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Quick Switch
2003-05-22, 04:47 AM
As the Quintesson hordes with their Sharkticon minions swept over the surface of Cybertron, reclaiming the vast planet through the use of force and the release of a hate plague; the transformers retreated and evacuated Cybertron - fleeing in any space-capable crafts with all provisions and any cargo and freight containers easily loaded. Safely aboard the fleeing shuttles, many transformers were being chosen to return to Earth, to their known equipment... to regroup and begin plans to retake Cybertron from the Quintessons. Other transformers and their allies were chosen to continue on to the safety of a distant planet uninhabited by organic life, to also begin regrouping.

Meanwhile, a discovery was made aboard both Fortress Maximus and a Decepticon shuttle as well: the carefully preserved bodies of deceased transformers. Unbeknownst to the other groups, medics and engineers were called for, and the repairs began as the journey continued...

On Cybertron, the Quintessons, led by the twisted Imperial Magistrate, scramble to unlock Cybertron's secrets. What they re-discover could prove deadly for the Transformers...

Their confederate, the brilliant but insane roboticist Primacron, also has dark designs on the hated Transformers. Primacron works to hone his demented creations for his Quintesson allies toward one single goal:

Total domination of the Universe.

2003-05-22, 05:13 AM
Dreadwing sped out of Cybertron's orbit, as fast as his engines could carry him.

"Remind me again whose idea this was," Dreadwind said.

Darkwing didn't reply.

"I mean, seriously," Dreadwind continued. "We're ordered to go out and fight against billions of Sharkticons, Quintessons and who knows what else."

Darkwing kept silent as Dreadwind continued to rant.

"And to think, this whole situation could have been avoided had Thunderwing not turned Gollum and allied himself with those stinky five faced scum in the first place. Apeface was right. The Quints were up to no good right from the..."

Before Dreadwind could continue, Darkwing screamed.


"What?!" Dreadwind said. "There's nothing wrong with ranting on about the end of the world."

"Maybe not," Darkwing said. "But if you don't shut up and concentrate on getting to Earth, I'm going to make sure that you don't make it to Earth in order for it to all end!"

The pair contined to bicker as the massive superjet streaked through space and towards Earth.

Runamuck hit the control panel, causing it to spark all over.

"What's wrong now?!" Runabout said from down the corridor.

"Oh, nothing much," Runamuck said, surveying the damage. "Just this little crate we decided to make our escape in has turned into a floating brick."

"What do you mean?!"

Runamuck glared at the readouts.

"Weapons: Gone. Shields: Gone. Sensors: Gone. Engines: Barely Working. You name it, we don't got it."

"Will we get to Earth?" Runabout said.

"Yeah," Runamuck said. "But I doubt it's going to be a soft landing."

"Well, we're going to need a tow. We still got comm?"

Runamuck looked at the panels.

"Um...yeah, but..."

"But nothing!" Runabout said. "Broadcast a distress signal."

Runamuck flipped a switch, and hoped that some working Decepticon spacecraft was nearby.

2003-05-22, 05:37 AM
Hatemonger looked as the ship was nearing the base.

"Conquesticons set us down." Hatemonger yelled.

"Iron Wolves, Cryotek start to unload the energon as soon as we dock." Hatemonger said getting close to the door and ready to assist in storing the energon.

Aero Blade
2003-05-22, 07:10 PM
Siting on a crate nearby to Hound, Aero Blade stared blankly at the piece of paper given to him by Crosscut with a degree of disbelief. The note was a reminder of an appointment and directions to a certain medical bay for Hound, himself, and Dirge to get a full check-up and repair job once they reached Earth. He was probably writing these up for many of the refugees who would need extra attention.

Just thinking about the note gave Aero Blade the chills - having a ton of unfamiliar medics poking and prodding him, doing unusual things to him, talking about things he couldn't understand - no way was he going to go through that...

"No-one's getting me in a room full of those quacks. I'd rather just keep my injuries," Aero Blade said to himself. He crumpled up the note, tossing it behind his shoulder. It bounced off the wall, off of a crate, and finally landed in Hound's lap. Aero Blade didn't notice the note's final destinatin, too lost in his own brooding.

Stratus meanwhile was watching Riptide. She hadn't done anything yet, but he'd bet all his memory chips she was gonna do something if he wasn't around. He kept an eye on her, ready to call Aero Blade should the need arise.

2003-05-22, 10:35 PM
Aboard the Maximus, in the medbay:

Nightbeat: "I have a feeling that making sure Shecky the Monkey Boy stops playing with his chemistry set is the least of our problems, Prime. If this 'Hate Plague' of his was supposed to give them an advantage, they're obviously wrong. It was probably supposed to be a way to either cause chaos as we try to fight back, or they were hoping to get lucky and take you out. Their plan was to take us by force of arms. Chemical warfare wasn't the big push."

Minerva: -scanning Mirage- "I'm not sure Shecky the Monkey Boy knows what a chemistry set is, Big Brother. Although, we might luck out and he'll blow himself and the rest of these Quintamawhozitz off of Cybertron."

Siren: "Our luck isn't that good, Minerva."

Hosehead: "Our luck with shuttles isn't, certainly."

Bridge of the Maximus:

Roadbuster: -face registering as much shock as a featureless face can register- "You're planning to do WHAT?!?!?"

Chromedome: -optics wide in shock- "But...... you can't....... They've done nothing to deserve what you're talking about, Captain. There must be another way."

God Jinrai
2003-05-23, 02:31 AM
"..you don't understand. The reason for their deaths was meaningless violence... we 'd like to think by doing this..."

Cerebros seperated from fortress' transector..

"We're giving them what theyve truly wanted... a chance to see cybertron... in peace. I realize that it means facing legions of quintesson abominations... not to mention that lunatic primacron...but if we don't... simply put, we don't have the manpower to stop them. "

Cerebros bowed his head... it hurt for him to say anymore... and while at present, he slightly feared that roadbuster would attempt to stomp him into oblivion, he held his ground...

"Chemical warfare, however, isn't the issue, nightbeat... the other things that primacron is capable of... THOSE are the issues... if that maniac is responsible for those techno organics... not to mention the hate plague resurgence.... I'd wager he's got even bigger guns hidden on cybertron by now... he can't be underestimated... he's more of a madman than galvatron ever was....plain and simple."

2003-05-23, 03:58 AM
(OOC- If this isn't alright, than you can go ahead and delete or edit this)

Aboard Fortress Maximus

"You certainly have that correct, Cerebros," Perceptor said as he turned. "By my scannings... well... let's just say you are more than right about it."

2003-05-23, 05:35 AM
Riptide busied herself with some various small strings and loose wires, weaving them and playing with them as she watched the medics work. She glanced at Stratus from time to time with a curious, and innocent look. I hope that one goes away soon. Last thing I need is a sparksitter!, she thought to herself as she played.
Hound lay still as Crosscut checked him over. As the medic finished, Hound smiled a tired smile. "Thanks Crosscut."

He still hurt, but more than that, an agreement he had made was weighing in his mind. I need to talk to Quick or Optimus as soon as we get... well, wherever we're go...

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by a piece of paper landing on him.
Carefully, he reached for it and picked it up to read it. As the realization came over him, his optics grew wide.

"We're- we're going to Earth!"

Quick Switch
2003-05-23, 06:07 AM
Fortress Maximus:

Quick Switch walked through the halls, supported by Trailbreaker.
Professor Stall trailed behind, equally lost in the huge corridors.

"You gentlemen don't mind if I follow along do you?" Stall asked.

"No," the Six Changer replied tiredly. His wound ached. "Trailbreaker- are we getting close to the command deck? My vision's a little blurry and- I have to check in with Optimus...at the very least, Cerebros...so I can find Optimus..."

Stall puttered up.

"Oh, that's rather bad looking," the historian commented absently on Prowl's blast shot.

"It is," Quick Switch replied whistfully. "Mind introducing yourself?"

"Naturally- I'm Professor Stall, late of Iacon City-State University. I hold the title Professor Emeritus of the History Department." Stall said, smiling. Quick Switch's wound was forgotten by the easily distracted academic.

"Pleased to meet..." Quick Switch began, then sagged. Oh boy.

Stall blinked at Trailbreaker...he was awfully smiley.



"Report on travel status," Astrotrain commanded Metrotitan.

"Engines engaged. Escape from Cybertron proceeding," the massive city replied.

Astrotrain sat in a command chair, pensive.

"Keep your course. We're Earthbound." Astrotrain's flanged voice reflected equal parts bitterness and relief. Bitterness at being defeated, relief at still being alive.

Astrotrain was quite familiar with both sensations.



Dirge smiled, ambling over to Hound's position. Or, the Decepticon equivalent of ambling. Only Skywarp could really pull ambling off.

"That's right Hound," he said quietly. "We're heading back to Earth. How- how are you feeling?" the jet asked.

Absently, he thought of Riptide. He needed to go check up on her in a minute. She was fascinating to talk too- but Hound's welfare was equally important.

A new personality sub-component- compassion- began to fully cycle through Dirge's central processing unit.

The CPU found the new sub-component...quite acceptable.



"Brethren!" the Imperial Magistrate boomed from the Main Square of Castle Darkmount, peering down at a massed throng of Quitnesson Magistrates, scientists, technicians, Sharkticon hordes and the deadly Dark Guardians looming above the crowd (and the Techno-Organics curled up by Primacron, who stood off to the side of the dais), "Cybertron- is ours once again! We...are...HOME!"

A defeaning roar came up through the crowd below.

The Inquisitor standing on the other side of the Quintesson leader and with tentacles lashing, began a chant-

"Long live the Imperial Maistrate!" which was duly repeated by all.

Primacron stroked one of the Techno-Organics and smiled absently, manic eyes gleaming with anticipation. After the celebration...the real fun would begin.

"It's time to unlock the mysteries of Cybertron," the simian cackled. "All in the interests of science! Ehehehhehe!"

2003-05-23, 01:40 PM
StarBlade was leaning up against a wall, wondering why the return to Earth. She had only just left Earth to come back to Cybertron, and now she was going back. It was a shame, really... all she had seen of home was a lot of battles, and more destruction than she cared to think of. Well, Earth will be home now, until we can get rid of those blasted Quints.

Suddenly, she moved from the wall, startling a few Metrodrones who happened nearby as she did so. Turning down the hall, StarBlade headed for Astrotrain's office....

2003-05-23, 02:10 PM
"Why hasn't anyone come to pick us up?!" Runabout's angry shout came from down the corridor.

"How should I know?!" Runamuck shouted back. "I sent the signal. Someone should have recieved it..."

He took another look at the control panel.

"...except our comm is stuck on recieve only."

"Oh, slag," Runabout said. "Look, I'll be there in a minute."

Runabout entered the cockpit, and gave the control panel a look.

"We're going to need to get this fixed," he said.

"But we don't know how!" Runamuck shouted. "We're designed to blow stuff up, not repair it."

"Maybe," Runabout said, moving to a wall unit. "But I have an idea."

He took out a cage from one of the weapons lockers, opened it, and dumped it's contents, three Mini-Cons out onto the floor.

"Watch it will you?!" one of them, a small green robot with missle launchers for arms, said. "We're delicate."

"Yeah," said another, who had a missle launcher in place of his right arm. "We could get damaged."

"We're going to get even more damaged if you three don't get to work," Runabout said, pointing at the damaged control panel.

The three Mini-Cons gave the panel a look, then turned back to Runabout, saw that he didn't look to be in the mood to be argued with, and got to work.

"What happens if those three can't fix it?" Runamuck asked.

"Then we'd better hope to float past a Decepticon ship," Runabout said, staring out into space. "Otherwise, we're gonna be real late to the reuinion."

The three Mini-Cons climbed up onto the panel and began to work.

"I tell ya, Knock-Out," the one with one missle launcher arm said. "This is getting ridiculous."

"Yeah, Bonecrusher" Knock-Out, a Mini-Con who, unlike the other two, actuall had both his arms. "But Wreckage here thought it was a good idea."

"Oh, sure," Bonecrusher said. "It's real smart to hook up with the enemy, especially when the planet's all going to hell around you."

"Knock it off!" Wreckage hissed. "These two rescued us, so we should be grateful. And besides, they're right. We don't get this thing fixed, we're coasting on solar winds all the way to Earth. So let's get to work."

Lord Zarak
2003-05-23, 03:09 PM
Shockwave approached Astrotrain, who was still seated in his chair. Shockwave could see that ther was a conflict of emotions in the city-commander, and wisely avoided the subject.

"All shuttles are under way from Cybertron. We have no Quintesson ships preventing ours and the Autobots escape. Fortress Maximus, Jetfire and Sky Lynx are transporting the Autobots to Earth. The Quintessons now have full control of Cybertron, and will have sufficient time to prepare defences.

If it is in the interests of ourselves, I shall prepare and send a message of preparation to our expeditionary force on Earth, which as you know, is led by Hatemonger. In it, I will tell him to prepare his force to expect us and the Autobots. Is there anything else that you would like in the report?"

In Sky Lynx:

"Well" began Swoop "we have lost Cybertron. What will we do when we get to earth? asked the Dinobot, to Sky Lynx and the others who he was carrying

2003-05-23, 05:02 PM
Roadbuster: -optic band blazing emerald bright, narrows to a slit as he glares at Cerebros- "Don't put anything fancy on it. It's just your way of salving your conscience, isn't it. So you won't be wondering if ripping them from what little peace they might have found in the afterlife was the right thing to do."

Chromedome: "I see his reasoning, Roadbuster. We can't access the Sigma computer on Cybertron anymore, and won't be able to until we get these Quints off of Cybertron. We need all the experienced troops we can get." -glares down at Cerebros- "But that doesn't mean I have to like it anymore than you do."


Nightbeat: "Shecky sounds like a typical mad scientist-type, which, logically, means he's overconfident." -smiles, looks t Prime- "How intact is our peace treaty with the Decepticons, and do you think they'd let us borrow the Insecticons for a while? Or at least Bombshell?"

2003-05-23, 07:44 PM
Perceptor stood up now from where he was seated to speak.

"Cerebros, whatever your decision is, know this: I am behind you as well. They are at peace, but I am sure that those who are brought bck would surely understand the circumstances that we have been put in to.

God Jinrai
2003-05-24, 01:23 AM
"... roadbuster.. you'll NEVER understand... no one will. no one has the slightest idea how much it is ripping optimus apart to have to do this... no one... not you, not prowl, not ANYONE!"

With those words, cerebros just began to walk away from chromedome and roadbuster...

"for all your battlefield experience, roadbuster...you still know so little..." the headmaster spoke in hushed tones... heading for his quarters... his transector was capable of handling control of the ship..and if need be, he could access the ship's controls through his quarters' direct system interface...

back in medbay, prime bowed his head solemnly...

"Nightbeat... I'm afraid this treaty may be as good as terminated when we touch down on earth... And while I have every intention of revoking decepticon control of the planet... I fear that galvatron may see to my death before anything else..."

It was rare that prime ever showed fear...but now... returning to earth... an earth he had let fall into decepticon control... prime was worried. VERY worried.

2003-05-24, 02:53 AM
"Oh now've done it," Perceptor said as he turned to Chromedome and Roadbuster.

"Prime and Cerebros are merely looking out for what's best for the Autobots, perhaps the universe. I realize, too, that it may not be the best choice of actions. But, it is our only choice."

2003-05-24, 03:46 AM
The Land Military Team crawled all over the control panel, trying to get the comm unit working again. Truthfully, they didn't know what the hell they were doing, but it was better than being squashed by a robot ten times your size.

After a few minutes, Wreckage shouted to Runabout, "I got it working!"

"You'd better have," Runabout said, flipping the switch and broadcasting the distress signal again.

Aero Blade
2003-05-24, 04:13 AM
Stratus kept his eyes on Riptide, ignoring her innocent act and returning her looks with authoritative glares of his own.

"You're not fooling me," Stratus said aloud in minicon. He knew a potential troublemaker when he saw one. And though he may be smaller, he was certainly older than the youngling transformer, so he felt it his duty to make sure she didn't cause problems, if not for her benefit, then for the benefit of others.


Aero Blade turned his head when he heard Hound, seeing him awake for the first time since they'd gotten on board Jetfire.

"Yes, we're heading to Earth," Aero Blade answered. Now that Hound had mentioned it, Aero Blade's thoughts turned towards that of their destination. Would this be like the Earth he knew? He hoped so - Earth was a beautiful planet - he almost envied the humans that lived there. However, most that lived there had never left Earth and seens other planets. They didn't realize how wonderful a world they had...

As Aero Blade thought about the planet, though, other thoughts began to envade.

"Now this won't hurt a bit," Crosscut told Aero Blade, smiling broadly while holding a syringe with a strange, unfriendly looking liquid in it. Behind him, Patch held a tray of many implement with various sharp points and edges...

Aero Blade stifled a small, startled gasp, then shook his head vigirously, banishing the imaginary images from his mind. As he sat on the crate staring out at the other refugees, Earth suddenly seemed less apealing...

"I'm not seeing any medics..." He repeated to himself, attempting to reinforce his will.

2003-05-24, 05:27 AM
Hatemonger's shuttle

Death Knell mutely carried out the general's orders, and initiated the ship's landing cycle.
Stryfe stuck his head out into the passenger compartment. Assuming the tone of voice often used by human airline pilots, he called out: "We are now on final approach to the secret cave headquarters. We hope you all had a comfortable flight. Thank you for flying Conquesticon Air."
Ducking back into the cockpit, Stryfe slumped into his chair.
I need some real action, before bordom depolarizes my sanity circuits...
Meanwhile, Chancre continued working feverishly on repairing Disorder.


Ramjet stalked into the command centre just in time to hear Shockwave's statements. The words stabbed into his neuroprocessor like a dagger.
"You could add something about how we got beat like a buncha micromasters fighting a Regulan metalmonger..." The bitterness and defeat in his spark were clearly evident in his voice.
Wandering aimlessly through the lower levels, Squeezeplay felt much the same.
We're running away, hiding from our enemies! That's the best the Decepticons can manage? Barely escaping with our lives, then treating it as some kind of victory!
Another voice came into his mind then.
So you'd rather, what? Get us both killed in some pointless show of defiance?
Anger flared within Sqeezeplay.
Cram it, Lokos! I've survived far worse than you know. I am not afraid of Sharkticons!
Lokos' reply was filled with exhasperation.
We've been over this before, partner. You are not invincible!
Really? I haven't been killed yet, Squeezeplay replied simply.
Lokos' reply was an unspoken surge of frustration.
Simultainiously, the two of them thought, Why did I have to be paired with him?
The Headmaster continued to walk the lower levels, his minds whirring.

Quick Switch
2003-05-24, 05:28 AM

"Distress signal," Metrotitan commed Black Zarak. "It's in your sector. Care to take it?"



Astrotrain turned and looked at Shockwave from his command chair. He steepled his fingers and said after a moment:

"Excellent work, Shockwave. Send only the basics of our arrival to the good General, for I don't trust him. He opposed Lord Gigatron when he led the Decepticons. Watch him like a shrike bat."

The Triple Changer paused, noting Ramjet's presence but not particularly bothered by it. The jet was (generally) reliable.

"Also, send a transmission to the human Abdul Fakkadi, located in the Earthen-nation of Carbombya. He is our main ally, and has worked with me in the past. Our headquarters will be in his country. I imagine the Autobots will re-locate near their old ship in the United States..." Astrotrain paused, lost in thought.

2003-05-24, 05:59 AM
Chromedome: "I know, Perceptor. But I don't have to like it, do I?"


Nightbeat: "Why are the Decepticons controling Earth? And why would Galvatron want you dead? It's not your fault that Thunderwing made a deal with these Quints. Thunderwing's the one that gave them a way in. Now it's up to us to push them back out."

Siren: "And if we can't?"

Nightbeat: "Well, Earth's a nice place. We've been there before. Heck, parts of us are from there."

Minerva: "Not this Earth, though. We're one dimention over and at least 10 years ahead of where we started."

Hosehead: "At least we're not 10 years behind."

Nightbeat: "And our main problem is that we don't know what kind of reception we'll get on Earth." -sighs- "Look, Prime, the best thing to do right now is to contact Galvatron before we get to Earth. If he wants your head on a platter, we can try to calm him down before we get to Earth. But, if he's fine, we need to set things in motion to take Cybertron back. At least get a workable plan hammered out."

2003-05-24, 07:24 AM
Aboard Maximus:

Trailbreaker's mind whirled with amusement possibilities. There was something incredibly fascinating and yet... so tempting about the old Professor in front of him. The thoughts however, vanished abruptly as Quick Switch sagged. "Pleased to meet ya Prof., but I think I better get 'Switch here to the docs pronto before he becomes part of your history texts.

Common' there chief, you can contact Optimus from the med bay- they have a direct line. The docs are just down the hall here. If you tackled Thunderwing, you can sure manage this. Besides, maybe ol' Doc Ratchet'll have some more of those posters of anatomy up!"
If anything'll keep him up, that thought should! Trailbreaker smiled to himself.
Aboard Jetfire

For just the briefest of moments, Hound tensed as he heard Dirge's voice, and then the memories started catching up in chunks. From Sunstreaker frying his processor and shooting Dirge who had already surrendered, to meeting Aero Blade and Stratus, to taking Dirge back to Iacon, making the pact with Sunstreaker and then to his own energy giving out. The images snapped into his mind in crystal clarity and in rapid succession, finally coming to rest on the time of the evacuation.
Dirge and Aero Blade helped me. He thought quickly to himself. The nerves passed in a flash, and he gave them both a smile and sat up, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I'm a little sore, but that'll go away soon. Thanks for asking Dirge- and thanks also for the help getting aboard. The more important question is, 'How are you doing?'"
Hound flashed a smile. He was feeling better, since his injuries had been repaired, but his mind was starting to spin with thoughts of Earth and wonderings.

Lord Zarak
2003-05-24, 11:10 AM
Shockwave turned on his heel to face Ramjet.
"You may be the commanders personal bodyguard, but that does not increase your status here within the Decepticons. Nor does it increase your intelligence, nor wit. I conclude that the best possible cure for your current infliction, is to be quiet."

Turning back to Astrotrain, Shockwave stepped in to finish his thoughts.
"If the Autobots do land near their old ship, should we land in a new place? Whilst it would initially be unfamiliar to us, we could sufficiently disguise our activities to keep our whereabouts a secret from the Autobots. With regard to your requests, I shall commence them right away. Hail Galvatron!"

Shockwave turned to walk out of Astrotrains office.

Quick Switch
2003-05-24, 04:37 PM
Fortress Maximus:

Quick Switch smiled slightly- good old Trailbreaker. Nothing dented his spirit.

Anatomy posters? The Six Changer blushed. Oh. He means like the femmebot pictures he put in my office. I remember now- that waving one was really very pretty-

"Right," the Security Director replied, blushing a little more. "We'll head to Medbay."

Stall followed along with the two veterans, quite oblivious. Occasionally, the Professor adjusted his neck bolts- somewhat like one would re-adjust a tie.

"You know, Doctor Ratchet was my colleague at the University, though, of course- he was based in the School of Medicine, and I, naturally, in the School of History. Then he went off to join the war effort. It will be good to speak to him again- it has been a few million years...of course, rumors of his death have been - apparently- greatly exagerated. I recall hearing in 2005 about some sort of Decepticon shuttle attack wherein he..."

Quick Switch sighed. Stall seemed decent, but, by Primus, he could ramble.



Astrotrain held up a hand for Ramjet to keep quiet after Shockwave's rebuke. He then turned his attention back to the cyclopean Decepticon, and smiled.

"Megatron used a desert base in the early years of the Earth campaign. It has been abandoned for quite some time. If Carbombya is too...high proifle...the Autobots will not suspect our relocation there. You may get to work, unless you have something else to add."



Dirge smiled slightly, sitting next to Hound on another box. He hadn't been complimented before, especially about helping some one, or doing something right.

"I- I'm just glad you're OK, Hound." He looked around, still leaking coolant a little. He leaned in a little closer to the jeep, somewhat conspiratorially.

"I'm feeling much better, the medics fixed me up. But, to be honest- um, it's still little scary, being around all these Autobots."

2003-05-24, 06:59 PM
StarBlade was still wandering through the halls of Metrotitan headed for Astrotrain's office when she paused, and turned slightly, getting the feeling she was being followed. Seeing nothing but bustling Drones. Too many years hiding in the backstreets of the old cities after a mission, trying to evade getting caught.... StarBlade shook her head, and kept walking.

A few hallways later, she arrived at Astrotrain's office, and knocked politely on the door.

