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2003-09-17, 08:40 PM
You know the drill...the time for War is at hand...

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-17, 09:11 PM
Grimlock stirred, he was used to Prime's emotional outbursts, none of them really ever had any major effect on Grimlock's own emotional state.

"You really think that the Decepticons would simply just lie down and let us take them all out? Space is huge Prime, there will always be some splinter group of Decepticons, some big-shot wanna-be Decepticon hot-head think he the next great thing since Energo swords..."

Grimlock sifted through the various weapons he'd retrieved from the armoury

"...if I were you I'd give one last rallying call to all Autobots and prepare them for the attack we about to face. Magnus was just the first, me expect that the real attack will come soon, hard and fast..."

Grimlock lifted a huge cannon onto his shoulder, prepared to hit big.

"...we need to be united now more than ever Prime, it up to you. Dinobots and I will see you out on battlefield..."

Grimlock motioned for the other Dinobots to follow him from the room and outside of Fortress Maximus.

2003-09-17, 11:49 PM
OOC- This is a joke. Who ever plays Swoop either died or is brain dead.

IC- Jazz nodded to Streewise "Yeah you can do something, Go find Slapdash and meet me out front of Fort Max we're gonna go find some Carbombians playing with toys they shouldn't have" Now all I gotta do is find Swoop and we're on our way Jazz thought


Sunstreaker looked at the moniter as he heard knocking. Trailbreaker. He opened up a channel to a speaker that led to outside.

"Come on in Trailbreaker. No one here but this Good looking Autobot" So much for solitude


Blaster forwarded the message from Hound to Optimus again "Prime Hound's signal is being picked up, we had to sever the link so he wasn't caught but he said he saw a con and if Soundwave is on the case you can bet more then just one is gonna show up"

Aero Blade
2003-09-18, 12:24 AM
As their small group began to meander their way towards their outpost, Aero Blade found himself at the front of the group for some odd reason.

Why are they following me? Like I have any clue in Primus where I'm going... "Um, do either of you know what way we're supposed to go to find the outpost, or should we just keep heading east until we find something unusual?"

2003-09-18, 12:38 AM

"Hey Prowl, yes you did make a...small...tactical error," Ratchet said jokingly. "Just relax for now buddy, while I fix you up, we will need you for combat later." Ratchet continued to repair Prowl.

God Jinrai
2003-09-18, 01:52 AM
"Indeed, you will, Grimlock.. " prime sighed, and in his mind, he thought to himself... "let's jsut hope that it's our side you're truly fighting for..."

Opening his comm channel, he patched into the autobot wideband.... reaching throughout maximus and metroplex as well...

"Autobots... Steele yourselves. The assault is at hand... and I fear that if we do not act as we were meant to... fiercely, and with all of our sparks... we may all very well die this day. I say to you... every single one of you... will make a difference this day. The battlefield warriors are only one niche of what we require to take the assault galvatron has prepared.... and send him packing with a counter-strike of our own. I say this to you... the matrix can't save us. This is a fate we face without its aid. This is a battle which WE and WE ALONE CAN WIN! This is not a fight against some god of destruction... This is the war we have waged for eons... and STILL it rages on! Let today mark the beginning of the end of the Cybertronian wars! For Cybertron! For the Universe! And for All whom seek Peace! Autobots! Heed my call! And let today be a reminder to the decepticon army... We will not go quietly into the night... we will not succumb to oppression and nor shall we allow them to oppress others! We alone stand in their path! Let us end their march toward domination HERE AND NOW!"

Prime closed his comlink... and approached Cerebros....

"Prepare Maximus City for transformation to battle fortress mode. The city mode is far too vulnerable. we need the firepower that the battleship can supply."

"Understood, Optimus Prime...."

Cerebros began keying the sequence for the transformation, then made the broadcast...

"All autobots within the walls of Fortress Maximus.... Maximus city is being transformed. I ask, as commander of this city, for your paitence for the reconfiguration to take place, and your understanding for any inconveniences that may occur during the transformation. Cerebros out."

Prime approached one of the windows in the command tower, gazing out... he could see the city slowly comming to life... preparing to reconfigure... and as he looked out, he could see the massive Buster-Style cannon rising on its anti-gravity lifts to lock into place on the command tower.

"And so... It begins." prime muttered

2003-09-18, 02:18 AM
Armoury, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -sitting before a table in the armoury, shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon off and dismantled before him, meticulously cleaning the weapon, lost in his thoughts. Without even thinking about it, he reassembles the cannon in less than 15 seconds, checking the breech and feed mechanisims, reconnecting it to the ammo hopper and reseating the whole mechanism onto the right side of his backpack unit, then dismantles the grenade launcher and repeats the process, cleaning out carbon residue, checking the firing mechanisim, reassembles the grenade launcher in less than 10 seconds, reholsters it on his lower left leg, dismantles linear blaster cannon and repeats process, then finally, with relish, dismantles his laser rifle- "Had you for vorns, old friend........" -picks up the deep blue focusing crystal, narrows his optic band at it- "Hairline fracture..... Nnn." -cautiously sets the damaged crystal down, picks up the power core- "Frayed inducer coil, capacitor cracked and leaking......" -growls- "Way too much use between refits. Would explain why I haven't been getting the penetration recently that used to."

Nightbeat: -leaning against doorway, arms folded- "Getting old, huh."

Roadbuster: -not looking up- "Too much use."

Nightbeat: "I meant you. You're sitting in here talking to yourself."

Roadbuster: "It's not like I've got anybody else to talk to. The Wreckers have been disbanded, from the looks of things."

Nightbeat: "It's better than being dead. And given the number of Autobots we lost during the Chaos Matrix thing, and the Quints subsequent kicking us off of Cybertron, spec ops units are kind of moot right at the moment."

Roadbuster: "What are you doing here? I thought you were working with Ironhide over at Metroplex."

Nightbeat: "Took a wrong turn. It's like a bloody maze in here during the transform sequence."

Roadbuster: "Better get back there." -opens panel on the left side of his backpack, pulls out a small box, opens it-

Nightbeat: "Right. Later, boss." -walks away-

Roadbuster: -holds up a focusing crystal pulled from the box, examines it critically- "Slag. Last time I buy spares from a back-alley arms dealer......."


Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "I don't know why what happened..... well, happened, Skyfall. They might be from a different point in the same timeline Breastforce is from, or they could be from a different branch altogether."

Leozak: -listening to the conversation- "This could be a problem..... I have to get out of here before they wake up. I'm in no shape to face them."

Leokaiser: "As I said..... Leozak...... nothing but.... a coward......"


Metroplex Security Office:

Ironhide: -hearing Prime's announcement- "Awlrahght..... tahme ta show th' Decepticreeps whut fer."

Brave Maximus
2003-09-18, 02:34 AM
COOL! I have never been in a city transformer as it's reconfiguring - this should be amazing!
Skyfall watched the wall of the room, expecting them to change before his very eyes. After a few moments, and nothing happened, Skyfall turned dejectedly towards Minerva.
"I don't know if they come from the exact same reality, but by Victory Saber's speach at the lake, I would assume they do. I was talking more about Victory Leo there."
And slightly sheepishly "I was kinda talking to myself, sorry. I tend to do that from time to time. Anyway, it was Deffinatly the Leo personality that was causing V Saber to go beserk. Which is really wierd. Not even Dai Atlas could explain the personality shift he under went when his changed bodies. And Dai Atlas knew them personally. Strange that an Ex-Autobot leader would do that."

*Edit, sorry about the sig, just noticed it

2003-09-18, 04:15 AM
Crosshairs arrived at the north outpost and transfromed to robot mode. He looked over his shoulder to see if Bluestreak was there yet. But something else caught his eye.
Fort Max is transforming...
Pinpointer, standing on his partner's shoulder, shook his head in dismay.
"That can't be a good," he muttered to no one in paticular.

2003-09-18, 05:19 AM
(OOC: Can I interest anyone in a slightly used web browser program? Thing's about as sharp as a bag full of wet mice.....)

2003-09-18, 05:26 AM
Brig, Fort Max:

Killbison: "Is it me, or is the room shaking?"

Jalgar: "The room is shaking."

Killbison: "Good. I was worried there for a minute......."

Drillhorn: "They're transforming the ship. I have a feeling the Autobots are going on the offensive."

Hellbat: "I thought you didn't like dealing in instinctive theorizing."

Drillhorn: "I don't. But it's also a logical conclusion, given what that Autobot told us. An assassin comes in and shoots a few of them, it's not like they're going to sit back and do nothing."

Gaihawk: "Some assassin. Nobody died, and they've brought the Autobots wrath, such as it is, down on top of the Decepticons."

Hellbat: -chuckles- "I know. I wish I'd planned it. It's beautiful."

Drillhorn: -sarcastically- "But you wouldn't do anything like that at all, would you."

Hellbat: "Oh, no. Of course not. I'd have found a more suitable scapegoat. The humans would have been a good choice." -sighs- "Sometimes, being a good guy can be a serious drag."

2003-09-18, 07:52 AM
*ooc: from Dec. thread -snip- 4th transmission*
"Slag...Nothing for it now- they'll have heard that..." Hound reached for his communicator as he crossed the road into the brush on the other side, trying to cover his tracks and the leaking fuel and mech fluid mix as he went. Blaster! The Decepticons are on the move in a large group heading West out of Carbombya. Hound out."

"Maybe we all need to be installed with the pink bunny's batteries Ratchet," Prowl muttered in his half-aware state. "Or maybe we need to hire Daniel's schoolteacher. He told me once that she can see everything. Gotta be an amazing human..."
Prowl looked at the ceiling panels and then got a puzzled expression as sounds of creaking metal echoed in. He tried to sit up and tried to register what was happening, but found his body still wasn't responding.
"Ratchet- Ratchet, something's going on. Get me patched up- please hurry. I can't be of any use like this"
Trailbreaker laughed and looked around as he walked in. "I don't see Sideswipe anywhere, Sunstreaker. What good looking Autobot?"

Inferno sat at the monitors while Max shifted, assisting in adjusting the gravitational fields for equipment. He noted Nightbeat leaving and then caught a snip of Hound's transmission.
He tilted his head slightly as he listened. "He's in trouble Max. But sounds like we are too. Time to put trouble on the back burner and toast the Decepticons once and for all. Weapons arsenal check Max- let's see your files."

Smokescreen chuckled. "Bills huh? One thing I can and did do in regards to bills... Shipwreck, when you get home, you'll have a pick up slip for a little something I thought you might like. On the other hand, I don't think there's any of us that would hesitate to give our lives if it would mean getting the Decepticons off the planet to keep the humans safe from the Decepticon threat."

"You're right Smokescreen." Jetfire added over his speakers. "Let's get them off this planet."

So we can fight the Quintessons for home... Mirage added silently.

"Coming up on the city now," Jetfire called out. "Fasten your seatbelts."


2003-09-18, 03:14 PM
Sunstreaker hmphed and pulled a slingshot from subspave loading it up with a rock that had gotten in on the tracks of his tires and loaded it up.

