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Quick Switch
2003-04-04, 12:39 AM
The Quintesson War Fleet had made excellent time. Streaking across the cosmos at unspeakable speeds, the Imperial Magistrate believed the time was right to strike.

The Fleet assembled. The Dark Guardian transport ships were ready. The Sharkticon Landers were ready. The Spiral Ship attack force were ready.

"Enterting Cybertron's orbit, Excellency!" Judge Quota called out to the Imperial Magistrate. "All Ship Captains report in position- even Primacron!"

"Your order?" The Inquisitor, now fully healed and hovering next to the Quintesson Leader. The grizzled Executioner stood next to him, flanked by Judge Delibarata.

"The Transformers are doing some sort of rear guard action- our spies report Optimus Prime and Galvatron leaving some sort of Temple," Delibarata said.

"Then the time is right!" The Imperial Magistrate bellowed. "Cybertron is ours by right, and none shall stand in our way! Commence landing!"

The orders went out. The Fleet Captains sent the Spiral Ships spinning down towards Cybertron. The Dark Guardian Drop Ships behind them.

They streaked through Cybertron's atmosphere, and, in an inordinate amount of time, the foul ships had dug into the Earth.

Sharkticons poured forth by the hundreds to repel any invaders, and the first Dark Guardians left the drop ships, a force of doom.

The Invasion of Cybetron had begun.

Quick Switch
2003-04-04, 12:51 AM
Chaos reigned at the landing site. Dozens of initial Autobots and Decepticons alike border guards were mowed down as they tried to repel the Dark Guardians. Sharkticons fell upon those who escaped the initial attack.

From his Command Ship, the Imperial Magistrate watched. All was going according to plan.



"I've just had a premonition," Mindwipe said.

"What?" Astrotrain said suddenly.

"No time to explain- I'll speak with you later!" and with that, Mindwipe flew out of the conference room and, in bat mode, flew toward the Quintesson landing site.


Judge Delibarata had led the initial Shakticon Shock Troops on the ground.

"Initial drop zone, secure, no casualties," he reported. "The Dark Guardians are superb!"

"Excellent," the Inquisitor replied, tentacles lashing. "We'll set up a command post in the first building you capture."


On his ship, Primacron was setting up shop when a Headmaster bat flew toward him.

"What's this?" The scientist rasped. A Sharkticon aide handed him a beaker rack.

Mindwipe transformed, evading the hail of fire set up around him.

"Blah, peace, peace, I say! I'm here on a mission!"

"Cease fire!" Delibarata roared. "Deal with this Decepticon," he said to Primacron.

"With pleasure," Primacron said. This bat was intriguing.

"I am Mindwipe. I have an offer for you."

"Speak," Primacron said, puffing his chest out.

"You carry with you something known as the Hate Plague. Give us leniency from your Quintesson Masters, and I will eliminate Galvatron for you."

"Really?" Primacron said. "Why should I trust you?"

"Blah, this is the best offer you'll get!" Mindwipe flapped his wings. "My commander doesn't know I'm here. Just don't have those Dark Guardians shoot me on the way out!"

"Here," Primacron said, selecting a beaker from the rack. "Take this. Galvatron will be rendered insane in minutes. Just remember to get away, before you're infected yourself. The Imperial Magistrate could use a collaborator like you, Mindwipe."

"Blah, yes," Mindwipe grasped the beaker in his feet, and lifted off. "We shall speak again!"

Mindwipe flew off, deadly cargo under claw.

Aero Blade
2003-04-04, 03:33 AM
His laughter still echoing in the hangar, Tracer launched off a flash bomb into the hangar, retreating while it ignited in a blinding light. He'd accomplished his goal for the day- he'd finally killed an Autobot. It wasn't too big an accomplishment, since he and his teamates had been experts at it, killing hundreds, but this was the first he'd done purely on his own, no help, and in the middle of Autobot territory. He wondered how well the others were doing.

As Tracer began to retreat from Iacon, he wondered if the Autobots would try to follow. He was still in great condition for battling, ignoring his armor plating on the underside in vehicle mode. Tracer scanned for transformers, seeing if any did decide to come after him, but as he did so he detected Galvitron's signal some distance away. He wondered what his leader was doing so close to Autobot territory.

Actually, he wondered about EVERYTHING happening, but he decided not to think much on it. He changed course, heading towards Galvatron's possition. Perhaps his leader knew what was going on...


As they continued to make their way towards Iacon, Aero Blade stayed in robot mode, not wanting to upset Sureshock or wake up Stratus. With his joints feeling as stiff as they were, he probably couldn't easily transform anyways.

As they got closer, Hound radioed ahead for advice. Aero Blade worried for Dirge, hoping the Autobots wouldn't treat him cruely because he was a Decepticon. They shouldn't have a reason to anyways - Dirge had surrendered and was peacive for the moment.

He was also getting a bit anxious on other things. No doubt once they reached Iacon, everyone with injuries would be sent to get medical treatment. He was wary about letting strangers poke around his circutry and mechanisms, even if they were trying to help. Aero Blade wasn't sure why he had even stuck around this long anyways...

Deep in the back of his mind, another thought- no, a memory- came to surface. The more he thought on it, the more he felt a sense of dark forboding twist around inside of him. Aero Blade pushed the memory out of his thoughts, but the feeling still remained. Aero Blade's pace slowed down, then he came to a full stop. Aero Blade stood there, still holding Stratus in his arms, not moving.

He didn't want to go to Iacon.

((ooc: Don't worry guys, it'll pass. Though if someone wants to give him a push in the right direction (how literal is up to you ;) ) feel free to do so))

2003-04-04, 05:58 AM
Minerva: -looking in the direction Hound and the others went- "They didn't even answer me...."

Chromedome: "These things happen, you know."

Minerva: "True."

Chromedome: "So, do you want to go to Iacon, or should we avail ourselves of Metroplex's medical facilities?"

Minerva: "We can use Metroplex's repair bay for a quick repair job, then head back to Iacon. The way things tend to go around here, we need to get repairied and recharged ASAP."

Minerva, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster: -head for Metroplex-


Brainstorm: -finishes adjustments to socket connection, transforms and reconnects to transector again, stands, stretching- "Finally."

2003-04-04, 06:07 AM
The message was clear and loud. Hound's exhaustion slipped away to a sense of cold dread as the news came over.
"We've got to get to security to help!"

Then he remembered.

"Dirge... it's okay! Stay right by me and you'll be okay."

Sureshock grinned and tapped Aero Blade on the side of the head gently. "Iacon! You'll like Iacon. It's a fun place- nice place for Autobots. It even has energon! It's got games and books and all sorts of things. First Aid can even wake Stratus up if you let him."
Trailbreaker heard an explosion just down the corridor and rushed towards it, rifle in hand. All he saw was a mess, and one Decepticon. He called out to noone in particular, "What happened here?"

He aimed the rifle at Snapdragon and fixed it there, unsure about what to do next and hoping the security staff would revive.
Mirage opened his optics and saw a streak of light far off in the distance. That's not a meteorite..., he thought to himself as he got up. I better go have a look.

A short while later, he slowed and looked around to check his direction.
"I know that light was out this way somewhere..." he said quietly to himself as he looked around.

Quick Switch
2003-04-04, 06:52 AM
"All right," Dirge said weakly. This was all just too much!


One of the Security Officers turned at Trailbreaker.

"Somebody chucked a bomb in the hangar! Quick Switch is stunned, and one of our own-"

"Interdictor," another Sec Squad member called out bitterly, kneeling over his comrade.

"- was fragged. Decepticon attack- Code Red situation." the first robot finished, and swept the area quickly.

"Your help be appreciated, Trailbreaker," one said, propping up Quick Switch, who was just coming around.

Quick Switch binked blearily.

Interdictor was with him- Snapdragon had been cornered- then a bomb, shouts, sirens- explosions-

"No," he spat out, looking down at one of his finest Officers, shot through the head with shrapnel blasts.

"He's dead, sir," the Autobot cradling the Director said quietly.

"No, damn it, no! He'd only just joined the Squad! Best student in the Academy!" Quick Switch cried out. Interdictor had remined Quick Switch of a younger Prowl- same make, same model- only better. Interdictor had a personality.

He stood up. The Officers snapped to attention.

"Orders, Director?" the cradler asked.

"I want that Decepticon assasin found, and I want him found now! I don't care how many Squads it takes, understood?"

"Sir yes sir!" the Squad chorused, saluted, and ran off to conduct a thorough sweep.

"Director," Security Controller Impede's voice broke over the internal comm.

"Yes?" Quick Switch replied, rubbing his head.

"Sir, Hound and other Autobots are inbound with a prisoner. ETA: imminent."

"Keep me informed, send out a detachment to meet them at the gates- not these gates, understood?"

"Affirmative." Impede's voice left the comm.

"Damn it," the Security Director raged. Trailbreaker hadn't yet been spotted. "That Decepticon will hang!"


Mindwipe sent out a silent screech.

Sonar was a wonderful thing.

The echo waves returned to him. The espionage Autobot, Mirage, was nearby.

"Blah, most opportune. I'll pay him a visit..." flapping smoothly through the sky, Mindwipe landed by Mirage's position unobtrusively.

"Looking for something, Autobot?" Mindwipe called out, still in bat mode. He'd found that his hypnotic powers worked better in this mode.

"You don't think he'll actually talk to you," Vorath said, shocked, through his Headmaster bond.

"Of course. No one can resist me. One look in my eyes...and he's lost." Mindwipe replied mentally.

2003-04-04, 06:59 AM
Mirage turned with a start. He had been so fixated on the direction of the light, he hadn't expected anyone to be nearby.
The sudden voice nearby alarmed him and he pulled out his rifle and glanced to where the voice was coming from.

"Who's there? Show yourself or I'll shoot." Mirage demanded.

Quick Switch
2003-04-04, 07:01 AM
Mindwipe revealed himself. His optics had begun to glow with hypnotic intensity.

"I am Mindwipe. I've heard many, many things about you Mirage...how you made such a wonderful Traitor once...and you'll be one again for me...don't try to resist..."

Vorath watched, fascinated, as his partner went to work. As a scientist, hypnosis had always intrigued him- and in the hands of a mystic like Mindwipe, it was simply astounding.

2003-04-04, 07:11 AM
As the recognizeable bat form of Mindwipe emerged, Mirage cocked the trigger and prepared to fire. The red optics were irrisistable though. Their intense red color brightening and dimming and flashing seemed to be looking right into his thoughts. He fought to blink and found he couldn't tear his gaze away from the fascinating red hue.
His thoughts were dimming. One remained and he fought to keep it.
"I'm not... a.... traitor. Optimus knows... I only... follow..."
And then there were no more thoughts. His rifle dropped to the ground as his hand relaxed.

Quick Switch
2003-04-04, 07:17 AM
Mindwipe let out a hiss of pleasure as his power overwhelmed the spy's mental abilities.

"You cannot resist me...you will cooperate," he said smoothly, reinforcing the mental domination. "Listen up, Mirage, and pay attention."

Mindwipe transformed to robot mode, and grasped the vial in one of his clawed hands. He smiled, walked forward, and held it out for Mirage to take.

"Take this. Drink it. Let the sensations go through you...become one with your hatred...find Galvatron...find him, and strike him down! Touch him, and then he will know madness!"

"Into the mouth of madness," Vorath remarked absently.

2003-04-04, 07:38 AM
"I ... can't...." Mirage began, then paused and finished with, "...Find Galvatron and strike him down."

Mindwipe had hit on something that Mirage would be willing to do. Getting rid of Galvatron would mean far less troubles and no war in his mind and deepest senses.
He lifted the vial and opened it. Slowly he lifted it and drank it.

The rancid smell didn't stop him, nor did the burning taste as it hit his mouth and throat. An involuntary shiver went through him as the concoction made its way into his combustion chamber. He doubled over almost immediately and began aspirating heavily and shivering as the fluid ran through his systems. Bright blue optics closed and reopened in a hazy red color. As the foreign and contaminated fluid seeped through his systems, painful shots from synapses fired and the quiet suffering grew into a vocal snarl.

He reached out and tried to claw at anything around him.

Quick Switch
2003-04-04, 07:43 AM
Mindwipe laughed joyously, transformed to bat mode and hovered just out of reach of Mirage.

"Now, now- you have a job to do- find Galvatron!"

"Aren't you going to warn Astrotrain?" Vorath remarked.

"We'll see," the Headmaster bat replied, flapping away.


A battered, bruised and leaking bounty hunter left the spaceport section of Iacon.

He needed to find Optimus Prime.

And he needed to find him fast.

"I'm Devcon...I am a bounty hunter...I bring Decepticons to justice..." he rambled by way of introduction. The neutral denizens of Iacon fled from his appearance.

His frantic search continued.


Unseen, a Metrodrone was recording what had just transpired between Mirage and Mindwipe.

"This is not good," it remarked. Commander Astrotrain needed to hear about this. "Must transmit to the Creator..."

2003-04-04, 08:02 AM
A mix of a cold body and heated anger brewed and cleared Mirage's thoughts as the virus spread inside him.
Pain- is Galvatron's doing. No Galvatron means no more war. No....So... cold. I should call Optimus. No, something's wrong- will only... hurt them. I'm not... a traitor! I'll destroy Galvatron! I'm not a traitor. Autobots will... Optimus...will not have to fight if he's gone.

A tinted red fluid glazed his body as his systems heated up trying in vain to fight the infection and caused condensation of the virus on his metallic skin.

Mirage shivered and then started getting up. A shadow from the metrodrone caught his attention and in a split second, he jumped and grabbed for it, but it just brushed his hand. He snarled and headed for Metrotitan.

Quick Switch
2003-04-04, 08:06 AM
The Metrodrone cried out in fear.

"Oh no!" it chirped. Then it bolted back toward its home.

2003-04-04, 08:17 AM
In the end, despite his demeanor and appearence, Snapdragon was not that courageous. Yet, had he been in full condition... he might have tried to use the opportunity given by Tracer to escape. Now, he knew he could not survive without help... and as much as it troubled him... the Autobots were his last hope...

"Wasn't me! Wasn't me! I have no slagging weapons!" Panicked Snapdragon, who had barely avoided getting his head blasted into bits by Interdictor's final shot... the scorch marks in his arms proved it as he had used them to protect his head from the blast.

On the floor infront of Snapdragon, laid the energodagger he had used to cut through the cable Aero Blade had used to seize him earlier.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-04, 10:38 AM
Monitoring the fight against Chaos at his monitor, Shockwave saw that it was over, that Unicron was imprisoned...but with Primus too.
Keeping his monitor switched on, he got up to the erergon tap. It started blaring.
He sat back down. If he wasnt who he was, he would have thrown down his cup of energon and started panicing. Instead, he set his cup down and analysed the situation
Quintessons. I had previsously calculated their probability of re-emergence of 79%. Whilst this a surprise attack, it is not wholly unexpected.

"Astrotrain this is Shockwave. We are under a Quitesson invasion. At this present time, there is a 91.5% probability of defeat. What are your instructions?"

Aero Blade
2003-04-04, 12:58 PM
Aero Blade heard Sureshock's comments, but he didn't move.

'Nice place'. I wish...

Aero Blade shook his head slightly, clearing it and chiding himself for his remarks. That was all in the past, the FAR past, and this wasn't even the same Iacon. Why did he feel so reluctant?

Aero Blade tried to convince himself to at least see what this Iacon was like, to go and have a look around at least, but it was of little use. He still felt the sense of reluctant dread, and it felt as though it had frozen his legs in place. He couldn't bring himself to move.

2003-04-04, 01:53 PM
"Well, if that jeep wants to go to Iacon, then let him. If Metroplex is closer then that's where we're going. Right Rally?" Bean remarked as he drove after the Headmasters.

"Right. Hey Talon, where are you going?" Rally stated as Talon suddenly reversed direction. "To find those bird bots we met earlier, we haven't seen them since" Talon replied as he flew off.

God Jinrai
2003-04-04, 04:43 PM
Roaring across the landscape, Prime sped back to iacon... his mind nearly shattered by the events that had occurred at the temple... he was still haunted by that faint voice from within the matrix... And now more than ever, prime was afraid... Primus was gone... the matrix was part of him... would... would the matrix still have any meaning now? Certainly, with all of the knowledge of past autobot leaders, it was still a well of knowledge... but... when would optimus have time to seek from its wells when war still raged...?

Hovering above, Galvatron maintained his position over prime's trailer...and alpha convoy's broken body...

" A true shame.... that such acts have become essential for our survival... one such as he might have been better suited to matters of our situation than we ourselves..." he muttered

Prime had closed the gap between himself and iacon by now...

"Galvatron... it's your decision.... you may be better to return to metrotitan... to sort matters out there..."

"Indeed, Prime... until next we meet..."

The purple jet peeled off, roaring across the horizon, streaking off for metrotitan...

Prime roared into iacon, only to find disaster before him... security squads torn apart... Quickswitch in a rage...and not far away, snapdragon... At first glance, he almost had thought snapdragon might have caused it... however taking a more in depth look at things, he could telll from the fear in snapdragon's optics... he was very much afraid... apparently he'd been severely injured in the battle, and as such, under Quickswitch's watchful eyes, had been brought to iacon to undergo repairs...

Screeching to a halt, Prime's rig section split and transformed...

"Quickswitch, what's going on here?" he queried to the security officer

Quick Switch
2003-04-04, 08:22 PM
"Formulate a battle plan and retreat action for Metrotitan simultaneously! I am contacting Lord Galvatron as we speak!" Astrotrain responded to Shockwave's message.

At the same time, he patched in a signal to the Decepticon Emperor Lord.

"Galvatron- Astrotrain reporting. We have a situation. The Quintessons have invaded. What are my orders? Prepare Metrotitan for battle, or retreat into space? Shockwave calculates the odds are not good for a holding action!"


Quick Switch saluted as Prime appeared.

"A Decepticon bombing attack, Optimus." The Security Director relaxed his stance and pointed at Snapdragon. "This one denies involvement, but his mere prescence caused the death of one of my best officers. I'm going to interrogate him personally."

He pointed outwards.

"I have an entire Security Squad searching Iacon for the assassin, Optimus. My men will find him." The Six Changer's face was grim.

When I discover the assassin, he'll wish he'd died. Because death will be the first thing he'll wish for when I get my hands on him. I swear it.


Devcon continued to shamble through the streets of Iacon.

"Optimus Prime...Optimus Prime...urgent message..."

A passing Security Patrol team stopped Devcon.

"What the? Another vagabond?" One asked, slinging his energy carbine rifle over his chest and looking at Devcon.

"No- take a look! It's bleedin' Devcon!" The other said breathlessly, pocketing his energy baton.

"Yes, I am Devcon- I am a bounty hunter. I bring Decepticons to justice," he repeated, nodding, pointing at his Autobot sigil.

"Right. You've been worked over. We'll take you to Iacon command. Let's go!" The baton wielding officer took Devcon's hand and began leading him away.

The carbine officer waved away a clatch of neutrals.

"All right, show's over. Move along, citizens!" He walked after his partner, with Devcon in tow. The citizens, duitfully, went back to their business in the City.

2003-04-04, 10:00 PM
Brainstorm: -walks out of Iacon's medical bay, looking around at all the commotion- "What happened?"


Minerva, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster: -enter Metroplex's medbay-

Minerva: "Well, it's not Iacon, but it'll do. You first, Chromedome." -gathers up some parts and tack on armor plate, starts working on Chromedome's arm-

Hardhead: "I'm going to hit the armory, see what they have for reloads." -heads for armory-


Nightbeat: -looking at Thunderwing- "Enjoying your new outlook in life?"

Lord Zarak
2003-04-05, 02:13 PM
"Computing now, Astrotrain. Expect the plan in two Vorns. Logic dictates that we find ourselves a holding position. That is what my plan will be based upon. Shockwave out."

2003-04-05, 05:46 PM
"Let me know your answer, I am just going to try and see whats going on at Cybertron one more time." He said walking back into the base and activiating the computer creating an interstellar communication link to Cybertron.

"Decepticons on Cybertron, this is Hatemonger on Earth with his combat team what is the situation on Cybertron? Repeat updates from Cybertron have been limited what is the current situation" he stood ane waited.

2003-04-05, 08:34 PM
Adeara and StarBlade returned to Metrotitan, having missed a fight, and in sour moods. Adeara's was worse. She was actually tempted to melt the first thing that irked her, but the assassin was the first to irk her, and she really didn't feel like losing the only friend she currently had. Instead, Adeara simply took her frustration out on a random wall, kicking it hard enough to have broken her foot, had she been in her fleshling form. As it was, she dented her foot, and left a rather large dent in the wall.

"You need to calm down, Adeara. Otherwise, you'll get us both in trouble for damaging Metrotitan." The Ta'Kaalen glared at the femme-con, and stalked off. StarBlade shook her head, and headed to find Astrotrain to learn of what had transpired.

2003-04-06, 04:50 AM
Trailbreaker eased as Optimus appeared, but remained quiet with his rifle trained on Snapdragon. Cool and calm, he waited and listened to find out more about the apparent intruder.
"Talon, Bean, Rally... thanks very much for your help. I have to take Dirge back to Iacon, and there was an attack there moments ago. Please keep in touch." Hound said quickly through his communicator as the group started splitting. Then he turned his attention toward Dirge as they drew closer.

"We'll go through the main entrance down the yellow painted hall through central Iacon. Just stay calm and don't run anywhere. You'll be fine as long as you stay near. You'll be checked in and probably checked for weapons, but not harmed. Do you have any questions, Dirge?"
Mirage had hunted many times in the vast expanse of cybertronian towns and cities before him. He knew Metrotitan lay in the direction he was traveling, but everywhere before him, Decepticons seemed to materialize and aim. His head felt as if it was burning and his anger and frustration intensified. As he closed in on a small town, he paused and shook his head.
Mustn't go... No! Must not stop! Everywhere are spies for Galvatron. Spies...

I'm a spy and a traitor- no a hunter - autobot. Optimus... help me."

He grasped at a materialization of what appeared to be Optimus as he neared the town. The startled passerby pushed Mirage's hands away.

"Hey! Huh? An Autobot! You're a ways from Iacon, guy. Eh? What's this red stuff?" The puzzled transformer rubbed his fingers together noting with an alarmed look that the reddish powder was begining to spread rapidly. As Mirage stumbled onward- ignoring the mech, the transformer he left behind began to double over and slam his fists into the side of a building in anger, causing a few more transformers to emerge from the building and head toward the passerby.

2003-04-06, 06:39 AM
Blaster slowly limped through the gates of Iacon Stinger on his shoulder.

"Stinger look out!" Blaster cried as the stray blast from wherever collided with the scorpion destroy two legs and knocking it offline

Jazz was behind him his chest dented the lights smashed and his grill broken.

"Home. man I have never been happier to see Iacon" Blaster said as he stood still waiting for Jazz to catch up.

"I hear ya that battle was nuts man" Jazz replied stepping forward "YO who ever's on the other side open up It's Jazz and Blaster"

Bluestreak sat up propping himself up against Metroplex surveying the battle feild. Empty now minus a few damaged transformers. Decepticons who followed Thunderwing. He began to get to his feet sighing. "Nothing left to do but... Head home I guess" he said to himself transforming and slowly driving towards Iacon weaving through rubble.

Sunstreaker moved behind Hound keeping an eye on who he had no dubbed a traitor and had intentions of reporting him to Optimus. The fact he still wanted to save Dirge so badly disgusted him not even seconds before he shot Dirge he was trying to kill Hound. It baffled him unless it was a set up.

2003-04-06, 09:50 AM
"Ok, take care buddy" Bean replies to Hound over the transciever as he parked his car near the wall of the repair bay. He got out of the car, opened the trunk and started unloading the toolboxes and a few other things. Then he starts disassembling part of the rear so he can start fixing the damage.

By this time Rally had also gotten out of the car and had place parts of her exo suit on the floor and started checking it for damage.

Meanwhile, outside Metroplex, Talon was still searching for the Elementals.

Quick Switch
2003-04-06, 05:39 PM
Astrotrain, and a huge staff of courier Metrodrones were processing anaylses of the battle.

"Our forces are being mauled," one Metrodrone said. "All border guards killed by Dark Guardian forces."

"No response from Lord Galvatron yet. Reports that the Quintessons have taken half the planet," another reported.

The City Commander was kneading his head.

"Incoming transmission, Commander. General Hatemunger," Metrotitan communicated.

"Put it through!" Astortrain said wearily. He slumped in his chair. And listened. And became enraged. He opened the line.

"Listen here! We're being invaded! by the Quintessons! The entire planet could be overun- so now is not the time for a status report! Contact me again, General, and I'll have you relieved by Blitzwing and confined to quarters on that backwater planet! So stay on Earth and shut up until we have this situation resolved! Or I'll take your command from you- and possible something more!"

Astrotrain screamed in frustration as the line was closed, and slammed his fists into the wall. If it wasn't the Autobots, it was the Quintessons. It was always something.

A Metrodrone timidly said:

"Sir, the shapeshifter humanoid and one of the new warriors have been spotting heading for your office..." Astrotrain turned, optics smoldering. "Do you-" it choked out.

"Tell Ramjet to deal with them, NOW!" Astrotrain bellowed. "Get out, all of you!" The Metrodrones scrambled from the office.


