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AWF Warzone
2003-09-23, 09:44 PM
Outside the Arena
A caption details “earlier tonight” as a limp pulls up in the parking lot. The chauffer opens the door and out step Redstreak, A-Train and Thundercracker.

Mr Waugh is approaches them.

Waugh: “Vaccaro wanted me to pass along the message that you’re not allowed in.” He points at TC.

TC: “Really? Well, as I’ve bought a ticket, there’s not a lot he can do to stop me.”

The three chuckle.

Waugh: “If you’ve got a ticket, you should be going in the front entrance with all the other paying customers.”

Sighing, TC nods and salutes his friends before turning to head back out to the front.

Waugh: “Oh, and if you do anything out of line, there’ll be serious ramifications.”

TC smiles and walks away without a word.

Backstage, now
Keith Kincaid addresses the camera.

KK: “I’m here with the AWF Tag Team Champions, Black Zarak and Wolfang. Guys, I just want to get your thoughts on the upcoming tag team attraction tonight, pitting yourselves, as well as Strafe and OP2005, against Vin Ghostal and the GPA.”

BZ: “Well… we don’t have any issues with Strafe and OP. We’ve had our encounters with them in the past, but it’s never been anything major. So, we’re fully expecting them to do their share, because we’re going to be there to do ours.”

KK: “Wolfang?”

W: “For once, I’m not gonna waste my breath. We still have some preparations to make before the match. Once those are in place, we’re set to go. Remember… a violent storm is about to hit the ring.”

* Blood & Thunder walk away, leaving KK with little to say. *

KK: “ I guess that’s all… its out to J and J at ringside.”

Inside the America West Arena

JFA: “Welcome, everybody, to Phoenix, Arizona! Welcome to the Archive Wrestling Federation… welcome to Warzone!”
JHA: “Wow. You sell the product almost as badly as certain high profile players in other organisations sell offence…”
JFA: “I’ve no idea whhhat you mean.”
JHA: “No, I didn’t thhhink you would.”
JFA: “Huge tag team attraction to start things off tonight!”

Strafe, OP2005 & Blood and Thunder vs. Vin Ghostal, Viewfind & The NWA

JFA - Vin Ghostal has got to be nervous going into this match, after what he just did to Brave Maximus a few minutes ago.
JHA - Vin Ghostal isn’t afraid of anyone, not Brave Maximus, not Blood & Thunder, not anyone. If it wasn’t for Maximus’ interference in last weeks match, he and Viewfind would be the Tag Team champs right now. With all of the GPA here, it should be Brave Maximus who is afraid. Afraid to show his face around here!
JFA - But with their minds on Maximus and not on this match, Blood & Thunder and the rest are going to have the upper hand in this match-up.
JHA - Bah! With the GPA here, they don’t need to worry about Maximus. He’s not dumb enough to come down to ring side. They can wipe the mat with Dumb and Dumber and their little friends, then go out and exact some revenge against the ‘Phenome”!
JFA - Boobs, did you just say “Bah!”? Not only are you an idiot, but you sound like an old cartoon villain!

Ring Announcer - This 8 man Tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, being accompanied by Vin Ghostal, THE G P A!!!!!!

Manowar’s “Warriors of the World Unite!” hits the Soundtrons and the fans instantly begin to boo. From the entranceway strut The GPA and Vin Ghostal, confidently walking down to the ring. They shout back to the crowd, and get themselves ready, never once looking back or nervous. In their minds they are the best in the AWF and tonight they’re going to prove it!

Ring Announcer - And being accompanied by OP2005 and Strafe, they are the AWF Tag Team Champions: BLOOD AND THUNDER!!!!!

The Ring Announcer sits back in his chair as the pyro goes off and “Mexicola” by Queens of the Stoneage hits and the crowd erupts. Standing at the top of the entrance way is Black Zarak, Wolfang, OP2005 and Strafe, all looking very confidant and determined. Well all except OP2005, he keeps his head low, briefly looking towards them and then back to something in his hand. He walks with the rest of the group, occasionally looking behind him and nodding solemnly.

JHA - What the hell is up with OP2005, he’s acting really bizarre. And what do you think is in his hand?
JFA - Perhaps he’s a little nervous returning to the ring after his fatal match with God Ginrai? I honestly don’t know, but I hope he can focus on this match.
JHA - Ha! Just another reason why the GPA is going to win this match!

On the outside of the ring, Wolfang, Black Zarak, Strafe and OP2005 decide who will face off first. With an agreement from all, they rush into the ring, preparing for an attack. But it never comes. Instead the GPA and Vin Ghostal back away, talk briefly and peacefully move to the outside of the ring. OP2005 and the rest look on perplexed, but after a second, they also move to the outside.

JFA - It’s going to be Strafe and Viewfind starting off this match. That was almost out of character for the GPA - no fight at the beginning. This is a little surreal.
JHA - What!? Do you think that all the GPA does is cheat and try to get the upper hand anyway they can?
JFA - Well, to be honest, yes!

Strafe and Viewfind lock up at the center of the ring, and struggle for control. Viewfind gets the upper hand and sends Strafe careening into the turnbuckle. Viewfind then charges at Strafe, preparing a dropkick. At the last moment, Strafe pushes and kicks out sending himself up and over the incoming Viewfind. Viewfind crashes against the middle turnbuckle and lands on the ground. Strafe jumps to the middle turnbuckle, launches himself off, into a tight sunset flip, landing hard on Viewfind. He quickly goes for the pin. But before the Ref can begin to count, Viewfind gets his leg onto one of the ropes and the Ref tells Strafe to get off.

As Strafe moves to the center of the ring, Viewfind gets to his feet. Not wasting any time, Strafe charges Viewfind, spearing him in the gut and driving him against the turnbuckle. Strafe jumps up, standing on the middle ropes, and begins to pummel Viewfind. The crowd cheers and counts along each time Strafe hits Viewfind in the head. As the crowd cheers, Strafe gets more flamboyant, playing it up to the crowd. After nine, Strafe jumps up and drives his feet into the stomach of Viewfind, grabs his shoulders and leans back, monkey flipping his opponent into the center of the ring. He saunters up, gesturing to the crowd, before putting his hands over Viewfind in a sloppy pin.

JFA - This isn’t a smart move on Strafes part…..
JHA - Stupid is what it is! See Viewfind kicked out before two. You’re actually going to have to take this seriously if you want to pin Viewfind.
JFA - I think that the fans cheers have gone to his head. Still he’s pressing the attack, but he’s getting really cocky.

Strafe lifts Viewfind to his feet and sets him up for a suplex. But before he does, he gestures to the crowd, taking his time. When he bends over and flips Viewfind’s arm over his neck, Viewfind tightens his arm around Strafes neck, grabs his tights at the hip and flips Strafe over in a snap suplex. Viewfind explodes with force, sending Strafe to the mat, HARD!

Viewfind gets to his feet and explodes on Strafe, kicking him all over, swearing at him the whole time. He lifts Strafe to his feet and starts to send him running, but he holds onto Strafes arm and drags him back into a cloths line that flips Strafe 180. Before he continues his attack, Viewfind tags in Divebomb in and then lifts Strafe off the mat. Both Divebomb and Viewfind grab Strafe around the neck and send him into a double DDT. As they lift him up for another attack, the Ref comes in and starts to move Viewfind over to his corner. After some minor protests, Viewfind goes.

JFA - This is weird, why are the GPA being so good? They have to have something up their sleeves.
JHA - You know, for a guy who complains that he just wants a good, clean match, you sure complain a lot when you get one.
JFA - I…. Well they…… But it’s……. Shut up Boobs!

JHA grins

Divebomb continues the attack on Strafe. With a flurry of lefts and rights, he makes sure his opponent doesn’t have time to think. With a quick scoop slam, he sends Strafe to the mat. Divebomb moves to his feet and sets up the figure-four leg lock. Strafe thrashes around the ring, writhing in pain. He just manages to get his hand on the bottom rope. As the Ref calls it, Divebomb keeps the pressure on Strafe’s legs. The Ref begins to count, and Divebomb only lets go at the last moment, leaving Strafe to gasp in pain, holding onto the ropes for dear life.

