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2003-09-17, 08:39 PM
The order is given, the Decepticons are mobilized...the dawn of the new Cybertronian War is upon us...

2003-09-17, 10:21 PM
After gaining the information that they needed, Darkwing and Dreadwind, combined as Dreadwing, along with Runamuck and Runabout, sped off towards Fort Max.

2003-09-17, 10:24 PM
Clench stopped in mid stride and turned back to his commander, Galvatron.

Finally! The time has come.

A glint appears in his optics and a smirk grows on his face as Clench turns back to the doorway and leaves the room. He walks down the corridor, passing Decepticons as they run to and fro in anticipation of the imminent battle, before stepping outside.

It is a good time to die, so be it if it happens.


KatasTrofiK remains seated until the last of the Decepticons leave the room. He didn't need the hassell of trudging through them all. The call had been made, and he had to prepare, and he had to do it alone.

He stands and exits the room silently, pondering on what may become.

2003-09-17, 11:12 PM
StarBlade moved to speak, but before she could, Galvatron motioned the others to stay, and declared that the war was on. Oh, boy.....he's not gonna be happy......

"Sirs?" StarBlade looked to Astrotrain and Galvatron. "May I now give my report?"

Aero Blade
2003-09-17, 11:54 PM
Tracer had been on his way out, but he stopped with Galvatron had spoken. The orders made, Tracer eagerly headed out to find an appropriate spot to wait for the command to attack. Well Autobots, time to die, for good....

2003-09-18, 02:47 AM
The Seacons cheered at the news.

"Bout time!" Skylor yelled.

"Agreed for once." Overbite smiled as the team assembled.

"Seacons, we will go await battle as we prolly will boad well on the front line." Snaptrap yelled as the team ran out of the base to assemble with the other cons.

Cryotek smiled.

"Well now here we go." He laughed checking his ammo supplies and bringing some emergency repair gear since he knew he would probably need to patch someone up.

Cryotek then had an idea and got onto an open com-link.

"Any Decepticons needing weapons or repairs stop by our armoury we have plenty of weapons from Overlord as well as excess energon." With that he felt they could help themselves.


Hatemonger saw the rush of Decepticons running from the bases and assembling.

"Well Lord Galvatron looks like your men are more than ready to fight. So let's send some sparks back to eternity." Hatemonger smiled.

2003-09-18, 04:02 AM
Ramjet smiled broadly as he heard Galvatron's pronouncement.
Now, the fun starts...
Squeezeplay's hands unconsiously balled into fists as he heard the orders. A wave of pure, malicious joy washed over him at the prospect of being able to beat on Autobots, instead of Tracer.
Spinister was barely out the door when Gavatron made his announcement. This only made him walk towards the armory faster, since would need to be fully armed to properly fight the Autobots.
However, he only made it a few more steps before he heard Cryotek's offer.
Even better. Munitions without any paperwork.
Exiting Metrotitan, he converted to helicopter mode and headed for the desert base.

2003-09-18, 04:48 AM
Galvatron turned to StarBlade. "Proceed..."

2003-09-18, 06:29 AM
Coming to a clearing with a thin dirt mountain road winding down with more brush lining a cliff wall just beyond it, Hound stopped in his tracks. His scanners suddenly read trouble. The Decepticons were on the move judging from the amount of activity instantaneously starting to occur on his radar. To complicate matters, Sixshot and one other signature were closing in ahead, Skywarp was behind and so was one other huge signature he didn't recognize and Shockwave was coming in from the west.

I've gotta tell Optimus- but another transmission and they'll cut off the passage north for sure. I could make for the coast line and go through the water though, it'll be risky with that surf. That group's on the go for something though... wait- the humans are having that big meeting today! Hound scowled and began jogging across the clearing towards the road as he considered his options when there came a distinctive small 'click' from under his left foot. An instant later, there was a tremendous explosion, which knocked him forwards with a forceful blast, ripping the back of his left leg open. Although a bit stunned, he pulled himself up quickly and made a sprint for cover, ignoring the firing pain relays.

"Slag...Nothing for it now- they'll have heard that..." Hound reached for his communicator as he crossed the road into the brush on the other side, trying to cover his tracks and the leaking fuel and mech fluid mix as he went. Blaster! The Decepticons are on the move in a large group heading West out of Carbombya. Hound out."

2003-09-18, 02:47 PM
StarBlade snapped to attention when Galvatron turned to her.

"As per my orders, I headed for the Autobot base. It's located in a mountainous area in what I believe is called the United States. Arriving there, I took up a position outside their scanner range, but within shooting distance. I was spotted once, but managed to avoid being shot at. After moving to a more secure location, the target made himself apparent. I had planned on killing him, but another Auutobot managed to push Magnus aside enough that the shot intended for his head went through his chest instead. I failed to realize this till a few minutes ago. I also managed to injure two other Autobots before fleeing the area.

"Upon leaving the area, one air unit and a pair of ground units began persuit. Given that dogfighting at very high speeds is very difficult for me, I called for backup, if any was available. Astrotrain sent Spinister and Ramjet to watch my back, which I am grateful for." This concluded StarBlade's report. She remained at attention, waiting for their reaction.

2003-09-18, 06:52 PM
"Tsk. Tsk. You shouldn't have been so noisy." Bludgeon stated, as he moved to the open, revealing himself to Hound. Unsheathing his sword, the master of Metallikato began walking towards the fallen Autobot scout. >>"Bludgeon to Shockwave. I have found the target."<<

"Lord Galvatron..." Cyclonus spoke out as the Decepticons began rushing towards the exit.

"I do not know why I live again but I wish to pledge my loyalty to you once more my liege." He said and knelt down in front of the mightiest of all Decepticons.

Lord Zarak
2003-09-18, 07:08 PM
"Acknowledged Bludgeon. We are converging upon your co-ordinates presently." He switched channels to Overlord, Skywarp and Sixshot.
"Move to Bludgeons co-ordinates. He has contact with the Autobot. He can be found by switching internal sensors to the follwoing callibrations" He sent the relevant information which would lead them to the autobot.

2003-09-19, 12:26 AM
Narrowing his optics, Hound got up and backed up between the rock wall and the scrub brush as Bludgeon walked out. It was then that he got a full look at the Decepticon. For an instant, shock set in as he stared not at the strange skeleton figure, but rather- the decoration around his neck. His blue optics widened as he recognized the severed head of Sideswipe and then he steadied himself and glanced to the side, still edging away as Bludgeon approached. Quickly, he cast a hologram of Mirage and Crosshairs aiming at Bludgeon from the side.

"You're right--- whoever you are... but you're about to hear a lot more noise when the rocks above us come down in a moment or my friends to your side there fire."

2003-09-19, 03:08 AM
The Decepticons were scrambling, expecting to fight. He would be wise to follow them and not seem out of place but he knew that if he went there now he'd be shot down anyways. He had to wait a bit longer wait for the Decepticons to get beaten back... if they did. Windslice sighed as he gave up looking for an exit and now just waited for the right moment to get out.

2003-09-19, 08:09 PM
"Your friends?" Bludgeon asked with amusement in his voice and stopped advancing towards Hound.

Keeping his sword before him, Bludgeon closed his optics and brought his free hand in front of his face similar way to the martial artists of far east when they concentrated their senses on something. "Ah. Holograms."

"Not all of us look the world the same way my dear Autobot." The dangerous pretender said grinning, his optics opening again. "Now... shall we finish this?"

2003-09-19, 09:00 PM
He knew... what kind of Decepticon is this? A sword instead of a gun, and almost- a human skeleton... Sideswipe...

Hound was taken off guard by the unnerving attitude in front of him. He backed up another step and saw the steep side of the cliff leading down to the road grade below.
Hound glanced back and forth between the closing Bludgeon and the dropoff.
"We'll finish--- after I'm finished!"
He fell to the side and came to an abrupt and rather hard landing at the bottom ending in a skid on his left side.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-19, 09:20 PM
"Pathetic Autobot retch...you have no friends here..."

Sixshot appeared to the right of Bludgeon and watched, almost in disbelief, at Hound's actions. He was impressed at the Autobot's inginuity of throwing himself down the hill.

2003-09-19, 09:42 PM
Bludgeon walked over to the edge of the cliff and looked down. "Did you hurt yourself Autobot?!"

"For I don't like fighting crippled opponents." He added as he landed few dozen feet away from Hound, after jumping down from the cliff.

2003-09-19, 09:51 PM
Hound got to his feet as Bludgeon landed a few lengths away. The fall against the rocks had torn through his armor in several places, but he didn't feel it. What he was after was just an arm's reach away.

Hound grabbed a grounded telephone cable with one hand as he grabbed his machine gun with the other.
Chip- I hope you're still there...
Without a moment's hesitation, Hound began sending a file to an old friend's computer.
Ice-blue optics narrowed. He had heard Sixshot above...
"Hurt Decepticon? No, I told you I'll fight you, after I'm finished."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-19, 09:57 PM
"Sorry Autobot, it looks like they didn't accept your collect call...!"

Skywarp pointed both his arm-rifles at the wire Hound was holding and blasted them, and a fair section of the ground, to pieces.

2003-09-19, 09:58 PM
"Now now... We don't want you to contact you friends now do we?" Bludgeon grinned and struck his enego-sword through the telephone cable, cutting it into two.

2003-09-19, 10:04 PM
Hound glanced to both sides at the cut cable and then sighed.
If he shoots, he shoots us both.
"Right... I keep my word..." He flung the cable at Skywarp and then lunged at Bludgeon with a right hook.

2003-09-19, 10:11 PM
Using his martial arts training in his advantage, Bludgeon easily dodged Hound's right hook. "Too slow, try again. Or do you want to have him Sixshot?!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-19, 10:38 PM
It was at the point that Bludgeon dodged that Sixshot decided he'd had enough of both Skywarp's incessent commentry and moreso that Bludgeon was having all the fun.

Sixshot threw down his blasters and charged, head-long, towards Hound.

2003-09-19, 10:45 PM
Hound spun on his good foot and twisted so he could see Bludgeon and Skywarp. Sixshot was nearby, and closing, and Shockwave and the very large energy signature were also moving in.

Hound knew his one chance was for cover- and his holograms didn't work against the walking skeleton. Running was impossible with the damaged leg.
He brought his machine gun up swiftly and shot at the rock and sand cliff that they had come down in hopes that the dust would cover a retreat. As the dust rained down, he turned to dart into the scrub when Sixshot collided with him.

The impact sent Hound crashing backwards to the ground underneath the big sixchanger. Immediately, he began punching at the big Decepticon's head.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-19, 10:55 PM
"Oh come now, pathetic Autobot!"

Sixshot picked himself up, the autobot's blows seemingly having no effect.

"Get to your feet, if I'm gonna beat you beyond an inch of your life, I want you to have a fair shot..."

2003-09-19, 11:05 PM
With the heavier weight off of him, Hound got to his feet, quite a bit slower this time. Sideswipe was still staring with a look of horror... Hound shook his head and fixated on the big sixchanger in front of him.
He's toying with me. Built just like Quick Switch. Fast... but taller than me.

Hound glared as he looked up at Sixshot- and then he launched a missile in the close quarters and lunged to the side.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-19, 11:11 PM
Sixshot watched as Hound stood, he noted the injury just long enough to miss the missile that had just exploded under his feet.

Sixshot was dropped onto his back by the close-proximity detonation, he did nothing but lie there and laugh.

"Now we can play..."

Sixshot transformed to his tank mode and activated his close range scanners...

2003-09-19, 11:18 PM
lighter in weight, Hound was blown backward and against a tree by the explosion. He shook it off just in time to see Sixshot transform. Tank...- he thought instantaneously as he grabbed for a nearby rock. With the loss of fluids now, his systems were getting hot and his energy levels were dropping, but he charged forward with the rock as Sixshot drew a bead on him- intent on shoving it in the barrel.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-19, 11:37 PM
Sixshot realised that he couldn't get an accurate fix on Hound in the haze of all the dust put up by Hound's earlier shot. Frustrated, he switched back to his robot mode just in time for the rock that Hound was carrying to make contact with his face and drop Sixshot to a knee.

2003-09-19, 11:41 PM
Hound saw the figure in the dust change and he took his chance. He began to move as quickly as he could out into the scrub, trying to stay low to the ground.

Quick Switch
2003-09-20, 04:19 PM
Astrotrain shot Galvatron a quick perplexed glance- the war was on, now?- before smiling at Star Blade and clapping a hand on her shoulder.

"Excellent. Now prepare yourself for battle, my dear. It appears the Decepticons are about to take to the field!"

Astrotrain walked to his office and began attempting to coordinate all the new data- and prepare to gird the massive City on wartime footing.

2003-09-20, 06:08 PM
Bludgeon leaned casually against his sword, yet at the same time he seemed to be ready to slash out at any possible threat. "What is taking so long Sixshot?! Don't tell me you need help!"

2003-09-20, 07:02 PM
Near Fort Max

Darkwing, Dreadwind, Runabout and Runamuck hid near the massive Autobot Battle Station, waiting for the others to arrive.

2003-09-21, 01:46 AM
StarBlade showed momentary surprise at Astrotrain's reaction. I missed the kill, and he's not reprimanding me? This regime is much different that Megatron's.... When I missed during his regime, he damn near slagged me!

StarBlade nodded. "Yes sir!" Looking to Galvatron, she said, "With your permission, Lord?"

Quick Switch
2003-09-21, 05:05 PM
Astrotrain left the chamber, walking back to his office.

More planning needed to be done.

2003-09-22, 12:19 AM
The fury welled within Galvatron.

Galvatron: "Proceed then StarBlade...and do not fail me again..."

Galvatron turned and Starscream could see the rage building in his leaders optics.

Starscream: "You let her live...very generous of you sir."

Galvatron: "What good would a dead assassin do me in the coming weeks Starscream...there is still much we have to do. Cyclonus...its time you renewed your old feud with our dear Ultra Magnus...proceed with my blessing!"

Galvatron then entered Astrotrain's quarters: "You do not understand why I launched the attack do you?"

2003-09-22, 03:39 AM
Hatemonger followed Galvatron closely watching those he interacted with.

Was Starscream to be trusted? he thought then waited outside of Astrotrain's office.

Quick Switch
2003-09-22, 04:05 AM
"Just a bit uncertain, my Lord, because of the lack of a defined objective- except to destroy the Autobots," Astrotrain replied honestly. "But forgive my worrying. Your speech was excellent, and I am certain the motivated troops will be more than able to smash the Autobots."

However, he paused.

"You may certainly enlighten me, if you wish it. Perhaps then I will be able to more fully grasp your plan."

2003-09-22, 04:27 AM
Ramjet dutifully followed Astrotrain to his office, then took up a guard position outside. He silently watched Galvatron walk in. Then his attention turned to Hatemonger, who seemed to be loitering outside the office.
"Somethin' on your mind, General?"
Spinister shifted to robot mode as he arrived at the desert outpost. Not bothering to acknowledge Cryotek or the other Decepticons present, he walked into the armory section and began to look through a rack of warheads.
These will do, he decided.
Slipping two of the warheads into his launchers, he stored several others in subspace. Then he walked out of the armory, transformed to helicopter mode, and left as rudely as he arrived.

2003-09-22, 04:47 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Nothing more than how many Autobots sparks I will wipe out soon. Yourself?" he asked.


Cryotek laughed as the targetmaster took weapons. He really didn't care if a con was good or rude or whatever as the took weapons as long as the Autobots died tonight.

