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Quick Switch
2003-08-12, 06:35 PM
(The previous thread has been closed due to length. Posts for Autobot only characters are to be placed here.)

Previous thread synopsis follows-

Having retreated to Earth as Quintessons invaded Cybertron, the transformer factions began regrouping and reassessing their current situations and evaluating their next actions.

The Autobots took refuge in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, making Fortress Maximus their base of operations. For them, the return to Earth is a batch of mixed situations. Some time ago, Unicron had threatened the existance of the universe. In light of that situation, Optimus had made a peace treaty with the Decepticon leader, Galvatron. Together, the Autobots and Decepticons defeated the huge monstrosity, but then were confronted with an evil object called a Chaos Matrix, which the Decepticon Thunderwing had gotten hold of.

The Chaos Matrix brought forth a leader named Rodimus Convoy (as well as others) from different dimentions. It had Rodimus Convoy's mind influenced that Optimus was evil, and Rodimus Convoy together with the corrupting power of the Chaos Matrix managed to convince half the Autobot troops that Prime wasn't after peace. They followed Rodimus Convoy, in in the wake of this split, an Autobot civil war began. Optimus recalled all the Autobots from Earth, to aid in the fight to destroy the Chaos Matrix and set things right with Rodimus Convoy and the others. In doing so, he gave Earth to the Decepticons. The two groups of Autobots were joined by the Decepticons- Galvatron aiding Optimus and the Chaos Matrix was destroyed, and at the last battle, Rodimus Convoy and several others gave their existances to rid the groups of the evil object.

With all of the transformer leaders and main groups in a weakened state from external and internal fighting, the Quintessons took advantage of the situation. They got the Decepticon Mindwipe to release a "Hate Plague II" by infecting Mirage with it. As the virus spread, the Quints invaded, and the tf leaders chose to strategically retreat.
So upon returning to Earth. the Autobots found themselves on 'Decepticon property', however, the Decepticons had not followed the terms of Optimus' agreement and the Autobot leader is begining to consider other possibilities. Knowing they were outnumbered, Optimus called upon the Matrix and several fallen warriors became reactivated.

Also nearby, two giant tfs crashed into a mountain lake and were just now recovered. One being Victory Saber, and one being Leokaiser. These new tfs pose more issues for the Autobots.
Meanwhile- in a faraway country called Carbombya, the Decepticons had a ready made base with Metrotitan landing, and plenty of resources from an old standing alliance with the human ruler- Abdul Fakkadi. Megatron approached him first with Maxima, intending on securing his aid and resources to take over the leadership of the Decepticons entirely from Galvatron, however that plan was headed off at the pass when Galvatron got wind of it and showed up on the scene to behead Megatron.

Meanwhile, Astrotrain, City Commander of Metrotitan charged the femme assassin Star Blade with an important mission: the termination of Ultra Magnus. The expected assassination of the Autobot officer would propel both sides back into open conflict, as per Decepticon leader Galvatron's (and second in command Gigatron's) wishes.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-12, 08:57 PM
Ultra Magnus was severly alarmed by what Skyfall had spoken of.

"Victory Saber can be talked to, but I fear that Liokaiser is an entirely different matter and if his powers are half as strong as the tone of your voice suggests our problems are huge."

Grimlock peered through the security monitors looking over the front of Metroplex.

"Me not think problem look that big..."

Magnus simply glazed over at Grimlock's comments...

"It's not the size that counts, it's how much of a beating they'll give you that matters..." Magnus turned to the comm system again "...This is Ultra Magnus, we have a massive security risk outside our door. All secuity detail are to converge in meeting room one asap."

Magnus signed off the comm system, then addressed Grimlock.

"You're the muscle, you and the Dinobots, come with me."

Magnus began to move towards the exit.

"Skyfall, you seem most savvy with our 'friends' outside. If you would come with us too."

Magnus set off for the meeting room, followed by Grimlock.

Aero Blade
2003-08-13, 05:28 AM
Thouroughly bored, Aero Blade sat slouched in his chair, looking about ready to doze off or fall out; either one or both were bound to happen sooner or later at this rate. Just as Aero Blade was about to start snoozing, though, the door to the room openned up.

"Hound!" Aero Blade realized cheerfully, hopping out of his chair. "You're looking better," he said, coming over to the older Autobot. When he got close was when he noticed Quick Switch. Aero Blade immediately backed up a short ways, making room so that they could enter, but also keeping cautious distance from the unfamiliar transformer. Aero Blade held his spot, watching a bit timidly and unsure.

On the other side of the room, Stratus sat on the back of a chair, not immediately visibly to the Autobots who had just entered. Stratus remained descretely still, keeping an eye on Quick Switch. He could easily see his partner's caution, and that made the minicon alert as well.

2003-08-13, 05:59 AM
Escort duty:

Ironhide: -eyeing Leokaiser with suspicion- "You guys sure this is a good ahdea?"

Minerva: "Unless you've got a shrink ray or something, this seems like the best thing to do." -checks her medikit, nods, waves to Trailbreaker- "I'm ready!"

2003-08-13, 06:40 AM
Sunstreaker was immediately repulsed by the idea Spike had suggested of not fighting. It sickened him to his processor.

"Not fight?! And let my friends run out and die while I hunk in my room and sulk?! As humans say Not a chance hell. I would not sit back as my friends fought even if the fight was pointless

"Guard Duty?" Blaster replied to Trailbreaker from his mountain peak where he sat still trying to get some sort of musical radio signal. He sighed and shrugged "Why not, better then sitting on a mountop listening to static no stop"

2003-08-13, 09:41 AM
"Hi Aero Blade!" Hound greeted his friend cheerfully before noting the subsequent hesitant reaction. "Yes, I feel better thanks, and you look better too." He smiled. "You remember Quick Switch?"
Riptide's optics widened as the big Sixchanger entered, but she didn't even attempt to move from Dirge's lap. Shasta was surprised when he found himself released, but surprisingly enough, he didn't move either and gave Quick Switch an indifferent look.
Trailbreaker listened to Crosshairs. "Yeah, I'm ready for a bit of downtime. But I think I'll just sit and stay here a while - maybe take an idle for a bit." Then Blaster clicked in. Trailbreaker listened as he shot Minerva a thumbs-up and then leaned backwards on the big combiner's chestplate. "Sounds fair Blaster. Hurry up though- the others are gonna disassemble this hunk 'o' junk, and that means we'll have lots to look out for." He clicked off and shut his optics, letting the mid-morning sun warm his body in a full-length sprawl.
Inferno folded his arms and looked at the disappearing group. This standing around is lighting my fire. He had been trying his best to be patient, but he couldn't wait any longer. Optimus told me to stay, and then he left. I'm not doing any good standing here like a pole. Maybe those things are what Prime wanted me to watch... up close and personal-like.
"Wreck Gar. I'm gonna go see what's going on out there. Ya wanna come?" Inferno called as he headed to the door.
Prowl's systems picked up the transmission from Ultra Magnus and he stirred and then sat up. His systems still hadn't recovered, but at least the buzzing in his auditories had stopped. Immediately he was on alert. He sensed someone in the room with him, but didn't see anyone directly. Suddenly, Smokescreen's voice came from a dark corner in the room. "It's about time you took some time off Prowl, but it should be more than 28 Earth minutes."

Prowl shook his head and smiled slightly as Smokescreen chuckled and his blue optics opened to become two lights in the dark. He was standing in the corner with his arms folded.
"How long have you been there, Smokescreen?"

"Not long. About 31 and a half minutes. Came to polish a scrape and when you walked in in such a daze, I figured I'd stay and make sure you stayed functional."

"Unneccesary, but thanks. I need to go to a meeting now."
Smokescreen's optics brightened. "Why?"
"Ultra Magnus called a security meeting." Prowl swung his feet down over the side of the table, then paused a moment I'm still part of security."

"And isn't that why you're here?"

Prowl shook his head again. "No... I'm not a security risk. I've just - got some overheated circuits..."

Smokescreen moved in closer He looked surprised. "Security risk. Hardly. I meant that of course you're still security. This is why you survived, and why most of the others did too. You must really have some overheated circuits Prowl." Smokescreen put a hand on Prowl's shoulder. "You need to let your systems cool. You had a mission and did everything you could do. No machine can predict everything, but you and Optimus did the best you both could. Run through that logic once and then go into idle. I'll ask Magus for permission to take your place and I'll fill you in in two hours. By then your systems will have caught up."

Prowl frowned briefly but then nodded. "Okay Smokescreen. If they give you a hard time, you'll let me know, won't you?"
"Certainly. Take it easy now. I'll be back soon." And as Prowl leaned back, Smokescreen closed the door partway and headed up towards the meeting room.
Spike wasn't sure what to do with Sunstreaker. The big yellow and black Autobot had always been a bit difficult, even if Spike understood his reasoning this time. "Well, I guess then, all that remains is to see what Optimus does and hope he doesn't let either planet stay in the current possessors' hands... I should probably go back and see how Hound's doing Sunstreaker. He was going to get repaired and answer some questions for me. Do you want to come?"

2003-08-13, 02:39 PM
Escort duty:

Minerva: -standing under Leokaiser, whistles looking at the damage- "Ouch. I'd hate to be that teal colored guy."

Nightbeat: -looking up at Leokaiser as well- "No kidding. The pink and blue guys look like they've seen better days, too."

Minerva: "Yeah. I think most of their damage is impact, though." -taps foot- "Now how the heck am I going to get up there?"

2003-08-13, 03:47 PM
Frost definatly liked the area she was flying through, all she could see was miles and miles of ice. Must be a polar ice cap, one of the few things most planes seem to have in common. Go north long enough and you find one. But I should focus on finding the source of that pulse, not enjoying the terrain she thought as she was flying through the arctic skies.

She eventually came across a huge glacier. A cave large enough for Void to fit through with ease seemed to be the only opening. She transformed in mid air and landed in front of the cave.

Hmm, the pulse seems to be coming from inside. Judging by the size of the cave, I should be on my guard. For all I know there's a white dragon or frost giant inside. Frost carefully made her way inside. The cave soon became a tunnel, but no traces of whatever creature lives inside. Frost had been walking for about an hour and was about to relax when a roar could be heard from up ahead. Sounded like a bear of some sort, shouldn't be a problem if it proves hostile. She neared the end of the tunnel and saw a large cavern with a large hole in the roof, and also the creature that made the roa: a white bear about 5 feet tall.

The bear had seen her too, but made no move to attack her. It just seemed to grin as it looked at Frost. "Ah, you're finally here. I was wondering how long I'd have to wait for you. I take it your name is Frost?" the bear spoke.

Frost surprised since she had not expecting a talking bear, took a moment or two to reply. "I am Frost. But how do you know my name? And why were you waiting for me" she stated cold and direct, intent on getting quick answers.

"Oh, I was created to be your familiar and was told to wait for you here. I think the guy who made me and the others called himself Urza. Oh, before I forget, my name's Arctos" the bear replied.

"So, Arctos was it? I take it Urza created you to boost my power, the usual task for familiars. Then I assume the others you speak of are ment for my sisters?" Frost replied, still not dropping her guard. There were many who knew her former master, and not all of them were friendly.

"Yup, my 3 brothers, Tempest, Draco and Typhoon are the familiars for your sisters Shock, Blaze and Gale respectivly" Arctos answered.

"And Void?" was all Frost asked, it was enough. Apart from Urza and some of the Autobots, no one else knows who Void is. If this being does know, I can trust him.

"Ah yes, your merged form. Urza refrained from creating a specific familiar for her. Void would become so powerful that she would equal planewalkers, and that would be a grave risk in battle. But why all the questions? You don't trust me do you?" the bear familiar said.

"I did not, but after what you said about Void I do. Urza would not allow that much power to be gained at once. He gained it when he was forced to use the Cylix to destroy his brother Mishra. I'll gladly have you as my familiar. And this cavern will be our home" with those words Frost flew through the hole in the roof of the cavern and started scouting out the nearby terrain.

Neither Frost nor her sisters would likely become involved with any matters regarding either Earth, Cybertron or anything else in regards to the Autobots and Decepticons. Not for a good long time anyway.

Brave Maximus
2003-08-13, 04:04 PM
As Chromedome entered the command chamber, starlight turned and looked at him with a puzzled look. As she began her response in Minicon, strange things began to happen.

As she gave her response, it started as the flickering of the electrical systems. Then slight arcs of blue energy began to move around the command centre flickering off the Transformers armor. The temperature in the room dropped signifigantly and a glowing orb appeared just above the command chair. Some of the energy arced and traced around Chomedome, lightly scanning him.
Maximus Command Centre

Skyfall nodded to Ultra Magnus and began to follow with him, still flying in the air. Suddenly he stopped and began to faintly glow with a blue light. His optics became distant.

With a voice much deeper and mechanical than his own:
"Threat Assesment: Negligable, Security precautions: unneeded'"
He then turned to Ultra Magnus:
"Talk: Excessive. Time: Limited." and the light faded, leaving a very confused little robot looking around.
"Well, that was interesting. I believe that was my partner looking out for me." and he sheepishly floated down to the ground and began to walk with the other Autobots.
Omega Shuttle
The same voice rung through the Omega shuttle, then everything returned to normal.
Starlight rushed over to Chromedome and began scanning his systems for damage, while the other two began to scan Omega. Starlight pondered the data and then held up her scanner to Chromedome.

It's readings indecated that there was some similarity between Omega's make up and his own and that may have triggered the event.

2003-08-13, 05:04 PM
Omega shuttle command center:

Chromedome: -slightly puzzled by what's just happened- "Does.... um, does that happen often?"


Escort duty:

Minerva: -remerges with her transector- "Well, I can't fix it as a human, and I can't fix it as a robot. One way, I'm too short, the other, just a little too...... tall......"

Nightbeat: -gets back to feet- "What?"

Minerva: -snaps fingers- "I think I got it. Trailbreaker, can you get down from there?" -looks over at Hosehead and Hardhead- "You guys have strong backs, right?"

Hosehead: "Uh oh......."

Hardhead: "What.... why...." -realization sets in- "It won't work! Fire engines are higher than tanks!"

Minerva: -looks over at Ironhide- "Yes, they are.... but Hosehead's ladder assembly can lower enough crosswise and rest ontop of your tank mode, Hardhead. And, if he's willing to help, I could use Ironhide to brace against so I don't slide off."

Ironhide: "Uh......"

Minerva: "It'll take a minute at the most. In fact, the odds are pretty good that as soon as I reconnect these relays, we'll be covered in unconscious goons."

Aero Blade
2003-08-13, 05:04 PM
Aero Blade looked up at Quick Switch when Hound asked his question. Remember him? He'd never seen him before in his... Oh wait, wasn't Quick Switch the name of the guy I needed to see to get inducted?

Aero Blade continued to look at Quick Switch. This guy seemed...pretty imposing. He'd never seen a transformer quite like him. I'm having second thoughts... Aero Blade consider silently, staying frozen on his spot.

Quick Switch
2003-08-13, 10:57 PM
Quick Switch turned to regard Aero Blade with his usual intense gaze, and especially that of the Minicon nearby, and he frowned.

That is one of the small units similar to the ones who refused to help us earlier! I went with Optimus myself to that wretched planet and was a monumental waste of TIME-

However, the Six Changer fought to control his always fast-moving central processor.

Quick Switch spoke finally, smiling slightly while pointedly ignoring the Minicon.

"Hound has spoken most highly of you, Aero Blade."

It was at that moment the Security Director discovered the presence of the two younglings, and Dirge...holding one of the younglings. His frown intensified.

Younglings? How am I possibly going to be able to give them a security rating? Or run protocol algorithms? THESE are the units Dirge has been warding? Younglings? That doesn't seem possible!


Dirge, meanwhile, managed to look up from the screen, and caught sight of the Six Changer's severe expression, and he unconciously held Riptide a little closer.

"That's Quick Switch," he whispered. "The Security Directooor," the jet said. "He's...very...dedicaaated."

The rest of the film was entirely forgotten at this point.

Aero Blade
2003-08-13, 11:37 PM
Aero Blade warily took note of Quick Swtich's expression. Uh oh. He doesn't like minicons... Hopefully Stratus would behave, but Aero Blade unfortunately knew better. He just hoped no-one did anything they'd regret.

Over on his chair, Stratus returned Quick Switch's look with a low but audible growl. He didn't like this guy, and he could tell this guy didn't like him, but when the big transformer started ignoring him, that was just too much for the minicon. Stratus chriped irritably, transforming into his jet mode and flying over that direction. He did a rather close flyby of Quick Switch's head, then flew to Aero Blade, transforming and taking up his usualy possition on Aero Blade's shoulder, continuing to glare at Quick Switch.

2003-08-13, 11:57 PM
Blaster shrugged and got off his perch on the mountain and stretched out his joints and circuts.

"Man feels like I haven't moved for days" he mutters to himself as he begins to move down the mountain able to see all the people working below him outside Fort Max.

Sunstreaker shook his head "Sorry Spike chit chat with could be traitors isn't on my to do list this day. I have a chest plate to attach and paint over anyways. I may catch up with you later though"

God Jinrai
2003-08-14, 02:27 AM
It had nearly been half a day since prime had entered the matrix.. and time was running short. Inside the matrix, Prime had journyed back to before nova prime had been instated as the new prime... and he had found his answer...

"It won't make a difference then..." optimus spoke

"No, Optimus Prime... " The female commander spoke
"The decepticons under Galvatron will not rest until their leader has returned to the true path of the decepticons... destruction and conquest. One way or another... this treaty you speak of... will be quickly broken. and the matters on cybertron... will not be impacted by it. It would be then that it would be most harmful for the treaty to break... Having to face not only the quintessons, but a surprise attack by the decepticons as well..."

"Prima... Thank you." Optimus responded
"It was truth you sought, and with this knowledge, hopefully you will be able to save your bretheren... and your homeworld... without extreme bloodshed."

Prime bowed to the female commander, and began to contemplate the data he'd just recieved... it was then that he realized the amount of time he had spent within the matrix... and just how far back he had gone...

"A warning, Prime.... do not journey too far into the Matrix... or you may become lost... forever"...

Those words were spoken by alpha trion when optimus first entered the matrix in 2009... during the hate plague incident... and they still rung true only now to him...

Prime's thoughts went to blank... and he focused entirely on the present... where he was supposed to be... an instant later, his blue optics roared to life, emmitting a massive burst of matrix energy... Prime rose to his feet, slowly, a hand on his head... shaking out the cobwebs as it were... he wasn't expecting what just happened... it seemed a portion of the matrix had been set loose from its core...

"I'll have to keep that in mind..." Prime thought to himself... the last thing he needed... was the matrix to be totally drained in the future during a time of crisis.

Lifting his head, he spoke to himself...
"This body... has done great things for me... in past and present. But it is not this Optimus Prime that my autobots need... They need THEIR leader... the one whom all have seen and respected and felt a kinship with..."

Prime left his chambers, silently transforming.. heading for the mock crypt...

Arriving, he again shifted forms, reverting to robot mode. he silently scanned the room, and stopped upon finding a specific stasis pod, nearly hidden in a corner of the crypt... Approaching it, he wiped the viewport open, and spoke again...

"It's you... that we need. Not I... as I am. "

"Computer. Prepare for consciousness and datatrak transfer. Authorization: Orion Pax, Security code Sigma Zero Zero One."

There was silence, and then the internal systems computer spoke

"Preparations complete. initialize uplink to stasis capsule. Will begin transfer when uplink is initiallized."

Prime put his hand out, and placed it in a palm imprint on the capsule... and the data transfer commenced. the consciousness and memories... experiences... the very spark of the autobot leader was abruptly removed from his previous form... the form that was previously inhabited by prime fell to the ground, activating fortress' security scanners...

"Available personell, report to the crypt area!... possible intruder! Priority One Response required! Last Known Location of Optimus Prime: Crypt. Current location.... Subject is not within scanner range."

Within the pod, circuitry came online... energon flowed to power relays, and internal systems came online...

the former body's chest plate flipped down, revealing the crystaline structure and casing of the matrix...
the casing began slowly to levitate from its former resting place within optimus' old body... rising up to the upper area of the stasis capsule... shining matrix energy brightly....

The capsule opened, and the form within, while physically still dormant, became aware of what was about to occur. the arm relays activated, and instinctively rose to the upper torso/chest area, and as the chest doors separated, the arms assisted in opening the panels....

The internal casing swung up, revealing the new...or rather OLD resting place.... for the matrix.

Again the artifact glowed brightly, projecting small arcs of lightning... locking into place, the casing swung down, and the panels swung closed. and slowly, blue optics could be seen in the dark...

2003-08-14, 04:02 AM
Crosshairs nodded slightly as he saw Trailbreaker lie down.
Good to see that some of our officers have a bit of common sense...

2003-08-14, 04:13 AM
Escort duty:

Ironhide: -picks up distress call from Fort Max- "Sorry, kid, cain't help ya. Prahme's in trouble! Hosehead, you stay an' help her. Resta you're with me!"

Ironhide, Roadbuster, Nightbeat, Siren, and Hardhead: -transform to vehicle mode, burn rubber for the maximus-

Hosehead: -watching the other recede in the distance- "Is it me, or is this Ironhhide harder to understand than ours?"

Minerva: "It's you." -sighs- "Well, this job just got harder......"


Ironhide, Roadbuster, Nightbeat, Siren, and Hardhead: -transform to robot mode as they charge up the Maximus entry ramps, weapons drawn as they enter-

Ironhide: -leading the charge to the crypt- "Ah'll go in hahgh. Roadbuster, you go in low. Resta you guys cover us!"

Nightbeat: "Why couldn't we have to go rescue a resort planet? Or even just a resort?"

Roadbuster: "Ain't gonna happen."

Ironhide, Roadbuster, Nightbeat, Siren, and Hardhead: -skid to a halt outside of the crypt-

Ironhide and Roadbuster: -go in through the doorway, the others covering the directions they can't-

Ironhide: -looking around, not seeing any obvious threat, scanners pealed, yells- "PRAHME!!! C'N YOU HEAR ME?"


Tracks and Brainstorm: -having watched most of the escort convoy go charging into the Maximus after Fort Max's distress call-

Tracks: "What do we do?"

Brainstorm: "Normally, I'd say go in, but if our berzerker here wakes up and goes nuts again, it could be bad for all of us. And I know I can't handle him alone."

Tracks: -scowls- "I don't like this one bit....."

2003-08-14, 04:30 AM
As Stratus zoomed past Quick Switch, Hound tensed, waiting for the muffled sounds of a suddenly-snatched minicon. He let out a relieved exhale as Stratus made it back to Aero Blade's shoulder, then quickly laughed. "I'm sorry Stratus. I hadn't gotten as far as introducing you yet. Quick Switch, this is Stratus, and you know Dirge of course... That's Riptide with him and over there is Shasta."
Riptide stared at Quick Switch, open mouth and open optics. I bet he has loads an' loads of shooters! Bet they're valuibble too! She put on a grin and tucked her chin down then waved slightly.

Shasta looked at Stratus in surprise as the little minicon zipped towards the six changer and then to Aero Blade's shoulder. Then he slid off the couch and walked right up to Quick Switch's foot and looked upwards before asking, "Why.. y... you not like Stratus?"
Trailbreaker was just settling into idle when Minerva called. He smiled and just half waved an arm before sitting up. Then he stood up and worked his way down the giant combiner's right arm before sliding down the last bit to the ground. He walked off a bit and sat down to watch.

2003-08-14, 04:37 AM
Crosshairs sidled up beside Trailbreaker, and gestured in the direction of the departing Ironhide & co.
"Looks like we just lost half of our security detail."

2003-08-14, 04:49 AM
Maximus Shuttle

Wreck-Gar sat hunched over a computer terminal, replaying the data that had been collected regarding the Autobots current situation.

"What the hell am I looking at?!" he said to the Junkions around him. "When does this happen in the movie?"

"Now?" One Junkion replied.

"Or maybe then," another replied.

"But what happened to then?" yet another replied.

"They passed it now," the first replied.

"So head back to then," the third said, agitated.

"But we can't," the second replied. "We passed then now."

"So when will we get back to then?" the first asked.

Wreck-Gar sighed. It was going to take a lot to dig these Autobots out of syndication, but it was the human thing to do.

2003-08-14, 05:53 AM
Escort duty:

Minerva: -shrugs- "Well, if Prime's in trouble, I guess that might be worth losing the bulk of us."

Hosehead: -shrugs- "Uh...... Minerva....."

Minerva: -wondering if the teal guy is even repairable- "Hmm?"

Hosehead: "You sure this is a good idea?"

Minerva: "It's better than having whatever slim hope of survival they have reduced to nothing if Victory Saber wakes up. Presumably, that ship up there can tractor them in after they're of a more managable size." -activates commlink- "Chromedome, do you read me?"

Chromedome: "I read you, Minerva. Something weird just happened up here-"

Minerva: "Tell me later. Most of the escort just took off in response to some emergency back at the base. I can get Leokaiser to break up into his component robots. Can you find out if whoever's running the tractor beam can get them aboard?"


Omega shuttle command center:

Chromedome: "I can ask." -puts Minerva on hold, looks at Starbright- "If Leokaiser was broken up into his component robots, could you drag them aboard with the tractor beam?"

2003-08-14, 06:11 AM
Inferno stopped at the door. "Wreck-Gar, why don't you come with me? It's a better view from outside of Real TV."
Bombers- look back 2 posts of mine for Inferno - had to adjust.

Trailbreaker shielded his eyes from the mid-morning sun as he looked up at Crosshairs. "Yep yep, they shuuure did." He sat up and thought for a moment. "Crosshairs, I'm looking at this and I think... we just better stay put. But, we can call in. When in doubt, ask."

"Trailbreaker to Quick Switch... the security meeting that was called... should Crosshairs and I leave these big guys?"

2003-08-14, 06:24 AM
So absorbed in what he was doing, Wreck-Gar hadn't noticed Inferno at the door till now.

"Who there?! Who there?!" he screamed, swinging his fists around, knocking two of his Junkions.

"Huh? Inferno? Sure. Might see who marries Joe Millionaire with better broadcast reception."

Quick Switch
2003-08-14, 06:48 AM
"Security meeting?" Quick Switch muttered, having only just now receieved Trailbreaker's message. "Why wasn't I informed?"

The Six Changer shot a worried glance at Hound.

My receivers must not have picked it up- but I'm in charge of the entire damn DEPARTMENT!

"Leave the units? No. Trailbreaker, notify all necessary personnel to assist in the transport of the units to containment in Fortress Maximus at once."

The Six Changer's central processor started to work almost at once, and his demeanor became more flustered. Finally, he turned once again to the younglings. Hound's introductions were nearly lost.

Quick Switch's optics widened at Riptide's wave.

Oh I don't trust that little missy- and the suddenly Shasta was speaking to him. He looked down at the much smaller youngling.

"It's complicated," he said finally to Stratus. He shot another glance at Hound. A security meeting was being called, and he, the Security Director, wasn't even present.

There was a meeting on.

The glance registered nonverbal plea of extrication. There was work to be done.

Brave Maximus
2003-08-14, 03:40 PM
Starlight looked at Chromedome, then around the room. It didn't look like anything had been disturbed in the command centre. These strange phenomenon were a little disturbing, and they only seemed to happen when Skyfall was away.

She then began to process Chromedome's request, and upon preliminary investigation gave her best awnser - a shrug of her shoulders.

She then went to the controls, followed by the other 2 minicons. They all examined the tractor controls, fliddled with the operations controls and turned to Chromedome.
They each shrugged in unison, and Starlight waved her hand back and forth as if to say - Maybe, maybe not, she's not sure.

2003-08-14, 03:57 PM
"Well I believe we should begin to get the chemicals Ratchet displayed for us, and then..." but Perceptor was interrupted by the distress signal.

"This certainly is not good," he said, opening a communications link to the four remaining Protectobots.

"Hot Spot, Groove, Streetwise, First-Aid, go quickly to see what happened to Optimus Prime. We can continue here on helping Blades," Perceptor said as the Protecotbots begin running towards the crypt.

"My circuits just don't like this place," Streetwise said, as they approached the others at the crypt.

"Ironhide?" Hot Spot asked, noticing that the Autobot had probably been reactivated.

Quick Switch
2003-08-14, 04:31 PM
"This is most unsettling," Stall said, re-adjusting his neck bolts. "Most unsettling." He regarded Perceptor. "Your thoughts?"

2003-08-14, 04:41 PM
"My thoughts," Perceptor said, almost blanky, "I am simply deeply concerned and worried about Optimus Prime. What could have happened to him, I am not completely sure. There are ideas, but some I do hope did not happen. If they need our help, we'll have to leave here and head over there; they could perhaps use our assistance. But, as you said, this is indeed disturbing..."

Quick Switch
2003-08-14, 05:25 PM
"Of course," the historian said. "Our leader's existence is worth more than mere elements which can be gathered later."

Stall nodded firmly.

"If the need arises, we shall go, Perceptor."

2003-08-14, 07:14 PM
Hound got a puzzled expression. "Quick, maybe it's just a spot of interferance in this room." He adjusted his sensors and performed a scan. "At any rate, I'm registering some of the security detail heading towards the main meeting room in the central hall, second floor. That must be where it is. You should head there, but my guess is you have a few minutes yet before it starts. And maybe after you can come back- Aero Blade needs to discuss signing up with you. Strange thing though... I'm reading- Ultra Magnus' energy signal, and - Optimus' has changed too. I'm sure my scanners are correct, the medics ran through everything. You should go though, and I should go see what the Decepticons are up to, with leave."
Inferno laughed as they headed out the door. "Yeah, sure Wreck-Gar. Just save the Jet-Li stuff for the bad guys instead of having those two need million dollar repairs." It wasn't long before they were outside and approaching Victory Saber.
"What do ya think Wreck-Gar? Big huh?" Inferno grinned as he surveyed the ginat transformer.
Trailbreaker rubbed the back of his head then motioned for Crosshairs to follow him as he headed over to where Minerva and the rest of the crew were working. "Okay guys. Word came down from security to take them apart, and store them away in the security containment units. Crosshairs, we're staying. Right, let's get that guy down here. Can't we just drop him slowly?"

2003-08-14, 07:18 PM
Finding a suitable location for the wedding had been a bit of a problem. Considering the various people that had employed Bean and Rally in the past, employers from either side of the law, finding a neutral zone was next to impossible. Most of the guests would probably shoot each other on sight.

But, surprisingly enough, Bean's long time nemesis, Percy of the Chicago Police offered the use of a very large hall. Usually reserved for police training, but Percy felt that since he was the best man and all, he'd help out.(not to mention having some of the most wanted criminals under one roof was going to make arrests easier)

The wedding itself went without any mayor problems, largely due to the ' no weapons allowed' policy. Forte had volunteered for weapon confiscation duty, he hoped a few of the guests would break the rule so he could have some fun. Too bad every guest realized that if they broke that rule, Forte'd break them.

There was some commotion when something resembling a huge grenade with arms and legs walked into, through and out of the hall while carrying a box of fireworks. But after Rock and company explained that the guy was in charge of the fireworks, and not dangerous, things quieted down again.

When Rally came through the door opposite the altar, she was truely a sight to behold. She wore a white wedding dress without a veil, that she and Roll had made themselves. It was Dr Light who escorted her to the altar, where Bean and Percy were waiting. Bean was of course dressed in the classic black tuxedo, whilst Percy was wearing a formal police uniform.

It was your normal wedding, apart from the fact that Percy decided to interrupt it with a comment after the preacher asked if anyone objected to the marriage.

"I have a few things to say. Most of the people here are here because of their respect for Bean Bandit, known to most of us as the infamous ' Roadbuster', and I am no exception. In fact, I've spent a fair amount of my police career trying to catch this guy. I was therefore surprised when Bean personally asked me to be his best man for the wedding. And I for one wish the two of them the best of luck. Father, please continue with the wedding. Unless anyone else has something to say?" was the small speech from Percy.