Divebomb grabs Strafe’s leg and rips him away from the ropes. He drags his opponent to his feet and sends him running to the ropes. As Strafe bounces off, he tries to hook his arms around the ropes, but only manages to catch one. He ricochets off the ropes, a loud snap is heard from his arm as he is sent spinning around, finally landing with in arms reach of his team. He cradles his discoloured arm and struggles forward to the outstretched arms of his teammates, the crowd shouting out warnings of the approaching GPA member. Finally, with the last of his strength, he launches himself forward, slapping the hand of Wolfang - much to the cheers of the fans. Strafe then rolls out of the ring, still cradling his injured arm.

Wolfang explodes into the ring, catching Divebomb with a hard clothsline to the neck. He lifts Divebomb back on to his feet and attempts to set him up for a powerbomb, bunt Dive quickly counters with a backbody drop. Wolfang manages to hang onto Divebombs waist and pulls him over and rolls him up into a tiny package. The Ref gets a two count in before Divebomb kicks out. Both opponents roll to their feet and meet in the centre of the ring. Divebomb launches a hard right fist to the head of Wolfang, but Wolf responds with a hard chop across the pecks of Divebomb. Divebomb again punches the head of Wolfang, and Wolf attempts to chop back, but Divebomb blocks the attack. Again he punches Wolf in the head, and with no response, he continues to pound on his opponent. He grapels with him and sends him for a belly-to-belly suplex. He tag in Prowl?, Divebomb drags Wolf to his feet, then sends him up. Prowl? jumps up, grabs Wolfang by the head and brings him crashing down onto the mat in a 3D! As Divebomb makes his way back to his side of the ring, Prowl? goes in for the pin. Only a quick kick from Black Zarak keeps the GPA from getting the win. As the Ref shoves the protesting Zarak back to his corner, P? drags Wolf back to his corner, and Divebomb and Vin Ghostal hop out and begin to stomp the hell out of him. A whistle from Viewfind has Prowl? and Divebomb stretch Wolfang out over their knees. Viewfind, while the Ref is still distracted by the protesting opposition, climbs to the top turnbuckle and lands a double leg drop across the mid section of Wolfang.

JFA - HA! I told you so! I knew the GPA couldn’t go a match with out cheating in some way. They were just biding there time. I don’t know how Blood and Thunder can win this one.

The Ref turns around too late to see what has just transpired. Prowl? drags Wolf to his feet once more, setting him up for “The Question”. As he lifts Wolfang high up in the air, Wolfang manages to kick his legs around, flipping himself over P?’s head. On his way over, he grabs P?’s head and drags him down. They both hit the mat hard, neither man moving, save the heaving of their chests. The Ref begins the double count, and after 3 neither man had moved. On 4 Prowl? had started to struggle his way to his partners outstretched hand. By 5 Wolfang was struggling to get to his feet. On the 7 count, Prowl? had managed to almost touch Divebombs hand while Wolfang had managed to get to his knees. A heartbeat latter, Prowl? smacked Divebombs hand and his partner lunged tbowards the almost vertical Wolfang. Before DB could get there, Wolfang dives towards his side and tags in Black Zarak.

Black Zarak barely spares a glance at his fallen partner, but instead goes after the source of his pain. He spears Divebomb and drives him hard into the mat, where he continues to pummel him with lefts and rights. He gets to his feet and drags him his opponent to something close to the standing position. He rams Divebombs head between his legs and gestures to the audience. He flips DB up and sends him half way across the mat in a massive Falling Sting. Unfortunately, in his rage, Zarak forgot to aim the move and sent Divebomb right into his corner. Divebomb reaches up and tags Prowl? who charges the big man, only to meet with a boot to the face.

Zarak lifts P? onto his feet and grabs him by the arm. He pulls him to a neutral corner and then climbs to the top rope. Zarak walks out onto the top rope, still holding the twisted arm of Prowl?. He then leaps down, driving his elbow into the shoulder joint, sending P? to his knees. A “Hey Zarak” from Wolfang draws the big mans attention. He walks over and tags in his partner, then walks back and lifts Prowl? onto his shoulders. Wolfang, still holding his midsection, climbs to the top ropes and launches himself in a flying clothesline. They take Prowl out with the doomsday device, and Wolfang rolls over ontop of him for the pin, barely conscious.

JHA - It can’t end like this! The GPA was so close! Can’t anyone do something?!?
JFA - Yes, unfortunately. Here comes that damnable Vin Ghostal. A kick to the barely conscious Wolfang stops the count, and before Zarak notices him (and before the Ref can react) Ghostal kicks Zarak in the stomach and sends him into “The Cutting Edge”, pretty much eliminating him from competition.
JHA - This is hilarious, Zarak’s sitting there twitching, while the Ref is only forcing Ghostal back to his corner!
JFA - I can’t say I agree with the Ref’s call here……
JHA - Sour grapes, the GPA’s going to win this for sure.

Prowl? slowly crawls to the waiting Vin Ghostal, who taps hands and struts over to the barely moving Wolfang. He goes to pin Wolf, but then looks up at the opposing corner. There, standing all by himself, staring at the object in his hand - OP2005. Vin Ghostal kicks Wolfang in the side, moving him closer to his partner in this match. The closer Wolfang gets, the more distant OP2005’s face grows. He looks beside him into thin air, nods to himself and reaches out and tags Wolfangs hand. He steps into the ring, looks skyward, and rushes at Vin Ghostal. They lock up in the centre of the ring, eyes locked onto each other, sending pure hatred at each opponent.

Vin Ghostal switches it around to a side headlock, reefing at OP2005 head. OP2005 reaches up and shoves Vin Ghostal forward, bouncing him off the ropes. As he bounces off the ropes, he launches himself at OP, clotheslining the big man sending him to the mat. Ghostal reaches down, drags OP to his feet, hooking his arm around his neck and grabs his tights at the waist. He flips OP over into a snap suplex, but holds on, bridging it, turning it into a pin. The Ref comes in, but OP kicks out after two. Both opponents roll to their feet and lock up in the centre of the ring. Ghostal grabs OP’s arm, twists it around his back, then grabs him around the waist and flips him over his head in a release belly to back suplex. OP2005 hits the ground, rolls up to his feet, but just stands there, looking into his hand. Ghostal rushes forward, taking the distracted OP2005 by surprise. Ghostal takes him out at the knees but grabs onto his wrist. Putting his foot into his side, Ghostal continues to reef on his wrist, forcing it open and dropping its contents onto the mat.

JHA - What the hell is that?
JFA - It looks like a bloody piece of cloth! I think it’s a piece of God Ginrai’s costume!
JHA - That is so disgusting!

Vin Ghostal releases OP2005 and stares down at the tattered piece of costume, and then stares in disbelief at OP2005. OP rolls onto his stomach, reaches out, grabs up the bloodied piece of cloth, pushes himself onto his feet, and explodes onto Vin Ghostal. He takes Vin Ghostal down with a clothesline, nearly taking his head off. He continues to stomp on Ghostal, much to the cheers of the crowd. He drags Ghostal to his feet, sends him into a suplex but doesn’t let go. OP2005 flips them both around and drags them to their feet. OP2005 flips them over into a second suplex, but still does not release. Again, OP flips himself and Ghostal over, dragging them to their feet and sets Ghostal up for another suplex. But this time, OP holds Ghostal up into the air for 7 seconds, much to the cheering of the crowd, before sending him to the mat one final time.

OP2005 kicks Vin Ghostal in the side, rolling him over. He kicks Vin Ghostal a second time lifting him off the mat. Ghostal manages to get his hands and knees under him. OP2005 moves around to the head of Vin Ghostal ramming it between his legs, flips him up into the powerbomb position, and then sends him for the “Gravedigger”. As OP2005 prepares to pin Vin Ghostal, Ghostal reaches with one hand and grabs the big man by the back of the neck, pulling them face to face.

JFA * Screaming into his microphone, obviously talking to the control room * - Get a camera on there right now! I want to know what the hell they’re saying!

VG * in a hoarse whisper * - Come on. Finish me. Do it now! Finish me off the way you did Ginrai. Do you want more blood on your hands? Can you do it?

OP2005 stands up and looks down at the bloody rag in his hand and staggers back a few feet. He begins to walk away, almost as if in a daze.

JHA - Hah! This is it! The GPA is going to win because of that idiot!
JFA - Come on kid! You have it! Don’t let it end like this!