2003-09-22, 05:17 AM
Ramjet shrugged.
What was on his mind?
He'd been spoiling for a fight ever since the Quint attack. And his recent jaunt to rescue StarBlade hadn't quenched his desire. He hadn't even gotten to slag any Autobots. He might not get another chance like that for a long time. After all, his current job wasn't one that often gave him an opportunity for front-line combat.
But he'd never been one for dicussing his feelings, especially with relative strangers. So instead, he said the first thing that came to mind.
"I was thinking how I haven't crashed into anything in months," he told Hatemonger. Then, with an enthusiasm he didn't really feel, he added, "Maybe I'll get to knock some Aerialbots out of the sky soon."

2003-09-22, 01:39 PM
"You and me both." Hatemonger added.

Suddenly another thought crossed his mind. Though he was never one to question Galvatron, what if, what if this huge battle was a set up? Why he suddenly felt this was unknown to him, he just wondered. Hatemonger then shrugged off the odd feeling he had.

2003-09-22, 08:15 PM
StarBlade caught the fury in Galvatron's voice. Yikes! I'm glad he doesn't remember how many times I failed Megatron! Albeit it was only three times, but each time I was punished so severely I spent weeks recovering. "No, sir, I won't!"

StarBlade then turned and hurried away, before Galvatron could change his mind. Oh, am I one lucky assassin..... Next time, I take my time, and make sure the job is complete. I Will Not Fail again!

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-22, 08:27 PM
Be quiet you idiot!

Sixshot thought to himself as he stalked Hound through the undergrowth, if it wasn't for the wings - his wolf mode would be the ideal hunting form.

2003-09-22, 08:39 PM
Making his way through the brush, Hound heard Sixshot closing behind him. Pain was rippling up in his leg and his internal damages were starting to become noticeable. Fluids were dripping from his chest and running down his sides.
Can't outrun him, and I'm leaving a trail. No water here to cover- cover---- that's it!
Hound made for another ledge and carefully stepped over some brush to plaster himself hidden farther back along a scrub line of bushes, then cast a hologram of the ledge jutting farther out over the drop. He froze and waited, trying to take in his possibilities.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-22, 08:43 PM
Sixshot continued following the trail of spilt oil and fluids through the brush. He was an excellent tracker, of that there was no doubt and as he saw the edge of the cliff he knew something was wrong.


Sixshot's wolf head turned sharply to his left, the red optics glowed brightly, he knew his prey was near.

"Come out Autobot, ain't no place to hide now..."

2003-09-22, 08:47 PM
He didn't run off, maybe I can blow him off.

One rocket left... here goes.

Hound aimed carefully and fired at the big six changer.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-22, 08:49 PM
Sixshot reared up on his hind legs as the missile detonated in front of him, backing up he forgot about the false ledge and felt himself slip backwards over the edge.

2003-09-22, 08:55 PM
Looking up, Hound aspirated heavily trying to cool his engine. The heat and damage were wearing. With a drop to the side and Decepticons coming in, the only way out was up.
That won't keep him down long... if he's like Quick Switch. Gotta keep going.

Hound began a painful climb upwards.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-22, 09:00 PM
Sixshot swooped down the hill, his wings finally coming in useful, he flew high into the air before switching to his laser-pistol mode and floating above Hound.

"You should have made it easy on yourself"

Sixshot blasted at the mountain side above Hound.

2003-09-22, 09:16 PM
Rocks and sand came down in a massive rush. A larger rock caught Hound across a hand, causing him to yell and lose his grip with that hand. Just barely clinging by the remaining hand, he managed to hold on, but found the damaged hand was unable to grip. He gritted his teeth and rested his head against the rocky wall.
They're not trying to kill me, or they would've done it already. I'm not going to let them use me as a pawn. Gotta keep fighting.

Hound let go, and hit the tangle of rocks and sand below, his left leg collapsing underneath him as the support inside his knee broke. With a pained scream, he rolled slightly, and grabbed toward his chest with the undamaged hand.

2003-09-23, 04:04 AM
Ramjet took note of the strange look that seemed to pass over Hatemonger, but didn't comment on it. Rather, he replied to the other Decepticon's last comment.
"Let's hope we get that chance soon, General."

2003-09-23, 05:21 AM
Hatemonger looked at Ramjet.

"That is one thing I am sure of." he laughed.

2003-09-24, 06:31 AM
Galvatron gazed as the troops moved into their positions.

Galvatron: "You no doubt know of the idea of blitzkrieg warfare? Its a human term...but sums up how I once took several Autobot cities in the early Wars. Lightning war Astrotrain...massive, quick strikes...complete shock and surprise. The first objective is the complete destruction of Fort Maxx. Upon completion of that, we will proceed to crush and push the Autobot Forces...eventually destroying Autobot City...the final push will wipe out all other Autobot resistance...then the humans will fall in a matter of hours."

Galvatron tossed some plans on the desk...

Galvatron: "With this being the final objective..."

2003-09-26, 03:24 PM
StarBlade entered her quarters, and once the door shut, she leaned against it, and relaxed.

"Cripes. I thought Megatron mad was scary.... Galvatron is even more so.... Not surprising, given what Astrotrain told me, that Galvatron is just a reformatted Megatron. But, I swear as a Decepticon, I will not fail again..."

StarBlade opened her sub-space compartment and took out her rifle, and her kill log. Moving over to a desk and chair, she sat, placing the rifle on the desk. With a single press of a button, she activated the log. Moving through her list, she smirked at the varied names, and the occasional Decepticon name. Coming to her last name, she shook her head. The last entry was a kill she never had a chance to make. Selecting that entry, she replaced the name with "Ultra Magnus". In the "Status" box, she entered in "Seriously Wounded, Intent to Kill". She would take out Magnus, no matter what. She would not let this failure remain a failure.

After saving the new entry, StarBlade turned the log off, and replaced it in her compartment, then turned to retooling her rifle back into its original form-her twin lasers.

2003-09-26, 03:28 PM
Windslice crept through the darkened lower corridors once again. He had entered somewhere around here he just had to find where and then he was on his way to.... where ever it was the Autobot's were. He still had to find this base of theirs. He looked at a wall out of the corner of his eyes figuring it couldn't be that thick. "Hmmmmm" he thought stopping and staring at the wall in deep thought.

2003-09-26, 03:54 PM
ooc: At Zarak's request...

Hound reached across his chest to grab his machine gun. Aiming upwards, he began firing at Sixshot's underside, when suddenly a single shot ripped through his right hand.

The gun fell across his chest as Shockwave and Overlord approached.

"Enough of this game. You are wasting our time and energy. Overlord, take him to Metrotitan. It is time to return. Let us go and report to Astrotrain."

As the giant hand closed around him, Hound caught a last glimpse out over the mountain range, the fading blue sky reflecting in his dimming optics. Optimus...

Quick Switch
2003-09-26, 07:09 PM
"I'm familiar with the term," Astrotrain replied, looking over the plans briefly. "Define more fully, My Lord!"

The Triple Changer looked up at the mentioning of the 'final objective'.

Quick Switch
2003-09-26, 08:54 PM
The Metrodrone clanked along the hallway and reached Soundwave's quarters.

He entered.

"Commander Astrotrain requires your services Soundwave," the smaller version of Metrotitan said crisply. "Report to his office."

2003-09-26, 09:10 PM
Soundwave's qaurters

Two thin red slits permeated in the inky black darness off the room. All was silent.

With the words of the metrodrone still ringing in the dark, the red eyes widened and the booming metallic voice rasped to life...

"Very well" rasped Soundwave.

A click sounded and the lights came on.

Soundwave, revealed, sitting king-like on his shinning metallic throne. lying scattered about the floor and hanging from the rafters were a scattered group of robotic animals and robots.

"Casseticons. Return." spoke Soundwave

Within seconds, the animals had becomed casettes, which neatly jumped, transformed and fell neatly into the awaiting tapes slot which was crested with the decipticon logo upon the Communications officer's chest.

As the last of the group returned to it's master, Soundwave signalled the metrodrone that he was ready.

He exitted the chamber and strode off down the corridor...

Quick Switch
2003-09-26, 09:22 PM
The Metrodrone smirked, slightly, then walked off, message delivered.

2003-09-26, 09:52 PM
Soundwave strode into Astrotrain's office and, seeing the commander in the room, smoothly brought himself to attention and waited for his orders.

2003-09-27, 02:55 AM
Overlord and Shockwave began the trek back to Metrotitan and Shockwave picked up his communicator as they neared the base some time later.
"Commander Astrotrain, this is Shockwave reporting. We have been successful and the quarry unit is in custody. It is my determination that the Autobot will need repairs to continue base functions. What are your orders?"

Quick Switch
2003-09-27, 03:11 AM
Metrotitan patched the signal into Astrotrain's office- the Triple Changer put up a hand of ackonwledgement to Soundwave.

"Place the Autobot in the Brig, Shockwave, I'll scramble the Constructicons shortly for repairs. Well done."

2003-09-27, 03:31 AM
"Affirmative Astrotrain. Overlord will take the Autobot to the brig. I have confirmed his identity. It is the Autobot scout, Hound. I will bring you his weapons."

Shockwave clicked off and motioned to Overlord. "Disarm him and give me his weapons, and then take him to the brig for containment. See that he does not try to escape."

Overlord nodded and carefully opened a large fist, releasing a shower of leaking fluid. Moments later, he handed Shockwave Hound's machine gun, rocket launcher and hologun, before reclosing his fist and moving inside toward the brig.

Shockwave studied the weapons for a moment and then muttered to himself, "Primitive weapons, except for the hologun." He lost interest and began walking toward Astrotrain's office.

2003-09-27, 04:10 AM
Spinister landed on Metrotitan's helipad, transformed, and walked into the base. Sending his Nebulan partners off to their quarters to get some rest, he sat down at the first public computer terminal he could find and began to call up data. Geographical and tactical files, as well as biographical data on the current Autobot command staff streamed across his screen.
As he read the files, a small smile began to form behind his faceplate.
That could work, he mused.
He called up a file on human politics, and smiled a bit more at what he saw.
Logging off the terminal, Spinister turned and headed for Astrotrain's office.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-27, 09:42 AM
Sixshot, now back in his robot mode, was annoyed that such an honourable opponent had not received the ultimate prize -- his own death. That and that alone left a very sour taste in Sixshot's mouth, but now he had his taste of combat he began to thirst for more.

"Shockwave, what is the position of the Decepticon fleet, are they ready to deploy?"

2003-09-27, 02:34 PM
Windslice wanted out and he was about to get what he wanted but then he saw him. Hound! "An autobot" he whispered watching Overlord carry the autobot scout in. So much for leaving he processed as he crept up behind the two decepticons and silently followed them.

2003-09-27, 03:32 PM
"Indeed. If Galvatron has given an attack order... we should join our brethen in this assault." Bludgeon, who had been following the others closely, spoke.

Meanwhile within Metrotitan...

"My lord... before I go after Ultra Magnus... may I inquire if you are mobilizing any of our citycons to attack Fortress Maximus?" Cyclonus asked from the one mechanoid he respected more than anything else.

2003-09-27, 03:42 PM
"What are your orders Commander?" grated Soundwave, still waiting patiently for instruction from Astrotrain.

2003-09-28, 05:08 AM
Spinister arrived at Astrotrain's office, and nodded slightly to Ramjet.
"Is the commander in?"
"Yeah," the conehead answered, "but he's busy. I can't let ya in."
"I disagree," Spinister replied, brushing past the bodyguard. "My business in important."
"A-Train is meeting with Galvatron," Ramjet shot back, grabbing the Targetmaster's arm as he passed. "Your business can wait."
"Very well," he replied, shrugging off the seeker's hand. "I'll wait. Inside."
As Spinister keyed open the office door, Ramjet clamped his hand on the Targetmaster's shoulder.
"I said you can't go...in..."
His words trailed off as he caught sight of the Cons who they had interupted. Ramjet's optics sought for Astrotrain.
"Sir?" Ramjet asked, "Ya got time for Spinister, or should I get rid of him?"

2003-09-28, 07:48 AM
Shockwave paused as Overlord headed away in a separate direction.

"Affirmative Bludgeon. Galvatron has ordered an attack upon the Autobot bases. This will call for precise execution. Sixshot, you and Bludgeon may begin positioning yourselves with the rest of the troops outside Metrotitan in preparation for the attack. They are about to deploy. I will join you as soon as I have produced our results for Commander Astrotrain. Well done. Commander Astrotrain was pleased with the success."

Shockwave turned and continued walking toward Astrotrain's office.
Overlord made his way to the brig. His size made it difficult to manuever further into the halls, so he reached an arm down the hall and felt for a table inside a cell. He set Hound down on it, and then shut the cell door, listening for the clang of the lock. Once he heard the clang, he released Mega and Giga to go keep a guard directly outside the cell while he stayed at the entrance to the security wing.

Feeling himself released, Hound opened his optics slightly. He found he was lying crossways on a table in a well-lit security cell. Slowly, he brought his good leg up onto the table and then lay still, shutting his optics again.

2003-09-28, 07:44 PM
Windslice hid in the shadows as he watched Overlord walk past him. The green optics looked out as he quietly stepped into the main corridor looking right into the brig. Two decepticons were standing guard. He'd attempt to bluff to get past them for now. What he doesn't need is every decepticon here looking for him, especially with that big one right behind him. He stepped into the room and looked at Mega then Giga and finally Hound getting a sadistic smile.

"Oooooo an Autobot!" he said with a high pitched squeal to rival even Starscream's vocal tone "Anyway I can torture him a little?" he asked rubbing his hands together.

2003-09-29, 02:42 AM
Mega and Giga watched Windslice approach without much concern. Mega looked up at him and then looked over her shoulder. "No, 'fraid not. Commander Astrotrain gave specific orders to capture this one and lock him up."
Giga nodded. "Besides, from the amount of holes in him and the amount of dripping outside of him, I wouldn't say he's gonna be around much longer anyway."

Inside the cell, Hound was fighting to keep his processors running. In a hazy state, he heard an excited voice and saw what looked like two humans and a Decepticon outside the crackling bars.

Torture... so that's what they want. Let them try... the human might be right. I won't betray my friends.

In a rasping voice, Hound forced himself to talk between fading in and out of awareness.
"Let... him try. I won't... give in to... Decep... cons."

2003-09-29, 03:18 AM
Windslice cackled as he heard Hound speak after the two infront of him. "But he wants me to torture him! Listen! Just let me go at him for a little bit!" He smiled sadistically stepping up to the cell past the two nebulans "I'm sure there is much someone of my talents and calibre can get out of him to please the commander for breaking the rules"

He gave an evil laugh as he looked down at Hound but abruptly stopped looking back at the two smaller robot looking things giving a twisted smirk "Unless you prefer I did you two... I don't mind" he kept rubbing his hands together. He was really hoping they bought it, he hated acting like this.

2003-09-29, 03:31 AM
Mega and Giga looked unimpressed. Mega yawned. "You lay a finger on those bars and you'll be vaped faster than you can say 'slag off'.

Giga frowned, but shook his head. "Threaten us again, and you'll be squashed by Overlord in a matter of microseconds. And it would still do you no good Decepticon. Once the bars are shut, only Galvatron, Shockwave or Astrotrain can unlock them. Metrotitan listens to them and them alone."

Mega glanced at Giga. "If he's so anxious to get in there, maybe we should ask Overlord to give him a room of his own."

Hound shuddered briefly while his repair systems struggled to maintain the energy output and then he lapsed into unconsciousness again.

"Moot notion anyway big guy. Looks like this one's going into a stasis lock." Mega said. "Say, why aren't you with the other Decepticons getting ready to attack?"

2003-09-29, 07:04 PM
Galvatron continued to gaze outwardly.

Galvatron: "Its simple Astrotrain...with the autobots crushed and the full access of earth's resources we will have all that we need to construct a new war world...this will allow us to take our vision to the far reaches of the Cosmos."

Galvatron then turned to face Astrotrain.

