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2003-10-04, 05:39 PM
Continuing the action and imminent war. Outpost action should also be posted in this thread until they can no longer be manned due to engagement.

2003-10-04, 09:15 PM
Dreadwind dropped his guns.

"Do with me what you will." he said.

Wreck-Gar sped up towards Roadbuster.

"Whazzup, homeboy?" he asked. "You put that dirtbag on ice."
Darkwing continued after Skyfall

2003-10-05, 01:55 AM
"Jazz," Streetwise said, turning to the other Autobot while he prepared his blaster, "how far exactly are the other Decepticons, and at what rate are they approaching? If necessary, I can call the other Protectobots for assistance."

2003-10-05, 02:23 AM

Roadbuster: -narrows optic band in frustration, gets off of Dreadwind's back, drags the Decepticon to his feet, looks over at Wreck Gar- "Get his guns. We're taking him back to Fort Max."

Ironhide: -pulls blaster, aims it at Runabout and Runamuck- "Awlrahght, you two. This way." -motions the glued Battlechargers towards Roadbuster, Wreck Gar, and Prime-

2003-10-05, 02:52 AM
Wreck-Gar collected Dreadwind's weapons.

"What must we do now?" he asked Roadbuster.
Runabout and Runamuck got to their feet.

"This is all your fault!" Runabout shouted to Runamuck.

Brave Maximus
2003-10-05, 03:50 AM
Skyfall continues to dive at the decepticon, at the last moment grabbing on to his upper section and dragging him around. Skyfall keeps his foot trusters going, spinning the two transformers out of control and falling at break neck speeds.

2003-10-05, 04:00 AM

Brave Maximus
2003-10-05, 04:06 AM
Skyfall smiled behind his faceplate, half from the fearful comments of the Decpticon, half from the thrill of letting gravity pull him in.

"What's the matter, afraid of heights? Or perhaps falling from them? Personally I find this exillerating. Lets see who has more stress tollerance!"

With that, Skyfall kicked his legs out and used the thrusters to push them into a nasty hard tumbling spin at 30,000 feet.

OOC: Yes Skyfall is just showing off. He's a teen pushing the limits

2003-10-05, 04:09 AM
Barreling down towards the planet, Darkwing transformed, grabbed one of his electro-kinetic blasters, and fired pointblank into Skyfall's face.

"EAT SLAG!" he shouted.

Brave Maximus
2003-10-05, 02:15 PM
Oh Cr@p, didn't see that coming

Skyfall activated his blasters and kicked off the larger Deception, still spinning and hurtling out of control.

2003-10-05, 04:33 PM
Skyfall's blast enveloped Darkwing's head.


He dropped his blaster and followed Skyfall in his descent to the ground.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-05, 07:49 PM
Grimlock sighed, he'd been watching the battle from a-far and was thoroughly un-impressed.

"Me hope that when real Decepticon fleet get here that they prove more of a challenge."

2003-10-05, 10:01 PM

Roadbuster: -tightening his grip on Dreadwind's arm, looks over at Wreck Gar- "My first inclination is to just blow this slug's head off. But, seeing as we're all sweetness and light on the Autobots side, we're probably going to drag him off to a holding cell."

Ironhide: -chuckles as Runabout and Runamuck argue- "Ah c'n see th' Decepticreeps ain't got any smarter over tahme."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Leozak: -sighs in relief after Star Saber and Victory Leo leave-

In the world of Leozak's mind, he stand alone, on a barren plain, looking up with little shock at the sudden appearance of Leokaiser's massive, leonine head-

Leokaiser: "Craven coward.... afraid of a couple of Autobots....."

Leozak: "I'm immobilized! What would you have me do? Beat them to death with my optic shutters?"

Leokaiser: "You would have been afraid even if you could move. You're a waste of my time. I should pick a new host of my consciousness...... Hellbat, maybe."

Leozak: "Hellbat? Hellbat's the biggest coward since the days of Starscream!"

Leokaiser: "No, Leozak, you are. YOU are the one that pulled the unified support out that I needed!! YOU!!!!"

Leozak: "And YOU were the one that used none of our abuilities, our powers, or any single skill we had to attack them. All you wanted to do was battle!!! You didn't care if we DIED!!!"

Leokaiser: "We are WARRIORS!!!! Death on the battlefield is the true path to glory!!!!!"

Leozak: -optics blazing at the giant head- "Not when you command lives, Leokaiser. We six are all that remains of Breastforce, for all practical purposes. Just six. Six lives under MY command!!!! And I'll see you damned to the pit before any of my men die for your bloodlust!!! UNDERSTAND?!?!?!?!?!"

Leokaiser: -chuckles- "Good, Leozak. Very, very good. You haven't lost your nerve, and you are getting cautious. It will serve you well in what is to come......"

2003-10-05, 11:46 PM
ooc- sorry ive been away lately guys, it wont happen again.

The Aerialbots were still patrolling and perimetering the area around Fort Maximus. Seeing there was no trouble in his area, Silverbolt contacted Prowl through com-link: Hey Prowl, this is Silverbolt speaking. The Aerialbos have been patrolling and scanning the area aroung Fortress Maximus for awhile now, and there is nothing. We were wondering if there is anything else we can do? Would you like us to head over to Metroplex and help the others out?
ooc-does anyone know if the personality removal operation for Leozak has been done yet? if not, then i will post Ratchet carrying Leozak down to the brig with Brainstorm and carryin out the operation....thanks

2003-10-06, 01:39 AM
ooc: Swoobot's been answered ina PM :) Heinrad- I'll be around tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for the patience- injured my back last week.

Prowl shifted his attention. "Negative Silverbolt. We need your team in a wide patrol. Reports are that we have incoming Decepticons from the East, but aerial surveillance is our best early warning. Continue the intermittant passes."

Spike glanced over at Prowl and studied his expression momentarily. "This one's gonna be rough."

2003-10-06, 02:56 AM
The Battlechargers ceased their arguing to shout simultaneously "Shut up, Autobot!" at Ironhide.

Nearby, Wreck-Gar fiddled with Dreadwind's weapons.

"Ah. 20 to life," he said.

God Jinrai
2003-10-06, 03:06 AM
Prime winced slightly, seeing what had occured to skyfall.. but he stood resolute... drawing his right fist back, he ran toward where the duo would seemingly crash... and with a mighty leap, rocketed skyward...

"Darkwing! Let's see how you like dealing with someone your OWN SIZE!" Prime roared... his original plan had been for skyfall to lure him down to a strafing level... and effectively just bat him from the skies.... but driving him down to a harder landing was good enough for him.

Prime reached out taking ahold of darkwing's left arm, and swung him downward... prime effectively was now over him... AND with a mighty swing of his right arm, and threw the punch that was meant to send the powermaster streaking backward across the sky... instead... he now meant for it to drill him into the ground

2003-10-06, 03:45 AM
Due to his descent, and now thanks to the interference of Optimus Prime, Darkwing impacted against the ground hard.

