel the stun-blast wearing of enough for him to move around slightly. Tracer had finished playing with the settings on his weapon, though, and spotted Aero Blade's movements. Tracer put a foot on his back, pinning Aero Blade to the ground again. Aero Blade tried to push him off, but he could still barely move, let alone topple the larger Decepticon.

"Now then, what do you say we pick up where we last left off?" Tracer cooed, pressing his blaster up against the back of Aero Blade's head...


Back with the group, Stratus wasn't too pleased about a bunch of new transformers showing up just after Aero Blade dissapeared. He flew to a higher altitude, protesting loudly in minicon (language). He just knew there was something bad going on. Something had to be happening back there, but Aero Blade had told him to stay put. He flew in worried circles in the spot Aero Blade had once hovered at, being able to do nothing else.

((ooc: Scout, Heinrad, feel free to have your guys interupt my guys...))

2003-03-26, 05:19 PM
Hot Rod knowing Hound was way out of range now stoped his spinning exercise and transformed to perhaps do something about the centeral battle. He ran over just in time to see Alpha Convoy spit out some nonesence, But it didn't take him that long to realize what had happened. The he noticed what looked like Rodimus Convoy about to do something, then there was a portal of some type, he was a bit confused. But he just sighed when he heard Galvatron, "Oh come on... this guy isn't from our timeline. It doesn't mean he can't do the job but... heck, We'll give Unicron two Chosen One's to deal with! YEE-HAW!", Hot Rod started running as well.

Quick Switch
2003-03-26, 07:17 PM
Dirge took in the appearance of the Headmasters. One of them, a female, was examning him. He let her.

"All right, Hound," the jet said. He was near mental collapse, and the appearance of the others didn't help matters.

One of Galvatron's Sweep Death Squads could be back there, for all he knew. Now that Galvatron was back, the reign of terror would start. There was simply no other way the purple Decepticon ruled. Dirge had been there on Chaar- or at least after the faction had left, the sheer mentality of terror- and he had no desire to return there.


In Metrotitan, Astrotrain fidgeted. He'd finished his (huge) stack of reports, and the City Commander rose from his desk and peered at a hologram map of the battle zone.

He'd heard nothing from Lord Teratron about entering the battle. And so, Metrotitan had remained in City Mode.

Astrotrain had been far from idle, however. Sending out small teams of Metrodrones, the little spies had integrated themselves into the battle zone, and had recorded the battle between Optimus Prime and Thunderwing. A few had even followed Prime, Galvatron, and now Rodimus Convoy after some Autobot infected with Unicron's essence.

Ramjet leaned on the wall next to him, bored out of his mind.

"What's the plan, boss? Teratron hasn't given us the go."

"No point in going, now," Astrotrain said, crossing his hands behind his back. "The battle's over; Thunderwing's been captured. They'll destroy the Chaos Matrix, in some way or another. Lord Teratron has his reasons. It's all part of his Master Plan for keeping us in reserve."

"Uh, Galvatron's back. H-hail Galvatron!" The jet saluted clumsily. Fear was etched on his warrior face.

"Hail Galvatron," Astrotrain replied, snapping his arm up in a smooth salute. He'd had to salute enough times on Charr, by the Matrix. He didn't fear the Decepticon leader. He'd saved Galvatron from certain death on the battlefield from a mere upstart Autobot years ago (Whitespeed, wasn't that his name?), and his service record had been impeccable under Lord Teratron.

Mindwipe entered the room, Ramjet quickly left the room and stood outside, guarding the closed door. The Headmaster bat gave him the creeps.

"Blah, greetings, Commander," Mindwipe bowed eloquently, in the style of a Earthen Romanian noble.

Astrotrain turned and nodded, smiling. Mindwipe sat in a chair, and Astrotrain walked behind his desk and did the same.

"Report, Mindwipe."

"Vell...the Titanese have been given safe asylum in Metrotitan, and of course the Power Crystals have been stored in Metrotian's core. They merely await Lord Teratron's order to be used." Mindwipe's optics flashed.

"Flawless operation, Astrotrain," Vorath chimed in.

"Indeed, Minister," Astrotrain said. "But for now, we wait. Mindwipe, we'll hold off on the Power Crystals for now. Thunderwing has been captured...and as I'm sure you know, Galvatron has somehow returned."

"I...was not aware of that fact," Mindwipe said, with a gasp, he rose and saluted in the Sweeps style. "Long live- Hail Galvatron!"

"Hail Galvatron," Astrotrain replied, with the same gesture. Mindwipe sat, shaking slightly. He'd served under Galvatron only briefly, during the Plasma Energy Chamber disaster which led to the so-called 'Rebirth' of Cybertron.

Mindwipe had silent questions. Was Galvatron even sane? He'd almost brought the Decepticons victory over that moronic nitwit Rodimus Prime, but now, Optimus Prime was back.

Of course, he'd also instituted a reign of terror, with the sycophantic Scourge and Cyclonus at his side. And those twit Sweeps.

"It's for the good of the Empire, Mindwipe," Astrotrain said, penetrating his advisor's thoughts. "Lord Teratron will step aside as leader, but still be retained. Lord Galvatron would not do without his advice. And I will still be an important officer with this Command. No one can question my service as an Imperial Commander and Administrator."

"For the good of the Empire," Mindwipe rasped, nearly choking.

Mindwipe fell into a trance. He really needed the advice of the Ancients on this one.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-26, 10:15 PM

Grimlock wasn't of this universe....the term primitive insulted him greatly...

"Me not primative...me Grimlock just want City-con to hand over prisoner so me can go...!"

2003-03-27, 12:32 AM
Minerva: -keeps working on Dirge-

Nightbeat: -looks in the direction that Aero Blade dissappeared in, scowls- "I don't like this. Not one bit." -looks over at Chromedome and Roadbuster, points at alleyway-

Chromedome: -nods-

Chromedome and Roadbuster: -head into alleyway, each one back against the opposite wall, staying under cover, guns at the ready-

Siren: -leans in next to Nightbeat, hisses- "What do we do?"

