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StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-07, 07:49 PM
(OOC - sorry guys, felt that at 17 pages, that other thread was a bit long)

Aero Blade
2003-07-07, 08:04 PM
Aero Blade watched out the viewport window as Jetfire took them to their newest destination. He had so much to think about. Who was this Quick Switch that Hound had mentioned? What was he like? What kind of stuff would Aero Blade have to go through to be allowed to join the autobots here? The more he thought about it, the more nervous he became, but he was still detirmined to join.

He didn't get too much quiet time as a noise reached his audio receptors. It sounded like Riptide making a commotion. Stratus came over and pointed in the direction of all the noise. "I saw Riptide take something, and now she's trying to hurt a human..." the minicon reported.

Aero Blade sighed, picking up Stratus and depositing him on his shoulder. He went over to Dirge's location, obseving the trouble he was having. "I think you'd better calm down, Riptide," Aero Blade started. "We don't need any more trouble, and Stratus tells me he thinks he saw you do something you shouldn't have..."

2003-07-07, 09:30 PM
Crosshairs nodded as Trailbreaker pointed out the fireflies.
Ah. These 'fireflies' are insects of some sort. I see. But all that self-illumination can't be energy-efficient, can it?
"Nice place," he said neutrally.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-07, 10:32 PM
A fear only too apparent in most of the troops, I wonder what his real intentions are...

"Is this some sort of allegiance test Bludgeon? A line that I must cross...? Realise one thing Bludgeon, I've followed others for too long now. I will gladly fight alongside you old friend, but take orders from you? Never..."

God Jinrai
2003-07-07, 11:02 PM
Fortress responded in kind to skyfall's request...

"Understood then. report to the landing ramp section of the ship... Prime will be their to further brief you... as well as all the others whom will be on the trip"

Brave Maximus
2003-07-07, 11:14 PM
"Understood, Fortress. I'll be there momentarlilly."

I wonder which Prime he ment. Any of them would be an honour to meet. Oh wait, didn't hound say something about a matrix leader ...............

Skyfall transformered and landed amongst the gathering group of Autobots. He wandered around in Awe at the Warriors gathered there. Some at the warriors themselves, but mostly at the Sheer size of them.

I wonder how they can get this much energon Z to keep all these Transformers running.

He and Ark managed to walk all the way to the front of the crowd and awaited the "Primes" Arrival.

2003-07-08, 12:40 AM
Riptide stopped squirming and looked up at Aero Blade and Stratus as they landed. She still had the shiney pen instrument in her hand, but seemed to be completely ignoring both it and Stratus. She was more interested in Aero Blade's reation to Daniel, and got a puzzled look. How come he's not 'fraid of the Daniel?
After a moment's thought, she wrinkled her nose and looked down at Daniel again, then up to Aero Blade and then to Daniel a third time. "How come you're not 'fraid of him? Dirger's afraid of him. I'm protecting Dirge. Shasta can squish him and then there won't be no more trouble."

But Shasta shook his head. "I like him, he's not got weapons, so he's okay. See Dirge?" Shasta held him up carefully towards the big seeker with a smile.

Daniel nervously waved at the big Decepticon. "Hey Dirge, I won't bite, dude. Just don't let the half pints squish me or the Autobots'll get mad."
Meanwhile, Sparkplug had finally spotted Daniel with the ensuing commotion. The color drained out of his face and he tried to run, but found his legs were shaking. Spike had also noticed the activity, and the cause for it, and intercepted him halfway over.
"Dad, dad! It's okay. I'll get him. Dirge won't hurt him." But the young ones might. He added to himself silently as he hurried over.

Jetstorm, Sonar and Runway had also been watching the exchange, and Runway hurried over to stand behind Shasta.
Distracted by the sudden departure of Skyfall as they landed, Hound glanced over to where the (now larger) group was gathered. Looks like they're making introductions. It'll be good that the twins learn about humans. They're bound to visit the base.

Then he caught the call for help. From the open rampway, he saw Optimus. Right. First, I need to talk to Prime.
Hound slipped out and headed over to the large Autobot leader, a mix of emotions suddenly starting to flood his mind.
Uncertainly, he slowed and stopped a few paces from his old friend and commander. "Optimus- do you have a moment?"

God Jinrai
2003-07-08, 12:58 AM
"Certainly, hound. Pardon me for a moment, ironhide."

Prime steped aside, and took hound with him...

"What can I do for you, hound...?"

2003-07-08, 01:22 AM
Hound followed Optimus a slight distance away and then studied him. Everything had been so clear, and now it's all confused.

With apprehension and finally a flood of built up emotions that began with calm facts and wound up with a desperate and pleading tone, Hound fixed on the Autobot leader.
"Optimus, I know this has been a long war, I know we had to leave, and I've always followed your commands. But Sir, the command for the peace treaty is becoming so difficult to follow. The Decepticons harmed the humans when we left before. We've left Cybertron, and well... we've come back here now to Earth- a mess we left because we had to and a mess the Decepticons feel they own. I couldn't stand to work with the Decepticons before and stayed in Iacon to help rather than being alongside them, and I'm not sure I can work with them now knowing they've broken the peace treaty and killed who knows how many humans... but Optimus, we just can't trust them and we can't leave Earth again! They'll destroy the whole human race and the planet as well. Please, can't we do something about the treaty?"

2003-07-08, 01:42 AM
Perceptor paused from walking now. Almost through unison, the Protectobots, too, stopped from walking. The Autobot scientist turned to the professor, knowing that this idea and subject was weighing heavily on his mind.

"Professor Stall, believe me, this sort of thing has gone through all of our minds, especially mine. Optimus certainly never wanted to disturb any of the sparks that have already passed into the Matrix, or at least if it wasn't absolutely necessary. Here and now, though, it is. I entrust everything in Optimus Prime's ability in decision-making and leadership, and I truly believe that he would never make a habit out of this, even if he needed to..."

God Jinrai
2003-07-08, 01:45 AM
"Hound... it's funny you mention that..."

Prime's right hand clenched into a tight fist...

"I've been as tolerant as I possibly can to galvatron's chain of command... Galvatron, himself... I feel I STILL can trust. but those under him... can't be trusted. It's for that reason... that once we find out just what it was that crashed down in that lake... that we join forces with the U.S. Special forces unit, G.I. Joe... and take down both the decepticons... and the despot that's harboring them in his nation."

Prime went silent, glaring up toward the sky... lowering his optics again.. then spoke again...

"That... is a promise."

2003-07-08, 02:49 AM
A surge of power and strength seemed to flow through the area, radiating outwards from the matrix bearer.

It had been a rare moment for Hound - real fear - for the safety of a place and its inhabitants which he loved, but it dissipated just as quickly as the last rays of the sunset left the sky. He felt exhausted briefly as the concern vanished with a glistening drop of coolant... replaced by the relief and confidence that he had been so accustomed to before the war with Unicron.

He watched in silence for a moment, then smiled at Optimus with the true gratitude that he felt, the warmth and ease returning.

Nodding slowly, he quietly murmurred, "Thank you Optimus."

God Jinrai
2003-07-08, 02:55 AM
"But first hound... as I said... we NEED to find out what the pit it was that crashed into that lake... A strike force has been assembled... with you as our top scout... I'm asking you... lead the run."

Prime stood silently gazing at his smaller friend... in spite of all the damage hound had sustained... Prime had given him this mission... and it was at that realization that optimus froze...

"No... forget that. You need repaired fully. and I can't risk losing you for any period of time at this point... "

Prime opened his comm...

"Quickswitch... I've a mission for you."

2003-07-08, 06:25 AM
With the push of a button Thunderwing was re-armed.

Galvatron: "I trust you understand the price for both failure and for treason?"

Galvatron then turned back to Astrotrain: "Autobots? Pathetic...if we are to reclaim our homeworld, I doubt they have the stuff to do it. For now...we have other things to deal with...Astrotrain...locate Megatron!"

Galvatron's optics glared red as his fists quaked with energy...

Lord Zarak
2003-07-08, 11:27 AM
Shockwave arrived at the quarters of Teratron. He knocked, and awaited the command to enter.


Sky Lynx arrived at Fortress.

2003-07-08, 12:17 PM
Shortly after sending word to Astrotrain of what happened, StarBlade entered the area where Metrotitan had landed. Landing a short distance away and transforming to robot mode, she looked at Metrotitan.

"Geez.... I get stuck on this rock how long looking for my people, then I get home, and have to run from a whole group of five-faced freaks and end up back on this rock. Ah well....I'm sure it could be worse.... It could be Junk...." And with that, StarBlade strode to the entrance of Metrotitan, and entered.

2003-07-08, 01:07 PM
Hatemonger stood around Metrotitan and laughed.

"Must be a busy day at the office." He laughed then got onto him com-link.

"Lord Galvatron, I await to meet you on Metrotitan. Rather than standing around I will be in the holo-vid training. Just tell me when your ready my lord." He said and walked into the holo-training area.

"Computer, simulation war difficulty ten." He smiled as the room went from the dull steel grey to a lush jungle right before the laser fire broke out. Then Hatemonger was in his natural element, a warzone.

Quick Switch
2003-07-08, 04:36 PM
Quick Switch followed Trailbreaker, feeling skittish and uncomfortable. The Six Changer did indeed examine Earth's landscape...but he couldn't enjoy it.

Where Trailbreaker just saw mountains, Quick Switch sniper positions. All the same, though, he smiled weakly at his chief aide, and friend.

"This terrain is...interesting," replied finally.

And a death trap!

When a coded burst traveled over the Security Director's comm unit, however, he stopped and stiffened, activtating it, and hearing Optimus Prime's words.

"Sir!" he said clearly. "What are your orders?"

At last- ORDERS! I- I'd wondered if Optimus hadn't forgotten- we can't rest, now even for a MICROSECOND-


Astrotrain responded to Star Blade's message over his own comm, smiling broadly.

"Excellent, Star Blade....as usual," he said. Yes, Star Blade was going to be a most valuable addition to Galvatron's forces.

He crossed his arms, watching as Thunderwing was re-armed and released. A bit of the usual aristocratic arrogance seeped back into the Decepticon Pretender.

"Absolutely," Thunderwing said, already trying to preen his ego and make up for the wretched treatment he had undergone. Thunderwing and Astrotrain locked glances for a moment, then both turned to look at Galvatron.

At Galvatron's command, Astrotrain nodded- and spoke to Metrotitan, heavily flanged vocoder earnest:

"Metrotitan...locate Decepticon energy signature...designation: Megatron." The Triple Changer's voice was strained.

Megatron was ALIVE?

"Search query proceeding," Metrotitan rumbled.


Dirge felt things were moving in a bit of a blur. His optics were still wide, and lubricant still broke the sufrace of his blue-and-black metal frame.

Unconciously, he continued to hold Riptide carefully. Finally, he looked back down at the little femme, audio receptors finally hearing Aero Blade, Shasta, and Daniel's own comments.

He smiled wanly.

"Thank you Riptide," he said quietly, "for protecting me." He gave her a little squeeze in acknowledgement. The jet then turned his gaze back to Daniel, and he trembled slightly.

"Put him down, please," he said to Shasta. "Humans are...very fragile."

If it weren't for Riptide, I'd be panicking. Well, I still am panicking because Daniels' RIGHT THERE and...I care for her. A lot. I never thought I could care about anyone...but I care about this little youngling.

2003-07-08, 05:43 PM
"Oh no. I am not planning to challenge our chosen leader... the opposite old friend... the opposite." Bludgeon replied to Sixshot, with an amused smile on his face. "I was thinking more upon the lines how to make sure Galvatron stays in command. Decepticons do work better with an imposing figure in power, correct?"

2003-07-08, 07:06 PM
Recieving Astrotrain's response, StarBlade nodded to herself, and thought, Better not tell him about the little Micromaster who could have slagged me... That wouldn't look good. Especially since it was an Autobot who kept the little creep from doing so.

Opening a link to Astrotrain, she responded, "Do you or Lord Galvatron have any assignments for me? If not, I'll probably find a training room and train some more."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-08, 07:58 PM
Sixshot stood firm, if his jaw could have dropped it would have.

"So your intentions are to follow Galvatron..." Sixshot's tone turned slightly cold and cruel "...oh! How the mighty have fallen!"

2003-07-08, 08:22 PM
Roadbuster: -still staring into the energon cube, almost as if he's meditating........-

Dinobot: "Go to the crypt again...."

Roadbuster: -groggy- "Wha...."

Dinobot: "Stop..... Must.... keep.... you..... stable..... Strain....Go.... crypt...... Magnus......."-fades out as Roadbuster becomes more aware-

Roadbuster: "Magnus?" -shrugs, stands- "I thought Magnus made it....." -heads for crypt-

Nightbeat: "You heard the man, people. Transform."

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, and Hosehead: -transform back to robot mode-

Nightbeat, Siren, Minerva, and Hosehead: -head for the main ramps of the Maximus-

Tracks, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -looking up at the hovering Victory Saber as he hovers over the lake and the sticking up feet of Leokaiser-

Tracks: "Uh, he's on our side, right?"

Chromedome: "Of course he is. He's got Autobot markings."

Roadbuster: -makes his way into the crypt as Prime's message gets to him, turns and spies Magnus off to one side- "Magnus....." -sighs, heads for Maximus' entry ramps-

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-08, 08:41 PM
Repugnus dodges past Grotusque and charges back into the crypt.

"Just one, it's all I want, just one. I've barely eaten since leaving Cybertron."

Grotusque was trying his best to re-strain Repugnus from getting near any of the corpses that lay in the room, but started to lose his grip.

Suddenly it happened before their eyes. One of the sparks that had travelled from Cybertron, that had heard the calling arrived. The orb was glowing, white-hot. An incredible, almost blinding light.

"TASTY!" Repugnus yelled as he leapt towards the spark, Grotusque grabbed him and tackled him to the floor.

The spark hovered above the pair for a fleeting moment before moving over one of the bodies laid out. It moved towards the chest area. Light was cascading down, the lifeless metal barely reflecting the sheer brilliance of the orb. It stopped suddenly and descended into the chest of the fallen Autobot. It seeped through his chassis and filled him with life once again. It was a feeling of pure joy the motors inside him began running again, his optic sensors flickered briefly.

Systems check in progress....

His optics flickered again...briefly, taking in nothing more than shadows moving...the room was dimly lit....

Internal memory functioning at 100%

There was a bright flash of white light, his memories returned, he began to wish they hadn't. Cybertron...over-run by hoards of Sharkticons. He had no choice but to stand his ground, his out-post had been attacked swiftly. His duty as a soldier was to stand and fight, he did so valiantly...but foolishly. His bravery was always a downfall.

Systems check complete, all functions as normal

He opened his eyes again, the shadows he saw formed into shapes, colours...two transformers...autobots...

"Oh wonderful, of all the welcoming commitees I get you two...."

Ultra Magnus lived.

2003-07-08, 09:01 PM
"Follow him? Like this Earth creature they call dog follows it's master? No... That is not I had in mind." Bludgeon smirked. "I was thinking more on using him. Galvatron is a power Sixshot... raw power without a peer. Power I cannot challenge now, perhaps never. But he can be controlled... directed into wanted direction, no?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-08, 09:33 PM
"Ah, Bludgeon, always one for the 'bigger picture' weren't you. How easily we forget. It's good to have you functional again. Now, what is our course of action....?"

God Jinrai
2003-07-09, 02:24 AM
"Quickswitch... join the recon group headed for the lake... and find out what it was that splashed down there. I've a feeling it's not something that we need lying around here."

Hovering over the lake, Victory Saber nearly didn't notice the arrivals... it was out of the corner of his optic that he caught sight of the "intrusive " transformers...

"I advise you leave this place. NOW. Leokaiser is mine... he's but half of the cause of my rage... now get out of here... unless you'd like to join him in the lesson on pain."

2003-07-09, 03:27 AM
Hatemonger trained for quite some time while getting bored of the machine.

"Hmm they don't make these things like they use to." He laughed and shut the system down.

"Galvatron said somthing about the command deck didn't he?" For some reason this slipped his mind. With that he made a dash for the command deck area of Metrotitan.

The Seacon brought Deathzuarus to Chancre and go.

"Well here he is do what you can with him." Snap Trap added.


Cryotek stood watching the sunset for some reason he made a habit of this on Earth, maybe because Cybertron lacked a sun or maybe it was something different.

Hatemonger had finally started to get the layout of Metrotitan down quickly so he managed to get to the Commanddeck fairly swiftly, aside from a maintance drone he accidently ran over literally.

With that he entered the sliding doors and walked into the commanddeck. The deck was abuzz with systems scanning various activities on Earth, not to mention events on cybertron.

Well I am here, now to wait for Galvatron he thought and said at a vid screen reading various skematics and data.

2003-07-09, 03:50 AM
Chancre shook his head as he looked at Deathsaurus. Muttering something about "All work and no play," he began to patch up the larger Decepticon.

2003-07-09, 04:35 AM

Hardhead: -muttering under his breath- "Didn't we just go through this with Thunderwing....."

Chromedome: -narrowing optics at the hovering Victory Saber- "'Lesson on pain'? It's apparent that this Leokaiser, if that's who that is, is unconscious. I doubt he'll be feeling much pain for a while, at least until he's repaired." -scowls- "We're Autobots. What you're proposing is what I'd expect from a Decepticon..... unless you're one of Thunderwing's brainwashed stooges."

Tracks: -sighs- "So much for the wax job...."

Chromedome: "If you want to attack a helpless enemy, you'll have to go through us!"


Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, and Roadbuster: -standing at the foot of the Maximus' entry ramps-

Roadbuster: "We're ready to go, Prime. Chromedome and the others are already at the lake."

Ironhide: -checking his blaster pistol, checking his integral weapons systems, nods to self as everything checks out 100%- "Ah'm goin' too, Prahme. Been too long since Ah done anythin' excitin'."

2003-07-09, 07:29 PM
"The course of action? We are to make ourselves useful for the current Decepticon high command. Keep your friends close and enemies even closer..." Bludgeon replied, bringing his sword close to his own face

"Or do you see better way to gain their trust?" He asked with sincerity in his voice.

God Jinrai
2003-07-09, 10:36 PM
"Have it your way then."

Victory Saber brought his primary weapon, Victory Leo's primary cannon, to bear on the small group...

"This is your last warning. Leave. You've no idea what this...monster has done. Nor the master he serves! I'll not allow him to get away from me again!"

Victory saber's optics burned now... not their nromal blue hue... bur an angering red... a sign of his nigh berserker state... in the enraged state he'd been in, his body had taken at least some minute measure to inform those around him of it... even if it were something so sublte as eye color...

Lord Zarak
2003-07-09, 10:54 PM
"Regardless of his actions, you are still an Autobot." replied Sky Lynx, eyeing Star Sabre closely.
"If you do not accept our help, you will be held as a renegade, and as such, subject to imprisonment in our base." Sky Lynx let his wings reach their full span, and stood up striaght and tall, leaving no doubt the authority and conviction his words held.

2003-07-09, 11:31 PM
Snarl and Swoop both grabbed their sword and stood ready for battle.

Snarl: All I need now is Prime's command and I will be tearing into this guy like no bot has ever seen before.
Swoop: Who is this big guy? He better not try anything dumb or he will regret it

Brave Maximus
2003-07-09, 11:51 PM
Skyfalls sensors regestered a large energy signature going online. Something about it was familiar. When he scanned in greatter detail, it became obvious that it was a weapon. A REALLY BIG WEAPON!

I wonder where I've seen this reading before. Seems very familiar. But nothing on this world is what I remember

Skyfall ignited his leg boosters and floated to just about eye level for most of the autobots. Ark sighlently floated behind him.

"Ummmm Hello guys? I hate to break things up, but if we don't act soon, some fellow Autobots are about to get slagged. We've got more than enough bots here to stop who or what ever it is from causeing a problem."

With that, both robots began to move towards the lake.

