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2003-09-26, 12:00 AM
Keith Kincaid stands in the middle of the ring and addresses the crowd

**Creeds My Sacrifice starts**

KK: Ladies and Gentlemen, today we have a special announcement for all of you fans of AWF Warzone, today sees the return of one of the most electrifying wrestlers COMPUTRON!!!!!!

**electric guitar kicks in**

**Pyros go off around the the entrance to the ring as Computron appears and makes his way to the ring. On the huge tv screen a compilation of the highs of Computrons career light up including the winning of the AWF tag team championship for the first time and the defeat of Sixswitch. Computron finally arrives into the ring and starts raising his hands and sending the crowd wild. Music finally ends and Computron takes to the Microphone**

KK: So Computron what has made you decide to return full time to AWF Warzone?

Compy: I feel the reinstatement of Computron was inevitable. I mean, let's face it the basketball world got ripped off when Michael Jordan retired, and we didn't want the same repercussions in the Archive Wrestling Federation. Under those circumstances my lawyers went to work, and they all agreed that the best thing for the fans was to reinstate the greatest wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation: me.

KK: As long time fans of Warzone will know you have been away for the summer, could you let us all know how it was?

Compy: Naturally it was fun in the sun for Computron. I was digging chicks even when I was a small Heart-breaker! I would always be lying pool side watching the chicks go by. I even had the coolest swimming suit! You know how I was able to afford it? Well, while the other kids were selling lemonade on the corner for 10 cents, I was selling kisses for a buck fifty!

**several boo's come from the audience**

KK:It seems most of the hostility towards you comes from the male sector of the audience. You still get a good amount of girlie shrieks when you make your entrance. Because our female readers ask all the time, would you mind giving your official marital status?

Compy: No wife, no kids, no thanks. Why should I get married and thrill one woman when I can stay single and thrill them all?

**Several screams are heard from several females and a black g-string is thrown into the ring**

KK: So moving onto wrestling business, You have been outside of the AWF Main event for the last few months whilst others have been wrestling & training weekly, fine tuning their skills. Do you think you stanad a chance against them?

Compy: No, I think I'll just go home. Of course I do, you nemrod

KK: So what are your aims for the future?

Compy: Well the most important is gold, Someone as stunning as myself needs to be surrounded by gold, the women of the world demand to see their favourite male - me, holding their favourite metal - gold.

KK: So any belt in particular you are after?

Compy: Well of course the AWF championship is the ultimate goal but at the moment we have numerous wrestler wannabes like the Lame, Stone for Brains Skywarp and Cyberpunk fighting over it like a bunch of bitches, and Computron makes sure never to get involved in bitch fights.

This leaves me with the task of having to beat a fellow countryman too get my hands on a piece of gold I have wanted for a long time, the AWF IC belt, I'm letting whoever has it at the time know now, that belt is gonna belong to me when I next meet you in the ring.

**Several boos and a load of cheers arise as several pyros go off and Creeds "my Sacrifice" kicks back in. Computron gives the crowd a few more cheers before leaving**

2003-09-26, 01:53 AM

Well, well, well...and the list keeps growing...The Game is starting to feel like Santa Class...making my list, checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty and who needs to get their jabbronie asses beaten. Although Compy, have you played the Game before? Didn't you learn your lesson? Well...tell you what we'll do...we're going to make you famous Compy. After the Game proceeds to lay the smack down on the other four, no talent hacks inside the Iron Gauntlet...the Game will give you the proper re-introduction to the AWF...

2003-09-26, 05:28 AM
I thought you said you had news, Comps. All I'm seeing is a lot of bulls*it from a washed up monkey boy.

2003-09-26, 05:45 AM
Yo sucka, da NWA be da foo's that ran ya'll outta da AWF, so ya betta be showin' us maaaaad props if ya dont want us to punk ya out again' punk.

Holla back biotch!!!

2003-09-26, 09:23 AM
D-Ex: HOLLL...oh wait your the bad guys anyways so sorry I wont holla back playa..not just yet ;)

Well Comps good to see another addition to the already elite Warzone crew...have a t-bone steak..its on me. From your AWF TV champion.

2003-09-26, 10:58 AM
Oh P?, that is the funniest thing I have heard for a long time, Do you really think the NWA was the reason Copmutron left the AWF to go visit America?

Well actually your partly right, you see for too long Computron has remained in Europe, allowing European women the pleasures of his company whilst their American equivilent have been stuck with hair line trigger losers like the NWO.

As such Computron, on a mission for humanity took time out of whooping your asses in the ring to send some real love to your bitches, and they really enjoyed having a real man for once.

So now that I've sorted your bitches out its time to sort loosers, such as the NWA out and give the female population a chance to see me in the ring once more

2003-09-27, 10:28 PM
Woah there McFly!

You want my belt? You want my fame? My talent? Seems that since being in the land of the US, that Compytron has forgotten a few things. Chief among them is that no one just steps into my path demanding things. Y'see, there're a long, long line of men and women desperate for different things from the Double S, and being the fair, kind, considerate and generally rockin' guy that I am, I believe in giving everyone a chance... Eventually.

So if you can prove to the Welsh Wonder that you're good enough for a shot at my gold, then you might just get your wish of a good sound beating. And there's not a whole hell of a lot you can do about that.

AWF Press Office
2003-09-27, 11:29 PM
For the record, the AWF would like to make it clear that challenging for a title you can't compete for is more than a little pointless.

The Intercontinental Championship is the exclusive property of Mayhem. Computron is on the Warzone roster. QED.

2003-09-28, 11:44 AM

Looks like the Welsh Wienner just got saved by the press office, Not that I don't blame them, after all when a competitor as stunning as me in both skills and looks comes along certain "higher power" interfearence is needed to Handicap me.

I'm sure the viewing figures of Warzone are about to go through the roof with all the females who are gonna be watching in attempt to get a glimse of Computrons impresive physique and those who run the AWF would do well to remember this when looking to set up title matches

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-09-28, 01:22 PM
IC: :yawn: Somebody wake me up when Compurun says something of intrest.