Galvatron: "The Liege Maximo designed the Trons for a purpose...we were meant to serve as generals to take the Decepticon/Cybertronian legacy to the farthest points of space. He himself did that upon leaving Cybertron. Cybertron is not the final step Astrotrain...overthrowing the very yoke of the Liege, rekindling the severed bond with our lost decepticon brothers, becoming one again...that is the final step. Jhiaxus was a fool, but he had vision...our destiny is not simply Earth or even Cybertron Astrotrain...we are born for so much more...and this is the key...this is where it starts...not with one War World...but a fleet...giving us the power to crush the Quints, granting us our homeland...and giving us the ultimate War World."

Galvatron stopped for a moment and looked dead on Astrotrain.

Galvatron: "However...I need a new Admiral...a new second in command. Gigatron has made it very clear that he is no longer able to be in command...it will take months for him to be fully operational again. Therefore, the choice is yours Astrotrain...as is the offer...do you want the power?"

Quick Switch
2003-09-29, 07:33 PM
"My Lord," Astrotrain said, signalling to the subordinates waiting to be received to hold just a moment longer, "I accept the position and shall serve as your Admiral and second, for the good of the Empire."

Astrotrain came to attention smartly, and threw up a textbook salute.

"Hail Galvatron."

2003-09-29, 08:06 PM
Spinister shrugged Ramjet's hand off and came to attention, his face impassive. Ramjet stared in shock for a moment, until a nudge from the Targetmaster caused him to straighten. The two of them echoed Astrotrain's salute, Spinister with smooth deliberateness, Ramjet quickly and sharply.
"Hail Galvatron."

Quick Switch
2003-09-30, 03:11 AM
"This assignment should be interesting," Hook sniffed, examining his tools again.

"Astrotrain didn't say what type of repairs he needed, needed, needed!" Mixmaster cackled, examining the various beakers of acid.

"We'll have to work that human-lover over a little- pity that," Bonecrusher chortled, cracking his knuckles. "Loosen the old plating, eh, Long Haul?"

"Loosen, loosen, loosen!" Long Haul griped. "That's all I ever do-"

Scavenger broke in:

"Ooooh, I don't know about this guys! Astrotrain gave specific instructions that-"

"Silence! I know what the instructions from Commander Astrotrain are, Scavengah!" Scrapper groused.

The Constructicons appeared in the corridor.

Hook frowned at sighting Windslice, dismissing him with a glance.

"Human germs!" Scavenger said, indicating the two Nebulans.

"Out of the way, flesh creatures! Now!" Scrapper said, gesturing with a weilding torch.

2003-09-30, 03:33 AM
Mega and Giga backed up instinctively as the Constructicons approached. When Scrapper turned towards them with the welder, Giga sidestepped rapidly.
"Let's go. I don't wanna be around when they start working."

Mega nodded. "Right. Overlord will be waiting for us anyway.

Giga got halfway down the hall and paused momentarily. "Should we do something about the vulture?"

"Nah, noone would take on the Constructicons. Besides, Overlord is at the end of the hall if there are troubles."

A dim glow began showing in Hound's optics as he fought off the system shutdown briefly again. He processed the absence of the hum of the energy bars slowly and then figures... lime green in color.

them... so now it comes.
He waited until a form got near enough and then with the fading bits of his energy, Hound tried to backhand the constructicon.

2003-09-30, 03:46 AM
Windslice ignored the two nebulons looking at Hound hiding his sadness seeing an Autobot like this not given the honour of death in combat. He reached around to his back grabbing the end of one of his blades pulling it from the rotor. It transformed quickly into a katana energo-sword. He turned it on it's side slipping it in between the bars to Hound's shoulder pressing it juste above the metal peeling the Autobrand off and pulling it out of the cell and to his hand.

"There Autobot... now I have something to assure you will see me again... your autobrand" he cackled suddenly turning to see the Constructicons. CONSTRUCTICONS! he thought looking at them intently not moving from infront of the cell.

"What do you want?!"

Quick Switch
2003-09-30, 03:46 AM
"Run back to Overlord, germs!" Scavenger called, to Bonecrusher and Long Haul's raucous laughter.

"We're doing work, so shut up," Bonecrusher said to Windslice. Long Haul chortled with a "yeah!" as the crew tromped inside the cell.

"Pathetic," Hook sighed. "Megatron would never have allowed the binding process with such inferior creatures."

"Mighty Megatron would not have done many things," Scrapper echoed, ignoring the organics as they fled, inconsequentially (how else?) down the hallway.

Mixmaster gibbered madly, but let himself get hit by the blow. It sent a beaker of acid tumbling into Hound.

"Whoooops! I dropped it, it, it!"

2003-09-30, 04:05 AM
The beaker of acid hit the table and splattered across the floor, Hound's chest, waist and left arm. Immediately, a hiss went up from the contact points, the paint and metal surfaces bubbled and disintegrated. Hound doubled up and writhed from the painful dissolving of the metallic skin and nerve relays underneath, teeth gritted and optics shut tight. With the undamaged leg, he launched a last kick at another Constructicon before collapsing backwards, arms folded over his chest, his energy gone.

2003-09-30, 04:11 AM
Windslice couldn't stand this, He hated watching this happened. Even as a full fledged Decepticon he wasn't fond of it. Maybe it was Bonecrusher's remark, or maybe it was the acid on Hound but he reacted the only way he knew how. He pulled his sword up putting the tip with in millimeters of the back of Mixmaster's head.

"Be more careful next time then" he said in a grizzeled non-highpitched voice staring at the back of the chemist fighting every urge to thrust the sword forward and end his existance.

Quick Switch
2003-09-30, 04:30 AM
"Touch him and die, idiot," Bonecrusher replied to Windslice, not impressed.

"We're workin' here!" Long Haul said, shoving Mixmaster out of the way (who still chortled, oblivious to just being threatened.

The kick connected with Scavenger's midsection, sending him reeling back into the wall.

"Disconnect all motor relays and winch servos," Scrapper relayed smoothly, almost bored. Breaking the ninnies was just to easy. The fun part wouldn't start until later.

Hook smirked, optic band flashing.

"I may have to move slowly...can't afford to make any mistakes, now can we, Hound?" The surgical engineer approached with a surgical saw.

2003-09-30, 04:47 AM
With the last of his energy spent with the kick, the autobot scout began to fade into unconsciousness again.
Can't fight... anymore.If I've served well... let them succeed.

"Finish... 'con."

Fading in and out of awareness, Hound's optics dimmed as Hook moved in.

Quick Switch
2003-09-30, 05:01 AM
Scrapper was at Hound's side before he was even aware, already unscrewing his braincase, and starting to pull and prod expertly with his scalpel.

Mixmaster began working on a new checmical compounds.

"Finish?" Hook snorted, revving the saw so Hound could hear, "I haven't even begun, wretch."

As Hook moved in, Scrapper increased Hound's pain receptor to maximum as the saw contacted alloy, steel, and frame. Mixmaster began pouring acid coatings, as Bonecrusher and Long Haul began dismantling Hound's outer plating, none too gently.

Scrapper's rasped laughter could be heard above the dull roar.

2003-09-30, 05:04 AM
Windslice looked at Bonecrusher and then shook his head pulling the blade back. If you only knew he thought with the urge still pulsating too kill all six of these Decepticon's, show them what it is like an enemy who is standing and functional instead of a downed victim. He turned away and re-attached the blade to the rotor holding the autobrand in hand and turning for the exit. He had to find the Autobots.

2003-09-30, 10:26 PM
Soundwave soon tired off the wait. Astrotrain was obviously pre-occupied with more important matters. This was typical of other robots, some Decepticons being the worst culprits...they considered their own self-indulgence for power more important than what really mattered: cold, logical CONTROL. Whilst he was standing here, he was idling away time which could be productively used in working on one of the many schemes he had in motion.

Silently, he released Laserbeak from his chest panel. On a hidden wavelength he communicated with the gold metallic condor: Laserbeak, seek and find the cause of the disturbance...IMMEDIATELY! . Laserbeak soared without sound through the open door of Astrotrain's office and into the corridor, sensors alert, seeking, watching...

Soundwave attuned his audio receptors to scan various different wavelengths. He had every cofidence that he'd know what was going on very soon. After all, that was his job...

2003-10-01, 06:11 PM
Galvatron then turned one last time.

Galvatron: "Astrotrain...deploy the fleet...full attack. However, send a small but powerful battery and artillery deployment right at the front line of the Autobots, however, utilize the bulk of our forces to flank them...they'll be expecting us to hit them head on...and we'll simply flank them and use a pincer movement to crush them!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-01, 08:26 PM
Sixshot stood amongst the Decepticon ranks. He looked about him. Warriors all of them, but he knew that their mission ahead would not be an easy one.

2003-10-02, 05:34 AM
Squeezeplay stood near the outer edge of the still-forming array of Decepticons. Even his Headmaster's influence wasn't enough to lessen the warrior's eager anticipation of the carnage to come. And no matter what Lokos tried to tell him, there was only one thought running through Squeezeplay's head. One word.

2003-10-02, 09:44 AM
Outside of the Decepticon base, KatasTrofiK waits for the order. That vital command from those in charge that will send them, him, into battle, to his death if need be. It was a grim though, but a comforting one nonetheless. In battle, all he had to rely on is himself; if he fails, he dies, if he succeeds, then he will function for another day.

It all came down to one thing; kill, or be killed.

He steels himself before transforming to his battle car mode, and waiting among his bretheren.


Looking around him, Clench realised that the army gathered in his presence was of the likes he has never seen. Warriors one and all. All willing to give up their very existance for the final victory.

He smiles.

This was what being a Decepticon was all about...

2003-10-02, 04:17 PM
StarBlade finished with her preparations and replaced her tool kit. Looking down at her twin laser rifles, the assassin gave a wicked grin. She was a dangerous fighter on the ground, and in the air, unless she was hitting high speeds. For her, the moment she focused on a target was the moment she caused their death, for the most part. There were times when she often caused lingering deaths, simply by placing her shots in strategic points on the body.... Or when she simply failed in her objective, like the Magnus mission. Ah, but that wasn't getting her anywhere.

StarBlade placed her rifles in their holsters, and stood up. Shutting her optics for a mere micro-second, she focused all her thoughts onto the upcoming battle. When they opened, they flashed a dangerous red, then returned to their normal color. Turning, StarBlade left her quarters, and moved quickly to where she knew the others would be waiting.

Quick Switch
2003-10-02, 11:08 PM
"As you command, My Lord!" Astrotrain replied. "Trypticon, Black Zarak- transform to robot mode. Destination: North America, Autobot Headquarters."

Astrotrain turned to Galvatron.

"The cities will pound the front lines, allowing for the next phase to commence-"

Astrotrain depresed the City-wide comm unit.

"Decepticons Deploy! Destination: Autobot Headquarters! All units will adopt flanking procedures, and swing to the rear of the Autobot positions as Black Zarak and Trypticon assault the front lines."

Astrotrain then activated an internal comm message.

"Soundwave, Thunderwing, Counterpunch, report and/or remain here to receive specific orders."

He also indicated Spinister, since the Targetmaster had apparently wanted to see him as well.

Trypticon and Black Zarak transformed wordlessly and lifted off.


Thunderwing received the message. He'd found the other undesirable, and had disposed of his personally.

"This should be interesting, what?" He chuckled, making his way t the command wing of Metrotitan.

2003-10-03, 04:08 AM
Spinister nodded slightly to Astrotrain, but would remain silent until he was adressed. However, he did activate his comm unit and send a short message to his Nebulans, ordering them to make their way towards Astrotrain's office.
Ramjet, still behind the Targetmaster, stood with his arms crossed. He was not willing to leave his master's side while so many...unsavoury 'Cons were in the room. However, his spark burned with a desire to run out of the room and and head for Autobot headquarters as fast as his engines would take him.
Singe and Hairsplitter were lounging around the common room of Metrotitan's Organic Quarters Wing when Astrotrain's announcement came over the intercomm.
"So how long until Spinny shows up and drags us off?" Singe asked idly.
Hairsplitter held up a hand, then began counting seconds. "Five, four, three, two, one..."
Just then, a nearby companel began to flash.
"That would be him," Hairsplitter said as he walked over to the panel and read the message.
"Let's go," he said. "We've been summoned."
"Astrotrain's office. We're supposed to wait for him there."
The two Nebulans started walking.

2003-10-03, 03:18 PM
Shockwave made his way up to Astrotrain's office with the weapons, noting the other Decepticons gathered.
Inefficient processes, he thought as he went to Astrotrain's desk and set down the hologun. Uncerimoniously, he plunked the other weapons down on a counter a short distance away, and then waited.
Getting back to Overlord, Giga shuddered slightly as tortured screams echoed up the hall. Mega glanced sideways at him. "We should've put that guy out before they got there."
Giga shook his head. "Wouldn't have made much difference unless we had killed him. They'd have brought him around anyway. And if we had put him out of his misery, we'd probably be the ones on that table."

Mega frowned. "What do they want him for? He can't possibly give information while he's in that condition."
Shrugging, Giga moved up to Overlord. "I dunno. They brought supplies with them like they were going to fix him, but you're right. I don't think they're after information."

2003-10-03, 08:56 PM
Laserbeak had spent the last 5 mintues weaving his way around the Decepticon base without any signs of there being anything out of the ordinary. His every sensors were attuned to the surrounding area and there was anything, he was sure to pick it u.....

There was something...

Laserbeak stopped and landed on an overhead pipe shaft, he listened to the noise which his receptors where receiving.


Soundwave was instantly aware of Laserbeaks startled findings. He listened intently as the condor reported.


Counterpunch awoke from a troubled dream to hear the sound of Astrotrain's voice blaring over the base intercom. The voice rang with menace and danger....Astrotrain was not to be trusted. He touched gingerly at his head, it felt as normal. Quickly, he arose and made off for the Commander's quarters.


The metal gleaming condor, having analysed the signals, decided to go straight to their source. This lead him to a sealed-off lab tucked away deep inside the base...to a room...guarded by 2 thugs. Within, he detected the barely functioning remains of the Autobot scout...Hound.....

2003-10-04, 03:31 AM
The Seacons transformerd into Piranacon and walked with the rest of the armies ready to fight.


Cryotek smiled and flew in dragon mode scanning the area.

Hatemonger waited, he knew he mission and would make sure Galvatron survived, or he would at least die trying.

2003-10-04, 03:51 AM
Squeezeplay shifted to crab mode and began to join the hordes of Decepticons moving off into the distance. His claws snapped together unconciously in anticipation of the carnage to come.

2003-10-04, 09:45 AM
The idle engine of KatasTrofiK roars into life as he begins to follow the front running Decepticons.

At last.


Clench heard the command from his Lord and smirked. Transforming to his truck mode, he too moves forward with the Decepticon army.

2003-10-05, 02:41 PM
Hatemonger was looking over his system data, getting ready for battle and to be a protector for Galvatron when he had an idea.

"Lord Galvatron about our current battle tactics, you wish to have a three pronged strike with the center force cutting up and through with the two side groups pinchering them in correct?

Well since we now have three city sized transformers, with Metrotitan, Trypiticon and Scorpnok as well as a sizable number of gestalts and other formadable forces. Why not have a city transformer and some of the gestalt groups in each of our three strikes? Also, what gestalts do we currently have? I have seen the Predacons, Seacons and Constructicons at some point and time while here." he asked and awaited a reply.

Aero Blade
2003-10-05, 06:06 PM
Tracer moved along with the rest of the ranks of troops, keeping his weapon ready. He knew the seriousness of the battle about to begin, but he also felt his own anticipation of the figting ahead. The thought of a chance to kill the Autobots was almost irresistable, but he kept patience. The time for fighting would come soon enough...

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-05, 07:41 PM
"Why are you all standing around like cowards?!"

