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2003-09-27, 03:40 AM

*The Random Jobber Interviewer is shown walking through the loading area of the arena and approaches a figure leaning against a wall staring into the night*

RJI: excuse me Gruff, can i get a few words?

Gruff: *nods*

RJI: Well first of all congratulations on making your PPV debut at LOTM, arguably a show stealer if not over shadowed by the career/title match main event. how do you feel?

Gruff: sore

RJI: your match ended in a bloody draw as you and Cloudstrifer beat the hell out of eachother for almost 20 something minutes. Do you feel that you gave everything you could in that match?

Gruff: no

RJI: Can you elaborate?

Gruff *sighs and turns to face the camera revealing a bruised face with stitches across his fore head* all the fun and games aside, all the little jokes and stories to rest, no YMCA jokes. At Lord Of The Mat Cloudy and me, we beat the living sh*t out of eachother. We proved how hardcore we could be and how brutal we could be. We beat eachother up, we beat eachother down. Cloudy wanted to go round once more to finally decide a winner and as he stayed true to his word and left DinoKnight at home in his kennel and proved he is a fighter then i couldnt refuse.

RJI: and its to be a cage match as well

Gruff: yeah, we're gonna settle this inside the ring, no escaping though i doubt its in his mind, it sure as hell aint in mine!! Pinfall or submission only, this time there will be a winner!!

RJI: can you tell us why the match didnt happen on Mayhem this week?

Gruff: Reilly felt that we had beaten the tar out of eachother so hard at the ppv we hadnt fully recovered, he wants us fully fit so he can make his money. I dont care right now! this cage match is gonna settle this feud once and for all!! one man is going to walk out of that cage the winner and that man is THE future of the AWF, ME! The old regime is slowly being swept away, Thundercracker, the Big Ragebowski and the heart brend kid are all gone, ready to make way for a new breed of athlete. I am going to light the AWF up like never before!!
i'm putting everyone on notice, watch the cage match and see what i mean when the future is now!!

*Gruff turns and starts to walk off*

RJI: Well strong words there from this young superstar on the rise. the series of matchs between Cloudstrifer and Gruff have been bloody and brutal so far and all have ended in draws barring outside interference. Will their cage match be enough to contain the rage within? I cant wait to find out.
Back to you Joey!

2003-09-27, 03:51 AM
I just have one thing to say, Gruff.


2003-09-27, 01:17 PM
*CloudStrifer is sitting in his chair looking and talking to his group of Huskrals*

CS: Gruff, Gruff. How many times do I have to tell you, that even though I accept you as a warrior, you are no prime warrior. What was the match was my testing you and you passed the test. This is my test agian, but this test I will crush you and be done with it. Nothing will stand in my way agian. Nothing. As for Bombshell, get lost loser, I don't like the look of people I have beaten parading on the lawn.

*Fade Out*

2003-09-27, 02:20 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
I just have one thing to say, Gruff.


This is 100% OOC: Why must you always feel a need to comment on every thing? Especially things that have no concern to you? Stick to your own feuds, your own storylines. Don't go jumping around into everyone elses

2003-09-27, 04:07 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
I just have one thing to say, Gruff.



big words from the guy dating the fat beyatch with the even fatter arse!! spose that makes the name doesnt it Arsey :smokin: