View Full Version : What other toys do you collect???

Flesh Creature
2003-05-08, 01:21 AM
Besides Transformers I was really into wrestling figures. How bout you.

Ultimate Weapon
2003-05-08, 01:36 AM
I see movement in this threads future.:\

2003-05-08, 01:51 AM
Originally posted by Ultimate Weapon
I see movement in this threads future.:\

Agreed. Can someone move this to Non-TF, please? Thank you...

2003-05-08, 02:10 AM
I mainly collect Tf's but I do have a small *1 Macross, 1 Robotech, and 1 Joons Macross diecast KO* collection of Macross/Robotech.

I have the Rick Hunter collector edition VF-1J, and recently I got the brother of Jetfire, the Skull Valk, VF-1S Super with all of the same armor but it is grey instead of red.

Sir Auros
2003-05-08, 05:35 AM
Masters of the Universe
Lord of the Rings (have the whole Fellowship now)
Misc. retro figures that are being redone ie-some GI Joe, TMNT, etc.
Also have quite a few videogame action figures.
Anything that really catches my eye and I think is neat is something I'll buy.

2003-05-08, 06:23 AM
Bandai Valkyrie
Toyami Valkyrie
McFarlane Sportspicks Figures
Marvel Select
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Gundam MSiA

2003-05-08, 07:33 AM
Mostly Gundam and Zoids. Everything else is spontaneous purchasing, if I do.

2003-05-08, 12:43 PM
I have a ton of old Star Wars figures, along with a half dozen or so of the newer releases (2 podracers from episode I and Dooku, Yoda, Anakin, Mace & Jango from Ep II). I also collect M&Ms dispensers, if that counts. They do have moving parts... ;)

2003-05-08, 01:47 PM
mostly tf's but
sucky star wars figures
web driver
model rockets

2003-05-08, 03:00 PM
Let's see, Zoids, Evagelion, Robotech, Gundam, Voltron more or less anything with large mechs.

Wildfire Herald
2003-05-08, 03:22 PM
I've found that I kinda have to limit myself as far as collecting goes, so currently my big thing is TFs followed by Masters of the Universe, but until recently I was big on Zoids, Gundam and Bionicle.

2003-05-09, 02:50 AM
GIJoe Vs. Cobra
Masters Of The Universe
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Marvel Legends
Anything else that shows potential of being a good toy...

2003-05-09, 02:56 AM
Does having a Microman count?

2003-05-09, 03:38 AM
I've got a few Zoids.

Build King
2003-05-09, 05:29 PM

2003-05-10, 02:12 AM
I used to collect EXO SQAUD along with G.I Joe.. but I mainly collected TF's those are my passion...

2003-05-11, 12:04 AM
I collected Visionaries as well. Having twelve figures and four vehicles in the series, I collected those pretty quick. And I still have them...

Amarant Odinson
2003-05-11, 07:25 PM
I collect a little of everything. Mostly Final Fantasy figures, Movie Maniacs, Metal Gear Solid stuff, Star Wars stuff. Lord of the Rings stuff. Anime stuff. I think that maybe I have too much stuff.:D

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-05-12, 10:54 PM
Comic books superheros and some G.I.Joe

2003-05-19, 04:03 PM
TF's US & Japan
American Sentai (sometimes)
GI Joe (some not all)
Any good DC heroe's that come out
Any good Marvel Heroe's that come out
RockMan/Mega Man
The ocasional Video game figure like Sonic

I haven't bought any Star Trek stuff in yrs but i have them none the less, i also have some old Real Ghostbuster stuff, old TMNT and Gargoyles figures but those figures i don't buy i simply jes own.

2003-05-20, 12:04 AM
Might as well just air my dirty laundry...
Avengers: Iron Man, Thor, Loki, and Scarlet Witch. Animated: Ant-Man, Wasp, Falcon, Vision, Wonder Man, Ultron, Kang, Tigra, and Hawkeye.

TAS: Combat Belt Batman, Bane.
Legends Of Batman: KnightsEnd Batman.
Legends Of The Dark Knight: Venom Claw Bane.
Knight Force Ninjas: Azrael, Knight Warrior Batman, Tail Whip Killer Croc.
Batman Forever: Riddler, Guardians Of Gotham 2-pack.
Total Justice: Flash, Green Lantern, Darkseid, Despero, Parallax, Black Lightning, Green Arrow, Superman, Hawkman, Huntress.

Centurions: Max Ray, Jake Rockwell, Ace McCloud, and Doc Terror. (Weapon systems): Fireforce, Skyknight, Cruiser, Skybolt, Tidal Blast.

Fantastic Four: Attuma, Triton, Human Torch I, Invisible Woman I, Mr. Fantastic, Thing I, Black Bolt, Gorgon, Dr.Doom, Dragon Man, Silver Surfer, Terrax, Firelord, Johnny Storm.

