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Quick Switch
2003-08-12, 06:36 PM
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2003-08-13, 04:09 AM
StarBlade grinned. Typically, when she was asked about a specific 'Bot, that 'Bot was her next target.

"So, taking out Magnus will end the treaty, and start the end of that pitiful group, eh?" Her voice was darkly gleeful. "Perfect."

Quick Switch
2003-08-13, 10:39 PM
"That is the tactical objective," Astrotrain remarked, steepling his hands. "Lord Galvatron and Gigatron have always intended to expand the Empire. This pathetic 'treaty' was merely an attempt to lull the Autobots into complacency."

His heavily flanged vococder registered laughter.

"According to intelligence reports gleaned from Metrotitan, Autobot morale is at an all time low, and the faction is woefully lacking in terms of resources." Astrotrain paused. "Even if Optimus Pime managed to pry himself away from that foolish orange rock of his and mount some sort of attack- the damage has been done, war has been declared, and we can get back to the business of exterminating the Autobots once and for all."

2003-08-14, 02:37 AM
Hatemonger awaited Galvatrons return.


The Seacons trained at the base in Camboya.

Cryotek was busy sending reports on energon output to any Decepticons he felt would have a clue what they ment other than himself. So Shockwave and anyone else with a bit of a brain.

2003-08-14, 04:29 AM
Ramjet frowned slightly towards Astrotrain.
"Sir, if you're planning to get the war started back up, maybe we should increase our security patrols around the city. It'd get our troops back in fighting form, and it'd make it easier to pick off any 'Bots who try to...return the favour after the Magnus operation."
The last words were accompanied by a distrustful glance in Starblade's direction.

2003-08-14, 06:16 AM
Galvatron looked at the forces that surrounded him. Proud...strong...the time had come.

Galvatron: "Decepticons...return to Metrotitan, all of you, including those that sided with the half life...Starscream...dispose of that body." He ordered looking down at Megatron's lifeless form.

Starscream: "With the greatest of pleasures oh mighty one!"

Galvatron took the skies, eager to push on with the next phase of his most ambitious undertaking to date.

2003-08-14, 06:20 AM
As soon as Galvatron took off, Dreadwind followed with no pause.

Darkwing hesitated for several seconds, but soon followed.

Quick Switch
2003-08-14, 07:17 PM
"Noted," Astrotrain said to Ramjet. "Metrotitan reports that Lord Galvatron is en route. I am certain I will confer with him and Lord Gigatron to set the full scope of the operations in motion."

Astrotrain rose.

"If you'll excuse me, Star Blade- you have your orders, but wait for full deployement confirmation. I am off to meet Lord Galvatron when he arrives."


Thunderwing smiled slightly, then left the hangar, flying after Galvatron adajcent from the two Powermasters.

"Astrotrain has meteriel operations running on all cylinders- you will have the resources we need to smash the Autobots forever!" the aristocrat sniffed. "I pity them, really."

2003-08-14, 10:52 PM
Ramjet, though slightly annoyed by Astrotrain's dismissal of his comment, still took his job very seriously. As such, he felt compelled to ask of his commander, "You want me to come with? Or do ya think Lord Galvatron would be offended if you brought a bodyguard?"

Quick Switch
2003-08-15, 02:59 AM
"Come along, Ramjet, come along," Astrotrain said, stepping around his desk. The City Commander held a sheaf of reports in one hand- meteriel assesements, efficiency reports, and psychological profiles- along with a data pad in the other.

The Triple Changer's mind was already focused on the upcoming meetings.

2003-08-15, 03:01 AM
StarBlade rose as well, and nodded. "Yes, Astrotrain." She had noted the distrustful glace, and looked to Ramjet.

"Listen to me, Ramjet. I know my job, and I know how to keep from being seen. I can kill Magnus in such a way that no one will find him until he is long dead. Astrotrain obviously trusts me with this assignment, and if he does, you should. I've yet to fail, and I don't plan on starting to now."

2003-08-15, 03:35 AM
Cryotek gathered the Seacons.

"You heard what Galvatron said, move out!" He told the group.

"Yeah, yeah we're moving." Skylor groaned as the 7 cons strode to the base.

2003-08-15, 04:19 AM
Ramjet fixed StarBlade with a cold, patronizing glance.
"You have your job, I have mine. Trust isn't a part of my job. Especially not trust for a soldier that hasn't proven herself trustworthy."
He smiled slightly.
"If you were half the assassin ya think you are, you'd know how bodyguards think."
Ramjet folded his arms across his chest, adopting a posture of confidence and power.
"I believe the Commander dismissed you, StarBlade. He has important business to attend to. I suggest you get out of his office, before I throw ya out."

2003-08-15, 05:00 AM
Galvatron landed in the confines of Metrotitan ahead of his warriors.

Galvatron: "Astrotrain, progress report."

Quick Switch
2003-08-15, 05:11 AM
Astrotrain held up his hands, a signal for the two warriors to cease bickering, then left the chamber.

He clanked through the hallways until he stood in front of the Decepticon Lord Emperor. He bowed.

"My Lord- all Metrotitan based Decepticons are on standby and ready for deployment. Super Energon production from President Fakkadi is proceeding smoothly, as well as replishment concerning ammunitions and meteriel."

He smiled slightly, rising from the bow. His heavily flanged voice was eager.

"Metrotitan is ready for war."

2003-08-15, 05:16 AM
Several minutes after Galvatron landed at Metrotitian, the Powermasters arrived.

2003-08-15, 05:30 AM
Galvatron smiled at Astrotrain's reports.

Galvatron: "Excellent...I will be in my quarters, inform me when we are nearly ready to proceed."

Galvatron moved quickly to his quarters, to meet with [bHatemonger[/b].

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-15, 07:09 AM
Sixshot was travelling along in his Space Cruiser mode, en route to Metrotitan. He was still irate that Thunderwing, despite all his treachery, was still functional.

Why does Galvatron tolerate that fool's existence? What possibly could Thunderwing offer him except fancy words and pretty speeches...

Sixshot landed at Metrotitan and transformed back to his robot mode...he then made for his quarters. Being an important warrior had its perks...

2003-08-15, 12:01 PM
StarBlade, not one to leave something unfinished, responded to Ramjet before she left.

"Ramjet, if you were half the Decepticon you claimed to be, you'd know that Decepticon assassins are the last ones you'd accuse of being untrustworthy. Remember Starscream?" With that, the assassin turn and left, not giving the Conehead a chance to reply.

2003-08-15, 04:24 PM
Hatemonger awaited Galvatron's return. He could hear the choas and ruckus noise of a city getting ready for war.

Hatemonger smiled, this was what he lived for, death and devastation on the battlefield.

"Sounds like the time of war is coming." He smiled and waited.

Quick Switch
2003-08-15, 07:03 PM
Astrotrain snapped to attention, bowed again, then moved to return to his office.

Thunderwing landed shortly thereafter, avoiding Sixshot with a passion, and followed after the Triple Changer.

"Remarkable report, Astrotrain," the aristocrat said, falling into step by the Chief Administrator. "From what I caught..."

"What is remarkable is that I am even having this conversation...not that I asked for one," Astrotrain said, placing his hands behind his back. He did not look at Thunderwing as the two units walked down the hallway.

"Quite," Thunderwing said, flashing brilliant Pretender teeth. "It seems you are most prepared for the coming, ah, conflict."

"Of course. Resources have been gathered, troop morale has never been higher- and Autobot morale never lower, an excellent corollary."

"Is there any doubt that the Autobots will be defeated?"

"There is always doubt, but due to current circumstances, I would say it is highly probable," the Triple Changer said. "The Autobots are passive, weak. They do not desire victory, they merely desire peace."

"A most glaring fallacy," Thunderwing agreed. Astrotrain turned, and Thunderwing did as well. The two Decepticons regarded one another for a time.

"It appears we agree on something after all, Thunderwing. Yet another sign the Apocalypse is upon us," Astrotrain said, smiling slightly.

"Not upon us, Astrotrain," Thunderwing said, chuckling. "Not upon us, indeed."

The two Decepticons resumed the walk down the hallway.

2003-08-15, 11:07 PM
Ramjet ignored StarBlade's comment, instead silently following Astrotrain as he had been instructed.
However, that didn't mean that he wasn't burning up inside with a desire to put the arrogant femme through a wall.
One day, StarBlade. One day you'll regret those words...
The conehead was still seething minutes later, as he followed Astrotrain and Thunderwing down the corridor.

2003-08-16, 06:25 AM
Galvatron arrived in his quarters and addressed Hatemonger.

Galvatron: "You have had some interesting projects while here on Earth, but you must understand now that the time of conflict draws near...and therefore, obedience is a highly valued commodity. I need to know that you will follow my orders to the letter...for I have need of you to do something very special. That being to stay close to me...to make certain that certain less trust worthy Decepticons do not chose to take matters into their own hands."

2003-08-17, 12:32 AM

Deszarus: -sticking close to Gigatron, staying in the background-

2003-08-17, 02:48 AM
Hatemonger smiled and nodded and cracked his hands.

"As you wish my lord. I will make sure nobody gets close to you. However, I know you powerful you are, who would dare be so stupid? If I may inquire." He asked seeking a little more infor about his new job.

2003-08-17, 03:58 AM
Metrotitan: Tower Three, Corridor HM-66

It certainly would seem the life, anyway.

Gigatron stood with his arms crossed over his chest and his ankles over each other. His optics wandered casually; it had been a while since he'd seen the old bloke's innards. Something of an imperceptible smirk rest on his mouth. And despite his relaxed demeanor, he was rocketing down the hall at sixty miles per hour. Personnel conveyors really were a marvel. He turned slowly to his "walking" companion: Deszaras.

"You haven't told me yet, friend - why did you choose to come with me, and no other? A wise choice, to be sure, but you would have been annihilated if I'd gone indeed with Megatron. I'm simply perplexed to your sudden interest with my affairs."

He grinned knowingly, as though to add, "But I have some ideas..."

Quick Switch
2003-08-17, 10:50 PM
"In any event," Astrotrain muttered, reaching his office, "I will need to communicate with other valuable allies to shore up the resources we will need for the coming war. Stay out of trouble, and perhaps you may still be of some use."

Thunderwing bowed, smirking.

"Of course, Commander," he said, using Astrotrain's formal title. "I am your instrument to command!" he said with a flourish, then walked down the hall to the living quarters. He needed time to repose.

Astrotrain turned to Ramjet.

"I am going to be contacting important human allies to the Empire, so I do not want to be disturbed unless by Lord Galvatron and/or Lord Gigatron. If they are present, alert me immediately. If a regular soldier appears, screen the request, and then contact me. Unless it is an absolute emergency, tell the regular soldiers to come back another time."

Astrotrain walked to his desk and activated his wall screen sat in his command chair, and smiled.

This was the part of his job he most enjoyed. It was wonderful dealing with allies who actually kept their bargains.

2003-08-18, 01:48 PM
Bludgeon walked down the corridor leading to Astrotrain's quarters, his optics closed, relaying to his other sensors. It was like he had turned something as mundane as walking - into somekind of a practice that had to include a humming sound for a reason or another... He noticed Thunderwing's departure but gave it no heed and continued towards his destination steadily...

2003-08-18, 10:59 PM
Deep in the quartering passages of Metrotitan, a tormented Decepticon had retreated to the darkened shadows of the twisting halls to escape the voices that rang out in his mind. Bright golden-yellow optics illuminated the darkness as he walked down through the dimly-lit areas. The voices seemed so real in the darkness, that he needed to get into the light.

Counterpunch half stumbled, half ran as he rounded the corner in front of him, he clutched grimmed at his head as the noise in his head increased to an almost unbearable deafening roar of overactive decibel-soaked white noise. It was the voices...the voices in his head, they just won;t stop, it was like someone had tuned into 100 different human television channels at once and turned the volume up to a distorted volume. It hurt, hurt like someone stabbing him in the head like a ionic lance. His optics started to receive what looked like a fuzziness dragging just out of view of what he could see, like the noise was closing in all round him, from all sides, and it wouldn';t stop...he just needed it to stop so that it he could think clearly and re-assess his memory parameters...he needed it is stop...stop...stop.....STOP!!!!!!!

Counterpunch's stubby blue fingers clawed at his cranium, almost as if he was trying to tease his way into his own electronic brain and physically tear out the noise and the pain that was literally threatneing to damage or destroy his central processor...and this wasn't the first time he'd been in this dangerous position. In the back of his mind, he was vaguely aware that he still had a mission running through that noise in his brain...somewhere...focus...stop! STOP!!!

And then it stopped. the noise vanished and suddenly he was clear again. He knew what he had to do. From where he had slumped tenderly to the floor against the corner he had just rounded he spyed a dark shape maving slowly upahead. Counterpunch could see blades and a sleathly walk...Windslice! He'd heard of this Decepticon refugee and exile, but he'd not even spoken or any sort of contact with the shadowy figure.