Sixshot was impatient at the lack of movement in the Decepticon ranks.

"You should be ashamed to wear the badge of the Decepticons."

Sixshot transformed and blasted into the breaking blue sky.

"Let me show you fools how a real warrior fights!"

2003-10-06, 12:19 PM
StarBlade arrived just in time to see Sixshot take off, after insulting those still on the ground. Chuckling, she turned to the nearest one, Tracer, she believed, and asked him a question.

"So, do we know the plans, or are we just attacking blind? I have a tendency to miss communiques while preparing for a battle..."

Quick Switch
2003-10-06, 11:26 PM
"Very good," Astrotrain said, after giving the summoning commands. He turned to the communications officer. "Soundwave, there's a prisoner I want you to work on, he's being held in the Main Brig. The Constructicons should be finishing up work on him now. I want the full treatment- this one's a keeper. Scrapper should have your requisite compensation. That will be all."

Astrotrain tried to keep his expression level.

Thunderwing appeared, crossing his arms and standing next to Shockwave.

"Thank you for your promptness, Thunderwing," Astrotrain said easily. "Shockwave, you, Thunderwing and Counterpunch- who has not quite arrived- are going to be detached for a very important mission rather shortly. For now, hold off for just a moment."

The City Commander motioned Spinister forward.

"Spinister, go ahead. What is it you wished to see me about?"

2003-10-07, 01:21 AM
Spinister nodded to Astrotrain, stepping forward.
"I have been giving a great deal of thought to what may occur in the aftermath of the battle we are heading into," the Targetmaster began. "It seems clear to me that any Autobots that escape our attack will attempt to obtain aid from the humans. As it stands, there are many who would help them. It occurs to me that our job would become much more simple if we could prevent that. If we could drive a wedge between the Autobots and the humans who would support them."
Spinister smiled slightly behind his faceplate, and said, "I believe I've found a way to do just that, Admiral."
Sparkstalker heard Sixshot's taunt.
The Firecon was, of course, near the back of the Decepticon ranks. But he was offended by the Sixchanger's words nonetheless. He knew that he was moving as fast as his pathetic little wings could carry him. Of course, that wasn't nearly fast enough to avoid being overtaken by even the slowest air-based Decepticon, and most of the ground troops as well.
I'll never understand why they drag me along to these Primus-forsaken battles, he thought. I'm sure they could find someone more fearsome-looking than me...
Longing to be behind his desk in the Cryptography department, Sparkstalker managed to turn his mind to the battle ahead, and flapped his wings just a bit harder.

Quick Switch
2003-10-07, 01:40 AM
"I'm intrigued," Astrotrain said, moving to sit behind his desk and steepling his hands. He shot a cursory glance at Ramjet as if in thought, then said: "Continue, Spinister."

Thunderwing tried to stifle a smirk and rolled his optics slightly. He leaned up against a wall, still standing close to Shockwave.

Targetmaster playing at tactician, what? Amusing.

2003-10-07, 02:48 AM
Spinister noticed Thunderwing's contempt, but ignored it. He had no respect for the aristocrat as it was, and simply didn't care what he thought.
Pulling a datapad from subspace, the Targetmaster looked at Astrotrain, then continued.
"The Autobots have located their base of operations in a tactically sound area. However, they seem to have neglected to take into account the more obsure elements of thier environment."
He pressed a few buttons on his datapad, activating a hologram. One section, a few miles north-west of the Autobot base, was highlighted.
"This," Spinister indicated the highlighted area, "is what humans refer to as a 'wildlife preserve.' They desginate these areas as habitats for species that are incapable of adapting to the changing environment of thier world. Though the various types of sub-sentient life that lives here are useless to the humans, they preserve them nonetheless. In fact, they consider the area to be a national treasure.
"The area has no use for us. No usable resources. However, it does have an abundance of trees, making it easy to destroy."
He smiled to himself once more.
"What I propose is this: we lure a group of Autobots into the forest. And then we burn it. The humans that investigate the fire will find Autobot tire tracks and Autobot footprints. Perhaps even Autobot corpses. The blame for the destruction of the humans' precious inferior species will fall on our enemies, making the humans far less trusting of them in the future."
Spinister deactivated his hologram, waiting for a response.
Ramjet jumped slightly when he realized that Astrotrain was looking at him. Truth be told he had been zoning out, his mind filled with the urge for combat. Not quite sure what his commander had intended, the conehead straightened slightly and pretended to pay attention to Spinister's silly little presentation.

Aero Blade
2003-10-07, 03:10 AM
Tracer turned slightly to note Starblade's question. "As far as I last heard from Lord Galvatron, his orders were simply to give the Autobots hell, and as much of it as we can muster, something I'm quite looking forward to..." Tracer answered, holding his blaster ready with a smirk.

2003-10-07, 07:03 PM
The femme-con gave Tracer a wicked grin as he answered her query.

"OOooh....Sounds like fun." An assassin, saying something was fun? Uh, oh! Either she had snapped, or was looking for payback. "Maybe I'll get that 'Bot who screwed me out of a kill...." Her grin turned to one of pure evil as she cntemplated that one.....

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-07, 08:20 PM
Sixshot stopped in mid-air as he realised he was alone.

"Sixshot to Galvatron. Might I suggest a little force in moving along your troops. They're slower to battle than a herd of elephants."

Sixshot landed, easily beyond visual recognisation distance, waiting for the Decepticon fleet.

2003-10-07, 08:56 PM
Wrec-Gar dragged Dreadwind's beaten carcass into a energon cell. He tossed the limp body inside, then activated the bars.

He then headed back to join the other Autobots in preparation for what was coming.

2003-10-09, 03:12 PM
Clench had heard Sixshots' contemtous statement from afar as he trundled along with the army.

A Decepticon with passion. They don't make them like that anymore...

He pushed harder forward, spurned on by the scathing remark of the far of warrior.

Unfortunately, speed was never my strong point.


KatasTrofiK had also heard Sixshot's words, and it made his fluid boil inside.

I may not be the fastest 'Con, but this is getting ridiculus. Driving there is simply not good enough.

KatasTrofiK puts on a sudden burst of speed before pushing of the ground and transforming from battle car to 'plane.

Going to use more fuel, but I'll be scrap before I'm last into a battle

Quick Switch
2003-10-09, 03:32 PM
"I'll consider it," Astrotrain replied to Spinister. He nodded. "Join the other troops being deployed, if you please. Hopefully your plan will not be needed in the aftermath of this assault...but even so..."

The Triple Changer smiled, signalling that Spinister was dimissed.

His gaze shifted to Thunderwing, Counterpunch, and Shockwave.

"Now then! To other business."

Thunderwing straightened up, amused.


Trypticon and Black Zarak flew, unopposed, toward the Autobot positions in their attack modes.

"Trypticon crush Metroplex," the saurian city roared.

"Zarak shall terminate Fortress Maximus," the scorpion structure replied.

Both cities roared with laughter. Which nearly matched the strenghts of their massive propulsion systems in flight.

2003-10-10, 03:55 AM
Spinister came to attention and sketched a textbook salute. Turning on his heel, he walked out of Astrotrain's office. Moving seemingly at random through the city's corridors, he very quickly came upon his two Nebulan partners.
"What the..." Singe trailed off.
Hairsplitter, on the other hand, had gotten quite used to his partner appearing out of nowhere.
"Ah, there you are," the Nebulan said. "We were just going to meet you."
"Of course you were," Spinister replied flatly. Reaching down, he scooped up the two Nebulans and deposited them on his shoulders.
"We have work to do."
Heading swiftly out the nearest exit, Spinister transformed and joined the ranks of departing Decepticons.

God Jinrai
2003-10-10, 03:25 PM
several hours had passed since Victory Saber had executed the sub orbital manuver... he'd been drifting above the globe, and finally caught sight of carbombiya's massive desert...

"Let's do this... fast. and get that scout out of there!" Victory Leo's voice roared over the internal comm

"Easy now. You'll get your destron busting in, but we need to get him OUT of there in one piece too."

"Then perhaps separate modes would be more approprieate here?" " Perhaps. But we need to stick close, as this is a massive complex... and the Victory Combination may be needed before long."

VL went silent, and starsaber took that as a sign.

The massive craft dove from its sub-orbital post, dropping like a shooting star across the sky, headed directly for metrotitan...

Quick Switch
2003-10-12, 12:45 AM
Scrapper craned his head about-

"Lazerbeak," the Constructicon leader chortled. The others finished up and examined their handiwork. "As always a pleasure..."

Where the condor flew, his master was not far behind.


"Here is the objective," Astrotrain said. "Shockwave, Thunderwing, Counterpunch- you three are to journey to the United Nations building, capture the Autobot known as Smokescreen, and bring him to Metrotitan. Use necessary force, but no human casualties are permitted."

"Consider it done," Thunderwing smiled broadly, looking at Shockwave in amusement.

2003-10-12, 02:58 AM
<sorry this reply is a little late...work, life, etc>

Soundwave strode from Commander Astrotrain's office. Orders at last, ringing in his twisted brain. The orders had come seconds after Laserbeak had informed him of a certain autobot scout languishing in the bowls of the base...Hound.

Guess who was getting the job of messing with his already fragile mind....Soundwave rubbed his hands together in a most sadistic fashion. His evil brain was already tossing and turning over what methods of data extraction and torment he could inflict upon the prisoner...Hound would become his puppet...his plaything. Whatever it was that passed for a smile on this Transformer passed across his face...

Laserbeak detected that the Constructicons had spotted his presence, lurking in the shadows. His master had already issued his return to Astrotrain's office, for further duties. He lifted from his present position and flew off.

Counterpunch lsitened to the instructions from Astrotrain. He shuddered - these were the most difficult parts of the undercover work - when he actually had to perform as a decepticon warrior - this meant firing upon autobot comrades sometimes... He nodded in agreement of his orders and joined Thunderwing en route to the outisde world...


Sig removal

Quick Switch

2003-10-12, 03:59 AM
StarBlade grinned at the idea of getting a chance to wipe out the Autobots once and for all. Taking off in robot mode, once airborne, she transformed into her jet mode, and followed after the other Decepticons.

Quick Switch
2003-10-12, 04:10 AM
"The usual," Hook said as Soundwave appeared. He smirked, handing over a data tape. "You'll find the highest quality filtration was used," Hook drawled.

"Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!" Mixmaster chortled. Long Haul and Bonecrusher tidied up the remaining tools.

"Don't have too much fun," Scrapper rasped as he collected his tools, "The Commander has plans for this one besides 'pathetic object.' "

Scavenger laughed nervously, looking down at Hound's form.

"Seriously," the salvage expert murmurred weakly.

2003-10-12, 07:09 AM
Hound was deeply in shock from the trauma he had been through and only vaguely aware that the intense pain had stopped being inflicted. Although the motor and sensory relays had been set back to normal, his systems were unable to cope with the changes to his form. The clattering clanks and bangs of the Constructicons cleaning up their tools were heard but went unprocessed, his circuits still frozen by the overload of senses.

Completely repaired now, his frame had been recovered in a dark forest green that was nearly black, and reset with mountings for slightly heavier weapons.

As his systems began slowly coming online, his body began tremoring slightly. Soundwave's shadow passed above him, and he reacted only by closing his optics, not aware of what transformer it belonged to.

2003-10-12, 10:59 AM
Soundwave listened to inane banter generated by the various Constructicons on his arrival. Their work, as always, would be first class, having been designed,built and used solely for this kind of operation. They were boastful and that was a weakness.

Soundwave took the data tape which Hook waved in front of his meanacing grey face.

The Constructicons packed up their gear and left the room, leaving just himself and the autobot.

Soundwave opened his chest unit. Into the open unit, he slotted in the data tape Hook had given him and downloaded the instructions. The Constructicons had done one hell of a job, they'd completed rewiored some vital circuitry in the transformer's brain, updated the weapons armourment, even a dark, new paint job...only one thing remained to be added...the vital ingredient that only the communications officer could provide....Soundwave would prepare the strings for his puppet.

Soundwave strode to the helpless Autobot and crouched to examine the brain unit...yes...this would a tricky job, but he would do it...he carefully unscrewed the metal covering surrounding Hound's more senstive internal units. Using mentally projected radio waves he started to probe the Autobot's, now fragile mind...the switch he was looking for had been done before, sometimes with varying success, but never had he had such a pathetically crippled subject as this to work on before.

It would take approximately 2 Earth hours to complete this job...and then....


Laserbeak flew with his usual slealth back towards Astrotrain's office. Reaching the room, he found it open. Astrotrain was currently issuing instructions to several Decepticon units. LAserbeak drifted high into the rafters and perched himself there...hidden away from view...exactly as the master had ordered.

God Jinrai
2003-10-12, 08:16 PM
Touching down just outside metrotitan's perimiter, VS truly wondered if he had been detected...

"Now or never... "

the duo separated, and approached metrotitan's massive hull...

Drawing his blade, Starsaber scanned for any potential weak spot... or latches that could be exploited... any door that could be demolished to grant them entry...

Victory Leo, however, decided to take a less subtle approach...

Transforming to his lion mode, he sprang at the base, tearing and rending its outter hull with his claws... following up the assault with a blast from his three cannons and his breath blaster....

"Or not." Starsaber muttered...

transforming to jet mode, he hovered above the ground, and let loose a full arsenal blast on metrotitan's already damaged hull...

"That...should do it... if not, were' in serious slag..."

"Indeed." VL replied... looking up at starsaber's jet mode, he muttered...

"Perhaps the combination is in order then...

"Not ...just yet. Not just yet..."

Lord Zarak
2003-10-12, 08:25 PM
"Understood Astrotrain. Am I to proceed with the same remit as the previous assignment I lead?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-12, 09:43 PM
"Yes Shockwave-" Astrotrain stopped as alarms began to sound.

"I am being attacked," Metrotitan rumbled.

"Defend yourself- activate all main batteries, scramble Metrodrones to repel the attacker!" Astrotrain replied at once.

He activated his comm unit.

"Constructicons, report at once to the outer hull. Assist Metrotitan in repelling the invader!"

"As you order Commander!" Scrapper rasped.

"Idiot," Astrotrain said, looking at diagnostics as he swivled his chair to a wall behind his desk. "Attacking my City!"


Outside, even as parts of him burned from the assault, Metrotitan activated his gun batteries and began to return fire.


The Constructicons sprinted through the corridors, and scrambled through hatches leading to the outside. They appriased the situation.

"Looks like they've called out the heavy artillery, Scrapper," Hook commented.

"Then we'll just call in something...heavier," Scrapper replied.

"Who is that?" Long Haul said, scratching his head.

"The question should be who was that!" Bonecrusher said, chuckling.

"Ooooh....I guess we can take 'em," Scavenger said, uncertain.

"Of course we can, can, can!" Mixmaster said.

"Constructicons, unite!" Scrapper ordered. In a matter of moments, Devastator stood just outside the ramparts of Metrotitan, and he watched as the two parts of Victory Saber attacked.

"Devastator says your end is near!" the combiner roared, moving forward toward the Autobots.

God Jinrai
2003-10-13, 01:09 AM
Starsaber's huge form transformed into robot mode... as did victory leo...

"I think..." starsaber started

"You're going..." Victory Leo continued

"To regret those words!" the both of them shouted

Starsaber gave Victory Leo the nod... and the two activated the fusion...

"Transform! Victory Combination! V-Locks ENGAGE!"

Victory leo's robot mode suddenly flew apart... seemingly into random chunks. but when those segments locked into place on starsaber, it was obvious that what devastator was about to face... wasn't something to be trifled with... Drawing his blade, and raising his cannon, the firepower from metrotitan rained down around him... turning his head, he aimed his cannon for a set of batteries set up on metotitan's upper levels... and fired. a massive burst of unknown energy errupted in a wide cone from the cannon... seemingly slagging the battery... and melting a deal of metrotitan's hull in that area

Lord Zarak
2003-10-13, 10:36 AM
Giga and Mega ran outside Metrotitan, to guage the seriousness of the attack.