Aero Blade
2003-05-24, 09:37 PM
Aero Blade turned to Dirge, hearing the anxiety in his voice. "Don't worry about it Dirge. I'm sure Hound will help you out, and I'll be here too. If anyone bothers you, you can just come see me."

Aero Blade realized that his comment probably sounded pretty rediculous, especially with a younger transformer telling it to an older transformer. Aero Blade turned from Dirge and Hound, looking at the floor with a light sigh. He'd said that much...did he want to say more...? It's not a matter of want. Not at this point any more... Aero Blade decided.

"I once knew a Decepticon back at my home," Aero Blade started, still looking at the floor. He seemed lost in remembering. "He hadn't wanted to be a Decepticon, though. He wanted to live peacefully...without fighting, or war...he was the kindest, nicest person I knew, but the other Autobots...all they saw was that Decepticon insignia....They couldn't - wouldn't - see who he was, all they saw was what he used to be...didn't want to be..."

Aero Blade straightened up. "He was taken prisoner... beaten.. tourchured... inches away from taking his life... left alone for unknown amounts of time in a dark, cold cell... many times he told me he wanted to die, but no-one would let him....."

Aero Blade sighed. "It's been a long time since I've seen him. I don't know what has become of him... I know none of the Autobots I've seen around here are like that, but I'm going to be sure of it," Aero Blade turned to Dirge. "I don't want to see it happen again..."

2003-05-24, 10:33 PM
>>"Roger that Metrotitan. I will take care of it. Zarak out.">> The enormous jet-black and golden Decepticon spacecraft replied to Metrotitan's transmission and began manouvering towards the source of the distress signal.

Somewhat later...

"THAT is the source of the distress signal?" Black Zarak snorted little disappointedly as the Battlechargers' shuttle finally was close enough for him to see it as a whole instead of small dot on radar. "The older you grow... oh well... this better be worth of the fuel I used taking this route..."

Black Zarak activated his communications station and sent an amplified signal of his own through several different channels, hoping to get a reply from the shuttlecraft. >>"This is Decepticon destroyer Black Zarak calling unidentified shuttlecraft sending distress signal. Indentify yourself.">>

2003-05-24, 10:45 PM
Knock-Out activated the comm.

"This is..."

Before he could say anymore, Runabout knocked the Mini-Con aside, then signaled Black Zarak.

"It's me and Runamuck, Black Zarak," the Battlecharger responded. "We're pretty shot up. Could you give us a tow to wherever it is we're going?"

2003-05-24, 11:03 PM
Battlechargers... What a waste of time and energon... Black Zarak sighed inside his head and opened one of the smaller hatches on his side.

>>"I am taking you in tow. Shut down your engines.">> The monolithic Decepticon titan transmitted back to Runamuck, activated one of his tractorbeams and began towing the shuttle in.

After getting the shuttlecraft into his hangar, Zarak closed the hatch and opened encrypted comm-channel to Metrotitan once again. >>"Black Zarak to Metrotitan. The distress signal was sent by Runamuck and Runabout. I have picked them up. I'll continue to the meeting point. Zarak out.">>

2003-05-25, 02:09 AM
"That shouldn't be much of a problem," Runamuck said. "After all, we don't have any engines anyways."

The damaged shuttle was pulled inside Black Zarak, where it was placed on the hanger bay.

"Come on," Runamuck said, grabbing Wreckage and Bonecrusher by the head, as Runabout grabbed Knock-Out, and exited the shuttle.

"Hey, Zarak," Runabout shouted to the empty air. "Anyone else here, or is it just us?"

2003-05-25, 02:52 AM
Aboard Fort Max
Trailbreaker cut Stall off midsentence with a laugh as a funny thought hit him.
"Medicine! Is that whatcha call it?!" Trailbreaker chuckled quietly. "And here I was thinking all this time it was his favorite hobby! Anyway, I'm sure good ol' Ratchet will be happy to talk with you Prof.; you two shoud have - quite a few rousing debates. Oh and, Ratchet's too stubborn to kick the bucket. *grins* Don't believe all that ya hear... or read for that matter! For example- see that sign on the door coming up here? 'Outpatients' -- well, this one's goin' in!"
And the sooner Quick talks to Optimus, the better.
Aboard Jetfire

Riptide wrinkled her nose. This minicon transformer didn't look friendly, and it kept watching her.
"You might make a nice play toy. A bunch of filament fibers around your waister and maybe gold paint... yah!" She grinned and started pulling a crate over to try to reach Stratus.


Hound was a bit surprised when Dirge leaned closer, but didn't move away. He had long before mastered the freeze reaction. It did take a moment before he could bring himself to respond however, and he was grateful Aero Blade had responded, but was caught off guard all over again by the tale Aero Blade had told.
What does he mean I wonder? I'll ask him later... on Earth if I get a chance.

Hound covered his puzzlement with a warm and relaxed smile. He finally spoke up quietly. "Everyone here is okay Dirge. Aero Blade's right about that. They won't hurt you, or anyone else unless they have to protect themselves. They may think you might want to hurt them - if anything at all, but they won't... hmm?"
Hound shifted his position slightly, only to find that Shasta was sound asleep in back of him. The little transformer shifted and blinked half-opened optics at Dirge, smiled and then shut them again. Hound chuckled softly. "Looks like you've already made another friend."

2003-05-25, 04:20 AM
The shuttle shut down and the doors opened.

Sixblade looked at the rest of the Iron Wolves.

"Ok men we gotta get this energon into storage." He yelled.

"Aww I am a gunner not a mover." Mowdown groaned.

"No duh." Deadshot snapped back.

"hey move it or lose it you two, get a float loader and let's get to work.

Cryotek went over to the energon and began to assist as well, operating a type of moving walkway that slide the energon out for easier loading.

Hatemogner got onto his com-link.

"Lord Galvatron I have heard of your return from our wonderful ally Astrotrain. I am sorry we had to leave Cybertron to those scum the Quintessians. I would have had my troops return to Cybertron but Astrotrain seemed to think we were little more of a bother." He coughed.

"Anyway moving on, we have made a successful raid to a human Nuclear plant and have a massive amount of energon. I am sending you the location of our base as it is rather well hidden. The men are performing well together and with some luck I may be able to find a Decepticon battle group that may be most helpful to our cause, the only problem being I would need to send the Iron Wolves elsewhere but I know they will listen to my orders. Please keep me notified of the current situation and any assistance we can be. Hatemonger out." With that he turned off his com-link and went to help the troops.

Hatemonger knew in his mind that they may wonder why he is helping them with such a meaningless task as moving energon. But to Hatemonger this was how to build trust with his men, to help them as much as he expected them to assist him when needed. Be it on the war front or with simplier tasks if he had the time to assist.

Quick Switch
2003-05-25, 07:03 AM
Stall adjusted his neck bolts again, Trailbreaker- that was his name, wasn't it?- was talking so quickly, and so...randomly that-

The Professor began to get nervous. He laughed entirely too much for his liking. He might be a troublemaker.

"Er, hobby?" he croaked in reply, trying to keep up with the larger Autobots.

Quick Switch held back a guffaw as he led inside the outpatient section of Medbay.


Dirge shook his head vigorously.

"I won't, Hound. I- I don't want to hurt anyone anymore."

Dirge was profoundly moved by Shasta's action- the innocence, the trust the little unit put in him-

Dirge turned away, trying to wipe fluid out of his optics.

These younglings will be the death of me!

But it was only a halfhearted gripe, all the same. A smile crept into place after the fluid was wiped away.



"Blah, what next?" Mindwipe stood with the Inquisitor inside a rather sterile briefing room somewhere in Castle Darkmount.

"What next?" The Inquisitor chuckled. The Quintesson second-in-command turned on his gyro and leered at the Headmaster- who was in robot mode- causing the normally calm hypnotist to flinch.

"Well, yes- I- I helped you with the Hate Plague!" Mindwipe said bleakly. The Inquisitor glided closer to the Headmaster Bat.

"Why yes, you did, didn't you? Primacron's strain didn't work quite as effectively..."

"Blah, well, that wasn't my fault!" Mindwipe's normally blood red optics weakned considerably.

"Of course not," the Inquisitor's cruel optics narrowed, and his tentacles lashed. "But I can't very well discipline Primacron, now can I?"

Mindwipe cringed, attempting to back away.

"But you, my dear Decepticon," the Inquisitor rumbled, "are quite, quite expandable."

With a whipcracking motion, the mechanical/organic creature lashed out with both sets of tentacles, three encircling the Decepticon's head, three more crushing his chest.

Mindwipe screamed. With a sickening pop, Mindwipe's head was ripped from his shoulders. The Inquisitor nodded, releasing Mindwipe's body. Two Sharkticons entered the room.

"What- what are you doing?!?" Mindwipe shrieked.

Vorath simply listened, stunned, to his Headmaster partner's agony.

It wasn't supposed to end like this. Not like this!

"My dear Mindwipe, Justice is often cruel, but fair," the Inquisitor said. "And the Imperial Magistrate-" hear the Inquisitor whispered in the Headmaster's ear- "has found you guilty of incompetence..."

The Sharkticons began to feed on Mindwipe's body. Slowly.

Luckily, the room was soundproof.

The Inquisitor thought the screams were nicely amplified, all the same.

"Wonderful acoustics," he commented, to Mindwipe's thrashing head. "Don't you agree?"

As Mindwipe screamed again, the Inquisitor tossed the head to a third Sharkticon, while the other two finished devouring the body.

"Justice is served," the Inquisitor mused, shutting the door behind him, and wiping his tentacles together.

Crunching metal soon replaced the sounds of screaming.

It was the first time the Sharkticons had tasted metal and Nebulan. A good blend.

Lord Zarak
2003-05-25, 02:54 PM
"I have nothing further to add, Astrotrain. I shall proceed immediately with the message. Hail Galvatron!" Shockwave walked out of Astrotrains office.


Overlord picked up a large amount of energon, and moved towards the cave.
"Do you want me to transform?" he asked Hatmonger.

2003-05-25, 03:40 PM
Hatemonger looked at Overlord.

"In whichever form you think could handle carring better." he smiled Overlord was new transformer to him so he did not know all of his ablities yet other than he made some pretty damn good weapons.

Lord Zarak
2003-05-25, 05:13 PM
"Well, as I am I can carry large loads, but as the command base, we would have a larger, more secure area for us to store the energon. Plus, if I transform, Giga and Mega, my godmaster counterparts could be helpful in liason with our human allies here on Earth."

2003-05-25, 06:12 PM
Aboard Sky Lynx

Snarl takes a look around. He sees that his fellow Autobots are are pretty down from the loss of their home. Snarl too, doesn't feel very comfertable, leaving his home planet. He doesn't mind that he is going to Earth, the planet from where he got his dino Mode. He hates it that he had to flee and leave those who couldn't make it on time to the escape transports. He looks at his fellow Dinobot Swoop and wonders if Grimlock, Slag or Sludge has made it to one of the escape shuttles.

Well" began Swoop "we have lost Cybertron. What will we do when we get to earth? asked the Dinobot, to Sky Lynx and the others who he was carrying

"I have no idea. I think it would be smart if we set up a base somewhere on Earth. I just hope that the people on Earth won't be troubled with us coming to Earth." Snarl said.

Snarl looks at Bumblebee, who took some serious damage to his leg. Snarl looks at it again. It seems like a Sharticon took a big chunck out of his leg. If he hadn't accidentally found Bumblebee on his way to Sky Lynx, Bumblebee would have been left on Cybertron to die or worse, eaten by the Sharkticons.

Bumblebee sees that Snal is looking at the wound that his left leg has suffered.

"You know, Snarl. I never got to thank you for saving me back on Cybertron. If you hadn't slashed those two Sharkticons in half, I would have been Sharkfood by now. Don't worry about my leg. I'm glad that those nasty Sharticons didn't hit anything or else I would be leaking any energon. I'll just have a medic look at it once we reached Earth."

2003-05-25, 06:43 PM
Hatemonger nodded to Overlord.

"We have plenty of room here at the base to store a large stock of the energon safety here. However, if you wish to take 25% of our shipment to store in your base, I see that as being logical." Hatemonger smiled he was rather impressed by the sheer amount of raw energon they were able to extract. He also felt given the sheer heat in the area, Cryotek and the Conquesticons could easily get a solar system set up to give them a constant stream of energon.

"Conquesicons, Cryotek, once the energon has been loaded come see me, I need your scientific knowledge on something." Hatemonger called into his com-link.

Cryotek nodded.
"Yes sir." He said watching Crio who was watching the unloading of the energon.

2003-05-25, 07:51 PM

As Shockwave walked out of Astrotrain's office, Ramjet shook his head ruefully.
Is it my imagination, or did the cyclops make a joke back there?
As the door closed, he noticed Starblade waiting to be admitted. Turning to Astrotrain, he asked: "Do you want to see her, boss, or should I chase her off?"

Chancre finished his work on Disorder.
Well, that's all I can do for him. Whether he survives or not now is up to him.
The former doctor ran off to help his partners.
Death Knell, busily unloading energon from the shuttle, acknolwedged Hatemonger's order.
"Aye, sir. We'll be there as soon as we're done."

2003-05-25, 08:03 PM
After several hours of flight, Dreadwing had finally reached Earth. Unfourtunately, he had pushed his engines too hard in order to get there, and now they were completly trashed. They would need to put in for repairs whenever Metrotitain arrived.

In the meantime, they had a much bigger problem to deal with.

"So," Dreadwind said. "What are we going to do now?"

"I'll tell you what we're going to do," Darkwing said, coaxing a litle more power out of the ruined engines and orienting themselves towards Carbombya, the only place that they could assume that Metrotitain and the other Decepticons were heading.

"We're goin' down."

As Dreadwind screamed in protest, Darkwing took them down towards the planet.

2003-05-25, 09:55 PM
(OOC: If this isn't going to work, I can edit it. Just need to get Tracks doing something. He's bored. I swear, if I have to listen to him sing the Harvard Fight Song one more time......)

Forward observation bay, battlecrusier Maximus:

Tracks: -staring out of the observation window at the starfield passing by, whistling Tom Leher's 'Fight Fiercely, Harvard', covered in dents, dings, scratches, and soot, right wing bent(with a Sharkticon forearm gripped in a deathclamp on it), and a slight gouge in his chest armor, looks down at himself, chuckles slightly, sighs- "So this is what shock feels like......" -sees Sharkticon forearm hanging from his wing- "I thought that last strafing run was a little too low." -grabs Sharkticon arm, starts trying to tug it loose-

Brainstorm: -wanders in, looking surprised that the room is here, sees Tracks- "You okay?"

Tracks: "Little buggers scratched my armor. You know how hard it is to get parts for my vehicle mode?"

Brainstorm: "Huh?"

Tracks: -transforms, his Corvette Stingray vehicle mode showing the same battering that his body shows, one of his popup headlight covers ripped completely off, front and read windows covered with spiderwebs of cracks, lower vent grills gone, chrome rims twisted and dented, left rear tire lifted off the ground by unfortunate side effect of Sharkticon arm after the wings fold in- "Just look at me. My beautiful body ruined."

Brainstorm: "Uh......... It's not that bad, really......"

Tracks: -transforms, suddenly angry, rips Sharkticon forearm from his wing and starts poking Brainstorm in the chest with it- NOT THAT BAD?!?!? My vehicle mode is the pinnacle of automotive perfection, and those simple-minded cretins have damaged it!!!! Are you blind?"

Brainstorm: -looking totally lost- "Guess this means you want to be fixed up?"

Tracks: "Yes. Do you have a datapad?"

Brainstorm: -pulls out a datapad, hand it to Tracks-

Tracks: -writes down a phone number and an account number and a name, followed by a list taking up most of the page of the pad, hands pad back to Brainstorm- "That's the number for Classic Corvette International. Ask for Manny when you call, read off that list of parts. Tell him the order is for Tracks, and make sure you get the part number for the rims right. Ratchet got one of the digits wrong once and they sent me rims for an Austin Mini Cooper. Have the parts shipped to wherever we're landing."

Brainstorm: -looking over the list, looks back at Tracks- "You need all this?"

Tracks: "Most of it. The lift kit's a sort of coming home/birthday present."

Brainstorm: "Ah." -looks at list, shrugs, looks back at Tracks- "Come on. We'll get you checked over in medbay while I send this order in."

Quick Switch
2003-05-26, 03:49 AM

"Hail Galvatron," Astrotrain replied, throwing up a salute. He sagged after Shockwave left the rooom.

He swiveled the command chair and faced Ramjet, kneading his face with his hands.

"Star Blade may be admitted, Ramjet. Never let it be said that I'm not accessible to those under my command."



Somehwere in the blasted remains of Polyhex, the Combiner Elimination Squad brooded.

"The war wasss over too quickly for my liking- hardly any combinersss killed," Pyre spat smoke, furious.

"No need-"

"-to worry," Deathbringer and Mercykiller piped up.

"We're still functional," Terminus said ruefully, squiriting a jet of acid from his cannon at a random building.

"Bruticus was destroyed," Cenotaph rumbled. "By the Commander."

The Squad members nodded, reflective. Maelstrom had been summoned to the new Dominion Headquarters, with Bruticus' head and body, intact.

Aero Blade
2003-05-26, 04:04 AM
Stratus watched startled as Riptide began to climb up the stack of crates he was resting on. Paint job and a wire skirt? Heck no. "You wouldn't dare...Eeep!" Stratus squeeked as the crate underneith him began to move. Before he could turn on his thrusters, he found himself tumbling off the crate. Stratus let out an alarmed chirp as he fell toward Riptide below.

2003-05-26, 04:19 AM
Aboard Jetfire
Hound shook his head with a half smile. "No Dirge, I know. It was more an observation than anything..." He trailed off as he finished his thought in a bit of silent brooding as he looked around the cabin. ...about me. He doesn't know about Sunstreaker, or the agreement I made. When we get to Earth, I may be taken offline. I won't tell him though. He might panic in here- and yet... for a Decepticon, he sure is different. Could it be? Really? Could he be a different sort of Decepticon than all the rest?

"Oh no!" Riptide gasped as Stratus began to fall. In a moment of panic, she put her hands out above her head to catch him and lost her balance. She hadn't wanted to harm him after all, she just wanted to play with him. With a thud an instant later, she wound up sitting on the floor with Stratus on top of her open hands in her lap. Strong surges of energy were zipping through her fingers from him, and with wide blue-green optics, she quickly decided she didn't like the results of holding the little power creature. She squeezed her eyes and screamed as loud as she could.

Aero Blade
2003-05-26, 04:28 AM
Stratus was scrunched up into a little ball on top of her hands. He had been sure that Riptide would try to hurt him, especially after having come after him. After a moment he openned his eyes, still paniced, to find himself instead sitting ontop of her hands. Taking the opportunity before she could do anything else, Stratus bolted, retreating to the safety of Aero Blade's lap, scrunching himself into hiding in the crook of Aero Blade's arm. Aero Blade looked around a bit bewildered, not entirely sure what happened.

2003-05-26, 09:14 AM
Ramjet acknowledged Astrotrain's order and turned towards the door.
The boss really looks bad. I suppose the retreat doesn't have anyone feelin' too good, but still...
Opening the door, Ramjet scrutinized Starblade (in a mostly professional manner) for a few seconds.
"You may enter," he told her finally.

2003-05-26, 01:47 PM
StarBlade gave a frown to the way Ramjet looked at her. She was not an experiment to be studied. Once he said she could go into the office, StarBlade stepped in, and gave a bit of a salute. "Astrotrain, as sitting idle does me no good, do you have any tasks you need done that you can't do personally? Boredom with me is dangerous, especially to those inconsequencial around me. I tend to want to kill something when I'm bored, and the easiest to dispose of are the Metrodrones, and I do not feel like being harrased by Metrotitan for killing his Drones." She had caught Shockwave's decree of 'Hail Galvatron' and was also curious about that. "Also, I know Galvatron is one of our leaders, but where did he come from? I've been out of the loop, so to speak, for a very long time."

2003-05-26, 02:54 PM
>>"Various Decepticons who were defending Tarn when the evacuation order was cast.">> Black Zarak replied to Runabout and activated one of the terminals near the Battlechargers, bringing video feed from other parts of his massive body to the optics of the two Decepticons and the Minicons with them.

"Most Decepticons escaped to Metrotitan... Terrorcons, Predacons and handful of others are here in Black Zarak." A large green, black and pinkish Decepticon, clearly of somekind of tank like configuration in his alt. mode, spoke out from the doorway that led out of the hangar. "You got lucky we found you."

2003-05-26, 03:07 PM
Hatemonger watched as the energon unloading continued. He was more than impressed with the results, they easily had enough energon to last some time, even with the oncoming Decepticons from Cybertron. After he met with Cyrotek and the Conquesticons he would easily have an incoming stream of Energon.

"Good work Conquesticons." He yelled back in his com-link "You did what you could for Disorder he seems like a tough bot I am sure he will survive, as I mentioned before once you are finished with your current work please come see me." He clicked off his com-link.

"Now to find the Iron Wolves." He had a mission for them, he knew of a Gestalt team he served with once before, in fact on Earth. They were a great underwater warfare team the Seacons and he wanted use them again here on Earth. Just he needed to find them. Years ago they were trapped by Autobots in an underwater cave, one that they could not just smash their way out of in Prirnacon mode for they would bury themselves more. With the Iron Wolves new form they could resuce the Seacons.

This needed to be done soon.

2003-05-26, 05:03 PM
Bluestreak looked at Bumblebee and Snarl then back at the fire bird he still didn't know the name of then to Sideswipe.

"Umm where did they come from?" he asked Sideswipe of Snarl and Bumblebee. Sideswipe shrugged looking at Jazz who was too busy watching the earthen made card came trying to get his mind off Cybertron. Then to Blaster who was sitting back playing soft jazz music trying to relax then to Wheeljack who also just shrugged.

"Ho humm" Bluestreak said with a sigh leaning back against the wall.

"Well Swoop my guess is we go to Earth, Re-group then come back guns-ablazing. It seems it's all we can do minus giving up Cybertron forever ofcourse" Wheeljack replied to the dinobot.

Quick Switch
2003-05-26, 05:25 PM

Dirge nodded at Hound's words and kept his small smile.

"I'm sure you'll help me. You've aleady done a lot-"

The jet clapped his hands over his audio receptors as he heard a scream of pain. Dirge turned and looked about the cabin-

"Riptide," he murmurred.

Dirge lowered his hands and moved toward the femme youngling, bending down at her side.

"Mss are- are you all right?" Dirge frowned- her hands looked a little scorched. Gently, still rather unsure about the whole thing, Dirge reached out a hand and placed it on her shoulder. "I'll have the medics look at you," he said after a minute.


Astrotrain turned and smiled slightly.

"Welcome Star Blade." The City Commander listened to the femmebot speak then replied:

"Megatron is Galvatron," he replied simply. "Well...they're the same guy." His smile disppeared. "That...is a long story. And something I'm rather sesitive about. Perhaps I'll tell you some other time."

He smiled again.

"Now, then, perhaps you can re-enlighten me. What is your function, exactly? I'll try to put you where you're best suited."

2003-05-26, 05:31 PM
StarBlade's optics grew very wide. Galvatron and Megatron were the same being?!

"That is a tale I should like to hear one day..." At the question of her function, a faint, and dark, smile crept across StarBlade's features.

"I'm an assassin. Megatron used to send me out on spy missions, and if he needed someone eliminated, he asked me to deal with the threat. I was one of the few he trusted with such...delicate...assignments."

2003-05-26, 05:47 PM
"Well, that's good," Runabout said to the new arrival. "For a minute there, I thought that we might be the last of our kind."

"A nightmare, to be sure," Knock-Out said.

As soon as the words left his vocal port, Runamuck ran over and kicked the Mini-Con into the wall, near where the unknown Transformer was.

"Ouch," Knock-Out said.

"Enough of this slag," Wreckage said. "First off," said, pointing at the Decepticon in the door. "Where are we? Also, where are we going?"
"I TOLD YOU THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!" Dreadwind shouted, as the massive Dreadwing superjet sped towards the surface of Planet Earth.

"You think everything we do is a bad idea!" Darkwing shouted back.

"YEAH, WELL THIS TIME I'M RIGHT!" Dreadwind said.
At the Carbombya Royal Palace, technicians had monitered the approached of the unknown craft.

"Lord Fakaddi," one of them signaled. "We have detected an incoming ship. It appears to be making a crash landing somewhere near the outskirts. Should I scramble for an intercept?"

2003-05-26, 06:00 PM
"Where? Where indeed..." Stalker snorted. "Within Black Zarak of course, where else?" He added.

"Where would you think we are dimwit? We are on our way to Earth, the only slaggin' place in this galaxy we have some power over." The large mech smirked, his green visor glowing coldly as he stared at Wreckage.