Aero Blade
2003-10-06, 03:50 AM
After recieving no answer from the Dinobot, Aero Blade returned back to the outpost. He proceded inside and sat back down among his small pile of parts and electronic bits. He almost had most of it assembled

Hopefully I won't have to test it on an actual target... Aero Blade thought, holding it up to examine it. He pointed it at a far wall, looking through the sights and testing the hand-holds and grips. He didn't have the power supply hooked up yet, so he didn't worry about damaging anything.

Aero Blade sighed, lowering the weapon. He hated this, but there wasn't much that could be done. Sooner or later the Decepticons would attack. He hoped it'd be far from here... He looked over at Dirge. "What do you make of all this?"

Lord Zarak
2003-10-06, 10:45 AM
From his high vantage point, Sky Lynx saw Sixshot transform, and head towards Brave Maximus.

"Brave Maximus, I have spotted Sixshot transforming and heading this way. I suggest you alert Prime, and the Aerialbots. I'll meathim head on, and try to delay him. SKy Lynx out."

Brave Maximus
2003-10-06, 03:08 PM
Skyfall let himself drift too far away and had to expend too much energy to right himself. He watched as Prime smashed into Darkwing and then concerned himself with the ground.

He kept falling in a spread out position and ignighted his thrusters. As he approched, he transformed and skimmed the ground before pulling up into a tight loop to bleed off some speed and energy.

He pulled the loop around and transformed coming to rest beside Prime, floating in the air. He armed his blasters and aimed at the Decepticon.

"Sorry Optimus Sir. I was going to bring him down, but wanted him disoriented so you'd have a clear shot. I lost him when he transformed. Sorry Sir!"

Quick Switch
2003-10-06, 11:36 PM
Quick fought control of his rampaging central processor at the confirmation that, indeed, Hound had been tortured.

"Cerebros," he said thickly activating the inner-cities comm, "transform Fortress Maximus to robot mode. Blaster, if you're still present at Metroplex, do the same. High alert. High alert."

Quick's expression was livid, and he clamped his hands together to keep them from shaking.

"Affirmative, Director," Cerebros replied crisply from his office. Soon the shifting of gears could soon be heard.


"Well, here we are, Perceptor," Stall said, happiness clearly evident in his vocoder.

The two intellectuals had reached Ratchet's office, full ingredient compliment in tow.

"This concludes our objective. Now then- should we wait for Doctor Ratchet himself to appear or, ah...leave a...note?" The historian re-adjusted his neck bolts, looking at the Autobot scientist.


Dirge shrugged, looking outside the turret.

"Difficult to teeelll," he rasped. "Odd to send oooover such a small force. Galvatron usually attacks in large waaaaves."

2003-10-07, 02:18 AM
Battle..... well, what's left of it, anyway:

Roadbuster: -dragging Dreadwind towards Fort Max- "Alright, you pathetic piece of slag. Tell me when the rest of your friends are getting here."

Ironhide: -looks over at Sunstreaker- "They're awl yours. Ah'm headin' back ta Metroplex. Looks lahke th' fun's over fer now." -looks back at Runabout and Runamuck- "Enjoy th' cells, guys. Ain't no way we're lettin' you out anytahme soon." -transforms, heads back to Metroplex-

God Jinrai
2003-10-07, 02:26 AM
"Think nothing of it, Skyfall... "

Prime glared across the field at the downed darkwing. True warriors were capable of handling situations no matter what changes were occuring at a given time...

"...But I think we've bigger problems comming."

Prime's optics switched to maximum magnification... and spied the lead unit in the decepticons' assault force....


Opening his comlink, Prime radioed Quickswitch...

"Quickswitch.... Have you noticed whom is leading this frontal strike? If not... you may want to get out here. Prowl can deal with the direction of forces. Albeit I think it's a bit premature for fortress maximus to be transforming.... I suppose better now than never."

Prime cut his transmission... radioing Prowl this time...

"Prowl... I need a status report. What's Hound's situation... and secondly, what exactly are we looking at in this frontal assault force?"

Prime went silent and waited for prowl's repsonse...

And it was then that he made a realization.

"Sixshot leading this unit... something's not right. Galvatron normaly would be at the head of a primary force...unless... That's not the primary force!"

"Skyfall... prep that transector body of yours for transformation... we may need the firepower to deal with what I fear may be comming at us head-on... and to allow fortress maximus time to totally transform and prep for the main strike. Metroplex' fortress mode can handle matters in terms of giants with the arsenal he's already got. "

2003-10-07, 02:51 AM
"Like I'd tell you anything," Dreadwind snickered.

Brave Maximus
2003-10-07, 02:57 AM
Skyfall shuttered a little, as he had only merged with his Transector once before. It made him a great warrior, but there was something else in there, something that made him hesitate to put it on.

"I'll........ I'll have it ready to go Sir. But I'm alot faster like this. I will have Omega in the air to be ready."

"Comm open: Secure to Omega
Starlight, Omega's going into Shuttle mode. I want you three to keep in the out post to make sure any Decepticons don't sneak around the south. But I might need your help during the battle."
Omega - Shuttle mode, lock in on my signal

"Ummmm, Optimus, Sir. That incomming looks alot like Great Shot, is he a Decepticon or Autobot?"

God Jinrai
2003-10-07, 03:18 AM
While waiting for Prowl's reply, prime turned his head to skyfall...

"That's no autobot, Skyfall... Sixshot has always been... and I fear, always WILL be, a decepticon... one feared, hated and loathed by many. Six forms... five alternate modes and a robot mode... with rumor of a hidden seventh form he's never revealed... or at least... no one's lived to tell of it."

Prime bowed his head...

"Come on... come on! We don't have time for this!" he muttered

Starsaber and Victory Leo exited the maximus cruiser just as the transformation began... "Seems company is calling", Victory Leo quipped.

"Indeed, Victory Leo. Perhaps we should go greet them!"
Starsaber returned his gun to its resting place in his internal arsenal... "Or perhaps not."

Starsaber had caught sight of Prime, and approached him...

2003-10-07, 03:19 AM
"Roger that Prowl! Aerialbots continue with the perimeter scan and air patroll!!", said Silverbolt. He chuckled when he heard all the other Aerialbots mopan and complain.
Ratchet was now ready to carry out the assignment given to him. He put Leozak on a table and rolled him out to the security brig. On his way, he opened a com-link to Brainstorm: Hey Brainstorm, I'm on my way to the brig. I'll will also contact Inferno to monitor things while we proceed with the operation..."

Com-link to Inferno: Hey Inferno, I'm heading down to the brig. I will just meet you down there, because i think i have things under control. Thanks again for accompaning us!

Brave Maximus
2003-10-07, 03:24 AM
"That sounds alot like Great Shot, though he was tight lipped about his past. Strange. There can't be that many 6 forming Transformers, can there?"

The Omega Shuttle rose in the distance and began to move towards the centre of of the encampment.