"My dear" began Mega "it appears quite serious. May I suggest we get back to Overlord?

"As always, you are an astute observer." replied Giga. "Lets hurry and give Devastator a hand.

As the assault continued outside, Giga and Mega themselves transformed and conected to Overlord. The eyes of the giant Decepticon warrior, which were black with deactivation, began to glow with a dull red glow that grew with intensity as the Godmasters facilitated the fuel conversion that allowed Overlord to function. With a flash, his eyes glowed fully. He drew out his Destroyer cannon and walked towards an exit of Metrotitan.

Shockwave turned to both Thunderwing and Counterpunch. During an attack, the Autobots will be preoccupied with victory, and will not expect a small insurgent team to infiltrate their them. Therefore, logic dictates we go now. Are you ready for the mission?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-14, 12:40 AM
Metrotitan let out a bellow of rage, and rained down even more wrath upon the Autobot combiner, even as batteries smoldered, others appeared and began firing. Metrodrones scrambled amid the inferno, already working to repair the shattered sections.

Devastator laughed.

"Prepare for extermination!" The green giant rushed forward, fists clenched.


Thunderwing nodded to Shockave, listening to the sounds of combat as they walked outside, face grim...and optics betrayed a slight bit of worry.

"Quite. Let us depart at once."

God Jinrai
2003-10-14, 04:06 AM
raising his blade, 'saber's optics narrowed

"Let's just see who's going to be terminated today, pal."

charging at the green behemoth, he brought the blade in a tight arc across the combiner's torso... attempting to shatter the massive shield that lay across his chest...

"I'll give you two choices. Tell me where Hound is... and I'll let you live."

Metrotitan's firepower continued to rain down on Victory Saber, but for all it was worth... all the physical damage it was doing... it was like being swarmed by gnats. at least... most of the shots did. several missile strikes did some deal of damage... but not yet enough to stop VS in his tracks...

"Or two, I can force you all to separate, send you running like ants... and just tear through this abomination myself and find him!"

Quick Switch
2003-10-14, 04:28 AM
"Devastator says....nothing!" The Constructicon combiner roared, enraged that the unknown Autobot had been able to strike him.

Indeed, the Super Wing that affixed to Devastator's chest buckled and strained, almost severed under the slash.

However, Devastator raised his arms above his head and brought down a vicious hammerblow toward Saber's head, wanting to stun him as quickly as possible.

2003-10-14, 05:29 AM
Hatemonger could here a major ruckus going on somewhere near Metrotitan and wondered if he should get involved.

He then shrugged it off and felt if Astrotrain is such a great leader let's see how he handles this problem.

The Seacons marched towards the battle in Piranacon form, massive sword drawn ready for battle.

Cryotek was also ready for battle well at least to freeze some Autobots to use as test subjects later.

2003-10-14, 07:41 PM
Gradually, his systems began to adjust to the painful reconnecting relays and rewired circuitry, and the shock began to subside slowly. Hound became aware of gunfire and clangs that echoed through the base, and he opened his optics, casting a dim blue light upwards. He saw Soundwave still standing next to him, and became aware that Soundwave was doing something to him. But suddenly the recall image flickered into Blaster and then disappeared entirely into a darkness coming back as a syntax error and corrupted memory recall. The room around him was familiar, and it was a small comfort, but confusion and file errors began to come back as he tried to recall the memories.

Hound opened his left hand very slowly and whispered in a raspy voice as the room image became blurred and vanished, "Metroplex... help me- I hurt- must have... glitch mites again."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-14, 07:58 PM
Sixshot smiled internally. It had been so long since he had heard the screams of any opponent that the explosions on the battle field were more than welcome.


Sixshot took to the air again and joined one of the flanking groups.

God Jinrai
2003-10-14, 10:26 PM
the blow in fact did its job... it jarred victory saber significantly. but it wouldn't stop him... if anything... devastator had taken leave of his optic sensors... as he'd just set Victory Saber's shoulder cannons level with his gut...

"Try this!"

the twin cannons errupted to life, energy streaking seemingly pointblank into devastator...

Quick Switch
2003-10-16, 06:01 AM
Devastator's Super Wing shattered under the combined assault, and again the huge warrior brought his fists up- and down! in an effort to bludgeon his opponent into submission.

The green giant's optics flicked to Overlord, who was only now leaving Metrotitan, apparently...

Lord Zarak
2003-10-16, 11:48 AM
Overlord saw the glance that Devastator gave him, and understood its significance. Pulling out his Transtector Destroyer cannon, he strode over to where the battle was taking place. Aiming at Victory Sabre, he fired as the second of Devastators massive blows rained down on VS.


Walking out of Astrotrains office, Shockwave spoke to both Thunderwing and Counterpunch again.

"The remit I have is that I am in charge of this mission. Any questions regarding my authority?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-16, 02:26 PM
"None," Thunderwing smiled broadly. "Rather simple snatch and grab, what?"

God Jinrai
2003-10-16, 05:26 PM
Victory Saber went with the blow, this time... falling away, and then rolling toward overlord.... attempting to kick his legs from underneath him....

"This has gone on too long." he muttered.
"Hound may in fact be dying right now..."

Quickly rising to his feet, regardless of whether overlord fell or not... he raised his blade again, but instead of charging devastator, swung it in a tight arc... creating a massive crescent wave that rushed at the green behemoth...

"That'd better stun him, or I'll have more problems than I already do"

2003-10-18, 10:32 AM
"No problems here Boss." spoke Counterpunch following Thunderwing's grovelling reply. The Decepticons were often like this - loving that little bit off power that they could wheel. Shockwave was no different - although he was strong... he followed the others from the room.


Soundwave had been at it for hours now - Hound's brain had sustained incredibly bad damage during the fire-fight he'd been caught up in earlier on. Soundwave worked with precision scalpel like tools...he was reaching deep inside the brain of the autobot now...his sensors had read a bad syntax error and several drive problems...which he was sure was all be generated by the same...AHHH! he had found it - there was a burnt out wire that was feeding dodgy instructions through to the celebral cortex. SOundwave quickly repaired the error.

Lights twinkled within Hounds brain now, he was coming back up to spec. Several small new additions could be seen nestled deep within Hound's cortex.

Soundwave carefully resealed the brain compartment and refitted the metal covers surrounding the brain. The work was just about complete. He had but to run several diagnostics tests and then he could begin having.....fun....

2003-10-19, 03:13 AM
Time passed. Painful relays vanished along with the damaged and original memory files as Hound's systems finished restarting. His blue optics began to glow brightly as his processors took in the new information.

Slowly, he recognized Soundwave and sat up, unalarmed. The memories of the past hours since his capture had been blocked. He looked at the large communications officer with a puzzled expression.

"Soundwave. I must have taken damage. What happened?"

2003-10-19, 03:19 AM
"Remaining lying down" Soundwave's voice rasped, "You sustained heavy damage during a fire fight with the autobots.".

Soundwave's cold logical mechanical brain was working overtime now. He knew he had to feed the confused autobot enough information in order to lure him into the Decepticons confidence.

"A direct hit to your chest and facial area rendered you unconscious and caused a degree of brain damage. This has been repaired. I assisted in the final repairs to more delicate remote parts of your cortex."

2003-10-19, 03:23 AM
"Thanks." Hound replied smoothly and nodded as he lay backwards trying to remember the battle. He could hear the explosions going on outside.

"Are we still under attack?"

2003-10-19, 03:28 AM
"The Autobots have begun to wage a war upon us." Soundwave continued.

The foolish and vunerable autobot was playing directly into his metal hands - Soundwave paused to admire his own brilliance in this matter for several seconds. The constructicons had done much of the donkey work for him, but it was his own superior intellect that had attached the strings to the puppet which lay on the table before him.

"Their attack came suddenly and swiftly and without announcement. You werre caught in one of the very shellings which caught our base, then Autobot ground troops moved in and nearly finished you off. Commander Astrotrain ordered that you be given the five star treatment in order to restore yourself to prime factory condition..." Soundwave considered the flawlessness of the lie he spun effortlessly to the transformer in front off him - he could say anything and this fool would believe it. "...you're an essential part of the team. Astortrain asked me personally to assist in your repairs."

2003-10-19, 03:38 AM
The information made sense. Hound glanced toward the door, remaining lying down.

"I should... I should be outside, helping."

Hound thought about Astrotrain, and the triple changer's image popped into his mind.

"Astrotrain is commander... yes. Thank you for repairing me Soundwave. When will I be able to go to help?"

2003-10-19, 03:44 AM
The ploy was always clinched. Inadvertantly, Soundwave had also managed to instill a healthy fear of the leader into the dazed Autobots brain. Soundwave needed only to dangle the last piece of information in front of Hound to attain his compliance and to get him started into the task at hand.

"Hound. The commander has ordered that as soon as you are up to the task, you are to report to his quarters. He wants you back into your role as soon as you feel up to the task...." And the final lure, which was a guaranteed winner, knowing how illogically honourable and selfish the opposition were, "...he has important duties for you to perform...when you are ready."


2003-10-19, 03:56 AM
"Of course Soundwave. My systems are functional with thanks to you. I'm ready to retake my duties again with Commander Astrotrain's permission. Permission requested to go report to his quarters?"

2003-10-19, 04:00 AM
"Permission granted. Come with me and I will lead you to the commanders office."

Soundwave arose from his seat and carefully helped Hound from the metal bed on which he lay. The constructicons job would be perfection, so Hound should feel better than new..

Beckoning the autobot, he lead the way from the repair room to Astrotrain's office.

The strings were attached and the puppeteer was guiding his plaything as he dictated. Hound was the veritable toy - and he would go exactly where Soundwave's thoughts told him to go...

2003-10-19, 04:20 AM
Hound slid off the table and stood uncertainly under the weight shift of the new body as his processors adapted and Soundwave steadied him. After a few moments he followed the communications officer cautiously, staying near the wall. With each step, he became more certain of his balance. The echos and sounds within the base haunted his mind. They were familiar, but now he registered the base as Metrotitan.

They came to Astrotrain's quarters, and Hound glanced carefully at the doorway, calmly noting the individuals around and following quietly as Soundwave moved inside.

2003-10-19, 05:50 AM
Ramjet noted as Soundwave moved into the office. He also noted the not-quite-unfamiliar troop that followed the communications officer in.
Who the slag...?
Distrust quickly flared up, but Ramjet could find no reason for it. That didn't stop him from listening to it, though. After all, it wasn't his job to be trusting.
Priming his laser rifles, he stepped directly into Hound's path.
"Identify yourself," he demanded.

2003-10-19, 05:57 AM
Hound stopped in his tracks and studied the seeker with a calm expression, but also a slightly confused one.

"I'm Hound, Ramjet. Why don't you recognize me? Was I that badly damaged?"

2003-10-19, 06:04 AM
Hound! An Autobot!
Ramjet's right arm snapped up, pointing his laser directly at Hound's chest.
"Get your hands where I can see them. Slowly."

Quick Switch
2003-10-19, 06:13 AM
Astrotrain scowled from his position on hearing the clank of yet more footsteps, then stiffened at the exchange between Ramjet and Hound. He rubbed his face with his hands, then regained his composure, swiveling the chair around to face the group assembled in his office.

"The finest scout in the Empire needs no introduction," the Triple Changer replied, smiling. "Welcome back, Hound."

Truly! What a masterwork. Soundwave and the Constructicons are to be commended. This is only the first step to totally ensuring Earth's subju- no, pacification. It will be the beginning of a new epoch in Decepticon-human relations, Hound being the exemplar of the new epoch. As I have forseen! And he is but the first instrument being gathered, the second should be along shortly. It will be a duet for the ages, to be sure!

2003-10-19, 06:22 AM
An image shot through Hound's mind as the laser came up to his chest. The white and black jet turned to a yellow transformer pointing a gun at him and he blinked it away and then his expression darkened to a scowl. He brought up his hands slowly, debating on whether to react defensively or not.

Why doesn't he recognise me? I must have really been damaged. I just... don't remember- and neither does he.
He watched Ramjet carefully as he held up his arms, and then he heard an echoing vocoder within the room, but kept his optics locked on the seeker.

2003-10-19, 06:31 AM
Ramjet walked over to Hound, thouroughly scanning the Autobot for weapons. When he was certain that Hound was unarmed, he paused to think about what Astrotrain said.
'The finest scout in the Empire', eh? And he has Soundwave with him...
Ramjet may not have been the brightest of 'Cons, but even he had an idea of what had been done.
"Boss," he called over his shoulder, "do you recognise him? Is it..." he purposely allowed his vocorder to catch, hoping that it wouldn't seem false, "Is it really Hound?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-19, 06:50 AM
"Of course I recognize him, Ramjet," Astrotrain replied smoothly-or as smoothly as his vocoder registry would allow, "it is indeed Hound, though some reconstructive work was done on my instructions, thanks to the underhanded manner in which the Autobots managed to damage him."

He gazed at the jeep, then the communications officer.

"I trust Soundwave has been helpful reacclimating you to your surroundings, Hound."

2003-10-19, 06:55 AM
Ramjet nodded to Astrotrain, his suspicions confirmed.
He shot an (entirely false) appologetic look at Hound.
"Sorry 'bout that. Didn't recognise you."
He lowered his rifle.

2003-10-19, 07:19 AM
"Thank you Sir." Hound replied as he continued watching Ramjet for just a moment longer. He narrowed his optics at Ramjet slightly. Something about the white seeker alarmed him and the special title felt uncomfortable, but his job designation sounded right.

He's just guarding the commander. Still, I mustn't turn my back with him.

Hound turned to Astrotrain smoothly and came to attention, looking straight ahead. A hint of a saddened expression crept in as he replied.
"Yes Sir. Mostly Sir. I have been repaired and I am ready to resume my duties as you see fit, Commander Astrotrain. My data and memory banks sustained a great deal of damage from the Autobot attack and after a self-diagnostic, I've found that my recall functions prior to reactivation are running at approximately 23% undamaged, but my data gathering abilities are at 94% of their maximum capabilities. How may I be of service to the Empire, Commander?"

Lord Zarak
2003-10-19, 12:11 PM
The kick that VS delivered struck home, and toppled Overlord, dropping his gun in the process. This only made the giant warrior more enraged. He saw, at the last moment what Sabre was doing, and stayed down. Chosing to briefly tranform his torso, in total eight cannons protuded from his chest- two on the right, six on the left.

He fired from his right side, two missiles aimed at Sabres hands.


"Thunderwing, can you carry both me and Counterpunch inside of you?" asked Shockwave as they exited Metrotitan from the oppoisite side as the fight betweeen Victory Sabre, Devastator and Overlord.

2003-10-19, 01:07 PM
The orange and black condor spotted his master the second he had entered the commander's office. Laserbeak instantly relayed everything Soundwave had not been privy too since his departure several hours earlier.


Soundwave touched a finger to his head briefly on entering the room and took in Laserbeak's data. Meticulous as always.

As the events unfolded with Ramjet, Astrotrain and the other Transformers in the room, he realised that all had gone entirely to plan. If there had been any shred of doubt in his head as to whether the entire proceedure had been totally success, then it could now be completed cast off.

Soundwave noted Astrotrain pass him a slight nod of the head...

The communications officer quietly retreated into the shadows of the room and awaited further instructions...

God Jinrai
2003-10-20, 02:04 AM
VS dropped the main cannon.... but managed to bring his blade into the path of the second missile in time to take it down...

"I've no more time for this foolishness! "

Saber split from victory leo... charging through the hole in metrotitan's hull... rushing down the hallway... tuning to autobot energy signatures...

as he closed, he shouted at his maximum vocal level...