2003-05-26, 06:15 PM
Wreckage just looked up at Stalker. It wasn't as if they had allied themselve with the Decepticons or anything. In fact, they had been hiding out on the shuttle that was now in the hanger bay when the two Battlechargers arrived, took it, and fled. They had been discovered shortly after takeoff, and were captured by them. They might have given them to the Decepticon leader. They still might. But for now, best to play along.

"Oh, yes," Wreckage said. "Earth."

Bonecrusher had moved to help Knock-Out up.

"So," he said. "Who is in command here?"

2003-05-26, 07:09 PM
"Galvatron." Stalker said, calmly staring down at the Minicons. It was a blatant lie but it amused Stalker to play little mind games with these Minicons. "And I doubt he enjoyed the delay that picking you lot up caused."

2003-05-26, 07:21 PM
Knock-Out and Bonecrusher were heading back towards the shuttle, when Runamuck grabbed them.

"Hey! What the..."

Wrekage saw this, and made his own attempt to escape, but was caught by Runabout.

"How do you think he'd feel," Runabout asked. "If we gave these three to him as a consolation prize?"

2003-05-27, 04:50 AM
At the sound of the scream, Hound's hands shot to his audio receptors as well, and then out to grab Shasta, who had been joted awake and was ready to run through the crowd of refugees.

"It's okay there! Take it easy!" He said quietly as he struggled with the squirming little youngling. Within seconds, he had managed to turn Shasta around to face him and the youngster had grabbed on to him with a death grip- looking around with wide optics.

Hound stayed sitting, but turned slightly so Shasta could see Riptide. "Look, she's okay- she just got a bit of a tiny shock and got surprised. I remember the first time a human I know got a shock..."
Shasta looked up at Hound. "What's a human?"
Hound chuckled softly, and then carefully eased one arm up to point at one of Jetfire's windows. "You'll see lots of them soon! See that big blue and white ball out there? That's Earth, and that's where we're going."
Shasta glanced back and forth from the window to his twin and back to the window again.
After a moment, he replied, "It's pretty."
Hound nodded and smiled faintly before turning back to watch Dirge and Riptide. He sure does seem to like the other one. Hm- poor Stratus. I wonder why he got so close? These two are going to be a handful I think.

As soon as Stratus left, Riptide let her surprised scream change to an irritated one, and then stop. She glared warily and irritatedly at the little minicon for just a moment before her view was suddenly blocked by a dark shadow. In an instant, she found herself looking into dark red optics.

An image flashed in her memory banks of being in a slaver's market back on cybertron. Another jet with red optics had been sneering at the slaves as he walked past. That sneer was wiped nicely away when his nose got too close to the bars and her fist connected to it... but no... He's not smirking. He's worried. Hmm, I know this tricks!

"My name's not 'miss', it's Riptide." She replied with a wide-eyed look to Dirge as she brushed the scorched surface paint off her hands. "And I'm k... but he- he bitted me!" She stood up and went to grab with both arms for Dirge's waist.
Bet he's got shineys and lots of energon stashed to stay safe on an Autobot ship.


Aero Blade
2003-05-27, 05:34 AM
Stratus burried himself deeper into Aero Blade's arms, attempting to get as far away from Riptide as he could but still remaining in the safety of his partner's grip. Aero Blade sighed slightly, then gave Riptide a stern look.

"Stratus doesn't bite. Stratus doesn't do anything. He's too afraid of other Transformers - especially ones that come after him..." Aero Blade stated firmly. He sighed again slightly, softening his expression and voice. "Now, you wouldn't know why he's so frieghtened, now would you?" Aero Blade questioned her, still keeping some of the firmness in his voice, to show her that he wasn't messing around. Stratus remained in Aero Blade's arms, a shivering little bundle of metal.

2003-05-27, 06:12 AM
Corridors of the Maximus:

Chromedome: "Roadbuster, come on. Let's go back to the medbay. You need to calm down."

Roadbuster: "Calm down? Prime kills Springer, admittedly by accident, then I get told that everythings going to be okay, because all the dead are coming back so we can get them killed again, this time by the Quintessons! Why should I calm down? EVERYTHING'S PERFECTLY SLAGGING NORMAL, ISN'T IT!!!!"

Chromedome: "I told you, I don't like this any better than you do. But right now, there aren't enough of us to take the Quints on and win! We need experienced soldiers, NOW! We need a massive recovery program that will get us back into full military shape not in a few years, but a few days!" -sighs- "And the Captain's right. Prime's probably being run through the emotional wringer over this."

Roadbuster: "Then why not find another way? Springer and the rest have earned their peace."

Chromedome: "I don't know. There's only so much that can be done with what we have. Besides, this process won't bring any of my friends back at all. Who knows, it might even bring back someone I've sworn to kill."

Hardhead: "I've said it before, Chromedome. The best you'll do fighting Sixshot is a draw. You'll wind up killing each other. You can leave it behind you. This Sixshot is completely different."

Chromedome: "Nnn."

Quick Switch
2003-05-27, 06:45 AM
Carbomya City, the Royal Palace:

Fakkadi straigthened his new dress uniform, and nodded approvingly to the tailor, who stood with a mirror so the dictator could examine himself.

A wall comm unit beeped, and relayed the incoming message. Fakkadi walked to the unit, and pressed the "transmit" button.

"Scramble some jet fighters- but be sure to have the pilots transmit a hailing frequency. Do not have them fire unless fired upon," he replied, adjusting his hat with his other hand. "If a pilot violates that command, his life is forefit."

Fakkadi depressed the button, then walked back to the tailor, who was quivering.

"Adequate," the Carbombyan leader said stiffly after a moment, adjusting all his medals on his greatcoat. "But it will suffice for Abdul Fakkadi, King of Kings."

The tailor bowed stiffly, muttering a subdued "Allah akbar," before leaving the chamber.


Astrotrain left his chair, and placed his hands on the femmebot's shoulders. His exuberence was rather out of place- but Astrotrain was ecstatic- another member of the Old Guard!

Hopefully Star Blade wouldn't mind the shoulder claps-

"Ah, so you were one of Megatron's assassins!" his heavily flanged vocoder was laden with awe. "Well, I didn't know that. I will most definitely have a use for you, for the good of the Empire," he said to the femmebot. "There are enemies everywhere, who might question Lord Galvatron's rule. A warrior with your special skills will be very helpful in the coming days."

Astrotrain smiled broadly.


Dirge frowned in concern at Riptide's words, then shot another furtive glance back at the Minicon.

"I'm sorry you got shocked Riptide," the jet said, looking at the little youngling's hands. "But please promise me you won't play with the Minicons anymore. They're- too, um, dangerous."

As the little femme went to- embrace?- him, Dirge moved his arms forward to tenatively hug Riptide back.

2003-05-27, 07:05 AM
Aboard Fort Max
Trailbreaker helped ease Quick Switch onto an examination table. "There ya go chief. Now... com link... ah yes!" Trailbreaker grinned as he reached over to a desk and grabbed a communicator. "Right then, red com for 'Switch to call Optimus- *tosses it to him*; and now to get Ratch...

*Trailbreaker spots Tracks coming in, and quickly pushes an extra table towards him.* "Tracks guy, you look like you're havin' a real bad day. Have a seat and I'll dig up Ratchet."
Aboard Jetfire
Riptide hugged Dirge tightly, but focused on Aero Blade instead of checking Dirge's inventory. He's mad. Oops.

"Well, Stratus- he wouldn't leave me alone and I tried to be nice, but he followeded me all over and squeaked at me and I climbed up to catch him and he fell down and I caught him so he wouldn't get hurt... and- and- and- then he bitted me! But just a little. I won't play with them anymore. I'll sticky swear if you want me to."


Up front, Jetfire was watching his fuel consumption carefully. Comettor had given him some of the special formula that he had made into capsules, and it seemed to be working fine. Earth was coming up and it looked bright and beautiful to the scientist's receptors. If only it weren't for all the racket going on in the cabin...

Quick Switch
2003-05-27, 07:21 AM
Quick Switch nodded gratefully as Trailbreaker hoisted him onto a table.

"Thank you Trailbreaker-" he muttered, reaching for the comm. Composing himself, Quick Switch sat up in a military fashion and activated the unit.

"Optimus, Quick Switch reporting. The evacuation of Cybertron was a success. I await your further orders, sir."

Stall, meanwhile, entered the Medbay proper and blinked as Trailbreaker left.

Rather odd fellow. Too smiley. Yes.

The Professor blinked even further as another Autobot approached.

Tracks. Hm.

"How do you do?" Stall bowed slightly in Tracks' direction, still a trifle uncertain. Perhaps he, too, was a troublemaker.

Hm. I just remembered I forgot to grade the Final Exams for the term. Well, that will prove most difficult for next term, then! Most definitey require further lesson plans! Er, lets see...war is most inconvenient. Er, well, except when war is taught.


Dirge cautiously hugged Riptide back, a bit surprised at the intensity of the hug. He smiled.

"I know, I know," the jet replied, believing the little femme. He lightly patted her on the head after he hugged her for a bit. He paused, frowning.

"Sticky swear?"

2003-05-27, 07:44 AM
(joined post)

*Riptide spits oil on her hand and puts it out to Dirge* "You know... a sticky swear."

Dirge *perplexed at the sticky swear* "Um...what's a sticky swear?"

Riptide grinned. "Sticky swear- you have to keep the swear 'cause it's stuck there. If you don't keep it, eventually you stick in one place and your optics fall out and you get rusty and you go offline *whispers* ...forever.
Sticky swears!"

Quick Switch
2003-05-27, 07:47 AM
(joint post)

Dirge *gulps, sweating a bit* "...Oh." *smiles weakly* "Well, all right, I'll swear. I'll do it for you, Riptide." *lifts up a hand, frowns, then spits a tiny bit of fluid, then offers the hand to the youngling to shake*

Riptide *she grabs it enthusiastically and jumps up and down with it, swipes the back of her hand against his and puts a finger on his nose.*

Dirge *watches fascinated as Riptide proceeds with the ritual, then widens his optics as she places a finger on his nose* Is this part of the- swear?

Riptide: "yep. Cause it goes up your nose if you forget and goes into your memory circuits. Then if you ignore it, your eyes pop out and you stick in one place and you rust until you go offline..." *whispers* "...permanently!"

Dirge *optics widen even further, and his mouth opens in shock- he begins to sweat even more* "O- oh! I won't forget! At least- I won't MEAN to-" *flustered*

Riptide: "You sure drip lots Dirger." *Riptide looks intently at him* "But don't worry, I'll remind you if you forget. I'm a good reminderer. And sticky swears only are bad if you ignore them on purpose. Tell me 'bout the Decptions, Dirger? What did you do?"

*Dirge sits, his knee joints a bit stiff from kneeling* "Um, OK, Riptide. The Deceptions are all fighters. They want- they want Energon. And I, um, fought Autobots in the sky to help Megatron get Energon." *smiles and nods at Riptide*

Riptide: "Why don't they want energon?" *gets a puzzled look* "I thought everybodys needed energon?"

*Dirge scratches his head* Dirge: "The Autobots don't need Energon. Not like Deceptions do. Autobots- recharge, instead of eating and using Energon for fuel like Deceptions."

Riptide: "But energon's good! How come we don't recharge?"

*Dirge smiles sadly* Dirge: "I- I don't know, Riptide. We just- don't. Our leaders just...ordered us to use Energon. So...we do."

Riptide: "You always listen to your leader? What if the leader tells you to crash in a lake?"

*Dirge frowns, uncomfortable* Dirge: "I- I listened to Megatron. He created me. He was stronger. But now that he's gone- I...." *pauses, looks at Ritpide* "Galvatron wanted us to all crash in a lake. But I don't want to do that. So I don't listen to him."

Riptide: *looks at Dirge in disbelief* "Dumbbbbbbbbbbb Galvatron. What would he do for air guys after? Besides, that hurts! You can be my air guy Dirger! I like you. You won't need to crash in a lake."

*Dirge laughs, losing his earlier tension* "He- he wouldn't have any air guys. Except Cyclonus and Scourge.. but they-" *gets a mischevious twinkle in his optics* "were stupid enough to crash if Galvatron wanted them too." *Dirge pats Riptide on the head, touched* "Thanks, Riptide. I like you too."

2003-05-27, 01:59 PM
StarBlade's optics widened when Astrotrain placed his hands on her shoulders. The awe in his voice was even more surprising. Unsure how to react to that awe, she simply responded to the threat towards Galvatron, whom she would be as loyal to as she had been to Megatron.

"So, there are even some Decepticons who hate our honored Leader? Boy, are they idiots. If Galvatron doesn't get them first, his guard or I will. And if any are like Starscream, I pity them." The mention of Starscream reminded her to ask, "That traitor still alive?"

2003-05-27, 02:06 PM
Hatemonger looked as a drone beeped at him that must of the energon had been moved.

Excellent, he thought for a few moments and realised Overlord maybe most helpful in what he wanted done next as well.

"Overlord, when energon moving is complete please hail me on your com-link or wait for the Conquesticons, I will meet everyone by you." Hatemonger said and started to walk towards Overlord.

2003-05-27, 02:17 PM

Several jet fighters left the hanger, on their way to where Dreadwing was crashsing down, making it there just in time to see him crash to the ground.

The soldiers landed their planes, got out, and walked over to the crater that was made by the impact.

"Call the boss," the leader said, once he saw what it was. "He's going to be interested by this."
From the doorway came the sound of an all too familiar voice.

"Looking sharp as ever, dear friend."

Snake walked inside and looked out the window.

"I hear we have some problems."

2003-05-27, 08:30 PM
"I wouldn't count on the goodwill of our great leader." Stalker said, his visor flashing.

"Most likely Zarak got the order to pick you up just because of these three. They belong to him." Stalker added, pointing his forefinger at the Minicons.

"If I were you... I would blend into the ranks of Zarak's other passengers and pretend I had been here ever since of the evacuation." The communications technician added with a cold laugh.

Quick Switch
2003-05-27, 08:48 PM

Fakkadi turned and smiled broadly at the former Cobra Commander's apearance.

"Thank you Snake. The same could be said about yourself," the President for Life nodded at Snake's gleaming chrome helmet. "Problems? Ah, well, a possible jet contact- but my Air Force is looking into the matter. Please, sit, join me- we have not spoken in some time."

The dictator gestured for a servant who hovered in the foyer of the receiving room, who scrambled to get glasses together.

"I don't drink spirits- but help yourself," Fakkadi said, walking to a sutuffed chair and sitting in it, gesturing to a wet bar. The servant quickly brought Fakkadi a glass of ice water.


Astotrain broke the physical contact with the femme after a minute, reflective.

"In the days of Megatron...it was not like this," he whispered, sitting back in his command chair. Two Metrodrones hovered behind the City Commander, brining him updates from the various sectors of Metrotitan on data pads.

Astrotrain looked back up at Star Blade, indicating she could sit in a chair across from his desk.

"Please, sit. As hard as this is to believe for an old fashioned warrior as yourself, Star Blade," the Triple Changer laughed, "several factions still remain in the Army. As chief administrator, I do what I can," he kneaded his face with his hands, "to keep the Empire running smoothly. Lords Galvatron and Gigatron are very busy units. They have grand plans.... I try to make those plans work."

He smiled at the mention of Starscream, and steepled his fingers, looking at the assassin.

"Starscream was killed by Lord Galvatron more then ten years ago."

2003-05-27, 08:55 PM
Metrotitan: Command Center

From his socket in the mainframe, Soundwave monitored all. He queried Metrotitan's navigational matrix for vessel velocity, distance to Earth, possible traveling hazards, and other ships' relative placement.

Still a bit off yet. Hm. I almost feel that I'm wasting time here.

His interest turned to the interior of the ship, and he requested of the security system data from the northwest camera in medbay. His CPU was instantly flooded with images from a ceiling corner of the room. Among the beds, Laserbeak was visible perched on the edge of one where a groggy and confused Decepticon sat.

"Wha... Ooh, what hit me?"

Good. Very good.

Yet no room of the ship was so well under his observation as the workplace of his commander. Naturally, Soundwave was always watching for something to come out that may be useful. He could not contain a chuckle at Astrotrain's amateur display, but his interest was piqued as he went on.

Is that so...


Former EDC Outpost Alpha-195: Perimeter Checkpoint

What a shift. Can't wait to get some shut eye...

The hatch of the mess hall whisked open, and a stocky man stepped slowly through. He removed his white and powder blue helmet, revealing the graying hair that did not match his youthful face. He shuffled the helmet off under one arm and placed the opposite glove on his brow, brushing up and through his hair with a slight sigh. Some of the men eating around him took the time to turn and salute as they chewed away at their meals.

Two smuggler ships in as many fortnights! I'd better submit that leave request soon. Got a bad feeli--

"Captain Millikan!"

The stocky man turned around, halfway through edging onto a lone stool, to see two lieutenants rush through the door.

"There's a freighter approaching - Decepticon markings, sir!"

His face shifted, eyes rolling despite efforts to restrain. He knew this must be it, but his men wanted a heroic effort from their captain. It was the least he could do. The three of them dashed off, back to the control center.

It was a long walk, and with little to see on the way, there was time to think. He remembered some twenty months ago when the Decepticons raided Earth, and the EDC was "disbanded". He remembered being present at the meeting of the remaining council on Mars when it was decided that they would not be deterred. He remembered the day that he was shuttled out to this outpost - left, as he felt it, to wait for the end. He remembered the many raids his men had performed on Earth to acquire materials for survival. And he remembered how, as a child, his father (Canadian Army Captain Joshua Millikan, an Irish Jew) had compared the Decepticons to the Nazis: of only the purpose to conquer and to crush the rebels, who would one day defeat them. And he wondered how he had become one of the rebels.

Millikan looked up to the glass dome, turrets visible outside, where an image of the incoming craft appeared. He snatched up a microphone; a technician opened a channel.

"Decepticon freighter, this is Captain Otis Millikan of Earth Defense Command!"

The tec looked up to the captain and, clutching his headset, asked, "Captain?"

The captain responded with a terse thumb across the neck and continued.

"You will dock your craft at our location and allow our inspectors to board. Failure to cooperate with these measures will cause us to open fire!"

There was momentary silence in response. While waiting (as his mind had a tendency to wander), Millikan pondered the commonly believed tale that a person's life replays moments before it ends. He wondered then, if this was the end, why that had not happened?

And he felt sad that it had taken so long for him to discover his clairvoyance.


Dusk Ashes

"Excellent!" Megatron exclaimed as he slammed the hatch, his optics shining blood red. "Now, what was that territory I heard him talking of?"

He returned to his seat, only taking a brief glance at the forward screen and the explosion it still displayed. He looked down to the monitor before him, tapping away at the screen as it displayed a continually expanding map of Earth. Its center focused on the west coast of Africa, then proceeded in toward a sea-bordered state titled...

"Carbomya. Maxima, take us there. I would like to meet this Fakkadi fleshling."

2003-05-27, 09:26 PM
Black Zarak

Runamuck was about to protest, saying that they found the Minicons, and thus they were theirs, when he caught Runabout's gaze, and immediately shut up.

They handed the three small Transformers to Stalker, and headed off towards where the others were.
Carbombya: Royal Palace

"No, thanks," Snake said, dismissing the servant who had offered him the drink, then moving to a chair opposite the country's leader.

"Of course we shall...talk."
Carbombya: Outskirts

"Ohh...." Dreadwind groaned.

"Oh, shut up," Darkwing said. "We made it here in one piece."

"That's looking at it on the bright side," Dreadwind said.

"Of course. What other way do you..." Darkwing said, then shut up.

"What's wrong?" Dreadwind asked, his voice tinged with fear.

"Shaddup," Darkwing said, straining his audio receptors.

"...believe what we found here, sir. Two robots. Kinda look like those Decepticons that were once here. What should we do?"

"Oh, great," Darkwing said.

"What?" Dreadwind asked, his voice sounded shaky.

"Those flesh bags are calling in the big cheese," Darkwing said. "You know, the guy who runs the show."

Dreadwind looked at Darkwing blankly.

"Fakaddi, you idiot!" Darkwing hissed.

"Oh," Darkwing said. "But what does that have to do with anything."

"Um, let's see here," Darkwing said. "We're damaged, can't get out of here without getting fired on, and we're about to meet the one human whose bestest friend has all the reason to blow us all to scrap! That help?!"

"No," Dreadwind said gloomly.

2003-05-27, 10:26 PM
Medbay of the Maximus:

Tracks: -bows slightly to Stall- "Hello, old boy. Things have certainly been strange recently, hmm?"

Brainstorm: -goes over to comm terminal, sends Tracks' part order in-

Minerva: -still observing Mirage, looks up and sees Quick Switch- "Gloriofski, what happened to you? Brainstorm, take over here. Mirage should be out of it soon. If it looks like he's having problems, let me know." -moves over to Quick Switch, starts checking his wound-

2003-05-27, 11:34 PM
StarBlade took the offered seat, listening to the news of several factions in the army, still mildly surprised at Astrotrain's reaction to her profession.

"So, with the different factions, it makes life difficult for those of the 'peacekeeper' profession...." At hearing of Starscream's demise, she gave a grin. "Good. I had asked Megatron several times if he wanted me to put Starscream out of his misery, and Megatron always said that he would take care of the traitor one day...."

She paused then, glancing at the Drones, then looked back to Astrotrain. "Do you know who all survived from the original crash on earth? I got a partial list, once, but I'm very curious."

2003-05-28, 02:06 AM
Dusk Ashes

Maxima seated in the co-pilot's chair, then leaned over & punched a couple commands into the console. She said nothing, but the slight distaste in being around the humans was rather sickening.

"Yes, Megatron," she said with a little more control to her voice, calmly with a hint of soft, smooth sweet tones to her deep, sophisticated femme voice. Not exactly her normal tone.

Then taking the controls before her, she steered the craft towards the deserts of Western Africa on Earth.

Aero Blade
2003-05-28, 05:01 AM
Aero Blade shook his head. If things kept up like this, it was going to be a long trip to Earth.

"She was up to something!" Stratus said to Aero Blade. He'd calmed down enough that he was now sitting on Aero Blade's lap, but still well within the safety of his arms. "I know she was. She didn't do anything because I was watching her," Stratus told him.

Aero Blade turned to Hound, seeking someone else's view on the situation. "You've been pretty queit. What do you think?" Aero Blade asked him only so loud as Hound could hear. "Maybe we should keep a closer eye on them, take turns watching them..." He turned his head, looking over at Dirge and Riptide. "I think Dirge is alittle too attatched to be of much help, though. He seems to really like her."

"She hurt me because I wouldn't stop watching her!" Stratus cried.

"You're not hurt," Aero Blade answered.

"Yes I am! She hurt me!" Stratus repeated.

"Alright, look here..." Aero Blad told the minicon, openning one of the tool boxes attatched to his leg. After sifting through a few devices, he pulled out a small microscanner which he usually used to examine sensitive circuitry without having to tear open a computer. He used it to scan Stratus, then showed the minicon the results. "See? Nothing wrong with you."

2003-05-28, 07:57 AM
Hound glanced over to the window where an eerily familiar red glow had begun to shine against a blue and white swirl background, and then looked back to Aero Blade as he began to speak. Shasta was calm now and was working on a piece of energon Hound had given him. With a nod, Hound smiled. "I think things will be okay Aero Blade, but all young creatures need looking after. Earth will be- a difficult place. They'll need to stay at the base for their safety, the humans', ... and ours. I would say- Dirge is the best thing for Riptide."

Then Hound looked at Stratus with a concerned look. The little minicon was a bit shaken, but looked like he'd be okay. "Stratus, I don't think she meant to hurt you. They need to learn a lot yet. We'll be landing very soon now, then you won't have to worry so much."

Shasta sighed quietly. He heard everything, though he didn't understand the minicon. He did see that Stratus had had a scare. Slowly, he got up and put the last half of his energon chip next to Aero Blade's knee, then smiled at Stratus as he went back over to Hound.

"Autobot Jetfire calling Earth command! Request permission to land." Jetfire called through his internal communicators.

Quick Switch
2003-05-28, 08:10 AM
The Pentagon:

General of the Army Clayton M. Abernathy sat in his spacious office, once again reviewing a stack of paperwork. His normally stern face was a bit more lined with fatigue and stress. His brown hair was now gray. Typically, though, his tank commander helmet was still fitted atop his head, though it bore five stars now, instead of one.

After the disbanding of the Earth Defense Command and the elite team known as "Action Force", the General had been promoted to Chief of Staff of the United States Army, in recognition for his many decades of military service agaist various terrorist organizations.