Out in the hall, the terrified Metrodrone staff told Ramjet about the situaton with the females. He walked to their postion, and held up his hands at Adeara and Starblade.

"Uh, Commander Astrotrain in't seein' anybody now."


Astrotrain kneaded his face again. Metrotitan was relaying incoming reports.

Entire brigades massacred...partisans and neutrals executed in mass by Quintesson commanders...and Galvatron hadn't reported in.

"We're going to lose Cybertron," he said. "And there's not a damn thing we can do about it...." and then, City Commander Astrotrain began to laugh.

What else could he do?

"Um...sir?" A Metrodrone appeared. "One of our state security Watchers noticed there's a...small disturbance, almost like a tussle halfway past Metrotitan's borders."

"You bother me over crowd control? Send some officers to deal with it! Detain the main agitators, shoot those who resist." Astrotrain muttered.

"Um...the agitator, from all accounts, appears to be...glowing." The Metrodrone replied.

"What?" Astrotrain looked at the small root. "Glowing?"

"Yes, some sort of red color. Very bright," the robot answered.

Astrotrain sat back in his chair, very weak. No, it couldn't be. Could it?

"Get me a direct line to Galvatron. IMMEDIATELY!" Astrotrain screamed. The Metrodrone quickly obeyed.


Dirge was quiet for a while. He answered Hound:

"How long will I be tortured after I confess to being a Deceptcon warrior? Days? Months? Galvatron left torture up to Soundave and Soundwave never told me how it worked."

2003-04-06, 06:43 PM
Galvatron arrived at Metrotitan and entered his command room. He looked around as the Decepticons looked at him in awe.

Galvatron: "I want all Decepticon POW's that served with Thunderwing, including him and any bodies of any fallen returned to us immediately. Someone relay that to Iacon immediately."

Galvatron looked coldly at the monitor and saw the Quint armies as they approached his hometown of Tarn.

Galvatron: "Astrotrain see that Prime gets that transmission, find Teratron, and ready the forces. We will drive those slimy, 5 faced, tenticle laiden basturds from our home!"

Lord Zarak
2003-04-06, 07:30 PM
Shockwave placed a call through to Astrotrain
"Astrotrain here is the plan you asigned me with. First, retreat Metrotitan to Vos. I calculate that there is a 95.7 per-cent chance of the Quintessons following a taget which they will no doubt see as an easy target. As they do so, Galvatron and Teratron can lead troops in a pincer movement, containing Quintesson troops and stopping their movement. Once this has happened, you can lead troops to help Galvatron and Teratron. Air support can be provided by seekers, led by Ramjet.

City-sized robots other than Metrotitan can provide reserve support. This is due to the second part of my plan, which is for myself to lead Sixshot, Soundwave and any functional tape warriors, and Mindwipe, in a covert mission to destroy the Quintesson ships.

If all goes well, we can expect success, though with high losses due to the surprise of the attack. Do I have your permission?" asked Shockwave.

Quick Switch
2003-04-06, 08:27 PM
Astrotrain rose and stiffened to attention as Galvatron appeared. Now, by Primus, things would come together.

"Yes, my Lord," he replied, and saluted. Astrotrain opened a feed to Iacon.

"Optimus Prime. This is Astrotrain, member of the Decepticon High Command, speaking on behalf of Lord Galvatron. My Lord requests your help in driving the Quintesson invaders from Cybertron. He also requests that any members of Lord Thunderwing's rebels be set free at once- including Lord Thunderwing himself- to aid in the fight against the Quintessons. Return all Decepticon fallen to Metrotitan as well."

A coterie of Alpha Drones appeared.

"Hunt through all of Darkmount, Tarn, Polyhex, and the bowels of Metrotitan for Lord Teratron at once! Lord Galvatron commands! Notify all State Security personnel- broadcast for Lord Teratron to return to Metrotitan, by order of Lord Galvatron!"

The Alpha Drones bowed and left.

Astrotrain then broadcast a All Points Bulletin over Metrotitan's loudspeaker.

"Attention, attention! Glorious forces of the Decepticon Empire! Your Dread Emperor Galvatron gives me the express honor of readying the Metrotitan Forces of the Empire. Decepticons- scramble! Decepticons- to war!"

He then ended the message.

Astrotrain then received Shockwave's message. He paused, in thought.

"Lord Galvatron has decreed there to be no retreat, Shockwave! Draw up battleplans at once, and prepare to lead our forces into battle with Lord Galvatron! Peace through tyranny! Hail Galvatron!" He terminated the feed.


In the bowels of Metrotitan, hundreds of Metrodrones were armed, under the supervision of their Alpha Drone commanders.


Decepticon sentries and guards prepared for battle.

The Constructicons and Stunticons prepared for war also, girding themselves for the coming battle. As the two main combiner squads assigned to Metrotitan, they would bear a heavy responsibility to drive back the Quintesson Dark Guardians.


Quitesson Headquarters, Cybertron:

The Imperial Magistrate reclined in a plush Cybertronian hotel his elite officers had seized. The Autobot owners had been shot on the spot, and their bodies thrown to the Sharkticons. So had all the other hundred tenants.

The Inquisitor entered, tentacles waving.

"Excellency," he rumbled.

The Imperial Magistrate awoke from his doze.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Judge Delibarata reports half of Cybertron has been taken by his Sharkticons. No prisoners, of course. The Dark Guardians have performed flawlessly. Only Iacon, and the Decepticon cities remain to be subjugated..."

"Excellent!" the Quintesson leader laughed.

"There is one problem..." the Inquisitor said. "Galvatron has returned. Primacron picked up a transmission from the Decepticon City Metrotitan, it's Commander, Astrotrain, has ordered all Decepticon forces to battle."

"So, now the Decepticons are ready to truly fight? Ha, ha, ha! Tell Judge Delibarata I want Galvatron's head on a spike."

"Yes, Excellency," the Inquisitor bowed and left.

The Imperial Magistrate turned to a remote viewing screen.

"Dark Guardian Commander Maelstrom, report!"

A massive face- obsidian black helmet, and and gray face with slate optics- peered back.

"Dark Guardian Maelstrom reporting!" the massive being said cheerily. Unlike most of his ilk, Maelstrom said most things quickly, and loved a good conversation.

"Then do so!" the Quintesson leader replied.

"Ah, yes, of course. Well, you see, my troops have crushed all who have been in contact with them. No survivors naturally. The screams of the civilians was most soothing, sir!" Maelstrom grinned broadly. "Three whole cities destroyed and leveled- by me alone, sir! As soon as my brigade reports, I'll tabulate the exact figures. The Transformers are a most pathetic race."

"Good work, Commander," the Imperial Magistrate said. "What of the vaunted combiners?"

"Oh, those sluggish brutes?" Maelstrom laughed. He held out one massive head in his pincer arm for the viewscreen. "This one put up a struggle, but in the end, my superior tactics and strategy- as well as construction- sealed his doom. I was the whirlwind of his destruction, the sower of his defeat-"

"Thank you, Commander," the Imperial Magistrate replied. "That will be all."

"Long live the Imperial Magistrate, and the Quintesson Dominion!" Maelstrom cried. As the viewscreen turned off, he glanced at the head. "Haha, bad luck for you- but such a glorious end, defeated by me!" Maelstrom walked on, to meet up with brigade, and have them report.

The head clutched in Maelstrom's claw was that of Bruticus.

God Jinrai
2003-04-06, 10:10 PM
Back at iacon, Prime stood in silence... having recieved the transmission, he became increasingly preturbed...

"Quickswitch... Get apeface back to metrotitan... we'll deal with this sabatour later... assuming we can handle what comes next..."

Over his comm, prime spoke, radioing all available autobots...

"Autobots... We've another problem... as big as the last. It seems the Quintessons have taken advantage of our disarray and have chosen NOW to strike and retake cybertron... I want maximus twins, Metroplex and any combiner groups still available on hand to prepare to depart immediately for the quints' landing zone. the rest of you, prepare to move out for a ground assault against the quint's ground forces... Optimus Out."


"Blast!" fortress roared...

"Grimlock... we've... matters even more grim than any of us could have thought now... Scorpinok... go. We'll detain you no further... what we face now is more important than a petty squabble... "

Fortress transformed to battleship mode, opening the front hatch, allowing access for those bots still out on the field...

Lord Zarak
2003-04-06, 11:10 PM
"Hail Galvatron!" replied Shockwave who immediately began drawing up another plan on the spot.

"Metrotitan, Scorponok, Trypticon, defend the cities of Vos, Tarn and Polyhex respectively, Contructicons, form into Devastator, and attack in tandem with Menasor against the first wave of Sharkticons. Ramjet[B/], take off and provide air support with [B]Apeface Darkwing and Deathwind.

Predaking, you, plus Soundwave, Laserbeak and Mindwipe intercept the second wave of Sharkticons. If they have no objections, would Galvatron and Teratron join me in attacking their ships directly? The logic of the situation states that their ships provide resources for the Quintessons and their troops; if we destroy them, we destroy their chance of a successful outcome: our defeat.
Also, integrate with the Autobots. We must once again put our differences behind us and unite agianst a common evil."

Shockwave got on a private channel to Astrotrain:
"I suggest that you co-ordinate the defence of our cities from Metrotitan. You have performed admirably with him, and I beleive that that success can be transfered to all three. Shockwave out"

2003-04-06, 11:24 PM
Adeara and StarBlade stopped at Ramjet's raised hand. A very annoyed growl came from the Ta'Kaalen, and the assassin to a cautious step away from her.

"What in the name of the Maker is going on?!" Adeara growled. She was in a very, very bad mood, and if Ramjet wasn't careful, she'd fry him, hence StarBlade's cautious step away.

"I'd answer her quickly and precisely, or you might not like what happens, Ramjet...." StarBlade suggested.

Aero Blade
2003-04-06, 11:28 PM
Aero Blade stood in one place, battling with himself and his inner emotions and thoughts on what to do as Hound and Dirge slowly got further away, having not seemed to have noticed his stopping.

He hated this. He'd already made up his mind to go to Iacon and see what things were like, despite his past experiences, but some little part of him somewhere was stopping him, or more exactly, his legs. It was like he no longer had control of them. He couldn't bring himself to move from that spot.

As he continued to fight with himself, though, Stratus began to move around alittle bit in his arms. The minicon finally woke up, stretching alittle and blinking his optics, looking up at Aero Blade. Stratus looked perfectly fine now, aside from being alittle scuffed up.

"Feeling any better now, buddy?" Aero Blade asked Stratus. After he asked, though, he paused while turning around, having heard something. Aero Blade never noticed, but now that he hadn't been thinking about Iacon, his legs were back to normal, thanks to the distraction Aero Blade had just noticed. Sunstreaker...

Aero Blade turned around fully, placing Stratus on his other shoulder across from Sureshock. Not this nut again... Aero Blade glanced one last time at Hound, who was still getting further off with Dirge in tow. They'll be fine... he decided. It's about time I found out what this guy's problem is... Aero Blade started walking in Sunstreaker's direction to meet him as he approached. There's no way I'm letting him past, though. Not after having turned a weapon towards a comrade....


Tracer sat alone in the repair bay, replacing the armor plating that had been damanged some time ago. Not to long ago he'd heard the announcement about them heading to war to fight the Quintessons. He thought about all the soldiers, going out to the front lines to fight; attacking the enemy, being attacked back; blaster bolts scraping past your head, barely missing; you and the enemy trying to tear eachother apart; being in the inescapable danger with no way or chance to retreat, only to kill or be killed. Yes, that's what all the soldiers would be doing. Tracer came to a conclusion.

It sucked to be a patrol guard.

Tracer stood up with agitation, testing out the new armor plating to be sure he'd attatched it right. This bites... All the soldiers get to go out to the front lines and join in the fun, and I have to be in my patrol area unless called for. Tracer started putting away the tools he'd been using. He still wanted to go out and kill; that kid Autobot back in the hangar at Iacon hadn't been nearly enough to sate his appetite for violence. He needed more.

First the team gets split up over some bickering, then we all get demoted to this petty rank and scattered around Cybertron... Tracer sighed. Griping about it would do nothing. If he did is job right and didn't complain, maybe by some rare stroke of luck, Galvatron might consider the possiblity of letting the team reunite. That, however, was about as likely as Tracer deciding to stop killing Autobots.

As Tracer finished putting away the tools, he suddenly thought of something. As a patrol guard, he was supposed to deal with intruders in his area. The invaders were spreading everywhere, and that meant they would come to his area inevitably.

"Let the fun begin!" Tracer laughed, transforming and flying off towards his patrol area. He couldn't wait for them to be foolish enough to come to his location...

2003-04-07, 01:01 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind continued to trade blows when Shockwave's message was broadcast.

"Um...how the Pit are we going to get out of here," Darkwing asked.

"Yeah," Dreadwind said. "I don't know if anyone has realized this, but we're still in jail."

(OOC: All yours, Zarak. :) )

2003-04-07, 01:56 AM
Hatemonger smiled at Astrotrains response.

"You dolt, we could help you with your invaders but seems we have invaders on Earth, when Galvatron returns I will talk to him myself with a recording of your actions. I am sure he will love how you told strong reinforcements to shut up." Hatemonger smiled and looked at Cryo who was set up to record as needed picked up all of Astrotrains rantings." With that he punched out of the comlink.

2003-04-07, 04:13 AM
Warcry, Stormhawk and Thunderflare walked through the halls of Metrotitan, listening to the battle orders being given out.
"Boss, what do we do?" Thunderflare whined. "It sounds as if the whole world is being overrun!"
"We've been training for months," Stormhawk shot back at him. "We're ready. We should be on the front lines, fighting!"
Thunderflare visibly cringed at the thought of battling an unknown (to him) foe.
Warcry looked at each of the seekers in turn, then nodded his head. "We fight," he declared softly.
Walking over to the nearest comm panel, Warcry hit the call button.
"Warcry to Astrotrain. My troops are at your disposal, sir. Where do you want us?"

2003-04-07, 04:18 AM
Siren: "I knew it. I knew it. You just had to wonder if anything was going to happen."

Nightbeat: "Calm down, Siren. We'll head back to Metroplex and get patched up." -looks up at Thunderwing- "This is all your fault, you bloody, stuck-up gimboid."

Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -run for Metroplex-


Minerva: "Roadbuster, hook up with hardhead and let the Rover boys out of the brig."

Roadbuster: -stalks out of medbay-

Chromedome: -checking new lower right arm over- "I don't think he's too happy."

Minerva: "Neither am I."


Roadbuster and Hardhead: -deactivate the bars of Darkwing and Dreadwind's cell-

Roadbuster: "All right, you two. Out."

2003-04-07, 04:53 AM
(OOC: Zarak, hope you don't mind, but I figured that we could use them jointly?)

Darkwing and Dreadwind walked out of the cell, glaring daggers at Roadbuster

"Where are we needed?" Darkwing asked, breaking the silence.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-07, 11:09 AM
"I dunno" replied Dreadwind. "Why dont we take to the skies, and see whats happening from up there?"

2003-04-07, 01:06 PM
Sol system, more specifically the moon of Saturn known as Titan... Trypticon received the command from Shockwave and immediately began sending signal back to through the space to the military operations commander.

>"Trypticon to Shockwave... Trypticon to Shockwave... Do you copy Shockwave?">


"What the slag is happening?" Snapdragon demanded from Quick Switch as Autobot movement in the area they were began dramatically to increase. "This can't be just because of that saboteur..."

Scorponok stared after Fortress Maximus as the giant Autobot took off in his battleship mode.

"What an interesting turn of events or what you would say Thunderwing?" The massive Decepticon smirked and began moving the rogue Decepticon into an open citybank where Fastrack and several of the drones in his command were waiting.

"How do you feel about going to defend Tarn? I recall your home citadel of Valckasta is not far from there..."

Lord Zarak
2003-04-07, 02:36 PM
"Tryptcion, this is Shockwave, proceed with message"

2003-04-07, 03:42 PM
>"Command impossible to fulfill, I cannot defend Polyhex. I am positioned to moon Titan of Sol system. If I return to Cybertron via hyperspace jump, my fuel resources will be so down that I may not be able to land because the enemy on orbit. If I travel with normal spacetravelling speed which saves fuel... it takes me almost 24 Earthern hours to reach Cybertron. On further notice, my cargobays are full of highly explosive content that has incredible destructive power. I am asking for further instructions."> Came Trypticon's encrypted reply to Shockwave via random secure channel.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-07, 03:50 PM
"message recieved and understood. Stay as you are. You will be briefed once the invasion is quashed" replied Shockwave, silently cursing himself for neglecting to do proper research.

2003-04-07, 07:15 PM
Ultra Magnus boarded Fortress, "Oh great... Why now? Stinking Quintessons! We have no defences now, our troops are severly down on energy, are only blantent hope is that there are still Minicons advailable. You know it would be usefull if this Fortress utalized Minicons powerlink points..."

Hot Rod stood out in the feild staring out into the horizon, "The... Matrix..." The moment passed and Hot Rod figured there was much to do. He wandered off to find Aero Blade, Hound, or anyone he helped to make sure thing went OK. Jolt, knowing what Hot Rod was after reported Aero Blade's position. Hot Rod rushed over just in time to see blad confront Sunstreaker, "Oh boy... Aero Blade! What's going on?!"

2003-04-07, 07:17 PM
Jazz and Blaster looked at eachother "Man doesn't this beat all no ones at the gate" Blaster said looking back at the get sliding his hand between the two doors and tugging.

Jazz lifted his wrist up pressing something opening up a little microphone. "Iacon this is Jazz who ever is in there please open the main gate"

"This is gonna be a long day... speaking of a day I'm picking up a transmission" Blaster says transforming and picking up Astrotrains transmission to Optimus playing it outloud for Jazz.

"A real long day" Jazz replies, he shakes his head "We're gonna need to be repaired before we do any fighting"

Blaster nodds transforming back robot form picking Stinger up.

Sunstreaker Aeroblade but just swerves around him and keeps going not wasting his time to stop with anyone he doesn't know.

Quick Switch
2003-04-07, 07:53 PM
Quick Switch saluted Optimus, then turned to Snapdragon.

"For the moment, we're allies again. The Quintessons have invaded Cybertron. You're free to return to Metrotitan- but if you shoot any Autobot, even 'by mistake' I'm going to kill you myself."


The Constructicons, completing last minute repairs on Metrotitan's core, responded to the alarm.

"Wh- what's that mean, Scrapper?" Scavenger said timidly.

"It means we're gonna fight!" Bonecrusher said, whooping.

"My talents are wasted on this," Hook sneered, tossing down his wielding iron.

"Hah, that's rich, Hook. Your talents are always wasted!" Long Haul chuckled.

"All right, all right," Scrapper said, laying down his tools. "Let's get to the front!"

After a few moments, the worker Decepticons had assembled in the front of Metrotitan.

"Constructicons, unite!" Scrapper called out, and in a momvent, Devastator stood among the others.

"Devastator...devastate...Sharkticons," he laughed, cracking his knuckles.


The Stunticons were likewise busy doing menial chores.

"Hold up, boys! We're goin' to fight! Yeehaw!" Motormaster hollored.

"Race ya!" Drag Strip called out to his comrades in the corridor.

"You're on, pansy!" Wildrider guffawed.

"Better than getting stared at here," Breakdown muttered. In a moment, the four team members had dashed out of the hall.

All except Dead End, who still leaned against the wall. After a moment, a Metrodrone stopped on its patrol and stared at the Stunticon. Huffing, Dead End finally moved from his perch and walked slowly down the hall.

"And there was much rejoicing," he remarked acidly.


After a good five minutes, Menasor formed. He strode next to Devastator.

"Menasor will destroy more Sharkticons than Devastator!" the garish combiner brandished his huge sword.

"Devastator says Menasor lies!" the green giant turned and smirked and hefted his solar rifle.

The two clapped their free hands in a monstrous hand shake.

"Menasor thinks it good to be back," Menasor remarked to his ally, comrade, and heated rival.

"Devastator thinks so too," Devastator replied.


Ramjet shook his head.

"Look, all I knows is we're gettin' invaded an' you best talk to Shockwave for an assignment."

He then heard Shockwave's announcement. "Gotta go!" he said, and left the two females.


Astrotrain received Warcry's transmission.

"Report to Shockwave for your battle assignment at once! Show your loyalty to the Empire! Don't fail your Emperor, or me!"

He then switched frequencies and answered Shockwave.

"I will agree to coordinate the defense of the Empire's glorious cities," he said to Shockwave. He turned to Galvatron.

"My Lord, I will remain onboard Metrotitan, and lead him into battle against the invaders if they broach too far into Imperial territory. I will be in the command center."

Astrotrain saluted, then strode out of his office, followed by his most loyal Alpha Drone aides.


Thunderwing grinned as he was repaired.

"And all this talk of me being a traitor- what rubbish! Of course I'll fight to protect the Empire's holdings..."

And keep my precious Estate from being pounded to rubble by these fools.

2003-04-07, 08:03 PM
Adeara damn near exploded at Ramjet's response, till he said he key words invaded, and assignment. Those two words meant a fight, and she dropped into a deceptively calm state. "Very well," the shapeshifter said, her voice almost a purr. "Now, where is Shockwave...." Ramjet didn't hear that, since he had left. Adeara reached out and grabbed a drone as it went by. "Where is Shockwave?" The terrified drone stammered a response, and the pair went off in search of Shockwave.......

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-04-07, 08:06 PM
Sideswipe sat up. He'd been 'awake' for quite a long time, but he was un-sure. He didn't feel like himself...quite literally. His head wasn't his own, but his body was indeed his.

"What....where....WHEELJACK, you loon, what did you do to me!?"


Grimlock walked aboard the Maximus ship, it seemed the right thing to do now...he hadn't heard from his commander, Rodimus Convoy, in a deca-cycle.

"What problem so big me can't smash Thunderwing into a pulp?"

2003-04-07, 08:26 PM
Warcry was on the verge of apoplexy as Astrotrain signed off.
"Report to SHOCKWAVE! Oh, that's just slagging wonderful, isn't it!"
In a fit of rage, Warcry summoned his pretender shell from sub-space. As the suit of gleaming black armor coalessed around him, he roared. Drawing his gauntleted fist back, he drove it forward, into the nearest wall.
He pulled his fist out of the sizable dent that he had created in the wall, and looked with satisfaction at the damage he had caused.
Calm, calm. Unrestrained rage is not the way of Metalikato Masters. I can deal with Shockwave later. Now, though, there are more immediate threats to deal with. Even if it means taking orders from that glorified walking calculator.
He looked at Stormhawk and Thunderflare. "We have a job to do men." Both seekers looked as if they were about to protest. "You knew when we re-upped that we might have to do distasteful things to prove our loyalty. This is just one of those."
He walked back to the comm panel.
"Warcry to Shockwave. I have myself and two jets here awaiting orders. Where do you need us?"

Aero Blade
2003-04-07, 09:11 PM
It was extremely rare, but in cases like this, it was hard to avoid. Aero Blade was getting mad.

Aero Blade picked the two minicon off his shoulders and set them on the ground. "Keep an eye on them," He said quickly to Hot Rod, transforming back into his vehicle mode, taking off after Sunstreaker. In his building anger, he'd forgotten to mention to Hot Rod to not pick up Stratus, but the thought never came to mind.

As he caught up to Sunstreaker, his anger hadn't gotten very strong yet, still just above mild anger. Aero Blade gave a very quick warning of "Pull over!" then flew in to sideswipe Sunstreaker and cut him off if he didn't do so. He wasn't letting him near Hound without some explinations.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-07, 09:58 PM
"Warcry, assign yourself to Thunderwing. He will be given directions shortly. Do as he commands. As for the two jets, they can form the second wave of aerial support. Get them to fall in formation behind the squadren led by Ramjet. Further jets will be sent to them."

He cut the channel to Warcry and immediately opened up another, this time to Thenderwing:
"Direct yourself to your home city, Thunderwing. That is where I predict that the best will come from you. A Decepticon warrior by the name of Warcry is beind seconded to you, as will others as and when the appear. Shockwave out"

He opened yet another channel, this time to Astrotrain:
"I have made a miscalculation, commander. Trypticon is on Titan, which you know is a moon of Jupiter. As such, you have only two city sized Decepticons at your disposal. I trust this will not affect you adversely. Shockwave out"

One final channel was opened:
"To all unasigned Decepticons, contact me on your individual frequencies to be given your asignments. Do not come to me, as I have my own asignments; personal interuptions will not be tolerated."

Sky Lynx put a channel through to Optimus Prime:
"Prime, where do you want me and Swoop?"

2003-04-07, 10:17 PM
Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -reach Metroplex, head for medbay-

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "Brainstorm, you up and running again?"

Brainstorm: -over commlink- "Back to normal. What's happening?"

Nightbeat: "I think we've been invaded by Quints."

Brainstorm: -searching databanks- "Uh..... Okay. What's a Quint?"

Nightbeat: "Thunderwing's friends."

Brainstorm: "So nothing good at all, then."

Nightbeat: "You got it. Join us at Metroplex ASAP." -deactivates commlink-

2003-04-08, 01:11 AM
Wheeljack laughed as Sideswipe sat up distressed about his head.

