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AWF Mayhem
2003-09-24, 05:26 AM
The AWF logo flashes across the screen, and the all new Mayhem Introduction is shown for the very first time. The Mayhem theme Back Up, by 12 Stones plays as the images reeled off are:

During the opening, black and white shots of:

The Game glaring into the camera after spitting water
Blaster pointing to the crowd
Stone Cold Skywarp smashing two beer cans together
Sixswitch smirking, shining AWF IC Title

The Video soon Bursts into color and new images reel off:

Stone Cold Skywarp driving Plasmodium over the top rope
The Gruff nailing Cloudstrifer with a Chair
Sixswitch diving of the top rope to deliver a picture perfect Technophobic
The Game driving a sledge into the face of Blaster
Cane blowing the ring up
Jetfire leaping to his feet after pinning Claypool
Mr. Reilly red-faced and screaming
Blaster applying the Soundblaster mockingly
Lord Chaos standing on the middle ropes with his arms folded
Blitzwing going airborne with the Zone Blitz
Turbo Charger leaping over the top rope and onto a his opponent
Adolph standing at attention
Bombshell and Arcee posing together in the middle of the ring
Cloudstrifer glaring into the crowd
Jinei delivering a Triple Jump Moonsault to perfection
Plasmodium throwing his hands up in victory
The Canucks as a group hoisting the Canadian Flag
Quick Switch and Nmathew driving a no-name Jobber through a table
Scout winking at the camera slyly
TC sailing through the air with a Five Star Frog Splash
The Game and HBK giving the DN salute to the camera, while Scout stands behind them holding the AWF Title

Joey Styles: “We are live from the sold out United Center in Chicago, IL…and this is Mayhem…due to programming changes, we have been on hiatus since the ppv, but we are back and here to stay…and folks, what can I say?”

Flec: “Nothing I wish…”

Joey: “Thanks…in case you have been living under a rock…The Game is the New AWF champion, which means that his best friend…the Heart Brend Kid…is no longer an active employee of the AWF, he’s been as Mr. Reilly puts it, de-activated…retired. He’s still bound to his AWF Mayhem contract, which means he can not sign with AWF Warzone, the WWE, or any other federation what so ever.”

Flec: ‘My heart bleeds…I assure you!’

Its time to play the Game…Its Time to play the GAME!

Joey: “And here he comes…broken hearted, downtrodden…but he is the AWF Champion…and he’s on his way to the ring.”

We fail to see
How destructive we can be
Taking without giving back
Till the damage can be seen
Can you see? Can you see?

The more you take,
The more you blame,
But everything still feels the same.
The more you hurt,
The more you strain,
The price you play to play the game,
And all you see,
And all you gain,
And all you step on with the shame,
There are no rules,
No one to blame,
The price you play the game.

The Game steps into the ring with the AWF Title around his shoulder, donning an black T-Shirt with HBK in white letters across the front. He removes his sun glasses and holds a mic, waiting for the crowd to stop cheering.

Game: “Thank you…”

Joey: “Standing ovation here for the 3 Time AWF Champion.”

Flec: ‘Jeez…look at him, you’d think someone had died…”

Joey: “you sicken me…to no end, you sicken me!”

Flec: “WHAT? Its true…no one died, so the Heart Brend Kid gets to fly back to England and chase skirts, ooooooh…damn…I feel bad for him!”

Game: “You know…a few weeks back at Lord of the Mat, I became the second man in AWF History to be a Three Time World Champion. Twice before I won the belt…went to the back…and got hammered with my best friend, went to a club, found some adult entertainment…and hell, I’ll be blunt, got laid by some lovely ladies who all wanted to say that they had played the Game.”

The ladies in the crowd all scream while the guys cheer on like crazed frat boys.

Game: “But this time…there was no booze, there was no limo rides to the strip club, no ladies…and worst of all…there was no best friend…just a ride to the airport…a tearful goodbye…and then a cab ride back to the hotel. As I lied there, all I could think about was the fact that my best friend, Sean O’Con, the man who stepped aside to give me my first shot at AWF gold, the man who was the show stopper, who held AWF Tag Team gold with me…a man who held the IC, the Euro and the Hardcore titles…the man who did it all, even having the longest run as AWF Champion. So, while I can’t give him what he deserves, I can’t give him what I want to give him, I can say good bye, I can thank him for all the blood, all the sacrifice and mostly…all the friendship he has given me…Sean…you’re my brother. You were there to take me in for my surgery on my neck and you were there to bring me home, you’ve gone to war with me in the ring and picked me up when I was laying face down on the concrete in the back after the War Games because I couldn’t feel my legs. With every loss in life, Sean has been there…and Sean…I’ll always be there to do the same. So if I could have you focus you’re attention on the Archivetron…”

Tell me a Lie comes over the sound system as video footage shows HBK strutting to the ring with his pyro igniting in the background

I've known you all my life
At least thats how it seems
Never known my own way
Livin' out of dreams
Now I know you're leaving me
And I'll never understand
Before I let you walk away
I have one last demand

In between each line, the video changes to images of DN forming after turning on Stone Cold, to HBK and G91 ‘firing’ Sixswitch to HBK superkicking Sixswitch in the Ladder Match to Sixshot in between a posing G91 & HBK

Tell me a lie, and say that you wont go
Look in my eyes, and hold me even though
I realize you have to walk away
No more yesterday...

In between each line, the video changes to images shift to the first Archivemania vs. Vin Ghostal in the best of Three Falls Match, delivering a massive Heart Brend Kick to the Ghost…to showing HBK during his run as Commissioner…to hoisting images of HBK hoisting the IC, Euro, Hardcore, Tag & World Titles for the first time…

You always were my angel
Flying high above
Always lookin out for me
Angel that I love
Now my dreams are fading
Like age-old photographs
They hurt too much to look at now
Reminds Me Of Our Past

In between each line, the video changes to images shift from the War Games and HBK falling through the top of the cage slamming Claypool into the mat to him and the rest of “Team AWF” bloodied and celebrating the victory to the shots of he and Game harassing nurses, drinking heavily in their hospital rooms…

Tell me a lie, and say that you wont go
Look in my eyes, and hold me even though
I realize you have to walk away
No more yesterday...