No one else said anything so the preacher started with the last part of the ceremony.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride"

And that Bean and Rally did, for a whole two minutes no less. When they finally seperated Rock was the first to congratulate the new couple. He also whispered something to them. "Percy asked me to tell you two this. He's got a dozen swat teams and 3 tanks ready to storm this place. He wants you guys to leave first though, said something about not wanting to spoil your wedding and honeymoon"

Bean didn't really believe the part about Percy not wanting to spoil their honeymoon, but both him and his new wife made his way to his car pretty quick anyway.

Bean did believe the part about Percy letting the hall get stormed, the fact that he drove past two swat vans and a tank proved that much. Neither him or Rally cared much about it as they drove away, all they had on their minds was their honeymoon, and of course each other.

Rock and company assisted in the apprehension of most of the wedding guests, after that they returned home to Dr Light's house, Talon went with them.

Quick Switch
2003-08-14, 07:34 PM
The Six Changer was already nearly out the door before Hound finished speaking.

"Absolutely- keep watch on those scum," he said to Hound, giving his friend a quick shoulder clap and smile. He turned back to Aero Blade. "And then we'll get you squared away too, Soldier."

With that, Quick Switch was off, double timing down the hallways toward the briefing area.

2003-08-14, 07:40 PM
Omega shuttle command center:

Chromedome: -takes Minerva off of hold- "The minicon isn't sure."


Escort duty:

Minerva: "Then we'll just have to either catch them or hope the tractor beam can hold them. Let's do this, Hosehead."

Hosehead: -sighs, transforms-

Minerva: -climbs onto Hosehead's vehicle mode back/roof-

Hosehead: -pulls up under Leokaiser-

Minerva: -now able to reach the massive rend in Leokaiser's back, patches the damaged linkage-

Leokaiser: -disengages into his six component members: Leozak, Hellbat, Gaihawk, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison, all quite unconscious-



Ironhide: -hisses at Hot Spot- "Quahet! Ain't sure if Prahme's okay, an' Ah ain't picking anybody but us up. Somethin' ain't rahght." motions off to one side- "Hook round over that way. We'll go this way."

2003-08-14, 07:41 PM
Wreck-Gar glared at Victory Saber, then turned to Inferno.

"It's a big rock. I can't wait to tell my friends. They don't have a rock this big."

Brave Maximus
2003-08-14, 08:13 PM
Starlight, still looking at Chromedome, felt the sudden shift as the giant combiner breaks up. As she reaches the controls, Starlight franticly tries to keep the tractor beam locked on all six component parts. She manages to lock on to them, but with the beam devided into 6 parts it cannot hold them all. Ark and Nemesis frantically work other controls to provide more power to the system. Starlight manages to snag Leozak, Drillhorn and Gaihawk, keeping them from falling. Unfortunatly Jalgar and Killbison elude the Tractors grasp, as does Hellbat, which the other two land on with a massive thud.

Starlight opens the main bay and floats the three she has in tow into the main hanger before setting the Omega down.

Starlight then turns her motherly gaze onto Chromedome, crossing her arms and tapping her foot.

Aero Blade
2003-08-14, 08:14 PM
Stratus started chirpping irritably as Quick Switch began to leave, but the meaning was not to be taken wrong. He was happy to see the sixchanger go, hopefully for good.

Aero Blade meanwhile grimaced underneith his faceplate as Quick Switch called him 'soldier'. Somehow he'd been hoping that he'd be able to avoid a fighter possition, but judging from the way things were going and his own past experiences he realized that was more-than-likely not going to happen.

Aero Blade sighed, turning to Hound. "Is he always like that?" Aero Blade asked in a polite manor.

2003-08-14, 10:43 PM
Having followed Trailbreaker to Minerva's location, Crosshairs watched the gestault parts fall from the sky. Taking Pinpointer into hand, he aimed carefully towards the fallen Decepticons. After a few seconds, he relaxed, lowering his weapon.
"I think they're more than sufficiently dead," he commented to no one in particular.

2003-08-14, 11:58 PM
Inferno started laughing as he moved closer to Victory Saber's head. "I don't think he's anything like a rock, Wreck-Gar- except he looks big enough to do some real damage. Still- he's got so much damage to him. I wonder why no one's repairing him yet? Oh hey! There's Tracks and Brainstorm!" Inferno shot a wave at the two talking on the other side of Victory Saber.
Hound watched Quick Switch hastily exit, and then snagged Shasta who was about to follow him. "Hey you. He'll be back- but that's a place only some are needed." Then he turned to Aero Blade. It was clear that the young Autobot was unsettled. "Quick is a security type Aero Blade. He maybe was a little nervous because apparently a meeting was called which he didn't know about. But he also is extremely loyal just to Optimus. He might seem a bit brusque, but he'll warm up after a while. He'll be okay with you too Stratus, but in part he doesn't understand why the minicons don't want to fight to protect Optimus and the other Autobots." The scout understood the little transfomers feelings well, even if he felt differently. He made a mental note to talk to Quick Switch later.

Hound let the door slide shut behind him as he walked back over. He glanced on the other side of the viewing couches before he lowered Shasta down. In his scan he thought he had detected something else he had almost forgotten...
Daniel and Sparkplug waved at him.

"Sparkplug! Daniel! Why didn't you say anything?" Hound bent down and set Shasta down. The youngling promptly went over to the side opposite Dirge and motioned at Stratus to come join him with the tv.

"We didn't want to interrupt Hound. Things seemed a bit hurried." Sparkplug replied.
Hound nodded and his expression darkened. "They are Sparkplug. And I'm going to need to leave, I'm sorry. I'm not doing my job while I'm here. Things are changing rapidly now. We've had- unexpected transformer visitors apprently and I think Optimus is about to set things right. They'll need me working."

"Grandpa, can I go with..." Daniel began, before being cut off by a combined shake of heads from Sparkplug and Hound.
Sparkplug looked back to Hound. "You watch yourself out there, but I'm sure we'll be here when you get back."

Hound smiled and then turned to Dirge, Hoist and Aero Blade. "If you guys need anything, Hoist can help show you around- if anyone gives you trouble, don't hesitate to call Quick Switch. I'll be away for a while.
Trailbreaker chuckled. "Dead or danged good at playing 'possum Crosshairs. Either way, it makes life lots easier. Nice job Minerva! And to the rest of you guys too! Let's get these junkers locked away so we can all have a good rest."

2003-08-15, 12:07 AM
Wreck-Gar glanced at Tracks and Brainstrom, not saying a word.

2003-08-15, 12:18 AM
Blaster jumped from the final section of the mountain side he was on landing outside the west of Fort Max. He looks around turning towards the side with the main gate

"Guess they are out there. Trailbreaker, this is Blaster. What gate are you guys playing guard duty?"

Sunstreaker entered into an off duty area of Fort Max walking to the first place he sees where he can take a seat moving towards it and sitting down. He sets his replacement chest plate beside him. He reaches a hand up to the top of his chest. He opens the panel leading into his circutry. He reaches a hand int and disconnects the top of his chest. The bottom his now easily tugged off, At this time his circuits and joints in his upper body are almost all revealed. He pulls the old plate off at the bottom. He then grabs the top of the new chest plate and begins to reattach it to the body.

2003-08-15, 01:04 AM
Fortress Maximus: Rec Hall

"Can't we put on something else?"

Nosecone clutched the remote control to his chest. "But this is a great show!"

"I'm trying to learn as much about this planet as I can," Lightspeed replied. "I'd rather watch something with real facts."

"Then go take a drive. I'm watching this," Nosecone returned.

Lightspeed grinned, but did not abandon their couch. He glanced about the room, not entirely enthralled with the programming, and caught sight of Sunstreaker's entry and self-repair. He watched for a moment with some interest, then piped up.

"Need a hand there, mister?"

"Whaaat?" Nosecone drawled, finally feeling something important enough to draw his attention from his Who's The Boss? marathon. "But you don't know anything about medical procedure!"

Lightspeed grinned, turning back to Nosecone. "You know, you could have just kept your mouth shut if you don't want to help out."

"That's not what I meant..." Nosecone pouted before bringing his attention back to the monitor.

"So how 'bout it?" Lightspeed repeated.


Outside Maximus, hillside

Perfect. Wait, no, that one's off.


Okay, perfect. Right?

Strafe leaned carefully toward the rock pile, examining closely. Abruptly, BLAM!, the top rock exploded in a shower of dust. With a shriek, Strafe fired a blast back toward the assailant and dove for cover. Afterburner dodged his head to the side, narrowly avoiding the heat ray.

"Watch where you're aimin' that thing!" he cried indignantly.

Strafe peeked carefully from his cover. Afterburner stood with arms crossed and pistol in hand where the attacker should have been. He got slowly to his feet, looking around once to make sure he was safe.

"Well maybe you shouldn't start shooting until I get away!"

Afterburner growled. "If you'd take less than a breem every round, I might have an easier time!"

Strafe began hastily back toward the firing spot and reloaded his pistol.

"Anyway, that's an ace for me," Afterburner gloated. "Your shot. Goin' for the deuce?"

Strafe took his place on the X drawn in the rock. "Yeah, watch this. Over the shoulder, bottom right..."


Benner, Colorado; eight miles southwest of Maximus City

The cool, evening August air ran briskly over the metallic frame as it soared across the mild sky. Below, the grass rustled softly as the sun slowly withdrew from the blades one by one. People were out in the street, celebrating at their annual church block parties and fire department picnics. It was simply the perfect evening.

Scattershot couldn't have been less happy. He scanned left and right constantly, hoping that something had popped up since last he looked. (Of course, nothing ever had.) Apprehension rose continually but slowly. It was driving him mad. He scanned down once more - something he did infrequently, as the humans only mounted his irritation - and caught something peculiar: an Autobrand! His scanner zoomed in, revealing that the symbol was embedded in a blue stripe on a white racer. Identified as...

"Jazz, come in. This is Scattershot on comm. Right above you. Haven't spotted any Decepticon activity lately, have you?"

2003-08-15, 01:18 AM
Originally posted by Reflector
"Jazz, come in. This is Scattershot on comm. Right above you. Haven't spotted any Decepticon activity lately, have you?"

Jazz was driving contently after getting a hand full of CD's to play instead of trying to figure out a way to get a radio signal and almost didn't hear Scattershot over the music. He turned the music down to a minimal level to reply

"Hey Scattershot, no sign of Decepti-creeps around here, I'm on a mission to recover music. Why you looking for some Decepticons? Aren't we still in an alliance with out simple minded counter parts?"

2003-08-15, 03:10 AM
Pinned beneath the unconscious hulks:

Hellbat: -flickers back online, reading his remain power level, sensors informing him that Jalgar and Killbison are crushing him into the ground, thinks to self- "I think Killbison's putting on weight.... can't feel.... legs..." -checks diagnostic reading- "But at least they're still there.... time to sound pathetic...." -looks up, hand reaching out to nobody in particular, just the right note of pleading, panicked anguish in his voice- "H.....he.....hellllp...... uzzzzzzzzz.........." -shuts himself down again, arm collapsing into the dirt, fingers twitching spazmodically-

Minerva: -kneels next to the tangled heap of Decepticons- "The one on the bottom must be the one that kept coming on line." -looks over at Trailbreaker- "Team leader, maybe?"

Hosehead: -looking at the mangled body of Leozak- "This one's in really bad shape."

Minerva: -stands, walks over to Leozak and scans him- "This one is definately in the worst shape of the lot. When we get back to the base, Teal's the first one on the medtable." -activates commlink- "Chromedome, ask whoever's in there if we could load the rest of them into the landing bay."


Omega shuttle command center:

Chromedome: -shrugs at Starbright as he acknowledges Minerva's transmission- "I'll ask, Minerva." -looks sheepishly at Starbright- "So.... uh.... could we drag the rest of these unconscious Decepticons into your landing bay?"

Quick Switch
2003-08-15, 03:23 AM
Dirge smiled at Hound, and nodded.

"Thank you," he said, then paused. "Be careful if you are heading into Decepticon territory, particularly the area around Metrotitan. Astrotrain is in command there- and he doesn't miss a thing."

2003-08-15, 04:26 AM
Crosshairs flicked his optics from Minerva to Trailbreaker, then back again.
"Is it really a good idea to fix these guys up? They are our enemies, after all. I'd rather not have to blast them back into pieces again sometime down the line."

Aero Blade
2003-08-15, 04:33 AM
Aero Blade wearily returned to sitting in a chair, settling down and sighing. Aero Blade had dealt with high level security types before - heck, he'd been partner to his demention's most over zealous and highly dedicated security cop - but he didn't have any idea on how to handle Quick Switch.

"He's no Blazewire..." Aero Blade muttered aloud to himself. After a moment he began to regret his own comment. Thinking of Blazewire made him homesick. He'd take his partner's excessively obsessive dedication to regulations over this Quick Swtich guy. At least she had a sense of humor; Quick Swtich seemed so tense and stiff...

Aero Blade leaned his head back as far as he could in the chair, winding up staring at the ceiling. Maybe he shouldn't be so quick to judge. Everyone around here was at least alittle tense for one reason or another. Being security detail, Quick Switch probably had alot to do to actually establish a secure environment with their having just arrived. I hope he does loosen up... Aero Blade thought, remembering Hound's comment.

2003-08-15, 05:04 AM
"Alright," Hot Spot said, leading the other three Protectobots to the direction in which Ironhide pointed.

Still good ol' Ironhide, the Protectobot leader thought to himself.

2003-08-15, 05:07 AM
Escort duty:

Minerva: "I'm a doctor, they're injured. I have to help them. Besides, the order was to give them just enough energon to bring them back online, then disarm them and chuck them into the cells." -looking at Leozak's head, then looks at Drillhorn's and Gaihawk's- "Anybody notice the helmet designs? They look kind of like animals."


Guarding Victory Saber:

Tracks: -still mulling it over in his mind, looks over at Wreck-Gar- "What rock?"

2003-08-15, 05:22 AM
"Nutthin," Wreck-Gar replied, in what passed for an acceptable gangster accent. "Whatssa madda you?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-15, 07:04 AM
"That happen often?" Magnus said to Skyfall as they entered the conference room.

The room was long and narrow, like most modern-day, business meeting rooms. There was a long rectangular table in middle, around which were 11 chairs, five either side and one seat at the head of the table.

Magnus walked around the table and sat at the head of the table, he watched as Grimlock entered the room and sat down at the furthest possible point from Magnus. Grimlock swung his legs up onto the table, clasped his hands firmly behind his head and tilted his chair backwards.

Smokescreen walked to the security meeting room door and spotted Ultra Magnus. Had it not been for hearing the communication, he would have been surprised at the big warrior's appearance. He gave him a grin and a wave.

"Hello Ultra Magnus! It's great to see you again!"

Magnus, now seated at his chair, looked up at Smokescreen.

"Good to see you again too, I only hoped it would be under better circumstances"

"Life happens." Smokescreen gave him a warm laugh. "And I'm glad you're back in action Magnus. We'll all tackle the trouble, smash it, pulverize it and so forth." He paused. "But I need to ask your permission to stay. I'm not technically security, but Prowl's not in any condition to be up here right now. He's in med bay- getting repaired. With your permission, I'd like to sit in for him- just to listen."

"Take a seat"

Magnus said solemnly. Sure Smokescreen wasn't Prowl, and he'd have preferred to have seen the security officer face to face, but the neccessity was with healthy warriors, if Prowl needed repairs, that's where he needed to be.
Magnus looked at Grimlock all relaxed, his feet perched on the table, just enough so he wouldn't tilt backwards, he thought -momentarily- about making a sudden noise or movement so Grimlock would tip up, but decided against it. He'd not been back online very long after all.

Quick Switch
2003-08-15, 07:18 AM
Quick Switch strode into the briefing room.

"Autobots," he said by way of greeting, then sat in one of the adjacent chairs next to Ultra Magnus, face grim. "What is it you wished to discuss, Magnus?"


Central City, USA:




The four men in lab coats dashed after a faster moving (though ostensibly less mobile) figure.

Finally, one, harried to the point of exhaustion- the Professor never slowed down, it seemed- called out:

"Doctor CHASE!"

The wheelchair bound man stopped, and smoothly pivoted the device, turning to face his four interlocutors (and employees).

"Oh goodness. Remember, please call me Chip! Having a Ph.D after my name doesn't make me God. And I haven't directed anything here in years. And besides- when you say sir, I look around for my father!" The Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations of Alkazar Electronics Corporation USA laughed and pushed his glasses back up his nose.

“Yes,” an engineer muttered after a moment. “General Abernathy wanted to know when the Super Computers would be deliv-“

“The Besty Braniacs will be delivered on time and on schedule,” Chip replied, placing his hands on the armrests. “Remember, gentlemen, this is a No Fretting Zone.”

“Yes Doctor Chase,” the engineer remarked cheerfully, and the other men departed.

Chip wheeled himself back to his office, sighing as a veritable mountian of messages and paperwork awaited him.

“Dr. Alkazar told me there’d be days like this,” he said with a whimsical smile, wheeling himself behind his desk, and attacking the paperwork with relish.

2003-08-15, 08:42 AM
Trailbreaker frowned. I hate making decisions like this.

"Minerva, let's take them to the security cells first. Then you can fix them. There's more equipment there anyway, plus- it's a lot safer for them too. Remember, that other big guy is still after them."
Smokescreen edged his way to a chair and sat down. He spotted Grimlock and noted the feet up momentarily before looking at Skyfall. The little transformer got his curiosity perked. Grimlock seems awfully nonplussed about this, doesn't seem to be showing the etiquette or respect for Magnus either. That little guy seems awfully worked up too. Oh- there's Quick Switch.

The entry of the security sixchanger made him glance around the room briefly to note the others' reactions. He stayed silent and waited for the meeting to start.

2003-08-15, 09:55 PM
Snarl and Swoop also entered the briefing room. Swoop leaned back against a wall while Snarl stood next to Swoop.

"It seems that something is finally going to happen. " Snarl said to Swoop.

"Lets just listen to what they have to say for now. I do hope that it's something good" Swoop replied.

2003-08-17, 01:18 AM

Ironhide: -scowls, mutters- "Ah don't lahke this..... Prahme ain't answerin'. An' Ah ain't pickin' up anybody else in here 'sides us." -looks at Roadbuster, whispers- "Stick tuh this wall an' move up that way 'til ya see Prahme an' whoever's got him. Ah'm goin' through th' biers. We hit whoever's got him at th' same tahme, an' hope th' Protectobots see us. Lil backup never hurts."

Roadbuster: -nods, moves off, hugging the wall, weapons ready-

Ironhide: -blaster in left hand and glue sprayer deployed in place of right, keeping low, moving forward using the biers as cover, finds Prime's body- "PRAHME!" -glue sprayer switches back to hand, grabs Prime, drags him back into cover-

God Jinrai
2003-08-17, 03:39 AM
"I was beginning to wonder how long it would be before someone decided to come check up on me, Ironhide."

the voice, however, did not come from the dormant body that lay in ironhide's arms...

"Lights, 100%."

The crypt's lighting system came to life, and totally illuminated the room... the only place of shadow was the front of the stasis pod... and anyone staring at it would plainly see the burning blue optics staring out at them

2003-08-17, 04:13 AM
Above Benner

Scattershot swooped back around in a wide, slow arc. He wanted to give Jazz the chance to keep up with him, although he was hardly visible from the Technobot commander's altitude.

"Yeah, yeah. Just makin' sure the creeps ain't up to nothing. I tell ya, I don't really trust this treaty much, Jazz. I got a bad feeling the Decepticreeps are gonna try something big, and soon..."

2003-08-17, 05:07 AM

Ironhide: -looks down at the body, looks up at the darkened figure in the stasis pod with the glowing blue optics, fires off an enhanced sonodar ping to confirm his suspicions, stands- "Stand down, guys. Prahme's okay."

Roadbuster: -holsters linear blaster and grenade launcher-

Nightbeat: -walks in- "Then what was all of the noise about?"

Ironhide: "Prahme..... uh....." -looks down at the vacant body, then looks up at the stasis pod- "Switched bodies."

Nightbeat: -pulls out datapadd, makes note- "Nothing new, then."

Ironhide: -looks a little lost for a moment, shakes head- "Whut Ah wanna know is why we got here when th' Protectobots did. Ship full of Autobots an' we got a grand total of how many showin' up?"

Nightbeat: "Looks like ten of us."

Ironhide: "An' five of us came from escortin' that Decepticawn gestalt."

Nightbeat: "So where the slag is security? I should think we'd be tripping over security guards of some kind."

Ironhide: "Hot Spot, anybody order you down here, or didja come on yer own?"


Guarding Victory Saber:

Tracks: -puzzled look on his face as he looks at Wreck-Gar- "Have you been hit on the head very hard recently?"


Escort duty:

Minerva: "I suppose you're right, Trailbreaker." -points at Leozak- "I just hope he can survive the trip."

2003-08-17, 01:41 PM
Fortress Maximus quarters...
Getaway is playing chees with Joyride , he liked all games where he could use his logic circuits to defeat opposite player especially chees, beside his thoughts about reviving him and his comrades were unclear. He need to relax and leave behind memories from Cybertron...

Joyride is playing chees with Getaway but his thoughts are far away from here- on his homeworld planet...which he will never foget...
Slapdash: "We did it!!"- he shouted-" I see our shuttle!! We are almost home"-he said with relief-"Lets go!!"-he is speeding toward the ship.
Joyride: "Once again Getaway you saved our afterburners "
Getaway: "I didn't blow up bridge with Quints-you did it my friend"-he said with smile.
Joyride: "But that was your plan to use the HyperHighway so we could lost those Quints chasing us"
Getaway: "You know I'm not sure if we realy lost th..."
He didn't hear his words as the shuttle exploded.They came from from darkness. Hordes of frenzied quints running toward them...He heard screaming Getaway: "To the end!!!"- as he realoaded his plasma shotgun and started to fire...Seconds later they were overruned...
Now I have another chance and I won't give it up it easly

Slapdash,Lube,Rev, and Hotwire are sitting on couch and are watching TV.
Slapdash:Sitting hier and doing nothing is last thing I sholud do now or my circuits will soon rust. I must do something even guard duty is better than sitting hier. Those two Kasparovs also could use some action.
Slapdash:-turns off TV-"Maybe we should do something usefull? Sitting hier isn't best idea I think"
Rev:-"He is right"
Getaway:-check mate-"Lets go".
Joyride:"Not again"-"Wait for me"
All six leave quarter.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-17, 09:09 PM
"Gentlemen..." Magnus spoke as the Autobots in the room gathered and quietened down.

"As we're all now distinctly aware, we have lost Cybertron. The Quintessons took our home planet from us, but that's not our main concern. It has come to my attention that in our time on our home planet the Decepticons left a small band on Earth. They aligned with a certain Abdul Fakkadi and together they assumed control of Earth." Magnus paused for breath, not that robots breath, it just allowed him to gather his thoughts.

"As this is in direct contravention of the peace treaty we can now assume that the war with the Decepticons is back on and as such we're at a great disadvantage. A lot of our comrades fell in the battles to keep Cybertron and not all of them returned to us."

Magnus sat forward in his chair.

"Our numbers are few, but our resolve must be strong. I gathered us together because we need to devise the best way to defend ourselves from the on-coming attack. I welcome any suggestions."

2003-08-17, 09:40 PM
"Was that a yell?" Hot Spot asked to his three other teammates that were there.

"It sounded like Ironhide, we should check on them," Streetwise replied as the Protectobots ran into the crypt.

As they approached, Hot Spot received the transmission from Ironhide, yet neglected to respond on the communications link because of how near they were. After a few seconds, the four of them walked in.

"Sorry about that, Ironhide," the Protectbot leader said, suddenly remembering his question. "Oh, yes, Perceptor sent us to check on what happened, but mainly to distract us from the operation on Blades. Wait, what happened? Is Prime alright?"

Quick Switch
2003-08-17, 10:59 PM
"Abdul Fakkadi is President for Life of the North African nation of Carbombya," Quick Switch replied after a moment. "The largest crude oil supplier in the world, and who has had friendly relations with the Decepticon Empire since 2005. Fakkadi is also a known supporter and contributor to radical organizations, and a close personal friend of the elusive terrorist known as "Snake". Middle Eastern dictators and South American bannana republic/military junta leaders have already expressed a willingness to assist the Decepticons."

The Six Changer spoke the above simply for clarification for the others assembled.

"Close off access to Fortress Maximus and the other cities to the humans immediately," he said, optics narrowing. "The humans are a massive and unpredictable security risk and we cannot be absolutely sure that their loyalty and support for our faction is 100%. Remember, it was the Americans- our alleged strongest supporters among the human race- who once banished the Autobots in 1985." He paused, face grim. "I recommend hightened security details, patrols and increased alerts in all sectors where our units are currently positioned. I also recommend a 'shoot on sight' decree be mandated if a Decepticon appears in Autobot territory. And by that I mean, 'shoot to kill.' "

Those scum don't deserve the privelege of negotation or parley- it's time we simply wiped out some of the wretches since this idiotic treaty is nullified and be done with it! Before they do the same to US!

2003-08-17, 11:04 PM

Ironhide: "Prahme's okay, Ah guess...... He's switched bodies." -scowls- "And, Ah'm glad Perceptor sent you guys down here. Ah jus' wanna know where everybody else is."

Nightbeat: "It's probably just a communications error. We're still trying to reorganize after getting kicked off of Cybertron."

Ironhide: "You mean were jus' sittin' here waitin' fer th' 'Cawns ta come an' blow us awl away?"

Siren: "We're also pulling Decepticons out of lakes and being attacked by super powerfull Autobots from different timelines."

Nightbeat: "Thanks for that rousing color commentary." -sighs- "And, yes, we are sitting here. We are also, I hope, planning. The Decepticons hit the ground running-"

Siren: "Or like an oversized lawn dart."

Nightbeat: -ignoring Siren- "While we just hit the ground."

Ironhide: "Jus' lahke th' beginnin'. Now awl we gotta do is be ready fer whut's comin'. Only down sahde is not knowin' whut they'll do first." -smiles- "An' we mahght not think lahke 'em, but we got six prisoners who do....."

God Jinrai
2003-08-17, 11:50 PM
"My..appologies for the startling of those of you who came rushing... but.. I feel that this form... my original body... the form which all autobots... and decepticons alike know.. respect... and in the case of the decepticons, I would dare say, fear.... is needed more...far more... than the powerlinks capable form I inhabited during the crisis on cybertron. As...for why only you folks showed... I've a feeling I know exactly why. Cerebros, Scan the ship for the location of Autobot Ultra Magnus."

"Scanning... Scanning... Located. Conference chamber on deck 4, others present including security officer quickswitch, smokescreen, and... Grimlock."

Prime's optics narrowed slightly...

"This...may be a problem. That... isn't our grimlock. I only hope he's willing to be remotely civil about matters. otherwise we'll have yet another mess on our hands..."

Prime started for the door...

"All of you... come with me. we're paying magnus a visit... after that, Hotspot, I'll need you to get perceptor, first aid, and minerva and meet me outside... I want a word with victory saber... "

2003-08-18, 02:46 AM
Trailbreaker locked onto Blaster's communicator signal. "Out the... uh... East third entrance, 2 miles out in a clearing. Minerva's got 'em separated, but we could use the help" Trailbreaker clicked off and frowned slightly. His systems were nearly drained. Battery's charging slow. Best hope these don't wake up from their naps.
"Right, ah... it's gonna be a bit of a hike. Blaster's coming now. Let's try and make it a smooth trip for them.
Hound went to the door and paused for a moment. He turned back towards Hoist. "Hoist, you can take them all down to the general quarters, give Dirge my old room and put Aero Blade in the empty one that's adjacent on the right. Riptide and Shasta can stay in either room and go back and forth.. and if I don't miss my guess, a little human food might be in order right about then.
I'll see you guys later."

Hoist nodded and gave him a single wave before Hound slipped out through the door and jogged down the hall toward the landing strip.

Minutes later, he was outside and climbing into Jetfire. "Jetfire, I need you to fly in over the southern desert coast of Carbombya and drop me on pass a quarter mile out. After you drop me, maintain course for 14 air miles and then swing north. The Decepticons will probably see your change in direction about then and send interceptors. You can outrun them straight up."

"Can do Hound." Jetfire replied as he swung around and began takeoff. "That's awfully close to a rock reef though if my guidance systems are correct."

"Yes, but it's got to be inside the reef bay Jetfire. The currents there are fast, and the rock is limestone. I may need cave cover right away. From there it's a bit of a travel to the mountain heart, but I should be able to pick up signals from there on the outskirts of the desert."
Inferno nudged Tracks, Brainstorm and Wreck-Gar. "Guys, the rock's cracked up. He needs medical help, and so does that one... *motioning at Broadside* a small ways off. Wreck-Gar, you're good with repairs. Can you get that one over there working? It's got an Autobot symbol. Then maybe we can get this one working."
Smokescreen fidgeted and then frowned. Ban the humans? Don't we need their support though? And Hound's already got the Witwicky family in here and Dirge if I heard right in medbay. They've been our supporters a long time. Quick Switch must have heard the news reports, but doesn't he know we have long-standing alliances with them? And yet--- he's got a point. From a security standpoint that would make sense in the short term, but in the long term, not really. Magnus knows the humans though. If we turn our backs on them out of fear, we'll be bitten for certain. I wish now I hadn't asked just to listen in.

Brave Maximus
2003-08-18, 03:41 PM
Skyfall hovered over the chair, knowing that if he sat down in it, he would dissappear. He took in everything Quick Switch said, and then staired blankly at the other autobot.

Why would they want to ban the humans?!? They've been our allies for centuries. Things cannot be this bad in this reality.

"Ummmm, excuse me sirs. I know I don't know the full details of this reality. And it's become painfully obvious that this place is considerably different than the place I came from. Excuse me if this comes across as rude, but don't you think that banning the humans from a section of their own planet and killing other lifeforms on sight is a little less than the "Autobot" way doing things? I realize that we are at war, but what you're talking about Quick Switch is nothing short of cold blooded murder. That is what a Decepticon would do and not what any Autobot I've ever know or read about would do.
But I agree that some security precautions must be taken. On top of that, I don't think we should sit around and wait for the Decepticons to attack us in full force. I know that they are just waiting for the right opportunity.
This is secondary to the reason I am in this meeting, though sirs. Coming in a VERY short time now is a Destron Gestault named Leokaiser, and he is one nasty customer. Though from what I can tell, he's not in a position to cause us much of a problem. We need to figure out what to do when he gets here. He will be in need of medical attention and then we need to incarcerate him.
Beyond that, Victory Saber is sitting in our front yard, hopefully reciving some medical (and perhaps psyciatric) attention. I don't know if you're familiar with him, but he's powerful and when he was last active, he was hostle.
I hate to be blunt and over step my bounds as a guest here. But I feel that we need to take care of the imidiate security concerns. Then plan on what to do about the Decepticon forces amassing against us. In our security concerns, I worry that we don't make too many enemies. Sir."
Then looking at Ultra Magnus, realizing that he hadn't awnsered his earlier question:
"No I'm fine sir. I've never experianced anything like that before. It seems to come from Omega, and after that meeting with the old grey bearded Transformer. But I can help out at 100% capacity Sir."

On the Omega Shuttle

Starlight looked at Chromedome and then called up an internal diagram of the hanger bay. It showed where the three parts of Leokasier were already placed as well as his transector. Starlight looked it over, than turned to Chromedome, and indicated that it would be ok, he'd just have to move his transector out. The on screen display also indicated that the Omega could move much faster now that they were inside and not hovering below.

OOC: Sorry, the current power situation made me unable to respond, sorry about that guys

2003-08-18, 06:58 PM
Omega shuttle:

Chromedome: -nods- "I understand.... I think." -leaves command canter, returns to shuttle bay, rejoins his transector and walks out after giving the wounded Decepticons a cursory examination, walks out shaking head-

Minerva and Hosehead: -trying to get the massive(see heavily armored, therefore very heavy) Killbison off of Jalgar and Hellbat-

Minerva: "Chromedome! Give us a hand here?"