Ghost Rider: Ghost Rider 1, Vengeance, Blackout, Skinner and Outcast.

G.I.Joe Vs. Cobra: Beach Head/Dr. Mindbender, Blowtorch/Snow Serpent, Dart/Cobra C.L.A.W.S., Duke/Ripper, Dusty/Desert Cobra C.L.A.W.S., Flint/Baroness, Frostbite/Neo-Viper, Gung Ho/Destro, Heavy Duty/Skull Buster, Nunchuk/Firefly, Scarlett/ Storm Shadow, Shipwreck/Bat, Snake Eyes/Cobra Commander, Stalker/Neo-Viper Commander, Stalker/Zartan, Wet-Suit/Cobra Moray.
Vehicles: Destro Dominator (w/Destro), Rattler (w/Wild Weasel), H.I.S.S. IV (W/Neo-Viper), F.A.N.G. III (2; w/C.L.A.W.S.), Sand Razor (w/Dusty), Tread Fire (w/Cobra COILS) and Cobra Mantis Sub (2; w/Moray).

Incredible Hulk: Leader, Abomination; transformations: Smart Hulk, Absorbing Man, and Maestro.

Iron Man: IM Stealth Armour, IM Space Armour, IM Night Armour (‘Overpower’), Blizzard, Hawkeye, Whirlwind, War Machine II, IM Inferno Armour, Spider-Woman, Century, Mandarin, Crimson Dynamo, M.O.D.O.K, Blacklash, Grey Gargoyle.

JLA: Martian Manhunter, Caped Crusader Batman, Steel, Armoured Green Lantern, Dr. Polaris.

Marvel Superheroes: Captain America, Human Torch, Iron Man, Thor, Green Goblin, Wall-Sticking Spidey, Venom, Punisher, Hulk, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, and Dr. Octopus.
Legends: Captain America, Dr. Doom, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Human Torch, Iron Man, Magneto, Namor, Thing, Thor and Wolverine.
Vehicles/Accessories: Captain America Turbo Coupe, Spider-Man Dragster.
Special Edition: American Heroes (Cap and Bucky 2-pack).

Masked Rider: Masked Rider, Masked Rider Super Gold and Masked Rider Super Blue.

MOTU (new series): Beast Man, He-Man, Mekaneck, Skeletor, Stratos, Tri-Klops, Panthor, and Battle Cat.
MOTU mini-figures: Beast Man, He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Mekaneck, Mer-Man, Skeletor and Stratos.

Power Rangers:
5.5” Auto-Morphin Rangers: Black Ranger (Zack), Blue Ranger (Billy), Pink Ranger (Kimberly), Red Ranger (Rocky), White Ranger (Tommy) and Yellow Ranger (Trini).
8” Rangers: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, White and Yellow.
8” Aliens: Lord Zedd, Goldarr, Baboo, Squatt, Finster, Bones, Guitardo and King Sphinx.
3.75” Rangers with combining weapons: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Yellow.
Thunder Cycles (w/3.75” figure): Pink Thunder Cycle (w/Pink Ranger).
Shark Cycles (w/3.75” figure): Great White Cycle (w/White Ranger).
5” Ninja Rangers: Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White and Yellow.
Movie Special Editions: 8” Ninja MegaFalconZord.
Dino-Zords: Megazord (comprising Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Sabretooth tiger, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Zords) and Dragonzord.
Thunder-Zords: Assault Team (comprising Black Lion, Firebird, Griffin and Unicorn), Red Dragon and White Tiger.
Shogun-Zords: Black, Blue, Pink, Red and Yellow (plus FalconZord).
5” Action Zeo Rangers: I (Pink), II (Yellow), III (Blue), IV (Green), V (Red) and Gold Ranger.
Zeo Zords: Zord I (Anti-Aircraft Tank Chariot), Zord II (Twin-Cannon Tank Chariot), Zord III (Sphinx), Zord IV (Taurus), and Zord V (Phoenix).
Micro-Zeo Playsets: Zeo Zords I-V and Red Battlezord.

Silver Surfer: Silver Surfer (Collector’s Edition), Thanos/Drax the Destroyer/Silver Surfer (Cosmic Power Blasters), Super Nova/Ronan the Accuser (Space Racers).

Spawn: Spawn (series 1), Violator (series 1).