Counterpunch quickly rose to his feet, the results of a diagnostics check confirming that nothing was wrong, everything was running at 100%, the distortion hadn;t even registered on his central processor records. Strange. Intriguing. Counterpunch considered sidling back round the corner from whence he'd stumbled. He was shadowy himself, it came with the job, plus, he tended to struggle with new faces, especially new decpticons.

"Are you malfunctioning?" an tinny electronic voice questioned from the darkness in a dull tone.

"No, some minor ionic distortion, it's nothing." Counterpunch instantly got a bad feeling from this new voice from the darkness...it wasn;t to be trusted. The autobot within him was telling him to be wary...

2003-08-18, 11:05 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind, walking down the corridor, walked right by Counterpunch.

"What's wrong with you?" Darkwing asked.

2003-08-19, 01:29 AM
Windslice still had all the blades attached to his back rotor as he came across punch. He looked at the confused double agent not. He didn't know why he why he was here, he had never seen this place before.

He knew it was a Decepticon base not that it mattered. If Thunderwing, Bludgeon or Straxus were to find him he would be killed. And with the Autobots if Emirate Xaaron, Ultra Magnus or Impactor where there he'd be imprisoned. He just wanted to make sure that his race wasn't obliterated by the five faced scum bags. He looked up and quickly backed off deeper into the shadows as he spotted Darkwing and Dreadwind

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 06:59 AM
The figures appearing on the mobile screen represented some of the keenest allies of the Decepticon Empire.

Astrotrain cleared his vocoder, flanged voice mellow; he steepled his hands.

"Thank you, gentlemen, for agreeing to this meeting."

"It is nothing," the messianic, confident voice (and imposing visage) of Abdul Fakkadi, shown from the chest up clothed in his formal dress whites. His cap was positioned at a semi-rakish angle.

"Agreed," another figure- dressed in the manner of a sheik- answered with confidence. His features were more haggard, beard nearly white. The monitor displayed rich, flowing robes, and his gaze was shrewd. Ali, infamous brigand-ruler of a prominent Middle Eastern Emirate- after having murdered Prince Hassan to smooth the seizure of power, stared back at Astrotrain.

"I want to welcome a new member of this little Imperial club," Astrotrain chuckled. "Supremo, ah, General, ah-" Astrotrain looked at a datapad, trying to decipher the formal title of the the third man.

"No need for formality," the third figure answered. His voice was deep, and sonorous; vaguely sinister. The man had frost white hair and beard; an eye patch covered one eye. He wore an olive green uniform. His cyclopean gaze was even and firm. The man had governed a large bannana republic in the jungles of South America, ruling it with an iron fist for more than fifty years. Now he was known simply as-

"El Presidente," the Administrator Triple Changer nodded slightly. "Of course. A pleasure. Thank you all again."

The three men nodded, and smiled, and the Decepticon City Commander straightened in his command chair.

"Now then, let's get down to business, shall we?"

2003-08-19, 08:31 AM
"Hey Hound, it's dark out there. Black waters and just white froth to mark the reef. You sure about this?" Jetfire mused quietly through his cabin speakers as he neared the coastline of Carbombya.

"Yes Jetfire. It's got to be there- slow as much as you can, but don't stall. I'll be fine." I hope. Hound added silently as he walked back to the opening shuttle bay cabin door. The white sands made way to a blackened sea below, but it fascinated the scout. It wasn't a black void, but rather looked a bit like space, sparkling with the moon's reflection like a million diamonds in a rippling sky of clouds. He hunched down, grabbing the edge of the floor ridge in preparation.

"Alright Hound... 3...2...1--" Jetfire slowed, but as it was, he was barely skimming the water. His shuttle form was not built for this kind of move.

Hound jumped out, pushing away with all of his strength. The feeling of weightlessness never failed to impress him. It was a thrill to his senses, but over with a very sudden and very hard splash.
The 150 foot fall jarred his programming, and the dark waters surged violently around him as he struggled to let his sensors reset and regain their functions. Time was critical, and through blurry optics, he could just make out the line of the cliffs from the desert mountains while his auditory sensors picked up the roar and the crashing of the waves against the rock reef nearby.
He began swimming as fast as he could through a slowly clearing haze toward the jagged cliffs near the beach.
Jetfire picked up his engine speed as soon as Hound had cleared the wing draft and maintained his course.

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 08:50 AM
The two jet fighters of the Carbombyan Air Force soared past the coastline on patrol.

"By the Beard of the Prophet!"

"What is that?!?"

The plane was large; the radar pings indicated it was not a normal jet aircraft.

The Autobot sigils scattered about the massive craft were another.

"Infidel Autobot sighted!" the junior officer replied, angling his plane for an optimum attack vector.

"Autobot craft, you are in violation of sovereign Carbombyan air space," the senior pilot said over general frequency, approaching with his craft from a different angle. "Leave, or be shot out of the sky. You will not be warned again."

What a glorious prize this damn fool mechanical carcass would be for the President!

2003-08-19, 08:58 AM
"Oops!" Jetfire complained aloud. "I knew I shouldn't have left without the minicons."

He clicked onto the pilots' frequencys as he rolled sideways and swung in a slow sideways arc, tilting his nose up gradually. "I'm leavin, I'm leavin! Or I'm trying to! I'm off course, my gyroscope is fluctuating and my altimeter is broken. There's some sorta magnetic interferance here. If you'd be so kind as to point the way west from here, I'd be most grateful and I'll leave immediately."

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 09:05 AM
"Magnetic interference?" the junior pilot said, engaging his missle lock. In a few seconds, he would have tone.

"Lies," the senior pilot said at once, aiming his guns. "Allah smiles upon you this day, Autobot, for I feel generous. Fly out to sea immediately, or prepare to die."

The planes angled in, courses locked.

2003-08-19, 09:15 AM
Jetfire murmured Hound's instructions back to himself. "... Maintain course then fly straight up..."

"Okay. Since you two won't be helpful with directions down here, I'll find the second star to the right by myself." Jetfire adjusted his systems and let his rocket fuel shoot into his inboard booster tanks as he pitched his nose at a sudden 90' angle. Blue, orange and black flames billowed up around as he gained speed and altitude.

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 09:27 AM
"Second star to the right?" the junior pilot spat, keeping his fingers locked on the missle trigger. Hatred and awe were evident in his voice. "Of what?"

The senior pilot looked out his plexiglass cockpit and watched as the craft gained speed and suddenly jerked upward.

"Autobot propaganda, pay it no mind," the senior pilot said, duly impressed with the metallic fiend's ability to fly. However, he depressed his fingers off the gunsights, and signalled his younger wingman to fly on down the coast.


Metrotitan stirred.

A network of finely tuned radio sensors was tuned to all levels of Carbombyan military activity.

Over one squelch frequency, the words "Autobot" appeared frequently. Coastal jet patrol, northern coast.

Metrotitan directed his sensors to begin pinging and tracking, attempting to make subtle contact with the enemy craft.

The game was on.

2003-08-19, 09:42 AM
Jetfire wasn't space ready, but he got himself into the heights of the stratosphere and headed back toward the Autobot base in the mountains. His thoughts were still back in Carbombya however.
Hope that was a good enough distraction. Good luck Hound.
Hound made his way ashore through the rocky outcroppings and jagged ridges. As careful as he was, the ground surfaces were sharp and gave his metallic skin abrasions and cuts that registered stinging sensations from the salty sea water. Dark holes made themselves clearer down the length of the cliff-lined shore. Made of limestone, this coast was full of caves that had been worn through by the tidal surge. He began working his way carefully into the caverns and headed inwards as cautiously and quickly as he could manage in the unfamiliar terrain. He needed shelter for a bit, to see if he had been followed or detected, and to let his systems come back up to full operation.

Lord Zarak
2003-08-19, 09:42 PM
Shockwave was returning to his quarters, when he chanced upon Astrotrain in conference with humans. He quietly slipped into the room where it was taking place, and awaited the end of the conference.

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 10:44 PM
Thunderwing sulked, for lack of anything better to do.

Really, staying in this dreadful city, when his own Manor sat back on Cybertron- probably pristine! The Quintessons were aesthetes in their own way, it was said.

Why would they dare to demolish Lord Thunderwing's Manor?

The Pretender aristocrat clanked down the halls of the living quarters area of the Decepticon City.

At least now he could get some rest!

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-19, 10:52 PM
Sixshot walked the halls, other areas of Metrotitan were busy, drones scuttling back and forth, busy with daily routines and the like. There seemed a distinct lack of warrior though, this un-nerved Sixshot slightly, he enjoyed a good fight, but preferred it if there were slightly more backup.

Sixshot stopped outside a door and entered, he stood in the darkness, it enveloped him. He was waiting...

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 10:54 PM
Thunderwing clanked down the hallway- and stopped adjacent to the one Sixshot had cleverely hidden himself in.

The aristocrat's optics widened as he peered inside the black chamber. Odd that the Metrodrones had a left a door open-

"I say- is anyone there?" he said quietly.

Foolish, of course. One of the blasted Metrodrones had simply left it ajar! Nothing more!

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-19, 11:04 PM
No-One you want to bump into...

Sixshot remained steadfast, he didn't want to slag Thunderwing after all, he just had un-finished business and this time Galvatron wasn't going to get in the way...

Quick Switch
2003-08-19, 11:07 PM
Thunderwing scowled, then reached out with a hand to shut the door. Something about this whole scene irked him.

"Haphazard job," he muttered.

2003-08-19, 11:38 PM
Snake sat in a chair, near Fakaddi and his honoured guests. He had decided merely to watch as his friend talked to the Decepticons. He had a bad feeling about this alliance, and while he wasn't looking foward to seeing this all blow up in his friends face, he would enjoy seeing it all go wrong...from a safe vantage point, of course.

2003-08-20, 12:20 AM
Ramjet silently sidled up beside Shockwave, whispering, "A-Train's in a private conference. Unless ya have an emergency, you'll have to leave. If you wanna wait outside, I'll let ya know when he's done."

2003-08-20, 05:43 AM
Galvatron peered out his window.

Galvatron: "Who Hatemonger? Take your pick...while I fear no one I cannot watch all sides at once. My sensors can detect nearly everything...its that one percent that you must watch for...and eliminate. Who to watch though..."

Galvatron tossed some digital scans on the desk.

Galvatron: "As I said...take your pick..."

Galvatron leered out at his War Machine. Trypticon revitalized, Metrotitan fully armed and ready to go...all his gestalt teams back, his seekers ready, his warriors at full capacity...the matrix within his grasp once more...it was time to grind the enemy into dust.

Galvatron: "Now...it is time..."

Galvatron left with Hatemonger beside him and was soon joined by the returning Starscream.

Starscream: "It is done as you requested..."

Galvatron: "Excellent..."

Galvatron arrived at the Command Center and looked around.

Galvatron: "Astrotrain Are we ready...have all the Decepticons been re-animated?"

2003-08-20, 02:54 PM
StarBlade was waiting up against one wall, waiting patiently for permission to go off on her assignment. Astrotrain said to wait for specific orders to go, so she was waiting.

She dropped into Assassin's Patience and went totally still. It was always fun to scare others when they came past and she suddenly moved.

2003-08-20, 03:36 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Understood, anyone that attempts to strike you or otherwise, will swiftly and lethally be dealt with." Hatemonger smiled as he walked beside Galvatron.

"Also, if it would be helpful, we have additional weapons and a vast flow of energon for the solar collection unit built by the Conquesticons and Cryotek at our base. If any of our men need to be refueled or armed we have more than ample supplies." He added.

2003-08-20, 03:57 PM
Deszaurus: -thinks for a moment- "It is simple, Gigatron. With the destruction of Leokaiser in the retreat from Cybertron, I am alone here. You are my friend, and you know your way around." -turns away from Gigatron- "And, seeing as we are Decepticons......." -turns back to Gigatron- "...It never hurts to have someone watching your back, hmm?"

2003-08-20, 08:31 PM
An enormous black, crimson and golden mechanical scorpion walked towards Metrotitan, leaving a trail of destruction behind him. His sensors were locked on a certain Decepticon inside the Decepticon citycon, his CPU searching for a proper frequency to create a contact to Galvatron's comm-link.

>>"Galvatron! Why am I left out of everything! I have been patiently waiting for any word from you ever since we left Cybertron behind. You have told me nothing. Even my patience has a limits..."<<

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-20, 08:39 PM
Sixshot seized his opportunity. He grabbed Thunderwing's armed and dragged him into the room, there was an audiable clank as the Pretender crashed into the door and the wall beyoned. Sixshot looked out to make sure no-one was around and closed the door behind him. He flicked on a light.

"Thunderwing, it's been too long..."

2003-08-21, 12:12 AM
Following behind Black Zarak, the Battlechargers kept far behind, not wishing to be around the massive Decepticon should he lose control.

Quick Switch
2003-08-21, 02:05 AM
Astrotrain finished the conference well enough; the three allies pledged to grant the usual resources once combat had been joined.