The montage shifts to a series of Heart Brend Kicks and HDD’s being delivered to various AWF opponents, including one with the Game to Mr. Reilly from LOTM, the shifting to Archivemania and a variety of scenes from the Iron Man Match with Vin Ghostal then shots of Scout, HBK and the Game reuniting DN to LOTM staring down the Game in the ring to HBK delivering the HDD from the top of the ladder, out of the ring and through the table to Mr Reilly to HBK putting the title around the Game’s shoulder and the two embracing…then to various shots quickly of the two commiting a variety of antics and DN chops to various people…

Maybe we could stay together
Maybe it could last forever
Maybe if you'd just tell me a lie
Maybe then we'll never say goodbye

The Video closes with a still shot of the Heart Brend Kid, Sean O’Con giving his trade marked smirk out at the crowd, standing atop the turnbuckles…and fades to black, bring us back to the ring…

The Game stands in the leaning against the ropes, fighting back the tears…
Joey: “What a moment…”
Game: “So folks…that’s it…that’s my best friend…Sean…I love you man…I’ll see you soon!”
The Game drops the mic and leaves the ring with no music.


Mr. Reilly is with Lisa Lovelace…
Lisa: “Thoughts Mr. Reilly?”
Reilly: “Thoughts? Oh yeah…I have plenty of thoughts and I will address all of them in due time. See, I’m not a cruel man…I’m not unfair…I gave the AWF Champion G91 all the time he wanted to run his silly little montage…to…what do you want?”
The Game gets in Reilly’s face.
Game: “Simple…you thought what we did to you at LOTM mat was bad…you’ve seen nothing yet…I’m going to make your life a living hell for what you made me do…because of you, my best friend is sitting at home…and for every day he does, I am going to make you wish that it was me sitting back in St. Paul…”
Reilly: “Oh…I already wish that champ…but you see, that’s not how it worked out. You won, you’re the champ…and as such…how’s about you give us a little match champ? How about you defend that title…in that very ring tonight…against, the LOTM Runner Up, Plasmodium?”
Game: “Oh…I’ll face Plas…no problems there…though I don’t know what you have against him, sending the man out to his funeral…oh and Reilly, don’t get too comfortable…you never know…what might…happen.”
The two men glare at each other as we cut back to the ring as Adolf is awaiting his match…
Joey: “Wow…the Game and Plasmodium tonight for the AWF Title!”
Flec: “Yes! New CHAMPION!”

Scout v Adolf

Scout is announced and makes her way to the ring…appearing quite forlorn, much like the Game had earlier…Adolf is mocking her as she slides under the ring and with out waiting for the bell, she walks right up to him and levels him back into the corner with a super kick!
Joey: “Holy hell! Scout just rocked Adolf back and his neck snapped off the top turn buckle…”
Flec: “WOW! She’s so f*cking hot when she’s pissed!”
Joey: “Flec…please, there are children watching! Scout now with purpose and intent, Adolf getting back to his feet now…thumb to Scout’s eye…trying to gather the cob webs, but clearly favoring that neck that Scout sent right back into the top turn buckle. Now a massive clothesline sends Scout back down…Adolf heading to the outside…looks like…hey! Grabbing a chair, Adolf heading back into the ring…but Scout with a kip up! Shades of the Game and HBK shown in Scout! Tornado kick into the chair, crashing into Adolf sending him to the mat…cover…1…2…3! Scout with an impressive victory here!”
Flec: “What? She’s leaving? DAMN! Oh Scouty, I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave!”


The camera follows Auros down a hallway as he passes by some random back-stage guys.

"hey! Auros ... good luck for your match tonight, not that you'll need it!"

Auros turns to the guys.

"Yeah, that Cane's gonna go down fast and hard!"

As Auros spat out his words there's a sudden crunch as a chair connects with Auros' back. Cane's standing over his opponent laughing.

"Not so damn tough now are ya!" Cane throws down the chair on Auros who's lying in great physical pain. Cane turns to leave but walks straight into Mr Reilly.

"Not so fast Cane, as you seem to be fond of using weapons to get the upper hand, I'm gonna make a change to your match" Reilly pushes his index finger into Cane's chest "Tonight it will be Sir Auros against Cane in a Hardcore Match-up!" Cane is shocked but walks away, the camera zooms back down to Auros who's still lying on the floor, smiling to himself.

Elsewhere backstage

Scout bounces up to the Game in his locker room as he is shown taping his fists.
Scout: “Hey champ…you see what I did to Adolf out there?”
G91: “Yeah…impressive!”
Scout: “Look…you can’t keep beating yourself up…it was you or Sean…Reilly made it very simple and you know darn well that you couldn’t just quit! That’s not the DN way…and Sean wouldn’t want you to be like this!”
G91: “DN way? Scout…In case you hadn’t noticed, there isn’t a DN anymore, I can’t do that without Sean…it just wouldn’t be right…”
Scout: “Come on Erik, we could get other members…you said yourself once that you would love to have Sixswitch back in the black and green…”
G91: “No Scout…I can’t do it anymore…the time has passed…DN was great once…but there are things I am going to do now that I don’t want any of you to be a part of…right now I walk alone…that’s just the way it is. Look, I am going to do everything in my power to make Reilly’s life hell…and I am not going to let him take it out on you or anyone else…so if you want to start another faction…that’s great Scout, but as for me…from now on, the Game walks alone.”
The Game turns and walks out leaving Scout standing there stunned!
Joey: “WHAT?!? DN is dead?!? The Game has just dismantled DN!”
Flec: “That shocks you Styles? How could he carry on without HBK, its like Spaghetti with no meatballs, pancakes without maple syrup, strippers and having no dollar bills for lap dances…”
Joey: “You…”
Flec: “I know!”

AWF Mayhem
2003-09-24, 05:28 AM
Cane v Auros

Joey : "Welcome back to AWF Mayhem, earlier this evening we saw a brutal attack on Auros by Cane."
Flec : "Yeah, it was almost as brutal as that broad you picked up last night"
Joey : "Reilly saw fit to change the match to a hardcore bout...you know what that means Flec?"
Flec : "Puppies?!"
Joey : "Uhm, no. It means anything goes in this next match-up"
Flec : "Aww..."

With that 'Deadly Game' blares through the PA system and Cane makes his way to the ring, he's grinning from ear to ear and taunting the crowd at the side of the ramp. He climbs up into the ring and continues taunting the crowd as his music fades out and '****ing in the Bushes' plays. Cane stands tall in the middle of the ring and starts laughing as Auros is no-where to be seen. Cane walks to the ropes and signals for a microphone.