2003-07-09, 11:54 PM
*Weirdwolf turned his attention to Overlord*.

WW: "Point that at me? *Unsheathes sword*. Point of this in you. Now be silent. It is here. And it is watching."

*Weirdwolf pulls out his photon pistol and stands still; all the while sniffing the air. He walks forward, almost completely silent, and suddenly turns with his gun pointed towards Overlord. A photon pulse booms from the barrel of his pistol, and there is a shriek of pain from the foliage behind Overlord. The sound of footsteps- large footsteps moving very quickly- echoes around the two Decepticons as they bolt after the creature.*

2003-07-10, 12:21 AM

Chromedome: "SCATTER!!!!!"

Chromedome, Hardhead, Brainstorm, and Tracks: -break up their little group, spreading out so that Victory Saber can't target more than one at a time, weapons locked, loaded, and aiming at Victory Saber-

Chromedome: "I say again, stand down! We don't want to hurt you!"


Roadbuster: "Let's go, Wreckers."

Roadbuster, Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, and Hosehead: -transform, roar towards the lake-

Ironhide: -looks over at Quick Switch- "C'mon, kid. Don't wanna miss awl th' fun, do we?" -transforms, roars towards the lake-

God Jinrai
2003-07-10, 12:30 AM
Victory saber could tell that if he made any sudden move, he'd likely be attacked.. but if that was what thes autobots wanted...

in a flash, Victory Saber drew the primary weapon of starsaber... the blade shone brightly in his left hand... in an equally quick movement, he swung the blade in a tight arc, at the ground before the lakefront... not ten yards before the headmasters...

the energy crescent projected by the blade tore into the ground... creating a trench....

"Cross the line, and you'll regret it. That much I can say for certain."

Turning his attention to skylynx, he stared coldly at the oversized beast...

"Watch your tongue, beast. If I truly wanted... you'd ALL be scrap at this very instant. So I advise you leave me to my business."

Turning back to the submerged form, he aimed the cannon in his right hand...

"This is for Fix-It... Stakeout... Galaxy Shuttle... Braver, Blacker, Laster... Mach, Tackle, Wing, Tacker, Waver and Dash.. but most of all... for what you did to JINRAI!"

Pulling the trigger, the gun began to charge... the blast would not fire until he released the trigger... however, if the cannon charged for TOO long... he and EVERYONE at the lake... would be blown to kingdom come...

Brave Maximus
2003-07-10, 12:39 AM
Not waiting for the rest, Skyfall and Ark transformed and flew at top speed towards the lake.

Primus that is a massive energy signature. It could wipe out everyone in the area. And that would mean the end for planet earth. I don't know what I can do. Omega's to slow to get here. Primus please, let there be something the Autobots can do or.........

Skyfall almost stalled out as he hit the breaks. He transformered into robot mode and hovered in the air. Before him were Autobots seeking cover from one of the Greatest Cybertronian leaders of all time. A great trench lay like a wound in the earth between the two factions. Victory Saber was charging up his main gun, pointing it at two legs sticking out of the lake.

What's going on here, Victory Saber is pointing his gun at....... That bot is down, unconcious. What is he doing. MY GOD, LOOK AT HIS EYES!!!!!!

Skyfall yelled with all the power in his vocalizer:
"Victory Saber, NO!"

God Jinrai
2003-07-10, 12:54 AM
"SILENCE!" VS screamed at the top of his vocalizer...

turning his head, he saw an unfamiliar autobot hovering at the edge of the lake... he returned his gaze to the downed leokaiser...

"Leave. NOW. or you'll be blown to kingdom come... your FINAL WARNING"

2003-07-10, 01:08 AM

Chromedome: "If that's the way you want it........." -looks over at Hardhead, nods-

Hardhead: -locks shoulder cannon on Victory Saber's gun hand as Victory Saber starts to pull the trigger-

Tracks: "Roadbuster, we've got a problem......."

Roadbuster, Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, and Ironhide: -rapidly approaching the lake-

Roadbuster: "I read you, Tracks. We've got it covered." -checking mental topographical maps-

Nightbeat: -zooms in on tableau ahead- "He's facing Chromedome and the others, so he can see us as we come in."

Roadbuster: "Then take the rest of the team in, Nightbeat. I'll see you there!" -veers off into the underbrush and trees, picking up speed as his 4WD tears into the ground-

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, and Ironhide: -skid to a halt and transform, forming a second spread out line behind Chromedome, Hardhead, Tracks and Brainstorm-

Nightbeat: -sees Victory Saber- "Good grief. I'm beginning to think I'm stuck in a Mobile Suit Gundam series......"

Roadbuster: -comes flying off of the low hill on the shore behind Victory Saber at full speed, transforming in mid air, weapons locked onto Victory Saber, soaring at Saber's back- WRECK AND RUUUULLLLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Jinrai
2003-07-10, 01:18 AM
Victory saber was taken very much by surprise... turning to face the oncomming assailant, he could see that he had no chance of finishg leokaiser... not with this one comming at him... he couldn't be certain he'd finish leokasier unless he was totally focused... Realizing the cannon was going to go critical, he aimed it skyward, releasing the trigger....


a massive burst of energy errupted from the cannon... barely missing roadbuster's oncomming charge...


as roadbuster closed in, starsaber brught his blade to bear on the oncomming autobot... and with the flat of the blade, swiped at roadbuster... hoping to if nothing else, knock him off course...

Brave Maximus
2003-07-10, 01:34 AM
Skyfall staired unbeliving at what was going on:

These are Autobots, why are we fighting each other? This is WRONG. Starlight, Nemesis, get here as quick as you can. Omega, be prepaired

"Why are we fighting like this, THIS IS WRONG!!!!"

Skyfall watches in horror as Victory Saber swings his sword at a fellow autobot. He then hits his jets and flys into the face of Victory Saber.

"WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!? These are fellow Autobots, and you're attacking them. FOR THE LOVE OF PRIMUS, you're shooting at them. And over what? Some deactivated Transformers. You hit one of your own kind over a Decepticon. What are you going to do now? Hit me?"

Skyfall mentally braced himself for the blow.......

God Jinrai
2003-07-10, 01:39 AM
"...Get... away... from ...me... NOW!"

saber shouted again...

Gazing around at those on the lake edge, he became suddenly very grim...

" You think I'm the threat. You think I'M the problem. You claim I'm not an autobot. Well then. if that's how you want this..."

The shoulder cannons came online, and saber brandished the sword... returning the cannon to its locking place on his back...

"....let's go."

Brave Maximus
2003-07-10, 01:44 AM
"You're the one that's attacking us. You're the one that's firing on a deactivated bot. You're the one acting all crazy like! We don't want to fight you, but...."

Activating his weapons, Ark activates his energon shield.

"If you continue like this, I swear, I'll do everything in my power to knock some sense into you!"

I am going to get my @$$ kicked. There's no way I can stand up to Victory Saber. But I'll be damned if I'm going to back down. This is going to hurt

2003-07-10, 01:46 AM

Roadbuster: -batted aside by the flat of Victory Saber's blade, his trajectory changed into a downward plunge into the lake-

Nightbeat: -sighs- "I think we need a new battle cry. This one keeps causing us nothing but problems...."
-aims plasma blaster at Victory Saber- "Sorry, Ammaro Rei, but we need to find out what's going on here. FIRE!"

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Tracks, Chromedome, Brainstorm, and Ironhide: -open fire at Victory Saber-

Hardhead: -locks his shoulder cannon(set to high explosive anti armor rounds) and both shatterblasters on Victory Saver, fires-

Roadbuster: -slogs out of the lake-

God Jinrai
2003-07-10, 01:50 AM
Crossing his arms, saber winced as the onslaught commenced... high explosive shells striking his fore-arms...the plasma starting to burn through his armor...

"Stop... it.... blast it..."

Brave Maximus
2003-07-10, 01:59 AM
Skyfall see's the incoming blasts of fire and dodges deftly out of the way, massive aireal acrobatics enable him to just berly dodge the incoming fire. Ark trys to keep up, but takes a few small hits, fortunatly his sheilds take the impacts, but as he gets out of the way, they fail, leaving him defensless.

That will teach me to stand in the way of incoming fire. This is insane. Victory Sabers gone nuts, these other Autobots aren't too far behind. I mean "Wreck and Rule" just before you attack?!? Nothing better than letting your opponiant know what's coming. Thankfull VS isn't fighting back, or we'd all be toast by now. That one bot over there by the lake seems to be in charge, I hope he'll listen to reason

Skyfall runs across the ground dodging fire and making his way to Roadbuster.

"Ummm Sir, who ever you are. We need to subdue him, not blow him out of the sky. He'd be a great ally, I don't know what's wrong. He's one of the greatest Cybertronian Leaders, right up there with Convoy and Dai. Sir, we can't do this, it's wrong!"

2003-07-10, 02:02 AM
Roadbuster: -aiming at Victory Saber- "THEN STAND DOWN!!!! YIELD YOUR WEAPONS AND SURRENDER!!!!"

2003-07-10, 02:04 AM
(... while I went camping, and spent some time catching up in the reading. :glance: )

IC: Grotusque sat on Repugnus to prevent him from getting up, and watched in momentary amazement as the spark settled in.

"Oh wonderful, of all the welcoming commitees I get you two...."

Grotusque blinked, then his face twisted into a smirk.

"Aw, we missed you too."

He said to Magnus as he slid back to the ground and settled on his feet again. Turning to Repugnus, he said,

"Great. Magnus. I shoulda let you eat 'im... Just leave the stiffs alone, alright? Slaggit, we may have missed our chance to blow things up... If we have, I'll rip your legs off. And you can chew on those, if you want."

He shot Magnus a glance and said to both,

"I'm gonna go and find Prime, I'm gettin' sick of sitting around here."

WIth that, he turned and skulked from the room, making his way towards the exit ramp.

God Jinrai
2003-07-10, 02:08 AM
"gh... I...don't...want to hurt you... I've...held back... up to now... don't... force me to..."

as vs went to finish his sentence, something inside him snapped...

the optics went black, and the massive warrior fell to the lake... crashing down onto leokaiser...

2003-07-10, 02:28 AM
Roadbuster: -looks over at Skyfall, narrowing his optic band- "Convoy? Rodimus Convoy?"

Nightbeat: -rushes over- "Calm down, boss." -looks at Skyfall- "We were a bit more concerned that your unconscious living legend over there didn't turn us and whoever that is in the lake into metal shavings."

Ironhide: -staring at Victory Saber, who is now lying unconscious on the feet of the shut down and stasis locked(and deeper in the mud at the bottom of the lake) Leokaiser- "Don't see that every day...."

Minerva: "Good thing I haven't done my hair yet." -slogs into the water, stops when she's about waist deep, turns back to shore- "Well? Don't I get any help here?"

Brainstorm and Hosehead: -slog into the lake after her-

Brave Maximus
2003-07-10, 02:33 AM
"Ummm yeah, he's one. I was thinking more of THE "Convoy". I don't know what happend to him. I only me him once, but he wasn't like this. I usually worked with the Powered Masters when they were on earth. Ummmm, what are we going to do with them?"

2003-07-10, 03:30 AM
Minerva, Brainstorm, and Hosehead: -crawling over and around Victory Saber and Leokaiser-

Minerva: -activates commlink- "Well, they're both still alive. This Decepticon's a gestalt team, sunk up to about mid torso in the muck down at the bottom. What I can see isn't good. Looks like he got worked over pretty well before coming here. One of the control linkage units is completely fused, which is why he didn't break down into his component robots. As for whoever this is...." -running scanner over Victory Saber- "He just shut down."


Nightbeat: -talking into commlink- "Got it, Minerva."

Roadbuster: -stalks off-

Ironhide: -walks over to Nightbeat- "Whut's his problem?" -hooks a thumb at Roadbuster=

Nightbeat: "Pathological hatred of Decepticons."

Ironhnide: -nods- "Thought that looked lahke Roadbuster....."

Quick Switch
2003-07-10, 06:32 AM
*Unaware of the battle that had taken place with lightning speed and the current situation, the security director responded with assertiveness to his given position.* Quick Switch stiffened as Optimus Prime relayed his instructions, and saluted unconciously, even though he was communicating with the Autobot Commander via comm unit.

"Yes sir! I'll report my findings as soon as possible." The Six Changer terminated the feed, then turned to Trailbreaker.

"Trailbreaker, I've been ordered on a reconaissance mission. I shall return as soon as possible to take part in the...security excercise/field trip." He paused, then remarked quietly: "Stay safe, my friend."

With that, the Security Director transformed to jet fighter mode, and roared off at the designated area.


When Ironhide's transmission broke over the Six Changer's comm unit, his Central Processing Unit nearly short-circuited.

Ironhide? Ironhide lives? Impossible! He's been ten years dead!

Stunned and more than a little frightened at hearing the venerable dead legend's vodoer, Quick Switch flew to the lake, silent.


Transforming to robot mode (but standing apart from the other Autobots) the Six Changer peered out from his position of at the lake shore, taking stock of the situation.

"Optimus," he said, opening up a transmission frequency, "it appears we have two more strange combiner teams. Both are probable security risks. I will conduct a thorough examination later. Both appear to be terminated, or merely offline; threat level is neutralized for the moment."

After a time, Quick Switch flicked his optics to take in the devestated landscape, settling on Ironhide.

"Sir...are you also aware that-" his vocoder was wavering mightily- "that Ironhide appears to be alive?"

2003-07-10, 07:01 AM
Trailbreaker watched Quick Switch for a moment as the security chief flew off. Then he walked forward a couple steps, turned and looked at Crosshairs with a mischievious smirk. "'Stay safe' he says. I got that communicae a few mins ago, and I'm sure you did too. We will be safer around someone who can mobilize the whole Autobot army to protect us. Shall we?"
Hound nodded to Optimus as his leader began giving orders to Quick Switch, even though he was puzzled by the damage comment. Silently, he turned and jogged back to Jetfire, running a self diagnostic on the way. It was as the diagnostic results came up that he suddenly remembered the note that Aero Blade had crumpled and thrown on his lap, giving directions to the medical bay in Fortress Maximus. The medics had patched him together well enough to be mobile, but the damage was still fairly intensive. That's why I still hurt. He thought to himself as the realization came up. I'll get repaired and get back to work faster than a sheep shakes it's tail three times! In the meantime though...

As he walked up Jetfire's ramp, Hound clicked onto his communicator and waited to see if the signal was busy. "Quick Switch?"

2003-07-10, 07:11 AM
Crosshairs nodded, transforming. "Sounds good to me."
"Don't I get a say?" Pinpointer asked.
"No," Crosshairs replied. "You'll just complain about me putting you in danger."
"But...That's not entirely...ah, forget it."
Pinpointer climbed inside Crosshairs, slamming the door.
"Where to?" Crosshairs asked Trailbreaker.

Quick Switch
2003-07-10, 07:14 AM
Numb, Quick Switch was semi-shaken out of his state by the sounds of Hound's vocoder pealing over his comm unit. Keeping the channel with Prime open, the Six Changer replied quietly:

"I- I'm here, Hound. Go ahead."

2003-07-10, 07:35 AM
"Follow me Crosshairs, Pinpointer!"
With that, Trailbreaker transformed and drove out, straight into the forest and the enveloping darkness.

Over his communicator, he called to Crosshairs,"10 minute drive and we'll be there. Quick will arrive before we do, but we can provide backup - or er... um, surprise factors if needs be."
"Briefly Quick, I'm making an unofficial security report now and a full official one in a few moments to the security computers and Optimus. I encountered a female Decepticon assassin back at the Ark. She was after her kill log, and I couldn't stop her. She didn't follow as far as I can tell, but watch yourself. I have to go in for repairs, but I'll be out as soon as I can."

With that, Hound walked up Jetfire's ramp and gently picked Sparkplug up just as Shasta set Daniel down. With relief, Spike nodded to Shasta and Dirge. "Thanks."
Daniel frowned. "Wait, I still have questions!"
Sparkplug finally regained his voice on cue, though shakily. "Which Hound can answer... if you please Hound."

Riptide glanced between Dirge, the humans and Aero Blade and Hound as she sensed a move coming on. "I have questions too! Lotttttts of questions! Can we go too?"
Having followed the Monsterbots invisibly, Mirage had stayed a fair way behind them and their commotion so that his footsteps were unheard. He stopped and listened just a bit down the hall from the crypt, and then was just sneaking closer and getting set to arm his rifle when he heard Ultra Magnus' voice. At first, he couldn't believe his auditory sensors. But as the moments passed, all of a sudden he found that he was looking right at an oncoming Grotusque as the Monsterbot came down the hall. He dodged to the side and turned off his invisibility as he tried to edge around the big being towards the crypt.

2003-07-10, 07:42 AM
If Crosshairs had been in robot mode, he would have smiled.
Something to do, at last. I never thought I'd find myself looking forward to a fight...but anything is better than sitting around until my joints rust.
Out loud, he said, "We're ready for action, Trailbreaker."
Pinpointer just shook his head and sighed.

Quick Switch
2003-07-10, 08:14 AM
Quick Switch's features hardened.

"An assassin?" His vocoder immediately regained its normal tenor. "Thank you for alerting me, Hound. This is a tantamount security risk..."

Privately, the Security Director deemed the assassin a higher threat than the two battered combiners lying before him. Assassins had a unique ability to devestate morale when completing their objectives.

"I look forward to talking to you as soon as your repairs are completed," Quick Switch replied. The Six Changer peered back out at the lake.

Where are all these damned robots appearing from? Half of them I haven't even SEEN before!


Dirge glanced back and forth between the assorted Witwickies, and Hound's re-appearance back on board.

The jet looked down at Riptide, smiling.

"Of course we can go. The Autobots won't mind us coming along."

At least...I don't THINK they would.

2003-07-10, 08:49 AM
"Ah ha!- There's the lake!" Trailbreaker called back as he plowed through the last bushes and saw the glistening waters down the gentle slope of the hill crest they were entering on.
"What a beaut... of a heck?"
He stopped dead in his tracks. Before lay an expanse of water filled with activity and two glimmering colored robots submerged in the lake.
After a moment, he transformed and looked back towards Crosshairs. "Guess we're nowhere near the size of those suprise factors. What do you want to do?"

I'll be glad to see you too 'Switch.
Hound finished listening carefully to Quick and then clicked off to focus on the humans and Dirge.

"I'll answer what questions I can Daniel, unless the medics shut me down for the rest of the repairs."
*Hound pauses a moment as Optimus' words came back to him. He thought hard for a moment, then continued with a smile.* "Dirge, Aero Blade, this is home for a while, but Dirge, you should probably stay with Aero Blade or one of the other Autobots you know until Quick gets back and can make you some sort of sign to show you're okay. Just don't try going into any restricted areas. He'll have them all marked well."

A moment later, Hound carefully picked up Spike and Daniel and started heading to med bay.
It had been a stressful start to the journey to Earth. Prowl had managed to lose the Monsterbots in the city en route, and had retreated to collect his thoughts. Safely shut away in a dark room, he had gone into a sleeping mode. It was the first time in many cycles that he'd been able to fully rest.

Now his systems automatically began to run at operative speed again and a bright blue light from his optics lit the dark room, revealing disheveled books, electronics and papers. He smiled for the first time in ages and ran a hand gently over a monitor as he sat down. Time to catch up, he thought to himself as he connected to the mainframe and began sending the information he had gathered and receiving the updates of information for the general crew.

2003-07-10, 08:57 AM
Before Crosshairs could answer Trailbreaker's question, Pinpointer dourly chimed in, "Leave."
"Shut up, you." Crosshairs tried, and failed, to hide his amusement at his Targetmaster's comment.
"They've got more than enough muscle down there," Crosshairs' reply was far more thoughtful than his partner's. "We should stay out of sight, in case we need to spring a surprise on...whatever that is."