Everything was proceeding as had been forseen. Per Galvatron's query, Astrotrain left his desk and encountered Galvatron personally, along with Ramjet and a few other Decepticons.

"Yes my Lord," Astrotrain said. "They merely await your command to begin." He smiled slightly. "With your permission...I was planning on deploying our best assassin to eliminate Ultra Magnus. The ensuing chaos would be an excellent opportunity to really start hostilities with the Autobots."


Thunderwing was jostled badly as Sixshot hurled him inside the room. His Pretender teeth clacked together as the aristocrat struggled to rise, optics very wide.

"Six-Sixshot! What is the meaning of this!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-21, 02:11 AM
"The meaning of this...!?" Sixshot retorted sharply "...the meaning of this old chap is that we have some unfinished business...which I've now come to wrap up"

Quick Switch
2003-08-21, 02:16 AM
"Now, see here," Thunderwing said, rising (though also shaking slightly) and putting his hands out defensively. "I really think we can resolve things peacably, don't you?"

Coolant began to course down his arrogant Pretender face.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-21, 02:24 AM
Sixshot watched Thunderwing stand up. The pair were roughly the same height, at least, when Thunderwing was in his pretender shell they were...

"I think, not...."

Sixshot grabbed Thunderwing at the shoulders and forced him back to the wall.

"I don't take kindly to brain-washing..."

Quick Switch
2003-08-21, 02:33 AM
Thunderwing struggled against the much stronger warrior.

"Well, I admit, my persuasive methods were, ah, unorthodox-" an element of panic entered into his regal vocoder, "but brainwashing? Er- I think you are being simply too negative!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-21, 02:44 AM
"Negative?! Thunderwing you bumbling fool, I absolutely fail to see how any of your actions produced anything of worth, we were lucky to escape with our lives...in some cases that is a great shame..."

Quick Switch
2003-08-21, 02:46 AM
"Well..." Thunderwing stammered- "but we are all alive! In the end, ah, things...worked out! Quite!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-21, 02:51 AM
"Alas poor Thunderwing, some of us shall make their way to the great scrapyard sooner than others. Send my regards to Megatron when you get there..."

Sixshot drew his twin blasters and pointed them at Thunderwing...

2003-08-21, 02:51 AM
Having spent a bit of time letting his systems restart, Hound checked his surface damage with distaste at the salt water in the punctures and began moving. He skirted the rocky entrances and made his way into the scrubby mountain brush. Moving steadily but carefully, he began working his way slowly on a diagonal up the shoreline mountain towards the range on the other side, training in his sensors to listen for remote signals. The mountain sides were full of jagged rock, loose gravel, scraggy brush and steep drops. Even as focused as he was, Hound couldn't help but to enjoy the new scenery as he kept moving, but kept watch on his footing as well.

2003-08-21, 03:53 AM
A low, disgusted rumble escaped Ramjet's throat as Astrotrain spoke.
Our best assassin, he thought mockingly. His anger was directed mostly at the pompous femme StarBlade, but he could not deny that he was upset with his commander.

2003-08-22, 07:11 AM
Galvatron smirked at both Hatemonger and Astrotrain.

Galvatron: "Hatemonger...see that the reserves are brought into storage on Trypticon and Metrotitan...we will need that when the attack is launched. See to it personally!"

Galvatron then turned to Astrotrain: "A most excellent suggestion Astrotrain. Commence with the assassination...the Autobots will soon feel the full brunt of our war machine...and very soon...Earth will once again be ours...then we will have ample resources to reclaim Cybertron from those 5 faces sludge piles...and then the very universe will be at our mercy!"

Quick Switch
2003-08-22, 07:56 AM
Astrotrain bowed, and smiled broadly.

"With pleasure, my Lord!" He rose, and activated his comm system.

"Star Blade," the Triple Changer Administrator said, relishing the moment, "initiate your mission."

His optics glowed.

"Terminate Ultra Magnus."

2003-08-22, 02:26 PM
Hatemonger not being one for excessive words, got on his com-link.

"Seacons, Overlord and Cryotek, can you begin to bring the excess newly created energon and it into Metrotitan and Trypticon? Our leader commands its. Also, gather any other Decepicons you can find that will assist. Hatemonger out." Hatemonger continued to walk with Galvatron not particually worried that the energon would not be moved.


The Seacons and Cryotek heard Hatemonger's transmission.

"Well boys, how about you get some of those energon stacks from over there and bring them to Metrotitan, I will see to getting an army of drones to assist." Cryotek started to give out orders.

"Sounds resonable." Snaptrap added with that the Seacons merged into Piranacon.

"Ok now lets get to work." The gaint barked inserting the energon into a statis cube and then hoisting them up onto his shoulder.

2003-08-23, 01:19 AM
StarBlade started aware, and heard Astrotrain's transmission. Her optics flared wickedly as she responded.

"On my way, Astrotrain." She pushed herself off the wall, and turned to leave Metrotitan, plans already forming on how she was going to end Magnus' existance.

(set-up for and assassination of Magnus to take place in the 'Bot thread :))

Lord Zarak
2003-08-23, 10:03 AM
Upon hearing Hatemongers command, Overlord let go a quiet growl.
"Move energon?!", he said to himself incredulously.
"Who does he think I am, Long Haul?"


After missing Astrotrain, Shockwave opened a com-link channel to the city commander:

"Astrotrain, I wish to see you as soon as possible."

2003-08-23, 01:27 PM
Counterpunch eyes flitted between Darkwing, Dreadwind and the newcomer, Windslice...

Being a spy, a very good capable spy, he had to keep meticulous records and notions on all of the different transformers around him - he had to know which were loyal (these were Decepticons, so not many fell into that category), which were following their own agendas, what those agenda were adn which were to be avoided.

Darkwing and Dreadwind, from what he'd ascertained, were an odd pair, he had categorised them in his memory banks as a pessimist and a manic-depressive. Their unapparent loyalty to each other, made them a dangerous partnership, especially since their gloomy outlook on life seemed to lead them to beleive that everything conspired against them.

In response to Darkwing's question:
"A minor internal glith, i believe the 'problem' has been corrected. What are you guys doing? What are doing following me down here?"

Counterpunch felt something tugging at the back of his memory circuits. It was the noise again. It was sizzling at a very low decibellic level right now, but it would become difficult to keep under control properly once it started impinging on hi whole brain. Despite the constant diagnostics checks Counterpunch ran on his internal circuitry, he simply could not pick up the source of the noise or what it was that was causing these malfunctions. He knew he needed to get away from this pair as soon as possible, their paronia only served to make them suspicious.

"Get out of my way you two, I have business to attend to." he added as gruffly as was possible. He hoped desparately that these two would lose interest in him...

Meanwhile, he had temporarily forgotten about the new unknown factor...Windslice, who was still lurking somewhere behind...

2003-08-23, 03:34 PM
Hatemonger thought about how he was happy to have compent help now.

He was sure Overlord was probably upset about moving energon, but at least he was doing something while most of the Decpticons tilled about doing little or nothing for the cause.

Soon Overlord would be spilling Autobots oil on the battlefield just as the Seacons would be as well. Hatemonger looked at Galvatron.

"The Seacon's, Cryotek and Overlord are moving the energon now." He added.


Cryotek arrived at the front door of Metrotitan with a power loader and numerous drones carrying energon.

"Where does this need to go?" He asked the city.


Piranacon lugged the massive energon cubes over to Trypticon.

"Where do we drop these?" He asked the dinosaur-city.

2003-08-23, 06:23 PM
Windslice kept in the shadows watching as Counterpunch spoke to the other two Decepticons. He knew their name but not much about them. He also wasn't to sure if they knew about him. If they did they may fire or call the person in charge. Ofcourse he didn't know the command structure anymore so they could be incharge though as he scanned over them he knew it was unlikley. Always on way to be sure though. Windslice activated the machine gun on his shoulder. It quickly locked onto Counterpunch but he changed targets to Darkwing.

He now contemplating stepping out from behind Counterpunch but if he was recognized this would be a very short stay for him. He took a small step forward getting back to his original position still waiting.

Quick Switch
2003-08-23, 06:36 PM
"Place the Energon in my storage facility," Metrotitan responded from an external audial speaker. The doorway opened.


Astrotrain's comm unit acknolwedged the reception of the signal.

"Confirmed, Shockwave- report to my office when possible, and I will see you."

Lord Zarak
2003-08-23, 06:55 PM
"As you wish, Astrotrain"


Gutcruncher entered Metrotitan, eager to explore his new surroundings. He wasnt keen on disorientation.

Quick Switch
2003-08-24, 03:14 AM
As Shockwave approached, Astrotrain was handed a data pad by a passing Metrodrone.

The Triple Changer's optics blazed.

"I see," he said harshly, almost crushing the data pad in two. "In my office, Shockwave- we have a situation," Astrotrain said, already moving to re-enter.

So, this was the Autobots were planning, was it? How QUAINT.

2003-08-24, 03:44 AM
Inside Metrotitain

Darkwing and Dreadwind watched as Counterpunch walked off.

"Man," Darkwing said. "What's his problem?"

"It's nothing I said," Dreadwind said. "Or was it? I can never be too sure."

"Ah, who cares," Darkwing said. "Let's get out of here."

The two jets walked off.
Outside Metrotitain

Runamuck and Runabout neared the Decepticon battle station, the massive Black Zarak in front of them.

2003-08-25, 04:52 AM
Metrotitan: Corridors

Gigatron had a smirk with a cynic's chuckle on the side.

"Friends, indeed."

He looked about. Getting close to medbay.

"But I thought that you would have learned, in this business: the one who watches your back is most likely to hold the dagger. Or is that not so?"

His optics flashed weakly. (He was still hurt, but damn, what a quip!)

Lord Zarak
2003-08-25, 02:15 PM
Shockwave followed Astrotrain into his office. The door shut, and Shockwave spoke:

"It appears that this situation you mentioned is quite important. What I had to say to you can wait until later."

2003-08-25, 02:18 PM
Metrotitan: Corridors

Deszaras: -chuckles at Gigatron's statement- "True, my friend.... But we both have much to gain if all goes well. Back stabbing doesn't even enter the picture."

2003-08-25, 08:24 PM
Windslice watched the two jets move out of the way. He turned the Auto-targetting off and stepped forward out of the shadows. He kept close to the wall so the two jets would not spot or hear him. He was more interested in Counterpunch then those two fools.

"Hmmmm.." he said as he looked around, he was now contemplating where to go that he could learn what was going on but stay unseen.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-25, 08:40 PM
"What is it Thundewing? No final words before I end your miserable existence? I'd have expected more from a snivelling excuse for a Decepticon like yourself..."

Sixshot levelled the blaster with Thunderwing's forehead.


The spark made it's way through the corridors of Metrotitan and into the temporary Decepticon Crypt. It floated into one of the containers and nestled in it's rightful place.

Wow, it's pretty dark in here....waita.......Wha....GET ME OUTTA HERE!!

There was a sudden, loud, distinct banging noice coming from one of the makeshift tombs in the crypt, the banging sub-sided eventually...

Wait, I almost forgot....

Skywarp stood out in the room, free of his coffin he stretched out.

"Now to get me where the action is..."

Skywarp made his was out of the crypt, stopping to crack his knuckles.

Quick Switch
2003-08-26, 12:02 AM
"I still have so much to give to this world," Thunderwing said, struggling a little bit. "Surely you act to hastily in your decision! Have not most fallen beings redeemed themselves such as I?"


The Metrodrones scrambled to the Crypt entrance.


The three units paused outside the door.

"The Crypt has been penetrated,"


"Commander Astrtorain must be notified." The three nodded, and one opened the access door. All three units stared in shock at Skywarp's form.

"Unexpected," one finally croaked.


"You're damn right it's important," the City Commander said, sitting at his desk. He flipped through some newest reports, placed there by Metrodrones. He looked back up at Shockwave, steepling his hands.

"An Autobot is skulking around Carbombyan territory, radiating toward Metrotitan. Now, I'm not going to put up with that kind of nonsense."

Astrotrain paused.

"Metrotitan has been able to detect a vague notion of an energy signature in the general area-" here Astrotrain handed over a sheet to Shockwave with probable coordinates. "However, details are sketchy at best."

The Administrator tapped his fingers on his desk.

"This Autobot is obviously crafty, but I won't have him mucking up Metrotitan. Here's your task Shockwave," Astrotrain pointed at the cyclopean Decepticon. "Assemble a team to capture this Autobot and bring him to Metrotitan. I want the operation clean, and efficient if possible. I'm trusting you with this assignment." He nodded. "Any questions?"