Classics: Venom, Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Rhino.
Bug Busters: Silver Sable, Jack O’Lantern.
Web Trap: Spider-Man.
Flip ‘N’ Trap: Red Skull, Sandman.
Web Flyers: Hobgoblin.
Web Splashers: Aqua-Tech Namor.
Spider-Force: Tarantula, Swarm, Wasp, Beetle.
Electro-Spark: Electro.
Web Force: Tank Attack Daredevil, Spider-Smash Lizard.
Vampire Wars: Anti-Vampire Spider-Man, Blade, Morbius Unbound.
Planet Of The Symbiotes: Lasher, Scream.
Spider-Wars: Black Cat, Hydro-Man, and Doppelganger.
TAS: Alien Spider-Slayer, Punisher, Mysterio, Web-Shooting Spidey, Peter Parker, Lizard, Kraven, Rhino, Scorpion, Dr. Octopus, Smythe, Hobgoblin, Carnage, Kingpin, Venom, Venom II, Vulture.
Amazing Spider-Man: Spidey 2099, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Stealth Venom.
New Series: Super-Poseable Hobgoblin, Super-Poseable Spider-Man & Venom.
Vehicles/Accessories: Tri-Spider Slayer, Daily Bugle Playset, Maximum Clonage 8-pack.

Star Wars: Darth Vader, Darth Maul & Jango Fett.

Superman: Power Flight Superman (Man Of Steel).

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (original series): Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, Krang, Shredder, Metalhead, Genghis Frog, Casey Jones, Usagi Yojimbo, Splinter, Napoleon Bonafrog, Foot Soldiers (3).
TMNT (new series): Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Shredder.

Thundercats: Ben-Gali, Berbil Belle, Berbil Bert, Berbil Bill, Cheetara, Cruncher, Hachiman, Hammerhand, Jackalman, Lion-O, Lynx-O, Monkian, Mumm-Ra (robed), Mumm-Ra (battle form), Panthro, Ssslithe, Safari Joe, Snarf, Snowman, Top-Spinner, Tuska Warrior, Wilykat, Wilykit, Vultureman.
Vehicles/Accessories: Sword of Omens, Mumm-Ra’s Tomb, Fistpounder, Sky-Cutter, Thunderclaw, and Thundertank.

Visionaries: Arzon, Cindarr, Cravex, Cryotek, Darkstorm, Ectar, Feryl, Leoric, Lexor, Mortdred, Reekon, Witterquick.
Vehicles: Capture Chariot, Dagger Assault, Lancer Cycle and Sky Claw.

Wrestling: WWF (Hasbro): Flair, Hulkster, Bulldog, Bret Hart, Koko B.Ware, Boss Man, Duggan, LOD, Earthquake, El Matador, Skinner, Tatanka, Rockers, Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior, Macho King Randy Savage, Texas Tornado, Ricky Steamboat, Virgil, Sgt. Slaughter, Nasty Boys, Mountie, Repo Man, Papa Shango, Jake Roberts, Berzerker, Bushwhackers, IRS.
WWF/WWE (Jakks Pacific): Jericho, Benoit, Kane, Kurt Angle, Taker, and ‘The Game’ Triple H (all finishing moves). WWF Bone Crunchin’ Superstars: Mankind, Kane, Undertaker, Road Dogg, B.A. Billy Gunn, Stone Cold, and the Undertaker.

WCW/nWo (Toy Biz): Goldberg, Wolfpac Sting, Wolfpac Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Wolfpac Randy Savage, Hollywood Hogan, DDP, The Giant (Smash & Slam); Benoit, Bret Hart, Booker T, Sting, Goldberg, and Scott Steiner (Ring Fighters).

X-Men/X-Force: Iceman, Archangel, Bishop, Cyclops, Wolverine 2, Wolverine, Bone-Claw Wolverine, Battle-Ravaged Wolverine, Sabretooth, Captive Sabretooth, Storm, Cable, Cable Stealth, Shatterstar, Deadpool II, Gideon, Magneto, Magneto II, Sauron, Apocalypse, Colossus, Jean Grey (MHOF), Domino, Caliban, Nimrod, Gambit, Polaris, Albert, Maverick, Banshee, Forge, Mr. Sinister.
Mutant Armour: Iceman, Quicksilver, and Heavy Metal Beast.
Battle Brigade: Colossus, AoA Beast.
Robot Fighters: Gambit, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm.
Savage Land: Joseph and Amphibius.
Ninja Force: Holocaust.
Onslaught: Jean Grey, Wolverine Unleashed, Onslaught and Apocalypse Rising.
Classic Light-Ups: Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Juggernaut and Gambit.

Miscellaneous: DC Direct Hal Jordan Green Lantern, G.I.Joe Desert Scorpion, and G.I.Joe Ninja Force Night Creeper.

Thats all the non-TF toys I have. *awaits mocking*...

optimus deogg
2003-05-20, 07:09 AM
Well, here goes Da List:
-GI Joe
-Star Wars
-Spawn (only from the early lines, Series 3 back)
-Gundam figures and model kits (have 4 Perfect Grade models)
-He Man (a VERY little bit, and for the most part only the vintage stuff)
-Wrestling (again a VERY little bit)
-Mechwarrior Wizkids game
-NASCAR (also a very little bit)