Cane : "Well, there's a surprise. Auros is too scarred to come out here and fight me, guess that little taster he got earlier put him off!"

Joey : "Could Cane be right Flec? Has Auros turned tail?"
Flec : "Doubt it."
Joey : "OH MY GOD! Auros just rushed from out of the crowd and broke a kendo stick across the back of Cane!"

As the stick splintered across Cane's back Auros slides to the outside and looks underneath the ring. He pulls out trash-cans and flings them into the ring, chairs follow and various road-signs.

Flec : "Men at work?"
Joey : "Looks like Auros certaintly wants to do a number on Cane for the earlier attack"
Flec : "He better hurry up about it!"

Cane is now back to his feet in the middle of the ring, his hand on his back, he sees Auros on the outside and walks over, reaching over the ropes to grab him Auros sprays the 6'10" monster in the face with a fire extinguisher! Auros throws the extinguisher to one side and slides back into the ring. Auros picks up a chair and makes his way to Cane who clatters Auros with a low-blow!

Joey : "That's just sick!"
Flec : "Anything goes, right Joey"
Joey : "Unfortunately for Auros, he's gonna be singing a note or three higher in the shower"

Cane take the momentum and the chair from a halted Auros and smashes it down over his back. Auros staggers across the ring, trying to keep on his feet, leaning on the ropes for support and Cane again hits him in the back with the chair. Auros hits the mat with a heavy thud as a third vicous chair shot crashes onto his spine.

Joey : "And that could be curtains for Auros."
Flec : "Looks like Cane's setting something up here"

Cane has slid a table into the ring and propped it into a corner of the ring, lifting up Auros by the hair, Cane signals for the Deathstrike.

Flec : "Woohoo!"
Joey : "You're an odd one. Cane now at the opposite side of the ring, charging forwards..."

Cane's speed is too great to stop himself as Auros slides out of the way, Cane smashes through the table and into the ringpost behind it, Cane yells in agony and his shoulder connects with metal. Auros goes for the quick roll-up 1..2.. Cane lifts his shoulder at the last second.

Joey : "Close fall there"
Flec : "Speaking of close, move away from me, your commentry stinks"

Auros up to his feet, stomping on the injured shoulder of Cane. Auros grabs a chair and clatters it down on the shoulder. Auros then places the chair on top of Cane's shoulder and climbs to the top rope.

Joey : "He doesn't have to do this"
Flec : "Yes he does, it's what the kids want to see!"
Joey : "They'd only want to see it if it was you."

Auros launches himself from the top rope and drops a leg across the chair and Cane's arm. A huge grown rushes up from the crowd as Cane begins to roll around the ring in very definite pain.

Joey : "Auros now picking his spot"
Flec : "I wish he'd do that in the mirror like the rest of us"

Auros stooped down and grabbed Cane's arm, hooking in an arm-bar. Cane's shakes his head as the referee asks if he wants to quit. Cane swings out a leg and rests it on the bottom rope forcing Auros to break the hold.

Joey : "Cane sure knows his way around the ring."
Flec : "So I've heard..."

Auros lifts Cane to his feet and whips him into the rope, dropping down as a set-up for a back body drop, but Cane stops himself and picks up a trash can. Auros stands back up in time for the trash can to connect with his head.

Joey : "Look at the dent in that trash can! Auros is knocked out!"
Flec : "Cane's gotta make sure though"

Cane picks up Auros and hoists him high above his head.

Joey : "Holding Auros there with one arm"
Flec : "Incredible display of power there"

Cane spins round and drops Auros onto the trash-can with the Deathknell and makes the cover. 1..2...

Joey : "Auros got his shoulder up!"
Flec : "How in the world?"
Joey : "That's the fighting spirit that Auros has always upheld shining through"

Cane lifts Auros to his feet again and kicks the flattened trash can from the ring. He whips Auros to the rope and goes for a clothesline, Auros ducks under and comes back off the other rope.

Joey : "What a clothesline by Auros!"
Flec : "He calls it the Atomic Clothesline"
Joey : "And it certaintly packs a punch, Auros with the cover"

1..2..3!! Auros wins! '****ing in the bushes' plays again Auros makes his way to the corner turnbuckle and salutes to the crowd. As the referee lifts Auros' arm in victory Cane sits up behind Auros, he stands up, chair in hand and again slams it hard over Auros' back. 'Deadly Game' plays as Cane leaves a broken Auros in the ring, the chorus of boos from the crowd is deafening and EMTs run from the backstage area to help Auros.


Jetfire walks into Reilly’s office as Reilly is on the phone. He hangs it up and looks at Jetfire.

Reilly: “Can I help you?”
Jetfire: “I want a match!”
Reilly: “and who the hell are you?”
Jetfire: “I am one half of the greatest AWF Tag Team champions ever! I am one half of Compufire!”
Reilly: “Oh... right, the Golden oldies, well lets see. Mayhem needs a bit of Tag team action for the title soooo. If you can find yourself a partner before the match begins to can face Blitzwing and Bombshell for the Tag Team #1 contendership. Now then Jetlag. Go get a partner”
Jetfire thinks for a moment then grins “alright fine that is fine by me”

Tag Team Title: Number 1 Contenders Match: Blitzwing & Bombshell v Jetfire & ???

Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide
Now this is what it’s like
Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide
Now this is what it’s like

I‘m gonna be the one that‘s taking over
Now this is what it‘s like when worlds COLLIDE!

Pyros along the stage fire off as the Archive-tron switches from the burning American flags to a vignette of The Canucks as Bombshell and Blitzwing appear from the curtain and begin to walk down the ramp decked out in Canadian flag adorned trunks.

JRA: “This match is for the #1 Contendership for the Tag Team titles, Coming to the ring first From Maple Ridge and Surrey BC Blitzwing and Bombshell!”

The two men move down the ramp to the boos from the American crowd. They both slide in and begin talking and laughing as they turn around towards the ramp as they await Jetfire and his mystery partner. Their music ends and the crowd goes silent for a second until Dare hits on the speakers and the Crowd erupts with cheers as the former great tag team man steps from the curtain walking halfway down the ramp looking at the two Canucks in the ring then looking back at the curtain.

Joey: “Here we go! Time to find out who Jetfire has in store to help him get a shot at the Tag titles he and Computron once held onto for one of the longest runs ever”
Flec: “If it’s Computron I’ll laugh at the two old men as they will stand no chance!”
Joey: “Either way you can tell everyone is anticipating this”

Like This Like That hits and the crowd once again explodes into cheers as the Intercontinental champion bursts out of the curtain in a full run. Once he gets to Jetfire, he starts running as well. They both slide into the ring and begin exchanging blows with the two canucks.