Nightbeat: -stands- "We go walkabout. C'mon Siren." -starts walking into alleyway, making no effort to conceal his presence-

Siren: -sighs- "I had to ask...." -follows Nightbeat-

2003-03-27, 02:13 PM
"Nightbeat, Siren, be careful - I'm picking up two energy forms directly that way. Aero Blade's on our side and he's a bit scruffy looking at the moment. Stratus, Sureshock, maybe you should go with them so there's no mistake."

Hound became quiet again. He wanted to go with them, but the damage was taking its toll. An oily area was growing steadily underneath his engine compartment from the sniper's shots. He rested without moving, resisting the urge to go into shutdown mode.

Sureshock glanced at Stratus, beckoned him to follow, and then ran after Nightbeat and Siren.

2003-03-27, 02:52 PM
Adeara and StarBlade watched as the one Autobot approached the one controlled by Unicron. Adeara wasn't particularly happy about being ignored, but, oh well. It happens. A shake of her head, and she turned to her assassin partner. "It seems that we aren't needed here. But let us stay and see what happens. I for one would like to see that overgrown planet eater finally gotten rid of." StarBlade just nodded. She had no clue who Unicron was, so she just let the fleshling rant and b*tch.

Lord Zarak
2003-03-27, 08:07 PM
"You misunderstand Grimlock, I was refering to our big green friend here as the primitive, not yourself." replied Sky Lynx, eager to prevent Grimlcok going off on one.
"Why do you want the esteemed failure that is Thunderwing, and where would you go with him? Would you need comfortable and reliable transport?"

Aero Blade
2003-03-27, 09:28 PM
Stratus was worried. Aero Blade had told him to stay put, and he really didn't want to upset his partner, but he hadn't come back yet, and both Hound and Sureshock had insisted on him going. He flew in a couple of more circles trying to decide, then flew after Sureshock.

Once entering the alleyway, Stratus flew ahead of the Headmasters. He didn't trust them not to shoot at Aero Blade, purposefully or accident. He flew ahead, turning a corner, and then almost fainted out the air in shock. There was a strange transformer with a weapon at his partner's head! There was no-way he was going to let anyone hurt Aero Blade...

"DIE DECEPTICON!" Stratus screamed in minicon, gunning his engines for the black helicopter.

Tracer had been about ready to pull the trigger when he heard a strange noise. He looked up in time to be smacked in the face by a red flash. He stumbled slightly, taking his foot off Aero Blade.

Stratus transformed in mid air, ready to open fire on the black Decepticon, but Tracer's hand shot out, grabbing the minicon. Stratus squirmed and screeched by reflex, not liking to be held by any transformer, let alone a Decepticon.

Tracer winced at the sheer pitch of the noise that this little creature was making. He'd never seen such a small transformer, but he found it hard to believe it could make such a sharp noise. He sqeezed his hand around the tiny transformer, causing it's screeching to choke off painfully to a low, sharp whimper.

"Stratus! No!!" Seeing his minicon partner in danger brought back some of Aero Blade's movement back from the dull paralysis of the stun lazer he'd been hit by, but not enough of it. Tracer was immediately reminded of his eariler prey and stomped his foot back down on Aero Blade's back, pinning him again.

Aero Blade turned his head so that he wasn't face first on the ground and tried now with more vigor to force Tracer off him, but he was forced to stop when the Tracer placed the end of his blaster on the side of Aero Blade's head, alittle bit behind his eye.

"These distractions are getting on my nerves..." Tracer growled down at Aero Blade. From Tracer's other hand, Stratus whimpered, still in pain and upset. Things were no better off now than they had been earlier. If anything, they were worse, because he knew Aero Blade wasn't going to struggle now.

"Now then," Tracer started. "Time to finally finish this..." He said, preparing to pull the trigger of his blaster. With his attention divided between his two captives, Tracer never took notice of the Headmasters slowly approaching.

Quick Switch
2003-03-27, 09:28 PM
Thunderwing's mind swam back into counciousness...very slowly.

Of course, he awoke in the grasp of Scorponok.


"I'm going to take up heraldry," he muttered.

Yes. As soon as this whole asinine charade of a 'trial' I'm going to retire to my Estate and concern myself as a Lord of the Realm and Prince of the Oil should- with running affairs. Prime and Galvatron may seek to exclude me, but I will be heard. The proper nobility cannot be excluded. Optimus Prime is a glorified peasant, and Galvatron a simple reincarnation of that petty warlord commoner Megatron. They are NOT nobles, and never will be. Rule of Cybertron belongs to those with the privelege, the wealth, and the time. I have all three.

Thunderwing sighed.

True power will be through manipulating the absurd "republican" notions the Autobots have. Iacon is laughably isolated. The Decepticon "imperial" notions will be no easier to exploit, since the only elements of the Empire are that backwater planets Earth and Nebulos. I won't need a Matrix this time. In fact, I never did. I, Thunderwing, have all the power I need. Public virtue. I will explore this option.

"Dash it all, just decide where I'm going and be done with it! A Noble such as myself does not deserve pointless bickering!" Thunderwing huffed. How dare they treat his capture like it was comparable to...to a brigand, or rabble rouser. The nerve.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-27, 09:54 PM
"You deserve my fist in your ugly face Decepticon..."

Grimlock looked at Sky Lynx, slightly dis-interested.. he wasn't anybody's fool he knew Sky Lynx was back-tracking.

"If primative give me Thunderwing in first place we be gone by now..."

2003-03-28, 03:07 AM
Chromedome and Roadbuster: -take up flanking positions, still hiding in the rubble, aim at Tracer-

Nightbeat and Siren: -hit end of alleyway-

Nightbeat: -sees Chromedome and Roadbuster in position, smiles, aims at Tracer-

Siren: -aims at Tracer-

Nightbeat: -chuckles- "My, my, my. Is the big, bad Decepticon having a problem dealing with a minicon? You'll destroy the Decepticon reputation of being rough and tough."

God Jinrai
2003-03-28, 03:15 AM
Fortress scoffed at thunderwing's most recent comment...

"Indeed, pretender? Dare you speak such in the face of primus himself? all you've ever been, thunderwing, is , as the humans have put it... a snot nosed brat... claiming dominion over everything but holding right to NOTHING. Would you dare face ME now? If it meant to prove yourself, WHELP?"