Chromedome: -walks over, slings Killbison over his shoulder in a fireman's carry- "He's not that heavy." -turns, walks back to the shuttle, optics bulging, barely managing not to stagger-

Minerva: -grabs Jalgar under the armpits, drags him to the Omega shuttle-

Hosehead: -picks up Hellbat, carrys him over to the shuttle-

Minerva: -making sure all six Decepticons are in the shuttle, activates commlink- "Okay, the Decepticons are loaded and ready to go."

Brave Maximus
2003-08-18, 07:25 PM
Starlight and Ark are looking at eachother and talking about the Decepticons in the hold when the Comm signal came in from Minerva. Before either of them could make it to the control room, Nemesis ran to the controls.

The Omega Shuttle lifts into the air and orenints itself towards the Maximus. The main rear thrusters engage in a brillient flash of blue light as it engages at top atmoshperic speed.

As it goes, it creates a massive shock wave, scattering those on the ground.

Inside: Starlight holds onto the handrail of the Control Centre door while Ark holds on to her leg. The force of the acceleration keeps them in the air while Ark bleeps out: "We're all going to die." in minicon.

Aero Blade
2003-08-18, 09:53 PM
After Hound left, Aero Blade stood up, streching alittle. A room sounds good. I could use some sleep. Last time I had a nap was back on Jetfire, and even then it wasn't a very good or deep sleep at all.

"Rest sounds good," Aero Blade said aloud, turning to Hoist. Stratus left his perch on a chair and flew over to Aero Blade's shoulder, taking up residence there. "So where exactly are these rooms?" He asked Hoist.

2003-08-18, 11:05 PM
Trailbreaker clicked back onto his communicator. "Blaster, stay there. Go to the security passage near the landing dock. Minerva and the others have got them on a shuttle and are about to bring them in. I want you to make sure if they wake up near or in Maximus and threaten anyone, that they are put in the deep freeze. Crosshairs and I will be in as soon as we can, but they'll arrive before we do. I'm counting on you to help guard buddy."

Trailbreaker sighed as he clicked off the two way. His body felt very heavy and his battery was barely holding a strong enough charge for his systems to keep from crashing. He knew being in robot form took a lot more energy than his car form, but he wasn't about to throw in the waxing towel yet. He turned to Crosshairs and flashed a wide grin to hide the exhaustion while talking enthusiatically. "Well, that's a heap o' trouble taken care of. Crosshairs, Pinpointer, thanks for the help guys. Two more to go now. The other two need medics, and we can't do those jobs. What do you guys say we head back, pass them and muster some of the repair types if they aren't working already? Then we could go back to Maximus and give 'Switch a report... and relax a bit. Whaddya say?"

Hoist nodded to Aero Blade as he began chattering and heading for the door. He was a bit shaken still from Dirge. "I'll be happy to take you to the rooms, but I daresay you'll find them empty. Hound and Mirage haven't used them in ages. They've been in Iacon since... well, for a long time. On the other hand, from here you should have a nice view of the valley, even if they are small observation windows on that side. I remember Optimus
and Prowl assigned the outer-windowed rooms to the more outdoor types and the Autobots with the best scanners and optic ranges... just be careful those two don't try to climb out. It's a long way straight down from the window."

Riptide tugged at Dirge's arm and whispered as she watched Hoist go to the door. "I don't know if I like Quick Stitch.
Dirger, how come Hound left? And where are we going now? Will there be mooovies?"
Shasta watched Hoist move toward the door and then looked back at the humans. Slowly, he put out his hands toward them like he had seen the older transformers do. Daniel grinned and stepped right on before Sparkplug could grab him.
"Thanks little dude!" Daniel said with a laugh. Shasta grinned back at him. "Y...your... l...littler than m..me."
Sparkplug looked like he was about to become a nervous wreck. "Daniel, be careful."
"I will. Comeon Grandpa! Shasta won't hurt us."
"Not intentionally son, *Sparkplug looked the youngling straight in his optics as he stepped onto the other hand* ...but Shasta, your motor skills are still developing, your balance too. How about a shoulder ride instead of a hand ride instead?"
The puzzled youngster nodded slightly and then smiled as he lifted Daniel carefully up to his shoulder. Daniel hopped up and sat down, dangling long legs over Shasta's chest. Sparkplug was also lifted up to the other shoulder. Which prompted a set of very quiet giggles from Shasta.
"Nice paint job Shasta. You two are really... glittery." Daniel noted as he studied the paint.
"Like l...liquid sparkle sea." Shasta replied as he walked over to stand by Aero Blade.

2003-08-18, 11:17 PM
Crosshairs looked past the smile that Trailbreaker flashed, and knew that his fellow Autobot was exhausted beyond measure.
"Sounds good to me," he replied, transforming to vehicle mode.
Let's just hope you don't collapse on the table in Quickswitch's office. That wouldn't go over very well.

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 12:40 AM
Quick Switch's optics narrowed at Smokescreen's nervous movement, and the outburst from the unknown newcomer unit, and his fists clenched on the table.

Who is this? Yet another alternate dimension unit? And who presumes to lecture ME on security protocol?

The Six Changer was trembling in near rage and frustration, and his jaw clamped shut. Quick Switch was stunned by this unit's naiveness, and shut off his vocoder to keep from castigating him.

What does this unit think is going to happen? That the Decepticons will extend us QUARTER? MERCY? Never! I speak of self-preservation, and the others fidget and spout. Murder? MURDER? Incredible! I don't know what a Destron is, but if what Hound told me is true of this Leo-whoever, that scum will not receive medical attention in any part of my Department. Let the medics guard the dumb brute once he's fully repaired! DAMN!

The Six Changer flicked a shocked, unbelieving gaze to Ultra Magnus, steepling his hands over his mouth to stop himself from re-activating his vocoder.


Dirge smiled at Riptide, though it dimmed when he saw Hoist move to the door with the others. However, it came back full force when he looked back at the femme youngling.

"Quick Switch is intense. He doesn't know what to make of you."

The film had ended, and Dirge re-positioned Riptide carefully in his arms and moved to follow, though he pointedly stayed away from the humans and kept his distance from Hoist.

"Hound is going to track the Deceptions," he said, more jovially then he felt. He chuckled. "We are going to get our roooms. I'm not sure if they'll have any mooovies," he admitted.

2003-08-19, 12:48 AM

"Damnit, Jim!" Wreck-Gar said to Inferno. "I'm a doctor, not an architect! Like, you know, whatever. I'll hit him with my best shot and fire away."

He headed off towards Broadside.

2003-08-19, 01:14 AM
Blaster nodded in repliance to Trailbreaker and turned spotting a side entrance then turning and walking into it making his way towards the landing pad shrugging.

"Ah well maybe a little decepti-fragging would cheer me and my boys up. Here's them waking up" Blaster said with a chuckle as he began to climb up a ladder.


"I never trust the Decepticon Scattershot, that happens after fighting the bone heads for so many years for so long" Jazz replied as he attempted to keep up with the air faring Technobot. "We learned again that with Thunderwing"

Aero Blade
2003-08-19, 01:25 AM
"I've been in worse," Aero Blade answered to Hoist's descriptions of the rooms. "Just so long as there's a place to sleep is enough for me," he told him, following Hoist.

"When will we be able to explore on our own?" Stratus asked Aero Blade.

"Whenever I get signed up or initiated, or whatever the Autobots do around here to add people. I'm not authorized personel, so it's not a good idea to go exploring," Aero Blade told the minicon. He then turned a glance at Dirge. "You seem to know alot about Quick Switch. Anyting I should be aware of about him? I'm not sure I like him, but I have to go through him to get signed up...."

2003-08-19, 04:18 AM
Ironhide: "Odds're pretty good that Minerva's comin' in with Leokaiser, Prahme. Ain't sure if wakin' that guy up's such a good idea, though."

Nightbeat: "Oh, but why? I can't wait to fight a berzerker warrior again."

Ironhide: "Simple. That guy's as tough as Ah think he is, bringin' him down again ain't gonna be easy, an' Ah don't want anything goin' wrong. Ain't that many humans near by, but Ah don't want none of them hurt."

Nightbeat: "Good idea."

Siren: "Yeah, for getting us all killed."

Nightbeat: "Would you look at the bright side for once? Don't think of it as getting killed, think of it as seeing how good a job the Last Autobot did in putting your chest back together after Bludgeon cut you in half on Klo."

Siren: "You're worse at looking at the bright side than I am."

Ironhide: -thinks to self- "Last Autobot?"

Nightbeat: "Hey, I'm the one who got batted by Fangry onto Octopunch's trident."

Ironhide: "What the heck are you two tawking about?"

Nightbeat: "We're from a different timeline. Our tour group got stuck here."


Guarding Victory Saber:

Tracks: -shaking his head sadly, looking at Wreck Gar- "They must have hit him with a girder..... again, and again, and again....."

Brainstorm: "Huh?"

Tracks: "That poor fellow over there, who talks in jumbled sentences."

Brainstorm: -nods- "Maybe he's just glitched. You've got an accent, after all. So does Ironhide."

Tracks: "Nobody's glitched that badly."

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-08-19, 06:38 AM
We're moving Ratchet because it's holding things up.
Ratchet looked again at his list. Let's get these elements as fast as possible. The sooner we get Blades up and running, the better.
-Barium and Mercury are both easily available. Perceptor, Professor Stall, would you please go to Wheeljack's lab and muster up those two elements, and then see if he has any of the following:
-Argon. He should have this too. Humans recognise it as a noble gas.
-Tellurium. We need a fair quantity of it, and this one he probably also would have. It's good for use in casting relay chip repairs.
-Erbium. This one will be difficult as I understand it's very rare on this planet and comes from heavier metals."

Ratchet paused again. "Lastly is that Solixium. Normally we'd get this from Cybertron's traders who get it from the smelting pools, but with our current situation, that's next to impossible. Let's get what we can first, and then let's see where we stand."

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 06:44 AM
"Yes, Doctor Ratchet," Stall said, attempting to remember the unfamiliar elements. "We shall return post haste," the historian said, nodding firmly and beginning to move down the hallway toward Wheeljack's lab.

"Coming, Perceptor?" the academic smiled slightly, turning to look back at the Autobot scientist par excellence. While totally out of his element, having his long time colleague and peer with him for the assignment was doing wonders to calm Stall's processor.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-19, 07:16 AM
Magnus shook his head.

"Quick Switch is right....We can't endangered human life by allowing them to stay here...but it's best not to sever our ties to the humans altogether."

Magnus waited til Skyfall had spoken.

"Skyfall's right, we do have major security issues within the building as it is, but our concern must currently lie with the Decepticons. Quick Switch we need someone on long range recon, might I suggest contacting Hound."

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 07:36 AM
"Hound is already deployed- or at least en route- to Carbombya, Magnus," Quick Switch replied, re-activating his vocoder. "We will have accurrate intelligence reports concerning Decepticon capabilities and threat assesements quite soon."

2003-08-19, 09:27 AM
Smokescreen cringed slightly as Skyfall spoke and twitched slightly as he looked at Quick Switch. The security director was looking like a radiator that was about to blow.
Oh oh. Too young to know how to phrase things in security speak, and maybe not gonna ever make that age if Quick gets hold of him. When Magus spoke however, he got a relieved expression. Right, well, that takes care of some of that... interesting, they're not acting uncomfortable with each other. Hmm.... well, the humans are better off away from base. I'm sure the few that are here will be okay. But that little guy did not score any points with Quick Switch- even though he had good points. Gotta ease down 'Switch's temper after... if I can. Truth is, I'm surprised he's holding it.

Smokescreen leaned forward and rested his arms in a folded position on the table, but with an at-ease expression.

Brave Maximus
2003-08-19, 02:51 PM
Skyfall turned to Quick Switch and gave a puzzled look at the much larger Autobot.

This guy seems to be blowing a gasget over something. I'm just speaking the truth as I see it. Not going to sugar coat it for some old 'bot who likes things done his way. If we followed his "shoot first and don't ask questions" attitude, might as well have let Victory Saber slag Leokaiser, take the resources we need and the humans be damned. But of course, that really isn't the Autobot way, now is it. 'Conflict must be tempered with patience. You must learn when to strike and when to negotiate. A warrior must be tempered with patience and compassion'. Bloody hell, Dai Atlas' lessons actually make sense. But I guess I should watch what I say around this "Quick" guy, I can't be of much help to the Earth and humans if he turns me into slag. But I won't let this group of Autobots do something they'll regret later. We have to stay on the side of light, or our victory over the Decepticons will be hollow, as we will have become just like them.
Omega Shuttle

The shuttle continues towards the Maximus at break neck speeds, while in the command centre, Ark and Starlight are trying to get control from Nemesis.

Starlight manages to pry his hands away, while Ark pulls him back and holds him, the much larger minicon has no problems, though his occasionally puts up an energon shield to protect himself. Starlight brings the Omega around and lands it, while the internal tractor beams begin to move the Breastforce out of the main hanger bay.
Maximus: Security Breifing room
Skyfall looks out the window and sees the Omega shuttle landing. He then turns to the assembled warriors:
"Sirs, our time is quickly running short with the Destron\Decepticon Gestault. As a matter of fact, he just arrived. The minicons who arrived with me will guard them for now, as they aren't in much of a condition to put up a fight. What are we going to do with them sir?"

I pray to Primus that they don't say 'Execute them'. Some things are wierd in this reality. Perhaps I can follow the patterns of this world if I'm given a chance to practice what that old Autobot taught me.

2003-08-19, 07:19 PM
Trailbreaker transformed and drove upwards winding in and out of the trees on the way back to Fort Max with Crosshairs and Pinpointer following. Nearing a wide clearing, the chest and torso of Victory Saber came into view, and farther out to the right, Broadside.

Wreck-Gar appeared to be heading towards Broadside, while Tracks, Inferno and Brainstorm seemed to be chatting around Victory Saber.

Trailbreaker clicked with a laugh onto Crosshair's radio while staying in car form. "Four well-meaning 'bots. One medic, one tv-speaking tinkerer, one overly-curious rescue-type and one... ah... upper-class guy that doesn't like to get the hands dirty. I think we should roust another medic or two- and maybe Optimus. When that Victory Saber guy comes to his senses, we're gonna have four squashed well-meaning bots here unless someone can calm him down. Crosshairs, you're one of our best sharpshooters. Maybe we'd both best stay here and phone first. I'll call up a list of availables..."

Trailbreaker raised a small antenna and began locking into the Maximus personnel computer.
"First Aid, Hotspot, Streetwise... and Groove are online? The Protectobots would be perfect. Blades has an odd status though. Strange, 'Quarr'? Ah well, the other four are up. What do you think?"
Riptide gave Dirge an indignant look. "Quick Stitch is not gonna make anything of me. I dun wanna be a chair or table or one of the sold robots again. I want to be in charge of this place!"
Daniel heard Riptide and started laughing, while Sparkplug just shook his head. Shasta grinned. "Sh... she wants l..lots."
Sparkplug just smiled. Some things are universal I guess.
Spike stepped out into the long corridors of Fort Max. It felt good to be back in the large citybot. Being separated from him left a strange- empty feeling. Sunstreaker's words bothered Spike though. He had needed a moment to clear his mind.
Things have changed a lot here. Hound was battered up and on edge. Sunstreaker called him a traitor. Dirge is here- Hound brought him apparently, but Dirge saved him? Sunstreaker's sounding like Mirage too. I wonder if the Autobots have come back just to leave us again? Well, at least I can help a bit. They've certainly helped us a lot..."
Spike looked around and then went back into the room just in time to hear Lightspeed also offering to help.
"Hi Lightspeed... I'm sorry Sunstreaker! Almost forgot. Let's get that chest plate back on first."

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 08:20 PM
"The units will be placed in containment and will not be any concern of yours," Quick Switch replied firmly. "Ultra Magnus and I will resolve the issue. And no Minicon is going to be guarding a potential hostile. You have my word."

I've heard enough out of this unknown upstart! He talks just like another HOT ROD! And putting trust in those fickle walking power generators? Absurd!

The Six Changer shifted- the young unit was highly annoying him, and it was time to put plans into action. Why were the others even present? Smokescreen had yet to do anything but fidget.

Odd that Magnus would been seen as a comforting figure after his shoddy record in the field...but times had changed.


Dirge fought back a smile, continuing to clank down the hallway with Riptide in his arms.

"You'd need help, Riptide," the jet said, "but I think you'd be great at it."

2003-08-19, 08:55 PM
Sunstreaker shook his head to Lightspeed not giving him a vocal answer as he pressed the the top half of the chest plate into place getting a re-assuring click from it.

"No need for help. Simple process"

He looked down at Spike who entered the room and shook his head once more.

"What do I look like? An infant? I can do such an easy thing on my own" he sat back as his circuts adapted and attached the new chest plate to his neural circuits sort of like a plant taking to new soil. While he let it set he looked down at Spike "But if you want you can paint on the second coat, that way I won't be called Biast when I say I am the nicest looking thing on wheels. Someone else painted me"


Blaster moved into the security corridor outside of the landing bay and awaited the arrival of the others with the Decepticon group they were transporting.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-19, 10:10 PM
"My sentiments exactly Quick Switch...For now they shall remain here, in the medbay under the supervision of the robots there. I recommend a small security detail. Perhaps you, Smokescreen could get word to Prowl. Grimlock, you and the Dinobots are going to be our first line of defence against whatever the decepticons plan to throw at us...be prepared, it could be huge. Skyfall, thank you for your presence, you are dismissed. Quick Switch, we have matters to discuss...if you would remain here..."

Grimlock had gotten up by this point, the promise of battle one that had sparked his interest. He lead the Dinobots out of the meeting room and towards the weapon storage facilities.

Magnus watched as the others left the room...

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 10:14 PM
Quick Switch nodded, sitting back in the command chair, and watched the others leave.

His face was haggard.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-19, 10:22 PM
Magnus stood and walked around, he hated the formality of the meeting room.

"Coffee? You look run-down..." Magnus spoke cheerily..

Brave Maximus
2003-08-19, 11:45 PM
Skyfall walked away from the meeting room, still shaking his head.

He spotted Grimlock walking away and figured he might be of some help in the preperations for defence.
Turning his vocalizer to max so the much larger autobot would hear him:
"Ummmm GRIMLOCK! SIR! I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time?!?"

2003-08-20, 12:04 AM
Smokescreen nodded to Ultra Magnus and Quick Switch and slipped out the door quickly. Wasting no time, he started a steady jog down the lengthy corridors towards the medical center.

He entered through the small medical staff quartering hall and wound his way to the quieter back examining rooms. The door was still half-open and it was still dark inside. Smokescreen eased the door open, his blue optics casting a faint glow in the darkened room. He walked over quietly to the examination table where Prowl was still lying in idle.

Smokescreen studied the still form for a long moment, listening intently. Looks better, engine's sounding smooth. I'm not a doc, but I know that's good.
Smokescreen took a big step back and tapped Prowl on the shoulder.
"Prowl... it's Smokescreen. I'm back from the meeting."
Prowl stirred and sat up slowly. Then rubbed the side of his head. It was cool.

"Smokescreen. The meeting-"
"...could have been better, admittedly. But Quick Switch and Magnus are talking now. They're planning."

"That's good news- I think. I'm feeling better Smokescreen. Diagnostics are checking out. Tell me what happened."

Smokescreen began telling Prowl in detail the contents of the meeting. After he had finished, Prowl shook his head. "Banning the humans is something we can't do. We need their permission to use their resources. Without it, we'd be stealing. No, Magnus is right on that. But Quick Switch has a point on the Decepticons- if they present a threat. We can't afford to endanger the other Autobots, or the humans any longer. He's a warrior Smokescreen, not a security director- but in the end, the outcome needs to be the same. The threats have to be removed. Quick Switch is volitile. His programming and personality changes because he could be attacked at any time. This is what makes him a unique individual, and why he was a good replacement for me amongst all the other individuals in service. He's as loyal to Optimus as you or I, and a hundred times more so because that's all he is loyal to. He doesn't care about the matrix- just serving a commander and negating the threat to his leader and the troops. He's a good Autobot, but more than that, he's done as fine a job as head of security as anyone else could do. "

Smokescreen watched Prowl get down from the table and folded his arms. "You mean that entirely Prowl, don't you..."
"Yes Smokescreen, every word. And now- he's out of his element. We're on Earth, and he'll need our help. This time- there can be no more mistakes. If the Decepticons threaten us or the humans, there will be no more allowances made. We're being held above the proverbial smelting pools and the humans are holding the support material underneath us. I think it's time to get back to work, and that means getting on the same server as the others."

Prowl flicked a glance back at Smokescreen as he was about to leave. "Thanks for the help Smokescreen. I need one more favor. It sounds like Dirge may be in danger. I need you to go secure that area to keep a watch on him both ways, and the Witwicky family is not to be removed until I clarify the human outlook."

Smokescreen nodded and watched him disappear. Slowly, a smile spread across his face, and then he too headed out- in search of Dirge.

God Jinrai
2003-08-20, 12:13 AM
Arriving at the conference room as the others left, prime made no effort to wait to enter. Put simply, he essentially barged through the stream of outgoing bots... arriving in the chamber, prime spoke...

"The three of you. Fill me in on what exactly just went on in here. and quickly. Once victory saber's brought back online... we're going after the decepticons. no qualms about it."

2003-08-20, 12:29 AM
Crosshairs replied to Trailbreaker, "Call 'em up. But after they get here, you should take off and catch a recharge. You're in no shape to fight if that guy starts moving again."

2003-08-20, 12:07 PM
Guarding Victory Saber:

Minerva, Hosehead and Chromedome: -roll to stop, transform-

Minerva: "Figure anything out yet, Brainstorm?"

Brainstorm: "Well, I think we can keep him from getting too frisky. The only problem is, I still haven't figured out if we need to worry about the other one."

Minerva: -dejectedly- "Great."

Brainstorm: "That's not the bad part. What we're looking at is one Cybertronian with two minds and four bodies."

Hosehead: "So it's a gestalt, like Leokaiser."

Brainstorm: "No, not really. This is a mastery of engineering. It's the next step in the Headmaster process. Instead of the head being where you attach, the connection point is in the chest, so you're completely protected." -taps Victory Saber- "Now this guy here takes it a few steps further. His overall size comes from a second transector that his first one merges with........" -taps Victory Saber's shoulder cannons and wings- "And these come from another Autobot entirely."

Minerva: "Wonderful. He's a walking armory, and the only thing keeping him under is whatever snapped in his mind in the first place, and disconnecting his motor relays would do nothing at all?"

Brainstorm: "To the first, yes, you've hit the nail on the head. As to disconnecting his motor relays, I don't know if it's going to actually do anything. He might just look at the seperated motor relays and disconnect."

Hosehead: "Maybe we could find a gestalt team to sit on him......."

Tracks: "Maybe we could get Omega Supreme to sit on him......."

Chromedome: "Wouldn't Omega be a bit much?"

Tracks: "He could probably shotput most of the rest of the gestalts."

Hosehead: "Good point."


Meeting room:

Ironhide: "Roadbuster, take Hardhead an' go outsahde. That big guy wakes up, they're gonna need more fahrepower."

Roadbuster: -nods-

Roadbuster and Hardhead: -head outside-

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-21, 03:00 AM
"We have other concerns primarily Optimus. We have got to ensure that the humans in the city are safe. We've also got a rogue decepticon on our doorstep...Perhaps our best form of attack now would be building a strong defence?"

Magnus looked at Quick Switch...

God Jinrai
2003-08-21, 03:09 AM
"Magnus... there's something you fail to realize. if we do in fact sit back... and fortify, the decepticons will STILL come. I seriously doubt they would expect an all out assault on their base in carbomiya... "

Prime paused for a moment, then spoke up again

"As for our... guest... if he chooses to get out of line... we DO have means of dealing with him. "

Prime brought up a holoscreen in the center of the table...

" I don't know very much about him...but Victory Saber... and the two autobots that compose him... are fierce warriors... and judging from his reaction when he came across that gestalt earlier... it's a safe bet that he can be relied on if things get ugly. I would like to think that it wouldn't get that bad... but you understand what I'm trying to say. "

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-21, 03:19 AM
"Yes, they'll still come, but if we're not prepared and we attack, there won't be much left of Fort Max to come back to. In case you hadn't noticed, we've a deceased list the length of Grimlock's mean streak..."

Brave Maximus
2003-08-21, 03:23 AM
As Grimlock continued to walk away, Skyfall ignited his thrusters and came up to his head level.

Perhaps now he'll notice me. These guys aren't used to Micro Transformers.

"Ummm excuse me, Grimlock? May I please speak to you for a moment? With war coming, I'd like to help out, though those guys in there, seem to dismiss me for some reason."

2003-08-21, 03:29 AM
Hoist led the way down a quartering hall on the East side of Fort Max. He stopped towards a corner turn in the hall and slid open two room doors. Inside the rectangular rooms were basic built-in furnishings. A bunk bed in each room, a desk, a chair with magnetic holds and cabinets that had locking doors. An old rifle mount was in Mirage's room, and on an interior cabinet door in Hound's room was a beaten up old human-sized poster of Winnie-the-Pooh that said "Must remember not to forget".

"There you are. Speaker systems are functional and on the walls. The sliding doors on each side of the rooms-- of course lead to the next room over. Recharge station is just down the hall and the security cameras monitor the halls constantly. Button 1 is security, 2 is the medics, 3 is the science lab, 4 is engineering, 5 is my repair bay or punch in the room number to get the speaker in the room you want. I'll go back now, but let me know if you need anything."

Riptide immediately fixed her attention on the speaker system. Shasta let Daniel and Sparkplug climb off his shoulders onto a desk, before he hopped up to the bed to look out the window.
Inferno was trying his best to clean the water out of the damaged areas in Victory Saber. He was used to helping Hoist with general maintainance, but this wasn't much of his style.
Spike was slightly put off at first and then gave a smile. "Okay, Sunstreaker. It'll be an honor to work on such a spectacular form as yourself. I will admit your car form is tops, though arguing that with Tracks would be an interesting debte." He laughed a bit and grabbed some tools. Lightspeed, you can do the wide sweeps, I'll get the edging and detailing."

Aero Blade
2003-08-21, 03:54 AM
Mental note: Avoid button #2... Aero Blade thouht to himself as he began to explore the room while listening to Hoist. He perked up though when Hoist mentioned Engineering. Alot of good a button will do me. I need directions... But on second though, it was probably one of those 'personel only' areas, and thus off-limits. Aero Blade glanced over at the bunkbeds.

Stratus meanwhile left Aero Blade's shoulder and started circling the room a couple of times in jetmode. He hovered for a second infront of the riffle, then flew off, loosing interest. He then flew over into Hound's old room, once again pausing to puzzle at the poster. Finding nothing else of practical interest, he flew back to the other room where Aero Blade was begining to settle down in the lower bunk, feeling a bit to drained to try to scramble up to the top. Stratus wasn't tired, but nestled in next to Aero Blade anyways, starting to nap peacefully long before his partner.

Aero Blade stared at the ceiling of the bunk above him. He had alot on his mind. Too much... It was begining to eat away at him. I need to tell someone... But who could he tell? He turned his head towards the direction Dirge was in the other room It wouldn't do much good to tell him. He and I are in the same boat; not many people know or trust us yet. For awhile I thought maybe Hound, but I can tell he's still nervous over Dirge... Aero Blade looked towards the ceiling again. Definitely not Hoist or that Quick Switch guy. Not yet anyways..

Aero Blade sighed quietly. He was out of people. So I continue my wait..

2003-08-21, 04:39 AM
Meeting room:

Ironhide: Magnus, you know's well as Ah do that the Decepticreeps're more'n lahkely ready to hit us now. Shoot, Ah'm surprised they ain't hit us already. We gotta do somethin', even if it ain't nothin' more'n sendin' in a couple'a guys to blow somethin' up. Have'em hit from long range an' bug out. It we disorganize 'em a little, it'll give us more tahme to get our defenses up."

Nightbeat: "Or, it will make them all the more determined to wipe us off the map so they can contimue their plans with no interference." -leans against wall, folds arms- "No, I think what we need to do isn't attack directly. We don't have the numbers, and we'll need all the base defenders who can carry a gun here, otherwise it'll be the Alamo all over again, but without all the cute and cuddly stuff the Mexicans did to the Texans."

Siren: "Uh, Nightbeat, what they did wasn't all that cute and cuddly......."

Nightbeat: "That's my point. So my suggestion is this. Instead of digging in and waiting to die, or launching a suicidal attack on Carbombya, we attack their allies. The odds are good that every two-bit dictator, military junta, and oppressionistic government on this mudball are rallying behind Carbombya's Decepticon-backed might."

Ironhide: "So yer sayin' we oughta go after their allies first?"

Nightbeat: "Just a suggestion. If the Decepticons have to spread their forces out, it will be that much less they can bring to bear on us." -nods- "And it probably wouldn't take that much, maybe a two or three member team."

Ironhide: "You think we c'n afford two or three guys?"

Nightbeat: "That, I don't know."

2003-08-21, 04:43 AM
Wreck-Gar looked at Victory Saber.

"I can't change the laws of physics, Captain. It's got to be thirty minutes!"

"You've got eight," one of the other Junkions replied. "With $12 rebate on movies."

2003-08-21, 05:13 AM
As Prowl approached the meeting room, he heard Magnus' voice and then Ironhide's and Nightbeat. Strange, Smokescreen came down and sounded like they had finished.... but they're still meeting?

Without a moment's hesitation, he calmly slipped in behind the gathered group and took a seat- listening intently. He stayed quiet, but his optics narrowed as he listened to the discussion. He hadn't heard all of it, but he knew he didn't like this last line of thought.

He waited until Nightbeat and Ironhide had finished speaking and then stood up using meeting etiquette, waiting to be acknowledged.

Trailbreaker laughed in surprise. "Yeah, you're right Crosshairs. I do need some downtime. Just a touch though."
Trailbreaker paused and then clicked over. "Available medical staff, please report to the clearing outside the middle west entrance." He stopped and listened for a moment as the line crackled. "Odd, that transmission didn't go through. One more time. Available medical staff, please report to the clearing outside the middle west entrance."

A final beep signalled the successful transmission.
"Good. That's done. Crosshairs. I'm gonna go make that security report, get a boss out here and take a recharge. If there's trouble, don't waste no time. Just call and we'll scramble everyone."

2003-08-21, 05:36 AM
Ironhide: "Hey, Prowl. Wha'dyou think? Attack Carbombya, dig in an' wait, or mess with the 'Cons allies?"

2003-08-21, 05:47 AM
Crosshairs transformed to robot mode, nodding at Trailbreaker's last remark. "You won't get any arguement from me on that. Taking on super-robots isn't my idea of fun." He gestured towards Wreck-Gar, Inferno and the rest. "Especially not with a crew of non-combat bots for backup."
Crosshairs turned slightly away from Trailbreaker, hoping the other wouldn't see the discomfitted look in his optics.
At least he's only leaving me in charge until an officer can get here. Last thing I want is that thing waking up on my watch.
Crosshairs crossed his arms, and turned back to Trailbreaker.
"Hopefully that won't be necessary, though." The Targetmaster's voice wavered slightly, despite his best efforts.

2003-08-21, 06:20 AM

Minerva: -looking at the six Decepticons piled up outside of the Maximus, sighs- "All right, guys. Let's drag them in." -grabs Jalgar's armpits again, starts dragging Jalgar into the Maximus towards the medical security wing- "I wish these guys weren't so heavy......"

Chromedome: -once again picks up Killbison in a fireman's carry, staggers, barely manages to stay upright-

Brainstorm: -slings Hellbat over his shoulder- "Not too heavy, is he Chromedome?"

Chromedome: -straining- "No..... what would..... make you..... think..... that?"