"You've missed a lot and lets just say I played as humans call it Frankenstein. You're wearing a Leige Maximo Decepticon head. Your head is still missing, and now that you are up we can go find it. Now if you don't mind I have to go let Jazz and Blaster into Iacon"

Sunstreaker swerved out of the way of the swipe but skidded to a stop as he was cut infront of. He reversed and turned going around Aerospace and going forward.

"I have no time to deal with you. I have to follow that turn coat Hound before he does anything within Iacon with that Decepticon"

Aero Blade
2003-04-08, 01:41 AM
Tracer sighed, recieving the transmission. Had it been a year earlier he'd have been estatic, but at this time, 100 to 1 he'd be told to just stay in his patrol area. He reported in anyways, unenthusiasiclly to see what kind of detail he'd be put on. He really hoped for reassignment to the front lines, but he doubted that was about to happen.

"Tracer to Shockwave, reporting in. Currently en-route to assigned patrol area. Awaiting further assignments or corrections there of..."


Aero Blade flew in the way, cutting him off again.

"Hound is escorting a surrendered and unresisting prisoner to Iacon to see a fair trial for his actions, as is in alliance with the Autobot code of Ethics! And as for the issue of turn-coating, I'd have to wonder who the reall turn-coat is around here. Every time I've seen you, you've been pointing a blaster at other Autobots...."

Aero Blade hovered in front of Sunstreaker, waiting for his next move. "If you want to keep trying to ambush Hound, that's fine by me. I can keep up this game of 'tag' all day," Aero Blade told him, ready to cut him off again, and again, and again, as many times as necessary for Hound and Dirge to reach Iacon without trouble. He could keep at it for quite awhile still; being a copter he was slightly faster and more manuverable than Sunstreaker*, but Aero hoped it didn't come to fighting. He still was really beat up from all the fighting, and he wasn't built for fighting to begin with. He just hoped Hound reached Iacon soon...

*I made sure to compare stats before posting to be fair. Aero Blade has one point higher in the are of speed, but Sunstreaker has one point higher in both strength and fire power. Other than that, the stats are almost exactly alike

2003-04-08, 02:53 AM
"Fine you wanna go there with me? You actually beileve Hound is taking him in as being surrendered? He is repairing him then going back to Metro-titan with him. I may stull be thinking under what the Chaos-Matrix told me but seeing Hound help someone who had just tried to kill him"

Sunstreaker's engine revved as he flipped into gear.

"Now get out of my way or I'll be going right through you"

Aero Blade
2003-04-08, 03:35 AM
"Oh yes, the devil made me do it excuse again. Are you saying that you're so weak willed and gullible that you'll allow an evil being to influence your thoughts and being?" Aero Blade asked, disgusted.

"What Hound is doing is called mercy. One of the few saving trait that sets Autobots apart from the Decepticons. Mercy, understanding, compassion, determiniation, loyalty, trust. I've only seen one of those traits in you, and your kind of determination isn't a good one..."

"You want to get to Hound? You'll have to carry that threat out and come through me, because I'm not moving, though I have to say, if you're willing to attack yet another Autobot, I'd say that's sufficently proved my point..." Aero Blade possitioned himself directly infront of Sunstreaker. He still needed to buy Hound more time...

"I don't care what you think, or think you know. Despite what you've said, I trust Hound as an ally," Aero Blade paused for a long time. A word had come to his mind, one he rarely used. Rarely had oportunuty to use... He debated with himself. He'd known Hound for such a short time, and nothing about him personally, but his actions and the feelings hidden behind his words....It reminded him of why he had gotten mixed up in this fighting... no... everything, from the very begining since he could remember. Aero Blade glared at Sunstreaker. He felt his own determination growing...

"I trust Hound as a friend,"

Aero Blade held his ground in front of Sunstreaker.

"You will not pass..."

2003-04-08, 04:02 AM
Sunstreaker sighed "Have it your way" and with that his back wheels spun then he floored forward toward Aero Blade his toughened hide should be enough to push this fool out of the way and keep him in top condition minus a ruined paint-job.

2003-04-08, 04:06 AM
Warcry bristled at the thought of taking orders from Shockwave, of all creatures. But, he obeyed.
"You heard him, boys. Meet up with Ramjet. And Thunderflare, I want you to obey him. For once, do your job. Is that clear?" The seeker nodded.
"Move," Warcry ordered.
Stormhawk and Thunderflare took off in one direction, to form up behind Ramjet. Warcry phased his shell out, transformed, and flew in the other direction, in search of Thunderwing.

Aero Blade
2003-04-08, 04:13 AM
Aero Blade knew very well straight from the begining that in vehicle mode hovering in the air he had absolutely no leverage and no chance to stop Sunstreaker. Fortunately, that wasn't his plan. At the last second he transformed back into robot mode and caught the front of Sunstreaker with his hands.

He took a pretty harsh blow to his midsection from Sunstreaker's bumper, knocking the wind out of him, and it most definitely felt like something was broken now, but Aero Blade held on. After a few seconds he got back his wind and his bearings. He braced himself against Sunstreaker and dug his feet into the ground, attempting to if not stop him, then at least slow him down, hopefully. This action sent pain throughout his waist and up to his chest, but he ignored it and still persisted to try to stop Sunstreaker...

2003-04-08, 05:28 AM
Sureshock looked up at Hot Rod with a worried look, and then looked at Stratus, and then back to Hot Rod.
"Hey Hot Rod, something's wrong with Sunstreaker. Why's he trying to shoot us?"

Finally arriving to the central Iacon complex, Hound motioned Dirge to follow him to security. As they approached, he pulled up his communicator. "Security, this is Hound. Dirge and I are just outside the security processing area. We're entering now."

Quick Switch
2003-04-08, 06:23 AM
Dirge transformed to robot mode and followed Hound.

As the two Transformers entered into the main complex: a loudspeaker blared:

"You are now entering Security Processing Area 1. Please proceed with haste. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Long live Optimus Prime."

Sounds like something Quick Switch would order at all security stations, Dirge thought.

Entering the main process area, a table was staffed by two grim looking Security Officers armed with energy pistols, holstered. Stacks of files and paperwork lay on the table. One of the officers tapped into a tabletop computer.

"I am Processor Detainer." The robot resembled a more dour version of the normal security patrol officers, though had a higher air of responsibility. Two patrol officers armed with energy shotguns stood at attention, flanking the two bearucrats. "My collleague, Processor Detector." The other Autobot was even more grim then the one who spoke.

The processing door shut behind Hound and Dirge, and a security officer wielding a machine gun manned the post.

"Name and function," Detainer said to Hound, fingers hovering over his keyboard.

"Name and function of the prisoner," Detector rasped, fingers hovering over his keyboard.

Both looked at Hound with an air of utmost seriousness.

2003-04-08, 12:44 PM
Roadbuster: -optic visor narrowed as he glares at Darkwing and Dreadwind- "We're here to escort you two out."


Brainstorm: -runs out of Iacon, transforms, flys towards Metroplex-


Minerva: -disconnects Nightbeat's right arm at the torso, removes fused shoulder servoactuator- "So what's going on out there? Therewas a broadcast order to let Thunderwing's troops go because something invaded."

Nightbeat: "Quintessons have landed and are trying to take over."

Siren: "Wasn't this a short story with ants?"

Nightbeat: "These guys are a bit bigger than ants."

2003-04-08, 05:04 PM
Sunstreaker transformed an pushed off since Aero Blade was now holding his legs. He back flipped off of his hands and landed by him pulling his weapon out and with only a few feet between them.

"You wanna try this with me fine try it" and with that fired a blast off at the transformer in front him's shoulder. "Just don't expect to remain functional traitor"

Aero Blade
2003-04-08, 08:18 PM
Sunstreaker's choice of actions had been unexpected. By the time Aero Blade had gotten his barings, he felt the blast against his shoulder. Sunstreaker had chosen the one that had already been damaged by Tracer, and Sunstreaker's blast easily peirced through the remaining armor.

Aero Blade layed on the ground, dazed and pained. A numbness had swept through his legs and anything else below his waist, and it was begining to creep up on his chest. He didn't feel like he wanted to move, to do anything at all any more, but he forced himself to turn to look at Sunstreaker. It was quite a task, but he started to talk to Sunstreaker.

"All... all this time.. I had been assuming... that you... were an Autobot... who had... misunderstood... Hound's actions... but... I... see now... I was wrong...... You're far too... agressive..... You're... not... Autobot......"

Aero Blade layed his head down again. His body had suffered too much punishment without medical attention. It had nothing left to give. Aero Blade gave into his exhaustion, closing his optics.

At least by now, Hound is at Iacon...even if I couldn't make it....

He felt the numbness creep further up his body, dulling out the pain from his shoulder, welcoming it.

I'm sorry Stratus...I'm sorry for breaking my promise...I'm afraid I won't be able to always be with you...I doubt Sunstreaker will allow it after the amount of trouble I've caused him...

Having finished that final thought, Aero Blade waited, thouroughly confident at this point that Sunstreaker was going to finish him off...

2003-04-08, 09:18 PM
Galvatron overlooked Metrotitan.

"Astrotrain Optimus has given the order to remand all renegades to us...I want them assembled immediately...especially Thunderwing!"

2003-04-08, 10:35 PM
Sunstreaker shook his head at Aero Blade "I am an Autobot just one that doesn't take nicely to Decepticons especially ones that seconds before tried to kill me. I could easily kill you but I won't Dirge will not be so lucky"

And with that Sunstreaker transformed and moved as fast as he could in the direction of Iacon.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-04-08, 10:37 PM
"Liege Maximo? .. I thought we took care of that creep long ago... heh, what I wouldn't give to kick him around again... Where's Sunstreaker?"

Sideswipe followed Wheeljack towards the doors of Iacon.

"Things sure HAVE changed...."

Sideswipe looked around, various in-descript autobots lay around in various states of disrepair.

"Reminds me of the Ark"

2003-04-09, 12:31 AM
Adeara and StarBlade froze, catching the messge from Shockwave. StarBlae immediately contacted Shockwave, while Adeara waited. "Shockwave, this is StarBlade. The Ta'Kaalen shapeshifter Adeara and I would like to know if you have an assignment for us."

Quick Switch
2003-04-09, 12:49 AM
Astrotrain, ensconced in the command center, peered over a holgraphic map of Cybertron. Metrodrones scurried around him getting information. Galvatron's transmission came over the comm.

"Understood, my Lord!" the City Commander responded. He opened another comm channel.

"All former Rebels assemble at Metrotitan immediately! By order of Lord Galvatron!"


Thunderwing, fully repaired, heard Astrotrain's transmission.

"Well if it isn't the transport made good- right into Galvatron's whipping boy! Indeed..."

The aristocrat transformed to his jet mode and flew towards Metrotitan.

2003-04-09, 12:53 AM
"Sunstreaker should be back at Iacon soon he was out with Springer fighting Rodimus Convoy. Me and a few others were the only ones left behind. I stayed stayed to finish you up"

Wheeljack said to Sideswipe reaching the front gates and activating them a very battered Jazz and Blaster entering through them.

"Thanks Wheeljack" Jazz said as Blaster looked at Sideswipe.

"Hey man never thought I would see you online again" Blaster said to Sideswipe then turned to Wheeljack "You know where Optimus is? We gotta talk to him bad"

"Not sure I've been fixing Sideswipe and it looks like I will be fixing you two next"

2003-04-09, 03:06 AM
Warcry listened to the dispatches coming over the airwaves.
He triggered his comm unit. "Warcry to Shockwave. Thunderwing's been recalled to Metrotitan. Do you still want me to join up with him, or do you want me elsewhere?"

2003-04-09, 05:21 AM
Hound studied the processors carefully. "Autobot Hound reporting. Function, scout. This is prisoner Decepticon Dirge. Function, warrior... I think." Hound paused a moment and then glanced at Dirge briefly before looking back at the two security Autobots and continuing.
"His current status is non-aggressive. He may be armed but is not hostile currently. He needs to be protected. Sunstreaker tried to terminate him after he surrendered. And I need to find Quick Switch- but I heard there was an attack. Is he available?"

Hound knew well that inside the processing area, all communicators were blocked for security save for the intercom system that ran directly to different areas. He waited- inside his mind was anxious, but only calm showed outwardly. Aero Blade was not following- his energy trail was not in range, and Hound was hoping Quick Switch hadn't been injured in the attack.

Quick Switch
2003-04-09, 05:50 AM
The two processors typed quickly, and entered the information into the database.

"Just a moment," Detainer said. "The Director will be summoned shortly."

He then sent an intercom page to Quick Switch: Priority One.


Outside on the tarmac, Quick Switch received the page.

"Optimus, I've been requested. I'll deal with this situation, then report back immediately. If not, page me from the Security Wing." He then saluted smartly, and sprinted towards the Security Wing.


Quick Switch entered the Security Wing of Iacon, and every security officer, guard, patrolmen, processor, what have you- snapped to attention and saluted, in a textbook fashion. The walls and floors sparkled. Quick Switch was proud of his little section of Iacon, his men were the best.

Then, he wasn't bad either. But he could always be better. He approached the processing station, and received the salutes from the Autobots assembled there.

"Ah, sir," Detainer began, but he was waved off by Quick Switch, who broke into a wide smile when he saw Hound.

"By Primus, Hound- good to see you again!" the Security Director forgot all his troubles for a minute, and put out his hand for a shake.

Dirge, meanwhile, began to quiver. He'd heard tales of the legendary fanatic...and none of them were particularly pleasant to any Decepticon mentioned. Especially if they'd somehow managed to injure the Great Leader, Optimus Prime.

"I didn't know Quick Switch had any friends," Dirge said, still rather shocked that the Six Changer had appeared himself. Scared out of his mind, too. But morbidly curious, all the same.

2003-04-09, 08:45 AM
Nodding to the processors, Hound stayed in place, becoming more and more self conscious as he and Dirge stood covered in battle grime in the sparkling room.
Wish there was time to have washed up. Ah! There he comes.
He was a mess, but seeing his old friend and recieving such a warm welcome put Hound at ease.
He smiled with exhausted relief and took Quick's hand in one hand while clasping him on the shoulder with the other hand.

"Quick Switch, I can't tell you how glad I am to see you're all right! You had me worried! Thanks for coming so fast- there's trouble."
Hound paused, took a moment and then continued.
"Firstly, Dirge gave himself up during the battle. He needs protection though. Sunstreaker shot him even after he surrendered- it could be effects of the Chaos Matrix, but he pointed his gun at me as well.

Secondly, I had another transformer following us back here- an ally by the name of Aero Blade. He separated from us a little bit ago, but I thought he'd follow. I'm not picking him up on my scanners from here and I'm concerned. Sureshock is with him, and he carries another minicon named Stratus. Can I have permission to go back out and look for him?"

Aero Blade
2003-04-09, 11:08 AM
Aero Blade layed helplessly on the ground as Sunstreaker took off again. He had the will power to go after the fanatic many more times, but whatever Sunstreaker had damaged when he'd rammed Aero Blade, he couldn't move anymore.

Aero Blade was nervous laying sprawled on the ground. He'd never been injured in such a manor before; he wasn't sure what was happening. The numbness that had started with his legs and moved all the way past his shoulders, effectively erasing the pain from the hole in his shoulder from Sunstreaker's weapon. The numbing had slowed down at his neck, but it was still spreading to his arms at its original speed. He was getting alittle scared - what would happen when the numbness did finally overtake his whole body? He didn't want to think about it, but that's all he could do, laying there alone and in the open. He'd never felt so helpless before...


Back with Hot Rod, Stratus was growing worried again. This was the second time Aero Blade had left him with a stranger to go check on some nut. He knew Aero Blade was doing it for his own safety, but he didn't have any clue what was going on. Stratus had made up his mind to go check on Aero Blade, but then he remembered what had happened last time with Tracer...

Stratus sighed heavily and sat down on the ground. He looked depressed. He just wanted to know that Aero Blade was okay...

Lord Zarak
2003-04-09, 11:28 AM
Shockwave thought for less than half a second and replied to Warcry:
"Proceed directly to Vos, to help defend it. If Thunderwing has been recalled to Metrotitan, Galvatron must have some other use for him, and my orders have been repealed by him. Shockwave out"

2003-04-09, 01:11 PM
Bean finished the repairs to his car. "I don't care if their larger then ants. As long as it's nothing like in Starship Troopers we should be able to handle some bugs" he remarked as he starts loading the trunk.

Rally was still busy working on her exosuit.

Outside Talon was returning to Metroplex. He had been unable to find any trace of the Elementals.

Quick Switch
2003-04-09, 06:14 PM
Quick Switch shook Hound's hand warmly, and recieved the clap on his shoulder with glee. Breaking off the physical contact, he crossed his arms, and looked at Dirge.

"Well, I'm doing all right- I survived an assasination attempt, though one of my best officers died in the ensuing attack."

Dirge shook.

"I swear, sir, it had nothing to do with me! You have to believe me! It was probably one of Galvatron's spies!" Dirge cried out.

"I'll take that under advisement," the Security Director replied darkly. "If Hound vouches for you, then it's solid."

Quick Switch faced his friend again.

"Don't worry- I'll put him in a maximum security wing. No one will be able to touch Dirge. Odd thing about Sunstreaker, didn't consider him to be the oil-thirsty type...in any event, it will be handled. I don't know the other Autobots you mentioned, but of course, you may go and search. However, I'll send along a small detachment of Security Personnel."

He nodded at the processors, who typed in a request. In a moment, three Autobots appeared, two with energy carbines, one with a machine gun.

"Be careful, Hound," he said quietly, then led Dirge further into the Security Wing.

"Sir," the machine gunner said, cocking his weapon. "By your command."

Lord Zarak
2003-04-09, 06:32 PM
Upon hearing Starblades transmission, Shockwave quickly ran through the plan so far in his brain. He opened a channel
"Starblade, take yourself to Tarn, to help the fight against the Quintesson incursion. As for the shapeshifter, tell her to report to me personally. Shockwave out".


Dreadwind looked at Roadbuster, then Darkwing
"Ahh great, an escort" moped Dreadwind. "Here to see us off Roadbuster? To see we get home ok, not that it is a great place to be. Nobody seems to like me."

2003-04-09, 06:42 PM
"Oh, buck up!" Darkwing said to Dreadwind. "We might go down, but we're going to take as many of those slaggers as we can with us."

"Although," he said to Roadbuster. "We don't need to be baby-sat."

2003-04-09, 07:56 PM
Warcry silently recieved Shockwave's orders, and flew towards Vos.

Aero Blade
2003-04-09, 08:27 PM
Tracer was getting agitated. He heard everyone else recieving confirmations via com of their assignments, but he seemed to be getting ignored. He forced himself to calm down though - it was entirely possible that his message hadn't reached Shockwave.

This is why I prefer getting my orders straight from Galvatron... he thought, but there was rarely a need for that level of formality. Tracer sighed, swallowing his pride, and sent out a signal to Shockwave again.

"Tracer to Shockwave, reporting in. Currently en-route to assigned patrol area. Awaiting further assignments or corrections there of..."

2003-04-10, 12:11 AM
Adeara and StarBlade looked at each other curiously. "On our way!" StarBlade gave her partner a salute of sorts, then headed out. Once outside the main complex, she tranformed to jet mode and took off for Tarn.

Adeara, on the other, made her way to Shockwave's office. Everything was in a furor in the corridors. Drones and other Decepticons were scurrying about like ants, making it hard for Adeara to keep a straight face, though she managed. Once arriving at Shockwave's office, she knocked, then entered. "You wanted to see me, Shockwave?"

2003-04-10, 03:57 AM
"You too Quick... take care my friend." He paused then added quietly, "It'll be okay Dirge, you're safe with him."

Turning to the three Autobot security members, Hound nodded wearily. He was grateful for the assistance. "Okay, we're heading back towards where I last saw Aero Blade." He popped up a small hologram map to show them the area, and then shifted it to show them Aero Blade's body and characteristics, as well as Stratus.
"This is who we're looking for. His name's Aero Blade, and he's friendly. He carries a small minicon named Stratus and also had Sureshock with him. I'm concerned something may have happened to them. If you guys are ready, let's head out."

Quick Switch
2003-04-10, 05:21 AM
The gunner tapped the heavy gun barrel on his shoulder.

"Understood, sir. By the way, I'm Patrol Officer Dragnet. The other two are Cordon and Radius."

The subordinate carbine wielding patrolmen loaded their weapons. The three security officers waited for Hound to lead the way; it should be a simple mission.

2003-04-10, 05:47 AM
Hound flashed a warm smile and nodded.
"Your help is much appreciated Dragnet, Cordon... Radius. Thanks for coming along. Nevermind the 'Sir' though. Just call me Hound."

Moments later they were headed out. Shortly after passing the gate to Iacon, Hound started a scan for Aero Blade, Stratus and Sureshock.

"I'm picking them up, but they're separated. I'm also picking up another- Hot Rod I believe near the two smaller energy fields. Those will be the minicons I believe. Let's go get Aero Blade first."

Quick Switch
2003-04-10, 05:57 AM
The three security robots followed Hound easily.

"Listen up, what Scout Hound says goes. Hear me?" Dragnet motioned with his machine gun. "He's Senior Officer."

"Yes sir!" Cordon and Radius responded.

After a time, Dragnet walked next to Hound, casually sweeping the area with his machine gun.

"Hound," Dragnet said, "I wouldn't stress that we're going after Hot Rod if I were you. The Director has...issues with him. In my report, I'll make note that the new Autobots take precedence."

"Yeah, ol' Quick Switch really doesn't like Hot Rod," Cordon said, only to receive a withering glare from Dragnet. "What? It's not like the whole Department doesn't know already!"

"You're not supposed to say it though!" Radius guffawed. Both were rather new members of the Squad.

Dragnet shook his head wearily. Young punks.

Aero Blade
2003-04-10, 10:45 AM
The numbness had fully overtaken Aero Blades arms, and had slowly made its way to the top of his neck, almost about ready to start on his head. He no longer had the will to try to hang on, whatever was happening to him. He had given in to whatever fate his injury had in store for him.

As he layed on the ground, optics closed, though, he heard something. It was the light thud of footsteps from other transformers. Despite the great effort, Aero Blade forced his optics open, making out some vauge shapes coming closer in his hazy vision.

". . . Hound . . . .?"

Lord Zarak
2003-04-10, 10:53 AM
"Yes I ha..." Tracers call came through to Shockwave.
"Proceed directly to Polyhex, to help defend if, Tracer. Shockwave out"

He turned back to Adeara. "As I was saying, I have a job for you Adeara, which is suited to your near unique abilities, though I must know the limit of your abilities. What are your limits?

2003-04-10, 02:07 PM
Roadbuster: -still scowling- "We're here to escort you out. Wouldn't want you to get lost, after all."


Brainstorm: -runs into Metroplex's medbay, skids to halt- "I'm here."

Nightbeat: -watching Minerva working on his shoulder actuator, swings head around to look at Brainstorm- "Good. I need you to build me something."

Brainstorm: "What do you want me to build?"

Nightbeat: "A cyclone cannon."

Siren: "WHAT?"

Brainstorm: "I don't know if I can.... Not really much of a weaponsmith."

Nightbeat: "I think we're going to need the heavier firepower. Do your best. Actually, if you can build enough of them for all of us...."

Minerva: -still working on actuator- "Ahem!"

Nightbeat: ".... with the exception of Minerva, of course."

Brainstorm: "I'll try. Have to see what's available for parts."

God Jinrai
2003-04-10, 04:47 PM
Fortress' thrusters came online, and the massive battleship began to rise from cybertron's surface...

"All on-board transformers, prepare for insertion into quintesson hot-zone. We're going to take as many of those five faced demons down as possible before we break for iacon."

Fortress' scanners were picking up familiar heat readouts... and suddenly, it hit him...

"Guardian robots?!? Blast! We're in for a rough fight, so steel yourselves! I'll lay down fire once we're close enough, but once you're down, you're on your own with those sharkticons... I'll be busy dealing with these "dark guardian" robots... "

fortres let loose a barrage from the enormous cannons his vehicle mode wielded, clearing a landing zone....

"Alright, EVERYONE out! I'm prepping for transformation!"

Back at iacon...

Inside the central command chamber, prime slammed his fist against teletran IV's console..

"It would HAVE to be the quintessons... those five faced devils have always been scheming to retake cybertron... but this... this is too much! "

Opening the comm, he spoke....

"All autobots from the Ark crew remaining in iacon... report to the central gates.... Fortress Maximus has launched a strike on several quint ships, and will need assistance... this...may be a losing battle at this point... but... we must try."

Prime bowed his head, and felt a faint voice speaking to him...

"Prime... cybertron.... lost.... without sparks of those.... willing to fight..."

The words sent a shiver through optimus... and he recalled the casualties that thus far had been incurred... the combatrons... springer... by his own haste, no less... alpha convoy... jinrai... all gone...

2003-04-10, 07:13 PM
After getting his broken fuel line fixed by a repairs droid he had stumbled into while searching for any open repair center, Snapdragon began making his way out of Iacon. Being in the heart of Autobot Republic was making him nervous. So many enemies all around him, fer of them bearing faces he recalled from the past... Autobots who he had tried to kill... Autobots who had tried to kill him. The more Autobots he saw, the more he wanted out of Iacon, even if it meant facing the Quintessons. Quints...