Joey: “It’s the IC champ! Jerfire got the IC champ and the biggest pain in the Canucks side in the past month as his partner and now all four men in the ring exchanging blows! Blitzwing is tossed from the ring! Bombshell slides out! Already Jetfire and Sixswitch have shown they are here to get the title shot!”
Flec: “Well ofcourse they are here for the title shot, that is the point of this match you dope.”
Joey: “Too true, Bombshell back into the ring now, he and Jetfire are starting off in the ring. The two men lock up in the ring and there’s the bell this match for the Number one contendership for the Tag titles is under way!”

Jetfire takes the advantage and hits body slam on Bombshell who quickly gets back up and hits a shot to the side of Jetfire’s head. Jetfire takes it then throw’s one back catching Bombshell in the jaw. Bombshell then hits back and the two men exchange blows until Jetfire gets in the groove and begins to block delivering the shots to Bombshell eventually causing him to slow down long enough for Jets to get an irish whip across the ring in but telegraphs the back body drop and gets a knee lift delivered to him because of it. Bombshell gets back to his feet after this pulling Jetfire back up with him. Once both men are on their feet Bombshell begins to deliver knife edge chops to the chest of Jets. He pushes him to the corner with these and continues them there. He stops and delivers an Elbow smash to the head of Jetfire before pulling him out of the corner hitting a sidewalk slam.

Joey: “Bombshell with a pin. Two count for Bombshell. He’s back up and there’s the tag to Blitzwing. And... look who it is...”
Flec: “Hey look it’s our friend Blaster!”

As Bombshell and Blitzwing work a bit of a double team over on giving him a boot to the kidneys before Bombshell gets out, Blaster begins to walk down the ramp towards the announce table taking a seat at the table beside the two announcers.

Blaster: “Reflector, the other guy. How are you two boys?”
Joey: “Fine, care to explain why you’re here? There’s a clothes line in the ring by Jetfire on Blitzwing.”
Blaster: “I’m here to watch my boys become #1 contenders for the tag team title by first beating these two assclowns then beating Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber from Warzone at Syxx Feet Under. Look at this they are in top form! After taking a clothes ling Blitzwing is right back up with a drop kick I mean come on they are greatness in tag form”
Flec: “I whole heartedly agree!”
Joey: “You would. Blitzwing going for the Irish whip. Reversed by Jetfire, there’s the back body drop he was looking for earlier!”

Jetfire walks over to his corner and quickly tags Sixswitch in. The Welsh Wonder wastes no time getting through the ropes and going to work on Blitzwing. He starts out with rights and lefts beating the man from Surrey into the corner then just laying into him even more before pulling him out and hitting a hip-toss on him. He doesn’t release the arm and pulls him back up delivering a powerful back kick to the stomach of Blitzwing that knocks him down to the mat. He goes for the pin but only gets a two count before Bombshell drops his foot on the back of Sixswitch’s head to interrupt it. Bombshell is quickly forced out of the ring by the referee. Sixswitch gets up and moves over to Bombshell as he begins to jaw off to him. Blitzwing takes the opportunity and gets up and running to the ropes but Jetfire sticks his knee out taking Blitzwing down to the mat.

Joey: “Smart tag team move by Jetfire there covering for his occupied partner. It really shows that Jetfire hasn’t lost too much in ring sense”
Blaster: “He wasn’t the legal man, he shouldn’t have interfered. Just because Sixswitch is too stupid to pay attention to the man in the ring doesn’t mean Jetfire has to cheat”
Joey: “You’re one to talk about cheating!”
Blaster: “And you’re an American Douche bag, commentate the damn match”
Flec: “I love it! American Douche bag!”

Sixswitch turns around to see Blitzwing is still down then quickly goes over and for another pin but this time Blitzwing kicks out at two. Sixswitch stands up and grabs Blitzwing by the head pulling him up aswell. He stands Blitzwing up and hits him with a few forearms then delivers a kick to the stomach pushing Blitzwing to the corner. He jumps up and tries to deliver a kick to Blitzwing’s chest but B-Wing ducks under it then turns the tides shoving Sixswitch into the corner then opening up with punches to the stomach and head of Sixswitch. He quickly jumps up onto the second rope grabbing the back of Sixswitch’s head then jumping off again delivering a bulldog to Sixswitch. He quickly turns Sixswitch over and pins him for a two count. He gets up and looks at the referee beginning to argue with him. The referee stands firm on his call of a two count. Blitzwing cusses the referee out then pulls Sixswitch up only to receive punches in the stomach from Sixswitch. Sixswitch with the advantage again delivers a side russian leg sweep to Blitzwing dropping him to the mat.

Joey: “This match is back and forth right now, you can tell Bombshell and Jetfire are eager to get in. Sixswith pulling Blitzwing back to his feet. Irish whip to the corner. There’s the jump kick he was looking for earlier to the chest of Blitzwing. And now.. He’s going up! He’s lifting Blitzwing up the ropes!”
Blaster: “Still capitalizing on our cheating friends unlawful knee from the outside. And Joey.. Unlawful means illegal you stupid American bastard”
Joey: “I am well aware...”
Flec: “stupid American bastard! I love it!”

Sixswitch sets Blitzwing up on the top rope and begins to climb up himself. He pulls Blitzwing up once he is on the top rope and sets up for a superplex. He hooks the arm but is shoved off the rope by Blitzwing. Blitzwing then stands up signaling for the Zone Blitz and jumping off the rope but Sixswitch rolls out of the way causing Blitzwing to catch mat leaving both men laying in the ring. The Referee after a few seconds begins administering the 10 count.

Joey: “Both men down here and struggling to their corners. Both men need to make the tag. Sixswitch has the advantage. If Jetfire gets tagged in first this game is a whole new ball game!”
Blaster: “Baseball sucks” *takes off his headset and sets it down standing up and moving to ringside*
Flec: “Baseball sucks! I love it!”
Joey: “You should hear yourself. Sixswitch about to make the tag.. What the hell! Blaster just pulled Jetfire off the apron! The referee is distracted by the tag by Blitzwing! Bombshell is in! Kick to the stomach of Jetfire by Blaster! STIFF BEAT! NO! Jetfire was just laid out! Here comes Bombshell! He has Sixswitch back to his feet! Sixswitch fighting back! A left, A right!”
Flec: “A kick to the stomach by Bombshell!”
Joey: “Sixswitch is back down! Bombshell setting up! Dammit not like this! Atom-Bomb by Bombshell! Look at Blaster just smirking. He caused this! Damn him!”
Flec: “1...2...3! Haha! Bombshell and Blitzwing are #1 contenders for the AWF Tag Team Titles!”
Joey: “Blaster screwed them here, with that damn stiff beat. He may have broken Jetfire’s neck with that move.”