2003-07-10, 09:45 AM
Frost felt a bit of guilt as she transformed and flew off to the north. The sunlight reflecting on her ice crystal outer form might catch someone's attention. She didn't want to leave without informing her superiors of her absense, but she knew that she would be pretty useless on active duty. Her powers were returning, but if they ever left this world they'd likely wither away in no time. She, and the others, would return to help the Autobots someday, when they were back to full strength again. For now, the manapulse calls to her, drawing her to it like a moth to a flame. She just hoped it wouldn't be as lethal.

Lord Zarak
2003-07-10, 10:06 AM
"Urgh, who caught the number of that semi? This has got to stop" said Sky Lynx, groggy. He looked around and saw Quickswitch.

"What in Primus happened?"


Being significantly taller than Wierdwolf, Overlord strode away after the beast. He trasnformed slightly, so that his cannons and missile launchers were evident. He brought his transtector destryer cannon out of subspace, and checked the charge. It was full.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are"

Aero Blade
2003-07-10, 01:11 PM
Aero Blade looked over at Dirge. "Well, I guess we have the same restrictions. I'm not really one of these Autobots yet, but Hound said he knew someone that can help me with that soon enough."

Aero Blade then started to follow Hound. He didn't know what their destination was, but he didn't have anything else to do. At the back of his mind, Aero Blade felt like there was something he had forgotten, but he couldn't recall what it could be...

Brave Maximus
2003-07-10, 02:57 PM
Skyfall walked up to the lake, ignited his jets and flew over to the two transformers in the lake. He looked around at the devestation and shook his head.

Crazyness. This is nothing like where I come from.

Nemesis and Starlight flew up at that point and Ark quickly joined them. They all hovered around Skyfall's position. He noticed another jet coming in, and flew down to talk with him.

"Sir, I'm Skyfall. I don't think there's much of a problem here anymore. But we are going to have a problem if Victory Saber regains conciousness."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-10, 09:04 PM
Magnus shook his head, it was still fuzzy. It was like a waking Nightmare, all the explosions, the onslaught of Sharkticons.

Then nothing.

He reached forwards towards Repugnus...

"ARGH! Corpses coming back to life ain't my slaggin' forté! Grotusque hang on!!"

Repugnus bolted fast as his short stubby legs could carry him away from the crypt.

Magnus sighed heavily and lifted himself to a standing position.

God Jinrai
2003-07-10, 10:01 PM
... "Quickswitch... this is Prime. You've my permission to summon grand maximus or metroplex as necessary to move those two from the lake... and as for ironhide.. I'm fully aware of the situation. I myself was the one whom brought him back... along with,hopefully, a good deal of other warriors... to aid in retaking cybertron... but the full explanation can wait. for now... just get those two back here ASAP."

2003-07-10, 10:36 PM
Mirage slipped unnoticed, though visible as the Monsterbots charged down the hall in a panicked way. As he reached the dimly lit crypt, he brought his rifle around. He paused uncertainly at the entranceway, seeing a large shadow rising upwards from the back. Carefully, he reached around with his free hand to turn up the lights, and calmly called out "Identify yourself."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-10, 10:39 PM
"Is that any way to treat an old friend Mirage? I know I've been out of action for a while, but am I really that hard to recognise?"

Magnus walked forwards, slowly so he didn't startle his comrade.

"It's me, Ultra Magnus..."

2003-07-10, 10:50 PM
"Ultra Magnus?" As the big Autobot rose up to his full height and the lights came up, Mirage's head followed- jaw and rifle sinking down slowly in tandem.

He stepped back one step in surprise, caught himself quickly and then walked towards his old friend with a big grin of mixed happiness and dismay.
Holstering his rifle quickly, he put out an arm. "Magnus, it's so good to see my friend! You're--- functional! The medics- they said you were offline! How could they have made such a mistake? ...I can call them."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-10, 10:54 PM

Ultra Magnus stumbled forwards, he clearly wasn't 100% yet...

"I'm not sure how I got back here, or how I got off Cybertron. All I know is that something, someone, told me it wasn't my time..."

2003-07-10, 11:08 PM
With the stumble, Mirage quickly reached for Magnus to provide a brace, and it was then that Inferno's voice drifted in as he walked in the doorway behind Mirage. "Well I'll be. I thought I heard voices down here. Not a likely place for chattin'."

Mirage nodded. "I can think of better places- like Med Bay. There's a lot that's happened since you've been out Magnus. I'll fill you in while the medics look at you."

Without a second thought, Inferno slipped underneath Ultra Magnus' arm with a smile. "Allow me to provide a little lift."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-10, 11:23 PM
"Medics be damned, I'm fine. I just stumbled. You try bein' dead for a few clicks, see how well you adjust"

Magnus' voice had a jovial nature about it, but he wasn't about to go to any med-bay.

"You can tell me on the way to the command centre of this ship..."

2003-07-10, 11:52 PM
*Weirdwolf looked sidelong at Overlord as his Transtector Destroyer materialised in his hands. Weirdwolf just shook his head as noise erupted from all around them. The two stood back to back as they listened to a quiet hiss.

The hissing grew louder... and louder... until a flurry of black tentacles hurtled at the Decepticons from every imaginable angle. It seemed as if even the sky had sprouted tentacles and was bearing down upon them. Some were tipped with claws; others were covered with suction cups. All were as black as obsidian at midnight.

And all were focused on tearing apart the two Decepticon 'Masters....*

2003-07-11, 03:09 AM

Ironhide: -staring at the debacle out in the lake as Minerva, Brainstorm and Hosehead check the wounded-

Tracks: -looking around, sees Ironhide- "Ironhide?"

Ironhide: "Hey, Tracks. Ah'd say long time no see...... but it ain't been that long."

Tracks: "So I'm dead too, huh."

Ironhide: "Yeah. Happened about 2 million Earth years ago. Decepticon ambush."

Tracks: "Too bad. Part of me feels that I should be sadder, but I can't be....."

Ironhide: -shrugs- "You were pretty glad that you volunteered for that memory crystal program of Wheeljack's. And he said, 'Make sure to tell the old boy that I heartily approve of his vehicular mode'."

Tracks: "I don't sound that pretentious, do I?"

Ironhide: "Ah think yer tahme in New York helped that a lot."

2003-07-11, 04:03 AM
Galvatron stared at the screen.

Galvatron: "There...there he is."

Starscream winced then looked back: "Correct my Liege...I'd know that signature anywhere!"

Galvatron: "As would I...as its my own as well...Thunderwing Starscream, with me...Astrotrain you have the comm...ready Hatemonger for departure for Cybertron upon my return...monitor my transmissions, but do not deploy without my word."

With that said, Galvatron and Starscream took off towards Carbomya and Megatron.

Quick Switch
2003-07-11, 06:57 AM
Quick Switch stiffened once again as a comm from Optimus Prime broke over his internal unit.

"Yes sir," the Six Changer replied at the end of the transmission- he then turned up, surprised and pleased that Sky Lynx seemed to have appeared- the shuttle was a professional.

"Apparently, some sort of battle- between those two combiners," Quick Switch gestured with one hand. "Optimus has just ordered me to remove them back to base for questioning- would you mind assisting me, Sky Lynx? Your help would be most appreciated."

Metroplex and Fortress Maximus were already well-deployed, and uprooting them know to transport to off-line combiners who appeared to be neutralized seemed inefficient.


Dirge nodded at Hound's words.

"O-of course," the jet said quietly, instantly feeling apprehensive.

Restricted areas? I would never-

Aero Blade was talking to him, and then following after Hound.

"Oh," but felt no compulsion to follow, for the main reason that Hound was transporting the humans. Dirge was still frightened of the entire family, frankly.

The jet's gaze returned to Shasta and Riptide, and the Minicons, and his apprehension dissipated, and a small smile appeared.

"Is it all right if I stay with you all for a bit longer?" Dirge said, sitting back down on his old seat amongst the twins and Minicons. "I don't know if I finished telling you all I wanted to show and tell you about Earth."

Besides, someone has to look after them. Yes, exactly! I can't leave these younglings and those innocent Minicons by themselves!


Astrotrain came to attention as Galvatron gave his instructions.

"Understood my Lord," the Triple Changer said, as Galvatron and Starscream clanked past.

Thunderwing smirked and said to the Administrator-

"Well, seems as if the old boy has a pressing assignment for me already? Good show."

Astrotrain relaxed his stance, and smiled thinly. Thunderwing blanched.

"Be on your way, Thunderwing. I'm a reasonable unit, but all this smirking...making me a bit edgy, what?" The Triple Changer's heavily flanged vocoder imitated Thunderwing's sonorous register.

Thunderwing left the command chamber, and flew off after Galvatron and Starscream.

Astrotrain, after noting that the peer of the realm had left the chamber, turned back to begin re-running diagnostics without another glance at Thunderwing.


Stall followed Perceptor and the Protectobots out of the crypt, silent. Perhaps, one day, the historian could begin to comprehend this momentous upheaval of the narrative.

But not, at least, right now.

2003-07-11, 07:09 AM
Ramjet stared hatefully at Thunderwing as he left.
"One day you've got to let me knock that Pretender down a few pegs," he whispered to Astrotrain. "He needs to be taught how to respect his superiors."

2003-07-11, 07:50 AM
Inferno gave him an easy smile. "As you like Magnus. Just take it easy there."

Mirage glanced up uncertainly at Ultra Magnus as he pulled the large warrior's gun out of a storage area nearby and followed along to the side as Inferno helped Magnus regain his mobility.
Tentatively, he began to speak as they moved down the hall. "There was a big battle with the Quintessons on Cybertron, and they overran the planet. You're in Fortress Maximus now - on Earth, and I'm sure Optimus will be glad to see you."
Riding safely in Hound's arms now and heading outside of Jetfire and into the huge Maximus, Spike and Daniel glanced around, but Sparkplug was watching the transformers. It was then that he noticed the fresh welding marks from the medics on Aero Blade before shifting slightly to look at Hound.
To his trained eyes, the fresh welding marks were quite visible underneath the layers of dirt and dust.
Geeze- these guys got hit bad. I hope they're not bringing whatever it was that did that to 'em to Earth.

Sparkplug cleared his throat slightly and curbed a shudder at the welding marks. "Hound, that must've been some battle."

"They all were Sparkplug." Hound said quietly as he glanced down. "Unicron was only the start. We've had trouble from Quintessons- and Autobots too. But I think the Autobots are all back together now. I just spoke with Optimus... and he's got plans for the next step."

Hound thought silently to himself. I'd like to think I can trust Dirge... but can I really? If he knew, he might have 'friends' he's scared enough of that he might run off and talk. No, best to stay quiet for now. Then he quickly continued.
"Next thing for me is to get repaired all the way. Quick Switch has been sent out to go check on something nearby, but I'm sure he'll be back soon. *He glanced over his shoulder with a smile.* Then he can give you your symbol and sign you up Aero Blade, and give you both rooms. In the meanwhile, you and Dirge will probably be bored in Med Bay. If you really want to come with you can, or - just as options, you could check out any of these areas... *he paused briefly, surprised Dirge hadn't followed and put up a hologram map of Fortress Maximus, pointing out various spots* : recreation room, viewing room, library, recharge chambers, practice and training facility, or the baths."
Trailbreaker nodded to Crosshairs as they stood at the edge of the brush watching the ongoings of the transformers below them.
"Good point," Trailbreaker agreed with a nod, before quickly adding "A surprise might be necessary with the size of those two."

He paused briefly, and then continued in a very quiet laughing voice. "Pinpointer, we can't leave yet, but after we're done, we could always take you to Burger King."
Shasta glanced back and forth between Dirge and the departing Aero Blade and Stratus. It took him all of a few seconds to turn and run after, calling "Bye Riptide! See me later!"

Riptide froze in Dirge's arms for a moment and from the expression on her face, Runway knew exactly what she was thinking. He covered his audio sensors and dodged out of the way. "No! I want to go too! Dirge! I want to go! Let's go too!"

2003-07-11, 08:03 AM
Crosshairs transformed to robot mode as Trailbreaker was talking.
"You don't happen to recognise them, do you?"
Pinpointer, standing behind the two robots, scowled.
"Forgive me if the thought of Earth food doesn't excite me overmuch. I'd probably have to take a shuttle to Nebulos to find anything remotely apetizing."

Lord Zarak
2003-07-11, 09:29 AM
"A pleasure Quickswitch. As you know we were alerted to this lake, as an unidentified pressence had emerged, well, fallen from the sky into this lake here. As we arrived, we saw our red-chested friend here, an Autobot incedentally, attacking our rather more ugly second friend. The Autobot said the Decepticon was named 'Leokaiser'. It appears that they were not the best of friends. Our friend here said that Leokaiser was the source of half his rage.

After a barely concealed threat, you can see the line here which, if we wanted to cross, we would regret it. He then turned his attention to the Decepticon, and began attacking him again, listing the names of people, I gather, Leokaiser has killed. Only one was recognised by myself. Jinrai. This fact has led me to believe our Autobot friend is from an alternate timeline. I can only deduce that Leokaiser is from the same timeline.

However, that transformer" as he points to Ark, " appears to have some familiarity with our Autobot chum. Now, as he was facing Leokaiser, and preparing a final attack, one I believe that would have permanently deactivated Leokaiser, the Wreckers here attacked. This prevented the final attack on Leokaiser. Autobot here aimed upwards for some reason, and the power from that knocked me out briefly. When I came too, our friend too, was deactivated, and you had arived. The worst part about this incedant, is that he called me a 'beast'
Now, shall I proceed to lift Leokaiser out from his mire?"

Brave Maximus
2003-07-11, 02:20 PM
Skyfall looked at his minicon friends, and back at Skylynx.
The three Minicons in unison shrugged their shoulders and looked at Skyfall.

Starlight looked at Skyfall and in a feminie synthed voice:
"We are fine, though it will take sometime for the shield to regenerate."

"Thanks Starlight, let me know if you find anything else wrong."

Nemesis begain to wander around growling at the Transformers present, but keeping close enough to Skyfall.

"Yeah, that's pretty much the way it happened. If you need any help lifting them out. I could give you guys a hand if you can wait a couple of minutes." said the Micromaster with a serious tone in his voice. "I just want to help out. Are we going to imprison them?"

Aero Blade
2003-07-11, 03:38 PM
Aero Blade followed behind Hound, listening as the older Autobot spoke. Aero Blade hesitated when Hound mentioned getting a symbol. Stratus tapped the side of Aero Blade's head, chirping worriedly.

"I..don't know if I really can..." Aero Blade started. He stopped walking, looking over his body. "I don't know if there's even a spot where you could put one... We already tried with the Autobots back home, but there isn't an appropriate spot where it would show up..."

Aero Blade was right - almost his entire body was crimson red - almost the same hue as the Autobot insignia. Any one placed on him would be nearly invisible.

Aero Blade once again hesitated, much more visibly, when the medbay was mentioned. "Oh, oh yes...very bored..." Aero Blade started to back up. NOW he knew what he'd been forgetting: that quack, Crosscut... "I..I'll go find Dirge..." He backed up again. "We'll go check out those places you mentioned. Maybe the kids would like to see the Library..."

Aero Blade backed up one more time, gave a polite wave, then slightly hastily retreated back towards Dirge's location...

2003-07-11, 06:10 PM
Minerva: -slogs out of the lake, walks over to Nightbeat- "If we can get that combiner team out of the lake, I think I can get them to break up into their component members. It's just a matter of repairing that damaged linkage. But I want to make sure that's not the only place the linkage system gave out. And I can't do that until he's out of the mud."

Nightbeat: "And what about Sword Boy?"

Minerva: "We scortched his armor, dug some furrows in it and cracked it in a few places, but other than that, he's fine. I'd guess he overloaded and shut down."

Nightbeat: -looking out onto the lake at the unconscious Victory Saber- "What did that gestalt team do to him......."


Partially submerged in the mud, Leokaiser remained dormant..... mostly. His right hand twitched slightly.

Hellbat: -coming back online, chuckles to himself, thinking- "I think Leozak fell for it..... Good thing I hung on to that solid energy shard from that load that Icepick and his moronic dinos hijacked, who knew it would come in this handy..... Now how do I get out of here.........."



Deszaras: -comes back online as Chancre repairs his injuries, and feels..... something.....- "Ssstaarrr Sssaberrrr...... here......" -lapses back into unconsciousness-

2003-07-11, 06:33 PM
Chancre continued to work on Deathsaurus.
"Star Sabre?" He looked towards the Seacons. "Any of you know what a 'Star Sabre' is?"

2003-07-12, 12:48 AM
[ooc: ... so much for my last post... I can make this work! I'm adaptable! yeah! I like monkeys.]

ic: "Repugnus... what the Pit are you doing?!?"

Grotusque yelled as they skidded to a stop in the middle of a branching corridor.

"... COME ON! you have got to be kidding me... That scared you? And do you sleep with a nightlight on, too? Does your mommybot have to tuck you in at night?!? Slagging infant..."

He growled as he slid to the ground and clouted Repugnus over the head with his creature mode's tail. He turned and looked down the way they had just come from, then turned and looked down the other corridor.

"That's it. I'm quittin' this joint... if anyone wants me, I'm outside smellin' the flowers! Either that, or talking with some 'cons."

With that, Grotusque turned and started towards the exit ramp.

2003-07-12, 03:30 AM
Beneath the surface of the lake:

Hellbat: -snarls in disgust at the locked linkage connecting him to Leokaiser's shoulder- "I swear, Leozak's ego is going to get us all killed someday..... If you see something that looks like a Guardian robot on steroids beating up on people, you run, you don't charge in and start whacking them with a bo staff." -chuckles to himself- "Maybe it's time Breastforce has a new leader......"



Minerva: -looking at her scanner- "Uh.... Nightbeat...."

Nightbeat: "What is it, sis?"

Minerva: "Somebody's active down there."

Nightbeat: "What?" -leans over to look at Minerva's scanner-

Minerva: "It's a low power reading, but it's definately there."

Nightbeat: "Well, well, well....... I wonder who it is....."

-power reading blips off scanner as Hellbat shuts himself down again-

Minerva: "He's asleep again."

Nightbeat: "Nnn." -waves Roadbuster over-

Roadbuster: -stalks over- "What?"

Nightbeat: "Somebody in that gestalt is playing possum."

Roadbuster: "Playing what?"

Nightbeat: "Possum. Whoever it is is pretending to be unconscious."

Roadbuster: "Great. As soon as that thing comes out of the water, I want it guarded." -turns to Minerva- "And as soon as you can get them to disengage, I want you to make sure that they can't move. Don't recharge them until we can get them into the cells, and then only enough to wake them up."

Minerva: "Don't you think Galvatron might protest this?"

Roadbuster: "I don't give a slag what Galvatron thinks about this. What I do want to know is why a Decepticon gestalt team crashed down almost on top of our location, followed by the big guy."

Nightbeat: "Uh..... Are we actually in charge here?"

Roadbuster: "Who cares. We're going to secure the area. Those Decepticons in the lake have used up this orn's worth of good will. Any other Decepticons approach, they get one warning." -looks over at the rest of the Wreckers- "Brainstorm, get airborne. Make sure that nothing else is flying this way. Chromedome, take Hardhead, Siren, and Hosehead and start patrolling the perimeter. Tracks, get airborne and help Brainstorm keep an eye on things in the sky."

Brainstorm: -transforms to fighter mode, soars into the air, starts flying overwatch-

Chromedome, Hardhead, Siren, and Hosehead: -split into two groups of two and start patrolling the perimeter of the lake-

Tracks: -sighs- "See you later, Ironhide." -transforms, burns rubber, deploying wings and soaring into the air in flying car(how droll!) mode-

Ironhide: -walks over to Roadbuster, Nightbeat, and Minerva-

Minerva: "What about us?"

Roadbuster: "Minerva, stay here and keep an eye on the unconscious ones out there. Any of them show any signs of stirring, let me know. Nightbeat, with me. Let's go kick Quick Switch in the skidplates, get Mister Security Chief organized."