2003-08-26, 03:58 AM
Awareness returned slowly, painfully. Spinister didn’t know how long he had been laying there, halfway between functioning and deactivation. Nor did he know where there was, exactly.
The last coherent memory he had was of fighting a horde of Sharkticons, alongside his fellow Targetmasters. Their position had been under heavy fire, and Spinister had taken his men into the air to provide support for ground-based troops. After that…it was a blur.
The Decepticon warrior ran a series of self-diagnostics. Most of them came up nominal, but Spinister was especially intrigued by his weapons systems’ readings.
Both fusion bomb slots empty, particle beam cannons at 4% charge. It seems we had more of a fight than we expected. Pity I can’t remember it.
Slowly, cautiously, the Targetmaster activated his optics. He expected the harsh, bright light of an interrogation chamber, or the dim dankness of a holding cell to register on his sensors. What he saw instead was the tranquil, subdued lighting of a medical ward.
Metrotitan, by the look of it. He paused for a moment. Or maybe Metroplex…
“I was wondering when you’d wake up,” a clipped voice called from below him. “The medics said you should be regaining function any day now.”
Well, that’s settled. Metrotitan it is.
Spinister pushed himself into a sitting position, looking down at the source of the voice.
“H-Hairsplitter? It can’t be very good for the empire’s efficiency, if you’ve been sitting here for as long as I’ve been out.”
The Nebulan shrugged. “Singe and I have been taking turns. Besides, refugees have little use for efficiency monitors.”
Before Spinister could question his partner about his last comment, the door to the medical room opened up. A tired-looking medic walked in, and smiled wearily at the room’s two occupants.
“Ah, you’re awake. Good.” He made a note on his datapad. “My name is Spotweld, senior-grade medic. How are you feeling?”
Spinister swung his legs over the side of the diagnostic bed, then pushed off, landing on his feet. His knees buckled slightly, but he managed to stand without help.
“Alive,” he replied evasively to the medic.
“You-you shouldn’t be out of the repair unit yet,” the medic replied. “Your motor circuits aren’t fully healed!”
Spinister ignored the medic’s declaration, instead asking, “You have my repair chart?”
“Of course,” Spotweld replied with a sniff.
“Give it to me,” the Targetmaster demanded, holding out his right hand. Flustered, Spotweld did as he was told. Spinister glanced at the damage chart on the datapad, then handed it back to the medic.
“The remaining damage is minor,” he told the doctor. “My self-repair systems will handle it.”
Spinister began to walk, heading for the exit.
“Where are you going?” Spotweld demanded.
“Away from here,” was the reply.
“B-but you need to check out with the clerk first!”
“No,” Spinister replied to the medic. “I don’t.”
“But our record-keeping!” Spotweld was on the verge of apoplexy. “How do you expect us to treat you efficiently next time?”
Spinister stopped dead in his tracks. At the medic’s use of the word efficient, something clicked in his mind. Something Hairsplitter had said...
Refugees have little use for efficiency monitors.
“Hairsplitter? Refugees?”
“Oh, boy,” the Nebulon replied. “This’ll take a while.” He turned to Spotweld. “Could you send a Metrodrone to fetch my partner, Singe?” His gaze flicked to Spinister, who was seated on the edge of the diagnostic bed, patiently waiting. “It looks like we’re not gonna leave just yet.”

2003-08-26, 04:52 AM
Cryotek looked at the drones.

"Well lets go." With that the drones and his power lifter brought the energon into Metrotitan.

Quick Switch
2003-08-26, 04:29 PM
The Metrodrone flicked his gaze at the section of Metrotitan entitled "Organic Quarters," then clomped down the hallway.

He rapped on the door quickly.

"You have been requested, Nebulan," he said to the one known as 'Singe'. "Come with me. Now."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-26, 08:01 PM
"The only redemption you will find will come with your death Thunderwing. For too long you've been nothing more than a scourge to this existence, it's about time I put you out of our misery..."


"What? So happy to see me you're speechless? Thanks guys!"

Skywarp walked passed the few Metrodrones that were standing looking at him. He turned back.

"Know where I go to kick some Autobot tail?"

Quick Switch
2003-08-26, 08:50 PM
"Well, I'd rather put myself out of my own misery, and my own chosing, thank you. And as I said, old boy, I've reformed!" Thunderwing said desperately.


"Fortress Maximus has the largest concentration of Autobots at present," one Metrodrone finally replied.

The three smaller robots clanked after the black jet.

"But hostilities haven't yet commenced."

"And you'll have to see the Commander! He'll be pleased to know that you are functional!" Another spoke, although it sounded suspiciously like a stalling tactic.

Lord Zarak
2003-08-26, 08:56 PM
"No questions are neccessary, Astrotrain. I only request that those whom I chose obey my orders alone for this mission to proceed successfully. If needs be, may I refer them to you if they doubt my authority?" asked Shockwave, seeking final clarification that he was in command of this strike unit.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-26, 08:58 PM
"Reformed? REFORMED? Thunderwing, you pathetic excuse for a transformer, you'll always be the same, looking out for number 1, covering your own tail. Looking for any opportunity to take the leadership of the Decepticons and the glory that follows it."


"Will you three stop clanking? You're making more noise than Rumble first thing in the morning..."

Skywarp made his way towards Astrotrain's office

"...I want to surprise Astrotrain...not have you three clanking behind me and have it ruined when he comes out to blast you all to slag!"

2003-08-26, 10:20 PM
As Counterpunch moved to push his way past Darkwing and Dreadwind, he felt a faint weapons lock signal fixing on his back...WINDSLICE!

Counterpunch could now categorise this new Decepticon unknown as a threat, potentially dangerous - so much so - he'd shoot a new person in the back.

Counterpunch threw caution to the wind, banking on the hope that Windslice wouldn;t fire upon him if Dreadwind and Darkwing were there and walked quickly away down the corridor.

2003-08-26, 11:41 PM
Singe unfolded himself off of the couch he was lounging on, deigning to glance at the Metrodrone as he replied bitterly, "Sure. Why not?"
He gestured towards the door. "Where are we going?"
Hairsplitter paced the length of the medical room, wondering, Where to start?
"Do you remember the battle we were fighting? Against the Quintessons?"
Spinister nodded. "I remember taking off to provide air cover. Nothing after."
"Not much to remember after," Hairsplitter replied. "A group of Alligatorcons had set up a gun turret over a ridge fifty meters away. They hit you before any of us knew what was coming."
"Did my men survive?"
Hairsplitter shook his head. "I don't know. I haven't seen any of them aboardship, but that doesn't mean that they're dead. But they were still fighting when the medevac came to lift you out."
Spinister's brow furrowed. "Aboardship? Then we evacuated?"
Hairsplitter nodded. "We did." He held up a hand to hold back any questions. "Singe could tell you more about that then I could, though. I haven't been paying much attention to the tactical reports lately."
Spinister nodded, then began waiting for Singe. With every moment that passed, a new possibility presented itself to him, a new way to explain the Decepticon defeat.

Quick Switch
2003-08-27, 10:29 PM
"You presume to much!" Thunderwing suputtered. "I am a humble peer, who wants what is best for the Empire- nothing more!" the aristocrat replied.


"Repair bay," the Metrodrone said, not saying another word to Singe as he walked out of the room.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-27, 10:51 PM
"Only so long as 'what's best for the empire' involves having you at the helm. Thunderwing, do you take me for a fool?"

Quick Switch
2003-08-27, 11:25 PM
"Absolutely, Shockwave," Astrotrain said, already returning to his normal paperwork.

2003-08-28, 12:35 AM
Singe wordlessly followed the Metrodrone, contemptuously glaring daggers into the robot’s back until they reached the repair bay. Pointedly ignoring the drone, he walked right past it, barging through the open door to Spinister’s room.
As he entered, he heard his Transformer partner’s voice. “Singe. We evacuated?”
“Oh, we evacuated, alright.” The Nebulan’s disapproval was clear in his voice. “We ran all the way back to Earth. Let the Autobots come with us, in fact.”
“A brilliant plan,” Spinister commented dryly. “I assume Command is working to remedy that…misjudgement.” The Targetmaster paused. “Also assuming that there is still someone to command us.”
“Oh, not to worry about that,” Singe said. “The commanders didn’t seem to have a problem surviving the Quints. Galvatron, Gigatron, Astrotrain, Soundwave, they’re all alive. Hell, I’m even hearing that Bludgeon is around again.”
Spinister ignored the disrespect for authority that was obvious in Singe’s voice.
Good. We need command stability if we are to succeed as an army.
“And my weapons systems?” Spinister asked his partners. “Why are they so drained, if I only lasted a few minutes in combat?”
“You fired your fusion bombs at the Alligatorcons’ gunnery post,” Hairsplitter explained. “Caused them a great deal of damage. The power cells for your particle cannons blew out in the crash, so they can’t hold a charge.” The Nebulon pointed to a box beside the diagnostic unit. “We got replacements, of course.”
“Good.” Spinister opened the case, slid the old, charred cells out of his built-in cannons, and replaced them with the new ones. The power readings on his particle cannons immediately began to rise.
Excellent, he thought, smiling slightly behind his faceplate.
“And replacement fusion warheads?”
“The armory metrodrones refused to give me the nukes,” Singe replied. “Can you imagine that?”
“No matter,” Spinister replied. “I didn’t expect the armory crew to sign over such a weapon to Nebulans.”
The Targetmaster stood and headed for the door, ignoring Singe’s angry look. “We’re done here,” he said, shooting a menacing glance at the nearby medics.
Sensibly, the docs looked away from him, attending to other business.
“Where are we going?” Hairsplitter asked. “To the armory, for those warheads?”
“Later,” Spinister assured him. “I have more important business to attend to first.”
Exiting the repair bay, Spinister headed towards the command deck.

2003-08-28, 03:14 AM
Starscream stood beside Galvatron as the two Decepticons looked out from Metrotitan's Command Deck.

Galvatron: "Has Trypticon completed all docking and re-fueling?"

Starscream: 'Nearly my Lord...Galvatron, Sixshot and Thunderwing are..."

Galvatron: "I know...it is as I expected. However, if Thunderwing is concerned about Sixshot his ability to plot treason is greatly reduced. They will work it out...they are Decepticons."

Starscream: "Ironic isn't it. as the sun sets on this day...so does the quiet peace the Autobots feel right now soon to set...shattered by the night of Decepticon Rage."

Galvatron: "A most poetic offering Starscream...and an all to fitting epitath to the demise of the Autobots...and the dawn of a new Decepticon era of power!"

2003-08-28, 03:19 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind reached the common area, got energon drinks, sat down, and began to sip them.

2003-08-28, 04:39 AM
Windslice crept into the hall way once the two jets were gone. He looked around the dimly lit corridors turning the same way the jets did and beginning to walk. He had to find an exit, or make one. He scanned the substances held in the walls of the building. They were part Cybertronian part Terran, he could cut through them if the need arose. Though how thick the walls were was a diffrent matter.

He could always leave the way he came but exploring this a little first may be a smarter idea. He passed a rest area looking in Spotting Dreadwind and Darkwing. He shrugged and passed by moved forward to a two way corridor. He could turn left or right. He took a right and began to walk again still shrouding himself from the sensors.

2003-08-28, 04:54 AM
Dreadwind looked at the hatch.

"I think I saw someting," Dreadwind said.

"What now?" Darkwing asked, not interested in hearing any of Dreadwind's pessimistic banter.

"I dunno," Dreadwind said. "I'm gonna go take a look. Might not be the best idea, but it's better than letting this get to me, that's for sure."

He got out and followed the strange shadow that he saw.

"Idiot," Darkwing said, settling back down with his energon drink.

2003-08-28, 05:51 AM
Windslice just kept walking. The metal on metal footsteps from Dreadwind echoed down the hallways. A gel like substance covered the bottom of Windslice feet to prevent this. He looked back over his shoulder spotting the Jet at the cross roads then looking forward still walking. Hopefully he wouldn't say anything but Decepticons were the stupider of the two factions usually.

2003-08-28, 05:57 AM
Dreadwind looked down the corridor. He didn't see anything, but that feeling that he had in the back of his head whenever something bad was going on was there, and larger than ever.

He turned left and kept walking, hoping to run into...whatever it was before things went too out of control.

2003-08-28, 07:07 AM
Hound worked his way around the mountainsides carefully. High above lay the summits, and below, deep cut ravines leading down to cliff drops. He kept traveling steadily, and scanning constantly. As the sun rose, he froze and cast a hologram of the native scrub over himself as he saw two fighter jets appear on his scanners, but they did not pass nearby. Faint sounds and indeterminable crackles were begining to transmit by midmorning.

The foliage on the other side of the mountain at this elevation was surprisingly denser from the rainfall, and provided more cover, but it also slowed him down more. Hound continued upwards, with a determined pace.

2003-08-28, 11:23 PM
My what tracking skills the sarcastic thought went through his processor as he watched Dreadwind turn down the wrong corridor then just kept walking. There was a door up ahead, once he was through there he should be fine. He'd search for the command level and the main command center and check all that out. Metro-Titan was big, and it was taking him some getting used to.