"He's in here with me Trailbreaker come on and see him!" Sunstreaker grinned


"Oh Boy, nothin' good about that. Optimus Prime come in Optimus Prime. This is Blaster again and this time the news is no good like doubleplusbad no good. Hound says the Decepticon's are mobilizing and moving from the west, you can bet we're the target. I'm going to move down and switch Metroplex to battle mode if that is alright with you"


Bluestreak had seen city-bots transform, he was at Metroplex when he did it the first two times. He was already in the outpost he didn't stop to talk to Crosshairs he just wanted to get out of the open where a Sniper was liable to catch him.

God Jinrai
2003-09-18, 05:55 PM
"do so, Blaster. Inform Ironhide of the situation and have him put all of the autobots stationed at Metroplex on red alert. Fortress Maximus is completing its transformation to battle fortress mode, and it would be best to have Metroplex set as well.. .to avoid any mistakes we may not live to regret."

Prime cut the transmission...

"well... if guests are comming... perhaps I should go out to meet them." he muttered....

As Prime finished that statement, there was a resounding "thoom!" as the final interlocks sealed into place... completing the maximus city's transformation to battle fortress.

Opening his comlink, he radioed Grimlock...

"Grimlock... have the dinobots meet up with me at the east outpost. I think a little surprise should be waiting for the incomming decepticons.... "

Prime headed to the tower elevator, and descended down to the main floor... transforming into rig mode, he rolled out for the western outpost... set to give the decepticons a surprise they would never forget...

Lord Zarak
2003-09-18, 06:37 PM
Upon hearing Prime's words, Sky Lynx's reverie was broken. He transformed from his winged beast mode into his combined shuttle mode. He took off towards Maximus City, and opened a channel.

"Maximus City, Sky Lynx here. I am ready and available for the Decepticon onslaught."

2003-09-18, 06:46 PM

Nightbeat: -finds the exit, gets out of Fort Max, transforms, heads for Metroplex-

Muzzle: -looks back over his shoulder as Fort Max looks more like a battlecrusier now, rather than a city- "I guess the Decepticons are finally making a move."

Nightbeat: "Yes. My only question is, why aren't we all going? I'd think the Decepticons being on the move would warrant all of us going, not just the ones in Fort Max."

Muzzle: -shrugs- "Maybe they want to keep this area secure?"

Nightbeat: "This area? Admittedly, the lake is a nice thing to have nearby, and the scenery is kind of pretty, but what's the big deal?"

Muzzle: "Maybe they're sick of giving ground."

Nightbeat: "Could be. But you do realize what would be horribly ironic, don't you?"

Muzzle: "If the Decepticons come here in full force while the Autobots go to Carbombya in full force?"

Nightbeat: "You got it. Great minds think alike."

Muzzle: "Aren't we the same mind?"

Nightbeat: "Technically." -skids to a halt before Metroplex, transforms to robot mode, charges through the entry hatch, heading for the security office-


Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -finishes repairing Victory Leo- "Skyfall, do you know if Victory Leo's body is a new one or a rebuilt version of his old one?" -moves over to give Leozak a final check- "And you, Leozig-"

Leozak: -weakly- "Leozak..... my name's.... Leozak......"

Minerva: "Ah, good. You're awake. How do you feel?"

Leozak: "The.... same way..... I did after.... the last time... I fought those.... maniacs..... They nearly.... destroyed us....."

Brave Maximus
2003-09-18, 07:01 PM
Skyfall looked at Minerva with a slightly puzzled look:
"Ummm, I think in history, he got a new body. From what I remember, his original body was pretty beaten up by Leokaiser."

He flew over with Minerva as she monitered Leozaks vitals.

"Was it Victory Saber who did this to you?"

2003-09-19, 12:39 AM
Ratchet laughed at Prowl's pink bunny battery joke. "That would be a good idea Prowl, if you were a girl....," finished Ratchet with with his joke.

As time shortly passed, Ratchet had almost finished with Prowl's repairs and activated his movement sensors, so that he could sit up. "There you go Prowl, you're all done buddy. Now be careful next time, the Autbots don't need to getting injured..."

2003-09-19, 03:04 AM
Blaster stood up and opened his chest

"Everyone out now. We're transforming Metroplex, we gotta be ready to hit those Decepti-creeps head on"

The casettes ejected and immediately made their way towards junctions and chambers that needed to be activated for the transformation as Blaster followed them out going to the command chamber.

"Ironhide this is Blaster we're changing Metroplex to battle mode get everyone on high alert we go Cons commin in from the west"

2003-09-19, 03:41 AM
Pinpointer sniffed slightly as Bluestreak ran past the Nebulan and his partner.
"How rude," he muttered.
"You should talk," Crosshairs replied, chuckling softly.
Turning his back on the transformed city, he followed Bluestreak into the outpost.

2003-09-19, 04:30 AM
Security Office, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -over commlink- "Ah read ya, Blaster. We're goin' ta red alert now!" -hits red alert klaxon button, sending condition red signals racing through Metroplex, sirens howling, lights flashing... you know, the usual red alert drill-

Nightbeat: -comes running in- "What's up?"

Ironhide: "Make sure yer gun's charged, kid. We got comp'ny comin'."

Nightbeat: -pulls gun, checks charge- "Was this your plan?"

Ironhide: -checking charge in his own gun- "Nope. Ah was thinkin' security drills."

Nightbeat: "Lovely. Shall we invite them to leave?"


Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -sighs as he realizes that it's going to take more parts than he has on hand to completely overhaul his laser rifle, stores the dismantled rifle in the left side of his backpack unit, then removes the pack completely- "So..." -walks over to the gun racks- "What should I use as a replacement......." -looks over each gun, cataloging range and damage ratios, optic band lighting up as he sees what he wants, lifts the heavy rifle out of the rack, checks the action- "Now who would have thought anybody but me would model a weapon after the human's Barrett 50 caliber. I could live in this armory." -grabs a spare bandoleer of grenades and 2 spare belts of APEX(Armor-Piercing Explosive) ammo for the rifle, sets them next to his backback, grabs another 2 belts of APEX ammo for the rifle, connects them, wraps them up, and loads them into the center hopper of his backpack, stringing the belt around and loading it into the rifle, then reattaches his backpack, sets his H.U.D. ammo counter, connects the other two belts of ammo, then drapes the loops of rifle ammo and the bandoleer of grenades across his chest, picks up the heavy rifle and checks the saftey- "Groovy." -strides out of the armory, ready for anything-

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-09-19, 09:29 PM
"Dinobots" Grimlock spoke with his full authority.

"You are to meet with Optimus Prime at Eastern outpost, me want you to give Decepticon's hell they expect from Dinobots."

With that command Grimlock himself headed out, he wasn't going to the outpost, he had his own plan.

2003-09-20, 12:24 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Leozak: -looks at Skyfall: "No..... Not this time...... This was done by.... a team of Quintesson Guardians...... The last time.... we fought Victory Saber..... he knocked us into.... the energy nexus.... of Deszaras' space fortress...... before he destroyed it...... I don't know..... why he'd attack us now..... Especially if we were..... unconscious in a lake....." -smiles weakly, tone slightly mocking- "You Cybertrons haven't taken to attacking unconscious Destrons..... have you?"

Minerva: -looks puzzled- "Cybertron? We're Autobots."

Aero Blade
2003-09-20, 12:41 AM
ooc: Bombshell, Quick Swtich, we'd better get the guys to the outpost, or Optimus and the Dinobots are likely to get there before us!

Not recieving an answer from either Dirge or Wreck-Gar, Aero Blade turned back to looking forward as he walked with a sigh. Just great, we're probably lost... After a moment, though, he saw something up ahead. "Is that the outpost?" He asked aloud.

2003-09-20, 02:57 AM
OOC: Don't p*ss me off, Aero. This is NOT my fault!

Wreck-Gar walked up beside Aero Blade.

"Beats the HELL outta me," he said.

Aero Blade
2003-09-20, 03:26 AM
Aero Blade scratched the back of his head while looking at the small building. "Well it's the only thing out here so far. Guess we should at least have a look," he answered, starting that way. Upon reaching the building he gingerly openned the door and looked inside, noting some basic scanning and communication equipment.

"Must be the place..." Aero Blade stepped inside, giving it another look over. Stratus left his shoulder perch and flew over to the communication equipment, looking at it but not messing with it.

Quick Switch
2003-09-20, 05:41 PM
Quick appeared at Prowl's side with a perplexed expression on his face.

"Get ahold of yourself!" The Six Changer said, completely bewildered.


Dirge shrugged.

"Let's take a station break," the jet suggested, walking into the outpost.

2003-09-20, 06:21 PM
Conference room:

Sludge:"Uuuu will go Grimlock, but where is rest?Come on Slag. It's time to do our thing. Sludge think so." East outpost or West not remember. Think east.

Sludge was on his way to east outpost.

Fort Max quarters:

Hotwire repairing Joyride arm.

Joyride:"What are you doing with this arm? Why it takes so long?"

Hotwire:"I almost finished"-not looking up-"Almost".

Joyride:"I'm getting impatient."

Hotwire:"I finished. How do you feel?"

Joyride:-moving his arm-"Not bad"-smiles-"But It could be better"-ponting place where sliver was-"You left some scratches here".

Hotwire:-grins-"Well I did, those "scratches" are my signature"

Joyride:-staring blinkly at Hotwire-"You did what?!"-shouts-"I'm going to make a signature on your nebulan backplate with my own hands"

Hotwire:-stops laughing-"The room is shaking..."

Joyride:"Fort Max is transforming to battle station, that can mean only one thing..."


Joyride:-grins, grabs his photon blaster and two pulse granade from locker,looks at the Howire-"I think that this stuff will provide us more fun than we can handle"-starts laugh loudly-.
Both run from the room and head outside.


Slapdash:-looks at Fort Max battle mode- Major firepower, I love this


Broadside rose from the ground, swayed a little but he didn't fall down. Energy was flowing through his cirucuits again. I live again.He was standing there and staring at the blue sky above him. He was lost in his thoughts. How long I was deactivated? Who found me? What happened on Cybertron?What is happening now?Where are other Wreckers?Suddenly his comm link opened and he heard Optimus voice. Whatever did happen before wasn't important now, when battle with decepticons was so close. Once again he looked at sun and than at Hoist.

Broadside:-transforms into jet mode-"Get aboard Hoist. While our flight to base you can tell me what is happening around here."

2003-09-20, 07:04 PM
Near Fort Max

Darkwing, Dreadwind, Runabout and Runamuck hid near the massive Autobot Battle Station, waiting for the others to arrive.

"Want a piece of that Kit Kat Bar?" Wreck-Gar asked Dirge.

Quick Switch
2003-09-20, 07:48 PM
"Give me a breaaak," Dirge said, chuckling. He'd heard that in a preview for a movie once.

The jet peered about the outpost, looking through the turrent sights.


Alkazar Robotics Corporation:

Chip Chase was a slave to a computer like most of humanity. However, the CEO of perhaps the largest robotics corporation in the world had resisted the temptation to get a cell phone.