Powerman 5000’s ‘When Worlds collide’ plays as Blaster slides into the ring raising the hands of Blitzwing and Bombshell as he rolls Sixswitch out of the ring with his feet.
As Sixswitch is pulling Jetfire up, glaring at the Canucks…Reilly appears on the Archivetron.
Reilly: “You know…what I saw out there really inspired me. Blaster…you’ve always been there for your boss…you are a true company man…so, at Syxx Feet Under, I’m going to give you a little gift…and let you punish that pain in the ass Jetfire…so at S.F.U. it will be Blaster v Jetfire…oh and Sixbitch…don’t think I forgot about you at LOTM…so the winner of our next match…and we all know its going to be King…will face you Sunday at Syxx Feet Under in…a SUBMISSIONS MATCH”
Joey: “WHAT?!? That’s totally unfair…Sixswitch isn’t a submission wrestler!”
Flec: “Wow…what a tragedy!”
Backstage, King is shown all smiles as he makes his way out for his match.

IC Number One Contender's Match: Stone Cold Skywarp v King

Due to technical difficulties, this match will be shown at a later time. However the AWF does wish to provide you with a brief overview of what happened. Stone Cold gets the win, due to TC’s presence in the match, After the win, not knowing what happened Stone Cold left, while TC taunted King…this brought Mr. Reilly out for this…

Mr. Reilly appears from under the Archivetron, glaring at TC.

Reilly: “Oh…you think you’re smart TC? You think you are something special…well, I have had it with your interference in my agenda. I have had it with you not towing the line…I got rid of the Heart Brend Kid…and I can get rid of you just as easily…you want to go to Warzone and party with your friends? You want to run in and help your buddies? Well guess what…it just cost you your job….YOU’RE FIRED!”

Joey: “WHAT?!?”

Flec: “He said ‘YOU’RE FIRED!’ He just fired TC!”

Joey: “How…he can’t…Mayhem needs TC, the fans love him! How can that jerk Reilly condone this? AND HE DID IT IN FRONT OF HIS HOME CROWD!!!”

Flec: “Simple…TC didn’t play by the boss’s rules…so HE’S GONE!”

TC says nothing, simply shakes his head glaring towards Reilly and flips him off as security escorts him from the building.

Reilly: “Now then…Vaccaro wants to take my Champion and throw him in an Iron Gauntlet match at Syxx Feet Under? Fine by me…I don’t know what that is, and I don’t care as long as the Game gets mauled. What I object to is the fact that there are THREE Warzone participants and no one but the Game from Mayhem. So, as Vaccaro is changing the deal that entails from winning LOTM, I too am changing the structure of this little match that he booked and using my authority to add my Golden boy…KING to the match!”

Joey: “WHAT? King has been added to the Iron Gauntlet match…and will face Redstreak, Tempest, Lock and the AWF Champion…whoever that may be after tonight!”

Reilly: “Now…should Plas win tonight he will proudly represent Mayhem in that Gauntlet match…and I hope he does, anything to get the belt away from that lousy degenerate! That’s all…losers!”

Joey: “King’s in the Iron Gauntlet at Syxx Feet Under…and the AWF Title is up for grabs next!”

Commercial: Caution: Watching Mayhem will make you forget Warzone ever existed!

AWF World Title Match: The Game (C) v Plasmodium

Backstage the Game watches as TC gets fired, the Game shakes his head in disgust and spits water at the image of Reilly.

Joey: “I guess we know how the game feels about Reilly’s actions…now two of his friends here on Mayhem have lost their jobs!”

Flec: “Friends? Didn’t they try to kill each other on Warzone?”

Joey: “Friends get into disagreements…look at us!”

Flec: “…You think we’re friends? Man…you are desperate…”

KMFDM - "Virus" hits the airwaves as Plasmodium makes his way to the ring alone.

RA: “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the AWF World Title…making his way to the ring area, representing the Canucks…from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, Plasmodium!”

Joey: “So Plas with a huge shot here at taking the title…the Game has already defended the title successful on Warzone…”

Flec: “Yeah…big whoop…some no talent Warzone, backstage hack…”

The Archivetron flashes Game On as Lemmy’s voice cackles: “Its time to play the game…its time to play the GAME…mwa-hahahahahahaha!”

Price To Play by Staind takes over from the cackles and the Game appears below the Archivetron as the lights and effects cast his silhouette against the backdrop.

RA: “And his opponent…hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota…he is the AWF World Champion…The Game, G91!”

Joey: “And this crowd is deafening…on a night where TC has been fired, Stone Cold became the IC Number One Contender in a submission match, where Blitz and Bombers will go for tag gold, where King has been added to the Iron Gauntlet…now we top it off with an AWF Title defense by the Game!”

Flec: I may hate this guy with a passion, but I cannot take my eyes off him when he’s in the ring. Watching him, you get shades of such greats as Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and of course, his mentor Shawn Michaels!”

Joey: “Indeed you do…and that makes this Game so deadly…”

The Game leaps to the ring apron, then flexes, spraying water into the air as several round of pyro ignite behind him…he then leaps back up and slumps into the corner, mocking Plas.

Joey: “Bell sounds and we are under way here…Plas charging in on the Game, but the Game eludes him…obviously, the Game has the advantage with experience and speed…but Plas may have an edge on strength…the Game now sort of dancing around the ring a bit, being very coy, Plas trying to lock up, but the Game with a duck under go behind and moves into a quick German Suplex, bring Plas down to the mat…now trying to…and yes…Dragon Sleeper applied…Plas kicking wildly and gets to the ropes.”

Flec: “He’s so deadly in there…he can get you riled up with his cockiness, then BAM…hit you with one of those suplexes and then it’s a submission hold from no where.”