Nightbeat: "Oh, goody. I bet he'll be all sunshine and lolipops when he sees us."

Roadbuster: "Nnn."

Ironhide: "So why don' you two stop yer yappin' an' come on. If we're gonna fill Quick Switch in, let's do it, not stand here an' tawk about it." -strides off towards Quick Switch-

Nightbeat and Roadbuster: -stare after Ironhide, look at each other, shrug, start off after him-

Minerva: -still scanning Victory Saber and Leokaiser-

Quick Switch
2003-07-12, 07:27 AM
Quick Switch blinked his optics at Sky Lynx's very, very thorough report.

"Lift him out of the lake. If he shows any sign of movement, you have my express permission to use whatever means necessary to knock him back offline so he can be transported back to Fortress Maximus for questioning."

The Six Changer frowned.

"Autobot? Perhaps. Be wary, Sky Lynx. It's been my experience that strange robots who bear our symbol have the possibility to be traitors. Please note the previous example of Rodimus Convoy."


Astrotrain turned to look at Ramjet, and smiled slightly.

"When Galvatron discards him, I'll make sure to let you know...but for now, Galvatron finds a 'use' for His Lordship, so we won't touch Thunderwing."

Astrotrain spoke:

"Metrotitan, process pscyhological data and construct a profile on Optimus Prime, taking into account all previous actions on file since the recent conflict."

"Processing," Metrotitan rumbled.

"Very good," Astrotrain raised up from his work desk, settling back into his command chair. "We'll see just what's on your mind now, Optimus Prime." The Triple Changer keyed up a holographic projection of the Autobot leader, which he studied. "From all accounts...an erratic...weak...unfocused...brooding mind, at that."

Astrotrain steepled his fingers.

"The last Prime I knew who had a mind like that was named Rodimus," and here the Triple Changer Administrator's heavily flanged vocoder bellowed laughter, "and because of that, we almost won this war. The Autobot leader who thinks he's a demigod is actually acting."

Astrotrain smirked.

"But then again, I already know a little bit about playing God...so to speak."


Dirge smiled weakly at Riptide's plea.

I- I can't say no to her. I just...can't!

"All right," the jet said after a minute. "We'll go along too."

Carefully standing up, and re-positioning Riptide in his arms, Dirge began to follow after the other Transformers, when he came upon Aero Blade.

The jet offered another wan smile.

"Let's be sure not to go into any restricted areas," he said, optics widening, "If that's all right with you."

2003-07-12, 08:43 AM
Galvatron sent a private message back to Astrotrain.

Galvatron: Astrotrain...locate Grimlock...tell him the offer still stands and if he is interested to meet me at my location...we're nearly on Megatron and I would like to have one more ace to play...Galvatron out!

Quick Switch
2003-07-12, 08:57 AM
Astrotrain straightened in the command chair as the message pealed over his comm unit.

"Understood my Lord," he replied, Metrotitan already patched through to Grimlock's internal comm frequency.

"This message is for Autobot Grimlock from Commander Astrotrain on behalf of Lord Galvatron, Leader of the Decepticons: my Lord's offer still stands. You are aware of his present location. Lord Galvatron would appreciate your assistance."

Astrotrain kept the feed open.

2003-07-12, 02:51 PM

Ironhide, Roadbuster, and Nightbeat: -walk up to Quick Switch-

Ironhide: "We ready to get those two outa the lake?"

2003-07-12, 07:07 PM
The Seacons looked at each other and shrugged.

Finally Snap Trap spoke up.

"From what I remember, this Star Saber fellow is actually two bots. Victory Leo and Star Saber. From what I know and have heard he's one back bot. A serious powerhouse." Snap trap explained.

"But thats about all I know of him." He finished.


Hatemonger stood around.

"Hmm well this certainly is entertaining." He muttered. "If I wait around my systems are going to rust." He laughed and waited.


Cryotek stood around the base.

"All systems, operating withing exceptional levels, the energon feed is giving us a nice supply or rich fuel for later. All seems well." He thought looking at a computer and inputing various commands.

2003-07-12, 10:02 PM
Chancre smiled insanely towards Snaptrap.
"Well, if he comes here, shoot him or something. I don't want him crushing my patient. Waste of work, you know..."
With that, Chancre returned to repairing Deathsaurus.

2003-07-13, 07:08 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind sat in one corner of the hanger bay, awaiting the arrival of Megatron.

2003-07-13, 07:19 PM
Snarl and Swoop walked up the entrance ramp.

"I don't know who that big bot is are where he came from, but if he shhots at us like that, I am going to dynamite him to pieces" Snarl said.

Swoop looked to Snarl and smiled.

"I don't think that you would have stand a chance against him. He is very big and packs alot of firepower. You would've been slagged before you can even make a move."

"Maybe, but I think that I can take him. I'm getting bored here. All this peace is killing me." Snarl said.

"Lets go find Grimlock" Swoop replied. "It's never boring with him around"

Kup came walking down the hall. He saw the Dinobots talking and decided to walk up to them.

"Hey there, Dino duddies. Been a while since we talked. If you are looking for Grimlock, he is here somewhere, probably being bored. I let him in a while ago. I would love to talk to you guys some more later, but I need to get myself repaired.

"My com link is broken, so maybe we will see you there" Snarl added.

Kup walked into a different hall and Snarl and Swoop continued to walk ahead. The were near the Exit ramp where they saw Grotusque

Snarl walked towards Grotusque.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

2003-07-14, 01:27 AM
Blaster sat on the highest peak near Fort Max he could find within' the Rockies. He was adjusting himself to every known Earth frequency just trying to find something to listen too.

"Come on there has got to be something!" He exclaimed shaking his head. It had been nearly two years since he could get an Earthen music channel and now that he was back all they were playing was news or static in some cases. All he had was stuff he recorded and took back to Cybertron with him.

"Two years and I can't get nuthin' to listen too!" he said looking around then just giving up.

"I wonder if Jazz is fairing any better" Blaster asked himself as he stood up and turned side ways and beginning to walks down the rocky mountain surface crossing his legs over eachother looking down at the ramp way of the large Fortress Maximus.


Jazz had taken an alternate route of Blaster going down the mountain side into a local city crusing the streets. He had no luck in finding a working music station but the town was nearly empty the owner of a local music store was kind enough to give Jazz a few samples which he happily listened too.

"Nothin' but easy driving and relaxing till the real party begins" He said to himself wondering if Blaster had anyluck getting a radio signal.


Bluestreak sat idly with in Fort Max with nothing to do, sort of like back on Metro-Titan. Right when he got back to Iacon for the first time in a long time he had to leave again, watch it get over run by Sharkticon's.

"What I'd give to be back on Cybertron busting Quintesson heads" he said staring at a computer panel contemplating banging his head into it for something to do.


Wheeljack had set up another temporary lab, this one inside Fort Max, not that he had anything important to make but just incase something needed to be done. He set a final computer into place then stood up dusting his hands.


Sunstreaker's optics slowly flickered on as he lay within Fortress Maximus' medical room. He quickly sat up and rubbed his head shaking it.

"Uungh what happened?" he asked to who ever happened to be there.

2003-07-14, 01:30 PM
StarBlade re-entered Metrotitan, and headed for a simulator room, and started her program. Granted, it wasn't as much fun as blowing an actual Autobot's head off, but it wasn't the fun that mattered, it was the skills. If she couldn't kill an Autobot form a distance, without raising an alarm, and without alerting his partners, she was no good to the Decepticons.

The first run-through ended in an alarm sounding. The second ended with using two shots, for the first one went wide, and nearly alerted the holographic group.

The third run was perfect.

She began that run by quietly sneaking under a surveilance drone, and disabling it from behind. Once that was out of the way, she snuck as close to the group as she could. In darkness, her black and grey coloration made the perfect camoflague, so it was nearly impossible to see her. As she slipped into position, the group she was after paused, and grouped together in one spot. Since the program gave the holographic enemies an AI of their own, StarBlade just let it play out as it was going. Finally, her target moved off from the group just long enough to get a lock on him. Raising her rifle, she took careful aim, and fired. The round went right through the target's head, leaving behind a tiny explosive that destroyed it within seconds. Once the shot was off, StarBlade ducked into the shadows, and slinked out the way she came in, ending the run.

2003-07-14, 09:44 PM
The broad double-doors of the hangar slid open slowly, allowing the unabated sunlight to flow in. Among the rain of shine, a large and powerful silhouette blocked the rays, its arms extending with the doors as the gap increased. A loud clang resonated in the hangar as the doors reached their terminal point; the figure stood motionless. Two ruby pinpoints scorched through the darkness surrounding his frame as he slowly stepped into the hangar.


He stopped just before the Powermasters and placed his hands on his hips.

"Your liege has returned!"

He smirked and folded his arms over his chest, eyeing up the recruits. They would do, though they were not perfect.

"You are in a position to choose between two options: you may join me in a campaign to destroy Galvatron and all the impostors who would dare call themselves Decepticons, and return the Empire to its rightful and cleanly glory; or you may die. Be warned - my patience is short!"

2003-07-15, 03:28 AM
Patrol, East side of lake:

Siren: -kicking at a small(to him, anyway) rock- "This is BOR-ing.-

Chromedome: "Would you rather we be attacked by all of the Decepticons on planet?"

Siren: "Ehhh. Well, no. But a small group would be nice."

Chromedome: -looks over at Siren, narrows optics- "You think too small. We want a large group to come in, guns blazing. Overwhelming odds, so we can prevail!"

Siren: "You've been watching Wake Island again, haven't you."

Chromedome: "It shows that much, huh."


Patrol, West side of lake:

Hardhead: -tank mode- "It's too quiet."

Hosehead: "Quiet is good. Last time it got exciting, we all nearly got killed."

Hardhead: "True."

2003-07-15, 04:26 AM

Megatron's choice didn't really need to be made. The second that he boldly entered the hanger, the two former Powermasters were scrambling to his feet.

"Forgive us, Mighty Megatron," Dreadwind pleaded. "We have been led astray by Galvatron and manipulated by Thunderwing."

For once Darkwing was in complete agreeance with his partner.

"Yes, my Lord," Darkwing grovelled. "But now that you have returned, we are ready to fight for the cause that we have believed in ever since our creation."
Inside the Royal Palace, Snake looked at Fakaddi.

"Now, my friend," he said. "I was wondering what our plans are for our new...ally."

2003-07-15, 04:54 AM
Galvatron landed with Starscream by his side just in time to overhear Megatron's words.

Galvatron: "Liege half life? This is bad comedy..."

2003-07-15, 05:07 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind's mech fluid ran cold as they herd the low, bass, and definitly angry voice coming from in front of them. They peered past Megatron to see...


The two Powermasters ran for the nearest corner.


2003-07-15, 05:09 AM
Galvatron and Starscream both sneered.

Galvatron: "Protect you two dolts? How can he do that, when he cannot even protect himself?"

2003-07-15, 05:18 AM
Darkwing glared at Galvatron, his fear starting to evaporate.

"Oh yeah," he said "Well...we wouldn't even be here on this miserable mudball if it wasn't for you! You just had to hook up with the Quints! I knew that was a bad idea right from the start, but does anyone listen to me? NO! And why do you suppose that is?"

"Oh, brother," Dreadwind muttered.

"It's because you're nothing but a crazy nut who deserved to have his mind wiped. Why Cyclonus bothered to save you I'll have no idea."
Back Onboard Black Zarak

"I wonder how much longer this trip is gonna take," Runamuck muttered.

"Yeah," Runabout muttered back. "Seems like we've been waiting forever."

2003-07-15, 06:07 AM
Megatron spun to face the hangar door, his left hand gripping his fusion cannon.


He took a step back from the door and pointed at the intruders.

"Don't just talk, you fools - destroy them!"

He brought his wrist up to his face and spoke into it, even before the radio was activated.

"Maxima, bring the prisoner to the hangar at once - and make sure he does not escape!"

2003-07-15, 01:40 PM
"Good idea, Megatron," Darkwing said, as both he and Dreadwind reached for their weapons....and came up empty.

"What the...?" Darkwing said in surprise.

"Oh, yeah," Dreadwind said. "The humans took our weapons away."

"Guess we're just gonna have to make do with what Primus gave us," Darkwing snarled, running at Starscream.

2003-07-15, 06:46 PM
Black Zarak's voice echoed amusedly from his internal speaker systems. >>"We have been on Earth's orbit for few hours already. But it seems that Decepticon High Command has no interest to reply despite of my communication attempts. Be patient, unless you want to try your luck diving through the atmosphere all by yourselves."<<

2003-07-15, 06:55 PM
"Um...No," Runabout said. "We'll be just OK right here."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-15, 08:54 PM
Ultra Magnus sighed, he didn't want to weigh too heavily on the shoulders of his comrades.

"So, they took Cybertron..." Magnus' optics dipped slightly "...I failed in protecting our home planet..."


"Then, Bludgeon, let ourselves be known once more to the Decepticon ranks"

Sixshot's optics flared briefly.


Grimlock skulked silently through the halls of Fortress Maximus when the transmission from Astrotrain crackled through.

Hmm...maybe me have to re-think this offer...

Grimlock did not reply for the time being, he waited to see if anyone else would hear ...

Rav, sorry man, totally put in the wrong city name there, apologies :)

2003-07-15, 09:30 PM
Hatemonger wandered around Metrotitan.

Having heard of the possiblity of action he called on his minicons Railgun and Doubleshot to follow him around.

"Sorry you two had to wait at the base so long." He smiled to his minicons as both beeped back in acknowledgement.

OCC- Doh, sorry about the Grimlock f up. But it's fixed now.

2003-07-15, 10:34 PM
Mirage shook his head silently at Ultra Magnus, and Inferno scoffed with a forced laugh, which caused Mirage to speak up rather quickly.
"We didn't fail yet Ultra Magnus..."

and Inferno interjected as he gave a friendly pat on Ultra Magnus' shoulder, "..That's right. One transformer certainly can't save or wreck a whole planet by themselves... even though Megatron and Wheeljack try thier best. We're a team, and we will
take Cybertron back as soon as we're all together and recovered."

Arriving at the door to the command center, Mirage pushed the button to the side and it slid open easily. Then he turned and smiled (a dark smile, but a smile nonetheless). "Cybertron is all of our homes, Ultra Magnus. The Autobots are together again, and it's good to have you back. We'll be stronger than ever and we'll get our home back as well."

Aero Blade
2003-07-16, 01:46 AM
After Jetfire had arrived at its new location, Crosscut had transfered over to Fort Max for treating the refugee patients. He walked through the medbay, reviewing his list of patients still to be treated. "Let's see...Hound, Dirge, Aero Blade...hm?" Crosscut turned his attention away from his list as Sunstreaker began to come to.

"Easy does it there," Crosscut called, coming over to help the Sunstreaker sit up. "Feeling okay? You had a quite an injury, but you should be fine now. I hope you're familiar with Earth," Crosscut added.


By the time Aero Blade had reached Dirge, he'd had time to calm down. That had been a close one. Aero Blade almost couldn't believe it: he'd nearly willingly walked into the hands of the quacks in the medbay!

Aero Blade nodded to Dirge. "Yes, and Hound gave a few suggestions of some places we could go. The recreation room, viewing room, library, recharge chambers, practice and training facility, or the baths....I think that was most of the places," Aero Blade said. "What do you think?" he asked Dirge.

2003-07-16, 06:49 AM
Prowl stared in dismay at the computer workstation he had been sitting at. He leaned forward and studied it before frowning and furrowing his face in concentration. The monitor before him sped through screen after screen.

He mumbled quietly to himself as he watched the progression of data in front of him. "Maybe that was more harm than good."
He became quiet again, and then nodded subconsciously with a remorseful expression as he came to fix on a screen filled with numbers and code. After a moment, he blinked his optics and shut down the computer, rubbing his hand across his forehead and standing up.
"Nonetheless, that was the best course of direction and was needed. Now, it's time to repair the damage."

Prowl straightened and ran a self diagnostic. Finding his systems were all in tact and functional, he slipped out of the small rooming quarters and headed down the hallway.
Riptide stopped squirming as soon as Dirge began to move and then thought quietly to herself as he and Aero Blade talked. Finally, she piped up, unable to quelch her curiosity any longer. "Restricted usually means something really valuebibbile Dirger. Something that's good to get to. Are you sure we can't go?"

Shasta got an excited look and went up to Aero Blade's feet and looked straight up. "Right right! Restricted means ways out! We could go home. I don't want a bath." And at the end, he wrinkled his nose at the thought.
Trailbreaker watched the progress in the lake below with fascination. The big robots were really huge... but revealed by the bright light of the moon, far below in the depths of the crystal clear waters, he saw a glimmer.
Hound was busy trying to get over the changes in Daniel's size and voice (much to the teen's flusteration) as he came to the Med Bay door. As it slid open, he looked up, took one step in and froze in his tracks with a very surprised look.

Lord Zarak
2003-07-16, 10:33 AM
"Come on chaps, we need to get him out of here. I'll take his head. On the count of three, one....two....three!!"

Lord Zarak
2003-07-16, 01:45 PM

"Great!" growled Overlord, who was ensnared with Wolfang. He fired his shells from his chest, and began thrashing his legs and arms. If he hadnt dropped his gun, he would have fired his way out. As it was, he could only strugle.

He saw a weakspot developing, and exploited it. He transformed into his two component parts: plane and tank. The plane soared up, circled round and began attacking the mysterious substance that had trapped Overlord and Weirdwolf. Giga attacked the area around Weirdwolf, hoping to set him free as Mega pulled up to start another run.


Shockwave began analysing his information once more in his quarters.

2003-07-16, 03:22 PM
Starscream chuckled at the Powermaster advance.

Starscream: 'I don't know how Megatron is here...nor do I care...all I know is that he must have fallen quite low if you two wrecks are the best he can offer!'

Starscream sat back and began to launch a series of null ray blasts at the two powermasters.

Galvatron on the other hand had another agenda.

Galvatron: "Megatron...I don't know how it is that you exist, but rest assured you won't for long..."

2003-07-16, 04:43 PM
The two Powermasters collapsed to the ground as Starscream's null ray blasts hit them.

"Curse you," Darkwing growled. "You won't...survive this."

2003-07-16, 05:38 PM
Megatron snarled as he contemptuously watched his new recruits fall so quickly. He glared at Galvatron, as though looking into a mirror.

"There's our difference. We both have power: mine is of the fist, yours of the mouth!"

He dodged through a step to the right, trying to throw his opponent off-guard, and fired one heavy blast at Galvatron from his fusion cannon.

2003-07-16, 06:31 PM
Sunstreaker pulled his shoulder away as Crosscut looking up at from what he assumes is his would be medic. He hand reaches up and moves over his chest.

"I'm fine, I am functional and don't need a nanny-bot to help me" Sunstreaker replied looking up at Crosscut then looking down at his un painted chest then back up at the Autobot before him.

"And just who are you anyways? Am I getting second rate medical care here? Where is Ratchet, Firstaid, Wheeljack, Hell I'd settle for Hoist right now?" The sociopathic Autobot replied. "And why was second rate polymor metal used to replace it, its no where near as shiney as the custom tempered stuff I had placed over my body, it's not as tough and can't hold the paint, it's gonna give it an colour, and I do not enjoy looking like a five year old human's finger painting"

"And yes to clear things up I am familiar with earth, I was the coolest best looking thing on it for about 20 years" After letting all this out at Crosscut he looked up at Hound then smiled slightly. "Ahhh hey Hound... who this hack of a medic?" he asked pointing at Crosscut.

Aero Blade
2003-07-16, 07:02 PM
Crosscut sighed a bit, but seemed slightly humored in a tired sort of way. "As much as I'd like to comply with your requests, our entire medical staff is already overloaded and pulling tripple-shifts attempting to get everyone patched up. As far as the 'quality' of the work, that is some of the best material we have. The Quints destroyed the majority of our better supplies," Crosscut answered, deconnecting some wires from Sunstreaker. This wasn't the first time he'd handled sportscar types like Sunstreaker, but he was certainly the most vocal of all of them it seemed.