The Horrorcon triplechanger had never trusted them, nor he had realized why Thunderwing had allied himself with them. It had not been his place to question Thunderwing... especially as the mad aristocrat had had the Chaos Matrix in his possession. Not that it really mattered... the Quints were invading and even the combined efforts of both Autobots and Decepticons might not be enough to rebel their attack... not after the devastating battle against Unicron. But they had to try... he had to try... at least, he was determined to take down few Quints before joining his dead brethen in the great junkyard of the sky...

Meanwhile in Tarn, Scorponok had focused his attention in repairing himself. His drones and auto-repairsystems were working with full efficiency, tearing out metal from Cybertron's surface to use it strengthen Scorponok's damaged frame. The Decepticon giant did not want to rush into the battle in the condition he was after Thunderwing had struck him with Unicron's power...

Quick Switch
2003-04-10, 08:19 PM
Quintesson Headquarters, the Cybertron Hilton.

Everywhere, staff Magistrates had set up extensive communications networks. Field commanders were relaying coordinates and information to Judge Delibarata, the overall field commander of the Sharkticon ground forces.

The carnage had been terrible.

"Excellency!" The Inquisitor entered the command center. "Fortress Maximus is approaching!"

"Shoot him out of the sky!" the Imperial Magistrate bellowed. "Summon forth the Dark Guardians to destroy him, NOW!"

"Excellency-" the Inquisitor was about to leave.

"Wait-" the Quintesson Leader's face twisted into a smile. "Have Primacron activate two of his Techno-Organics! Target: Fortress Maximus!"

"Yes, Excellency!" the Inquisitor bowed, and left.

"Prepare to die, you sanctimonious scum," the Imperial Magistrate hissed as Fortress Maximus' picture appeared on his viewscreen.


Outside, Judge Delibarata and his Sharkticons were slaughtering a group of netural partisans, when his Spiral Ship exploded in a massive fireball.

Delibarata looked up.

"Damn! A city! Entrench yourselves!" The Sharkticons continued to feast on the bodies of their foes, but buried themselves in the rubble of the neighborhood which had just been levelled.


"Only two?" Primacron said from his new labaratory.

"Yes, only two, Primacron. Two," the Inquisitor repeated.

"Very well," Primacron sniffed, producing the control, and setting the nozzle at the number "2". "They're on their way to the surface. Fortress Maximus is as good as dead."


Deep beneath Cybertron's core, two Techno-Organics heard the call of their master. Hideous, writhing, serpentine things- with massive maws filled with teeth that could shred metal and stone with but a touch- and blazing eyes opened once again. They along with many other of the brood, had waited.

Now, they knew but one command.

Kill the Autobot City coming toward the Landing Zone.

Snarling, whining, and slathering, they burrowed upwards toward Fortress Maximus' airborne position. It was time to feed.


Meanwhile, blasts from Fortress' cannon managed to destroy two other ships before a Dark Guardian appeared.

"I am Dark Guardian Sepulcher," the massive black-tinted robot said, pointing his own large cannon at the City. "And you are about to be terminated."

Sharkticons swarmed out from the buildings, waiting to attack those who fell out of the City when he transformed.

Meanwhile, the Techno-Organics burrowed closer to the surface, sensed the Dark Guardian's presence, and would wait to erupt from the ground when Fortress landed. The Dark Guardian was a friend. He would help them destroy the City. And then they would feast on Fortress Maximus' energy.

2003-04-10, 10:55 PM
Bluestreak moved toward IAcon faster now that we was out of the rubble and on a fairly intact cybertronian road "It's gonne be nice to be able to use my Iacon recharge chamber" he said to himself as he drove almost half way to where he wanted to go.

Sunstreaker slid to a stop as he spotted Hound and two others off in the distance. He carefully checked how far he was away then started his engine again and moved forward as fast as he could. His goal; to ram into Hound and scatter the other three

Quick Switch
2003-04-10, 11:20 PM
Dragnet turned as soon as he saw Sunstreaker approach.

He crouched, and aimed his weapon.

"Stop, or we'll shoot!" he said, ramming back the clutch on the machine gun. Carefully, he aimed at Sunstreaker's engine.

Cordon and Radius, deadly serious now, both crouched next to Dragnet and cocked their energy carbines, also squinting one optic along the crosshairs. Both were aiming for different tires.

2003-04-11, 01:36 AM
Minerva: -finishes reattaching Nightbeat's right arm- "There. How's that?"

Nightbeat: -waggles fingers, flexes and stretches right wrist, elbow, and shoulder- "Much better. Thanks, sis."

Brainstorm: -looking at a schematic diagram of a cyclone cannon- "You do know we'll have to tie this into your main power systems, don't you?"

Nightbeat: "Can't you build more than one?"

Brainstorm: "I'm not even sure I can build this one." -thinks for a moment- "You know, I might not have to tie this in to your power systems after all....." -calls up another schematic- "Self charging powerpack. Trouble is, you won't get continous fire from it. If I read the power use ratings of the cyclone cannon right, you'll get three shots before having to let it have to recharge."

Siren: "Just three?"

Nightbeat: "How long will it take to recharge?"

Brainstorm: "With a little modification..... maybe 15 minutes."

Hosehead: "That's not good."

Brainstorm: "That's not the worst of it."

Minerva: "There's more?"

Chromedome: -looking at the schematics- "Geez, Brainstorm, it'll take you weeks to build this."

Brainstorm: "Approximately two months, actually."

Nightbeat: "Two months? Can't you do it any faster?"

Brainstorm: "I told you I'm not a weaponsmith."

Nightbeat: -sighs- "Well, it was a blind hope, anyway." -walks over to intercom, activates it- "Hey, Metroplex, you awake? Any word on how the battle's going yet?"

2003-04-11, 02:56 AM
Hound shook his head and flashed an amused smile at Dragnet.

"Yes, I know Quick isn't found of Hot Rod's behavior on occasion, which is really perfectly understandable since he's in charge of security... Hot Rod admittedly is a bit of a wild card. He'll come around eventually as he matures a bit- but I didn't even know he was out here until I recognized his energy readings.

We're not going after him though. The fact is, Stratus doesn't leave Aero Blade unless something's wrong."

Hound paused and glanced at his scanners.
Aero Blade's just that way- I think that's... no wait- it's Sunstreaker! Aero Blade's just beyond him. What in the name of Sam Hill is he doing?"

As the three security members aimed, Hound stood in surprise for a moment and then reacted. With Sunstreaker closing in, Hound stood his ground and yelled into his communicator.
"Stop now Sunstreaker!"

2003-04-11, 03:40 AM
"Not until you've been deactivated or thrown in the brig, Traitor" Sunstreaker replied to Hound ignoring the warnings from the Autobot with Hound speeding up.

Blaster and Jazz looked at eachother then at Wheeljack and Sideswipe.

"So much for finding Prime. He wants to find us" Jazz said

"Come in the main gates then meet at the main gates woulda saved us time to stay locked out" Blaster said pulling a 180 on his feet and walking over to a bench near the medical room laying Stinger on it. "Time to fight"

Wheeljack looked at Sideswiped "You ready for a little action before we find your head?"

Quick Switch
2003-04-11, 04:20 AM
"Fire," Dragnet said. He let out a long burst from his machine gun at the crazed Autobot.

Cordon aimed, and fired at Sunstreaker's front left wheel, while Radius fired at Sunstreaker's back right wheel. Both junior officers ejected the empty shells and re-cocked their carbines, taking aim again.

2003-04-11, 05:10 PM
Bean slams down the lid of the trunk. There, that ought to do it. When Talon gets back we'll run a full check Bean thought as he heads over to Rally.

She was still working on her exosuit, if you could still call it that. She had taken it apart piece by piece and was now studying a few blueprints. Hmm, if I install it there the effect would be... but if I install it here then it would... She was so lost in thought that she almost literally jumped when Bean tapped her shoulder.

"What in the world are you doing?" Bean asks his partner as he sees the mass of parts in front of him.

"Just a little upgrading, the only problem is I'm not sure how I should upgrade it exactly" Rally replied.

"Upgrade?" Bean said, a surprised look on his face.

Rally: "With this charge chamber and three blueprints Dr Light gave me"

Bean: "Why three?"

Rally: "One for the original model, and two with the charge chamber installed in different parts"

Bean: "And you can't decide on which design?"

Rally: "Right. if I install it here(points at the leftmost blueprint), then my gun form would be able to fire as a pulse laser, several fast pulses instead of a large pulse. But if I install it there(points at the rightmost blueprint) my gun form basicly becomes a buster gun like Rock's"

Bean: "Hmm, speed vs power... Let me look at those blueprints for a moment" he studies the blueprints for a few minutes, then checks a few of the exosuit parts. Then a big grin crosses his face as he returns to Rally.

Rally: "What?" she asked, knowing that her partner was up to something.

Bean: "Why choose between speed and power, when you can have both...." he said as he places the blueprints back on the floor. "If you look at both designs, the exact locations of the charge chamber aren't too distant from each other. Seems to be a matter of simply hooking it up in a certain way, so just hook up both methods and your set" he explains.

Rally: "I'll give it a try. Thanks Bean" she thanks her partner as she starts installing the charge chamber.

"Yo Brainstorm, Minerva. Need any help with anything?" Bean asks the two headmasters.

2003-04-12, 12:45 AM
Limits? He wanted limits? Oh, boy. Must be a nasty job he had for her. Good. "Well, I can melt just about anything, given I'm close enough to it. I can produce storms with lightning so frequent it can scramble just about any circuitry within it. I can take any shape, given that I've seen it before. There are only really two ways to kill me, but I'd rather not state them now. Walls have ears, and I fear I might still have a few enemies among the Decepticons." Adeara watched Shockwave for a reaction of any kind.

2003-04-12, 02:34 AM
"Sunstreaker, what's gotten into you?" Hound said quietly as the security team took aim and fired. He was too exhausted and injured to try and avoid an attack, but without waiting to see what the damage would be, he spoke quickly into his communicator as the yellow Autobot sped toward him.

"Okay Sunstreaker. I'll let them put me in a holding cell if you go too and agree to have First Aid look at you. Now stop!"

2003-04-12, 04:12 AM
Sunstreaker swerved around the blasts at his wheels his hood taking the blasts from the machine gun with relatively no real damage

"Do you three actually think you can beat me?" he asked as he came within only a few feet of colliding with Hound and unless they moved the transformer would collide with them.

Quick Switch
2003-04-12, 06:30 AM
"Shoot to kill," Dragnet said, changing the feed of the machine gun to burst. He then let loose the entire magazine into the approaching car.

Cordon and Radius fired two point blank blasts at Sunstreaker's hood- though both security officers were leaking coolant profusely from their frames.

2003-04-12, 06:41 AM
"Sunstreaker, stop!" Hound started calling as the fast-moving Autobot attempted to run into him. Hound darted and stumbled to one side as Sunstreaker clipped his left leg, tearing open the side of it and leaving yellow paint smeared across the side.

He glanced at Dragnet and then shook his head in frustration. "Please, try not to kill him- he'd never do this normally- something's wrong!"

2003-04-12, 07:02 AM
The bolts even at their highest level still had a hard time getting through the thick hide of Sunstreaker's body but holes peircing through. He slowly got to a building heading into the alley and transforming.

"Why do you protect this traitor?" He asked readying his weapon "He fights to protect Decepticons and yet you fight to defend him" he cried from his cover mech-fluid leaking from his legs which is where his hood is in vehicle mode, his movement weakend.

Quick Switch
2003-04-12, 07:20 AM
Dragnet, Cordon and Radius rose.

Dragnet shot Hound a glance, as the three security robots re-loaded.

"Hound, Sunstreaker's holding his life in his hands right now."

The old security veteran than glowered at Sunstreaker.

"Drop your weapon- or we'll drop you."

2003-04-12, 07:22 AM
Hound knew his energy was sapping, and his systems were giving him indicators that he would go offline soon. He was worried about Aero Blade, and Sunstreaker as well, and he needed the fight to end.

"Sunstreaker, I'm not fighting to protect Decepticons, I'm fighting to protect you from getting exterminated right now. We've both been Autobots for a long time. If you're so convinced that I'm a traitor, come back to Iacon and let the security staff and Optimus decide. I'll let them confine me until they decide, under the condition you come back and get checked out by First Aid."

Lord Zarak
2003-04-12, 03:47 PM
Looking at Roadbuster, Dreadwind said to him
"The only thing I wanna get lost from, is you Autobot. Come on Darkwing, lets get away from this loser"

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-04-12, 05:54 PM
Deathstrike sat in his private chamber meditaing when his brother Cyberstrike entered.

CS: Yo bro Shockwave has ordered all Decepticons to headquarters we need to get ready for battle.

DS: You are correct brother I have wasted enough time here send a message to Shockwave that we will be arriveing with the hour

CS: You got it bro!

Deathstrike thinks to himself:
If Prowl isn't dead he will wish he was when I get my hands on him!

2003-04-12, 07:12 PM
Sunstreaker leans against the wall in the alley "You three couldn't beat me even if you wanted too, I am the best of the best! You three are left overs put incharge because the likes of me were on Earth so long!" he yelled back listening to Hound's offer

"Fine Hound but you better not be trying to pull anything" he slowly began to turn around from behind the wall keeping his arms down.

Bluestreak approached the main-gate of Iacon spotting Blaster, Jazz, Wheeljack and Sideswipe*. "Wonder what they are doing he asked himself as he sped up to meet them

OOC: *- Sorry Sky just wanted to move along a bit and as Sideswipe had to go anyways I moved him along. I won't post as these guys until You post.

2003-04-12, 10:53 PM
Roadbuster: -twitches slightly, hand starts to move-

Hardhead: -claps hand onto Roadbuster's shoulder- "They aren't worth it. Besides, they'll probably buy the farm when the Quints get a hold of them." -waves at Darkwing and Dreadwind- "Have fun, guys."


Minerva: "I think we're set, Bean. We've made our repairs. Might as well head back to Iacon and find out how things are going. Speaking of that....." -activates commlink- "Hound? Aero Blade? You recieving me?"

2003-04-12, 11:26 PM
Hound nodded and called out, "Agreed. No tricks, Sunstreaker."
Then he turned his head toward the others.
Okay, you guys heard him. Dragnet, you're in charge- consider me in custody. Aero Blade's just over there - please get him before we head back- and be careful."

Hound turned towards Radius and waited quietly. It was then that the message from Minerva came through. He set it to his external communicator.

"I hear you Minerva. I think Aero Blade might be hurt. The remainder of the trip did not go well, and we're heading back to Iacon. I'll be unable to respond to other questions in a moment, but you can ask security personnel Dragnet any other information."

Quick Switch
2003-04-13, 01:12 AM
Dragnet nodded.

"Very well then. Le's retrive Aero Blade and return. No tricks, the both of you!"

Cordon and Radius trained their weapons on the two, and the search continued.

Aero Blade
2003-04-13, 03:36 AM
Aero Blade had heard the sounds of battle near by, but he was helpless to do anything thanks to the injuries Sunstreaker had dealt him. As the sounds of the battle died down, Aero Blade felt his will to stay concious begin to slip away.

The wave of numbness had finally reached and overcame his head, leaving him feeling lightheaded and dizzy, despite being already lying on the ground. Aero Blade didn't know whether his injuries were serious or not; all he knew was a great urge to fall asleep, and it was growing ever stronger.

Aero Blade almost closed his optics, but the sound of footsteps and voices drew him painfully back from the edge of sleep. He forced open his optics again, making out blurry and vauge shapes approaching. Aero Blade blinked once, trying to clear his vision, but it didn't work - he could't tell who was approaching. Could have been Autobot, could be Decepticon. Did it really matter? Aero Blade's half concious processor decided it didn't...

Aero Blade drew up what little of his strength he had left and called out to the approaching forms. ". . . Sun . . streaker . . . . attacked . . . . me. . . . . ."

Before he could mutter anything else, Aero Blade felt the rest of his strength leave him. He closed his optics, embracing the soothing black of unconciousness.

Quick Switch
2003-04-13, 03:50 AM
Quick Switch trudged back to his office. Depositing Dirge had gone better than expected; he'd been quite subdued...what he needed now, was to sit, regain his bearings, and get back to running his Department.

"Just what I need...just what I need. Order," he said, striding through the corridor to his office.

As the door swung open, his optics widened in sheer terror. There was paper everywhere. Things- all over the desk. And what were those things on his walls- replacing Red Alert and Optimus' portraits- were those- were those femmebot pinup posters?

"What- I don't even know those ladies- how- could the Decepticons have found my office- psychological warfare? I- oh goodness..."

Quick Switch, Security Director of Iacon, was stunned. He stood, jaw open, flabbergasted.

2003-04-13, 04:17 AM
Trailbreaker heard the sound of QUick Switch's door opening and knew his tinkerings were about to be found out. He chuckled and headed towards the director's office.

As he got there, he saw Quick Switch staring in shock at the scene before him. Hastily, Trailbreaker slipped over with a big grin. "Welcome home Chief! Glad to have you and the others back, and I brought you a few friends too!"

Quick Switch
2003-04-13, 04:35 AM
Welcome home, Chief.

Quick Switch turned- as if in recharge- and saw the slate-gray, smiling figure of Trailbreaker.

"Y-you did this, Trailbreaker?" The Security Director pointed at the room in general. Especially those femmebot posters.

"O-of course, you know, this isn't regulation," he said hoarsley. "I- I don't allow those type of publications in my Department, and- well, while I know that it might be good for morale I-"

I have no idea in the Universe to explain this. Primus help me. Red Alert never told me about days like this.

"I- I need to sit down," Quick Switch said, and slumped against the wall. The centerfold on the wall directly across from him seemed to be waving. He began to sweat.

2003-04-13, 04:50 AM
Trailbreaker chucked and then clicked his tongue in amusement. "Guilty as charged boss.... and of course it isn't regulation! Regulations are for regulars! This ain't no regular day and it's time to let go and hang loose. Chill and relax! Here- have a spiked energon can."

Trailbreaker produced a cylinder and tossed it to Quick Switch who was looking in a dazed fashion at a poster.

"That one's a looker isn't she, Chief?"

Quick Switch
2003-04-13, 05:05 AM
"Y-yes, I suppose she is," Quick Switch replied. He tore his optics away- with difficulty- and looked up at the easy going Trailbreaker.

"Thank you," he said, fingering the can. He hadn't had one of these...since when he was a pleb at the Security School. He opened it, and drank, finishing the can quickly. He smiled and rose. "Right...well, come on in and we'll have a little chat. I'll sit, you clean. How does that sound, Trailbreaker?"

2003-04-13, 05:12 AM
"A chat? Sure Quick Switch. And I'll clean as long as it stays to just your room. I had my weekly rinse yesterday."

Trailbreaker entered and kept the friendly look, but with an added slight touch of seriousness as he started gathering the gag items back up. "What's on your mind Chief?"

Quick Switch
2003-04-13, 05:28 AM
"Well," Quick Switch replied, entering his office and tossing the can into a waste bin, "where to begin? I don't trust these damned Decepticons, not as far as I can throw them. They are still the enemy, Trailbreaker, even if Optimus persists in thinking otherwise."

He strolled around his office as Trailbreaker cleaned, once again standing in front of the center poster. He nodded approvingly.

"Maybe this type of thing..isn't bad for morale..." he stepped away from the alluring picture and approached his desk, placing his hands on the back of his chair.

"At the end of the day, Trailbreaker, to be a good security officer, one must know his environment. And I'll tell you: looking after Iacon is a thankless task, but someone has to do it. But," Quick Switch pulled back his chair, and lowered himself into it, "the one thing I do know, Trailbreaker, is my office. And that gives me comfort."

Needless to say, the resulting sound from sitting confidenty in his chair gave Quick Switch a fit of blushing which would rival Cliffjumper's paint job.

2003-04-13, 05:49 AM
Trailbreaker nodded as he listened and cleaned. "You've got a point, Quick Switch. I don't trust any Decepticons, much less the beastie that was in here before. It must be hard to follow orders constantly when things just don't make sense."

*TB glances up as Quick walks to the poster, then continues cleaning*

But you're so dang good at it! You're a real role model! A bit of a morale boost might not be a bad thing. You could get Mirage to bring back a different type of Cyberfox I suppose...

*Trailbreaker paused as he listened again to Quick, and then remembered the whoopie cushions a moment too late.*
Ignoring the sound and not looking, he busied himself with cleaning goo off from the door handles.

"Ya know, today was just bonkers. I think we should get everyone accounted for, checked in and just relax a bit. I haven't even seen half the guys that went out----- come back yet."
Outside the small town of Nerox...
Mirage stumbled forward shaking and shivering. Behind him, the town noise grew steadily louder as the hate plague virus spread.

Metrotitan... isn't far. Gotta... keep going. As he approached another town, a young transformer ran up to him. "Gee! You don't look so good. Want to come home with me? We're always ready to help Autobots."
Mirage looked at the boy briefly as he continued walking.Rest. I can rest after Galvatron is destroyed... good mechs here.
"Thank you. I need... to go somewhere first. Not far, then... I'd appreciate help." Finishing, he reached out and tapped the boy on the shoulder in gratitude for the offer. Some understanding of the mistaken touch seeped through as he saw the expression on the boy's face change. The red powdery virus surged over the young transformer's skin in a red flood. Horrified and angered at the hazy realization, Mirage shot forward and broke into a full run with one focus in mind.
"You'll die Galvatron!"

Quick Switch
2003-04-13, 06:51 AM
Quick Switch removed the offending item from his chair, and tossed it into his waste bin.

"Anyway..." he tried to regain his composure. "Yes, well, morale is quite important. I'll have to speak to him about that."

He began to arrnage the multitude of paper on his desk.

"Good idea, Trailbreaker. Muster the entire Department if possible, and conduct a role call. That might be the best course...it will take me some time to get some semlance of order back into the Department..."


Metrotitan, Command Center:

"Sir..." A Metrodrone approached Astrotrain, hunched over a table.

"What is it?" Astrotrain's echoing vocoder whip-cracked across the cavernous room.

"Just take a look at this video feed, Commander," it said. Astrotrain peered at a remote viewscreen.

It showed Mirage. He was glowing. In red.

Astrotrain began to shake, and his vocoder pitch fluctuated.

"It can't be- not again! It's not possible!"

"what, sir?" The Metrodrone said, looking at the red Mirage.

"Something more dangerous than you can possibly imagine," Astrotrain whispered. "And it's happening again..."

2003-04-13, 10:05 AM
Bean: "Ok, we can leave as soon as Talon gets here and we've run a full check. Shouldn't take too long though" he said to Minerva as he headed back to Rally.

Rally looks up from her work as Bean approaches. "I've almost finished installing the charge chamber. Could you reassemble the leg parts?" she asked her partner.

"Sure Rally. Say when's Talon going to be back? We need to check if everything still works" Bean replies as he starts rebuilding the leg parts.

2003-04-13, 04:11 PM
Metrotitan: Command Center...

Soundwave sauntered through the broad double blast doors easily, as usual. His optics flicked around rapidly, noting the presence of each fellow command member. He remained in the rear for a few moments; he did not want Astrotrain questioning him for his prior absence. The image on the monitor provoked him to intervene, but he remained silently in the background, arms folded, until his talents were truly required.


The Landing Zone...


From low orbit, a second enormous ship made its dive, also opening fire on the Quintesson hordes. The Maximus II dropped rapidly, almost in a suicidal maneuver for such a gigantic vessel.

"I'll handle this! Head on!"

(By this time, Grand had already proceeded through all the elongated preparatory transformations and whatnot.) Grand Maximus' head connected with his enormous body; the Master Sword appeared in his left hand. He had not taken the time to slow his descent, however, and he came crashing monstrously into the ground. In one quick swoop, he raised the sword and brought it down on Sepulcher, making short work of his cannon arm.

"You have ten seconds to surrender or be destroyed!"

He pointed the sword's tip at the Guardian's face, still unaware of the Techno Organic threat encroaching from beneath...


Sierex: the Forum...

Silence. Forgotten through time and social evolution, the city had been quiet for ages. Once, long ago, the Autobots had launched a massive offensive against it, but the Decepticons found it of too little value to warrant defense. The focus of industry had shifted to Tarn by that day; Sierex's citizens were left to fend for themselves. The few bits of rubble from that one ancient battle still lay in the streets. Even the Autobots have had no time for this city.

But a Decepticon does.

On his perch atop the former Soarer's Circuits manufacturing plant, Teratron released a pleased sigh. He looked around slowly, absorbing the view: much of Cybertron's surrounding dead metal planes could be seen from here. (The Quintesson invasion had not made it this far yet.) Teratron pushed himself to his feet and dove from the roof, landing elegantly in the open square below. As he stretched his relays, a call came in.

"I repeat, Lord Teratron, please return to Metrotitan City at once! Commander Astrotrain implores you!"

Hmph. Just when he was starting to feel funky. He gave the drone no response, instead taking time to finish his stretch. A black hand reached slowly from the alley over his shoulder...

"No rest for the wiMMPH!"

A patch of loud clanks could be heard, as well as muffled shouting, and finally a long hissing noise. A brief audio shuffle, and Gigatron's battered body fell to the street, his optics dark.

"That was far too easy. How such a weakling could ever become Decepticon leader, I'll never know. But that's what we're here for..."

