View Full Version : Łncanny X-men 423 [Possible spoilers]

2003-05-08, 08:20 PM
Uncanny is finally getting better. They finally have given Havok (one of my most favorite characters) a role in the series, but his comstume is just slaggin' ugly!:wall:

Sorry, just had to get that out :D. I'm all better now.

2003-05-08, 08:27 PM
1. Havok rocks.

2. Thread moved. Because I do too.

2003-05-08, 09:05 PM
Yeah... what's with Nightcrawler though? Was he brainwashed or what? And why is he blaming everything on Angel and others. Is he always this irrisponsible?

Ah well... it was a pretty interesting issue. Do you think this will tie in to the the X-treme X-men angle that's going on right now? Both storylines have religious zealots as the antangonists right now.

2003-05-08, 09:14 PM
How about not? The furthest X-treme is kept away from the rest of the books, the better...

2003-05-08, 09:20 PM
Originally posted by Brendocon
How about not? The furthest X-treme is kept away from the rest of the books, the better...
yeah that about sums it up...

Shouldn't this have a "spoiler" warning in the subject?

2003-05-31, 05:01 PM
Wait, have I missed an issue here? No Northstar[even ofn the first page "some people who may or may not be appearing in this issue"], no Cain, and instead Alex [fresh out of a coma] and Lorna [who's ****ing insane] on the team? If J-PB is just being dropped to make way for some "oldskool" X-Men, I'm going to mailbomb Chuck Austen. And probably Chuck Dixon as well, to make sure.

That said, Scotty basically calling Nightcrawler rubbish was worth the 25c cover price. Yay! Though Kurt's conveniently forgotten saving London and the universe a few times over...

Alpha Trion
2003-06-13, 08:13 AM
I love how characters conveniently disappear from the mansion for one issue, only to magically reappear the next month, with no explanation given for any of it.

Does anyone else find it odd that somebody can plant huge wooden crosses in the mansion grounds, crucify a few mutants on them, and leave, all before anybody at the mansion realizes there's a bunch of kids bleeding to death outside? I was pleased to see Jubilee again, hopefully she sticks around and stays on the team. And what's with Magma? Did she recently rejoin some team or something? I don't remember seeing her for a long time, let alone in uniform.