Fortress' optics burned red... he had grown to the point of utter rage, and was straining to maintain control.... but indeed, it was just that... a strain...

Aero Blade
2003-03-28, 04:07 AM
Tracer's eyes narrowed. Autobots... He looked out the corner of his eye, spotting something further down the alleyway as one made his taunts. Hightly ANNOYING Autobots...Guess it serves me right for not paying attention with it being just me here. Bombshock usually played watch-guard...Seems the Autobots are begining to get re-organized again...about time I be leaving then...

Tracer turned around to face down the alley, keeping his foot on his already captured Autobot with his blaster to Aero Blade's head. Most all Autobots were the same: they'd always try to save their friends and allies. Pathetic weak Autobot emotions... So long as he had a captive, he still had the upper hand.

"Well, well, well. This is turning into quite a party, it seems. A few too many guest though. As soon as I send these two on their way, though, I'll be glad to play with the rest of you," Tracer answered with a sinister chuckle.

"This won't take long at all. Might be alittle messy, though. You know how things are when you have a long-range weapon at extremely close range. Stuff goes flying everywhere," He explained, slowly begining to pull on the trigger of his blaster, knowing that'd get their attention that he was quite willing to kill his hostage. He still planned to do so, but not under such current odds. Right now the main order of business was getting some distance from being outnumbered...

Quick Switch
2003-03-28, 06:10 AM
Thunderwing gnashed his shattered teeth at Grimlock's comment, and seethed at the braggadocio of Fortress Maximus.

"No, you fool- because in my weakened condition, you'd strike me dead- not that you wouldn't anyway. And as for Primus, I haven't seen the appearance of a godhead. Have you?"

Lord Zarak
2003-03-28, 11:12 AM
Ever the egotistical, Sky Lynx replied in typical fasion to Thunderwings last comment
"Nope, but Thunderwing, I come a close second, don't you think?"

2003-03-28, 12:12 PM
Bandit was standing next to Hound. He had opted to stay with Minerva, just in case something happened. It was then that he felt something touch his right foot. Looking down he saw a puddle of oil flowing out from under Hound. He quickly dropped to one knee, reverted to Bean, dropped down from the Bandit body and took a look under Hound. "Oh boy.." he muttered as he got up. He turned back to the Bandit body. "Rally! get down from there, and get the toolboxes from the trunk, pronto!" "Ok Bean" Rally replied as she quickly transformed to her normal form. Bean then transformed the Bandit body back into it's car form. He then headed over to Minerva.

"Is this patient stable enough? Cause the green guy here is bleeding, badly"

Rally had taken two toolboxes from the trunk, one filled with normal human tools for fixing cars, and the other with Cybertronian ones.

At that moment Stratus' scream pierced the air. Talon, who had been hovering about 20 feet from the ground, immediatly soured upward and towards the sound. He was intent on helping his fellow Minicon. Before either Rally or Bean could stop him, he was already near the alley.

Quick Switch
2003-03-28, 02:07 PM
Thunderwing let out an exasperated sigh, but kept quiet.

2003-03-28, 03:11 PM
Nightbeat: "Well, we were going to give you a chance to surrender.... but you seem to be pretty determined to ventilate the big guy and squeeze the minicon like a tube of toothpaste. Guess there's no negotiating with you." -sighs- "Pity, that. Looks like you had potential. He's all yours, Roadbuster."

Roadbuster: -leaps from cover, places barrel of linear blaster cannon against Tracer's head- "Drop it. Now. It might stop me from turing your head into a pile of iron shavings."


Minerva: -finishes stabilizing Dirge, looks up at Bean's question, sees Hound, moves over, starts working on Hound-

2003-03-28, 04:15 PM
The enormous jet-black and gold Decepticon titan glared down at much smaller forms of Sky Lynx and Grimlock, barely resisting the urge to crush the duo of arrogant and bigmouthed Autobots. It seemed to be quite clear that he could not intimidate these two with his mere presence and words. No, the only thing Grimlock and Sky Lynx respected was power and this was not the place to show it...

If I could even show it... The massive Decepticon sighed in his mind, feeling himself rather weak suddenly. No... not yet... it has to endure the strain... I could not stand the humilation... not here... Indeed, he had no other option than to wait for the return of Galvatron and let the Autobots think that he was still a threat.

2003-03-28, 04:18 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind sat in one of the holding cells of Metroplex, awaiting the outcome of the battle.

Aero Blade
2003-03-28, 04:18 PM
Tracer closed his eyes with a sigh. He seemed annoyed. "Something tells me an amaeture like you would fire you weapon whether I did as you asked or not..."

Tracer abruptly elbowed Roadbuster in the face, dropping the minicon and leaping away to put some distance, firing off a shot towards Nightbeat. He saw some debris scatter, but it the dark of the alley he wasn't able to tell whether it was from the Autobot or the building. He fired several more times at the oher Autobots, holding his ground. There may have been more of them, but his armor could withstand more than theirs for the moment at least; Tracer hadn't been fighting all day like almost all the Autobots in the area, and was currently at his peak for battle. Roadbuster seemed particularly eager to attack something, though, so he kept a close eye on him, firing at the Autobot with one of this other weapons.

Aero Blade pushed himself up onto his elbows, shaking his head, more than glad to not have that blaster ready to blow his head off. He was still stiff from the stun-blast he'd recieved earlier, but he could move most of his joints. With Tracer's foot now off his back, he 'closed' his propeller. The blades of his propeller were jointed similar to the way a pair of siscors were, and he was able to manuver them so that it was more like two blades instead of four, and that much less in the way than with them spread, but he couldn't fly with them closed. He found it useful for when he had to squease through narrow passages, or do something like he was about to do...

He still had his SSsystem prepared since when he was going to try to get away from Snapdragon, but wound up never having to use it. Well, he was going to use it now...

"Cover your eyes!" He yelled to group of Autobots, closing his own visor across his eyes. Several vents popped open across his body, and in under a second the entire alley was clogged with a thick black smoke from the vents. Once his systems stopped venting the smoke, he quickly closed the vents, and rolled himself out of the spot he had once been in.