Vin Ghostal crawls over to his corner and tags in Viewfind. Viewfind vaults over the ropes, punches OP2005 in the gut, straddles him across his back and sends him for the “Philly Pimp Drop”. He quickly covers OP2005 and gets the three count. Viewfind stands up raising his arms up, and spits in contempt onto OP2005. At this point, Divebomb and Prowl? enter the ring carrying chairs and begin to pummel OP2005. Strafe, finally regaining consciousness, hops up onto the ring apron. Seeing what the GPA are doing to OP2005, he fool-heartedly jumps onto the top rope, springboarding himself onto the GPA. Viewfind steps back, catches Strafe in the midsection with a chair, sending him crashing to the ground. As the GPA continues to beat on OP2005 and Strafe, Vin Ghostal rolls out of the ring, fishes around underneath, and pulls out a 2X4. As Ghostal climbs into the ring, Evanescences “Haunted” begins to float around the arena, like the winds of a storm. The entire GPA look up and ready themselves.

Dropping from the ceiling, Brave Maximus shucks his cloak(which is where the harness is attached to), and swings the black baseball bat directly at the head of Vin Ghostal. Ghostal manages to catch it out of the corner of his eye and puts him arms up. He catches the full force, drops to the mat, and rolls out of the ring. Prowl? raises his chair up as if to strike Brave Maximus, who punches it into Prowl?s face. Divebomb takes his chair and smashes it across the back of Brave Maximus, who doesn’t even stagger. Brave Maximus swings the bat at Divebomb who drops the chair, ducks under the bat, and rolls out of the ring. Brave Maximus turns around and stares into the dark eyes of Viewfind. Viewfind drops the chair to the ground and stares defiantly at Maximus.

VF - This ain’t over dead man. Not by a long shot. At Syxx Feet Under I’m gonna make good and damn sure you stay buried. But ‘till then, we’re gonna make your life a living hell!

Viewfind drops down, rolls out of the ring and walks up the entrance ramp with his fellow GPA members. Brave Maximus watches them go and raises his arms out to his sides. As he drops them, lightening bolts strike the four ring posts, and the arena goes black.


AWF Mayhem & Warzone present… live from the Safeco Arena in Seattle, Washington…

Sunday, September 28th 2003, live and exclusive on TFA Network**

AWF Warzone
2003-09-23, 09:46 PM
Brave Maximus vs. A-Train

JFA: A-Train in the ring, awaiting the arrival of Brave Max.
JHA: “Snooze fest coming up on Warzone.”
JFA: “Snooze fest? I doubt it, J. Nothing more than a fierce competitive match between two of the AWF’s up and comers.”
JHA: “So I was right. It IS a snooze fest!”

“Haunted” by Evanesance announces the arrival of Brave Max, who runs down to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans as he runs. He slides into the ring, bouncing off the ropes a few times while sizing up his opponent. A-Train does in turn, the two locking eyes, attempting to stare each other down.

JFA: “A-Train and Brave sizing each other up, trying to gain some kind of advantage over the other.”
JHA: “They should save that kind of stuff for the locker room, J. We’re trying to have a match here.”

Suddenly, A-Train slaps Brave, sending the Canadian stumbling back into the ropes. A-Train follows up by slamming into Brave, sending him flying out of the ring. As Brave tries to get back into the ring, A-Train slams his head into Brave’s, knocking him onto the apron. A-Train drags him inside, and picks him up, performing a massive body slam, following up with a pair of elbows.

JFA: “A-Train really taking it to Brave tonight.”
JHA: “PLEASE, J! Don’t talk like that!”
JFA: “Why not?”
JHA: “There may be under-18’s watching tonight! Mmm…pre-pubescent girls.”
JFA: “You are one dirty little man.”
JHA: “And damned proud of it.”
JFA: “A-Train going for the cover….and a kick out by Brave.”

Frustrated, A-Train picks up Brave again, and attempts to body slam him again, but his attempt is blocked by Brave, who stands his ground. A-Train tries again, but is blocked once again. Finally, in an amazing feat of strength, Brave picks up the massive A-Train and slams him into the mat. As the crowd cheers, Brave falls to the ground as well, as hurting and spent as his opponent.

JFA: “Can you believe that, J?”
JHA: “No! This match is still going on! Damnit! Why won’t the pain end?! Won’t someone please think of the children?!”
JFA: “It’s funny. I ask those questions every time I hear you open your yap.”
JHA: “Thanks. Waitasec…”
JFA: “Both Brave and A-Train out of it now….wait a second…what’s he doing here?!”
JFA: “Vin Ghostal, appearing on the ramp…and now what’s he doing? He’s got no business being down here.”
JHA: “Of course he does, J! Everyone knows that he and Brave have history together.”
JFA: “I thought that Vin man flunked out of college.”

Vin Ghostal makes his way down to the ring, watching as both A-Train and Brave get back to their feet, and exchange right hands, before Brave pokes A-Train in the eye. As A-Train clutches his eye, Brave grabs A-Train and whips him into the corner. Unfortunately, A-Train manages to reverse it, but not being able to see where he is going, sends him slamming into the ref instead, knocking him into the turnbuckle and out for the count.

JHA:” Brave took out the ref! He should be disqualified!”
JFA: “He did not take out Brave. He was flung into the ref by A-Train. If anyone deserves to be disqualified, it’s him!”
JFA: “And now what’s Ghostal up to? Tossing JRA out of his chair…picking it up…now he’s on the apron, shouting at Brave. Brave and Ghostal having a war of words. Brave just spat in Ghostal’s face. Ghostal swings the chair…Brave ducks…and GHOSTAL HITS A-TRAIN!”
JFA: “A-Train falls to the mat. Brave’s going for the cover. Ref coming to…sees it….1…2…3!”

JRA: “Here is your winner….Brave Maximus!”

JFA: Brave celebrates a win here on Warzone. Oh, now, come on! Ghostal whacking Brave from behind with the chair! Brave’s crumpling to the mat. Now Ghostal with the cheap shots!
JHA: Hey! Vinny’s got some rage to expel. You can’t blame him if he wants to do it on Brave.
JFA: I most certainly can! Come on, Ghostal. Enough’s enough! Now’s Ghostal’s exiting the ring, laughing at the carnage he’s caused. Both Brave and A-Train lie on the mat, beaten to a pulp. This is just sick. Brave may have won the match, but I can bet you he doesn’t feel like a winner.
JHA: What do you expect? He’s Canadian!

**Commercial Break**

TV Title: D-Extreme (c) vs. UPF

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall… and is for the AWF Television Championship!”
* There is a blaze of pyrotechnics as the words are heard throughout the arena:
"First we gonna rock!"…
The crowd slowly turns towards the entrance
"Then we gonna roll”…
The crowd are shaking in anticipation… well some of them.
"Then we let it POP"…
Silence fills the air…

‘ X Gonna Give It To Ya’ blasts through the stadium as D-Extreme struts toward the ring. Confidence oozing from every pore, he appears to think that the challenge from UPF is going to be an easy victory for him. If he only knew…*

JRA: “Making his way to the ring… the AWF Television Champion… D-EXTREME!”

* D-Ex steps through the ropes and takes in the applause of the crowd. What little there is… *

JFA: “And D-Extreme doesn’t appear to be very popular with the crowd tonight.”
JHA: “Maybe we’ve slipped into off-peak. Why do people cheer D-Enema anyhow?”
JFA: “Do you do that on purpose?”
JHA: “What?”
JFA: “Whose that in the ring?”
JHA: “D-Exeter?”
JFA: “That is a nasty speech impediment.”
JHA: “It’s called Brendinio Syndrome.”
JFA: “Oh, please!”

* A shower of red, white and blue sparks precedes ‘Maven’, as UPF walks out to the ring, draped in Old Glory, to a thunderous ovation. He grabs a microphone from a nearby ring crew member, and signals for his music to be cut. *

UPF: “I would like to decide this match to the memory of all those whose lives were taken on September the eleventh, and to the people that they left behind, and all the brave men and women that helped in the rescue attempts. God bless every one of you.”

* With that, ‘Maven’ continues, as UPF strides to the ring, with the stars and stripes trailing like the tail of a red, white and blue comet. He strides up the ring steps, and in one fluid motion, grabs the top rope and vaults over; landing spinning like a starred-and-striped set of rotor blades. He swishes his cape over his head and ties it to the top of the nearest ring post as the bell rings. *

JFA: “And UPF…”
JHA: “Acting the idiot, as per usual…”
JFA: “How can you say that? UPF is a very sincere individual. Hell, I sometimes wonder what he’d be without Old Glory to back him…”
JHA: “A retard without a cause, most probably.”
JFA: “Alright… we’re set to go now… tie-up… UPF breaks into a headlock… D-X tries to throw him off… but UPF isn’t letting go that easily… and both men down to the mat. D-X wriggles out… into a hammerlock… both men to their feet again… and D-X slaps him upside the head as he releases the hold! UPF just stares a hole into D-X in response… another tie-up now… and a belly-to-belly suplex from UPF… both men up… arm drag from UPF… D-X up again… and down with a side backbreaker from UPF! Cover now… and a two-count there for UPF.”
JHA: “Hey… this match may become more interesting!”

