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AWF Press Office
2003-10-01, 02:25 AM
The AWF Banner Flashes on the screen…then fades to Black and White footage from LOTM: Joey Styles does a voice over… “it was a night where royalty was crowned and new superstars were born{images show Tempest winning the LOTM}, while others took one final curtain call before fading into the night{the images shift to the Heart Brend Kid Sean O’Con flying through the air and then taking one last look at the fans}…and now…with the new Lord crowned, with the new champion standing proud{images shift to the Game hoisting the AWF Title}…the AWF heads…SYXX FEET UNDER!”

The picture returns to color and Evanescence’s Going Under begins to play as shots are shown of the Cell that will house the Iron Gauntlet.

(As the voice over continues the images flash showing The Lock, King, TC, Redstreak & Tempest) “Now…5 men will take their shot at one of the greatest AWF Champions of all time, five men each with a chance to survive the Gauntlet…and become AWF Champion, while one strives to run the course and remain Champion…all here…tonight!”

The song continues as the pyro ignites Safeco Field.

JFA: “We are live from the SOLD OUT Safeco Field here in Seattle Washington…and this is SYXX FEET UNDER! We have a tremendous show on hand, of course the main event…making his first PPV defense since his emotional victory over Sean O’Con at LOTM, the Game faces not one…not two…but FIVE men in a match that Mr. Vaccaro dubbed the Iron Gauntlet.”

JHA: “That’s right! And I have a feeling that tonight will make the ending of the Game and the start of a new regime here in the AWF…and my money is on Redstreak! He’s been striving to be number 1…and now he’s developed that attitude to get there!”

JFA: “Let’s not forget the others in there, including former Champion TC and LOTM winner, Tempest…not to mention, Lock, King and of course the Champion himself…perhaps the most deadly combatant in this industry, the Cerebral Assassin, the Game.”

JHA: “True…he is deadly…no one out performs him in Main Event matches, but I just feel that his status as the main event here is about to end!”

JFA: “So much happening here…let’s get right to it, with one of our HUGE title matches!”

AWF Television Championship: Amarant Odinson [c] Vs. Cyberstrike Vs. D-Extreme

JRA: “The following contest is a Triple Threat match, for the AWF Television Championship, and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…the Champion…D-EXTREME!”

* ‘X Gonna Give It To Ya’ blazes through the arena as the former TV champion struts to the ring to a compilation of boos and cheers. He looks around smugly as he poses for the photographers at ringside. *

JFA: “This match could be a doozy folks…”
JHA: “What was that? This match could make you woozy? It’ll put you to sleep faster than a lethal injection. Get all the caffeine you can lay your hands on, folks. You’re gonna need it.”
JFA: “That’s being a little unfair isn’t it?”
JHA: “What? For the Timid Wolverine, Cyberstain and D-Extra Tedious? Are you kidding?”
JFA: “Well… I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.”
JHA: “They are. Especially when it’s right…”

*The tones of ‘More Human Than Human’ roll gradually through the arena air as the TV champion strolls to the ring. He flexes his pectoral muscles as he strides confidently, coldly and calculatingly towards the squared circle. *

JRA: “And the champion… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada…AMARANT ODINSON!”

JHA: “I’d still like to know why he’s even in this match.”
JFA: “I don’t know, J. It could be something to do with the fact that he is the champion. We apologise for the seemingly random ordering in this match, folks; D-Extreme was the TV Champion and wanted to enter first. Amarant’s surprise victory over the Extreme One meant that there was no time for us to change the arrangements; on the card for the event, it says ‘D-Extreme [champion] Vs. Amarant Odinson Vs. Cyberstrike’. And we still don’t know why Cyberstrike got top billing for this match…”
JHA: “To appease his gargantuan ego…”

* Amarant starts prowling around the edges of the ring. He circles the edge of the ring, watching D-Extreme with the same interest a vulture might regard its next meal. D-Extreme locks eyes with the man who took his title, as ‘Immortal’ slowly stirs the crowd to go buy some popcorn. At this moment, Amarant decides to leap into the ring and begins to tangle with D-Extreme. The two trade punches to a solid backing from the crowd. *

JFA: “And D-Ex is gonna take control of the situation here… starts with a rake of the eye… and drives Amarant’s head into the turnbuckle… drops the Wolverine with a suplex… and wait… HERE COMES CYBERSTRIKE!”

* The former Tag Team Championship partner of D-Extreme races to the ring as fast as a fox races for a retreat from a pack of hunting dogs. As D-Ex turns to take a swing at him with a clothesline, Cyberstrike ducks and hits the ropes opposite. D-Ex turns around through 180 degrees from the momentum of his swing into a swift forearm to the face…which knocks him through the ropes to the floor! *

JHA: “That’s one way to make an impact…”
JFA: “But the owner of * ahem * that fed, seems to have forgotten that Amarant is in this match as well. Well technically… although being half out of it in the corner of the ring may negate that…”

* Cyberstrike lifts the fallen Amarant from his resting place on the canvas, and sets up for a body slam. As he swings Amarant to the upside down position in preparation for the drop, Amarant shifts his weight to fall down behind Cyberstrike’s back… and hits him with a bridging German suplex! *

JFA: “Good lord! Is it over that quick? Referee in position… 1… 2… and D-Ex breaks it up! Hammering away on his former tag team partner now… ‘Strike is now way out of it… D-Ex picks up Amarant… veers to the ropes… and deposits Amarant on the concrete with a modified fall-away slam! Looking over at ‘Strike now…”

*The crowd pops as D-Ex retrieves ‘Strike from the canvas. He moves ‘Strike into position for the X-ocution… and Cyberstrike counters with a Northern lights suplex! *

JFA: “Northern lights! It could be over here! 1… 2… and D-Ex kicks out of it! A gutsy move by ‘Strike… that almost won the match for him… backs up D-Ex to the ropes… Irish whip… D-Ex comes back… into a big clothesline from Cyberstrike! ”

* There is a brief period involving no movement whatsoever as Cyberstrike looks down on his handiwork and sneers. Then, all of a sudden, D-Extreme kicks up to a bolt upright position, and gesturing ‘bring it’ to his former comrade. *

JFA: “D-Extreme up now… and he’s looking a hole right through Cyberstrike… and the two tie-up… as Amarant gets back into the ring… D-Ex pushes ‘Strike away… and Amarant walks into a belly-to-belly from D-Extreme! D-Extreme floats over… into a cover… and gets stomped by Cyberstrike! ‘Strike has the advantage now… sets up D-Ex… and clobbers him with a snap suplex! Amarant heads back over to D-Ex… tucks his legs under D-Ex’s stomach… hooks his arm under the jaw… and D-Ex gets hoisted into a modified Beast Choker by the Canadian! And that isn’t enough for the Wolverine…wrenching back on that neck… we could see a submission here… but ‘Strike breaks it up with a dropkick! ‘Strike’s boot is, literally, imprinted on Amarant’s forehead… and it scraped D-Ex’s skull. For cryin’ out loud… this match hasn’t even gone four minutes, and look at this place!”

* The crowd are cheering with some ferocity as ‘Strike hauls Amarant to his feet. ‘Strike delivers a couple of big left-hand shots to Amarant, before drilling him with a stiff Russian leg sweep. As he gets up, he turns around to face D-Ex, who hits him with a strong right hook; connecting right between ‘Strike’s eyes. He reels into the ropes, and comes back straight into another left swing and falls against the ropes again, where he hangs by his forearms. D-Extreme sticks in a couple of free shots to ‘Strike’s forehead, before walking over to Amarant. He spreads the Canadian’s legs on the canvas… takes a couple of steps back… glares and points at a fan to distract the ref… and nails a hard shot right into the testicles of Amarant Odinson! *

JHA: “Wow! D-Ex is actually winning! There’s a phrase I never thought I’d find myself saying!”
JFA: “He was the Television Champion… but quite frankly, I don’t believe this either. The whipping boy of pretty much the AWF is being taken apart the TV Champion and one of the newest members of the AWF. I’d say without breaking a sweat, but I’d be lying.”
JHA: “Hey, there’s a first time for everything. Heck, some people actually want Cyberstrike to win, so I’ve been told…”
JFA: “I hope you had your VCRs running then, folks. You’re unlikely to see that again for a while…”
JHA: “What? The people asking for Cyberstrike to win? You better believe it…”
JFA: “Well, not just that… Wait a minute! Amarant is up! Cyberstrike was looking to the crowd for adulation at pummelling D-Ex… and Amarant is back on his feet! And he’s got the GM of that other fed!”

* The crowds cheers shower Amarant like complaints shower Microsoft as the youngster from Toronto holds aloft the egomaniacal Cyberstrike… in the crucifix position… and drops him to the mat with a thunderous impact only to be kicked in the face by D-Ex again as he moves to cover the former AWF Tag Team Champion! *

JHA: “Oh dear… this is not looking healthy…”
JFA: “And Amarant gets waffled again… as D-Ex goes for the pin! 1… 2… and another kick-out by Cyberstrike!”

* D-Extreme walks over to Amarant, pulls his head up from the canvas and looks around to take in the cheers just before he smacks Amarant’s face to the mat once more. As he walks back over to Cyberstrike, he fails to notice that Cyberstrike is clutching something in his left hand. As D-Ex stoops to retrieve the supposedly prone body of Cyberstrike from the mat, he is met with a massive left hand from Cyberstrike, which is reinforced with a foreign object around the knuckles! He tucks the object into the crotch area of his tights as he gets to his feet. *

JFA: “It now seems that ‘Strike is back in control of this match; following some rather dubious tactics; and now ‘Strike looks to take advantage of that underhanded trick. But that vile arrangement has not won him the match at this point, folks… and Cyberstrike tries to haul up D-Ex… wait, he just dropped him… he’s gonna take another shot at it… he picks up the champion… shoulder-high… he has D-Ex perched on his shoulder, as he goes for a running power… wait a sec! D-Ex just hit a bulldog on ‘Strike! He was playing possum! He goes for the cover… 1…2… and Amarant saves the match again! I can’t say that truly astonishes me. Amarant pulls D-Ex up now… over the shoulders… could be the Death Valley Driver coming up here… but ‘Strike hits a dropkick right between his eyes, and D-Ex has the cover from a modified crucifix… 1… broken up by Cyberstrike.”
JHA: “You have to remember that D-Ex was the Television Champion, and he plans on regaining that belt. He doesn’t want some upstart punk coming in here and trying to lay claim to it. He doesn’t want Amarant laying claim to it, either…”
JFA: “Well you’re right about that. Back in the ring, and D-Ex is down. Amarant has ‘Strike by the throat… and he throws him across the ring like an empty coke can. ‘Strike now on the outside of the ring, directly in front of the entrance… as Amarant hauls D-Ex to his feet… front facelock… cinches in for a suplex… but D-Ex reverses into a small package! 1…2… and both men out, both men to their feet and the brawl must go on… gut punch by Amarant sends D-Ex to the mat… and D-Ex just wasted Amarant with both feet into the abdomen! That has to hurt! D-Ex just rolled through some juice of the crimson variety… I believe that belongs to Cyberstrike… as he gets to his feet … D-Ex is calling for the X-Ocution… hauls in Amarant… wait, ‘Strike right up on the turnbuckle! He’s right here in front of us… Amarant struggling with D-Ex… D-Ex turned around… and ‘Strike just nailed D-Ex with a missile dropkick! Right between the eyes! He gets in a couple of free shots on the former TV Champ… who has been busted open by that assault… and he turns to Amarant… who gets hit with a Breakdown! All three men down again… and ‘Strike is the first to stir…”

* ‘Strike picks up Amarant and whips him to the other side of the ring… bringing the full force of a spinebuster to bare down on the Wolverine as he returns to sender. Whilst he is beating on Amarant, D-Ex gets behind him. ‘Strike turns around… and gets powerbombed onto Amarant! D-Ex then hits a big elbow drop, causing ‘Strike to roll off clutching his stomach. D-Ex then picks up Amarant… only to be hit with a low blow! *

JFA: “Hey! That was uncalled for!”
JHA: “Triple threat rules; no disqualification, remember?”
JFA: “Maybe, but that still shows poor sportsmanship in my book.”

* Amarant gets to his feet, grabbing the fallen D-Ex and hitting him in the head with a hard right cross. He drops the arm to boost up D-Ex as he kicks him in the stomach and delivers a double-arm suplex; releasing the Extreme One onto Cyberstrike. He rolls D-Ex off Cyberstrike, and walks back to the prone form of a man who believes himself to be the greatest wrestler ever. As he pulls up ‘Strike by his hair, ‘Strike gets in a couple of shots to Amarant’s midsection, allowing him an opportunity to go for the pin. He grabs Amarant in a front facelock and, grabbing one of Amarant’s legs behind the knee, whips him over in a modified fisherman suplex! *

JFA: “Nice move by ‘Strike… gets 1…2…and Amarant gets a shoulder up”.
JHA: “I’ll give the devil his due, ‘Strike can wrestle. Even if I don’t like him, I have to admit that much. * Pauses. * Whoa! I had way too much of that weed Viewfind was handing out…”
JFA: “That’s why he’s in the AWF. Matter of fact, that’s why all our guys are here; because they’re good at what they do”.
JHA: “Oh yeah, then why is Starscreamer here? Or OP2005?”
JFA: “I’m not even dignifying that with a response…”

* ‘Strike gets to his feet, and drops an elbow on Amarant. He charges at the slowly rising form of D-Ex, only to receive a powerslam. D-Ex covers… but only gets two. He rises to his knees, and then up to his feet, as he pulls ‘Strike up. As he locks in a front facelock on ‘Strike, the ‘Rabid Wolverine’ Amarant Odinson gets up behind him. As D-Ex hoists ‘Strike up for a vertical suplex, Amarant slips his head under D-Ex’s arm, hitting him with a belly-to-back suplex as he simultaneously hits the suplex on Cyberstrike. *

JFA: “Well, I’ll be damned. That has to be the first time that I’ve ever seen a double suplex like that.”
JHA: “Wow! You’re not kidding. That was incredible! * Looks at JFA. * Whose mouth is this?”

*Amarant goes for the cover on Cyberstrike, but the Indianapolis native kicks out, and flips up in the same flowing motion, hitting a standing heel kick on the Wolverine. Cyberstrike goes for a pin, but only gets a one count before D-Ex hits him with a falling forearm to break up the attempt. As ‘Strike falls off Amarant, D-Ex pulls up the Toronto native and hits him with a big spinebuster before going back to ‘Strike. He picks up his former tag team partner, the man he formed the nTo with, and hits him with the X-Treme Factor! He goes for the cover, but only gets two before Amarant is there to break it up with a well-placed foot to the back of D-Ex’s head. D-Ex rolls off Cyberstrike, as Amarant grabs ‘Strike from the mat and plants him on the top turnbuckle. *

JFA: “This does not look good for Cyberstrike.”
JHA: “Maybe not, but it looks good to me!”
JFA: “Do you have no compassion?”
JHA: “Sorry… what was that word you just murmured at me?”

* Amarant climbs to the top rope, and stands just slightly aside of Cyberstrike. He hooks his right arm behind ‘Strike’s neck, grabs hold of his left arm, and dives towards the canvas. Unfortunately, the landing spot of canvas is filled with D-Extreme, who catches one of ‘Strike’s boots in the face and falls to the mat. *

JFA: “What the hell! Amarant just hit a front facelock suplex from the top rope! Onto the champion! That has to be a first!”
JHA: “Probably not, but who cares?”

* As Amarant goes for the pin on Cyberstrike, D-Ex breaks it up yet again. He pulls Amarant to his feet, kicking him in the stomach as he moves to put his back against the turnbuckles. He lifts the Wolverine up as if for a Powerbomb, and runs across the ring, dunking him on the outside! *

JFA: “Good lord! Amarant may be dead after that! The Wolverine was the recipient of a running powerbomb… onto the arena floor!”
JHA: “And what is D-Ex doing now?”

* D-Ex has pulled up Cyberstrike, who is once again deposited on the top rope. The cocky Cyberstrike looks even worse than normal at this point; with blood running down his face and tears in his tights. He looks as if he’s feeling the same effects as someone who has consumed three times their own bodyweight in ale and then thrown himself off a bridge onto a railway track in boredom. ‘Strike stares out, glassy-eyed, at the crowd as D-Ex climbs up to deliver what everyone assumes to be the coup de grace. *

JFA: “I don’t know what D-Ex is up to here, but Amarant is barely stirring here on the outside. D-Ex is in the ring, with ‘Strike facing out of the ring and D-Ex looks like he has something on is mind”.

* D-Ex hoists up the prone Cyberstrike but instead of just bringing his opponent up onto his shoulders, he lets his opponent slide down his back… and ‘Strike sends D-Extreme crashing down to the canvas with a Breakdown from the second rope! As he prepares to pin D-Ex, however, Amarant Odinson runs along the side of the ring, and hooks D-Ex’s foot on the bottom rope before the referee counts three! The referee orders ‘Strike to release the cover, and ‘Strike pulls D-Ex up to prepare him for the Crackdown! *

JFA: “Wait… ‘Strike has D-Ex in trouble again… setting him up for the Crackdown right in the centre… and Amarant Odinson back in to amend that! Hammers down on the back of Cyberstrike… throws the Indianapolis native aside… grabs D-Extreme… one hand round the throat… one arm around D-Ex’s left arm… and there’s the Tazzplex by Amarant!”
JHA: “I think I know what’s up with Amarant. The reason he didn’t go after ‘Strike is he doesn’t want there to be any dispute over who the Television Champion is. He’s going to pin D-Extreme so that there are no doubts and no excuses from anybody.”

* Amarant moves into a cover on the former champion. As the referee’s hand strikes the canvas for the second time, Cyberstrike dives towards the Wolverine… clobbering both of his opponents and knocking down the referee! *

JFA: “This doesn’t look good, folks. I don’t know what any of these three guys has on his mind, but I doubt it’s gonna be pretty for anyone involved.”
JHA: “It’s already not pretty. Would you open your eyes and look at those three pug-ugly sum-bitches?”

* ‘Strike rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. *

JFA: “This does not bode well, folks…”
JHA: “Triple threat rules! No disqualification!”
JFA: “That’s the second time you’ve said that…”
JHA: “I just want the audience to understand that fact. In fact, I think I’m the only one who’s realised it. Even ‘Strike concealed that little insurance policy of his. He didn’t have to!”
JFA: “You’re exactly right… and Cyberstrike is going to take advantage of the situation here…”

* As Amarant gets to his feet, ‘Strike slides into the ring with the chair. He swings in a horizontal arc towards the Wolverine, but Amarant falls onto his back to avoid the fearsome swing, kicks up to his feet and blasts Cyberstrike with a hard punch into his right kidney area. Amarant picks up the chair, wallops ‘Strike with the implement onto his spine, thrusts the steel into ‘Strike’s abdomen to double him up, drops the chair and drills Cyberstrike with a DDT onto the steel! Amarant goes for the cover… but suddenly realises there is no referee to count the fall. As he turns to get back to his feet, D-Ex dives at the Wolverine, who moves swiftly out of the way. D-Ex lands a body splash onto Cyberstrike before Amarant grabs his legs and pulls him toward the turnbuckle post. *

JHA: “Now I know what he’s gonna do! Amarant is gonna set up D-Ex with a Figure four around the ring post! Here it comes…”

*Amarant slides to the outside, releasing one of D-Ex’s lower limbs as he does. He pulls the left leg, which he has hold of, towards him as he pulls D-Ex’s right leg around the ring post. He crosses the two and sets his own legs around the knotted appendages. The TV Champion writhes in pain as Amarant wrenches back on the hold. However, he is so busy applying the pressure to D-Ex he doesn’t notice ‘Strike move around from the ring to lock in a modified Dragon sleeper on him! *

JFA: “This is amazing, folks! Amarant has a figure four on D-Ex at one of the ring posts… and ‘Strike has Amarant in a modified Dragon sleeper… yet nobody’s tapping!”

* As Cyberstrike applies more pressure to the hold on Amarant, you can see Amarant slowly relinquishing his grip on D-Extreme. After about a minute, the Wolverine slumps towards the floor, landing face first on Cyberstrike’s back before ‘Strike pushes him aside. ‘Strike gets to his feet, and climbs into the ring to take a shot at D-Extreme, who is moving slowly away from the ring post in a vertical position… albeit limping slightly. *

JFA: “Cyberstrike sees that limp… and rattles D-Ex to the canvas with a chop block! Amarant coming back into the ring… D-Ex kicks ‘Strike away from him… into a German suplex from Amarant… roll-through from the Wolverine… back to his feet… and D-Ex hits a reverse DDT on the Wolverine… as his momentum brings ‘Strike down in a second German suplex! Cover by D-Ex… but ‘Strike catches him a thump in the right eye to break up the pin. All three men in a heap… D-Ex appears to be going for a Deathlock… with a bridge… on Amarant… as ‘Strike cinches in a modified Boston Crab on D-Ex… who still has hold of the chin… and Amarant grabs the rope!”
JHA: “He can go on all he wants about being tough… but there’s being tough, and there’s being stupid. He was tough enough to resist that hold, but he wasn’t stupid enough to let the rope go unnoticed.”
JFA: “You’re absolutely right, J… all three of these guys showing just what they’re made of here…”
JHA: “Shame one of them isn’t made of chocolate… I got a hankering for some Nestlé…”

* The three combatants are all back to a vertical base. Amarant charges at D-Extreme, throwing him towards ‘Strike with a belly-to-belly suplex. D-Extreme doesn’t want to be caught out… and catches a flying lariat under ‘Strike’s jaw! As Amarant runs to connect with a snap elbow drop, Cyberstrike rolls to one side and ends up in a modified Magistral cradle from D-Extreme! *

JFA: “The champion with another cover… 1… 2… and Cyberstrike kicks out again!”
JHA: “I don’t know who to cheer for! I literally can’t stand these guys any of the time… yet, their incredible display of stamina and athleticism makes me want to stand up and cheer for all of them…”
JFA: “Are you hitting on me?”
JHA: “I didn’t have that much marijuana, thank you…”
JFA: “Amarant to his feet… and Cyberstrike caught him as he kicked out… D-Ex broke the pin fall attempt… to garner a small package attempt on Amarant… 1… 2… reversal by Amarant… 1… 2… broken by the Extreme One… Amarant hooked into a modified crucifix pin by ‘Strike… 1 count only… Amarant rolls through… reverse victory roll combination… 1… 2… and D-Ex breaks that attempt with a sunset flip on the Wolverine… 1… 2… and ‘Strike grabs the former champion with a rolling prawn hold to break the fall… 1… 2… ‘Strike kicked off by D-Ex… into a schoolboy on Amarant… 1… and Amarant grabs the rope! Excellent showing from all these guys on that little part of this encounter…”
JHA: “How many pin attempts have we had in this match?”
JFA: “I’ve lost count… all three men getting to their feet now…”

* As all three men get to a vertical base in the same way as something from ‘Dawn of the Dead’, each clutches a rope to steady them momentarily. The match seems to have come full circle as all three men stand looking towards their opponents. There could be a stalemate here, as each decides on the course of action which is most viable to them. Amarant takes the initiative and dives towards D-Extreme. The Extreme One, still irritated from losing the title, knocks the Wolverine down with a hard clothesline before charging at Cyberstrike.