Chromedome and Brainstorm: -follow Minerva-

Hosehead: -carefully picks up Leozak, follows Minerva-

Tracks: -picks up Gaihawk- "He's pink."

Hardhead: -picks up Drillhorn- "So he's pink. What of it?"

Tracks: "I've never seen a pink Decepticon before....."

Tracks and Hardhead: -follow Minerva-

Quick Switch
2003-08-21, 08:34 AM
"Building a strong defense is tantamount," Quick Switch said, nodding to Magnus. "On the other hand, having a timetable for a premptive strike is also key- when the time comes," he said to Optimus. "Either way, I will marshal the Department's resources. Fortress Maximus will be protected."

Quick smiled slightly, noting Prowl's arrival.

"Just in case I've missed something," he said quietly, "Prowl, why don't you sum up some of the other scenarios? You'd be a unit after my own central processor."

2003-08-21, 09:06 AM
Prowl held out a flat-palmed hand to Ironhide to indicate that he was waiting to be recognised. But as Quick Switch finished replying to Ultra Magnus, and some familiar words came across, he couldn't help but let out a soft laugh from being so taken off guard. He nodded quickly and got a more serious expression, but retained the tracings of a smile.

"We are time pressed. The Decepticons will view us as trespassing... if not Galvatron himself, certainly the other Decepticons will- and being congregated, there is a very strong chance he may lose control of them. The Decepticons have secured allies already, and they have energy resources at their disposal. I think it will not be long before an attack comes. If they do an offensive attack however, they may find themselves overextended. I think it more likely they will try to affect us through the humans.

Our ranks are small, but we've had time to recharge and recover from injuries. This area is protected only by mountains right now. Our Autobots are serving as best they can right now, but I must advise against an immediate frontal assualt. We are not ready for an offensive attack with trouble already... in our backyard.

We have secured the help of the American government, but it is likely they will be having relations problems with the Canadian government. I must sincerely advise against any human attack- even amongst the allies of the Decepticons. Such an attack would sever our ties to the humans completely, we would lose our hope of gaining the resources we need without stealing, as well as find ourselves in perhaps more danger than the Decepticons present. Every country on this planet would see us only as invading attackers. It's imperative that we establish secure areas here and friendly ties. We must tell the humans what has happened and renew our bonds with them."
Prowl paused a moment, then added, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cod liver oil."

Quick Switch
2003-08-21, 10:03 AM
Dirge puzzled at the poster inside Hound's room, and nodded at Hoist's explanations.

"I might have seen that war mooovie," he muttered absently, "though I can't recaaal..."

2003-08-21, 06:42 PM
"Bah let Tracks argue it. There is more to looking pretty. You gotta know you look good, he just thinks he does"

Sunstreaker said getting to his feet moving a few steps forward out of the way of Lightspeed and Spike. He then transformed and popped his trunk. He raises it up giving access to his small trunk which had in it was the paint, a pefect match to his paint, a paint sprayer and other needed items.

"Time to work on a masterpiece"

2003-08-21, 06:44 PM
Medbay, security section:

Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -stretched out on repair tables-

Leozak: -occupying a CR chamber-

Brainstorm: -working on Gaihawk- "How long do you think Teal will be in there?"

Minerva: -working on Hellbat- "Not sure. Blue and Pink have some panel and crush damage, while Black, Purple, and Orange have carbon scoring from atmospheric re-entry." -finishes- "There. Big Blue's fixed. Now, for the final touch." -opens panel at base of Hellbat's neck, disconnects Hellbat's motor control relays, paralyzing him from the neck down- "One down, 5 to...... go?"

Hellbat: -chest plate twitches, heaves, pops loose and transforms into bat mode, looks around, confused-

Brainstorm: -staring at Bat-Breast- "What in the......."

Bat-Breast: -whips tounge out, wrapping it around Brainstorm's neck, zaps him-

Brainstorm: -shaking as thousands of volts course through his systems- "EEIIAAAIIIGGGHHHH!!!!!!!"

Minerva: -pulls stun blaster, stuns Bat Breast-

Bat-Breast: -releases Brainstorm, flutters to gound, twitches a couple of times, passes out-

Brainstorm: -looking a little shaky- "Check, please...." topples over-

Minerva: -rushes over- "Brainstorm! Are you okay?"

Brainstorm: -looking dazed- "What..... was...... that?"

Minerva: "I think we just found out why they're called Breastforce........"

Brainstorm: "But.... there's five more of the stupid things! We're going to be killed!"

Minerva: "Oh, ye of little faith....." -activates commlink- "Chromedome, Hardhead, could you come in here?"

Chromedome and Hardhead: -enter medbay-

Chromedome: "What is it, Minerva...." -sees the unconscious Bat Breast- "What in the worlds......"

Minerva: "Now we know why they're called Breastforce. I need you two to grab them as they disconnect from their masters."

Brainstorm: -lying on floor- "Gaihawk's next......"

Minerva: "Aren't you going to get up?"

Brainstorm: "After my gyroscopic relays reset, yeah...."

Minerva: -disconnects Gaihawk's motor relays- "Set for stun, you two."

Hardhead: "I don't have a stun mode on any of my weapons."

Mineva: -tosses Hardhead her stun blaster as Hawk-Breast pops free from Gaihawk- "Now you do. Get it!"

Hardhead: -stuns Hawk-Breast-

Chromedome: -looks at the unconscious hawk- "Two down."

Hardhead: -snarls- "Heck with this." -switches stun blaster to heavy stun, shoots Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison-

Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -chest plates pop free, transform to beast mode, collapse-

Minerva: -looks at the CR chamber, sighs- "I'll get the last one." -opens chamber, manages to pop Leozak's chest plate loose-

Lio-Breast: -transforms, sags tiredly-

Minerva: carries Lio-Breast out of CR chamber, reseals it, starts to unconsciously scratch it between the ears- "Well, now what do we do with them?"

Brainstorm: -lurches to feet- "First off, I say we finish disconnecting their motor relays. Then we'll have to dig up something that can hold this metallic zoo."


Meeting room:

Ironhide: "Then let's start doin' something! Secure a peremieter, set up checkpoints, get th' big guns out an' start polishin' 'em!"

Nightbeat: "Or giving the big guns psychiatric help...." -frowns, activates commlink- "Roadbuster, you read me?" -gets no response, sighs- "Great. I think the comm system's glitched. Siren, go see how things are going out there."

Siren: "Right." -heads outside to join Roadbuster-



Minerva: -having finished disconnecting Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison's motor relays, now checking Lio-Breast over, poking around in a panel removed rom his side- "There you go, little guy. Hmm... wonder what you guys do....." -brushes a relay with probe-

Lio-Breast: -transforms to gun mode, then back to beast mode-

Minerva: "Well, that explains it....." -looks up- "Careful collecting up the anipals, Chromedome. They turn into guns."

Chromedome: -draping Jaguar-Breast over an ammo cart, into which he;s already dropped Bat-Breast and Hawk-Breast- "Got it."

Minerva: -closes up Lio-Breast, hands him to Chromedome- "Hardhead, take the others and go back outside. Roadbuster and Crosshairs look to be tthe only ones out there to stop Victory Saber if he wakes up."

Hardhead: "Good idea. Come on, guys."

Hardhead, Brainstorm, Hosehead, and Tracks: -head back outside to rejoin Roadbuster-

Chromedome: -loads Rhino-Breast and Bison-Breast onto the ammo cart- "You reaize it'll take more than the two of us to lug these guys to the brig."

Minerva: "I know. On your way back, grab a heavy cargo skimmer. We'll wheel them all down there at once."

Chromedome: "That should work." -wheels ammo cart out-

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-21, 10:08 PM
Grimlock kept walking as Skyfall flew up beside him...

Why me always get lumbered with baby-sitting

"If you can talk at same time we going to armoury..."


"I think Grimlock said it best 'remember, we the good guys' ..."

Magnus shook his head, he couldn't believe he'd just quoted Grimlock.

"Whilst I share your eagerness to rid this planet of the Decepticon menace Prime, we can't be seen to be the aggressors here. We're the Autobots, we're here to protect the people of Earth at any cost..."

God Jinrai
2003-08-21, 10:09 PM
Victory Saber had been offline for nearly a day now... it would almost seem as if the massive transformer were deceased at this point... that, however... was about to be proven wrong...

Almost un-noticably, VS' optics went from the dark blue to a dim light blue... as they came back online....

"W...what the... What happened???"

Attempting to rise, he vaguely recalled the events taking place up till his blackout.... Leokaiser.... autobots making an assault on him, trying to keep him from murdering the gestalt.... and then darkness... and it dawned on him why he blacked out. Saber's brainmaster, regardless of whether the star saber personality was active or not, still had control of certain systems. among those systems was his main power relays... he'd decided at one point that were he to go out of control... for ANY reason... a failsafe would be needed...

Now in a semi-crouch, he realized what might happen if he rose to quickly... as he spotted the maximus battleship not twenty yards from him... brimming with weaponry.

"I...better stay down... or..better yet. "

Disengating the armor mode, the twin transformers reverted to super jet combined mode... the saber jet disengaged from the v-star and the remainder of the vehicle mode, and transformed... now at the height of a normal transformer...

2003-08-21, 11:09 PM
Wreck-Gar ran up to Saber.

"Rest easy, son. You've had a busy day. You're fortunate to be all in one piece."

2003-08-21, 11:14 PM
Crosshairs started as he heard a noise behind him. He spun away from Trailbreaker, as Pinpointer transformed to gun mode and landed in Crosshairs' hand.
Seeing Star Saber standing not too far away from him, the Targetmaster brought his weapon up to point at the other's chest.
"Don't move," he warned. His voice quivered slightly, but his gun hand did not.

2003-08-22, 12:24 AM

Chromedome: -finishes locking the Breastforce animal partners into security cages- "Animal partenrs that turn into guns......."

Bat-Breast: -stirs, stares at Chromedome, activates feed-

Chromedome: "What will they think of next?" -shakes head as he walks towards heavy cargo skimmer, starts wheeling it back to medbay-



Hellbat: -conscious again, watching Chromedome walk away from Bat-Breast's cage, chuckles quietly to self, thinks- "You wouldn't believe what we can do, fool......" -shuts himself down again-

Minerva: -studying Leozak's progress, barely hears Hellbat's chuckle, turns, looks around, shakes head- "I must be hearing things.... I'll turn into Red Alert at this rate."

Chromedome: -wheels cargo skimmer in- "You ready?"

Minerva: "Yup. Got five guests for the pokey."

Chromedome: "Pokey?"

Minerva: -shrugs- "Old slang term for jail."

Chromedome: "Ah. Human slang again."

Minerva and Chromedome: -start loading Decepticons onto the cargo skimmer-



Roadbuster, Hardhead, Hosehead, Brainstorm, and Tracks: -move around to cover Saber, the V-Jet, and Victory Leo, weapons drawn and aimed-

Siren: -comes running out of the Maximus, skids to halt at the sight of an active Saber- "GAH!" -activates commlink- "Nightbeat, he's-" -sees that there's no carrier signal, whacks his arm comm panel a couple of times, sees signal indicator glow green, tries again- "Nightbeat! That Victory Saber guy's awake!"


Meeting room:

Nightbeat: -talking into commlink- "Got it, Siren. I'll tell the others." -deactivates commlink- "Well Prime, Magnus, and Quick Switch, if you want to talk to our new berzerker recruit, he's outside and wide awake."

2003-08-22, 12:35 AM
Wreck-Gar turned to Roadbuster and the others.

"I've got two words for you. Mellow out, man!"

2003-08-22, 04:24 AM
Inferno took a step back from his attempts at repairing as Victory Saber regained consciousness and split apart. Inferno looked at the seeker-sized Saber and then at Victory Leo as he heard resounding clicks all around. He put up a hand to the others- being in close proximity, he just didn't feel like being shot at.

"Wreck-Gar's right there fellas. Everyone take it easy. You've been damaged and you need some extensive repairs. You've got some explaining to do too. But we'll need Optimus, Magnus and Quick Switch for this."

"I'll call." Trailbreaker called over to Inferno as he clicked onto his radio and honed in an emergency frequency. "Alert! All Autobot security alert. Victory Saber is conscious on grounds outside Fort Max. Threat unknown."

Trailbreaker clicked off, and remained stationary beside and just slightly behind Crosshairs in vehicle form. Thanks Crosshairs- I owe ya one.

2003-08-22, 05:19 AM

Minerva and Chromedome: -straining, lay Killbison out on the bed in his cell, strap him down, and tilt it to a seventy five degree angle, so he can watch the world as it goes by.... or stare into the cage of his partner, Bison-Breast-

Minerva: -sighs in relief as she clicks the energon feed into Killbison's side- "There. The last one until Teal gets out of his cell."

Chromedome: "They must have actual names, you know."

Minerva: "And we won't know them until they wake up."

Minerva and Chromedome: -walk out of the cell-

Chromedome: -activates the energon bars-

Minerva: -activates the shunt drip feed of energon- "Let's see who wakes up first...."

Hellbat: -optics flicker back to a dull brightness as he runs off of the shunt feed, leaving his stockpiled reserve alone- "W..... where..... are..... we?"

Minerva: "You're in the brig of the battlecrusier Maximus. I'm Minerva, and this is Chromedome."

Hellbat: -sees the Autobot emblems on Minerva and Chromedome, cringes inwardly- "My.... name is...... Hellbat......... I'm the..... commander..... of Breastforce............"

Drillhorn: -optics flicker as he comes online, listens to Hellbat in the next cell-

Hellbat: "Are.... we.... prisoners?"

Chromedome: "Yes. The treaty has come to an end."

Hellbat: -sounding as sincere as possible- "That's..... a shame...... I..... enjoyed..... the peace......."

Minerva: "So did I."

Hellbat: "Are..... we all..... here......?"

Minerva: "One of you is still under repairs. The teal colored one."

Hellbat: "Ah, yes..... Leozak..... my second in command..... Will he make it?"

Minerva: "The odds are good."

Hellbat: "Good. He's a good man. I'd hate to lose him....." -optics fade out almost completely, says in a very weak voice- "I'm....... tired....... Could...... I....... rest......... now?"

Minerva: "Yes. Come on, Chromedome, let's leave him alone. They've all had a long day."

Minerva and Chromedome: -walk out of brig, doors hissing shut behind them-

Lio-Breast: -growls menacingly at Hellbat-

Hellbat: -optics brighten again, chuckles quietly, mutters to Lio-Breast- "Shut up. I've got a plan."

Drillhorn: -hisses- "It's got off to a great start, Hellbat."

Hellbat: -hisses back- "Quiet, Drillhorn. Your commander is thinking."

Drillhorn: "Leozak will-"

Hellbat: "Leozak will do what I say, when I say it. You know that. Now be quiet. The room's probably bugged."



Tracks: -looks over at Wreck-Gar- "That's three words."

Brainstorm: -holsters blasters, approaches Saber and Victory Leo: "I'm Brainstorm. Do you require any medical attention?"

2003-08-22, 05:45 AM
The Junkion commander glared at Tracks

"Lisa! Don't...contradict...your...elders!" he said. "Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself."

2003-08-22, 09:23 AM
Prowl stepped back and let Ultra Magnus speak. A beep in his internal systems alerted him that he had incoming messages, and he sifted through it.

"We'll need their support. There is a UN meeting being held tomorrow. We have received a cordial invitation to attend and listen in. It would be an opportunity to address their concerns.

Optimus, Magnus, Quick Switch, Ironhide... whatever the next actions hold, we need to set a strong guard here within Maximus as soon as possible. I've asked Smokescreen to monitor our Decepticon guest- for his safety and ours. The Witwicky family should be allowed to stay.

May I suggest air patrols... the building of a fence perimeter... and I've also received word that our communications systems seem to be having trouble. I'd like to suggest putting Blaster and Jazz on that as they have------

Prowl stopped short as Trailbreaker's emergency communication came through in scattered pieces. "Alert! -------Autobot sec---. Victory------ is conscious on groun----outside -----Max. Threat un------."

2003-08-22, 09:32 AM
Fort Max corridors:

Getaway, Joyride and Slapdash walk through the corridor as they hear from their commlinks Traibreaker voice:"Alert! All Autobot security alert. Victory Saber is conscious on grounds outside Fort Max. Threat unknown."

Getaway: "Victory what?"

Slapdash: "Victory Saber, autobot ,big guy with big guns...you know who don't you?

Getaway: "Never heard before..."

Joyride: "Who cares? We have security ALERT guys! Let's go!"It can be fun I hope.

All three running and heading for Victory Saber.

God Jinrai
2003-08-22, 03:03 PM
Saber shook his head, trying to "get the cobwebs out"... slumping to a knee, he took a labored breath... and looked up at all the firepower pointed at him...

"B...Brainstorm?? I thought...you were ddestroyed in the final...battle with the mega zarak..."

he spoke strained...

His optic band dimmed slightly, then brightened again... he could feel the link with victory leo slipping... if he managed to separate from the V-Star, there was a good chance that things would get very ugly... very fast.

"Someone... quickly... Cut...Victory Leo's... power systems.... I can't keep him surpressed much longer..."

Saber clutched at his head, as if he were experiencing a massive migrane...

"Relay's.... in... the hatch under the wings... Hurry!..."

2003-08-22, 08:36 PM
Outside Fort Max

Getaway, Joyride and Slapdash arrived to the place where Victory Saber is. Weapons ready as they are in short distance from awesome robot.

Slapdash: "Now you see who caused alarm Getaway"-pointing at Victory Saber.

Getaway: "Yeah"-shocked-"But I don't think we can handle with HIM if he goes mad again, despite fact that we outnumber him"

Joyride: "Guys he isn't fuelthirsty decepticon scum he is autobot, we have nothing to fear about him. Trust me"

Hotwire: "You better be right wiseguy or we will have BIG trouble"

Quick Switch
2003-08-22, 10:58 PM
Quick Switch straightened, and slammed his fist on the table comm.

"Cerebros, bring all of Fortress Maximus' main gun batteries to bear on Victory Saber. Now!"

The Six Changer looked squarely at Optimus.

"This should get the unit to stand down. I recommend all other personnel to leave the potential combat zone, immediately. They have no place engaging a combiner, anyhow."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-22, 11:17 PM
"Wait!" Magnus spoke sharply. "It sounds like he's trying to help us help him..."

Ultra Magnus moved to a small display monitor in the meeting room and brought up the nearest camera to Victory Saber..

Inferno...time to be the hero..

Magnus opened a comm channel.

"Inferno, this is Ultra Magnus, listen carefully. Look for the power behind his wings..."

Maybe we can get out of this without war within our ranks

2003-08-22, 11:19 PM
Inferno shivered involuntarily as the guns swung around.
Good Primus... you'd think you were the ultimate destroy.."
Inferno trailed off in thought as the communication came through.

He moved up to Victory Saber to look in back between the wings. "I see it now."

Inferno reached over and disconnected the power relays.

Quick Switch
2003-08-22, 11:47 PM
"All available security personnel," Quick Switch snapped over the Security Department comm frequency. "Bring the unit into containment. Immediately."

His face hardened, and he said nothing further.

2003-08-23, 01:26 AM

Jalgar: -optics flicker as he wakes up- "Where..... what happened?" -realizes he's paralyzed- "What's going on?"

Drillhorn: "We've been captured by the Autobots." -adds note of sarcasm- "But don't worry, 'Commander' Hellbat's managed to secure our safety."

Gaihawk: -stirs- "Commander Hellbat?!?!?"

Hellbat: "Relax, men. I've got it all in hand. I've let the Autobots know how peaceful we are, and that we mean them no harm."

Gaihawk: -splutters-

Jalgar: -sighs in defeat as realization dawns- "It's okay, Gaihawk. The captain will keep us safe."

Gaihawk: -develops a facial tic for a few seconds, relaxes- "Okay, okay....... And how is Leozak?"

Hellbat: "He's recovering as best he can. Those...... things..... tore us up pretty badly, and he took the brunt of it."

Killbison: -stirs, gets datafeed from Bison-Breast, updating him on what he's missed, still completely lost-


CR chamber, Medbay:

Leozak: -stirs, finally coming out of stasis lock, realizes all of his systems are on total life support, sighs, feels the datafeed from Lio-Breast kick in, thinks to self- "Hellbat, what are you playing...... at........." -realizes what Hellbat's playing at, chuckles inwardly, thinks to self again- "I may play along for now, Hellbat, but do not think I will allow you to overstep your bounds." -lapses back into unconsciousness-



Brainstorm: "Mega Zarak? What's a Mega Zarak?"

2003-08-23, 05:58 AM
OOC- I have no idea whats going on!! Can someone tell me? Sorry i haven;t been on in a while, I've been busy with school...

Outside Fortress Maximus
After being flying around outside Fortress Maximus, the Aerialbots flew to Ultra Magnus to ask for orders or for assistance. Silverbolt asks, "Is there anything you need help with Ultra Magnus?"

God Jinrai
2003-08-23, 03:16 PM
Despite his attempt to separate from the V-Star, Victory Leo wasn't able to split in time... Inferno cut the power just in time.

Saber slowly let his hands away from his head.... still showing labored breathing...

"He's... out... for now..."

Letting out a hard sigh, he slowly made his way back to his feet... looking about at those whom had gathered here...

"I... suppose I've some explaining to do."

Saber rubbed his head, seemingly out of embarasment...

"So it would seem, Saber..."

From the maximus landing ramp, the shadowed form of the autobot commander approached.... As he grew closer, the red, blue and white paint scheme became all too apparent...

"C... Convoy? It... It can't be!"

Lord Zarak
2003-08-23, 06:52 PM
"Convoy? That my friend is Prime. Optimus Prime, to be precise" said Sky Lynx, having temporarily left Braodside behind at Brave.

"It appears that you are somewhat disorientated, my good friend. Would you like an energon beverage? I'm sure one of the more land-based transformers would be happy to provide one for you. Being one of the few space faring Autobots, I must keep myself in good shape. Waiting on alternative-dimension isnt conducive to travelling between stars, as you might imagine."

2003-08-23, 06:53 PM
Bring the unit into containment.Trailbreaker caught the message from security, just as Optimus stepped out and began talking. Trailbreaker listened for a moment. The situation had been quieted, so he sent a message back to Quick Switch. "Optimus is managing to talk with this guy chief. When he's done, the team can bring him in. I'm done out. I'll be in medbay."

Trailbreaker shifted into gear and headed back for Fort Max.
He felt his communications panel shutting down and knew from experience it was the start of his systems withdrawing the last of their power. He stayed in vehicle form and drove straight into medbay, where he saw Ratchet working on Blades. With a soft laugh, he called to him. "Doc, when you get a chance, this old rustbucket body needs to leech a recharge."
As he finished speaking, his lighting circuits failed.
I should just let them stasis lock me permanently, he thought darkly, except 'Switch needs the reports I've got in my memory banks.
Inferno stared at the mess in front of him wondering which part he was supposed to be bringing in. This new robot was actually two... and then he heard Optimus. He was starting to comprehend thie new transformer as Optimus spoke, but stayed quiet. He glanced around again at the amount of weaponry all aimed in their direction and got another tremor in his circuits. Inferno liked a good fight, but this amount of focused firepower was a lot different. Still, he remained where he was, right next to and slightly behind Saber. It was clear Optimus knew him, and that had his curiosity piqued so much, he didn't notice the change in his leader. However, the orders were standing, and certainly this guy must be some sort of threat or the others wouldn't have brought the ammo down at him.
"Oh, you're a masterpiece all right..." Spike laughed as he and Lightspeed began working on Sunstreaker, "but you will make front cover of AutoWorld when we finish."
"Lightspeed, it's good to see you guys. How've you been?"

2003-08-23, 07:43 PM
Crosshairs' optics flicked towards the departing Trailbreaker.
He knows better than to get in the middle of this when he's low on energy. Smarter than most 'Bots.
The Targetmaster's gaze then focused on Prime. He noted his leader's new (or old) look, but ignored it for now.
Finally, he looked back at the confused-looking Saber, and Inferno behind him.
Not good, he thought. If Fort Max fires now, There's no way Inferno'll get out of the way in time.
Crosshairs' index finger tightened slightly on his weapon's trigger. His aim was still focused on Saber's chest.
That means that if it comes to shooting, I'll have to take him down.
He sighed.
Where's Sureshot when you need him? This type of thing is his department, not mine.

2003-08-24, 12:00 AM
Maximus ramp:

Ironhide and Nightbeat: -standing in the shadows-

Ironhide: -keeping a keen optic on Saber- "Never thought Ah'd say this, but dyin' ain't as bad as it coulda been."

Nightbeat: "How so?"

Ironhide: -deploys glue sprayer from right hand and napalm sprayer from left forearm- "New body's in better shape than th' old one was. Ah c'n get ta Prahme a lot faster'n Ah used to."

Nightbeat: "Given the firepower aimed at him, Saber would have to be insane to do something aggressive."

Ironhide: "He weren't a picture of sanity over th' lake."

Nightbeat: "True." -frowns- "Better move up anyway. You might be faster now, maybe even as fast as you were when you were young."

Ironhide: "Yeah. Ain't sure how fast that guy is."

Ironhide and Nightbeat: -move up to flank Prime, not standing too close, but making their presence known-

2003-08-24, 03:38 AM
Wreck-Gar glared at Sky Lynx, then looked at Saber.

"He's right, you know," he said. "Can't trust a pig with watermelons. You might wanna head off to Moe's, and send the kids off to the neighbors, cause you might come back loaded."

2003-08-24, 05:37 AM
(OOC- My apologizes for my recent absence.)

Perceptor walked up to Stall, and began to speak.

"Yes, I indeed am going to go and provide assistance with collecting the elements," he said as he returned the smile and pointed out his arm. "Please, lead the way."

Hot Spot, now seeing that Optimus Prime was speaking with the others and was in a different area, took this opportunity and began to gather the troops that were requested by the Autobot commander. After he was joined by First-Aid, both of them went outside to find Minerva.

"Minerva," the Protectobot leader said to him once e found them, "Optimus requests we meet up with him near here."

He then opened up a com-link to Optimus Prime.

"Optimus, sir, we are ready out here. Though Perceptor is busy, we still managed to find Minerva, at least if he wishes to stay," Hot Spot said.

2003-08-25, 03:32 AM

Minerva: -checking on Leozak as Hot Spot's message comes in on the commlink- "I read you, Hopt Spot. I'm coming." -sighs- "Stay here, Chromedome. If anybody stirs, convulses, has any problems at all, give me a call."

Chromedome: "Me? But I'm not-"

Minerva: "I'm not saying try to put them back together, just call me."

Chromedome: -nods- "Okay."

Minerva: "Good. I'll be back in a bit." -walks out of medbay, heading for outside-

2003-08-25, 08:20 PM
"This implying I wasn't a master piece already!" Sunstreaker replied with a slight tone of distaste to Spikes comment.


Blaster hit the exit of Fort Max after receiving the communication about Victorysaber but by the time he got to the gate everything was done. He sighed and looked down at the Electro-scrambler in his hand.

"So much for some action. It seems like I'll never get any 'Con trashing satisfaction anymore" he muttered as he just watched Optimus and the other one talk.


Jazz turned onto the high way leading back to where Fort Max had settled down.

"Scattershot. You still up there man? Or'd you take off?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-25, 08:22 PM
Ultra Magnus looked at the Aerialbots (who'd somehow managed to fly through solid steel to land 'next' to Ultra Magnus)


"Silverbolt, I want you and the Aerialbots to keep an eye on all scanners...check on all frequencies. We're expecting a Decepticon attack ... soon."

Magnus listened carefully to Quick Switch's instructions...

Hot-headed, quick to anger, but he's still got a solid air of authority...reminds me of someone...


A single spark burst forth from Cybertron and shone brightly...there was still hope for those left behind...

2003-08-26, 01:33 AM
"Nooo Sunstreaker..." Spike said as they finished and began putting sealer on. "You and Sideswipe both have got one of the most stunning car forms around.

A while later....
"Well, that should just about do it. Clear coat's dry. Now do you want to come with me to find out what else is happening? I need to find Daniel and Dad, and I told Hound I'd be back too."


Trailbreaker never heard whether Ratchet had acknowledged him or not. He dispatched a security report through his antenna and then his systems went into a hibernation mode just minutes after speaking.

2003-08-26, 02:08 AM
ooc- yes i know that stonecold, i'm sorry i should've explained it better...sorry :wall:

Fortress Maximus- Indoors

"Yes sir!" replied Silverblot to Ultra Magnus.

"Firleflight I want you to do a perimeter check 15 miles circumference from Fortress Maximus, since you're probably our best recon-man, report in on anything suspicious. AND, don't try to be a here if you get into trouble. Take Slingshot with you...", said Silverbolt.

"Roger!", replied Fireflight and Slingshot.

"Skydive, you're in charge of keeping an eye on the different frequencies, since i know your mental capacity is high."

"Yes sir.", replied Skydive.

"And as for me and Air Raid, we will keep eyes on the the scanners and you will report to us or Ultra Magnus if anyhting is suspicious or is important. Remember, Ultra Magnus expects a Decepticon attack so be very careful."

The Aerialbots split up in to their assignments givin by Silverbolt. Fireflight and Sligshot once again left Fortress Maximus and Skydive sat in front of a large monitor, monitoring the frequencies, and sat in front of radar panels watching the scanners.

2003-08-26, 04:33 AM

Ironhide: -looking around- "Prahme, we're kahnda exposed out here. Ah say we get this guy indoors 'fore anybody comes knockin'. Ah know Quick Switch's said th' same thing, an' he's rahght. Ain't no security net set up yet."

Minerva: -walks out of the Maximus- "I'm here...." -sees Trailbreaker go into hibernation mode- "Trailbreaker?" -runs over to Trailbreaker, kneels next to him, scans him- "He's low on fuel. Nightbeat, go get some energon cubes."

Nightbeat: "Got you, sis." -runs back into the Maximus-



Gaihawk: "We're immobilized, strapped down in the Autobots brig..... what have you gotten us into, Commander Hellbat?!?!?"

Killbison: "Hellbat's our commander?"

Jalgar: "Yes, Killbison. You knew that."

Killbison: "I did?"

Jalgar: -sighs- "Yes."

Killbison: "If you say so." -pauses for a minute- "I thought we didn't trust-"

Jalgar: "Killbison, trust me. Hellbat's in charge." -thinks to self- Great Primus, we're going to die....."

Hellbat: "Calm down, Gaihawk. We're here because our non-peace loving Decepticon brethren have broken the treaty."

Drillhorn: "The misguided fools."

Gaihawk: "Misguided?!?!? Did that guardian robot hit your side of Leokaiser harder than it hit mine?"

Hellbat: "No, Gaihawk, it didn't." -sighs- "I know you're still holding a grudge against the Autobots for the time they threw you into prison-"

Gaihawk: "That's putting it lightly."

Drillhorn: "But the commander wants to get us out of here with a minimum of fuss."

Hellbat: "Besides, we all know how destructive this war's been. Peace is the-"



Hellbat: -voice coming over monitor- "-only way."

Chromedome: -watching the conversation in the brig over a monitor- "Right. Like I believe what a Decepticon says about peace."

2003-08-26, 12:21 PM
StarBlade had left Metrotitan after recieving confirmation of her assignment. Once outside, she paused momentarily to make sure she had everything. Guns, check. Kill log, check. Determination, definately. Ok. Ready.

Transforming to jet mode, StarBlade took off, and gained altitude. She didn't want any Autobot-allied radar picking her up when she got to America.

Once she was high enough, StarBlade kicked in the afterburners and headed for the Autobot base, to kill Ultra Magnus.

God Jinrai
2003-08-26, 12:39 PM
"Then... it IS you..."

Saber managed to struggle to a full stance, and snapped off a salute to the autobot commander whom stood on the ramp of the maximus.. and nearly fell back to the earth beneath his feet, were it not for quick reflexes. as he felt himself starting to slip again, he used his backwards momentum to spring up onto the V-Star...