In the split second it took the smoke to hit Tracer's optics, it immediately started burning. He tried to block it with his arm to see to shoot, but even ignoring the burning the smoke was too thick. He fired several blasts towards where Aero Blade had been, having no way of knowing whether he struck anything or not.

Aero Blade laid on the grown where he had rolled, covering his head. He felt debris fly all around him, most of it coming from where he had been laying just a few moments earlier, and one shot nicked his shoulder before Tracer stopped firing. The Decepticon gave up and transformed back into vehicle mode. Tracer flew up out of the alley, scraping his propellers alitle and retreating, dissapearing over the building tops.

After a few moments, the smokescreen disapated. Aero Blade tried to get up, but his earlier movements had tired him out. He was still pretty heavily stunned by Tracer. Opening his visor again so he could see better, he remained lying on the ground, looking around to attempt to spot Stratus.

Lord Zarak
2003-03-28, 05:45 PM
"Ah, what is that...the sound of silence from a pair of Decepticons, once former colleagues? Silenced by a mere Autobot?" Sky Lynx took off.
"It appears I have won my own little war I had not been aware of. And, with no help from Swoop, who is inside me, and my esteemed friend and unprimative.." he cast a look at Grimlock..." Dinobot. Galvatron would do well to keep vocal company, lest he be lsot to you again. Who would lead a bunch of quiet soldiers?"

Quick Switch
2003-03-28, 08:03 PM
Thunderwing stared at Sky Lynx's departure.

"Freakish twit," he grumbled.

2003-03-29, 05:12 AM
Sureshock rushed towards where he had seen Aero Blade lying. He stopped to cover his eyes and then dashed and ducked next to him to avoid getting struck by the debris. The little minicon climbed over Aero Blade's shoulder and clung there, shifting his energy downwards and into the transformer's body.
Hound was semi-aware as Bean and Rally came over, and Minerva started working on him. He ached and only wanted to stay still and rest, but the humans also fascinated him and provided some distraction. He started to reply with, "Thanks..." when Stratus' scream rang out. The groggy effect from fluid loss was replaced by a forced dazed awareness and he tried shifting into reverse to transform, so as to not bump Bean, Rally or Minerva.
Alarm swept through his circuits.
"Stratus! We have to help him!"
Hound tried to transform, but his body hurt, and he stopped instantly and stayed still.
Mirage looked around the battlefield as the battle resolved and dissolved. Things were quieting down. One thought stuck in his mind as he looked back at Metroplex. Traitor.
Mirage turned, shrouded himself in invisibility and after a final glance at Metroplex, began driving towards the outer limits of Iacon.

2003-03-29, 04:36 PM
Roadbuster: -staggers back from the blow, dives back into cover as Tracer starts firing, covers optics-

Nightbeat: -ducks down next to alley wall as chunks get blown free and hit him, covers optics-

Siren: -ducks, covers optics-

Chromedome: -still in cover, covers optics, waits for the smoke to clear-

As smoke clears.....

Nightbeat: -aims at Tracer, fires-

Chromedome: -starts firing at Tracer-

Roadbuster: -starts firing linear blaster at Tracer, brings shrapnel cannon online and pulls grenade launcher from leg holster-

Quick Switch
2003-03-29, 05:19 PM
Dirge was gripped in indecision.

He felt absolutely no compulsion to do anything; he merely wanted to get away. The unknown Autobots fighting meant nothing to him. However, he did feel grateful to the female Autobot for repairing him, when she didn't have to.

And to Hound, of course, who had saved him from certain death by that lunatic Sunstreaker.

"We must flee," Dirge said to Hound urgently. "It could be Galvatron! If it's his force, we're all as good as dead! There will be no escape! He never takes prisoners, I know, I've seen it!"

Dirge transformed to robot mode and wrung his hands. He could leave right now. But he wouldn't. He owed Hound too much.


Quick Switch smoothly flew toward Iacon.

"This is Quick Switch, with prisoner inbound. Designation: Snapdragon, Decepticon Headmaster. He is armed, though has promised to surrender. If he attempts escape or deviates from the flight plan to Iacon, shoot hm out of the sky."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-29, 07:46 PM
"Least if you dead you be quiet!"

Grimlock sneered at Thunderwing

Aero Blade
2003-03-30, 01:25 AM
Having little room to manuver as he retreated from the alley, his visuals slowly returning, he felt Nightbeat, Chromedome, and Roadbuster's weapons strike his underside. His armor held, but it was very agitating when he couldn't fire back because of his angle. He quickly manuvered away from being over the open alley before any of their weapons could do very serious damage. As it currently stood, though, he'd probably have to replace that plate of armor they'd been firing on.

Slagging Autobots... he growled mentally. He still hadn't killed anything today, and the odds were getting steadily worse. As he retreated from the alley, he spotted the jeep he'd attacked earlier, still with the captured Decepticon, but now having more members to the group. He swooped low and took several shots towards Hound, Minerva, Bandit and Rally, not bothering to aim, just firing to take out some anger. He was careful though to keep his shots away from Dirge. Tracer then flew off, retreating from Autobot territory.


Aero Blade wasn't used to feeling a powersurge from a minicon. It took him a moment to realize what was going on, but it did help get rid of the rest of the effects of the stun-blast.

"Thanks," He told Sureshock, getting to his feet. He looked worriedly for Stratus. Aero Blade didn't know how badly Stratus's body had been hurt by Tracer, but he knew very well that Stratus would have been catatonic after being nearly crushed by a large transformer. This sort of thing had happened FAR too many times before, and it had a permanent effect on the poor minicon.

Aero Blade spotted Stratus lying on the ground some distance away, not moving. Aero Blade went over to him quickly, crouching down beside Stratus. He very carefully scouped up the minicon, holding him in an open hand. Stratus's optics were closed tightly and he wasn't responding at all.

Aero Blade very lightly and carefully brushed some dust off of the minicon. Stratus very slowly opened his optics with a very weak, quiet whimper, recognizing Aero Blade's gentle touch. Aero Blade examined him as he carefully brushed the dust away. His body hadn't been hurt very badly, but his spirit seemed to have been udderly crushed.