2003-10-07, 03:33 AM
Sunstreaker shrugged "What is left to do? May aswell head back to the outpost and get ready for the real battle" the Autobot sighed as he began to walk towards the hill leading down to the outpost.


Jazz watched as the laser fire ceased then looked at Slapdash and Streetwise. "Nevermind lets go bust us some Carbombians before the real attack force shows up" Jazz began to run towards the mountain path.


Blaster nodded as he got Quickswitch's message came through "On it!" He replied turning around and running back down to the command room beginning the change from Battle station mode to Robot mode


"Robot mode!? You mean these cities are.... transformers!?" Windslice asked allowed his jaw dropping at the thought of these massive beings... becoming... robots.

2003-10-07, 03:54 AM

Ironhide: -hears Prime's comment, scans incoming Decepticons, activates commlink- "Nahghtbeat! Decepticon's're comin'!"

Nightbeat: "I noticed. You coming back?"

Ironhide: -swings around, driving back towards Prime- "Yeah. Gonna check with Prahme first, though."

Roadbuster: -hears Dreadwind's comment and Prime's comment, swings around, zooms visor in to look at the advancing Decepticons, returns vision to normal, looks at Dreadwind with what would have been a smile, if he had a mouth- "Oh, good. Your little friends are here. Maybe now there'll be a real challenge, rather than some poor, pathetic moron like you." -looks over at Wreck Gar- "Take this waste of energon back to Fort Max." -brings all weapons on line- "I've got Decepticons to kill."

Ironhide: -skids to a halt next to Prime, transforms- "Prahme, you want me ta head back ta Metroplex or stay here an' help?"

2003-10-07, 04:00 AM
Stepping off his Junkion rider, Wreck-Gar picked up Dreadwind, placed him on, stepped back on, then gestured to the others.

"Get along, little doggies," he said. "We're heading out to pasture."

The group roared back to Fortress Maximus.

God Jinrai
2003-10-07, 01:06 PM
"Get back to Metroplex, Ironhide... and have him activate scamper, slammer and Sixgun. he'll need all the help he can get... targeting as many decepticons as we're likely to face...alone... isn't an option. "

Prime's optics again rose to the skies, and in the distance he could make out trouble... trouble with a capital Z and T....

"...zarak and trypticon... this is going to get ugly.. and fast."

Aero Blade
2003-10-08, 03:09 AM
Aero Blade turned from Dirge, returning to assembling the cyclone cannon. "I'd probably be inclined to agree with you if I knew who this 'Galvatron' was. Back home we had a guy called Megatron - nasty guy, but something tells me he'd be different from any Megatron that'd be over here," Aero Blade more or less thought outloud, adjusting some of the couplings.

2003-10-08, 03:53 AM
Fireflight was first to notice the Decepticons heading towards Fortress Maximus. "Silverbolt! Decepticons are here! Prowl was right!"

Silverbolt looked at where Fireflight was referring to and contacted Optimus Prime through Com-Link: Optimus sir! Decepticons are coming! They should arrive within firing distance in about 5 minutes! What would you have the Aerialbots do sir?!

Suddenly, all the other Aerialbots (Skydive, Air Raid, Slingshot) came next to Silverbolt to see what they were going to do about the Decepticons.

2003-10-08, 05:33 AM

Ironhide: "Got ya, Prahme." -transforms, rolls back towards Metroplex-

God Jinrai
2003-10-08, 12:55 PM
"Keep sixshot occupied.. but don't do anything rash. you remember the first time you encountered him, I'm sure..."

Prime cut his comm again... glancing back, he caught sight of Victory Leo and Starsaber...

"Starsaber... I...just might have a mission for you."

"Indeed, Optimus Prime? We were made aware through intelligence channels that your scout, hound has been taken into captivity by the decepticons..."

"That's...correct. I need him retrieved... you two seem the best equipped at the moment...aside from a full strikeforce... or one of our spies...whom now would be occupied with other matters."

Starsaber nodded, glancing at victory leo...

"I'm in." he solemnly spoke...

"Then it's settled. To the destron base then!"

Starsaber abruptly transformed, as did victory leo... and in their twin jet forms, performed the victory combination... merging into the massive super-jet mode...

"We WILL get him out, Prime. I swear it."

Pushing the throttle to its maximum, the super-jet tore across the sky, up and into the stratosphere... there, they would be less likely to be encountering destrons... not to mention they'd be able to use the atmospheric drop trick starsaber had learned long ago, but never needed....

Quick Switch
2003-10-09, 03:54 PM
Quick Switch stood at Prime's announcement.


He shot Prowl a glance, Windslice momentarily forgotten. His features were tense, rigid.


Cerebros continued the transformation procedure, sighing. Pacifism, it seemed, had its limits. Even indirectly, he would be responsible for violence this day.

"I did not seek this station but I will fufill my duty," he mumurred quietly.


Dirge shuddered.

"As Astrotrain once said to Cyclonus on Charr, "Well, they're the saaame guuuy". And he was right."

The jet turned, looking outside the turret, and flicked a panicked glance back to Aero Blade.

Was that....that a ROAR?

"Tr-Tr-Trypticon is coming," the jet said, sinking against the wall. "Death comes to those who cross him!"

Aero Blade
2003-10-10, 12:43 AM

The word was foreign to Aero Blade, but he went over to the turrent to have a look as well as Stratus flew over there. Off in the distance he saw something getting closer. It was too far for him to make it out, but whatever it was, it looked big. Really big...

"I get the distinct feeling we aren't going to be able to take that on," Aero Blade answered. He went over to the communication equipment, seeing if he couldn't get it working. "Dirge, I hope you know what frequency we're supposed to use, becaue I didn't hear it mentioned in the briefing..." Aero Blade started, scanning some of them to see if he couldn't find some familiar Autobot chatter on the airwaves.

2003-10-10, 03:46 AM
Wreck-Gar and the Junkions arrived back at the outpost after depositing Dreadwind and the Battlechargers in Fort Max's prison cells.

"Well, Dirge, if Mecha Godzilla is about to come blow up Tokyo, I say we get the green guy on the horn and blow them all sky high.

2003-10-11, 12:47 AM
Where the battle was...... :

Roadbuster: -activates commlink- "Hey, Nightbeat."

Nightbeat: "What's up, Roadbuster?"

Roadbuster: "Pity you're not here. This is gonna be glorious."

Nightbeat: "Glorious isn't the term I'd use to describe it, bubba. Tragic, maybe. Pyhrric, definately."

2003-10-11, 02:10 AM
"Hmm, I suppose it would be best to be as, how shall I say, be as punctual as possible with matters such as these," Perceptor said as he turned to Professor Stall. "I shall contact him at once."

"Ratchet, we require your assistance if you are not preoccupied with another task. We have obtained the chemicals you have requested and we now stand here by Blades awaiting for his repairs," Perceptor said over the comm-link.

Streetwise quickly ran and followed the path up the mountain that Jazz was taking.

"And, may I ask, where exactly are these Carbombians?" the Protectobot asked, not knowing because of the fact that he had been, well, deceased for awhile.