"V-star, commence.... energy...transfer. Authorization Saber, Delta Sigma Alpha..."

The V-Star's systems came alive, and began to funnel energy from its reserves into saber's body...

Back on the ramp, prime stood and watched...

"Give me one more moment, Ironhide. Let's let our friend here at least get some energy back into his systems. the amount of power it likely took him to effectively short himself out... well... that's no small task, and I'll likely wager it's not a task he'd like to perform again"

Brave Maximus
2003-08-26, 03:08 PM
Outside the Maximus

The three minicons, huddled around the controls of the Omega Shuttle. When Victory Saber began to move, they had activated the weapon systems and the missile bays had opened. They wait and hoped they would not be needed.

Maximus Coridor - En Route to the weapons lockers

Skyfall looked at Grimlock and figured his time was limited by the larger robot's patience (which was legendary for being in short supply).
"Of course I can talk on the way. What I want to talk to you about is something I don't think the leaders have considered, and I didn't have the chance to tell them. First off, we may need to do a rescue mission. In there they said that Hound was off doing recon. While I'm sure they have a plan for getting him out later. If it hits the fan now, there's no way they could get him out in time. I owe him for a ........ misunderstanding, and wouldn't like to see him end up as slag.
Second, While I agree we need to fortify the base, I don't think we should just sit around and do nothing. The leaders all think in large scale battles. Perhaps a small skilled team of warrior could infultrate the city bots and maybe take their larger weapons out of the up coming fight. I know the bosses would call this a fool hardy mission, but I think it could be done. I don't have alot of firepower, so I would need some help. But you and your team are legendary, and the textbooks said you were one of the greatest warriors of the Cybertronian wars. Well, what do you think?"

Quick Switch
2003-08-26, 04:48 PM
Quick Switch didn't acknowledge Trailbreaker's report, but simply walked to the briefing window, watching the transformation sequence.

"I don't like it," he spat to Magnus. "Yet another alternate dimension Transformer." His optics widened, then narrowed watching the bizarre transformation sequence. "Autobot or no. This will have to be watched."

He turned, flicking Magnus with a grim, weary smile on his face.

"Let's hope Silverbolt can keep that rag-tag crew of his from fighting long enough to actually do their work. Now then- we should set up a security cordon immediately around the city. And-" here distaste clearly showed, "if banning the humans is impossible, then I demand some kind of restricted access. I will not have Autobot security compromised because of good faith in the humans- faith I do not share."


"Right then," Stall said, directing Perceptor toward a lab. "According to Doctor Ratchet's instructions, the elements we need should be in this vicinity."

The historian paused, in front of a building in the science wing of Fortress Maximus.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-26, 08:37 PM
"Spike and his family are safer here within Fortress Maximus than they would be in any human city or military building. The Decepticon's wouldn't think twice about taking them hostage. As for your defence plans, we're definitely in need of perimeter defences, might I suggest we have Fortress Maximus placed on full alert and have Metroplex switched to battle station mode."

Magnus waited for Quick Switch's suggestions...

Quick Switch
2003-08-26, 08:57 PM
"Not necessarily true, Magnus," the Six Changer replied. "The very fact that we allow these humans to reside within our cities would illustrate just how important they are to us- and might instead make them targets."

Quick Switch frowned further.

"The Decepticons are well aware of the history the...particular family has played in the war. But in any event- I agree with the defensive precautions. Fortress Maximus and Metroplex should be converted and on high alert status of an impending attack- and all warriors on standby should begin coordinating patrols of the outskirts of Autobot territory near the cities."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-26, 09:04 PM
"Better to keep them here where we can keep an eye on them then, surely ....?"

Magnus sat back at the table.

"Patrols, allow the Decepticons to pick us off in small groups? We need defences, outposts and the like..."

2003-08-27, 02:55 AM
After a number of hours of flight, StarBlade transformed in mid-air to her robot form, and remained where she was. Taking a seated position high above the ground, she floated, thinking aloud.

"Okay. I know abouts where the base is...But how will I get Magnus, if he's inside the base? Maybe I can find a way to lure him out..... But that'll be harder than sneaking into the base to get him....." This was her one dilemma. She knew she could slag Magnus. It was getting to him that was the hard part.

Then it hit her. "I've got it!" With that, StarBlade flew towards a random, uninhabitated location in the wilds of icy northern Canada, and began to plot.

2003-08-27, 06:19 AM
Prowl listened quietly, but he only listened to the conversation while the report from Trailbreaker came through. He frowned slightly as he turned his full attention back to Magnus and Quick.

"Seems Victory Saber is under control..." *pause*
"Quick Switch, Magnus is right. The Witwicky family should have leave to stay here unless they want to go. We owe them a lot and they would make easy targets when this war fires up. The Decepticons would use them as pawns- as you pointed out, they're already as prime a target to them as a cyberfox would be to Mirage.

But more importantly, we are at risk. As I was saying- I'd like to propose this:

In each cardinal direction 30 miles out- one outpost each set at peak top. Two at each outpost. The Aerialbots can tagteam doing air patrols, Skyfall can assist.

I've received a note from Trailbreaker- communications seem to be having trouble within and around the base. I'd like to put Blaster and Jazz onto that.

And then there is the matter of the meeting with the humans to consider as well. I think it would be an excellent opportunity to secure aid and resources."

2003-08-27, 09:37 AM
Sunstreaker opened up the door nearest to Spike.

"Hop in. You may aswell ride with me that way if anyone points out any screw ups in the paint I'll have the person to blame right here" he joked

Quick Switch
2003-08-27, 03:29 PM
Quick turned to Prowl.

"Who will defend each outpost?" He said at once. "If we're discussing outpost construction and troop deployemnt, let's hammer out the details now. Metroplex and Fortress Maximus will still need a compliment of troops if the cities are invaded. We do not want to stretch our resources to thin."

The matter of communications and meeting with the humans was quite secondary, at the moment, to the Security Director.

2003-08-28, 02:35 AM

Nightbeat: -comes running out of the Maximus carrying some energon cubes, runs over to Minerva and the unconscious Trailbreaker- "Somebody ordered energon?"

Minerva: -grabs one of the cubes, starts shunting energon into Trailbreaker's fuel cells- "Ha, ha."

2003-08-28, 03:16 AM
Wreck-Gar just stood between Sky Lynx and Victory Saber, wondering what was going to happen.

2003-08-28, 03:23 AM
Finally, StarBlade was finished. Her twin lasers were now a single gun-a rifle, with a high powered scope attatched. It wasn't often that she needed this type of weapon, but she carried the equipment needed to turn her two guns into one.

Replacing the equipment and the gun, StarBlade took off again, heading for a promontory near to the Autobot base, but just outside their scanner range. Thankfully, that scope has tremendous range, as does the rifle.....

An hour later, StarBlade landed, and took up position, rifle aimed at the base, optic to scope, watching for Ultra Magnus to make that fatal step out into the open.

(OOC: Up to you now, Warp!)

2003-08-28, 08:02 AM
Prowl thought carefully through the reports he had gotten.

"I'd suggest continuing to use the Aeiralbots for wide air patrols. Skyfall can assist, and sending them out in three shifts of two. We can supplement them with Sky Lynx and Scattershot if needs be."

"Additionally, there are the four outposts.
To the North for the first shift, I think Crosshairs and Bluestreak would do well.

It might be wise to test Dirge, and for that, I'd suggest putting him with Wreck-Gar and Mirage.

West will suit Sunstreaker... and I think Getaway would make a suitable team mate for him, but additionally Trailbreaker to keep the peace out there.

South I think first shift would do well with Streetwise, Ironhide... and *Prowl paused* ....Inferno.

Smokescreen and Wheeljack can handle installing the new cameras and if we set them to it, the old codecs on the older security system will format them straight to the new system for incorporation of the other detection equipment and immediate use.

I'm concerned about the loss of communication. I'd like to suggest Blaster and Jazz get put on that right away. We have Autobots out in the field now- we need reliable transmissions."
With energon seeping into his fuel cells, Trailbreaker's systems began reactivating to a base functional state quickly. His headlight lamps began to glow again as his optical circuitry reactivated. He began to mumble quietly with a slightly embarrassed laugh.

"Hah... ha ha. Must've stayed up too late... reading comics 'gain. Goofy...
Sorry Minerva. Thanks for the help. You too Nightbeat."

2003-08-29, 06:53 AM
CR Chamber, Medbay:

Leozak lay in the chamber, his internal systems being repaired by the CR chamber, unconscious, his mind wandering through it's subconscious depths, one voice murmuring in the background.......


..... Why, Leozak..........

Why did we RUN?!?

Leozak's face twitched in his sleep, the voice being one that he was used to. Leokaiser was trying to make a point again.

Leozak: "We would have died, Leokaiser!"

Leokaiser: -face looming out of the darkness of Leozak's subconscious like a shark out of the depths, optics blazing like twin cores of the sun- "Would we? We are the ultimate Decepticon gestalt! We are the most powerful, the most able to do what we do- DESTROY OUR ENEMIES!!!"

Leozak: "Against normal enemies.... yes..... but those......"

Leokaiser: "They were INFERIOR!!!!! We could have DESTROYED THEM!!!!!"

Leozak: -accessing his memories of battle- "Oh, really Leokaiser? Could we have prevailed against them? You saw what they did to Bruticus........."

.... Leozak stared in shock as one of the Dark Guardians held the recently decapitated head of Bruticus aloft, his voice choking with shock.... "No...."

Gaihawk: "What are those things?"

Killbison: "Targets."

Leozak: -growls- "Whatever they are.... they're dead! LEOKAISER, MERGE!!!!!!!!!!"

"Pathetic," Maelstrom sneered, examining the head of the Decepticon Super Warrior. "Not a challenge."

"No, Commander," Pyre spat smoke from his mouth, "Waste of time."

Cenotaph gestured with one of his massive, dense arms, sighting the Breastforce.

"Other intruders," the graviton expert rumbled.

"Hardly a challenge either," Terminus chortled, spraying acid from his cannon arm- which melted most of a huge abandoned depot.

"They cannot-"

"-stop us," Deathbringer and Mercykiller said in unison, flexing their clawed hands and feet.

Maelstrom turned to look at the other team; a smile split his sinister face watching them merge.

"How are you gentlemen? Excellent. Boys, wipe them out."

The Combiner Elimination Squad moved forward, gaining ground as Breastforce merged.

Leokaiser: -almost glowing with energy, clenches and unclenches his fists, narrows his optics as he stares at the approaching Dark Guardians, bo staff appearing in his hands- "Time for you to face the best!" -charges forward, twisting halves of the bo staff as he charges, activating the spiked rings at each end-

"Twit," Maelstrom scoffed from the back line. "Wipe them out. All of them."

Deathbringer and Mercykiller charged, Deathbringer slashing at the staff with his wicked claw hands, while Mercykiller lunged forward with his razor-sharp feet, hoping for an opening. The others held back, for now.

Leokaiser: -seperates staff into it's three chained segments, tries to wrap Deathbringer's arm up in the tri-chuck as he aims a roundhouse kick at Mercykill's head-

One of Deathbringer's arms is caught in the segment, but the other slashes at Leokaiser's hand. Mercykiller is hit full in with the kick, but only staggers back a few feet, then once again swung both feet in another attack at exposed sections of the Decepticon.

"Enough of this," Maelstrom barked. "Charge them."

Cenotaph barreled forward in a shoulder butt, while Pyre and Terminus advanced, flamethrower and acid cannon ready to begin firing at the Breastforce combiner.

Leokaiser: -keeps Deathbringer's arm traped in the tri-chuck as Deathbringer and Mercykill's claws dig into Leokaiser's hand and leg, roars, trys to fling Deathbringer into Mercykill-

The tactic works, and to two brother Dark Guardians collide into a nearly planet shattering heap of metal, and collapsed stunned to the ground.

This, however, leaves Leokaiser wide open for a charging attack by Cenotaph, who puts on a last burst of speed and attempts to ram into Leokaiser full bore, unmindful of any weaponry he might have, due to his incredible dense armor.

Leokaiser: -knocked back by Cenotaph, tri-chuck flying from his hand as he crashes to a skidding halt some distance away- "Not bad.... not bad at all...." -rolls to feet, pulls strike missile gun, aims and fires at Cenotaph-

Cenotaph absorbs the rocket with merely a few dense, voice sounding like a tomb.

"Wretch," he boomed.

"Leave sssome for ussss!" Pyre chortled, and unloosed a stream of flame at Leokaiser.

Terminus smirked and let loose a copious stream of high cocentration acid at the Breastforce combiner's other side. Envelopment manuever, indeed!

Leokaiser: -manages to avoid the flame stream, but takes the acid stream high on the chest, howling as the acid eats into his torso armor, moves away from the stream, aims and fires strike missile gun at Terminus-

Drillhorn: "Leozak! Do something! He's going to get us killed!!!!!! Get him to close with one of them! The one with the flame cannon!!"

Leozak: -straining- "Not..... easy...... Leokaiser's.... lost it!"

The missles impact the Dark Guardian, knocking him backwards quite a lot, raising dents and smashing the acid-shooting construct into a building, where he rests trying to regain control.

Pyre however, increases the content of his flames and shoots another burst, as Cenotaph lumbers forward again, gearing up for another charge.

Meanwhile, Maelstrom slowly moved up to the line of battle, absently tossing Bruticus head from one hand to the next, not looking concerned in the slightest.

Leokaiser: -catches the spray of flame across his upper back, swings around, fires strike missile gun at Pyre-

The missles impact Pyre, causing the flamethrower Dark Guardian to lurch backward out of the combat area. Deathbringer and Mercykiller rise to their feet, slowly, and look ready to begin a new assault.

Cenotaph and Terminus also re-balance themselves.

Maelstrom however steps forward.

Leokaiser: -battered, scortched, and gouged, standing defiant, optics glaring at the Dark Guardians- "Is that the best you can do?" -aims and fires the strike missile gun at Terminus, at the same time diving for the tri-chuck nearby-

The missle guns impact the acid sprayer who again lurches, but shoots off another gout of the dangerous liquid.

Maelstrom held up his hands.

"Enough," the Dark Guardian Commander called out. "Let the unit get his weapons and then we shall do battle." The unnatural level of calm was most in evidence for the CES leader.

Leokaiser: -picks up the tri-chuck, relocks it intoa bo staff, twirls it, assumes the ready stance, facing Maelstrom-

Leozak: -watching Maelstrom- "This isn't good...."

Drillhorn: "Worse, we're giving them a chance to regroup." -sighs- "Can't you get through to him?"

Leozak: "I'm being ignored. Whatever's set him off, I'll have to override him if the battle turns against us."

Jalgar: "If? IF?!? Leozak, don't you get it? We're outnumbered and outgunned! This is the same as taking on six Star Sabers at ONCE!!!!!"

Drillhorn: "They're back up and moving again. Any advantage we had is lost, and will become harder to regain. All they have to do is charge in at once, hit us at the same time."

Leozak: "I know....... I know........" -yells in the soundless reaches of Leokaiser's group mind- "LEOKAISER!!!! LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!" -his only response is silence-

"I'm going to hit you now, quite hard, and hope you die," Maelstrom said, body beginning to almost- weave, and his claw arm began to spin with incredible force.

Maelstrom shot forward, and brought the arm back and then forward for a massive hammer blow. At the same time, his cannon arm began generating a powerful burst of energy.

Maelstrom was a mechanical dervish.

Leokaiser: -backing up as Maelstrom starts to go into his spin, twrils the bo staff in front of him, the spike bands on the ends glowing blue, firing both spike bands at Maelstrom as the staff finishes up in position to keep Maelstrom's blow from punching through Leokaiser's center torso, instead taking it heavily on the right torso, spinning the gestalt around-

Leozak: -taking note of the damage tally that Leokaiser seems to be ignoring- "LEOKAISER! LISTEN TO ME!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO GET US KILLED!!!!!"

Maelstrom immediately brings his claw arm for a backhanded swipe, specifically aimed at Leokaiser's head. Incredibly, his claw arm spun with more force. At the same time, the Dark Guardian Commander discharged the energy blast at pont blank range at Leokaiser's left torso.

Leokaiser: -clubbed and spun around the other way, staggers backwards as the energy from the cannon blasts eats away at his armor, shorting out critical systems, catches a glimpse of the boomerand spike discs as they loop around, heading for Maelstrom's back, starts to chuckle........ and stops as Leozak finally manages to override Leokaiser's control, can only watch in horror as Leozak shuts him out and kicks the backpack and foot boosters in, flying away from the Dark Guardians and Cybertron at his best possible speed-

The discs slamned into Maelstrom, making the Dark Guardian Commander lurch, spurting some fluid in the process. He soon regained his balance balance with a long, piercing look at the retreating Leokaiser.

Cenotaph pried the discs out of the Commander's back, and crushed them to powder.

"Objective completed, Commander, or nearly so."

"Indeed," Maelstrom said, body returning to normal as he stopped spinning. "I don't think we'll be seeing him again, Boys."

This was meant by raucous, hearty laughter from the Combiner Elimination Squad. Following Maelstrom's lead, they returned to their deployment area........

Leozak scowled at Leokaiser's looming presence. "Don't you understand? We all nearly died! It's only by some minor miracle that we're still alive, that we even survived crashing into this miserable ball of rock!"

Leokaiser merely chuckled again. "You're wrong, Leozak. We have all been in tighter situations before. And we got out because the Breastforce is a TEAM, each member working together, supporting ME! Your minds fragmented, you allowed petty concerns over life an injury sway your judgement. YOU are the coward who broke and ran! YOU! The so-called mightiest member and commander of Breastforce."

Leozak: -seething at being called a coward- "We are irreplacable here! The ranks of Breastforce do not exist in this timeline!"

Leokaiser: "Make your excuses, coward. For that is all they are."

Leozak: "You fool. You utter fool. As soon as we merged, you took control away from me! We are aspects of each other, and you threw all of us away for this one battle. Drillhorn was right. If you'd grabbed the one with the flame cannon, things probably would have turned out differently. But you wouldn't listen to any of us, or anything we said." -sighs- "We can defeat them. But we have to work together."

Leokaiser: "Your words might mean something..... if I knew you wouldn't run away again."

2003-08-29, 09:26 AM
Smokescreen worked his way up through the corridors of Maximus stopping briefly to grab a tv/vcr combo, and a few dvds, as well as a small store of energon cubes. He had located the new guests by way of Maximus's cameras and made his way to the door of Mirage's room. Putting on a friendly smile, he gave a knock with his foot. "Hello?"

Aero Blade stirred slightly from the bed. He blinked open his eyes and sat up, looking around. He was still a bit disoriented from waking. Stratus stirred as well, stretching and yawning loudly.

Shasta poked his head through the door and looked around for the source of the banging.

Smokescreen tapped again with the foot. "Anybody home? Hello?"

Aero Blade rubbed his head abit, getting up. Up until Smokescreen had spoken, he hadn't been sure if he'd heard a noise or just dreamed it.

Riptide heard the knocking and pounced at Dirge. "Someone's here!"Shasta went to the door and stared at the opening device up above. It was out of his reach.

Stratus flew over to Aero Blade's shoulder while Aero Blade came over to the door. "Don't worry, I'll get it Shasta." He pressed the open button.

Dirge turned away from the Winnie the Pooh poster. Dirge just SWORE he had seen that psychological war movie before. He watched with a mixture of resignation and...resignation.

Smokescreen smiled a bit shyly over the top of the tv and energon stack he was carrying. "Hi, I'm Smokescreen. I thought you might like a proper welcome."

Dirge narrowed his eyes- Energon was precious- NO ONE gave it out freely! He shrank back a bit. He'd heard of this Autobot! He'd seen him on Marconis! The gambler!

Aero Blade backed up, making room for Smokescreen. He was still in too much of a sleepy haze to be startled by the new transformer. It seemed as though he couldn't get more that small naps around here..

"Lookee Dirger! Teevee! Mooovies!" Riptide squealed as she thwapped at his arm excitedly.

Aero Blade glanced over at Dirge, seeing his movement. "Know him?" he asked, stretching a bit more. He was nearly awake, but there were still a few cobwebs.

Dirge smiled weakly. "Yes, Riptide," he said, "mooovies." He glanced over at Aero Blade, and nodded slightly.

"Well hello to you too!" Smokescreen smiled to Riptide as he set the stack down on the nearest desk, seemingly oblivious.

"I don't see what the obsession is with Energon around here," Stratus spoke to Aero Blade. "Isn't that the stuff Red Alert gave us when we're too injured to recharge properly or we're REALLY low on power?"

Smokescreen stood up and looked over to Stratus- he understood a small bit of minicon language. "Probably. Help yourselves. We have recharging chambers for most of our needs, but it still makes a great pick-up."

"Transformers are designed a bit differently around here I guess," Aero Blade said to Stratus, looking over at the minicon. "I don't understand this 'movie' thing..."

"And it's good to see you again as a friend, Dirge." Smokescreen smiled and then looked at Aero Blade. "You must be Aero Blade?"

"Yeah, I'm him," Aero Blade began to wander back over to the bed, still feeling a bit drousy. Stratus hopped off and flew over to the pile of DVD, checking out the pictures. Aero Blade layed down on the bed again, laying his head back on is arms. He couldn't get to sleep, but it was still better than standing.

"I overheard Hound talking, and in the brief bit I heard, he said you seemed handy with tools. You're welcome to use the D engineering lab any time you want." He slipped Shasta some energon as he was talking. Riptide's already helping herself.

Aero Blade turned to Smokescreen, having sucessfult caught his full attention. "Thankyou.." he started, grateful, but also slightly unsure.

"You must be entirely exhausted. Sounded like you guys all had a pretty close call." He looked over at Dirge. "If there's anything more I can get for you guys, just say the word. You're welcome here."

Stratus examined the pile of movies, stopping to look at one in particular. The cover depicted what looked like a human who had partway mutated into some kind of aquatic life.

Dirge fidgeted, slightly. He had not touched the Energon- it was almost...greedy? He tried to say something, but his vocoder wouldn't function. What was the catch?

"Must be about genetic experimentation..." He looked closer at the words. He wonder what 'Disney' meant...

Aero Blade stared at the bunkbead above him, not seeming to register Smokescreen's words. He was lost in thought.

Smokescreen turned towards the door. My room is just down the hall- fourth door on the right. I'll be working in there for a while and doing some repair work in the hallways out here if you need or want anything. Make yourselves at home." He shot a wink at Shasta and Riptide. "And Shasta, Riptide, there'll be more stuff coming up for you two later."

Smokescreen gave a light wave and slipped back out into the hall and headed down and across to his room.

Aero Blade layed in bed a moment longer, then got up, walking to the door. "I'm going to go check out that Engineering bay. I'll be back in alittle while. You guys enjoy yourselves.:

Riptide and Shasta looked at Aero Blade disappear through the door. Riptide looked at Dirge. "I like Smoke."

Dirge nodded at Aero Blade, but said nothing. His processor was in near uproar at this whole scenario, and coolant began to trickle down his face. No, this just wasn't RIGHT.

Shasta stopped and spoke. "S..Stratus stay?"

"Sure I will. I don't feel up for stuff that requires big words today," Stratus answered.

"He said he'd stay," Aero Blade translated, then started off again.

Smokescreen sat down at an old security terminal in the small room. He really hated being stuck in quarters, but hving the computer made it tolerable.

Aero Blade walked down the hall slowly, vaguely taking things in. He wasn't really sure if he was going to go to the lab. He just needed to take a walk.

Smokescreen turned on the computer and leaned back, waiting for it to boot. Instantaneously, loud music and smiley faces began to fill the screen.

Aero Blade stopped in the middle of the hallway. He sighed a bit, thinking again. Even if he did somehow find the engineering lab, his mind was just too filled for him to do anything...

Aero Blade was immediately jolted out of his thoughts though at a loud noise. He looked over to see that he'd stopped just outside of Smokescreen's door.

Aero Blade looked at the computer...and decided he'd probably better start walking again...

Smokescreen stared in shock at the computer screen for an instant before he realized Aero Blade was at the door. Sheepishly and truly embarrassed, he shrugged. Trailbreaker- I think.

Aero Blade paused a moment, then indeed started off again, deciding he'd seen enough.

"He's a prankster..." Smokescreen reached over and collapsed the screen windows. The music stoped and the screen faded to Earthen news bits.

Aero Blade continued down the hall, but it wasn't very far before he slowed and stopped again. His thoughts were too crowded for him to even concentrate on walking.

Smokescreen eased back into perusing the news articles and working his way into the news files.

Aero Blade stood a bit longer, his thoughts drifting to Smokescreen. Weird guy..but....he didn't seem so bad..... He turned back around, walking to Smokescreen's room again. "Um..you said there was an engineering bay around here?"

Smokescreen looked up and nodded. "Sure Aero Blade. I'll show you where it is. Actually, we have 4, but the safest one is the one farthest from Wheeljack's science lab. Don't tell him I said so though... it's just that he's an inventor- and things sometimes - well- go boom... if you get my drift." Smokescreen chuckled as he got up. "Nice guy though. You can rely on him- and he's a terrific stunt driver too."

Aero stood there, not really sure of what to say. He couldn't think of anything to say. He couldn't really think of anything, acutally.

"Myself, I like the Earth culture. The government and people of this world are fascinating. Cybertron is great too. I learned a lot around Iacon, but tools and repairs and stuff always escaped me."

Aero Blade involuntarily shuddered slightly at the mention of Iacon. All the rest of Smokescreen's sentence was lost as he drifted off again in thought.

"What exactly do you do?" Aero Blade asked after a moment, coming out of his thoughts.

Smokescreen smiled. "Mostly I work with the other Autobots. If I have to fight, I do. But mostly I prefer to visit. I help the security team with things like cameras or general small stuff, but I'm more of a talker than a fighter. How about yourself? Do you have any favorite things you like to work on?"

"I like building and fixing stuff. I wish I had more time for it, but I always get dragged into battles.."

"I understand- my kind of battle is one with folding a decent newspaper. Actually- Grapple loves building, and Hoist too with fixing things. Here's the lab...all the tools we have are yours to use- but if there's anything you're missing, just say the word. I bet you miss your workshop, huh?"

"Yeah..." Aero Blade answered, looking into the lab. He didn't feel like fixing anything. He thought for a moment. "What did you mean earlier when you said you were a talker?"

Smokescreen picked up a wrench and stared at it with a puzzled expression. "I prefer listening to a good conversation or debate over fighting any day."

Aero Blade stared out into space a bit. He was comfortable with Smokescreen, even more so than Hound. I need to tell someone...oh to heck with this! I'm tired of this secret. Who knows, maybe he'll think I'm a total nutcase and not believe any of it...
"How are you at listening to someone's problems?"

Smokescreen looked over and set the wrench down giving Aero Blade an attentive expression. "Others confide in me all the time Aero Blade. If something's worrying you, I'll listen, and I'll be entirely honest with you. You can trust me with anything- unless it's something that is certainly dangerous to yourself or others."
"If it is dangerous, then we'll talk about it together and figure out what to do. Otherwise, whatever I hear, I keep to myself."

Aero Blade thought silently for a long time, then looked up at Smokescreen. "Is there some place..more private..?" he asked.

"Of course." Smokescreen nodded and walked towards the door. "There's a reading room that I soundproofed."

Aero Blade nodded and followed him.
(The private talk is continued in a separate single post called "Aero Blade's secret.")

2003-08-29, 02:54 PM

Drillhorn: -going over the battle in his mind- "You know.... we could have done it....."

Hellbat: "Done what?"

Drillhorn: "Beaten them."

Hellbat: "You're kidding. Those things nearly killed us!"

Drillhorn: "Because we were fighting on their terms. Not ours."

Jalgar: "Our terms?"

Gaihawk: "And how does this help us get out of here?"

Drillhorn: "Simple, Gaihawk. Logic dictates that an attempt to retake Cybertron will be made, and they'll need every functioning Cybertronian-"

Gaihawk: -scowls- "Do you have to call us that?"

Drillhorn: "It's a timeline issue, Gaihawk. Nothing we can easily fix. As I was saying, they'll need every functioning Cybertronian, Autobot or Decepticon, to do it."

Hellbat: "And because Leozak cut and run, we're the only ones to go up against those..... whatever they were and survive..... I see where you're going with this, Drillhorn."

Drillhorn: "I'm so happy, Hellbat. Really."

Jalgar: "So how do we handle this?"

Drillhorn: "In a sense, they're like us. A team. And what's the best way to take down a coheaive team?"

Hellbat: "Break them up."

Jalgar: "Pick them off one at a time."

Drillhorn: "Exactly."

Quick Switch
2003-08-29, 04:29 PM
"Fine," Quick said flatly. "The remaining Autobots will protect Fortress Maximus and Metroplex as necessary."

The Six Changer rose and began to pace, then looked back at Prowl.

"Order Jazz and Blaster to see to the communications failure immediately- and I mean immediately. If they delay, send them to me personally."

2003-08-29, 10:03 PM
Prowl nodded with a replied "Sir." and then switched to his internal communicator.
"Blaster, Jazz. This is Prowl. We've got communications troubles.
Blaster, I need you to repair and reorganize base communications. Let me know what you will need and I'll get it for you. Jazz, please look into the source of the interferance. Maybe it's our location, but if so then we'll perhaps need a satellite. Please acknowledge the message and begin."

2003-08-30, 05:43 AM
As Slingshot and Fireflight were scouting, they noticed a strange transformer they hadn't recognized near Fortress Maximus with a scope rifle.

*Com-Link to all Aerialbots* This is Fireflight reporting in an unknown transformer with a weapon aiming somewhere at Fortress Maximus! Silverbolt, what are your orders?

*Silverbolt to Fireflight and Slingshot* Wait right there, guys!Let me inform Ultra Manus! Just keep an eye on the target. I will let you know what to do as soon as possible.

*Firefligh and Slingshot to Silverbolt* Yes sir!

*Silverbolt to Ultra Magnus* Ultra Magnus, this is Silverbot reporting. Our Aeriabot scouts have found an unknown transformer with a scope rifle aiming somewhere in this base. But for some reason it won't show up on the scanners, it must be just out of out range. What are you orders?

2003-08-30, 05:49 AM
Blaster looked back into door he entered before responding to Prowl. "Well can you tell me what's broken. I can re-organize it easily" he turned around and walked in going for the command center which was hopfully the location of the comm centers of this city. "It'd be easiar for me to set everything from Metroplex since I'm familiar with him"


"I'm on my way back to HQ now. Right when I get back I'll get to work" Jazz replied. It was definately more relaxing then spying on the Decepticons but still he sometimes missed the thrill of creeping around up on Cybertron watching unwitting Decepticons.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-08-30, 08:51 AM
*Combined post*

Prowl stood up quickly in alarm as the Aerialbots' message came through, and headed immediately for the door. As he did, Blaster and Jazz acknowledged the earlier message. He quickly responded. "Blaster, all systems need checking inside and out- I want speakers at each outpost and alarm buttons checked, put additional scrambled communication frequencies between both citybots- get whoever you need to get to help. Jazz, just asap. We need 100% reliability."

*outside Fortress Maximus*

"Gin'ral, we're a comin' up an Autobot territory right heyah now, hoo-ee, never gonna get used to seein' buildings as big as that!" the mustachioed pilot drawled, chewing on his gray mustache. Colonel William S. Hardy was an easy man to impress when it came to giant robots- then again, he'd seen just about everything else posible.

The crew cut, rugged officer in Class As looked out from the helicopter window to see the huge structures of Metroplex and Fortress Maximus looming nearby. He signalled to the pilot of the copter, and then put on his own headset.

"Attention Autobot command. This is General Conrad S. Hauser of the United States Army speaking. I am accompanied by three other government officials. We've come to provide an ambassadorial escort to the UN meeting. We're requesting permission to land."

Prowl scowled and broke into a jog at the doorway as he heard the communication come through. This is bad. He thought to himself. They're going to get shot down and it'll look like we were responsible!