"Sergeant Major," the General dictated to his orderly who stood with a notepad, "a memo to Generals Hauser and Faireborne...and Admiral Delgado- we'll need to meet with the President to schedule ameeting about the possible threat of Abdul Fakkadi-"

The General's growler phone rang.


"Sir," a communications Captain replied, "transmission from the Autobot Jetfire! Requesting permission to land!"

"I'll take it. Put the Transformer through, Captain," the Chief of Staff replied. "Jetfire? This is General Abernathy, United States Army. Permission to land on American soil is granted. God bless you son. Yo-" the General caught himself, clearing his throat in time.

That phrase wasn't applicable anymore. Downsized.

2003-05-28, 08:35 AM
"Thank you General! May freedom always flourish in your land and all troubles be exiled or eliminated. Yo."
I really must figure out what the yo means someday. I bet Jazz could tell me.
Jetfire redirected his thoughts to his passengers as they neared the outer atmosphere and began their approach.

"Attention! This is your captain speaking! We are begining our final approach to Earth. Please secure yourselves and any belongings you may have as turbulence may arise. Please find a seated posiion and remain there until we land. I hope you've had a pleasant flight and all adults will return again when we get ready to throttle the Quintessons back off Cybertron. Thank you for flying Air-Jetfire. Have a nice day!"
In the cockpit, Comettor looked at Jetfire's console with an amused look. "Okay, so what exactly was all that meant to do?"

Jetfire paused, then replied, "Got me, but all the Earth pilots say something similar. When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Comettor shook his head. "But we're not going to Rome... we're going to the desert."

Lord Zarak
2003-05-28, 01:44 PM
Shockwave returned to his quarters, his two reports already formed in his mind.

"Earth force commander Hatemonger, this is Shockwave. The Decepticon fleet is currently in-transit to earth, where are combined forces shall meet to deal with the current situation on Cybertron. That is all for now. Await further instructions. If you have any questions, direct them to me. Shockwave out"

After closing the channel to Hatemonger, he opened a second one to Abdul Fakadi.

"Greetings, General Fakadi. I extend salutations from Astrotrain, Commander of Metrotitan. I ahve been instructed to inform you that the Decepticon Fleet is in-transit to Earth, where we will reasses our current situation, which in time will be fully explained to you. He hopes that the comradeship felt between you and the people of Carbombya and ourselves can be further cemented. If you have any questions, please exercise your right to contact me. Shockwave out."

Aero Blade
2003-05-28, 02:04 PM
As Aero Blade readied himself and Stratus to land, he felt some aprehension begin to arise again. From the way Hound kept talking about them, he seemed to know alot about humans. Aero Blade at the entire time he'd spent at his home base had only met a grand total of five, and they were kids. Aero Blade's teammates back at home had been trying to minimize human contact to avoid bringing them into the war, and it had worked quite well - their bases were in a secluded area, and there weren't very many Autobots or Decepticons, really - but judging from the sheer number of Autobots here...

Hound talked like here really knew alot about humans, like he'd been around a lot of them. Aero Blade became alittle nervous. He didn't know what to do around a large number of humans...

Stratus watched Shasta for awhile, then looked back at the Energon chip. He picked it up after a moment, but didn't eat it immediately. He looked back over at Shasta, then at Riptide again. He didn't care much for the girl, but the boy didn't seem too bad.

Stratus settled back against Aero Blade, muching on the little bit of Energon

Quick Switch
2003-05-28, 06:02 PM
Carbombya City: Royal Palace

"Decepticons? Well, damn you, scramble an egineering brigade to get the two jets out of the desert and into Carbombya City for repairs immediately!" Fakkadi replied back to the jet pilots about finding the two Powermaster jets.

The comm unit beeped, and in a moment, Abdul Fakkadi was listening to the stentorian vocoder of Shockwave.

He replied after a moment:

"The pleasure is all mine, Shockwave. The citizens of Carbombya share with me my sincere offer of aid to the Decepticon race in their valiant struggle against the infidel Autobots! I look forward to your arrival!"

Fakkadi terminated the feed, then grinned at Snake.

"By Allah, this will be the beginning of the end of those accursed Autobots, my friend! And of the power of the United States of America!"


Stall smiled brightly as Tracks began to speak.

Ah- a unit of culture! He can appreciate history-

The old Autobot moved forward and offered a hand for Tracks to shake.

"I am most, most pleased to meet you, Tracks. I am Professor Stall, late of Iacon University- History Department. And yes...things have been rather odd lately."

Quick Switch broke his tense wait for a reply from Optimus as Minerva came over and examined him.

It's the female human, piloting one of our robots. Isn't it? I can't remember- all these new fangled Headmaster technologies-

The Six Changer cleared his throat fighting down his rage at the incident.

"I was shot by Prowl in the chest," he said stiffly. "I'd rather not discuss the situation entirely but- needless to say, this certainly reconfirms my notion that Prowl is, quite, quite, unstable."


Astrotrain smiled and laughed- this femme had some wit, which was great, especially the "peacekeeper" comment.

"Very true, miss," he replied, chuckling "very true."

Astrotrain leaned back in his chair, to give his own back a little more leverage. His lumbar servos- especially by his wings- had been giving him a lot of trouble lately.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, Star Blade- but only Soundwave and his cassettes still function from the original crew. I, as you probably know, joined Megatron on Earth one year after the Earth campaign began."


Dirge paused in his patting of Riptide to listen to Jetfire's announcement. He smiled, looking down at the little femme.

Now that he was getting closer to the only planet he really knew well (besides Charr, damn it- but that just didn't count- and he felt no real attachment to Cybertron), Dirge's spirts were beginning to rise.

I- I'll show Riptide all the old bases! And my old patrol areas- if she isn't too skittish- I can fly around her myself!

"We're almost to Earth, Riptide! This is the planet where I fought the Autobots! There are so many things to show you!"

The normally gloomy jet was was smiling broadly at the prospect of being Earthbound, although Riptide had already helped his mood considerably.

I wonder- has she ever seen a movie before? Hm.

2003-05-28, 08:29 PM
Carbombya City - Military Base

It's nigh incomprehensible to humans, so na´ve to such advanced technology, how quickly a distant pinprick in the clear sky can approach and expand into a spacefaring craft. They probably couldn't have fired on it if they'd tried.

The Dusk Ashes set down creakily on the main runway. A platoon of elite guardsmen immediately surrounded the ship, the stragglers just loading their AK-74's. Following a moment of nothingness, the main hatch opened with a loud hiss and dropped to the ground, allowing a Decepticon of proud demeanor and intimidating stature to emerge.

"I am here to speak with Abdul Fakkadi," Megatron demanded.

The guards sized the robot up for intentions; his visage downshifted to a patient frown. The captain of the squad leaned to the soldier on his left and muttered, "Report this to his Excellency."

The soldier nodded and ran off for the palace.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-05-28, 09:05 PM
Galvatron sat, pondering. He had parted company with Astrotrain, what seemed like, ages ago. He had no idea how far he'd travelled, though their course was set. Earth. A planet he cared not for. Since his disappearence whilst fighting Optitron, Galvatron had grown wary of the planet that had had became his prison for so long.

He turned, wearily, to the robot sitting with him. Grimlock. Autobot hero...

"Tell me Grimlock, I heard you destroyed in the Unicron explosion, how is it you come to live now?"

Grimlock sighed, not your usual sigh like you or I might, but a Dinobot sigh. Up front, loud and not impressed.

"It long story...begins on Cybertron, but not your one..."


Sixshot stalked the dark halls of Metrotitan. He'd been making good his escape from Cybertron since the initial onslaught began. Most Decepticons, he thought, would still consider him a traitor for his siding with Thunderwing during the last great conflict. He figured he'd buy his time before making his presence known...prepare himself for his leader's wrath...


"You think I'll ever get my apology...Grotusque...are you listening to me? Stop playing Cyber Duck Hunt in your head will ya? Sheesh, of all the rust-bucket mechanisms in the universe, I get lumbered with the ugliest, dirtiest one going..."

2003-05-28, 09:32 PM
Hatemonger got Shockwave's transmission.

"Good enough, I am giving you the coordinates for the base we have already established, we also have a good stash of energon here to begin with from a recent raid. Hatemonger out." he then turned his attention to the Conquesticons and Cryotek.

"Conquesticons, how long would it take you to get a solar powered energon system up and running? Given the desert heat I think this would work wonderfully well here." He awaited their reply.

Quick Switch
2003-05-28, 09:57 PM
Carbombya City: The Royal Palace

The Guardsman's feet thudded in the corridors of the spacious palace. The elite Janissaries who guarded the inner sanctum of the President for Life's Palace normally wouldn't let anyone intrude on the Prophet's Avenger.

"What is the meaning of this intrusion?" The Vizier suddenly appeared from his opulent office, stopping the Guardsman cold. Besides the King of Kings, the cold-bloode Vizier helped enforce the "enlightened" Islamic vision that was Carbombya's destiny.

The elite Guardsmen, who'd spent his relatively short life firing into crowds of fanatics and battling secularist guerillas, came to attention.

"Honored sir, another Decepticon has arrived. He wishes to speak to the President." The Guardsman shook. The Vizier stroked his white beard.

"Very well. Come with me!" The Vizier adjusted his robes (he was a traditionalist- no Western suits) and set off for Fakkadi's receiving room.


The Vizier and the Guardsman entered Fakkadi's chambers.

"What is it?" Fakkadi snapped. "I'm discussing matters with a close friend!"

"Understood, Excellency," the Vizier replied, nodding to the former Cobra Commander, "but another Decepticon has arrived, and wishes to speak to you personally. I've already summoned your car, and assembled an honor guard to meet him at the landing site of his vessel."

"By the beard of the Prophet!" Fakkadi rose, straightening his uniform- eyes gleaming- "it has begun. The Decepticons in the desert were the first- and now- the one who comes by ship. And soon...the entire race will be here...Carbombya is going to become the Decepticon Mecca...the new holy land from which the jihad against the Autobots and the accursed West will flower!"

Fakkadi turned to Snake.

"Come along my friend- come along!"

The Vizier presented the soldier who brought the news.

"This fine member of your Army brought the news, Excellency."

The Guardsman gave a smart heel-click and came to attention. Hearing the President speak- being in the same room- what an honor! If only- if only he would address him-

Fakkadi strode forward, smiling with white teeth.

"What is your name, Honored Soldier of Carbombya, who brought me this joyous news?"

The Guardsman was mesmerized in front of his idol- a leader he had been trained since birth to idolize like a god, from a child, to a member of the fedayeen irregulars, to the introtrination into the Carbomyan Guards, and snapped to attention again.

"Yes Excellency- I am Private-"

"What of your name?" The ruler of Carbombya for nearly forty years said, waving a hand, beaming. "The soldiers of Carbombya are like my children. I know you one and all. If not by name...in spirit. Allah akbar."

The Guardsman, overcome with emotion, saluted crisply, turned sharply in his jack boots, and fled fom the room.

Fakkadi smiled after the young man, re-straigthened his uniform and hat, and smoothed his beard.

"Now then- gentlemen- shall we?"

2003-05-28, 10:03 PM
Death Knell replied to Hatemonger's question.
"A couple of hours, maybe more. It really depends on how big a generator you're talking about, sir."

Ramjet surpressed the urge to laugh.
Old A-Train seems to be taking a liking to this femme. Making nice with an assassin...the stress really is getting to him, I think.

Lord Zarak
2003-05-28, 11:54 PM
"You both have good ideas" replied Swoop to Snarl and Wheeljack.

Sky Lynx added his agreement.

"Even I thought of that, though with getting to Earth, I did not want to waste my Concentration on worthless speech. Good job there are no asteroids around here."

God Jinrai
2003-05-29, 01:11 AM
In his quarters, cerebros' mind wandered... thoughts of his homeworld... now posessed by the wretched quintessons... but abruptly, he was awoken from his stupor... by the ship's systems.

"Well. it seems it's time to set down then..." Opening his comm to the intercom system, he spoke...

"Attention... this is Cerebros speaking. in a few moments, we'll be entering the earth's atmosphere...and setting down... in an area near the rocky mountains... from there we'll proceed with reconstruction of our forces, and hopefully, be able to free the earth of decepticon rule.."

Back in med bay...

Prime had fallen silent... for a good period of time, he stood against a wall... seemingly in stasis...awakening from his silence as cerebros made his announcement, prime spoke...

"Quickswitch... I... I have no orders for you at present.... just... try to get recooperated. Prime departed from med-bay, and on his way out, stopped to observe mirage's progress... it seemed his friend had beaten the infection... but still needed time for his systems to fully recover...

Leaving med-bay, prime reverted to vehicle mode... in his semi rig cab mode, he roared through the battleship to the "housing" wing... heading for what had been reserved as his quarters since fortress was built. only twice had he bothered to retreat to them... but now... he needed to be alone... transforming, his voice print activated the door's systems, and it slid open... inside was a semi-oversized recharge bed, a desk, a set of shelves on one side of the room... loaded with holograms of his brehteren... and one very special female... whom he had lost... to a sickening purple cyclops not even a year ago... Prime laid down on the bed... and shut down... wishing he wouldn't need to wake again...

2003-05-29, 02:11 AM
Hatemonger smiled at the news.

"Excellent Death Knell. Gather the parts you need now and get to work, I want a system that gives us a fairly continous stream of energon flow. Cryotech will assist and if you need more help recruit Overlord." Hatemonger smiled in that for the most part he had an operating base of operations for the Decepticons and with the energon system they would be close to set for now.

2003-05-29, 02:48 AM
Carbombya: Royal Palace

Snake nodded to Fakaddi, and followed him, the Vizer and the Guardsman as they walked to meet Megatron, the words that both his friend and the Decepticon Shockwave had said still ringing in his mind.

He had objected to this alliance with the Decepticons. It was bad enough that they had allied themselves with the wretched Insecticons for their own end. They were easily controlled. But with the entire Decepticon army on Earth...

He kept quiet as they walked on, a sudden thought flashing through his brain.

"There's only one Decepticon that would come here by himself. I hope that we haven't gotten ourselves into a bad situation here."
Carbombya: Outskirts

"Acknowledged, sir. Praise Allah in all things," the flight commander said, turning to the others. "We're to get those two Decepticons back to the base."

"Yes, sir," the soldiers said, as they advanced on the crater to tell Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"Um...they're coming towards us," Dreadwind said.

"I know, slaghead," Darkwing snarled.

"So what do we do?" Dreadwind said.

"I dunno," Darkwing said. "Why don't we run for it."

"Sounds like a good idea," Dreadwind said.

Several seconds passed.

"We're going to go now," Darkwing said.

"Yeah," Dreadwind said. "Any second now."

Several more seconds passed.

"On three," Darkwing said.

"Right," Dreadwind replied.


Nothing happened.

"Decepticons!" shouted the flight commander.

"Uh oh," Dreadwind said. "Here it comes."

"We're going to rescue you!" he shouted. "Your leader is at the Royal Palace as we speak. We'll get you out of here and repaired as soon as possible."

Darkwing and Dreadwind stared at each other.

"Seriously?!" they both shouted in unison.

"Yes!" the flight commander responded.


The two former Powermasters grinned at each other, then Dreadwind broke the silence by saying, "Wait a second."

"What now?" Darkwing said, obviously annoyed that Dreadwind was going to ruin this good moment.

"What do you think Galvatron's going to do to the fleshlings in charge here?" Dreadwind asked, obviously scared again.

"I dunno," Darkwing said, as a pair of cranes were lowered into the crater, and he grabbed one of them as Dreadwind grabbed the other. "But I think he'll be doing us a favour."

2003-05-29, 02:52 AM
Medbay of the Maximus:

Tracks: -shakes Stall's hand- "Good to meet you, Professor. Has anything like what's happening now happened before?"

Minerva: -working on Quick Switch- "Looks like he got you pretty good."

Siren and Hosehead: -walk into medbay-

Siren: -sees Trailbreaker- "Hey, Trailbreaker."

Forward observation bay, battleship Maximus:

Nightbeat: -wanders in, mulling over Cerebros' announcement, sees Earth- "I'd almost forgotten how beautiful it is......"

Muzzle: "But it's not home."

Nightbeat: "That's true. The smog content over California looks lower."

Muzzle: "You know what I mean."

2003-05-29, 10:05 AM
DuskAshes; Carbombya

Maxima punched a few buttons & powered the ship down, placing it on stand-by & recharge just in case for a quick use of either a battle or escape.

After all was finished, she left the cockpit & made her way back to the hatch ramp where she found Megatron towering over several humans.

As she made her way up to his side, she sneered at them. She didn't really care for the humans. They were annoying & irritating. But she was curious as to why Megatron would be dealing with them. Usually there was a very good reason.

As she moved up to Megatron, her optics glanced about taking in the area, alert as always.

Lord Zarak
2003-05-29, 12:06 PM
Shockwave rose from his desk, and proceeded towards Astrotrains office.

2003-05-29, 01:53 PM
StarBlade blinked in obvious surprise. "Only Soundwave survived? Cripes.... " It was obvious from her language that she had lived on Earth for far too long. "Geez, I'm gonna feel outta place. Not only do I hardly know any of the new guys, but I never even knew about the others getting slagged...."

2003-05-29, 05:21 PM
Perceptor walked into the Med Bay as well, hoping to greet the professor.

As he walked in, he did so, "Greetings Professor Stall. Might I say it is a pleasure to meet you. I have heard much about your work, and, I may say, I admire it and your contributions."

Quick Switch
2003-05-29, 06:09 PM
Carbombya: Royal Palace

Fakkadi strode out to meet the new Decepticon arrival. His personal car was waiting to take the dictator, the Vizier, and Snake to meet the Decepticon assembly.

Fakkadi entered the back seat, while the Vizier entered on the passenger side of the vehicle.


Stall pondered for a moment, smiling sadly.

"Well the retreat is rather reminiscent of that which first brought the Transformers to Earth millons of years ago...the invasion is completely unprecedented," the historian answered.

Quick Switch stiffened to attention as Optimus' voice filtered over the comm. He replied:

"Yes sir," then terminated the feed, and looked at Minerva as she worked on him, smiling slightly at her statement.

He intended to get Prowl "good" later, in return for this little incident.

"Excuse me Ma'm, you're one of those- Headmasters, aren't you?"

The Security Director's status as one of the only Six Changers in existence didn't seem so freakish to Quick Swith himself- but bonding oneself to an organic- it was a little hard for his CPU to compute.


Astrotrain smiled slightly.

"Not to worry," the Triple Changer said, leaning forward in his chair, and placing his hands on his desk. "You will find your place here."

Lord Zarak
2003-05-29, 06:11 PM
Shockwave arrived, knocked, and awaited Astrotrains call.

2003-05-29, 09:10 PM
Idiots... Stalker thought as the Battlechargers left the Hangar. Leaving the three Minicons alone there with Stalker.

Stalker kneeled down and reached out his arm to grab the Minicon closest to him. "Imagine... had you not hidden yourselves so well from us... With your powers... with your help we could have repelled the Quintessons instead of letting them have Cybertron!"

"But you... you just had to hide... spineless weaklings... you make me sick." Stalker snarled, barely resisting the urge to crush the Minicon he had grabbed.

2003-05-29, 09:26 PM
Sky Lynx

"Thank you Swoop" Snarl replied to his fellow Dinobot. "I sure hope that we get to Earth soon. If only Sky Lynx would stop japping and starts to fly faster we would allready have been on Earth by now. How difficult can flying be?"

"You know? It amazes me that Sky Lynx always manages to say so much, without saying pretty much anything at all" Bumblebee added with a smile.

"Swoop? Do you have any idea where Grimlock is? He wasn't left on Cybertron, was he? I think that it's better that the Dinobots get back together first before we take any action at all" Snarl said.

2003-05-29, 11:17 PM
Black Zarak

Bonecrusher struggled to free himself from Stalker's grip, but it was useless.

"Or maybe we're smarter than you," he said, hoping that he wasn't going to regret this later. "I mean, we're going up against an unstoppable force slaggin' bent on vaping us all. Then again, sending his troops into unbeatable battles has always been your leader's specialty."

"Oh, man," Wreckage said to Knock-Out. "He's gonna get it now."
The Battlechargers made their way into Black Zarak's common area, seeing the other Decepticon refugees.

"Hard to think, isn't it?" Runabout said. "We go from conquers of the universe, to the conquered running for our lives."
Carbombya: Royal Palace

Snake took the back seat beside Fakaddi, not saying a word. He was still thinking of the million and one ways that this plan, despite all the success it could bring, could go wrong.
Carbombya: Outskirts

Both Darkwing and Dreadwind were placed on the backs of two flatbed trucks that had arrived shortly after their escape from the crater.

"Don't worry," the flight commander said. "We'll get you back to our city, and have you operation in two shakes of a camel's hump."

"I do wish that humans would not be so cheerful," Dreadwind muttered.

"And I'd wish you'd shut up," Darkwing silently responded. "But that will never happen...not in this operation lifetime, anyways."

The trucks headed off back towards Carbombya, the jets flying overhead as escort.

2003-05-30, 04:03 AM
"Pft, you won't get anything standing there insulting me,Repugnus, asides from a busted head... and playing games is far more intellectually stimulating than listening to your mindless jabber."

Grotusque snorted as they walked along to wherever they were going.

"Hey... where are we going, anyway?"

[ooc: :rolleyes: ]

2003-05-30, 06:09 AM
Aboard Jetfire
Hound looked out the window, with thoughts of memories flooding back. Warm sand and human laughter... the cool mountain sunsets and the cold winter snows. The sounds of the refugees abourd Jetfire disappeared in the welling of excitemnet that shot through him.

Shasta wandered back over to the table and lay down again. It had been a long day, and he was still exhausted.

Meanwhile, Riptide looked at Dirge carefully. Somehow, he didn't seem to be trying to trick her. She latched onto him again and grinned. Earth's gonna be great Dirger!

On another table, Jetstorm the minicon had been repaired, but was still offline.
Aboard Fortress Maximus
Trailbreaker stopped in his tracks and gave Siren a grin. "Hey SIren! What brings you down here?" From the corner of his optic, he could see Minerva working on Quick Switch. Go Quick! he thought to himself in amusement.

Packed into the isolation chamber, Mirage was beginning to come back online. Slowly his fingers began to move, and his blue optics began to open and light up.

2003-05-30, 07:10 AM
"Get the Dinobots back together? Yeah that is what we need right now brute strength used rashly" Wheeljack said. "No offence Snarl but the last thing we need right now is Grimlock leading you off on a crusade to take Cybertron back on your own"

Jazz lays back and looks at Blaster "Turn that stuff up man, this trip is taking forever"

Blaster nods and the music turns up filling the cabin of Sky Lynx as Blaster let out a chuckle. "Heh Heh, there guys no more complaining about Sky Lynx and his narcissitic High-jynx"

Bluestreak shook his head "Does he have to play that now?!"

2003-05-30, 09:19 AM
Hearing a knock on Astrotrain's office door, Ramjet quietly opened the door and slipped out into the hall. He quickly focused on Shockwave.
Mock me in front of Astrotrain, will you? Perhaps I'll have some fun here.
"Back so soon, are ya?" Positioning himself to block the office door, he smirked at the purple cyclops. "What do you want this time?"

Lord Zarak
2003-05-30, 10:40 AM
"I want nothing, Ramjet. Astrotrain wants something that I have, and I have come to deliver it. Now please, step aside and let me enter."

Just to rub it in, Sky Lynx started banking to the left and right to the beat of the music.

"Thought I'd liven it up for ya all back there! HA haaaaaaaaaaa, don't you just love this stuff!Who is it Blaster?

Swoop was looking distinctly space-sick.
"I think Dinobots would use strength well to get Cybertron back. Who else is stronger than Grimlock, apart from Prime?

2003-05-30, 10:54 AM
Medbay of the Maximus:

Minerva: -keeps working on Quick Switch- "Yup. I'm a Headmaster. I'm closer to Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm in setup, though. The body is a transector, rather than having been an Autobot complete with head at first."

Siren: -chuckles- "Not too much, Trailbreaker. Although the rest of my team seems to spend a lot of time in medbays."

Hosehead: "Or the brig."

Nightbeat: -wanders back into medbay, looking pensive-

Siren: "You okay, Nightbeat?"

Nightbeat: "Nnn."

Tracks: "This is somewhat similiar to the Ark's flight, isn't it.." -gets curious look on face- "Do you think the aftermath from this flight will be as spectacular, Stall?

Brainstorm: -still monitoring Mirage's progress-

2003-05-30, 01:51 PM
"I hope you're right, Astrotrain... I hate feeling like I don't belong somewhere...." That said, StarBlade leaned forward some in her chair. "Once we reach Earth, what are the plans then?"