Megatron stepped from the alley with the Decepticon Matrix in his hand and a smile on his face.

"Mending errors!"

His chest panel slid open, and he forced the Matrix into its proper slot. He turned to his companion with a nod.

"Maxima, search the city for a functional starcruiser. I've grown bored with Cybertron..."

Quick Switch
2003-04-13, 06:43 PM
Sepulcher looked at his fallen cannon arm blankly. He then looked back at the Master Sword and the arrogant Grand Maximus.

With blazing speed, the Dark Guardian grasped the Master Sword with his masssive claw arm, and began to squeeze it, crushing it.

"It will take more than a fancy sword to deal with me, fool," he thundered. If he was to be destroyed, be damned it would be by the hand of this...martinet. Especially with that gaudy sword.


The fifty plus Metrodrone staff stopped working as Soundwave sauntered in. The same Metrodrone which notified Astrotrain about Mirage tapped the commander on the shoulder, and pointed at Soundwave.

Astrotrain whirled and took stock.

"So good of you to join me, Soundwave," he said acidly, optics flashing, vocoder whipcracking through the room, "we've only just been invaded by the Quintessons."

Astrotrain walked forward a pace, then slammed both fists on the current battle grid of Cybertron. In a word, Astrotrain hoped to the Pit his intelligence officer had something intelligent to report-why he'd been missing for so long- or so help Soundwave, there'd be hell to pay.

"You're my communications officer- so damn it, COMMUNICATE!"

2003-04-13, 09:48 PM
StarBlade arrived on Tarn quicker than she had anticipated. She transformed back to robot mode, and she searched around for someone in charge, not only to let them know she was here. but to get any orders. Looking around, she saw Scorponok. She hurried to him. "Scorponok? I'm StarBlade. I was sent here to help fight. Who's in charge here, if anyone is?"

Adeara continued to wait for Shockwaveto give her the assignment he had for her. She had already listed her limits and abilities.

2003-04-13, 11:38 PM
"Reporting 90% recharge rate for the main capacitor."
"Hull breach is repaired, integrity at 95%."
"That'll have to do, we have no time for further repairs."
"Agreed. It's time for action. Now that Rodimus has been lost, it's time to offer our services to Prime once more."

"Metroplex to Optimus Prime. I believe you're aware of my current position. What are your orders?"


Sixswitch soared down from the Cybertron sky. Things had moved rapidly since the battle at Metroplex, and he'd been left adrift and unattended, and now he was low on fuel.

"Incoming craft, identify yourself."
"I am Sixswitch, Autobot warrior."
"Cleared for landing at recharge bay 2."

Pulling in sharply, he deaccelerated and screeched to a stop on the runway. Transforming to robot mode, he strode towards the recharge station.

"Long day, huh?" the mechanic asked conversationally, as he checked the six-changer's energy levels.
"Yeah, you could say that."
"We all heard the fighting, and from the looks of your hull, so did you."
"Yeah, a few scorch marks, nothing major. Springer had us stay out of it for the most part."
"Springer? The Springer? The Wrecker? I've heard stories, but I was never sure..."
"Yes, that Springer."
"Hey awesome. There you go, you take care now. There'll be no charge for a Wrecker. Geez, a Wrecker recharging at my station? What a tale."
"Thanks," Sixswitch grinned, unhooking the recharge cable, and transforming once more into fighter mode.
"I'll sure try."

Once he'd taken off once more, he opened his wide band radio.
"Sixswitch to Springer, reporting in. Where are you?"


Omega Supreme had observed the battle between the Autobot leaders with interest, and after a brief shutdown period for self diagnosis, realised that he'd need to report to Iacon on the double. He transformed into tank mode, not trusting his rocket engines to keep him airborne, and headed to the Autobot capital at full throttle.

Soon, he came within scanning range of the walls of the city.
"Omega Supreme to Iacon command, requesting permission to enter the city for repairs."

God Jinrai
2003-04-14, 02:57 AM
Prepping for departure from iacon, prime recieved metroplex's message...

"switch to mobile battle base, and head for the quintesson landing area... but be ready for withdral.. I've a sinking feeling about this..."


Fortress had no time to think, bringing his cannons to bear on the ground beneath his brother's feet...


Fortress opened fire at the area beneath grand maximus' feet... he'd picked up heat signatures, and was hesitant on landing to begin with...

2003-04-14, 04:21 AM
Roadbuster: -picking up Sixswitch's transmission- "Sixswitch, this is Roadbuster. Springer........ Springer's dead. Prime killed him during the fight with Thunderwing. By...... accident."


Minerva: "I read you, Hound. We'll leave here and maybe we'll find Aero Blade in the middle."

Nightbeat: "Might as well start searching now. Brainstorm, go airborne. Maybe you can spot him. And be careful up there."

"Brainstorm: "Aye, commander." -runs out of Metroplex's medbay-

Minerva: "How long will it take Talon to recharge, Bean?"

Chromedome: -activates commlink- "Hardhead, you and Roadbuster better get ready. We're gonna move out again."

2003-04-14, 06:17 AM
Trailbreaker produced a couple more cylindrical cans of energon brew and left them on the desk as he finished cleaning up the mess he had made. With an admiring last look at the posters (which he had left up), he flashed a grin at Quick Switch and headed for the door. "Take it easy there boss. Everything will work itself out, and no sense strain'n yourself over leftovers. Delegation is a good thing after all. I'll take a head count and get right back to ya. Back in a jiffy."

And Trailbreaker began heading for the communications department.
Hobbling along beside Cordon with a gun at his back, Hound heard Minerva. Sadly, he thought to himself,"Can't respond while considered a prisoner. Don't want Sunstreaker to act up anyway. Since his external communicator had been left on, he knew Dragnet and the others would be aware that they might have company shortly.

In truth, he almost hoped the friendly humans would show up and the others as well. He had pushed his endurance to its limits and the pain from the injuries had finally caught up with him.
What I wouldn't give to be back on Earth right now, but got to get through this first.He thought silently to himself as they drew nearer to Aero Blade.
The still figure lying on the ground just steps away now was the determination for him.
He could see something was wrong with as they closed the distance between them, but just as he prepared himself for the worst, he heard the transformer's faint voice.

". . . Sun . . streaker . . . . attacked . . . . me. . . . . ."

Aero Blade was alive, and that was a great relief to the exhausted scout. As the words sank in, Hound looked at Sunstreaker in disbelief and then looked down at the ground, trying to focus and keep his logic circuits clear and to let Dragnet make the needed decisions.

2003-04-14, 03:27 PM
Minerva: "How long will it take Talon to recharge, Bean?"

"To be honest" Bean started as he finished the legs and began working on the lower torso. "I haven't got a clue. Talon's the first Minicon I ever met. But since he's only 6 feet tall, I guess it shouldn't take him too long to recharge" he finished.

"I wouldn't be too sure of that. You never know just how much power can fit into a 6 foot entity. I mean, I've seen some pretty strange things on this world, some of them not too far off from the stuff you see in anime so who knows how much power Talon can hold?" Rally states without stopping her work on the arms and torso sections.

At that moment Talon flew into the hangar and landed near Bean & Rally.

"I couldn't find the others. So how are things here?" Talon remarked.

"Just fine buddy, you're just in time. As soon as Rally and me finish upgrading her suit we'll need to check if you can still link with it. And while we're at it we might as well do a complete check of the car mergers too" Bean replies to his Minicon partner as he gets back to working on the lower torso.

2003-04-14, 04:41 PM
Stepping out from the shadows behind him, she stepped even further so that she could get a better scanning. Her optics even followed the same scan pattern.

After a moment, she stopped. "In that direction, a few parsecs from here. There is one that still functions & is reliable. The majority are damaged or not reliable." she stated without emotion. Duty was above all else with her.

But, deep within her, she was beyond excited. The Decepticon Matrix within his grasp.

But... her own scanners were registering the Quint ships in orbit as well. As a battle had fiercely broke out. She made it her duty to know the vast majority of what was going on. So many ideas, so many plans. She would be patient. In due time, it will all present an opportunity.

Quick Switch
2003-04-14, 05:08 PM
Quick Switch smiled as Trailbreaker departed.

"Good man. Keep me informed, please." He was just about to open another can to relax when Omega Supreme's unmistakable voice boomed through Iacon. The message was relayed to his office via the Security Controllers.

The Security Director activated his private comm.

"Quick Switch here, Omega. Clearance granted, use any hangar you see fit. If any one gives you guff, let me know."

The Guardian Robot didn't need to explain himself to anybody. Maybe he'd hold off on that can. There was work to be done!


Dragnet, leading the column to Aero Blade, turned as Minerva's transmission broke over Hound's comm.

"Eh? Sounded like a human," the grizzled security officer said.

"Orders sir?" Radius said, shooting Sunstreaker a bitter look as they came upon the prone Aero Blade.

"It's a wonder I don't shoot you right now for treason, you damned maniac!" Dragnet turned and advanced on Sunstreaker. "Shooting a passive prisoner-even if he was a Decepticon- attacking my unit, and now- attacking yet another Autobot? What is your major malfunction?" The security officer was stunned beyond belief.

"He's crazy- circuits must be jumbled, sir," Cordon said, staring at Sunstreaker, horrified. The young squad member clutched his energy carbine more tightly, Radius did so also.

Dragnet turned away from Sunstreaker, disgusted.

"Forget it, I don't want to know. You're going to explain this to the CPU-shrinkers, I don't have time for this garbage." He bent down and examined Aero Blade. "We're going to wait here until another unit arrives- I'm no medic. I can't guard Hound and Sunstreaker and care for this one...even if humans are going to have to do the tending."

He'd heard of three generations of Witwickies in action...and Dragnet hadn't been impressed. Humans meant well, but they just got in the way.


The Techno-Organics were unfazed by the blasts, as they instead gave them an opening, blowing up the metallic ground which they were burrowed under.

Letting out twin shrieks of pure need, they leaped into the air at Fortress Maximus, fangs beared, feet poised to latch onto the hovering city.

It was time to feed.

2003-04-14, 07:40 PM
If sunstreaker had eye balls he would have rolled them at this point shaking his head

"My aim was dead on I hit him in the Shoulder, now unless he has the same shoddy make as Brawn did I doubt he is that bad."

He scoffed at Aero Blade shaking his head as he listened to Dragnet, he'd love to put this amatuer Autobot Security officer in his place

"The only malfunction I have is hating Decepticons. The Decepticon wasn't passive he was mezermized by his leader being beaten I took advantage and tried to do Cybertron a favor and kill a Decepticon who was trying to start another war, and I am the Enemy for it. If you four haven't forgotten people die in war, yeah we are the good guys but he tried to kill me and I really don't take nicely to that. Now why don't you shut up and do your job or I may go insane and shoot you in the shoulder too then you get to overreact and roll on the ground" He shook his head in disgust and looked away.

God Jinrai
2003-04-14, 07:46 PM

Fortress shouted... hitting his emergency thrusters, he rocketed skyward once more at an alarming pace...

"Grand, Get out of there! Those things are... I don't know what... but they look pretty slagging nasty!"

The maximus ship angled its cannons to supply cover ire for the behemoth warrior below...

as he punched up the weapons cycle's fire rate, Fortress opened a channel to all transformers within a hundred mile radius...

"All available units, this is Fortress Maximus, request assistance... Grand Maximus is engaged with dark guardians, an and some sort of techno-organic beasts just errupted from beneath the surface of cybertron! Request heavy support if we're ot even survive this mess!"

Quick Switch
2003-04-14, 09:14 PM
Primacron watched the battle eagerly from his lab, like a child. He clapped and screeched at the appropriate moments.

"Look at them, question-asker! Look at my creations," the simian scientist yelped in glee.

"Those are Quintesson technology adapted, rather haphazardly, by you, Primacron," the Inquisitor said bemused, tentacles lashing.

"Kill that city, my pretties," Primacron crooned, eyes shining- totally ignoring the Inquisitor. "Rend his frame, break his brain, feed on his magnificient energy! And they're are more of you to fight the cities...hehehhee..."


The two broodlings snapped their teeth as the City rocketed away from them. One of them, hunkered down and leaped again. The other scurried up the Quintesson command building, then flung itself from on high at Fortress Maximus again, letting loose an oil-curdling scream.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-14, 09:28 PM
Shockwave was wondering why Adeara was standing there. Then it dawned on him; she thought that he knew her abilities. He used a logical pathway to begin the assignment.

"You are a shapeshifter, and as such can render yourself invisible in plain sight in a different form. Is that correct?"

--Sig removal. Quick Switch

2003-04-14, 09:31 PM
(Zarak, check back a page. Adeara answered him.)

Adeara nodded. "Yes, I can do that. But I need to be familiar with form I'm taking, or the shift will fail."

Lord Zarak
2003-04-14, 09:36 PM
Originally posted by AngelOfDeath124
(Zarak, check back a page. Adeara answered him.)

Adeara nodded. "Yes, I can do that. But I need to be familiar with form I'm taking, or the shift will fail."

"Good. Are you familiar with the form of a metrodrone?"

2003-04-14, 09:46 PM
Metrodrone? Was he serious??? "Quite."

Adeara mentally muttered, and shifted forms to that of a Metrodrone. If this assignment was so subtle, that she needed to be a Drone to pull it off, it must be important. She looked at Shockwave, and said, "How's this?" Even her voice was that of a Metrodrone.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-14, 09:58 PM
"Excellent. Here is your assignment". The tone in his voice suggested that there was no choice in her not accepting the assignment.
"First, travel to where the Quintesson base is. Intelligence suggests that it is based at the Cybertron Hilton. When you arrive there, I want you to use your metrodrone form to reconitor the Hilton. Monitor all comings, goings...all things that occur there. Whilst we know where they are, we dont know who make up 'they'.
When you recieve a coded message, you mustreturn here immediately, and report. Is all this understood?" concluded Shockwave.

2003-04-14, 10:29 PM
"Right. Get in, watch who comes and goes, what goes on. I get a coded messege, I get out of there." No fighting...Drat. "What happens, should I be discovered?"

2003-04-14, 11:38 PM
Minerva: -deactivates commlink, frowning- "Hound's not answering. I'm getting voices in the background, but the background static's too thick."

Nightbeat: "Lovely." -sighs- "All right. Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, with me. Chromedome and Hardhead, stay here with Bean. Roadbuster......"

Roadbuster: -looking unfocused, leaning against the wall-

Nightbeat: "Better stay here with them. Come on, guys."

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, and Hosehead: -run out of Metroplex, transform, and head towards Iacon-


Brainstorm: -transforms back to full robot mode, lands next to Aero Blade, Hound, and the others- "Hound! Good, you found Aero Blade." -activates commlink- "Minerva, I'm with Hound. We found Aero Blade. Better get here fast. Aero Blade's not in good shape, and Hound and Sunstreaker look like they've been worked over by a car crusher."

Minerva: -over commlink- "We're on our way there now, Brainstorm. Start working on whoever's in the worst shape first."

Brainstorm: "Gotcha, Minerva. Looks like Aero Blade's the winner of that little contest. Brainstorm out." -deactivates commlink, kneels next to Aero Blade, starts scanning him-

2003-04-15, 03:55 AM
Hound shook his head but remained silent while listening to Dragnet's tirade. He understood very little of why Sunstreaker was acting like he had had his central processor melt down. But he knew that Dragnet wouldn't shoot Sunstreaker either, so he stayed still and didn't say anything.

Just need to get back to Iacon, soon. He thought to himself groggily. Worry and shock were advancing and it was becoming difficult to think. Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared and closed quickly.
Brainstorm! Good timing. He'll fix Aero Blade right up, and then we can go.

Hound remained silent, but greeted Brainstorm's hail with a warm and somewhat sleepy smile. Then he turned his head slightly to watch Sunstreaker with brooding thoughts. Soon Sunstreaker, they'll have you feeling better soon.

Aero Blade
2003-04-15, 04:46 AM
He couldn't be sure how long he was out, but as Aero Blade began to come to again he heard voices around him. At first he couldn't remember anything or where he was, but after a moment his fractured conciousness began to piece his memory back together. He had been lying on his stomach on the ground, his head turned so that his face wasn't on the ground. He assumed that this had remained the same, but he really couldn't tell, the numbness of his body blocking out the majority of his senses.

Aero Blade slowly openned his optics, but his vision was just as blurred as before. There was a transformer very near to him. Did this guy wake him up? He didn't know. His blurred vision detected something dark on the ground (or what he thought was the ground), only because his optic was very near to it. There was a very small leak from the hole Sunstreaker had put through his shoulder. It wasn't serious, but it was slowly forming a puddle of oil underneith his body where no-one could see it yet. Aero Blade's vision couldn't make out what the dark stuff was, and he ignored it, instead looking at the transformer hovering over him. Aero Blade might have felt the leak and become aware of it had his senses been working properly, but with the numbness he didn't feel anything; someone could rip one of his limbs off and he wouldn't have felt it...

As Aero Blade listened to the jumbled voices, he made out the sound of Sunstreaker's voice. As he listened to what the freakish Autobot was saying, he began to get slightly agitated. Of course he'd leave out the mention of the other injury he'd dealt Aero Blade. Once again, thanks to his possition, no-one could see the massive dent in his midsection. He became aware of another transformer near by him, but he still couldn't recognize anything with his blurry vision. Aero Blade tried to move, but recieved absolutely no response from his body. Instead he focused his attention to trying to talk.

"...My waist..." he muttered. "....Suns-streaker.. rammed.. me...... busted.. something...... at first... it hurt... then numb.... spread.... couldn't... can't... move..."

Aero Blade's speaking stopped for a moment. Trying to talk was sapping all of his strength, but he needed to tell them what had happened. He couldn't be sure if he'd wake up again if he fell unconcious, leaving only Sunstreaker to tell his side of the story...

"...Streaker... saw.. me... grounded...... left.. me.. there..... he's.. gonna.. kill.. Dirge...... he.. told.. me... before.. he.. left...... he.. still.. intends.. too..."

Having said those words, Aero Blade sighed alittle, closing his eyes partially. His head was swimming again. He wasn't unconcious again yet, but he was sure he would be if he kept straining himself to talk.

If you're Autobots, please help me. If you're Decepticons... then please, just finish me off quick.... he thought, relaxing his body, allowing the transformers around him to do as they would, whoever they were...

Quick Switch
2003-04-15, 05:19 AM
Dragnet nodded as Brainstorm appeared, and began his ministrations.

"I'm Security Officer Dragnet, glad you're here. This one's been put through the wringer-" he pointed at Sunstreaker- "by that one there. Steer clear of him."

The old Autobot appraised Brainstorm.

"You're one of those new-fangled Headmasters, aren't ya? You've got that new look about ya..." he sighed. Boy did that make him feel old. Dragnet ignored Aero Blade, simply because he assumed he was raving from the massive injuries he'd sustained.

2003-04-15, 06:00 AM
Mirage shivered uncontrollably as he kept walking, grasping at his arms and closing his optics briefly. In his trail, he left behind a few infected towns as he neared Metrotitan. The infection reached a fever that briefly cleared his thoughts. "I .....I...can't take Galvatron on like this... I need help. Gotta get Optimus... to help me."

Mirage turned and started back toward Iacon. He struggled with a shaking hand to turn on his communicator.

"Op... Optimus? ...It's Mirage... I'm..... I'm sick."
Hound watched for a brief time as Brainstorm repaired Aero Blade. After a while, he eased himself slowly down to sit on the ground, resting his arms on his knees and his chin on his arms. He hurt, and all he could think of now that he knew Aero Blade was going to be okay were thoughts of Earth and rest.

Quick Switch
2003-04-15, 06:51 AM
"Sir- sir-" Security Controller Impede's harried voice broke over the comm channel of Quick Switch's office.

"Go ahead," he replied.

"Listen to this, Director," the Controller relayed Mirage's transmission.

"Odd," Quick Switch replied. "Optimus will handle it, I'm sure- but Mirage seems sick."

"Do you wish to detach a Security Squad, sir?" Impede asked him.

"I- I'm not sure," the Six Changer answered. He'd already detached several Security Squads, and if he kept it up...Iacon would be dangerously thin on reserve officers...

"Sir?" Impede asked him again. "Your orders?"

"Optimus will answer the distress signal," Quick Switch decided, knowing that his Leader- more irritable now than ever, it seemed- would not appreciate himself taking charge. Optimus would handle it.


"Commander!" An Alpha Drone communications monitor broke the tense situation with Astrotrain and Soundwave.

"What is it?" Astrotrain wheeled at the Drone.

"Transmission from the Autobot Mirage- Metrotitan's sensors have detected it!" the Alpha replied, passing a headset for Astrotrain to listen to, removing the set from its head.

"Yes- it is the spy," Astrotrain muttered, handing the set back to the small robot. "Soundwave, never mind about all that. What's done is done. However, I do have a job for you. Dispatch Lazerbeak to find Mirage. I want to confirm something. Have him tail that Autobot- and have him give you detailed reports about his activities...but order him not to come into contact with him directly. I have my suspicions about something..."

Of course, it could have already been to late. But Astrotrain was not a fatalist. If Mirage, the central carrier, could be terminated soon enough...those he infected could easily be quarantined...and eliminated. Lazerbeak was most adept at assisinations...

After all, the Transformers infected were neutrals, on the borderlands of Imperial territory. Their loyalty was probably in doubt anyway...yes. It was the best course. Metrotitan would rain down an artillery bombardment, and wipe out the infected cities in a cleansing burst of flame. And their 'alliance' notwhitstanding, Mirage was still an Autobot, an eventual enemy to Imperial expansion...

Both problems would be removed soon enough. Astrotrain would stay the course.

For the good of the Empire.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-15, 01:06 PM
"If you are detected, began Shockwave, " I trust that you would eb able to set them back for a few vorns at least."

Sky Lynx decided he wouldnt wait for an answer from Prime, so he flew towards Iacon.

"Iacon this is Sky Lynx, with Swoop. Request permssion to land."

2003-04-15, 01:52 PM
Brainstorm: "I'm not sure I'm that new fangled....." -finishes scanning Aero Blade as Aero Blade's words finish filtering through his audio processor array- "That's not good." -rolls Aero Blade over, wincing at the size of the dent- "Hope none of you guys have weak stomachs." -removes the dented armor plate, starts repairing Aero Blade's damage, hands disappearing into the warm energon/fluidic half filling Aero Blade's torso-

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, and Hosehead: -skid to a halt, transform-

Minerva: -sees Aero Blade- "That is definately not good." -kneels on the other side of Aero Blade, starts pulling out equipment- "How bad is it?"

Brainstorm: "Bad. When Sunstreaker rammed him, Aero Blade's motor control subprocessor got damaged, as well as his one of his internal fuel storage units and one of his main fuel lines. Slow leaks, but he's been laying here long enough, his torso cavity is already half full. He lucked out, though. If his internal systems hadn't rerouted power away from that processor, the resulting short would have blown him into vapor. That sums up the immediate life threatening damage report."

Minerva: -finishes setting up the suction pump to drain the energon out of Aero Blade chest cavity, starts it up- "There's more?"

Brainstorm: "He's paralyzed. The reason his internal repair system hasn't patched most of this up is that it's doing what it can to keep his life support functions on line. Total cascade failure."

Minerva: -finishes the repairs to the fuel tank and fuel line- "I'll tackle that. You get that processor back online. Likely that's where the cascade started." -starts working on Aero Blade's life support systems-

2003-04-15, 02:58 PM
Bean and Rally finish rebuilding Rally's exosuit, which she promptly puts on.

"Ok Talon, time for those checks. First, the gryphon combo" Bean stated.

Talon flew towards the car, transformed and merged with it. The front end formed into two legs, with the rear end doing likewise. Talon looks down at Bean from his 'heads up' view. "All systems check out fine.

"Great, now the exosuit fusion" Bean continued.

Talon seperated from the car, which returned to normal. He then flew over to Rally. At which point he split into pieces and merged with Rally. She in turn checked all her the systems and made a small test flight. "Everything still works" she reported as she landed.

"Ok, now for the big stuff. Talon if your would be so kind?" Bean asks as he summons his own exosuit from subspace.

Talon seperated from Rally, moves over to Bean and merges with his exosuit. Bean in turn transforms along with his car to form Bandit. Rally runs up his Bandit's arm, transforms and lands in the gunmount on the right shoulder. "Ok, everything seems to be working fine. Just one more thing to test.." Two panels on his chest flip open revealing two faintly glowing green lights. They intensify slightly as Bandit redirects some power to the weapon, a moment later they die down again as Bandit stops the charging. "Good, the Mega Smasher works fine. Ok, everyone off" Bandit states as he closes the panels, and reverts back to Bean. Talon seperates from him, and Rally, still in her gun form, is sitting on the roof of the car.

2003-04-15, 03:06 PM
"Springer is... dead?" Sixswitch's mind whirled. He knew that all warriors risk death, but his leader dying - by accident too, was quite hard to swallow.

"Alright Roadbuster, transmit your coordinates. I'll hook up with you and we can decide what to do then."

Assuming the remaining Wreckers to be near Iacon, the sixchanger altered course and opened his throttle, heading for the distant city.


"Acknowledged, Optimus," Metroplex replied to his commander.
"We'll give it our best shot."

He deactivated his comms.