"Affirmed General, this is Prowl. Permission to land granted. We have a potential situation. I advise your pilot to land as quickly as possible on the helipad next to the entrance. Repeat- as quickly as possible."

"Roger that Prowl." Hauser looked cooly to the other men. "Hang on gentlemen. I think we're in for a rough welcome."

"Not as rough as urban renewal," Admiral Hector X. Delgado replied, scratching his iron gray beard.

"At least you're consistent- consistently terrible," General Dashiell R. Faireborn answered, re-adjusting his formal beret for the umpteenth time. Delgado chuckled ruefully.

"Man, I'm not down with that- why do we have to babysit a bunch of diplo-mats?" Colonel Marvin F. Hinton shifted in the ill sized uniform. He'd been called away from cullinary re-training for this?

"This is the face that cares," Delgado said suddenly, flashing a debonair grin beard notwhistanding, " and this is the face that doesn't." The Admiral's face immediately registered into a mask like state.

Faireborn registered a shocked expression, while Hinton fumed. Delgado soon broke up after a moment, followed by the other two men. Hauser simply shook his head.

It was going to be one of those conferences.

Hardy set down the hellicopter smoothly and easily, and put the propellers into idle, flicking on a country western station, and idly re-adjusting his Stenson gallon hat.

2003-08-30, 09:32 AM
(the last of the saga- combined post)

Smokescreen returned the nod as he stepped out into the hall. He smiled again as he watched Aero Blade head down the hall, and then got a puzzled expression as a memo came over his messaging system. "Cameras?" He thought to himself as he looked at the hall ceiling.

Hoist walked around the far corner of the hall in vehicle form, towing a trailer piled with boxes.

Aero Blade walked down the hall back towards where Dirge and the kids were. He was feeling much better now, having finally gotten his feelings off his chest. Aero Blade stood to the side of the hall, giving Hoist space to pass.

"Hello Aero Blade, 'scuse the cart." He said warmly as he passed. "Smokescreen! Just the individual I needed to find..."
Smokescreen forced a smile. "I bet."
Hoist took the cart up to him and presented Smokescreen with a booklet.
"Here you go Smokey. Directions. Second floor is all yours."
"Gee, thanks. Just what I always wanted." Smokescreen replied with an amused expression. "Prowl humor huh? Some assembly required?"

Aero Blade stood where he was, listening and watching the two. The boxes had caught Aero Blade's curiosity, and Smokescreen's mention of 'assembly' had caught his attention. He remained in his spot down the hall, but listening in.

"He provided three extras in case you find you have an accident. Don't forget to use the safety clamps. Good luck- I'm off to work on the first floor."
Hoist smiled and walked off down a side hall, leaving Smokescreen to stare at the instruction booklet and boxes.
He turned the booklet sideways and then opened a blue toolbox set on the side of the cart.

Aero Blade decided to come back over to Smokescreen, his curiosity getting to him. "What's all that?" He asked.

Smokescreen picked up a socket wrench and stared back and forth from the booklet to the tool. I think... it's diagram D.
He held out the booklet for Aero Blade to see.
"Apparently- I'm supposed to help install new cameras- but I think this is going to take a while to figure out. Hey- you know these things Aeroblade, right?"

"Looks like sub-trypto relays interconnected through a tripple coupling, routed through a hyper cappasitor terminal.."
"Hmm...a bicromettor relay would be more efficient and less connections, though...."

Smokescreen nodded even though he hadn't the slightest idea what Aero Blade was talking about and then shook his head with a clueless expression.

Aero Blade looked at the diagram one more time, then looked at the boxes. "Looks like enough fun for half an hour, maybe an hour..."

Smokescreen blinked. This looked like a week of work to him. Maybe more.

Aero Blade looked away from the boxes, looking at the socket wrench in Smokescreen's hand. "Um...that's not needed..."

"Right... ah... it was in the box though."
Smokescreen grinned sheepishly and pitched it back in.

Aero Blade winces slightly as the tool clattered into the box, seeming to grimace slightly. He'd never toss a tool around, it could get damaged...

Smokescreen didn't see Aero Blade's expression with the tool. He was perfectly confounded by the stacks of boxes in front of him.
He leaned over and opened one, picking the camera up by the arm it mounted on.

Aero Blade watched Smokescreen quite worriedly. He was begining to wonder if he even knew what that tool was he had been holding... "Um...would you like some help?"

Smokescreen was baffled, and mumbling to himself slightly. "Okay- I know it goes this way up... I've seen a few... but there are four different types of boxes here."
He sighed and then laughed. "I think I know when I'm beat."
"Yeah, I could sure use a hand if you're feeling up to it. I'm not a mechanic any more than I'm a fighter."

"It'll be some fun for once. I haven't gotten a chance to fix anything since I got here," Aero Blade answered, begining to perk up.

Smokescreen laughed. "Fun!" *He picks up a hammer.* Right, you can have fun and laugh at how worthless I am with screwdrivers. Seriously though- I'd sure appreciate the help Aero Blade."

Aero Blade laughed a bit. "Don't worry, if back home I could teach the clutziest soldier and the most impatient, hot-headed warrior of our group to be good assistants I think I can help you learn a screwdriver," he chuckled. He picked up the toolbox and one of the boxes. "So where should we get started?

Smokescreen laughed. "I really should learn to use these at least a little bit... Where to start? Box 1- page 1, corner one I suppose."

"Nah, we don't need that book anymore," Aero Blade answered. "I already got a look at the diagram, and the rest's just overlyworded written instructions."

"That's reassuring." Smokescreen glanced again at the booklet and then at the boxes. "Okay, you tell me what I need to do to help, since you're the master." Smokescreen laughed and picked up a couple of tools.

"Okay, just one moment," Aero Blade answered, turning on his internal com. "Hey Stratus..."
Back in the rooms with Dirge and the kids, Stratus was still mulling over the movies. When his comm turned on, he lost his interest in them. "What is it Aero Blade?" Stratus asked.

-I'm getting ready to do some technical work. What to help out?-

"Sure. It's getting kinda boring around here," Stratus answered, turning off his comlink. He turned to the others. "I'll be back in alittle bit. I'm gonna help Aero Blade with some tech stuff," he said in transformer standard to Dirge and the kids. He then transformed into his jetmode and took off towards Aero Blade's area.
(back in the hall) Aero Blade turned to Smokescreen. "Stratus is gonna come. He can help with the tools and some of the smaller connections," he told Smokescreen.

Smokescreen nodded. "He seems like he's a great friend, and probably a terrific partner too."

"Yes, he is," Aero Blade answered. "He kinda went through a similar ordeal to myself. I always find him a good companion to talk to."

Smokescreen took his eyes off what he was doing as he listened, and nearly dropped the camera after Aero Blade mentioned the word 'ordeal'. He snagged it quickly, and nodded. "I enjoy talking with them too. They have a different view on life."

"Stratus's view would probably be pretty different even for a minicon..." Aero Blade said in an considerative tone, preparing the connections for the first camera.

"Well, maybe so." Smokescreen added.

Just after that, Stratus came flying around the corner. He transformed, landing on a box and watching what the two were doing. "So what are we working on?" Stratus asked?

"We're rigging up a hyper capassitor to run through relays to a neutron-complex generator," Aero Blade said, a bit of humor noticable.

"Hello Stratus!" Smokescreen greeted him. "Cameras. I'm at a loss here."

"No! I said no large word stuff today!!" Stratus yelled, waving his arms.

Aero Blade laughed. "Just kidding! Smokescreen's right, we're doing cameras. We could use the help with tools."

The last bit Smokescreen didn't understand, but from the way the Stratus was reacting, he thought maybe he said something wrong. He smiled with relief when Aero Blade responded and the reaction made a bit of sense.

"No big word stuff?" Stratus asked, making sure.
"No, no 'big word stuff'," Aero Blade answered again. "But Smokescreen probably will need some help with the tools."

"Alright," Stratus answered. He walked along the boxes, then hopped into the tool box, dissapearing somewhere inside. The sounds of metal shifting around could be heard from inside.
After a moment, a screwdriver appeared in the openning of the toolbox, leaning until it was propped up agains one of the walls, followed by a pair of wire strippers, then more suffling around.

Smokescreen reached down and picked up the tools, wondering again about the directions.

"Stratus is really good about figuring out what tools I need, usually before I realize I even need them," Aero Blade chuckled. "With his help this shouldn't take very long."

"Well, many, many thanks to you both."

Smokescreen gave Aero Blade and Stratus his undivided attention as he watched the tools pass by and the cameras et installed one by one.

When they were all finished, Smokescreen had figured out some of the basic tools and was enjoying the screwdriver a lot. He took a small one and secured it in a leg compartment. "Thanks again guys. I really appreciate the help."

"You're welcome, but there's one thing I can't figure out. Why'd you get put on tech stuff?" Aero Blade asked.

"I think everyone else was busy. I know from my report, the security heads are trying to work on base security. They're expecting trouble." Smokescreen replied, unaware of the ongoings outside.

Aero Blade nodded. "Well I'm gonna head back to our temporary rooms, see if I can't finally get some sleep," He said. Stratus chirped and agreement.

"Yeah- take a rest. You guys saved me a load of time. I need to see about the human reports. You can find me in the small room or contact me on the radio if you want anything."
Smokescreen gave them a grateful wave and went to recycle the packages before returning to his room.

Aero Blade nodded. "Thankyou again, Smokescreen," Aero Blade answered, begining to head down the hall with Stratus on his shoulder, but their voices drifted back...
" 'Thankyou' for what?"
"Stuff you already know, Stratus. I'll tellya later..."

2003-08-30, 09:44 PM
Blaster nodded to the message from Prowl. He stepped into the command center of Fort Max to find Bluestreak sitting there looking at a screen that had news telecasts playing. He then looked forward to the comm area. A seat with a screen for video communiction dials to switch frequencies and a few other things. The type of stuff Blaster didn't need as it was all built inside of him.

"Well this place wasn't built for me like Metroplex was" he muttered walking over and taking a seat in the chair going to work to see what they had opperational at this time.

"Nothing can get out of this.. we're either to high up or too boxed in by the surrounding peaks. As soon as Jazz verifies this..."

"Hey Blaster what are you doing when did you get here?" Bluestreak said looking over at the Communications officer.

"Hey Bluestreak, we've got a communication problem so I'm gonna fix it get us all connected and maybe, hopefully some good music" Blaster replied

"Oh... hey anyway I can help I have nothing to do and I've been here for a while so I'm getting border and border. Life is pretty dull when the Decepticons aren't up to anything" Bluestreak asked sounding as if he was a little kid stuck inside on a sunny day.

"Well we need a speaker system installed at the Outposts and I'm not sure how good this one is. I know Metroplex is fine but if these ones aren't good it could put us in a bad position if the decepticons come-a-knockin and we're unorganized" Blaster spoke with a very serious look on his face as he began to check all the autobot signals. Not all were working that as something he'd have to do and he'd have to add more for Prowl.

"Ooooh, so you want me to go install some speakers then" Bluestreak asked.

Blaster nodded and looked back at Bluestreak "I also need to know how many outposts there are, I'll need someone to go to each of them and check over and instal everything needed there. I have to stay here and keep working on this. Including you, I have two and that just ain't enough to get this up fast" Blaster stood up and stepped away from the console as he presses the eject button under his chest. "Cubby, Brawn, Fastforward, Stripes, Steeljaw, Stinger, Grandslam, Raindance we need ya buddies" After Blaster finished the names the Casettes hopped out and transformed in mid-air. Raind Dance and Grand Slam quickly pulled together transforming into Slamdance before landing.

"Nice compliment of troops" Bluestreak chuckled"

"They're gonna be your supervisors while I'm here. These... well not Brawn" Blaster said with a grin looking at the Sea blue casette-bot

"Hey watch it. I'm not as big as I used to be but I'll still knock you to the ground" Brawn replied

"Haha, Hey Brawn how's the weather down there?" Bluestreak asked with a large grin and a laugh. Brawn looked up at him giving him a nasty look.

"Anyways, Brawn will be the Casette muscle where ever he is needed. Steeljaw and Cubby will be transportation for the casettes other then Slamdance here who can do it himself. Fastforward, Stripes, Stinger and Slamdance will each go to an outpost and check out all that is needed" Blaster said with a smile.

"Ahhh I see... so when do you want me to go?" Bluestreak asked excited at the possibility of doing something for once.

Jazz turned up the paved road leading to the mountain. Soon he'd be on off-road and would have to slow down so he was getting all the urges to drive fast out now as the large Autobot Cities could be seen far ahead of him.

Quick Switch
2003-08-30, 10:00 PM
"Damn!" Quick Switch snarled, following Prowl out the door. "Unknown indeed- there are no Autobot gunners- that's a sniper's weapon! It's a Decepticon. I told Magnus the shoot to kill directive would have solved this problem before we even had one!"

The Six Changer was livid, and he had already withdrawn his photon blasters, clutching them easily in both hands.

2003-08-30, 11:50 PM
(Our wonderful mods have informed me that, given Swoobot's actions, they are giving my character a cloaking field, for however long they allow her to have it. Gotta love plot devices:). This post will involve that device.)

StarBlade, with one optic still looking through the scope, kept an optic out for arial scouts. After several minutes of nothing, she spotted one. Great! Just what I don't need.... Hey, wait! I grabbed that funny looking box on my way out of Metrotitan. Let's see what it can do!

Very slowly, to avoid the movement being noticed, but quick enough to only take a minute, StarBlade reached into her sub-space compartment and withdrew the funny looking box. Flipping the switch, she noticed a change. The scouts looked a little lost, as if what they had seen just went POOF. That gave her the clue as to what she had just actived. A cloacking field! Great! Now all I have to do is get to another spot, in the same range as this one, but with more cover.

With that thought, StarBlade glanced around for another promontory with more cover. Seeing one not far away, she quickly moved to it, avoiding entering scanner range. She didn't the effectiveness of the field, and she wasn't sure how long it would last. She wanted to be under cover before it wore off.

2003-08-31, 02:33 AM

Ironhide: -commlink warbles and screeches like a cage full of canaries, settles down slightly, allowing him to hear chunks of Silverbolt's report to Ultra Magnus, optics narrow as full implication of the message hits him-

Minerva: -kneeling next to Trailbreaker- "No problem, Trailbreaker. I know it's been hectic, but you have to be careful. Imagine what could have happened if you'd been alone."

Nightbeat: -standing next to Trailbreaker- "Think of all the plans to make Quick Switch bend a little you wouldn't be able to carry out." -looks up as he sees Ironhide motioning him over- "Wonder what Ironhide wants. Be right back." -heads over to Ironhide-

Ironhide: -looks over at Roadbuster, waves him over-

Nightbeat and Roadbuster: -stop next to Ironhide-

Nightbeat: "What's up?"

Ironhide: -hushed tone of voice- "Ah think we got a sniper out there. Aerialbots're keepin' a eye on him. Roadbuster, Ah want you to tell th' rest of your guys. We mahght have to dag awl these people insahde. Nahghtbeat, go get yer buddy, Ah think he helped Minerva drag those Decepticreeps back here."

Nightbeat: "Chromedome?"

Ironhide: "Yeah. Get him an' wait in th' entryway. That sniper cuts loose, Ah want you two ta get there's fast as you can."

Roadbuster: "Right." -moves off to alert the rest of the Wreckers-

Nightbeat: "Where is the sniper?"

Ironhide: "That's whut Ah don't know. Aerialbots're almost on top of him, but they ain't done nothin' yet. Mahght just be somebody doin' recon.. Ah'd have you guys head out that way now, but whoever it is'd be suicidal ta shoot with a gestalt team hoverin' overhead."

Nightbeat: "Then what are we for?"

Ironhide: "Just in case the potential shooter's suicidal AND good. Ah'm gonna stick near Prahme. Wouldn't be th' first tahme the 'Cons've trahed ta snipe him. An' don't use yer commlink. Comms're glitched somethin' fierce." -shrugs- "'Sahdes, don't wanna tip our hand. You two go chargin' out there, th' sniper might jus' start pickin' people off left an' rahght, then beat it in th' confusion. On yer way ta gettin' Chromedome, see if ya c'n fahnd Mirage. If ya see him, have him come see me."

Nightbeat: "Got it." -heads into the Maximus-

Ironhide: -sighs, realizing that either way, the honeymoon, as the humans say, is over.....-

God Jinrai
2003-08-31, 04:05 AM
Prime and saber had been essentially seemingly staring one another down for close to an hour now... but in reality, the two had opted to switch to internal comms... no one but they would be able to hear the conversation held.. and it was all the better

finally, prime broke the link.. taking note of an arriving aerial vehicle. One he'd been waiting on for some time...

"Inferno... take Brainstorm and Minerva... Get Saber here inside... and get him to med bay... asap. I'm going to greet our guests."

Saber smiled faintly, and Optimus nodded to him

"You're in good hands, friend. "

Saber nodded in reply, and slowly limped up the entry ramp to the maximus cruiser...

Prime at this point, departed for the helipad...

"Well. it seems that while Clayton wasn't able to make this trip... a few other old friends have taken his stead..."

Prime gazed upward at the descending 'chopper

2003-08-31, 05:11 AM
Trailbreaker transformed slowly. He nodded to Minerva and then made his way inside to the recharging chambers. He stopped in front of them and frowned, unaware that a quieter Autobot was passing by.

Smokescreen was on his way to his computer room when he noticed Trailbreaker. He slipped in behind him. "Time for a recharge! You too?"

Trailbreaker turned with a start and chortled to cover the bitter expression he had had moments before. "Yeah, guess so Smokescreen."

Smokescreen laughed. "Guess? There's nothing to guess. Gotta have energy to keep running. Everyone does."

"Yeah, s'ppose so." Trailbreaker replied with a sigh as he stepped into the chamber.

Smokescreen laughed lightly as he stepped into the other chamber. "Look on the bright side Trailbreaker. The humans eat to get their energy, and then worry about their weight. Can you imagine having to put Metroplex on a diet? Think of all the energy he and Fort Max use."

Trailbreaker couldn't help but laugh. "Ha! Point Smokey. I just... feel like I use too much energy."

"You use a lot, sure, but mostly when you need that forcefield to protect others. And really now- think of how useful it's been. From the oil rig explosions to floods to well... giant crashing transformers in mountain lakes."

Trailbreaker paused. Optimus had told him the same before, and it was a valid point. A faint smile formed on his facial features as he settled back and began recharging.

Smokescreen waited a while and let his systems recharge while fully aware, and then slipped out to return to his computer room while Trailbreaker was still unaware.
Inferno nodded to Optimus and called to Minerva and Brainstorm as he followed Saber, close enough that the warrior could lean on him if needed.
"Come on guys, we've got a friend to help."

"Welcome- ah... back, Saber." Inferno said with a smile. "I'm Inferno, you know Brainstorm apparently and that's Minerva."
"They'll get you patched up."

God Jinrai
2003-08-31, 05:19 AM
"In....ferno... I'd heard... of you... from Wheeljack... and Perceptor... but.... that's... of no significance now... you may... share the traits...and name as the firefighting warrior of my dimension...but... you're... not one and the same.... But...perhaps... you are... to be as great.. "

Saber struggled slightly, nearly falling to the ground... but then realized what was going on... Though barely able to see, he could still hear well enough... and he was close enough to ironhide to hear what was being planned...But regrettably... there was little.. no, nothing that he could do in terms of offering aid to the situation... no, Saber merely continued to struggle up to the entrance of the maximus cruiser.

2003-08-31, 05:21 AM
Crosshairs strained to hear the message that came over the comm, but only partially succeeded.
"-us, this is Silv----ing. Our Aeria----und an unknown transfor----scope rifle aiming somew----- won't show up on the scanne-----ust out of out range-"
The Targetmaster knew that the report was about a sniper. But he had no idea where.
As Prime began to move towards the helipad, Crosshairs causually scanned the nearby mountains.
There's dozens of places to put a sniper up there. Slag it, where's Sureshot when you need him? He'd have this sniper down before he could fire a shot!
He sighed. I can take down the sniper myself, but not until he gives away his position. And by then, it'll be too late. Someone would be dead.
Not that that would stop Crosshairs from trying, of course.

2003-08-31, 05:47 AM
Saber just did not look good, and it was worrying. Inferno smiled reassuringly, even if he didn't understand about all these alternate dimensions everyone kept talking about.

Wheeljack and Perceptor know him too? Where've I been?
"Easy there Saber buddy. We'll have all time to talk after you're fixed."
I hope I didn't break his mind when I pulled the wires Magnus told me to.

With his insatiable curiousity with battle, Inferno was unaware of the developing situation outside as they went in. He was too focused on Saber's injuries.

Spike grinned and eased carefully into Sunstreaker's front seat, being extremely careful of the interior. "Thanks Sunstreaker! It's an awfully long way around this place if you're my size. Last time I saw them, they were heading toward the video room and Hoist went after them. But honestly, it's hard keeping track of Daniel. They could be anywhere. And they might even be with Dirge and that other new transformer too- Aero....? Hound said that they saved his life- and they had a couple of little transformers with them- sort of like kids."

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-08-31, 05:58 AM
Mazakii Hadamahr had been tinkering with a box in the deep forest growth near the road. He had had a job to do and he was determined to do it. Wearing camouflaged human clothes, he had avoided sight by the planes flying overhead which now seemed to be hanging over the far side of the mountains. He nearly finished when he was startled to hear an engine purr coming up fast. He saw the white Porche, panicked, and raced across the road directly in front of the speeding Autobot, still holding his box.

2003-08-31, 06:12 AM
Jazz's brake pads clamped down on the tires as he began to slow to a squealing halt. He swung his back end around as he came close to the human causing him to turn Sideways and fully stop. He quickly transformed and stood up looking down at the man. Arabic, from the same region of Carbombya, where the Decepticons where hanging out. Jazz let his optics look over the human a moment longer before he looked at the jeep. He looked at it for a second then back at the human.

"Hey man who're you. You're not supposed to be up here"

Sunstreaker got a little angry as Spike mentioned the Decepticon Dirge but he quickly groaned when he heard Aero Blade.

"Aero Blade... He's the Autobot who is looking to take a stab at winning an Oscar" Sunstreaker said sharply as he turned down a corridor heading for the video room.

"This is Blaster. I need two Autobots at the Command center on the double. We got things that need doing. I repeat this is Blaster. I need two Autobots at the Command Center on the double" the Communications rang out on the main, and open autobot frequencies.

2003-08-31, 06:21 AM

Minerva and Brainstorm: -rush over to the faltering Saber, drape his arms over their shoulders-

Minerva: "Easy there. Looks like you've been through a lot."

Minerva and Brainstorm: -start dragging Saber to medbay-

Ironhide: -moves up next to Prime- "So what're we gonna do with that thing?" -points to the V-Jet-

Siren: "It's going to clash with the lawn furniture."

Ironhide: -wisely deciding to ignore Siren's comment, moves closer to Prime and says in a hushed voice- "Prahme, we got somebody watchin' up in th' rocks a little ways from here. Prob'ly either a scout or a sniper. Get these humans down's fast as we can, an' get 'em insahde. Ah think the Aerialbots're keepin' a eye on whoever it is, but if they lose 'em, an' it is a sniper..... things could get bad. 'Specially if they're targetin' the humans. Ah got Nightbeat goin' to get a lil' backup an' get ready to go after whoever it is if they are hostile."



Chromedome: -wondering who the Breastforce appears to be planning to take down-

Nightbeat: -bursts into medbay- "Chromedome, good. With me. We've got a sniper in the rocks." -shrugs- "Worth a shot..." -activates commlink- " Mirage, if you read me, go see Ironhide right away. He's talking with Prime outside." -deactivates commlink-

Chromedome: -stands- "I think those guys are planning something...."

Nightbeat: "We've done the same thing. It's called escape. We're just better at securing prisoners than the Decepticons are. Now, come on!"

Nightbeat and Chromedome: -charge out of medbay-



Roadbuster: -seeing that the thronging masses of Autobots seem to mostly have gone back inside, shrugs- "Okay, guys. Let's go in."

Roadbuster, Siren, Hosehead, Hardhead, and Tracks: -enter the Maximus-

2003-08-31, 06:23 AM
The four Protectobots followed the group that was assisting Saber. First-Aid especially was interested in helping witht he repairs.

"Would you need ay other medical assistance, Inferno?" he asked enthusiastically.

"Then let the gathering of materials commence," Perceptor said as they continued on into the Science Wing of Fortress Maximus. "We must make haste for time is of the essence, or at least it may be if we do not collect the required elements for this anti-bolicide."

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-08-31, 06:57 AM
*combined post*
Mazakii glared at Jazz. "Evil Demon!"

Jazz stepped back a little thrown off by the accusation. He was definately from Carbombya Jazz knew that now. "Hey man, I've been called a god and now a Demon but I ain't either of those. Whats your problem?"

"Begone from the Earth demon! Back to the depths of the place you spawned from!"

Mazakii took a step back and threw his box at Jazz before trying to dash into the bushes.

"Hey man we're earths friends you've got the wrong Transformer" Jazz replied ducking his shoulder under the box. The reaction made Jazz realize that this guy had hositle inentions.

He began to move after the man retracting his hand and replacing it with his grappling hook to trip the man up if needed.

Mazakii disappeared into the bushes and kept running. The box hit the road and splintered apart, throwing pieces of metal in all directions.

Jazz had lost sight of him in the shrubs so he had another plan. "Alright if you're not gonna come out lets see if I can air you out" A light show wouldn't be too effective here.

But a high pitched noise could take the human down. Jazz wisely switched his Audio off as his speakers moved out at his hips a high pitched noise, more then enough to break glass and give a head ache rang out in the forest as Jazz kept moving forward in search.

Disturbed by the din, squirrels, birds, a fox and a deer scattered as Jazz moved through. Moments later a scream was heard not far off.

Jazz kept moving foward as he switched off the high pitched sound and turned his Audio back on just in time to hear the Scream. The type you hear when someone falls. It's loud then gets quieter.

He moved to the edge almost faltering forward but regaining his composure just before he falls stepping back. "Man couldn't he have just stopped and held his head like most?" Jazz said remorsefully of what happened.

He looked back then down the cliff scanning for a body before he went back base. Maybe the guy wasn't dead yet, but there was no hope.

Jazz turned around slightly saddened at the man's death. He walked back out into the street looking at the shattered box.

Jazz sees the shattered box. A small bit of it remained intact. He'd recognize it as a homemade signal jamming device. It's only capable of blocking a small range of frequencies, but it can cause interferance.

He then walked over to the jeep looking down at it scanning it over for obvious things.

Inside the jeep is a half-eaten burger, and a wallet. There's no ID, but there's $600.00 and 1,200 nipps in it (approx. $600. more in Carbombyan money).

Jazz kneels down scanning over the box picking up what he can that would tell him what this is to get to Perceptor or Wheeljack. He transformed letting the broke transmitter rest on his seat. He had to get to Fort Max pronto, and inform Prowl and Optimus about what he found here.
Wheeljack looked up from his welding as Perceptor and Professor Stall entered. "Well now! To what do I owe this pleasant surprise visit?"

2003-08-31, 07:19 AM
*Inferno glanced back in surprise as they got to medbay.* "Of course First Aid! Sorry- didn't see you guys! Saber, that's Hot Spot, First Aid, groove and Streetwise, and... and... *he looked around* Blades?"

Noting the other Protectobot's absence, he clicked over Hot Spot's radio. "Where's Blades?"

Aero Blade
2003-08-31, 02:11 PM
Aero Blade was slowly making his way back to his temporarily assigned room, taking time to note some of the impressive details of this place, but also keep track of where he was going. This place looked really big to him, and he'd already had to ask for directions once, having gotten lost. "Alright, we just have to keep going straight until we reach the T-intersection corridor, make a left there, then turn right after the next branch off and we'll be there," Aero Blade said to Stratus, trying to make sure he remembered it right. Stratus chirped an agreeance to reasure him.

"Ah, there it is," Aero Blade noted, seeing the intersection up ahead. When he reached the intersection, though, he heard a strangly familiar engine. He backed up back into the corridor, waiting until he saw the source of the sound pass by - Sunstreaker.

Aero Blade sprinted back up to the corridor junction, catching another glimpse of the vehicle as it went further down the hall. Yep, it was him. "I don't belive it! That crazed Autobot is here!" Aero Blade exclaimed.

"I remember seeing him, but why are you so upset about him?" Stratus asked.

"Durring that time we got separted, he attacked me while I was trying to protect Hound from him. He shot me in the shoulder and rammed me pretty hard, crushing some of my internal components. He then left me paralyzed out in the middle of the open to go hunt Hound again, but the security officers got him first...." Aero Blade warily watched the direction Sunstreaker had gone. If he remembered right, that was the video room where they'd been earlier. "....We'd better get back to the rooms," Aero Blade decided, turning down the proper corridor and heading back at a much faster pace.

2003-08-31, 07:38 PM
Shadows at top of Fort Max entry ramps:

Nightbeat and Chromedome: -skid to halt, hidden in the shadows at the top of the ramp-

Nightbeat: -activates commlink again- "Mirage, this is Nightbeat. I'm not sure if this is getting through, but go see Ironhide at once." -peers out looking around- "And if you are reading me, go see Ironhide while you're cloaked. I think we have a problem."



Killbison: "This is boring...... I don't like not moving!"

Jalgar: "Calm down, Killbison."

Drillhorn: "Yes, do calm down, Killbison. You're interruptng my train of thought."

2003-08-31, 08:03 PM
"Hello, Wheeljack," Perceptor said as he exchanged greetings with the Autobot scientist, "it is good to see you again. We require some certain chemicals that are vital for the repairs of the Protectobot known as Blades. It seems that we have had another run in with the hate-plague, or at least symptoms that have resulted from it."

"Blades is in need of medical attention right now," Hot Spot replied as he approached Inferno, "and Perceptor has requested that we have nothing to do with him for what he has could be contagious, or at least with us."

2003-08-31, 10:54 PM
(brought over from the Decepticon thread)
Hound caught a snip of a transmission. Interdict Magnus.
He paused a moment, and then caught the words ' base' and 'casualties'.

He scanned once and then sent a coded transmission to the security channels at Fortress Maximus.

"Hound reporting. There's going to be an attack on Magnus. Time unknown, probably at the base. More later. Out."

As Saber was getting situated in medbay, Inferno sidestepped to stay out of the way and leaned against a wall pondering on what Hot Spot had said and the new Autobot in front of him. There was something about Saber that he liked, but couldn't quite put words to. Something very different.
He knows an Inferno like me? This is getting curious! Seems like a real nice guy though. Strange Optimus knows him. Maybe I should get my memory chips checked out while I'm down here. I just can't figure all this out.

Over his internal communicator, he clicked onto Hotspot's frequency. "He's in good hands- I'm sure they'll get him fixed up pronto- try not to worry buddy. On the other hand, I think I must have blown a memory panel. I don't remember knowing Saber, but he knows the others and someone like me? Do you know him?"

Mirage had dropped off the cog to Metroplex, but hadn't felt like returning to Fortress Maximus. He felt better once the cog was back in place, but dark memories still ran through his processers.
He wandered aimlessly, lost in thought.
Memories of Cybertron, the mission to clear the path for Cybertron, Optimus's request for him to accompany the crew, the crash to Earth, the battles, Unicron, Thunderwing and then- red optics and a hissing voice saying 'traitor' flooded through his circuits. And then- a transmission came through. The sudden interruption caused him to startle slightly. He listened. The communication started out broken, and then there was a sudden click and the last came through slightly more clearly.
"Mira... . sure... get... thr, see ... hide...once...And... you... read me... Ironhide... you're cloaked... we have...problem."

Mirage frowned. He didn't understand all of it, but he recognized Nightbeat's voice. Hide. From Ironhide? Mirage shut his optics as he ran the phrase through his processors again. He must think I'm a traitor. I won't hide though. If I can't go home, I don't want to stay here and hide. Mirage thought sadly as he looked over the mountains. Best to face him.
He turned on his radio. "Okay Nightbeat, I'll go see Ironhide."
Then he clicked to Ironhide's frequency. "Mirage here. I'm coming."
Better take care of this with no interruptions. He headed back towards Fortress Maximus, turning invisible as he went.