* The camera focuses on the entrance, as Morpheus strolls solemnly to the ring. He appears to be merely watching the match; but time will tell if these are his only intentions.
Needless to say, as UPF applies a bow-and-arrow backbreaker to the reigning AWF Television Champion, Morpheus appears somewhat chagrined by the display. *

JFA: “For those of you not aware, Morpheus and UPF have had a couple of run-ins in the past few weeks. And J, you have to wonder what role Morpheus might play in this match. Does he want UPF to upend the Champion so that he himself might have an opportunity at the belt, or does he just want to see UPF lose?”

* UPF drops D-Extreme and looks towards the entrance. He locks eyes with Morpheus for a brief moment. It is fortunate in a way; as the piercing gaze between the two of them could easily cut through any of the stadium supports. *

JHA: “You said ‘might’, J; and that’s wrong. We know that Moebius is gonna be involved somehow. But nobody can predict his actions. Understanding Morpheus’ thinking is like trying to cross the Atlantic on a raft made out of chocolate; it’s not only impossible, it’s very stupid to boot.”

* UPF suddenly remembers his opponent is behind him and turns to face D-X. He advances on the fallen Television champion, and stoops to haul him to his feet. However, D-X is more together than he would have us believe… *

JFA: “Small package! 1… 2… and UPF escapes.”
JHA: “Whoa… better watch out there UGC…”
JFA: “It’s UPF.”
JHA: “I already told you… I am not a well man!”

* As JHA spouts about his many mental handicaps, such as Alzheimer’s disease, senile dementia and Brendinio Syndrome, UPF and D-X rush to their feet and charge headlong at each other. UPF leapfrogs over D-X at the last possible instant, leaving D-X to crumple onto the ropes behind him. He quickly turns, and runs back towards D-X to deliver a devastating dropkick into his spine. The champion crumbles to the canvas, and UPF quickly goes for a cover. *

JFA: “And another cover… 1… 2… new champ… no! D-X got his arm up at the last possible millisecond, folks. We were, literally, a hair’s breadth away from the TV Title changing hands on that exchange.”
JHA: “The ref’s hand actually did hit the mat… but there was, literally a gap of like one-tenth of a second between D-X’s shoulder coming up and Harry Speke slapping the canvas.”
JFA: “I think you imagined that speech impediment…”

* UPF hoists D-Extreme to his feet, and kicks him in the abdomen to double him up. He makes the sign for the Prime Cutter to the crowd. *

JFA: “It’s coming down!”
JHA: “This doesn’t look good for D-Extra Fries…”

* UPF attempts to lift D-X for the Prime Cutter. The TV Champ blocks the move, twice, before delivering a back body drop to the challenger. He drops an elbow on UPF, and coves for a two-count by Harry Speke. He then gets to his feet, and seems to get the glimmer of an idea. He looks around at the crowd. *

JHA: “Do you smell burning?”
JFA: “No. What made you ask that?”
JHA: “It’s just that D-X looks like he has an idea. Or he’s cooking up a D-Expulsion of air from regions below the waistline.”
JFA: “Wait! He’s signalling for the Xtreme Factor!”
JHA: “Hold on… isn’t that sort of exactly the same move as the Prime Cutter?”

* D-X hooks UPF in preparation for the Xtreme Factor, as Morpheus strolls closer to the ring. *

JFA: “And this could be it folks…”

* D-X lifts UPF but, at the apex of the elevation, UPF breaks the move into an arm drag! *

JFA: “And UPF countered! He countered the Xtreme Factor!”
JHA: “The Prime Cutter!”
JFA: “Whatever…”

* As D-X rushes back at UPF, UPF extends one leg to thrust his size-14 left boot into D-X’s stomach, doubling the TV champ up again. He gives the signal for a second time, and lifts D-X about nine feet into the air before driving his face into the mat. At this moment, Morpheus steps onto the ring apron and over the top rope. *

JFA: “Morpheus in now… and the referee is attempting to diffuse a potentially explosive situation between the TV Title contender and his monstrous adversary.”

* It appears as if Morpheus has regained his composure, and is looking to exit the ring. At this time, D-X starts to get to his feet and advances on UPF… before receiving a chokeslam from Morpheus! *

JFA: “The bell rings… and Morpheus has cost UPF the match and the AWF Television Title.”

* As Morpheus leaves the ring area, sneering at his enemy, ‘X Gonna Give It To Ya’ begins to play and D-X starts to celebrate in the ring as he announced the victor. His celebration is short-lived, however… as UPF blasts him with a Cyclone DDT! *

JFA: “And UPF leaves the ring… in a slightly unsettling frame of mind…”
JHA: “Unsettling? Downright scary is more the like. I’d hate to be Morpheus right about now…”


Mr Vaccaro sits in his office, staring at the monitor. He turns to his assistant, Mr Waugh.

Vaccaro: “Think it’s about time to add Morpheus vs. UPF to the Syxx Feet Under card?”
Waugh: “Sounds reasonable. Any stipulations?”
Vaccaro: “Are you kidding? They’ll kill each other under normal circumstances, I’m not giving them any further leeway.”
Waugh: “I’ll get the contracts drawn up then.”
Vaccaro: “Have fun getting Morpheus’ signature…”

Mr Waugh’s face sags as he walks out of the office.

AWF Warzone
2003-09-23, 09:47 PM
Hardcore Title: Ravage (c) vs. RCOSD vs. The Big Scouse Machine

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Triple Threat match for the AWF Hardcore Championship. Currently in the ring… from under the ring… The Big Scouse Machine!”

JHA: “He’s still with us? Wow.”
JFA: “Yes, he’s still with us. Suffered what can only be described as a bizarre defeat last week to Morpheus…”
JHA: “Name something about Morpheus that can’t be described as bizarre.

The One Man Army’s music fills the arena as RCOSD storms down the ramp and into the ring.

JFA: “Whoa. And RCOSD going straight for the Machine, here. Ravage not even out here yet and it looks like the match is underway!”
JHA: “Oh, that’s good strategy by RCOSD. He knows he doesn’t have to beat the Champion, so he’s gone straight for the rookie before Ravage is even out here. This is a genius at work!”

Rushing into the ring, the Scotsman clotheslines the Big Scouse Machine clean over the top rope straight away. RCOSD quickly follows him to the outside, where he slams the Liverpudlian’s face into the ring apron before hurling him into the steel ring steps.

JFA: “And here comes Ravage!”
JHA: “Dammit!”
JFA: “The Hardcore Champion dashing down to ringside… around the ring… oh, and just met with that vicious Hellsmack clothesline!”
JHA: “Whooo! RCOSD on fire tonight! Taking on all comers. I smell a title change already. Or was that just your cologne?”
JFA: “I’m not wearing any…”
JHA: “That’ll explain it, then.”
JFA: “The One Man Army going straight back to work on the Englishman, now. Ravage just taken clean out by that clothesline… drags him up… and just slams his face into the ringpost.”

Scooping the Scouser up, RCOSD sets him on his shoulders before landing a snake-eyes drop into the steel ringsteps.

JFA: “RCOSD just destroying the Big Scouse Machine out here… I’ve never seen anybody treat the newcomer like this before.”
JHA: “What’s Ravage upto there?”
JFA: “The Hardcore Champion on his knees, apparantly still with it here, scrambling about under the ring.”
JHA: “Basement Breaker coming up! Right out in front of us. RCOSD’s gonna regain the gold.”
JFA: “Definitely looks that way. Positioning him… looks like he wants to hit it out here on the floor in front of our announce table. Pulls him up onto the shoulders…”

As RCOSD raises Scouse high, Ravage scrambles back to his feet holding a fire extinguisher. Aiming it quickly, he sprays a cloud into the Scotsman’s face, causing him to drop the third man and stagger forward.