2003-05-30, 04:42 PM
Hatemonger saw the Iron Wolves milling about and called them over.

"Iron Wolves, I have a mission for you." He said as the three soilders walked up.

"YEAH, YEAH, WHAT!?" Mowdown cheered.

"Calm down my friend, it's a recovery operation. A Decepticon gestalt team the Seacons was lost in an underwater area near this ocean." Hatemonger projected a small hologram of the area.

"They can be recovered but have not since there has been really no Decpeticon presence on Earth as of late. I want you to try and recover them. Use some repair chips so that they can become operational again and arrive here themselves, as currently we do not have the capablity to give you a ship to recover them." Hatemonger added.

"Hmm, sounds like a fun job, but none of us are made for underwater duty." Sixblade added.

"I understand, which is why I am authorizing the use of some of our underwater suits for this mission. Now if you accept it suit up and move out." He barked.

"We do sir, we will have the Seacons back at base before you can say "Yellow Submarine!" " Sixblade said and looked at his men.

"Come guys lets suit up and go." Sixblade yelled running to the armoury to get the aquatic suits.

"Good luck." Hatemogner said as the left, feeling an odd pinch of dread for his men.

Quick Switch
2003-05-30, 05:05 PM
Carbombya City:

After Snake's entry into the vehicle, a Janissary shut the door, and the limousine set off for the landing site of the Dusk Ashes.


Quick Switch nodded, attempting to follow along with Minerva.

"I see," he replied finally with a slight perplexed frown. Transectowhatsits? "Well...I appreciate you fixing me up like this, Ma'm."


"Oh, yes, considerably," the Professor nodded in response to Tracks' question. "I dare say- the entire fate of the Universe will depend on the outcome of the battle between the Transformers and the Quintessons."

Stall turned hearing another very familiar vocoder-


"My dear sir," the historian said happily, moving to shake hands with the renowned scientist, "I extend the same compliments to you. Although it's been many years since you chaired the Science Department at Iacon Univerity...it's good to see you again. You know Tracks, o course?" Stall indicated the cultured Autobot with his other hand.

Splendid, splendid get together!


Astrotrain was oblivious to the little comedy that Ramjet and Shockwave were going through, focused instead on Star Blade's words.

"Well," he pondered for a minute, "the Decepticons should be granted asylum in a human country- the leader is a trusted ally, and rest, what have you...and then I assume, Lord Galvatron is going to send down his next orders."

The Triple Changer kneaded his face again.

"Thunderwing still has to be dealt with...and of course, the Autobots," he grumbled.


Dirge smiled broadly as Riptide hugged him again- the blue jet looked out the window, getting an excellent view of the third planet from the sun.

He cleared his vocoder after a minute. He was coming home.

2003-05-30, 05:31 PM
Talon thought he had Rally cornered. With my current monster, not even her Blue Eyes White Dragon can stop me. "I'll attack that defense critter of yours" he states, a slight grin on his face.

"Nothing I can do" Rally replied as she turns over the card, revealing it as a feral imp before it went into the grave.

"I think you're going to lose this game" Talon taunted. Rally just grinned as she drew her next card. "You shouldn't count your dragons before they're dead" she says as she plays Monster Reborn. "I'll return my Blue Eyes White Dragon from the graveyard to play. You may think that move is pointless due to your Buster Blader, but do you remember the cards we seperated from our decks at the start? Our Fusion decks? You're about to feel the wrath of my strongest monster" she continues as she pulls 3 cards from her hand and places them on the field: 2 more Blue Eyes White Dragons and a Polymerization card. "I'll fuse these 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons to form the invincible Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon" she places her three Blue Eyes White Dragons in the graveyard and takes out the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. "Your Buster Blader is dragon chow"

It was then that Talon realized she had planned that move right from the start."This could be a problem" he said as he moved Buster Blader to his graveyard and drew his next card. Pot of Greed, let's hope I draw some good cards He played the Pot and he drew the cards. Hmm, Exodia and Graceful charity. Perfect, now I just hope I draw the remaining 2 pieces... "I play Graceful Charity and discard Dark Magician and Polymerization" he said as he discards the 3 cards in his graveyard and drew 3 new ones. "Bad move, you just discarded your deck's strongest monster monster. Not that it would have helped against my pet" Rally couldn't help letting out a small laugh.

Talon just laughed back, a victors laugh no less. "Perhaps, but right now I'm the one laughing" he said as he showed 5 cards from his hand to Rally. They were all 5 pieces of Exodia, the Forbidden one....

Rally couldn't believe it. Talon had actually managed to win. Bandit grinned. "Good job Talon, I never managed to beat her when she played that monstrosity of hers" he congratulated him. "You were lucky to complete Exodia. I enjoyed our match. Sadly I can't challenge you to a rematch right now. We're almost at our destination, judging from the rucous that's starting" Rally stated as she started putting the decks back together and storing them in sub space.

"Almost at our destination? How can that be? We didn't planeswalk or pass through a portal" Frost asked surprised.(She, and the other Elementals, had never even been in outer space, let alone traverse it. The void surrounding the various planes in the omniverse could not be traversed by non magical means, not without being anihilated that is)

"I don't know about portals or planeswalking. But as far as I know we don't need that stuff" Bandit replied to the cold lady.

"Then this section of the omniverse must be the weirdest one of all" Frost muttered.

"Weird or not, Earth is my homeworld and we're glad to be back again. Right Rally?" Bandit remarked.

"You said it Bean. Say what's that music Blaster's playing. Sounds kinda familiar" Rally replied.

2003-05-30, 06:30 PM
Baby life is like a ride on a free way, dodgin' bullets while you're trying to find a way. Every ones around but no one does a damn thing and it brings me down but I won't let it. If I seem bleak well you'd be correct and if I don't speak it's cause I can't disconnect, But I won't be burned by the reflection in your eyes as you're starin' at the sun

Staring At the Sun came from Blaster's chest as everyone began to gather round or hunker down through Sky Lynx now jumpy flying.

"Yeah Sky Lynx! Givin' a new meaning to Rock and Roll!" Blaster said as Bluestreak tumbled and hit the side of Sky Lynx as he wasn't ready for the jumpy turn.

"Whoa!" He cried as Wheeljack puleld him back up "You okay buddy?" he asked "I'd be a lot better with Sky Lynx would fly normally!" Bluestreak replied.

Jazz shook his head to Swoop "No Wheeljack is right my prehistoric counter-part, Grimlock is too trigger happy in times like these, you'd be over run by sharkticon's if you tried anythin' like that right now"

2003-05-30, 06:48 PM
Perceptor continued to shake Stall's hand.

"Why, thank you. Oh, yes, of course," he responed, "Tracks was with us on the Planet Earth all of those years ago. Well, it is actually looking like it will be a reunion at the same place," Perceptor said, remembering how close they were to the planet.

2003-05-30, 08:09 PM
Ramjet didn't budge.
"Astrotrain's occupied at the moment," he told Shockwave. Then, deciding that he'd toyed with the purple Decepticon as long as he'd get away with, he added, "But if you'd wait out here a minute, I'll tell him you're here."
He looked expectantly at Shockwave.

2003-05-30, 10:46 PM
"A human ally? That is definately something new...." She was curious about that, but it probably on a need-to-know basis, and she was sure she didn't need to know. With the mention of the Autobots, she nodded. "They could be a problem..."

2003-05-31, 03:47 AM
Medbay of the Maximus:

Minerva: -working busily away on Quick Switch- "All part of the service." -looks Quick Switch in the optics- "You do have a way to pay the bill for all of this, don't you?"

Siren: "I'm not sure we've got a health insurance plan."

Hosehead: "You mean my piece of the rock is worthless?"

Minerva: -shrugs, looks back down at Quick Switch's wound- "I was wondering why you carried that piece of granite around with you......."

Nightbeat: -shaking his head at the conversation behind him, wanders over to Tracks, Stall, and Perceptor-

Tracks: -pondering Stall's last statement- "Good grief. The whole universe?"

Nightbeat: "Not the whole universe. Just most of it. There is, more than likely, somebody or something out there that is a bigger threat than the Quints. We just haven't run into it yet."

Tracks: "No need to be that glum about it."

Nightbeat: "If Prime's right, as soon as we hit Earth, the war starts all over again."

Tracks: -optics widen- "What?!?"

Nightbeat: "Prime seems to think that Galvatron will want his head on a pike. I'm not sure what else is going on, but Galvatron won't want that, not with the Quints in control of Cybertron."

Tracks: "And if he's completely insane?"

Nightbeat: "Then we don't have to wait until the Quints are kicked off of Cybertron to worry about the Decepticons attacking us."

Tracks: "You don't think they'll hit our landing site, do you?"

Nightbeat: "I hope not."

Tracks: "They'd better not. I have a box of parts waiting for me when we land. Bad enough those savages damaged my vehicle mode, I will not tolerate the Decepticons attacking us before my vehicle mode can be properly repaired!"

Nightbeat: -looks at Tracks in shock for a moment, then looks back at Siren, Hosehead, and Minerva, looks back at Tracks and claps him on the shoulder- "Welcome to the team, bubba."

Tracks: "Huh?"

Nightbeat: "You're just weird enough to be one of us."

2003-05-31, 06:10 AM
Mirage's optics opened fully and he brought his hands up as he processed the fact that he was in a stasis chamber. The soft padding around him was reacting to his body coming back online. He could feel tingles of the sensors as he moved. The red plague had disintegrated into a fine dry powder around him. Its virulent nature was gone- it was dead. As he brought his hands up, he saw Brainstorm look over through the observation window. Mirage smiled faintly at him- his energy was still low from the fight with the hate plague virus.

Trailbreaker grinned at Siren. "Yeah, a lot of time is right! You guys have to stop working Nightbeat so hard! You'll all get glitched diodes unless you take life easier! But hey, when we get to Earth, we'll make sure your group has some fun. Say, see that fellow over there by Quick? His name's Professor Stall. I bet he'd be fun for ah... Brainstorm or Minerva to talk with. *pause* Eh, speaking of glitched diodes, I wonder how Quick Switch is doing finding out why Prowl shot him?"

Aboard Jetfire

In the cockpit, Runway, Comettor and Sonar studied Jetfire's monitors.

Runway smiled after a bit. "This is going to be a smooth end here."

"Yes- all brake systems are working well, and the humans are tracking us now. I can't wait to see Earth!"

Minutes later, Jetfire landed on a very long deserted strip of bare ground in Northern Washington. Safely on the ground, Jetfire opened his exit doors and smiled to himself. Not long untl I see the Arc.


Lord Zarak
2003-05-31, 11:02 AM
"That would be acceptable, Ramjet, though remember this: those who act illogically must be considered obstacles to the cause of liberating Cybertron, and must be removed. You do not want to act illogically, do you?" asked Shockwave, the threat implicit in his words.


Sky Lynx stopped his mini-concert:
"I knew you'd appreciate this, Blaster. Is everyone ok, coz I am gonna go into overdrive to get to Earth. Blaster, could you radio Prime and tell him of my plan?"


Overlord finished carrying his load of Energon, and radioed to Hatemonger
"Do we know when the rest of the Deceptcions are joining us?"

2003-05-31, 05:27 PM

"Metroplex, pull back!" Prime called...
"That would be considerably easier said than done," Metroplex replied as another hail of weapons fire impacted against his hull, then he clicked off the communication."

Scamper slammed his hand onto the console in main ops as it sparked and spat.
"Not now, dammit," he swore.
"I'm bringing our motive engines online now. Thank Primus they upgraded us to give us spacefaring capacity. Sixgun, man the guns, I'm going to need some space to come about."
"Yeehaw, you got it pardner!" the excitable bombardier exclaimed as he ran over to the weapons console."

"Hull integrity at 45% in sector 3. Sending drones to effect repairs," Metroplex stated impassively.

Slowly, the huge mobile fortress came about, and headed away from the Organics. Unfortunately, that took their targets outside the field of fire of most of the guns, and the station took a few more punishing hits to the rear before it was able to get clear and engage its rockets, limping up and out of the atmosphere to join the evactuation above.


Drones report that repairs in Section 3 are going ahead as scheduled."
"Good, we'll need them to be up to scratch before we enter Earth's atmosphere."

Suddenly, something in the room beeped.
"I've got one contact on scanners - detecting an Autobot signature."

Suddenly, the speakers blared into life.

"Omega Supreme to Metroplex. Permission to come aboard. I carry wounded."
"Open the bay doors."

Soon, the rocket form of Omega was docked in a hangar of Metroplex, and the battered form of Sixswitch was being carried out and to the medbay.

"Try it now."
"Metroplex calling Fortress Maximus, we have successfully escaped Cybertron, and are on course for Earth. We'll meet you there.

(OOC: Further characters will be written in as needed)

2003-05-31, 07:26 PM
Stalker's grip around Bonecrusher tightened considerably as the Decepticon brought the Minicon in front of his face that was covered by green visor and a battlemask.

"You have big mouth and little of brain my miniature prisoner." He smirked and tossed the Minicon to the hangar floor. "Watch it. If not for your own... but for your friends' sake."

2003-05-31, 07:43 PM
Bonecrusher squirmed, then saw both Knock-Out and Wreckage looking at him, then decided to shut up.

"Yes...sir," he said.
Runamuck walked up to the nearest Decepticon.

"So," he said. "What's going on?"

2003-05-31, 08:19 PM
Ramjet smirked at Shockwave.
"Just doing my job, Shockers. If you don't like that, you're welcome to try and change how I'm doin' it."
He turned to enter the office, shutting the door before Shockwave could reply.
Addressing Astrotrain, he said: "Commander, Shockwave's here. He says you wanted somethin' from him. Should I let him in?"

Having gathered all the needed parts, the Conquesticons began to assemble the solar power array.

2003-05-31, 08:53 PM
Hatemonger smiled as the Conquesticons got to work.

"Good men, always keeping busy." He smiled and said under his breath.

He looked up to Overlord.

"Soon, I believe they may have in fact arrived already in other parts of the world." He added.

Hatemonger then looked for Blitzwing he needed to as the triple changer a question.

Cyrotek stood behind the Conquesticons.

"Where to you think is the best area for the energon feed?" he asked.


The Iron Wolves flew over the sea and arrived at the area in the Northern Arctic ocean.

"Slag it's cold up here!" Mowdown growled. "Why did the Seacons have to get lost in this freezer?" He moaned.

"From what I heard they were trapped in an abnormal sized whirlpool that even they could not get out of." Deadshot added.

"We either way we are here to get them out." Sixblade added and looked at the water his a button on his Aqua suit and dived in with a yell.

"Diver Down!" he yelled splashing into the water the other Iron Wolves followed.

2003-05-31, 09:00 PM
Blitzwing, who had been perusing his own affairs glanced up. Frankly, the mantle of leadership was boring him. He was a warrior, not a leader, and while on Earth, there had been nothing to fight. However, this post would certainly look good to his superiors, so he would just grin and bear it. He glanced up at his leader's voice.

"Yes boss. what's up?" he asked nonchalantly.

2003-06-01, 01:56 AM
"What are your thoughts on the Quint attack?" Hatemonger asked Blitzwing.

"I have plenty of ideas on how to combat them, however I am concerned Astrotrain will continue to act hostile towards me even with his spark on the line as well."

2003-06-01, 05:01 AM
Stryfe looked at Cryotek.
"Wherever we'd be able to defend it easiest," he replied simply.

God Jinrai
2003-06-02, 03:14 AM
Cerebros sat in his chair in his quarters... fortress had begun its descent to earth... but what remained to be seen was where to land... it was then that he recalled a location Optimus once spoke of... a secret, blocked off area near the rocky mountains... where the G.I. Joe team was rumored to have built their new base of operations... known only as "The Pit"... Opening a comm to the U.S. Military, cerebros spoke up...

"This transmission is directed to General Clayton Abernathy, Code name Hawk. This is Cerebros aboard the autobot battleship Fortress Maximus. I'm requesting permission to set down at the location of the Joe team's new base of operations... when last we departed earth, rumor was abound that the decepticons had developed some sort of treaty with a foreign nation... Carbomya I believe was the name. if this is so, I'd like to offer our assistance on behalf of Optimus Prime in settling matters. Please respond. "

Back in his quarters, Prime awoke from his unconscious state... and headed for med-bay again... before he went through with what he hoped he would never have to do, he felt it necessary to check on mirage...

2003-06-02, 03:59 AM
Cryotek smiled

"Underground perhaps?" he asked.

2003-06-02, 04:34 AM
Stryfe considered Cryotek's suggestion, then nodded slowly.
"That should work, yes."

2003-06-03, 02:02 AM
Medbay of the Maximus:

Brainstorm: -gives a thumbs up sign to Mirage, keeps monitoring the readings of Mirage's iso unit-

Siren: -shrugs at Trailbreaker's comment- "Well, we haven't driven him to an ulcer yet"

Hosehead: "Can we get ulcers?" -thinks for a moment- "You know, he did get a tic once."

Siren: "That was only when he heard Minerva was coming to join us."

Minerva: -finishing repairs to Quick Switch, looks over at Siren- "Watch it, laughing boy."

Siren: -holds up his hands- "It's true."

Minerva: "That would explain why the left side of his face was twitching when I caught up with you guys....." -seals hole in Quick Switch's armor- "There you go, all done. Don't forget to stop at reception to pay your bill and book your follow up appointment." -moves over to Tracks and starts checking him over-

Hosehead: "Reception? When did we get a receptionist?"

Chromedome, Roadbuster, and Hardhead: -walk into medbay-

Siren: "There. Our receptionists just came back from their coffee break."

Chromedome: "Huh?"

Hosehead: "No wonder we never get any follow up appointments."

2003-06-03, 03:20 AM
Mirage smiled a bit again at Brainstorm, echoed the thumbs-up sign slowly, and then shut his optics again to rest. There was something settling about the friendly Autobot and yet, there was an uneasy and uncomfortable nag in the pit of his combustion chamber that felt like getting a flat tire or missing the draft line on the last lap of a race.

Some time passed, with only vague thoughts. Something haunted him at the back of his conscious... spots. Two dark crimson spots - . He started to awareness with a jump, and put his arms up, squeezing his optics shut. In moments though, he remembered from the tingling that had spread through his body that he was in a stasis chamber. He opened his optics slowly and was surprised and a bit relieved to see both Brainstorm and Optimus looking back.

Mirage put up a hand and broke a whisper. "Optimus, Brainstorm."

God Jinrai
2003-06-03, 03:23 AM

Prime whispered almost in silent tones... setting a hand on the side of the pod, prime keyed in the release sequence.

"It's good to see you're back among us, mirage..."

2003-06-03, 04:32 AM
With that Cryotek used his liquid nitrogen streams to freeze the ground, creating a channel to the energon storage area. He then kicked the frozen sand causing it to shatter.

"After you place the line you can recover it with steel then sand to keep it camoflauged." he added.

Quick Switch
2003-06-03, 06:38 AM
The Six Changer nodded blankly at Minerva as she finished.

[i]Receptionist? Bill? Follow up- [i]

He simply said,

"Thank you," and left the med bay. The chattery Headmasters were starting to wear at the Security Director's nerves.


Stall frowned and scratched his head, listening to the conversation between Tracks, Perceptor, and the Headmasters.

They seemed to have covered a dearth of things already.


Astrotrain looked up from his conversation with Star Blade and said to Ramjet:

"Certainly, Ramjet. Shockwave may enter."


Dirge stiffened for a moment at Jetifre landed, and blinked his optics widly as the bright landscape came into view.

And sunlight.

The jet looked down at Riptide, smiling softly.

"Riptide, would you like to see Earth now?"


The Pentagon:

"Sir," the communications Captain said as soon as General Abernathy picked up his growler phone. "Another request to land from an Autobot."

"Put it through, Captain," the Chief of Staff replied. The highest ranking American officer responded to Fortress Maximus:

"Permission granted, and assistance appreciated son. God bless." Abernathy kept the line open in case the Transformer had something else to add.

2003-06-03, 07:04 AM
Fort Max medical bay
"Tics are good..." Trailbreaker said to Minerva and Siren as Quick Switch got up. "Hound showed me a watch once- takes a licking, keeps on ticking!"

he studied the disappearing form of the security director for a moment, and then shot a last wave to the med bay crew. "Thanks! Say, Siren- wanna come? Lots to do right now I think."

Riptide wasn't quite so sure she liked the landing part, but when the doors opened, she was more than ready to go out. Dirge had barely finished his invite when she started jumping up and down in excitement.
"Yes! Yes! Let's go!"
She giggled and tried to pull Dirge towards the open door.

Shasta hung back with one finger in his mouth. "This doesn't look like Cybertron," he said quietly to Aero Blade and Hound.


Hound didn't answer Shasta though. He was entirely lost in thought.
I can't go out, I gave my word to Sunstreaker. I'm certain he's very busy, but I've got to talk to him... or should I call Optimus? No, Optimus needs to look after everyone- this is more a security issue. ...I guess.

Hound turned on his internal communicator. "Quick Switch? Are you able to talk for a moment?"

Quick Switch
2003-06-03, 07:29 AM
Dirge grinned broadly as he was dragged forcibly from Jetfire and out onto Earthen soil.

It had been nearly twenty years, and felt like only microseconds had passed.

"This- this is Earth, Riptide," the jet replied, tramping almost gleefully on the sandy ground near the ark and looking down at the little femme.


Quick Switch stiffened again as he received a transmission. Activating his internal comm, the Six Changer replied:

"Hound! Great Maximus, it's good to hear from you again! Yes, of course I can speak with you! I'm in Fortress Maximus and... Optimus...doesn't have any orders for me at the moment," the Six Changer's vocoder was both parts joy at speaking to his friend again, and doubt at Prime's reply to him some time ago.

2003-06-03, 07:48 AM
"Beacon activated." Runway said to Jetfire as he pushed some buttons. "As soon as the others get near, they'll know where we are."

"Very good. My communication channels are open as well." Jetfire replied. "Now, we wait for further instructions."


"Not half so good as it is to hear from you Quick Switch!" Hound said with a bit of nervous relief coming through in his vocalizer. "I've been aboard Jetfire- with thanks to Aero Blade and Dirge, and we've all landed safely on Earth. We're in very close proximity to the Arc.

But... on Cybertron I gave my word to Sunstreaker in an agreement. He showed up when I went to look for Aero Blade. He said I was a traitor, and he wanted to make certain I couldn't do any more damage because I had protected Dirge. So, I agreed to go back to Iacon and let security or Optimus decide. The security team was taking us back, but the damage was just too much for me. I don't know what happened to Sunstreaker or the security team, and I'm not sure what I should do now. Can you give me any ideas?"

Riptide's mouth opened in awe at the brilliant sunshine and the difference in the ground texture. She giggled.
"The ground feels like- tiny gravel! My feet sink!"
Moments later, she spotted a cactus and pulled Dirge toward it. "Oooh, deadlee poision pricker needle thing! That would make a great gun weapon! Can we keep it Dirger?"

2003-06-03, 08:02 AM
"Very well, sir," Ramjet replied to Astrotrain.
He tried to hide the annoyance from his face as he opened the door for Shockwave.
"You may enter," he said simply.

Quick Switch
2003-06-03, 08:25 AM
Quick Switch frowned, listening to Hound speak.

"Dirge helped you?" the Six Changer muttered. "That is interesting, and not standard Decepticon protocol. That alone is worthy of some consideration."

He paused, thinking.

"Dirge surrendered to you in the heat of battle. You followed normal Auobot procedure. In that context, Sunstreaker's statements are ludicrous. I'm going to go ahead and clear you of any wrong doing. I know you, Hound, and any notion of treachery-" here the Six Changer's vocoder became raw- "is blasphemous to even consider. As far as I'm concerned, this matter is closed."

Quick Switch paused again.

"Don't worry about Sunstreaker or the security squad. He is present somewhere or dead, and, in either case, is beyond your scope. Frankly, I don't want to see him again after this outrageous accusation. My suggestion: stay calm, stay collected." He sagged slightly. "It- it will be good to see you again on Earth, my friend. More than you know."


Dirge chuckled at the youngling's comment about the gravel.

"Earth has all kinds of surprises, Riptide!"

The jet let himself get pulled toward the cactus, and he looked down at the little femme as she spoke about it. Dirge flicked his optics to look at the cactus. He scratched his cone and smiled at her.

How can I refuse her something she wants? Just this once, though! I don't want to spoil her.

"Of course. If you like it, I'll keep track of it for you." So saying, Dirge reached out and gripped the (thankfully small) prickly plant with both hands- and with a bright displacement of light, placed it inside his subspace compartment.