2003-10-11, 06:10 AM
Inferno paused listening to the communication from Ratchet.
"Well, I s'ppose I'd best get over to security then."
He began heading towards the brig.
Meanwhile, in the security brig...

Gaihawk: -sees Brainstorm walk in, start to set up- "I was right!"

Hellbat: "Calm down, Gaihawk."

Drillhorn: "Now is not the time to panic. They are Autobots."

Gaihawk: "You think that means they've got a moral code or something?"

Hellbat: "Gaihawk! That's enough." -thinks to self- 'Now or never....' -raises voice, looks over at Brainstorm- "Excuse me?"

Brainstorm finishes and walks out and around the corner. "Yes?"

Hellbat: -looks Brainstorm square in the optics- "Could you tell me what you're doing?"

Brainstorm kept a solemn expression as he replied. "I've got orders. That's all you need to know." He went to turn, but something about Hellbat's optics had caught his attention. A glint. "Your optic lenses are a strange color Hellbat." He found he couldn't tear his gaze away, and what was more, he didn't want to.

Hellbat: -would be smiling if the lower half of his face weren't covered by a plate, quietly- "Hellbat Strike: Hypnotic Wave!" -increasing the hypnotic trance he's forcing onto Brainstorm- "Now, you want to tell me your orders, don't you? I am your friend, after all."

Brainstorm fidgeted. "You don't need... you... I..." He got quiet and then gave a slight nod. "I'm preparing for Ratchet."

Hellbat: "Why are you preparing for Ratchet?"
Hellbat: "You want to tell me. Friends shouldn't have secrets."

Brainstorm shook his head slowly and then nodded. "I'm not your friend, but I'll tell you. The orders are to take care of you."

Hellbat: "Take care of me?" -focusing more on Brainstorm, pinning him beneath his gaze like a butterfly to a piece of postboard- "Take care of me how?"

Brainstorm paused. "Take care of you. And the others. It won't hurt. Medics don't hurt anyone. We have to take out the personality components for storage."

Gaihawk: -scowls-

Hellbat: -narrows optics at Brainstorm, knowing that he needs to change the orders- "Your orders are wrong. That will do us a great deal of hurt. Medics can't hurt anyone."

Hellbat: -pushing Brainstorm as deeply as he can into the trance state- "These are your new orders: You are to reconnect our motor relays and free us. These orders come directly from your leader. Do you understand me?"

Hellbat: "When Ratchet shows up, you will open our cells to let us out. Keeping us in here hurts us. Medics can't hurt anyone."

Brainstorm nodded slowly as he entered into the cells and began reconnecting the motor relays...


Prowl frowned as he clicked onto Optimus' frequency. "Sir, Hound has been captured and has been tortured. I am uncertain of his exact status, and have been unable to ascertain the extent and nature of any information the Decepticons have been able to extract from him. I also have incoming information that Trypticon is approaching."

After responding, he glanced up to the monitor showing Quick Switch's office and Windslice as he waited for Optimus to reply. "You have done us a service, whoever you are, and if Quick Switch is agreeable, we will repay the favor. Since it is our goal to remove Cybertronians from this planet and we are going to be engaged in battle shortly, and since you have no desire to join us or be involved in this war, we will have Jetfire take you to the colony of cybertronian residents that we assisted in escaping the Quintessons. There you will not be directly involved in the war."

God Jinrai
2003-10-11, 02:34 PM
"Prowl, I've already sent someone for his extraction... I think it'll work out rather nicely considering. Victory Saber's en-route as we speak to metrotitan... and if all goes well... we may have him comming back with more than just hound..."

Prime went quiet...

2003-10-11, 03:24 PM
Brig, Fort Max:

Hellbat: -feeling his body respond to his commands again, wiggles his fingers- "Much better......"

Jalgar: "We might get out of this after all....."

Hellbat: "Of course we will. Now we just have to wait for Leozak to join us."

2003-10-11, 03:43 PM
Almost at the security brig, Ratchet had received a com-link message from Perceptor. "Right now, Perceptor, I am about to begin an operation with Leozak. It shouldn't take long, I hope, so once I am finished I will meet you at the Med-Bay. See you later!"

2003-10-11, 10:21 PM
A veiled figure stood silent, watching...observing...the autobots would fall...it was only a matter of time.

2003-10-11, 11:10 PM
"They're crawlin' all over the place Streetwise. The fact we don't have air help makes it even harder cause we have to do this all on foot.... or... wheel"
Jazz spoke as he hit the mountain path and transformed driving downward to a fork in the road.

"Streetwise take the left, I got the right. Slapdash stay up here wait for a call to come down either side" Jazz said as he kept going down the fork he said he would.


Windslice nodded gratefully to Prowl "A war I have been exiled from is not a war I want to fight in. But I would like to wait for Hound's retrieval before I leave. I feel slightly responsible for him not being freed when I saw him". He stood still then a question popped in as he continued to look at Prowl. "If this thing is... transforming shouldn't we... get out?"


"Quick Switch This is Blaster! Metroplex transformation complete he is as large and incharge as I remember since last seeing him like this.."

2003-10-12, 03:24 AM
Brig, Fort Max:

Hellbat: -looks over at Drillhorn and the others- "Okay, Leozak's likely to come in under guard. Gaihawk-"

Gaihawk: -gets off bed- "Give me my gun, and I'll kill them."

Hellbat: "Get back on the bed, you idiot."

Gaihawk: -snarls- "Keep this up, Hellbat, and I'll kill you, too."

Hellbat: "We want them in here before we hit them. The door to the brig closes, and then we hit them. And we can't use our guns, because if they see the cages our partners are in are empty, they'll hit the alert klaxons, and our great escape will be over. Now get back on that bed."

Gaihawk: -scowling, gets back on the bed-

Hellbat: "You've got shurikens, use them! Then Killbison, smash them to the ground. Jalgar, knock out this Ratchet. Don't kill him, just knock him out. A dead hostage is worthless. We might not have the energy to do a lot of damage, but we can make sure the guards don't try to stop us."

Drillhorn: "And what about recharging?"

Hellbat: "We'll burn that bridge when we come to it."

2003-10-12, 03:40 AM
"Got it, Jazz," Streetwise said as he transformed and took the path on the left, driving as fast as he could.

Quick Switch
2003-10-12, 04:34 AM
"Yes, dismissed," Quick said to Windslice. "The cities are inbound. We have a battle to prepare for. We'll probably be taking the field ourselves-" Quick paused to reply to Blaster's message, "confirmed Blaster!"

He looked back at Prowl, shaking slightly.

"Unless you have another opinion. And yes, I am thinking of Hound, Prowl. Like you wouldn't even believe."


Dirge simply sagged, listening to Aero Blade and Wreck-Gar.

"Flee when the cities appear, if you value your lives," he said quietly. "Just...flee."


"I suppose that settles that," Stall said wearily, smiling at his colleague.