JHA: “No fair!”
JFA: “No disqualifications! RCOSD staggering forward blind… Ravage grabs him… whips him hard into the ringpost! Scouse on his feet, dazed… Ravage now… grabbing Scouse in front of us...”
JHA: “Holy…”

Speedily lifting the Big Scouse Machine onto his shoulders, Ravage delivers a devastating Hangover straight through the announce table. With RCOSD blinded on the floor by the far corner, the Champion quickly makes a cover in the debris as the referee administers the three count.

JFA: “Ravage retains! Taking advantage of all RCOSD’s work…”
JHA: “The One Man Army’s going to be pissed, that’s for sure.”
JFA: “Very likely, but right now Big Daddy Rav retains.”


D-Extreme is celebrating in the locker room, champagne everywhere, coloured balloons floating about the place. A party atmosphere fills the room.

D-Ex: “Whoo, baby! Pinfall, submission, count-out or dq, it’s all the same to D-Extreme! Still the Television Champion. The best thing on TV since forever. Whoo!”

The door swings open and Amarant Odinson walks in.

Amarant: “Did I hear you mention submission?”
D-Ex: “Get out, cat. You already got your tail whipped, remember.”
Amarant: “Not in a real wrestling match, I didn’t. What do you say? One more time – you, me, next week. Submission Match.”
D-Ex: “I say you bring what you got and I’ll whip it again.”

Odinson smiles.

Amarant: “That’s good. Because what I’ve got should be the AWF Championship. Then next week I’ll be a double champion.”
D-Ex: “Don’t count your eggs before they’ve hatched, boy. You’ve not got one belt yet, don’t act like you’ve got two.”
Amarant: “Oh, I won’t. In fact I’m about to go make an omlette right now…”

Turning with his head held high, Odinson struts out of the locker room and towards the ring, not seeing D-Extreme blow a raspberry as he goes.


AWF Championship:
The Game (c) vs. Amarant Odinson

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest, scheduled for one fall, is for the ARCHIVE WRESTLING FEDERATION WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!”

* As Amarant Odinson’s video appears on the Wartron, ‘More Human Than Human’ elicits a number of boos and a good deal of indifference from the crowd. The proud Canadian strides to the ring with purpose; namely to become the AWF Champion. Failing that, inflicting some damage to ‘The Game’ would be sufficient. *

JRA: “The challenger… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… AMARANT ODINSON!”

* The ‘Rabid Wolverine’ enters the ring, and flexes his arms and upper back across the top rope. As he runs the ropes, ‘Game On’ flashes on the Wartron in prelude to ‘Price to Play’. A large silhouette appears in the Warzone entrance arch, slightly highlighted with green and white bursts of light. *

JRA: “His opponent… from St. Paul, Minnesota… the reigning AWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… ‘THE GAME’… GALVATRON91!”

* The AWF Champion walks to the ring, with his gaze fixed firmly upon Amarant Odinson as he absorbs the adulation of the crowd. As he climbs the ring steps, he takes a small swig from a water bottle, and throws the plastic beverage container aside as he hops the rope and hands his belt to the referee. *

JFA: “The bell rings… and here we go… Amarant charges… into a side headlock takedown… head scissors reversal… G91 kicks up to his feet… tie-up… go behind from G91… reversal from Amarant… runs to the ropes… and G91 ducked! He dropped under the bottom rope at the last second… and catapulted Amarant to the arena floor. G91 retrieves the fallen Canadian… throws him back into the ring… and sets in with a leg lock on Amarant’s left leg. Notice the positioning… Galvatron has his legs wrapped over the back of Amarant’s thigh as he twists on that ankle. That’s a lot of torque on those leg muscles, folks…”
JHA: “I always said he was all torque and no action…”
JFA: “Oh, please…”

* The referee for the match, Jimmy Cordenza, is looking right at Amarant’s face and asking him if he wants to quit. Meanwhile, G91 is wrenching that leg in ways it was never designed to bend. *

JFA: “Nasty business here… but Amarant manages to shuffle to the rope! And Galvatron breaks the hold, but the damage may already have been done to that leg. Both men back up to a vertical base… barely, in the case of Odinson… tie-up… and a Northern lights suplex to The Game! 1… 2… but that leg won’t hold up when Galvatron pushes up from the mat. Both men rolling to the side and onto their feet… G91 vertical first… stalking Amarant… grabs that left leg… kicks the right out from underneath Amarant… and falls down into a leg stretch. But no… Amarant too near the ropes… and the hold is broken.”

* Both men stand up and face each other again. They lock up once more. Amarant takes the advantage this time. He manages to shift around into a hammerlock, and even attempts to change it into a crossface chicken-wing, until Galvy flips up over his head and around his left shoulder to counter with a Dragon sleeper! Despite having the move locked in, Galvatron appears at a disadvantage from having to utilise his left side. Although he isn’t unskilled with his left side, as a result of numerous injuries, his technique isn’t as smooth. He isn’t accustomed to the Southpaw style. He makes a mental note to rectify that situation at the first available opportunity. *

JFA: “Galvatron has that Dragon sleeper clamped on… but not as well as he’d like, as Amarant manages to grab the bottom strand.”
JHA: “Amarant doesn’t seem to be as great as he thinks, does he?”
JFA: “Like you said J: ‘All torque and no action’.”

* Galvatron releases the hold, and gets to his feet quickly. He grabs Amarant’s convenient left arm, and slides down into a drop toehold whilst gripping the appendage. He scissors Amarant’s arm; pushing it back towards Amarant’s own spine as he applies more pressure to the left leg which he caught with a drop toehold. *

JFA: “And a great submission move from G91… it looks like an improvised amateur version of a toehold half crab… I will say this folks; while I am sorry that Sean O’Con is out of the AWF, it has improved Galvatron’s ‘Game’ more than I could have imagined. It’s possible that HBK was holding him back in a way… but my theory is it’s more likely that G91 is infuriated about being forced to drive his best friend out of the AWF by that snake Reilly.”
JHA: “You oughtta watch your mouth!”
JFA: “Why? My contract is with Warzone. Mr. Waugh is currently the GM here, meaning I can say anything I damned well like about Brendan Reilly.”
JHA: “I just hope you remember that you said those things.”

* Galvatron91 still has the toehold half crab-esque hold on Amarant. He slips his right arm underneath Amarant’s and pulls back to intensify the pressure. After about forty-five seconds of this intense punishment, G91 relaxes the hold he has on Amarant’s leg; but pulls up the ‘Timid Wolverine’ with a full nelson… and strikes with a Dragon Suplex! *

JFA: “Dragon suplex by the Game! 1… 2… … and a kick-out by Amarant.”
JHA: “How apt is that move?”
JFA: “Why do you say that?”
JHA: “Well… Amarant’s matches do ‘drag-on’ a bit.”
JFA: “Lord, what did I ever do to deserve this?”

* Back in the ring, Galvatron91 once again brings Amarant to his feet. This time, it is merely a formality to throwing him across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex! As Amarant hits the canvas, G91 kicks up to his feet, and walks slowly towards his fallen prey before connecting with a huge knee drop to Amarant’s temple. *

JFA: “Lateral press… 1… 2… and Amarant gets a shoulder up.”
JHA: “And G91 is just dominating the match. Hell, a wet Doberman with no teeth, one eye and three legs could probably fare better than Odinson appears to be.”

* G91 drags Amarant up once more, and sets up for a German suplex. Amarant blocks. G91 tries again. Once more, Amarant coils his leg around G91’s as a serpent about a strong branch. He suddenly reverses the rear waistlock, and executes a German suplex of his own. He rolls sideways immediately following the impact, to drag himself and his opponent back to a vertical base, before hitting another German suplex. And then he rolls through to deliver a third. And the cycle continues. G91’s head and shoulders hit the canvas repeatedly, until… *

JFA: “Ten German suplexes! Ten, J!”
JHA: “Yeah, but… ‘The Game’ is out of it… but it looks like Amarant used up everything that was left in his tank to do that to the Champion.”
JFA: “And it looks like Jimmy Cordenza is going to use that ten-count…”

JC: “1… 2… 3…”

* Neither competitor stirs from their semi-conscious state. *

JC: “4… 5… 6…”

* A faint glimmer of conscious thought surfaces in the eye of Galvatron91. The same could be said of Amarant Odinson, if there was any form of thought process evident. *

JC: “7… 8…”

* G91 suddenly gets a second wind and flips to his feet. Amarant slowly regains his bipedal stance, also. He rushes G91 again. G91 attempts to Irish whip the Canadian, but Amarant slams on the brakes and comes back toward G91, who keeps hold of Amarant’s right arm, ducks underneath it and pushes his head underneath Amarant’s backside whilst holding onto, at this point, both of the Canadian’s arms. *

JFA: “Here it comes, folks! Here it comes!”