"OK, Scamper, Sixgun, Slammer. Prepare for immediate transformation."
"Ready," came the swift replies of all three smaller robots.

A signal shot from Metroplex's brain to the transformation cog, which glistened and sparkled into life as it in turn transmitted to the multitude of cogs and gears throughout the huge city.

The main access ramp retracted. The helipad swivelled on its mounting to reveal twin Surface to Air cannons. The front wing, previously residential, swung down, revealing row upon row of cannon batteries. The extended construction wings swung closed, and sprouted the wheels that would drive the huge behemoth to battle. Twin antimatter cannons emerged from the front of the huge weapon of war.

"Transformation complete. Report to battle positions. We're underway."

Metroplex's engines roared into life, and soon, the rolling battle station was approaching the combat zone. As he arrived within weapons range, his batteries opened fire...

2003-04-15, 06:09 PM
"Yeah Brainstorm you better stay away from me, I may shoot you in the Shoulder, and hell if your dumb enough not to move I'll ram into you too" Sunstreaker said with a groan "Dramatic slag"

Aero Blade
2003-04-15, 06:28 PM
"...shut up, freak..." Aero Blade murmered to Sunstreaker. He layed still on the ground, allowing the transformers around him to work. He still couldn't tell who anyone was aside from Sunstreaker's annoyingly snippy voice, but the two working on him gave a familiar presence. The young transformer seemed to be getting alittle better, using more than just one word at a time, but he was still very tired. He let himself slip off into sleep again, confident that nothing was going to happen to him now.

2003-04-15, 06:34 PM
"I'm a freak? I have weapon holes in me and I am still walking you're on the ground crying for help because I rammed you. You're just a little baby searching for attention" Sunstreaker shook his head, he'd finish him off for being such a sissy if he had access to his weapon.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-15, 06:36 PM
"Hey, Deathwing, we better geet out of here. Metroplex is transforming!" shouted Deadwind to his fellow powermaster

2003-04-15, 07:15 PM
Dreadwind was long gone before Darkwing had finished speaking.

"No need to tell me twice!"

Lord Zarak
2003-04-15, 07:23 PM
"Yeah thats right, leave me alone. See if I care"
Darkwing turned around in a strop, but took off as he saw what Metroplex was firing his guns at.
"Ok, I care a lot more now. Where to, Metrotitan?"

2003-04-15, 07:26 PM
Dreadwind headed off.

"Anywhere's gotta be better than here," he said.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-15, 07:33 PM
"Lets go then. See if good ol' Cyclops has anyhting for us"

2003-04-15, 09:26 PM
Dreadwind followed Darkwing back to Metrotitain.

2003-04-15, 10:09 PM
The Landing Zone...

Grand Maximus snarled at Sepulcher, his optics unwaveringly malicious. He knew that the Master Sword had suffered no permanent damage, of course, but to disgrace such an honorable weapon irked him to no end.

"You dare call yourself Guardian? You are nothing but a... marauder! Fiend!"

Maximus gripped the Guardian's shoulders firmly, unleashing two successive and powerful blasts from his waist cannons. In his rage, he had not the observational capability to hear Fortress' warnings, nor notice the Techno-Organics...


Metrotitan: Command Center...

"I've been busy," Soundwave began with raspy contempt. However, Astrotrain cut him off before he could continue with his report. At the city commander's order, he shrugged and pressed the button on his left shoulder, allowing a red cassette to eject and transform.

"Laserbeak, eject. Operation: reconnaissance. Target: Autobot Mirage. Circumstances: avoid engagement."

Laserbeak looped back on his path, out the door, and for the nearest hatch, on his way to visit the prey...


Sierex: The Forum...

Megatron followed Maxima's direction with his optics, and he could not contain a miniature grin. He hadn't expected there to be anything worth the trouble in this ancient junkyard...

"Excellent. Let's have a look at it."


Megatron's heavy form landed just outside the old hangar with a clunk. He stepped forward confidently, just to the enormous double doors, and attempted to slide them open. Resistance. Ages of disrepair had left them rusted shut entirely. A scowl crossed his face; he gripped a point on each door, digging his fingers in, and swiftly tore both from their tracks.

The hangar remained in complete darkness, save the light filtering in from outside. The innards were fairly pristine, having been contained for so long, but also empty save two fair-sized spacecraft: one was a suborbital cargo freighter, the other a standard cruiser marked by the monicker "Dusk Ashes". Megatron approached the latter in his proud manner.

"Run a diagnostics check on this vessel. I'd hate for it to be imperfect."

2003-04-15, 10:46 PM
Adeara nodded. "Alright. I can do that." She sounded pleased. "I'll be going now." Adeara wasn't going to waste any time. She gave a sort of salute, and walked out of Shockwave's office. Shifting to her normal Decepticon form, she took off for the Cybertron Hilton, landing far enough away that she wouldn't be detected. Once landed, she shifted to the Metrodrone form and wandered into the Quintesson headquarters.

Quick Switch
2003-04-16, 12:32 AM
Quintesson Command:

"Excellency! The City known as Metroplex has just entered the combat zone!" Judge Delibarata reported from outside the battle area, entrenched in the decimated city.

"Acknowledged," the Quintesson leader remarked. "Primacron!" he bellowed. "Summon more Tecno-Organics! NOW!"


From his lab, Primacron nodded.

"Summon, summon, I didn't join this outfit to be-"

"Just do it," the Inquisitor hissed. "You can wail and moan later, after out victory. Now, call forth the Techno-Organics!"

Primacron muttered something, and summoned two more of the repulsive creatures with his control.


The two newly summoned Tehno-Organics latched onto Metroplex's energy output, and burrowed madly towards him. When they reached the area where the city would most likely be, they erupted out of the ground, teeth gnashing, screams piercing the battlefield.


Astrotrain nodded at Soundwave.

"Lazerbeak's information is very important to the Empire. I'll even overlook your insolent tone for that. Now pay attention, and assist me like you would Megatron. The last thing I need is you being surly."


Sepulcher laughed, even as the blasts tore through him.

"If I am to meet my end, then you shall also," he cried, flinging himself forward and clutching Grand Maximus' Master Sword arm with his pincer arm, clamping down tight, his last burst of strength enough to shake Maximus' grip on his shoulders.

Activating his self-destruct sequence, Sepulcher exploded.


Thomp. Thomp. Thomp. Thomp.

The cadence of the marching giants sent tremors to Cybertron's very core, slightly awakening the large brood of Techno-Organics Primacron had yet to summon.

They were the Dark Guardian Combiner Elimination Squadron.

Cenotaph, Deathbringer, Mercykiller, Pyre, and Terminus. The jovial monster known as Maelstrom was their Commander, whose whirlwind like speed and fury was unmatched. All had raven black frames, with vermillion optics. Singularly, they were deadly. In tandem or more, almost unstoppable. They were the pride of Quintesson Science, and their cruelty-and oil-lust- knew no bounds. They had one purpose: to destroy enemies of the Dominion. And have a good time doing it. Especially the so-called 'impressive' Transformer combiners.

"Sepulcher is dead," Terminus broke the silence. His pincer arm was outfitted with corrosive acid injectors which burned into any metal. He brought a quick end to any enemies he faced.

"Ssssepulcher wasss a fool," Pyre hissed, smoke rising from his mouth in wisps. His cannon was equipped with a high intensity flame thrower, instead of a plasma generator. His core temperature was almost unimaginably high. He delighted in melting down enemies slowly, watching them dissolve into a viscous pool of sludge and screams.

"Yes," Cenotaph said. He was the most dense of the Guardians, and usually quiet, like a tomb. His voice was the most eerie of his brethren. His specialty was crushing attacks, leaping on to an enemy combiner and smashing it do to his specially ehanced gravity gyro.

Mercykiller said nothing. He was outfitted with extra sharp pincers, which shredded through metal on contact, twice as sharp as the normal Dark Guardian claw- mercykilling, indeed, because while it shredded through metal quickly, it specifically targeted a combiner's pain receptors, making its death fast as it was agonizing. Deathbringer, his twin, was outfitted with specially made feet talons, making his kicks as deadly as Mercykiller's slashes. They also provided him with excellent traction, making him difficult to knock down. Both 'brothers' were incredibly sadistic.

"Hush now, boys," Maelstrom said, smiling brightly as the Guardians stopped in a horribly blasted area. "We're here on the outlands of Autobot and Decepticon territory. We're bound to run into some of those foolish combiners some time. And what will we do with them when we find them?"

"Exterminate them," Mercykiller and Deathbringer said in unison, optics flashing.

2003-04-16, 12:38 AM
Nightbeat: "Sunstreaker, it's been a long day, and at the rate things are going, it won't be over until next year sometime. So be quiet and let them work."

Minerva and Brainstorm: -still working on Aero Blade-


Roadbuster: -over commlink- "I'm where Metroplex used to be, . Sixswitch. Chromedome and Hardhead are with me........."

-Techno-Organics erupt out of the ground some distance away-

Chromedome: -staring at the techno-organics- "Bloody hell......"

Hardhead: -also staring at the techno-organics- "Uh....... You know what those are, Roadbuster?"

Roadbuster: -still on commlink to Sixswitch- "And a couple of Dire Gophers just showed up in the vicinity. I think things are about to get interesting."

2003-04-16, 12:40 AM
Adeara, in Metrodrone form, snuck past the large group of claw-handed beings, listening all the time. She remained in the shadows, then froze. Some of the conversation caught her attention.

"Hush now, boys," Maelstrom said, smiling brightly as the Guardians stopped in a horribly blasted area. "We're here on the outlands of Autobot and Decepticon territory. We're bound to run into some of those foolish combiners some time. And what will we do with them when we find them?"

"Exterminate them," Mercykiller and Deathbringer said in unison, optics flashing. Storing that in her memory, Adeara silently hurried on.

God Jinrai
2003-04-16, 02:31 AM
roaring across the landscape of cybertron, prime recieved mirage's communique...

"Optimus here... Define...sick, mirage."

As he approached the battlegrounds, he became aware of a very prevalant fact... with all the combiners.. citybots... and standard transformers on cybertron... those still alive that is... it wouldn't be possible to stop the quints...

2003-04-16, 03:37 AM
Mirage had stumbled into another town as he changed his course and headed back toward Iacon. This town was a bit larger and a large bazaar was taking place. The fever shifted his temperatures uncontrollably, and hazy thoughts muddled and twisted in his mind as he jostled his way through the crowd, reversing direction several times between heading for Metrotitan and heading back toward Iacon. The infection spread quickly through the bazaar, though Mirage was only partially aware of the increasing hostility and fights breaking out around him. He was suddenly pushed forcefully into a corridor between buildings and from there he fumbled his way to the edge of the town where he heard Optimus' reply. He struggled to make sense of it.

"I'm gonna destroy... gotta destruct... Galvatronnnnn... Optimus." Mirage rasped and then shook his head. "I'm... red... hate diseased. Contag... contagious."

2003-04-16, 03:40 AM
She had followed him to a hanger. Landing slight behind 7 off to the left of him.

When he ripped apart the doorway, she followed him inside.

"Talk about your fixer upper," she mumbled. Then nodded as he ordered a systems check.

Stepping up to the cruiser. Then a red light broke through the darkness as she scanned the cruiser with her radar.

After running the diagnostics, the red light still on the ship, "Fixable. Barely. Several components missing & damaged. Wiring can be re-routed. Engines & Computers systems barely functioning but repairable."

Her optics went to the shuttle. Her optics scanned the shuttle. "Parts from the shuttle can be used for the cruiser."

Turning the radar off she turned to him. "Weapons are not available on either craft."

God Jinrai
2003-04-16, 03:45 AM
Prime suddenly skidded to a dead stop...

"Mirage, what's your location... I need it NOW!"

On a private channel, Prime radioed quickswitch...

"Quickswitch... this is prime. We're going to need to get out of here... fast. I'm within visual range of the battlefield, and things are not looking good. It's not feasible for us to win this... not as we are right now... I'm... I'm giving you jurisdiction... prepare to evacuate cybertron... Recall metroplex and the maximus brothers to iacon, and initiate emergency evac proceedures... and...radio metrotitan... I can't afford for galvatron to be destroyed... not here, not now... I need him right now as the voice of reason to the decepticons... Optimus Out!"

2003-04-16, 04:07 AM
Mirage sagged and stopped, huddling to staunch the cold feeling from the virus. He fumed briefly in thought as the fever overtook him. [i]Traitor... traitor. Going to kill everyone! Why? They deserve it. What good are Autobots. The whole role is a farce!!!!"
His optics flashed a bright crimson and then paled. "No... no. Accident. Optimus, I'm... just outside... of Dharmax. These coor... coordinates. Contagion. Full of contagion. I'm... sorry."

Quick Switch
2003-04-16, 04:07 AM
Quick Switch sat in his chair, pale as Optimus Prime relayed the evacuation order.

"Yes, sir. I won't fail you Optimus," the Six Changer said, keeping his voice calm. He tenatively left the channel with Optimus, then pressed a general all-hailing frequency for all of Iacon.

"Citizens of Iacon, this is Security Director Quick Switch. I have just been authorized by our glorious Leader, Optimus Prime, to evacuate Iacon. The Security Staff is now establishing orderly processions out of the City via the Spaceport. Take only essential items. May Primus bless you."

He then terminated the feed, and addressed the Autobot battle frequency.

"All carrier sized Autobots- Omega Supreme, Sky Lynx, Jetfire, etc.- report to the hangars to transport warriors and civilians alike. By order of Quick Switch, authorized by Optimus Prime!"

Quick Switch then terminated that channel, and moved to the battle network.

"Fortress Maximus, Grand Maximus, Metroplex- by Order of Optimus Prime, retreat, I repeat, retreat from battle and report to Iacon in preparation to evac Autobot warriors and civilians."

Quick Switch then radioeded Astrotrain.


All across the City, hundreds of Security Robots posted barricades, and cleared the numerous space ports of the city, as masses of civilians filed in. Space ship captains gladly gave their cruisers over to the City-State, to help with the evacuation.

Silence descended on the City.


"Commander," the communicator Metrodrone shouted to Astrotrain.

"What is it?" the harried City Commander said.

"Incoming signal from Iacon. Priority One Hailing Frequency."


"The Autobot Security Director, Quick Switch."

"Put it through," Astrotrain said with mixed parts weariness and fright.

"To whom am I speaking?" Quick Switch's unmistakable voice broke over the comm hard, brittle, businesslike. Many of the Metrodrone staff shivered.

"City Commander Astotrain, Director," the Triple Changer replied as forcefully. "What is the purpose of this transmission?"

"The Great and Merciful Leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, humbly requests Galvatron's prescence at the Battle Zone, to act as the 'voice of reason' for your faction."

"Why should I trust you?" Astrotrain's flanged voice thundered through the command room. "I will not present a message to my Lord that might put his life in danger!"

"Damn you! This trascends factions, Astrotrain- this is a matter of utmost import. My Leader did not tell me why, but a good officer follows orders- now I suggest you contact your 'Lord' and do so NOW- or the future of our race is doomed." Quick Switch's voice came back viciously.

"Very well," Astrotrain said. "We Decepticons are just and fair...we always put the future of our race above facti-"

"Spare me the drivel. Is Soundwave listening? I thought you were in charge, Astrotrain. Just relay the message. Iacon out." Quick Switch terminated the feed.

Astrotrain shook in rage.

"Damn you to the Pit, Six Changer," he bellowed. Collecting himself, he activated a wall comm unit to Galvatron.

"My Lord, urgent message from Iacon. Optimus Prime demands a talk- or a face to face meeting- but make contact with him!"

Aero Blade
2003-04-16, 05:34 AM
Once again after an unknown amount of time (to himself) Aero Blade began to pull back out of his sleep...

Just in time to get shocked awake by Quick Switch's evacuation alert...

One thought immediately snapped into Aero Blade's mind. "Stratus!!" On reaction he tried to jump to his feet to locate his minicon, but he didn't even get halfway into a sitting possition before he recieved a swift reminder of his injuries.

Aero Blade yelped loudly, then sagged back down onto the ground with a groan, pain shooting through his shoulder and midsection.

Well, at least I'm not numb any more... the young transformer thought, understanding that it meant his injuries were at least partway fixed. His vision seemed to be clearing up too, though not quite all the way yet. He recognized most of the transformers there, aside from the three security officers.

Aero Blade looked around the group worriedly, confused at what was going on, but also worried for his minicon partner. "Please...someone find Stratus. I left him and Sureshock with Hot Rod. Someone please bring them here..." He pleaded, helpless to do anything until his injuries were fixed more.

Quick Switch
2003-04-16, 05:44 AM
Dragnet listened intently as Quick Switch's evac order came over the comm.

"Damnit," he cried. "Now you say there're others stuck out who knows where? I'm sorry, we need to head back! If there's an invasion on..." the old veteran turned to Hound, worried.

"I'm assuming you've dealt with this unit before. Can he be reasoned with? Don't think we have much time to look for stragglers..." though the decision gnawed at the old officer.

Cordon and Radius shifted uneasily.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-16, 01:30 PM
"Recieved and understood. I will arrive at hanger 3 in half a vorn." replied Sky Lynx.

"Me Swoop think that Quintessons must be winning, but dont know how."

"I know old buddy, I know. I hope we can find a way of beating them for good."

Sky Lynx accelerated towards Iacon.


Upon hearing Quick Switches transmission, Shockwave opened a channel to Astrotrain
"I would like to be present at the meeting between Optimus Prime and Galvatron. Logic suggests that a further plan of action would be created. I wish to integrate my plan with what Galvatron and Prime arrive at."

2003-04-16, 02:40 PM
Bean, Rally and Talon were already on their way to Iacon. They had left Metroplex as soon as he started transforming. When Bean's car rode over a large slab the car was almost flipped over as the slab abruptly moved. A scream was also heard. They immediatly stopped as parts of the slab started melting....

***Underneath the slab***

Blaze was in a bad mood, first she gets pummeled by a huge slab as soon as she regained consciousness and now something was moving atop of the thing. She quickly increased her flames which started melting the slab bit by bit. After a few moments the slab had melted enough for her to move out of it. She calmed down a bit as she saw the form of Talon in the sky, next to a red vehicle. "Well, if it isn't the gargoyle. Fancy meeting you in a place like this" she said with a small smirk.

"Indeed. I tried searching for your group earlier, but I couldn't find you. But where are the others?" Talon replied as he sees the fiery form of Blaze emerge.

"Where the others are? Give me a minute" Blaze mutters as she closes her eyes as she tries to sense her sisters. A few moments later she heads over to a small pile of rubble and excavates Frost from it. "Hmm....Blaze...where are...the others?" she asked. "Nearby, you get Shock out, I'll fetch Gale" Blaze replies as she heads over to where she sensed Gale. Frost heads to where she senses Shock and the two of them quickly free their sisters from the debris. "Ugh what hit us?" Gale asks a tad groggy. "A-big-plate" Shock replies not too clearheaded herself.

"I'm glad you are alright. But we need to make haste and reach Iacon" Talon replies as the other Elementals are rescued from the rubble.

"In a moment. Are we all up to strength?" Frost asks her sisters.
Blaze: "Full burn boss"
Shock: "Full-power-here"
Gale: "I'm not sure HOW, but I'm fully charged"
Frost: "I think that the Chaos energy that hit us recharged us. But let's form Void, and give the gargoyle and his companions a lift to Iacon. Elementals, merge!" Frost states as she initiates her part of the transformation. Gale, Blaze and Shock follow suit and soon the ominous black form of Void is standing in front of Talon, Bean and Rally. She heads over to Bean's car. "Mind if I give you a lift, human?" she asked.

Bean:"Fine with me, just watch the paintjob"
Void:"Ok, here goes" she says as she picks up Bean's car with both hands and with a few flaps of her wings ascends the sky and heads towards Iacon, Talon perched on her shoulder.

2003-04-16, 02:45 PM
Minerva and Brainstorm: -still working on Aero Blade-

Minerva: "We're almost done. Just be patient."

Nightbeat: "We'll find Stratus. Siren, Hosehead, with me."

Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -head out, looking for Stratus-

Quick Switch
2003-04-16, 06:46 PM
Astrotrain rubbed his face with his hands, and replied to Shockwave bitterly-

"Request granted, though I doubt his Lordship will broke any interference, and you'll cary no weight with Prime. But give me a full report when you return, Shockwave- your analysis will be key."


"Excellency- Excellency!" The Executioner snapped his claws in sheer jubiliation. Two heads- attached by spinal circuits, were clamped neatly in the claws. The old killer had finally found some partisans.

"Executioner- what is it?" the Imperial Magistrate said.

"I heard from these partisans-" the brutish creature shook the heads clamped in his claws- "before I killed 'em...the Autobots are retreating!"

"Indeed?" The Imperial Magistrate's Death's Head cracked into a horrific smile. "Indeed? Hahhah! Judge Delibarata!" the Quintesson leader opened up a comm.

"Excellency?" the overall Field Commander Magistrate replied.

"Let loose your troops- let the cities run with oil. Cybertron is ours. Let the Sharkticons feast. The terror they induce will force the slaves to retreat even faster. Even now, they panic and abandond their order of battle..."

"With pleasure," Delibarata answered.


On the battlements, Judge Delibarata unearthed himself from his hiding place. Hundreds of crack Sharkticon troops- some still gnawing on previous victims- listened attentively.

"Sharkticons of the Dominion- Warriors Elite- it is my pleasure to tell you that the Transformers are even now fleeing Cybertron!"

A thundering chorus of jubiliant snarls and whoops rang out.

"The Imperial Magistrate has decreed: take to the streets! Slay any Transformer you find! Cybertron is ours again- victory is ours! LET THE SLAUGHTER BEGIN!" Delibarata roared.

At first, the Sharkticons took time to process the order. As one, those who were in robot mode shifted to their animal attack mode. Corpses were dropped where they lay.

The hundreds of Sharkticons began to move. Walking at first, then trotting, then running. Swarming. They filed past their commander, who turned and watched his troops streak past, whipped into a frenzy.

Toward Polyhex. Tarn. Darkmount. Iacon.

The hellish horde surged on. Those Transformers who lived in the border cities between those cities who could not flee, were devoured.

Those who ran lasted for a time, but they too, fell back and where eaten. It was inevitable. Nothing remained of whole cities, or their populations.

Such was the will of the Imperial Magistrate, Overlord and Master of Cybertron Entire, again.


The elite Combiner Elimination Squadron came upon a still-bustling Autobot city.

"Boys," Maelstrom said, "I think this city is in our way. Level it."

"Please, no!" an elderly robot came out. He was the prefect of the city. "We beg you, no! We are neutrals! We care not for Autobot or Decepticon! We accept the Quintessons as Divine Masters, like days of old!" All the citizens had scraped off their Autobot sigils, in a desperate attempt to fool the approaching destroyers.

The alderbots of the City assembled as well. They trembled, but surely, the Dark Guardians would not destroy their city. They had declared it Open.

"Pick that one up, Terminus," Maelstrom said, smiling broadly. "That old fellow's got some vervre!"

Terminus, the picture of grace, gently clacked the prefect in his pincer arm. He held him out to Maelstrom.

"I think he liesss..." Pyre hissed, spitting out a plume of smoke fro his mouth at the prefect, who hacked and coughed.

"What of it?" Cenotaph said, chilling the Transformer assembled. His hideous gaze fell upon the aldermen. "They are workers. Look at them...pitiful...weak..."

Mercykiller and Deathbringer moved up to the forefront, sharp limbs glistening.

"I don't know, Commander," Terminus said, expert at gallows humor, "they did declare their city open...maybe they aren't treacherous Autobots or Decepticons."

Maelstrom laughed, the picture of normalcy. His optics sparkled. The citizens, male, females old and young- were put at ease. That one was reasonable. Thank Primus he was the leader. They were saved.

"Oh bless you, sir," a little femme cried, only a child, who kowtowed to Maelstrom, kissing one of his massive feet. "You are gods! Not Primus!"

"Hush!" an older female replied, horrified. "Dare you blaspheme against the Mighty Primus?" She said this before the young could stop her.

Maelstrom's expression hardened. His optics still twinkled, but his mouth became a vicious line.

"It's a step in the right direction, you old crone, the Quintessons are your rightful, divine masters- we are their avatars!" he bellowed. "I declare all of you save this fine girl- traitors. Level this city! Spare none except this child!"

At once, Deathbringer was in their air, vicious feet talons extended- the alderbots were smashed underfoot. Mercykiller flew into the crowds, killing dozens with his pincers. Cenotaph hurled himself at the main city buildings, smashing them thanks to his gyro. The screams of those inside did nothing to stop the carnage.

"No- no! You'll pay for this! Optimus Prime will- AUHGH!" the prefect was cut off as Terminus activated his acid injectors in his pincer arm, and watched detachedly as the old unit's body was eaten through.

"It burns, doesn't it?" Terminus said, dropping the smoking sludge that was the kind prefect who had devoted his life to keeping his people safe. "Too bad, old one!" And then Terminus joined the slaughter, spurting out acid on those who fled from his squad mates. Pyre added his flames to the acidic spray, and it was general hell for those who tried to flee.

"Thisss is how much treassson burnsss!" Pyre said, cackling madly.

Meanwhile, the young child-bot had not taken her eyes from Maelstrom, and the black-hearted fiend was fascinated by this young one.