2003-09-01, 04:25 AM
OOC- If anyone could respond to Blaster from my last post that would be smashing.

IC- Jazz knew what to do and he knew it was important. He was getting signals and responses from some of the Frequencies but not all. He opened up a secure Autobot communication frequency and began to radio Prowl.

"Prowl! This is Jazz I've found our problem and it ain't location!" Jazz kept moving forward as fast as he could on the un-paved mountain road.

Quick Switch
2003-09-01, 04:46 AM
"Yes, absolutely," Stall said, re-adjusting his neck bolts and nodding slightly. "Most dire situation."

The more the historian worked on this project, the more it worried him. He wanted it over, and it had barely begun.

2003-09-01, 04:50 AM
Entry ramp shadows, Fort Max:

Mirage: -over Nightbeat's commlink- "Okay, Nightbeat. I'll go see--spcvrlkreeeckckck- DIG THROUGH THE DITCHES AND BURN THROUGH THE WITCHES AND SLAM IN THE BACK OF MY DRAG-U-LA!!!

Nightbeat: -winces, deactivates commlink, but not before hearing the radio DJ start to break in- "Well, at least they play more Rob Zombie around here...."

Chromedome: -shaking head to clear it after the audio assualt- "Uh..... what was that noise?"

Nightbeat: "What is known as heavy metal music. Sounds like it was the end of Dragula, by Rob Zombie."

Chromedome: "They call that music?"

Nightbeat: "It's actually not that bad. There are times it's not that good, either, but, well.... Can't win them all."



Ironhide: -activates commlink in response to Mirage's message, getting mostly static- "Awrahght, Mirage, if Ah read ya rahght, yer comin. Just come cloaked. We're bein' watched by somebody who probably ain't got our best interests at heart."



Minerva: -finishes hooking Saber up to the repair table's systems- "My, my.... so many patients in one day....

2003-09-01, 05:45 AM
From behind Blaster came the oddly warbled voice of Wreck-Gar, accompanied by his gang of Junkions.

"You rang?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-01, 07:48 AM
Magnus was swept up in the all the communications and missed comm patches. Messages were sweeping past him quicker than Turbo-foxes being chased by Mirage.

So, we've got an un-identified Transformer outside, better go make them welcome

Magnus picked up his rifle and made for the exit bay of Fortress Maximus.


A little while later Magnus stood atop the exit ramp, he walked past the HeadMasters and other autobots without a thought, any un-identified transformer at this point was a hazard to all the Autobot's plans. Suddenly his comm kicked in...


The signal wasn't the best, didn't provide enough information to Magnus. He stepped out into the morning sun, the radiant glow reflected off the blues and reds of his armour magnificently.

Magnus looked up to the point where the transformer was supposed to be and saw - nothing.

"Prowl, did you get the same co-ordinates as me for this mysterious visitor?"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-09-01, 07:48 AM
"My Case-ah is soo case-ah..." er, heh, help yourselves guys." Wheeljack laughed as he got up and went to a storage closet in the back. He entered in a code on a box next to the door, and the door slid open, revealing bottles and boxes all alphabetized.
Whatever you need, I've probably got it."

2003-09-01, 08:04 AM
Prowl listened halfheartedly to Quick Switch as he jogged out.
Over his radio, he called Silverbolt. "Silverbolt, well done. Have your team do their best to keep a fix on the individual. Distract them if possible, but use caution."

He was hurrying towards the landing pad when he caught Hound's communication.
"report... The... to.... attack...Magnu.... Time... base... More..." He heard Magnus ask about the coordinates and in that moment, things clicked.

2003-09-01, 08:05 AM
(if this post isn't in the best form, sorry. Its almost 4 am right now...)

StarBlade got into her new position, and put optic to scope, aiming at the base. She knew she didn't have much time till the cloaking field failed, so she'd best try and get Magnus now.

Just then, she saw sunlight reflecting off blue and red armor. Adjusting her sight, StarBlade took a good look at what she was aimed at. That must be him. Better take that shot!

Dropping into perfect stillness, StarBlade focused completely on her target. She moved her aim so that the first shot would go through Magnus' head, which, in most cases, would be an automatic kill, but in this one's case, she wasn't certain.

Once she had her aim set, StarBlade pulled the trigger of her rifle, sending a laser blast straight towards Ultra Magnus's head.

Quick Switch
2003-09-01, 08:07 AM
"It's a Decepticon, Prowl," Quick Switch snarled, cocking his blasters hearing the transmission. "Just go ahead and say it."

The Six Changer sprinted toward the landing area, and on reaching Ultra Magnus, shoved him slightly with one blaster.

"Move Magnus!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-01, 08:15 AM
Magnus turned to face Quick Switch for shoving him.

"HEY! Watch where yo....."

The pain was incredible, he didn't know where it had come from but something told him that the shot was intentionally fatal. His vocoder cut out for a second, Magnus' body turned the few degrees it had to face Quick Switch, a huge gaping hole was now VERY prominent in Ultra Magnus' upper chasis. His vocoder kicked back in...


Magnus slumped forwards, his optics dimmed before he hit the ground as a huge plume of smoke rose up from his wound.

2003-09-01, 08:28 AM
StarBlade nearly shouted for joy as she saw Magnus drop. But instead, she knew she'd better make certain the Autobots were too busy with several wounded to come after her.

Switching aim to the one who had shoved Magnus, she targeted him in a spot that wouldn't be fatal, and fired again. Again, she moved to aim at another 'Bot, and fired a third time, again, not fatally. One more should do it.... A fourth shot, also not fatal, and StarBlade quickly found a back way out of her cover, knowing that the Autobots would soon figure out where the shots came from and come looking for her.

By now, the cloaking field was useless, as she had gotten her mission accomplished. StarBlade made certain to leave nothing behind, placing everything in her sub-space compartment. A single glance back towards the base, and the Decepticon assassin began her escape.

Quick Switch
2003-09-01, 08:34 AM
Quick Switch's mouth opened in rage, and he instantly transformed to stealth beast mode, moving to cover Magnus, when the shot ripped through the Six Changer as he shifted modes.

The bullet shattered Quick's Autobot symbol on the front of his torso, and lodged inside his thick armor. Oil spurted out of the wound, and the sigil crumbled about him.

The Six Changer let out a primal howl of rage, frustration, and shock, and lurched-fell over to cover Magnus, frothing and snapping his jaws at the assassin.

"DECEPTICON WRETCH! THIS ISN'T OVER!" he shrieked, nearly in a frenzy.

2003-09-01, 08:40 AM
"GET...." Prowl turned his head slightly while drawing his gun, when he heard the hit behind him. He backed up a step to cover the human helicopter when he saw a flash up in the tree cover, and instantaneously got knocked backward a few steps as a laser shot ripped through his mid-torso.

He collapsed, falling to his knees and down to an elbow in front of the helicopter, still holding his gun with the arm across his chest.

"Coord-- North 45', East... Ea... 3...5" He gasped as mechanical fluids pooled around him.

Quick Switch
2003-09-01, 08:53 AM
When the first shots were fired, Hardy jolted in the cockpit.

"What the? Come on little dogies!" and the expert pilot moved to rev the helicopter- but what the- one of them robots was coming up and-

"What in God's name is going on down there?" Hauser shouted, peering to look at the window.

"The robots are getting shot," Delgado said, face going pale. "That one with 'police' written on his chest looks like he just got pegged!"

"Classic sniper ambush," Faireborn said. "Note: the large officer there in the center- the one that looks like...a truck...got hit, as well as his bodyguard- the one that looks like a puma now."

"Ah man, that's just great- now we got to retaliate!" Hinton said, slamming his massive fists down on his seat.

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot- get me the Pentagon. We gots a situaton over heyah- Gin'ral Abernathy please!" Hardy said, squinting up at the massive Transformer who had blocked the forward view from incoming sniper fire.

In moments, the Chief of Staff's voice pealed over the helicopter comm.

"Go ahead Colonel!"

"Sah- we gots a situation over heyah at one o' them Autobot bases- they're gettin' shot up worse than...well...it's just bad!" Hardy said, sunglasses pushed up on his head as he flicked his hand off the throttle- the helicopter stayed in idle on the ground.

"Any sign of the shooter?" Abernathy asked.

"None, Gin'ral," Hardy answered. "Bugged out."

"I'm on it," Abernathy growled. "I'm on it. Rapid response time on the way. Abernathy out."

"If the Autobots can't protect their own officers," Delgado said, slumping back in the seat, "how the hell are they going to protect us?"

"Shut up with that kind of talk," Hauser responded savagely. "You know the Autobots better than that."

"Yeah, sorry," Delgado muttered.

"Knock it off- the both of you," Faireborn muttered. "Now- we wait. The conference is off...the conference is off."

"Yeah, that's no joke; offers of peace are now up in smoke!" Hinton said, peering out his small porthole at the down officers.

2003-09-01, 09:16 AM
"Hound reporting. There's going to be an attack on Magnus. Time unknown, probably at the base. More later. Out."

"Well we got that.. now we gotta...." The shots were heard ripping through Quick Switch, Ultra Magnus and Prowl before Blaster could even get to the panel.

"Not good. This is reall not good" he said urgently quickly sitting down in the chair. He tempted himself to call and immediate scramble but knew that could lead to more casualties. He quickly opened up all available frequencies

"Optimus Prime! Come in! This is Blaster! Where ever you are we've been Sniper attacked! I know for a fact Prowl two others are down, one of which I think is Ultra Magnus! Prowl gave the location before being knocked down North 45', East 35. I repeat Optimus Prime! Come in! Prowl and two others are down. I think one may be Ultra Magnus. I suggest getting all we can out there and hunting"

He let this communication go out then he looked at Bluestreak.

"Get out there on the double make sure our guys aren't in too much trouble! Raindance disengage and go to those coordinates. NOW!"

Bluestreak nodded and transformed into his Datsun formed as Slamdance pulled apart and Rain Dance took off after Bluestreak.

"Cubby Steeljaw go find Optimus if he doesn't get this communication we need someone to tell him" Blaster finished

"What about me" Brawn said smashing his hand into his fist "I wanna get me a piece of this Decepticon"

"I do too Brawn"

Jazz heard the last thing said by Prowl and he then lost all care for his frame and sped up and took off up the rocky mountain road.

2003-09-01, 02:05 PM
Near exit ramp from Fort Max:

Getaway, Joyride and Slapdash escorted Saber and other who accompanied him to the ramp. They wanted to be sure that everything will go right. In their way to Fort Max they encountered deactiveded transformer with Autobot insignia known as Broadside who have been recently recovered from lake's bottom along with decepticon gestalt team.

Joyride:-pointing at Broadside- "He looks bad, he is heavy damaged outside but inside It can be even worst."

Slapdash: "We must take him to the medbay" -looks at Braodside-"He is quite big.We could use some help to carry him to the medbay".

Getaway: "Yeah. I will go and find some help."- transforms to his vehicle form and speeds toward Fort Max.

Joyride: "We will wait here until you come back."

Getaway was approaching the exit ramp when he saw Ultra Magnus at the top of ramp. His red and blue armor was shining magnificently in the morning sun. I will ask him what to do with Broadside. Suddenly Magnus staggered and fell. What...
Before his thought ended on a ramp appeared Quick Switch who coverd Magnus with himselv. For the Matrix... They were shot on his optics.DECEPTICONS!. Seconds later he heard from his communication panel Prowl's voice: "Coord-- North 45', East... Ea... 3...5". His computerized navigational system already have found the shortest route to this point.You will have this on your tomb Decepticon! He was at his maximal speed after 25 seconds...

Getaway:-opens his comm panel- " Joyride and Slapdash you probably already have known the situation. Keep cool your circuits. I'm sending you coordinates, this decepticon may be there soon..."-changes frequency to open- " This is Getaway
! Attention! All medics! We have at least three Autobots down near exit ramp! They are probably heavy wounded and need medical assistance! Now!"

Joyride: "Affirmative, he won't escape..."

Slapdash: "or at least not in one piece"

Both transforms and head for the location

God Jinrai
2003-09-01, 06:35 PM
Prime heard the shots ring out as he was heading for the landing pad... had he teeth, his mouth would have gritted them together... and that's when he recieved blaster's transmission.

"I read you, Blaster. Get Prowl, Magnus and quickswitch into med bay. ASAP. I 'm going to finish this meeting with the U.S. military reps... and personally ensure they get inside maximus in one piece. Meanwhile, I want a strike force prepped. I'm not going to sit back... not this time. That sniper is likely half way to Carbomiya now... and the fact that whomever it was... had some sort of stealth field similar to mirage says to me that we'd be a lot safer on the move. I want You, smokescreen, perceptor, Jazz, Nightbeat, Brainstorm, Silverbolt, Grimlock, Scattershot, Hot Spot, Inferno, Kup, Aeroblade, Crosshairs, Pointblank and all other ranking members of the autobots currently present in the maximus command chambers. IMMEDIEATELY."

2003-09-01, 06:36 PM
StarBlade knew the 'Bots would be ticked off, but she didn't think that more than 2 would come after her. On her own scanner, she picked up about 3 coming towards where she had been. Great!

StarBlade took off, heading towards the clouds, transforming into her F-18 mode as she climbed. They want a chase, I'll give them a chase! By now, the cloaking field was useless. They knew she was there, and they were gonna chase her till they caught her, or she got near enough to Metrotitan that the city would shoot them down. Or.... StarBlade opened a comm link to Astrotrain.

"Astrotrain! Mission accomplished, with a few more wounded! Returning, with pursuit! Can any flyers give me a hand?"

(I'll post this in the other thread as well)

2003-09-01, 06:57 PM
Raindance had a visual of the now transformed Starblade and was speeding up his own thrusters to keep up with her. Every few seconds he relayed everything back to Blaster. Coordinates, terrain, other transformers or cities in the area.

"I read you Optimus" Blaster replied keeping all frequencies open and relaying the new message "All Autobots. This is Blaster blasting at ya from inside Fortress Maximus and we've been hit badly. By orders of the big man himself we're mobilizing. Jazz, Perceptor, Nightbeat, Smokescreen, Brainstorm, Silverbolt, Grimlock, Scattershot, Hot Spot, Inferno, Kup, Aeroblade, Crosshairs, Pointblank and any ranking members still in Fort Max's command chambers PREPARE TO ROLL OUT!"


Bluestreak hit the front gate and transformed running out and looking at the three downed Autobots then up at the cliff.

"Oh man you guys took it bad" Bluestreak was panicking. This was the part he really hated. Seeing friends, allies, family anyone he was close too hurt badly. He was tempted to run back inside and hide but now was no time for cowerdice.

"Unhg" he let out a stressful sigh then tried to remember something Ratchet had told him about medical triage. "The worst first" he looked over the three and spotted the downed body of Ultra Magnus and moved over to him.

"You okay big guy?" he asked the slumped over body hoping for an answer or reaction.


This was turning out to be a very very bad day for Jazz. First the human and now this. He was a few hundred yards away from Fort Max now. He transfotmed and began to run to where he saw the chopper.

2003-09-01, 07:10 PM
Getaway was approaching to the last known position of sniper when he spotted decepticon jet. She is out of my range but maybe Joyride and Slapdash will be more lucky Now back to Fort Max..
Getaway:-opens commlink- "Slapdash, Joyride I lost him, he is in jet mode and moves fast"

Joyride:"We are almost there, we will do what we can"

Getaway:"We will meet in For Max"

Joyride:"Roger out"

Two Powermasters were on their own...
Slapdash:" You know that as long as he is in air we can do nothing Joy"

Joyride:"I know but maybe he will do something stupid. He can land or fly not enough high- that's our chance Slap"

Quick Switch
2003-09-01, 07:39 PM
"He's...been...SHOT!" Quick Switch snarled, snapping at Bluestreak in an uncontrollable reflex action, still nearly insane with rage. "Of course he's not all right! Get a medic out here- NOW!"

The Six Changer let out a whine of pain, and spat fluid between his fanged teeth, trying to stay on top of Magnus in his stealth beast mode. After a moment, Quick let out another piercing howl.

Once I find out who you are, Decepticon SCUM, I'm going to tear your vocoder out so you can't scream...and then I'll dismember you...slowly. In THIS mode. And then, perhaps, I might kill you. This isn't over, sniper.


Stall simply shook his head, and moved to look at some of the boxes, giving Wheeljack a wide berth. Too many accidents for the inventor had warped his processor, it seemed.

"I don't know what he just said," the historian remarked to Perceptor. "In any event- do we have what we need here?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-01, 08:26 PM
Grimlock let out a huge raucous laugh at the smaller robot - Skyfall.

"Puny little robot think we march up to Con base, knock on door and they let us kick tail! You crazy little robot..."

Grimlock picked up the largest weapon in the cabinet.

"Decepticon's only understand one thing - force. Me intend to show that Dinobots still strongest force..."

Grimlock paused as Blaster's communique came through.

"It about time. Dinobots, tool up and move to main command centre, business about to pick up!"

Grimlock's optic band flashed bright blue as he swung the giant gun onto his shoulder and moved out.

His path took him passed the target range.

"Slag, Sludge... Stop waisting time, we got real Cons to fight now!!"

2003-09-01, 08:53 PM
"Trouble!" Inferno exclaimed as he headed for the door. "Later Saber." "Comeon guys! Let's go!" And with that, he swung into the hall carefully and began running towards the entrance to Fortress Maximus.

"Command center nothing- I want to know what's going on out there!"

Prowl struggled to get up, but his body wouldn't respond and his optics failed. He let his right shoulder give so that he was lying on his side and propped up his left. He swung his gun up, and tried to process the commotion going on around. In between pained gasps, he managed a broken phrase.

"General... General Hauser... are the... humans... intact?"

"Yes, we're intact," Hauser replied. "Thank God."

Smokescreen had just gotten back to his computer when he heard Blaster's call. Without a moment of hesitation he sprinted out into the hall, but then paused, remembering Aero Blade didn't know his way around the base. He jogged to the end of the hall and waited briefly to see if the engineer would be coming.

God Jinrai
2003-09-01, 09:04 PM
"Prowl...." Prime almost silently muttered

"Prowl, it's Prime. I'm going to get our human guests inside. "

Prime transformed to vehicle mode... however, before his cab opened, the trailer split open, and the battle station's drone came to life... rising from the base, it swung over the damaged autobot's body, cautiously using its grappling claw to raise prowl onto the battle deck. Once on the deck, the trailer closed around him, sealing him inside... allowing the station to make repairs en-route to med bay...

Prime's doors swung open...

"It may be a bit cramped, gentlemen, but get in. It beats possibly being a sitting duck."

2003-09-01, 11:17 PM
Bluestreak looked at Optimus then at Ultra Magnus.

"Optimus! Optimus!" He called out moving from Magnus. "You have to take Ultra Magnus in I can carry Prowl!"


Blaster had spun around making his way from the Command center across to the Command Chamber.

"Time to go thrash Decepti-crumb!"

2003-09-02, 12:07 AM
Prowl lowered the weapon as he heard Optimus' vocoder register, but he didn't let go.
"Magnus... Optimus... it... it was... assassin....... Magnus...."

He heard the transformation, the yells and sounds of rushing not far off, but no sounds of ammunition fire. However, Prowl didn't have time to try to process all of it. He felt Optimus' grappling hook close around him. The lift was intense agony and he stifled a pained yell, but it was over quickly. As the trailer closed, the sounds of the activity faded away, leaving only the sounds of running fluids hitting the trailer floor. The warmth from the probe beams crossed him and the repair equipment started its work, and the pain became a numbing haze.

God Jinrai
2003-09-02, 12:15 AM
"...negative, bluestreak. my trailer's not going to be able to handle magnus... and in addition, Prowl's situation can be at least tended to in my trailer section... there's not much, if anything I can do for magnus. It's got to be ratchet, brainstorm and the others... "

Prime went silent, then opened his comm...

"Inferno... if you're reading this... Get ahold of Grapple, and get out here. Magnus is down. we need him in medbay. NOW. Prime out."

"Bluestreak... stay with magnus. Inferno and Grapple should be out in a moment... do what you can for him. I'm taking prowl to medbay."

Aero Blade
2003-09-02, 12:49 AM
Aero Blade had almost made it back to the rooms when he recieved the calling. He glanced around, a bit bewildered, hearing a very odd voice on the com. "Roll out? What in Primus is he talking about?" Aero Blade said aloud. Stratus chirped in equal confusion.

Aero Blade decided to keep going back to the rooms. Maybe he could use the intercom in the room to ask someone for clarrification. When he got to the hall he spotted Smokescreen looking around. "Hey Smokescreen, what's with the odd message?" He asked, coming up to the older Autobot.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-09-02, 01:07 AM
*combined post*

"Will do Optimus!" Inferno called back as he raced out of the doorway and saw the mess before him. He connected on to Grapple's frequency. "Grapple buddy, we've got trouble. A Decepticon just downed Magnus and looks like Quick Switch too. I think we might need your help carrying them to Medbay."
Grapple stood admiring his work on the Western outpost when the communication from Inferno came in. "Interruptions... Downed you say? On my way."
Inferno walked over to the gathering group and eased up next to Ironhide. "Quick Switch, how bad are ya hurt? Can we all get ya both to medbay?"

Inside medbay, Ratchet got the communication from Getaway. He and Brainstorm looked at each other and made for the doorway postehaste.

2003-09-02, 01:27 AM
Mirage ran easily and invisibly down the side of the mountain towards Fortress Maximus. Something was going on- something big. He could see a large amount of activity, but he didn't stop running until he came into the base clearing, where he saw the aftermath. It dawned on him that maybe he misunderstood, and seeing Ironhide, he walked up unseen behind him and whispered a single phrase.

"I'm here Ironhide."

Smokescreen beckoned Aero Blade and Stratus over with a worried expression. "We need to hurry to the command center. Optimus called all of us. There's been some sort of attack, and we'll find out more there. Quickly- this way."
"Sunstreaker, something's happened!" Spike exclaimed to the yellow warrior as they drove down the halls. "Anything on your communicator?"
The shots from below echoed up to the quarters where Dirge and the twins were staying. Shasta went flying underneath the bed while Riptide went straight for the window yelling excitedly.
"Dirger! Fireshots here! Can we go fight?"

2003-09-02, 01:35 AM

Nightbeat: "Should have guessed they'd send a flyer."

Chromedome: "Think the Aerialbots'll catch up with whoever it is?"

Ironhide: "They'd better. Ah wanna carve out a piece of their hahde."

Minerva: -comes running out of the Maximus, sees Quick Switch- "What-"

Ironhide: "Sniper. Shot Magnus, Prowl, an' Quick Switch."

Minerva: -moves over to Quick Switch, starts working on him-

Ironhide: -manages not to jump when Mirage comes up behind him- "Ah think you c'n guess what just happened." -sighs- "Ah was hopin' ta have you sneak out there, fahnd this sniper, an' bring 'em in. Kahnda late now, though."

Aero Blade
2003-09-02, 01:50 AM
Aero Blade grew intensly worried as he followed Smokescreen. An attack eventually lead to fighting, something he was not eager to participate in. If he was ordered to help, though, he would not argue. He had grown used to being dragged into fighting along time ago, and had learned that though he wasn't the best of fighters, he still had some skills that were useful.

"Why did Optimus call for me? I'm not an Autobot yet. I can't fight with a blaster..." Aero Blade said to Smokescreen, attempting to keep up, the worry in his voice obvious.

2003-09-02, 03:24 AM
Bluestreak nodded to Optimus and moved back to Ultra Magnus who was slumped down rolling him over and laying him on his back. Bluestreak grimaced at the wound then looked up at Quickswitch as if he wanted the security officer to do something about what was going on.

As Jazz ran up and surveyed the scene. He stepped forward towards QuickSwitch who was yelling fanatically at Bluestreak before letting out a howl. "You okay man" he asked the security officer.


Sunstreaker slowed down as he flipped his radio on to Autobot frequencies as Blaster's message poured into it.

"You better believe something is up and all of it is bad. Sorry Spike but if you wanna go to your family you're going on foot. I gotta get outside"

2003-09-02, 04:05 AM
Crosshairs was unable to do anything but stare as the shots rang out.
He'd been ready for this. He knew an assassin was lurking up the mountain, somewhere.
He'd raised his weapon, tried to take a shot at the retreating assassin. But he couldn't. She was already too far away for him to get a clean hit, and firing rockets in a target's general direction was such anathema to him that the thought never even crossed his mind. He slowly lowered his arm until Pinpointer's barrels pointed towards the ground.
Despair and failure filled his mind, but his thoughts were cut off by Blaster's transmission.
Command Chambers. Right.
Transforming to vehicle mode, he tore up the ramp, and headed into the Maximus.

2003-09-02, 06:02 AM
*combined post*
Inferno tensed. He saw Quick Switch freeze as Minerva began working on him. Trouble.

Quick Switch swiveled his beast head, and narrowed his optics, wound still leaking fluid. Pieces of the shattered Autobot symbol were visible where Minerva worked.
Her. The HEADMASTER. The one who probably repaired the Decepticons!
"Keep away from me!" he snarled, snapping his jaws at the femmebot. "You- First Aid- all the cowards! Where is Ratchet? Where is Ratchet!"

"Probably on his way out. Now stop that." Inferno said firmly as he stepped between Quick Switch and Minerva. "Minerva's trying to help you."

Minerva: -stops working on Quick Switch- "Coward? What are you talking about?"

"You're speaking to a superior officer!" Quick snarled, wheeling his feral beast head and gazing at Inferno in a second. "Hold your tongue or I'll rip it out! You can't trick me like you did Red Alert!" The Six Changer slowly moved to stand up- Minevrva was forgotten, for now.

Inferno shook his head slightly and motioned subtly for her to stay back. He scowled and edged around so he wasn't in front of anyone, keeping Quick Switch's attention. "I know I'm speaking to a superior, but he ain't acting it right now. And I didn't trick Red Alert."
He's going off. I hope Ratchet's on his way out here. The boy's going to pop his circuitry like Red did. "Medics have their place too 'Switch. Same as my type and Red's. There are no cowards here."

"I'm holding you in contempt," Quick snapped his jaws, lubricant frothing in his mouth. "Insubordinate- you, like all the others! Unbelievable!" The Six Changer padded off of Magnus's body, and snarled a few feet away from the fire truck.
"You abandoned Red Alert during the negavator disaster," Quick said, optics narrowed to slits. "It was merely dumb luck that you found each other again, and stopping the Decepticons. And the fact that the Director even forgave you....Inferno."

Ironhide: -scowls- "Ah think he means people who're peaceful-lahke. Ah know First Aid ain't much fer war."
Ironhide1: Minerva: "But aren't we the ones who fight as a last resort?" -looks at Ironhide and Chromedome- "Wait.... I forgot who I was talking to....."

Inferno nodded. "I didn't listen, sure. You weren't there, and you can read all you want but it ain't never gonna be the same as knowing first hand. Red was my best buddy, and that ain't never gonna change. One thing Red never did was turn on his subordinates though. Yeah, we got shot at, you're injured and your mad... but don't go taking it out on a medic. You want to fight Quick Switch, sir....then come take on a coward, a trickster and someone who abandoned his post. I've gotta let him expend some of that anger or he'll be dynamite waiting to explode in medbay.

"Ultra Magnus almost died, idiot! Coward, trickster, abandoner of posts, yes, I name you thusly." Quick said, padding closer. "I'm not a fire you can just 'put out', Inferno. Now retract your comments, and by the false god Primus, I'm going to kill you."
Yes- I bet this simpleton actually BELIEVES that religious propaganda! I'll insult that myth that he probably believes in, yes. I haven't spilled oil in years. Wretch- I'll teach him some respect!

Inferno remained cool and stood his ground. "I'm not sure he hasn't. Minerva was trying to help you so they could get to Magnus. I'll accept the names you give me, but I will not retract the comments I've made."Hurry Ironhide, Minerva...

Inferno stepped back slightly with one foot as Quick Switch moved closer. He was getting a firmer stance. He could feel the anger and frustration radiating from the warrior.
Internally, he clicked onto Ironhide's frequency. "Old pal, he's boiling as hot as Red was. We take him in and he's gonna go berserker in medbay. He's gotta let loose out here. Hurry with Magnus."

Quick Switch
2003-09-02, 06:14 AM
Minerva: "We can move him, but be careful."
Ironhide: -responding to Inferno's internal comm signal- "He fly off th' handle lahke this awl th' tahme?"

"No, but he's upset right now. He needs to let it out. Just don't say anything more to him- hurry."

Minerva: -finishes patching Magnus as best as she can- "Ironhide, Chromedome, pick him up carefully. Try not to jar him too much."
Minerva: "Ironhide, take his shoulders, Chromedome, take his feet. Grapple, take his left side. Mirage, take his right.
*Mirage and Grapple lift carefully as directed*
Ironhide and Chromedome: -lift carefully-
Minerva: -leads the stretcher party inside-

Inferno watched Quick Switch come closer. "You want respect Quick Switch, you want to be head of security. It's a tough job, and that means working with others and letting them work with you. And in this case- on you."

Inferno tilted his head to the side and looked right into the sixchanger's optics, before saying under his breath..."Or are you afraid of a medic?"(This would have been just loud enough for Quick to hear, but no further)

"I AM Head of Security, moron!" Quick snapped, livid. "Optimus HIMSELF appointed me!" The beast mode form tensed, hearing the medic comment.
He snarled, suddenly leaping for Minerva- or attempting to, past Inferno, a fool's errand, but the Six Changer attempted it.

Inferno lunged for Quick Switch in a grab and hold fashion.
Quick Switch let out a snarl of surprise as the fire truck slammed into him, knocking both units to the ground. Immediately, the beast mode's paws moved to rake across Inferno's torso, while Quick's beat head flew towards Inferno's neck.

Inferno grabbed at Quick Switch, wrapping a left arm around the beast's shoulder and grabbing to push the jaws away with the right. The claws raked his chest as he struggled to get his feet underneath him.

Nightbeat: -moves up so that if Quick Switch gets loose and goes after Minerva again, he'll have to go through him-

2003-09-02, 07:14 AM
Quick struggled under Inferno's grip on his shoulders, but could not break it. However, the right arm presented a target, and the beast's mouth moved to clamp over it instead.

Inferno gritted his teeth as the teeth sunk deep into his shoulder and hoisted Quick Switch up. He gripped him with every ounce of his strength and pushed forward, trying to gain momentum towards the outer wall of Fortress Maximus.

Quick tore with relish into the exposed shoulder, snapping up and out, bringing with it plating, wiring, and opening a rather prominent wound- and leak. The Six Changer looked about, hazy from striking first oil. His optics widened-
And the Six Changer was thusly slammed into the wall of Fortress Maximus, causing him to spasm uncontrollably- his transformation cog activated without his control, and Quick Switch began to shift through all six modes rapidly, more than Inferno could possibly follow.

Inferno was knocked backward by the rapid shifts, but waited for an opening and sprang at an opening for the jet form, unaware that his right arm was severed half way through the shoulder. "Right now...Easy does it kiddo- yer hurt, let's get you cooled and patched up." He made the lunge and prepared to douse Quick Switch with water.

Quick had just managed to transform most of his body into his pistol mode, and aimed himself at Inferno- shuddering with effort, since Inferno still grasped a wing section.
After a moment, the Six Changer collasped, back into beast mode, and lay on his side, yipping with frustration and residual anger. His optics were bleary and unfocused. Bewildered.

With a fast grab of the left arm over the beast mode's back and under the neck, Inferno ran a jet of water over Quick's head and torso. He dropped his head down to collapse against Quick's shoulders, but didn't let his grip or the water go.. "Easy does it chief, I know yer angry. Decepticons done got us good this time. We need you, but we need you in one piece. We're a team Quick."

