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2003-05-06, 11:24 PM
Yep, I'm behind. Blame two bank holidays out of three weeks.

New X-Men #139 - Em really better not be dead. I don't care how cheesy her escape from being glittery gravel would be. She's the best character in the book. A nice issue, though, and I'd take Jimenez over Quitely as regular penciler any time. Jean is such a bitch. I hope she slips in the shower. Or Scott finally gives her a bitch-slap for being a hypocritical slag - ooooh, Scotty and Em were thinking of having sex. Remember that next time you're having a knee-trembler with Logan, ya cow.

Uncanny X-Men #421-422 - pretty nice, a bit soapy and some of the character's very heavy handed - ya think Alex isn't too happy with marrying Lorna, perchance? Still, that scene with Xavier and Cain was absolutely beautiful. Terrific. Austen's a bit too obsessed with the old in-out, though, isn't he? Hopefully now Stacy's pissed off, he can stop trying to steal Adam Sandler's audience [that said, the one with Lorna attacking Annie in the hospital a couple of months ago gave Annie a couple of laugh-out-loud lines]... Oh, oh ! And Chamber! Chamber bloody rocks. Garney can't draw Northstar for **** though, and I was rather glad he had little to do - though he did play his part in the total mockery of Alpha Flight as a believable upper-team. Which is good. Alpha Flight have pretty much always sucked, and now we're blatantly getting shown it. I like. Guardian becomes totally useless when you pull his shirt off. Whaddaguy. Cain pummelling Puck into the ground was highly amusing too.

2003-05-07, 03:28 AM
The Murder at the Mansion story arc is looking pretty good. The cliffhangers at the end of #139 and #140 are pretty intense and you get a decent amount of characterization flowing. Looks like all the action will happen in the conclusion which should be interesting. Hopefully Beast will be able to rebuild Emma, although I have no idea how he could.

I wasn't too impressed with the Rules of Engagement story arc. Too soap oprahish for my taste, and even the battle seemed a little sketchy. Iceman taking out all of Alpha Flight and then getting knocked out by Snow Owl? Bah! Plus there are a few inconsistancies with the art, as there is a huge gash on Cain's face in one panel, and then he's perfectly fine the next. I like what they're doing with Cain though, and hope he stays with the X-Men for a while. It did have an interesting set up for the Holy War story arc though. Nightcrawler has always interested me. I'm not a big fan of the way he's drawn in Uncanny right now, but it's not too bad.

2003-05-07, 05:58 AM
I think that Garney sucks. I also think that the books need to consistently stay at this level or better storywise. I think that Quietly could fall off the end of the world and I wouldn't care as long as Jiminez was around. I also can't wait for Silvestri...

2003-05-07, 01:47 PM
When is Marc due onboard? I don't mind Garney, but he's Mr. average fill-in artist, really, and those two really made me appreciate Asimaya a bit more. Iceman didn't really take out most of Alpha Flight, though.... from my reckoning, he froze up Heather's suit when she wasn't looking, then destroyed one of those clay things, before Snowbird caught him... I was annoyed that Snowbird wasn't dead. I was actually mildly annoyed they didn't let Jean-Paul and Cain kill off all of Alpha Flight, actually. Just as long as they don't give the fools yet another book. I would have thought, though, that Juggernaut would easily beat Sasquatch into the ground...

2003-05-07, 02:52 PM
Yeah, Juggernaut was on a level with Hulk and now all of a sudden Sasquatch can take him. I mean come on, Sasquatch? Juggy should've been able to take the whole team with both arms tied behind his back and hopping on one leg.

I don't think they've quite nailed down exactly what issues Silvestri is on yet although I do know that Morrison has begun sending him scripts for whatever story it is. I think I read that in Wizard...

2003-05-07, 09:25 PM
Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Em really better not be dead. I don't care how cheesy her escape from being glittery gravel would be. She's the best character in the book.

Even though her character's sorta been blown apart by the exposure of her past, along with the shattering of her whole "no emotions" facade panels before she bit the dust?

That's possibly the only reason it was done - dispel the myths, explain the backstory, make her a proper human, then kill her off.

Still, Xorn can save her! Xorn! Xorn! Xorn!

2003-05-10, 12:57 PM
Wait wait wait wait wait...

Right, I haven't rechecked this, so I could be wrong, and they're at the bottom of a pile. But in New #137, isn't Jean on a plane and psychically crashes Scotty and Jean? And then in #138 she's actually there? Or have I missed something?

2003-05-10, 03:10 PM
Nah - at the end of 138 (Riot conclusion) she's strolling across the lawn towards the two of them, looking very annoyed, with Dusty following behind her.

Moments before, they were on a plane that was landing as the Cuckoos contacted her.

Now, I can buy her getting there so quick (and them suddenly being in Emma's room in the mansion in 139) by her doing the whole Phoenix-force teleport thing. But it doesn't explain what happened to Sooraya. Wait, I don't care...