"What is your name, youngling?" Maelstrom said, extended down his claw. She walked into it, face shining. She did not look back at her former city.

"I don't have one," she replied sweetly. "I'm a proto-proto-"

"Prototype?" The Dark Guardian Commander answered, thunderstruck. He was glad he had ordered the destruction of this city. By all that was Just- they'd found a way to reproduce...but not anymore. "Do you not miss your...creator?"

"No, my creator was weak," her blue optics crinkled. "See? He's melting over there," -she ponted where one of Pyre's flames had struck ground- "You are the true God, sir."

"My Master, the Imperial Magistrate, and his Court- they are your Gods, child." Maelstrom said gently. Yes, this one would have much potential. She would have to live. Maelstrom sat the childbot on one of his massive shoulder and pointed out with his cannon arm. "Watch- watch the new wave of the future. Soon, I will take you to the Court. Soon." But in the depths of his CPU, something twisted in Maelstrom. If a child could be so cruel- and she the only one...had they made a horrific mistake?

The Transformers could never defeat the Dominion. Not now...

"Yes, sir," she replied brightly. Wouldn't that be fun!

2003-04-16, 06:51 PM
The massive form of Black Zarak in his scorpion mode made the other Decepticons assigned to Tarn look like a miniatures compared to the giant who seemed compete with the very city of Tarn when it came to size. One might have thought that such giant could not notice one like Starblade approaching him but definately this was not the case.

"I am in command." Came the reply to Starblade's question from Black Zarak's external speakers. "And as you can see... it is quiet here... for now."

>>"Decepticons. Prepare for the worst. The Quintesson invasion fleet may attack us anytime.">> The enormous Decepticon boomed through his external speaker units, so that everyone in Tarn heard him. Sure, he knew of the situation in Iacon, but he didn't want to bring down the morale of the soldiers assigned to protect Tarn with him...

2003-04-16, 07:41 PM
StarBlade nodded. "It seems too quiet, sir... Like the calm before the storm..." She paused, then spoke again. "Ever feel like a transport was coming in, and you're in its path?"

* * * * * * *

Cybertron Hilton
Adeara arrived at the Quintesson HQ, having to hide every few buildings. She was not used to the form she was in, so she was careful. Even though it was common enough, Metrodrones weren't entirely made for sneaking about into enemy bases.

Adeara, watching a few other Drones wandering about, doing things, followed their example, only she was aiming for where the head of the Quintessons was located. She got lucky. Someone ordered her to work on a wall near the Imperial Magistrate. Once in place, Adeara began her job of, not only fixing the wall, but listening to what went on.

"Excellency- Excellency!" The Executioner snapped his claws in sheer jubiliation. Two heads- attached by spinal circuits, were clamped neatly in the claws. The old killer had finally found some partisans.

"Executioner- what is it?" the Imperial Magistrate said.

"I heard from these partisans-" the brutish creature shook the heads clamped in his claws- "before I killed 'em...the Autobots are retreating!"

"Indeed?" The Imperial Magistrate's Death's Head cracked into a horrific smile. "Indeed? Hahhah! Judge Delibarata!" the Quintesson leader opened up a comm.

"Excellency?" the overall Field Commander Magistrate replied.

"Let loose your troops- let the cities run with oil. Cybertron is ours. Let the Sharkticons feast. The terror they induce will force the slaves to retreat even faster. Even now, they panic and abandond their order of battle..."

"With pleasure," Delibarata answered.

This shocked the shapeshifter enough that she nearly dropped the tool she held. Retreating? The battles must be going badly enough that the Quintessons might just win. This was not good... But she had to wait for word from Shockwave on when to leave, so she filed this with the other information, and simply waited, and listened...

God Jinrai
2003-04-17, 01:13 AM
Arriving at the city, prime was sent nearly into a state of shock... hate plague infected transformers...everywhere...


Prime leapt skyward, landing on a low rooftop in hopes of getting a better view... he got what he asked for... and much worse... hundreds of those infected had taken notice of his arrival... and had begun to swarm the building...

"Primus... I know you're gone, but.... matrix, give me strength, I can't kill these people! Please... let mirage show soon... I can't afford to wait much longer.."

Back on the battlefield, fortress' front pylon was torn into by one of the techno-organics... the beast manage to tear clean through, and in doing so, the armor ripped away, causing the wretched beast to lose its grasp....

"Grand, we've got to go! NOW! Prime's ordered an evac, and we need to get back to iacon! NOW!"

Quick Switch
2003-04-17, 02:06 AM
The Executioner turned, and noticed one particular worker drone- one o' them slave robots- he thought disgustedly, not like the hard working Sharkticons, seemed to being paying attention.

Too much, it seemed.

Stomping over to the Drone's position, the Executioner brandished his claws, and dropped the two heads.

"Move it along!" he roared, clacking his vicious claws. "This wall's fixed! Move!"

The added commotion attracted the attention of two dozing Sharkticons, who fixed the drone with glimmering optics.


The Techno-Organic who had ripped through the pylon let loose a scream of victory, then began to devour what it had taken off. Its comrade unit began to fight with it over the large pieces.

A perfect opportunity to leave the field, relatively unscathed.

2003-04-17, 03:16 AM
Mirage saw Prime appear. Torn between going to him and perhaps infecting his leader, and the desire to go after Galvatron, he writhed and forced his way forward - back toward the city and Optimus.

"Optimus! Optimus- I'm here!" He called between shivers.
And I'll infect you too. Destroy the Autobots! If I'm going to be a traitor, I may as well earn... no, what am I doing?! Optimus...shoot me.

As Mirage made eye contact with his leader, he reached to his chest and tore the wires that helped distort his image, then closed his eyes and waited.
Hound nodded to Dragnet. Without moving, he spoke to Aero Blade. "Aero Blade, relax. Hot Rod will take care of Sureshock and Stratus both, and Sureshock will make certain Stratus will be okay. Just relax- we're all going back the same way and you'll find him if he doesn't find you first. Let Brainstorm finish so we can all get to safety."

Hound closed his optics as he finished and his thoughts started wandering. So tired- hope I can hold out. What's going on now? Hot Rod- I hope you're watching those little guys.

2003-04-17, 04:39 AM
Nightbeat: -hears Hound- "Never mind, guys. Looks like the missing minicon isn't lost, just relocated."

Siren: -sighs- "So much for that. Back to watching them repair Aero Blade."

Hosehead: "Maybe we should get a shuttle?"

Siren: "We could get one, see if we could pick up stragglers."

Nightbeat: "Given our record with shuttlecraft, getting a shuttle is the last thing we should do."

Minerva: -not looking up as she works on Aero Blade- "With our record on shuttles, we'll injure all the wounded even more. How can I work on my golf game if I have to keep working?"

Brainstorm: -also working on Aero Blade- "But you hate golf."

Minerva: "True." -tweaks a few more things, runs a scan- "Good. Everything's holding. Life support functions stable. Brainstorm, how's that processor doing?"

Brainstorm: "Repaired and operating at 90% of capacity."

Minerva: "Not bad for not having a repair bay handy. You're good to go, Aero Blade. Preferably, to go to the nearest medbay so we can complete repairs."

Aero Blade
2003-04-17, 05:38 AM
Aero Blade stood up, testing his joints. His waist was still sore, but it was long forgotten. Aero Blade turned to Dragnet, a visible change overcoming him. The minute Dragnet had mentioned that they didn't have enough time to look for the others, a change had started. It was like someone had flipped a switch on him. The once meek Technitian's determination and ferocity had suddenly grown.


"You want us to abandon them?" Aero Blade's eyes flashed as he glared at the security officer. "I may not understand a great deal of the stuff going on around here - heck, I don't even know what a Quintession is - but I do understand one thing, and that's abandoning your allies makes you even worse than the people you're running from!"

Aero Blade cast his glare to all the other people around him. The loyalty and determiniation in his voice was astounding. "I've seen FAR too many people who could have been saved sacrified because someone decided it was for 'the good of the unit'. Slag it all to Unicron's crypt!! There's been alot of insane happenings around here that Autobots have been responsible for doing, and you can't blame it on the Chaos Matrix anymore!" He returned his glare to Dragnet.

"I owe Stratus far too much to cast him aside to save my own hide! I'm not going anywhere, not without Stratus. Not without all of them!"

2003-04-17, 08:28 PM
Oh, no! Over came the one who brought the news of the retreat. "Move it along!" he roared, clacking his vicious claws. "This wall's fixed! Move!" Adeara froze, and stared at him, then gathered her tools. She had just stood up when she noticed that 2 of the Sharkticons were eying her. This made her very nervous. She wasn't going to blow her cover, not unless she had to. She edged her way out of the area, staying as far away from the two Sharkticons as possible, and walked around a corner. Breathing a silent sigh of relief, Adeara set the tools down, and leaned against the wall for a moment. Now I gotta wait for that messege from Shockwave to get out of here! If I stay here much longer, I'm going to blow my cover!

2003-04-18, 01:35 AM
Hound scowled and very calmly replied, "That's not what he said Aero Blade. An evacuation was ordered and we have to go. You are free to choose whatever path you want. I'd like you to come with us- it would be best if you did. Hot Rod will be returning to Iacon with the minicons if they'll go, but if you won't come, that's your choice and at least you're fixed. We're Autobots and safety of others is a primary concern- which must be part of the cause of the evacuation. At the very least, you can see if Stratus is there and then make your choice."

He closed his optics and after a moment, began speaking again.
"Dragnet- there must be a good reason Optimus has ordered an evacuation, this group needs to get back. I don't think I can make it back under my own power though. You're in charge- do what you need to."

2003-04-18, 02:17 AM
Nightbeat: -sighs- "Given what our roles are, we have to."

Siren: "Have to what?"

Nightbeat: "Get a shuttle. If you can find one, that is. Take Hosehead with you."

Siren: "Gotcha, boss."

Siren and Hosehead: -head for Iacon-

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "Chromeodme, status report."

Chromedome: "Metroplex has gone into battle.... and two of the ugliest things I've ever seen have shown up. They're ignoring us, though. Roadbuster's contacted Sixswitch, and we're waiting for him to show up."

Nightbeat: -over commlink- "Lovely. Alright, I'll come over and see what they look like. Nightbeat out." -transforms, roars back to where Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster are-


Siren and Hosehead: -roar into Iacon, sirens blaring, roar into Iacon's shuttlebay..... and into chaos, skid to a halt, transform-

Siren: "Primus on a jet ski..... Talk about panicked people."

Hosehead: "That's not the bad part. All the shuttles are taken."

Siren: "Well, we don't need to go extra atmospheric with it. How about that cargo skimmer? It's got a big enough cargo bed. More importantly, it's not being fought over by the throngs of people trying to leave the planet."

Hosehead: "Sounds like a plan. Let's get it."

Siren and Hosehead: -climb into the cargo skimmer, start it up-

Hosehead: "You know how to pilot one of these, right?"

Siren: "I'm as good at piloting one of these as I am piloting a shuttle." -brings skimmer's anti-grav drives up, skimmer lifts a foot off the ground, skitters into the wall-

Hosehead: "Maybe we should walk......."

2003-04-18, 02:53 AM
Sunstreaker sat down shaking his head "Aero Blade quit whining and over-reacting. Optimus said we gotta get out of here, if is urgent enough to order evac Iacon we don't have time to get fools who slow" he scoffed to the whining Aero Blade

Bluestreak transformed as he reached the other who were beginning to turn back into the gates.

"Guys where are you going!" He asked moving forward

"Evacuation" Wheeljack said solemnly

"What?" Bluestreak asked

"Prime doesn' know what he wants man, Quintesson invasion we Cybertron. Primse said to meet here for attack and" Blaster said...

"Now we're headin' to a loading bay and gettin' outta here" Jazz finished

Bluestreak was stunned he wanted to be home for a little while now he gets here and he has to go again, right away no break. Out of Metroplex and then to a shuttle.

"Oh... okay" he muttered moving with them "Lets go then"

Aero Blade
2003-04-18, 03:56 AM
Aero Blade walked a short distance away from the group, staring at the ground, thinking to himself. He hadn't meant to snap at Hound or the other, it just happened.

Maybe I am overreacting. I let that fruitcake Sunstreaker get under my circuit boards, but that was no reason to go at the others, they didn't deserve that... Aero Blade sighed heavily, looking up at the sky. But what about Stratus? I can't leave him to who knows what fate...

Aero Blade stared at the ground again. Why did I even leave him with Hot Rod? He reminds me alittle of Hotshot, that's why... Perhaps this Optimus everyone else keeps mentioning isn't too different from the one I know as well. I doubt either of them would make such an order unless it was a last resort.

Aero Blade looked up, sighing one more time. I need to give these people the benefit of the doubt. None of them...well, excluding Sunstreaker...none of the others have given me a reason to not trust them. I need to give them more in return. Aero Blade turned back around, heading back toward the group. This isn't the Iacon I remember. These people aren't going to hurt me...

Aero Blade stopped a short distance from the group, pausing for a long time.

"I'm sorry..." he said the group, looking down. "I shouldn't have snapped like that. I had no reason to..."


Stratus was uneasy. They'd recieved the evac message like everyone else, but Hotrod still hadn't seemed to have decided what to do yet. Stratus was getting worried about Aero Blade. He hadn't come back yet, and this was much longer than before. Stratus looked at Sureshock.

"I think we should go check on Aero Blade, but...I don't want to go alone. Well...you remember what happened last time..." Stratus told Sureshock, seeming both nervous and embarrased. He didn't want to have another repeat of being nabbed by a Decepticon. He wondered if Sureshock would be willing to go with him.

Quick Switch
2003-04-18, 04:34 AM
Dragnet scratched his head with the barrel of his machine gun at Aero Blade's comments.

"Glad you've apologized, lad, but I need a decision. Are you coming with us, or not? Hound's raised a good point."

Cordon and Radius had already transformed into their alternate modes: armored cars, at a signal from Dragnet. They opened their rear doors for the others to enter.

"Um, go on ahead and get in sirs," Cordon said, speaking to Hound and the Headmaster.

"Goes for you to- you're a nut, but I'm not leavin' an Autobot behind for the Decepticons," Radius said to Sunstreaker.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-18, 11:52 AM
"Shockwave to Lord Galvatron, I request permission to join you with Optimus Prime. Any plan of action that you and Optimus develop must logically be integrated into the plan that I developed. If two plans are in operation simultaneously, with no con-ordination, we can expect a 17.67% chance of success against the Quintessons. Shockwave out"

Once finished, he opened a line to Adeara.
"Return at once. Any more time spent near the Quintesson base of operations will result in your detection, and mission failure. Again, I remind you to exercise caution when retreating. Shockwave out."


Sky Lynx, seeing that the bay doors to hangar 3 were open, flew right in. He radioed Quick Switch notifying him of his arrival, and opened his transport module. Swoop stood at the door, wating for the imminent arrival of soon-to-be refugees.

2003-04-18, 08:45 PM
"Return at once. Any more time spent near the Quintesson base of operations will result in your detection, and mission failure. Again, I remind you to exercise caution when retreating. Shockwave out." Adeara blinked as the transmission came in. She was hidden around a corner, so no one saw her as she breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Sticking to the shadows, Adeara began her trek out of Quintesson territory....

2003-04-19, 01:45 AM
Hound flashed a brief, warm and exhausted smile to Aero Blade as he struggled to his feet. "Not to worry. From Iacon, you can find him. The security team can help."

And finishing, he edged carefully over to Cordon and crawled inside with the last bit of his energy, sitting still and grateful for the rest. He leaned against Coron's side and closed his optics.

2003-04-19, 02:20 AM
Nightbeat: -rolls up to Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster, transforms- "Where's the....." -sees Techno-Organics- "Holy.....Where are you working?

[Edit]~Sig removal - Scout~

Aero Blade
2003-04-19, 02:54 AM
"Yes," Aero Blade answered Dragnet. "Yes, I'm coming."

Aero Blade slowly walked over to Cordon and climbed in, sitting down beside Hound, closing his optics, his head hung slightly. Aero Blade's voice, his posture, they all gave the appearance as though he'd been defeated. He wanted to trust them - was trusting them - but at the same time he still felt as though he was abandoning Hot Rod, Sureshock and Stratus by leaving them behind.

They might be already on their way to Iacon, he told himself. They're probably already there waiting for us. It didn't help. Aero Blade wrung his hands, shaking alittle. He'd never willingly left friends behind, even though he was leaving with other friends. The emotions inside of him were hurting him. He tried to go to sleep, seeking to evade these feelings, but sleep wouldn't come to him.


Stratus stared at Sureshock, waiting for his answer. He didn't want to go looking for Aero Blade alone, but the longer he waited, the more he got the feeling it'd get even harder to find his partner. He still patiently waited though, hoping Sureshock would make his decision soon.

2003-04-19, 07:12 AM
Nightbeat: -rolls up to Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster, transforms- "Where's the....." -sees Techno-Organics- "Holy....."

Chromedome: "I know the feeling."

Nightbeat: "Then let's feel it somewhere else."

Quick Switch
2003-04-19, 02:32 PM
Dragnet nodded, and slammed shut the doors of Cordon and Radius.

"All right, go, you two whelps."

"Sir- you've got to return with us!" Cordon said, trying to keep the panic out of his voice.

"Yes sir, he's right. Someone's got to brief the Director!" Radius said.

"Well, it'll have to be you pups then, won't it?" Dragnet said, trying to keep his voice harsh. "You'll have to learn sooner or later how to do other things than carry a weapon! Now, get back to Iacon, damnit! That's an order!"

The two armored cars pulled off, full throttle to Iacon.

Dragnet's scowl melted into a smile. Those two had been his trainees since they'd joined the Security Academy.

"Good whelps, those too lads," he said. Ramming back his clutch on the machine gun, he ejected the empty bullets. Steadying his weapon, he strode off, forward. "Now to find those Mini...whatevers."

The sounds of battle were getting nearer, Dragnet noted. More bleakly, only the sounds of screams...and rending teeth.

2003-04-19, 09:47 PM
Minerva: -transforms, leans out of car window- "Brainstorm, get airborne and back to Iacon! I'm going after Nightbeat!" -roars away after Nightbeat-

Brainstorm: -transforms, flies towards Iacon-


Siren and Hosehead: -drop off the few stragglers they've been able to pick up, set the cargo skimmer down next to Iacon's main energon storage facility-

Hosehead: "Why'd we land here?"

Siren: "Because I've got an idea. Load the skimmer with energon cubes."

Siren and Hosehead: -start loading the cargo skimmer with energon cubes-


Roadbuster: "We're waiting for Sixswitch."

Nightbeat: "Activate a homing beacon for him. We're out in the open here. Besides, the evac order's been given. Now come on!"

Nightbeat, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster: -transform, roar towards Iacon-

Roadbuster: -activates homing beacon to let Sixswitch know where they are-

2003-04-20, 05:38 AM
Dreadwind approached Metrotitain.

"Yo," he signaled to whoever was inside. "Can someone there clear us for landing?"

2003-04-20, 06:00 PM
Sunstreaker looked as Cordon and Radius drove off shaking his head.

"My what talented Jailors" he said sarcastically turning too Dragnet. He could go with him or go back to Iacon. The slowly turned on one leg and started to walk after Dragnet. The Amatuer could probably use the help.

2003-04-21, 05:14 AM
Brainstorm: -soaring high over the advancing Sharkticon frontlines- "Wow. Talk about ugly......." -sees Siren and Hosehead land a cargo skimmer piled high with energon cubes a couple of kilometers in front of the advancing Sharkticons, then leap off the cargo skimmer, transform, and head for Iacon at full speed- "What are they up to now....." -swoops down, flying a few feet over them- "What are you two up to?"

Quig: "It was his idea! He's insane!"

Siren: "Shaddap, bookworm! It's simple, Brainstorm-"

Hosehead: "Yeah. It might work."

Lug: "Hard as that may be to believe....."

Siren: "I get no respect.... Look, Brainstorm, it's simple. There's a bomb at the center of that pile of cubes with a proximity sensor on it. Soon as the Sharkticons get close enough, BOOM! The whole pile of them goes up!"

Quig: "The Sharkticons or the energon cubes?"

Siren: "Quiet, you!"

Brainstorm: "That's not a bad idea..." -scans pile of energon cubes- "Just one question. Where'd you get the bomb?"

Siren: "I whipped it up out of some spare parts."

Brainstorm: "Then you'd better get your money back from whoever gave you that bomb-making book. I'm registering an inert lump of metal. All you're doing is giving them a free meal."

Siren: "WHAT?!?!?"

Brainstorm: -transforms, lands on Hosehead's back deck- "Don't worry. I got it covered."

Hosehead: "And you're really heavy....."

Brainstorm: -aims at pile of energon cubes, fires as the Sharkticons draw near to it, shades optics as pile explodes- "I don't know how much that'll slow them down, now let's get out of here!" -leaps into air, transforms, hits afterburners for Iacon, Siren and Hosehead in hot pursuit-

Minerva: -skids her vehicle mode transector around in a bootlegger 180 as Nightbeat, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster go roaring past in the opposite direction, catches up- "I was coming to get you!"

Muzzle: "You found us. We're heading for Iacon."

2003-04-21, 04:16 PM
ooc: Sorry. Have to move Hot Rod. Philcom, when you return, PM or AIM me please. :)

Having waited for Aero Blade to return until the evacuation order came over his speakers, Hot Rod motioned with a resigned look at the two minicons to follow him as he headed toward Iacon. "C'mmon guys- we've got to go, but the security can track him down after we get back."

Sureshock nodded at Stratus and replied in minicon, "He's right. The security team will find him, don't worry. We'll find him. You trusted us before, trust us again. Let's go."
And then Sureshock transformed into his scooter mode and followed Hot Rod.

Jetfire had been fixed up, fueled up, and was set to go. He sat quietly in the loading hangar as refugees piled in.

Aero Blade
2003-04-21, 04:53 PM
"I just hope he isn't hurt," Stratus answered, transforming into his jet/shuttle mode, following after Hot Rod and Sureshock, eager to see his partner Aero Blade again. He also hoped those Hound and Dirge guys were alright. They seemed nicer than most transformers around here.

Quick Switch
2003-04-21, 08:55 PM
Dragnet simply cocked his machine gun, turned, and fired point blank at Sunstreaker when he heard the Autobot following after him.


"Land," Astrotrain said irritably in response to the Powermaster jets on the Decepticon channel. He didn't have time for this.


Some Sharkticons were obliterated by the explosion, and for a moment, the line faltered. Then, Judge Delibarata appeared on a hover pod above the troops.

"Advance! For the glory of the Dominion!" He roared.

The Sharkticons, emboldened, charged forward, forgetting the dead. The advance continued.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-04-21, 11:08 PM
There was a low rumble at first, much akin to the tetonic plates moving on the Earth. Compared to the chaos ensuing him, that was a low rumble.

He'd not really felt anything since his hard landing on Cybertron's surface, he was sure that the Sharkticons around him had mistaken him for dead. They were swarming around, tearing apart random robots that got in their path, they were a seemingly unstoppable force...

It was then that he felt it, the familiar grip the handle to his favoured weapon, his fist tightened, it filled him with anger, pride and dis-taste that these pathetic creatures dared to take his planet...

He stood up...a lone soldier, but one not un-used to the situation, he looked around, all seemed calm for a moment. Sharkticons had stopped to watch ... they couldn't believe that they'd mistook him for dead, they looked from one another...He felt their eyes, lifeless.. indifferent to what they were doing.

His anger took over, other emotions were lost to the rage, almost despair, that he felt within. He lifted his sword high above his head and let fly...one sharkticon froze...a slight crack in his fore-head...this quickly grew to a full split, soon the sharkticon fell in two halves. It was that that signalled the onslaught.

Grimlock was consumed by Sharkticons, due to their sheer number, they were not afraid of him, despite his obvious strength. Again Grimlock tore upwards...the sword sliced one sharkticons arm off, another lost half his head. Grimlock suddenly found a sharkticon's tail flailing towards him, two deft moves and that tail soon became a weapon. He swung the tail proudly above his head sending scores of Sharkticons reeling backwards...

Grimlock again found himself overpowered, despite his sword flowing through the scores like a hot knife through butter, he knew that he couldn't keep going at this pace. With a giant roar Grimlock transformed into his massive T-Rex mode. One hapless Sharkticon got too close and soon found himself skidding, painfully, across Cybertron's surface. Grimlock tore through the ranks of the on-coming Sharkticons, he was heading for the shuttles and he'd be damned if a few pesky quintesson toys were going to stop him.

2003-04-21, 11:24 PM
Galvatron depressed the Comm...

Galvatron: "Decepticons...full evacuation of the planet. Head to Earth, Metrotitan, Trypticon, Scorponok, and all shuttles will take off immediately. Any who delay will be left behind."

Galvatron sighed and looked around him.

Galvatron: "Astrotrain...you have the comm...keep me appraised of the situation on Earth. Find Gigatron at all costs...Galvatron out."

With that Galvatron transformed into jet mode and tore directly at the heart of the Quint force...no decepticon would defy him and stay behind...he had done his part to save his brothers, his soldiers...now it was time he saved his home. Bearing down on a dark guardian, Galvatron blasted throught the face plate, decapitating the massive robotic beast. Transforming into robot mode Galvatron landed amidst the horde.