2003-08-29, 04:16 AM
Spinister quickly arrived at the command level, and made his way towards Astrotrain's office. Arriving there, he noticed Ramjet standing guard outside.
"Is the commander available?" the Targetmaster asked.
Ramjet, who had been paying less attention than usual to the hallway traffic, would have jumped out of his skin (had he been a fleshling).
Where did he come from? the white conehead asked himself with annoyance. He looked the Targetmaster up and down, then glanced at the two Nebulans trailing him.
"Your name?" Ramjet asked sharply, still a little shaken by the other's appearence.
"Wait out here," the conehead instructed, as he quietly opened the door and entered the office.
Addressing Astrotrain, Ramjet said, "Boss, there's some Targetmaster here to see ya. Says his name is 'Spinister'. You got time for him?"

Quick Switch
2003-08-29, 03:49 PM
"Of course," Astrotrain said, looking up from a new batch of efficiency reports. "I remember Spinster- Targetmaster Commander, I believe. My business with Shockwave is concluded- send him in."

2003-08-29, 04:05 PM
Hatemonger arrived and saw Starscream and Galvatron.

"Galvatron, the energon from our base has been transferred to Metrotitan and Trypticon." He said as he saw Piranacon leaving the area after beinging a final load with Cryotek and drones following.

2003-08-29, 10:08 PM
Galvatron responded to Hatemonger: "Excellent, assemble your men together..."

Galvatron then looked around, slightly confused, then angered.

Galvatron: "Astrotrain, we have guests...dispatch Thunderwing and Sixshot to invite them to join us...and rally the troops, its time I addressed them."

Quick Switch
2003-08-29, 10:22 PM
Astrotrain received Galvatron's communique:

"As you command, My Lord!"


Thunderwing was leaking more coolant from his Pretender shell when a message broke through both his and Sixshot's comm units:

"Thunderwing, Sixshot. Lord Galvatron wants you two to round up some special guests. Do it promptly please.'"


Astrotrain then activated Metrotitan's main comm system:

"All Decepticons not currently deployed, Commander Astrotrain speaking. Lord Galvatron has decreed an assemblage in Metrotitan's main conference room."

The Triple Changer rose from his desk, and began walking out of the room.

"Come along, Ramjet. Spinister can give me the details as we walk, but let's be prompt."

In a few strides, The City Commander was already out of his office and on his way to the Main Conference Room.


"Well," Thunderwing said, chuckling weakly, "rather opportune for the both of us, what? We should get going, I believe."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-08-29, 10:29 PM

Sixshot lowered his blaster.

"Come, we hunt!"


Skywarp turned a full 180 degrees and turned back towards the main Metrotitan Conference Room.

I can't wait to see their faces...

2003-08-29, 10:48 PM
The message was recieved by Windslice and he gave a small grin. Well he could see what wasn't deployed that would be good to know. Who knows he may even find out the location of the Autobot HQ on this planet so he could look them out and see how they are faring. Judging from what he saw thus far. The decepticons were still dumb and cared little for the well being of their own. Even after millions of years things never changed. He now set out to find the first Decepticon he could get to the main hall. And he knew exactly where to find one.

"The jets" he muttered as he turned around and began to move quickly back the way he came.

Aero Blade
2003-08-30, 12:47 AM
In a remote corner of the repair bay, Tracer was putting the finishing touches on fixing his chest plate. Even a long time after having left the training rooms, he was still content with the fight Squeezeplay had given him. "An entertaining bout, and necissary, too, I think," Tracer said to himself. Yes, he'd have to remember to train more at physical combat and try to cut back on the use of his weapons where available. Squeezeplay had showed him where he needed to improve some skills.

He was brought out of his muddle of thoughts my a communique over Metrotitan's com system. "Ah, Astrotrain..." Tracer could think of a few things to describe him, but they were lost as the message was relayed over the com. He quickly finished the adjustments on his armor, then left the repair bay at a fast walk. There were only two things in the universe that usually instantly motivated black Decepticon: orders from Galvatron, or a chance to kill something.

Within a few moments Tracer had arrived at the main conference room and promptly entered with a millitaristic stride, glancing around slightly to see if anyone else had arrived yet. He was always detirmined to show his loyalty to his leader, and that included arriving promtly to summons, to be the first one there if he was able to, but sometimes that couldn't be helped.

2003-08-30, 01:49 AM
Spinister nodded respectfully to Astrotrain, falling into step behind and to the left of the city commander. Ramjet followed farther behind, so that he could better watch the passing crowds.
As the Targetmaster walked, he replied to Astrotrain's earlier comment.
"No longer Targetmaster Commander, I'm afraid." He paused. "I've only recently recovered from injuries sustained battling Sharkticons. However, I faired better than the rest of my team. My Nebulons tell me that the other Targetmasters didn't return to Metrotitan." He shrugged slightly. "I can only assume that they're dead."
Spinister paused once more. "Unless you know something the fleshlings failed to uncover, of course."
After his duel with Tracer, Squeezeplay had resumed his habit of stalking Metrotitan's lower levels, terrorizing random low-level technicians. As he heard Astrotrain's call, he reluctantly abandoned his passtime, making his way towards the main conference room.

2003-08-30, 03:40 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"Seacons, Cryotek, report to the assembly hall at once." He order.

Snaptrap replied first "On our way." As Piranacon disengaged and made haste to the area.

Cryotek was next. "I will be there." He answered parking the hover-lift.

Hatemonger looked at Galvatron.

"My men are on their way."

2003-08-30, 05:18 AM
Darkwing heard the message, and headed off.

On his way, he ran into Dreadwind, and as they continued on, he said, "Find anything?"

"No," Dreadwind sighed. "Must have imagined it."
Hearing Astrotrain's message, Runamuck and Runabout boarded Metrotitiain and headed to the conference room.

2003-08-30, 05:53 AM
"The only thing you imagined is that you actually had the ability to keep track of me you dimwitted twit" Windslice said walking up behind the two less then expecting jets. "Now lead me to this main conference room"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-08-30, 06:17 AM
Ripped from Cybertron by the determination not to fade away, two sparks find their way back to Earth, gravitating towards a source of dynamic power with the intentions of conquest and fame, a lust for power...

Down in the bowels of Metrotitan in the crypts, a ghastly form emerges, for this essence had found its way into a similar but wrong shell.
"Just give the word Optimus..and I'll imbue you with my pow...ers..."
The transformer looked around in confusion.
"I'm... not on Cybertron anymore. This isn't Crystal City. No matter, I'm impenatrable. Wait---"
the transformer looked down. "This isn't my body! "

"No Slag- Autosnot," replied a second figure cooly as he emerged from his crypt. He smirked. His body had been in tact. The bounty hunter folded his arms confidently and propped himself against a wall, eyes fixated on the other transformer and sneered with malice.
Which leader would pay the top dollar for this misplaced Autobot?

2003-08-30, 06:28 AM
Before Dreadwind replied, Darkwing pulled up a map of Metrotitain on one of the wall moniters.

"Find it yourself," he snarled, then ran off, dragging Dreadwind behind him.

2003-08-30, 03:54 PM
Third essence was drawn into the crypts of Metrotitan. An essence radiating might and confidence. An essence that belonged to Cyclonus. He had heard the call... it had allowed him to break the confines of death that had bound him to endless void where the dead walked. Despite the essence of Cyclonus had been forged from the ashes of Skywarp, the two were separate beings. Yet, they shared a bind. The bind had allowed him to follow Skywarp's spark back to world of the living. Once again, to serve the Decepticon cause with his full decication.

The restless spark of the one time lieutenant of Galvatron headed directly for an empty, battered shell that had been his body for years, filling it... replenishing it... recreating it.

Two bloodred optics flashed to live and Cyclonus rose up from his grave, standing tall in the dim lighted crypt, his cold gaze directed right at the two others that had been able to cheat death as well...

"Ah. Long time no see Astrotrain." Bludgeon spoke, emerging from his hideout as the city commander neared his position. Sideswipe's head hanging on a chain around his neck.

2003-08-30, 06:00 PM
Windslice looked as they ran like scalded dogs down the hall way. He gave a chuckle at the decepticons, scared and he didn't have any of his good weapons out, just the Auto cannon. He turned his body to face the wall looking at the screen and scanning it over.

"Hmmm, this is massive. It looks Cybertronian in origin but other then Guardian robots which are no where near as big. I've never seen anything transformers based this size, I wonder if it has transformation capabilities"

Lord Zarak
2003-08-30, 06:34 PM
By the time that Bludgeon had entered the office of Astrotrain, Shockwave had left, and was consulting his information. The team he would assemble would be a five-robot team. Gathering the inter-Decepticon radio frequencies of the four other robots, he composed a message. The message went out to Overlord, Sixshot, Bludgeon and Skywarp.

"To the warriors contacted, this is Shockwave. Astrotrain has informed me of an incursion into Decepticon territory by an as yet unidentified Autobot. You are to report to me immediately in my quarters for further briefing. Any queries regarding my ultimate authourity in this mission are to be directed to City Commander Astrotrain, who will confirm what I have dictated to you. Any other questions can be brought up after the breifing. Shockwave out.


The task of energon transport was not what Overlord was designed for. It was boring, repetitive. The unexpected comm call from Shockwave was a welcome surprise.

The old cyclops has wormed his way in again. he thought to himself.
Ahh, who cares if it means chasing Autobots?
"Shockwave, I'm on my way. "

He threw down his energon load, and walked towards Metrotitan.

2003-08-30, 08:02 PM
Spinister smiled slightly behind his faceplate as Bludgeon stepped out of the shadows. Aside from that, he gave no sign that the Pretender's appearence surprised him.
Ramjet, on the other hand, primed his laser rifles, prepared to blast Bludgeon to dust if he made an aggressive move.

Quick Switch
2003-08-30, 10:09 PM
"They're not fleshlings, Spinister," Astrotrain admonished gently, "they are your bond-partners, Nebulans, and allies. Our race has so few as it is." The Triple Changer sighed as he walked down the corridor. "No intelligence confirms at present about the status of the rest of your team, Spinister. But I'll find a place for you. It is good that you are functional."

At the appearance of the skull-faced Pretender, Astrotrain's smile broadened.

"Bludgeon- good to see you. I remember when you took that head," Astrotrain chuckled, clapping the Metallikato master on one samurai armored shoulder. "It suits you."

Astrotrain stopped, and smiled again- he opened up a channel to Star Blade.

"Oh yes, one more thing. Interdict Magnus either at the Autobot headquarters, or when they head to the United Nations conference on-" here the City Commander stiffled a guffaw, "terrorism. No human casualties, if you please. Good luck, again."

Astrotrain set off down the corridor- the Conference Room loomed ahead. He looked forward to Galvatron rallying the troops, to finally crush the Autobots underheel. Or at least, begin the process.

2003-08-30, 10:23 PM
Hound caught a snip of a transmission. Interdict Magnus.
He paused a moment, and then caught the words ' base' and 'casualties'.

He scanned once and then sent a coded transmission to the security channels at Fortress Maximus.

"Hound reporting. There's going to be an attack on Magnus. Time unknown, probably at the base. More later. Out."

2003-08-30, 11:57 PM
As StarBlade moved her location, the messege from Astrotrain came in. Thankfully, it was an internal com, so the scouts didn't detect it. Once she landed, she responded.

"Confirmed." StarBlade kept it short, and quiet, so the scouts wouldn't hear her.

(I know, I should be in the other thread, but I caught this after I posted there, and figured it'd be easier to post here instead of editing since I'm already here.)

2003-08-31, 02:18 AM
Following his earlier incident with Dreadwind and Darkwing, Counterpunch had taken himself into a small room to hide away and let his thoughts settle. The noise in his head had not reached the same crescendo that it had tortured him the first time. Despite extensive diagnostics checks on his system and mainframe, he simply could not find anything wrong with himself. He'd checked, rechecked and checked again everything on his system - he was as clean as a whistle and running at 100%. This problem would only serve to vex him.

He had waited some few minutes before venturing back out into the corridor. His remote trackers had detected that Windslice was still in the vicinty, and, keeping a reasonable distance behind the newcomer, he had tailed Windslice down the corridor, who, himself was curiously being marked by Dreadwind and Darkwing, who had, inadvertanly managed to remain unaware of their stalker's presence...

Curioser and curioser

2003-08-31, 04:52 AM
Spinister simply nodded in response to Astrotrain's words. As always, his expression gave no hint as to his internal feelings.
However, the City Commander's words to the one known as 'StarBlade' intrigued him greatly.
Sounds like Astrotrain's dabbling in assassination now. Obscured by his faceplate, the Targetmaster smiled slightly. This, I like.
Seeing the friendly welcome Astrotrain gave Bludgeon, Ramjet put his lasers back in standby mode. The seeker smiled a bit.
A-Train's got a lotta nerve, that's for sure. Making nice with someone who's old head he's got stuffed in a drawer...
Squeezeplay walked into the conference room, and took a standing position along the outer wall. His eyes tracking across the room, stopping on one Decepticon.
HIM! Squeezeplay raged.
'Now is niether the time or the place,' Lokos informed him, throwing ice on his partner's hot fury.
But Squeezeplay still couldn't refrain from sending the occasional withering glare in Tracer's direction.