"I'll be with you momentarily," Crosscut called to Hound, gathering up some supplies, "But where are the other two? I'll need to finish work with them eventaully."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-16, 08:55 PM
"Thank you both for filling me in..."

Magnus attached his rifle to weapon's holster and made his way into the command station, beckoning for both to follow.

"What's the security detail like around here?"

Grimlock blundered into the room at this point, his usual subtle self.

"Security not up to much, me get all the way here and no-one even bat an eyelid. Me also notice that most our forces out on stupid recon mission..."

Magnus raised a slight smirk at Grimlock.

"Well, first the monsterbots and now you, could this day get any better?!"

2003-07-16, 09:13 PM
Hound's surprised look turned to a concerned expression. He listened to the exchange between Crosscut and Sunstreaker, and then, without taking his eyes off of Sunstreaker, he knelt down and carefully set Sparkplug, Spike and Daniel down on the floor.
Gotta get them out of here in case he goes off again.

With a quiet and deliberate tone of voice, Hound addressed the Witwicky family, glancing at them just briefly before watching Sunstreaker and Crosscut again.
"Apparently, Crosscut needs to see Aero Blade and Dirge, but it's clear the medics are overloaded down here. They'll not have gone far, but maybe you three should go back to where they are. Just tell them I'll call them when Crosscut has finished working on Sunstreaker and myself.

Spike got a puzzled expression and opened his mouth to say something, but Sparkplug grabbed his shoulder and quickly said, "Daniel wanted a chance to explore, this would be a good time." Daniel meanwhile, was waving and grinning as he backed out the doorway. "See ya Hound, bye Sunstreaker!"
At the doorway as the door began sliding shut, Spike shook his head. "You go ahead with Daniel, dad. I still want to hear Hound's answers.

Sparkplug was about to object, but Spike slipped through the door just as it finished closing. He let out an irritated huff instead, thinking quietly to himself. Kids!- They'll never learn. Kid... kid! He glanced around and saw the gangly teen disappearing down an intersecting hall, then began speed walking to catch up, muttering to himself about getting stepped on.
Inside, Hound stood up, trying to focus on Sunstreaker and Crosscut. "He's a standard medic Sunstreaker, and a doctor that doesn't want trouble. With any luck, your interior has already been repaired and he's only finishing up your exterior."
"Take your time Crosscut."
Mirage and Inferno glanced at each other, before Mirage replied to Ultra Magnus. "Security is headed by Quick Switch. He was called out a little bit ago, but for what, I'm not sure."
Inferno nodded. "Prowl's about too, though he and Quick Switch had some sort of a falling out from the scuttlebutt around."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-16, 09:40 PM
"As me said Magnus, security in utter shambles. Me just hope that Decepticons to busy to think about taking advantage, otherwise we in BIG trouble..."

Magnus looked at Grimlock again.

"In case you hadn't noticed, we have a peace treaty, as I'm led to believe that's how YOU got off Cybertron and back to Earth..."

Grimlock growled slightly...

"Me know that, but it not stop Decepticon being Decepticon any less..."

2003-07-16, 09:54 PM
Prowl walked into the command center and glanced between Ultra Magnus and Grimlock.

"One point you have Grimlock, and the other you don't. Security is not in shambles. As a matter of fact, Quick Switch has held it together extraordinarily well in light of everything that's happened. If you need a complete course rundown, I can certainly provide that, but in brief, Optimus is alive, the matrix is safe, the troops were evacuated and with as few casualties as possible. In addition, we have on board a full range of unique personnel with capacity and capabilities for complete defense.

The point you do have, is that the Decepticons are still Decepticons and cannot be trusted. I've been alerted that Optimus is working on that at this very moment."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-16, 10:12 PM
"Quick Switch off running errands for Prime, he's nothing more than a lap-dog..."

Magnus interjected...

"What is Optimus' plan?"

2003-07-16, 10:49 PM
Prowl looked cooly at Grimlock, ignoring Ultra Magnus briefly. "He's doing what he's doing to protect all of the Autobots... which includes you."

Then he turned to Ultra Magnus ignoring the nervous looks from Mirage and Inferno. "I'm not sure what Prime's plans are yet. I only know that Fortress sent Hound a communicae that said Prime was going to be addressing the situation. The Decepticons have apparently breached the peace treaty."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-16, 10:59 PM
"HA! You think me Grimlock need him to protect me!?..."

Grimlock was cut short as Prowl continued...

"The peace treaty...broken..." Magnus was in a confused state of shock. "...sounds just like another day in Decepticamp to me..."

Ultra Magnus walked to one of the computer stations and pulled up a list of all active Autobots.

"We have so many in-active, but plenty of quality soldiers still. Prowl, do you think we could repel a full-scale Decepticon attack?"

2003-07-16, 11:34 PM
Moments passed in silence as Prowl considered. Then he frowned.
"I cannot be quite certain, Magnus. I am missing important data to make such a call in good standing. Quick Switch will be more attuned to the new Autobots and refugees that have arrived, will know how well they cooperate and know their skill levels as well. I missed much while I was engaged.
My feeling is that we could repel them, but would be hard pressed to hold out for a duration, especially if they are accompanied by some human forces as my reports are showing. Thunderwing caused a great deal of damage. We're all still recovering. But then too, it wouldn't be the best tactical manuever for the Decepticons to attack us. They were also afflicted by the Chaos Matrix."

2003-07-17, 02:17 AM
Lakeshore.... well, over the lake, actually:

Tracks: "I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'm getting dizzy......."

Brainstorm: "Don't fly much?"

Tracks: "I feel like I'm in a holding pattern over LaGuardia. I've flown a lot, just not in continous circles."

Aero Blade
2003-07-17, 04:54 AM
Crosscut nodded to Hound. "Quite right. I've finished all the necissary repair jobs on my sector of patience, and I've been attempting to round up everyone so that I might finish any cosmetic exterior work anyone may need or want," Crosscut answered, turning back to Sunstreaker. "I can only work with the supplies given to me, but if there's something in specific that you want, perhaps you can negotiate with the boys divying out the supplies. If you find that special metal I'll be very glad to apply it to you," Crosscut told him calmly.

2003-07-17, 07:10 AM
Sunstreaker looked at Crosscut with baffled look on his metallic face

"Quintessons? What the hell do the ugly slimeballs have to do with anything. And if you're doing touch up work you may aswell find a matching coat of paint.. and if we have my storage locker from Iacon here, I have the alloy I need in there"

Quick Switch
2003-07-17, 08:21 AM
"Assist where you see fit," Quick Switch replied tightly to Ironhide, Roadbuster, and Nightbeat. "This is a matter of Autobot security, of course, so any such operation will be under my titular authority. I'll expect a report on my desk as soon as this operation is concluded."

He turned, looking back out at the lake, vocoder firm.

"Now get to work, Autobots. Optimus Prime has given a command, and we will carry that command out. There is a distinct possibility that more than two units are submerged in the lake. Be advised, and conduct yourselves accordingly. My intelligence is reasonably accurate in this assumption."

2003-07-17, 12:06 PM
StarBlade checked her results from her last runthrough of the simulator. It was perfect. The last time she got a perfect on that particular simulation was....was.... just before they followed the Ark to Earth. That scenario was always the most difficult, because many Autobots could see very well into darkness and shadows, and her camoflague was of no use in those situations. Normally, she got a 90%-97% rating on that run.

"Huh.... If it takes me only a few tries to get a perfect run, maybe I should keep running it till I get called by Astrotrain or Galvatron. That way, I can say for certain that my skills are up to their needs." And with that, StarBlade began all over again.

Aero Blade
2003-07-17, 03:02 PM
"Well I think I can match your shade of paint," Crosscut answered Sunstreaker, sifting through a box of supplies. "And your locker's probably down the hall along with all the other supply crates."

"As far as the Quints go, I think you were out of it and missed all the action," he started. "The Quintessons conquered Cybertron. Everyone was forced to evacuate."

2003-07-17, 06:11 PM

Ironhide: "Er.... rahght." -motions to Roadbuster and Nightbeat- "C'mon."

Ironhide, Roadbuster, and Nightbeat: -move away-

Brave Maximus
2003-07-17, 06:49 PM
Hummmm that big guy in command doesn't even notice me. Ah well, seems kinda uninteresting anyway. I think the rest are going to need a hand to get these guys out of the lake. Could be interesting. I wonder if that guy giving out commands will actually get his hands dirty. Show me what kind of leader he is anyway.

Skyfall looked to his three minicon companions
"Are you guys up to helping them a little?"

Starlight looked at the Autobots and shook a little, the other two mimiced this action. All of them looked a little scared.

"It's ok, I'll make sure no one tries to hurt you or take you away. If anyone tries to, just fly back to Omega. It'll be ok."

Starlight looked at the slightly taller robot and then hesitantly shook her head yes.

"Right then,
Hey................ Ummmm Ironhide sir. If you guys have any ropes or anything, the four of us can help to pull out from above."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-17, 08:32 PM
"How many are lost, destroyed or yet to be re-activated?"

Magnus spoke out loud, it was a retorical question really, he had a full list in-front of him...

"Are the Wreckers still active?"

2003-07-18, 03:29 AM

Ironhide: -looks at Skyfall- "Prob'ly a good idea. Rate things're goin', those two'll rust inta scale." -looks over at Roadbuster- "We got any rope?"

Roadbuster: -casting a narrow opticed glare back at Quick Switch- "There's probably tow chains back at the base."

Ironhide: -still sensing that keeping Roadbuster occupied would be better than letting him stew- "Awlrahght. Go get some tow chains."

Roadbuster: "Right." -transforms, heads back to the Maximus-

Nightbeat: "Think there is anybody else down there?"

Ironhide: "Beats me. Whut Ah wanna know is how Quick Switch'd know. Ah'll scan th' lake, see if there's anything else down there." -walks down to the lake-

Nightbeat: -looks over at Skyfall- "How are you going to lift them out? Victory Saber looks easy enough, but that Leokaiser is stuck pretty deep in the mud."

2003-07-18, 05:59 AM
Dusk Ashes

Once she received the word. Moving quickly inside, she retrieved Megatron's prisoner.


Appearing at the hanger doors with the sun glowing brightly behind her & Megatron's prisoner. Her solar fission cannon on her left arm aimed at the head of the prisoner. His hand units bound with an Energon cuff as well as an Energon restraint around his torso, locking his arms against his form, unable to move. Her right hand gripping the prisoner's arm, the claw like fingertips making sure he goes no where. By no means was she small, she was well enough just slightly taller than Starscream, but not as tall as Megatron. She could hold her own with the toughest of them. & she has.

"Lower your weapons, Starscream!" she growled in a wicked & sophisticated deep femme voice. Her crimson optics glowing eriely as she appeared like a shadow. One of her shoulder cannons powered up as it swiveled to aim at Starscream.

Brave Maximus
2003-07-18, 02:02 PM
Skyfall turned to Ironhide and thought for a second:
Hummmm I was hopeing they'd have a plan and I'd just help out, but..............

"What I was figuring was that the four of us could take cables and attach them to Leokaiser, is that his name? Send some out to you guys on the ground and the rest of us could fly up. We'd pull up and over, and you guys pull from the ground. Perhaps Shuttle-Bird guy over there *pointing at Skylynx* could help out in the air. Worst case, I can call on another shuttle and that should be more than enough to get him out, but we can try this way first."

2003-07-18, 04:10 PM
"I fail to see how my talents are useful in this situation," Sky Lynx said to Skyfall, with an obvious disgust. "There are certainly better jobs for me to do than to act as a space janitor."

2003-07-18, 05:42 PM
Ironhide: -chuckles- "Aw, c'mon, Sky Lynx. Would ya rather jus' stand there gatherin' dust, or would ya rather do somethin'?" -retracts right hand, deploys launcher, fires object at surface of the lake, object sinks then bobs back to surface, making a small beeping noise as Ironhide's eyes seem to defocus- "Sonodar remote probe's in th' water, let's see whut's down there....." -starts building a sonar map of the bottom of the lake-

Nightbeat: "I'm glad you suggested that, Skyfall. I was thinking the same thing, but I think Victory Saber's landing shoved Leokaiser deeper in the mud than we could have gotten out."


Roadbuster: -roars up the entry ramps of the Maximus, transforms to robot mode, starts looking for a supply closet-

2003-07-18, 05:55 PM
"I would rather do something, Ironhide," Sky Lynx said. "Unfortunately, this is not what I had in mind."

Brave Maximus
2003-07-18, 06:26 PM
Skyfall looked around and began to smile through his faceplate.
"I was thinking, are there any Autobot who can go underwater? Maybe they can shift out some of the silt and stuff so we can have an easier time of it. Unfortunatly I'm not an engineer, so I have no idea."

Looking at Skylynx with a puzzled look: "There's nothing else really to do. Convo............ I mean Optimus Prime hasn't offically declaired the truce over, so we can't go fight the Decepticons. There's nothing else really to do around here."
Then with a sly look to Skylynx:
"Are you afraid of getting dirty and doing some actual work? Perhaps you'll chip a talon?"

Looking at the situation - "I do have one concern. Ummmm Victory Saber just shut down. He's made of 2 robots. What if one of them wakes up while we're trying to move him? What are the chances of getting a field medic out here? Fixit would know how to handle it."

2003-07-18, 06:47 PM
Hound moved around to the far side of the room and sat down on a bench, still watching Sunstreaker and Crosscut. It wasn't until after he sat down that he realized that Spike had stayed behind. His human friend had followed him over to the bench. Carefully, Hound leaned down and picked him up, setting him on the bench next to him trying to hide a concerned look as he occasionally flicked glances back at the other Autobots.

"Spike, you should have gone with Sparkplug and Daniel. This won't be of much interest to you."

Spike smiled and shook his head. "Who says? You know dad is a great mechanic. I've watched him work a lot of times, and Ratchet and First Aid too. Besides, that was a rather sudden change of plans. You were going to answer some questions, and I have plenty of them now *pointing at the lines of fresh welding marks*, and looks like you're going to be waiting a while."

Hound nodded with a slightly grim look. He had the distinct feeling he knew what Spike was going to ask. "Maybe so, unless one of the other medics is freed up. I'll answer what I can."

"Okay, good enough." Spike raised his voice and looked over at Sunstreaker and then back to Hound. First question is for whoever answers first since it seems to be the order of the day... what's making you so edgy?"
Prowl looked at Ultra Magnus as the big Autobot scanned the list and then looked away as he responded.
"The Wreckers are still functional except for Springer. Springer is deceased. He stepped in front of a blast from the Matrix during the fight against Thunderwing, Magnus. It was a horrible accident."
Inferno got a sad expression and Mirage stayed quiet, edging toward the door.

2003-07-18, 06:51 PM
Sky Lynx transformed to dinobird mode, and landed near Skyfall

"It is attitudes like that which plague society these days," he sighed. "The youth always disrespecting the elders. Why, I wouldn't tolerate such behaviour even from Optimus Prime himself. I certainly shall not tolerate it from the likes of you."

He glared at the Autobot for several seconds, then turned away.

"Once again, I am called upon to save the day."

he transformed back to shuttle mode, and hovered over Leokaiser.

2003-07-18, 06:54 PM
"The Quints conquered Cybertron and we're sitting on earth. Call me crazy but I think we're on the wrong planet" Sunstreaker said to Crosscut shaking his head as got off the med table. He twists his head side to side rotating his Shoulder and arm joints loosening them.

"How long was I out for, it feels like I'm rusting inside" He asks the medic who he guessed was assigned lesser work.

OOC- If anyone wants my other characters have nothing to do, Bluestreak is the command center of FM, Wheeljack in his lab, Jazz in a near by city and Blaster is outside Fortmax. If anyone would find a way to help me occupy them I'd be greatful ^_^

Brave Maximus
2003-07-18, 07:21 PM
Skyfall blinked his optics in disbelief: I didn't think it would be that easy to get his help. Expecting more of a fight there. Ah well.

"Ummmmmm Thanx Skylynx!" he shouted up to the hovering shuttle, not really expecting a response.

He turned back to the other large Autobots there, waiting to see if they had any idea's on the medic\Mechanic situation.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-18, 07:23 PM
"Which of them are still active on Earth?"

Magnus stopped and noticed Mirage edging away.

"Going somewhere Mirage?"

Aero Blade
2003-07-18, 07:32 PM
"Hard to say," Crosscut answered Sunstreaker. "You were out before I got here, and I've been too busy to keep track of time lately," he added, pulling a container of yellow paint out of the supply crate. He gave it over to Sunstreaker to inspect, as to make sure he got the right shade.

2003-07-18, 09:12 PM
Mirage glanced at the door, hesitant about replying. "I... started thinking- maybe if you came back, then the others did too."
And they probably wouldn't welcome me after Metroplex and that plague, but why's Prowl not saying anything?
Hound glanced back at Sunstreaker. Crazy...
"Well Spike, the Autobots had trouble on Cybertron with something called the Chaos Matrix. It was an evil device and Thunderwing got hold of it. It affected a lot of the Autobot troops and some Decepticons as well. In fact, the Autobots split into two groups for a while. Optimus was in charge of one, Rodimus Convoy was with the other, and we were fighting with each other as well as with the Decepticons and the Chaos Matrix.

During the battle, Sunstreaker and I had a disagreement over what to do with a prisoner- Dirge. Hopefully, that's been resolved now."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-18, 09:31 PM
"If you have other things to do Mirage, you only had to say. Thanks for helping me here and filling me in..."

Magnus set his attention back to Prowl. Grimlock walked over to another chair and slumped in it.

"What happened to dinobots Slag and Sludge?"

2003-07-19, 12:02 AM
Sunstreaker took the paint can in hand and looked at the colour sighing.

"Ahhh it'll mix with this cheap metal but I guess it will do until I can get the real stuff implemented" The Egotist grumbled putting the paint beside him closest to Crosscut as he gazed over at Hound his audio sensors picking up his conversation with Spike.

2003-07-19, 12:41 AM
Starscream sneered at the thought of surrender.

Starscream: "You underestimate me Femme..."

Starscream took quickly to the air, capitalizing on the fact that Maxima didn't already fire when she had the shot.

Starscream: "I was once the fastest of all Decepticons...you will soon learn, I am much faster now!"

Starscream bore down on his target...his mission wasn't to destroy the femme...or the moronic powermasters, but to subdue them...after all...they would be needed soon.

Meanwhile, Galvatron caught part of Megatron's blow and reeled a bit.

Galvatron: "Megatron...the obsolete model...broken down and decrepid...tell me...is it me that haunts your dreams? After all, you are my past...but what am I to you? I vision...a vision of what you could have been...of the greatness and power you could have possessed? You are a shell Megatron...and empty, cold husk, without a soul...and you will fall..."

Galvatron rose to his feet once more after the shot that had partly gotten him. His own cannon returned a volley of destruction towards his mirror foe.

2003-07-19, 04:09 AM
Roadbuster: -loads up a tow sled with the tow chains, transforms, connects to it, drives out of the Maximus towing the sled-


Minerva: -still scanning the lake, turns to look back at Skyfall- "I'm a medic." -checks scanner again, see the faint energy signature pulse to life again- "Do you know anything about this Leokaiser? And why only one member of this particular gestalt would have power when all the rest are drained into stasis lock?"

Nightbeat: "Only one? Is he powering any of the rest?"

Minerva: "Nope. He seems to be only allowing enough power to bring himself to a minimal level of consciousness. If he powers up more, he'd probably start waking up the rest of his team. Not enough to do anything, but enough to bring them online."

2003-07-19, 03:23 PM
She only glared at Starscream with her crimson optics, no sound.