Galvatron: "Foolish creatures...you have picked a good day to die!"

The first Sharkticon lept forward, Galvatron punched into its eye, tore its Metaprocessor out and ripped the creature in half. Then smirked as the wave of brainless beasts paused.

Galvatron: "Let that be a lesson to those who dare oppose the might of Galvatron!"

With that, Galvatron noticed Grimlock fight back the odds...the wave swarming all around him. Galvatron sneered and transformed into cannon mode, firing several blasts shredding nearly a dozen Sharticons, giving Grimlock some breathing room.

Galvatron walked calmly towards Grimlock, his fists charging with his plasma weapon about to go off...

Galvatron: "So...at least one warrior chose to share the field of battle with Galvatron on this day..."

With that Galvatron smiled and sent forth his plasma anti matter, searing through the ranks of Sharkticons, blasting all that came into its path to pieces.

Galvatron: "Come forth Quintesson cowards and know the name of the one who shall bring death to all of your kind...know my name...is GALVATRON!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-04-21, 11:35 PM
"Me think you show off...."

Grimlock muttered as much to himself as he did outloud, with the screeching noice around him he didn't expect Galvatron would hear him, much less care to tackle him.

He took up another Sharkticons and clamped down, using his own tail to knock over a half-dozen more of the bretheren before letting go of the broken shartkicon and returning to his robot mode.

He once again took up his sword and shook more sharkticons, with the two powerful robots infront of them, they were hesitant, but no less attack-minded.

Quick Switch
2003-04-22, 12:04 AM
Astrotrain stiffened and saluted.

"As you command, my Lord!"

He then said loudly:

"Metrotitan! Initiate booster engines- take off!"

And Metrotitan began to transform....


Quintesson Command:

"Excellency- it is Galvatron!" the Inquisitor rumbled.

"Galvatron, indeed?" The Imperial Magistrate scoffed. "Inquisitor, send the ECS after Galvatron!"

"As you wish," the Inquisitor answered.


Judge Delibarata, leading the Sharkticons, stopped and stared.

"Galvatron, we meet again. I saved your life, and you repay us with treachery? And they say we Quintessons are backstabbers!"

With but a signal, the remaining Sharkticons poured toward Galvatron, while a seperate contingent ran towards Grimlock.


The Combiner Elimination Squad received their orders:

Galvatron was alive, and he was to be terminated.

"Well, boys- looks like we're going to go kill Galvatron!" Maelstrom laughed, and with pistons at full strength, he and his squad girded themselves for battle.

It would be glorious. Gloriously brief for Galvatron, that is.

Aero Blade
2003-04-22, 12:28 AM
Tracer had been en-route to Polyhex, having recieved earlier orders from Soundwave, but along the way had finally met with the Sharkticons and was forced to stop to battle them, much to his pleasure.

He enjoyed the first several minutes of his battle, but after awhile it began to get monotonous. The mindless brutes used the same attacks repeatedly, and they weren't very hard to take down with Tracer's high-power weapons. Their sheer numbers seemed endless though, and it was begining to tee him off. Tracer wanted a battle, not this mindless slaughter. He wanted a challange, but it didn't seem like he was going to get it here.

As Tracer cut into the swarm again with his blaster, Galvatron's voice came over his com. "Evacuate?" It almost didn't make sense to him. Sure Decepticons have retreated before, but to pull the entire force off of the planet? Durring his momentary distraction, one Sharkticon managed to cut into him with its claws. The cut was shallow, but already being annoyed, it set Tracer off.

"Stupid brute! I just replaced that plate of armor!" Tracer grabbed the offending Sharkticon by the jaw, forcing it's mouth open. He fired one of his sphere bombs down it's throat, then threw it back into the group. It exploded, taking several others with it. Tracer flung several more bombs into the group, transforming and taking off as they tried unsucessfully to scramble out of the way as the bombs exploded.

Now in the air, Tracer had room to think. The com signal had been very strong, meaning Galvatron was very near by, but his leader had ordered an evacuation. Surely he'd be mad if Tracer disobeyed to go look for him. He wanted to go seek out his leader to help him, but he wouldn't disobey him. "Back to Metrotitan, then..." He said to himself, that being the nearest location named. As he started heading that way, though, he spotted something up ahead.

"Could it be..?" he started. Yes, it was Galvatron, and he spotted Grimlock after a moment near by, along with several Quintessons. "Well, it is on my way to Metrotitan..." Tracer said to himself. He launched off several more bombs into the swarm of Sharkticons underneith him. These one's hadn't seen the bombs before, and instead of running they stared at the bombs and were promptly destroyed in the resulting explosion. Tracer landed in the new opening and transformed, charging up his plasma cannons. The two cannons formed one large beam as he fired, tearing a column through the Sharkticons past near where Galvitron and Grimlock were, headed for Judge Delibarata. Tracer switched back to his blaster and openned fire on the mindless brutes again. He wouldn't be able to use the plasma cannons again for awhile, but he was determined to protect his leader Galvatron.

2003-04-22, 12:40 AM
Adeara caught the comm messege from Galvatron. Galvatron lives??? Then she realized he had just ordered full evac. I'm outta here! She shifted instantly to her firebird form, and sped off through the sky, a streak of fire heading for Metrotitan. ~StarBlade! Head for Metrotitan!!!!~ Adeara frantically sent to her friend, and partner.

On Tarn, StarBlade caught Galvatron's messege, and jumped. "Full evacuation!?!?! Must be worse than I heard!" She transformed to her jet mode, and took off. She somehow knew she'd miss a transport, so she kicked in the afterburners, and streaked off. Just then, ~StarBlade! Head for Metrotitan!!!!~ StarBlade knew it was Adeara, and upped her speed.

They arrived at Metrotitan at the same moment, landing and returning to normal forms, and running inside to Astrotrain.....

Quick Switch
2003-04-22, 01:51 AM
Delibarata blocked the cannon blast with his force pod's shield.

"Fool! Destroy that mere soldier! Destroy them all!" The Judge raged.

The Sharkticons, whipped into a lather by so many of their comrades deaths, hurled themselves at the three remaining Transformers.


Thunderwing roared through the skies and landed on an access hatch, Pretender face leering. He then entered Metrotitan proper.

"Galvatron's ordered a retreat, what? Interesting..."


Mindwipe cowered behind Primacron. The Headmaster mystic had fled to the mad scientist's lab the moment the crisis had reached critical mass.

"You failed, Mindwipe. It was a simple operation, wasn't it?" Primacron rasped.

"Blah, yes, well- that Mirage was untrustworthy..."

A monitor zoomed in on Grimlock and Galvatron.

"No matter," Primacron chuckled. "It looks like Galvatron and Grimlock are both going to die. Revenge is sweet, isn't it?"

"Y-yes," Mindwipe said, sweating bullets.

"Was it worth it, Mindwipe?" Vorath asked. Mindwipe didn't answer.


Metrotitan boomed to Astrotrain:

"Charging inter-stellar engines," he said, shifting to his robot mode; it gave him the best flight leverage.

"Hurry! No time to waste!" Astrotrain called out. They just might make it. That makes four retreats, Astrotrain. Three was the charm. Astrotrain ignored the inner voice and focused on preparing Metrotitan to flee with the Metrodrone staff.

Defeated, again. It just wasn't fair.

Not fair at all.

2003-04-22, 03:39 AM
Hearing the evacuation alert, Warcry checked his fuel tanks.
Hmm...90% full...enough to get to Earth, but just barely...
Pulling up, the blue starfighter pointed his bow to the sky, and blasted out of Cybertron's gravity.
I should never have come here...That's the last time I disregard my instincts.
Stormhawk and Thunderflare, upon hearing the evacuation order, immediately turned tail, and flew towards Metrotitan. Running into the city, they slumped against a wall.
Evacuation...I never thought it would come to this... thought Stormhawk. Defeat. No matter how often I taste it, it never gets more palitable...

2003-04-22, 04:44 AM
Darkwing landed and transformed just as Metrotitan began to move. He staggered for a few minutes, then ran off towards the command center.

2003-04-22, 11:36 AM
As they entered Iacon, the noise from the evacuation stirred Hound and he glanced out the rear windows of Cordon. Only half-focusing, he stared off into the space of the corridors and halls of the great city as they traveled through.
What's happening- and where are we going to evacuate to? Did Optimus fail?

He thought silently to himself as he sat and watched, realizing they were approaching the security center near the loading docks.
Hot Rod arrived in the main Iacon corridor and followed the path towards the main security center. Sureshock followed him, motioning for Stratus to follow as well.
"Down here is security! They'll find Aero Blade for you."

Lord Zarak
2003-04-22, 02:03 PM
Dreadwind followed his fellow powermaster, mutering to himself.

"Great, retreating. As usual, all we ever do is retreat, either from the Autobots, the Quintessons, or from each other."

He hurried up to catch Darkwing
"Hey, hold up!"

2003-04-22, 03:11 PM
Darkwing ran into the command center. He had heard his fellow Powermaster's comment, and he agreed with what he thought.

And he made his feelings known to Asrotrain the minute he entered the command center.

"Astrotrain," he said. "What's the meaning of this?! I mean, you call us back here, and then retreat?"

2003-04-22, 05:53 PM
Galvatron giggled as he tore through Sharkticon after Sharticon.

Galvatron: "Loyalty Quintesson? Have you not realized that your revival of some doppleganger has nothing to do with the fact that I now live? You're as stupid as you are untrustworthy."

With that said, Galvatron fired a couple random shots in the direction of the Quint Delibarata. He knew it would do little damage, as the cowardly Quints made certain to protect themselves thoroughly in the battle field. One of his plasma anti-matter bursts would easily destroy the craft, but galvatron knew such resources could not be employed with such dire circumstances.

Galvatron: "Grimlock...perhaps a fighting withdrawal to secure a more promissing position is called for here? The bulk of our forces should be evacuated shortly, we just need to give them some more time!"

2003-04-22, 08:31 PM
The Landing Zone...


Grand Maximus pushed his face slowly from the rubble surrounding him. He placed one hand across his brow, trying to straighten out his vision. The horde of Sharkticons around swarmed in to fill the now empty space on the ground; Maximus batted a few away, giving little effort to thwart their minimal attrition.

"Blast it... I hear you, Fortress."

The behemoth placed one hand on the mangled hilt of the Master Sword as he struggled to his feet, and began hobbling slowly away. Sure, normally flying would be more efficient, but then how could he squash invaders...



Megatron nodded once strongly and turned away from the shuttle to face his single subordinate.

"Then get to work. We have little time."

Again he admired the cruiser's sleek, angular violet frame. Very Decepticon. His optics shone in the dimness, accompanied by a faint smirk, but only for a moment. There was work to be done. He shifted his cargo more directly onto his shoulder and proceeded up the Dusk Ashes' ramp.



Soundwave, from his slouch on the wall, held a hand up to clear his vocoder. Whether Astrotrain had heard or not did not matter; he was delivering a report.

"Laserbeak has sighted the carrier near Dharmax. He is ready to fire on your command, though I would request that he be returned to the city... Optimus Prime is also on the scene."

2003-04-22, 09:45 PM
"Sky Lynx open up Prime said Evacuate so come on!" Blaster called up to Sky Lynx as he, Jazz, Bluestreak, Wheeljack, and Sideswipe ran into the docking bay

"Gonna be one of those days Jazz" said

"Ah well these days are always the funnest!" Sideswipe replied

Bluestreak laughed happy to be around some one like Sideswipe again "Do you think Iacon is gonna be alright or are we going to be rebuilding?"

Everyone was silent after that not sure how to answer even if they wanted to know it

As the blast connected with Sunstreaker he fell back with a large hole in his upper chest to the side by his shoulder.

"Who..... s.... the.....traitor...." He couldn't even finish it before he went offline from the damage losing energon fast.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-22, 10:03 PM
"Hey, why else do you think I'd be sitting here as a shuttle? For the amusement of the Quintessons? Anyway, get on board, strap yourselves in and look for the movie of your choice. My lovely assistant Swoop will take care of all your needs."

Swoop: :eyebrow:

Sky Lynx became serious, and extended an embarkment ramp to the hangar floor.
"Anybody else coming on this particular ride?"


Deathwind caught up, and entered Astrotrains office.
"Ok...lemme think for a sec...." gasped Deathwind. "We wanna beat the Quintessons off the planet, yet we retreat and give them ground. Is there a slagging good reason why we are retreating? Has Primus given our esteemed leadership a vision?"

2003-04-22, 10:17 PM
Galvatron knew that not even he and Grimlock could withstand the entire force. Yet, something in his very core bothered him even more deeply. Something having to do with the matrix...and an old hatred...

Galvatron: "Grimlock...if you are ready, I have enough power to blast us out of here and get us to Earth."

Quick Switch
2003-04-22, 11:38 PM
Delibarata cursed as Galvatron's shot hit the gyro of his hover pod, causing it to wobble crazily in the air.

"I'd forgotten how much I'd despised you," the Judge said, before retreating a pace at the rear of the line.


Astrotrain nodded to Soundwave.

"Recall Lazerbeak."

The Powermasters stormed in, only to be surrounded by a mass of Metrodrones, who were not pleased at the tone of their voices.

"Say that again," an Alpha Drone threatened Darkwing and Dreadwind.

Astrotrain looked at the Powermasters, not amused. He had a city to coordinate.

"Lord Galvatron ordered the retreat. I wouldn't question our Emperor's order, hm?" The Triple Changer said archly. "If you don't have anything else, go. If you do, speak. I don't have time for this as it is."

2003-04-23, 12:30 AM
Adeara and StarBlade suddenly burst into Astrotrain's office, and snap to attention, of sorts.

"Astrotrain, what in the name of the Maker is going on here?! When did Galvatron come back? Where is Teratron? And why are we evacuating?" Adeara was annoyed, worried, and itching for a fight.

"Adeara, calm yourself." StarBlade looked at Astrotrain. "Now, is there anything we can do to help, Astrotrain?"

Quick Switch
2003-04-23, 12:43 AM
Astrotrain replied wearily to the two females:

"Lord Galvatron has been back for a relatively short amount of time. I do not know where Lord Teratron is at the moment- he usually appears on his own schedule. And, in case you weren't aware, the Quintessons have taken Cybertron. Lord Galvatron gave the order to evacuate himself, which I am carrying out."

He paused.

"Calm any other late arriving troops, in the barracks area or the hatches- I don't have time to answer these questions over and over- we should be blasting off momentarily..." he smiled weakly. "Your offer of assistance is appreciated. I'm sure you two won't let me down."

2003-04-23, 12:53 AM
"I know we're being invaded! Shockwave sent me out to gather info on the Quintessons! I just want to know why Lord Galvatron ordered evacuation!" StarBlade grabbed Adeara's shoulder then hit her.

"Calm down, Adeara!!!!" StarBlade was not in the mood to deal with a pissed-off partner. "We'll deal with the late-arrivals, Astrotrain." She then dragged off her surprised partner.

Quick Switch
2003-04-23, 01:14 AM
Cordon and Radius rolled to a stop near the hangars. Both opened their doors.

"OK, you can get out now, sirs," Cordon said. "We've got to help with the evacuation."

"Right, this'll show Dragnet we've got the stuff!" Radius said.

Aero Blade
2003-04-23, 02:32 AM
Tracer in his battled with the remaining Sharkticons had drifted close enough to Galvatron and Grimlock to hear their conversation. Tracer launched off a few more bombs at the Sharkticons to give himself some breathing room.

"Galvatron, Sir!" Tracer called out, "What ever time you need to prepare, I'll delay them long enough for you to do so!" Tracer was only able to get those few words out before he was forced to turn his attention back to the Sharkticons as they drew close again.

Tracer as a soldier, no matter what rank he was at, he'd never been afraid of the enemy, whoever it was. It was because he knew that they had a strong leader guiding them. But now knowing he just volunteered himself to stay behind while his leader left the planet, it was terrifing, but he refused to let it show to his enemies. His loyalty to protect his leader was more important than the enemy or any of his emotions. He would see to it that Galvatron left the planet safely...


Aero Blade slowly stepped out of Cordon, still feeling miserable over having left without searching for his friends. It was possible that they'd arrived at Iacon, but how could he be sure. Aero Blade stood limply beside Cordon and Radius, waiting for Hound to emmerge.


Stratus followed Sureshock, occasionally falling slightly behind as he looked at the various transformers running around, trying to spot Aero Blade, so far unsucessfully. It was times like these that he wished he could detect things aside from other minicons. It'd sure make locating Aero Blade a whole lot easier. Stratus sighed, once again sprinting to catch up to Sureshock and Hot Rod.

Quick Switch
2003-04-23, 03:22 AM
Dragnet moved forward, not giving the downed Sunstreaker a second glance. He'd obviously shown himself to be a psychotic, and Dragnet felt no pity for him, not now, when good Autobots were dying in the struggle.

"Now to find those Mini-things," he said. He didn't know what they looked like, or who they might be with. But at least he had to try.


Quick Switch stood at his office window, looking out at the vast expanse of Iacon.

"...and that's the evacuation status at this point, Director. Sky Lynx, Jetfire, and other transporters are in position, and apparently several civilians and warriors have already boarded. The Sharkticons have not yet breached the outskirts of Iacon."

"Thank you, Impede," Quick Switch replied, and the Security Controller's voice faded as he clicked off on the comm. He moved back to his desk. Trailbreaker hadn't reported in with the quorom, but did that really matter at this point? He was probably helping with the evac, as he should be.

Turning, the Six Changer regarded his picture of Red Alert- noble, proud, intense optics staring out at him seated at this very desk. Next to that, one of Ironhide, arms crossed, trademark smirk plastered all over his face. And between them both, tall and imposing, was his prized possession: a portrait of Optimus Prime.

He'd idolized all three units. Two were dead, and the one that remained- his Leader- was perhaps adrift, in his own sea of melancholia. He felt himself on the verge of collapse- but remembered. He had an evacuation to run, damnit.

"Impede, notify all Security Squad Officers. Pick up the pace, on the double, move, move, move! Neatness can't be counted for, we have a job to do!" Quick Switch said, clicking back on his desk comm.

"Yes, sir," Impede's voice replied, shocked at his sudden vehemence. He'd give the necessary orders.

2003-04-23, 04:41 AM
"Well...Commander," Darkwing said, making 'Commander' sound as horrible as it could. "If we're on the retreat, what are our orders?"

2003-04-23, 04:43 AM
Nightbeat: -sees Sunstreaker down and Dragnet stalking away as he rolls up with Minerva, Roadbuster, Chromedome, and Hardhead- "What the....... Minerva!"

Minerva: -transforms, rushes over to Sunstreaker, starts checking the damage- "Not good." -starts stopping the energon flow-

Nightbeat: -transforms- "Patch him up. We're taking him back to Iacon."

Chromedome: "What about the security officer?"

Nightbeat: "To be honest, I've had it with unknown quantities. I don't know what happened here, and I don't really care right now. He wants to stay, fine. He wants to go with us, fine."

Minerva: "Nightbeat, we're going to have to carry him."

Nightbeat: "Right. Roadbuster, take point. Hardhead, you bring up the rear. Chromedome, we're going to carry him." -looks over at Dragnet- "You, you can come with us. If you're still looking for the minicons, Hot Rod has them. If you just have a death wish, the dire gophers are that way." -points towards the techno-organics location- "And the things that look like rejects from a Pac-Man lookalike contest are that way from all reports." -points towards the Sharkticons-

Quick Switch
2003-04-23, 05:39 AM
Astrotrain wanted to scream.

"Just...go...for now. Rest, recuperate. Wait for Lords Galvatron and Gigatron to arrive."

The Metrodrones parted, allowing the Powermasters the ability to leave.

Unbeliavable. I'm being made the villain here. Of course, this is all going in my reports to Galvatron. You better believe it.

2003-04-23, 06:16 AM
Hound forced himself to slide out of Cordon's passenger area after Aero Blade. He leaned heavily on the wall as transformers rushed past.
"Radius, Cordon- where's Sunstreaker?" He was confused. Thoughts weren't connecting well. but without waiting for an answer, he tried to focus in on the promise he had made.
Security's going to be busy- I'll do a scan.
He began scanning for the familiar energies, and moments later, nodded to Aero Blade.
"They're inside. Heading towards Security Loading Bay 2."

Sureshock grinned as he spotted Grindor and Highwire down the corridor and waved as they headed over. They returned the waves to him and also to Stratus. Hot Rod had stopped to talk with a security checkpoint guard, so Sureshock turned to Stratus. "Okay, we're here. I think he's checking on where Aero Blade might be. Stick with us and ya won't get stepped on."
Seated at the communications desk, Trailbreaker had begun taking a roster count just before the evacuation was issued. As the screens in front of him showed a flood of fleeing transformers, he yanked out several shiny cubes and inserted them into the computers.

With a grin, he said contentedly, "Okay recorders, do your work- or rather- mine!!!"

Aero Blade
2003-04-23, 11:16 AM
Hearing that the group was safe, Aero Blade was finally able to relax. Hound though still didn't look very good. Aero Blade went over to him. He took Hound's arm and looped it over his own neck, giving Hound opportunity to lean against him for some support.

"We better to meet up with them. Stratus will start wandering all over to look for me if we don't locate him soon, and it looks like you could stand some attention from a medic."

Aero Blade waited for Hound to give directions, as he didn't know his own way around this place. As he supported Hound, Aero Blade looked back up at the Autobot. "..I'm sorry for having doubted you.."

2003-04-23, 01:38 PM
Void landed near Iacon's gates and placed Bean's car on the ground. She looks around and sees all the refugees piling in.

Void:"What is this? Iacon was not like this when I left"

Bean: "You don't know? Prime ordered a full evacuation. Whatever's going on it's serious"

"Well then.." Void starts as she seperates back into the Elementals.

"let's find out what is going on" Frost finishes as she and her sisters start heading inside. The refugees gave them a wide birth. A normal reaction since one of them is a walking inferno.

Bean quickly transforms into Bandit and follows them inside. Rally still in her gunmount and Talon gliding behind him.

2003-04-23, 01:58 PM
Nodding with silence. She then went about busying herself with repairs upon the shuttle. T'was amazing over the years, that she personally upgraded or made sure she was upgraded often with weapons & knowledge. Eventually, it would always come in handy; this was one of those moments.

Checking the engines & other systems out & beginning repairs on the outside; gathering the tools; then heading inside after a struggle with the door hatch & working on the drives inside.

Working on the lightspeed drives; heading back over to the other non-working shuttle for parts, ripping those parts carefully from the craft & taking it back to the other that Megatron had choosen; she pretty much emmersed herself in the project.

Laying on her back at the moment, she was facing up working on the engines that were connected to the lightspeed drives. She found a way to make each system seperate, that way non would fail, since the majority, unfortunately, were connected together. That was a bad choice of craftsmanship. But.. oh, well... as long as she tinckered with it & fixed it.... true... she was no Constructicon. But she could handle her own.

It could have seemed either like forever or no time at all, depending on what state of mind you were in.

Crawling out from the drive systems, she made her way to the outside, did a little tweeking, then returned inside as she prepped the shuttle. A slow & soft hum started. The computers & monitors of the craft blinked on.

Opening a com to Megatron, "The shuttle is nearly finished, Megatron," she stated with confidence & little emotion.

She went to the drives & put the finishing touches on the drives to make sure they would not fail on the voyage.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-23, 02:31 PM
Dreadwind stormed out, stamping near the metrodrone who said "say that again" in an act of intimidation.
"Come on, lets get out out of here. We dont want to hinder our commander here, do we?"

2003-04-23, 03:14 PM
Darkwing looked at Dreadwind.

"Well, one way or the other, we're gonna end up getting scrapped, so what does it matter what we do?"

Lord Zarak
2003-04-23, 03:17 PM
"Well...we could die fighting, or die in a scrap head in disgrace. Rock paper scissors?"

2003-04-23, 03:44 PM
Darkwing looked at Dreadwind, not understanding what he was talking about.

"That some kind of foriegn game?" he asked.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-23, 03:49 PM
"its a game the Nebulons play to make a decision. With hands, you make either a rock, which is your fist, a piece of paper, which is an open hand, or a pair of scissors, which is the first two fingers. Only one hand is used, and only one of the three can be used. You never played that as a child?"

2003-04-23, 03:50 PM
Instantly after hearing Galvatron's order through the Decepti-comm, Scorponok activated his thrusters and took off, leaving little but enough time for the other Decepticons with him to board him.

The Sharkticon hordes approaching him were nothing, the mere heat generated by his thrusters was enough to turn dozens of Sharkticons into molten slag. But Scorponok knew that even the combined efforts of Autobots and Decepticons would not be enough to rebel the invaders. And of course... Scorponok himself was not functioning with full efficiency. The damages caused by Unicron controlled Thunderwing were still there...

2003-04-23, 04:01 PM
"Not really. Only games I ever played was "How much stolen stuff can you get away with."

Darkwing extended his right hand.

"This how you do it?"

Lord Zarak
2003-04-23, 04:08 PM
"Yeah" replied Dreadwind. "On the count of three, show. You ready?"

2003-04-23, 04:10 PM
Darkwing nodded.

Lord Zarak
2003-04-23, 04:32 PM
"One...two.......three.............SHOW!!" Dreadwind chose paper....