2003-08-31, 07:41 AM
"It seems our encounter was a short one." Bludgeon said to Astrotrain, his face twisting into a mockery of a grin as he let his gaze face Ramjet.

"Duty calls." The pretender said and headed out for Shockwave's quarters...

Sometime later, the pretender was standing in front of Shockwave's office. Speaking into the comm-panel next to the door...

"You called."

Aero Blade
2003-08-31, 01:43 PM
Tracer was growing endlessly bored waiting for the meeting to start, or whatever reason they had been summoned there for. He glanced around the room one more time, checking on the slow progression of the room filling with Decepticons. As he scanned the room, though, his optics clicked over to one specific, familiar form.

"Well, well, if it isn't Squeezeplay," Tracer said aloud. He walked alittle closer, but still kept a good amount of distance between them, noticing the headmaster's expression. "Ingest some bad energon?" Tracer asked. "Or does my presence somehow offend you?"

We won't be able to have a fight, not with Lord Galvatron coming, but if hekeeps up like this, I can be assured I'll have some enterainment for later... Tracer noted with a slient chuckle.

2003-09-01, 03:57 AM
Squeezeplay snarled in reply to Tracer, "You being able to walk offends me. But that's not hard to change, is it?"
Squeezeplay didn't actually want to start a fight here and now, but that didn't stop him from having a little fun with Tracer.
Ramjet surpressed a shudder as Bludgeon's gaze fell upon him.
Jeez, and I thought Dirge was creepy...

2003-09-01, 04:22 AM
Windslice was wandering through the halls and corridors looking around. He was following the map and taking as many detours that didn't stray to far from his path as he could. He wanted to know as much and see as much as he could before getting to the confrence hall. He was also trying to find the two jets to give them something to really run from though that wasn't high priority.

Quick Switch
2003-09-01, 04:55 AM
"Damnation!" Abdul Fakkadi bellowed, slamming his hands down on the throne in his Carbombya City Palace. "That pathetic twit failed! May Allah spurn him from his grace forever! The status of his family?"

"Dead," The Vizier answered, shooting Snake a glance in the process. "As you ordered as soon as we heard about the failure. Hammadahr was, frankly, stupid, Your Excellency."

"Unacceptable," Fakkadi raged, tugging at his beard. "My friend, what do you advise about the next attack on the accursed Autobots? I will not trust such attacks to people such as that fool who chose to jump off a cliff!"

Snake was, after all, an expert at terrorism.

2003-09-01, 05:50 AM
Carbombya Royal Palace

Snake walked up beside Abdul Fakaddi and placed his gloved hand on his shoulder.

"My friend," he said. "You know as well as I do that any terrorist action would reflect badly on us. And given our current situation, we would instantly come under suspiction should anything happen."

He then turned to the window, where Metrotitain, along with Black Zarak, stood.

"But...what if we were to recruit some...patsies?"
Metrotitain - Conference Room

Runamuck, Runabout, Darkwing and Dreadwind waited in the massive room for Galvatron to appear.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-01, 08:04 AM
As Shockwave's comm message came through Sixshot stopped in his tracks, it left a bitter taste in his mouth to have to leave Thunderwing alive, but he had to - hunting Autobots was distinctly more fun after all.

"It would appear, Thunderwing, that I've more important matters to attend to. So be a good little lapdog and find the robots Galvatron seeks..."

Sixshot laughed as he walked off towards Shockwave's quarters.


Skywarp stood, slightly in shock.

How does he know I'm alive again...Come to think of it, how do I know I'm alive again...

Quick Switch
2003-09-01, 08:25 AM
"With pleasure," Thunderwing muttered brokenly as Sixshot released him.

Gathering his wits about him, the aristocrat left the hallway and began searching.

"The game is a foot!" he chortled.

Aero Blade
2003-09-01, 12:41 PM
"You'd have to get your hands on me first, and as we both saw in the arena, that's something you're very poor at," Tracer taunted. "In the training area you were lucky to have borders, but out in the open, your strength is useless against my speed." he added slyly. He was thouroughly confident that he could overpower Squeezeplay, too, when he was in robot mode. What really presented the problem was those claws in his alternate mode..

More and more Decepticons were filtering in, begining to make the space limited. Most noticed the exchange between Tracer and Squeezeplay and stood out of the 'crossfire', but a few that didn't notice or didn't care stood inbetween. He probably wouldn't be able to see his verbal opponent for much longer. "I grow weary of talking. My purpose here is to see and recieve whatever orders Lord Galvatron have for us, not to waste my breath on the likes of you." Tracer then turned away from Squeezeplay, signifying that he had finished with the conversation, but he still listened, having no doubts the latter would continue with some kind of counter.

2003-09-01, 06:39 PM
(This is a copy of my post in the Autobot thread.)

StarBlade knew the 'Bots would be ticked off, but she didn't think that more than 2 would come after her. On her own scanner, she picked up about 3 coming towards where she had been. Great!

StarBlade took off, heading towards the clouds, transforming into her F-18 mode as she climbed. They want a chase, I'll give them a chase! By now, the cloaking field was useless. They knew she was there, and they were gonna chase her till they caught her, or she got near enough to Metrotitan that the city would shoot them down. Or.... StarBlade opened a comm link to Astrotrain.

"Astrotrain! Mission accomplished, with a few more wounded! Returning, with pursuit! Can any flyers give me a hand?"

Quick Switch
2003-09-01, 07:48 PM
Astrotrain had just reached the door when he stiffened- Star Blade's message came over his comm.

And the Triple Changer smiled.

Clicked a response, and said:

"Well done, Star Blade! Well done! I'm sending up assistance as we speak! Sit next to me during the meeting, my dear- I'm going to congratulate you personally, and sing your praises to the entire faction!"

He then turned to Spinister and Ramjet.

"Spinister, Ramjet- it appears we have Autobot idiots trying to shoot down Star Blade. I want you two to give her cover. Get airborne, and kill the Autobots if they insist on hounding her. Metrotitan- activate all main gun batteries also."

The City replied with a rumbling affirmative, and the structure shifted, pointing its massive firepower towards Star Blade's position.

"If the Autobots escape the two Little Brothers, they will die under my fire storm," Metrotitan chuckled. "Little Sister will be protected."

"Chop chop," Astrotrain said, clapping his hands at Ramjet and Spinister. He turned and walked inside the conference room, laughing. "Ultra Magnus, the Albatross of the Autobots, cut down in his own base. Pathetic," he chortled, "and just what we need to start wiping out the Autobots once and for all!"

2003-09-01, 09:14 PM
Hound hoped his relay had gotten through. There hadn't been any static or a signal jammer's signal on his end, so he knew that it had probably been picked up, yet a bad feeling nagged at him.

The scout knew from experience that the signals could be traced. He needed to move again. It was hot, and the relentless heat was giving him the edges of thermal interferance troubles. He moved higher up into the mountains, and far off on the sandy horizon, he made out the gigantic form of Metrotitan. He found a small rocky shelf and took some scans of the new surroundings while enjoying the view. The signals were stronger here, the area was cooler as well, and the vantage was good. He peered at the distant small shape of the massive city and let his systems continue scanning.

2003-09-02, 03:35 AM
Spinister nodded towards Astrotrain. "I'll do as much as my incomplete compliment of weapons allows."
Ramjet's reply was far less diplomatic. "You want me to help her?" He shot Astrotrain an incredulous look. "I'd rather help the Autobots shoot her!"
Any further ranting was cut off as Spinister grabbed his shoulder, dragging him away. The two flyers headed down the hall, out the nearest exit, and took to the air. They headed for StarBlade's position.
Squeezeplay would have torn Tracer's head off if not for the moderating influence of his Nebulan partner. This time, when the Decepticon warrior's vocal units actvated, the voice that emerged was that of Lokos.
"If we are so far beneith your interest, Tracer, then why did you taunt my rather hot-tempered partner in the first place?"

Aero Blade
2003-09-02, 04:06 AM
"Cheep entertainment," Tracer answered, not even turning in their direction. "Long waits are boring." Actually I'm just building you two up for later. Once we get back out on the battle field, or once the autobots are defeated, then I'll be coming back for you... Tracer thought, suppressing a smirk.

2003-09-02, 04:12 AM
Lokos replied off-handedly to Tracer, "And yet you continue to waste breath by replying to me. Either you have very poor self-control, or you simply enjoy lowering yourself to my partner's level."
Through their binary bond, the Nebulan felt an equal measure of annoyance and amusement filter in from Squeezeplay. Annoyance because the Nebulan persisted in insulting him in front of other Decepticons, amusement because Lokos was finding a new avenue to take digs at Tracer.

2003-09-02, 12:52 PM
(OOC: At the moment, only Raindance is actively following StarBlade, but the arialbots are prolly gonna join in soon. There had been 2 ground units, but they gave up the chase when StarBlade went airborne.)

Getting Astrotrain's response, StarBlade didn't exactly relax, but she did keep a look-out for the flyers being sent. At the moment, only one Autobot showed up on her scanner, but he was a fast one. Cripes! How could that 'Bot be so blasted fast? And I bet those two jets that spotted me before I moved are gonna be following me soon, too. I hope Astrotrain sent up a couple good flyers, cause I can't really do a fire-fight at this speed!

With that thought, StarBlade pushed herself as fast as she could go, and hoped it would be fast enough.....

2003-09-03, 12:38 AM
OOC: Posted in both 'Bot and 'Con threads

Spinister and Ramjet quickly approached StarBlade's position. The Targetmaster had his infra-red scanners active, searching the ground in front of him.
As they were nearly upon the assassin, Spinister noticed two large heat sources hiding in the rocks below.
What have we here?
He activated his commlink. "StarBade, this is Spinister. My sensors show what I imagine are two Autobots aground nearby. Change course three degrees north to avoid them. Ramjet will escort you to Metrotitan while I make an attack run."
Without waiting for a reply, Spinister dove. His particle beam cannons fired, blasting apart rocks near where Slapdash and Joyride were lurking.
Ramjet bristled as Spinister's order came across the comm, but he knew it would be useless to argue. Still, he had to choke down an urge to blast StarBlade to dust with a barrage of cluster bombs as he saw her.
Bitterly, he called over the comm, "Head for base, StarBlade. I can watch your back."
Until we lose these Autobots, anyway...

2003-09-04, 02:41 AM
(posted in both threads)

StarBlade relaxed a little when Spinister contacted her. "StarBade, this is Spinister. My sensors show what I imagine are two Autobots aground nearby. Change course three degrees north to avoid them. Ramjet will escort you to Metrotitan while I make an attack run."

"Right." She immediately turned 3 degrees north, then realized that Spinister said Ramjet. Oh, this should be fun.... A moment later, she picked up a pair of explosions, then Ramjet contacted her.

"Head for base, StarBlade. I can watch your back." StarBlade heard the bitterness in his vocoder, and responded as kindly as she could.

"Ramjet, your assistance is appreciated, but I think perhaps I'd better trust in my speed right now." Opening the comm to both jets, she added, "Thank you both for giving me backup as I returned. I might be fast, but at this speed, I'm terrible in a dog fight." Knowing this gave Ramjet an insight on a way to attack her, StarBlade made certain that she wasn't in Ramjet's sights, and headed for base.

2003-09-04, 04:21 AM
OOC: Posted in both threads

Spinister saw Slapdash and Joyride split up.
Smart. If I choose one as my target, the other one would have a clear shot at my back. A good plan, though not the best one to use against a Double Targetmaster. I wish I had time to give them a fight. He sighed to himself. But I have a job to do. Which means I have to leave before those two get in firing position and pin me down.
Spinister turned his tail towards the Powermasters, and headed for the other Decepticons. His rotor blades whirled madly as he built up speed and altitude.
He opened the comm to StarBlade and Ramjet.
"Enemy threat scattered."
Ramjet felt a wave of amusement at StarBlade's words.
She doesn't trust me to give her cover. She might be smarter than she looks...
As she addressed him and Spinister a second time, Ramjet was even more amused.
...or maybe she isn't, after all.
He forced down an urge to put her words to the test by using his patented ramming attack. After all, Astrotrain wouldn't like it if his new favorite soldier came home all crumpled up.
He keyed his comm as the femme sped off.
"OK, StarBlade. I'll follow ya in."

2003-09-04, 04:54 AM
Raindance had slipped by both jets and was still tailing Starblade. His fuel tanks were beginning to run dry and his small size was making keeping up harder and harder. The goal now was to keep close enough to have her in visual range and watch her land before turning back. Even with all this every thing he saw was going right back to Blaster.

2003-09-04, 05:27 AM
Galvatron appeared before the assembly of Decepticons. He raised his hand to silence their cheers and ruckus.

Gavlatron: "My Decepticons...my Decepticons...today...as the sun rises, a new dawn appears before us...a dawn of a new age!"

Galvatron pauses as the crowd erupts in joy...