Cyberstrike is ready for the assault, and ducks a clothesline to catch D-Extreme ready for a Deathdrop. However, Amarant has by this time gotten back to a vertical base, and charges at Cyberstrike; blasting the arrogant Indiana native with a bulldog before grabbing D-Extreme ready for a Death Valley Driver. D-Extreme wriggles free, and readies for an X-ocution on the TV Champion before Cyberstrike blasts him with another Breakdown; sending Amarant rolling towards the ropes. As Cyberstrike goes for the cover, however, Amarant grabs him in a full nelson; and hits a picture-perfect Dragon suplex! *

JFA: “Bridge… 1… 2… and ‘Strike wriggles out of it! I’m certain Amarant could have had the match won right there!”
JHA: “I don’t care who wins… just hurry up and finish the match!”

* Clearly frustrated with the failed pin attempt, Amarant blames the referee’s mathematical skills; believing that his technique is completely infallible and that the Dragon suplex he just executed was more than enough to retain his title. He walks back to the limp form of D-Extreme, and hoists the Extreme one to a vertical base before getting hit with an X-ocution! *

JFA: “X-OCUTION! 1… 2… and Amarant gets a foot on the rope! D-Extreme back up… and gets hit with a Deathdrop from Cyberstrike! 1… 2… and Amarant breaks it up! Amarant hauls ‘Strike to a vertical base… tries to drag him to a corner… and gets a hip toss for his trouble! Cyberstrike throws Amarant across the ring… walks into a boot from D-Extreme… and there’s the Xtreme Factor! 1… and Amarant breaks the cover again!”

* The Rabid Wolverine is getting increasingly frustrated by not being able to apply his finishing hold, but waits patiently for an opportunity to end the match. As Cyberstrike resurfaces, the Canadian gets ready to charge. Cyberstrike turns around; and is hit with a devastating dropkick to the outside! *

JFA: “D-Extreme gets to his feet… turns to face the champion… is set-up in the position for a Northern lights suplex… Amarant grabs the legs… spinebuster attempt perhaps… and there’s a seated powerbomb from Amarant! 1… 2… and Amarant retains!”

* ‘More Human Than Human’ blares as Amarant collects his title and walks backstage; looking back at the devastation and smirking as he goes. *

RA: “Ladies and gentlemen… The winner of the match and STILL AWF TELEVISION CHAMPION… AMARANT ODINSON!”

JFA: “A big win for the youngster, folks… and there are more titles on the line later tonight, so stay tuned…”

*Fades into a Promo: From the Vault: The Greatest Matches of HBK Sean O'Con available on AWF DVD & Video!*

AWF Press Office
2003-10-01, 02:27 AM


JFA: “J, say…don’t spray…”

Scout: “Listen Quick…it’ll work, trust me. I know he’s coming back. Think about it…back to kicking butt, having fun…taking some names along the way…what do you say?”

Quick Switch: “Well…I just don’t know…let me think about it…right now, I have a match to get ready for.”

Scout: “Cool…just remember the offer stands!”

JFA: “Offer? I wonder what she meant by that…well right now, lets take you to our Mayhem team, Joey Styles and the incomparable Reflector!”

Flec: “Darn right…the talent is here!”

Blaster v Jetfire

RA: “Ladies and gentlemen this match is scheduled for one fall…making his way to the ring area, from the Depths of Epsom, England…Jetfire version 2.1!”

Joey: “A man who as of late has been a thorn for the Canucks, now gets a huge chance here…in our first match for Mayhem’s brand, he faces one of the premier athletes in the company…a two time AWF Champion and the founder of the Canucks…Blaster!”

RA: “And his opponent…”






A massive explosion lights up the entire stadium as Trapt’s Headstrong begins to play…

RA: “From Vancouver, British Columbia…representing the Canucks…Y3B Blaster!”

Joey: “Must be a few Blaster fans here tonight…almost sounds like someone cheering!”

Flec: “Of course there are you dolt, Canada and intelligent civilization is just a stone’s throw away from this American cesspool!”

Joey: “You really buy the PR they feed you don’t you?”

Flec: “Hey…at least they aren’t lying ass American dogs!”

Joey: “Right…match under way here…Y3B looking cocky and confident…while Jetfire looks read for battle. Lock up and Blaster immediately goes to the duck under, and a massive chop across the chest of Jetfire. Jetfire gritting his teeth and firing back with a left cross that drops Blaster, who bounces back up to get punched down again, bounce up and a third punch back down…and Blaster this time rolls out of the ring.”

Flec: “Leave it to a no good cheating Brit to take advantage of our fine Canadian People’s Champion!”

Joey: “I feel ill…Jetfire with a baseball slide to the outside, knocking the Canuck founder into the guardrail. Now on the outside, Jetfire whipping Y3B into the steel steps and Blaster is in trouble here!”

Flec: “Because the limey is cheating!”

Joey: “I thought you were told not to use that word anymore…Jetfire now…not sure what he’s thinking, but charging in and Blaster able to duck and hit a drop toe hold, sending Jets in to the steel face first!”

Flec: “Great move Jets…that’s using your head!”

Joey: “Jetfire now…busted open by the edge of that steel…and Blaster tossing him back into the ring. Y3B entering too…and rushing with a drop kick to the face of the prone Jetfire. Working off the run, SOUNDSAULT! Beautiful soundsault knocking the wind right from the lungs of Jetfire. Blaster now quickly moving into a snap suplex and suddenly into a scoop and a back breaker, then holding it for a little extra time, pushing down on the chin. Now Y3B looking to take a chance here…top rope…MOONSAULT!”


Joey: “Jetfire with the knees raised and Blaster folded up like an accordion and Jetfire now able to get his wits about him. Jetfire coiled now and clothesline just as Blaster gets to his feet. Blaster staggering now…and THE EXPLODER…Exploder and Blaster down…cover…1…2…and NO! Blaster able to get his foot on the bottom rope.”

Flec: “Yeah…the Canadian spirit perseveres once more!”

Joey: “Its getting so thick in here! Jetfire rather stunned by Blaster’s ability to still get that foot across the rope. Trying to end the match now…and an Ankle Lock…ankle lock applied and Blaster writhing in the agony of the move…Jets dragging him to the center of the mat and now Blaster in a world of trouble.”

Flec: “Is he…is he really?”

Joey: “What do you mean by that…oh damn him…here comes that DAMN Auros…and Jetfire seeing him goes to break the hold and confront him…meanwhile Blaster grabbing the referee, really selling that ankle…El Chingador meanwhile draws back and levels the charging Jetfire. Tossing him back into the ring…and THAT SOB HAS BRASS KNUCKS ON! Blaster now…feeling miraculously better…with a cover…1…2…NO!”

Flec: ‘WHAT?!?’

Joey: “Jetfire with a kickout! What heart by Jetfire! Now Blaster…scooping Jetfire up…and STIFF BEAT! Shaking his head…another scoop and A SECOND STIFF BEAT! Blaster with the cover again…1…2…3! DAMN THEM! It took Auros and his brass knucks, as well as TWO Stiff Beats, but Blaster is victorious over Jetfire…and boy is he proud of himself!”

Flec: “Beautiful…wonderful! AMAZING!”

Joey: “Sit down Flec…this is sickening…and the Canucks all smiles on their way to the back…meanwhile Jetfire is being helped to the back by some officials…we’ll be right back.”

Summer is gone…giving way to the Autumn…the weather is growing colder, the days shorter…and for some in the AWF, Autumn is a time for Annihilation! Warzone and Mayhem present: Autumn Annihilation, live October 26th, from the Theatre of Dreams – Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester!

Joey: “Always a huge month is October and while our friends at Warzone are on a British tour of sorts, we here too will be joining them in the United Kingdom as Mayhem will also be on tour!”

Flec: “That sucks! What the hell? Why can’t we be on tour in sweet Canada?”

Joey: “Blaster isn’t out here, you can stop sucking up now…”

Flec: ‘He might be listening in the back though!”

Plasmodium vs Auros

The sounds of Oasis’ ‘F**king in the Bushes’ came booming over the loudspeakers.
JFA: Special chance here for us to fill in while Joey Styles and Reflector take a break, its not often we get to call these Mayhem guys, but its always a treat! There comes El Chingador now, making his way down to the stage. Auros lookin’ good tonight and pumped full of energy! He’s absolutely bristling with energy- bouncing from one side of the ramp to the other yelling at the crowd on his way down.

JHA: That ain’t energy, he’s quaking in his boots. Plasmodium’s going to nail him to the floor.

Auros leaned down, grabbed a beer from a vendor, held it high and the crowd gave a cheer in response.

JFA: What’s he yelling?

JHA: Can’t hear, but it sounded like he said the beer has more head than something else- couldn’t quite make it out.

JFA: You can’t make out...

An explosion ensued drowning out JFA’s voice as Plasmodium burst out from behind the curtain and charged down the ramp.

JHA: Plasmodium going into a rampage now and Auros never even made it into the ring! Auros throwing the beer into the audience and turning the rush into a lockup! They’re exchanging punches now, and the crowd’s on its’ feet!

JFA: And Plasmodium reaches out and gets Auros into a headlock! Auros is pounding away at Plasmodium’s ribs, but it’s no good- Plas is pulling him straight for the stairs…. And Auros bites steel with a crushing face first hit!
JHA: Plasmodium pulling him up and pushing Auros into the ring now, he’s really taking control here early. Auros rolls in under the ropes and Plas is following.

JFA: Auros isn’t getting to his feet! He’s just lying there!

JHA: Maybe Plas knocked him unconscious. Plasmodium’s moving in now, getting ready for a body slam... and he’s primed- taking a run and there’s a jump a kangaroo would be proud of!

Just as Plasmodium launched himself in the air, Auros rolled to the side and bounced up.

JFA: It was a ploy! Plasmodium just hit the floor hard, and Auros is coming at him now!
Plas trying to get up, but it’s Auros’ turn now! There’s a boot to Plas’s back and a dropping body slam!

JHA: That must’ve hurt- Plas is wincing in pain and yelling and Auros is holding his side as he rolls off and gets to his feet. Both are rising now.

JFA: Auros isn’t giving Plas an inch. He’s going right back at him! And he’s got Plasmodium in a belly-to-back suplex and crimenelly!!! Auros just threw Plasmodium straight into the turnbuckle! He just wrapped Plasmodium around the turnbuckle!

JHA: Plas collapsed! Auros is walking over- taking his time… wait no- Auros is going to the ropes! What’s he doing?

El Chingador leaned over the ropes, gave a wild howl like a coyote, and then spun quickly using the rope bounce as momentum.

JFA: He’s loco.

JHA: He’s a locomotive all right!

Auros took a bounce into the air aiming to come down with a power boot when Plasmodiumsuddenly sat up and grabbed the foot, pushing it to the side. Knocked off balance, Auros came down on his other knee hard, and both opponents made grabs at each other.

JHA: Auros got the upper hand! He’s got Plas in a pin and he’s pulling him up… there’s a tremendous heave!!! He just lifted Plasmodium over his head! We’re about to see a huge hit here kiddies… I see the atomic piledriver coming…

JFA: and there he goes! Plas gets downed in the atomic piledriver!!! And Auros following with a roll- packing him up for the 3! Here comes the ref- 1..2… 3! Auros wins!

JHA: Oh oh! Plas is not happy- Auros let go after the 3 count to be clobbered in the gut by a boot, sending him sprawling across the ring. They're getting to their feet now, Auros looks angrier than a hornet!

JFA: Auros just swung down through the ropes and flipped Plas the bird!

JHA: Plas is moving off now, pounding a fist into his other hand.

JFA: Auros adding a little fuel to the fire now with a sneer and a raised fist as he goes through the curtain. Plasmodium's following, but I wonder if they're really done.

Hardcore Title Battle Royal: Ravage (c) vs. RCOSD vs. Viewfind vs. P? vs. Divebomb vs. Strafe vs. OP2005 vs. Quick Switch vs. Cane Deathscream

Joey: “We regret to inform the AWF fans that there’s been a change in the card tonight. Due to the unexpected retirement of Mirage, he will not be competing in this match.”
Flec: “I think I speak for the world when I say….WHO GIVES A DAMN!”
Joey: “You are pathetic, you know that?”

One by one, the combatants make their way to the ring. First come RCOSD, by Cane, OP2005, Strafe and the GPA.

Flec: “The GPA has a massive advantage going into this match.”
Joey: “Yeah, they would, if this was a team battle, Flec. This match is every man for himself.”
Flec: “True, but I bet the GPA will stick together just long enough to toss every one of these other crackers out of the ring.”

Quick Switch and Cane make their way down to the ring to join the others, and then wait for the arrival of Ravage.

Joey: “The challengers are waiting for Ravage to arrive. One has to wonder why they aren’t going at each other.”
Flec: “Answer’s simple, Joey. They’re all waiting to take Ravage out. Quicker he’s gone, the quicker we get a new Hardcore champ.”

Several seconds pass with no appearance by Ravage. As the combatants continue to wait, Hatebreed’s “I Will Be Heard” blares, signaling the arrival of “Big Daddy Rav” himself. But he doesn’t come from the ramp. Instead, he sneaks in from behind the ring while everyone’s back is turned, and Cane from behind, tossing him out of the ring!

Joey: “Ravage comes from out of nowhere to eliminate Cane early!”
Flec: “NO FAIR!”
Joey: “Like I said, it’s every man for himself, Flec.”
Flec: “Doesn’t look that way now, Joey.”

The remaining superstars dog pile on Ravage delivering lefts and rights tot the fallen champ. The GPA especially takes pleasure out of pounding the champion, as P? and Divebomb drag Ravage to his feet, and bring him near the ropes in an attempt to toss him out.

Joey: “Ravage about to be eliminated here.”
Flec: “YES! YES! YES!”
Joey: “And P? and Divebomb trying to shove Ravage out of the way. But wait…here comes Viewfind to help…WAIT A MINUTE! He shoves P? and Divebomb instead! They both go tumbling out! P? managed to hit the apron, but Divebomb goes tumbling to the floor!
Joey: “Like I said, Flec, the match is…”

The remaining six participants finally stop ganging up on Ravage to attack one another. Ravage and Strafe do a double team on Quick Switch as OP2005 moves in on RCOSD. Viewfind goes to interrupt the fun between OP2005 and RCOSD, but is caught from behind by P?, obviously angered that their boss would try to eliminate them. He drags Viewfind to his feet, and gives his boss a swift kick in the nether regions.

Joey: “Oh, why should I bother explaining it to you again?”

As Viewfind crumples, P? moves in to slam his fists against Strafe, trying desperately to eliminate Quick Switch, only to get a fist from Ravage for his troubles. Meanwhile, RCOSD pounds away on OP2005, sending him close to the ropes. Another uppercuts sends him over the ropes. He lands on the apron, though, and gets up to deliver a series of blows to the Scottish superstar. He then locks him in a suplex position, but instead, gets brought back into the ring with force as RCOSD reverses the move. As this happens, a gut punch by Quick Switch followed by a clothesline sends Strafe up and out!

Joey: “Strafe’s eliminated by Quick Switch.”
Flec: “And then there were six.”

Just as Flec says this, Quick Switch, prematurely celebrating his minor triumph, is grabbed from behind by OP2005, and is tossed by the big man very unceremoniously out of the ring! P? takes advantage of the situation by tackling OP to the ground. On the opposite side of the ring, RCOSD and Viewfind were working over Ravage, trying to keep the champion down. Just as it looked like their effort was succeeding somewhat, OP come barreling towards them, knocking them all off their feet. OP comes to rest on the ropes, and P? comes barreling at him. P? knocks him over the ropes, but OP manages to grasp a bit of P? clothing, so the two go over the ropes and out!

Joey: “Two men gone, and now we’re down to three.”
Flec: “NO! P’s on the apron! He’s still in this!”
Joey: “But wait! Viewfind coming over. Looks like he’s going to help his partner back into the ring…WAIT! Viewfind levels P with a right hand! P? tumbles to the outside! He’s out! P? is gone!”

On the outside, P starts to rant to Viewfind, but stops as OP spins him around and starts to wail on the Canadian! The two continue to battle as ref’s come down the ramp to separate them and send them to the back. As this goes down, Viewfind and RCOSD double team Ravage, and swing him into the ropes. As he bounces back, they both grab him and throw him to the outside. Rav makes an attempt to grab the ropes, but it doesn’t succeed, and he hits the ground hard.

Flec: “Yeah, Flec. We know.”
Joey: “This means we’re gonna have a new Hardcore champ tonight!”
Flec: “My money’s on Homeslice!”
Joey: “I suspected as much.”

As Philly’s finest taunts Ravage from outside, Ravage takes it all in stride, with a big grin on his face. Viewfind is puzzled about this, so he tells Ravage to tell him what’s so funny. Big Daddy Rav tells him to turn around. He does, and catches a big boot in the face from RCOSD. As Viewfind hits the floor, RCOSD slides under the ropes, and moves to the announce position.

Flec: “Hey! RCOSD eliminated himself! Viewfind’s won!”
Joey: No, he didn’t! RCOSD went UNDER the ropes. You gotta go OVER them to be eliminated.
Flec: Why do you ALWAYS insist on talking about the details?!

RCOSD tosses the ring announcer off of his chair, picks it up, and slides back into the ring as Viewfind gets to his feet. As the Scottish superstar prepares to swing, the crowd erupts as Computron makes his way to the ring! This does not go unnoticed, and he swings the chair at Comps as if he was hitting for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field during bases loaded in the ninth inning! He misses completely, and gets a kick to the gut and the chair to the back for his trouble. As Viewfind gets to his feet, he moves to congratulate Comps, only to get a kick and chair shot for his trouble. He looks at Ravage, nods, and slides out of the ring.

Joey: “Computron knocks out both Viewfind and RCOSD! Why? WHY?!”
Flec: “Looks like we’re about to find out, Joey. Rav’s got the mic.”

Ravage: “Y’see, ‘Find, I knew that you’d use your boys to try to get the competition off of me, then get them to toss me out. Of course, the one thing I didn’t count on was you eliminating your own guys. So that’s why I hired Comps to make sure you would get yours handed to you.”

Comps comes over and grabs the mic away from Ravage.

Comps: “That’s right, Rav. But there’s one little problem. I agreed to do this on the condition that I would get a title shot. But since you’re out here now, there’s no way that’s gonna happen.”

Ravage: “Don’t blame me for that. You knew I might get eliminated. It’s not my fault that I did.”

Comps: “Yeah, but now how am I gonna get my title shot?”

As the two argue, Viewfind, coming to his senses, slides under the ring and grabs the mic away from Comps.

Viewfind: “Yo, foo’s. It don’t matter what you two think. ‘Cause when it’s all said and done, I’m gonna have 15 extra pounds around my waist, and it ain’t gonna be ‘cause I had too much turkey at the Philly Thanksgiving Dinner. It’s cause I’m gonna have that belt, and ain’t nothing you two can do…”

Viewfind’s rant is interrupted as Ravage and Computron both sock the Philly superstar in the head, then toss him back into the ring, where RCOSD is getting to his feet.


As Viewfind tries vainly to resist, RCOSD picks up and easily tosses him out to the floor right at Comps and Ravage’s feet! The bell rings as the refs climb into the ring to declare RCOSD the winner.

JRA: “Here is your winner…RCOSD!”

As RCOSD celebrates in the ring, Comps makes his way back up the ramp, glaring at Ravage. Big Daddy Rav, in turn, glares right back at Comps, while keeping his eyes focused on the new Hardcore champ.

Joey: "New hardcore champ here at Syxx Feet Under, but you can bet that neither Ravage or Computron is going to let him hold it for long."
Flec: "And I can bet that Viewfind’s going to have a fit on the NWA."
Joey: "When he comes to, that is."
Flec: “Styles…I’m hearing we need to get backstage!”


*We see Reilly shaking his head and both Gruff and Cloudstrifer are out cold on the concrete.*
Lisa: “Mr. Reilly, what happened here?”
Reilly: “What happened was that these two idiots couldn’t keep their hands off each other and beat the hell out of one another backstage here. So, we don’t have a match for them…but if they want to do things the rough way…that’s cool with me, because at next week’s Mayhem, its going to be Gruff v Cloudstrifer inside a steel cage… oh, and there must be a winner!”

Lisa: “You heard it…on Mayhem, Cloud v the Gruff in a Cage…back to J & J!”

AWF Press Office
2003-10-01, 02:29 AM
Grudge Match: UPF Vs. Morpheus

JRA: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first… from San Francisco, California… UPF!”

* The crowd stand in ovation to the patriotic son of the AWF. Draped in red, white and blue; the arena illuminated by the same dazzling colours; UPF makes his way to the ring, nodding his head to the tune of his ‘Maven’ theme music. He high- fives several dozen fans as he makes his way to the ring, with the shroud of Old Glory swaying along behind him like a wraith. *

JRA: “And his opponent… from the minds of innocent children… MORPHEUS!”