2003-10-12, 04:44 AM
"Wasn't running in the first place taking the cowards way out?" Wreck-Gar asked. "Whatever. We need to contact the Rebel Alliance, get them to send Luke Skywalker and company down to blow up them Death Stars."
Inside Fort Max's prison, the Battlechargers and Dreadwind looked around.

"Hello? Anyone out there?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-12, 04:47 AM
"Trypticon tends to eat berzerkers," Dirge replied, "but goood luck. And Scorponok is rather handy with his claws."

Aero Blade
2003-10-12, 04:50 AM
Aero Blade kept playing with the controls on the communication equipment, attempting to figure out how to get it to a proper frequency. It wasn't anything like the equipment he was used to back home. Listening to Dirge, the idea of fleeing would have been his normal choice, but the huge transformer off in the distance and Dirge's tone, something about it edged him on.

"I'm not ready to give up," Aero Blade answered, determination seeping into his voice, "And niether should you! Now show me how to use these controls!" He turned fully around to Dirge, looking him straight in the eyes. "Help me!"

2003-10-12, 04:57 AM
Wreck Gar walked over to Aero Blade.

"Loggin' onto the net?" he asked.

Quick Switch
2003-10-12, 05:00 AM
"Help us all to our deaths!" Dirge said, shaken. He examined the controls. "I...I'm not to keen on Autobot technology, yet. But...we can take a look....I guess."

Aero Blade
2003-10-12, 05:12 AM
Aero Blade calmed down slighty when Dirge finally came over there. "Where's the frequency emmitter? I can't adjust the signal without it - it's the only thing I can't find..." Aero Blade told him, a degree of agitation seeping into his voice. Of all things, he - the guy everyone asked technology questions to back home - couldn't find the stupid tuner... "Why don't they have preset labled buttons..." he muttered...

2003-10-12, 05:34 AM
"The hip bone's connected to the...something. The something's connected to the...red thing," Wreck Gar said, noting Aero Blade's frustration.

Quick Switch
2003-10-12, 09:32 PM
"When in doubt, guess," Dirge said finally, shrugging. "As they say in the mooovies...this is Greek to me."

Aero Blade
2003-10-13, 03:00 AM
Despite having the extra help of Dirge and Wreck-Gar in examining the control, their search for the frequency tuner was coming up fruitless. "Who designed these outposts?" Aero Blade muttered, scanning the controls again for any missed buttons. It was probably the most basic thing to operate for an Autobot in this demention, but Dirge wasn't an Autobot (officially) and Aero Blade wasn't from this demention, and Wreck-Gar seemed just as clueless as they were.

"What about that thing?" Stratus asked, pointing to a small slide bar on the far side of the consol. No-one had tried using it yet. Not having many other options, Aero Blade reached over and moved the slidebar, which in response opened a panel revealing the frequency tuner and several preset, labled buttons.

No time to feel foolish, Aero Blade reached over and activated two buttos marked "Fort Max" and "Metroplex", hoping that at least one of them was the proper place to contact. "Any Autobots listening on this frequency, this is East Outpost. We've got a 'Trypticon' coming up on us and things aren't looking good. Requesting orders, back-up, anything!"

2003-10-13, 05:39 AM
"I hear you Aero Blade! This is Blaster high atop Metroplex broadcasting from the command room! Trypticon won't make it withing 100 feet of yah after this big guy is done with him!"

Blaster grinned as he switched over to a line directly to Fort Max.

"Hey guys and gals over at city bot #2 this is Blaster we got Trypticon moving in from the east and as I havn't seen that giant Grimlock for a while. Okay if me and Metroplex head on over for a little rock and roll?"


Windslice backed towards the door of the room looking at Trailbreaker then at Crosscut.

"Are you the medic?" He asked looking at his wound which had ceased smoking but the oil still slowly leaked out. His internal repair systems were doing the damage control to stop the leaking.

2003-10-14, 12:40 AM
Prowl frowned. "We do need to evacuate, but it's going to have to be in shifts. Quick Switch, can you see to evacuating all but Ratchet, Brainstorm and Inferno- we need to wait until they finish. *Prowl glanced at the monitors and then looked back while listening to the communication from the outposts.* Looks like Brainstorm's already started and Inferno's on his way in with Ratchet close behind pulling Leozak. I think given their combined skills, they should finish in about 4.785 Earth minutes. Given a margin of two minutes and a half for transit, I will be able to lock the holds when they are clear.

Tactically, I strongly suggest to pull Dirge, Wreck-Gar and Aero Blade back from the Eastern outpost as Trypticon is just about there. Dirge should quarter down against the ridge to protect the human allies and the twins here with Hoist as a backup and Aero Blade should join Wheeljack for use of their technical skills. Wreck Gar will be a floating groundfighter."
Crosscut nodded to the unfamiliar transformer. Sounds like we need to go outside. Let's go to the mountain ridge so we're out of the way and I'll fix it there.
Inferno made his way down to the brig, looking fairly unconcerned. His thoughts were on the battle about to go down outside. But after the main door slid open and closed, he took a few steps and got an uncertain feeling as he looked down the hall of cells.

"Brainstorm? Where are ya at?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-14, 01:04 AM
"Dirge, Aero Blade, Wreck-Gar, fall back to Fortress Maximus! All other warriors, prepare for battle against the cities! All weaker units may remain inside, but at their own peril!"

Quick withdrew his photon blasters.

"I'm expecting you to join me on the field, Prowl. Optimus will need us now." It was clear the evacuation was a bit in the background.


In the outpost, Dirge heard the announcment, transformed, and flew back to Fortress Maximus in jet mode.

Anything to avoid the cities.



The footfalls rumbled the landscape.

The monstrous construct snapped his pincers, and shook his tail, sighting Fortress Maximus, even now a laughingly incomplete amalagam. The scorpion didn't even look at the outposts constructed in front of him.

Black Zarak- Scorponok- rasped his mandibles and laughed, gesticulating with his stinger. He could afford to wait until Maximus transformed.

That way, he could see the pain registering on that idiotically noble robotic face as his claws and stinger wreaked havoc on his frame.

Aero Blade
2003-10-14, 01:16 AM
"No need to tell me twice!" Aero Blade answered, abandoning the communications equipment. He transformed into his helicopter mode and Stratus into his jet/shuttle mode and they bothed gunned back towards Fortress Maximus.

2003-10-14, 02:11 AM
"Heads up, boyos," Wreck-Gar said, heading after Aero Blade and Dirge. "We're movin' out."

Quick Switch
2003-10-14, 04:02 AM
Galvatron admired the panic and fear the wonderful Cities were wreaking on the Autobot lines. He turned back- yes! The Decepticon forces were streaking up behind them. there the STAG warrior- there the femme assassin- there a Targetmaster, there a jet....

Galvatron's mouth quirked into a smirk as he clenched the fist- and arm- on which his gleaming orange cannon rode.

The Decepticon Leader searched for his nemesis, Optimus Prime. Ah, there. Already trying to make some semblance of what was sure to be his faction's destruction!