Joey: “Game up to his feet now…and…yeah…I wondered when they would come into play…the Canucks taking up seats at ringside and a smile across the face of Plas, but the Game undaunted hits him with a dragon screw arm whip…and Plas not seeming like himself tonight…very lethargic…I’m not sure as to why.”

Flec: “Must have had your wife’s cooking…”

Joey: “Right…and the Game sending Plas hard into the corner, now with him following in…and FRANKENGAMER! The Frankengamer out of the corner! Plas in a state of shock here…cover…1…2…and a kickout by Plas. And the Game glaring over at the Canucks…seated at ringside…he has to have eyes in the back of his head now…Scooping Plas up…and low blow! Low blow by the challenger and the Game slumps down to the mat!”

Flec: “The great equalizer!”

Joey: “And Plas going for the attack now…series of leg drops…hoisting the champion up and sending him to the ropes…round house kick…and the champ drops…cover by plas and a kick out after 2! Plas now working the Game back into the corner…Plas trying to work the Game over…Irish Whip…clothesline attempt by Plas…but the Game ducks…SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Sweet Chin Music, flattens Plas…and the Game with a cover…1…2…3! The Game retains!”

A fatigued Game, takes his belt and rolls to the outside as the Canucks make their way into the ring. Blaster takes the mic and “Price to Play” cuts out.

Blaster: “Wow…that was really something…tell me Plas…how long has your head been up your ass? You know something jerky pop…you are starting to remind me of every one of these filthy, useless, fat American dickwads in this crowd!”

Joey: “Now that is really uncalled for…I mean come on…plas had a bad night! One mistake…and might I add that many have made that mistake against the World Champion!”

Blaster: “So Plas…you know…you dropped the ball at Lord of the Mat, you still get a title shot and you drop the ball here…you miss a clothesline and don’t expect to turn and find sweet chin music in your face?!? HELLO?!?”

Blaster knocks on Plas’s skull and Plas is growing more upset by the minute.

Joey: “Hey…wait…Auros is back…what the…”

Blaster: “So I just have to say this…Plas…if you want to act like the Americans so much…why don’t you just go be one, cause as of now…consider yourself deported!”

With that said, Plasmodium is spun around to get crushed in the face by a chair shot from Auros. Auros then scoops him up to deliver an atomic piledriver onto the chair…

Blaster: “Say hello to your replacement punk…AUROS!”

Joey: “WHAT?!? And now the Canucks…and I guess their new member Auros…putting the boots to Plas…and wait…the Game on his way back out to help…but HEY! King! King just lept from the crowd and flattened the Game with a chair shot right to his face! The Champion laying in the aisle way…King holding the belt high above his head, meanwhile in the ring, the new Canucks have destroyed Plasmodium…folks we are out of time…we’ll see you from Safeco Field this Sunday for Syxx feet under! GOOD NIGHT…damn them…”

*fades out to the AWF Logo*

2003-09-24, 05:53 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Americans of all intellects, let me be the first to introduce you to your new tag champs, BLITZWING AND THE MAD BOMBER!


Oh, wait. That isn't happening till the PPV. Ah, well. No matter. The important thing is, it's gonna happen.

Zarak, Fangy, shine up dem belts real good, cause they're coming to a duo who really deserve them.

Sir Auros
2003-09-24, 05:59 AM
Cane, I'm going to make damn sure you have an "accident" for this! I'm not going to [expletive deleted] with you anymore though because I have bigger fish to fry.

Yeah, I'm joining Blaster, I like his style. You [expletive deleted] from the Estados Unidos think you're the hottest things on this continent, well, we're taking "America" back! You pendejos aren't Americans, you're [expletive deleted] gringos! I'm as American as Blaster and I'm sick of you people pissing on la raza and acting like you're the greatest country on the planet. [expetive deleted]

And replacing that [expletive deleted] Plas just makes this all the sweeter...maricón...beaten up by an old man...pathetic.

2003-09-24, 06:04 AM
Oh, yeah. One more thing.

*tosses Auros a Molson*

Welcome to the winning side. :D

2003-09-24, 06:09 AM
The Game is shown backstage getting his wound stitched back up as he is approached by Lisa Lovelace.

Lisa: "Game...big win over Plas out there...but what about King?"

Game: "King...who in the blue hell is King? Oh...wait you mean that bottom feeding jabbronie that tried to upstage the Game on his very show...the show that the Game made famous from coast to coast and world wide...the show that the Game dedicated to his best friend? King, you want to come out here, crack the Game in the head with a chair when he was on his way out to the ring to lay a brow beating on a bunch of mother canuckers and and their twice baked side kick second rate pancho villa? Well great King, welcome to the show...allow me to make the introductions around here...you...are a jobber...you're down here...me? I'm the fully charged, high octane, jabbronie beating, pie eating, smack down laying, heart breaking, most show stopping bad assed son of a bitch the AWF has ever seen. You want to be made famous King? Step in the cage on sunday and play...the Game!"

2003-09-24, 03:04 PM
Ah, a week off. What a plesent suprise. I wanted to fight, but I will let it go.

*Picture of Cloud in Norway, in his Longhouse, sipping on a mug of honey ale and looking at the sea.*

You know I have been in this business for a long long time. It pains me to leave my house and my family, but I must do it. The world is a better place because I do it.

Gruff, listen here. I shall defeat you in whatever match you want. You have been proven a warrior, but it takes more than proof to become the greatest warrior, which I am. By defeating you I shall clam a victory and my mattle shall be decorated with your name. Be warned, sleep tightly now, for I am comming to get you, and once I have my hands on your neck, chocking you to death, the last thing you will ever see is my face staring back at you, reminding you that I am better than you will ever be. You have seen the way I fight, and I will show it agian. Nothing you love is safe, nothing.

I shall get you Gruff, may it take days, weeks, months or even years. I shall defeat you like I did so many others.....

*fade to black*

2003-09-24, 10:37 PM
IC: Bombshell? Yes, I'm talking to you dumbass.

You beat Jetfire and Sixswitch for the number one contendership to our titles. Congratulations. As far as I'm aware, that's the first time the two of them have teamed up. What does that prove? Squat. So, let me make this really simple for you; there is no way that you can beat Blood & Thunder at Syxx Feet Under.

You can have all your Canuck buddies run all the interference you like. All that's going to do is get more people beaten up on your behalf. Look... Zarak and I have been a team far longer than you jerkwads. We run a business together, we live three doors away from each other... face it, we're just more united between the two of us then you are between the four of you.

