View Full Version : Words from a god

2003-09-30, 06:03 PM
So, I Blaster, the greatest thing to happen to this federation since day 1 am against a former great tag team champion. A british former great champion. Now he's a glorified jobber. Which makes me sad really, why am I, The Ayatollah of rock and rolla, the Canadian kid, The God Among men, The LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! larger then life king of the world! Facing someone as lowly as Getfired?

*Blaster smirks*

Well it goes back to the last mayhem. Y'see he decided it would be a good idea to cheat to screw my boys Bombshell and Blitzwing out of the tag titles #1 contendership! And so I decided to you know give him the wrath of this.. Sexy God!

*poses then laughs*

But like all dirty cowardly brits he couldn't take his own medicine, he didn't expect some one to burn him for his cheating ways. He didn't intend to be listening to a stiff beat for the rest of the night as it rang through his head. So what does the cowardly Jetfire do? Runs to the boss for a match with me so he can cheat to win against me too. But he won't be in the match long enough to get that chance. See my skills are infinitly better then his in every way, they always will be. So when he exits that ring after he has recived a 100% pure canadian ass kicking he will never EVVVVVVVVER think of trying to cheat a canuck again.