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God Jinrai
2003-09-11, 01:43 AM
OOC Note: At the decision of G91 and myself, we created this thread for individual duels. I'm going to try to have one duel each day, (note: TRY!), and the pairings will not be of normal circumstance. This thread is not to be deleted under any circumstance. I ask the other mods to abide by my request. Thank you. For any interest in future duels, PM myself.


Darkness... and then light... The very core of unicron's being is known to be a universe unto itself. It is here... that chaos itself reigns... pulling and tugging at the fabrics of realities from all over.
It is HERE... that the unsung battles of autobot and decepticon alike... will occur.

Finding himself down on one knee, Black Convoy's optics glowed a bloody red... Looking up, he saw, not far from him, another form... sleek in design... a sillouette that seemed more menacing than his former master, Gigatron...

"Who... Who are you?!" he shouted

2003-09-11, 04:09 AM
Optics burning red pierced the darkness as two fists glowed with raw plasma power...if hell had a personification...a form, it was him. His voice boomed in a manner that would startle the very gods, had they the courage to face him.

"Who? I am inevitability...I am your omega...the one who shall cast all who defy me into darkness...I am...GALVATRON!"

God Jinrai
2003-09-11, 01:07 PM
"Galvatron?? I know of no such being!" Black convoy replied...

"But it is YOU who face destruction this day... At the hands of BLACK CONVOY!"

Raising his fury sword, he made his charge. he was expecting a ranged attack... since it seemed his foe was outfitted for such battle. but Black Convoy had more than just ranged proficiency. since his "birthing" at the hands of gigatron... he had wielded the fury sword with an unbelievable deal of skill. A swordsman equal in greatness... if not greater, than his former master. Now he would truly put his skills to the test... and if he succeeded here... he would take the revenge he so rightfully deserved against gigatron... for creating him as such an abomination of sparks.

2003-09-14, 05:38 AM
Galvatron clinched his fists tightly, displaying the raw power he held in his hands.

Galvatron: "You wish to die on this day? Very well..."

With those words said, Galvatron lept into battle, prepared to unleash his lethal plasma charges...

God Jinrai
2003-09-19, 12:55 AM
"One of us will fall today, Galvatron. But I highly doubt you've encountered a Convoy.. such as I!"

Black Convoy dove to his left, landing in a crouch, and let loose with his twin shoulder mounted missile/plasma launchers... four heat seekers burst forth from the holes... and as the missiles approached their target, Black Convoy drew his hand-held mini-cannon... and resumed his charge.. closing the distance rapidly... and finaly reaching his opponent, brought the fury sword in a tight forward arc