* There is a thunderous tremor as Amarant’s head impacts the ring. G91 goes for a rather lax cover. *

JFA: “The Final Hand! G91’s version of the Vertebreaker! This match could be over!”
JHA: “That’s one thing Amarant will never be…”
JFA: “Cover now… 1… 2… and Amarant gets the shoulder up again.”

* Galvatron91 knows that the error was on his part then. The cover obviously wasn’t enough. He thought he had driven all the fight out of his opponent. No matter. One way to resolve that… *

JFA: “What’s he thinking of now? G91… grabs one arm… rolls Amarant onto his stomach… and there’s the End Game! It has to be over!”
JHA: “He’s not tapping!”
JFA: “Amarant has nowhere to go… and he’s tapping! G91 wins with the End Game!”

* The crowd’s cheers almost drown out ‘Price to Play’ as Jimmy Cordenza hands G91 his title belt and G91 displays it for all the fans to see. *

JRA: “The winner of this match… and STILL AWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… ‘The Game’… GALVATRON91!”

AWF Warzone – 24th September, 2003
From the Sundome in Tampa Bay, Florida**

JFA: “Well, that’s next week’s show. Also next week, we’ve got Syxx Feet Under live on pay per view.”
JHA: “This is where we shill it by going through the card, right?”
JFA: “The Warzone matches at least, right!”
JHA: “So, what have we got, then?”
JFA: “Two fierce rivalries to come to a head – Brave Maximus takes on Vin Ghostal in a Buried Alive Match.”
JHA: “The only thing certain to get buried is the ratings…”
JFA: “And UPF takes on Morpheus.”
JHA: “That’s not all, you know. I’ve got a scoop and a half.”
JFA: “Yeah?”
JHA: “Oh yeah. The Hardcore Title will be defended in a battle royal. From what I understand, RCOSD’s entered, and so have the GPA. More to come next week.”
JFA: “Huge news. More huge news is the AWF Championship match. As it stands, the Game will defend against Tempest… but that could be about to change…”
JHA: “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what they call a link…”

Tempest vs. Redstreak

My World blasts from the speakers.

JFA: “Here we go, then. The Game retained the title a few moments ago, now we find out who he’ll face at Syxx Feet Under. Will it be Tempest? Or will it be Redstreak?”
JHA: “Oh… I can pick? And we won’t have to endure the match?”
JFA: “Behave.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, making his way to the ring: from Detroit, Michigan – Redstreak!”

The former Foundation member ambles to the ring, making his number 1 gesture to the camera. Several feet behind him skulks A-Train.

JHA: “Looks like ol’ Red brought back-up.”
JFA: “Just so long as he keeps his nose out of the match, we’ll be fine. Let’s just take you back and show you how all this came about…”

A short video package plays, highlighting Tempest’s offer of a rematch to The Lock, followed by Redstreak’s challenge. The action quickly shifts to the ring, where A-Train’s distraction allowed Thundercracker to jump out of the crowd and level the Lock, gifting the win to Redstreak.

Rage Against the Machine’s Wake Up takes over as the crowd leap to their feet.

JHA: “Metallica to Rage. I pity those who don’t like this sorta stuff…”
JFA: “I’d agree that we need more classical music in the AWF. Morpheus probably leading the way on that score…”
JHA: “Score? Was that intentional? If it was, then I have even less respect for you…”

“And his opponent, from Mandurah, Australia: The 2003 AWF Lord of the Mat… Tempest!”

The self-styled Human Bulldozer charges down the aisle, slapping a few hands as he goes, before sliding into the ring. As he enters under the bottom rope, Redstreak immediately takes advantage with a succession of stomps to the back of his head.

JFA: “Bell rings and we’re underway here. Redstreak seizing the early initiative… Tempest up to his feet now. Hard reverse knife-edge chops by Red… whips him to the ropes and a reverse elbow drops him to the mat. Quick cover. One, two, kick out by Tempest.”
JHA: “That was a slow count. Redstreak telling the referee that.”
JFA: “It’s only slow if he counts faster later… Red guiding him up… front facelock… axehandle blow to the back and rolls through with an inside cradle. One… two… powered out by Tempest.”
JHA: “That count was even slower!”
JFA: “Redstreak back to his feet quickly… drives a knee into Tempest’s face as he tries to climb up. Backs into the ropes… and drives the elbow firmly into the back of Tempest’s neck.”
JHA: “Good strategy… keep him down on his knees… don’t let him build any momentum. And that’s a good move right there.”
JFA: “Reverse chinlock from behind the seated opponent. I’d have to echo that it’s a good gameplan. This puts a lot of pressure on Tempest’s neck area, makes him carry all of his opponent’s weight, plus lets Redstreak catch his breath.”
JHA: “The perfect hold, in many ways.”
JFA: “Referee in perfect position to make sure it doesn’t slip into a choke.”
JHA: “I think I heard Tempest give up.”
JFA: “I don’t think you did. Redstreak certainly telling the referee to ask the question… Tempest definitely not quitting. Trying to turn now… getting one foot onto the mat… Red working away, trying to wear him down… not having the desired effect. Tempest up onto one knee… both feet now… back to a vertical base… realigns…”

Back on his feet, Tempest switches within the chinlock and lifts Redstreak high, before driving him back down to the mat.

JFA: “Modified back suplex by Tempest to break the hold. Just dropping Red firmly on the back of his neck. Tempest back up now… waiting for Red…”

Tempest breaths heavily as he awaits his opponent’s return to a vertical base. Inhaling deeply to fill his lungs with air again, he charges at Redstreak, looking to land a clothesline. The American is wise to it, though, and ducks the swing, straightening up behind Tempest as he passes. Standing directly behind his foe, Red grabs his head with both hands before dropping to a seated position on the canvas, driving Tempest backwards and to the mat.

JHA: “Redomatic!”
JFA: “I said behave! Superb counter move by Redstreak. Quick lateral press… one… two… shoulder comes up by Tempest.”
JHA: “Slowest referee I’ve ever seen.”
JFA: “Redstreak going to the outside, now… climbing to the top turnbuckle. Watching Tempest get back to his feet now… what are we going to see here?”

Picking his moment, Redstreak launches himself from the top, landing a clothesline to Tempest’s chest. Warzone’s #1 pick is stunned when it only staggers the Australian, though, rather than knocking him down. Frustrated, he immediately goes to the outside to try again.

JHA: “I never knew Tempest was a Weeble.”
JFA: “What?”
JHA: “A Weeble! He wobbles, but he doesn’t fall down.”
JFA: “Good grief. Redstreak looking to give it another go here… No! Tempest caught him!”
JHA: “Oh no…”
JFA: “Tempest caught Redstreak in mid-air… he’s got him in that bear hug… inverted atomic drop!”
JHA: “Owww… I’m sure that move’s illegal!”
JFA: “Redstreak still staggered… Tempest grabbing him again… another atomic drop? No – flapjack! One man flapjack, just driving Redstreak facefirst to the canvas!”
JHA: “Well, at least there was no turnbuckle in the way tonight… what happened to Starscreamer in the end?”
JFA: “I doubt anybody really cares… Redstreak is a smear on the canvas right now, that I do know! Tempest looking for a splash, maybe… hits the ropes and – oh my. That was uncalled for.”
JHA: “What was? I missed it…”
JFA: “Like hell you did. A-Train just took Tempest’s leg as he hit the ropes… Tempest flat on his face… climbing back up, now. Somehow the referee missed it.”
JHA: “Maybe because it never happened?”

Angry, Tempest charges to the ropes, before leaning over and screaming at A-Train. The apparent bodyguard leaps up onto the apron to confront him. The referee comes across to break it up, but as Tempest is distracted, Redstreak scrapes himself up from the mat and charges at the back of Tempest.

JFA: “Reverse sunset flip! No – rolled through by Tempest! Kick out by Redstreak… oh, just sent Tempest hurtling forward into the referee… knocked him clean out of the ring…”
JHA: “Disqualification, referee!”
JFA: “A bit tricky when he’s unconscious, J. Tempest back to the action now… Redstreak with the spear! No – Tempest sidestepped it! And Redstreak just hit A-Train on the apron!”
JHA: “Oh no…”

Furious and in shock, Redstreak turns back to the ring, only for Tempest to clamp his hand around the throat before driving him into the mat with a chokeslam.