If it hadn't been so poetic, Galvatron would have cackled. But he had overcome his demons. And would be more than happy to release them upon his hate foe. In good time, that is.

As soon as Zarak engaged Fortress Maximus and the Autobots fled from their own cities...he, Galvatron, would strike like a reaper, sowing death and chaos as the pathetic Autobots scrambled for escape.



Galvatron permitted himself a -small- chuckle.

"Such heroic nonsense."

2003-10-14, 04:15 AM
Crosshairs stood atop the northern outpost, staring straight towards the gigantic Decepticon scorpion that was approaching Fort Max. Though he held Pinpointer's gun mode loosely in his right hand, the Targetmaster made no attempt to aim at the city.
Not that he couldn't hit it. Even this many miles away, Crosshairs could hit a target that size with his optics deactivated.
But it would do no good. Not against something that...that huge.
Wrenching his eyes away from the cities, Crosshairs shouted down towards the Autobot that he had left to watch the communications gear.
"Hey, Bluestreak! Do you have any idea what command expects us to accomplish out here?"
Other than die, of course...

2003-10-14, 06:51 AM
Standing next to Prime:

Roadbuster: -would be smiling if he had a mouth at the sight of the incoming Decepticons- "Target rich enviroment...... This is going to be fun." -looks over at Prime- "We can finally crush these scum once and for all."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-14, 08:07 PM
"Crush? Me Grimlock not interested in crushing, me interested in ripping Decepticons to shreds!"

Grimlock walked and stood alongside Roadbuster, leaning on his Energo Sword.

"Only difference is, me not waiting here, me going out there to meet them"

Grimlock headed out onto the battlefield, he was ready to kick Decepticon tail.

2003-10-14, 10:17 PM
Standing next to Prime...... albeit temporarialy:

Roadbuster: -starts following Grimlock, weapons at the ready- "Crush, rip to shreds.... why argue semantics, Grimlock? As long as we kill Decepticons, I'm happy."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-14, 10:22 PM
"Me be happy so long as there is plenty of Decepticons to kill!"

God Jinrai
2003-10-14, 10:23 PM
"Then I suggest you both start shredding away!"

Prime raised his head, and his optics shifted spectrums... only one thing he was looking for now...


The wavelength of energy that the autobot matrix projected from its bearer was detectible for those whom knew of its particular quirks... by reversing that polarity, prime was able to pick galvatron out of the oncomming swarm...

Lifting his cannon, he retained the matrix energy spectrum's vision...

"This may be against my better judgement... but right now... stopping these decepticons... takes precedence over ettiquette!"

Prime squeezed the trigger on his cannon's trigger, and the trademark orangish-yellow burst of energy errupted from the barrel, streaking skyward...

2003-10-15, 02:20 AM
"Slag," Hot Spot said upon noticing that another member of their team was missing, "now Streetwise is gone too."

"Well, perhaps Blades is almost repaired," First-Aid replied.

"I hope, so, I really do," the Protectobot leader said as the three remaining ones got their weapons ready and headed outside, towards where Prime, Roadbuster, and Grimlock were.

"Ratchet, disregard my last request," Perceptor said over the comm-link, "I can tell that you indeed have your hands full with other more pressing matters."

With that, the Autobot scientist turned to Professor Stall, and said, "Well, we'll have to complete this task on our own, I'm afraid. As they say, one phrase you may be very familiar with as a historian, desperate times call for desperate measures. From the details given to us by Ratchet, this shouldn't take too much time. The Protectobots are in dire need of their other team member, especially with the iminent battle."

He then grabbed all of the chemicals that had been set down, and began combining them with the instructions left on the computer by the other Autobot medic.

"If these calculations and measurements are correct, then we should have our anti-bolicide," he continued to say to the Autobot historian, "Do not worry, Professor; as you may already know, I do have experience in the field of Autobot physiology and medicine, not as much as our dear doctor, but nontheless a sufficient amount."

Perceptor finally punched in a combination of buttons into the computer as a glass case covered the table. He then placed the anti-bolicide into a slot of a console on the glass, and the liquid underwent chemical changes instantly that turned it into a gas that flowed all into the glass case, surrounding the body of Blades. As it began to disappear, the endcased Protectobot's optics began to turn a bright, vibrant blue.

As Perceptor smiled and turned to signal to Professor Stall that the treatment had been a success, he quickly stepped back from being startled from something. That something had turned out to be Blades, his clenched fist breaking through the glass. The Autobot scientist relaxed a little when he saw that it was just Blades being himself and approached him.

"Welcome... back," Perceptor said.

"Where are they?" Blades asked. "Come on, I can sense the 'Cons comin,' so where's the rest of the team?"

"Oh, the Protectobots," the Autobot scientist replied, "well, according to this map..."

"Aww, forget it, I'll find them on my own," Blades said, interrupting Perceptor and running off in the direction towards where the other Protectobots were.

Perceptor then turned to Stall, still smiling, and said, "I assure you, it was a success. This is just, well, his behavioral pattern."

Brave Maximus
2003-10-15, 04:01 AM
Skyfall watched as Optimus Prime, commander of the Autobots and the First Legendary Convoy fired his cannon at the on coming Destron hord. Figuring that now was as good a time as ever, he patched into Omega's sensors and begin to search for his last ordered Target.

I have no idea what this "Sixshot" can do, but if he's like Great Shot, I don't have much of a chance. He was a Hand to hand combat instructor and threw us Micromasters around with out much effort. But I learned alot from him, and perhaps Omega and provide the strength I need, at the right time.
Get ready big guy, this is going to be one hell of a first fight.

Flying past the transforming cities, Skyfall looked for his quarry.

"Comm link open: General Autobot frequency - Scrambled:
This is Skyfall to all Autobots who can here me. I'm looking for an ugly Decepticon named Sixshot. If you find him, let me know.
Comm Link Closed.
Come out, come out where ever you are"

2003-10-15, 05:09 PM
A purple jet soared through the air across the battlefield. Observing, analyzing the situation. Too fast for the Autobot flyers, skilled enough to avoid the random shots from the ground to air batteries of Fortress Maximus, Cyclonus couldn't stop enjoying the feeling of superiority it gave to him.

He began descending rapidly towards Galvatron's position and transformed into robot mode in a point when it already seemed that a collision with ground was imminent. He landed next to the supreme leader of the Decepticons with a force that made the ground shatter under him.

"Mighty Galvatron... Shall we join our citycons in attack against the Autobot cities?"

2003-10-15, 08:03 PM
Squeezeplay stalked onto the battlefield. Subconsciously clacking the tips of his claws together, the Headmaster scanned the area.
Seeing that Grimlock and Roadbuster were moving forward, Squeezeplay began to slowly trudge towards them.
Spinister flew swiftly towards the engagement zone, his rotors spinning silently.
Sparkstalker's wings flapped pathetically as he tried to keep up with the advancing Decepticon army. However, as usual, he was lagging far behind the others.
Ah, well. Maybe I'll get lucky and the war will be over before I get there...