In short, you're gonna fall shot of your mark on Sunday. But, if you want to do something about that; I will make a suggestion.

Say your prayers.

2003-09-25, 01:22 AM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
well, we're taking "America" back!

Quite right my Spanish descended friend. We are taking America back. Y'see Canada and Mexico are in need of more parking space. But onto more important things.

Plasmodium, Plaaasmodium, the Viral one, the first man to leave the cWo, or as We Canucks like to call him. TRAITOR, loser, guy who can't even beat someone lowly as Tempest... Tempest! That assclown on Warzone who thinks he's a super hero! Arcee could have beaten him! But not our incompetent team mate Spazmodium. Have fun dwelling at the bottom of the ladder in the pool of non-talent, Where you LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! Belong jerky!

Now, we have future tag team champions in our midst! I mean Fanglesswolf and Lord Barecrack think they stand a chance? Haha! Now! It is time to party without Onebeerandimdrunkmodium, and he called himself Canadian pfft.

2003-09-25, 04:07 AM
*camera crew + Random Jobber Interviewer is seen entering Plasmodiums locker room shortly after Mayhem*

RJI: Plasmodium, can I get a few words with you about tonights Mayhem?

*Plasmodium slowly looks to the camera and the RJI*

RJI: ...

Plasmodium: ...

RJI: So, about tonights Mayhem-

Plas: Yes, all in all not a very good night wouldnt you say? The bottom line is I screwed up, I failed at becoming the AWF champion, want to know why? My mind has been elsewhere over the past few days, especially after LOTM, the shock of not winning that was a pretty big blow to me. But that doesnt matter now, its in the past, and it only shows me that there is still room for perfection...more steps to take to be the best.

RJI: I see, and your thoughts on Blaster and the Canucks?

Plas: I honestly couldnt care less about them. So what, they replaced me with Auros, big deal, it wont get them anywhere. After looking back, I see that I work best alone, I dont need petty factions to walk me through matches, no more will I be dependent, its time to start anew, entirely focusing on my matches, the **** ends here.

RJI: So what are you planning to do now?

Plas: Train, and continue to train, and when thats over, train some more. The first step to perfection is realizing just how imperfect you are. This goal will be reached, and from now on there will be NO interference or bull**** along the way. Its going to be me all me, no depending on "friends" to do the dirty work. Its time I actually made an impact.

2003-09-25, 05:55 AM
Random Backstage Interviewer catches up with King, who's packed his stuff and is about to leave.

RBI: King.. KING! Can I have a word with you?

King: *Glares at him* You have one minute Dumbass.

RBI: Er.. yeah.. so how does it feel about becoming Reilly's "Golden Boy"?

King: You know.. that title has no meaning to me. But Reilly and I have something in common.. our hatred of Da Gameboy. You see.. Reilly knows full well that the only way to complete the destruction of DN is having the best wrestler in the business to take out the Champ and nobody is better suited for the job than ME, the most dangerous man of AWF. I will make that Gameboy wish he is the one in retirement instead of his little buddy HBK, after I am done with him.

RBI: And how do you feel about your participation in the Iron Gauntlet match at Sixx Feet Under?

King: It's funny cuz when I look at the list of the participants I immediately notice two of my former Foundation mates, Redstreak and Lock. Now I harbor no animosity toward Red but since he's in my way of the AWF belt I will show him no mercy whatsoever. As for Lock.. ah how sweet it is to face him again, after I demolished him in our last match together. I will always have a soft spot for my former tag partner, no doubt, but this time I just may end his career once and for all, as a favor from a friend. And lastly Da Gameboy will also be there. I am hoping that he gets to taste all 5 of my Moves of Doom that I have prepared just for him. Of course I can't leave PPC and Lock & Load out of the entree either. It would be nice to have the paramedics standing by cuz I can guarantee that one of us will need it... and it won't be ME!!

With that the King shoves Random Backstage Interviewer out of the way and left.


AWESOME Mayhem. I am pumped that I'll be part of the Main Event at the next PPV. Can't wait.

2003-09-25, 11:09 AM

*Tempest looks at his waist, then his head*

T: Blaster do you have any gold around your waist? do you have a crown on your head? If not F*CK OFF!

2003-09-25, 01:19 PM
Ah, so Reilly's playing smart-boy now. You want to put me in a submissions match? You want to strip the IC title from the waist of the Welsh Wonder? You want to spend weekends wearing suspenders and panty's and being called Maria? Sure you do, but we can't get everything in life, can we?

So once again it comes back to Stone Cold. Once again he's proved himself worthy to go one on one with the Welsh Wonder, and once again, the roof will blow out of Syxx Feet Under when the Double S retains his title. Because while I'm at a big disadvantage in this match, I am still the most exciting superstar in the AWF, and there's nothing that Reilly, the Canucks, Stone Cold, or anyone else can do about that!

(OOC: Awesome Mayhem. Quality work as usual guys!)

2003-09-25, 02:58 PM
Originally posted by ‡T3MPE5T‡

*Tempest looks at his waist, then his head*

T: Blaster do you have any gold around your waist? do you have a crown on your head? If not F*CK OFF!

Have you ever held a title? Will you ever hold a title? No, you're a glorified jobber who got lucky that Blitzwing tripped and hit his head allowing Plasmodibum to advance. Go back to Australia, atleast your mommy and daddy love you there. Go back to Warzone where losers like you belong JUNIOR!

Sir Auros
2003-09-25, 08:15 PM
Originally posted by Plasmodium
The first step to perfection is realizing just how imperfect you are.

What? You haven't realized that you're a perfect loser yet?

I can't believe you got as far as you did after I crushed you last time we fought. If this shmuck can get up to a match with the old cripple, then anyone can.

You're not fooling anyone Plas, you're weak, we know you're weak and you're not going to get any better. You've reached your prime. This is [expletive deleted] it hombre. I beat you several times when I was untrained and I haven't seen you improve since then, but then, I haven't pummelled your punk ass for a while either...

2003-09-25, 09:43 PM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
What? You haven't realized that you're a perfect loser yet?

I can't believe you got as far as you did after I crushed you last time we fought. If this shmuck can get up to a match with the old cripple, then anyone can.

You're not fooling anyone Plas, you're weak, we know you're weak and you're not going to get any better. You've reached your prime. This is [expletive deleted] it hombre. I beat you several times when I was untrained and I haven't seen you improve since then, but then, I haven't pummelled your punk ass for a while either...

ooc: Hes right, my character hasnt made any improvement, hes still ****.