JFA: “Chokeslam! Chokeslam! No referee. Where’s the referee? Tempest’s got it won!”
JHA: “Tempest knocked him out, remember? You reap what you sow!”
JFA: “That was inadvertant and you know it! Tempest looking about for the referee. Wait a minute – what the?”
JHA: “Woohoo! Two weeks on the trot!”
JFA: “That’s… Thundercracker! Again… coming to Redstreak’s rescue for the second week in succession, he’s not even on Warzone. TC in the ring with a steel chair… Tempest’s not seen him yet… turn around, Tempest!”
JHA: “Yeah! Turn around! There he is… LIFETIME ENLIGHTENMENT!”
JFA: “TC just destroying that chair between his foot and Tempest’s face! This is heinous…”

As Thundercracker tosses the chair out of the ring and rolls Redstreak on top of Tempest, the crowd erupt as The Lock bombs down the aisle and into the ring.

JHA: “No! What’s he doing here?”
JFA: “Setting things right! The Lock going one on one with TC! Right hands… TC firing back with a kick to the ribs… doubles the Lock over… front facelock… into the corner… no! Tornado DDT by Thundercracker!”
JHA: “Yes! Gets what he deserves!”
JFA: “TC stomping away on the Game, now… A-Train up on the outside… into the ring with a steel chair… Signalling to TC, what are they going to do?”

Smirking, Thundercracker backs away from the Lock, leaving him slumped in the corner, before A-Train comes across and holds the chair across the Australian’s face.

JHA: “Oh yes…”
JFA: “Oh god no. TC going to the outside… he wouldn’t… not the Ender…”
JHA: “He would! He is!”

As TC positions himself to springboard via the top rope, the crowd explode again.

JFA: “It’s the Game! The Game is back in the arena!”

Belting to the ring, armed with his sledgehammer, G91 leaps onto the apron as TC jumps onto the rope, pushing him off and into the middle of the ring. As TC lands flat on his face, the AWF Champion steps between the ropes. A-Train immediately rushes him before catching a sledge shot to the jaw that knocks him clean out of the ring.

TC hops back to his feet and charges the Game, who ducks the lunge and responds with an attempted sledge blow to the chest. TC dodges though and tries a spinning heel kick. G91 somehow evades the move. As TC leaps to his feet again, the Champion buries a boot in his midsection before catching him in a double underhook and landing a pedigree.

JFA: “The Game cleaning house!”
JHA: “I thought he liked TC??”
JFA: “He also likes justice! And TC did take a swing at him…”
JHA: “The Game started it!”

Surveying the wreckage, G91 slowly turns around just in time for Redstreak to connect with the spear.

JHA: “Forceful Entry! He deserved that!”
JFA: “Redstreak using the distraction as a chance to recover… taking out the AWF Champion. It’s almost enough to make you forget there’s a match going on! The winner to face the Game at Syxx Feet Under… referee back on the apron now… but Tempest’s recovered as well! Redstreak doesn’t see him!”

Turning around, Redstreak is suddenly caught around the throat once more. Struggling frantically, he manages to evade being chokeslammed, but can’t break the grip.

Clutching his stomach, the Game picks himself up off the canvas and grabs his sledge. Livid, he crawls back to his feet and takes a blind swing with the hammer, just as Redstreak manages to break the hold and drop himself to the mat.

JFA: “Oh my god! The Game just drilled Tempest with the sledge! Right in front of the referee! Turning back now… Redstreak still there… boot! PEDIGREE!”
JHA: “Yowsers…”
JFA: “The Game just destroying everybody… swinging wildly with the sledge… took out Tempest, realised what he’d done, but turned quickly enough to take out Redstreak as well… both right in clear view of the referee… official signalling for the bell…”
JHA: “What’s the decision?”
JFA: “I’m not sure… all I know is that the ring is full of bodies… The Lock, TC, Tempest and Redstreak all out cold… A-Train busted open on the outside… The Game the only man left standing…”
JHA: “Is that the man Vaccaro making his way out here?”
JFA: “I think so. The Warzone owner coming to ringside… he doesn’t look happy.”

The camera cuts to the referee conversing with the timekeeper and ring announcer on the outside.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as a result of outside interference, the referee has ruled this match a double disqualification.”

JHA: “So who goes to Syxx Feet Under? The Game just wrecked the match!”
JFA: “The match was wrecked before he came out here. G91 exiting the ring now, heading back up the ramp. Mr Vaccaro into the ring, microphone in hand… I don’t think he’s going to let him leave quite yet.”

Vaccaro: “Hang on a moment there, Mr Champion. Yeah, just hold up a second. Okay. You’ve just caused me a problem, and I’ll be damned if you’re just going to walk away from here without it being resolved.”

The Game stops and heads back to the ring, pausing on the apron before stepping inside and hopping onto the second rope, sitting on the top turnbuckle.

Vaccaro: “Cute. The match you just killed was, as I’m sure you’re aware, a match to decide your opponent at Syxx Feet Under. Under normal circumstances, the fact would be Tempest retains his title shot, as he was technically defending it. But, because of the level of interference, I’ve no choice but to make a ruling on the matter.”

G91: “What? You gonna pull the old Triple Threat routine on me?”

Vaccaro: “No… that’s been done. It’s been done to death, in fact. It’s a cliché. It’s old hat. I’d prefer to put my own Warzone spin on the whole matter. Fact is, if I’m going to overturn this result due to outside interference, I’ve got to also go back and undo last week’s match.”

JFA: “That’s a fair point.”
JHA: “Blah blah blah.”

Vaccaro: “This is getting far too complicated. Redstreak got disqualified from Lord of the Mat, he then prevented the Lock from facing Tempest. Tempest won the title shot because of that. The Lock then faced Redstreak for the chance to challenge for that title shot, but TC here interfered to give Redstreak the win. Now both you, the Lock and TC have had a hand in messing up tonight’s main event.”

G91: “Thanks, Mr Obvious.”

Vaccaro: “Mr? I don’t deserve at least a captaincy? Suit yourself, I know I always do. So, what we’ve got is three men who think they should be the number one contender, but none of whom hold a clean win over either of the others in order to prove it. So, the only way to resolve this matters is for all three men to receive a title shot.”

JFA: “A Fatal Fourway for Syxx Feet Under!”
JHA: “Clean that up…”

Vaccaro: “Not a Fatal Fourway, because that’s passe as well. No, in order to make sure there’s no further interference, we’re going to have the first ever Iron Gauntlet Match.”

JHA: “A whatnow?”

Vaccaro: “The rules are simple. Or they will be, once I’ve decided when to tell you them. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, now. The Game, Redstreak, Tempest and The Lock. Iron Gauntlet. Syxx Feet Under. Thundercracker, you’re not even a part of this show – I’ll deal with you later.”

TC doesn’t answer, due to being unconscious.

Smirking, Galvatron91 nods. He surveys the ring one more time before turning to leave, as Price to Play starts up again.

JFA: “An Iron Gauntlet Match! What do you think that involves?”
JHA: “The AWF Champion and three of the men out cold in the ring, I’d say.”
JFA: “You’re a marvel to work with. You’re the broadcast journalist. Find out for next week. And speaking of next week, that’s when we’ll see you, folks – live from Tampa! Goodnight and god bless!”

2003-09-23, 11:40 PM
*Ice pack on head*

Throw down the gauntlet all you want, Vaccaro, just means I'll have to beat three assholes instead of one. I got a few surprises up my sleeve, be sure of that. I will stand atop the mountain, the belt in my hand, because I strive to be number one!

*Makes the gesture, fade to black*

2003-09-24, 12:15 AM

Let Me Holla At Cha Playa....

Yo MAX! i'm true to my word playa yo life, well whats left of it, is going to be hell SON!

But anyways at da PPV i'm going to get my hardcore bling BLING! back

damn whats Viewfind with his gold? like a crackhead with out the crack.


2003-09-24, 02:04 AM
Booo YEAH! The big man retains. Scouse, you were a good match and RCOSD, you know I have respect for you man, but hey, in Hardcore all is fair remember that. But as I said anytime you want a go you tell just say it.