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-15, 08:24 PM
The jet fighter mode of Sixshot streaked through the air high above the oncoming Decepticon cities.

Best vantage point for the on-coming slaughter

It was then that Cyclonus flew past Sixshot and Sixshot himself noticed that the other Decepticons were fast approaching.

About time...

Sixshot changed his trajectory into a steep dive towards Fortress Maximus.

Aero Blade
2003-10-15, 08:42 PM
Tracer marched with the rest of the soldiers, his anticipation peaking as he caught sight of the Autobots. Time for the fun to begin. Let's see, do I let an Autobot volunteer, or do I pick my own target to slag? Tracer thought with a silent chuckle. Either way, this was going to be alot of fun.


Aero Blade touched down outside Fortress Maximus and transformed. He looked around the outside, attempting to locate an entrance. He was distracted by the sound of a jet engine off in the distance. Thinking it was Dirge, Aero Blade turned around seeing not his friend but instead a still far-off Sixshot.

"Who is that?" Aero Blade thought aloud. The transformer was still too distant to tell whether it was an Autobot or Decepticon, but something told Aero Blade he didn't like the look of this. Aero Blade turned on his internal com, hoping that he might be able to contact that Blaster guy again. "This is Aero Blade, I'm outside Fort Max. Got an unknown coming in, but I don't think it's friendly. Requesting orders."

Brave Maximus
2003-10-15, 09:01 PM
Omega's sensors locked onto the steeply diving black and purple jet and relayed the information to Skyfall. Changing his trajectory to loop around Fortress Maximus, he scanned the robot and found his quarry.

"Comm link open: General Autobot Frequency
I've got an incomming Sixshot with a bunch of nasties behind him. Looks like the wars on guys, lets go save the Earth!
Comm link closed"

Trying to manuver in behind the much larger jet, Skyfall activated his blasters and started to lock in on Sixshot

2003-10-15, 11:30 PM

Roadbuster: -sees Squeezeplay, chuckles- "Looks like they're scraping the bottom of the barrel." -slings assualt rifle over his shoulder, pulls grenade launcher, aims and fires grenade launcher and linear blaster cannon at Squeezeplay-

2003-10-16, 12:22 AM
The blaster bolts bounced off Squeezeplay's armor like small pebbles. The grenades were another matter, however. One exploded at his feet, peppering his hide with shrapnel.
Knocked to the ground, the Headmaster shifted to robot mode and scrambled to his feet. The Autobot's barrage had shaken him up, but not much more. Squeezeplay charged at Roadbuster, firing bursts from his overrider blaster as he ran.

2003-10-16, 01:06 AM
Bluestreak had no idea and the loud noises coming towards him made it harder to think let alone focus.

"I... uhh.. ummm I'll ask." He replied picking up the communications headset activating it. "Ummm guys at Fortmax or Metroplex. It's Bluestreak up at the north outpost and we have Scoponok coming towards us and me and Crosshairs want to know what to do"


Windslice nodded to Crosscut and moived his arm out usshering Crosscut ahead "Lead the way then"


Sunstreaker stood where the first battle with the Battle chargers took place standing outside the north outpost watching the fighting "Well here is too these cons being more of a challenge" He grinned looking down at his electron pulse gun then back up stepping towards the newest laser shots.

2003-10-16, 04:24 AM
Ratchet had arrived at the security brig and almost immediately started working on Leozak to extract his personality components. He took out his tools and started by making sure all his power was off so that he was shut down completely. Next, he began removing Leozak's head and carefully examined it. "Where do you think it is Brainstorm?....Oh wait, here it is!" He finally found the piece of software he was looking for, the personality circuit , which was connected to his logic circuits. Carefully, he corner-by-corner removed the circuit and put it down in a titanium box and locked it with his personal code and gave it to Brainstorm to hold it.

Ratchet had successfully completed his operation after putting the parts back together. He kept Leozak on the table and rolled his body back to the Med-Bay. "Brainstorm, could you please do me a favor and put that in the vault for me? And make sure Inferno assists you..."

Ratchet now turned his attention to Perceptor. "Hi Perceptor, sorry I couldn't come sooner to help you, I was busy with something else," said Ratchet as he looked at Leozak. "But I see you did not need my assistance anyway, it looks like you did a good job on Blades by yourself, congratulations."
The Aerialbots contacted Fort Max once again through com-link.

Com-link to Fort Max Command Center: Anyone hearing this message at Fortress Maximus please respond. We Aerialbots are reporting in for battle!! If it is acknowledged, then we can head east and help fight Trypticon.

Quick Switch
2003-10-16, 05:56 AM
"Indeed Cyclonus! Indeed!" Galvatron said, turning as Prime's blast appeared. With a hearty laugh, he dissipated the blast with one from his own fusion cannon. "Decepticons! Charge!"

The Decepticon Lord Emperor leaped down the cliff and streaked into the fray.

"Nice try, Prime! Perhaps you've learned that fighting fair is reserved only for the weak!" Galvatron chuckled, loosing another blast from his cannon toward the erstwhile Autobot leader.


Quick sent out an all purposes broadcast:

"Autobots- engage the regular troops! Do not, I repeat, do not engage the cities in combat!"


Dirge transformed, coming to a stop next to Aero Blade. He too, turned.

"Sixshot," he said quietly. "Quick Switch will be dealing with him, I'd guess."


Stall smiled grimly at Perceptor as Blades revived.

"As the human Thomas Paine once wrote, "These are the times that try men's souls;" the statement is most adequate."

2003-10-16, 06:02 AM
Swoobot, Brainstorm is already preoccupied in the brig and unable to answer Ratchet. That's really too much movement for one post, you'll need to give other players a chance to respond in the future. :) For now, we'll assume Ratchet completed his job, stowed the personality component in the brig, and has gone back to medbay as you've written, but his talk to Brainstorm would have had to be over the communicator.

Brainstorm continued working as he heard Ratchet's voice over his communicator. "Of course Ratchet. I'll pick him up and store him as soon as I finish. I'm nearly done now." He clicked off as he heard Inferno call.

Gaihawk: -hears Inferno call- "What's the matter, Autobot? Lose something?"

Brainstorm glanced up as he continued working. "I'm down here. I'm finishing up."

Inferno shook his head as he headed for the cell down the hall. "Heh, ya work fast Brainstorm, but you should've taken care of that one's vocalizer first."

Hellbat: -sighs-
Drillhorn: -wondering if this is really going to work-
Gaihawk: "You think you can shut me up?"

Inferno walked to the corner of the cell. "He will, but he's gonna shut you down..." His voice trailed off as he noticed that not one of the group had been deactivated.

Hellbat: "Brainstorm, if you please....."

Brainstorm stood up and triggered a remote that unlocked the doors. Inferno immediately took a step back. "Brainstorm! What are you doing?!"

Gaihawk: -springs off the table- "Letting me do THIS!" -flings a double handful of monoblade shurikens at Inferno-
Hellbat: "Killbison, Drillhorn, take him!"
Killbison and Drillhorn: -spring from their tables, charging towards Inferno.