Dirge then turned back to Riptide, dusting his hands.

"The poison pricker is safe with me now. Whenever you want to see it, I'll pull it out for you!"

The jet smiled again, though a bit more weakly.

Oh. I hope- I hope she doesn't make this a habit.

2003-06-03, 09:00 AM
"Okay then Quick Switch." Hound replied with a more relaxed tone, though now he was thinking quietly to himself about Sunstreaker's status. "I'll pick up my duties then and have a look 'round as soon as everything right here seems secure. I'll be looking forward to seeing you again soon. Hound out."

Closing off his communicator, he glanced around for a moment to see how everyone else was faring, and then nudged Aero Blade with a smile.

"I need to go check on our lodgings. Do you mind keeping a watch on Shasta?"

Lord Zarak
2003-06-03, 11:18 AM
"Thank you, Ramjet." replied Shockwave coldly.

Shockwave entered, and saw that Astrotrain had company.

"I apologise for the intrusion, Astrotrain. I bring information that was the direct result of my communications with our force and allies on Earth. Both Hatemonger and General Fakadi await our arrival. Hatemonger has a site prepared which may reach our satisfaction. General Fakadi has also opened his country to us if we need to do so. In a manner of prudence, I declined to tell either of them our desert-base option, which you reminded me of. That is all. Is there anything else that requiers my attention?"

2003-06-03, 02:14 PM

The two trucks, bearing the bodies of Darkwing and Dreadwind pulled into the massive hanger bay converted for repair and construction.

The driver of one of the jeeps got out and headed towards a group of people at the other end of the room.

"What's going on?" Dreadwind asked.

"I don't know," Darkwing said.

After a few minutes, the group advanced on the two trucks.

"We're going to fix you up now," one of them, obviously the head mechanic, said. "We'll have you up in two shakes of a camel's rump."

"Oh, goody," Dreadwind said.

Aero Blade
2003-06-03, 02:39 PM
Aero Blade nodded to Hound. "Yes, I can keep an eye on him," he responded. He didn't mind Shasta at all - it was Riptide he had reservations about - but he didn't say anything on it.

Stratus hopped up onto Aero Blade's shoulder while Aero Blade looked around the area. It took a moment with all the refugees begining to get up and move around as weel, but he eventally spotted Dirge and Riptide outside of the ship.

"What do you say we catch up to your sister?" Aero Blade asked Shasta.

2003-06-03, 05:04 PM
Medbay of the Maximus:

Siren: "Sure, Trailbreaker. This should be fun." -follows Trailbreaker-

Chromedome: "Receptionists?"

Hosehead: "Well, you guys don't know a lot about surgery, do you?"

Roadbuster: "Just surgical strikes."

Hosehead: "Well, this is putting back tgether, not taking apart."

Minerva: -working on Tracks' wing, looking at the diagnostic readout for his engines- "Looks like you've got some stress fracturing in the turbofans for your starboard engine."

Tracks: "My turbofans are the least of my problems. I feel like I've been violated."

Minerva: "Violated?"

Tracks: "They mangled the pure perfection of my body."

Minerva: -sighs- "It's just a few scratches, and I've already got those repaired." -finishes fixing Tracks' wing-

Tracks: "Just a few scratches? Look at me!" -transforms to vehicle mode- "Just look at what they did to me!"

Minerva: "It's not irrepairable. Now transform to your flight mode so I can fix that engine."

Tracks: -transforms to flight mode- "Does nobody understand how I feel?"

Nightbeat: "No, probably not."

God Jinrai
2003-06-04, 12:10 AM
Cerebros was grateful for the permission to land... and spoke up a moment later... "Sir... I...believe we may want to arrange for some sort of meeting.... if only so we can set up arrangements for legality sake... we wouldn't want the people of the world... much less America thinking we were simply barging in on their world and land again... as we had so many years ago... after.. well, that's.. not important just now. I'd like to patch you through to Commander Optimus Prime... he would be better to arrange for the meeting and whatnot... as you two HAVE had previous experience working with one another... Cerebros out..."

Diverting the channel to prime, cerebros spoke on a private line...

"Optimus... I have General Clayton Abernathy of the U.S. Special forces response squad on the comm... I felt perhaps you two should have words so that we may land and take up some degree of residency on-planet without causing more trouble..."

"Wise of you to make that choice, cerebros... You're right. the last thing we need right now is humanity at our throats..."

Prime switched his internal comm over to hawk's channel...

"General... good to hear from you again... As cerebros has no doubt mentioned, we're planning to set down in the rockies... and if possible, I'd like to set up a meeting with you and the members of your staff as soon as possible so that we can "square things away" if you understand my meaning. "

Prime went silent, waiting for hawk's reply... meanwhile, his mind wandered... drifting to thoughts of what he would soon have to do... to ensure that cybertron could be re-taken...

2003-06-04, 02:02 AM
Galvatron stood at his main deck of his quarters. He stared out blankly as the stars drifted past him one by one. He knew what had to be done...though he didn't have his Matrix, something else told him...he had to put the house in order and finish the game...but who would come with him? Who would have the stuff to face the odds...

He shifted his look towards Grimlock...and a plot began to form.

2003-06-04, 02:21 AM
Perceptor, who had accidentally not spoken to Stall, saw the expression on the professor's face and turned to him.

"Why, Professor Stall, my apologizes," he said as he began to smile. "So, how have you and your studies progressed through these many years?"

2003-06-04, 05:25 AM
Hound nodded to Aero Blade and Stratus before slipping out the exit door. He transformed and drove off, scanning the area as he went. Hound was contented and it felt good to be back on Earth. With empty scannings, he let his mind wander as he drove the familiar terrain. The quiet, the peace was pleasant, and a welcome rest.

He traveled southwest for a bit before he reached the familiar site of the large rocky peak that would have jutted over the old shuttle they had arrived on, but much to his dismay and horror, only the remnants of a shuttle's shell and scattered debris lay around. He transformed and stood for just a moment looking over the site before his chin dropped to his chest and his arms sagged.

Decepticons. I should have known. With a resolve growing, he looked up again and made a scan of the ruined base.
"Nothing moving." He said quietly, and then walked down and into the remains of the big shuttlecraft.
Seemingly everything had been destroyed. Scattered bits of things were everywhere. Scorch marks on the walls and melted and rusted electronics told the tale of destruction. He gave the familiar shelter a solid look through, and found that it was clear of explosives, but certainly a mess. "Even so," he said quietly, "it'll be a good shelter for a while."

Hound picked up his communicator and tried to connect with both Jetfire's cockpit and Fort Max's bridge.
"Hound calling for status report on Earth. I've located the Arc, it has been destroyed and gutted, but the shell remains intact and appears safe for shelter."

Shasta looked around at the refugees that were starting to move around and leave, then back to Aero Blade. He nodded and took Aero Blade's hand. "I want to stay by Riptide." He paused and then asked a couple of questions. "How come Hound left? Are you leaving too?"

Riptide was fascinated with the disappearing cactus. "Where'd it go? Are you playing hide and look? I like that game, and we practice lots 'cause then we can't be caughted, but I didn't see where the pricker went! Where'd you hide it Dirger?"

Trailbreaker nodded and smiled as Siren followed. Together, they caught up with Quick Switch in the hallway just outside Med Bay. Trailbreaker saw that Quick Switch had a bit of a 'far-off' look. "Hey guys, how about an energon recharge? I think we could all use one. Do we have time before you have to go back to the security deck chief?

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-06-04, 10:45 AM
"...then next thing me know, me in middle of huge fight with no-where to go so me do first thing that comes naturally, me fight..!"

Grimlock noticed that Galvatron wasn't really paying attention.

"Next thing me know me here, with you..."

Aero Blade
2003-06-04, 03:58 PM
Aero Blade accepted Shasta's hand as they started towards catching up with Dirge and Riptide. "No, I'm not going anywhere. I don't really have any place else to go, and Hound - he said he was going to check out some lodgings. I think he'll be back pretty soon."


As Tracer walked the halls of Metrotian, Decepticons took various reactions to him, but two were most common: those who knew him only by rank and ignored him, and those who knew his reputation and attempted to avoid him. He cared little about their reactions and chose to ignore them, concentrating on his own task.

Tracer stopped outside of door, pausing a moment to gather himself. Deciding that he was ready, Tracer pushed the call button outside of Galvatron's quarters, waiting to be accepted or declined entry.

2003-06-04, 04:48 PM
Medbay of the Maximus:

Minerva: -working on Tracks' starboard flight engine- "Look, we've got spares. I'm sure they can be made to fit-"

Tracks: "The parts have been ordered. Actual Chevrolet Corvette parts, some reproduction, some original. Replacement glass alone is something our technicians have never been able to get right."

Minerva: -nearly drops the replacement turbofan blade- "Glass? We use transparent aluminum."

Tracks: "That's my point. It never polishes up properly, so while the rest of me is sparkling and shiny, the glass looks dull. The glass I had Brainstorm order is a polymer/glass sandwich. Armored and shatter resistant."

Minerva: "But it's not nearly as well armored as it would be with transparent aluminum. Imagine what could happen to your interior if a round got through." -peeks in through one of Tracks' side windows- "White leather, isn't it?"

Tracks: -conciders for a moment- "You do have a point there."

Minerva: -chuckles as she continues to work on Tracks' starboard engine- "I know."

Nightbeat: -looks over at Perceptor- "Was Tracks like that when he was on Earth?"

Brave Maximus
2003-06-04, 08:35 PM
From the Earths moon a space transport lifts off
Ajusting itself it heads towards the united states and begins planet fall.

Quick Switch
2003-06-05, 01:04 AM
Quick Switch turned as Trailbreaker and another Transformer- one of those odd Headmasters- appeared.

"Energon recharge?" he said blankly.

I feel blank. After those chattery Headmasters. I never really had time to recover after the evac- stuck here in this damned mobile city which I don't even know my way around-

Quick Switch sagged.

"I- I suppose I'd be following orders if I were to recharge, Trailbreaker. Optimus hasn't given me any orders...except ordering me to rest. Though, you'll have to lead the way. I don't know my way around Fortress Maximus."


Stall smiled broadly at Perceptor's query.

"Oh, very well. I have been contendtedly engaged as a lecturer. I'm considering writing a comprehensive history of Cybertron up until the Second Great War...but actually lecturing- teaching- Perceptor, is what I believe is more important than publishing."

The historian re-adjusted his neck bolts with a frown.

"Rewarding, that is, until the Invasion. Most inconvenient for handing back final exams."


Astrotrain swiveled his chair as Shockwave entered, and listened intently.

"Very good, Shockwave, very good."

The Triple Changer frowned, then smiled slightly.

"You are free to tend to your own affairs, though be available lest I require your servces in the future. Hail Galvatron," Astrotrain snapped up a salute.


"Hide and look?" Dirge frowned, scratching his head for a moment.

Oh, she means like the humans' game of hide and- seek. Yes.

He knelt down again so he could be closer to Riptide's level, and he tried to explain things to the cheerful femme.

"Not exactly hide and look, Riptide," the jet said, smiling. "It's-"
Here Dirge frowned again.

How am I going to explain to her the concept of subspace?...When I don't even know what it is, really?

"It's in a special place," he said finally, unsure if that answer would satisfy her curiosity.


The Pentagon:

"I have the President and Secretary of Defense's authorization on all matters concerning military matters, Optimus Prime."

As Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Clayton Abernathy answered to a select few superiors. Both of which happened to admire the blunt and hard-charing General.

"Contact the Pentagon again and I'll set up a meeting time with you personally to hammer out some things."

Abernathy held the line, not one to hang up on the Autobot leader.

Brave Maximus
2003-06-05, 01:55 AM
The shuttle slowly coasts through the atmoshpereic waves, gliding gently into the upper atmoshere, moving across the American west coast to a once familiar land mark.

I'll be home soon. It'll be great to see everyone's smiling faces. I wonder how they diid against that strike force. He he he, they're probably wondering what happened to me.

The craft starts to circle the Mt. St. Hellens area some bleeps in the background interupt the young Autobots thoughts

"No Starlight, we're no where near Cyberton. We're going back to my home. To Earth."

Some slightly more worried bleeps

"He he he, no, Megatron won't be there, and I'll protect you guys from him anyway, me and the big guy :D

Start the landing sequnce as soon as we reach the Ark"

2003-06-05, 03:27 AM
Perceptor chuckled at hearing both comments. This, in fact, had been the highlight of the whole trip, not much could joked about now.

"Tracks, why, Nightbeat, he has been like this for ages now, even before the wars. That is what gives him his own personality, just like all of us," he said to his comrade, slightly smiling.

"Why, of course wars and invasions are inconveniences for everyone, Professor Stall. But, it is good to hear that in these times you still care and are dedicated to your knowledge seeking ambitions," Perceptor said with a smile to Stall.

2003-06-05, 03:41 AM

Technicians and mechanics crawled all over the bodies of Darkwing and Dreadwind, repairing their damaged systems, and upgrading some others.

"I don't like this," Dreadwind said.

"You don't like anything," Darkwing said.

"Yeah, that's true," Dreadwind said. "But I like having pathetic fleshlings crawling all over my body mucking around with me even less. There's something disgusting about that. Of course, we wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't decided to pull a meteor and send us crashing down to Earth."

"Well, it was either that," Darkwing snarled. "Or spend eternity circling this mudball hoping that Metrotitain or Black Zarak arrive. For all we know, we could be the only two Decepticons alive."

"Well, when you put it that way," Dreadwind said. "This doesn't seem so bad. At least we're getting some sweet repairs done. It's about time that my energon pumps got overhauled. I can't remember the last time they were."

"Yeah." Darkwing said, happy to see his partner looking on the bright side of things.

"Yeah," Dreadwind said. "All that useless fighting and running away sure made a mess of them."

"Oh, brother," Darkwing said, wishing he could knock Dreadwind for a loop, or tell these fleshlings to leave a few essentials off of him.

Nearby, the head mechanic was having a conversation with someone over a cell phone.

"Yes, my lord," he was telling the person at the other end. "They should be back to full operational status within three hours."

"Excellent," Snake said. "They should be back by the time we are finished with Megatron. Keep me updated."

Snake shut down the phone and put it back within his jacket pocket.

"The repairs on our Decepticon guests are proceeding smoothly, my friend," he said to Fakaddi, sitting beside him.
Black Zarak

"Come on," Bonecrusher said, strugging in Stalker's grasp. "Let me go. I'm too valuable to slag."

2003-06-05, 03:53 AM
Galvatron: "Yes...how fortunate for the both of us...Grimlock...I've been thinking..."

The door buzzes...

Galvatron notices Tracer: "Blast...come in!"

Aero Blade
2003-06-05, 04:25 AM
Tracer flinched. Eck. He's mad... He knew well enough not to bother Galvatron when he was aware that he was angry, but it was a bit late for that now, it seemed. Well now I know what questions not to ask... Tracer told himself, not wanting to anger his leader further.

Tracer entered, somewhat timidly. He was being cautious of his actions. Should he go ahead and ask, or wait until acknowledged to speak? Or did being beconed in could as an acknowledgement? Aw slag it. I never was good with this stuff.

"Lord Galvatron, sir..." Tracer started. "I was wondering...what will we do now? If it's not out of my place to know- I wouldn't pry into matters that aren't of my place..." Tracer added hastily. He so didn't want to anger Galvatron. He only wanted to serve his leader to the best of his abilities....

Lord Zarak
2003-06-05, 10:33 AM
Shockwave reciprocated Astrotrains salute.
"I shall be on the observation deck if you requier me, Astrotrain. I shall be observing our approach."


Disorder woke with a start.

"Urgh" was all he could manage.


Outside, Overlord had finished loading energon.

Brave Maximus
2003-06-05, 02:04 PM
As the Shuttle circled the area, Skyfall noticed the damage and distruction.

I've got a bad feeling about this. I need to set down away from the Ark, and do a little scouting, no need to startle anyone with the Giant.

Looking to the far side of the mountian, he spotts a clear spot that's hidden from view.

"Set us down over there, no one should be able to find us easily"

The craft lowers itself to the ground, landing pylons sinking into the soft earth. As it's engines begin to hiss and crackle as they cool down, a gangplank lowers to the ground and a hatchway opens on the under side.

First out the portal is a tiny little robot, running on his hands and feet, snarling at nothing

"No, wait, get back in here" Skyfall crys out after him "we need a leash or something for him. Alright everybody out"

A larger robot decends the gangplank. His gunmetal grey body glinting in the afternoon light. Causiously following him, 2 smaller robots decend as well, keeping well in the shadows.

"Ok big guy, Base Mode" the shuttle transforms compressing and expanding in places until it forms a smaller battle station. "I need you guys to stay here and protect the base. I'll be back shortly."

With that, Skyfall transforms into a jet and heads to the other side of the mountian and to the entrance of his old home.

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2003-06-05, 03:39 PM
Galvatron sighed...

Galvatron: "Tracer, even without my Matrix I have heard its call...the call of what must be done. There are our brothers...the fallen...they call for me to bring them back...they call from the shadows of the Matrix. I must get the Matrix back so that we can bring them back to the realm of the living. When Unicron perished, he sent somesort of shockwave throughout both the Autobot and Decepticon Matrices...a blast felt likely by Prime, Gigatron...and myself...for I am still bound to the Matrix...or rather its bound to me. The shockwave was an awakening of sorts...Unicron's final destruction and the noble sacrifice made by Rodimus Convoy triggered a rebirth if you will. Those that perished in our wars were given a choice, return to the world of the living...or remain in their utopia. Many of the ancients chose to remain in the beyond...but most of our contemporaries could not rest with our homeland besieged and longed to make a difference, thus they stand ready to return. Once that is complete...well...then I have other matters to attend..."

Galvatron returned his look to Grimlock.

2003-06-05, 04:25 PM
"Did you really think I would slag you?" Stalker snorted and dropped the Minicon to the hangar floor. "You were right about one thing. You are valuable to us."

"Feel free to roam around. You may try to escape if you wish but don't count on our continued goodwill in that case. Adios." The Decepticon communications officer added and headed out of the hangar to continue on his other duties.

Elsewhere within Black Zarak...

"You tell me." Came the response from Snapdragon to the question made to him by the Battlechargers. "The only thing I know for certain that we are following Metrotitan. And if I am not completely mistaken... our target is that mudball Earth."

2003-06-05, 04:36 PM
Black Zarak

"Oh, great," Runamuck said, staring at the viewport, watching the stars flash past. "Why in the Inferno would we want to go there?"
Knock-Out and Wreckage rushed to Bonecrusher's aid.

"You OK?" Wreackage asked, giving Bonecrusher a look over.

"Yeah," he replied. "I think so. All circuits still in place. All limbs still attached."

"OK, then," Knock-Out said. "What say we take a look around."

The others nodded, and headed off.

2003-06-05, 04:50 PM
"Let me but it like this." Snapdragon began. "If you were a leader... would you rather go to a wretched hellhole like Charr instead of resource rich planet that is atleast partially in our grasp?"

2003-06-05, 06:09 PM
"Oh," Runabout said. "Didn't think of it like that."

Brave Maximus
2003-06-05, 06:11 PM
Skyfall rounded the base of the shattered mountian. As he flew closer and closer it became clear that the Ark and his comrades didn't survive. He landed at the entrance to the Ark, staring in disbelief at it's shattered hull.

This.....Is............Not possible. Where is everybody? What happened here?

Standing at the entrance to what he thought was his home, Skyfall called inside, to see if anyone survived

"Hello, anyone there?" then in a softer voice "Anyone survive?"

Arming his blasters he headed inside the burnt out shell of the Ark.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-06-05, 07:55 PM
"Heh, you say that like I know where I'm going most of the time anyways..."

The pair of monsterbots had wandered the halls of the Maximus for what seemed like an age.

"Sounds like there's a party round here, let's go see!" Repugnus and Grotusque rounded the corner, heading towards the med bays.


Grimlock sat and took in nothing. He didn't care for Decepticons or their business. That's exactly what it was, theirs. He was happy with the arrangement.

"You think you have power to recover fallen comrades?"


Sixshot continued to skulk around the halls of Metrotitan. He hadn't been spotted getting on, he didn't care for the reaction should he be found. He decided that he would set his path to find Thunderwing... and tear him apart.

Aero Blade
2003-06-05, 07:56 PM
Tracer listened silently to what Galvatron told him. He didn't fully understand everything that Galvatron said, but it seemed to be something at only one who'd been with a Matrix could concieve. Tracer looked back at Galvatron.

"My Lord...Should need be, whatever needs to be done, I am always at your call."

That said, Tracer turned, preparing to leave.

2003-06-06, 02:03 AM
Galvatron looked at both the Transformers in his quarters.

Galvatron: "I do have the know how...there is just one piece I need to have the means...its that piece I must acquire. Tracer...launch our probes...find Gigatron...no matter the cost."

Galvatron smiled at Grimlock.

Galvatron: "And for you...I have a proposition."

God Jinrai
2003-06-06, 02:31 AM
"Understood, general... It's good to be back..."

Prime snapped off a salute of his own to the general... hawk may have gotten a little older since their last meeting, but Prime still felt deep respect for the man...

"Yo Joe."

Prime set up a separate link to the pentagon, keeping clatyon on the main viewscreen if there was anything else the general needed to add...

" You'll have to pardon the interruption, mam, but I need a meeting scheduled with General Clayton Abernathy... as quickly as possible."

Prime sighed internally... once they set down... it would begin... those whom sought to return to fight the battle to retake their homeworld... would have to be revived...

Cerebros headed for the command deck, and arriving several moments after departing from his quarters, stared at the command console that was his transector...

"Head On." he spoke... the console transformed into the body of the headmaster, and fortress again stood before the remaining control panels...

"course set.... preparing for final setdown..."

Aero Blade
2003-06-06, 04:06 AM
Tracer stopped and turned around as Galvatron started to speak again. He seemed to become more at attention as he heard Galvatron's orders for him. "Yes, sir!" Tracer answered enthusiasticly before going to his task. He didn't need any more motivation than Galvatron simply giving a command. He started immediately for the communications room where the probe controls were located.

2003-06-06, 08:31 AM
Pushing debris and piles of charred scrap out of the way to clear a small area in what had previously been the hall to the crew quarters, Hound was surprised when his scanners detected a pair of signals. One seemed small and one larger. Must be Dirge and Riptide. He thought to himself, but then stopped when a strange voice called out and the sound floated down to him. I don't recognize that voice, and it's no human. I know the other shuttles haven't landed yet- so this might be the one responsible for this mess. We still have the treaty going though-hmm.

After debating a moment, Hound eased to the side of the hall and called back, "Yes, I'm Autobot Hound. Identify yourselves."

Riptide looked at Dirge with an awed grin. "I want a subspace spot too! If I had one, then I could hide and jump out on Shasta and win hide-and-look all the time. Maybe I cold even be boss of all the Deceptions! *brief pause* Say, how come you aren't with more Deceptions, Dirger?"
As the stasis chamber opened and released Mirage, he sagged slightly, but sat up. His energy was begining to rebound, and quietly he began to sadly relate what had happened to Brainstorm, while Optimus was nearby speaking.

"It was a Decepticon- Mindwipe I think. I heard his voice, and turned, but his optics made me feel strangely. I tried to go, but I couldn't. Systems wouldn't work. Then he started saying that we could kill Galvatron. I... I... I couldn't help it- I thought if Galvatron died, then things would be peaceful again. He gave me a liquid, and I drank it, but then I started not feeliing well. I wanted to stop, but my body wouldn't let me Brainstorm. Then after a bit, I was able to think and call Optimus."
Mirage had been aware of what was happening, and the horror of what he had caused was well understood. He sat in silence with his head down, chin resting on his chest.


Trailbreaker grinned and started walking with the others away from the rest of the medical center towards the recharging room. It was only half a hallway later when he heard heavy footfalls coming down the hall toward them, and then saw the Monsterbots round the corner.
"Oh slag."
Once outside with Aero Blade and Stratus, Shasta suddenly became very curious. He let go of Aero Blade's hand and promptly dropped to the ground squirming and giggling in the sand. He rolled over a bit and then stopped and stared. A tiny speck in the sky had caught his attention. He pointed to the miniscule light coming from Skyfall's ship, which was quite a ways off. Having been inside most of his life, Shasta had no conception of the size of crafts that could fly in terms of distance. He looked up at Aero Blade and Stratus.
"Are there more ships like you Stratus? I think there's a flying thing way way out there."

Brave Maximus
2003-06-06, 01:57 PM
Hound? He's an Autobot alright, but he hasn't been around for Decades, something doesn't feel right about this situation

Skyfall shouts down the broken corridors
"Yeah right! Who are you really and what did you do with the Autobots that where here?"

Keeping against a wall and crouching low, keeping under the cover of the scraps of twisted metal, Skyfall slowly made his way along, Trying to figure out where the voice came from.


Back with in the Battle station \ Ship, Nemesis started to get aggitated, pacing back and forth, growling and snarling at the air (which is impressive for a 'bot with no real decernable mouth;)). Starlight opened up the scanning equipment and started to search around the area. Locking on to Jetfire and the other transformers in the area. When the image of a jet style transformer with a cone head came into view, all three minicons froze. Not sure of what to do.


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Quick Switch

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2003-06-06, 05:10 PM
Corridors of the Maximus:

Siren: -looks over at Trailbreaker- "What? What is it?"

Medbay of the Maximus:

Minerva: -finishes repairs to Tracks' starboard engine- "There. All that's left to do now are to install the parts you ordered."

Tracks: -transforms back to robot mode, gets off of repair table- "Thanks, doc."

Brainstorm: "What happened isn't your fault, Mirage. Mindwipe has that effect on people."

Quick Switch
2003-06-06, 06:35 PM
Carbombya City, Dusk Ashes landing zone:

"Excellent," Fakkadi replied to Snake, as the limousine drove up to where Megatron and Maxima stood patiently. The dictator smiled at the former Cobra Commander. "It begins."

Fakkadi exited the vehicle smoothly, re-adjusting his greatcoat and military-style formal cap. Fakkadi stopped a few feet short of the two massive robots, looking up at them.

"I am Abdul Fakkadi, President for Life and King of Kings of the Socialist Federated Republic of Carbombya!" The dictator threw open his arms as a gesture of friendship, "And it is my distinct honor to say, asalamilakim and welcome to my domain!"


Quick Switch turned at Trailbreaker's curse- then his optics narrowed in fury, and his frame stiffened, immediately on the alert.

"Repugnus," the Six Changer snarled.


Dirge chuckled, and shifted on his knees a bit to keep from getting stiff.

"Well, um, maybe when you're older," he replied.

In truth, Dirge had no idea when subspace developed for younglings- Dirge had only known an adult form since his creation in 1985.

"I think you'd be a great leader of the Deceptions, Riptide," the blue jet said with an affectionate smile. The smile turned into a wistful one, though, when Dirge heard Riptide's query about the other Decepticons.

"I- I don't want to be with the other Deceptions, Riptide."

Dirge thought for a minute, then reached out with a hand and patted the femme on the top of her head.

"Galvatron, the leader, would like all the Deceptions to crash in a lake. But...I don't want to crash in a lake. So...I'm going to stay with the Autobots, I think."

2003-06-06, 07:07 PM
Carbombya City, Dusk Ashes landing zone:

Snake glanced out the window at the ship and the two Decepticons standing near it. One of them he didn't recognize. The other he had heard enough about to genuinly fear him, and confirm his earlier suspictions.

"So, Megatron is here," he thought. "This could either be the beginning of a great partnership...or the end of us all."

He followed his friend, not saying a word, but keeping his gaze on the Decepticon leader, hoping they weren't all about to make the biggest mistake of their lives.
Carbombya City, Repair Bay:

"There you are," the chief mechanic said. "Good as new."

The supports holding Darkwing and Dreadwind were released, and the two Decepticons got up, flexing their joints.

"Ah!" Darkwing said, crinking his neck. "Feels like I've just underdone an energon infusion."

"Yeah," Dreadwind said, flexing the fingers on his right hand. "I wonder how long it will last."

Darkwing rolled his optics.

"So," Dreadwind asked. "What do we do now?"

"I dunno," Darkwing responded. "I guess we wait here until Fakaddi gets back here with Galvatron."
Black Zarak

Runamuck walked up to Snapdragon

"We control Earth?" he asked. "When did this happen?"
The Land Millitary Team walked all over Black Zarak, taking a look at everything.

"Wow," they said. "This place is amazing."

2003-06-06, 07:58 PM
Snapdragon glared back at Runamuck before he answered to the question presented to him. "Did I say we control Earth? I don't think I did. But if the information I have heard is even near the truth... we have more power upon humans than the Autobots do at the moment. And if you ask me... that's better than nothing."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-06-06, 08:08 PM
Grimlock turned his attention to Galvatron, interested to hear what he had to propose...


"Hey look Grotusque it's that walking bag of bolts...that still owes me a slaggin' apology!"

2003-06-06, 11:38 PM
Blaster looked around "They're all awake but no ones drivin' Bluestreak check outside see if Skylynx is still moving if not speaking"

The Gunner nodded turning and walking to a window looking back and nodding.

"Damn wierd" Jazz spoke up as Wheeljack watched Swoop curiously "Talking about getting the Dino's together one second staring into space the next" The Scientist said prodding the Dino-bot's shoulder.

God Jinrai
2003-06-06, 11:47 PM
Rocky Moutains... Colorado. Fortress Maximus made his final touchdown at high noon... and cerebros let out a heavy sigh as the ship slowly but gently came to rest on the earth's surface...

"Optimus... whenever you're ready... the amplifiers you requested are active, and awaiting the required energy..."

"Understood, cerebros..."

Prime departed from the med bay yet again... this time, however... heading for the exterior of the maximus cruiser... but before he reached the exit hatch, he took an elevator... one that lead directly up to the ship's topmost communication array...

The hatches slid open as prime rose from the elevator shaft... stepping out onto the small platform normally used for repairs of the comm array, optimus silently prayed...

"Let this be the last time we must ever do this... "

his chestplate flipped down, revealing the source of many great leaders' knowledge... removing the matrix from its resting place, his chestplate sealed once again... raising the blessed artifact skyward, he began a silent chant...

"Primus hear me... heed my call... matrix brightly burning... send forth those sparks whom seek to live... to fight again... to set our home..."


as prime shouted the final word of the chant... an immense beam of light pierced the matrix... the source was from cybertron itself... as the energy pierced the crystaline structure of the matrix, from the opposite side, one could see spheroid forms of energy... or so it would appear, emerging... and moving rapidly down through the ship's main hangar entrance to the mock crypt that had been established within the battleship... others however, flew from the maximus cruiser... headed toward an unknown destination... for you see... this call did not apply merely to autobots... the matrix answered the call of those decepticons whom also sought to free their homeworld... among them a duo of seekers... many smaller sparks... and many others whom at the time were unrecognizable...

and finally, the light diminished... and prime lowered the matrix again, solemnly returning it to its resting place... Opening his com link, he spoke solemnly... "Autobots... report to the makeshift crypt onboard the ship... many of our bretheren will need brought up to speed."

Prime cut the transmission, and gazed skyward... in the distance, a faint light glowed...

" A star?" prime muttered...

"no... optimus prime"

from within, the voice of alpha trion spoke loudly and clearly...

"Then what, alpha trion.."

"A spark... one whom chose cybertron as his place of resurection... one whom upon your return... will be waiting for you... to give his human life... to the autobot cause... once more..."

Prime suddenly knew precisely whom alpha trion spoke of... and deep within, he thought to himself...

"Jinrai... don't get yourself killed before we can get home..."

2003-06-07, 02:37 AM
"Well, whatever," Runamuck said to Snapdragon. "So we're on our way to controlling Earth. What I wanna know is how?"
Bonecrusher looked around the corner to see Runamuck and Snapdragon talking.

"See anything," asked Knock-Out.

"Yeah," Bonecrusher said. "Just some 'Cons."

2003-06-07, 05:19 AM
Corridors of the Maximus:

Siren: -looking back and forth at Trailbreaker and Quick Switch- "Repugnus? What's a Repugnus? Somebody tell me what's going on!"

2003-06-07, 07:51 AM
inside Jetfire
A medic by the name of Jumpstart was working quietly by himself at a table. With a magnifying headset on, he had been reconstructing and repairing the small lifeless body of a minicon named Jetstorm most of the duration of the flight. Now, somewhat exhausted and deciding that he needed a rest, he flicked the magnifyer's light off and leaned back and sighed sadly.

"Well, everything looks to be intact, but sometimes even the best repairs don't work."

The tan-coloured medic looked towards a steel, rectangular box lying on the floor not far off and frowned. With a few blinks, he turned back, reaching up for his magnifying set to begin work again, but much to his dismay, Jetstorm was sitting up and blinking as he looked around.

Their optics locked for an instant, and then with an open mouth, Jumpstart sagged and suddenly went offline from system overload.

Jetstorm looked at the unconscious medic and then glanced around. Poor guy. They must've had him working too hard- a nap'll do him good, but why are we inside Jetfire?
"Hey- Jetfire, what's going on?"
inside the Arc
Hmmm. Strange. And this one won't identify himself. Hound frowned as he edged to the wall. He clicked his internal communicator on. "Jetfire, this is Hound. Correction on my earlier report. I've had an arrival and it may not be safe."

"Received Hound. Be careful. I will send assistance if you require it."

Hound nodded. "Understood." *click*

He glanced around and then stood next to the entrance to the hall, casting a hologram of himself at the end of the hall. Within moments, his scanners read the approach of the unidentified transformer.

He called out once more, "I am Hound, an Autobot. The other Autobots are not far from here. Identify yourself now please.

Trailbreaker caught himself and then pasted a grin on his face. If they don't chill, we'll be right back in med bay, or worse."Repugnus is an autobot. And Siren, this is Grotusque." Trailbreaker edged up next to Quick Switch and put a hand on his shoulder while speaking pointedly. "We all had a miscommunication earlier, but there's no reason to be fighting now."


Riptide looked puzzled. If she had a subspace area, she certainly hadn't found it yet, but then again, she hadn't looked either. She waved her hands around in all directions trying to find the subspace pocket without success before finally giving up and then looking at Dirge with a curious look. "Water is not bad. Crashes are bad and sinking is worse, but water is fun to be in. *Pause* I'm bored all up! Let's go see more or go back to Cybertron now. Is there water here?"

Aero Blade
2003-06-07, 10:47 AM
Aero Blade looked at the ship Shasta pointed out. "I don't think that's another minicon. That's a big ship. I just looks small because it's far away," Aero Blade told him.

"We'd better hurry up," Stratus said to Aero Blade. "I think they're getting ready to move again if we don't catch up," Stratus said, pointing towards Dirge and Riptide

Lord Zarak
2003-06-07, 11:14 AM
"Just thinking" replied Swoop to Jazz's prod. "How long untill we reach Earth?

Sky Lynx did a quick calculation and said
"We will be in Earth orbit in ten minutes. Scanners indicate that Fortress Maximus has landed in the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains, Canada.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for flying Sky Lynx Airways...the only way to travel interplanetary distances. Please put on your safety belts and move to the 'up' position all tables. We will shortly be entering the upper atmospehere of the Earth and will experience severe turbulence. I will, of course, turn up cooling fans in the cargo area for your undisterbed comfort. Thank you, and have a pleasant re-entry."

2003-06-07, 05:35 PM
Snapdragon lowered his head to the optic level of the shorter Decepticon. "I don't know. Why you don't go and ask Galvatron smarty."

2003-06-07, 05:43 PM
"Home here we come!" Blaster said immediately turning his radio on trying to find a good earthen Radio station based on earth.

Jazz, Bluestreak, Wheeljack, and Sideswipe all sat abck leaning against Sky Lynx inner wall bracing for impact as musing came from Blaster.

2003-06-07, 06:11 PM
"Cause I'm smarter than that, Dragon head," Runamuck said. "I'm not gonna go ask him that, and get my head blasted off."

Near the door, Bonecrusher said, "Uh oh."

"Uh oh, what?" Wreckage asked.

"Looks like the 'Cons are being led by Galvatron," Bonecrusher replied.

"This possibly couldn't get any worse, could it?" Knock-Out asked.

2003-06-07, 07:08 PM
"Earth? Interesting name for a plane" Frost mused as she sat against the wall of Sky Lynx.

"Maybe-it-refers-to-the-make-up-of-the-world. I-bet-there-are-dwarves" Shock replied rapidly.

"I wonder why this evacuation was started, the only reason I can think off would be an imminent planar collapse" Gale ponders aloud, shuddering slightly at the mere thought of such an event.

"Collapse, my tailfeathers. It was an invasion, that's what it was. And I for one intend to return and incinerate those Phyrexians or whatever they are" Blaze replied.

"Well you ladies can go back to Cybertron without Rally and me. I've got plans and they don't involve leaving Earth. Not in the near future anyway" Bandit mutters just loud enough for Rally to hear him.

"Planning on bugging Percy again?" Rally asks with a slight grin.

"Definatly, but not in the way you're thinking my dear" Bandit replied in a soft and sweet voice.

Rally was surprised, she had never heard or seen Bean act this way. He is planning something, that has to be it she thinks as she transforms to her gun form and locks into Bandit's shoulder gunmount.

Talon landed on Bandit's left shoulder. Lost in thought. It will be great to see Rock and the others again, but I just can't leave Cybertron like this. I saw one of the invading ships, and I'll be damned if it wasn't Quintesson in origin He was intent to carry out the very act he'd told Hot Rod all those cycles ago. If I ever see one of them again I'll rip it apart tentacle by tentacle and face by face

2003-06-07, 07:55 PM
"Hah. You are not as stupid as you look like. Maybe there is some hope left even for you." Snapdragon laughed, slamming his hand against Runamuck's back.

2003-06-07, 08:20 PM
Runamuck wanted to hit Snapdragon. It wasn't as if the Horrorcon was that smart enough to begin with. And besides, his partner Apeface was one of the casualties in the Quint conflict that had forced them off Cybertron.

Instead, he turned to Runabout and said, "You hear that? Croc face here says we got hope."

"Cool," Runabout said, turning to the door, not seeing the Minicons, as they had turned and hid out of their sight.

"Hey," Runabout said to Snapdragon. "Did you hear we found some Minicons?"

Quick Switch
2003-06-07, 08:20 PM
The Six Changer's optics were narrowed in fury at the Monsterbot- the other... Grotesque was it?- he wasn't concerned with. At least he had the intelligence to keep his vocoder quiet.

"Trailbreaker, he insulted me, and he insulted Optimus' name. And, he impeded the evacuation- you were present," Quick Switch hissed, enraged. "He's an insubordinate, disgusting mess of a Transformer! He's more like a mercenary than a soldier!"

The Six Changer's relatively stable mood was shattered, and the thought of the traitorous Prowl back-shooting him combined with the Security Director's near-loathing of the, repulsive Repugnus was threatening to send Quick Switch into a berzerker rage. Siren was totally ignored- that was another matter-

Those damned Headmasters! Half of them tried to kill me during the Chaos Matrix battle! A pack of traitors the lot of them! Them- and Prowl- and this- this MONSTERBOT!

The only thing restraining the fanatical Quick Switch was Trailbreaker's hand on his shoulder. But he didn't move to shake it off. A modicum of thought had penetrated the Six Changer's CPU thanks to the easy going security aide.


Dirge shifted his knees again, smiling at Riptide's energy.

"Oh yes, Earth has many lakes and oceans. Would you like to see one?"

Dirge stood up, preparing to transform to jet mode and offer to take the little femme on a-hopefully- fun trip.

I can sit by the shore, or something, while she swims around. Or do whatever it is boats do. Besides not sink. Float's the word, isn't it?...I don't float too well, though.

Dirge smiled weakly, trying to beat back his unease. He'd make an effort, though, for Riptide's sake.

Lord Zarak
2003-06-07, 09:25 PM
"Earth was the name given to their planet by the native beings Frost. And there are dwarves present, but they are due to medical reasons beyond their, and their parents, control Shock"

2003-06-07, 09:26 PM
StarBlade had turned to look at Shockwave when he entered. She had never liked that one-eyed kiss-up during Megatron's reign, and still didn't like him now. Once he had left, she turned back to Astrotrain.

"If you have nothing at the moment, I'll go find somewhere to do target practice. Earthlings weren't much to aim at, and I fear I'll need the practice."

2003-06-07, 09:27 PM
Snarl sat back against the wall opposite of where Frost Shock and Blaze were sitting. He looks at them.

Weird looking creatures. I wonder where they are from? I don't think that I have seen them before.
Snarl turns his attention towards Blaster, who seems happy that he is going to Earth. Snarl stands up and like his fellow Dinobot Swoop, he looks through the window, seeing planet Earth throught it. He leans to against the wall, with one arm and starts to ponder again.

I wonder what's wrong with Wheeljack and the others. Why are they against the idea of the Dinobots getting back together? Haven't the Dinobots saved the Autobots on maby occasions? Sure, sometimes we caused alot of damage, but it was all in for the greater good. I'm sure that once the Dinobots are back together, Grimlock will know what to do. I just hope we don't stay on Earth too long. I think that most of the Autobost might even prefer Earth over Cybertron.

While Snarl ponders away near the window, Bumblebee sits down, next to Shock.

"So, I am guessing that this is your first trip to Earth? It's a very nice planet, inhabited by humans. Some are even friends of the Autobots."

2003-06-07, 09:36 PM
"They're small but cool in my books" Jazz said nodding his head to Blaster's music.

2003-06-08, 02:00 AM
Medbay of the Maximus:

Nightbeat, Minerva, and Hosehead: -transform, heads disconnecting and transforming-

Minerva: -stretching- "Hey, Muzzle.... you don't think that sting we ran on Thunderwing's going to come back and bite us, is it?"

Muzzle: "Nah. Prime figured out what we were doing. And Thunderwing's got no powerbase anymore."

Chromedome: "I wish you guys could have given me some more warning, though."

Hardhead: "I didn't get much more warning than you did."

Brainstorm: "Sorry about that, guys. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing. Nightbeat didn't give me much warning."

Corridors of the Maximus:

Siren: -looking at Repugnus and Grotesque- "Ah. Hello."

2003-06-08, 05:06 AM
Perceptor heard Prime's transmission and quickly prepared to head out to where he was instructed to. The thoughts and memories of his comrades, the Protectobots, who were a part of the ones being revived, dwelled in his head.

"Well, Professor Stall, pardon me but I must depart. I have a meeting with some old colleagues of mine, and I must inform them of what is going on."

A thought hit Percpeptor's mind as he was leaving. He turned back to face the professor as he snapped his fingers.

"On second thought, Professor Stall, would you care to join me? It would give you a chance to see what is going on with Optimus Prime's plan."

2003-06-08, 06:55 AM
"so-no-real-dwarves-a-pity. Their-works-were-always-marvels-to-look -at" Shock said with a sigh.

She then noticed Bumblebee.

"Greetings-little-one,-my-name-is-Shock. So-there-are-humans-on-that-world,-no-matter-where-in-the-omniverse-we -go,-there's-always-humans" Shock replies to the smaller Autobot.

2003-06-08, 12:09 PM
Bumblebee scrathed his head.
Oh great. I start talking to somebody and it has to be a speed talker. Oh well, I hope I heard her right.
"Well, nice to meet you Shock. It's true that you can find humans everywhere. It may be even our own fault, I mean the autobots by that. We got them involved in our war with the Decepticons a long time ago and soem of the humans tagged along, trying to help us out. You don't dislike them, do you?" Bumblebee replied to Shock.

Snarl sat back against the wal of Sky Lynx. He tried to listen to the conversation between Bumblebee and Shock, but stopped trying when Shock spoke the word "name"

2003-06-08, 12:44 PM
Shock, noticing that Bumblebee was having a little trouble understanding her, tries to talk a bit slower. "Do I dislike-humans? No. They-may have their-flaws, but-they aren't a-bad race. Phyrexians are-another matter-though" Shock continued in a slower pace.

"Fortunatly for life in the omniverse, that particular threat has been dealt with" Blaze interrupted her sister, grinning as she recalls some events from that final battle.

"Annihilated you mean" Gale corrected her sister with a hint of sorrow in her voice.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-06-08, 06:32 PM
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Any form of ranting, raving or otherwise idiotic behavior will not be tolerated. Any verbal abuse occurring via the Private Message system between players should be reported to the Administrators immediately.

To Ravage MK2:

Please be aware that, due to the new rules set forth by the RPG Staff, non-Transformer characters (aliens) are not allowed in this arc. Please drop these characters within your next three posts.

Lord Zarak
2003-06-08, 06:42 PM
"Yes, humans do have their faults" replied Sky Lynx, but some, like the Witwickys have prooved invaluable allies against the Decepticons. They may have weak exteriors, but their strength is mental...they have great tenacity when things are against them...ah, entering the upper atmosphere now. Things are going to get hot and bumpy"

Outside Sky Lynx, the air turned red hot as he sped through the atmosphere of Earth. To people watching from the surface, it would seem as if a metor, albeit a space-shuttle shaped one, had entered the atmospehere.

Quick Switch
2003-06-08, 07:17 PM
Metrotitan announced to Astrotrain:

"Estimated time of arrival for Earth' atmosphere...imminent."

The City Commander replied:

"Excellent. If you'll excuse me Star Blade," The City Commander rose from his seat, "I must see to the details of the landing. It was a pleasure speaking with you- we must do this again."

2003-06-08, 07:17 PM
Blaster leaned back hard as his body bounced and rocked as he grinned "Yahoo now this! Is Rock And Roll!" he cried as he feel sideways.

Wheeljack had buckled himself in at just laughed as the others were bouncing around his body rocking against the wall.

"This isn't exactly my idea of fun" Bluestreak muttered as he tried to pull himself up only to get knocked back down.

Jazz laughed as he tried to get a belt on to hold him up. "Hey it's not every day you get to re-inact your favorite music" he said nodding to Blaster who was also trying to get up now.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-06-08, 07:20 PM
"You're just burned cos I managed to point out the major failings of your great leader..."

Repugnus arched himself upwards slightly, making his appearence taller.

"...Anyways, you still owe me a heap of an apology, but that can wait. We've got repairs to be made"

Repugnus walked towards Trailbreaker and Quick Switch, stopping just in front of them.


"Well, me not think we got all day, we getting closer to Earth..." Grimlock was tired of waiting to hear this 'grand scheme'

The shadows

2003-06-08, 07:42 PM
StarBlade nodded.

"Of course, Astrotrain. Anytime." She rose as well, and sketched a salute, then said, with a hint of a smile, "Hail Galvatron." With that, she turned and strode from the office, to let Astrotrain do his job. Now she had to practice get her job back up to snuff.

Quick Switch
2003-06-08, 07:56 PM
Thunderwing sighed, sipping his Energon drink sitting on his standard-issue bunk.

"These quarters are so...utilitarian," he groused. "Much to plebian for a grandee of my station..."

Outside, the two Metrodrones posted as guards smiled.

What an eccentric.


Quick Switch shot Repugnus a killing look, but did not move as the Mosterbot advanced.

2003-06-08, 08:08 PM
Trailbreaker kept his stance and tightened his grip on Quick Switch's shoulder. The monsterbot was taller, but Trailbreaker wasn't intimidated. He kept a calm and firm look.

"Repugnus, there are apologies to be made all around and I suggest you both apologize. The end line is that we're on the same side and Quick Switch is in charge of security. You ought to respect him, but until he earns that respect, listening to him will need to suffice if you're gonna stay. Let's keep our goals in mind- and those are near the same. *Trailbreaker tensed and looked at both of them.* What's it gonna be boys?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-06-08, 08:09 PM
Sixshot silently made his way through Metrotitan, being careful not to be spotted by either surveilence camera nor metrodrone alike.

He'd made sure in his own mind that Thunderwing was the right target. He had reached the cells now and heard the tell-tale upper-class drone that was Thunderwing's voice.

Enjoy it whilst you can, you simpering fool, it will be your last.

Sixshot walked out of the shadows and withdrew his dual-blasters. He placed a blaster to the head of both Metrodrones posted outside the cell. The pair froze, they didn't want to meet the great-maker after all.

Sixshot pressed his face to the bars covering the window in the door.

"Thunderwing...I think it's time we had a chat..."

Sixshot pulled the trigger on the two blasters.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-06-08, 08:14 PM
"I think you should get out of my slaggin' way.....You'll get yours when I get mine... slag heap"

Quick Switch
2003-06-08, 08:15 PM
The two Metrodrones' skulls exploded, and they slid to the floor with a sickening thud.

Thunderwing finished his drink and stood up, approaching the bars.

"Ah. Sixshot. What a pleasant surprise. Here to free your old Commander from this wretched imprisonment?"

Thunderwing smiled.

Wonderful! I'll be free of this damned city forever!


Quick Switch narrowed his optics.

"I'll apologize when you agree to take back what you said about Optimus Prime, Monsterbot. And that is all I will agree to."