2003-09-28, 06:43 AM
Flec: *in a back storage room rummaging through a tape cabinet.* I know that backup tape from the hall is in here somewhere.
Joey: Strange how the main copy of that match disappeared, isn’t it?
Flec: Well, maybe Thundercracker had something to do with it and King’s loss. The tape should be evidence enough for that if we can find it.
Joey: All they have to go on is a little hearsay from the prop technician that Thundercracker was seen in back before the show.
Flec: Yeah right. And I’m Mother Goose and that’s a lot of jack. Look- here’s the tape.
Joey: Well this should clear your suspicions.
Flec: Or confirm them. *Heading for a lounge and a viewing room. Certainly King wasn’t up to his normal self by the time he got to the ring.

*Video from the back halls begins*
Reporters mob the front of King’s dressing room as the time nears for his entrance.
King steps outside and pushes his way through the crowd ignoring the reporters, eyes set on the far end of the hall.
Bodyguards step between him and the ensuing enclave of reporters, blocking them from following King.
As Predaking got halfway down the hall, a dark figure carrying a metal folding chair came barreling out from a doorway and smashed into him from the back, sending him careening into a set of steel lockers. King, having lost his balance, started rising quickly to his feet, only to be knocked back down by a set of repeated heavy blows from the folding chair. The hooded figure followed with a boot to the jaw, dropped the chair and then hurridly darted down the hall and out an emergency exit door.

An enraged Predaking got up, somewhat stiffly and then ran to the emergency exit just as his entrance music began thrumming through the loudspeakers in the arena.

The announcer’s voice came over the speakers. Frrrooommmm Los Annnnggggeles, Callllliforniaaaa... The King!

The throng of people in the audience sent up a racous of mixed boos and cheers as the recognizable entrance video began to play. Fuming, Predaking blew through the curtain to a brilliant display of pyrotechnic flares set off alongside both sides of the entrance ramp. With a menacing snarl, he made his way into the ring and turned to wait for his opponent.

The sound of glass shattering interrupted King’s music and Never Again pounded through the speakers as Stonecold Skywarp flung the curtains to one side and headed toward the ring. Radiating a calm and collected attitude, Stonecold smirked as he hoisted himself up and jumped the ropes easily.

Flec: King looks like he’s got a goose egg on the side of his head.

Joey: You’re right, there is a good lump there. Ah well, these guys all take lumps and bumps. Speaking of lumps, I’ll have two for my coffee.

Flec: *sighs* And there’s the referee heading over… These two are really staring hard at each other. Stonecold looks well- cold. He’s got a steely look that I think could unnerve even the best of opponents tonight.

Joey: *after drinking his coffee* Doesn’t seem to be phasing King any. He’s circling Skywarp with an absolute look of hatred.

Flec: That’s not hatred, it’s envy. And there goes the bell!

Both opponents stare hard at each other as King continues to circle, drawing closer and closer to Stonecold.

Joey: They’re taking their sweet time with this one, aren’t they? King looks like a shark ready to close in on his prey.

Flec: I think he’ll be doing plenty of praying by the time Stonecold gets done with him.

Joey: And there they go! It’s a rush and a grapple! They’ve locked up straight off and Stonecold and King are vying for the upper hand.

Flec: Stonecold getting King into a belly to belly suplex now and a heave--- oh! King catches himself in the fall off to the side of the ring ropes now. Getting back up and Stonecold moves in for an attack.

Joey: King rushing at him now, and look at the intensity in King’s face! Fast and furious going with an exchange of punches, King throwing repeated downward hits at Stonecold’s shoulder, getting gut hits in return, and whoa! A back-elbow to the face by King! Stonecold breaks and steps back grabbing his nose. King got first blood here tonight folks.

Flec: King going after Skywarp now, grabbing him in a suplex from behind…hoisting him high…… and throwing him down into a piledriver!!! The ring floor really rocked under that hit, the ropes are swaying! King moving in now to follow with a flying body slam… and Stonecold rolls out of the way as King hits the floor!

Joey: Look at them go! Stonecold spinning, still on the floor as King grabs his own ribs- that hit must’ve hurt a bit, and Stonecold laying in a solid boot to the other side to match!

Both opponents rolled away from each other and staggered to their feet, Predaking still holding his ribs and Stonecold still trying to shake off the nosebleed. Moments later, Stonecold moved in towards King with a growing momentum.

Flec: Stonecold rushing at King now, he’s intent on doing some damage.

Joey: Oh! King sidestepped at the last minute! He caught Stonecold by the hair and swung him around! He’s got Skywarp by the hair and I see a turnbuckle hit face first coming here…

Flec: It doesn’t look good… no wait!!! OH MY WORD! Stonecold just grabbed King’s arm and reversed direction! Stonecold just backed up right into him! King got taken off guard by the sudden reverse, he let go!

King fell over Stonecold’s back and Skywarp stood up, causing Predaking to go over his back headfirst, landing flat on his back. Skywarp now with the upper hand, began laying into him heavily with repeated boots to the gut.

Joey: There’s one for the history books folks!

Predaking rolled outside the ropes and clung to the edge as Skywarp attempted to drag him back in. King lost his balance and fell to the ground as the referee yelled for him to get back in the ring. After getting up, King grabbed the side of his head and stalked his way around the side to roll back in underneath the ropes.

Joey: Somethin’ doesn’t look right about Predaking- he’s holding his head.

Flec: That’s what I was saying earlier. He looks disoriented.

All of a sudden, a huge burst of pyrotechnics went off near the entrance ramp.
Flec: Holy cripes! What was that?

Joey: I’m not sure… but it got everyone’s attention… except Stonecold’s apparently.

Stonecold glanced quickly at the unexpected burst and then turned and caught Predaking in a suplex, following with a piledriver.

Flec: He’s got King now- there goes the Snake bite! And here comes the count--- 1! 2! … and King recovers before the three!

Joey: He’s half stumbling now. Skywarp looking disgusted… moving in again. Predaking is dragging, he’s holding onto the ropes for balance!

Flec: Skywarp’s about to finish it- he’s signaling for a stunner now…. And there it is! He dropped King solidly!

Joey: Ref moving in to finish the count now- I smell interference.

Flec: Maybe he had a concussion.

Joey: Yeah, but from what?

Flec: Who would be the bigger question… ref calling the match now- and Stonecold Skywarp is the winner tonight!