I'm comming for you, HOUND! "

every blast door metrotitan erected... cloven down... the missile and gunfire... were secondary. the cybertron shield he'd made use of when he attempted to enter deszaras' fortress again served its purpose. as it was torn apart as he charged through the hull, fragments dropped to the ground...

Back outside, Victory Leo had scooped up his main cannon, and transformed... into lion mode. a ferral growl errupted from his vocals... his optics burned red, and the fangs glimmered titanium silver... the beast leapt at overlord's downed form... intent on rending the abomination limb from limb

Lord Zarak
2003-10-20, 10:14 AM
Fear etched itself onto the face of Overlord. It was a testament to Victory Leo, as few had ever seen fear on the face of Overlord.
Trying his hardest to keep functioning, he split into his two halfs just as Victory Leo came down from his leap, his claws glistening as they caught the sun

(ooc- that ok? bit of poetic license I know, but does it need an edit?)

God Jinrai
2003-10-20, 03:00 PM
Victory leo rushed through the space where overlord previously lay... He'd nearly forgotten that overlord was in fact a dual godmaster... a post-cursor to the duo-con technology that eventually led to skylynx' existance. Sliding across the ground, he brought himself around for another charge on devastator... his shoulder-cannons charging... but as he leapt at the green behemoth, he again transformed... this time to jet mode, streaking up over the green giant, and began pursuit of Giga's blackbird jet...

Quick Switch
2003-10-21, 08:00 AM
"Start on internal patrols for now, Hound. And keep up the good work," Astrotrain smiled slightly.

Another alert klaxon sounded and the City itself appeared to shudder slightly, and Astrotrain swiveled to look at his wall grid.

"A breech," he hissed. "The gall!"

"I believe this is yours," he said absently, already watching as Metrotitan scrambled Metrodrones to try and repair the damage on the wallvid. "Put it to good use!"

He turned back and in a smooth motion tossed Hound his hologun.

2003-10-21, 08:08 AM
"Thank you Commander," Hound said as he caught the hologun. The familiar feel of the weight of the gun registered easily, but his thoughts were interrupted by an echoing yell from somewhere within Metrotitan, calling his name. In an instant, Hound began scanning, a reflex built in to his basic programming.

"Sir! There's an autobot within the city and it's heading this way- they must still be after me. May I have permission to lead the autobot away for your safety?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-21, 08:10 AM
"Permission granted," Astrotrain said, swivelling to look at the scout. He nodded with conviction. "Remove the irritant from Metrotitan!"

2003-10-21, 08:15 AM
"Yes Sir!" Hound nodded quickly and then darted out of the office and down the hall. He opened a grating in Metrotitan's ventilation shafts and slipped inside, making certain to cover the entrance back up. Then he began moving deeper into the city. He was heading for a place he remembered vaguely in the haze of his shattered memory...

Lord Zarak
2003-10-21, 10:05 AM
Mega radioed Giga.

"My dear, I seem to have a tail. I suggest that I fly him into a trap, namely your tank. Move to these co-ordinates, and get ready to fire upon the Autobot."

"As always my love, you are an intellectual genius. I am on my way now."

In the air, Mega flew in what seemed an aimless manner, but it was in fact to get into position to fly to where Giga lay in waiting.

Giga radioed back to Mega- she had arrived at the co-ordinates. Mega banked left, and increased his air speed as he headed towards Mega. He hoped that Victory Leo followed.

Quick Switch
2003-10-23, 03:19 AM
Devastator threw up his hands at an attempt to catch Victory Leo, bellowed in frustration, and began to chase after him even as Leo streaked toward Overlord's companions.


Thunderwing just blinked at Shockwave.

"I am a Pretender, Shockwave, not a transport," the aristocrat murmurred. "But very well!"

The Pretender shell split, revealing Thunderwing's true robotic form, which transformed into a high-powered jet.

"Board, and do so quickly!" The Pretender shell boarded the vehicle, and would serve as auxilliary pilot.

Lord Zarak
2003-10-23, 10:55 AM
Shockwave followed the shell, and sat next to it.

God Jinrai
2003-10-23, 09:20 PM
Victory Leo followed the blackbird into the tight turns... and realized too late that he'd been set up... he was now staring down mega's tank barrel...

"Only one thing for it..."

Firing his charged cannons, he blasted along the tank's sides... attempting to use them as a means of distraction, if not to shake the tank enough that the lock mechanism would fail and the shot would go awry...

Lord Zarak
2003-10-24, 11:32 AM
"BLAST IT!!" cried Giga as she lost the lock on Victory Leo. The shot went well wide of the intended target.

"Mega, we must try to stop that....thing from getting into rescue Hound. I say we combine again. It's not as if the other part is around here. Hopefully Devastator is keeping it busy."

"Indeed. One seperate mind may be better than two in this case. Prepare for transformation, I am coming round."

2003-10-24, 05:04 PM
Hound ran through the ventilation shafts, past the science labs, and past the storage facilities. He climbed through a grating and into the training room, which was now filled with an intensive amount of weaponry and more obstacles than the fragmented memory held.

He paused for a moment, studying the layout of the room, and then looked up to the aerial entrance.

It's a way out. Hound thought to himself. I should be working outside... but I must protect the Commander first. Quickly, he ran to an elevated control console and studied the panels of buttons and then frowned. They made little sense to him, except for a couple of sets that were marked as jet attack simulation and aquatic simulations. He reached over and pushed the button set for the jet attack, hoping that that would open the ceiling hatch.

2003-10-26, 12:30 PM
To the casual observer, Soundwave must have looked like he had retreated to the corner of Astrotrain's room for a quiet slumber. But this was a Decepticon that did not understand the foolish human concept of sleep. He never slept, especially whilst he was working...his entire internal radio array was trained on Hound and what he up to. He and Hound were linked in a one-way hook-up, Soundwave having close privy to the contents of Hound's mind. He could sense the uncertainties of the Autobot scout.

Silently, his chest compartment slid open and from it jumped a cassettes: the bright orange and black cassette transformed into the same familiar condor shape which Laserbeak employed: BUZZSAW. Already in knowledge of it's instructions, Buzzsaw flew from the room. Soundwave needed a reliable pair of eyes to be watching the Autobot.

Soundwave returned to his slumber-like state...always in readiness

God Jinrai
2003-10-27, 12:25 AM
"Blast it!" saber muttered... hound's signature had shifted... from astrotrain's office, and had moved rather rapidly down one of the corridors... into some sort of a training area...

Saber followed suit... cleaving the door in half... expecting the worst as he began to enter the training center..

"Hound? Where are you!?"

2003-10-27, 12:31 AM
Hound studied the Autobot as he broke into the training area, taking mental snapshots of Saber. He kept his right hand on his hologun and his left over the training room control panel.

"I am up here. You know me, but I do not recognize you, Autobot, nor are you welcome here. Identify yourself quickly, and then leave for what time you may have left on this planet. We will protect the humans at all costs from your kind."

God Jinrai
2003-10-27, 12:36 AM
"Pro...protect the humans? Hound, to do that, you've got to come back with me... Prime's waiting. He sent me and Victory Leo... to get you... to keep the decepticons from hurting you... to ensure you were allright... and brought home safely..."

saber went silent...

" Search your spark, Hound... Deep down, you know as well as I do that the decepticons exist for one reason: conquest. They've caused destruction on countless worlds, Hound! You were there! There with prime! With Ironhide, mirage, bluestreak, prowl! With all of them! You FOUGHT AGAINST THEM! You fought to STOP THE DECEPTICONS! "

Seeing hound's hand on the panel for the training room's weaponry.... he hesitantly returned his gun to its place in subspace...

"I...I'm not here to hurt you... I... I just came to save you."

2003-10-27, 01:02 AM
Hound remained fixated on the Autobot and silent as he considered. His optics flashed for a moment as he tried to puzzle out the words.

Bad names. Those names I know. Those Autobots I have pictures of- of them fighting the Decepticons. I cannot remember being among them. And why would I be? This Autobot thinks my fellow Decepticons would harm me? Autobot tricks- perhaps. He's even put away his weapon. Soundwave repaired me. I know my duty- it is to protect my friends and the humans. To build the empire, but Commander Astrotrain did not make it sound like conquest, but rather a partnership. I will find out more later once the threat has gone.

"You did not identify yourself, but the Decepticons would not harm me Autobot. The Constructicons and Soundwave repaired me or I would have ceased functioning from an Autobot attack. I will not go with you to be used by your kind as a bargaining chip so the humans may be safe. I trust to the Commander's skill to insure their safety through an alliance. Lord Galvatron has the power to see that this planet will be protected against Autobot attacks."
Hound's firm expression wavered for a moment as he considered.
"I do not need saving, Autobot. My home is where my duty to protect lies. And I must protect my Commander. Return to yours now, and tell him his endevors to gain power over the humans are in vain. We are both soldiers after all, and must only obey those who we choose to follow."

God Jinrai
2003-10-27, 01:14 AM
"no, Hound. You...can't do this. you..you can't! You say..soundwave and the constructicons...repaired you? No! Reprogrammed you! Blast it! BLAST IT!"

Saber was on the verge of enragement, when he caught his control... and instead, jammed his sword into the ground...

"I....I'm too late... " he nearl cried in silent tones...

opening his comlink, he called out to victory leo...

"Disengage...and...return to the maximus... as quickly as you can... we...need to protect the people of this world... "

"Understood, sir... Victory Leo out..."

outside, VL Broke his engagement with mega and giga... and streaked off into the sky...

Back inside metrotitan, Saber stared down hound...

"You... will be missed, hound... " Starsaber drew his sword from the floor... and returned it to its sheath in his back on his left side...

"But...before I leave... I ask two things...."

2003-10-27, 01:22 AM
Hound tilted his head slightly. Curiouser and curiouser. This one certainly isn't what I expected with all that noise. I'll be missed? Strange.

"It's a good thing for you I have a lot of patience and I do not have any record of who you are- so I'm inclined to listen, but your time is running out. I sense a fellow Decepticon approaching, and I do not think he will have the same patience. Ask quickly and then you must leave."

God Jinrai
2003-10-27, 01:29 AM
"Never forget my name, hound. It is Star Saber."

Tapping a button on his head, the helmet flipped back, and saber's brainmaster head was visible... focusing himself inwardly, procured from a slot on his right arm a small disk.

"When you have a moment... play through this... My word as a member of the transformer race... I feel is enough...to confirm for you that what you will see is the truth. that in fact is part of my own memories. It can't be tainted so easliy. but were soundwave or the constructicons to find it... they would alter its contents... for that reason, you MUST keep it hidden from all save yourself... "

with that, drew his sword again, leaping up, cleaving the ceiling open... and transforming on the fly...


With a heavy, and near broken spark, Starsaber began his journey back to maximus... at his top speed

2003-10-27, 01:50 AM
Star Saber. This one I do need to remember. He doesn't match my other images.

Hound tagged his new memory images with the name Star Saber and without giving the disk a second thought, popped it in his hologun for a moment and then tossed the disk into his subspace compartment as the Autobot left.

Hound turned toward the door where Buzzsaw suddenly flew in, and then clicked onto his radio. "Commander Astrotrain. The mission has been completed and the threats are departing. My apologies, but the training room has... some damage that will need to be repaired. I await your further orders Sir."

Lord Zarak
2003-10-27, 09:05 AM
Just as Overlord combined, Victory Leo flew off into the sky.

"Wasnt expecting that one" he remarked. He walked over to Devastator:

"Get up you piece of junk, he's gone....no, make it theyve gone." as he saw Victory Sabre fly off too.


Sig removal

Quick Switch

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 05:21 AM
Thunderwing landed smoothly in front of the New United Nations building in his jet mode.

"All right, everyone out, and all that," he muttered, opening up his cockpit and hold.

The Pretender shell leaped out and came to rest on the pavement outside the building.


Astrotrain thought for a moment as Hound's message was received.

"Some damage?" Metrotitan chimed in.

Astrotrain waved his hands in acknowledgement of the city's grumbling.

"Well done, Hound. I want you to compile your thoughts about the encounter, then present them to me personally when you see fit. For now...acclimate yourself to Metrotitan. Explore a bit."

He turned to Soundwave- or rather, in Soundwave's general direction in the shadows.

"Soundwave dispatch the Constructicons to repair the breech in Metrotitan, please."

2003-10-29, 06:20 AM
Inside the UN building and invisible, Mirage looked up as he heard the sound of jet engines. A glance outside made him jump slightly in concern. Internally, he clicked onto his radio.

"Smokescreen... we've got to get outside. The Decepticons are here. We're targets that'll cause human deaths in here."

Smokescreen replied immediately. "Go out the back Mirage, and try to distract them away. I'll go out the side and do the same. Get Jetfire up and over here."

As the back doors opened seemingly by themselves, Smokescreen leaned over and whispered. "Duke, trouble. I've got to leave- Decepticons are coming. We're going to try to draw them off. Best to keep things calm."

Without waiting for a response he headed outside.
Mirage dropped his invisibility once he cleared the doors and was out in the open, and cocked his rifle. He called on his radio: "Jetfire, we have Decepticon trouble. Get airborne and over here- we need you to help protect these humans."
Hound nodded as he glanced apprehensively at the damage. "Yes Sir. Thank you Commander, I will." The scout glanced around at the sudden release and official leave to explore, his curiousity getting the better of him.

Then he checked himself and looked at Buzzsaw. "Hello Buzzsaw, did Soundwave send you to make sure I was all right?"

2003-10-29, 07:56 AM
Sending Buzzsaw had been the right thing to do. Soundwave had been relayed the data concerning Hound's encounter with Star Saber. That fool autobot had no chance of convincing Hound of his Autobot origins.

Buzzsaw had made no attempt to be conspicuous, knowing that Hound's accute sensors would have picked him up. He registered the autobots approach and then question which he had asked. Lacking the power of speech, Buzzsaw sent the question back to Soundwave. Within seconds, a small hatch atop Buzzsaw's condor head slid open and a small projector emerged. THe projector fired a slight beam into the open space before the transformers and a holoprojection of Soundwave appeared (via Soundwave's mental thoughts).

"Hound. Commander Astrotrain has assigned me to a different task, but my concerns for your well being made me send you Buzzsaw. He can be my eyes and ears and also serve as a useful companion in your task. Use him if you need to get in contact with me. He is also loyal and strong in battle if you so require the assistance. I am here should you need me. Soundwave out..."

Soundwave strode from the room. The Autobot would buy the shamy sentimental speach and reassuring words as he always did so. It was logical for Autobots to blindly put their faith in trust and spoken allegiances.

Soundwave was heading to his quarters to persue another line of work he had been planning. But first, to instruct the Constructicons.

Lord Zarak
2003-10-29, 11:26 AM
Shockwave emerged from Thunderwing, and looked around.

"The Autobot is in the building. We must assume that he has reinforcements. We therefore must occupy those reinforcements, and draw Smokescreen into the open. Thunderwing, you are to utilise your pretender abilities, and use your shell as an extra soldier. Counterpunch, you are to join me in the extrapolation of Smokescreen. Are there any questions?"

2003-10-29, 04:41 PM
Hound watched the holoprojection disappear and nodded. "With the way things have been Buzzsaw, I may need your help- if Ramjet was any indication of how different I must look. It was good of Soundwave to send you."

The scout glanced around again and let his curiousness take over.

"Buzzsaw, I'm going to take Commander Astrotrain's suggestion to explore a bit. Do you want to come with?"

He held out an arm to the condor.

2003-10-29, 11:44 PM
The glistening orange condor dropped from his position and alighted to the Autobot scouts arm. He let out what could only be described as a "friendly" squalk. He shifted his weight several times in an effort to get comfortable on Hound's arm before settling into position.