2003-06-08, 08:18 PM
Ramjet shook his head as Starblade walked away.
"Interesting femme, eh?" he said, with a sidelong glance to Astrotrain.
Squeezeplay continued to bash his way through the corridors of the city, ignoring everything but the internal argument with his Headmaster.
Then, he heard a pair of blaster shots.
Well, well. Perhaps there's something interesting to do, after all
Pulling his overrider blaster from sub-space, he ran towards Thunderwing's cell.

Working on the solar generator, Death Knell called out to Hatemonger, "General, we're almost done here!"

Crosshairs had been wandering through the corridors of the ship since the evacuation, brooding.
However, his Targetmaster, Pinpointer, was paying far more attention to what was going on around them.
"You hear that?"
"No," Crosshairs replied.
"Sounds like there's some sort of argument going on, down that side corridor we just passed."
"Well, then. We should check it out," the Autobot reasoned.
"That would be an excedingly bad idea," his dour Nebulan partner replied. "Especially unarmed."
"Well, then..."
With Pinpointer shifting to gun mode, Crosshairs ran around the corner, just in time to hear Repugnus's last taunt.
Well, now. This could get interesting

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-06-08, 08:20 PM
"Yes...I'm here to free you. Free you from this miserable existence you call your life. Here to set you free of this mortal coil."

Sixshot stood back from the door.

"You see Thunderwing, I don't take too kindly to being brainwashed - not by Mindwipe and certaintly not by you..."

Sixshot lurched shoulder first into the cell door as it wrenched on it's hinges...


"It'll be a cold day in the Inferno before you get an apology from me..."

Quick Switch
2003-06-08, 08:26 PM
Astrotrain re-seated himself, and looked at Ramjet.

"Very. She will be very useful. It is good to have another who remembers the old days."


Thunderwing's Pretender mouth opened in shock.

"What- what do you mean? Brainwashing? Why my dear Sixshot-" the aristocrat backed up against the cell wall- "I did nothing of the sort!"


Quick Switch set his mouth in a thin line.

"I've agreed to apologize, you stubborn fool! Now agree to my conditions so we can end this!"

2003-06-08, 09:11 PM
"Well, that's not exactly what I meant," Ramjet replied to Astrotrain, "but I agree. I'm sure Lord Galvatron will find her very useful."
He sighed. "Though I'm not all that comfortable having an assassin around. They're not exactly the most trustworthy of people."

Aero Blade
2003-06-09, 12:26 AM
Tracer entered the communications and scanning room, taking a moment to look around. Various workers were doing any number of things at their stations, but he quickly spotted what he was looking for. Bypassing the other workers, Tracer went straight to the one he was looking for.

"Galvatron has ordered the lauch of the search probes," Tracer told the worker. Without looking up from his consol, the worker started inputting some commands into the computer.

"Intended search target?" The worker asked briefly.

"Gigatron," Tracer replied. He chuckled lightly. "Galvatron wishes to have a little 'chat' with him..."

Tracer watched as the worker finished inputting commands for the probes and began to monitor their readings. Tracer watched as well, waiting for something he could report back on.

It's only a matter of time now. Tracer thought. Once Galvatron has reclaimed that which is his, he will lead us to defeat the Quints. Then next will be the Autobots. I cannot wait for the battles to start...

Lord Zarak
2003-06-09, 12:34 AM
Shockwave was extrapolating (theres a word for 1.20 am) the data, calculatuing the time of day when two events caught his attention. The first, a streak of red crossing the Earth. A shuttle craft no doubt, flying at the correct angle of descent so as to not break up

The second was the unmistakable sound of gun fire.
Thunderwing is being attacked he thought as he made his way from the observation deck.
He is the one prisoner who has much to fear from trouble within our ranks. Once again his illogical obseesion with Matrices will cause him considerable distress. Therefore, a problem exists. he said to himslef as he neared.
Should he be allowed to live, to continue his nefarious ways, or should he be terminated once and for all, to save us the embaressment of his failures? Conclusion: unclear. Action: also unclear
As he arrived, he saw Squeezplay arriving too.
"Halt. Serve Galvatron well by allowing no transformer to pass through here without my explicit instruction. Now tell me, what, if anything have you seen. Exclude no information." he asked of the Headmaster.

2003-06-09, 01:50 AM
Corridors of the Maximus:

Siren: -standing off to the side, forgotten as the stormclouds of confrontation between Quick Switch and Repugnus flicker and flare with barely contained lightning, definately does not want to be caught in this potential firefight- "I'll just head to the recharging room then, shall I?" -looks around- "Anybody want anything?" -sees Crosshairs- "Hey, Crosshairs, finally, a friendly face. Well, friendlier, anyway."

2003-06-09, 04:43 AM
Squeezeplay was surprised to see Shockwave arriving at the cell at the same time he was.
"I haven't seen anything, sir," he said respectfully, a tone of voice that suggested Lokos was exerting control on their shared mind. "I've only just arrived here, after hearing blaster shots."
The air of civility dropped. Squeezeplay hefted his blaster confidently, and took up a guard position at the door. "But I can promise that no one will get through here. Not in one piece, anyway."

Upon seeing Siren, Crosshairs slowly lowered his weapon.
"Nice to see you too, Siren. You got any idea what's going on here?"

2003-06-09, 05:48 AM
Corridors of the maximus:

Siren: "I don't know, Crosshairs. They're demanding apologies from each other, and neither one wants to go first. At the rate they're going, they'll probably kill each other before apologizing."


Medbay of the maximus:

Minerva: -finishes hooking Muzzle up in the small medbay in her transector(it is a Porsche, after all. Not too much room), turns on monitoring equipment- "How do you feel?"

Muzzle: "I told you, I'm fine."

Minerva: "You took a massive amount of bioelectirc feedback through your binary linkage when Thunderwing blasted you. I just want to make sure that you're okay." -leans over Muzzle, looks at display- "Okay. Make a fist with your right hand."

Muzzle: -clenches right hand, winces as he does so-

Minerva: "I'm right, aren't I?"

Muzzle: "It's noth-"

Minerva: "It most certainly is something! I can see the pain in your face, and the readout shows what the problem is. You've suffered nerve damage, and it looks like the feedback damaged the bicep and tricep in your right arm."

Muzzle: "But I'm left handed. Besides, I got my left leg blown off inside of Unicron, and I'm not limping."

Minerva: "Did you get it blown off by a ray of energy generated by a being of pure evil?"

Muzzle: "Well, no....."

Minerva: "My point exactly. Now, I can repair the muscle damage with what I have on hand. Nerve tissue regeneration is something else entirely."

Muzzle: "I'm left handed. What's the big deal?"

Minerva: -sighs- "Nightbeat."

Nightbeat: -vehicle mode, sitting next to Minerva's transector- "What?"

Minerva: "How did your right arm feel after I repaired it?"

Nightbeat: "A little tingly."

Minerva: "Did the feeling go away?"

Nightbeat: "No. Not until I transformed a few minutes ago. Just faded into the background. Why?"

Minerva: -looks back at Muzzle- "That answer your question, big brother?"

Muzzle: sighs- "Fine. So how long am I out of action?"

Minerva: "For a few hours anyway. This might be one good thing about being 10 years ahead of where we were. Advances in medical technology." -puts a brace on Muzzle's right arm, completely immobilizing it, flicks a couple of switches on it- "This will repair the muscle damage. I'm going to see if we can access any of this Earth's medical data."

2003-06-09, 05:59 AM
Crosshairs replied Siren, "Leaving us to pick up the pieces, no doubt. How considerate of them."

2003-06-09, 02:46 PM
Galvatron: "Its simple Grimlock, once we have located Gigatron I will feel quite secure in undertaking this part of my plot. For once I know that he can hold the reigns in my absence, I have every intention to open the door...nay...kick the door wide open...on Cybertron. The Quints are prepared for a large scale assault...they are prepared to combat the masses of the transformer army. However, I do not feel that their defenses and forces are quite ready to handle a smaller, more strategic force...a small strike force...hit and withdraw, pick and choose our targets, and eventually make our way into the Quint heart...and tear it from the body...decapitate the head of the serpent and watch the body wilt and die..."

Brave Maximus
2003-06-09, 02:48 PM
Something doesn't feel right. Of course what's right about coming home to a shattered shell of your home. But that really does sound like one of the legendary Autobots.

"Alright, say I belive you. Why don't you step out here where I can see you?"

*Skyfall continued to creep along the walls in the shadows, thinking that he still had the element of surprise (he's young and dumb and doesn't realize that if I can see him on sensors, then he can too). He keeps moving until he sees the outline of a green foot (please tell me Hound is still the same ;)), Arming his blasters and waiting to see what's next*

Aboard the battle station the Minicons monitor the other Transformers closely. Starlight hopes and prays that they don't take any interest in the ship. Ark takes a defensive position to the right of the station in case, while Nemesis paces back and forth in front.


2003-06-09, 03:02 PM
"Minicons eh? How... not interesting." Snapdragon snorted. "I am more interested in how you got your carcasses hauled here. I don't reckon seeing you boarding Zarak when we lifted off."

2003-06-09, 03:52 PM
Hound stayed silent as Skyfall stepped to the entryway of the hall and spotted the hologram.

Hound stook stock of the young transformer in a glance. Not seen this one before, and he's armed.

He reached forward, making a snatch downward for Skyfall's arms, and spoke quickly. "Easy now- I'm an Autobot and won't hurt you."

Brave Maximus
2003-06-09, 04:17 PM
Skyfall recoiled at the sudden movement, instictually fireing a couple of warning shots into the ceiling and trying to evade the larger Robots hands.

Rolling backwards and coming up in a kneel, forarm weapons pointed at the robot who just attacked him, Skyfall tryed to look through the dust and soot stirred up by the fire and sudden movement.

"Yeah sure, that's why you attacked me. Buddy, Hounds been gone for years, longer than I've been around anyway. Perhaps you should just stay there and we'll talk face to face"

Who is this guy? I thought I saw an Autobot symbol, but I can't be sure till the dust clears. Man Nothing's making sense right now

2003-06-09, 04:37 PM
"Um..." Runamuck said, scrambling for an excuse to tell Snapdragon. "We were here."

"We were?" Runabout said, then got Runamuck's shoulder in his gut.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "We were. Didn't you see us?"

Hiding near the doorway, the Land Millitary Team listened to the conversation, Knock-Out saying, "Liars."

"Yeah," Wreckage said. "But do you think Galvatron's gonna be happy with the truth?"

2003-06-09, 04:56 PM
Corridors of the Maximus:

Siren: "I don't know if I'd call it conciderate. Stupid, maybe, but not conciderate."

Lord Zarak
2003-06-09, 05:08 PM
Sky Lynx

The buffeting got less and less extreme, until it stopped alltogether. The exterior of Sky Lynx began to cool.

"Everyone ok back there" asked Sky Lynx, to satisfy his ego that yet another trip had been a success

"I'm ok" replied Swoop as he disentangled himself from a few losse wires. "Just lsot in this mess of you"



"Good" replied Shockwave to Squeezeplay.

He turned to the cell door, but did not enter. He saw metrodrones lying at his feet. He called into the cell

"Thunderwing, are you in need of assistance?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-06-09, 08:46 PM
Sixshot crouched in one of the dark corners of the cell. Both blasters pointed firmly at the Pretender infront of him. He spoke quietly under his breath, just loud enough for Thunderwing to hear him.

"Tell him that everything is fine, the two guards got into an arguement and it came to blows...make any gesture that you're not alone and I'll kill you here and now"


"You expect me Grimlock to help you re-take Cybertron me not even know? Why you think me should help you now? Me not think your head on shoulders straight..."

Grimlock sat back and crossed his arms... he leant his chair backwards and put his huge feet on the table. Truth be told he wanted nothing more than to go kill some quint slag...

"We at Earth now, me Grimlock going back to Autobots...."

2003-06-09, 11:35 PM
ooc: yes BM, he's the same as the original portrayal.
Hound leaned back as a shot upwards grazed his shoulder and grazed the ceiling, sending debris of metal flakes and chunks of rock down.
Irritation was spreading now and his reflexes were charged. But then the recent events came flooding back in crystal clarity. Sometimes having a great memory wasn't always a benefit. He took a breath and then sighed. This is no Decepticon. One of Rodimus' troops maybe, but I can't do this... not again. Not after Sunstreaker.

Then out loud, he called, "All right you. If I had attacked you, I would have shot you. You're the only one of us who has a weapon in your hands and you've refused to identify yourself, but if you want what's left, then take it. Shoot at me again, and I'll be forced to return fire."

Hound started backing down the hall keeping tabs on Skyfall's energy signature. He remembered the Ark well, and knew he could double back along another corridor leading to the medical bay. He had been down that way many times. Then... I can get a better vantage.
Fort Maximus
Trailbreaker scowled and then broke into a laugh. "You two make Ironhide and Ratchet seem as flexible as a human trampoline. 'Switch, show 'em who's the better 'Bot and give him his apology. Let's get it done with chief. *pause* Siren- sorry pal. Just be a moment more I think and we'll head down."

Brave Maximus
2003-06-09, 11:45 PM
"Hey buddy. You're the one who tried to attack me from behind. I don't want a fight, I just want to know what happened to my home and my friends. So how about you just step out into the light and we'll both drop our weapons. This has been the start of a bad day, and I don't want it to get worse."

Skyfall rechecked his position in the Ark

on of the good things about being small is that I can fly through small spaces. If this guys any serious problems, I'll transform and fly out, where I deffinatly have reinforcements waiting.

Quick Switch
2003-06-09, 11:46 PM
Quick Switch nodded at Trailbreaker, then fastened his optics on Repugnus.

"I apologize for my earlier remarks. I don't care what you think of me, but in return, I ask that you apologize for your remarks concerning Optimus Prime."


Coolant was streaming down Thunderwing's Pretender face.

"All is well, Shockwave," the aristocrat called out, surprisingly level. "An argument between the Metrodrones. It's been resolved."

2003-06-09, 11:59 PM
Outside Jetfire, Riptide stared in awe at Dirge's jet form. The sleek polished metal glistened in front of her and her mouth hung open. She'd never been close to a flyer in form before. And she broke a grin as she ran over.
"Ooooh!!!!! You look buyable Dirge!"
However, she made no attempt at climbing up.
Shasta let go of Aero Blade's hand and stared at Dirge's jet form for an instant before attempting to run back into Jetfire as fast as he could go.
Jetfire, Comettor, Runway and Sonar were shocked to hear Jetstorm's voice. Inside, they began a flurry of warm greetings and explainations, trying to catch him up on all of the events that occurred.
The Ark

Hound listened but didn't stop backing up carefully through the dust-filled hallway, heading for the clearer air of the medical chamber which opened to the outside. "I already told you I didn't attack you, I'm not holding any weapons and I'm not about to fight you. That might change in very short order if you persist in being hostile. Go outside, and you will see me."

Quick Switch
2003-06-10, 12:18 AM
Dirge, in jet mode, laughed as Riptide ran up to him.

Did she- did she just call me by my normal name? She's probably just surprised.

"Thank you," he replied cheerfully. "Would you like to come up?"

Dirge opened his cockpit dome, and a side door, unsure if Riptide would prefer a passenger seat inside or an up front look.

Brave Maximus
2003-06-10, 03:26 AM
"Ok look man. This is my home, I had lots of friends here a realitvly short time ago, and now all I see is slag metal. Look buddy, if you think you can circle around me in the Ark, you got another thing coming. I said it before, and I'll say it again, come out where I can see you or I'm going to have to treat you as a hostle, and you won't like that. That's not a threat, but I'm not going to end up like my friends. Now come out here, I won't ask again."

OK, soon this guys either going to come out and chat or it's going to get very messy very fast. Perhaps if it gets bad I can circle around through med bay and get behind him. Primus help me I hated that place. Docs creep me out.
He he he, and Prime used to get upset when I flew around here, now it's paying off

2003-06-10, 03:31 AM
Galvatron smirked at Grimlock's comment.

Galvatron: "The Autobots?!? Yours is not the place with them...you are a warrior through and through, tested with a will forged in hard combat. That is why I offer this to you...for when Cybertron is liberated there will be a change in the way things are done...their will be a new hierarchy...do you think Prime will fight for you to have the place you deserve...a seat at the Head Table? No...but I will...and I will see to it that you get what you fight for...anything you want...I will deliver to you...and I do not make promises which I cannot keep Grimlock...but go ahead...run back to Prime...he'll have a leash on you or have you stashed in some cabinet in no time...whereas I will have you where you belong..."

2003-06-10, 04:02 AM
Dusk Ashes landing site

As Fakkadi & the others pulled up & approached Megatron, her crimson optics glared down at the fleshlings in distaste.

But, she would wait to see what Megatron had in mind. Standing beside him, & just slight behind him like a guard.

2003-06-10, 04:50 AM
Hatemonger smiled at the Conquesticons news.

"Great work my friends, keep it up." He added.

"Slag this water is cold!" Mowdown growled as they found the location of the Seacons.

"There they are." Deadshot pointed, the underwater gestalt team was somehow frozen in the water in part of an ice burg.

"Well let's get to work." Sixblade added turning on an underwater laser scalpel and starting to cut into the ice.

Quick Switch
2003-06-10, 07:06 AM
Stall smiled and nodded at the scientist's invitation to join him at Optimus Prime's meeting.

"Perceptor, I would be honored. Please, lead on!"

Lord Zarak
2003-06-10, 10:50 AM

Shockwave looked at the drones. Perhaps I was presumptious. However, the evidence does lend its support to Thunderwings answer.

"In that case I shall leave you. Come, Squeezeplay lets us depart.

Aero Blade
2003-06-10, 03:07 PM
Aero Blade looked at Dirge as he began to transform, then Shasta took off....and where in Primus was Hound? Aero Blade threw up his arms in exasperation. He was not a people person. Aw, to heck with this. Aero Blade thought. He opened up a comlink, trying to contact Hound.

-Hound? What's taking so long? Dirge and Riptide are about to take off ...literally... for sightseeing I assume, and Shasta got spooked by Dirge's jet mode....-

2003-06-10, 03:42 PM
Hound cleared the hallway and turned to med bay. His shoulder sensors were stinging from the graze. Apparently, this mech's auditory sensors aren't working and I'm not about to deal with another major malfunctioner in close quarters. What's this about friends though? I hope Sunstreaker was taken to the shuttles... no, got to stay focused now. Find him later. There's med bay.

The dust cloud left behind, Hound slipped into the large hollow area in front of him and moved quickly to the side of the entry. He was covered with a thin film of dust and a dark patch where the shot had hit him. Moving along the wall towards the large opening to the outside, he kept his scanners locked on the small transformer from the hall. It was then that more movement on his scanners caught his attention.

Great... more company? Must be those friends of his. I don't recognise these energy patterns either. Hound frowned and let his hand hover over his rifle. It was then that Aero Blade's communication came through.

"Aero Blade, I'm in the Ark but I've encountered trouble with a strange mech that showed up. Looks like I'm boxed in at the moment. Tell Dirge to stay put! It may look like he's trying to escape with a hostage. Shasta needs to be found before he finds any humans."
Outside Jetfire
Riptide noticed the sudden dash Shasta made for Jetfire and hesitated just as she was considering climbing in Dirge's side door. "Mmmm... maybe I better stay with Shasta. He's 'fraid of flyers now, 'cepting tht one *pointing to Jetfire* 'cause he doesn't look like a flyer like you and maybe doesn't change."
Inside Jetfire
Shasta bolted into the doorway, and without losing stride, slid into a very narrow gap between the stacked cargo crates in the back. The minicons all stopped in mid-greeting and stared at the hole.

Jetstorm spoke up first after a pause. "What was that?"
Comettor replied with a shrug, "A very young neutral. There are a pair of them on board. They must be playing."
Runway shook his head and started heading over. "Don't think so guys. I saw Aero Blade and Stratus looking after this one."
Sonar got a concerned look. "Be careful Runway. The kids grabbed Comettor and Stratus earlier.

Runway chuckled and waved it off. "I'll be okay, as long as he doesn't give me a hand like Thunderwing gave Jetstorm."
"Very funny." Jetstorm replied with a chuckle, yet his underlying reaction was well-hidden by a shft of position... his combustion chamber churned and sent a shiver through him.

Blue green optics glowed in the darker space behind the crates. Runway turned on his boosters and landed gently on the top of the outer crate before working his way back.

Shasta stared in puzzlement at the tiny flying transformer above him and then cringed. He's not a toy.
Runway leaned over and smiled. "Where's Aero Blade and Stratus?"

Brave Maximus
2003-06-10, 05:09 PM
Primus, the guys on the move. I really don't need this right now. Must not know the lay out to well as he's backed into a corner. Bad place to be. Don't want to box him in. Slag, and there's other energy patters moving around. I really don't need this. Hey, wonder if there's any Autobots in comms range. Man I must be malfuntioning if I forgot about that.

Skyfall opens up his comm link to an unscrambled Autobot frequency:

"This is Skyfall to any friendly Autobots out there. I'm in what remains of the Ark I guess and it seems like there's an intruder. I might have wounded him, I don't know. Any assistance would be greatly apreciated."

Not waiting for a response, Skyfall transforms to jet mode and head's down the long way to where Med bay used to be. Going slowly and not trying to manuver much, keeping his comm link open.

A beep through his system
"Hello? No guys, I don't need your help yet, I don't think it's that bad. Nope, stay there. I need you to keep an eye on the station, I don't need my attention devided. Skyfall out"

Ok here I am, flying around like a sitting duck. I hope that guy really is a friendly, though I have no idea why he tried to grab me. Things just aren't adding up. It seems that from the moment I met that bearded old guy, my life's gone insane. I'll be in Med bay, we'll see how it goes from there

Aero Blade
2003-06-10, 08:01 PM
-I don't think we have to worry about Shasta. He went back into Jetfire. I'll see what I can do about Dirge.- Aero Blade momentarily turned off his com, then called out.

"Hey Dirge!! No sight seeing for the moment! Hound says to stay put until he gets back!!" Aero Blade yelled, hoping that'd be enough.

As Aero Blade started back towards Jetfire to check on Shasta, he recieved another transmission. A few thoughts clicked into his mind as he stopped and listened. "Aw cripes. I'll bet my tools he's the guy Hound was talking about, and I'll bet all my memory chips that guy's talking about Hound..."

Changing directions again, Aero Blade was now going towards the Ark. He turned his head to the minicon on his shoulder. "Stratus, you go check on and stay with Shasta. I'll be back in a little while." He told the minicon. Stratus chirped with worry, but did as he was asked, flying back towards Jetfire. He opened a comlink to Skyfall. The guy sounded just as young as he was, maybe he could work things out...

-Skyfall, this is Aero Blade. I'm heading towards your possition to check things out, but there should already be an Autobot in your area...-

Aero Blade reopened another comlink to Hound.

-Hound, I'm heading your way. Everyone back at Jetfire should be fine. I'll be in your area in a couple of minutes-

Quick Switch
2003-06-10, 08:02 PM
"All right," Dirge replied to both Aero Blade and Riptide, transforming back to robot mode with a perplexed look on his face. A panic attack gripped the jet as he saw the blasted-out Ark remains, and in a reflex action at being so close to the old Autobot base.

The jet began to leak coolant fluid, and smiled weakly at the little femme.

"We can get back on board Jetfire, if you want to stay close to your brother to help him. And yes, he changes too."

Jetfire is massive, but the male is afraid of me? I- I need to get away from the Ark. I can't process this now.

2003-06-10, 08:17 PM
Squeezeplay restrained a snarl as he heard Shockwave's order.
No action here, either! If I don't get to destroy something soon, I'll go insane!
Ignoring the sarcastic reply that he knew Lokos was restaining, Squeezeplay asked Shockwave, "Do you need me for anything?"

Brave Maximus
2003-06-10, 08:19 PM
Skyfall slowed almost to the point where his engines stalled out, he transformered and floated to the ground. He replayed the last message twice as he couldn't belive his audio receptors:

Great! An Autobot that quickly, maybe things aren't as bad as they look
He looked around the burnt out husk of his old home stead and thought
Then again...... Who's this other Autobot in the area he's talking about? Could it be that guy who claimed to be Hound? What is going on around here? That guy sounded young, but I didn't recognize his voice, maybe he's a newer Micromaster, who came on line after I had my little trip

Skyfall opened up his comm link again:

"Aero Blade is it? This is Skyfall, I'm currently taking a defensive position about 40 meters outside of the Arks med bay. I'll wait here for your arrival. The Ark intruder is holled up in the Med bay, but hasn't made anymore hostile movements."

Hummm, If this other one is any good we should be able to take the guy in Med bay with out any problems. Even better if this other Autobot shows up with him.

2003-06-10, 08:30 PM
Snarl still strapped in waited for Sky Lynx to land. He had enough flying for a long time and wants to feel some solid ground to walk on.