"I'm sorry buddy. I wish I had been able to stop him from doing that to you," Aero Blade spoke to Stratus. Stratus liked hearing Aero Blade's voice - it was just as gently as his hands - something he though was very rare, considering all the transformers he'd met before. Aero Blade moved Stratus to the crook of his arm, cradling the minicon so he was easier to carry. Stratus seemed to like this better, nestling up against Aero Blade before drifting into a sleep cycle.

Aero Blade turned towards the group of Autobots that had attacked Tracer. He wasn't too sure about the new guys, but the had helped him out, so he tried to be polite. "Thank you for your help," he said to them, then headed out of the alley, back towards Hound, seeing yet even more unfamiliar Autobots. Aero Blade sighed mentally. Too many new people... he thought, but continued heading towards Hound, hoping he was alright.

2003-03-30, 05:33 AM
Minerva: -throws herself over Hound as fire from Tracer rains down, goes back to working on Hound after Tracer leaves-


Hardhead and Hosehead: -after making sure Darkwing and Dreadwind are secured in their cells, head back to where they left Nightbeat and the others-


Nightbeat: -shrugs- "No problem. C'mon, guys, lets get back to what we were doing."

Siren: "We were watching our squishy components eat pizza."

Nightbeat: -half shrugs(as his right shoulder is fused), then holsters his blaster- "Well, it's better than watching them eat liver."

Siren: "I suppose so."

Nightbeat, Siren, Chromedome, and Roadbuster: -head back to Minerva, Hound, and the others-

2003-03-30, 08:49 AM
Bean and Rally managed to dodge the strafing run. Bean's car wasn't as fortunate, 2 holes could be seen on the back of the car. When Bean got up he went to check on Rally. "You ok?" he asks his partner. "I'm fine. Can't say the same about the car though" Rally replies as she gets up. Bean looks at the car, sees 2 holes in the rear area. Goes over to where Rally left the toolboxes, picks them up and heads over to his car and starts fixing the damage.

2003-03-30, 03:24 PM
"Dirge- it's only one transformer and it's not after you. Don't try to go anywhere!" Hound called as Minerva leaned over him. "If you try to run, the other Autobots might shoot. It's not Galvatron and it's not a Decepticon I recognize."

He focused his scanners in to reading the energy output from Tracer as Minerva began working on him again. "Thanks for the help Minerva. I don't know if I'd have made it back to Iacon after those last couple shots. All of you showed up just in time. Sorry about your car Bean, Rally. Dirge gave himself up and we were on our way back to Iacon when we were attacked just now."

Even though speaking, Hound was very worried about Aero Blade and Stratus. He analyzed the readings on his scanners silently.

Definitely Decepticon and I have his image now to run past Quick Switch and the library... but Aero Blade and the others are coming back. We have to get out of the open. I hope they're okay.

Aero Blade
2003-03-30, 06:06 PM
As Aero Blade made his way over to Hound, he sighed heavily. He sat down near the jeep, seeming rather exhausted, still carrying Stratus in his arms and Sureshock was still on his shoulder. Aero Blade made sure he chose a spot that was out of Minerva's way. He himself didn't have any serious injuries, but he did have a ton of minior damage, and all of it was adding up to make him tired, but he didn't complain. It wasn't in his nature to.

"Is everyone accounted for?" Aero Blade asked Hound, his exhaustion showing up in his voice. "Autobots. Minicon. Anyone missing?"

Aero Blade leaned his back against a large piece of rubble, relieving some of the stress on his joints. Stratus still seemed to be sleeping peacefully for the moment. He wasn't sure how long the minicon would be out, but he hoped he wouldn't have to wake up in the middle of yet another fight.

"Once we finally get things sorted out, if I ever find the guy responsible for all of this insanity, he'll find my fist in his face..." Aero Blade said outloud.

Quick Switch
2003-03-30, 10:56 PM
"All right," Dirge said raggedly, calming down, and trying to examine his surroundings. "I'm sorry. I'll try to keep my head."

The Seeker peered at the Jeep.

"You're hurt," he said. "We- we need to get you out of here."

2003-03-31, 01:51 AM
"Everyone's here Aero Blade, minus our uninvited guest." Hound replied with relief. Aero Blade seemed okay though weary, and he figured that meant Stratus was all right as well.

"I'll be fine Dirge. A friend- Spike- told me once that a jeep doesn't quit. It just gets 'tired' out. I'm not sure what he meant exactly, but I definitely am ready for some rest.
We've all had a rough day though. Minerva, if you've stopped the leaking and Bean and Rally's car can run, let's get to the city while everything's clear."

Trailbreaker chuckled and put some energon bars in a desk drawer. Then he slid a last thin filament line through the crack in Quick Switch's office door and down the hall. Carefully, he wrapped it around the door handles down the length of the corridor and attached it to a small Earth video camera hidden at the end.
I think old Quick could use some lightening up after he gets back, but I don't want to miss it! Trailbreaker thought with a chuckle as he headed back to his own quarters.

In the docking area, Comettor and the other minicons had landed with Jetfire and had taken him to the medical bay area.
"Where's Jetstorm?" Sonar asked. "He's been gone a long time. I thought he was going to catch up with us."

"Yeah, but you know him- always off on his own. No matter, Prime gave us our orders. He said to be ready to take off." Astroscope replied.

"Take off where? I'm not planning on leaving." Sonar scowled. "If I'm going anywhere, it's back to the Crystal City greenhouse."

"There's so much more to see, Sonar!" Payload chuckled. "Don't be so narrow-minded. Prime might need us to work someplace else for him."

"You guys can just stop now." Runway interjected. "We aren't going anywhere until Jetfire is fixed, or until we find out more. Let's just... take it easy."

"Right! I'm up for food! Last one there's a Niratoll wort!" Skyblast called as he made a mad dash down the hall.
"Gross... how can he say that and then think about food?" Astroscope muttered as he watched Payload and Sonar dart after Skyblast.
Runway just shook his head. "I wish I had the stuff his combustion chamber must be made out of. Come on- let's go get a little energon too."
"Sounds good to me, but let's find a different table than those guys."

2003-03-31, 05:51 AM
Minerva: "I've stopped the leaking, Hound. You're all set to go."

Hardhead and Hosehead: -come walking up-

Hardhead: "Looks like we missed all the fun."