He checked his personal messages.

"What in God's name-" was that Sideswipe's head? And who was that leering maniac with the skull face? "The sender field indicates an Autobot tracking number and code," Chip muttered, re-adjusting his glasses on the bridge of his nose. "This is serious!"

2003-09-20, 09:46 PM
ooc: See player notes in Questions.

Prowl looked at Quick Switch half in dismay and half bemused, laughing slightly. "I can't possibly hold myself. Only organics need to hold themselves. For a transformer, that's not log..."
His sentence was cut off mid-thought as Ratchet switched his systems back on and his processors immediately caught up.

He blinked a couple times and eased himself into a sitting position. For a moment, Prowl got a puzzled expression. His memory processor hadn't recorded the time span from the moment he got picked up by Optimus' trailer until the instant his sytems had been restarted.

After a fast glance around, he ran a self diagnostic as he tried to put things together. His programming was kicking in and his battle computer OS was resuming. He lost the distant look and frowned with a concerned expression.

"Thanks Ratchet. I'm feeling better, but I have a gap in my memory recall since the attack. What's the status Quick Switch?"


Trailbreaker chuckled and walked inside, unaware of the slingshot being targeted. "Who's keepin' ya company Sunstreaker?"

2003-09-20, 11:58 PM
"Not much Trailbreaker... just a rock.. and a sling shot" Sunstreaker let the slingshot go propelling the rock towards the black autobot with a grin.

2003-09-21, 01:45 AM

Roadbuster: -steps outside, scanning for targets, weapons at the ready, sees a spot that will allow him a good field of fire and good cover, ducks behind it-


Metroplex Security Office:

Nightbeat: -scanning the images on the monitors- "There's Roadbuster..........." -watches as Roadbuster finds a place for cover and ducks behind it- "Hmmm.... He's got a new gun......" hits button on comm panel on desk- "How about you, pops? Scanning anything?"


Outer War Hull, Topside, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -standing next to one of Metroplex's missile batteries as he scans the countryside, scowls, activates commlink- "Naw, kid. Couple'a city-sahzed bases're screwin' up th' mag detectors. They awlready got somebody here, Ah ain't pickin' 'em up. Keep watchin' th' monitors."

Nightbeat: -over commlink- "Got it, pops."

Ironhide: "Would you stop callin' me that."

2003-09-21, 01:48 AM
Streetwise nods upon hearing Jazz's order and transformed into his car mode, driving off outside. Upon reaching his destination, he quickly transformed into his robot mode and walked over to Slapdash.

"Slapdash," he said, "are you busy? If you aren't then Jazz has some orders for us, the first of which is to wait out here for him."

"Now to simply take these to Ratchet and he can get Blades repaired for optimal production," Perceptor said as he and Professor Stall continued walking to the medical bay.

Quick Switch
2003-09-21, 05:00 PM
Quick smiled tightly and sagged.

"We are about to be attacked. The outposts are manned, Optimus has taken the field. What more is there to say?"

2003-09-21, 06:04 PM
East outpost:

After short flight Sludge reached East outpost.

Sludge:-looks around- "Autobots here but not Dinobots?Maybe Sludge is in wrong outpost?"-folds arms,smiles to himselve- Dinobots playing hidding game with me? -looks at east outpost's crew- "Have you seen Dinobots here?".



Slapdash:-still staring at Fort Max-Maybe I should visit armory? -looks at Streetwise- "Well...I think that our mission can wait."-looks at missle luncher- I wish I had one like this- "Sorry buddy I have just remembered that I have very important meeting in armory. By the way, about what mission you were talking about?Nevermind." -grins- "See you later."

Aero Blade
2003-09-21, 06:36 PM
Aero Blade glanced up momentarily at the kit-kat thing Wreck-Gar and Dirge mentioned. Aw well, at least they can understand eachother, Aero Blade thought, resuming his work. He was busily putting together the pieces for Nightbeat's cyclone cannon. It was going faster than he'd thought it would - many of the pieces he'd picked up in the lab were already preassembled and he already seemed to have all the tools on him that he needed. Another hour of work and he'd have something ready for testing.

"There's someone weird out here," Stratus called to the others, pointing out the window. Aero Blade put down the pieces that he was working with and came over to have a look as well.

"Well who do you suppose that is?" Aero Blade asked. He'd never seen an autobot like that before. He seemed bigger than most. When they guy spoke up, Aero Blade turned to the others. "What's a Dinobot?"

2003-09-21, 07:32 PM
"Isn't that something that some Japanese Aliens sent to Earth to kill Godzilla?" Wreck-Gar asked Dirge.

2003-09-21, 11:55 PM
Outside, near Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -scanning the area for enemy movement, narrows optic band in disgust- "It's too quiet....." -transforms to vehicle mode, rolls out of cover, starts driving around the perimeter of the camp, pindle mounted linear blaster cannon at the ready-


Brig, Fort Max:

Drillhorn: "Hellbat, we have to get out of here!"

Hellbat: "In due time, Drillhorn. In due time."

Gaihawk: "Due time?!?!? These idiots are getting ready to go to WAR!!!! If we don't get out of here, this base will probably be blown to pieces with us still stuck inside it!!!!!!!"

Hellbat: "Gaihawk, I know exactly how to get us out of here. We will negotiate. We will be nice, and gentle. The true path to peace is to be peaceful yourself. Have you tried meditation, Gaihawk? It might help you with that anger control problem you have."

Gaihawk: -looks like his head's about to pop off from his anger level, starts growling-

Jalgar: "Good grief.... I think Hellbat's finally flipped his lid......"

Quick Switch
2003-09-22, 04:01 AM
"Indeed," Stall replied, smiling wanly. "All in all, I suppose, this mission was completed rather easily."


Dirge frowned.

"Noooo," he said simply. "Dinobots are perhaps the most powerful Autobots in existence," he answered Aero Blade, then turned to Wreck-Gar.

"I thought thaaat mooovie was about Mecha Godzilla, but I can't remember."

2003-09-22, 04:16 AM
Wreck-Gar shrugged. "Whatever. Who'd pay $8.50 to watch that?"

Aero Blade
2003-09-22, 04:21 AM
"On the risk of ruining an already perfectly unintelligible conversation," Aero Blade interrupted, "Is this guy dangerous or should we go out and greet him?"

Quick Switch
2003-09-22, 07:54 AM
"The outposts are ready... We're ready for them.
This report says they're coming from the west, which means they'll hit east.
But no doubt they'll try to send others around the back in a flanking manner, judging from Galvatron's past actions.

We should get Sky Lynx elevated and get the Aerialbots in take out that assassin. the air to watch, and we need to take out that assassin. That Decepticon is a sharpshooter- we need to fight fire with fire. Sir, I'd suggest Crosshairs or Mirage for that."

Prowl kept his attention on the monitor as information continued to flow across the screen.

"Agreed, Prowl, though I wouldn't even bet Galvatron will even pull a flanking manuever. Frontal assaults are more his style." The Six Changer paused. "Your suggestions for Sky Lynx and the Aerialbots being deployed and air ready are approved."
"Oh, Galvatron won't... but his troops will. They'll see it as an opportunity to try to get in. Which reminds me...
Sir, I really think we ought to remove Leokaiser's group components for permanent storage if it hasn't yet been done."

"Absolutely," Quick said, vocoder taking on elements of a rasp, "I advocated that as soon as the scum were brought into Fortress Maximus. Approved Prowl."

“Are we still having communications trouble?” Prowl asked.

“In a word, yes,” Quick replied.

“Perhaps we can use a human radio frequency standard for our internals?"
It would logically jam up the Decepticon waves and perhaps allow our signals to come in uninterrupted on a human frequency."
"You don't think Metrotitan or Soundwave would be monitoring human air waves as well? Otherwise, the gambit has merit,"
Quick mused.

"Metrotitan and Soundwave have those capabilities, but Soundwave I believe will be occupied in the attack, and if he's not- he'll be
working on coordinating-
the Decepticon responses. Metrotitan may be monitoring the human channels, but with so many frequencies, the chance of him
being able to monitor all of them is a small one."
"We can change it every few hours."

Quick nodded. "True. And frankly, we'll be damned in some capacity no matter which ruse we choose. None will last
forever- but perhaps this is our best option.”

"It will do for during the attack. Afterwards, we will get up sattelites and give Blaster the capability to counteract jamming signals."
Prowl turned his attention back to the monitor. "The UN meeting could be in danger."

"Hound's in trouble too. These energy readings in his report are not good. I see Shockwave, Sixshot, Overlord- and I think these
two match Skywarp and a real trouble by the name of Bludgeon.
We have to handle things here before we can help him out though."

"What?" Quick's vocoder became panicked and livid at the same time.

Prowl made his way to the bridge.

"Let's go take those Decepticons apart, one piece at a time."

"And make them suffer for it," Quick replied, moing to the Command Wing.

Brave Maximus
2003-09-22, 02:02 PM
Skyfall looked over at Minerva and smiled slightly with his face plate.

"It's just a different designation. A Cybertron is an Autobot and a Destron is a Decepticon. At least that's what we called them where I came from. I'm still trying to adjust to 'Autobot' and 'Decepticon' - They're rather odd words."

Skyfall then turned to Leozak and studied him intently - courious about their history.
"So, you managed to escape death at the space fortress. Interesting - and as this obviously isn't your time line - was it then that you shifted realities or perhaps you encountered a spacial annomoly? If it was something in another part of space and not the "Dark Zone" energies, perhaps there is a way to return to your time.

"And what of these 'Quintesson Guardians' you spoke of?
As for Victory Saber attacking you - that isn't a common Cybertron practice. But he did say that you slaughtered most of the Cybertrons in his reality - do you have any idea what he's talking about?"

Skyfal was obviously excited and entraced by the extra-dimensional talk.

2003-09-22, 02:52 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Leozak: "No..... We found ourselves here in this reality. And we found Deszaras. Victory Saber completely destroyed the space fortress. He won...... we lost. All of his troops were still alive, as far as I know." -narrows optics- "From defeated to prisoners...... Soon, I'm willing to bet that whoever's in charge will arrange an 'accident' to get rid of us."

Leokaiser: -inside Leozak's head- "You've..... been hanging.... around Hellbat..... again....."

Minerva: "We're Autobots. We don't do things like that."

Leozak: "If only I could believe that......"

Minerva: "I can tell you that I won't kill you, then. But, you are repaired now." -pushes Leozak's head to one side, disconnects his motor control relays- "It's only a temporary measure. Your leader, Hellbat-"

Leozak: -manages to keep a straight face-

Minerva: "- has stated that your intentions are peaceful now."

Leozak: "Truly, they are. For the most part, we've realized that being on the side of the Autobots is truly the way to go."

Leokaiser: -inside Leozak's head- "Don't layer.... it on.... to thick, Leozak....."

Brave Maximus
2003-09-22, 03:04 PM
Skyfall's vocorder almost shorted out when he heard the name Deszaras.

"Did Deszaras coem through with you as well? Is he here on earth?"

2003-09-22, 05:40 PM
Hoist climbed aboard Broadside. "Okay, all set Broadside. Let's get back. There are some things I should fill you in on though. We were attacked and the peace treaty is over. We're still on Earth of course, and we need to get the Decepticons off this planet, but Cybertron was taken over by Quintessons."


"Coming in for a landing." Jetfire announced. "Good luck to you all, I'll wait here- I'm too big to move inside that city."

Smokescreen acknowledged as they landed and the door opened. "Okay Jetfire. See you soon buddy and thanks for the ride! Mirage, time for..."

"Already done." An invisible Mirage laughed.
"Okay! Let's go." Smokescreen chuckled as they headed to the conference.
When the rock hit him, Trailbreaker looked at his arm where a small pit now sat. He arched his eyebrows and looked back at Sunstreaker and then he grinned mischieviously. "Never shoot unless you're prepared for retaliation Sunstreaker, and retaliation is a dish best served col...."

Trailbreaker paused as a movement some distance away caught his attention. He went to the outpost window and peered out.
He spotted Runamuck.
"Decepticons! Sound the alarm and let's give them a fire they won't forget!"

2003-09-23, 12:34 AM
"Dammit wasted the rock on the wrong transformer" Sunstreaker said turning and slamming his hand down on a large red button causing an alarm to sound. Thanks to the work of Blaster this routed through each outpost, Metroplex and Fortmax. "Now if Getaway would take the time to show up..." Sunstreaker growled with a shrug then standing up.

"Now Lets go slag us some Decepticons!" Sunstreaker said pulling his Electron pulse gun from sub-space and moving out around Trailbreaker straight for the door.


Blaster looked at the buttons as he punched everything in as his casettes turned and pulled out everything to switch Metroplex from city mode to battle station. He flipped a switch near by activating all the speakers within and outside of Metroplex.

"All Autobots on the outside of Metroplex move inside or move away we're transforming to battlmode and..." Blaster looked at the flashing red light on the corner of the screen he was looking at. He activated causing the alarm to kick in, in Metroplex. "Scratch that! Decepticons have been spotted at the west outpost! I repeat! All Autobots! Decepti-creeps are creeping up from the west outpost! Clear the Area Metroplex is transforming... NOW!" Blaster punced in the final command letting the internal cogs of Metroplex do the rest.


Bluestreak froze as he heard the alarm looking at Crosshairs then to the monitor. "Erm... what do we do?" he asked looking around fidgiting.

2003-09-23, 02:58 AM
(OOC: Um...who died and said Runamuck could be found? I sure as hell didn't.)

2003-09-23, 03:36 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
(OOC: Um...who died and said Runamuck could be found? I sure as hell didn't.)

OOC- It's called a radar =-o. You know too detect enemies. It's a brilliant thing.

IC- Sunstreaker stepped out of the outpost looking up on the small ridge near the Outpost. "There" he grinned aiming his shoulder mounted missle and firing one at the lip of the ridge. "Why use one small rock when I can make a spray of big ones?" he asked himself.

2003-09-23, 03:48 AM
OOC: True, Myles. Except for one problem: I don't seem to recall anyone ever saying that ANY radar detected them. As far as I know, Trailbreaker just spotted them out of the blue. Ah, well. Rana explained things to me, so I'll deal with it. This time.


"Emergency!" Wreck-Gar screetched. "CODE RED! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! BATTLE STATIONS! CHARGE!"

Wreck-Gar and the Junkion group headed off.

"On my signal, unleash hell!" he shouted.
"You idiot!" Dreadwind shouted, smacking Runamuck on the head. "They spotted us!"

"Ah, slag it!" Darkwing shouted. "Just shoot 'em already!"

The four Decepticons started to fire at the interlopers.

2003-09-23, 03:54 AM
Crosshairs' optics widened slightly as he heard Bluestreak's question.
Why would he think I would know?
"I guess we wait," he told the other Autobot. "We can't just abandon our post."
The Targetmaster's optics narrowed slightly, and he held out his hand. Pinpointer recognized the sign and leaped up, converting to gun mode. Crosshairs examined his weapon for a moment, then turned back to Bluestreak.
"Besides," he said with resignation, "I'm sure they'll be here before you know it."

Aero Blade
2003-09-23, 04:00 AM
Aero Blade was startled by the alarm, and jumped once again when Wreck-Gar went off, verbally and physically. Aero watched with a bewildered look as Wreck-Gar left. "I think he can take care of himself. We should still keep an eye on the outpost, though, or at least I will." Aero Blade suggested to Dirge. That was normal procedure back home.

Aero Blade looked over at Sludge a bit nervously, then went outside, walking up to the dinobot but not getting too particularly close. "Uh...greetings..." Aero Blade started, looking up at the bigger Autobot.

2003-09-23, 04:27 AM
"You Decepticons can't hit me if you tried" Sunstreaker laughed as the shots sailed over his head from the ridge. He transformed and drove towards the ridge swerving to a hill leading up and driving up towards them.

2003-09-23, 04:30 AM
Darkwing grabbed Dreadwind by the neck, then glared at Runamuck.

"Take him," he said, pointing at Runabout, "And head him off. We'll follow from the air."

Darkwing took off, combining with Dreadwind to form Dreadwing, and taking off after Sunstreaker, as the Battlechargers followed from the ground.

2003-09-23, 05:12 AM
Topside, War Hull, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -hears Blaster's comm message, feels the citybot start to shift beneath him- "Aw, they gotta be kiddin'....." -runs for the back of Metroplex as panels drop open behind him, dives off the back of Metroplex, flips, lands in a crouch-

Ironhide and Roadbuster: -start heading for the reported location of the Decepticons-

Brave Maximus
2003-09-23, 02:27 PM
Skyfall hear Blasters announcement over the comm system in Fortress Maximus, he stares from Minerva back to Leozak.

Damn, I can't wait for this Destrons response. I need to get out there.
Internal Comm link open: Omega
Omega battlestation - Battle aleart Code red: Open all missile ports and prepair for incoming targets. Engage all Destron\Decepticon targets with maximum prejudice.
With a brief flash in the back of his mind, Skyfall hears the echo of a deep voice:
Acknowledged - None shall pass.

Only Mildly Bizzare.
Internal Comm - Switch to Minicon Frequency:
Starlight - You know what to do. Have the boys fly cover over the battle station, while you control the missile Batteries.
Are any other Autobots at the Southern outpost?
*A negative response from the Minicon*
Damn. If things get hot there, let me know, I'll bring support.
Skyfall out

Skyfall turned to Minerva:
"I'm heading out to patrol the air. You should be safe in here, but I don't know about the Breastforce - don't trust them..... yet."

With that, Skyfall transformed and flew out of the medbay at top speed.
"Internal Comm - Maximus Control:
This is Skyfall heading out for the skys, I hope I'm not the only one up there, or it's going to be a short fight!"

As Skyfall blasted out of one of the Maximus' Access hatches, he armed his forward blasters, Hit his afterburners and climbed virtically into the sky.

2003-09-23, 11:02 PM
"Four vs one, it's almost fair... for them"

Sunstreaker said and transformed behind a rock turning to the air swiveling the shoulder ground to air missile up towards Dreadwing then turning his Electron Pulse gun on the two Battle Chargers and letting stream after stream of charged electrons fly out at their motors and wheels.

2003-09-23, 11:50 PM
Dreadwing got hit by Sunstreaker's missile, spun around for a few minutes, but quickly regained his composure.

Runabout, meanwhile, had avoided the Autobot's fire. Runamuck, however, did not, and was sent colliding with Runabout, sending them both tumbling into the overgrown brush.

2003-09-24, 04:52 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Leozak: -watching Skyfall leave- "Deszaras is here.... or at least he was."

Minerva: "Never heard of him."


Slight distance away from Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -roaring towards the outpost the Decepticons are attacking-


Security Office, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -scanning the monitor wall, sees Ironhide transforming and roaring forward, activates commlink- "I thought you were on top of Metroplex."

Ironhide: -over commlink- "Ah was. Ground's awful hard 'round here."

Nightbeat: "Ouch."

2003-09-26, 03:21 PM
Sunstreaker laughed at Runabout and Runamuck. He then turned his attention up to Dreadwind letting another missle let loose towards him followed by some electron pulses.


Blaster was activating evey single weapon Metroplex had also bringing Slammer, Sixgun and Scamper online.

"Come on! Gotta get this show on the road blast those Decepti-fools before they take us to the smelting pools" Blaster said as he began swiveling cannons around to aim. "Where are you Ironhide!?" he asked through an open comm-line.


Jazz sighed looking towards the alarm "Man looks like those Carbombians get to wait a little while longer before they're rooted out" Jazz said turning and running back the way he came towards the entrance of Fortress Maximus.

2003-09-26, 04:57 PM
The constant pounding from Sunstreaker was bad enough to cause Dreadwing to seperate back to Darkwing and Dreadwind, who looped around and fired at the Autobot car with everything they had.
"Get off of me!"

Runamuck shoved Runabout off of him. He transformed as he was tossed, managing to land on his back.

"We gotta get back to the battle," he said.

Quick Switch
2003-09-26, 07:24 PM
Dirge ran to the outpost window.

"Looks like other might have the situation under controool..."

Quick Switch
2003-09-26, 08:01 PM
The New United Nations building was situatied next to the Old- that is- a crater, courtesy of the Decepticons.

As in all interntional diplomacy, things were operating at a fever pitch. Meaning, things weren't going well.

"This Conference on Terrorism will come to order!" the Chairman, a nervous African said, baning the gavel.
"Hah," came the Carbombyan delegate almost immediately, "we didn't come here to listen to American propaganda about probable terroristic activities! We do not accept this pathetic organization's attempt at fiat!"

"Concur," the delegate from the former Hassanite Emirate said. "I agree with the Distinghished Delegate from Carbombya."

"Seconded," came the well-groomed- and uniformed representative from El Preisdente's bannana republic.

*Smokescreen listens attentively, sitting on the side of the delegates.*

: "And am I correct, Mister Chairman, that you have invited one of the Autobots to speak in this...august body?" The Carbombyan delegate jabbed a finger at Smokescreen. "Who will do nothing but smear my President's fine country?"

"Out of order," said the Chairman, banging the gavel.

More shouting commenced- evenly divided into cheers and jeers for Smokescreen.

*Smokescreen stayed silent, keeping a straight face and not showing too much emotion beyond raised eyebrows.*

"It's correct," the American delegate said, rising in his seat, tired of the insipid debate. "And this robot's going to speak, Goddamnit."

"There is no precedent," the dour Chinese delegate said. "This is a human only organization!"

"I believe what my American friend is trying to say," the Russian delegate said, smiling wanly, "is that every one deserves their...15 minutes- didn't one of your painters say that once?"

"Yep," said the American. "Now let's cut the garbage and get moving."

*Smokescreen looked at the speaker*

He stood up slowly and waited to be recognized.

"I have one final motion," the Carbombyan delegate said, grinning wickedly, "before our Autobot...friend...gets up to speak."

"Proceed," said the Chairman, while the American sighed.

"That a Decepticon be allowed to speak after the Autobot does...in the near future...for purposes of...fairness...to the international community."

"The point is conceded," the Chairman said, sadly, tapping the gavel. This brought off another raucous round of debate. The American delegate looked furious- and received a solidarity back-clap from the British delegate sitting next to him- but could do nothing.

*Quelling a troubled thought, Smokescreen nodded slowly. It did seem fair, though Decepticons don't play fair. It'd be dangerous at best.*

"The Chair recognizes the robotic being known as Transformer Smokescreen, who has been invited here to speak." The African left the podium to sit at a side dais.

The cameras in the room zoomed in on the frame of Smokescreen.
Smokescreen stepped forward carefully, to stand next to a hanging microphone. He nodded to the chairman. "Thank you sir," and then looked at the crowd in front of him.

""Honored fellows, I am here on behalf of the Autobots. I must bring to your attention a situation that has befallen the people of this world, and ask for your assistance. Most of you will recall our struggle here on Earth with the Decepticons many years ago. We worked and fought to protect this planet and its people from a destructive force that had been thrust here upon it millions of years ago, and we were forced to leave by an even greater threat. One that if left unstopped, would have consumed every planet and living being in the universe."

Being few in numbers against this monsterous threat called Unicron, we had to form an alliance with the Decepticons, to defeat this evil being. We succeeded, though it cost us dearly in many ways. There were many after-effects, remnants of this evil harbinger of destruction, but we conquered those as well. However, it exhausted our ranks and left us vulnerable to a race of evil creatures, who took advantage of the entire weakened state of the transformer race and overran Cybertron."

"The situation you are all becoming aware of is this... the Autobots and Decepticons from our homeworld of Cybertron have had to retreat for the time being from these creatures. The Decepticons have plundered and robbed Earth and slaughtered and terrorized the people of this world, and the Autobots could not be here to help.

We have learned the true face of the Decepticons, and the travesties they have done to the people of this planet while we were away. They have broken the peace treaty which we made with them and attempted- perhaps succeeded- with the assassination of three of our officers.

The Autobots are here to serve you as best we can, and that will mean the removal of the Decepticons from this planet. But friends, we are in dire need of your support and assistance. The Decepticons have allies already amongst the people of this world, and resources. The Autobots will not steal from you. This is your planet, and the resources here belong to you. To clear the Decepticon brutality will take strength, and we can only achieve that through your support. I ask now for your support through donations of resources, your knowledge of this world and the hand of friendship."

"We do not want to fight, the Autobots are a peace-loving people. However, if left unstopped, the Decepticons will continue their ruthless regime until there is nothing left here but a barren and desolate world. The Autobots will fight to rid you of this planet regardless of your decision, until we have either destroyed their threat to you and your world or we have given our lives for you in the process."

The Autobots will fight to rid you of the Decepticons regardless of your decision, until we have either destroyed their threat to you and your world or we have given our lives for you in the process."

Smokescreen nodded to the chairman to indicate he was finished..

The Chairman retook the podium.

"Resolved: that the United Nations shall vote to assist the Autobots in removing the Decepticons by means of donations, or otherwise erstwhile support-"

"Objection!" the Carbombyan delegate was up like a shot. "Until we hear the Decepticon side of events, a resolution being passed on one faction's word is inconceivable! We must not be swayed by one perspective!"

*Smokescreen pulls out a human newspaper showing the Insecticons eating the White House.*

"The Insecticons are rogues and you have had your say, Autobot," the Carbombyan delegate said, slamming his fist down on the table. "Carbombya and her allies will not submit to this fiat!"

The Emirate's delegate and the Republic's delegate nodded- along with others.

Garbage!" the American said, standing up. "You're just holding out until the Decepticons provide their spin!"

"Quite right, you know," the British delegate said standing up.

"If you do not want to abide by the rules of parliamentary procedure, by all means, go!" the Carbombyan delegate said, taking off his military cap.

"One side or the other- they are simply robot foreigners. Why should we care? Earth is no longer ours to control," the Swiss delegate rose and shrugged. "We are pawns either way, fellow delegates."

This brought forth more rumbling.

Smokescreen looked toward the Chairman. "With your permission sir?"

The Chairman nodded wearily, returning to his seat.

"Make your point quickly and concisely, or you will be shouted down."

Smokescreen nodded. "This is my final say. Earth is yours good people. With your assistance, the Autobots will defeat the Decepticon tyrants and return it to your control. We cannot do that without your support."

Smokescreen nodded again and returned to his seat to listen.

Mirage, standing far at the back of the open-air audiorium in invisible mode, smiled slightly as he stayed silent and still. "Well done Smokescreen. These humans though- I don't care for that one to the side."

The American Military officers stood off to one side, not being allowed to offically sit in the meeting.

“Whoo-ee!” Hardy said, flicking his Stetson. “Nice work!”

“Hard to read,” Hauser muttered at the delegates in an uproar as the Chairman tried (futiley) to maintain order.

“Yep, you caught some of the hostile sentiment. No pont in us making a speech here. We were merely supposed to attend the confernece after all,” Faireborn replied quietly.

“This is definitely the safe route, that’s for sure,” Delgado said, scratching his beard. “Think these lunkheads will buy the truth when they here?”

“Hey listen up all you diplomatic folk- what Smokescreen said is not joke!” Hinton said, bellowing to be heard. Some delegates actually paused for a moment, then went back to squabbling.

“Thought that counts, eh?” Delgado said, chuckling bitterly.

2003-09-26, 08:05 PM
Trailbreaker paused as Sunstreaker ran outside and began firing. Then he ran past Getaway and pulled out his gun in pursuit of the group when he saw Runabout and Runamuck coming out of the bushes up ahead.

"All right boys, let's not beat around the bush." Trailbreaker said with a laugh. He aimed his gun and began firing.
Prowl sent out a directive as he hit the bridge. "Ratchet, Brainstorm, priority orders from security are to remove the Leokaiser combiners' personality components and lock them away in Fort Max's brig, then move the bodies to the storage units in the morgue. Inferno will assist in safeguarding. This needs to be done immediately."

Glancing up, he noticed Inferno looking at him with a puzzled expression while he got up from the monitors. Prowl gave Inferno a quick smile. "No assignment and you're still here anyway. Thanks Inferno."

"Sure Prowl. You don't look so good yet. Should you be..."
Prowl clapped him on the shoulder and thumbed
"Yes, and you have an assignment now. Go on, and once those medics are done, we'll need you backing up the guys outside. There's big trouble coming."

Inferno grinned and jogged toward the door. "Right. All set to fire up Chief!"

Prowl got a stern look as he faced the monitors and controls and began typing. All right Max, show me what's coming and let's get those prisoners secured before it gets here.

2003-09-26, 08:11 PM
Runabout growled at Trailbreaker's comment.

"You think that's funny?! Well, eat laser!"

He began to fire at Trailbreaker, as Runamuck sneaked around, trying to catch him from behind.

Quick Switch
2003-09-26, 08:17 PM
"Director, incursion at the perimeter," Cerebros' voice filtered back down the audial equipment as Quick strode back into his office.


"All outposts responding as indicated. Prowl is keying in security protocols as we speak, Director."

"Keep me informed," Quick replied, sitting back at his desk.

If nothing else, I can pound those scum into oblivion with the main guns.

2003-09-27, 01:09 AM
Sunstreaker smirked ass Dreadwing broke into his seperate parts. Then as both jets began to strafe forward Sunstreaker transformed and drove forward as fast as he could in the opposit directions the two jets were coming at him from. He then drove forward as fast as he could aiming to cut off Runamuck with a ram to the side.

2003-09-27, 02:46 AM
Charging towards the conflict:

Roadbuster: -pedal to the metal, heading for the battle-


Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -looking around- "All right. I guess I'm not needed anymore. Guess I'll report to my duty station now. If anybody needs me, just call." -walks out of medbay, heading for Metroplex-

2003-09-27, 03:51 AM
Trailbreaker ducked and rolled as a couple lazer beams whizzed past his right shoulder, and then returned fire.
"Time to take to your heels Decepi-chump!"

The black Autobot grinned as he let a range of fire rain down towards Runabout.

Inferno moved down toward the medical area when he saw Minerva coming out. He grinned. "Hello Minerva! Where are you off to? Now's not the best time for going outside."

2003-09-27, 04:04 AM
Runabout flew backwards as the fire from Trailbreaker erupted the ground below him.

Meanwhile, Runamuck caught sight of Sunstreaker, and started to fire at him.

And Darkwing and Dreadwind, following close behind Sunstreaker, failed to catch the roar of motorcycle engines coming their way until it was too late.

"TALLY-HO!" Wreck-Gar shouted, as he and his Junkions fired at the two airbone Decepticons.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-09-27, 04:12 AM
Brainstorm received Prowl's message grimly and carefully avoided the gaze of the other medics as he packed his tools and headed for the brig.

Over his communicator, Brainstorm clicked onto Ratchet's frequency. "Ratchet, Inferno should be there any moment, and you two can bring Leozak down. I'll start setting up for us."

Moments later, he passed the watchful view of the security camera. It followed his movements and then the safety gate in front of him unlatched. He walked in and down a corridor with cells on one side. He passed the cells for Leokaiser and then one with the beasts in it. Coming to the next one, he waited for the security lock to click open and walked in.

A single resting table was set in the middle of the room with a flat shelf to one side. Brainstorm began laying out the tools.

2003-09-27, 04:33 AM
Rolling towards battle:

Ironhide: -vehicle mode, wondering if maybe he should have his engine upgraded, activates commlink- "Ah'm outsahde, Blaster, headin' fer th' fahght. Ah was outside when ya transformed Metroplex, figgered Ah mahght's well go beat up some Decepticreeps. Nahghtbeat's mannin' th' monitors." -scans ahead, picking out combatants, IFF signatures- "You see anybody that ain't us, wahpe 'em out." -deactivates commlink, transforms, pulls gun, starts running forward, optics locked on Runabout-

Roadbuster: -much closer, transforms, linear blaster cannon in one hand, rapid fire assualt rifle in the other, shrapnel cannon on shoulder primed and ready, locks all weapons on Darkwing- "Hey, flyboy! I got something for you!" -opens fire-


Security office, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -brings up a current list of all Autobots in Metroplex- "Huh? Minerva's not here yet?"


Outside Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: "Hi, Inferno. I was heading over to Metroplex."

2003-09-27, 04:41 AM
Runabout stared at Ironhide.

"Hm. Still functioning, aren't ya? I figured you'd be scrap by now."

He raised his gun.

"Be glad to help ya."

He began to fire.

Darkwing, distracted by Wreck-Gar's charge, didn't notice Roadbuster.

Dreadwind, however, did.

"Watch out!" he shouted.

2003-09-27, 05:14 AM

Ironhide: -dives to the side in a shoulder roll, feeling the particle beam wash over his right leg, comes up on one knee, firing his blaster at Runabout, deploys napalm sprayer, sends a stream of the petrochemical fluid at Runabout- "That th' best you c'n do, ya punk? Ah eat twerps lahke you fer breakfast." -starts moving again, retracting napalm sprayer, deploying glue sprayer-

Roadbuster: -swings around to target Dreadwind- "Oh, now.... that wasn't very nice, rat-fink!" -opens fire at Dreadwind, flinging shrapnel bursts, linear blaster cannon bolts, and hundreds of armor piercing explosive rounds at Dreadwind-

2003-09-27, 05:36 AM
Both Runabout and Dreadwind moved in a frenzy to avoid their respective oppenent's blasts.

God Jinrai
2003-09-28, 12:28 AM
Western Outpost...

Above the action going on down at the base of the hills... Prime stood at the peak of the mound...

Glancing down, he could see through his magnified vision that sunstreaker, ironhide, roadbuster and the others had the situation in hand... but what worried him though, was that the real first wave hadn't come yet.
Opening his forearm, he flipped up a comm-screen...

"Blaster... what's the status on incomming decepticons... I've got nothing on visual for twenty miles..."

2003-09-28, 08:10 PM
"Heh. 10-4 on that Ironhide, this time all they will get is blasts to the face when they get near this place" Blaster replied to Ironhide as he stood up moving back to the crows nest.

"Fastforward, Cubby, Grandslam get outside, Stinger, Boltz, Steeljaw patrol inside Metroplex, sound the alarm if any cons step in! Stripes, check all outposts, make sure everyone got the attack message" Blaster said over his internal lines to his casettes as he ran back for the crows nest.


Sunstreaker rolled aside from the shots Runamuck was firing landing on his front scraping the paint on his chest. He scowled and looked up staring at Runamuck and returning fire at him while getting to his knees.

2003-09-29, 12:13 AM

Roadbuster: "What's wrong, Dreadwind? Am I worrying you?" -keeps flinging linear blaster cannon bolts and shrapnel cannon rounds at Dreadwind, swings rapid fire assualt rifle around at Darkwing, opens fire, flinging hundereds of armor piercing explosive rounds at Darkwing-

Ironhide: -still running towards Runabout, retracts glue sprayer, keeps firing blaster pistol at Runabout-


Security Office, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "Minerva? Where are you?"


Nightbeat: -fiddles with comm controls- "Anybody?"

Leozak: -sounding irritable- "Who is this?!?"

Nightbeat: "The Fuller Slagging Brushman. Who is this?"

Leozak: -grumbing- "Autobots...." -clicks off-

God Jinrai
2003-09-29, 02:40 AM
back in med bay aboard the maximus...

Starsaber began to stir... slowly his optics came back online, now burning a bright blue... after a slight groan, he spoke...

"Anyone...get the number on that battlecruiser that blew past me?"

Ironically enough... Victory Leo began to stir as well... but not quite the same...

"Leo-Kaiser... How... dare you.... You...murdered me... left me for dead... now...murdered my friends... you..."

Starsaber slowly rose from his table, approaching the still physically unconscious Victory Leo...

"He's going through it again... that same nightmare... that's been haunting him ever since the destruction of the earth..."

inside his mind, Victory Leo could see the gruesome events replaying over and over... being slain by Leokaiser... the resurection and the initiall fight with the ferral instincts of his winged lion alt mode... and the frozen, horrified state he was sent into as he helplessly watched the dark void terminate the entire planet of terra... or as many knew it... Earth.

Brave Maximus
2003-09-29, 03:25 PM
What am I doing? This is no time to freeze up. This is nothing like that last battle. And no matter what, I won't use the Teleportation power. Now I need to get into this fight!

Watching as Dreadwind and Darkwing keep control of the sky, Skyfall ignights his afterburners and heads off after them, activating his main blasters.

The Black and gunmetal jet swirves up and around, moving high into the sky, targeting the two Decepticons, then heading back down, diving at them.

2003-09-29, 07:31 PM
Between Roadbuster, Wreck-Gar and the incoming Skyfall, Darkwing and Dreadwind began to take damage.

Sunstreaker's fire sent Runamuck stumbling towards Runabout, who was being battered by Ironhide.

2003-09-30, 01:27 AM

Ironhide: -subspaces blaster pistol, leaps at Runabout, attempting to tackle the Battlecharger-

Roadbuster: -keeps firing at Darkwing and Dreadwind-

2003-09-30, 02:59 AM
Ironhide tackled Runabout and Runamuck.

Darkwing and Dreadwind, meanwhile, barreled down towards Roadbuster.

2003-09-30, 06:03 AM
Inferno thought quickly and then motioned to a side exit. Not the west exit- this way Minerva- come on, quickly. The fight's on the west side, so if you hurry, you'll make it before the rest of the Decepticons come. I'd go with you, but I have to go help Ratchet.

Back up in Hound and Mirage's quarters, Daniel and Sparkplug slipped out into the hall as the alarms sounded. "Gramps, they're transforming Metroplex- I remember the sounds."

Sparkplug's expression darkened. "Yeah, not good. Let's find your dad and find out what's going on."

Spike meanwhile, had made his way to the bridge, where Prowl was working the computers. Knowing better than to walk in unexpectedly, Spike called out across the big room.
"Hey Prowl, can I help?"

"Sure Spike, I'd appreciate an extra hand for multitasking. Please monitor camera set A... the outer perimeter. As I suspected, the West is under attack, though earlier than I thought, and a ground force coming in that way would be trouble. The main force is coming from the East though. We can't let that distraction allow our defenses to crumble.

Then over his radio, Prowl clicked in. "Trailbreaker... stay near the outpost and watch for further signs of that assassin."
I wish I had Hound here right now to track that femmebot.

Trailbreaker stopped in his tracks. "Gotcha chief. I'll stay put."

Brave Maximus
2003-09-30, 02:29 PM
Skyfall whipped around to the left, showing some of his arial manuverability and began to fire small packets of energy from his blasters. He peppered one of the two decepticon jets, trying to split their attention.

2003-09-30, 04:27 PM
East entrance, Fort Max:

Minerva: "Thanks, Inferno. See you later." -runs out, transforms to vehicle mode, pulls her helmet off and drums her fingers on the transector's steering wheel- "Great. Metroplex is in battlestation mode. Hope they'll let me in." -slams shifter into drive, floors accelerator pedal, sends the Porsche 953 transector roaring towards Metroplex-


Security Office, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -sees Minerva barrelling towards Metroplex, hits comm panel- "Blaster, Minerva's coming. Can you let her in?"



Ironhide: "So what'd you two guys do, anyway? Better be a good reason fer th' beatin' yer about ta take." -swings left fist at Runabout's head-

Roadbuster: -concentrates all fire on Dreadwind, flinging shrapnel cannon shots, linear blaster cannon bolts, and hundreds of armor piercing explosive rounds at the jet-

Brave Maximus
2003-09-30, 04:34 PM
Seeing Roadbuster concentrate all of his efforts on Dreadwind, Skyfall continued to loop and spin, keeping his fire on Darkwing and attempting to lure him away.

2003-09-30, 11:19 PM
Windslice stepped out of Metro-titan looking up at the sky Finally he thought. He looked down at the right side of his chest reaching his free hand up ripping the Decpti-Brand off tossing it into the dirt. He raised his other hand up placing the Autobrand in it's place. He felt odd, he hadn't worn a symbol for either Transformer faction in so long now already he had worn both. He had been sucked back into a war that he tried so hard to forget. Windslice sighed then jumped into the air and flying forward a bit before transforming too apache mode and flying as fast as he could in the direction of the other Decepticons going to attack the Autobots.

2003-10-01, 04:00 AM
Unable to maintain his altitude because of Roadbuster's constant fire, Dreadwind barrel dived to the ground and crashed not too far from the Autobot.

Darkwing, meanwhile, transformed and began to fire wildly at Skyfall.

On the ground, Runamuck and Runabout quickly regained their composure, ran behind a fallen tree trunk, and began to fire back at Ironhide.

"Like we'd tell you a slaggin' thing, Autobot," Runabout cackled.

Brave Maximus
2003-10-01, 02:34 PM
Skyfall dodged between Darkwing's blasts, using his smaller size and agility, fired a few more bursts right into the face of the larger bot, then pointed himself up and hit the afterburners, hopeing the Decepticon would follow.

God Jinrai
2003-10-01, 05:16 PM
"blast it" prime muttered. No response from blaster meant one of two things. either the city 'cons were in jamming range or blaster was off in his own little world again, drowning most things out with his music...

"Metroplex, Fortress, Set your targeting scopes toward the eastern quadrant.... set rangefinders to their maximum. and hold your fire until they're nearly to the ridge. "

Prime cut the comlink, and leapt from his perch...

seeing the two battlechargers going at ti with ironhide, prime decided perhaps it would be worthwhile to extract some information.. if he could...

"I beg to differ, Runabout!" Prime shouted as he came skidding down the mountain-side, cannon locked on the tree the two battlechargers were hiding behind...

with a squeeze of the trigger, the cannon roared to life, firing a plasma laced beam of energy at the downed tree...

"Ironhide! Cool those two off!"

2003-10-01, 05:43 PM
Blaster opened up another frequency having trouble getting through to the leader.

"Prime those carbombyian jammers are still out there I'm having trouble getting through. There are four decepticon's on radar right now and a fifth signal coming towards us fast, I'm not sure if it is Decepticon or not, could be Hound"

Blaster then got Nightbeat's message and quickly opened up the side armored door. "She better be quick Nightbeat I can't keep that open if we start taking Decepti-creep heat"


Jazz ran out of Fortmax looking at Slapdash and Streetwise "Guys the carbombyians can wait we got Decepticon problems at the west outpost. Slapdash go there, Me and Streetwise will wait back until the rest of the big bad uglies show up!"


Sunstreaker smiled and transformed driving towards Runabout's right flank as Prime sacks the tree "HEY! DON'T YOU TWO FORGET ABOUT ME!" the speeding yellow lambourghini called out ready to mow them down if Ironhide didn't.


The laser fire tipped him off. New Iacon maybe? he thought trying to put a name on the Autobots base on this planet. He watched as the four Decepticon's fought the numerous Autobots including..... Optimus Prime! He is who I must speak too. He remembered the Autobot leader from battles on Cybertron, all the Decepticon's who fought him came back non-functional. Windslice himself never had the honour of fighting such a great warrior. He began to descend towards the battle field passing by Darkwing and Dreadwind as he went down finally transforming. Windslice had reached his destination now to complete what he was here for.

2003-10-01, 06:40 PM
Trailbreaker had turned, was jogging back to the lookout post and had just gotten a few feet away when he saw the incoming helicopter.

More Decepticon trouble! And the big group hasn't even arrived yet.

He brought up his gun and let off a few rapid rounds, trying to bring the Decepticon down.

"Come be our guest.... in the MORGUE!!!"

2003-10-01, 06:52 PM
Windslice landed taking a step forward towards Optimus only to hear Trailbreaker.

"Hwah? Dece... oof!" He couldn't finish the sentence before one of Trailbreaker's shots caught him in the right side of his chest puncturing the metal easily right below the Auto-brand he took from Hound. He fell back to a sitting position reaching a hand up to the smoke and energon pouring wound covering it up and glaring at Trailbreaker.

"I never thought Autobot's would ever become so trigger happy" he muttered as he began to pull himself to his feet. He reached his other ar back pulling one of his Katana Energo Swords off the back beginning to walk towards Trailbreaker.

"Good to see you shoot people wearing your own symbol Autobot, allow me to return the favor" he snarled

2003-10-01, 06:59 PM
Trailbreaker stopped shooting immediately but kept the gun up. He was taken off guard by the Autobot symbol, but tried not to show it. "I wasn't made yesterday. I know you weren't in our ranks- and you just happen to show up while we're under attack. You make another move toward Optimus and I'll shoot you again. Identify yourself and give up now."

2003-10-01, 07:01 PM

Ironhide: -deploys both liquid nitrogen and glue sprayers, sprays both at the Battlechargers-

Roadbuster: -walks over to Dreadwind, aims linear blaster cannon at the Decepticon flier- "Any last words, scum?"

2003-10-01, 07:14 PM
"Not in your Ranks, I was an Autobot 2 million years ago however and back then Autobot's had athing about shooting first, good to see that has changed though, puts you on even terms with the Decepticons." Windslice replied to Trailbreaker as he removed his hand from from the wound reaching it back and pulling the other katana energo sword out.

"I guess it was only a matter of time until the war got to you Autobots as well" he shrugged advancing on Trailbreaker crossing his swords over top of eachother infront of him. "Now stop shooting at me and act like an Autobot"

2003-10-01, 07:20 PM
Trailbreaker narrowed his optics and kept the rifle up. "I said... stop where you are and give yourself up. And I have stopped shooting- unless you decide not to listen. We're under attack, in case you didn't realize that. A symbol means nothing. Explain yourself."

The phrase 'you autobots' hadn't been lost on him.

2003-10-01, 07:32 PM
Windslice turned the blades at the hilt so the sharp edges were facing inward still crossing over eachother now toact as a pair of scissors.

"You shot at me once without thinink Autobot, what do I have to show you will not try and finish the job when I stop an drop my weapons?" He asked, normally he'd trust an Autobot but this one is trigger happy.

2003-10-01, 07:47 PM
Trailbreaker was getting edgy. He's stalling me, but he's stopped moving forward. I bet we'll be swarming all over with 'cons any minute now. I can't waste more time on him.

Over his external communicator, Trailbreaker began to call security, visibly. "This is Trailbreaker. I have an invading transformer here wearing an autobot symbol. Won't identify himself and won't cooperate. Advise?"
Prowl picked up the communicator. "It's most likely a ploy Trailbreaker, watch yourself. Take it down if it won't submit willingly."
Trailbreaker primed his rifle and stared at the threatening form. "I'm done talkin' unless you start. Either speak up now or I follow directives. What's your choice? I don't wanna shoot, but I will- we're under attack, and I ain't seein you as friendly."

God Jinrai
2003-10-01, 07:59 PM
"Roadbuster! Stand down! He's now a prisoner!" Prime shouted at the top of his voice...

Not noticing trailbreaker's predicament, he rushed across the battlefield to roadbuster's location, leveled his rifle at the dreadwing brother, and again spoke.

"I'm not going to kill you... HE however may if you don't listen to what I'm going to say... and do as I say." Prime shifted his gaze to roadbuster to get the point across...

"You're to disengage from your powermaster immedieately and drop your weapons. and while you're at it, tell these other three to surrender as well. At least that way, we've some benefit of the doubt here. I know they won't be slagged as mindless zombies if you TELL them to stand down."

Prime's cannon barrel was level with the dreadwing brother's chest... if he didn't comply, he'd be in a world of pain very quickly

2003-10-01, 08:02 PM
"And if you continue too waste time aiming your gun at me you'll be cut down by the Decepticon's that are on their way here" Windslice said moving one of his arms back replacing the blade in the rotor then moving up to his chest pulling the Autobrand off tossing it to Trailbreaker.

"This belongs to an Autobot named Hound I used it in hopes of getting close enough to tell you guys about him and the size of the Decepticon Attack force. I would have got Hound out myself but there were too many Decepticons around, even now he is being tortured by the Constructicon's. Now drop your gun"

2003-10-01, 08:06 PM
Dreadwind transformed and glared at Roadbuster.

'You...won't take me...alive."

2003-10-01, 08:16 PM
Trailbreaker let the rifle drop as he caught the magnetic tile with the symbol. For the first time he took a good look at it, still trying to keep a watch on the figure in front of him.
A thin film of oil coated one side of it, the green color was unmistakable.
"It is Hound's." Trailbreaker said quietly under his breath. He looked back at the the transformer in front of him.
He thought hard for a moment.

"Quick Switch, Prowl--- we got a windfall with information. I don't know if he can be trusted, but he says he knows about the attacking Decepticons... and he says Hound's been caught."

2003-10-01, 08:27 PM
"Caught and in very bad shape" Windslice added watching Trailbreaker keeping his other other sword out for protection as he looks down at his oil leaking wound.

God Jinrai
2003-10-01, 09:03 PM
"I've tried to be reasonable, dreadwind. If you truly insist on meeting your fate this day... then by all means, turn around and go."

Prime internally got on the comm to roadbuster...

"The instant he turns, lock onto the powermaster... and target specifically the connection points... if you can blow the engine section off of him... he'll effectively go into shutdown. "

Prime sighed internally... He knew all too well how the powermaster process worked. Hi-Q having been his own powermaster for several years... until his death... and prime's restoration to his standard body... if the powermaster could be taken out in vehicle mode... or even robot mode... the transformer effectively was without power unless there was a secondary power source held within the unit. That was a powermaster's greatest weakness.

2003-10-02, 01:02 AM

Ironhide: -striding towards Runabout and Runamuck, spraying supercooled liquid nitrogen and glue at them, nitrogen at chest level, glue at foot level-

Roadbuster: -narrows optic band at Dreadwind, half in hatred of the Decepticon, half in anger at Prime's order, but willing to try it, snarls- "Prime might be more than willing to let filth like you live, but I'm not. Drop your weapons, disengage your powermaster, and lie there like a good little piece of garbage."

Security office, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: "Thanks, Blaster." -looking at monitor wall, seeing Minerva rolling towards the opening in Metroplex's side-


Minerva: -roars up to the open hatch, guns engine, jumps the entry ramp and lands,skidding to a halt in the entry corridor, activates commlink- "Nightbeat?"

Nightbeat: -over commlink- "What's up, sis? Our guests all right?"

Minerva: "They were when I left. I'm going to hit my quarters and settle in. We don't have any injured, do we?"

Nightbeat: "Not that I know of. Bad guys aren't here yet."

Minerva: "All right. I'll stop by after I've freshened up." -deactivates commlink, drives to quarters-

2003-10-02, 03:00 AM
"Hey!" Runamuck shouted, as he and Runabout were glued together. "What do you think you're doing?!"

Grabbing a clump of dirt, Dreadwind turned to face Roadbuster.

"Fat slaggin' chance!"

He tossed the clump of dirt at Roadbuster's face, then bolted.

Quick Switch
2003-10-02, 04:29 AM
Quick frowned, initially skeptical as Trailbreaker's report filtered over his office comm.

Hound? Captured. No, no- he's joking-

"Bring him in, Trailbreaker," the Six Changer said thickly. Without even realizing it, the Director slammed his fists down on his work desk in a defeaning clang, and he roared with frustration.

If they've done something to him-

2003-10-02, 05:00 AM
Trailbreaker acknowledged. "Right Chief. I'll bring him up pronto, but call for one of the medics... I thought he was a 'con and shot him. Getaway is still on watch."
Turning off his radio, he motioned cautiously for Windslice to accompany him, staying to the direct side.

"First, what's your name? And secondly... nah, on second thought, I don't think I wanna know the answer to that."

Up in the bridge, Prowl ground his teeth when the message from Trailbreaker came through. He had picked up Windslice's response, although faintly, in the background. He shut his optics for a moment as he processed the information.
Spike also overheard the communication, and the response.
Horrified, he looked over. "Prowl, if that guy's right, we've gotta do something. We can't just let the Decepticons keep him injured as their prisoner!"

Prowl nodded slightly and reopened his optics. He didn't want to be blunt to Spike about the likely scenario. "Spike, I have to make sure the other Autobots are protected first, and then we will see to rescuing him. If we lose now, there will be noone to help him, or the humans."

Spike nodded and turned back to the computer screens with a distracted but determined expression.
Prowl reached over and clicked onto a monitor leading to security, and waited for Quick Switch to respond.

Quick Switch
2003-10-02, 05:03 AM
"Quick Switch here," the Security Director replied tersley, not glancing at the monitor on his desk. He merely heard the click of a signal.

His fists clenched and unclenched, central processor a morass of equal parts rage and doubt.

2003-10-02, 05:21 AM
Windslice looked up and shook his head. His name would only get him pulled back into this war. Atleast if he remained nameless he may remain hidden again if he so chooses.

"My name isn't what matters here, it's the information I carry that does" he tried to avoid having to say that as he dropped the arm with the sword down to his side still not sure whether to put it away or not.


Sunstreaker sighed unhappy the to con's didn't try to evade. He transformed right infront of them then looking at Ironhide.

"Gloryhog" he said giving Ironhide a sideways glance.

2003-10-02, 05:23 AM
Prowl didn't look at the monitor while he spoke. His attention was fixated on what was going on inside the two cities and the data feed registering.

"Quick Switch, this is Prowl. I find it 98.76% likely the individual must have some pertinant information at least on the whereabouts of Hound. His vocoder register registers truth, and further the individual knew him by name. I am unsure as to Hound's condition, we need to learn that. It would be pertinent to also request information about the attack first, as there is nothing we can do for our friend at the moment. I have called Crosscut to report to security to await instruction to repair the individual. Killing the messenger I believe would be 67.738% detrimental."

2003-10-02, 05:25 AM
Crosshairs sat in the north outpost, feeling absolutely useless.
My comrades are fighting for their lives a few kilometers away, and we're sitting here, bored out of our minds!
The urge to do something grew so strong that the Targetmaster finally pushed himself out of his seat.
"Bluestreak," he called to the other Autobot, who seemed uncharacteristically quiet, "could you watch the comm? Pinpointer and I are going outside for a bit."
"We are?" the Nebulan asked without enthusiasm.
"Yep," Crosshairs replied, as he scooped Pinpointer up and headed for the exit.

Quick Switch
2003-10-02, 05:33 AM
"As I said," Quick replied very quietly, "I want him brought in, Prowl. Now see that it gets done."

Incredibly, his vocoder remained level. But it was a tenous thing.

2003-10-02, 05:44 AM
Prowl checked the monitor. Trailbreaker was moving up the halls to security with the unknown individual. He waited patiently while they made their way inside.