Wow, good to see the Game kicking ass on Warzone as well, just don't judge our challenegers too lightly.

Anyway off for a few cold beverages and maybe something more. Big Daddy Rav Outta Tha House!

2003-09-24, 09:14 AM

*Tempest can be heard destroying his locker room for very far away, that even the officals try and stop him*


*Tempest swings at an offical with his sledgehammer that he holds in his hands and just misses some-one.


*All of a sudden Tempest swings it violetly at his own head emitting a thunderous crack that can be heard from miles around*

T: errgghhh .... my head ...

*Then Tempest stands tall again*

T: ... Argghh, not even that could stop me, It took TC, A-Train, G91 and you ... YOU ... Redsteak to put me down, and you didn't do it for long, at Syxx Feet Under I will destroy you ... and you fingers ... you will not be number one, but heres number you will need ... 911! after I'm done with you ...

*Tempest gives an evil laugh and a smirk too boot*

T: Lets just say ... there will be enough of you left for the doctors to know which body parts go where.

*Tempest suddenly looks out the door to find The Lock walking away and remembers the Challenge he offered him*

T: Lock ... I offered you a chance for the Number #1 spot because it was taken away from you by Redstreak, I still stand that offer, I Would be gald for you to be in this match with me, I only hope you don't get in the way of the Human Bulldozer ....

*With one finally bit of rage Tempest calls out to G91 as if he was standing right next to him*

T: Galvatron91 .... you have chosen .... to try and stop me with my dream of becoming the AWF Champion .... Not even you will stop me ... even if I do lose this match ... I will come for you .... I will stop at nothing ... because nothing can stop me .... NOTHING FOR I AM THE HUMAN BULLDOZER!!

*Tempest slams the doors in the face of the officals and gets ready for a quick flight back home before he comes back for the Next Warzone and Syxx Feet Under ... next week*

OOC: That was some great stuff guys, Nice twist with the Iron Gauntlet Match ... can't wait

2003-09-24, 11:28 AM
D-Ex: Well it seems like I win again....somehow. Hey I got that match under control till Morpheus got his ass on my way dammit! Now UPF was a great competitor and yeah it was kinda tough to beat him, hell I dunno if I could beat him tonight. We we will never know since both my matches with him ended in a DQ decision. Well UPF I will be willing to face you again next time we meet. Now next Warzone, D-Extreme vs Amarant Odison in a submission match. Amarant you might have the slight advantage since you know a lot of technical holds. But be warned I can slap on the boston crab or the dragon sleeper on your ass anytime at our match next week. It may be a submission match, but lets get this clear BOOOOOYYYY....I'll still whip your tail! I wasnt good at climbing ladders or poles yet I beat your stinkin ass in a hockey stick on a pole match. I may not fly that high like them cruiserweights but I fell off a 20 foot ladder in several occassions. Now how do you think this match that will be some sorta chain wrestling type match be different? Well first off all its about who submits right? Well Amarant I am The Xtreme...so expect this Submission match to get some 100% added Xtreme to it. Catch me on a hold if you can, beat me if you possibly could.....TAP OUT BEFORE I CAN CRIPPLE YOU!

Cause I know your agenda is just revenge. Hell thats all good I'll show you D-Extreme bows down to absolutely nobody! I dunno...do you hate me or hate me since I'm the TV Champ Amarant?*points at the TV belt* Dont hate...JUST ENVY!

Brave Maximus
2003-09-24, 03:18 PM
OOC: :wtf: - Right, 1st off - I'm droping my location. What's with the Canadian thing?;) wierd. Still, a damn good show, and Warzone is almost up to date.

IC: Ghostal you are as clumsey as you are stupid. Perhaps I should have hit you harder, then we would have been saved your presance.

Viewfind - You are nothing, a coward who runs from a real challenge. Unfortunatly, you are not in my path, though I may make an exception.

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-09-24, 05:33 PM
OOC: Great show!

IC: Vaccaro after SFU I'm coming after you and NOTHING and I do mean nothing will stop me.

2003-09-24, 06:56 PM
In what looks like a boiler room, OP is sitting down on a chair. The room is pitch black, with only a flickering lamp illuminating the room

OP2005: I'm sorry guys. I let you down. I let everyone down. But mark my words GPA and Ghostal, soon Ginrai will be layed to rest!

OP drops the bloodly piece of cloth and the lamp's flickering light is extinguised...

Amarant Odinson
2003-09-24, 07:13 PM
OOC: Good show guys. Keep up the good work.

IC: D-Extreme, if you think that this about revenge, then you really don't know me at all. It's never about revenge. It's always about the title. It doesn't matter how many matches you win or lose, it's about the gold and how long you can hold it. It's never about winning all of the matches, it's about winning the big matches.

And I'll admit, you beat me in our first match. But you already had one fo those matches before. You had a slight advantage over me and as any fighting champion would do, you used it. I don't blame you, I would've done the exact same thing.

And at the next Warzone I will. I'll be the one with the slight advantage this time. You can be as extreme as you want, but it won't help you against the Best Damn Technical Wrestler here today. It's only a matter of time before that T.V. Title is mine.
Next Warzone, we'll see of lightning strikes twice for you.

2003-09-25, 09:54 PM
Gah, got screwed in that title match.All the work and none of the rewards.

But what's this? A battle royal for the Hardcore title? Just what specialise in, Mayhem and Chaos.

That title will be back in my arms again and a new regin of hell shall begin.

2003-09-25, 10:47 PM
Originally posted by RCOSD
Gah, got screwed in that title match.All the work and none of the rewards.

But what's this? A battle royal for the Hardcore title? Just what specialise in, Mayhem and Chaos.

That title will be back in my arms again and a new regin of hell shall begin.

Not like it matters white boy, damn you so WHITE!

No one matters in dis match but little sissy rav, his got my bling bling and i'm not going to let no one stop dis, not Prowl? not divebomb not ANYONE!

Amarant Odinson
2003-09-26, 01:52 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind
Not like it matters white boy, damn you so WHITE!

No one matters in dis match but little sissy rav, his got my bling bling and i'm not going to let no one stop dis, not Prowl? not divebomb not ANYONE!

IC: And this coming from the John Cena wannabe. LMAO

2003-09-26, 03:19 AM
Hmm RSOCD, what happened? When did you become a whiney little bitch? You lost deal with it. Now it's oh woe is me, I lost cuz I didn't use my head.

You did the work, I used my head, I won the match. But thats all fine you bitch and moan all you want and bring all the people that want to come to that battle royal.

Because there will be only one outcome and you all know it, me walking out with the title I busted my ass and cracked heads for and come that battle royal I will break more heads than the US Army. So bring it on boys.

2003-09-26, 05:51 AM
Yo boss, we gots yer back, but we be respeckin ya need to get gangsta on dat foo rav's ass. Da NWA be steppin off so ya can get some satisfaction and bring bling back to da fold.....


Silly Cow
2003-09-26, 02:34 PM
Morpheus is sitting in the dark when Waugh approaches him.

Waugh: Excuse me, Morpheus.

Morpheus looks up and stares directly at Waugh.

Waugh: I need you to sign this. It's for a match at Syxx Feet Under, you against UPF.

Morpheus continues to stare a hole at Waugh. Waugh hands him the contract and Morpheus rips it from his hands. Without taking his eyes off Waugh Morpheus signs the contract with undecipherable jibberish. He hands the contract to Waugh who quickly leaves the room. Morpheus who is alone again starts to chuckle lightly before he suddenly grimaces as like remembering something bad.

Morpheus: No....

2003-09-26, 11:27 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
IC: And this coming from the John Cena wannabe. LMAO

Naw son, that fool rip me off, i been spitting the game way be for that white boy, anyways why don't you get out yo seat and see what i just stole off yo car!

Prowl? HOLLA!

2003-09-27, 07:59 AM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson

And at the next Warzone I will. I'll be the one with the slight advantage this time. You can be as extreme as you want, but it won't help you against the Best Damn Technical Wrestler here today. It's only a matter of time before that T.V. Title is mine.
Next Warzone, we'll see of lightning strikes twice for you.

D-Ex: Best damn technical wrestler...who are you?! CHRIS BENOIT?! Dont make me laugh, you might look as toothless as him, but I doubt you are as technical as him. Because believe it or not Amarant, you might have the advantage now cause the match is in your territory, but when you think you can dispose me that easily next week, think again......it will be you tapping to the beat of D-Extreme