* As UPF jumps the top rope to get into the ring, Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ whispers through the air, as Morpheus rushes to the ring to face his nemesis! UPF has to literally throw his cape off before he lays into Morpheus… and manages to knock Morpheus to the canvas as the bell rings. *

JFA: “UPF takes a run at the ropes… jumps to the middle rope from the canvas… and comes off with a leg drop… into a cover… 1…2… and a kick out by Morpheus. Both men back to a vertical base… Irish whip by UPF… Morpheus to the corner… UPF runs in to follow it up… and Morpheus avoids at the last minute, UPF going chest-first into the turnbuckles… Morpheus moves back round… off the ropes… scores with a bulldog… UPF down… and Morpheus to the outside… slingshot… modified Senton bomb by the Lord of Dreams… and another pinning predicament… 1… 2… and UPF gets the shoulder up.”
JHA: “Is the Lord of Dreams high or something? He’s trying stuff like that when we’re about thirty seconds into the match? That’s lunacy!”
JFA: “No, I believe that’s one of those waterless craters on the moon…”
JHA: “Ha f****ing ha…”
JFA: “And both men back up… Morpheus whips UPF across… doormat… UPF steps over… Morpheus up… leap frog… turns back around with a spinning lariat… UPF ducks… and comes running back with a spinning neckbreaker… kicks up… running start… Morpheus back up… UPF back at him… and Morpheus uses UPF’s momentum to throw him over the top rope. But UPF caught the rope… Morpheus sees him… UPF with a shoulder to the mid-section… Morpheus doubled over… UPF rolls across his back… runs the ropes… Morpheus turning around again… spinebuster attempt by Morpheus… turned into an implant DDT by UPF! And here’s the cover… 1… 2… and Morpheus kicks out. UPF pulls him up… snap suplex… rolls through, still has that facelock on the Lord of Dreams… holds him up… keeps him up there… blood rushing to the head of the rather unorthodox Morpheus … UPF brings him down to the mat again… still has that facelock on him… and into a fisherman’s suplex… 1…2… and a kick out by Morpheus. UPF picking him back up… Morpheus breaks his grip… go-behind… belly-to-back suplex… still has that waistlock on UPF… German suplex… still keeping hold as the two get to their feet… and another belly-to-back suplex… into a rather odd bridge… gets 1… 2… and another kick out by UPF.”
JHA: “I think if one of them is gonna win, they have to change tactics. They both employ a similar mat-based style. Okay, Morpheus is a little more of a brawler… but neither one is gonna get any advantage at this rate.”
JFA: “We appear to be agree on that, J.”
JHA: “Oh lord… I’ll just sign this last will and testament…”
JFA: “But the question is, can either of them actually win? We’ve seen that neither of them wants to stay down on the mat; I’m pretty sure neither of them is ready to give up, either. We shall have to see whether that happens. Morpheus back up now… picks up UPF… deposits him on the top turnbuckle, facing out of the ring… and ties him up in the tree of woe! Morpheus across to the other side of the ring… running start… goes for a baseball slide… but UPF managed to move his head at the last second… UPF now in a seated position on the top turnbuckle… Morpheus back up to him… with a forearm to UPF’s head… follows it up with two more… and hits a powerbomb on the patriotic powerhouse! Jumps down with an elbow… 1… 2… and UPF kicks out again. Morpheus wasting no time… pulls UPF back up… sends him to the ropes again… waits on him… tilt-a-whirl… and UPF flips back to a vertical base from the spin… runs to the ropes… comes back with a dropkick… Morpheus down, as UPF goes to the outside… climbs the turnbuckles… and comes down with a leg drop! This could be over! 1… 2… and a kick out by Morpheus.”
JHA: “How much hang time did UPF get on that leg drop? He should be collecting frequent flyer miles for moves like that.”
JFA: “And for the second time tonight I find myself in agreement with you. How worrying. Both men back up now… Morpheus goes for another spinning lariat… ducked by UPF… Morpheus uses the momentum… tries for a sweep kick… UPF jumps over… a backwards jump takes him out of range… Morpheus charges… UPF grabs the waist… and deposits Morpheus across the top rope with a stun gun! Morpheus turns around… UPF grabs him around the chest… and a belly-to-belly suplex by UPF deposits Morpheus on the mat. UPF back up top… looks to be judging the distance for a moonsault… and Morpheus moves as UPF comes off the top turnbuckle… UPF hits the canvas… and Morpheus there to take the initiative… modified La Magistral pinning combination… 1… 2… and another kick out. Morpheus wasting no time… pulls UPF up… doubles him up… and there’s a piledriver by Morpheus, right into a pinning predicament… that gets 2. UPF still down on the mat… Morpheus drags him to the centre of the ring… moves to the corner… here it goes with a run up … and impact! Morpheus comes down with an elbow right in the face of his adversary. ”
JHA: “It’s got to be over now…”
JFA: “Not with that cover it hasn’t… Morpheus lays an arm over UPF’s chest… no hook of the leg… and gets a 1 count only. I don’t know if that was fatigue or over-confidence on the part of the Lord of Dreams… but it didn’t get the job done. Morpheus angered now… pulls up UPF… double Underhook… ANESTHESIS! And Morpheus is gonna win this thing! 1… 2… AND UPF KICKED OUT!”
JHA: “Mind your blood pressure… and my ears…”
JFA: “And everyone in the building is in shock! No one can believe that UPF just kicked out from the Anesthesis… Morpheus has UPF again… front facelock… up into a vertical suplex… Morpheus releases… into a powerbomb! What an innovative manoeuvre by the walking nightmare … 1… 2… and UPF kicks out again!”
JHA: “Doesn’t either of these guys have the sense to stay down?”
JFA: “UPF does. But I’m sure that would depend on whose telling him. His wife, for instance, can get him to stay down. But that isn’t the issue at this moment in time. Morpheus up again… locking up for a fisherman brainbuster … and UPF turns it into a small package! 1… 2… and… no, Morpheus kicks out… both men up again… UPF makes the first run… attempts a crucifix… but Morpheus resists… and turns the move into a modified Samoan drop… cover… 1…2… and another kick out. Morpheus back up first… locks in a rear facelock… starts lifting UPF up… and the patriot lands behind! Turns Morpheus around… doubles him up… and there’s the Prime Cutter! 1… 2…AND MORPHEUS KICKS OUT! UPF can’t believe it! Hell, I can’t believe it! And the crowd are going absolutely nuts! UPF just sat in the middle of the ring in shock from this… gets to his feet…applies a spinning toehold… and there’s the figure four! Morpheus is in agony… pain etched on his face… but he’s refusing to give up… the ref asks again… and is met with a response that Stone Cold no doubt approves of… and Morpheus trying to turn it… but UPF is determined not to make it easy for him… but… yes! Morpheus reverses the move! UPF now bashing the mat with one fist… trying to ignore the pain… anything to stop tapping out… and he rolls over again… and Morpheus gets the rope. Referee Greg Garrett forcing the break here… and I think UPF might be looking at the legs as a pressure point. We’ve not seen UPF utilise submission wrestling in a while, and if he’s going to go after a body part, the legs are a smart choice with an opponent like Morpheus… or anybody else, for that matter… and here we go… UPF runs at Morpheus… attempting a dropkick on that leg… Morpheus avoids… and UPF turns it into a baseball slide out of the ring. Morpheus moves towards the ring… and follows him out with a flying body press! Both men down on the outside now… Morpheus is back up first… Irish whip to the steps… UPF hits the brakes… and delivers a shortarm clothesline. Both men down again… and UPF back up this time… picks up Morpheus… throws one of the big man’s arms over his shoulder… and hits a leg breaker… picks Morpheus up again… and both men back in the ring. UPF back to his feet… grabs the ankle of Morpheus… left leg over… right leg lined up behind Morpheus’ knee… and drops down onto both of his knees, attempting to hyper-extend that left knee… UPF falls back, still has hold of that ankle… and into a leg stretch… and Morpheus gets the rope again. Wolfang immediately lets go of the hold… and waits for Morpheus to get back to his feet. Morpheus is in some apparent pain with his left leg… but he isn’t about to let UPF walk away with a win readily… another collar and elbow tie-up… and neither one gets an advantage… looks like they’re going for a test of strength instead… both hands locked… both men now, chest-to-chest and shoulder-to-shoulder… and still nobody’s getting the advantage. Break by the combatants… and both men just staring around the crowd, shaking their heads… UPF appears to have bust his lip… a little trickle of blood coming down the right-hand side of his chin… may be from that flying body press earlier by Morpheus… and I think both men are ready to go again. Morpheus starts a run at UPF… leap frog by the California native… falls to the canvas… slight roll backwards, angling his feet towards Morpheus… sends Morpheus overhead… and ‘Switch lands on his feet… and falls down onto the mat clutching that left leg. UPF starts running again as Morpheus gets up… UPF back with a clothesline attempt… Morpheus ducks… UPF back off the ropes… and connects with a flying back elbow, sending Morpheus into the ropes… runs to the ropes opposite his opponent… and leaps the top rope, hitting Morpheus with a leg drop across the back of the neck on his way to the floor!”
JHA: “I would like to add my routine contribution of ‘ouch’ at this point...”
JFA: “Both men back into the ring now… and UPF goes for a cover on Morpheus… 1… 2… and still can’t hold him down. UPF pulls him back up… front facelock applied… hauls him up… and down with a front suplex… all impact… rolls him over… 1… 2… and Morpheus kicks out again. This is just off the page… both these guys absolutely refuse to lay down. Both men back up to a vertical base… barely, I might add… Morpheus with another side headlock… hooks UPF’s left arm… and spins UPF to deliver a combination of a DDT and a sidewalk slam. Innovative move there by Morpheus… and a cover… 1… 2… and another kick-out. And Morpheus up again… picks up UPF… again… ”
JHA: “Man, this match is starting to bore me. What do I mean ‘starting’? It annoyed me when it started…”
JFA: “Oh really? Well let me ask you something, Ace Hole, are you going to get into that ring and entertain the fans? If not, I suggest you shut up… Morpheus heading to the top rope now… going to attempt something drastic… UPF still down on the mat… wait, UPF is up… runs up the turnbuckles… and a DDT from the top rope! Morpheus might be out cold, but UPF is in no shape to capitalise on the opportunity… both men down… and Greg Garrett starting to make use of that ten-count…”

* There is hardly any movement from the bodies of the two combatants as they lie on the mat. Sans the occasional twitch or heavy breath, the two would be as still as most corpses. Regular corpses. Not the Hollywood type, the Discworld type or the corpses played by really bad actors in television shows. As the ref reaches seven, there is a sudden surge of life within one combatant… and UPF kicks up to a vertical base and a thundering ovation! *

JFA: “UPF up now… makes his way towards Morpheus… signals for another Prime Cutter… can’t muster enough… and a back drop by Morpheus puts a stop to that plan! UPF lands hard on the mat… sleeper attempt by Morpheus as the man the ladies call the California dreamboat gets to his feet… and hits a modified jawbreaker to break the hold! Morpheus down… UPF takes another run at the ropes as his opponent gets up… sunset flip attempt… Morpheus falls onto his shoulders… grabs a leg… and the rope! 1… 2… 3… and Morpheus just stole this match!”
JHA: “Hey! Maybe he isn’t as dumb as I thought!”

* The bell rings, as the ring announcer gets to his feet to announce the winner. *

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner… MORPHEUS!”
JFA: “UPF staring in bewilderment at Morpheus… the crowd showering the lord of dreams with beer cups, popcorn bags and anything else on hand… as UPF tries to explain to Greg Garrett what just went down… and Morpheus leaves the scene of the crime with a grin you usually find on a sandbank of the Nile and his hands raised. Damn it, this just isn’t fair.”
JHA: “I’ll repeat this one last time for your benefit; it’s only cheating if you get caught.”

Tag Team Title Match: Blood and Thunder Vs The Canucks: Bombshell and Blitzwing

“The Zoo” By Bruce Dickinson hits, the Pyro goes off, and the Archivetron show scenes of Black Zarak and Wolfang during matches. The fans go nuts as the AWF Tag Team Champions walk down to the ring, slapping hands and getting the crowd going. On the screen of the home veiwers a little advertisement appears in the corner for the new AWF compellation album.

Ring Announcer - The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the AWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! Making their way to the ring from the United Kingdoms, they are the current Tag Team Champions: Blood and Thunder - Black Zarak and Wolfang!

The champions climb into the ring with their belts over their shoulder. They each climb up opposite turnbuckles and raise the belts to the crowd, gesturing that they’re going to keep the titles. They hop down, move to different turnbuckles and repeat the process, drawing massive cheers from the audience! They then hop down and hand the belts to the Ref, who looks at them and then holds them up to the crowd before he hands them off to a ring side attendant.

Ring Announcer - And their challengers, representing the Canucks, from British Columbia, Canada: “The Mad Bomber” Bombshell and Blitzwing!

Rage Against the Machines’ “Bulls On Parade” hits the Soundtron while a burning American flag fading out to a flying Canadian flag is shown. The boo’s from the primarily American crowd are almost deafening. But Bombshell and Blitzwing walk down to the ring, seemingly unfazed by the audience reactions. A Canadian flag on a pole is carried to the ring by Bombshell.

JFA - You’ve got to figure that the flag is going to come into play some time during this match!

JHA - Of course, just because they’re from the other show, they have to be lying cheating sneaks, right? You know, some times your prejudice sickens me.

JFA - That’s not what I meant at all! Just going back to past histories when........

JHA - Enough! Next you’re going to force me to listen to the fact that they’re going to cheat because they’re from Canada! Why can’t you admit that you just don’t like them and be done with it?

JFA - Well no matter what you or I think, the Canucks are going to have one hell of a fight here tonight. Not only to win the Tag Team Title but also to win over this crowd.

Bombshell sets the flag pole against the Spanish announcers table, and then he and Blitzwing climb into the ring. Both parties keep their distance and eye each other. They settle which team member is going to start and Bombshell and Black Zarak duck under the ropes of their respective corners, leaving Blitzwing and Wolfang to start the match off. The Ref calls for the bell and this match is underway.

Blitzwing and Wolfang lock up in centre ring and attempt to wrest control from their opponent. After a few moments of no real action, the Ref comes in and breaks it up. Both men take a few steps back, shake the attacks off, and then lock up again in centre ring. Wolfang pushes Blitzwing against the ropes and then throws him across the ring. He runs half way and catches Blitzwing on the rebound, throwing him over with an arm take down. But Blitzwing holds on to Wolf’s arm and rolls with the momentum, flipping Wolfang over in his own arm takedown. Wolf keeps rolling out of the ring to catch his breath. But Blitz keeps up the attack and baseball slides right out of the ring, catching Wolfang right in the mid section, slamming him against the security rails. Blitzwing jumps to his feet, grabs Wolf by the head and gives him a DDT on the outside of ring, before sliding back in.

On the inside, Blitzwing begins to taunt Black Zarak, and as Zarak attempts to get in the ring to kick the cr@p out of Blitzwing, the Ref comes in and tells him to keep out of the ring. This allows Bombshell to hop down and begin to stop on the fallen Wolfang. Every time Bombers kicks his comrade, Black Zarak gets more and more pissed off, trying, at first, to force his way past the Ref. Failing that he tries to point the Ref at what is going on out side of the ring. The Ref ignores these attempts, figuring that Zarak is trying to trick him. Bombshell grabs Wolfang and throws him back into the ring, where Blitzwing hauls him up and flips him over into a bridge-Suplex pin. The Ref hears the impact of the move and runs over to start the count, much to the vocal dis-satisfaction of the crowd. But after the Ref’s hand hits the mat for the second time, Wolfang kicks out.

JHA - Some great tag team strategy here by the Canucks, keeping Wolfang isolated from his partner, and dealing out some great damage.

JFA - Oh yeah, great strategy, cheat while the Ref’s not looking.

JHA - Psshaw! It’s working isn’t it?

JFA - Did you just say Psshaw? I swear you’re getting dumber every week boobs!

Blitzwing rolls to his feet and pulls Wolfang to his. He then pulls him over to his corner and tags in Bombshell then climbs to the top of the Turnbuckle. Bombshell gets into the ring and brings Wolfang up into the powerbomb position. As he throws Wolf down in the power bomb, Blitzwing launches himself into a swantan bomb, landing hard on Wolfang. Bombshell quickly goes in for the pin as Blitzwing exits the ring, but Wolfang some how manages to kick out before three. Bombers gets to his feet and drags Wolf up too, but before he can grapple him, Wolfang lands a hard right hand to the face of Bombshell. Unfortunately Wolf’s offensive is cut short by a few well placed chops by the big Canadian. He locks up with Wolfang and sends him against the ropes. Wolf bounces off and Bombers goes for a massive clothesline. At the last moment, Wolfang tries a last ditch move and launches himself into a cross body. Both men collide in the centre of the ring, laying each other out.

Neither man moves after the massive collision, and the Ref begins his count. As they both start to stir the crowd begins to cheer. Black Zarak and Blitzwing reach their arms out to their comrads. Zarak begins to clap and stomp his feet, trying to get the crowd behind Wolfang, anything to Wolfang over to his corner. Slowly, painfully, both men drag themselves to their respective corners. Bombshell, being the least injured of the two, manages to get to Blitzwing first. As Blitzwing charges across the ring, Wolfang lunges at Black Zarak and manages to get the tag. Black Zarak is over the ropes and nails Blitzwing with a hard clothesline, spinning him 180 in the air. He circles back, intent on eking out some revenge on his foe.

JFA - Zarak’s out for blood here, guess you shouldn’t pick on his drinking buddy.

JHA - Nah, he’s just showing the hate that you all got for the Canadians!

Zarak lifts Blitzwing up and flips him into a stalled suplex, keeping him up there for a good 7 seconds as the camera flash bulbs fill the arena in the darkening skies. He drops Blitzwing on the mat with a thunderous boom. Blitzwing rolls on the ground as Zarak gets to his feet. He lifts Blitz up and throws him against the ropes and then goes to bounce off the ropes behind him, but Bombshell lifts his foot up and nails Black Zarak in the back of the head. As Zarak turns to deal with Bombshell, the rebounding Blitzwing nails a bulldog, driving Zarak’s face into the canvas.

Blitzwing tags in Bombshell and they both grab Zarak, pulling him to his feet. As they set him up for a double flapjack, Zarak wraps his arms around their heads, and drops backwards, giving them both a DDT. He gets to his feet, lifts Bombers up, and attempts to throw him against the ropes. Bombers counters and sends Zarak running across the ring. As he hits the back ropes, Wolfang reaches out and slaps the back of his partner. The Ref calls the tag, though neither Bombshell nor Blitzwing hears it. Bombers nails Zarak with a big man boot, and Blitzwing then hops up to the top turnbuckle, prepairing for the Zone Blitz. But Wolfang is already in the ring and running towards Blitz. He smashes the Canadian in the gut and then hops up to the second rope. While Bombshell continues to beat on who he thinks is the legal man, Wolfang jumps up and locks in a head scissors to Blitzwing. He then grabs the top rope and flips Blitzwing over the side in a hurricanrana - right through the spanish announcers table, sending the Canadian flag flying up against the ring

Spanish Jobber Announcer - *Translated from Spanish* I thought this only happened on WWE PPV’s!

Bombers pins the barely conscious Zarak in the centre of the ring, but the Ref refuses to count. The Ref instead points at Wolfang who is now just re-entering the ring. Bombers runs over and grabs the Canadain flag, waiting for Wolfang to climb in. But the Ref runs over and grabs the flag and attempts to pull it free from Bombshells grasp. Bombers turns and attempts to hit the Ref with a fist, but Wolfang comes up from behind, spins him around and sends the Canadian for the “Crimson Twilight” (Diamond Cutter). He quickly covers Bombshell and the Ref gets the three count in. Wolfang grabs the titles and Black Zarak and slides out of the ring, holding the titles up.

Ring Announcer - Here are your winners and STILL AWF Tag Team Champions - Blood and Thunder: Wolfang And Black Zarak!!!

JFA - DISQUALIFICATION! The Ref interfered! If it wasn’t for him, Blitzwing and Bombshell would be the tag team champs right now! I want a rematch! It’s unfair!!!!!!!

*Fade to Promo*

Submissions Match for the AWF Intercontinental Title: Sixswitch (C) v Stone Cold Skywarp

Joey: “Well folks as RCOSD is finishing up his celebration, our next match has a lot of history…Stone Cold Skywarp made it past King on Mayhem to get this shot. However, the feud goes back a couple months and grew out of a three way feud between the IC Champ Sixswitch and both Stone Cold and Blaster.”

Flec: “And the Welsh welched his way to a cheap win over the vastly superior Canuck leader!”

Joey: “The feud should get settled here…Submission rules in effect, which means that if you tap out, say you quit or cannot answer the referee’s count, you lose!”

Glass Shatters and is followed by Nickelback’s Never Again/

RA: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the AWF Intercontinental Championship…it will be decided under Submission Rules…there for to win the match, you must make your opponent submit or surrender, if your opponent is unable to answer the referee’s call, that will count as a defacto surrender. On his way to the ring area, the challenger…from Carlisle, England…Stone Cold Skywarp!”

Joey: “The challenger looks focused here Flec…”

Flec: “Yeah…heard he hasn’t had a drink since noon…”

Like This Like That takes over…

RA: “And his opponent…the AWF IC Champion…hailing from Swansea, Wales…the Welsh Wonder Sixswitch!”

Joey: “With odds not favorable to him, here comes the champ…he doesn’t whine, he doesn’t gripe…he just comes out and performs!”

Flec: “So give him a medal already…can both these guys lose and we get Blaster out here? The belt should be his anyway!”

Joey: “Action underway here right away, Stone Cold making his usual quick start, firing piston like jabs, rocking SS back into the corner and SCSW stomping away at the Champion…”

Flec: “Mudhole…yeah…got it…you hick Styles!”

Joey: “Bite me…SCSW coming out of the corner, head bobbing, trash talking…but SS pulling himself up and charging hard out of that corner with a flying lariat clothesline. As far as I can think of, I have never seen SS use any type of submission hold…”

Flec: “He doesn’t even know how to wrestle, why would he know submission holds?”

Joey: “Please…SS now with a pull up by the leg and a dragon screw leg whip…and HEY! Half Crab! Half Crab by the IC Champ!”

Flec: “And remember that knee cost Skywarp both the Title and some time in 2002 when the Game worked it over!”

Joey: “That is true…so its good that Sixswitch is finding a way to work on that knee and also the lower back…take away that vertical base where Warp is so deadly…but Warp showing his strength…pulling himself and…making it to the ropes. Clean break by Sixswitch.”

Flec: “He’s got to work on that knee…his style is not suited to this type of match so he has to hit that knee fast and hard and get out of here with his belt intact!”

Joey: “Surprisingly good point there Flec, and now SS waiting on Warp to get up…now charging hard into the ropes and a spinning heel kick…but to the back of the knee and SCSW is sent crashing down to the mat, in obvious pain! Referee asking him if he can continue and Warp simply shoving him away…”

Flec: “Here’s my thought…would either of these guys ACTUALLY quit?”

Joey: “I don’t know that I can answer that…Sixswitch working now…waiting and another dragon screw leg whip and this time he follows with a guillotine leg drop, driven down into the knee. SCSW really going to be favoring that knee now!”

Flec: “And with each moment, each movement, that knee will swell and become harder and harder to use…”

Joey: “SS now scooping SCSW up and using an atomic drop type knee breaker, rams the knee into the mat. Warp trying to sit up gets greeted by a spinning tornado kick to the face, sending him back down to the mat.”

Flec: “I’m impressed here Styles, given that Sixswitch has no real submission background, it looks like his strategy is to simply beat the knee to the point where Stone Cold can’t stand the pain and has to ask for the match to be stopped.”

Joey: “But is it possible to make this man reach that point? We’ve always said he’s the toughest sob in the AWF! And the Welsh Wonder to the top now…and TECHNOPHOBIC! Right across the knee…and Stone Cold showing the effects of that…shouting in pain…referee checking him, asking him if he’s had enough and I can’t repeat his answer on the air.”

Flec: “Like most of what Warp says…”

Joey: “And now Sixswitch…you can tell he is so out of his element here…normally, he would go for a cover, but there are no covers…only submissions…SS now almost trying to search through his repertoire now…trying to find something that can get Stone Cold to quit…but Warp pulling himself up now…using the ropes…Sixswitch turning…Stone Cold throwing that bad leg out there…boot and STUNNER!”

Flec: “Just like that…the tide turns!”

Joey: “But what does Stone Cold have left…his knee has to be destroyed. And yet…here again, pulling himself up…fighting his way back to a vertical base…he can’t have any strength in that leg whatsoever, but still he fights on. Sixswitch also crawling back up…and the two going at it, Sixswitch woozy now though…wild swing, Stone Cold ducks under and SNAKE BITE!”

Flec: ‘Holy hell…where did that come from?’

Joey: “I don’t know, but the snake bite applied and Stone Cold leaping onto Sixswitch…this maneuver is both painful and deadly…the oxygen being cut off to the brain…and Sixswitch may be done here referee checking if he wants to quit…remember if he can’t answer this is all over, Six barely audible, but I can tell he’s saying ‘no’ fading fast…referee checking the arms it drops twice, third time coming up…but he’s still fighting…using his legs trying to push himself and Stone Cold to the ropes…almost there…and he’s GOT IT!”

Flec: ‘Stone Cold taking the full count to break it, smart move…’

Joey: “I don’t know what is left here…Stone Cold looking on in disbelief that the Snake Bite didn’t finish the match…Sixswitch is barely coherent…Stone Cold dragging him back up to his feet and now…SECOND STUNNER! A second Skywarp Stunner on Sixswitch…now what?”

Flec: ‘I can tell you exactly what…’

Joey: “Stone Cold right back to the Snake Bite…Snake Bite locked in on Sixswitch…referee checking and Sixswitch is out this time…he’s not answering the call, referee checking the arms again…one drop…two drops…three drops! Sixswitch is out and Stone Cold has won the Intercontinental Title!”

RA: “Here is your winner…and NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION…Stone Cold Skywarp!”

Joey: “The Rattlesnake lying in a heap on the mat, the title place around his shoulders as he looks on at Sixswitch who is just coming around…Stone Cold unable to get to his feet…that knee has to be hurting and I’ll say this…Sixswitch was out of his element completely, but he never once backed down from the challenge…a great effort here by both men and at least for tonight, Stone Cold was able to get the win!”


Lisa Lovelace approaches the Game on the Iron Gauntlet match.

Lisa: “Game…its almost time for the Iron Gauntlet…any thoughts?”

Game: “Thoughts? Oh…the Game has some thoughts…yeah I have some thoughts. My thoughts are this, how did 4 backstage jabbronies end up getting a shot at the most dominant athlete in sports entertainment today?”

Lisa: “4?”

Game: “Yeah…4 jabbronies and then there is TC too…someone the Game can actually respect, someone who has been to the top of the mountain before. Unlike some other people, he doesn’t go out and pull a finger out of his ass and stick it in everyone’s face claiming to be number 1. He doesn’t need to be anyone’s golden boy, he doesn’t need a stupid crown or anything else…he just went out and did it. He won the AWF title so for that very reason alone he has the Game’s respect.”

Lisa: ‘So, you don’t respect the others in the match?’

Game: “Respect is something that is earned Lisa! And until they’ve taken the walk, until they’ve gone one on one with the Game, until they’ve looked me in the eye and gone toe to toe and pushed me to the edge…no, they don’t get respect. What they do get is a lesson in getting their candy asses kicked by the High flying, limousine riding, jaw dropping, show stopping, brow beating, pie eating, scene stealing, wheeling dealing, genetic freak of the AWF…and boys…schools in!”

The Game pauses and looks up…

Game: “What the hell does your candy ass want?”

The Camera turns to show Redstreak, smirking.

Redstreak: “What do you think Champ? I’m here to take your title and thus fulfill my quest to be number one!”

Game: “What have I told you about that finger?”

Red: “Hey…settle down…don’t start going on about inserting objects into asses or saying how good you are Champ…I’m just here to tell you to enjoy your last few moments with that title…cause its coming on over to me!”

The Game bolts out to chase Redstreak out into the hall, who dashes away laughing mockingly. As the Game leaves, his cell phone starts to ring…only to find no one to answer it.

Buried Alive Match
Brave Maximus v Vin Ghostal

JHA: How rude…the Game didn’t answer his phone! I hate it when people blow off calls! Well, onward then…This match is sure to be flat out brutal J.
JFA: I cant disagree with you there, the rules are simple, use any means necessary to get your opponent into the grave near the entryway and burry him under the dirt.
JHA: It’s so simple even you can understand the match
JfA: Very funny ass.

There are some things in life that can be stopped,
There are some things in life that can’t.

With that the man known as V3, Vin Ghostal steps out onto the ramp and struts down the aisleway to the ring, with a chorus of boos raining on him from the crowd. Ghostal, merely shrugs it off and climbs into the ring to do his posing, when his music cuts, and the sounds of “Haunted” begin to come over the sound system. Brave Max steps onto the rampway to a chorus of cheers from the fans. He slowly walks to the ring, a look of sheer intensity on his face. As Max does his pre match poses for the crowd, V3 sneak attacks him from behind with a clothesline

JFA: A sneaky underhanded trick early on from the former three time AWF champion.
JHA: And that my friend, is why he will win this match.
JFA: You might be right on that J. Ghostal whipping Max into the ropes, and hits him with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Picking Max up, and short arm clothesline from V3. Ghostal, sliding outside the ring now, and grabbing the timekeeper’s chair. Now he doesn’t need to go and do that.
JHA: Hey, its anything goes man….its perfect

As Ghostal clambers back into the ring with the chair, Max had recovered and met him with a succession of stiff boots to the mid section, causing Ghostal to drop the chair. Max sets Ghostal up for a gutwrench suplex, and nails him with it. Max looked to be going for the cover at first, but then remembered that he can only win by burying his opponent. Realizing this, Max pulls Ghostal back up to a standing position and then throws him through the ropes and onto the arena floor. Ghostal landed hard on his right shoulder there, noticeable by how he held it as he rolled around on the floor.

JFA: And the former three time AWF champion in trouble now, his should could be dislocated.
JHA: Don’t count the V3 out yet J, he’s one of the best in this business for a reason you know.
JFA: As shown by how Ghostal just reversed the attempted whip into the steel ring post, send Max face first into it. Ghostal now, going up the ramp, what is he trying to escape?
JHA: Max could only wish that Ghostal would, he’s just going to get some “tools”. Namely a wheelbarrow and a shovel from up by the gravesite. And that won’t feel good in the morning.
JFA: Ghostal, that sick bastard, just ramming into the legs of Brave Max with the wheelbarrow.

With Max out on the ground, Ghostal takes the chance and lays into his foe with stiff kicks to the midsection before bringing Max back to a vertical base. Ghostal picks up Max, looking to powerslam him onto the ground, but Ghostal shakes his head no, and takes two steps forward. Then lunging backwards, V3 performs a fallaway slam onto Brave Max, right into the wheelbarrow. Ghostal then grabs the wheelbarrow handles and begins to swiftly push it up the aisleway towards the grave, the whole time mouthing off to Brave Max. As he got near the grave, Ghostal really picked up speed and then tipped the wheelbarrow, sending Max hurtling into the grave. Ghostal, believing that victory was in his grasp, went to behind the stage.

JFA: Now where is that coward going?
JHA: I don’t know, I’ll get my contact on that.
JFA: Nevermind, here he comes now…..with a backhoe none the less. And a very large one at that. Ghostal now, digging into the pile of dirt with the backhoe…but wait…Max is out of the grave.
JHA: That’s not possible, he was out cold.
JFA: Well he isn’t now, and Ghostal doesn’t have a clue, and now he does….Max just hopped onto the backhoe and is pummeling Ghostal with punches, pulling him out now.

After pulling Ghostal out of the backhoe the two men began exchanging blows. Ghostal went for a clothesline, but Max caught him and nailed him with a shoulderbreaker onto the right shoulder that Ghostal had hurt earliar. Seizing the chance, Max grabbed Ghost by the neck and was about to chokeslam him right into the grave when he got a better idea. So he chokeslammed him right onto the ground instead. Then seeing the granite tombstone that had been placed onto of the grave, Max, using brute strength grabbed it and placed it into the bottom of the grave. Maximus then brought Ghostal over to the front of the grave and set him up in the double underhook.

JHA: No, he can’t be about to do this…he’ll kill Vinny G.
JFA: I think he is J, Brave Maximus, setting up for the final darkness to finish off Ghostal for good tonight.
JHA: I can’t watch
JFA: And there it goes….Brave Max, just delivering a double underhook powerbomb to Vin Ghostal, into the grave and onto the solid tombstone in it. That tombstone is broken into many a pieces now…and Ghostal looks like he is dead.
JHA: I wouldn’t doubt he might be after that vicious move

Maximus then went over to the back hoe and begin filling in the grave with the dirt. Covering Vin Ghostal six feet under….literally. Once the grave was filled, Max got out of the backhoe and stood atop the gravesite, as the bell tolled and the sounds of “Haunted” resounded throught Safeco Field.
Joey: “Wow…that was…”
Flec: “Poor Vinny G. What a way to go…”
Joey: “Well folks its time for the big one and the announce team decided earlier in the night give the Iron Gauntlet to team Warzone, JFA & JHA…its been a wild ride to get here, so lets send it back to JFA & JHA with the rules, and the events that led up to the match…and then…the IRON GAUNTLET!”

AWF Press Office
2003-10-01, 02:30 AM
JFA: “Well, folks, here we are. It’s time for the big one. All the marbles on the line, AWF Championship in a first time ever Iron Gauntlet Match.”
JHA: “And I can exclusively reveal that I know the rules!”
JFA: “You finally found them out?”
JHA: “Oh yes. It was top secret, but I beat the system and I know what the match involves.”
JFA: “Are you going to share them with us?”
JHA: “Well, the ring announcer has been briefed by the referee… he’ll have to announce the rules to the crowd, so there’s no point in us repeating each other.”
JFA: “That’s what I thought. Doubtless the people at home have noticed the giant cell suspended above us throughout the evening. Currently being lowered to surround the ring. I don’t know for certain what the match involves…”
JHA: “I do.”
JFA: “But I do know that it’ll take place inside that insane, sadistic, steel mesh cage. The same structure that’s used for a Hell in the Cell match… and with six men involved, that description may not be far from the truth. So, whilst the cell is lowered, let’s take you back and show you how we got to where we are now…”

A video package rolls, detailing the events that have lead upto the match.

Lord of the Mat
Thundercracker advances to the semi finals by pinning King; we hear Flec screaming in anger “He cheated! He grabbed a hand full of hair!”

We see Redstreak get himself disqualified against Tempest, for use of a steel chair. JFA narrates “he’s absolutely lost it! DAMNIT RED! WHY!?!”

The images fade to Redstreak stood over The Lock in the locker room, Tempest watching on the big screen. “I just saved you from getting yet another ass kicking… it’s not like Locky here didn’t deserve it”

A caption denotes the Final… images of Plasmodium being chokeslammed and hit with the Thunder Press… “1…2…3 TEMPEST IS THE LORD OF THE MAT! TEMPEST IS THE LORD OF THE MAT!”

Warzone, 10th September
Tempest stands in the middle of the ring, revelling in his glory, before Redstreak interrupts. “Everybody knows I’m number 1 here. I didn’t see you pin me.” Grimlock’s voice then overlays the imagery. “Everybody knows that The Lock would have won Lord of the Mat… and everybody knows that you’re the reason The Lock didn’t”

We switch to the match between Redstreak and The Lock later in the evening. JFA’s voice can be heard clearly. “Redstreak up… Yes!! There it is! Dinobot Slam by Grimlock! No cover, though… coming around for the ankle lock.” We see A-Train appear on the apron, distracting the referee. JFA: “Thundercracker! It is… what the hell’s he doing on Warzone? TC just nailing The Lock in the back of the head with that chair… Side Effect by Redstreak! one… two… three! It’s over…” JHA: “Superb victory! He did it all by himself. He’s the number one contender to the number one contender!”

Warzone, 17th September
JFA’s voice supports the images of both men entering the ring. “The Game retained the title a few moments ago, now we find out who he’ll face at Syxx Feet Under. Will it be Tempest? Or will it be Redstreak?”

We see Tempest respond to the distraction by A-Train, and Redstreak try to capitalise. “Reverse sunset flip! No – rolled through by Tempest! Kick out by Redstreak… oh, just sent Tempest hurtling forward into the referee… knocked him clean out of the ring… Chokeslam! Chokeslam! No referee. Where’s the referee? Tempest’s got it won!”

We see Tempest stand up in search of the referee, and Thundercracker make another unscheduled appearance. JFA: “TC in the ring with a steel chair… Tempest’s not seen him yet… turn around, Tempest!” JHA: “LIFETIME ENLIGHTENMENT!” JFA: “TC just destroying that chair between his foot and Tempest’s face! This is heinous… The Lock going one on one with TC! Right hands… TC firing back with a kick to the ribs… doubles the Lock over… front facelock… into the corner… no! Tornado DDT by Thundercracker! It’s the Game! The Game is back in the arena!”

We see images of Galvatron91 destroying A-Train and Thundercracker, before the referee sees him nail Tempest and Redstreak and calls for the bell. JHA: “So who goes to Syxx Feet Under? The Game just wrecked the match!”

Mr Vaccaro emerges and addresses the Champion. “The match you just killed was, as I’m sure you’re aware, a match to decide your opponent at Syxx Feet Under… we’ve got is three men who think they should be the number one contender, but none of whom hold a clean win over either of the others in order to prove it. So, the only way to resolve this matters is for all three men to receive a title shot... to make sure there’s no further interference, we’re going to have the first ever Iron Gauntlet Match… The Game, Redstreak, Tempest and The Lock. Iron Gauntlet. Syxx Feet Under.”

Mayhem, 22nd September
Mr Reilly stands in the ring, addressing Thundercracker. “you think you’re smart TC? I have had it with you not towing the line…I got rid of the Heart Brend Kid…and I can get rid of you just as easily…you want to go to Warzone and party with your friends? You want to run in and help your buddies? Well guess what…it just cost you your job….YOU’RE FIRED!”

The Mayhem owner continues. “Vaccaro wants to take my Champion and throw him in an Iron Gauntlet match at Syxx Feet Under? What I object to is the fact that there are THREE Warzone participants and no one but the Game from Mayhem. So, as Vaccaro is changing the deal that entails from winning LOTM, I too am changing the structure of this little match that he booked and using my authority to add my Golden boy…KING to the match!”

Warzone, 24th September
We see footage from Mr Vaccaro’s office of his meeting with TC. “Mr Ratings, has decided that he no longer requires your services, I’ve arranged to have your contract transferred to Warzone… And, as your previous employer decided to up his viewing figures by adding somebody to my match… I have to fix it. I designed the Iron Gauntlet Match to encompass an equal number of competitors. Now we have five, I need a sixth. And as you’ve already indelibly left your imprint across the situation… that sixth is going to be you.”

AWF Championship - Iron Gauntlet Match:
The Game G91 (c) vs. King vs. The Lock vs. Redstreak vs. Tempest vs. Thundercracker

We return to the arena as the cell has been fully lowered and the door opened. Two referees stand in the aisle outside the cell, with another inside the ring, along with the ring announcer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the special Iron Gauntlet Match; and it is for the Archive Wrestling Federation Championship!”

A cheer fills Safeco Field.

“First, please allow me to explain the rules. There are six competitors involved in the match. Earlier tonight, a random drawing determined their order of entry. The match will commence with three men inside the Cell, under Triple Threat Elimination Rules. When one man has been eliminated, either by pinfall or by submission, he will leave the cell and be replaced by the next man in the order of entry, until all six men have entered. At the point where the sixth man enters, the match will proceed as a standard elimination Triple Threat, with the last man remaining being declared the Archive Wrestling Federation Champion.”

JHA: “Word for word what I’ve got written down here.”
JFA: “And somebody out there actually believes that. Huge match on the way… whenever somebody’s eliminated, they’re going to be replaced by somebody fresh. The three men who start are going to be at a huge disadvantage.”
JHA: “I hope the Game is the first out…”
JFA: “Well, we’re about to find out…”

The mother****ers got in my head
Trying to make me someone else instead

JHA: “Oh NO.”

“Introducing first, the man who drew number 1. From Detroit, Michigan… and representing AWF Warzone – Redstreak!”

JHA: “No, no, no, no, no.”
JFA: “Well, he strives to be number 1… and it looks like tonight that’s just what he is! Redstreak being given a mountain to climb, here. He may argue that somebody had to be number one, but you can bet he won’t have wanted it to be him. He’ll have to go through five men to walk out of here with the gold!”
JHA: “No, he won’t! He won’t… he’ll only have to be the last man in there. If that means just pinning one guy, it makes no difference… if he’s smart, he’ll hide under the ring until the end!”
JFA: “I don’t think he’s got it in him to take that way out. Former Intercontinental Champion, also a four time Hardcore Champion. We’ve seen new holders of both those titles crowned tonight, he may hope that’s an omen. He’s been in some of the most brutal matches in AWF history, but is he prepared to endure five men in this monstrous structure?”
JHA: “Definitely. But, as I said, he doesn’t have to – all he needs to do is be about at the end.”

Reaching the end of the aisle, Redstreak looks up at the cell one last time, before stepping through the door and jumping onto the apron. The door closes behind him as the music fades into the background.

“And now, the man who drew number 2…”

JHA: “Who’s it gonna be? If it’s Thundercracker, I’d hate to be the man out third…”
JFA: “I’ll echo that sentiment… those two would almost certainly make it a handicap match for as long as possible…”

It’s time to play the GAME

JHA: “Good god.”

We fail to see
How destructive we can be
Taking without giving back
Till the damage can be seen
Can you see? Can you see?

JFA: “The Game! The Game is the second man out… the AWF Champion will be in there from the start. And I think Redstreak may be re-evaluating his strategy… I doubt that Galvatron91 is going to let anybody fade out of the match.”
JHA: “Dammit… the Game being out there first means that he’s got the odds against him… but Redstreak’s going to be in there with him. I was hoping Red would be able to come in when he’s worn down, or maybe even eliminated. Now he’s got to deal with him fresh!”

“From St Paul, Minnesota… the Archive Wrestling Federation Champion – The Game, Galvatron91!”

JFA: “You can see the determination etched upon the Champion’s face. One of only two men to have held that title three times. He defeated StoneCold Skywarp for it. He defeated The Ghost for it. And, only last month, he defeated his best friend, The HeartBrend Kid, for it. And you know he’ll be out here giving it everything he’s got – not just for himself, but also for the memory of his buddy. He won’t want this to be a short reign…”
JHA: “Oh, will you stop it? Yeah, yeah, we all know what happened. Boo the hell hoo. Now shut up and get on with it before I have to find a bucket.”

Stopping outside the cell, the Game stares intently through the mesh and into the ring. He hands his water bottle to an attendant without taking his customary last sip, and then unbuckles his belt. He stares at it for a brief moment, before nodding his head in respect and passing it to one of the outside officials. The door is opened and he steps through, choosing to walk around the outside of the ring and stand at ringside, rather than enter the squared circle quite yet.

Rage Against the Machine’s Wake Up starts to fill Safeco Field.

“And the third man, the final man to start the match… from Mandurah, Australia… the 2003 AWF Lord of the Mat – Tempest!”

JFA: “And what a huge opportunity it is for this man! The most inexperienced competitor in the match, and many would say by rights the only person who should be receiving the title shot.”
JHA: “Not if you ask anybody else in the match…”
JFA: “Certainly not. King, Redstreak and the Lock all had reason to complain in the events that resulted in Tempest becoming the Lord of the Mat. But nobody can argue with this young man’s ability. He’s carved quite a reputation for himself on Warzone… Was clutching the Championship belt come the end of the night on Wednesday. Will that be repeated tonight?”
JHA: “I certainly hope not.”
JFA: “But one thing you can’t say about him is that he’s ever faced anything like this before… the Iron Gauntlet match. It’ll be Tempest, Redstreak and the Game starting things off. When one man is eliminated, they’ll be replaced. By whom, we don’t know. Thundercracker, King and The Lock are all standing by…”

Marching slowly down the aisle, Tempest stares up in awe at the devilish structure, before swallowing and stepping through the door.

JFA: “Okay, the door is locked. Only three men and the referee in there… signals for the bell and we’re officially underway. First ever Iron Gauntlet Match.”
JHA: “So… why aren’t they doing anything?”
JFA: “All three men starting out coyly. The Game up on the apron, Redstreak in the corner on the far side… Tempest stood in the middle of the ring. Each of them very cautious… nobody wanting to commit themselves quite yet.”

Slowly, G91 steps through the ropes and completes the trio in-ring. Eye signals are exchanged between the three men, as they try to assess who should be taken out first.

JFA: “Very careful in the early going… feeling each other out. The Game slowly cutting across the ring… nearing Redstreak… signals being exchanged here. I doubt anybody had any real gameplan coming in, nobody knew what the match would involve.”
JHA: “I did.”
JFA: “I don’t think we’ll see a lot of chain-wrestling in this match… once it gets going… And we’re off! The Game and Redstreak just lunging at Tempest in unison. They’ve identified the biggest threat, it seems. Not often you expect to see G91 and Red working together. Hammering away on the big man. Whip him to the ropes together, now… hands linked for a double clothesline? Ducked by Tempest and… The Game just nailing Redstreak with a short clothesline! Lateral press – one! Two! Kicked out by Redstreak. Tempest making no attempt to break it up.”
JHA: “That is dispicable! He just turned on Redstreak the first chance he got!”
JFA: “The Game saw an opening and went for it, J. Nothing illegal in it… pulling Redstreak up now. Oh my god…”
JHA: “Nothing illegal in that, either!”
JFA: “Redstreak with a low blow to the Game… taking his frustrations out in the most underhand way possible… grabbing G91 and slams him facefirst into the top turnbuckle. Holding his throat across the top rope now… arm wrapped around under the rope, almost as if he were going to perform a snapmare, but choking the Champion instead.”

Standing back and watching for a moment, Tempest makes his move, slamming a single axehandle blow down onto Redstreak’s upper back to break up the choke. Dragging him away with a waistlock takedown, Tempest allows Redstreak to clamber back up before a snap suplex drives him backfirst into the canvas.

JFA: “Tempest unloading on Redstreak, now. Floats across to the cover… shoulder comes up after one, though.”
JHA: “I hardly think you’re going to be able to pin Redstreak with a suplex of all things…”
JFA: “Tempest’s no ordinary competitor, J. I wouldn’t rule out anything with him. Tempest scooping Redstreak up… lifts him hiiigh with that gorilla press… and the Game out of nowhere with a high knee to the back of the Australian! Sent him flying into the ropes… and Redstreak drops all the way out to the floor!”
JHA: “Holy moses… Air Tempest! I’d hate to see economy class…”
JFA: “Tempest stunned by it… and the Game with the roll-up! One! Two! No, powered out by Tempest… clothesline attempt… ducked by the Game – waistlock catches him. Can he get him over? German suplex!”
JHA: “Still got it locked in, though…”
JFA: “He has… the AWF Champion struggling to his feet… hauling Tempest up… and another German suplex. Rolls through again, though… back up to the vertical base…. A third German suplex! Releases it this time!”
JHA: “That’ll take it out of you…”
JFA: “Tempest instinctively rolling over onto his stomach to catch his breath. Knows he can’t be pinned if he’s face down. The Game eyeing him up, though… heading to the outside. Going after Redstreak, perhaps? No – going up top! The Game is going to fly!”

Balancing himself on the top turnbuckle, Galvatron91 measures his opponent before launching himself though the air and dropping the elbow across Tempest’s back.

JHA: “That’ll take the wind out of your sails.”
JFA: “It will indeed! The Game turning him over, now… lateral press, it could be all over for Tempest! One! Two! Kick out! Tempest kicked out. The Game can’t believe it!”
JHA: “I thought that was it… I really did.”
JFA: “G91 not letting it get to him, though. Hopping back up to his feet. Backs into the corner now… are we about to see that superkick of his? Maybe… Tempest struggling to his feet… the band is being tuned up… Tempest may be on his way out of the Iron Gauntlet… No – ducked!”
JHA: “CHCHCHokeslam!”
JFA: “Tempest ducking the superkick and catching the AWF Champion with that chokeslam! Just driving the Game hard into the canvas! G91 not out, though… rolling away from Tempest… and out under the bottom rope to the floor.”
JHA: “As much as I hate to say it, that’s smart tactics from the Game. Had enough about him to get out of the ring… rolling like that also means you can land on your feet without having to climb.”

Back on his feet outside the ring, G91 shakes his head to clear the cobwebs. But as he looks up again, he’s flattened by a huge topé from Tempest.

JFA: “The biggest topé in town! Tempest just diving straight through the middle rope and tackling the Game to the floor! Picking him up now.”
JHA: “How is he able to stand after doing that?!”
JFA: “Some men are just born resiliant, J. Though I think the resiliency of the Game may be about to be tested… Tempest hauling him up… and just tosses him facefirst into the steel! And again!”

Grabbing the Champion by the scruff of the neck, Tempest manhandles G91 as he hurls him into the mesh wall of the cell. A third shot is enough to open up a gash on the Game’s forehead, leaving him lying on the protective mats, bleeding profusely.

JHA: “Can I change my pick?”
JFA: “Why break the habit of a lifetime? There’s still three more men to enter after these are done! Tempest backing away from the champion, now… glancing around the ring, searching for something… or someone, perhaps. We’ve not seen Redstreak since he got hurled over the top rope…”

Circling the ring anti-clockwise, Tempest rounds the corner and is met by a hard spear by the rested Redstreak.

JHA: “There he is! Forceful Entry!”
JFA: “Redstreak laying in wait for, well, I don’t know if he was waiting specifically for Tempest… laying in wait for anybody, probably. And the Australian is flat out on the arena floor. Redstreak hauling him up quickly… and slams him shoulderfirst into the steel ringpost.”
JHA: “That’s smart play. He bided his time, got his breath back, now he’s picking up where he left off.”
JFA: “As I remember, he left off being launched out of the ring… but enough about details. Redstreak attacking Tempest like a hungry dog… and just wraps that left arm around the ringpost. Slow, methodical pace to his attack. Doesn’t want to get caught out taking any risks outside the ring. Not with that cell around them.”
JHA: “Smart as they come. Intelligence is a key factor in becoming number 1, after all.”
JFA: “So’s integrity. And I don’t know if he’s got any of that left.”
JHA: “Integrity? Since when did that get anybody far in this business?”
JFA: “I’m surprised you even know what it is… Redstreak rolling Tempest back into the ring, now. The Game hauling himself back up on the outside. Redstreak clambers through the ropes. Nonchalant cover. One. Two. Shoulder comes up from Tempest.”

Leaving Tempest to crawl back up of his own volition, Redstreak backs up across the ring before charging in and burying a kick right to the ribs.

JFA: “Redstreak getting his kicks in whilst Tempest can’t defend himself. That’s typical of who he’s become lately.”
JHA: “What? It’s smart play. How are you supposed to get your kicks in when they CAN defend themselves? That’s just making things difficult if you try that.”
JFA: “The Game up onto the apron now… bloodied and groggy. Redstreak’s seen him… and just rushes across for a cheapshot. Knocks the champion off the apron and back down to the floor.”
JHA: “You’re number 1, Red!”
JFA: “Cockily playing to the crowd, now. Telling them all he’s number one. Or asking to go to the bathroom, as I believe the Lock once put it.”
JHA: “Oh, sure. You just had to bring that up again…”
JFA: “Redstreak watching Tempest now… waiting for the Australian to get back up, picking his spot…”
JHA: “Hey – what’s the Game doing underneath the ring?”
JFA: “Galvatron91 seemingly searching for something under the ring apron. Back to the action and Tempest is to his feet… Redstreak sneaking up behind him. Grabs the arms…”
JHA: “Scorpion coming up!”
JFA: “Redstreak looking for the Scorpion, his version of the Impaler… Turns it around…”
JHA: “The Game back up on the apron, what’s that in his hand?”
JFA: “Redstreak’s got it turned… facing the Game now, but… Tempest powering out of it! Sends Redstreak forward and… and the Game just nailed Redstreak in the face with something!”
JHA: “It’s a sledgehammer, dammit! It’s that damn sledge!!”

Seeing the swing coming, Redstreak is able to roll with the impact to take the worst out of it. Still hit, though, he staggers backwards and around, clutching the side of his face, but walks straight into the clutches of Tempest.

JHA: “God no…”
JFA: “Tempest’s got him caught! Chokeslam coming up… YES! Tempest with the chokeslam on Redstreak… No cover, though… hauling him up for it…”
JHA: “The Game should be disqualified! That isn’t fair!”
JFA: “There’s no disqualifications here! Pinfall or submission only! Redstreak going for the ride, here… Thunder Press! Driven into the mat by Tempest. Hooks the leg – One! Two! Three! It’s all done for Redstreak!”
JHA: “And it’s all the fault of that damn Game! Where the hell did that sledgehammer come from?!”
JFA: “Under the ring, by the looks of it! Redstreak’s eliminated, but the match continues… we’ll be joined by his replacement soon. The Game into the ring again, now… still holding that sledgehammer. Swings for Tempest! No, ducked by the Australian – and he’s caught the Game by the throat… Chokeslam! It could be all over for the Champion here as well! Cover by Tempest – One! Two!”
JFA: “Shoulder comes up from the Game! Oh so nearly three. That would have been huge news, there. Tempest eliminating both Redstreak and the Game before we can even get the fourth man out here.”

Looking up, Tempest sees the door to the cell being opened, and the referees rolling Redstreak out. He quickly remembers the rules of the encounter, and knows that somebody else is due to come through the door in his stead. Turning his attention away from the Game, he picks up the sledgehammer from the canvas and waits.

JHA: “That’s going to be a scary sight for whomever comes through…”
JFA: “Well, we bid adieu to Redstreak. Strives to be number 1. He’s achieved that tonight. First in, first out.”
JHA: “Oh, ha ha ha. Shut the hell up about it, already. The Game cheated.”
JFA: “I can’t see how… there aren’t any rules against it…”
JHA: “How biased ARE you?!”

Get rolled with the fever on the dance floor

JFA: “The Lock! The Lock replacing Redstreak.”
JHA: “Oh, really? I never would have guessed.”
JFA: “Former Intercontinental Champion; Two-time former Tag Team Champion. Looking to make the step up and become the AWF Champion for the first time. Blazing a way straight down to ringside…”
JHA: “Hey, that was uncalled for!”
JFA: “The Lock stopping in the aisle to give Redstreak the People’s Finger, before punching him down to the ground! Red could barely stand, being helped to the back by the referees, and the Lock just took him out.”
JHA: “He’s no business doing that!”
JFA: “I’d have to agree, but he certainly feels better for it! The Lock into the ring now, door closed behind him.”
JHA: “I hope Tempest rips him a new one…”
JFA: “That’s a distinct possibility… Tempest clutching that sledgehammer… The Lock creeping slowly forward. These men are as close to allies as Tempest has in the AWF… but that means nothing with the stakes this high.”

His eyes locked on his countryman, Tempest raises the sledgehammer high above him, lining up the swing. But before he can take any action, it’s wrenched from his hands by the Game.

JFA: “The Game back up and into it! Relieves Tempest of the sledgehammer… Tempest turns… shot to the gut! G91 just driving the sledgehammer into the stomach of Tempest! The Lock up behind… Dinobot Slam!”
JHA: “I don’t believe it! He got him up!”
JFA: “And back down again! The Lock sat on the mat… looking up at the Game. The Game says to cover him! One! Two! No – Tempest got his foot on the bottom rope!”
JHA: “I don’t believe that… this is incredible!”

Dropping the sledge to the canvas, Galvatron91 wipes the blood from his eyes and joins in stomping away on Tempest with The Lock. Seeing the weapon discarded, the referee walks across and kicks it out of the ring.

JHA: “Finally that damn sledge is out of the equation again.”
JFA: “It’s certainly a difference maker, that’s for sure! G91 and The Lock working in tandem, now. Pulling Tempest up… send him to the ropes… and dual reverse elbows take him back down to the mat.”

Nodding at each other, the two men hit the ropes on opposing sides of the ring and drive simultaneous elbow drops into the chest of Tempest.

JHA: “Good strategy, I have to say. Slow him down, both attack him at once. Then when he’s softened up, go in for the kill.”
JFA: “The Game heaving Tempest up, now. Has him in that waistlock… The Lock lining something up here… into the ropes… and a spinning heel kick – into a huge release German suplex by the AWF Champion!”
JHA: “They broke him in half… he’s folded up like an accordian. Gotta be all over.”
JFA: “The Game with the cover, now. One. Two. But Tempest kicks out! How much stamina is there in this guy?”
JHA: “I don’t know. I don’t even think he’s human.”
JFA: “Tempest struggling back up, now. The Game whips him to the ropes… The Lock looking for the spinning heel kick – no! Tempest caught him in mid-air…”
JHA: “Look at the strength!”
JFA: “Tempest holding the Lock up there, still… cradled like a baby… and just throws him at the Game! The Champion sent reeling as the Lock lands on him. Tempest catching his breath, now. The Game staggering back to a vertical base, using the ropes to climb up.”
JHA: “Oh, look out…”
JFA: “Tempest charging! No, the Game ducks it and a big back bodydrop to the outside!”
JHA: “He landed on his feet! He landed on his feet, for crying out loud!”
JFA: “Tempest still standing on the outside now… The Game and The Lock trying to figure out a way of putting the Human Bulldozer down… Game with the Irish whip on the Lock… baseball slide!”
JHA: “Oh ****.”
JFA: “Tempest dodged it! Tempest had it scouted, moved out of the way as the Lock sailed past… Grimlock at his mercy, now. And just slams him facefirst into the ring apron. Grabbing him again… and whips him with authority into the steel ring steps!”
JHA: “That has GOT to hurt! He actually knocked the steps over! He actually knocked the steps over.”

Seeing The Lock in trouble, and knowing he stands his best chance against Tempest with an ally, Galvatron91 dashes across the ring, leaps onto the top turnbuckle and launches himself down to the outside, aiming a double axehandle at the Lord of the Mat’s skull.

JHA: “Look at the hang time on that! Oh my god…”
JFA: “The Game… caught by Tempest! Tempest catching him on the outside in that big bearhug… Lifts him high…”
JHA: “Flapjack!”
JFA: “Sickening flapjack like maneouvre from Tempest… just dropping back and driving the Game facefirst into the space behind him. Unluckily for the Champion, that space consisted of the ring apron!”
JHA: “I feel sick…”
JFA: “And The Game could have serious injuries here… he’s had a long history of neck injuries… it was about a year ago when he suffered serious damage that we thought would end his career. Just driven facefirst into the ring apron… he could have aggravated that neck, he could have a broken jaw, broken nose, fractured cheekbone… there’s no way of telling what damage could have been done. He could have bitten through his tongue, for god’s sake.”
JHA: “And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.”
JFA: “But to cap it all – it’s for nought. Tempest still standing… turning his attention back to the Lock, now. Grimlock trying to land a punch to the stomach… has no effect, Tempest clotheslining him back down to the floor.”
JHA: “I smell a massacre…”
JFA: “You could be right… Tempest picking up the Lock, now. Irish whip… straight into the steel. That cell coming back into play again. Tempest taking full advantage of the giant weapon that their environment doubles as.”
JHA: “As he well, should. It’s a shame to waste it.”
JFA: “And the scary thing is, he’s barely needed to. The AWF Champion lying a bloody mess on the floor… bleeding from his mouth… his forehead lacerated from earlier… barely moving. Tempest picking the Lock up… draping him across his shoulder… and a huge snake-eyes drop into the steel ringsteps.”
JHA: “You hear that?”
JFA: “I think the whole of Seattle heard that. A sickening thud as The Lock’s head bounces off the steel steps. Tempest dragging him up again… back onto the shoulder. No, not again…”
JHA: “Javelin time?”
JFA: “Oh, god. Tempest just ramming The Lock headfirst into the steel mesh of the cell. And again. And again. No, this is uncalled for. Tempest dropping him back down to the floor. This man is out to make a name for himself… and he’s doing it by destroying the Lock. And the sad thing is that he doesn’t need to resort to these measures.”
JHA: “Oh, come on. It’s fun.”
JFA: “You think seeing a man bludgeoned is fun?”
JHA: “Sure, why not?”
JFA: “Tempest pulling the Lock up again… rolling him back in the ring.”
JHA: “You realise the sick part? The Lock is the closest thing Tempest has to a friend here… if this is how he’s treating his friend, think how that’s gonna make everybody else feel?”
JFA: “At least he can plead extenuating circumstances. The Lock is just a man between him and the AWF Championship. The red mist clearing now, I think. The storm may be over for now. Tempest hauling him up… blood soaking the canvas from where the Lock’s been busted wide open.”
JHA: “The Lock’s been busted open… The Game’s been busted open… Redstreak’s the only person not to be mutilated by that monster!”
JFA: “I doubt that makes him feel better – Tempest still eliminated him.”
JHA: “No he didn’t! The Game eliminated him. Tempest just got the fall!”
JFA: “Well, it looks to be the first of at least two, tonight. Tempest setting up the Thunder Press… drives the Lock down to the mat! Makes the cover. One. Two. Three, stick a fork in the Lock – he’s done.”

Standing up from the pin, Tempest raises his hand in victory, but shows little in the way of emotion. He pats his fist across his heart and stretches his arm out in the direction of The Lock, signifying his respect for the victim.

JHA: “Two down, two more to come. Will it be Thundercracker or will it be the King?”
JFA: “Tempest pacing up and down in the ring… watching them open the door as the EMTs strap the Lock onto that gurney. Notable contrast between this fall and the last… last time, he went straight to work on the Game, looking to eliminate the champion before the next man came out. This time it looks like he’s forgotten about him in the heat of battle.”
JHA: “And that is surprising… the Game’s barely moved since he hit the apron. He’d probably be easy pickings right about now!”
JFA: “Almost certainly would. And it’s not often you can say that about the AWF Champion. His title in serious jeopardy tonight… Tempest almost single-handedly running the show. Running the Iron Gauntlet.”
JHA: “You seriously only just worked out where the match got it’s name from, didn’t you?”

God, money, I'll do anything for you.
God, money, just tell me what you want me to.
God, money, nail me up against the wall.
God, money, don't want everything he wants it all.

JFA: “And here comes the King! The sole representitive of Mayhem.”
JHA: “Not if you count the Game. And, oh boy – that’s what you call strategy.”
JFA: “King will have been paying close attention to the match from back in the locker room… and it shows. Coming out armed with a steel chair!”
JHA: “Smart, smart play.”
JFA: “That may be the only way anybody’s going to stop Tempest tonight! But will he be allowed to take it into the cell with him?”
JHA: “I don’t see why not. The Game smuggled that sledgehammer in… it’s no different in my eyes.”

Reaching the door to the cell, King is approached by the referees, asking him to relinquish the chair. Instead, the Mayhem entrant raises his weapon high, gesturing to the officials that he’s unafraid to use it on them.

JFA: “Well, I guess that answers it. The King entering the cell armed with a steel chair, we’ll see what Tempest can do against that.”
JHA: “I’ve a horrible feeling it all adds up to just one more weapon for him to use. He’s busted people open with the cell, the ring steps and even the apron… think what he’ll do if he gets his hands on something he can actually carry about with him!”
JFA: “King warily into the ring… Tempest beckoning him… daring him to come closer.”
JHA: “It’s a good old fashioned showdown, J! Who’s gonna budge first?”
JFA: “And… King just darting in and jabbing that chair into the knee of Tempest! Tempest was expecting the attack from on high… King slamming it onto the side of the leg, now! And again! Tempest staggered… drives a third shot into the leg! And now smashes the chair across the head of Tempest. Tempest’s down! Tempest’s down! King not making the cover, though – not going to be drawn into it.”
JHA: “He’s the freshest man out there and he knows it! Wants to make the advantage count!”

Backing off to survey the situation, King lunges forward again, driving the chair down into the kneecap of the fallen Tempest. The Australian screams in pain as he tries to turn over and drag himself up with the ropes. The former Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion sizes him up and smashes the chair into the side of the leg again and again.

JHA: “He is going to destroy Tempest’s leg!”
JFA: “Canny strategy by the King. Take away the leg, you take away their vertical base.”
JHA: “Exactly. It doesn’t matter how powerful they are stood up, they’re all the same size once they’re flat on their back. He can’t chokeslam him from the mat, he can’t hit the Thunder Press, he can’t throw somebody into that steel cell if he can’t stand up!”
JFA: “King discarding the chair now… dragging Tempest across the ring by the leg… Tempest facedown on the canvas… King lifting that leg high… and just drives the knee into the canvas!”

Watching his foe writhe in pain, King backs up and regains the chair. Measuring him up, the Mayhem star smashes the steel weapon down hard on the side of the leg.

JFA: “And this is getting serious… King really zeroing in on that one body part… relentless… vicious… another chairshot! Driving the point of it down into the hamstring, this time.”
JHA: “He’s not going to rest until he knows the job is done, J! He’s determined, he’s aggressive! He can smell the AWF Championship, but he knows he has to remove Tempest before he can get there.”
JFA: “Well, he’s certainly come out with a gameplan. Sticking to it rigorously, and it seems to be working. Another shot to the knee, now! I’ve lost count of how many times Predaking has slammed that steel folding chair into the leg of Tempest.”
JHA: “Not nearly enough for King, by the looks of it!”
JFA: “King dragging Tempest to the side of the ring, now. Lifting that leg up… Tempest trying to fight, but he seems in too much pain. Drapes the foot on the second rope… that leg’s wide open to attak again. And just slams the chair down across the knee! That chair’s battered and dented beyond belief!”
JHA: “So just think how Tempest’s leg feels!”
JFA: “It must be shot to hell, by now. He could need major reconstructive surgery on it… he may never be the same again. King bringing down that chair on the leg again now! Finally tossing it away over the top rope. Perhaps now the assault will cease.”
JHA: “Doesn’t look likely!”

Grabbing Tempest’s ankle, King slides out of the ring and drags him into the corner. Taking careful aim, he swings the leg with authority, wrapping the knee around the ringpost.

JFA: “Good god… this man has no sense of remorse… he doesn’t know when enough is enough!”
JHA: “I don’t think there’s such a thing as enough with the AWF Title! Again, now!”
JFA: “King just slamming that knee into the ringpost again… you can hear the howls of pain from Tempest. I never thought anybody would reduce that man to this!”
JHA: “King is certainly exceeding expectations!”
JFA: “King going in search of that chair, now… bringing it across… Tempest trying to back away, still around that ringpost… and King just crushed Tempest’s knee between the chair and the post! That is sick!”
JHA: “Knee sandwich, anybody?”
JFA: “Again, now! This is relentless! King grabbing Tempest’s leg again… and slams it into the post yet again! Taking hold of the other leg… wrapping them around the post… what’s he doing?”
JHA: “Figure four! Figure four leglock around the ringpost! He’s going to break Tempest’s leg!”
JFA: “If he hasn’t already done so! I’m not sure what the situation for the referee is, here. Certainly this isn’t a legal submission hold, but on the other hand, there are no disqualifications…”
JHA: “I think it would count, then. Whoa, look at the pain etched on his face…”
JFA: “Tempest in absolute agony… he was in full control of the match until King walked in with that chair… he’s barely touched Predaking… and he’s been reduced to this, now!”
JHA: “King certainly making an impact. Is the Game still out?”
JFA: “I think so… beginning to stir now, I think… I was getting worried about him. King hanging upside down on the outside, torquing away with that ringpost-assisted figure four. Blood’s got to be beginning to rush to his head, now. And I think it was, as he’s finally released the hold.”
JHA: “You realise, that after all that… Tempest still didn’t give up?”
JFA: “He’s got heart. He may not have a knee anymore, but he’s got heart. He’s not going to give up his dream of becoming AWF Champion without a fight.”

Scrambling back to his feet quickly, The King glances around and sees one of the cameramen in the cell. Reaching out, he grabs the video camera from their hands and drives it into Tempest’s knee. The video feed stays live from the camera as the lens is destroyed on his leg.

JHA: “That’s a shot you don’t see everyday!”
JFA: “King absolutely relentless in his quest to put Tempest out of commission! Dragging him out of the ring under the bottom rope, now. Setting him up for a side suplex? No – grabbing the leg… lifts him high, and just drops him down onto the steel ringsteps! Modified version of that old knee-breaker. Lifting Tempest up by the hair, now… and slams him facefirst into the steel of the cage.”
JHA: “I think the end may be near for the Aussie.”
JFA: “King bordering on the psychopathic in his assault here… he’s got that raw desire. He knows the end is near for Tempest. That gameplan seems to have been executed to perfection. Slamming him facefirst into the mesh again. Tempest can barely stand.”

Smirking, the King strolls around the ring and picks up the battered steel chair, before he leaps up onto the apron. A determined look on his face, he climbs the turnbuckles with the chair in hand.

JHA: “Now what’s he doing?”
JFA: “I think only he knows… Tempest lying prone on the outside, just slumped down against the mesh of the cell. King on the top turnbuckle… oh god, no. Don’t do it!”
JHA: “Oh hell yeah! He’s going to destroy that knee once and for all!”
JFA: “King on the top rope with the chair… taking aim!”

Leaping off the top rope, King aims the chair to drive into Tempest’s prone knee, but as he falls, Tempest manages to roll fractionally out of the way. King lands on the concrete, driving the chair into the protective matting and apparantly jarring his shoulders with the impact.

JFA: “He moved! Tempest just got out of the way… King stunned, slightly… turns back, Tempest on his knees… King lunges forward, but Tempest shoves him back!”
JHA: “Ouchies…”
JFA: “King just driven back into the corner, his spine connecting with the edge of the ring… may have caught the back of his head on the ringpost… still standing though… Drop toehold by Tempest! Just driving King forward into the steel mesh!”
JHA: “This does not look good…”
JFA: “Tempest running on adrenaline… somehow up to a vertical base… he can’t seem to put any weight on that injured leg. Rubbing King’s face against the steel, now… dragging the flesh across the cage. Pulling him away now… and hurls him back into the ring under the bottom rope.”
JHA: “King doesn’t look a pretty sight…”
JFA: “Only the beginning of the retribution, I think. Tempest trying to get back into the ring, now… struggling up onto the apron. King across and a high knee into Tempest’s face… Tempest still on the apron. King looking for a way to get him inside. Suplex perhaps? No – blocked by Tempest…”
JHA: “Not going to be able to reverse it… not on one leg.”
JFA: “No, you’re right… King winning out in the end… and a huge suplex brings Tempest back into the ring! King floats across with the cover – one! Two! Shoulder came up from Tempest.”
JHA: “Hey, is that the Game trying to climb in on the far side?”
JFA: “It certainly looks like it! A bloodied and battered Galvatron91 crawling to his knees… trying to haul himself up onto the apron. King now… onto the second rope. Elbow drop, maybe…”
JHA: “It’s gonna be there.”
JFA: “No! Tempest rolled out of the way! King eats canvas on the elbow drop. Hauling himself back up now… lunging at Tempest, who dodges and just swats the leg away from King for an improvised takedown. Tempest crawling back to the vertical base…”
JHA: “Who’s gonna get up first?”
JFA: “Both men up now… Tempest struggling… King in now with a boot to the midsection. Hand around the throat – chokeslam, maybe?”
JHA: “The PPC! I’ve missed this on Warzone… Tempest’s gonna go for it… NO!”
JFA: “Tempest clasping his own hand around King’s throat! They’re both locked in… neither man giving an inch… both with their right hands around the other’s throat…”

As Predaking and Tempest fight for dominance in their own test of strength, neither sees the AWF Champion, Galvatron91, finally crawl back into the ring – once again clutching his trusty sledgehammer.

JFA: “Who’s going to crack? Who’s going to choke first? Oxygen being cut off to both men – who’s going to find the strength to break the other’s hold and deliver the crushing blow?”
JHA: “I don’t know, but… oh my god – look out!”
JFA: “The Game! Out of nowhere with the sledgehammer right to the back of Tempest’s knee! King with the chokeslam! He’s down!”
JHA: “PPC! PPC! The Game with the sledge again!”
JFA: “Galvatron91 picking the perfect moment to return to the match… blood pouring from his mouth… I think I just saw him spit a tooth down at Tempest… motioning for King to lift him again… King obliging.”
JHA: “The King and the Game? Working together?!”
JFA: “To eliminate Tempest, I think most of these men would work with the devil himself… King heaving Tempest up… G91 with the sledge… right into Tempest’s gut! Doubles him over… Pedigree! Pedigree from the Game! The King standing back… Hook of the leg… One… Two… Three! They got him!”
JHA: “My god… they actually got rid of Tempest!”
JFA: “It took countless chairshots, both men and a sledgehammer to do it, but Tempest is finally eliminated from this match! No mystery about his replacement – there’s only one man left to come out, and that’s Thundercracker.”
JHA: “But there may be only one man left in the ring by the time he gets here!”
JFA: “The King going straight to work on the Champion! No sooner had the referee signalled for the bell than the King was in there like a vulture! Pounding away on the Game’s neck… dragging him up… whip to the ropes… huge clothesline! He just took the Champion’s head off!”
JHA: “It’s all over! Hook of the leg – One! Two! Three!”
JFA: “No – two and a half! The Game somehow kicking out of it… King frustrated, he thought he had it.”
JHA: “He did have it! That was three!”
JFA: “Referee only said two! King picking him up now… inverted atomic drop! The Game staggered… kneelift to the midsection… moving behind now… Pumphandle Slam coming up…”
JHA: “The Rampage… bam! Connects with it!”
JFA: “No cover, though. The cell door being opened and Tempest being helped out… receiving a standing ovation from this sell out Safeco Field crowd. The King heading to the top rope. G91 struggling to his feet… his face is absolutely soaked in his own blood, it’s a miracle that he can see!”
JHA: “Divebomb! Flying clothesline from the King! The Game’s gone!”
JFA: “Lateral press… one… two… somehow the shoulder comes up! Galvatron91 somehow getting his right shoulder up before the count of three. King cannot believe it.”

Worms of the earth, rise in numbers
A silent night brings them upon us
Rising from the soil to torment the living
Torment the living

JHA: “And here comes the final man.”
JFA: “Thundercracker coming out to the ring… the sixth man to enter the Iron Gauntlet here at Syxx Feet Under. The challenge gets tougher and tougher. The Game the only man still in there from the original three. King’s still about as fresh as he was when he went in there.”
JHA: “Oh boy… and he brought company!”
JFA: “And… TC being accompanied to ringside by Redstreak and A-Train. Redstreak’s already been eliminated from this match… he’s got no business being out here.”
JHA: “He’s here to cheer on his friend! So’s A-Train. Don’t worry so much, the cell’s there to prevent them getting involved, remember?”
JFA: “I know that… but some people always find a way. Predaking with a huge powerbomb on the Game, now!”
JHA: “He calls that Tantrum, don’t y’know? And I know what’s coming next – it’s time to Lock and Load, baby!”
JFA: “The King setting G91 up in it… grapevines the legs… and turns it over. The move’s been called many things in the past… Rugged Ronnie Garvin called it the reverse figure four… the Hart brothers called it the Sharpshooter… Sting called it the Scorpion Deathlock. King calls it the Lock and Load.”
JHA: “And whatever you call it, the Game’s about to tap out!”
JFA: “Galvatron91 being driven into the mat… huge pressure being exerted on his knees and lower back… he has to be in excrutiating pain… he’s lost a lot of blood…”
JHA: “It’s not lost – I know exactly where it is!”
JFA: “I’m sure that makes him feel a lot better. Thundercracker entering the ring now – another highly decorated superstar. He’s a former Tag Team Champion. He’s the only one of the challengers in this match to have worn the AWF Championship in the past, and being the last to enter, he’s got the upper hand over both the other remaining combatants.”
JHA: “What’s he going to do?”
JFA: “TC just standing on the ring apron, now. Watching intently. Elimination rules apply, so he’s got no need to break up the hold. Although he may fancy his chances more against the Game than against King.”
JHA: “Of course he will – King’s fresh, the Game’s virtually crippled there.”
JFA: “The Game being injured was his main reason for thinking he’d be victorious at ArchiveMania, remember?”
JHA: “Don’t go into details. Besides, King would love to rip him into pieces after being cheated out of victory at Lord of the Mat! Has the Game not tapped yet, dammit?!”
JFA: “He’s not… and I doubt he will! Thundercracker stepping through the ropes, now. Approaching from behind King… I don’t know if he’s even seen TC, yet. King just leaning back, applying as much pressure as he can…”
JHA: “What is TC doing?”
JFA: “Slowly circling the pair… trying to decide on the best course of action… he may be getting itchy feet from all this waiting.”
JHA: “And those educated feet don’t like getting itchy!”
JFA: “They certainly don’t! TC strolling around to the front of King now. The Mayhem competitor’s seen him. What’s going to happen now? TC recently fired from Mayhem - King still a member of their roster, of course…”
JHA: “That’s what.”
JFA: “Thundercracker fed up of waiting! A perfectly executed enziguri to the side of King’s head! Predaking saw it coming but didn’t have time to respond.”

Taking his chance, TC quickly pulls King up and throws him into the corner of the ring. He darts in with a shoulderblock to the gut, before cartwheeling backwards out of the corner and nailing a stepover heel kick to his opponent’s jaw. As King stands dazed in the corner, the Chicago native leaps in and performs a perfect monkey flip to deposit the Mayhem man firmly on his back on the canvas.

JHA: “TC really unloading, here!”
JFA: “He certainly is! Perhaps thinking that he can eliminate King quickly and be left alone with the weaker Game. Rolling thunder to the King! Lateral press – one! two! Kick-out by King.”
JHA: “Take more than that to put him away, J.”
JFA: “I know that, but I think TC thought he could catch him on the sly. The Game starting to climb back up, now. TC pulling King onto his feet… irish whip… reversal by King. TC into the corner… running shoulder charge… no, TC dodged it and King just goes straight to the ringpost!”
JHA: “That may have dislocated his shoulder!”
JFA: “TC hopping over the top rope, now. Onto the top buckle… King still staggered in the corner… TC’s got him…”

Holding his adversary in the corner, TC seats himself on the top rope, turning King to face away from him. Draping his legs around the neck, Thundercracker perches himself carefully on King’s shoulders.

JFA: “Here we go – victory roll! This is what did for King at Lord of the Mat! Can he roll it over?”
JHA: “Wooha! Superb counter!”
JFA: “My god… King wise to it… just dropped to a seated position, pulled TC forward over his head and drove him chest first into the mat! Version of the electric chair… brilliant counter to the victory roll. He had it scouted from last time.”
JHA: “The King never forgets!”
JFA: “King up to his feet now… favouring that shoulder… backing away from TC. The Game is up to his feet again now… King hasn’t seen him!”
JHA: “Oh god no… he looks pissed…”
JFA: “I can’t tell behind all that blood! The Game with a right hand to the King! And another! He’s got him rocking… whips to the ropes… the Game off the far side… flying forearm takes him down!”
JHA: “Both men are down, though! I think that may have been all the Game had left in him… Oh no…”
JFA: “The Game kipped up! The AWF Champion back up to his feet. King struggling back up as well. G91 with a hard knife edge chop… and another… backs King into the corner. Irish whip… no, reversed by the King.”

As he heads towards the buckles, the Game doesn’t turn to meet them with his back. Instead he ducks with his entire body and uses his momentum to flip upside down, floating over the turnbuckles and landing on his feet on the ring apron. The King rushes in on the follow through, hoping to catch G91 as he hits the buckle, but as the Champion lands on his feet, he sees King coming and dashes along the apron, catching him with a clothesline.

JFA: “Beautiful flip from the Champion! Reminiscent of Ric Flair! Landing perfectly on his feet and taking knocking King to the mat. Still on the outside, now. Heading up to the top rope…”
JHA: “You said reminiscent of Ric Flair… I hope this goes the same way of any of Flair’s top rope forays!”
JFA: “It’s unlikely… the Game has a much better record in high risk situations… King staggering back up now… high crossbody! Rolled through by King! One! Two! Oh, narrowly kicked out by the Game.”
JHA: “TC’s back up far side, J.”
JFA: “I’ve seen him… I don’t know if our other two combatants have… both men to their feet now… King slightly quicker, still – kick to the midsection. Looking for the powerbomb… no, the Game flips over to land on his feet… SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!”
JHA: “NO!!”
JFA: “He caught all of it! Out of nowhere, that superkick… and out of nowhere, TC with the Lifetime Enlightenment on the Game as he turned around! Cover by Thundercracker, it might be all over! One! Two!”
JHA: “NO! So close!”
JFA: “Somehow… somehow the Game got his shoulder up at the last possible moment! I don’t know if I’ve EVER seen anybody do that before! TC hit all of it and made the cover straight away… I thought that was all over for G91’s title reign!”
JHA: “I’m not that lucky…”

Staring up at the heavens and the roof of the cell in disbelief, Thundercracker seems to ask the question of what must he do. Suddenly his attention is attracted by Redstreak and A-Train at ringside, shouting in and pointing beneath the ring.

JFA: “What do those two want?”
JHA: “They want to help their buddy!”
JFA: “TC’s never needed a cheerleading team before. The former AWF Champion coming across to the side of the ring, now… stepping out and dropping to the floor. What’s he doing?”
JHA: “Never mind what he’s doing – what’s the Game doing?!”
JFA: “Galvatron91 crawling back across the ring – the King still laid out from that Sweet Chin Music! Arm across the chest, King may be out of here! One! Two!”
JHA: “Woohoo!”
JFA: “The King somehow getting his shoulder up… he had time to recover from that kick… TC bought him that time, else he may have been out of the match before then!”

Rummaging about beneath the lifted ring apron, Thundercracker finally finds what he’s looking for.

JFA: “What is he doing? Oh god. Tables.”
JHA: “Oh yes – tables!”
JFA: “The Game back up inside the ring… along with the King. Whips him across to the ropes… clothesline attempt is ducked by King… comes back on the rebound…. Leapfrog by the champion… King stops dead, but Galvy’s landed behind him – waistlock cinched in! German suplex! Still got it locked in tight… hauls him up… another German… rolls through with it… another one!”
JHA: “Still got the waistlock in, though… he wouldn’t?”
JFA: “He would… up to his feet again… a fourth German suplex by the Game… but still not releasing it… up to his feet again… and there’s number five! Finally releases it… King looks like he’s been put through a mangle!”
JHA: “Now where’s he going?”
JFA: “The Game going up top… we saw him do this to Tempest, in what seems an eternity ago… then it was an elbow… what will it be now? Swandive headbutt! Connected by the Game. Makes the cover. One! Two!”
JHA: “Oh my god!”
JFA: “The King kicks out! Somehow the King had the energy reserves to kick out after five Germans and the headbutt! The Champion cannot believe it! There are bloodstains all over King from where it’s been pouring out of G91’s head. Is this not going to be the Game’s night after all? Is it destined to be the night where the King becomes the Champion?!”
JHA: “It may well be! But I think that Thundercracker will have something to say about that… once he’s finished whatever the hell it is that he’s upto.”
JFA: “What is he upto? He’s got three tables out from under the ring. On the outside having some sort of discussion with A-Train and Redstreak. Oh my god! What’s that in Astrotrain’s hands?”
JHA: “I don’t know… I can’t see clearly…”
JFA: “Bolt cutters! Astrotrain trying to cut a hole in the cell for some purpose… and now the referees see it… and fortunately they move Redstreak and A-Train away, now. Ordering them back to the locker room. They don’t seem too keen to go. Backing up the ramp, though. I think they’ll be content to watch from the stage.”
JHA: “Yeah… but did you notice what they don’t have?”
JFA: “I… oh god. Astrotrain left those bolt-cutters at ringside… right at the foot of the cell… TC just reaching down and pulling them through the mesh. I hate to think what he’s going to use those for.”
JHA: “Cutting, obviously.”

As Thundercracker discreetly cuts away at the steel mesh, the Game hoists King up and delivers a perfectly executed vertibreaker.

JFA: “Oh, that’s got to be it!”
JHA: “Holy ****. I thought they’d banned that move!”
JFA: “Not here! The Game with the cover. One. Two. Oh my god. King somehow gets his shoulder up again. The Game staring in disbelief at the referee.”
JHA: “He can’t have kicked out from that move… that move should have killed him!”
JFA: “He did! And as much as not one soul in Safeco Field believes it… it happened! Galvatron91 pulling the King up… King somehow with the wits to stand… whip to the rope… Frankengamer – no! Countered by King into a powerbomb! I don’t know how the hell he found the strength to do that… but he did!”
JHA: “Oh, King’s running on instinct now. He’s got to be. The Game’s running on pure adrenalin… the King’s running on instinct. He believes he’s born to be champion… I think he may be right. I don’t know how anybody in this match is ever going to be the same again.”
JFA: “Speaking of which, I’m getting reports from the medical staff that Tempest has actually suffered NO long term damage to his knee. That’s just the early reports, mind. They’ve done x-rays back there and found that nothing’s broken… no fractures, as we thought there may be… we’re still waiting to find if there’s any ligament damage, though.”
JHA: “That is beyond belief. He could barely stand out here earlier… King with the cover!”
JFA: “King somehow finding it in himself to throw an arm across the Game, now! Referee in position! One! Two! Shoulder comes up from Galvatron91. This defies all belief, here.”
JHA: “Oh, I’m never going to forget this match… TC still working away on that wall of the cell. The outside referees shouting at him, but they can’t do anything.”
JFA: “He’s cut about a six foot tall gap in that mesh, now. Finally stopping… and pulling the wall of the cell apart. Smiling contentedly. What is running through his sick, sick mind?”
JHA: “I have an idea what I’d do if I was as suicidally insane as him… but you really don’t want to know…”

Turning back to look at the action in the ring, Thundercracker picks up his first table and slides it through the gap in the cell.

JFA: “What is he doing? Taking those tables outside? He’s sliding all three of those tables to the outside of the cell…”
JHA: “He is. He’s actually going to try it…”
JFA: “Try what?”
JHA: “Oh, you don’t want to know what I think he’s got in mind…”
JFA: “Redstreak and Astrotrain back down to ringside, now. TC still inside the cell. And… they’re setting up the tables. No – they’re stacking the tables…”

Rolling back into the ring, Thundercracker levels the Game with a spin kick as the Champion climbs back to his feet. Seeing his chance, he hops over the ropes and onto the top turnbuckle.

JHA: “Frog Splash, coming up!”
JFA: “TC getting involved in the match again… Frog splash to the Game! Just driving all the air out of his lungs… Not making the cover though. Clutching his abdomen… TC back up again. Eyeballing King lying flat out on the mat… handspring moonsault! Again driving all the air out of his opponent using his own body.”
JHA: “Softening them up. Or softening somebody up, at least.”
JFA: “No pin from TC, though. Lifting the King up… ignoring the Game… and just hurls King over the top rope to the floor.”
JHA: “And the choice is made. He’s lost it.”
JFA: “I really don’t want to know what’s going through your mind over this.”
JHA: “That’s a shame… because we may be about to see it.”
JFA: “Thundercracker… dragging the King around the outside of the ring… just slams his face against the ring apron. Now pulling him back around… hurls him into the ringsteps. Dragging him around the arena floor, now. Trying to pull him to that area where he’s cut away the cell.”
JHA: “I can’t watch.”
JFA: “Redstreak and Astrotrain on the outside. They’ve stacked three tables high on top of each other… I dread to think what’s coming. The pair holding the tear in the cage open… and TC throwing the King through it… now stepping out himself. Thundercracker and the King out in the aisle, now. The Game and the referee the only men left in the cell.”

Putting the boots to The King, TC lifts him up and tries to slam his face into the steel mesh, but somehow the King finds the strength to block it and slam Thundercracker’s face into the steel instead. As he does so, A-Train and Redstreak pounce, burying punches and kicks into the Mayhem star’s body, before dragging his face across the cage.

JFA: “Look at those two vultures! This is exactly the sort of thing the Gauntlet was designed to stop.”
JHA: “Nature always finds a way.”
JFA: “Yeah… they remind me of those velociraptors. Referees trying to intervene… just being swatted away like flies, though. And… oh dear god. TC starting to climb the cell!”
JHA: “This is what I was afraid of.”
JFA: “Redstreak and A-Train hammering away on the King… Lifting him up, now… and just rolling him onto that top table…”
JHA: “Well, a King should always be at the top table.”
JFA: “Will you stop it. The Game climbing to his feet in the ring… watching with disbelief, now. Thundercracker scaling the cage… he’s at the top. TC on top of the cell… The King on a stack of tables below him. For the love of god, don’t do it!”
JHA: “If he misses, he’s dead…”
JFA: “If he hits it, Predaking may well be…”
JHA: “Here it comes…”
JFA: “Five Star… FROG SPLASH…”

King doesn’t even know what hits him as Thundercracker launches himself from the top of the cell and crashes through both his opponent and the stack of tables. Splinters fly everywhere as the wooden platforms collapse and the two men end up lying in the wreckage on the arena floor.

JHA: “He actually did it… I don’t believe it… he actually did it…”
JFA: “The whole of Safeco Field staring in disbelief… the Game standing inside the cell… blood congealing across his face… a look of total shock. And… and Thundercracker is up!”
JHA: “He actually did it…”
JFA: “Thundercracker holding his ribs in pain… but otherwise seems to be absolutely fine! King lying absolutely wrecked in the aisleway.”
JHA: “That’s got to be it. Just get King in the ring and pin him.”
JFA: “King’s out of it for sure. TC doesn’t seem to know where he is… slowly coming back to him. Redstreak and Astrotrain gesturing at him to get back in the cell. Grabbing King’s foot now… dragging him back through that opening.”

The AWF Champion, G91, stands totally dumbfounded as TC hauls the King through the opening in the cell and props him up against the ring apron. Rolling under the bottom rope, the groggy Thundercracker reaches down and pulls King up through the ropes and into the ring.

JHA: “King’s got to be unconscious, J. Out like a light.”
JFA: “TC’s got him propped up on his knees… still looking to do something to put it beyond doubt. The Game looking on, not willing to make a move quite yet. Happy to hang back and collect his thoughts.”
JHA: “He’s probably trying to come up with ways he can beat somebody willing to put his body in that much danger…”
JFA: “He’s done it before. But the title wasn’t on the line, then. I doubt TC would tap out in the same situation tonight. TC lifting the King up, now… perhaps going to line up the Lifetime Enlightenment…”
JHA: “What the hell?!”
JFA: “The King! Running on pure unadulterated instinct! Just caught TC from nowhere with an inside cradle! Thundercracker’s gone! He can’t believe it!”
JHA: “He was playing possom?!”
JFA: “I don’t think so! He’s virtually unconscious… I think that was just pure wrestling instinct! He felt TC hesitate and went for it! The King not moving… TC absolutely livid…. The Game…”
JHA: “He’s laughing!”
JFA: “The Game doesn’t believe it… Redstreak and A-Train just exploded on the outside… but TC is gone and what the hell? No… there’s no need for this!”
JHA: “There’s plenty of need! He just got embarrassed!”
JFA: “TC stomping away on the King… dragging him up and slamming him headfirst into the turnbuckle. Lets the King drop to the mat… outside now… after that steel chair. No… he wouldn’t?”
JHA: “He would!”
JFA: “TC propping that chair across the face of the King… heading across the ring, now… looking for the Ender… but the Game across to stop him. Galvatron91 talking TC down. Ordering him out of the ring, now. TC has a lot of respect for the Game, but I’ve got to wonder how likely he is to listen to him now.”
JHA: “Oh… that’s a shame.”
JFA: “And the Champion looks to have been successful. TC stepping through the ropes now. Taking that chair away from the King. We’re down to two men. The Game and the King. Galvatron91 dragging the King up now… King’s got to be on dream street… not much left in him… but that’s what TC thought, as well. The Game with a firm boot to the midsection… underhooks the arms…”
JHA: “I hate this…”
JFA: “Pedigree! Pedigree to the King. It’s got to be all over, now. Cover from the Game. One. Two. Three! That’s it, it’s all over! And the Game, Galvatron91 retains the AWF Championship in a gruelling match up. First time ever, the Iron Gauntlet Match. He survived Redstreak… he survived Tempest… he survived the Lock… he survived the King and Thundercracker. He’s a bloody mess, but he is still the AWF Champion.”
JHA: “I hate him so much.”
JFA: “And… oh, no… what the hell? TC back into the ring and just levelled the Game with the chair!”
JHA: “He shouldn’t have stopped him from hitting the Ender…”
JFA: “The referee shouting at TC… oh my god… Thundercracker just levelled the referee with the chair. Redstreak and Astrotrain into the ring, now… getting in through the hole in the cell.”

Still angry at his earlier elimination, Redstreak immediately searches out the Game’s sledgehammer as TC starts slamming the chair down on the back of the King. A-Train puts the boots to G91 until Red rolls back into the ring. The Tennessee native hoists the Champion up in a full nelson, allowing Redstreak to hit a firm sledge shot directly into the champion’s sternum.

JFA: “God no… this is uncalled for…”
JHA: “Seems plenty called for to me. The Game messed with the Streak, now he gets what’s coming to him.”

Still held in place by A-Train, the Game is dealt another vicious sledge shot by Redstreak, this one firmly into the side of the Champion’s jaw.

JFA: “It’s a massacre in there. TC setting King up in the corner, now… taking that chair with him, though. Out of the ring… springboard dropkick through the chair! That’s heinous!”
JHA: “The Ender! King shouldn’t have messed, J. You just don’t mess with these boys.”
JFA: “And… Sixswitch! Sixswitch charging down the aisle… out to help the Game, it seems… the former Intercontinental Champion coming to help his former D-Next partner.”
JHA: “Long time former.”
JFA: “What the hell? The GPA just… the GPA just came out of the crowd. Divebomb just levelled Sixswitch with a chair… P? and Viewfind heading towards the cell. What the hell has Viewfind got in his hands?”
JHA: “Padlocks!”
JFA: “Viewfind and Prowl… oh my god, they’re padlocking shut that hole in the cell… forcing the mesh back together and locking it up. The Game and the King are trapped inside. TC, Redstreak and Astrotrain doing a number on the Champion and Mr Reilly’s golden boy!”
JHA: “This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!”
JFA: “And here comes Skywarp to try and even the numbers up! StoneCold Skywarp… Divebomb swings the chair… ducked… Stunner! Stunner by Skywarp to Divebomb… Viewfind and Prowl back up the ramp, now… two on one against Skywarp… back in the cell, though… the mugging’s still going on… Pedigreee! Pedigree by Redstreak to the Game! How insulting is that?!”
JHA: “I love it!”
JFA: “Astrotrain putting G91 in the crossface, now! Redstreak laughing in front of him. TC still putting the boots to Predaking… taking out all his frustrations on the Mayhem man.”
JHA: “Oh, gods.”
JFA: “Skywarp just hitting a Stunner on Viewfind! And here comes Blaster, of all people! Blaster and Auros down to ringside to help out their Mayhem colleagues!”
JHA: “I don’t like this…”
JFA: “Auros with a huge clothesline on Prowl… why is it only Mayhem competitors flocking to the aid of the Game?!”
JHA: “Because nobody from Warzone is in trouble! The only people getting their asses handed to them are the property of Mayhem… you can bet it’s Reilly who’s sending them all down here!”
JFA: “Jinei down now… the GPA finally taken care of! Jinei’s brought some bolt cutters with him… taking out those padlocks… and now they’re into the cell!”
JHA: “Get out of there, boys!”
JFA: “Jinei, Skywarp and Auros into the cell now! Redstreak, TC and A-Train making a quick getaway! Straight out of the ring as the Mayhem guys entered… now out of the cell.”

Skywarp, Jinei, Auros and Blaster stand in the center of the ring in disbelief, as Redstreak TC and A-Train back their way up the aisle, laughing. The three collect up the GPA and head to the back to lick their collective wounds.

JFA: “And… this is a surreal sight. The Mayhem competitors in the ring… tending to the wounds of King and the Game… calling for some EMTs to come down here. The Game is still the AWF Champion. He went through hell to get there, but he doesn’t look like a champion.”
JHA: “He shouldn’t have sledged Redstreak. It all comes back to haunt you. Karma’s a bitch, J.”
JFA: “I don’t know about karma… but I think the Game and the King are going to be heavy on retribution once they’ve come around. We’re out of time, folks. This has been Syxx Feet Under. Our next Pay Per View is Autumn Annihilation on October the 26th, live from the Theatre of Dreams – Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester, England. So, for Joey Styles and Flec, this was your jobber announcers… we’ll see you next time, folks!”

2003-10-01, 02:53 AM
Well well well, RSOCD, you won it all after all. Not after being screwed by the NWA again. Yet again another faction ****s me over. Gets a bit old after awhile.

But no matter, I will take that belt back sooner than later. Otherwise congrats on being the man tonight. And Compy don't worry when I get that belt back you have your shot.

Anyway I am outta here. Til the next show Big Daddy Rav Outta Tha House.

Brave Maximus
2003-10-01, 03:24 AM
OOC: FUC*IN AWESOME PPV! Amazing job done by all the writers. The WWE needs to hire some of you (as well as the guy who books the matches)

I'll do an IC bit over the burried Vin a little later, just wanted to congradulate the writers and booking staff!

2003-10-01, 03:49 AM
OOC: Great freakin' job AWF writer type guys! :D


What. The. [CENSORED]. Was. THAT?!

Stupid referees! It had to be a crummy Vaccarro reject that refereed that match, because that's about the only way I can explain why Bloop and Blunder are still the Tag Champs. I swear, sometimes I think they pick these guys off the streets.

Waitaminute...maybe they do...I read last week that 9 out of 10 Americans gets stuck in crummy *ss jobs, and everyone knows that AWF referee is right up there with McDonalds food server and Esso Gas Pumper.

Whatever the case, Wolfangless, Black and Blue Zarak, celebrate your tiny winy victory all you wants. I'll see to it that you don't enjoy it.

2003-10-01, 04:12 AM
The Game sits backstage being treated for a variety of injuries.

Doctor: "Well, you did it this time didn't you?"

Game: (heavy lisp) "Dith whath?"

Doctor: "Well, as you may have noticed you dislocated your jaw and split your tongue...amazingly enough, the teeth you spit out weren't yours...I don't even want to know how you could have gotten someone else's rammed through your tongue. You also have a bruised sternum and a broken nose...I'll have to wait on the x-rays to tell you about your ribs, but there has to be one or two broken, we did start a blood transfusion while you were still out. You'll be out at least 6 weeks though."

Game: "Bullthit...I'll be back on mayhim"

The Doctor shakes his head and walks away.

Stone Cold: "Broken jaw and you still can't shut up, can you?"

Game: "Oh hellth no...the game thayth thith, all thothe backthstage jabbronieth from warthone, their hell hath justh begun..."

The Game lies back in tremendous pain every movement causing more pain than the last, as the doctors start to bandage his head, Stone Cold sets the World title on the Game's shoulder and walks away shaking his head as the Game prepares to once again spend the night in the hospital.

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-01, 05:10 AM
OOC: Now that's what I'm talking about. Great job guys.

IC: D-Extreme and Cyberstrike, you two are tough. I'll give you that. I said that I wanted a challenge and that what you boys gave me tonight. But now there's no question that I am the AWF T.V. Champion. Although I didn't make you two tap, I did show you two why you should always take a Rabid Wolverine seriously. I did what I said I was going to do. I walked in as the champ and I walked out as the champ.

From now on, week after week, I'll put this belt on the line. Anyone can come and take me on for this title. But know this, I will break bones, I will MAKE YOU TAP and the world will slowly realize that I am the Best Damn Technical T.V. Champion this company has ever seen. If anyone in the back thinks that they can take my title away from me, then come down to my ring and we'll see if you or anyone else can PROVE ME WRONG.

2003-10-01, 10:20 AM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson

IC: D-Extreme and Cyberstrike, you two are tough. I'll give you that. I said that I wanted a challenge and that what you boys gave me tonight. But now there's no question that I am the AWF T.V. Champion. Although I didn't make you two tap, I did show you two why you should always take a Rabid Wolverine seriously. I did what I said I was going to do. I walked in as the champ and I walked out as the champ.

From now on, week after week, I'll put this belt on the line. Anyone can come and take me on for this title. But know this, I will break bones, I will MAKE YOU TAP and the world will slowly realize that I am the Best Damn Technical T.V. Champion this company has ever seen. If anyone in the back thinks that they can take my title away from me, then come down to my ring and we'll see if you or anyone else can PROVE ME WRONG.

D-Ex: Well your right on that...but still I should say this, you were good out there Amarant. And I bet you can give the TV Title the glitter that I gave to it before I lost it to you. Now comes the time for you to defend it every Warzone and well...believe it or not, I wish you good luck on defending that title. That was a good match..I did my all to win but alas you know I lost. Anyways Amarant the next time we will meet...be aware that I will be more than ready to face you!

On to some other matters then. Morpheus hey man, I know your not silly cow anymore and you claim to be a changed man. Well then how about you and me go one on one next Warzone then? I may not be the TV Champ now..but I'm still looking forward to kick some ass.

OOC: now thats one hell of a PPV!!! Great job guys!

2003-10-01, 11:57 AM
OOC: All I can say is .... W00T!!, that was on AWESOME PPV, man oh man I can't wait to see the upcoming events.


*We see Tempest the medics area, staggering to get up but is being held down my medics surrounding him*

T: Get off me damn it, I SAID GET OFF ME!!

*Tempest grabs a bed pan and swings it at a doctors head*

T: Know you know why they call me the Human Bulldozer.

*Tempest walks around the building looking for Mr. Vaccaro office.*

T: God damn, I can never find the right place in this arena's.

*Tempest quickly notices a door with 'Mr Vaccaro' on it and rushes ahead. Before he can get there though, Mr. Waugh appears out of now where*

Waugh: What do you think you are doing? You should be in the medic area looking after your ... your knee isn't it?

*Tempest stares straight through Mr. Waugh*

T: Listen, I need to speak to Vaccaro!

W: Why?

T: Because I want a rematch with Galvatron91, thats why damn it

W: Hmmm.... very well, But he isn't here right now, He just left. Actually he left just after you were ... heh heh ... eliminated form the Iron Gaunlet match. He also wanted me to thank you for giving us such a good sho ....

*Tempest grabs Waugh by the collar*

T: Listen ... bub .... I Want that damn Re-Match with G91 damn it, I've nothing else to do with the others, EXCEPT with the King, but I don't see that happening ... anyway ...

*Waugh looks around as if he was looking for someone to help him, Tempest notices this and give Waugh a Thunderous chokeslam*

T: Now ....

*Tempest picks up Waugh by the collar*

T: Listen hard and listen good, I EARNED my right to face off agaisnt G91 when I won LOTM. Until I get a match, with him ONE on ONE in a match I will target anyone that I choose, do you hear that?

*Waugh nods slowly*

T: Good .... heh heh heh ...

*Tempest gives Waugh a SECOND chokeslam but this time does not pick him up.*

T: Listen carefully ... I Will not stop ... remember these words carefully. I can not stop, Im now on a Rampage, Now no one can stop the Human Bulldozer.

*Tempest walks away without a second glace hopeing that what he has just done will get him the chance he so rightfully deserves.*

2003-10-01, 01:08 PM
So, Stone Cold got the win. Stone Cold took my belt, but Stone Cold did not make me tap. The Double S has no problem with the way he lost the match. I knew going in it was gonna be tough, and tough it was. But that's not Stone Cold's fault. The blame for that stunt lies soley with Reilly and the Canucks. Why the Canucks? God knows, but hey, the poor saps need some way of feeling accomplished around here. And for that, there will be retribution in some form. Which form, I've not really decided yet, but hey, we've all had enough of darkness, revenge, terrible vengeance and battles for your immortal soul have we not?

If I wanted to come out here in a black cowl and bore you all with tales of my terrible vengeance I would. But I don't. However, the Double S does want a rematch as is my right as former champ, so shine that belt up good Sky, because I'm coming back for it.

(OOC: Quality show. I was especially impressed with the writing in my match, but it all rocked)

2003-10-01, 01:37 PM
OOC: Great Show!

IC: So Gruff, me and you in mayhem? In a cage match and there must be a winner? Well thats my style of fighting! We will see who is best warrior in this whole show because frankly it will be me making my win and you can't do anything about it. After I defeat you, I am comming for the belt, any belt and I will get it!

Brave Maximus
2003-10-01, 03:24 PM
The scene finishes at the end of the Burried Alive match and the Director calls to the cameramen that they were clear. All but one of them leave the scene, but one stays. Something tells him he needs to be there.

Brave Maximus stands, battered and bleeding, over the freshly covered grave, motionless, like a statue. In a heartbeat he drops to his knees and plunges his hand into the soft earth, grabbing the body lying at the bottom. Lighting crackles and thunder explodes around the scene, but the cameraman keeps filming. Brave Maximus throws his head back and begins to scream. The scream of a man who is having his very soul burned. As he falls back and clutches his head and rolls across the ground, screaming:

BM - It's Him. From the begining, it was always Him! All the pain, all the suffering, all the blood is on His hands.

Brave Maximus then falls flat on the ground. Four heart beats pass, then five. Finally Brave Maximus sits up and rises to his feet. But his eyes are hollow, and there is no conciousness behind them. As he walks away, lighting strikes the ground and the cameraman is blown off his feet. When he recovers, Brave Maximus is no where to be found and he shuts his camera off.

Back in the editing room, as he reviews his tape with the TV director, those last moments of recording did capture something on the audio track, as the camera looked at the fresh grave.
A voice, barely more than a wisper, but with the force of a clap of thunder:

I know who you are now.........
I know where to find you.............
I will make you pay and I will make you suffer as I have.........
I am coming for you and nothing on heaven or earth will stop me....

2003-10-01, 03:36 PM
IC - Awsome show guys

OOC - They say you can't always get what you want, but I've always got what I need. Now there are a lot of wrestlers after a Hardcore title shot, a lot of people are gonna be disapointed and I never disapoint myself so you had better not disapoint me Ravage

Is there any doubt in my mind that I'm gonna be leaving that title match with the Hardcore title - I don't think so


When I walk out that ring with the Hardcore title the world will find out what Computron has known all along, that he is the hotest thing the archive wrestling federation has ever, ever laid its eyes on

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-10-01, 08:26 PM
OOC: Wow! :eek: Another great show.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-01, 08:46 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
So, Stone Cold got the win. Stone Cold took my belt, but Stone Cold did not make me tap.

N'ah, I just knocked your ass clean out!

And sure, I'll keep the belt shiny, hell I'll toast to it every night with a case of beer or three, but the only thing you'll be coming back for is more of the hell-raisin' beer-drinkin' toughest SOB in the AWF and one helluva ass-whuppin!

And that's the bottom line, cos StoneCold said so!

2003-10-01, 09:48 PM
IC: Poor Bombers. What... stunned because you never saw it coming? See... that powerbomb of yours requires me to be in front of you. The Crimson Twilight falls where it may; and on this night, it was around your neck. Don't blame the ref. He was doing his job. Just like you did.

2003-10-02, 12:40 AM
Well well well, Blood and Thunder live to lose the titles to us another day. I knew you two could do it. Congratulations on the win. But seriously you will lose those titles and it will be to the NWA.

Be happy while you have them cause it won't last.

The End...

2003-10-02, 01:17 AM
If you think this is the last time you'll see me staring you down with that belt on the line, Game, you're sadly mistaken. I WILL be the next AWF champion, and I WILL take you down to do it. You are my last obstacle to overcome and I shall; and I shall cease striving to be number one. I WILL BE NUMBER ONE.


Now then, my friends, I present to you the greatest assemblance of talent in AWF history. Firstly, yours truly. Next, the former AWF champion, the whole F'n show...TC! Next, a man whose deviousness and cunning are unmatched. Flanked by the former tag team champions, he himself a former holder of the IC title, Viewfind! The former tag champions and the best damn team in the AWF, Prowl? and Divebomb...the NWA! And finally, last but not least, a man who will make his mark, no doubt, on the AWF, Astrotrain99! We are...


See it. Fear it. Respect it. --T.C.A.

2003-10-02, 01:50 AM

y'all like what you seen tonight? well yo ass better get used to it errrrday cuz what you seen was da start of something new ya hear me?

anyways i'm coming for my hardcore BLING BLING!!!!

Sir Auros
2003-10-02, 02:19 AM
Originally posted by Redstreak

[expletive deleted]

2003-10-02, 02:32 AM
OOC: BEAUTIFUL Show... just beautiful. I was so overcome by joy I almost cried. Heh heh.. great job to all the writers. I just can't say enough about the quality of this PPV. Give yourselves rewards guys.. you've all earned it.

*Medics are busy tending to King's numerous injuries. He is out like a light and they speculated that he's been gone since that Five Star Frog Splash by TC through 3 tables. However nobody can explain how King was still managed to beat TC by small package. There'll be a statement by the King tomorrow says his spokesperson.*

2003-10-02, 12:22 PM
Bring it Skywarp. Bring it all. Bring my belt, bring a beer, bring your big northern arse to the ring, and I shall beat it pillar to post, back to front, upside down, and all around. Then I'll take back what's mine, and the crowd WILL go wild as the Double S proves just why I'm the all singin', all dancin', swingin', partyin' high flyin' Welsh Wonder. Because I'm coming for my gold, and there aint nothing you can do about it.

2003-10-02, 05:16 PM
OOC: What a PPV! Loved It, Great Job guys!

IC -

OP2005: You can't win em' all but one day that belt will be mine.

Silly Cow
2003-10-02, 08:21 PM
Morpheus is leaving the arena when RJI stops him.

RJI: Morpheus, amazing display of technical wrestling and you managed to defeat UPF. How do you feel now?

Morpheus: I'm tired. I'm tired of all this. I'm tired of people knowing better than me what I am like! I'm tired of people knowing who I am! I ache! I suffer! I've felt pain, I've given pain and I've done nothing to help Silly Cow return! Nothing!

I haven't done enough, or I've done too much. I can't seem to be sure. He can't come now and I am not sure that after all I've done, will he even want to.

2003-10-03, 09:05 AM
D-Ex: Well...Morpheus..I'm still challenging you to a damn match sometime at a Warzone episode you know. So why dont you just give me the benefit and either accept it or reject it? Hear me freaky boy? Hey nice face paint though

Silly Cow
2003-10-03, 11:16 AM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
D-Ex: Well...Morpheus..I'm still challenging you to a damn match sometime at a Warzone episode you know. So why dont you just give me the benefit and either accept it or reject it? Hear me freaky boy? Hey nice face paint though
Don't tempt me. Don't make me think about you. It will only result in an urge to destroy you. A desire to maim you. A need to hurt you like life itself!!

Don't... tempt me.

Lord Zarak
2003-10-03, 12:34 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
OOC: Great freakin' job AWF writer type guys! :D


What. The. [CENSORED]. Was. THAT?!

Stupid referees! It had to be a crummy Vaccarro reject that refereed that match, because that's about the only way I can explain why Bloop and Blunder are still the Tag Champs. I swear, sometimes I think they pick these guys off the streets.

Waitaminute...maybe they do...I read last week that 9 out of 10 Americans gets stuck in crummy *ss jobs, and everyone knows that AWF referee is right up there with McDonalds food server and Esso Gas Pumper.

Whatever the case, Wolfangless, Black and Blue Zarak, celebrate your tiny winy victory all you wants. I'll see to it that you don't enjoy it.

Dudshell, our victory wasnt teeny weeny. It was great. Great, because we beat your asses without cheating, which is what the Mayhnem lot do week in, week out. I think you'll find our retention of the titles is more popular than you winning the titles off of us. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a few celebratory pints of Guinness to consume!

2003-10-03, 02:12 PM
Originally posted by Silly Cow
Don't tempt me. Don't make me think about you. It will only result in an urge to destroy you. A desire to maim you. A need to hurt you like life itself!!

Don't... tempt me.

D-Ex: This just in..............I live to be tried and be destroyed by other stiffs like you but to no avail cow man....THEY CANT DO IT! So try your luck in the D-Ex roulette and see how XTREME your odds are stacked!

2003-10-03, 03:42 PM
Originally posted by Redstreak


Well now that Warzone has the Team of creepy Assclowns I'm sure the ratings will go up. Oh, no it won't because through out that entire group I'v had more success then all you american dipsticks combined, I've got more talent then the entire Warzone Roster. I mean why does someone need to attack a defensless man because he can't win. It's not an assistant's fault you suck Tempest, it's the fact you suck that you suck and chokeslamming defensless men will not change the fact that you are a zero talent got lucky once-never do it again hack.

There is a reason the title is always on a Mayhem wrestler and it isn't because we book all the matches, no it's because Warzone doesn't have the talent to win the title. It's like Warzone is populated by a bunch of little Jetfire's picking fights with people they stand no chance against, you guys attack G91? Even for being such a low class American dog, he can kick your asses. You try to lay King out because you fear the talent breeding on Mayhem. Then when the sides are even, like the Americans at the war of 1812 run like scared little girls claiming you won even though most of the North Eastern US would be Canada had we not decided to just leave. It's almost depressing.

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-10-03, 04:39 PM
IC: Damn it I lost but don't think this is over Armpit I will nail your ass to the ****ing as to the ****ing wall and Vaccaro I'm going to nail your ass right beside Armpits.

2003-10-03, 04:54 PM
IC: Once again I get screwed! Reily I want my title shot one-on-one and I want on the next Mayhem or I'll leave the arena with
your blood on my hands.

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-03, 07:19 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
IC: Damn it I lost but don't think this is over Armpit I will nail your ass to the ****ing as to the ****ing wall and Vaccaro I'm going to nail your ass right beside Armpits.

That's Mr. T.V. Champ to you Cyberstrike. And if you think for minute that you can take this title away for me, think again. I went out there and beat both you and D-Extreme to keep this belt. Come down here to my ring Cyberstrike. Let's see if you can Prove Me Wrong.

I'll show you and everyone else here that this isn't some fluke. That I am the Best Damn Technical Wrestler here today. I'll Make You Tap simply because I can. I will show what true pain really is. If you think you can beat me, then you know where to find me. I'll be the man with belt around his waist, breaking backs and snapping limbs in half in the ring. I will show everyone why I deserve this belt. And why you will never beat me. Because Cyberstrike....YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-10-03, 07:28 PM

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-03, 07:30 PM
And you're nothing but a punk.

2003-10-03, 09:19 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
And you're nothing but a punk.

And you're both talentless hacks from warzone. Stop wasting valuable air time with your kiddy squabbling so the fans can see who they truley want so they can see the LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! AYATOLLAH! OF ROCK! AND! ROLLAH! THE GOD AMONG MEN! The best thing since pre-sliced bread.

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-03, 10:29 PM
Listen up you little tapedeck, you and the rest of your cassettes can just stay over there on Mayhem with the rest of those wannabe wrestlers. Let the real wrestlers over here on Warzone keep on entertaining the fans because we all know that Blaster... YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

2003-10-03, 10:39 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
Listen up you little tapedeck, you and the rest of your cassettes can just stay over there on Mayhem with the rest of those wannabe wrestlers. Let the real wrestlers over here on Warzone keep on entertaining the fans because we all know that Blaster... YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

The only thing I can't do when it comes to you jerky boy is stop laughing at your pathetic wrestling 'style' and verbal attacks that rival a 5 yearold. So why don't you take your rejected casette ass over to warzone with your little two-bit title that no one really cares about and brood over the fact you are there is no chance of you ever EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER being as good in the ring, as talented and as good looking as moi!

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-03, 10:57 PM
Frist off, it's greatest thing since "sliced bread" not pre-sliced bread and I could kick you and your cassette's asses any day of the week. I was never "rejected". I left because you were holding me back. I went from saving your stupid ass to becomeing the AWF T.V. Champion.

Since I left your little gangbang, I've left a path of broken and bruised bodies. I proved everyone wrong at Syxx Feet Under when I kept my T.V. title. What have you done lately tapedeck??? I don't see any gold around your waist or any of your Canucks waist's either.

You can be jealous all you damn well please but there's nothing you can do about it anyway because we're on different shows remember??? If you think for even a moment that your pathetic little "GOD AMONG MEN" comments will work over here, then you're dead wrong boy. I've always been better than you and I'll continue to be better than you. It's just a simple fact of life that you need to deal with.

2003-10-04, 12:36 AM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
Frist off, it's greatest thing since "sliced bread" not pre-sliced bread and I could kick you and your cassette's asses any day of the week. I was never "rejected". I left because you were holding me back. I went from saving your stupid ass to becomeing the AWF T.V. Champion.

Since I left your little gangbang, I've left a path of broken and bruised bodies. I proved everyone wrong at Syxx Feet Under when I kept my T.V. title. What have you done lately tapedeck??? I don't see any gold around your waist or any of your Canucks waist's either.

You can be jealous all you damn well please but there's nothing you can do about it anyway because we're on different shows remember??? If you think for even a moment that your pathetic little "GOD AMONG MEN" comments will work over here, then you're dead wrong boy. I've always been better than you and I'll continue to be better than you. It's just a simple fact of life that you need to deal with.

You left me for the TV title? Most would consider that a downgrade, See Gasmodium went from nobody to title contender, then back to nobody though. Bombshell and Blitzwing should be getting a re-match for the tag titles and Sir Auros is the top rising talent in this fed. But you're the TV champ. Of all people being TV champ it should not be you. Good god atleast D-extreme had some sort of charisma.

See you talk about gold, you talk about having a title. You see we have standards. We unlike you go for titles worth having. Not titles for glorified jobbers to fight over. Have you been a tag team champion Amarant? Have you Noooooo! Have you held the world title Amarant? Has it even come close to you? Nope! How about the IC title? No you've been devoid of that belt too. Wanna know something funny about this group of mine other then new comer Auros... We have all held titles of value. Something you cannot and will never say. And do I look like a tapedeck to you? Am I even a robot? No so shut it about that stuff jerky.

Yes.. you're better then me. Do you hear yourself? You're saying you're better then the best. You're not. You ran to a different show cause you realized if you left our group I'd kick your ass. The only thing you are better then me at is jobbing to the anti-talent on Warzone.

2003-10-04, 03:27 AM
Originally posted by Blaster
It's not an assistant's fault you suck Tempest, it's the fact you suck that you suck and chokeslamming defensless men will not change the fact that you are a zero talent got lucky once-never do it again hack.

Me?! Blaster what are you talking about now, you incompetent tapedeck! It took you the help of the gods, a Spanish bum and your saying that I attack defenseless men?

Me have zero talent? Blaster are you a LOTM? No? You don't have the talent to hang around me! Whats that you are a FORMER AWF champ? WELL i'm the LOTM2003.

Ha, me have no talent? It took Galvatron91, Redstreak, The Lock and The King to even stop me, and even after that I'm still going good. You Blaster are a let down to all of the AWF ... you couldn't get one of your own men, Plasmodium to beat me at LOTM ... even though you tried. What kind of leader are you, that one of your own men couldn't beat me? A no hoper with no talent at all? What does that make you? I'll tell you ... A Falure! ....

Your team couldn't even get the AWF Tag Team Titles off our Warzone guys? AND where the Roster with no talent? WHAT THE F*CK DOES THAT MAKE YOU?! ....

Ha, Very good Blaster ... you think your also better then our TV Title winner ... Well mabye your right but stay away from fights you can't win. If you come and try anything on Warzone, I'll come over there and do something that Would make the Mayhem roster very angry indeed. Mabye the AWF Championship would look very good around my waist? G91 ... at Autumn Annilation ... I'm coming for that gold ... It will be mine ...as it is supposed to be. I don't care whose in my way, Ill go straight through, for I am the Human Bulldozer!

2003-10-04, 04:22 AM
Originally posted by ‡T3MPE5T‡

Ha, Very good Blaster ... you think your also better then our TV Title winner ... Well mabye your right but stay away from fights you can't win. If you come and try anything on Warzone, I'll come over there and do something that Would make the Mayhem roster very angry indeed. Mabye the AWF Championship would look very good around my waist? G91 ... at Autumn Annilation ... I'm coming for that gold ... It will be mine ...as it is supposed to be. I don't care whose in my way, Ill go straight through, for I am the Human Bulldozer!

Oh yes, look at the Australian, no better then an American with the bad stereotypes. It's almost sad, I once held you sheep shaggers in such high esteem. I didn't need help to beat Jetfire but I needed to show team spirit, I needed to show Auros was one of the guys so I let him help me. It certainly wasn't because I needed help.

Wanna know something about the LOTM? It's interesting, both years in a row I have been fighting for or defending a title. There is a reason I haven't won it yet and the simple reason is, I've never been in it. Now before you go off on about how I am not good and that is why I wasn't in LOTM stop and think. Because you know that isn't true, I know that isn't true, the whole world knows it isn't true. And we all know that it is better to be a two time former champ then a never-was champ.

How am I a failure? Are all the shots you've taken in your short career scrambling your brain cells? How can someone who has been a tag champ and a two time world title winner, A man who was on the winning side at the Wargames, A man who won a tournemount with the best Superstars at the last November's PPV and I am a failure? I think it's time you start thinking before you run your mouth. It's not my fault Plas was so incompetent that you beat him. And it's not Plas' fault you got beginners luck. And if haven't seen, lord knows your attention span that rivals that of a gold fish has missed so much but we almost ended Plas' career for his incompetence.

Once again Tempest proves that he like a goldfish cannot keep focus to anything for longer then 5 seconds. Did you watch that match you assclown? Did you notice that the referee screwed my team? Did you know that I found out that referee was a Warzone based referee? Can you say screw job? No ofcourse not, I forgot how dumb you were.

Think I'm better then Amarant? There was no thinking involved there. I LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! Know I am better then the T.V.... The Valueless title holder. Because like the title Amarant is valueless. Wanna know something else that lacks any value? Your idle threats. You think people on Mayhem feel threatened by someone who calls themself a 'Bulldozer'? K Bonecrusher, where are the other 5 at? You have to remember I am the youngest AWF champ in history and you know what? As long as you are the only person who can change that record I've got nothing to worry about.

2003-10-04, 04:46 AM
Originally posted by Blaster
As long as you are the only person who can change that record I've got nothing to worry about.

Thats where you are wrong, I will break that record. I Will become the AWF Champion, I'll become the youngest one too! I swear my honour and my pride on it, I will have that gold by the time the year is out! I don't care how long I take I'm going to get that gold.

2003-10-04, 04:51 AM
Originally posted by ‡T3MPE5T‡
Thats where you are wrong, I will break that record. I Will become the AWF Champion, I'll become the youngest one too! I swear my honour and my pride on it, I will have that gold by the time the year is out! I don't care how long I take I'm going to get that gold.


Will you SHUT THE F*CK UP?!

I swear to god, if I keep having to listen to you, I'm gonna take that LOTM crown and shove it so far up your ass, you'll be able to use it as a pair of dentures.

2003-10-04, 04:55 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell

Will you SHUT THE F*CK UP?!

I swear to god, if I keep having to listen to you, I'm gonna take that LOTM crown and shove it so far up your ass, you'll be able to use it as a pair of dentures.

The Mad Bomber hath spoken.

2003-10-04, 05:25 AM
Originally posted by Blaster
The Mad Bomber hath spoken.


Thank you. I'm here till next Friday. :p

2003-10-04, 10:33 AM
Be sure to tip your gay porn provider...

Listening to you guys blabbering on is worse than sitting through '1000 reasons why none of the Canucks can get laid'. Really, spouting off about how good you are is all well and good. But until you've stepped into the ring and proven it, all you're spouting is hot air. Pasted's past speaks for itself, but that's just what it is, his past. Now, he's nothing - a shadow of his former self, and a talentless hack that I recently beat pillar to post. Him and Skywarp.

Tempest on the other hand. The young, risin' star. The guy who's going to win the title before the year's out. And the biggest dellusionist since the year squat. You think you Warzone losers are comin' to take the G-man's title? You think you have a hope in hell against one of the toughest guys in the business... You think you're gonna stop shagging inflatables? Thought not.

Though this verbal parleying is fun, it's gotta stop now, since the Double S is out of here and off to party. 'What the hell have you got to celebrate?' I hear you cry. Everything buddy. The fact that I'm gonna retain my belt. The fact that I rule. The fact that even without a title I'm still better than you? Damn straight.

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-10-04, 05:19 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
And you're nothing but a punk.

IC: Oh that's original...:rolleyes:

Oh Yeah Tapedick stay out AWF Warzone's superstar's busisness you'll find your health risks will be greatly reduced.

2003-10-04, 05:42 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
IC: Oh that's original...:rolleyes:

Oh Yeah Tapedick stay out AWF Warzone's superstar's busisness you'll find your health risks will be greatly reduced.

Warzone Superstar.... an Oxymoron if I ever heard one.

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-04, 06:12 PM
Originally posted by Blaster
Warzone Superstar.... an Oxymoron if I ever heard one.

And this from the a tapedeck who thinks he's a "God Among Men" :rolleyes:

2003-10-04, 06:34 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
And this from the a tapedeck who thinks he's a "God Among Men" :rolleyes:

I fail to see where the insult lies here? I don't think I'm the best thing this planet has ever seen, heard or known. I know I am. See the thing is I am a superstar, you two are not. Now get out of my screen.

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-04, 06:44 PM
Originally posted by Blaster
I fail to see where the insult lies here? I don't think I'm the best thing this planet has ever seen, heard or known. I know I am. See the thing is I am a superstar, you two are not. Now get out of my screen.

If you keep saying that enough times, you may start to believe it. You can go on living in your little fantasy world with your cassettes, we'll try and manage without you.

2003-10-04, 08:03 PM
*CloudStrifer is now sitting in his room. He looks alone and the room is dark, except for 2 torches that are standing next to this chair.*

Ah, Gruff, where are you. I have spoken to the Gods, and they assure me victory. Victory will bring me honor, and honor bring wealth. All I care about is now defeating you, and winning the match. All else is second. Gruff, the Gods have spoken. They say that you fight well, but not as well as their champion, me. I will see your blood on my hands and laugh. I willl laugh at your pity, and laugh at you weakness. Being a warrior does not signify greatness, what signify's greatness is the fight you bring in the ring, and I have proven myself, time over. It does not matter, the past is the past. Nothing will stop me from defeating you and winning. Nothing.

*Fade to Black*

2003-10-05, 01:14 AM
Blaster my little cold, white, boombox. you run yo mouth like you a big dogg but you just some washed up kid like master P, look at cha! you need da help of others now white boy.

It makes me sick.

2003-10-05, 01:24 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind
Blaster my little cold, white, boombox. you run yo mouth like you a big dogg but you just some washed up kid like master P, look at cha! you need da help of others now white boy.

It makes me sick.

Needs help now as opposed to always needed help like you.

And too clarify... I was just bringing auros in for fun.

2003-10-05, 01:33 AM
Originally posted by Blaster
Needs help now as opposed to always needed help like you.

And too clarify... I was just bringing auros in for fun.

Oh was dat a low blow on blingzilla? some kind of joke? naw dogg know whats real funny? dat you need da help from some hairy white boy like auros, dat boy looks like he had way to many happy meals.

2003-10-05, 03:00 AM
Oh, for the love of Jesus H. Christ...

When will you American peons accept the fact that we Canucks, especially Blaster, are better than you in every way that counts?

2003-10-05, 03:40 AM
Bombshell, you ass kissin little puke rat. You and the rest of the canucks are a bunch of pathetic, no talent, useless jobbers that bring a bad name to Canada.

You all look up to Blaster as if you actually believe he is a God among men. You little turds run your mouth and spout all this **** about being great but when you guys get your shots at true greatness all you do is choke.

Now Blaster, just cause you think you know you are great doesn't mean its true. Just cause you think you are the only one with talent doesn't make it true. And just cause you are on mayhem doesn't mean that it is great. You seem to think there is no superstars here on Warzone, but you know I think, actually I know the me and P?, The NWA, might just have something to say about that.

With all the **** you have been spouting around here you are lucky that you and your canucks are not on Warzone cause we would show you just what a real Canadian Ass Whoopin is all about.

Now shut your mouth before you get hurt.


2003-10-05, 04:04 AM
Originally posted by Divebomb
Bombshell, you ass kissin little puke rat. You and the rest of the canucks are a bunch of pathetic, no talent, useless jobbers that bring a bad name to Canada.

With all the **** you have been spouting around here you are lucky that you and your canucks are not on Warzone cause we would show you just what a real Canadian Ass Whoopin is all about.

Yeah, Dive. You're right. We're lucky that we're on Mayhem.

Cause even though you're a fellow Canuck by blood, I doubt that would stop us from pounding the p*ss outta you for being so brainwashed by American Propaganda that you would go so far as to disrespect one of Canada's finest exports.

Now, go toddle back to your two-bit late night cable show before we knock you out.

2003-10-05, 04:33 AM
Goddamn that didn't take you long to respond. You think that I am the one that is brainwashed here. Thats funny, cause not even a two year old would be dumb enough to follow a moron like Blaster.

You all seem to think that following Blaster is gonna get you somewhere in this life but lets look at the what just happened.

You had a Tag Team Title shot but you lost and that is gonna be what happens everytime if you keep listening to that fool. You will never go anywhere. The NWA, we will get our gold back and you know why? Because The NWA will not be held back by anyone.

Blaster keeps you fools around to make himself feel good. He knows that with you punks around that he is actually the best wrestler in the group. Where as if we were part of your little group Blaster would be our little errand boy that runs out to get the news paper.

One of Canadas finest exports. If it makes you feel good to kiss that much ass, then by all means go ahead and keep on doing it, but remember you will never get ahead by kissing his ass.

2003-10-05, 04:45 AM
Divebomb you poor mis-guided simpleton. I don't think I am great, I know I am great. And I don't just say this to inflate my ego. No I say it because the record books say I am great. I am a former Tag champion, a Two time world champion, not only that but I am the youngest person to do this. I've ended careers, I've nearly ended careers, I've won at Wargames, I've won in tournaments, I've won tournaments. What have you done? Stuck to Prowl? like a leech and played with tag titles? Ooo aren't you talented. You're so great I'm going to enlist you. You are now Private Divebomb of the 101st Assclown brigade.

You talk about a Canadian ass kicking, you talk about giving Canadians bad names. And what do you call yourself? NORSEMEN With-out Attitude? My how Canadian... TRAITORS! If the Canucks were on Warzone there is a chance people would care about your pathetic show. Who is your large highlight on that program? Redstreak? The one hit wonder? King Creepy himself? Pffffft puh-leeze. And if you will never get ahead by kissing ass, explain what you Prowl? and Viewfind did to Mr.Reilly for the better part of a year and a half?

The only thing that will ever end if me and you faced in a match is your doubt that I am the greatness incarnate.

2003-10-05, 06:07 AM
Originally posted by Blaster
Who is your large highlight on that program? Redstreak? The one hit wonder?

And the answer is. The NWA.

And what do you call yourself? NORSEMEN With-out Attitude? My how Canadian... TRAITORS!

If it wasn't for the Norsemen Canada wouldn't be what it is today. And that means that you wouldn't be here to think that you are great.

And if you will never get ahead by kissing ass, explain what you Prowl? and Viewfind did to Mr.Reilly for the better part of a year and a half?

I don't remember even seeing Reilly in a year and a half. I never took orders from him and I never kissed anyones ass.

What have you done?played with tag titles

You talk like the tag titles are nothing but even you listed them before the world title. So you held them once, I have held the tag titles twice.

Greatness Incarnate.....What else is left to say except that you are the biggest and ugliest chump here in the AWF and if we ever have a match it won't be me realising that you are greatness incarnate, It will be you realising what THE END really feels like as your lights go out.

Lord Zarak
2003-10-05, 11:39 AM
Originally posted by Blaster
Divebomb you poor mis-guided simpleton..........I am the greatness incarnate.

Believe that, and you are a poor mis-guided simpleton....and that goes for everybody esle, not just divebomb

2003-10-05, 02:53 PM
Even though I hate to agree with Divebomb, We the Norse, have founded this land you call "Canada". Eh, what a patheic name "Canada". Looks like you guys have forgoten your Norse blood in you, and I think its time to put that blood out of you. Your all patheic want-to-bes. Oh look at me I am a former two-time champion. Well, whoop-de-do the keyword is former. Your not one now and will never be. Hell, once this thing with Gruff is over, I am hitting the UK and kicking asses there and showing that even though the Normans were vikings, they lost that to the french and its time that I, CloudStrifer, show them what true Vikings are. After I kick asses there, I come for you you patheic Cancuks and once I am done with you and you patheic clan, I will laugh at you till no end. Odin will have your blood and By Odin I shall give it to him.

2003-10-05, 03:57 PM
Founded Canada? Not to remind you of your History but you came to New Foundland and then all died. Not only was New Foundland not a province til 1949 you usually have to stay alive a good 75 years and colonize the main land to have any influence on a country's history.

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-10-05, 04:34 PM
IC: Oh great a Canadian history lesson. :rolleyes:
What's next Tapedick starts running off how about how the Mouties were formed?

Tapedick I'm in a good mood for a change so I'm going to say this once:


Sir Auros
2003-10-05, 08:13 PM
Originally posted by Viewfind
Oh was dat a low blow on blingzilla? some kind of joke? naw dogg know whats real funny? dat you need da help from some hairy white boy like auros, dat boy looks like he had way to many happy meals.

Call me white again [racial derogative deleted] and I'll [expletive deleted] lynch you. I'm hispanic, not a gringo.

[expletive deleted] gringos, you'd better watch yourselves, we're taking America back chingados.

2003-10-05, 11:08 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
IC: Oh great a Canadian history lesson. :rolleyes:
What's next Tapedick starts running off how about how the Mouties were formed?

Tapedick I'm in a good mood for a change so I'm going to say this once:


Well hello my former stalker. Was I talking to you? No, so why don't you take off dip-stick. If you don't like the idea of learning something new go back into the American school system.

2003-10-06, 04:20 PM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
Call me white again [racial derogative deleted] and I'll [expletive deleted] lynch you. I'm hispanic, not a gringo.

[expletive deleted] gringos, you'd better watch yourselves, we're taking America back chingados.

Fool you can have america all you want white boy just don't bring yo hairy ass to philly or i may just have to bust a cap in yo monkey looking ass.

Sir Auros
2003-10-07, 02:41 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind
Fool you can have america all you want white boy just don't bring yo hairy ass to philly or i may just have to bust a cap in yo monkey looking ass.

I'm not white and my people weren't the ones chucking feces over in Africa homes.

2003-10-07, 04:21 PM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
I'm not white and my people weren't the ones chucking feces over in Africa homes.

You little sissy bitch, stop trying to act like yo ass isn't WHITE! you look like a damn fool.

2003-10-07, 04:55 PM
Originally posted by Viewfind
You little sissy bitch, stop trying to act like yo ass isn't WHITE! you look like a damn fool.

This coming from the guy who thinks he's the next 50 Cent or something.

'Find, clue in. Rap is NOT popular anymore.

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-07, 08:18 PM
You're not cool either, but that doesn't stop you from acting like a mindless cassette. Here's a hint. From now on, just let the tapedeck do all the talking for you.

2003-10-08, 12:19 AM
IC: You know, I really do not want to take sides on this occasion. So I won't. You all, with the exception of Zarak and Amarant, suck.

Lord Zarak
2003-10-08, 10:03 AM
Originally posted by Wolfang
IC: You know, I really do not want to take sides on this occasion. So I won't. You all, with the exception of Zarak and Amarant, suck.

Dude, take sides. Rock the boat.

Down with the Canada, the Empires' Second Penal Colony!

ooc- not at all my opinion, this is a tongue in cheek remark. I'm sure Canada is a nice place full of non-ex cons. Thank you, and have a nice day.

2003-10-08, 04:22 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
This coming from the guy who thinks he's the next 50 Cent or something.

'Find, clue in. Rap is NOT popular anymore.

Don't get me WRONG! KID! but i think i beat yo ass once be fo?

yeah you and yo lover wolffang.

2003-10-09, 08:17 PM
IC: *Ahem*. As advised by my good friend, co-Tag Team champion and secondary bar manager, I would like to announce that the Mayhem faction known as the Canucks suck.

Bombshell... by what right at this moment are you telling anybody else that they do. I told you to go bump uglies with Arcee, because you wouldn't likely see any other action in a horizontal position. You didn;t take the hint... and what happened? You were seeing bright lights; namely the ones the techs use.

You can decree Canada's greatness all you want. As soon as you actually prove your superiority.

And in remedy of my earlier statement, I would like to announce that Tempest and Sixswitch don't suck either. They're quite welcome to a drink or six-dozen anytime...

2003-10-10, 03:34 AM
Wolfang .... I'm up for that!