2003-10-31, 02:42 AM
Hound began skirting the corridors with Buzzsaw on his arm. His sensors were tuned in to every sight, sound and smell they encountered.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-31, 03:10 AM
Thrust returned to Metrotitan and began patrolling.
Thundercracker headed in for repairs and spotted something in the hall he didn't recognize. He stared at the scout coming down the hall with Buzzsaw on his arm.

"Yo, Astrotrain. I have a strange robot walkin' toward me with Buzzsaw. What's up?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-31, 03:24 AM
Astrotrain examined the wall schematic of Metrotitan, Metrodrones bringing in status reports describing the (rather extensive) damage. The Admiral had his hands behind his back, standing at the wall.

"Still no word on whether the Constructicons have started repairs. What in the universe if Soundwave doing?"

Metrotitan relayed a transmission, and he turned and spoke, a Metrodrone held down the transmit button.

"What's...up, Thundercracker," Astrotrain fought the urge to knead his face with his hands, "is that 'strange robot' is none other than Hound. And yes, he is on our side. And yes, I'm sure." Talking with Thundercracker, Astrotrain found, involved being rather literal in spelling out the inherently obvious.

If one did not do that, as a depressing corollary, Thundercracker would take liberties to showcase his "ability" to interpret instructions.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-31, 03:35 AM
Thundercracker stared as Hound walked in and out of Metrotitan's rooms and finally broke the radio signal.

Doofus. He's let an Autobot in here that can remember everything and he's letting him walk around. He's probably just pretending to be on our side. The others'll have fun with our new 'friend' when they get back. Not my problem.

The blue seeker turned and hobbled toward the repair bay.

2003-11-02, 07:57 AM
Sparkstalker finally arrived at Metrotitan, with Lokos on his back. Letting himself in the nearest entrance, the Firecon allowed the Nebulan to climb down.
Transforming to robot mode, Sparkstalker began to walk away.
"Wait," Lokos called.
"What?" the Firecon asked, with a measure of annoyance.
Lokos nodded appreciatively. "Thanks for the ride."
Sparkstalker smiled slightly. "Thanks for getting me out of combat duty." He started to turn away, then looked at the Nebulan. "You want to come to my cryptography lab? You can hide out there until the fighting dies down."
"I'd like that," the Nebulan replied. However, the presence in the back of his mind disagreed. "But I should probably check in with the commander first."
With that, the Nebulan and the Firecon parted ways.
Sparkstalker arrived at his cryptography station and began to filter through the never-ending pile decrypt work that accumulated on his desk whenever he was sent off to battle.
Arriving at Astrotrain's office after a long (for him) trek, Lokos called out to Ramjet, "Is he in?"
The conehead looked around with confusion, unable to see where the voice had come from.
Lokos whistled, then said, "Down here!"
Ramjet looked down, and saw the Nebulan. "Ah. Astrotrain is very busy, fleshling. Wait here."
Ramjet called over his shoulder to the Triplechanger, "Boss, ya got a minute? There's some Nebulan here that wants to see you."

2003-11-02, 04:20 PM
Soundwave reached his quarters and sat down upon the gleaming silver chair set central in the room. He had been trying in vain for the last 5 minutes to get a message through to the Constructicons and without success. He made a minor adjustment to the frequency of the message and once again transmitted Astrotrain's message:

"Constructicons! Go to the breech in Metrotitan and seal it...IMMEDIATELY!"

He awaited the reply...


Counterpunch's sharp eyes scanned the terrain around him. He caught sight of a recognizable shape...Smokescreen!

"Shockwave! It's Smokescreen! Look up there!"

He gestured with his index digit towards the appraoching shape.

2003-11-03, 10:42 PM
Shockwave will be tough- knocking out one quickly will give us better odds.
It was clear that they hadn't seen him and he needed to distract the group quickly. Mirage took careful aim and fired at the Decepticon pointing.
Smokescreen froze momentarily as he heard his name from down the street, then he transformed to his car mode and began racing toward the group letting off his trademark clinging black smoke.
Jetfire looked at the city layout and realized he was too big to fly in, so he transformed to robot mode and started running towards the downtown area.

2003-11-03, 10:49 PM
Counterpunch realised all too late that there was a spray of bullets about to rain down upon him. This, he reminded himself, was why he wasn;t a soldier.

As he fell to the ground in an attempt to protect himself from the bullets, several caught him across the chasis and one grazed his head. He sprawled to his knees and then onto his side as yet another sliced through a shoulder plate. He writhed in agony as his damage indicator lights lit up like a Christmas tree.

Quick Switch
2003-11-04, 05:38 PM
Astrotrain shook his head and terminated the feed.

"Idiot," dismissing Thundercracker from his thoughts and turning to sit in his chair. "Certainly Ramjet. Tell our Nebulan friend he may see me."


"Transmission received, Soundwave," Scrapper rasped in kind, welding a series of electrical relays together. The Constructicons had already trooped outside and had began repairing the structural work.

"He's a mite bit pretensious," Hook muttered, lifting a girder into place in crane mode.

"That's rich," Bonecrusher said, slamming plates into holes, "coming from you."

"Repair, repair," Long Haul muttered, driving up a load of raw materials for Mixmaster to break down.

"Um, no, that's not your department," Mixmaster replied as Mixmaster dumped the contents into the mixer. "That's our job, job, job!"

At that moment, Trypticon landed, slamming into the dusty earth, and rolled a few hundred feet, colliding with a massive sand down, obliterating it.

The Constructicons who weren't all ready transformed to robot mode and exchanged glances.

"Yet another of Galvatron's plans comes to fruition," Hook observed.

"Ooooh I dunno guys. We may still have a chance!" Scavenger piped up, weighed down with extra gear.

"Shut up," Bonecrusher grumbled, dropping the plates he held in disgust.

"Seriously," Long Haul said, sagging as he saw the utterly broken Trypticon.

"Just think Constructicons," Scrapper said after a pause, of what those two twits Grapple and Hoist are stuck with. After all, we assembled Trypticon, we know his capabilities."

The green team took solace from that, and got back to work.

Trypticon offered a pathetic moan to puncutate the scene.


Thunderwing transformed to robot mode and took stock of the situation, turning about. His Pretender shell caught Mirage's movement, and firing action.

"Worthless and weak," he muttered on seeing Counterpunch waylaid- on the first salvo, no less! Thunderwing retrieved his cyclone cannon and primed it. With but a thought, the sturdy Pretender shell sprinted toward Mirage's position.

The shell-less Thunderwing saw a huge figure up ahead and turned to Shockwave.

"You'll need to stop that thing, Shockwave," he indicated with the cyclone cannon the general area where Jetfire was stomping towards them. "Waylay him with some fancy gamma rays or some such. I'll apprehend Smokescreen."

2003-11-05, 02:01 AM
Ramjet frowned slightly, then looked down at Lokos.
"You may enter, fleshling."
The Nebulan nodded, then swept past the conehead into the office. Looking up (way, way up) he nodded appriciatively at Astrotrain.
"Thanks for seeing me, sir. I have a bit of a problem. You see, my idiotic partner--"
He paused as a note of rage sounded in the back of his mind.
Clearing his throat, he continued. "Squeezeplay got himself blown up. So now his spark's taken up residence in my brain. You think your people could do something about that?"

Lord Zarak
2003-11-05, 11:21 AM
"For once Thunderwing, your ego has not prevented you seeing logic."

Shockwave turned to face Jetfire, pointed his cannon-arm at him and fired blinding white light in an attempt to blind him momentarily.

2003-11-06, 05:59 AM
Mirage took aim again and began firing rapidly at Thunderwing's pretender shell, narrowing his optics.
This is trouble. We need help.
He clicked onto his radio and tried to hone a signal on a base frequency, but only got static in return. Mirage scowled.
Jetfire yelled as the flash blinded his sensors and threw an arm up over his face.
Smokescreen raced toward Thunderwing and let out his sticky smog in an effort to obscure the whole group.

Lord Zarak
2003-11-06, 03:02 PM
Taking advantage of Jetfires reaction, Shockwave narrowed the bandwidth to x-rays, and fired a heavily concentrated burst at the Autobots left knee.

2003-11-11, 08:53 PM
Since communicating instructions to the Constructicons, Soundwave had set his infinite brain over to a separate task. He was constantly monitoring Hound through Buzzsaw, but that was running as smoothly as he had hoped.

Soundwave touched a finger to the release catch when controlled his chest unit, it sprung open and a pink and yellow cassette jumped from the slot. As the cassette transformed, Soundwave lifted his left arm and held it out before him. Within less than a second the yellow and pink blur changed into a demonic looking bat and landed upon the metallic arm held before it...

Ratbat stared deep into the eyes of his master.

Plans within plans...

2003-11-11, 10:19 PM
Ratbat stretched his wings idlely and continued to stare at Soundwave.
"Yes? What do you need? Time is fuel, you know."

Quick Switch
2003-11-11, 10:57 PM
Tunderwing's Pretender shell took the rifle shots, lurched, but advanced. Immune to pain without a wearer, the shell continued its advance. Smiling in an amused fashion, the Pretender shell cracked its knuckles and drew within a few feet of Mirage, intent on disposing of the spy with a minimum of fuss.


"Good shot old boy," Thunderwing drawled at seeing some shot or other streak across the sky- probably x-rays or some such thing- even as he opened fire with his cyclone cannon in front of where Smokescreen was driving.

Damn fool doesn't realize if I impede his ability to accelerate, his...ersatz 'fog' or what not will do absolutely no good. Autobots and their roadways. Perhaps this one isn't worth our time after all?


Astrotrain leaned back in his chair.

"I don't know what you mean by 'spark', Lokos, but if you're talking about Squeezeplay's life force..." the Triple Changer rubbed his face with his hands, "frankly I'm not exactly certain if a procedure even exists. I suppose, in a gallows humor sense, this is certainly testing your binary bond, isn't it?" Astrotrain's red optics glowed slightly, and his mouth quirked into a smile. "As soon as the Constructicons are finished with external repairs, they will be summoned to see what can be done."

Metrodrones quietly entered throughout providing updates to the Admiral-Administrator.

Trypticon has been defeated? The attack is doomed, then, and Galvatron's advance has failed.

"Metrotitan prepare the medical bays in preparation for the wounded en masse that we are doubtless going to receive," Astrotrain said, rubbing his head with his hands.

2003-11-12, 04:53 AM
"The Constructicons? Wonderful," Lokos replied with a touch of fear. He had, of course, heard more than enough about the Constructicons and their not-so-tender way of conducting repairs. He tried to return Astrotrain's smile. "Thank you for your help, sir. Hopefully they can accomplish something."

Ramjet, meanwhile, stood in the doorway. He occasionally glanced with distaste at the worthless fleshbag that was wasting his commander's valuable time.

2003-11-12, 05:07 PM
Jetfire turned slightly as he heard the click from Shockwave and the blast caught him across the back of the knee joint. The big autobot crumpled slightly and then transformed to his shuttle mode, boosters facing in Shockwave's direction.
"Gotta get up in the air, let radar do my visuals."

He ignited his thrusters, throwing flame jets directly backward.

"This isn't working."

Mirage continued firing as the the shell approached and with Thunderwing's shell closing, decided to try a physical attack. He sprand up to hang by a telephone pole and swung back and forth before trying to land a solid double kick at the shell.
The cyclone cannon created a blast of air that caused Smokescreen to veer off course. He hit some garbage cans and slammed into a brick wall, enveloping himself in the smog.
Hound continued wandering inside Metrotitan. He noted Thundercracker's pass down the hall, but the rooms and corridors held more interest for him. He was frustrated with the missing information. He knew he should be remembering more, but all that would come up were scattered bits and pieces. Traveling through the empty halls with Buzzsaw on his arm felt right as small snips of new information replaced the missing memories, and yet the base felt... empty. He passed the corridor leading to the brig and glanced down it, but chose to edge away. Something didn't feel right about it.

After hours passed, and he had explored most of the base, Hound's attention began to turn toward going outside. He wandered to the upper levels of the base and went to the observation windows.

Lord Zarak
2003-11-13, 12:52 PM
The thrust from Jetfires boosters hit Shockwave head on. It sent him sprawling through the air into a building that promptly collapsed upon him. The combined mass of the rubble that fell onto him knocked him offline, albeit temporarily.

Quick Switch
2003-11-13, 08:24 PM
Thunderwing's Pretender shell lurched violently as Mirage's kick's impacted it's head, knocking a few flawless teeth out in the process.

Grinning, as if amused, the shell made to rip the telephone pole out of the ground and fling Mirage off.


Thunderwing shouldered the cannon, chuckling.

"Well, well. He gambled and lost. Rather amusing what?" He turned to address Shockwave. "Smokescreen is in the process of being detained."

The aristocrat walked over to the crash site at a measured pace.

2003-11-13, 11:06 PM
Smokescreen remained still until Thunderwing was standing right next to him.
I still have an ace up my sleeve, and I'll show it to you personally.
Suddenly, he transformed in a snap and threw a right hook at Thunderwing.

Quick Switch
2003-11-13, 11:25 PM
The blow caught Thunderwing full in the face, and he spun to one side, falling on one knee, the blow having been unexpected.

Thunderwing raised the cyclone cannon and pointed it at Smokescreen.

"Bad form," he muttered. "Now stand down, or be put down."

2003-11-13, 11:38 PM
"Don't think so Thunderbutt!" Smokescreen sneered as he returned with a roundhouse.
Mirage gripped as hard as he could as the pole was hoisted up and the shell began spinning. The force of the centrifugal motion caused Mirage to lose his grip and he was spun off, hitting the ground and rolling some distance off.
Jetfire launched himself up and began to circle back.
The noise from his own boosters had obscured Thunderwing's comment.

Quick Switch
2003-11-13, 11:45 PM
Thunderwing was knocked backwards, nearly flat on his back. he kept himself steady by the use of one hand.

Meanwhile, Thunderwing's Pretender shell promptly hurled the pole away and advanced on Smokescreen's position, smiling easily.

2003-11-13, 11:52 PM
Smokescreen was entirely fixed on Thunderwing and didn't notice the shell coming toward him. Smokescreen aimed a small laser gun at the Decepticon.
"We aren't going to let you destroy the UN conference Thunderwing. Leave while you still can."
Mirage shook off the jarring fall and stood up, glancing around. Suddenly, he made the connection. "Smokescreen! Look out!"

Quick Switch
2003-11-14, 12:09 AM
Thunderwing smiled sickly as the shell approached Smokescreen from behind.

"As if this damned conference matters, you fool," Thunderwing rasped. "Once again, Autobot, you fail to grasp-"

Here Thunderwing's shell grabbed for Smokescreen-

"- that you have fallen into mine," he finished standing up and re-aiming the cannon.

2003-11-14, 12:24 AM
Grabbed from behind in an arm lock, Smokescreen struggled for a moment, trying to free himself before he stopped and looked down the muzzle of Thunderwing's cannon.

Mirage brought up his rifle, took aim at Thunderwing and fired.

Quick Switch
2003-11-14, 01:13 AM
Thunderwing turned, but not quickly enough, and the shot clipped the side of his face, shearing off metal and sending a spurt of oil into th air as Thunderwing turned away.

"Fire again and he dies, Autoobot!" Thunderwing snappped, putting his hand up to cover his leaking face.

The Pretender shell clamped its other hands around Smokescreen's neck, in a snappping position, while the arm lock hold tightened.

2003-11-14, 01:37 AM
Mirage frowned and narrowed his optics as he lowered the rifle.
I'm not doing enough damage. Gonna have to wait for an opportunity.
Jetfire swung around and drew a line of fire on Shockwave, unaware of the others.