Galvatron: "Today...this new age begins with a great awakening! One by one, our brothers have chosen to make the long trek back from beyond...free to rejoin their rightful place...by our sides!"

A shocked murmur goes over the Decepticons.

Galvatron: "It is true...and they have chosen the best possible time...for today marks the start of our rise to ULTIMATE POWER! Today, we begin our march...the chain of events has started...first the fall of Megatron, the return of Gigatron, the rise of the fallen...and now...the next step...a step I have already started. I will not lie to you...the road ahead is going to be most difficult. However, with the power we possess and our replenished numbers even the revitalized Autobots don't have a chance! Their choice will be clear, surrender and come into the fold or perish...once they are crushed and subjugated, then this pathetic planet will follow...and then...we shall turn our wrath on those slimy, five faced usurpers of our home...we shall bury the quints in the tattered pieces of their tenticles. Our very destiny is conquest...its what Primus built us for...its our very nature. Ours is not a road of peace, but of war...and as a warrior race, our very souls cry for battle...FOR VICTORY!"

A large shout emerges VICTORY!

Galvatron: "For too long...we have denied ourselves this...this peace we share...that is not the way of the Decepticons...ours is a way of conquest...and that is what we shall do from this point forward..."

Galvatron then ordered Starscream to bring out the prisoner.

Galvatron: "Recently we were infilitrated, Sixshot and Thunderwing are rounding up the rest of the party...but this one...this one was brought to me..."

Prisoner: "This isn't possible...my lord...I don't know how this could be..."

Galvatron: 'Silence AUTOBOT! Let you're death serve as an example to those who defy my will...those who oppose the empire!"

Prisoner: 'But sir...I'm...urk!"

Galvatron: (drew the prisoner in close) "I know exactly who you are!"

Galvatron drove his fingers deep into the optics of the captured bounty hunter, gave the neck a quick jerk, then tore it from the body...a smirk came across Galvatron's face as the body slumped to the ground....lifeless...Galvatron then tossed the head to the ground, which Starscream crushed beneath his foot.

Galvatron: "Now then my legions...any questions?"

2003-09-04, 05:46 AM
No questions Windslice thought giving a less then supportive look up to Galvatron. Just answers for you He had taken seat at the back with his arms crossed as his optics watched this leader. The transformer was defenseless, there was no honour there. Windslice cringed as he remembered his own attacking of someone who was defenseless, he thought he was just a cowardly Decepticon. He was tempted to lock on right here with every Decepticon's back turned he'd take out many before dying himself. Thinking on it more what he had seen thus far of the Decepticon force he could probably get out alive and with their leader's purple painted cranium. He inched one of his hands behind him petting the bottom rotor, the one that helped form the double katana. The Auto-Targeting gun moved and targetted Galvatron's head as he slowly took a step back into the corridor breaking the lock.

"Maybe another time" he whispered still watching.

Quick Switch
2003-09-04, 06:35 AM
Astrotrain stood on Galvatron's other side, adjacent to Starscream. His heavily flanged vocoder was mirthful, confident.

"We have the meteriel, the manpower, and the morale to shatter the Autobots forever. As Lord Galvatron has said, victory is inevitable. I almost pity the Autobots...almost."

The Triple Changer laughed.

"We march to war even as the Autobots reel from attacks against their officers, indeed, their very confidence. We will show the humans that we are truly the rulers of their world, and after we have smote the Autobots very ruin upon the planet they failed to protect, as our Lord Emperor as said, we shall take back Cybertron. And smash any who stand in our way."

The Administrator held up a hand.

"Hail Galvatron."

2003-09-04, 01:35 PM
Hatemonger cracked his knuckles and said the only thing on his mind.

"We do we get to work?" He smiled.

2003-09-04, 04:34 PM
(posted in both)

StarBlade chuckled, then noticed a blip still on her scanner. Opening a comm to both jets again, she spoke. "Um, I'm still reading one enemy following me. Not a big reading, but large enough to be an Autobot. Its fast, but is having a hard time keeping up with me. Keep a look out."

StarBlade couldn't put on much more speed, so she used what she had to head for a nearby cloudbank, and change her heading, hoping to throw Raindance off her tail. When she left the cloudbank, she noticed that she was closer to Metrotitan than she thought. Pushing what little extra speed she had, StarBlade sped for home.

Lord Zarak
2003-09-04, 04:56 PM
Indeed, I did call Bludgeon. I am awaiting the arrival of three others.....At that time, Overlord arrived. Shockwave acknowledged his arrival by continuing.
"Make that two others. When they arrive, I shall proceed."

2003-09-04, 07:26 PM
"If the matter is of importance and requires immediate actions... why not to brief me and Overlord now and the others when they decide to arrive?" Bludgeon spoke out his mind, his seemingly empty eye sockets staring at the one-eyed Decepticon.

2003-09-04, 10:17 PM
When Galvatron asked for questions, Runamuck raised his hand.

"So...when are we going to start causing trouble?"

2003-09-04, 10:56 PM
Spinister keyed his comm.
"Ignore the enemy unless he opens fire, StarBlade. If he follows you to Metrotitan, the city's guns will deal with him."
Squeezeplay smiled as he heard Runamuck's question.
Exactly what I want to know...

2003-09-05, 06:17 AM
Galvatron smiled at Runamuck.

Galvatron: "We have already begun...however our main attack begins shortly...just as soon as all the pieces are in position and we have our supply line secured."

2003-09-05, 06:28 AM
"But I'm bored!" the white Battlecharger moaned. "We've done nothing since we hit this rock but run around doing errands. I wanna blow something up!"

"Don't worry," Runabout said. "You'll get your chance. There's a whole bunch of stuff to blow up here. Unless Galvatron has any big plans to blow up the world, it will all still be there."

He paused, then turned to Galvatron.

"You don't have any plans to blow up the world...do ya, boss? I mean, not that I mind, or anything, but I think that my buddy here, along with the rest of us, might wanna tear this planet a new wase exhaust port before you blow it up."

Lord Zarak
2003-09-05, 06:28 PM
If Shockwave was an emotional Decepticon, he would have sighed at Bludgeons question.
Being the logical being he is, he answered the question simply.
"Because this task requiers co-ordination. For this group to function perfectly, you need to be familiar with each other and with the task in hand. If I were to send you off individually, there would be no cohesion, and the task would fail. Are there anymore queries regarding this task?"

Overlord stood there, smirking at the dressing down Bludgeon was getting.

ooc- would it be possible to push for the arrival of Skywarp and Sixshot please?

2003-09-05, 07:46 PM
Warp was out for a couple days Zarak. Check your PM box- I dropped you a note yesterday. He wrote that they were on their way, you can go ahead and say 'Shockwave sees them arrive'.

2003-09-06, 02:48 AM
StarBlade responded to Spinister's messege. "Got it. When we get near Metrotitan, if I haven't lost him, boy is that 'Bot in for a surprise!"

StarBlade shut her comm off, and continued on her course to Metrotitan.

2003-09-06, 05:17 AM
Spinister double-clicked his comm in acknowledgement of StarBlade's comment, but otherwise made no reply. He continued in silence as he approached Metrotitan.
Ramjet continued to loosely follow StarBlade towards the city.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-06, 08:28 AM
Sixshot was surprised to see Skywarp alive, particularly after his untimely demise at the hands of Grimlock. The pair arrived at Shockwave's quarters simaltaneously.

"Who's the target?"

Sixshot walked slightly ahead of Skywarp, his intent was more deadly. Nodding at Overlord and Bludgeon as he entered, Sixshot continued.

"and what are his last known co-ordinates?"

Lord Zarak
2003-09-06, 07:25 PM
For the time being, Shockwave ignored Sixshots comment.
"Firstly, now that you are all present, allow me to re-introduce you all to Skywarp. Whilst I do not know the details of his resurection, his reappearance is timely, as he has a valuable ability- teleportataion.

Now, to the matter in hand. The Autobot in question has not been identified. However, I have been able to narrow the field down to two Autobots, Mirage and Hound.

The Autobot has been spotted inside Carbombyan teritory, and is headed on a path that leads to here- Metrotitan. Now, the objective is to caprture the Autobot, and bring him here to Metrotitan for interrogation.

I will personally lead this mission. If I can direct attention to my display unit, I can show you how to proceed"

Shockwave tapped a code, and a holographic display emerged, suspended in mid-air.

"Here is metrotitan, and here is the last known co-ordinates of our quarry. Overlord, Sixshot, Biudgeon and myself will form a box, in which we will trap him. The box will become tighter and tighter until we have him in our custody."

The screen changed.
"This is how we were able to spot him. Energy readings were spotted. Though eratic, a clear and distinguished path was determined. You are to look out for these energy readings, and report in coded and scrambled messages to each member, so that we can tighten the noose. Are there any questions?"

"Not from me" replied Overlord, who was looking forward to the hunt.

2003-09-06, 08:09 PM
Bludgeon nodded as a gesture of acknowledging Shockwave's plan and proceeded to state out the only question he had. "Only one. When will the hunt begin?"

The doors of the briefing room opened and a large, purple Decepticon, standing a head taller than most others - Cyclonus walked into the room, his red optics immediately focusing on Galvatron, who was speaking to his forces.

2003-09-07, 02:01 PM
He was not used to this.

Sitting around.


KatasTrofiK was sitting in the corner of the room listening intently to his commander Galvatron. They had been exiled to the backwards world of Earth, a planet that was infested with lowly organic lifeforms. This place, everything about it, was alien to him. Cybertron is, was, his home for so many millenia. His oldest memory was of it's golden glow in the darkness; illuminating all around it.

That memory, how he wanted to know so much more about it.

As far as records were concerned he was 'born', if you could call it that, a few months after the Siege Of Iacon out of a broken shell found strewn up in an abandoned hanger amidst all of the wreckage. 'Done up like a kipper', that is how he had been described when introduced to the other Decepticons earlier today. It seems as though the first generation exiles had picked up a few bad traits during their stay on Earth.

KatasTrofiK hated this planet with a passion. But he was stuck here until the Decepticon army could mount a counter strike against The Quintessons. However before their quest to re-take their homeland, they had to sort out the ever pressent Autobot problem.

A glint appears in the eyes of KatasTrofiK; he was made to hurt, he was built for destruction. And he enjoyed it.

And so he has no choice but to wait. To wait until the time is right; the time where the Autobots would finally be destroyed. The results would surely be KatasTrofiK...

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-07, 07:57 PM
Skywarp peeped up.

"And whilst you four make your pretty little wendy house, exactly what will I be doing?"

Lord Zarak
2003-09-07, 09:34 PM
"You, Skywarp, are the random element, the confusion in this plan of logic. You are to teleport randomly in the box that I, Overlord, Bludgeon and Sixshot are to make. If you chance upon the infiltrator, you will startle him, and in his confusion he will make a mistake, a mistake that will end his little game. Of course, it goes without saying that you will alert us four that you have found him...I am allowing a little lattitude here. He can be toyed with before we arrive, but do not, I repeat DO NOT kill him. Are my instructions clear?"

The question was directed to all present.

2003-09-07, 11:57 PM
Insane Windslice thought. That one word sums up the Decepticons. Insane. They were all Oil thirsty fiends, ofcourse the lower ranks always were. The higher ranks were more like a corrupt government back on Cybertron before he left. With the likes of Thunderwing running the place, Artisocrats not so much caring about destroying things but becoming more powerful with a greater influence. It was still repulsive to him, why fight for power with people you should be fighting with. The isolationism Cybertron was held in for so long made it so there was no one to fight but eachother. Windslice continued to walk through the hallways of Metro-titan huinting for an exit or a wall map. Which ever he spotted first.

2003-09-10, 01:09 AM
As StarBlade drew closer to Metrotitan, she relaxed, and slowed her speed down. At this range, any Autobot flyer would be slagged by the giant city's turrets. Checking her scanner, she noted that the only current blip was Ramjet. I should thank him for not taking the opportunity to test what I mentioned back there... She then opened a private comm to Ramjet.

"Hey, Ramjet? Thanks for not griping too much about playing backup.... And for not trying to prove what I said back there, about being worthless in a dog fight at that speed... Its my only drawback, and one that I think anyone who helps me should know. I may be an assassin, and assassins tend to hide any and all drawbacks, but I know better. The assassin who trained me was slagged because he refused to acknowledge his drawback, and it got him caught. So....Thanks. We may grate on each other, but you're a pretty good 'Con."

2003-09-10, 06:10 PM
Ramjet wasn't quite sure how to reply to Starblade. Finally he managed to say, "You're a good 'Con yourself, by the looks of things. You did a good job back there. That is, as long as Magnus stays dead."
Hmmm...Never thought I'd hear her say something like that. Maybe I can tolerate her after all.
For now, anyway.

2003-09-11, 12:15 AM
StarBlade chuckled to herself silently. She slowed down even more the closer they got to the base.