Still clinging to her prisoner still, she didn't more. Instead, the laser cannon swiveled to aim at the prisoner's head. At that same time, her solar fission cannon powered up to full, bring her arm up quickly & aimed at Starscream, then fired without hesitation. Sending a high powered fission blast square at Starscream. Then as good measure, sending one again, a second later just incase the first missed by some odd chance.

Her optics stayed on Starscream, as her sensors picked up the little conflict between Megatron & Galvatron.

Brave Maximus
2003-07-19, 04:00 PM
Skyfall looks sheepishly at Minerva:
"Ummmm, I'm really sorry Ma'am. I didn't see you. And I don't know anything about Leokaiser, other than he's a destr.... Decepticon General where I come from, but he was defeated. He's part of something called the "Breastforce". Something about their chests move or something. He's pretty powerful though, wouldn't want him waking up either."

Looking at Victory Leo, lying half in the water, deactivated.

"What about this guy? Is there anyway we can stop him coming online as we move him?"

2003-07-19, 04:33 PM
Minerva: -thinking to self- "Ma'am? I'm only 21." -shrugs, looks at Victory Saber- "Well, I suppose that we could disconnect his higher motor functions, but it really depends on how he's set up. If he's made of two Autobots, and one decided he doesn't want to stay merged, unless he's the one in charge, can he seperate?" -hears a beep from her scanner- "And there he goes again, back to sleep. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that whoever that is is just peeking around to see if they're going to get rescued."

Nightbeat: "Breastforce? Why in the world are they called Breastforce?"

Ironhide: -still building detailed sonar/radar topographical map of the bottom of the lake, gets a ping- "Whut the..... There is somethin' else down there." -ups sensitivity on sonodar scan- "It's an Autobot!"

Nightbeat: "How can you tell?"

Ironhide: "Ah turned the sensitivity up on mah sensors. Ah can sense th' emblem."

Roadbuster: -roars up with the tow chains, transforms-

Nightbeat: "I think we're going to need more chains......."

2003-07-19, 06:26 PM
"What happened to dinobots Slag and Sludge?"

"We haven't seen them either" Swoop said as he and Snarl entered the command centre.

Snarl looks at Grimlock
"Good. We found you. We been looking all over for you. We asked Kup, but he didn't know either." Snarl said to Grimlock as he walked over to him.

Swoop leaned back against the wall close to the door. He then looed at Ultra Magnus. He points at him and says:"It's good to have you back amongst the actives again, Ultra Magnus."

Brave Maximus
2003-07-19, 08:28 PM
Skyfall thought about what Minerva had said, then turned to his Minicon companions - They said some things hushed before Skyfall turned back to the group with a puzzled look on his face.

"I don't know much about combiners, and neither does Starlight and them, they say it's different for them, which I really belive. But if we're worried about which ever part of Leokaiser is concious waking up the others, it might be a concern with Victory Leo. Though it's different with him somehow, I don't know."

He then turned to Nightbeat with a small smile: "From what I remeber learning, the Breastforce's chest plates turned into weapons and animals and such. Don't look at me, I didn't name them;)"

"Ironhide, do you know if the Autobot down there is active or not? And maybe how deep and how stuck he is?"

Man, I'm just spouting off what sounds good, and they're listening. Wow, I just hope I don't mess up!

With that Roadbuster come flying up to the lake with the chains.

"I'll fly over to Victory Saber to see if we can find some hard points to secure the chains to. I think it would be best if we took them out one at a time, if Skylinx, ? is that his name?, is amicable to that. I don't know what we're going to do about the submerged Autobot. Hummm deal with that later."

Skyfall ignighted his leg thrusters and floated over to the half submerged Cybertron leader.

2003-07-20, 04:08 AM
Ironhide: "Ah'll go check on whoever this Autobot is down there." -slogs into the lake, submerging and walking towards the downed Autobot-

Nightbeat: -walks over to Minerva- "Can you pick up whoever's down there?"

Minerva: -making adjustments to scanner- "Yeah..... Got him. Definately offline, in stasis lock. I wonder who it is?"

Nightbeat: -shrugs as Roadbuster walks up- "Quick Switch probably knows."

Roadbuster: "I've been wondering about that."

Nightbeat: "You and me both. And it's got Ironhide wondering as well."

Minerva: "Maybe he got a report?"

Nightbeat: "Then why didn't he way anything? We're the ones who are supposed to be secretive and insane."


Ironhide: -making his way beneath the surface of the lake over to the downed Autobot-

Aero Blade
2003-07-20, 12:40 PM
"Well if you're worried about conflicting tones, we could always strip your old paint job and apply a completely new one, then you wouldn't have to worry about matching..." Crosscut suggested to Sunstreaker, humored, as he prepared some sprayer equipment for the paint. "I do have two container of high-quality paint of your calliber, but I somehow doubt you'd approve of the color..."

2003-07-20, 06:29 PM
Megatron reeled as the shot pierced his left arm. He gripped his wound in a stupor and snarled at Galvatron.

"Silence, traitor! I am Megatron - mightiest of all Decepticons! And you... you have caused more devastation to the Empire than Optimus Prime himself!"

He brought a hand up before his face. His fingers slowly curled into a fist, in time with his mouth into a smirk.

"I existed for years within you, Galvatron. I watched your failed exploits, and I have been reborn. Things have come full circle. Now you are my past!"

His expression changed into a silent battlecry as he lunged through the air at his titanic opponent.

2003-07-20, 06:36 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind got up to their knees, desperate to help their leader against this dangerous enemy...or at least keep Starscream from interfering.
Sky Lynx hovered over the area.

"This work would go much quicker if I was in charge," he muttered.
A aide rushed into the Abdul Fakaddi's throne room.

"My lord! The Decepticons are being attacked by some unknown robots."

2003-07-21, 12:59 AM
From the sky falls a lone starcraft. The silver pod barreled from the sky like a bullet from the heavens.

The pod smashed into the ground landing hard tearing through the ground it hit. It stopped and the ground creaked and caved in. The pod had a damaged occupant onboard, a Decepticon that narrowly excepted the Quint slaughter on Cybertron.

The pod's computer system knew it had to act fast to save it's cargo and began an scan of area.

The area itself was a temple, a Greek palace to hell and several of the statues that remainder were of hell's guardian the three headed dog Cerebrus. The pod used the three headed dog's design to begin to repair it's passenger and then began sent out a SOS signal to Decepticons on Earth.

2003-07-21, 04:26 AM
Starscream looked around...and didn't like the odds.

Starscream: "Two twits and a femme...hmmmm..."

Just then, the first of Maxima's blasts hit Starscream, sending him to the ground. Starscream scowled as he rose to his feet.

Starscream: "So...it appears you have once again underestimated my strength!"

Starscream refused to acknowledge any damage, maintaining his poker face. Gathering all his strength Starscream rose full up and unleashed a barrage of cluster bombs and null rays in all directions.
Galvatron waited on Megatron, he had struck a nerve and the advantage was already his...he was in Megatron's head.

Galvatron: "Failed exploits?!? I laugh at your notion of failure...it was I that conquered earth Megatron...something you could have never even dreamed of. I took Metroplex and created Metrotitan...I have done more in the past few months than you did in your entire rule...what's more, without the past failures to hold me back...the skeleton in the closet of what I once was...the success I will reap will far outweigh anything you could have even dreamed of. What you fail to realize I am the potential you could never develop, hence you can never beat me!"

Galvatron absorbed the blow, but allowed himself to roll with the punch, giving him access to Megatron's arm, which he used to flip the massive Con over onto the ground. Galvatron turned, ready to strike.

2003-07-21, 04:51 AM
Soundwave typed busily at the keyboard before him, glancing now and then from the gauges on the terminal to the large main monitor of the command center. The screen switched now and then, rotating through the many internal, external, and satellite cameras at Metrotitan's command. Abruptly, a red light on the wall began flashing at even intervals. The monitor flickered black and white, momentarily delivering an image of a decimated stone structure. Soundwave humphed and held one key down, opening a channel to the City Commander's office.

"Astrotrain, Decepticon distress signal has been received from the other side of the planet. Dispatching units to investigate. Will request troop assistance if deemed necessary. Soundwave out."

He stepped back and turned away from the terminal. His left hand came up, one finger extended, and the button was depressed. Four cassettes emerged and transformed as they were named off.

"Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw: eject. Operation: assimilation."

He pointed to the location on the monitor, and each of the four smaller Decepticons turned to look. Buzzsaw perched upon the terminal, ejecting a connector link from his right shoulder and inserting it into a port. The locale downloaded, he took off for the door with the other three in tow.


Greece, some time later...

"So where's this thing, Buzzer?"

Buzzsaw turned his head toward Rumble and glared, but did not make a fuss of it. They were flying, after all. He gazed again to the ground, a roving, hilly field pocked by blooming trees. A beautiful scene, for the most part... except the stream of smoke snaking from the ground. Buzzsaw tracked the source to the place they had seen before.


The four cassettes began their descent, circling into the deep and fresh pit. They landed in the temple and spread out, each delving in his own reaction.

"Impressive," Buzzsaw noted. "For fleshling architecture."

"Ah, it don't look so tough," Rumble retorted.

"Yeah, let's smash it!" Frenzy added, grinding a fist into his other hand.

Laserbeak scanned about cautiously, and squawked in shock as he caught sight of the three-headed statue next to him. He fluttered some feet away before sizing the thing up more rationally. After a cold stare, he blasted it to dust with his optic cannons.

"Hey, what's this thing?" Rumble stalked toward a large, steaming structure of metal and waved the others over. They eyed the pod for a moment, not entirely sure if it was to be approached, before Frenzy burst through the group, shoving the others aside.

"Lemme at it!" he demanded without challenge. He stopped only inches away from the pod and rubbed his chin. He knocked the side abrasively, shaking free the dirt it had carried in. The others dodged back, but the revealed Decepticon symbol relieved.

"An escape pod!" Rumble deduced. "Ya think somebody's in there?"

Frenzy cracked his knuckled with a grin. "If'ere is, he ain't gonna be long!" He reached out and gripped the sides of the door, entirely confident that his tender touch would tear it off, but he was met by great resistance. He planted his feet in the dirt and tugged at one side of the door fruitlessly. "Gimme a hand here, 'Beak!" he grunted with apparent strain.

Laserbeak perched upon the remains of a statue of Hades, trained his laser cannons on the seam of the door, and fired two streams above and below Frenzy's hands. The door snapped half off, the other side's restraints still intact. Rumble, Frenzy, and Buzzsaw moved to look into the pod's chamber.

"What the..."



Megatron grunted painfully as he was flipped (by his wounded arm, no less) square onto his back. He imagined that Galvatron would be taking his time, expecting another volley in the word battle. Instead, he unleashed a foot overhead toward Galvatron's face, with only one word in response:


2003-07-21, 04:54 AM
OOC: covering Shockwave while Zarak is away

Shockwave continued to process data as fast as Metrotitan could bring it up on screen.
Were he capable of feeling emotion, the details of the defeat at the hands of the Quintissons would have surely plunged him into dispair. As it was, he could analyze the minutae of the disaster with cold, logical detachment. However, the lack of emotions didn't change the conclusion that he was slowly coming to.
It is only a preliminary analysis, he told himself, but the conclusions are undeniable.
His optic flashed across one of his displays, this one filled with complex differential equations. Equations that pointed to one thing, and one thing only.
Any conventional assault on Cybertron will end in a Quintesson victory. Therefore it would be illogical to carry out such an attack. Conclusion: We must explore other options.
Shockwave moved to the next logical step: finding another option.
Finishing his work, Chancre welded Deathsaurus shut.
He should be restored to minimal functional capacity now. Should being the operative word.
Chancre stood back, waiting for the larger Decepticon to either come on-line, or to go perminantly off-line. He didn't particularly care which.
Pinpointer glanced at Crosshairs and Trailbreaker.
"I don't think we're doing any good perched up here."

2003-07-21, 05:12 AM
Sunstreaker shook his head to Crosscut about an entire repaint and moves an arm up and hit's the part of his chest where he was shot.

"The cheap metal would cause the colour to look diffrently no matter how many times you repainted me, I need some good stuff from my personal locker" He grinned "I'd hate to look like something Spike's kid drew when we was younger"

2003-07-21, 05:37 AM

Darkwing and Dreadwind, shaking off the after effects of Starscream's null ray blast, finally made it to their weapons, which were lying on the floor on the opposite side of the hanger, and began to blindly fire, hoping to hit Starscream or Galvatron, and hopefully not hit their leader.

2003-07-21, 07:01 AM
Shock was flying over the region known as the Sahara desert, still tracking the manapulse to it's source. She was getting bored with the scenery. Sand, sand and more sand, how dull. This sandbox seems to go on forever she thought as she continued her flight. Suddenly a dark spot appeared on the horizon. Shock recognizes it as a thundercloud. As Shocks nears it, she notices that the top of a large stone pillar or spire is concealed by the storm. Whatever it was, it was definatly the source of the pulse, that Shock didn't doubt for an instant. She flew into the storm without a second thought, after all she was safe from the lightning, for a lightning elemental, such as her, is at home in this place.

She reached the top of the structure where she sensed the manapulse originating. Shock was surprised to see an open topped building with two nests. One was her size, whilst the other was alot smaller and contained a glowing diamond shape. The shape, though small, emits a large amount of mana, this was whad been calling her all this time. Shock immediatly sets down near the smaller nest. She can see a symbol not unlike the letter 'M' in the human alphabet. Malzra, what are you up to now... Shock thought as she extends her hand to grab the artifact. The glowing suddenly intensifies, blinding her. As her vision returns, she sees a small shape standing in front of her. Not taking any chances, Shock places some distance between her and the shape. "Who-or-what-are-you?" she asked cautiously.

"My name is Tempest, I am here to serve you mistress" the shape replied in a male voice, with a definate clicking in it.

2003-07-21, 07:06 AM
ooc: Quick Switch said he will be back very soon. :) Thanks for the patience.

Trailbreaker watched the ongoings at the lake with interest. When Ironhide went under the sparkling water, and darkened into a red shimmering area far below the surface, a pang of envy hit him.
[/i]Boy it must be nice to be doin' something active again. But Im more a waste of fuel and metal than anything else. That's prolly why 'Switch left me behind. Save it for the ones that can use it. .... Yeah... Go get it Ironhide! If it puts up a fight, you can take it! Heck, that's one tough 'bot that can take almost anything- 'cept maybe whoopee cushions...[/i]

Hound turned a bit, leaning back against the wall and propped his feet up on the bench, still keping a watch on Sunstreaker. He was feeling increasingly uneasy.

Spike folded his arms and glanced back and forth between the group of Autobots.
"This disagreement wouldn't have anything to do with all those welding marks on you, would it?"
Hound gave a half shrug and smiled. "Not to worry Spike. What about Earth? With the Decepticons causing trouble, I don't imagine we're favorites with the humans right now."

Spike shook his head and returned the smile. "Topic whiplash Hound. But yes, there are many humans that are upset with transformers, period. Not much has changed on that front.

The EDC wasn't able to conclusively tie the Decepticons to the disease outbreak in Canada, though the tracks in the park where it seemed the original outbreak occured were those of transformers. The White House was cut and dry, but you know the humans. Most don't know Autobot from Decepticon. They aren't gonna stop and look for symbols if giant robots with big guns pop up."

Hound nodded. "True Spike. Maybe we can work on fixing that too. It would be great to have the humans know who the good guys are."

"Good luck! Most of them can't even tell you the names of the continents on Earth, much less try to identify transformers!"

Hound chuckled. "I do remember someone in particular who didn't like geography."

"Yeah, but Daniel's grades have impr... ah... oh yes. I couldn't escape much when Dad locked me in with Perceptor." Spike's face lit up. "Now say- there's an idea for Daniel..."
Mirage nodded slowly, uncertainly to Ultra Magnus, and then vanished. Before he hit the door however, he heard Prowl's voice. "Slag and Sludge are operational and still here within Maximus according to the security computers*. And Mirage, the crew down below are seeing to the crypts. It would be good if you could stay."
*Mirage stopped in his tracks and Prowl paused briefly before continuing.*
"What other information can I provide for you?"
*OOC: Player note: was RVZ Prime/ last post was in Jan- Divided Loyalties - C3, Reclaiming the planet (Earth)

2003-07-21, 03:00 PM
Bludgeon sheated his sword and nodded to Sixshot. "So shall it be... I take Galvatron still values your skills high?"

Black Zarak landed to Carbombya, near to Metrotitan's location, tired of waiting for a reply that seeming would never come. >>"We have landed."<< The massive Decepticon informed his passengers.

>>"Runabout, Runamuck... Search out Galvatron and let him know."<< The titan added, expecting the Battlechargers to do his bidding without questioning his orders.

2003-07-21, 07:38 PM
Carbombya - Black Zarak

"Roger," Runamuck said.

"And let's take these critters with us," Runabout said, reaching for the three Mini-Cons. "Might come in handy if we get into trouble."

"You mean as helpful partners?" Runamuck asked.

Runabout walked over and smacked his Battlecharger partner over the head.

"No, you idiot!" Runabout snarled. "As a distraction. Whatever happens, I'd rather have these little critters take the most of it than us, don'tcha think?"

"I guess," Runabout said.

Several minutes later, the two Battlechargers, the three Mini-Cons inside Rumabout's vehicle mode, headed off towards the main palace.


Wreck Gar was watching the latest television transmission when a Junkion ran foward holding a datapad.

"Sir, data brought to us by Bothan spies indicated location of new battle station."

The Junkion leader took the pad and looked at it.

"How do Autobots spell R-E-L-I-E-F, Wreck-Gar? Autobot situation is critical. We're not in Kansas- or on Cybertron anymore. Me and you- rendevous - on Earth. Cybertron will need the Orkin Man squad to get rid of the Quintessons. Like Terminators, 'We'll be back'. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?"

"Looks like Autobots removed from time slot," he said. "Need to be renewed because fans write letters to network. Let's set sail on Jolly Roger, and set course for second star to the right and straight on till morning."

Several minuters later, a large Junkion cruiser was on it's way to Earth.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-21, 08:38 PM
"Yeah, very highly...slag if it weren't for me Galvatron wouldn't be here now.....!"

Sixshot motioned towards the exit...


"Wow, this welcoming parade gets better by the minute..."

Magnus noted the arrival of the two Dinobots before returning his attention to Prowl

"Can you patch in a visual to where the Autobots are now?"

Magnus was un-familiar with the controls of the Maximus shuttle. By this time Grimlock had made his way over to the other Dinobots...

"Me had things to think about..."

2003-07-21, 09:15 PM

Deszarus: -optics flicker back to full brightness as he sits up, gets to his feet, looks at Chancre- "Thank you." -strides out, looking for energon, stretching his massive wings as he goes, taking in the view as he strides out of the building, thinks to self- "Earth...... This time...... this time I shall destroy that fool Star Saber......."


Beneath the surface of the lake:

Ironhide: -examining the downed Autobot, activates commlink- "Anybody know if we're missin' a aircraft carrier?"

2003-07-21, 09:22 PM
"Why would we need an aircraft carrier, Ironhide?" Sky Lynx asked. "You have a far superior machine at your disposal. That is, if you knew how to use it...and you asked nicely."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-21, 09:32 PM
Magnus checked through the list as the comm call crackled through..

"Ironhide, this is Ultra Magnus lists show that Broadside is currently MIA, report back..."

Brave Maximus
2003-07-21, 10:29 PM
Skyfall moved around the inactive Victory Saber and tested some thing, Very Carefully.

I wouldn't want to activate these two again, that's a fight we just don't need right now. Hummmmm yeah I think these will do nicely

Skyfall shouted to the Autobots on the shore:
"looks like we got 8 - 10 good hard points to secure to. No problem getting this guy out. So any time your ready, we can start, though we should probably wait for Ironhide to get out first"

He then opened his comm link:
"Ironhide this is Skyfall,
While you're down there, do you think you could tell, who would be easier to get out first? The Air Craft carrier or Leokaiser?"