Quick Switch
2003-09-02, 07:48 AM
Minerva: -leads stretcher party into medbay, indicates the bed next to Saber's- "Put him there. Carefully.... don't bump him......"
Stretcher party: -carefully sets Ultra Magnus down-
Grapple frowns. "Will he live?"
Minerva: -working on Ultra Magnus- "Not sure. His laser core's been damaged. Right now, keeping his systems from cascade crashing is going to be hard enough."
Minerva: "If I can stabilize him, he's got a chance."

Quick nodded, and said in a plaintive howl:
"My symbol," the Six Changer said, nearly delirious, "my symbol is gone...."

"You're an Autobot under your symbol. A symbol's a picture! It's what's underneath that counts. The medic's - they'll getcha fixed up, and they'll put your symbol back on. But we'll all have our symbols wiped out if we don't have you, Optimus, Magnus and Prowl tellin' us how to defend ourselves. C'mmon chief- easy now." Inferno loosened his grip and rolled to one side, waiting to see what was gonna happen.

Quick rose slowly, wobbly, still whining slightly.
"Yes, yes," he said, blinking his bleary optics. "Only a symbol..."

Inferno got to his feet, thouroughly exhausted. "You need repairs chief. Then you'll be tip top, have a new symbol and all. There ain't no doubt you're an Autobot- and don't you forget it. Here comes Ratchet." Inferno waited as Ratchet hurried over.

"You're right," Quick said, feral head almost smiling. After a moment, he shifted back into robot mode, looking rather battered and dented. The bullet wound showed prominently on his chest.
"Ratchet, wouldn't trust anyone else," Quick said, a bit of the old gleam returning to his optics. "Well....as I guess you saw...I don't trust anyone else." Here, he chuckled softly.

"Yeah, but Ratchet can't fix himself and..." Inferno was cut off by a sour-faced surgeon. "...yes, because he hs to pick up after you two twits." Ratchet shook his head. "What a mess you two've made of yourselves."

Inferno laughed. "Well doc, Quick Switch might make a bigger mess of me when he's finished, but he's gotta get patched up first."

Ratchet shook his head. "More work I don't need." He went over to Quick Switch and stood directly in front of him, checking the damage gently. "Quick, can you walk?"

"Of course I can walk," the Six Changer groused. "Have you gone First Aid on me? Inferno just...stunned me."

Ratchet blinked. He hadn't seen the real extent of the damage on either of them until he looked back and forth. "Holy hemorrages! Optimus is not gonna be pleased with this. Let's get you both patched up as fast as possible."

"Fine," Quick said, feeling quite tired. "Lead on, then."

Ratchet put a hand on Quick's shoulder and then walked ahead, taking them down to a side entrance of medbay and a large room.

Quick Switch- that table please, Inferno... that table.
Ratchet began getting his tools out, and set the computers to scan the damage.

The Security Director climbed onto the examining table silently, and Inferno did the same.
Ratchet began working...

2003-09-02, 12:56 PM
(So the fliers chasing StarBlade have something to work with, I'm posting in both threads. Plus, some of you all might not read the other thread, so I figured to keep both informed of some of the details, until those fliers get into 'Con territory, which will prolly be soon.)

Getting Astrotrain's response, StarBlade didn't exactly relax, but she did keep a look-out for the flyers being sent. At the moment, only one Autobot showed up on her scanner, but he was a fast one. Cripes! How could that 'Bot be so blasted fast? And I bet those two jets that spotted me before I moved are gonna be following me soon, too. I hope Astrotrain sent up a couple good flyers, cause I can't really do a fire-fight at this speed!

With that thought, StarBlade pushed herself as fast as she could go, and hoped it would be fast enough.....

2003-09-02, 03:18 PM
Bluestreak watched as everyone movied inside Fort Max watching Quick Switch.

"Security Cheif? Maybe it's time Iron Hide took that post back" he muttered quietly as they entered inside the med bay.


Blaster sat in the Command Chambers awaiting for the others to arrive.

2003-09-02, 03:22 PM
Outside Fort Max:

Joyride: "Here we are"- transforms to robot mode-. "This decepticon jet will probaly fly this way soon. This is shortest way between her last position and Caramboya. Now we can only wait." I hate this part of warrior duty-waiting for some action.

Slapdash:-transforms, weapon ready-"What If she will be to high?"

Joyride didn't answer Slapdash question. He was try to stay cool outside but inside he was so nervous as never before. Where are Aerobots when they are need?! From ground we can kiss his afterburners and nothing more! Primus help us! We need miracle!- "Lets find some cover we will try to surprise him."

Slapdash:"My sensors are picking up weak signal not to far from us, it moves fast."

Joyride:"Here he comes"-photon rifle ready-"Fire on my mark, Now find some cover"

Slapdash:"Relax Joy. He will fly but to the scrapyard!"- said with smile.

Joyride smiled in answer and hid behind big stone. To the scrapyard..
Getaway was approaching to Fort Max.
I hope that Quick Switch and Magnus survived this attack. But deep inside he didn't belive it.

Edit:Grrr...I made to many mistakes

2003-09-03, 12:36 AM
OOC: Posted in both 'Bot and 'Con threads

Spinister and Ramjet quickly approached StarBlade's position. The Targetmaster had his infra-red scanners active, searching the ground in front of him.
As they were nearly upon the assassin, Spinister noticed two large heat sources hiding in the rocks below.
What have we here?
He activated his commlink. "StarBade, this is Spinister. My sensors show what I imagine are two Autobots aground nearby. Change course three degrees north to avoid them. Ramjet will escort you to Metrotitan while I make an attack run."
Without waiting for a reply, Spinister dove. His particle beam cannons fired, blasting apart rocks near where Slapdash and Joyride were lurking.
Ramjet bristled as Spinister's order came across the comm, but he knew it would be useless to argue. Still, he had to choke down an urge to blast StarBlade to dust with a barrage of cluster bombs as he saw her.
Bitterly, he called over the comm, "Head for base, StarBlade. I can watch your back."
Until we lose these Autobots, anyway...
Crosshairs reached the doors of the Command Chamber, shifted to robot mode, and walked in.
Nodding to Blaster, he took a seat near the door and waited.

2003-09-03, 12:53 AM

Minerva: -still working on Ultra Magnus after hooking him up to full life support-

Ironhide: -staring into the brig monitor without really looking at it-

Nightbeat: -walks into medbay- "How's it going?"

Minerva: -still working on Magnus- "No change yet."

Ironhide: -snarls, smashes first through monitor, spins on heel, stalks out of medbay-

Nightbeat: "Do we attract the ones with temper issues or something?" -follows Ironhide out-

Chromedome: "Maybe."


Corridors of the Maximus:

Nightbeat: "Look, Ironhide-"

Ironhide: -spins, points finger into Nightbeat's face- "Don't."

Nightbeat: "But-"

Ironhide: "Ah said, Don't." -scowls, sighs, sags slightly- "It's awl mah fault."

Nightbeat: "Your fault? We got caught flat footed. We all knew we were flat footed."

Ironhide: "An' Ah should'a had you guys go out an' get that sniper."

Nightbeat: "We can't fly. How the heck would we have gotten up there? You said yourself whoever it was would have to be suicidal with a gestalt team on top of them."

Ironhide: "An' 'cause of mah arrogance thinkin' that, Prowl an' Quick Switch're injured, an' Magnus mahght die."

Nightbeat: "And if the comms hadn't been so glitched, maybe we could have figured out what was going on faster. They were after Magnus. And they got him." -shrugs- "Face it, none of us are perfect. It was a situation you've seen before, and you handled it the best way you knew how. They just threw us a curve."

Ironhide: "Nnn." -spins away from Nightbeat- "C'mon, kid. We got a meetin' ta go to." -starts down the corridor-

Nightbeat: -following- "There's more to what you're thinking, isn't there."

Ironhide: "Ah let you have yer say, an' yer rahght. Now shut up. Can't stand useless tawkin'."

Nightbeat: -looks as if he's about to say something, changes mind-



Hellbat: "I wonder what all those alarms were for."

Gaihawk: "It's probably Leozak. He must have gotten loose."

Hellbat: "You beter hope he hasn't Gaihawk...." -looks at camera- "If he doesn't remember all of our recent history, he could slag our chances of getting out of here."

Drillhorn: "It's not that. Given the numbers of Autobots here, and the fact that Leozak's gun is down here, I should think they'd be able to get him relatively easily. Something else has happened. Not a battle."

Hellbat: "Then what?"

Drillhorn: "How should I know? It's not like I could ask anybody."



Chromedome: -replaces monitor that Ironhide smashed, nods in satisfaction as the image flickers on and the prisoners in the brig are once again visible- "These guys are being way too helpful. There's got to be a reason."

Minerva: -still working on Ultra Magnus- "Maybe they are peaceful..... but even I'm not that naieve. They probably want out."


Conference Room:

Ironhide and Nightbeat: -enter the room, sit down next to Crosshairs-

Ironhide: "Hey, Crosshairs. Meetin' ain't started yet, huh."

2003-09-03, 03:35 AM
Crosshairs slowly turned to gaze at Ironhide and Nightbeat.
"Not yet, no." He started to tun away, then refocused his attention on the two.
"Do you think that Magnus will pull through?"

2003-09-03, 04:40 AM
"There shouldn't be any doubt. Unless you're a Decepticon and hoping he'll die" Brawn said looking up at Crosshairs with a less then happy scowl.

Blaster shook his head looking down at the Demolitions expert/Casette.

"Brawn we're all a little doubtful right now. That attack was meant to kill him and knowing how ruthless and effective some Decepticons are we can't help but have bad vibes about it"

Jazz slowly walked into the confrence room looking around with a glum look on his face.

2003-09-03, 04:46 AM
"Sunstreaker, I'm with you. Let's go." Spike said as he buckled his seatbelt.

Smokescreen shook his head. "Don't you worry Aero Blade. You're in the computers as an engineer. There's loads of security word that needs doing, aside from fighting. I can't promise that won't happen, but we'll try."
On the other hand there's Dirge... this is trouble.
"Wait here a moment."
He ran back quickly and knocked on the door. "Dirge, it's Smokescreen. I need you to come with me.

Dirge looked up, having heard Riptide's comment about 'shots'. The jet shrank back a bit, flicking a glance at Ritpide. He hesitated going to the door.

Riptide pouted for a moment and then grinned. "It's Smoke! It's okay, you can go. We'll stay right here. Sticky swear!"

"Sticky swear," Dirge said weakly. Impulsively, the blue jet gave the little youngling a hug. Dirge then got up and went to the door, and opened it.

Smokescreen smiled reassuringly. "Let's go Dirge, we need to hurry. There's been a Decepticon attack- a sniper. Shot Ultra Magnus, Quick Switch and Prowl."

Dirge said nothing, frowning, but clanked after Smokescreen. There weren't many snipers. Who could have done it?

Smokescreen jogged towards the command center and once they got near it, he motioned for Dirge to stand inbetween Aero Blade and himself against the entrance wall.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-09-03, 07:17 AM
*combined post*
Hardy shut off the helicopter, climbed out, then opened the passenger doors. Hauser, Faireborn, Delgado and Hinton moved quickly and, Hardy taking up the rear, managed to cram into Prime's cabin.

"Isn't the Marriott," but I suppose it'll do," Delgado said, scratching his beard.

"We're ready," Faireborn said, shaking his head. "Let's go."

Optimus waited for the men to climb in and shut the doors before he pulled out and drove towards medbay. "I apologize sincerely for the trouble gentlemen." *Optimus paused.* "Duke, Shipwreck, it's good to see all of you again."

Hauser chuckled, but said nothing in regards to the attack.
"Of course...we haven't heard those names in twenty years."
The others nodded.

Optimus paused to consider. "Would you prefer to be called by your original names?"

"It's all the same- what's in a name?" Hinton shrugged.
Delgado smirked at that.
"Since COBRA took the celestial dirt nap after the whole Cobra-La disaster, Big Guy, Uncle Sam took the liberty of revoking our special status. Call us what you want."

Optimus stayed silent for a moment as he drove up to medbay. "I'd still call you friends, but we have a great deal to do to earn that title back. One moment please while I take care of Prowl."

Optimus called over his communicator, and within moments, Brainstorm, Crosscut and Patch appeared. He opened the trailer and left it for them to work with, but before he left, he questioned Brainstorm as the medic worked. "How are Magnus and Quick?"

Brainstorm didn't look up, but answered quickly. "Ratchet's gonna have Quick done soon- maybe an hour or two. Magnus is alive, barely. A nanomicrometer closer and it would've been a return crypt trip."

Optimus sighed. "Take good care of them. I'll be back later."
Brainstorm nodded as Optimus continued driving.

The drive passed in silence, relatively, for the officers. There was not a whole lot that could be said.

Autobot security had been lacking, and they themselves could have died. Still, each man tried to put his clouded thoughts in order for the...conference.

Optimus pulled into the central communications room and opened his doors.

The officers climbed out, and re-adjusted their uniforms, looking about the base.

Optimus transformed and looked around, noting Dirge's presence but not looking alarmed. Then he kneeled down and put out both hands to the humans. "May I offer you a better view?"

"Sure," Delago said, scratching his beard. The others soon followed.

"The bronco right theyah's got red eyes- the jet. Why's he here? Thought red eyes meant bad guys," Hardy said, taking off his sunglasses to look at Dirge.

Smokescreen was excited to see the humans. He remembered them well. He knew that question would come up though and he opened his mouth to speak, but Optimus shook his head.

"That is Dirge." Optimus said slowly and carefully. "He's on probation right now. Dirge saved an Autobot's life- Hound, and seems to be choosing his own path now."

"Wish more COBRA soldiers thought the way he did," Faireborn said after a pause. "In any event- is the conference still moving forward now that key representatives have been wounded?"

Optimus nodded. "We're just waiting a few minutes for the rest of the troops to arrive."
He looked to Smokescreen. "What's the security status Smokescreen?"

Smokescreen stepped forward slightly. "The cameras are installed on level 2 thanks to help from Aero Blade, the first floor will be finished shortly. The outposts are ready and fortunately, the security heads downloaded personnel assignments before the trouble."
"Blaster is nearly done with communications and the security chambers are locked down."
"I'm sorry sir, but no solid communication had been received from the government about our friends' arrivals."

Smokescreen looked to Jazz. "Anything Jazz?"

Optimus looked at the humans. "Something strange has been happening with our communications. We're working on it."

2003-09-03, 03:08 PM
Slapdash was hidding behind big rock, clasping tightly weapon in his hands..We are waiting here to long. Jet should be already here. Something is wrong I feel it in my core

Slapdash:"He should be already here..."

Joyride:-scowls-"It seems that he changed his course,but why?"

Slapdash:"Maybe somebody warn him about our ambus--"

Rock behind which they were hidding exploded with big bang knocking them to ground.
Joyride felt pain when rocky sliver sticked in his left arm."Auuuu!"-he scremed- "Decepticon scum" he muttered-as he rose on his feet. He shouted to Slapdash who already was standing but was still confused-"Split up!!"-both run in diffrents directions.

2003-09-03, 03:58 PM
Jazz opened a side compartment and picking the broken transmitter out and holding it in his open palm to Optimus and Smokescreen.

"Jammer, that's why communications are out of whack. I'm not sure if there are more but you can probably guess that there are"

"I still need help with the out-posts" Blaster added in quickly

Sunstreaker had pulled a 180 and now they were on their way to the conference room even though they were un-invited.

Aero Blade
2003-09-03, 05:35 PM
Aero Blade stayed at his spot beside Dirge where Smokescreen had motioned. He didn't have to tell the young transformer why they were doing this - they were protecting Dirge - for those that didn't trust him they probably saw it as Aero Blade and Smokescreen keeping an eye on him, but in the event that someone tried to take a shot at Dirge, Aero Blade knew they'd be able to better defend him against that sort of thing.

Aero Blade stood stock still listening to the meeting. He didn't recognize any of the Autobots aside from Optimus, and even he looked alittle different. It was anerving. He suppressed the urge to sigh and glanced around the room with his optics, then redirected his attention when Jazz brought out the busted transmitter. A few of the components looked familiar, but it was hard to see from that angle and the device hadn't been offered to him so he stayed queit and out of the way.

Stratus, however, was far more curious, and had no sense of big-transformer meetings ettiquet. He'd been silently watching because everyone seemed tense, but Jazz's device was interesting. Deciding jet mode engine noise probably wasn't a good idea, he chirped very quietly, hopping over to Aero Blade's other shoulder. When that wasn't close enough, he crossed over Dirge's shoulders, then much more cautiously over to Smokescreen's, attempting to get at least one good look at the transmitter.

2003-09-03, 07:58 PM
Conference room:

Ironhide: -sees Stratus hopping from shoulder to shoulder- "Uh......."

Nightbeat: "What?"

Ironhide: "Whut in th' world is that?"

Nightbeat: "I think that's a minicon. Looks like Aero Blade's....." -sees Aero Blade- "Ah, good. Aero Blade's here. Back in a minute." -stands, moves over to Aero Blade-

Ironhide: -looking around at the faces, most he recognized, some he didn't, sees the human officers........-

Nightbeat: "Areo Blade, could I have a word with you after the meeting? You might be able to help me with-"

Ironhide: -optics widen as he sees Dirge, mutters to self- "Now whut's he doin' here......"

Nightbeat: -hears Ironhide's comment, winces internally- "-a project I'm working on. I'd better get back to the old guy. I get the feeling he wasn't fully briefed on a few things." -moves back over to Ironhide, sits down-

Ironhide: -optics locked on Dirge, glaring-

2003-09-04, 02:39 AM
StarBlade relaxed a little when Spinister contacted her. "StarBade, this is Spinister. My sensors show what I imagine are two Autobots aground nearby. Change course three degrees north to avoid them. Ramjet will escort you to Metrotitan while I make an attack run."

"Right." She immediately turned 3 degrees north, then realized that Spinister said Ramjet. Oh, this should be fun.... A moment later, she picked up a pair of explosions, then Ramjet contacted her.

"Head for base, StarBlade. I can watch your back." StarBlade heard the bitterness in his vocoder, and responded as kindly as she could.

"Ramjet, your assistance is appreciated, but I think perhaps I'd better trust in my speed right now." Opening the comm to both jets, she added, "Thank you both for giving me backup as I returned. I might be fast, but at this speed, I'm terrible in a dog fight." Knowing this gave Ramjet an insight on a way to attack her, StarBlade made certain that she wasn't in Ramjet's sights, and headed for base.

2003-09-04, 04:33 AM
OOC: Posted in both threads

Spinister saw Slapdash and Joyride split up.
Smart. If I choose one as my target, the other one would have a clear shot at my back. A good plan, though not the best one to use against a Double Targetmaster. I wish I had time to give them a fight. He sighed to himself. But I have a job to do. Which means I have to leave before those two get in firing position and pin me down.
Spinister turned his tail towards the Powermasters, and headed for the other Decepticons. His rotor blades whirled madly as he built up speed and altitude.
He opened the comm to StarBlade and Ramjet.
"Enemy threat scattered."
Ramjet felt a wave of amusement at StarBlade's words.
She doesn't trust me to give her cover. She might be smarter than she looks...
As she addressed him and Spinister a second time, Ramjet was even more amused.
...or maybe she isn't, after all.
He forced down an urge to put her words to the test by using his patented ramming attack. After all, Astrotrain wouldn't like it if his new favorite soldier came home all crumpled up.
He keyed his comm as the femme sped off.
"OK, StarBlade. I'll follow ya in."
Crosshairs bowed his head slightly at Brawn's words.
"Sorry. I'm just a little worried about him. He took a real bad hit."
Noticing the looks that Ironhide was giving Dirge, Pinpointer jumped off Crosshairs' shoulder and walked over to the older Autobot.
"I don't think you need to worry." The Nebulan nodded towards the blue seeker. "Rumor has it Dirge has turned over a new leaf."

2003-09-04, 04:52 AM
Raindance had slipped by both jets and was still tailing Starblade. His fuel tanks were beginning to run dry and his small size was making keeping up harder and harder. The goal now was to keep close enough to have her in visual range and watch her land before turning back. Even with all this every thing he saw was going right back to Blaster.

"New leaf nothin'" Brawn said looking up at Dirge. "I still say we bash this 'Cons head in. He's proved he's a traitor once and they never change"

Jazz looked down at the casette and sighed "Settle down Brawn this is no time for it. He won't try anything right now even if he intended to betray us."

As Jazz finished speaking Sunstreaker rolled into the room with Spike still inside. "Sorry if I am more inclined to agree with Brawn in this situation" the Autobot twin chimed into this blooming conversation.

Prime better say something soon or this room it's self is gonna become a warzone Blaster thought looking everyone over focusing both on his casette and the fight that may be brewing in the room.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-09-04, 06:16 AM
Optimus watched the discontent rise as he began to consider the object in Jazz's hand. "I understand your feelings Brawn and Sunstreaker, but we will not deny Dirge the chance to prove himself and take a path of good. No Autobot is to provoke or attack him, for Dirge has earned our protection." He looked over to the dark seeker.
"Dirge, you will not be harmed, but you must understand you will need to earn our trust as well."

Quick Switch
2003-09-04, 06:21 AM
Dirge turned slightly, aware of the other Autobots-

Other Autobots? Looking- looking at me! With hate and...fear....

The blue jet moved back a pace next to Smokescreen and Aero Blade, fighting the urge to shake.

At that point, Dirge noticed Optimus Prime, and despite himself, the jet shook under the imposing Autobot leader's gaze. The jet fought the urge to humble himself- he straightened after a moment, and came to attention, in the Decepticon style. He cleared his vocoder, then said clearly:

"Yes Ooooptimus Priiiime. I understaaaand."

2003-09-04, 06:40 AM
Smokescreen shifted his stance slightly and put out an arm with a flat hand so Stratus could get a better view, noting Nightbeat's comment about a special project in the process.

He noted the nervous and angry looks in the room, and with his other hand, put it on Dirge's shoulder. "It's okay Dirge. Optimus is our leader, and as long as you continue to abide by our laws, you'll be safe here. *He briefly glanced at Sunstreaker.* Some of us have... sorted histories that have been forgiven."

Then just as quickly, he looked to Optimus.

"Sir, Jazz is right. If there's one jammer, there probably will be more."

Having finished with his recharge, Trailbreaker's systems brought him back up to a fully conscious state and he stepped out of the chamber. "Time to get back to work," he thought as he headed out into the hall.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-09-04, 06:47 AM
"Yes, do not be afraid Dirge." Optimus nodded before turning his attention back to the jammer.
"You're correct Smokescreen. Jazz, after the meeting, I'd like to know where you found this."

Then Optimus nodded to Blaster. "You will have help Blaster. It's time to begin. Those that aren't here will need to be briefed by all of you, but they may also pick up meeting notes on the security computers."

"Let's begin. Gentlemen and Autobots. We neeed to leave Earth many years ago to protect it from the horrendous danger known as Unicron. A destructive being so evil that it threatened the entire universe. In order to do so, we had a difficult decision that we were unable to avoid- we were outnumbered and needed all of our numbers to destroy Unicron, and thus, we had to leave this planet.

Many terrible things, unspeakable things occurred here in our absence. Things which the people of this world will see as our doing because we were not here to stop the Decepticons, and which they may not ever forgive us for. We need to be aware of that.

After eliminating Unicron, we had a further evil essence to destroy. An artifact of great power, called the Chaos Matrix. This object further destroyed our dwindling numbers by tearing us apart and twisting our thoughts, be we defeated that remnant of Unicron's evil as well.

In our weakened state from destroying the Chaos Matrix, we were unable to fight against the invasion of the Quintessons, who have now taken over Cybertron. Our return here is sooner than expected, though needed more now than ever before, for the Decepticons have also retreated to this planet in force. We are together again in ranks now, and our numbers are gaining strength.

It is time to come together, solidify our ranks, to first remove the Decepticons from this planet or eliminate them here and then to set measures in place to prevent them from repeating the travesties that have occurred with the people here. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. We can not stand by to let the humans be subjected to their evil deeds any longer. It is time to unite and move forward. The Decepticons have made their intentions known. Below in medbay lie three of our officers, wounded from a Decepticon sniper.

All three will survive, but our overall survival here depends on some critical factors.
Firstly, we cannot afford any further dissention or infighting. We are a team. We need to be cohesive and work together using our skills and talents as best we can.
Secondly, we are in need of supplies. However, we will not take from the humans any more than they are willing to provide to us. We will do our best with whatever we are alloted. This is their planet, and we are not Decepticons.
Thirdly, although we have only been here a short time, we have been attacked before the new security measures were entirely installed. We need them in place, and each one of you is essential.

When he recovers, Ultra Magnus will be my second-in-command.
He and I will be working in conjunction with Quick Switch to plan for the immediate removal process of the Decepticons from this planet and to eventually retake Cybertron. Quick Switch is the overall head of security, and Prowl will be his second- as a personel liason and advisor. I do not know the full extent of Prowl's injuries, so Smokescreen will be working with the humans and personel in his place until he's back up.
Smokescreen, you will report to Quick Switch on a basis that he deems appropriate.

*Optimus looks over to Ironhide* Ironhide, your experience will be greatly needed my friend. While Prowl will be working from the security areas here in Fortress Maximus, I will need you to be the head advisor at Metroplex.

We need to finish the process of securing our bases, but let us not forget that we are likely unwelcome by the citizens of this world.

Smokescreen, as we conclude this meeting, I'd like you to take Mirage and accompany our friends here to the UN meeting.

Now my Autobots, let us go, and begin the task that lies before us. It is a dangerous one, but one that must be accomplished. Any that do not wish to be part of this, may stay here if they so choose and tell me."

Aero Blade
2003-09-04, 01:27 PM
Aero Blade watched Stratus as he started to move away, keeping an eye on the minicon as well as listening in to the meeting. Well, I wouldn't say trust, but at least there's some people he's starting to not be afraid of... Aero Blade decided. He was suprized by Nightbeat coming up to him, but after a moment he recognized him from back on Cybertron. Ironhide's words drew a concerned look from Aero Blade, but his attentions returned to Nightbeat. Project? What could he mean? Aero Blade considered. He nodded anyways and watched Nightbeat return to his spot. Aero Blade cast his own look back towards Ironhide, but he seemed too focused on Dirge to notice it.

There's one to keep an eye on.... Aero Blade thought before his attention was drawn over to Brawn who expressed similar opinions. Another one? And then Sunstreaker entered. Aw no, not him! Aero Blade thought with dread, but after a moment of Sunstreaker speaking, Aero Blade watched him with a bit of a confounded look. Well, he's not acting berzerked.. maybe it was the Chaos Matrix after all....

No chance to calm down, though. When Dirge stepped back, Aero Blade took a reflexive half step infront of the jet to block any would-be attackers, but it became unnecissary as Optimus spoke up. Aero Blade's worry began to dissapear. Maybe..it seems he's not too different from my own Optimus as well... he considered thoughtfully, relaxing his stance. There isn't as many things to worry about as I though...

Stratus leaned out from Smokescreen's shoulder, tring to get a good look, but when Smokescreen offered his hand, Stratus reflexively jumped over to his opposite shoulder, then retreated further back to Aero Blade where he scrunched up against his partner's neck on the side furthest from Smokescreen. Aero Blade gave a slightly audible sigh. Well so much for not being afraid of him. That's one thing I'll always have to worry about. Aero Blade thought, his expression giving away to exasperation.

Quick Switch
2003-09-04, 02:57 PM
Dirge said nothing at Optimus' words.

Fear is everywhere. Fear is around us. Fear is what keeps units alive. Fear has kept ME alive. The Autobots have no conception of what "fear" is.

Not like I do.

All the same, though, the blue jet relaxed. That is, he went to parade rest from his previous attention position. He listened attentively to the narrative, having experienced most of the events.

"The American Government is willing to supply the Autobots as much as needed, Optimus," Faireborn said. "Or, at least- the American military branches. Politicians like to quibble, even when it comes to saving the world."

"All about the budget, am I right?" Delgado said, smirking. "Anywho, I don't get all that Matrix mumbo-jumbo, or Unicorn, but getting rid of the Decepticons sounds like a good plan. Besides, it's better than waiting for-"

"Don't go there," Hauser said quietly, raising a hand, sighing. He smiled tightly. "We're backing you a hundred percent, Optimus. Your honesty and frankness is just what we needed to hear. Of course, General Abernathy is going to back our report as well. We have confidence in the Autobots."

"Shoot yeah," Hardy said, flicking back his Stetson. "We're gonna head on over to that conference and give 'em Hell!"

"You got that right- Smokescreen's gonna tell the world that we got to fight!" Hinton slammed one closed fist into his other open palm, expression firm.

2003-09-04, 03:24 PM
Jazz nodded to Optimus as he made the request to talk to him later as he stood still waiting.

Sunstreaker opened his door allowing Spike to get out before he himself transforming along with anyone else giving Dirge an uny happy look.

Blaster sighed relief after Optimus spoke watching as Optimus began to explain what was going on.

2003-09-04, 04:32 PM
StarBlade chuckled, then noticed a blip still on her scanner. Opening a comm to both jets again, she spoke. "Um, I'm still reading one enemy following me. Not a big reading, but large enough to be an Autobot. Its fast, but is having a hard time keeping up with me. Keep a look out."

StarBlade couldn't put on much more speed, so she used what she had to head for a nearby cloudbank, and change her heading, hoping to throw Raindance off her tail. When she left the cloudbank, she noticed that she was closer to Metrotitan than she thought. Pushing what little extra speed she had, StarBlade sped for home.

God Jinrai
2003-09-04, 07:49 PM

Saber lay barely conscious. With the repairs being needed on Quickswitch, Ultra Magnus and Prowl, he'd essentially been forgotten for the most part. Which he didn't mind. He understood that those whom were from this world needed the attention moreso than he did... but one way or another, if he didn't get help and soon, there was a slim chance that the safety locks on the V-Star would deacitvate... and Victory Leo would manage to force himself back online.

"B....Brainstorm... Minerva... when... you have a moment.... I need a word...with you..."

Saber shuddered slightly at the possible prospect of Victory Leo comming back online... but as his optics dimmed, he spied, across the room, an all too familiar form...

"L...Leozak? But... if he's here... that means... "

saber went silent...

"oh no... " he silently whispered

"I've...got to get out of here... back to the V-Star... at...least my full robot mode is relatively undamaged..."

Saber rolled to one side, landing on the floor... and with a wince of pain, shifted to his alt mode... just small enough to be able to fly through the corridors of the maximus.. back to the v-star without any furhter injury...

The brainmaster separated, leaping into the cockpit of the saberjet... and began to fire up the jet mode's systems...

2003-09-04, 09:13 PM
Medbay situation:

Ultra Magnus > Minerva, Chromedome

Prowl > Brainstorm, Crosscut, Patch

Quick Switch >Ratchet
Inferno >Ratchet

Saber> First Aid, Hot Spot

Saber hadn't been forgotten, his medic just hasn't posted.

2003-09-04, 11:02 PM
Spinister keyed his comm.
"Ignore the enemy unless he opens fire, StarBlade. If he follows you to Metrotitan, the city's guns will deal with him."
Crosshairs listened to Prime's narrative, nodding slightly as his leader talked.
I wish I could take you up on your offer to stay behind, Prime. But I can't. None of us can. We need every troop we can get, if we're going to pull this off...

2003-09-05, 03:41 AM
Wreck-Gar had been pacing in the commons area of the Maximus shuttle ever since Saber had been brought inside.

"Don't have a cow," one of his Junkion companions said. "They couldn't have forgotten about you. You're unforgettable!"

"Yeah," one of the others said. "It's not like we're surrounded by morons here."

Wreck-Gar nodded. "We'd better be careful, or else we're going to learn something here. In the meantime, why don't we play the waiting game?"

Several tense minutes passed before Wreck-Gar spoke again.

"Ah, the waiting game sucks. Let's play 'Hungry Hungry Hippos!'"