"If Magnus decides to come back, I'll just try it again, until he stays dead. Unless he's like those little bugs the humans call roaches....From what I've heard, you can't kill those things." One more look at her scanner showed nothing. "I think we're clear of that 'Bot...."

2003-09-11, 04:14 AM
Galvatron looked at his followers.

Galvatron: "As a whole, the Earth will be unharmed...it is far too valuable. These humans are fools...they wreck, they poison...when they have all they would ever need to create an intergalactic juggernaut...all the materials...all the energy! All ours...with this...we will crush the Autobots...then the Quints...then...all shall bow before us! Astrotrain...report...are we ready to proceed?"

2003-09-11, 04:40 AM
Darkwing, Dreadwind, Runamuck and Runabout all cheered on the inside as Galvatron spoke.

2003-09-11, 01:42 PM
Ramjet replied to StarBlade, "Too bad. You and Spinister get all the fun today, I suppose."
As he approached the city, he reduced his speed, preparing to land.
Spinister, behind the two jets, was also approaching Metrotitan (albeit at a slower rate).

2003-09-11, 11:21 PM
Carbombya Outskirts

A pair of binoculars poked out of a broken window, and surveyed the area.

"I think they're gone," Knock-Out said.

"Well, they sure as slag haven't been looking for us," Bonecrusher said.

"Alright, then," Wreckage said, flipping a switch on a portable distress beacon. "Let's hope that the Autobots get to hear this."

Quick Switch
2003-09-12, 06:14 AM
"Nearly, my Lord," Astrotrain replied. "We merely wait for Star Blade's return, her escorts."

2003-09-12, 12:19 PM
Now the femme really laughed. "I get the feeling, Ramjet, that you'll get your fun soon enough."

She noted the conehead was slowing down for landing. What a novel idea...slowing down before touchdown...never thought of that....But then again, I do have a car mode... Her airspeed was down enough that she could just drop to the ground right now and not have a problem, but she'd rather keep up with Ramjet, so she matched his airspeed, till they actually did land. Once wheels hit ground, the assassin braked and transformed. Looking towards Ramjet, she smirked.

"I get the feeling everyone waiting for you, me and Spinister to get back...."

2003-09-12, 06:54 PM
Bludgeon nodded as an aswer to Shockwave's question. It was up to the others now.

2003-09-13, 12:52 PM
Clench sits in the corner of the room, arms folded, boring a hole in Galvatrons head with his optics as Darkwing, Dreadwind, Runamuck and Runabout all cheer to his side.

All of this talk is futile. The time to strike is now, when the Autobots are recuperating, unaware of our gathering numbers. Instead we are whitling away this precious time listening to a motivating speech which is not needed. We are Decepticons. We are warriors. We do not need any surplus motivation to kill, to destroy.

The time for talk is over, Galvatron. Now is the time to strike.


KatasTrofiK smirks at the thoughts of a Decepticon Empire rule of the Universe, before retreating back to the thoughts of his homeworld. The hatred begins to boil inside of him as the memories of the Quintessons banishing him to the planet Earth come to the forefront of his mind.

He wanted to attack the Autobots now; to get it over with before reaping his revenge on the Quints. He wants, needs, to make them pay.

2003-09-13, 07:27 PM
Having landed, Ramjet transformed to robot mode and sprinted towards the meeting room.
"Then let's not keep them waiting," He told StarBlade.
As he came closer to Metrotitan, Spinister altered course slightly, heading for the entrance nearest to the meeting room.

2003-09-13, 09:48 PM
StarBlade, seeing Ramjet take off at a sprint, jumped to catch up. While running right behind him, the assassin went over the assassination again. Just as she had pulled the trigger, a 'Bot had shoved Magnus a little, so her shot had missed the intended target-Magnus' head. She hadn't realized this until she had examined the memory.

"Damn!" Instead of clarifying, StarBlade sped up, heading for the meeting.

2003-09-14, 04:44 AM
Ramjet opened his mouth to ask StarBlade what she was so concerned about, only to snap it shut again as she blazed past him down the hall.
Not about to be outrun by a femme, Ramjet ran faster still, trying to keep up with her.
One of the benefits of being a helicopter, as opposed to a plane, is that a helicopter requires a lot less space to land. So, while StarBlade and Ramjet had to set down at one of the entrances equipped with an airstrip, Spinister could simply drop out of the sky right next to whatever door he chose.
The Targetmaster came in for a landing at the hatch nearest the meeting, amused by the prospect that he might beat the two jets there. As his landing skids hit the deck, he shifted to robot mode and keyed the hatch open.
Walking through the door, Spinister headed for the meeting. He moved as swiftly as he could down the corridor, yet to a casual observer his walk would seem casual, almost tranquil.

2003-09-14, 06:38 AM
Halfway up a mountain edged on one side with a steep drop to a valley several thousand feet below, Hound studied his scanning information. He had seen specs on his readings from flyers far off over Metrotitan, but they were distant, and didn't explain the energy quantity registering from below.
Strange... there's a massive amount of energy just in the valley down there and Decepticons to boot.

He honed in his detectors and began to produce a hologram of the source. He didn't understand all of it, and some was distorted by thermal waves, but he did recognize the general function of what he saw. He tracked his coordinates carefully and sent out another message on the Autobot frequency in code.

"Hound reporting- the Decepticons have a large energy generator in Carbombya at location 324'E and 76'N. It's manned by at least 4, but I can't get an exact reading due to the amount of energy coming off it. No further word on attacks yet. Confirm receipt?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-14, 06:59 PM
"What are we waiting here for then? There's another signal being transmitted now!"

Sixshot's voice was full of the neccessity to catch the intruder into the Decepticon's camp and with that Skywarp vanished from the room.

"Let's not let that miserable seeker have all the fun..."

2003-09-14, 10:15 PM
Carbombya Outskirts

Wreckage shook the transmitter several times, then gave it a solid kick.

"Well," he said. "That's it. Thing's busted beyond repair."

"Great," Knock-Out growled. "All we can do now is hope that someone got the message and is coming to get us."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-14, 10:50 PM
OOC - Bombers, my dear boy, if you'd care to read the RPG you'd find Skywarp and Sixshot's intended target is mentioned :)

Skywarp appeared outside of the Decepticon complex. He didn't know where to begin looking, he'd teleported too quickly and only caught the beginning of the co-ordiantes...

2003-09-14, 11:22 PM
The sudden appearance of Skywarp's image was unmistakable in the small hologram Hound was watching. The moment it registered, his optics narrowed as he glanced around quickly.
The transmission- I thought he was dead! Awe nuts, bolts and I'll be screws too if he homes in on me here... gotta move.

Easing quickly back from the ledge, he turned the hologram off and began moving steadily through the scrub brush lining the mountainside.

2003-09-15, 12:54 AM
Back at the Desert base, Cryotek was walking around when he saw a computer buzzing a warning.

"What the!?" he asked and ran to the machine as it flashed a warning of an Autobot energy signature and a trasmission signal and a general idea of the location.

With that he patched the imaged and got onto the com-link to Galvatron and Hatemonger

"Lord Galvatron and General Hatemonger seems we have an intruder of sorts in the area, sensors picked up a general area of the transmission source and an Autobot signature. What are your orders and if there are any troops already in persuit this system should give them an edge in finding the target. What should be done?" He asked and waited.

2003-09-15, 02:58 AM
StarBlade suddenly skidded to a stop just before running headlong into the meeting room. She didn't want to just burst in, like she had a dozen Autobots on her tail. Instead of running in, StarBlade stopped, dropped into a state of calm, and entered the meeting. Behind her, she heard Ramjet racing to catch up to her.

Once in the room, StarBlade looked at Astrotrain and the Decepticon near him. Hmm. Must be Galvatron.

"Sirs, I've returned, and wish to report, however, may that report be done in private, with only those who need to hear it present?" She did not want anyone other than the leaders hearing about this......

2003-09-15, 03:17 AM
Carbombya Outskirts

"You'd think that someone would be out here looking for us," Knock-Out growled, kicking the damaged comm unit again.

"Unless the thing was bashed up beyond repair," Bonecrusher shot back.

"But that didn't happen," Wreckage said, looking at the battered husk that had been the comm unit recently. "At least not till it gave out and you decided to play 'anger management' with it."

Bonecrusher snarled.

"I think I can get it working again," Knock Out said, walking over to it and fiddiling with it. After several minutes, he managed to get it working again for just about thirty seconds, which was long enough to inform someone at the other end for help, then shut it down.

"Help's coming...I think."i

Runabout looked up at Galvatron.

"So...can we go?"

2003-09-15, 03:45 AM
Ramjet jogged in behind StarBlade, and stopped half-way between the assassin and Astrotrain. The femme's tone of voice caught his attention.
Not so cocky now, is she? Wonder what's changed in the last two minutes...
Spinister walked into the meeting only seconds behind Ramjet. Stopping a few meters to the left of StarBlade, the Targetmaster addressed Astrotrain.
"Mission accomplished," he said simply.

2003-09-15, 05:15 PM
As Sixshot called for the hunt to begin, Bludgeon dashed towards the exit, knowing that he had to move fast in order to keep the same pace as others, for he lacked fast alt. mode...

2003-09-16, 02:42 AM
transmission #3
"Hound, you hear that" Blaster said as he still had Hounds line open "We're gonna be faster then it takes a pop song to hit #1!"

"I hear you Blaster, but negative that..." Hound processed his scanner readings rapidly as he moved between the scraggly brush and the mountainside working his way across and downward. More energy signatures had appeared suddenly, coming from the westerly direction of Metrotitan, and two more were farther out to the north in the desert. East lay the coast and south would take him into the open.

"...I'm about to get lots of unwelcome company. They're tracking the transmission. Blaster--- reef point in 3 at the witching. Gotta break now." Knowing it would be only minutes before the Decepticons reached that area, Hound turned off his transmitter and began to move steadily downward and north, pulling the bushes back into place behind him.

2003-09-16, 03:07 AM
Carbombya Outskirts

The comm, which was apparently not as damaged as they had suspected, suddenly burst back to life again.

Wreckage moved towards it, and tried to activate it.

"This is Wreckage of the Land Military Mini-Cons. We're trapped here in Carbombya, and we need to get out of here. Can you assist us?"

Quick Switch
2003-09-16, 04:29 PM
"The situation is being resolved," Astrotrain interjected, responding to Cryotek's message. "Stand down."

He then smiled at Star Blade, clapping a hand on the assassin's shoulder. He also nodded at Spinister and Ramjet.

"Well done to you both. And especially you my dear. Yes, you can give me a preliminary report if you wish," the Triple Changer said, flicking a glance at Galvatron, "and if Lord Galvatron wishes to be here it as well, so much the better."

He looked about the room.

"All regular personnel are dismissed and may return to their normal activities until the Order of Battle is given by Lord Galvatron."

2003-09-16, 05:04 PM
Darkwing, Dreadwind, Runabout and Runamuck left the room.

"He called us here for that?" Runamuck said. "That's just wrong!"

"Yeah!" Runabout agreed. "I would have thought we would be going into battle right away or something."

Lord Zarak
2003-09-16, 05:54 PM
Shockwave left his office, folowed by Overlord. Overtaking Bludgeon, Shockwave transformed into his gun-mode. Overlord continued as he was. They headed towards the co-ordinates, diverging in the hope that they would come accross him.

Damn Skywarp thought Overlord. We'd have been better off with him a piece of slag, rather than the useless warrior he is.

Shockwave opened a channel to Soundwave:

"Soundwave, can you jam the Autobots transsmission slghtly, so that the message is garbled and unintelligible to the Autobots, but not so much that we cannot follow it. We need to maintain the secrecy of our purpose here, and capture our quarry."

2003-09-17, 01:16 AM
Spinister nodded respectfully to Astrotrain, then collected his Nebulans and walked towards the door. Merging with the crowd of exiting Decepticons, he headed for the armory.
Ramjet was somewhat unsure what to do with himself. After all, 'normal activities' for him involved watching Astrotrain's back as closely as possible. But Astrotrain obviously wanted StarBlade to give her report in private. Reaching an internal comprimise, the conehead positioned himself just inside the meeting room door, close enough to Astrotrain that he could still do his job if the need arose, but far enough away that he wouldn't overhear any discreet conversations.
Squeezeplay shot one last angry glare in Tracer's direction, then stormed out of the room in the same manner in which he came in.

Aero Blade
2003-09-17, 01:24 AM
Tracer chuckled watching Squeezeplay leave. Yes, it would be entertaining to bother him some more, but it was only a matter of time before the fighting started, and he had other things on his mind....

Tracer left the conferince room, heading towards the armory. He should be prepared for when they attacked the Autobots...

2003-09-17, 08:37 PM
Galvatron halted the Decepticon personel before they departed.

Galvatron: "No...it is time..."

Galvatron went over the Decepticon sub-frequency set up by Soundwave.

Galvatron: "Decepticons...the moment has come...the time is ours...the initial target is Fort Maxx...download Astrotrain's scouting reports and recon...and on my mark...UNLEASH HELL!"