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Ultimate Weapon
2003-03-30, 12:43 AM
I was out today and picked up a few things. First the GI JOe Spy Troops. Air Assault w/ Barrel Roll, Recondo w/ Iron Grenadier, and Sgt Hacker who turns into Firefly w/ Scalpel. Next at the comic store I grabbed the Legacy of Unicron TPB, and GI Joe Vol #5. Also Thundercats the return #1 and Alice in Sexland- For Friend Not Mine:glance: Also I went to the hobby store to buy some acrylic paints for my original Galvatron repaint job. I found the perfect purple, its called Deep Pearlescent Purple. And in the mail today I got Hulk #340, Yay!

Edit - At the comic shop I got a free Dreamwave Promo poster for the upcoming G1 Vol 2 series, it has Megatron on the cover inside of a target scope, saying, "Its over Prime." I might sell it on ebay perhaps.

2003-03-31, 06:59 AM
If you ever sell that poster.
I'll buy it!

Anyways.. I need someone who can buy the TF comics and such for me and send 'em, of course, I'd have to pay the necessary amount of money.

Ultimate Weapon
2003-04-01, 02:43 AM

2003-04-01, 05:53 AM
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Oh, that looks sweet. :)