Trailbreaker pushed open the door to security and motioned at Quick Switch. "There's the one you need to talk to. Quick Switch, this guy won't give me a name, so I can't introduce ya properly. He says he was an autobot at one time though."

2003-10-02, 05:50 AM
Windslice stepped into the office looking at Quickswitch then around the room. "I was an Autobot" he replies with a nod not speaking anything of his name. He looked at Quickswitch again and waited for him to respond.


Bluestreak was lost in thought, He looked up at Crosshairs and nodded. "Don't get caught by enemy snipers or nothin' I've seen enough of that for today" he muttered looking at the communications station.

Quick Switch
2003-10-02, 05:54 AM
Quick steepled his hands, optics clouded as he regarded Windslice.

Finally he decided on:

"You better explain yourself, soldier, and fast. First, give me a name. Now."

2003-10-02, 05:59 AM
"I gave up being a soldier when... I left Cybertron. Well a soldier in this war anyways. My name isn't what matters here, the information is. Call me what ever you want. If it is soldier, so be it but I do not want to stay involved with this war"

Windslice replied reaching his sword carrying hand around placing the sword in the rotor.

"Now do you want to know about your comrade and your enemies or my name?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-02, 06:29 AM
"You can tell me all three," Quick replied shortly.

2003-10-02, 02:11 PM
"I don't plan to," Crosshairs called over his shoulder to Bluestreak.
Walking out of the outpost, he looked around, taking in the scenery. The mountains rising around the base caught his eye, as did a forest far off to the north-east. For a moment he was lost in the peace of it all, until Pinpointer's voice brought him back to reality.
"So what are we doing out here, exactly?"
Crosshairs didn't answer at first. Finally, he replied, "We're looking for a place to set up shop."
"A sniping point," the Targetmaster clarified.
"Ah." Pinpointer looked around a bit, then his eyes stopped on the outpost.
"How about up on the roof?"
Crosshairs thought for a second, then nodded.
"Sounds good to me."
Walking over to the outpost's wall, he scooped up Pinpointer and lifted him up to the roof. Then, the Autobot jumped, grabbed hold of the edge, and pulled himself up.
Standing on the roof, he looked around. He nodded, satisfied with the field of view he had.
"Yes," Crosshairs said, "this will do nicely."

2003-10-02, 03:05 PM
"No, I can't Autobot. Now do you want to no what I know or do I go back there on my own and help your friend?" He was getting heated and had no intention of giving his name up "I'm sure he'll be happy to hear 'Oh they care about you they just like my name more' it'll be music to his ears. I left this war behind when I... left Cybertron. My name will only bring me back into it"


2003-10-02, 10:11 PM
"Indeed. Priorities must take precedence." Prowl spoke up over the monitor. "Firstly, the information about the attack is needed, then Hound, and then we will discuss your name."

Trailbreaker felt like whistling, but Crosscut eased in the door, catching his attention, and stood waiting for orders to repair the injury.

Quick Switch
2003-10-02, 10:33 PM
"Report," Quick said finally. Frustration could be clearly noted in his vocoder.

2003-10-02, 11:23 PM
"Your friend, Hound is being tortured by the Construction's at this time. I made a stab at getting him out but this 'Metro-titan' denied me to opening the cell. He is being guarded by one large Decepticon named Overlord and two smaller ones that I do not know the name of. They were flesh in metal from what I could tell Nebulon's I think I heard them called."

He was at ease now that his name was no longer a topic and he stared down Quickswitch, he was untrusting like the black one who brought him in, almost expecting Windslice to out of no where start attacking.

"Also the Decepticon attack was being prepped for full scale launch just as I left for here. I would suggest falling back to what ever is the strongest point and entrench yourself to be ready for the battle"

2003-10-03, 12:20 AM
"Overlord, Giga and Mega... his nebulon companions and powermasters." Prowl stated cooly. His tones concealed the furious and distressed expression on his face.

"What is your best knowledge of the attacking numbers in the Decepticon ranks and how does their leadership and weaponry stand?"

2003-10-03, 02:40 AM
"They follow their leader... what was his name? Galvatron. I'm guessing Megatron's successor through the normal Decepticon means... They seem to follow him but he has Megatron's traitorous lieutenant? What was his name, which means there is a chance his powerbase could be a little unstable though I do not know. As for fire power... they are Decepticon's unlike the four you were fighting"

He looked back at Trailbreaker then to Quickswitch

"You can bet they have a lot and know how to use it. They like this place had two large cities side by side though one was beginning to move so I begin to wonder if it was really a city"

2003-10-03, 03:25 AM

Roadbuster: -snarls, wipes the dirt from his face, charges after Dreadwind, leaps at the Decepticon, trying to tackle him-

Ironhide: -keeps walking towards the now pacified Decepticon Battlechargers, looks over at Sunstreaker, shrugs- "If ya got it, use it."

Metroplex, Quarters:

Minerva: -parks her transector in it's quarters, walks across the hall into her quarters- "Wow. They could hold the superbowl in here......" -wanders around, decides to take a quick shower-

Security Office, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "Hey, Blaster, any idea which side the main Decepticon army is coming in from?"

Brave Maximus
2003-10-03, 05:25 PM
Skyfall Transformed in mid air and kept his targets locked on Darkwing, fireing small blasts, trying to keep his attention

God Jinrai
2003-10-03, 05:40 PM
In medbay, Victory Leo's thrashing about had died down... and slowly, his main systems came back online.... his optics slowly started to burn blue again... and he began to rise....

"S...Starsaber...What...What am I doing here?"

"You went berserk, again, old friend. And I fear that if we don't quell those psychoseses of yours and soon... they may be the death of at the very least... the both of us. "

Victory Leo's eyes suddenly went wide with fear...
"it's...progressed that far... "

Starsaber simply nodded... and silently spoke again

"I need you to keep yourself in check for what I'm about to tell you."

Victory Leo nodded, and starsaber pointed across the room...

"LEOZAK!" Roared Victory Leo... he was an instant away from bursting across the room in lion mode, and ripping the destron to shreds... but with what little control he had left... he managed to put down that urge...

"We...need to get out of here.... before I DO murder him, Starsaber...."

"We can't. Destron forces have been said to be on the move. They're headed here. and that means trouble. BIG trouble...for these cybertrons. You recall the three citicons from our battles on cybertron?"

Victory Leo nodded...

"They're likely en-route as we speak... with an entire destron horde... set to wipe us ALL out."

VL's face turned grim.... and his true self began to shine through... the little sliver of ginrai's personality had taken its roots, and while it was far from whole... it made itself strong again.

"Then we have a job to do, Starsaber."

the yellowish orange bot rose from the table, and gripped starsaber's hand...

"Let's go." the Red, white and blue cybertron spoke....
and with a nod from Victory Leo, the two bolted from the medbay, heading for the main access ramps... and the maximus launch runways.

Outside, Prime watched as the Dreadwing brother was taken down... and suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, he realized it...
"He... HAS no powermaster! Now it makes sense.... their revival by thunderwing.... it all adds up now!"

Prime clenched his fist, and looked skyward.... opening his comm...

"Skyfall... get that 'con to fly low... better yet, get him to follow you down... and fly right down at me...I'll do the rest."

Prime returned his rifle to its arsenal

Brave Maximus
2003-10-03, 06:27 PM
Hearing Primes message Skyfall thought:
That's what I was trying to do, well, get him in range of Omega's missile batteries. But as I don't think I can get him that far, and Omega needs to save his ammo, perhaps this will work better

"Comm link open, secure link to Convo..... Optimus Prime:
Got that Sir, I'll see what I can do. I have an idea, but if it works, we'll both be coming in fast.
Comm link off"

Skyfall charged his blasters up almost to overload point and fired to heavy bursts at the large Deception, hopeing that it would sting and make him pay attention. Skyfal waited a heart beat for Darkwing to notice him, then Transformed and hit his afterburners, flying as high into the sky as he could.

This guy may be bigger, stronger, have more armor and bigger guns, but I'm faster, more manuverable and smarter. Of course if this doesn't work, I'll also be a pile of rubble 100ft in the ground.....

2003-10-03, 06:47 PM
Spike knew better than to interrupt, even though his stomach was churning. He sat and remained fixed on the monitors.

Prowl frowned as he listened. "So Starscream has returned, if this information is correct. And they have the two cities active. They've refocused their troops and brought heavy hitters back here in the wake of the Cybertron takeover."

"Quick Switch, we need Metroplex in robot mode for best defense. We have the higher ground advantage where we are located, and the humans are safely away from here. I suggest getting Sky Lynx up for air support and rechecking ammunition. They'll be closing quickly according to my calculations."

Prowl turned his attention back to the strange transformer.

"Two more questions. Firstly, Galvatron is in charge? And secondly, what information were they seeking from Hound?"

2003-10-03, 07:33 PM
Galvatron... "Yes I think that was his name, Purple, large arm cannon like Megatron only, orange. As for Hound I don't know what they wanted just what they are doing"

2003-10-04, 02:29 AM
Minerva's quarters, Metroplex:

Minerva: -finishes resealing her armor after taking a quick shower, looks at the shower stall, sighs- "Sonic showers. I should have known......" -picks control helmet up off of the bed, pits it on, activates commlink- "Hey, Muzzle!"

Nightbeat: "What's up, sis?"

Minerva: "You didn't tell me they had sonic showers."

Nightbeat: "We were in a hurry. Shouldn't be a big surprise, though. Water's not exactly a common element on Cybertron."

Minerva: "I know. Feeling kind of stiff, though. Hot shower would feel pretty good. Besides, this shower makes my teeth vibrate."

Nightbeat: "Just get up here. Ironhide went yomping off after the idiots who popped up on the western boarder. I think we're it for security staff until the rest of the crew shows up. Most of them are out at the outposts."

Minerva: "I'm a doctor, not a red shirt."

Nightbeat: "And I'm all alone in here. Staring at this monitor screen is making my optics cross."

Minerva: -chuckles- "Fine, fine. I'll go check out medbay, then come up to keep you company. Be seeing you." -deactivates commlink, walks out of quarters over to her transector's room, transforms and merges with her transector, walks out, heading for medbay-

2003-10-04, 03:41 AM
Dreadwind got shoved into the ground as Roadbuster's massive bulk slammed into him.

Darkwing, meanwhile, took off after Skyfall.

Brave Maximus
2003-10-04, 05:01 AM
Skyfall continued to push his engines as hard and fast as they'd go, waiting for the atmosphere to truely thin out and his engines began to lose thrust. He then transformed and dived back down, aiming strait at the Darkwing below him.
As he built up speed he used his thrusters to make minor adjustments. As he spotted the Decepticon rushing up to meet him, he hit his thusters full and opened his arms, trying to snag the jet.

2003-10-04, 06:36 AM

Roadbuster: -kneeling on Dreadwind's back, pulls linear blaster cannon and presses the barrel against the back of the Decepticon's head, snarls- "Do anything other than what I say, and I'll blow your personality components into the dirt, creep. Now lose your guns."