Quick Switch
2003-11-14, 02:39 AM
Thunderwing transformed to jet mode.

"Shockwave- our objective has been completed. Let us away!"

Thunderwing's shell wresteled Smokescreen on board and inside Thunderwing's cockpit.

Lord Zarak
2003-11-17, 02:48 PM
Shockwave reactivated as Thunderwing completed his sentence.

Getting up from the rubble around him, he saw Jetfire closing, and firing at him.

He transformed slowly, and fired an infra-red beam at his adversary.

2003-11-17, 06:14 PM
"NO! My radar!!!" Jetfire yelled as he veered left. The infrared beam had masked his visuals. Comettor rushed forward to the cockpit yelling directions as Jetfire rolled sideways. "Jetfire- right wing down, flaps in, increase speed."

Jetfire trusted the little minicon's directions and regained some altitude. After righting himself several air miles off, Jetfire assessed his situation.
"Comettor, I can't get visuals. Call the base. We need help."

The minicon picked up the communicator. "This is Comettor calling. We're under Decepticon attack and need backup. Come in!"
They were after Smokescreen- not the UN.
With that realization, Mirage turned himself invisible and ran toward Thunderwing's tail. With a spring, he aimed to snag it and hold on.
Inside the cockpit, Smokescreen struggled and tried to wrest free of the shell. "Let me go!"

Lord Zarak
2003-11-18, 10:06 AM
Shockwave would have brought Soundwave along, so that he could jam any maydays coming from Jetfire, but the mission was a success.

"Thuderwing prepare for our evacuation of this area. Jetfire has been incapacitated, therefore the air space is unprotected. Counterpunch, disengage from your diversionary attack and depart with us." commanded the purple cyclops.

Quick Switch
2003-11-18, 08:22 PM
Thunderwing's cockpit closed and he activated his engines.

"Do shut up," he called out, as the Pretender shell clamped both hands around the Autobot's mouth. With that, Thunderwing took off.

Quick Switch
2003-11-19, 05:38 PM
Galvatron touched down on Carbombyan soil a few hours later, entering Metrotitan promptly.

Hurling Cyclonus' body into a wall for Metrodrones to pick up, Galvatron stalked to his quarters.

Starscream waited just inside.

"I take it the operation did not go well?"

Galvatron, seething, actually paid Starscream the courtesy of a smile, before punching him square in the face, caving in the cowardly jet's features in a sickening crunch.

"I know this won't make much sense to you, you simpering IDIOT but the attack was not my fault. On the contrary, do you know who I'm going to blame for this, Starscream?"

Starscream, functionally having no face after the punch, could only writhe and gurgle in pain as his body slammed into the floor.

"Why, you, of course," Galvatron said. Drawing back one of his massive feet, Galvatron reared back and kicked, viciously, into Starscream's side, denting and warping the torso frame. Sparks and bits of metal flew.

Galvatron's face was a bizarre mixture of wrath and glee as he continued to break the treacherous jet.

"I don't even know why I revieved you, you pathetic, sniveling, cowardly TREASONOUS MORON!" The Decepticon Leader stamped on the jet's knees, shattering them, and grinding them into the floor for good measure. After which, he picked up the former air commander, and snapped both his arms with his own hands as if they were twigs.

Galvatron slammed Starscream into a wall, then leaned in close (not knowing, of course, that Starscream could no longer hear him) and growled:

"I remember now. You are such a pleasure to KILL."

Galvatron transformed to cannon mode and, without further ado, proceeded to vaporize Starscream's body. Nothing remained of the jet except a pile of ash.

Galvatron transformed back to robot mode, very, very content.

"Now, wasn't that a galvanizing experience?"

Galvatron threw back his head and let loose a lunatic guffaw which carried throughout the command wing.


Even as the Metrodrone brought the status report alerting Galvatron's arrival (and of course defeat of the ill-conceived attack) Astrotrain heard the laughter. His face hardened, and he rose.

"Excuse me," he said to Lokos, walking out the door. "Don't follow," he said to Ramjet firmly. "Tell all visitors to wait and I will see to them after...present business is accomplished."

The Admiral-Administrator walked out the door without another word.

The Triple Changer started the relatively short walk to Galvatron's quarters and "office".

2003-11-19, 08:54 PM
Lokos simply stared at the wall, too absorbed in his own thoughts (and Squeezeplay's) to answer as Astrotrain walked out.
Ramjet's jaw dropped slightly. He started to protest, but thought better of it.
Not even I could protect him from that... he thought. The Conehead shivered slightly at the memory of Galvatron's insane acts all those years ago on Charr.
Besta luck, boss.

Quick Switch
2003-11-20, 04:56 PM
"My Lord?" Astrotrain said as the quarters door chamber opened.

(Galvatron liked to think of himself as "accessible" to his loyal minions, after all.)

"Astrotrain!" Galvatron said, swiveling around to see the Triple Changer standing at the cusp of the doorway. "Come in, my most loyal subordinate, my Admiral, my Administrator!" Galvatron waved a hand, beckoning viogrosouly.

Astrotrain smiled slightly, and clanked in, shutting the door behind him. He took in the death-residue on the wall (and floor nearby), and drew the appropriate conclusions.

"To be honest, I don't know why you brought him back," Astrotrain said finally, putting his hands behind his back.

"Because I could!" Galvatron said, momentary flash of anger burning beneath the sufrace. Sparks shot from his helmed head. Mirth soon replaced it. "Actually I don't know what I was thinking. Isn't that amusing? Of course, I have so many thoughts, it's foolish to try and keep track of them all. Bwahhahahahahahaa!" The Decepticon Leader and Emperor slapped his knees.

Astrotrain, duitfully, said nothing at this "revelation".

"Sit!" Galvatron commanded, pointing with his cannon to a chair across from his desk. Astrotrain sat.

"The attack failed," Astrotrain said, crossing his arms. "It was ill conceived, and served no real purpose-"

"Not true!" Galvatron said gleefully. "I destroyed some mountains."

"....The attack failed. It was ill conceived, and served no real purpose," Astrotrain tried again, somewhat doubtfully. "My Lord."

"If I want a topic beaten to death, I'll do it myself, thank you," Galvatron said airily. "Actually, if I want anything beaten to death, I'll do it myself." He chortled at his own wit.

Astrotrain cocked his head, looking at Galvatron (who had already started to drift mentally, staring at a spot on the wall behind Astrotrain's head). His optics dimmed.

"Galvatron, you are the leader of the Decepticon Empire. You have the legacy not only of your past deeds, but also of your other past deeds to consider."

"What?" Galvatron said, blinking his optics.

"Before your unfortunate landing on Thrull, Galvatron, and your years of conquest as Megatron," Astrotrain reminded gently. Gently as one could with an echo-heavy vocoder, at any rate.

"All a blur, really," Galvatron admitted cheerfully. "Though I almost killed Optimus Prime a few hours ago, and Starscream's back to being in his rightful state- ash."

"Do you remember when I went with you to Planet Dread, Galvatron?" Astrotrain asked softly.

"Involving those death crystal things, yes?" Galvatron replied. "Not even Cyclonus journyed with me- but you did, Astrotrain. Yes. Those idiot Predacons failed me. I should find them and destroy them for their incompetence-"

"I told you then, you had the potential to become more famous than Unicron," Astrotrain nodded and interjected smoothly, "and you still may. I feel it is my responsibility to tell you the troops will be disatisfied when they return and the Empire is greater than any one leader-"

"Let them come!" Galvatron said suddenly, slamming his fists down hard on the desk. "I am Galvatron, Leader of the Decepticons, and I....FEAR....NO ONE!" Galvatron's face worked in unimanagable fury.

"Of course Galvatron," Astrotrain said, rising, frowning in thought, "of course." He raised an arm in homage...though it was decidedly unsure. "Peace through tyranny."

He walked to the edge of the doorway, when Galvatron said:

"Do you know what I just realized, Astrotrain?"

Astrotrain turned slightly, and looked inquiringly at his leader. Galvatron positively shook with delight. Even as his optics blazed with intensity, sparks continued to arc from his head, finding no order except in their own disharmony.

"I have no head, I have no head, I have no head!"

Astrotrain walked out, grim, and as the door closed and once again, Galvatron surrendered to the ever-comforting laughter.

2003-11-20, 08:00 PM
"It's so... empty here Buzzsaw. That must have been some attack."
Hound had reached a viewing deck and was watching a battle-damaged Trypticon outside when an explosion made the floor vibrate.

Instinctively, he pinned himself against Metrotitan's wall and began scanning. It was then that the faint resonance of a strange and disturbing laughter echoed through the room.

Hound couldn't make sense of the strange mass of energy that he scanned from Galvatron's detonation. He frowned and murmured, "Strange- a Decepticon signature, but what on Earth was that...?"

After a pause, he glanced at the golden condor. "Buzzsaw, I'm going to check that out."

Hound began heading for the source of the energy.
Mirage grabbed hold of Thunderwing's tail as the Decepticon began taking off. He ran trying to get a better hold and lost his grip as the tail dropped. Mirage fell hard and rolled into the side of the UN building. Slowly he got to his feet and watched the disappearing vapor trail.
Smokescreen squirmed unhappily for a moment and then gave up and sat still as the shell held him in place. He watched patiently as clouds swept by Thunderwing's cockpit window.

2003-11-21, 05:50 AM
Spinister arrived at Metrotitan, shifting back into his robot mode as he landed on the helipad. He glanced casually towards the decimated Trypticon.
This is unpardonable, he fumed silently. Galvatron is leading us directly to the Inferno.
Entering the base through the small door at the helipad, he stalked off towards his quarters. He moved at a slightly faster pace than usual, and his footfalls were almost audible. He gave off no other outward signs of his rage.
His Nebulans followed, albeit somewhat farther behind than usual.

Lord Zarak
2003-11-21, 09:34 AM
Shockwave, looking at the captive Autobot, radioed Astrotrain :

"We have the prisoner Astrotrain, and we are en route to Metrotitan."

2003-11-21, 10:20 PM
Just entering Carbombyan airspace:

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -flying ahead of Star Saber(Leozak in the lead, Gaihawk and Hellbat acting as wingmen), transform and land-

Leozak: "Drop us here, Star Saber. It will be.... safer for you."

2003-11-23, 11:46 PM
Counterpunch blearly looked around him. He was currently lying in a shallow dip on the battlefield. He was lain on his back and overhead he could make out red and blue energy bolts whizzing by. He hated battles.

His system diagnosis was going crazy, broken sync pathways and nueral damage was causing all sorts of interface with his system.

He raised himself and slowly tried to crawl across the ground. Seeing a lull in the firing, Counterpunch rose on his knees and then onto his feet. He could barely see.

Like a single tree in a barren field, Counterpunch, for a brief moment, became the single most obvious thing on the battlefield. That was before a series a shots struck him from 5 different sources.

Counterpunch dropped and rolled across the ground, speeding faster and faster as his plunge sent him over the edge of a bomb crater. He slid head first down into the crater, stopping just off the bottom. A few stray shots caught the edge of the bomb crater, bring a mountain of earth and mud down atop Counterpunches' weak form. Seconds before the debris fell upon him, Countepunhc had just enough energy left to initiate his transformation to PUNCH, his autobot robotic form.

The debris fell upon his prone form and completely covered the transformer, save a few grubbily gleaming parts of his torso.

His internal system finally packed up and he went offline....

God Jinrai
2003-11-24, 03:35 AM
Slowing his engine output, starsaber slowly descended, comming to a remotely soft, clean landing....

"Alright. end of the line, you three. "

Starsaber waited in his vehicular mode for Jalgar, Killbison and Drillhorn to disembark

2003-11-24, 09:09 AM
Jalgar, Killbison, and Drillhorn: -climb off of Star Saber-

Drillhorn: "Thank you for the ride."

Jalgar: -stretching- "Talk about flying coach...."

God Jinrai
2003-11-24, 01:44 PM
"my word is as good as yours, drillhorn. Or any of yours, for that matter. but on to more important matters... if my scanners are serving right in this heat, you've got about twenty miles to reach metrotitan... I would have gone further, but as leozak said... there's a rather large risk of me being shot down in that case. "

Starsaber began his takeoff sequence, and in seconds, was in the air, heading back for fortress maximus...

"Remember our agreement, leozak... as you know that I will." were his last words before disappearing from sensor range...

2003-11-24, 08:56 PM
Spinister arrived at his quarters. His optics flicked to the nameplate under the door's control panel.


His hand curled into a fist.
No. Not in a public corridor.
He forced his fist to uncurl, and the urge to smash the no longer applicable nameplate slowly faded. Instead he keyed in the unlocking code and entered the room. His Nebulans muttered something that he didn't bother acknowledging, then headed across the hall to the organic quarters.
Keying the door shut behind him, Spinister sat behind his desk and began to coldly analyze every after-action report that his no longer deserved rank gave him access to.

2003-11-24, 11:19 PM
Leozak: -scowling as Star Saber flys away- "I will remember our agreement, Star Saber....."

Killbison: "I don't like that."

Leozak: "You don't have to, Killbison. But honor is what counts in this. Now form up! Jalgar, take point, Killbison, bring up our six. Hellbat, you and Gaihawk cover our flanks. Let's move out."

Jalgar, Leozak, Drillhorn, Hellbat, Gaihawk, and Killbison: -start marching towards Metrotitan-

2003-11-25, 02:51 AM
ooc: We assumed that Shockwave is on board Thunderwing, Zarak :) If not, that's fine too.

Comettor helped Jetfire land outside the city and the bllinding flash effect from Shockwave started to wear off. Slowly, the big Autobot regained his vision.

2003-11-25, 04:41 AM
OOC: So all the 'cons are back here now?


Darkwing, Dreadwind, Runabout and Runamuck returned to the Decepticon military fortress, and immediately made their way to the infrimary.

2003-11-26, 06:46 AM
Jalgar, Leozak, Drillhorn, Hellbat, Gaihawk, and Killbison: -limp(in Killbison's case, literally) into Metrotitan, head for the repair bay-

2003-11-26, 02:27 PM
The Seacons and Cryotek walked to the repair bays and stopped and relaxed as metrodrones ran around adminstering repairs.


Hatemonger walked around the base, thinking about what the Decepticons might do next.

2003-11-27, 02:50 AM
Repair Bay, Metrotitan:

Drillhorn: -supervising the metrodrones as they repair the rest of Breastforce- "This shouldn't take too long. Fortunately, our damage is light."

Jalgar: "And our need for energon is heavy." -jumps off table when metrodrone finishes working on him- "I'll get the first round." -pads over to the nearest energon cube dispenser-

Hellbat: "My only question is, why the desert?"

Leozak: "Because Carbombya is a desert nation."

Hellbat: "It's hot, arid, glowing, and we seem to have parked next to a badly designed building. Did you get a look at that place?"

Gaihawk: "What do we care about fleshling architecture? I say we finish repairs and re-energizing, then go wipe out those slag sucking Autobots."

Jalgar: -tosses an energon cube to Leozak- "Not very subtle, especially since there's only six of us and a bunch of them."

Killbison: -left leg and arm partially dismantled as the metrodrones repair his roadwheels and bogies prior to rethreading the new tread sections- "I'm with Gaihawk. Subtle takes too long."

Leozak: -catches and drains cube, wondering when this became a committee team-

Jalgar: "Of course you agree with Gaihawk. Anything that requires you to get those exercize wheel bound glitchmice moving in what passes for your brain makes your head hurt." -tosses cubes to Hellbat, Gaihawk, and Drillhorn-

Killbison: -growls-

Drillhorn: "Petty arguments aside, my question is, why are we aligned with these humans? Why not just take it?"

Hellbat: "Simple." -catches another energon cube tossed by Jalgar- "This way, we don't have to fight a two front war. And humans are so easily usable. And even more easily discarded."