Nightbeat, Siren, Chromedome, and Roadbuster: -come walking up-

Nightbeat: "Not really. Missed a Decepticon causing trouble, and some microwave pizza."

Hosehead: "Drat. I could go for some pizza about now........"


Brainstorm: -at Iacon, finishes repairs to transector socket connection- "All right. That should do it...." -transforms, links into head connector socket- "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!" -fired away from socket connection like a mortar round, transforms from head mode back to robot mode and managed to grab overhead ceiling support strut at the apex of his trajectory, looks down at the ground so far below- "Maybe that didn't fix the problem........"

2003-03-31, 01:58 PM
Snapdragon pulled closer to Quick Switch in the air and spoke. "I have a leak in my propulsion systems, if we don't land soon I'll end up in flames... although that's what you propably want anyways."

Quick Switch
2003-03-31, 02:17 PM
Dirge smiled weakly.

He didn't understand the human saying either, but then again- he didn't understand humans.

"Thank you for your help," he said to Minerva. "I'll leave when you're ready, Hound," he said to the Autobot scout.


Quick Switch snorted.

"We're over Iacon now. My security clearance should give us immediate access. Don't combust on me now- you may be treated well- but that all depends on you."

The Six Changer coasted into Iacon's main hangar, and transformed to robot mode, crossing his arms.

A sentry walked up and saluted, carbine energy rifle at ready mode.


"This one's with me, Interdictor." The Security Director indicated the approaching Snapdragon with a nod, returning Interdictor's salute smoothly. "Escort him with me to the Brig for processing when he lands."

"Yes sah!" The smartly shined security robot saluted, turned on his heel, and brought his energy rifle up, aiming at the approaching Decepticon.

The Six Changer smiled- that robot had a future. Rather old fashioned, but then again, he wasn't exactly a vanguard of social change himself.

2003-03-31, 03:52 PM
"Well, the car will run, though the shots damaged a section of the car that become the legs when it transforms. But it'll get to Iacon in one piece" Bean replied to Hound. "Hey did you guys see Talon? He went over to the alley when that scream rang out" Rally stated.

"Do not worry, I'm fine" Talon's voice sounded from above the group. He had been atop a nearby building when Tracer flew out of the alley. Now he was flying near the group. He then heard Aero Blade's statement. "And he'll feel my claws as well! No one harms a Minicon and gets away with it" he stated.

He had gotten a good look at Tracer and he wouldn't let him get away the next time they met...

"Good, now let's get back to Iacon before anything else starts attacking" Bean states as he places the toolboxes back in the trunk. He then walks towards the fridge, microwave and portable generator, unplugs then and stores them in subspace. He then gets into his car(driver's seat) and starts it up. Rally also gets in the car.

2003-03-31, 04:18 PM
"This is all your fault," Darkwing said.

"How is this my fault?!" Dreadwind asked.

"Well, you were the one who decided to surrender," Darkwing said, shoving Dreadwind.

Dreadwind socked Darkwing in the face, knocking the other former Powermaster to the ground, who got up a few seconds later and slammed Dreadwind into the wall.

Lord Zarak
2003-03-31, 04:30 PM
"Freakish, maybe" replied Sky Lynx as he came round for another pass, "but as for the 'twit' part, may I point out to you that you are the one being held by Scorponok, not myself. I believe that only twits find themselves in that situation."

Quick Switch
2003-03-31, 05:22 PM
Thunderwing grumbled at Grimlock's words- and sighed as Sky Lynx re-appeared.

"You would presume to lecture me, you glorified transport?" Thunderwing raged. "Was it my fault I fell under the influence of Unicron? Hm? A unit with your over-inflated ego should be able to understand such a principle!"

God Jinrai
2003-03-31, 07:22 PM
Fortress chuckled, shaking his head...

"Listen to yourself... HAH! How would you know? You fool, you're more naieve than a newborn protoform! Anyone seeking aid from some malevolent force such as unicron... will ALWAYS be paid back in turn... by forfeiting their existance... in some way shape or another... Pity you were too power hungry to see it."

Fortress was growing weary of simply standing about...

"Scorpinok.. what say put this feuding to rest for the moment, and seal up thunderwing so we may at least rest... ?"

Fortress' right optic expanded slightly, as if he were raising an eyebrow

Lord Zarak
2003-03-31, 07:37 PM
"I never said that I didnt understand why you were in your current predicament, Tunderwing. But, there is another example of the Decepticon aristocracy presuming superiority, where their inferiority is marked by their actions, and their refusal to accept responsibility for those actions." Sky Lynx was begining to get wound up by Thunderwings attitude.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-03-31, 07:42 PM
"You taken in too easily by other means Thunderwing...Me think maybe Wheelie could convince you that he almighty leader!"

2003-03-31, 08:19 PM
"Whoa... Whoa... what am I doing, I don't want to get in the way of a highly orcistranted plan now do I?" Hot Rod said as he stoped running and jogged alongside Optimus and came to a full stop, "Rodimus Convoy may need some help... has he got this under control? Has Unicron been destroyed or is he really in Alpha Convoy's body? And I'm probably being a pest right now..."

(ooc: Nothing more then a recap guys....)

Quick Switch
2003-03-31, 10:05 PM
Thunderwing began to shake in rage.

"I see," he said icily, "I see. This is nothing more than a commoner conspiracy. So much for noblesse oblige and public virtue! How the commoners love to brutalize the nobility. In fact you're all so good at it you're not busy killing yourselves over what symbol you have on your chests!"

And Optimus Prime and Galvatron say peace cannot be achived. I've done more for my race by being hated over my class and uniting Autobot and Decepticon then those two have by slaughtering hundreds of their own troops! And their ancestors before them!

Lord Zarak
2003-03-31, 10:16 PM
"You see conspiracy?" asked Sky Lynx of Thunderwing. He landed, but still in his combined dino-bird mode

"Your whole existence has stemmed from one conspiracy: that a Matrix is all powerful, and that there is only one person who is best handled to use that power: you! Yet, every attempt to harness the power a Matrix has, has failed. You live a conspiracy which will lead to your own self-destruction. Your 'aristocracy' drives your life so uch that you are blind to see the detrimental effects your quest has on yourself, and on every living being, whether mechanical, biological or somehting else"

Sky Lynx looked up towards Thunderwing, to see if he understood what he had said.

