View Full Version : At the Grave Marker........

Brave Maximus
2003-09-29, 07:54 PM
An Overcast, drizzly day. The kind that most people sit at home and feel depressed about. The kind of day that hides bad deeds.

The scene is a winding forest path, with scrub brush and foliage overgrowing the trail. This particular trail leads up to a large marble monument. Rather plain, a tall spike, with 2 names writen on it. Usually this place is deserted, even the animals stay away, save the occasional crow.

But today it is not deserted, today 4 men make the journey. Some armed with weapons, some with bags. They are the GPA, and today they are going to get some revenge.

Vin Ghostal - That son of a bitch. He's cost me match after match, and today I'm going to get him back.

Viewfind - Damn right! Prowl? and Divebomb, you start diggin' some of that dirt up. Ghostal, use what's in the bag.


The night has gotten colder, as autum nights are want to do. And the TV audiance views Lisa Lovelace trudging up the path, fighting to keep her coat closed and her skirt down. The audiance listens to her complain to her cameraman about being there in this weather.

They turn the corner, expecting the worst, for Brave Maximus has a reputation of hurting people. But nothing prepairs them for what they see.

The Grave Maker has been defiled. Red spray paint, like blood, is scrawled all over it's surface, with messages like: "Child killer", "Coward", and "You let her die, now you'll join her". The area in front of it has been dug up and a scarecrow, a mocking effigy of Brave Maximus, with a tiny doll in it's arms has been half buried in the mud. And there, standing just behind, is Brave Maximus. Though there is no rain, his face is drenched. His hands clench so tightly that blood runs from the palms and the black baseball bat lays bent on the ground.

With out a word, Lisa turns and walks away, leaving the dark man to plan for Syxx Feet Under