2003-07-22, 12:36 AM
Ironhide: -bombarded by incoming comm signals, activates commlink, Sky Lynx first- "Well, Sky Lynx, you think you c'n carry a full fahghter squadron?" -switches frequency as he raps his knuckles on the Autobot's deck plating- "Ya know, Magnus, it does kahnda look lahke Broadside." -peers into Broadside's conning tower- "Got a bunch a' crawdads on his bridge, though." -switches frequency again- "Looks lahke Broadside's bound ta be easier to bring up, Skyfall. He's jus' layin' down here on his sahde....." -moves over to Leokaiser- "As for Leokaiser..... he's in deep. Looks lahke most of his upper torso's in the mud."

Brave Maximus
2003-07-22, 01:27 AM
"Thanks Ironhide, we'll move Victory Saber as soon as you're up, then go to Broadside (is that his name?). We'll have to work out some way to get Leokaiser out. If he's that deep it won't be easy, lots of sucktion and stuff to worry about. Any idea's you have would be great. I'll start hook up the chains to Victory Saber."

Skyfall then flew over to Roadblock and took some chains and begain to wrap them around securly to the inactive Cybertronian. He managed to secure 12 lines before exausting place he could place them.

Just have to wait on Ironhide now

2003-07-22, 01:47 AM
Where Ironhide and Co. Are

"We will never know until you try, will we?" Sky Lynx said to Ironhide.

Runamuck and Runabout entered the city.

"Nice city," Runabout said. "Too bad we can't blow it to bits."

"Well," Runamuck said. "We could. We'd just get into trouble."

"Yeah," Runabout said. "Now let's go find Galvatron."
Earth Orbit

The Junkion cruiser entered orbit of Earth.

"Lieutenant, open hailing frequencies," Wreck Gar said.

The Junkion turned on the transmitter. "Hailing frequencies open, sir."

"Attention, Autobots. This is Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. May I offer our assistance?"

Aero Blade
2003-07-22, 01:50 AM
"As you wish," Crosscut responded to Sunstreaker, Starting to apply the paint. "Whenever you find that custom metal and paint, I'll apply it to you," he added.

2003-07-22, 03:16 AM
With the powermasters blasts coming Starscream saw an opportunity. Using his thrusters he blasted into the air, sending the shots past him and towards Maxima


Galvatron took the brunt of the shot full on and collapsed backwards.

Galvatron (rubbing his jaw): "A well placed shot...care to try another game?"

With that said, Galvatron pulled his laser sword and tauntingly motioned to Megatron to 'bring it on.'

2003-07-22, 03:26 AM
"What's Starscream up to?" Darkwing asked.

"Beats me," Dreadwind responded. "But knowing us, it ain't good."

Nearby, The Battlechargers were closing in.

"I think we found Galvatron."

2003-07-22, 05:04 AM
Chancre called to Deathsaurus's back, "If you're hungry, I think Cryotek was lurking around the energon collector."

2003-07-22, 05:10 AM
When Starscream fired, she dove with her prisoner. But a cluster bomb knocked them both back. She dug her claws into the prisoner to make she he would not escape.

Then a blast from his Null Ray hit her in the leg> "ARGHH!!!" Twisting around, laying upon her prisoner, pinning him to the ground. "Blast you, Starscream!" she growled.

But before she could do anything more, she picked up a signal, then others in the country as well. 'Blasted, damn-' toher this was not good. But, perhaps this would turn to Megatron's advantage.

Staying on the ground, pinning her prisoner, "& still, yet, you underestimate everyone else, Starscream. Always SO full of yourself," she growled. Watching Dreadwind & Darkwing. Then watching Megatron & Galvatron.

2003-07-22, 10:45 AM
Ironhide: -slogs out of the lake, water dripping from his heavily armored body, flips a thumbs up to Skyfall, and looks over at Sky Lynx- "Naw, ain't no way we could fit a full fahghter squadron inside a you Unless ya got rebuilt, that is."

Nightbeat: -looks at Minerva- "Any idea how we can get Leokaiser out of there?"

Minerva: "Well, shovels won't work..... to..... well......" -trails off, looking at Ironhide- "But, I do have an idea......."

Brave Maximus
2003-07-22, 12:29 PM
Skyfall gets the signal from Ironhide and takes two chains up and begins to attach them to Skylynx:
"This shouldn't be too much for you. We could probably attach a third and forth line, but we're all going to need to reserve our strength, the other two are much more waterlogged."

He then signaled to the three minicons and attached a chain to each of them as they hovered in the air.

"That leaves one for me. Alright guys, there's four more lines with out an Autobot attached, who wants the honours?"

Skyfall dragged the four other lines, as best he could, the shore and laid them down, waiting for some volunteers.

"Oh hey, doesn't that Switch-guy have a flying mode? The more flyers we have will make life easier."

2003-07-22, 02:10 PM
Megatron worked slowly and methodically to his feet, his optics beaming crimson disgust at his once-future self. But when the gesture was interpreted, he could not contain a smirk, in spite of the pain.

"You seem to have forgotten that I am the greatest gladiator Cybertron has ever known," he gloated as his right hand withdrew. "Prepare to be destroyed, infidel!"

With his shimmering violet energy mace now in its place, he began swinging his arm above his head to build momentum, and charged Galvatron, throwing the flail down at the crown of his head.


Across the floor, the prisoner stirred.


Gigatron lifted his head slowly, but not too much. He was in quite a lot of pain, and he was being held down rather firmly. He snarled at the first thing he could see: Starscream.

"Yrrou'll... pay for this, anachronism! When I get my hands free..."

(OOC: And that's it from me for a few days! On my way to Botcon...)

2003-07-22, 02:59 PM
Yanked away from her observations, her crimson optics went to the form she had pinned to the ground under her. Silently to herself, an 'oh, bloody hell!' echoed in her meta-processor. Forwarding a good majority of power to her strength.

Then leaned closer to Gigatron's audio receptors, "That is, IF you get to him first." she smirked.

OOC: Reflector-mun! Hope to see ya there! :) Ditto as Reflector, I'll be gone, to Chicago at the OTFCC. Will be back Monday. Ciao!

2003-07-22, 04:55 PM
"And ruin my already spectacular form?" Sky Lynx said to Ironhide. "I think not!"

2003-07-22, 06:17 PM
Tracks: -swoops down, switches back to normal car mode, skids to a halt next to one of the tow chains- "I'm sorry, Sky Lynx, but the only spectacular form around here is my auto mode. Yours is a nice try, but it just can't compare with this perfection."

Roadbuster: -sighs, shakes head wearily, mutters to self- "I should have seen this coming...."

Brainstorm: -transforms to robot mode, lands, grabs a tow chain- "If we're going to get them out of there, let's do it now, not sit here and compare design notes." -hooks tow chain to Tracks, grabs one for himself, flies back into the air-

Tracks: "Some people have no apperciation for perfection in design....."

Minerva: -runs over to Ironhide- "You have a liquid nitrogen sprayer, right?"

Ironhide: "Yeah. Why?"

Minerva: "I think we can use it to get Leokaiser out of the mud."

2003-07-22, 07:00 PM
"Maybe so, Tracks," Sky Lynx said. "But your 'spectacular' Auto mode is not capable of high speed interstellar travel. And in that area, I shall always reign supreme."

God Jinrai
2003-07-23, 12:23 AM
Back at the maximus, prime mused... contemplating the entire situation with the decepticons... the quintesson invasion... . having to resurect those fallen comrades whom deserved their rest... but what plagued him most... was sealing away the god that created his race... HE was solely responsible for the removal of primus from this universe... and it ate away at him more each day...

2003-07-23, 03:30 AM
OOC: *wonders how the Autobots could have missed Wreck-Gar's signal*

The Junkion at the comm station turned to Wreck-Gar.

"Looks like the Autobots missed the lifeline, Regis," he said.

"Then they miss the chance to win the million dollar prize," Wreck-Gar said. "Well, don't call us. We'll call you."

"But sir," the Junkion said. "We lost the bleeps, the sweeps and the creeps."

"The radar isn't jammed," Wreck-Gar replied. "Try 1-800-Druidia."

"You're the boss, boss," the Junkion replied, continuing to broadcast the message to Autobot Command.

2003-07-23, 03:34 AM
(Wow. Lots going away to botcon. ::shniffle:: )

StarBlade finished her practicing, and stood from her crouched position on a holographic roof. Hopping from that roof, she got her results. All of the run-throughs, and only 2 had needed extra work. Shutting her program down, StarBlade left the training facility, and paused, pondering her options. After a few moments, she turned and headed to Astrotrain's office.

Once there, she knocked politely and waited.

2003-07-23, 05:05 AM
Prowl nodded to Ultra Magnus and gave a light smile. Very deliberately, he positioned himself in front of the computer so that Ultra Magnus could observe as he keyed in the sequences of the action request and their names.

A split screen came up and flashed. On the left side of the screen, Slag and Sludge are visible in the target practice room. Sludge is leaning against the wall with his arms folded while Slag is in triceratops mode blasting light targets at the far end of the room.

On the right side of the screen, a local map is visible with the area round and about the lake, with large yellow areas (representing the Autobot City-bots), tiny scattered moving red dots with a cluster around the lake (representing the Autobots), a single tiny purple dot right outside Fortress Maximus (representing a Decepticon), a scattered handful of tiny white dots (representing neutrals), and a glaring and flashing sizeable orange area in the lake. Prowl began typing in a following request for human activity, when a signal from Wreck-Gar came through.

"Wreck Gar!" Prowl stopped and picked up the communicator. "We're Rocky Mountain High in Colorado, coordinates follow. Trace the line and come in fine." Prowl glanced shot Magnus a grin as he relayed the location of the base and then added, "We're not dead yet Jim."

2003-07-23, 06:23 AM
Junkion Ship

"Roger Roger," Wreck-Gar signaled to Prowl. "Glad to hear Darth Rosenberg didn't turn you to Jawa Burgers. E.T. phone home and Junkions, come on down! You're next contenstants on 'welcome to the hellmouth'.

He nodded to the Junkion at the helm. "Take her down, Mr. Sulu. The Lords of Gondor have returned."

The Junkion ship made it's way down towards the Maximus shuttle.

Runamuck and Runabout made it to the area where Megatron and Galvatron were fighting. They saw Darkwing and Dreadwind firing at Starscream, who was firing at some other robot they didn't recognize.

Transforming, and with the Land Military Team in Runamuck's right hand, they advanced slowly towards the sight of battle.

2003-07-23, 12:31 PM
Blaze had traced the source of the manapulse she was tracking to an area of the planet that she definatly liked: the 'Ring of Fire', a chain of active volcanoes.

She transformed to her normal form as she sat down at the foot of a fairly large volcano. She had spotted a cave nearby and decided to investigate. She followed the cave as it led down into the earth. Upon reaching the other side she noticed that she was at the heart of the volcano. The pool of molten magma lay several feet below the ledge she was standing one, it's heat would have been unbearable to anyone else but Blaze. She actually enjoyed the heat.

She didn't have much time to enjoy the scene though, as a cry rang out for above her. She looked up and saw someone fall towards the lavapool. Without a 2nd thought, she flew towards the person, grabbed him in midair and carried him to safety atop a large ridge. Blaze was surprised to see what it was she had rescued, it was a dwarf. The dwarf was even more surprised. "What are you... a golem?" it asked.

"I'm not a golem, what I am would take too long to explain. You're lucky I was here" Blaze replied to the dwarf.

"I was part of the party that was hunting that dragon. I got seperated from the others, ended up on one of the ledges above us, tripped and the rest you know" the dwarf replied.

"So your kin are having dragon troubles? Maybe I could help, I've got experience with dealing with them" Blaze states. The dwarf simply nodded an ok.

The dwarf led Blaze down a series of passages, until they reached a fairly large cavern. Here they found the attack party, and the dragon, only something wasn't quite right. The dragon was only about 3 feet tall. Blaze was puzzled, not even newly hatched dragons were that small.

The dwarf quickly joined his comrades who were having trouble fending the thing off. Blaze just watched from a distance as the fight progressed, in favor of the dwarves. Eventually, the dragon retreated from the dwarves, who rushed after it to finish it off. It was then that the dragon noticed Blaze. He quickly advanced to her location and looked at her. Blaze was dumbstruck at what she saw in it's eyes. This creature is scared to death, I have to stop those dwarves She stepped inbetween the dragon and the dwarven. "STOP! Why are you attacking this creature?" Blaze asked.

"That thing destroyed half of our city! That's why!" the leader of the dwarven band replied.

"They disssturbed my ssslumber. I wasss sssupposssed to sssleep until my missstresss had arrived" the dragon replied.

"That they woke you up is not a just reason for destroying their city" Blaze replied.

"I panicked, I'm sssorry for the damagesss I causssed but they attacked me before I could think clearly. But now my missstresss hasss arrived, and I ssshall leave them alone" the Dragon responded with a sincere voice.

"Your mistress is here?" Blaze asked.

"Yes, allow me to introduccce myssself. I am Draco, and I am your ssservant missstresss"

2003-07-23, 07:21 PM
"Truely? The irony." Bludgeon replied amusedly to Sixshot before stopping on his tracks and lifting his arm up as a gesture for the sixchanger to stop as well.

"Do you hear it? Sounds of a battle... it is calling me..." Bludgeon almost whispered, suddenly unsheathing his sword and pointing it towards a certain corridor that would ultimately take them to the location of the battle fought between Megatron and Galvatron. "That way..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-23, 07:37 PM
"I hear it too...." Sixshot transformed to his winged-wolf mode...

"Sounds like the party's in full-swing too...."

2003-07-24, 02:43 AM

Deszarus: -goes looking for Cryotek and the energon-



Ironhide: "Yeah, Ah prob'ly can. Have ta be careful, though. Mahght freeze th' whole lake."

Minerva: "Well, it's the quickest thing we've got, short of trying for deep sea excavation." -looks at Leokaiser's feet- "Deep lake, that is."

2003-07-24, 02:46 AM
Cryotek stood in the energon chamber with the Seacons.

"I think this is tight now!" Seawing yelled clamping a pipe down.

"Good, let me check the flow gauge." Cryotek yelled looking to make sure the PSI on the energon flow was correct.

"If this gets out of whack we have a major problem." He added then saw a new Decepticon *Deathzaurus* walk in.

"Hmm whats your problem stranger?" he asked.

2003-07-24, 04:07 AM
As Perceptor and the Protectobots conitnued walking down the halls of Fortress Maximus with Professor Stall. Suddenly, after passing by a window which showed the lake and the others outside, Blades fell to the ground on his knees and grabbed his head.

"Arghhh... Earth.... Spores... Defensor," Blades muttered out as he continued to spasm in pain.

"His memory circuits must be reactivating; but I didn't believe they would take such a toll on his psychi," Perceptor said, but quickly realized the nature and grave danger of the situation. He then opened up a com-link to whoever could hear him through the base, seeing that First-Aid was still in a "drone mode."

"Medical attention is requested at coordinates of signal," Perceptor said, but was interrupted.

"Ah, put it simple, Perceptor," Hot Spot said, finally getting out of his blank stare and walk. "We need a doctor in here pronto. I repeat, we have an Autobot down."

Through all of this, Blades continued to roll now on the floor back and forth as he screamed in pain.

2003-07-24, 04:38 PM
Near Autobot Command

The Junkion cruiser landed near the Maximus shuttle (OOC: I am assuming that's where it is). Several minutes later, the ramp lowered, and Wreck-Gar, followed by several other Junkions, made their way towards the ship.

As the two Battlechargers made their way towards the sight of the battle, they had no idea what awaited them.

"There he is," Rumamuck said. "Wait a sec..."

"Yeah," Runabout replied. "Isn't that...MEGATRON?!"

After a few seconds, Runamuck asked, "What do we do?"

"I dunno," Runabout said. "Head back to Black Zarak, tell him about this."

"Good plan," Runamuck nodded.

The two transformed, the three Mini-Cons dropping to the ground beside them.

"You three stay here and keep watch," Runamuck ordered, and then sped off, along with Runabout.

2003-07-25, 03:32 AM
Nightbeat: ""Wouldn't freezing the lake be a bad idea?"

Ironhide: "Yeah, it would. Means Ah'll have ta be careful. An' even then it mahght still freeze th' lake."

Roadbuster: -looking at the feed pipes leading to the G.I. Joe base off in the distance- "Those humans won't be happy."

Nightbeat: "But we can give them a lifetime supply of frozen fish."

Ironhide, Minerva, and Roadbuster: -look at Nightbeat-

Nightbeat: -shrugs- "Somebody has to say stuff like that, and Siren isn't here....."

Ironhide: -idly wonders if maybe being dead wasn't so bad after all, looks back towards the lake, waiting for the Victory Saber airlift to begin-



Deszarus: -nodding to Cryotek- "I am here for energon."

2003-07-25, 03:43 AM
"Nightbeat's attempt at humor notwithstanding," Sky Lynx said. "I do suggest that we move with utmost haste."

Brave Maximus
2003-07-25, 04:00 AM
"I agree Skylynx. But theirs three more chains that some ground guys can pick up as we're all out of flyers."

2003-07-25, 04:14 AM
"The last time I checked," Sky Lynx said to Skyfall, "I was a flyer, not to mention your best."

Brave Maximus
2003-07-25, 04:30 AM
"True about the flyer bit." Skyfall said to the shuttle, with a smile in his voice. "But we have three more heavy lifts and we wouldn't want you to get tired before we're done."

2003-07-25, 04:45 AM
"Of course," Sky Lynx agreed. "But I no doubt will be called upon to save the day should you chaps fail in your duty, so I will remain on standby."

2003-07-25, 05:18 AM
Roadbuster: "C'mon, comedian." -grabs one chain, tosses another to Nightbeat-

Nightbeat: "Everybody's a critic." -waves Chromedome over-

Chromedome: -leaves patrol area as he and Siren come around on their circuit of the lake, walks over to Nightbeat- "What's up?"

Nightbeat: -hands Chromedome the third tow chain- "We're moving Victory Saber."

Chromedome: "Finally." -takes tow chain-

Roadbuster, Nightbeat, and Chromedome: -transform to vehicle mode, ready to tow-

Brainstrom and Tracks: -airborne, ready to tow-

2003-07-25, 05:28 AM
Cryotek smiled.

"Well I am not your mother bot, you can feed yourself." He handed Deathzaurus an energon cube.

"I am checking the consitancy and flavor levels. Tell me how that is." he added.

2003-07-26, 04:01 PM

Deathzaurus: -takes energon cube, tastes energon, analyzes, consistancy, flavor, texture, octane level, etc, etc, etc- "This is excellent, Cryotek." -accessing datafiles- "Is that a hint of mint I detect?"



Ironhide, Minerva and Siren: -watching as everybody gets ready to move Victory Saber-

2003-07-27, 03:21 AM
Cryotek chuckled.

"Yes, the energon seemed a bit bland, I hope that helped the flavor."

2003-07-28, 06:30 AM
Near Black Zarak

The two Battlecharges raced back towards the massive Decepticon.

Brave Maximus
2003-07-28, 04:58 PM
Skyfall noted that all the tow chains had been taken up and everyone seemed to be waiting for the signal.

Looking around, Skyfall and the three minicons transformed and hooked the tow chains on.

"Alright flyers, on my signal, pull him up and west (towards the Maximus). Ground guys, when we need it, I'll signal, and you guys pull west as well. Hopefully that will break the suction and allow us to pull him free. Flyer ready?"

All the flyers gave there signal.

"Alright, start pulling!"

With that all the flyers began to pull, but Victory Saber only shifted slightly and they could feel the mud and suction pulling against them. Each Autobot slowly and steadily began to increase their engine output, straining the chains and themselves.

"Ground guys!" Skyfall shouted through a strained vocator "NOW!"

Nightbeat, Roadbuster and Chromedome began to pull with all their might. Tires digging deep rutts into the soft earth.

Skyfall called out: "My engines are maxed out, this is all I can give!"
Soon his minicon companions called in unison the same thing.
Following relatively close were the other flyers, but Victory Saber had bearly moved.

"Does anyone have an power reserves left?!?" called Skyfall desperatly.

"Looks like I will have to save your failed plan after all." Said Skylynx in a smug voice. And with that his engines roared a hot red. A great slurping sound was heard, just before a loud "POP" and the rushing of water.

Victory Saber was violently freed from his mucky prison. The flyers all shot forward as the resitance against them was released. On the ground, the slower ground based Autobots were dragged by the tow chains. Fortunatly two of the chains broke under the tension, sending Nightbeat and Chromedome careening off.

But Roadbuster was still stuck fast. With combat honed reflexes, he transformed to robot mode, launching himself upwards and catching the chain. When the flyers had gained control, he cut the chain, landing hard on the ground, and begain to make the rek back to the lake area, muttering under his breath.

The flyers headed towards the Maximus, leaving Ironhide, Minerva and Siren to handle things back at the lake.

*At the Maximus*

The massive airlift came into view of those at the Maximus. As they set down Victory Saber on the ground outside, they could hear the small black and gunmetal F-22 shouting at the much larger shuttle:
"................and that's why we all needed to pull smoothly and at the same time!!!"

When they finally set the giant Autobot down, Skyfall stood outside waiting for someone to come and ask what was going on. He turned to the other flyers and said:
"Thanx for your help. You can go back to the lake if you want. I'll wait here for someone and then join you back there. I think we'll need to come up with something more to get Leokaiser out."

Sorry about the absence. I went home for the weekend and have been....... busy, yeah, that's it ;) :eyebrow:

Aero Blade
2003-07-28, 07:07 PM
Tracer sat at the computer consol, searching through the information stored there. Having finished his earlier task, and having no other orders, Tracer had found himself an open computer and was going about finding a way to entertain himself, at least until he was giving orders that'd let him kill something. He was searching for information on the wherabouts of his former teammates, but it didn't seem very well documented about where all the Decepticons had been sent to. Likely they were tossed in with the refugees and shipped off to space or some other remote planet.

Tracer scanned through the computer's databank, skimming random personell profiles. He was getting bored, and he whe got bored, he got agitated. Much more of this and he might find someone to pick a fight with just to entertain himself...

(Anyone that wants to, go ahead) :)

2003-07-28, 09:05 PM
Squeezeplay continuing his random wanderings, happened to notice Tracer using a computer station. Suspiciously looking over the smaller Decepticon's shoulder, he noticed several personel files on screen.
"What are you doing, little one?" The part of him that was Lokos directed the Headmaster's shared mind towards a paranoid idea. "Spying for the Autobots, perhaps?"
Shockwave came to a conclusion as he mulled over his data.
We require more data on Quintesson military preparations before we begin a campaign against them. However, that is not the case where the Autobots are concerned.
Switching mental tracks, he began to ponder how to weaken the Autobots in preparation for an assault.

Aero Blade
2003-07-28, 09:38 PM
So wishes DO come true. The right kind of provocation and I'll have secured myself some entertainment. Have to get this down to one of the training rooms, though, or those techs are bound to break it up. Gotta protect their 'precious computers'...Tracer thought to himself. He pushed away from the computer consol, aiming to roll his chair right over Squeezeplay's feet.

"Little one?" Tracer growled, slightly disgusted. He may not have been one of the biggest Decepticons, but he certainly wasn't small. "How an oversized oaf like you can properly judge anything is a wonder to me," Tracer stood up. "And I hope you're ready to back up that 'Autobot' crack..."

Hearing the sounds of a potential fight, some of the workers turned to check things out. They didn't want a fight in here; if the computers got wrecked, Galvatron would have their heads. The equipment wasn't exactly easy to replace now that they'd been driven away from Cybertron.

2003-07-29, 04:03 AM
Squeezeplay couldn't have been happier with Tracer's reaction. Not that he had anything against the other Decepticon, not at all.
But a diversion is a diversion. And Primus knows I could use something to break up the monotony. He should be an...adaquate challenge, anyway.
Transforming to bipedal crab mode and securing Lokos in his chest cockpit, Squeezeplay aimed a massive claw at the nearby technicians.
"You want no part of this," he snarled. "Trust me."
Turning his attention back to Tracer, he added: "And you, weakling, you're so pitiful that you're barely worth the effort of transforming. My Headmaster partner isn't even scared of you!"
The mention of Lokos reminded Squeezeplay why he had gotten into this confrontation in the first place.
Bah, forget the Nebulan's schemes and paranoia. He's so used to being sneaky that he expects everyone to have some secret plan. He smiled ferally. But this one doesn't. He's just out for a fight, I think. Just like me.
So let's give him what he wants.
"Nothing you can do will even scratch my paint, scraplet." Squeezeplay crouched, preparing to strike. "Do your worst."

2003-07-29, 04:39 AM

Ironhide: -watching Victory Saber vanish in the distance- "Well, one down, two more to go."

Nightbeat and Chromedome: -come rolling up, slowly in Nightbeat's case, transform-

Nightbeat: "I think you better leave me out of the next one. I think I just stripped my transmission."

Chromedome: -chuckles, claps Nightbeat on the shoulder- "You're fine. Just not used to doing that."

Minerva: -scans Nightbeat- "Chromedome's right. You did strain your transmission, though, not to mention your drivetrain."

Nightbeat: "Lovely."

Minerva: -smiles- "But you can help pull Leokaiser out."

Aero Blade
2003-07-29, 04:43 AM
Tracer chuckled, stepping forward, seeming amused, but not particularly agressive at the moment. Hah, one of those freaks bonded with a fleshy. This shall be a most entertaining fight... "Cool your circuits for a second and use both of your brains. I'm just as eager to kick your butt as you are to attempt to do to mine, but I'm not about to get sent to the brig over it," Tracer said to Squeezeplay, motioning to the whole room.

"If we damage this equipment, Galvatron is likely to personally strangle us. Good computers are hard to get on this primative mudball of a planet, and I personally don't see any reason to get punished over a couple of hunks of hardware. Besides, we start brawling here and anyone of our oppressive superiors is bound to come by and break it up..."

"Why don't we take a walk down to the training rooms?" Tracer suggested, a sinsister and eager look creeping onto his face. "After all, who's gonna break up a 'training session?'"

2003-07-29, 05:00 AM
"Where we fight doesn't matter, so long as you give me a good battle. But wait one moment."
Squeezeplay reverted to robot mode, and walked towards the nearest technician. Lifting the smaller robot out of his seat, he smashed him into a wall.
"You saw nothing," he whispered dangerously. The tech nodded fearfully. Squeezeplay dropped him, then slowly surveyed the rest of the techs. None of them met his gaze.
"Good." Turning back towards Tracer, Squeezeplay snarled, "Shall we go?"

2003-07-29, 06:12 AM
Galvatron crouched back, coiled...ready to strike.

Galvatron: "Well then fool...show me what you have got!"

Galvatron waited on Megatron...waiting for that one slip that would give him the advantage.
Starscream realized exactly who the prisoner Maxima referred to was.

Starscream: "Listen little one...I grow tired of you and these two dolts...the prisoner you hold...I want him...now!"

2003-07-29, 02:48 PM
>>"You return already... what news you have for me?"<< The gigantic Decepticon addressed the Battlechargers via radio-link.


Bludgeon had finally reached the part of Metrotitan where Galvatron and Megatron were testing their strength.

"Most interesting..." Bludgeon spoke to Sixshot as he stepped on the corridor where he had straight viewline at the fight. "Looks like even reformatting into Galvatron does not keep Megatron away..."

2003-07-29, 03:24 PM
Black Zarak

"You're never going to believe this," Runabout said.

"Yeah," Runamuck said. "We went to where Galvatron was..."

"And you'll never guess who we saw with him," Runabout said in a huff.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-07-29, 08:52 PM
"Guess it's time to show our loyalty, question is, who's attacking who....!?"

Sixshot pounced forward into the midst of the battle...

Aero Blade
2003-07-29, 09:04 PM
Tracer chuckled, bemused at Squeezeplay's handling of the techs. Those workers served a pointless function. Warriors were so much more superior....

"Right this way," Tracer motioned out the door, starting to walk toward the training room.

2003-07-29, 10:07 PM

Deszarus: -having fully recharged, strides outside, pulls sword, starts running through a practice routine, adding in kicks, parries, blocks, and dodges as he fights off ten invisible opponents, thinking to self- "Star Saber is here...... this time, he dies...... and these fools will kill him for me......."

2003-07-30, 04:13 AM
Maxima's crimson optics glared at Starscream. 'Little one?' he called her? hardly. She'd been function as long as Megatron.

"I think not, Starscream. You have no right to him. Nor could you be of worth to him. No, Starscream. You would do more damage to him than he could possibly take." She stood up, & brought her prisoner to stand up as well. She kept him as close to her as possible. "Besides, I would hate to see you fowl him up. You couldn't care for another comrade even if he cried out to you for assistance."

Her radar picked up something outside the hanger. She glanced off to look outside, seeing dust. Her scanners as full, she picked up little mini bots, as well as 2 others that just disappeared of her radar.

Turning to the personal battle-

"Megatron! We have spies! Intruders! Guaranteed whoever they are will inform their commander & will come." this actually concerned her. The majority of the time, the commanders sought to overthrow Megatron & become supreme Decepticon Leader. This time... she was bound & determined NOT to let that happen.

she raised her arm with the solar fission cannon on it towards Starscream to make sure she had him at bay. Hopefully, Dreadwind & Darkwing would be able to deal with Starscream, but.. that was hope. Despite how arrogant he was, she was still damn good at his duty.

OCC: btw, back & had a BLAST! I'll have a report & pictures soon. Wish I could have met ya there, Reflector... & anyone else who went. I know it was kinda hard, considering the size of the place, the people, etc. Maybe.. next year!

2003-07-30, 04:39 AM
Squeezeplay silently followed Tracer, noticing how he moved.
He walks like a warrior. Perhaps he'll provide a challenge after all...

2003-07-30, 06:25 AM
Starscream clinched his fists and raised his two blasters on Maxima.

Starscream: "I'm not in the mood to ask again...the prisoner you hold is important to my master...he has reasons beyond you're ability to comprehend...hand him to me and be spared...fail to comply and perish...your choice."

Suddenly...two red targeting dots appeared on both Dreadwind and Darkwing

As for you two...toss down your weapons and step back...or I'll have you both slagged before your caracasses hit the ground!

2003-07-30, 06:32 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind looked at Starscream for several seconds.

"What do we do?" Darkwing asked. "We can't shoot him, but we're not putting down our weapons."

"I think we should intiate Plan R," Dreadwind said.

"'Plan R?'" Darkwing asked.

"Yeah," Dreadwind said. "'R' as in...RUN AWAY!"

Dreadwind started off in a rush towards the other end of the hanger, Darkwing reluctantly following.

2003-07-30, 08:55 PM

Deszarus: -pauses in the middle of his workout, hearing the fight in the distance, turns towards the hangar as Darkwing and Dreadwind run out- "Well, well..... what is this......." -strides over to hangar, looks inside-

Aero Blade
2003-07-31, 01:26 AM
Tracer walked calmly through the halls, not at all bothered by Squeezeplay's presence behind him. Normally it was a good idea to keep an eye on your would-be opponent so that they don't attempt to pull something, but this guy seemed to want a good fight just as much as Tracer did. Probably also bored out of his mind... Tracer thought to himself, turning the corner into the training room.

Entering the training room, Tracer took a moment to survey the area. Several other Decepticons were there already, working out, target practice, and any number of other things. In the middle of the room there was a marked off circle representing an arena. Two other guys were already there, preparing for a wrestling match. Tracer stalked up to the arena, instantly catching their attention.

"Clear out..." Tracer growled, stopping at the edge of the arena. The two Decepticons looked up at the larger black transformer, then back at eachother, unsure.

"You clear out, we were here first!" the bolder one snapped. Tracer cracked his knuckles, starting forward. When they didn't move, Tracer sprinted forward suddenly, striking the loudmouth. The said Decepticon when tumbling out of the area and into the nearby wall where he layed on the ground, either stunned or unconcious. The Decepticon still in the arena took one look at Tracer, then bolted. Some of the others in the area who noticed the commotion gathered around to watch. Tracer stepped into the middle of the arena, waiting for Squeezeplay to join him.

"Alright, no weapons, the first one to concede, unconcious, or out of the ring is looser. Got any special rules you want to add?" he asked.

2003-07-31, 03:52 AM
Squeezeplay tossed his overrider blaster down outside the arena.
"Just one thing." He tapped his head. "Don't squish the Nebulan. It's not that I care about him, but it'd make a mess."
Before Lokos' angry reply could regester, Squeezeplay shifted to crab mode, launching himself into the arena, and towards Tracer.

Aero Blade
2003-07-31, 04:26 AM
(just a reminder: I always glance at battle stance before doing these kind of posts. I don't want to post anything out of line for my char...)

Tracer waited until Squeezeplay had crossed the line into the area, then dodged sideways to avoid the charge. Tracer took a ready stance on the other side of the arena, waiting for Squeezeplay's next move.

Not particuarly fast Tracer evaluated But his posture says he knows what he's doing. Probably used to going straight into physical combat. This should be fun, and I can use the exercise... In combat his first move was usually to pull out the blasters and simply annialate the Autobot he'd targeted, but that wasn't the case here. Still have my speed and strength... Tracer thought, eyeing Squeezeplay's claws. He'd have to be cautious of those. Tracer's armor was thick, but he doubted it was thick enough to stand up to one of those...

2003-07-31, 04:52 AM
Hound chuckled at Spike. He remembered Daniel had had a hard time sitting still just for a 10 minute ride from their house to a Burger King, much less sitting through lessons in geography. He was about to respond when very rapid footfalls and a pair of shadows caught his attention from a side room. Hound sat bolt upright as Ratchet barreled out and through the medical doors opposite while Hoist stopped and looked around.

"What's going on Hoist?" Hound asked as he got to his feet.
Hoist flicked a glance at the door then around the room as he replied. "I'm not sure exactly, but from the brief sounds of it, something happened to Blades and Ratchet was needed."
Hoist paused for a moment as he looked at Crosscut and Sunstreaker. "Looking good Streaks. I still think you'd look better in aquamarine though." Hoist chuckled as he turned to go back and froze in mid turn as he noticed first Spike and then Hound's welding marks.

"Spike! It's good to see you again!" *pause* "But you...... right. Come on Hound. I'll start on you and when Crosscut's done with Sunny, he can come help- he seems to be excellent with cosmetic damage. What in the universe happened to you? You look like you've been chewed up and spit out by Sharkticons."

Hound shrugged slightly and gave a smile as he let Spike climb onto his hand. "It's a long story Hoist."

Hoist shook his head as they walked into an adjacent working area. "You'll have some time to tell me- at least until I get to that collar section."
Trailbreaker jolted a bit as he heard Pinpointer. "You're right Pinpointer. We aren't doing much good from here. Let's go down and help. Race ya Crosshairs!"
Ratchet raced headlong down the halls of Maximus just as fast as he could safely go. He slowed to a jog as he heard thrashing coming from around a corner and stopped next to Blades who was thrashing about in agony and yelling something about spores.
"We have to calm him down. Perceptor, Stall, Hot Spot- hold him still so I can reroute the pain signals and scan him for the source of the trouble."

2003-07-31, 05:00 AM

Darkwing and Dreadwind rushed by Deathsaurus.

"Hey, wait!" Darkwing said. "Don't go in there!"
Autobot Command

Wreck-Gar and his team of Junkions entered the command center.


2003-07-31, 05:11 AM
Maxima glared at Starscream. But her reply-

2 bolts from her cannon shot off at Starscream, as her shoulder mounted cannons fired upon the roof creating a hole in it.

Grabbing her prisoner tightly, she shot off up towards the roof of the hanger to escape.

The other issue was, Megatron. She really did not want to leave him. However, she doubted that Megatron wanted Gigatron taken from him either.

2003-07-31, 05:19 AM
Squeezeplay shoulder-rolled, coming up facing Tracer.
A quick one, is he? No matter, I'll shred him to flak.
Clacking his claws together in anticipation, Squeezeplay stared at Tracer for a long moment, trying to unnerve him.
Suddenly, he leapt, heavily crashing to the ground a meter away from where Tracer had been standing. He swiped his left claw at the other Decepticon's head, expecting, as usual, an easy victory.
Crosshairs gave Trailbreaker an amused look.
"If you say so," was his reply, as he transformed to vehicle mode and collected Pinpointer.

Aero Blade
2003-07-31, 02:31 PM
When Squeezeplay lept into the air, Tracer crouched down, readying himself. When he landed, Tracer bolted to the side, narrowly missing the dangerous claws. Tracer once again took up a spot on the other side of the arena. He's pretty agile for someone slow and in that kind of an akward form Tracer thought with some admiration. But those claws mean no frontal attacks. Gotta get behind him or get him out of this mode Tracer though, picking up determination again. He was pretty sure he had watched Squeezeplay enough to start some attacks, but he had to wait for the right openning. This fight was becoming quite enjoyable...

2003-07-31, 03:47 PM
Megatron growled unabashed - his rage had finally reached a nigh uncontrollable height. He wound his right arm across his chest and whipped it around, slicing the mace wildly toward Galvatron's chest with a battlecry. In the momentum of the swing, his optics caught sight of the Powermasters' flight, as well as Maxima's absence. His optics flared.

"Cowards! You will be destroyed for your insolence!"

Brave Maximus
2003-07-31, 05:07 PM
Skyfall waited outside the Maximus, not knowing what was going on.

Hummmm, no one's come out yet, must be something going on inside. And that bizzare flying junk heap is probably causing other problems. Stranger and stranger

"Comm Link open: Autobot general frequency."
"This is Skyfall to any Autobot mechanic or Medic. I've got a rescued Victory Saber here. He's out right now, but I don't know how long he'll remain that way. If anyone wants to come out so I can had this big guy over to them, I'd apreciate it. Still two more to pull out of the muck. Skyfall out."

He then turned to his Minicon companions:

"You guys go wait in Omega. Get him preped for launch, we might need him to pull Leokaiser out."

2003-07-31, 05:45 PM
OOC: I emptied the entire box this morning Bombers :) It's open now- sorry about that!

Trailbreaker transformed and laughed as he yelled "GO" and raced forward. He had no intentions of going down the typical way and with a twist of the wheel, hurdled off the gravelly mountain slope towards an overhanging ledge above the lake.

Meanwhile, down an abandoned hallway in Iacon on Cybertron, a dark shadow of coiling tentacles made its way through the empty and disheveled remains of the Autobot quartering areas. Silvery whiplike appendages trailed off prodding and searching through the items left behind from the hasty evacuation. Various items were examined briefly through eerie midnight blackened optics and tossed aside or passed backward to more shadows as the figure moved from one room to another...

2003-07-31, 06:27 PM

Deathsaurus: -looks down at Darkwing and Dreadwind as they run by- "Why? And what are you running from?" -changes to an Imperial commanding voice, as is more befitting an Emperor- "You two will stop and explain what is going on! NOW!"


Tow chains carrying Victory Saber:

Tracks: -still in vehicle mode, sees the Junkion ship- "If it helps, Skyfall, that looks like a Junkion crusier. They're Autobots..... after a fashion. But if you haven't been watching Earth TV for the past 30 years, nothing they say will make much sense."

God Jinrai
2003-07-31, 06:45 PM
in his chambers, prime woke from his stupor as he realised the touchdown of the junkion cruiser... departing from his quarters, he started down the corridor of the maximus cruiser towards Fortress' command center... and upon arrival was slightly shocked by wrek-gar and company's sudden arrival... but the shock quickly passed...

"Well, Wreck-Gar... I see you and your fellow junkions still have an incredible sense of timing... I'd assume you heard about the troubles facing our race... and our homeworld..."