Quick Switch
2003-04-01, 12:50 AM
Thunderwing scoffed.

"Don't deign to know my motivation, 'Lieutenant Commander'," the aristocrat bit out, though more wounded then he would admit. "I was attempting something so glorious not even your two brains can comprehend it. My gaolers can't, or won't. I'm too much of a visionary...a reactionary visionary at that. Amusing, what? At least those prattling leaders Prime and Galvatron sent me Cities as my jailers! Befitting a warrior of my social station..."

Thunderwing flicked his optics down at Grimlock.

"...oh yes, and one primitive. Two, I suppose," he said to Sky Lynx, "though I must admit your elocution is better than your friend's sad attempt at pronoun placement."

Aero Blade
2003-04-01, 01:38 AM
Aero Blade pushed himself to his feet with a grunt. His joints were getting stiff, and he'd probably need to get some real rest soon. Standing up was a bit of a challange, trying to keep balanced as to not upset Sureshock who seemed to have taken a liking to his shoulder, having not left yet, and not upsetting Stratus who was still asleep in his arms.

Aero Blade stretched alittle bit, testing his joints. "Well, I'm ready to leave, but I think we should take things slow. I don't think there's anyone here that doesn't have a scratch on 'em aside from the minicon," He said, looking around the group.

After a look over the group though, something didn't seem right. He glanced back at the minicon on his shoulder. Yep, it was Sureshock.

So where was Highwire and Grindor?

The group of three were almost never apart, so where were the other two? It was possible they were being watched by someone else, but that didn't seem too likely, considering these minicon. Aero Blade glanced back at Hound. "Are you sure we're not missing any minicon?" He asked again, looking at the scout jeep.

2003-04-01, 04:15 AM
Nightbeat: "All right. Minerva, get the wounded back to Iacon. Roadbuster, Hardhead, go with them. Get all the wounded you can back there. Siren, Hosehead, with me."

Minerva: "But you're wounded-"

Nightbeat. "The damage is stabilized. I just can't move my arm. No big thing. Just want to check on Thunderwing. Want to make sure that he's secured."

Siren: "But Scorponok's got him. He wouldn't let him go, would he?"

Nightbeat: "Under normal circumstances, no. But nothing about this whole situation is normal. I'm worried that Thunderwing might have something still up his sleeve. Besides, nobody's disarmed him yet."

Siren: "Grimlock might have disarmed him by now."

Hosehead: "Grimlock wouldn't disarm him. Grimlock would dismember him."

Nightbeat: "That's the other reason I want to check on him." -looks back at Minerva- "After that, we'll head back to Iacon, okay sis? After all, the fight's pretty much over. What else can happen?"

Siren: "Everytime you say that, something really bad happens. The Deathbringer...."

Hosehead: "Thunderwing attacked the Ark...."

Siren and Hosehead: -unison- "Thunderwing hooking us all up to a brain-drain device."

Nightbeat: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're just going to make sure nothing's happening, and head back to Iacon."

Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -head for Scorponok-

Lord Zarak
2003-04-01, 03:57 PM
"What Grimlock may lack in dictation, he makes up for it with getting the point accross" replied Sky Lynx

2003-04-02, 06:43 PM
"Hah. Aristocracy. An ankward institution from the past. Your ancestors were not born as aristocrats, Thunderwing. They were nothing more than commoners who were able to exploit their peers to gain more power for themselves. Where do you see them now? The likes of Galvatron or Teratron are the aristocrates of our era." Scorponok sneered at Thunderwing's words.

"Ancient traditions fall and rise... but in the end... only power matters. There is not such a thing as birthright." The massive Decepticon smirked and turned his gaze over to Fortress Maximus.

"Thunderwing is now my prisoner Autobot. And he is not going anywhere. I am not bound to obey your laws and traditions. We wait." Scorponok stated coldly. And if Galvatron doesn't return... then I might claim the leadership of Decepticons to myself...


Snapdragon transformed slowly to robot mode and straightened to his full height despite the pain caused by an internal damage Mirage had caused. Lucky shot... damn that Autobot... weren't it for him I would not be in this situation...

Angrily the Horrorcon turned to look at the two Autobots. "Just lead the way."

Quick Switch
2003-04-02, 11:16 PM
Thunderwing fumed.

"No," he said softly. "I reject your philosophy."


Quick Switch took in Snapdragon's appearance with a quick glance. Interdictor shifted his firing stance.

"Cover him," the Security Director said briskly.

"Sah!" Interdictor aimed his carbine and pointed it at Snadragon's head.

Quick Switch held out his hands.

"Hand over all your weapons to me, immediately. No armed Decepticon will walk into Iacon. Fail to comply, and Officer Interdictor will shoot you dead."

Just to clarify the point, Interdictor cocked the carbine in a smooth motion, and squinted one optic along the crosshairs.

"Do it, bleedin' Con!" he bellowed. The security officer was just itching to pull the trigger, and blast the disgusting Decepticon's head all over the runway.

Two other patrol officers appeared near the gates from nearby watchtowers, hands on energy pistols. Just in case.

Aero Blade
2003-04-03, 01:21 AM
As the Autobots started making their demands for Snapdragon to turn over his weapons, something shot into the opening of the hanger. A metal sphere-like object bounced past Snapdragon, then rolled along the floor, landing in the midist of the Autobots. Once it stopped rolling, it immediately detonated, creating a rather large explosion for such a small item. It was not quite large enough to reach all the way to Snapdragon, but it came pretty close.

As the explosion calmed down, leaving a few smoldering flames, a sinister laugh echoed into the hangar as a black helicopter coasted into view.
[Edit] :) Too many moves Aero Blade. Please adjust to allow others a chance to react or decide if they were taken off guard. I'll be on later tonight. Scout

2003-04-03, 02:00 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -walk up to Scorponok, stop beside Grimlock-

Nightbeat: -looks up at Thunderwing- "Ah, good. Sleeping Beauty is awake. Glad to see that you're still hanging around."


Minerva: -looks over at Metroplex- "Guys? Why go back to Iacon? We could just go over to Metroplex."

Chromedome: "Might not be a bad idea. Metroplex has medical facilities, and the trip wouldn't be nearly as far."

Quick Switch
2003-04-03, 11:38 PM
The bomb detonated only a few feet away from the security officers, sending up a huge cloud of smoke and debris.

"Code Red, Code Red, Iacon is under siege! Send back up!" One of the Gatehouse security officers screamed. His companion slammed his fist down on a klaxon alarm, which screech echoed in the outside of the city.

Quick Switch was hurled in the air and slammed down about twenty feet away on the concrete, dazed.

A piece of shrapnel lodged into Interdictor's head, killing the security officer instantly, though not before he fired off one last shot from his energy carbine at Snapdragon's head on reflex. Interdictor's body hit the ground with a sickening thud.

Three more security officers appeared in a few minutes; the two gate house guards were already sprinting toward the scene.

"By Primus! The Director's down!" one of them screamed.

"Deception trap!" another yelled, pulling out his energy pistol.

"We're under attack! Seal off the city!" the third screamed.

2003-04-03, 11:42 PM
Sureshock was thouroughly enjoying his vantage point from Aero Blade's shoulder. There was something welcoming about the big transformer, and fascinating as well. He seemed a bit like Skyfire. Then Skyfire drifted back to Sureshock's thoughts and he tuned out the conversation.
Missing minicons? Hound thought for a moment as they resumed traveling to Iacon. "If you mean the other two Aero Blade, I think they'll be fine. They know their way back to Iacon, and they've been taking care of themselves for a long time. Besides, I'm certain the other Autobots wouldn't harm them. There it is... Iacon. I'm going to radio ahead."

"Iacon security... this is Hound. We're approaching with a willing, non-aggressive prisoner. Please advise."

Grindor and Highwire had wandered off in the dust cloud that Hot Rod had stirred up, and some time later had discovered Jetstorm's crumpled and lifeless figure. They were in shock for a while, then Highwire picked up Jetstorm and put him onto Grindor's skateboard mode. They started the trip back to Iacon without talking.
Mirage sat out on an outer wall of Iacon. It hadn't taken him long to get back to the city, but checking in wasn't a priority. Deep in thought, he laid his rifle across his legs and drew his knees to his chest. He looked out over the vast expanse of Cybertron outside the Iacon walls and closed his optics to think.

Quick Switch
2003-04-03, 11:49 PM
Iacon Security Wing:

"Roger that Hound, Security Controller Impede reporting. There's just been a bombing attack, Director Quick Switch has been immobilized, another Security Officer is dead. I repeat, Code Red."


Dirge, once again in jet mode and rolling along with Hound, tried to stay calm.

He'd heard garbled transmissions on Hound's radio, but the phrase "bombing attack" stuck out.

"Oh no, they're going to shoot me on sight! Quick Switch is the security director! He's a fanatic!"

God Jinrai
2003-04-04, 12:20 AM
Within the temple of primus, an interal struggle had been going on for some time now... Alpha convoy's body destroyed, Unicron had made his move, seeking to posess optimus prime, and in doing so, corrupt primus' essence, and quite possibly, wipe out the entire transformers race...

However unicron's plan has since gone awry. Now trapped within the body of a weakening Rodimus Convoy, Unicron has grown more and more irrate... Rodimus, barely able to contain unicron, has prepared to self destruct... but self detonation is not enough to extinguish unicron...

"Prime... I can't hold him anymore! If I don't do it now, it's all over!"

"Rodimus, You don't understand! By self destructing, you'll set unicron free AGAIN! We can't allow him to leave the temple!"

"He is correct, Rodimus... Unicron cannot be permitted to run free ever again..."

"Then... I must do... The unthinkable."

Rodimus staggered forward towards the portal, arms outstretched as if battling a gale force wind. But the forces arrayed against him were considerably greater than the worst of the elements. A nimbus of red light flickered around his head, like a corrupted halo as Unicron struggled to exert his influence. Every step, every thought a battle against domination.

You can not prevail, Rodimus Prime. You are nothing compared to the might of Unicron, Destroyer of Worlds!

"I... Will..."

You do not walk alone, Rodimus Convoy. another's thoughts flashed through his head.


Yes, noblest of warriors. Your strength will be an inspiration to your race for eons to come.
"Thrice cursed fool!" Unicron howled. "Will I never be rid of you?"

"Yes Unicron," Rodimus spoke aloud. "Yes you will."

And with his final ounce of self control, and self being, Rodimus leapt into the portal.

"Now and forever... BE GONE UNICRON!"

Prime's chestplate swung down, and removing the matrix from its resting place in his chest, directed its energies toward the autobot insignia above the gate... and as quickly as the energies struck it... the gate abruptly began to close... The last thing PRime and galvatron could hear over the roaring of the closing gateway was a shout from unicron...

"FOOLS! I HAVE WON!!! PRIMUS IS NO MORE!!!! " followed by a sickening laugh...

and suddenly it hit optimus... A voice from within whispered silently to optimus... "Farewell...old friend"...Rodimus convoy... had all along been the Avatar of Primus... and Optimus had just sealed not only unicron... but Primus himself away...forever. and to open the gateway again would mean setting unicron free again...

"I... I can't.... NO! PRIMUS NOOOOOOO!!!!"

Galvatron rose grimly as Optimus let out that shout... and solemnly, he approached his counterpart... setting a hand on his shoulder...

"It had to be done, Optimus. Primus acts in strange ways... perhaps it was his destiny to forever battle unicron in this place... perhaps it was meant to be this way from the start... "

"Perhaps..." prime silently spoke... "But... now...we truly are alone... " Prime transformed into his vehicle mode... engine idling at a low level...

Galvatron, however, approached the altar, and lifted alpha convoy's body from its resting place, setting it upon prime's trailer...

"He... deserves a hero's rest, Optimus... let us grant him that... and the memory of a sacrifice so great... and noble that he rivals us in greatness...and Rodimus...who's final act ensured that we all shall live to see a new...perhaps better tomorrow."

With that, Galvatron transformed to jet mode, hovering just above optimus... and so, the two departed the temple of primus...

It was over....

OOC: Continued once Staff is prepared for the next arc. Until then... steel yourselves.