Inferno leaned to one side as the shurikens hit, some embedding themselves in his armor and one grazing the side of his face. "Emergency Max! Breakout!" He yelled over his radio as he grabbed at Killbison and sent a roundhouse kick towards Drill horn.

Killbison: -surging forward, coming in low, letting Inferno's grab work in his favor, charging into the Autobot-
Drillhorn: -manages to block Inferno's kick, but still knocked to the side by the force of it-

Hellbat: -sighs- "Have to do everything the hard way, don't they......." -stands, walks out of his cell, over to the cages the Breastforce weapons are kept in, looks in at Bat Breast- "Miss me, old friend?"

Inferno took a few steps backward with the impact and used the momentum to heave Killbison into the air, attempting to hurl the Decepticon at Drillhorn. Brainstorm quietly picked up his tool bag and began walking out into the main hall where the three were fighting.

Hellbat: -deactivates the cages the weapons are bing kept in, holds out his hand-
Bat-Breast: -flutters out, transforms to gun mode, lands in Hellbat's hand-

Killbison: -grabs onto Inferno as Inferno flings him, intending to bring the Autobot with him-

Hellbat: -aims at Inferno- "Stop."

Jalgar: -stretches, walks out of his cell, retrieves his weapon, looks at Brainstorm- "Where are you going?"

Inferno got pulled forward slightly as Killbison clung to him, but he didn't lose his balance. He straightened quickly and threw an extremely forceful right-handed punch at the clinging Decepticon's head, ignoring the order to stop.

Brainstorm waved a hand over his shoulder. "I've completed the duties I was assigned. Others need my attention."

Killbison: -head snaps to the left, slowly turns back to face Inferno, jabs a forceful left hook towards Inferno's face-

Drillhorn: -gets to feet-

Gaihawk: -walks out of cell, retrieves wepon, powers it up, aims at Inferno- "Now you die, Autobot!"

Hellbat: "No, Gaihawk! We need him alive."

Inferno's optics blazed a bright angry blue as he took the punch across the mouth. Instantly, he returned with an undercut to Killbison's gut, cutting between the Decepticons and Brainstorm.

Killbison: -grunts silghtly and doubles over, then drives his head towards Inferno's midsection-

Hellbat: -tosses gun into the air- "Sic 'em."

Bat-Breast: -transforms back to bat mode, flutters up, hovering just out of reach over Inferno's head-

Inferno changed his hand in and began shooting flame suppressant foam at the Decepticons while backing toward Brainstorm and the door.

Killbison: -unable to keep balance, transforms to tank mode, bringing both beam cannons to bear on Inferno-

Bat-Breast: -flicks tounge-tazer out at Inferno-

Drillhorn: "This is taking far too long. Rhino, to me!"

Rhino-Breast: -leaps from cage, charges over to Drillhorn, leaps into the air, trainsforming into chaingun mode-

Drillhorn: -swings the rapid fire particle cannon to bear on Inferno, starts cycling the barrels-

Inferno heard the door slide open as the tongue hit him and he grabbed it. With the volts coursing through his skin, he didn't feel the external heat, but his internal systems began taking damage. He swung the bat around and let it fly.

Bat-Breast: -manages to correct his flight, flutters back to Hellbat, transforms back to gun mode, lands in Hellbat's hand-

Hellbat: -sets to stun, aims, and fires at Inferno-

Jalgar: "I thought you didn't want to use guns."

Hellbat: -scowls- "I'm beginning to rethink this whole hostage-taking thing."

Inferno grimaced as the shot hit him just above his left hip in the midsection and he fell backwards, out through the main door knocking Brainstorm sideways against the wall in the process. Brainstorm froze as he looked straight at Hellbat, the hypnotic effects were wearing off and a realization of fear swept over him as he looked at the gathering group.

Quick Switch
2003-10-16, 06:12 AM
Cerebros received Inferno's transmission, and at once- even as the City prepared to transform and battle Zarak- activated the Brig lockdown procedures.

The Brig hallway doors shut quickly, and the Breast Force would soon realize they were rather quarantined.

2003-10-16, 06:22 AM
Prowl looked at the screens with a cold intensity as Inferno's alert came through and then turned to Spike while standing up as Daniel and Sparkplug finally made their way inside the command center, followed by Riptide and Shasta.

"Spike, Sparkplug, kids... go meet Dirge and Aero Blade outside now and stay with them. Hurry."

"We don't need to be told twice Prowl." Sparkplug nodded as the group hurried out and to the end of the hall, to exit Fortress Maximus.

Prowl turned back to the computer and hit a few more keys before heading for the door. "Max, shut and seal the command chambers in 23 seconds. Highest defense priority. I'm going to help them below."

Quick Switch
2003-10-16, 06:25 AM
Quick strode out of the room, only pausing to nod at Prowl's action.

"To battle," he murmurred, clanking down the corridors.

2003-10-16, 06:25 AM
Near Outpost

Wreck-Gar maneuvered between his Junkion group, holding up a holo projector showing various images of the invading Decepticons. Cheif among them were Galvatron, Cyclonus, Trypticon and Black Zarak.

"All right, get a good look," Wreck-Gar said to his group, taking on a slight gruff accent. "Shoot to kill, you know what I mean? All right. Let's move out!"

The Junkions, Wreck-Gar in the lead, made their way towards the incoming Decepticon army.
Fort Max

"This slaggin' sucks!" Runamuck said. "Our friends are on their way to have the party, and we're stuck in here cause we had to get to the party early."

"It's all your fault," Runabout snarled.

Runamuck grabbed Runabout's neck and slammed him into the wall. "Watch it, glitchhead!"

Dreadwind looked up from where Darkwing had been laying ever since being tossed inside shortly after the battle call had begun.

"You sure this is a good idea?" Bonecrusher asked.

"Well," Wreckage said, as the Land Military Team closed in on Fort Max. "It's either this, or wait in Carbombya."

"Oh," Knock-Out replied. "This sounds slightly less dangerous."

2003-10-16, 02:05 PM
"Welcome, Ratchet," Perceptor said as he saw the doors begin to close, "it seems as though we may have to be in here for awhile, now. An excellent quote by the way, Professor Stall."

Blades just wouldn't take no for an answer as he saw that the doors in the hallway were. He quickly transformed into his helicopter mode and flew outside, narrowly escaping the quarantine of Fortress Maximus. He flew out farther to finally find the rest of the Protectobots, with the exception of Streetwise. Once he arrived, he was greeted by Hot Spot as he transformed.

"Welcome back," Hot Spot said, surprised, relieved, and glad to see the other Protectobot with them again.

"Enough of the formalities," Blades replied, "just point me in the right direction so I can start slicing the Decepticons."

Quick Switch
2003-10-16, 02:30 PM
"If necessary, we shall battle," Stall replied, "but for now, the province of the men at arms among our ranks takes precedence over our slight abilities," the historian re-adjusted his neck bolts. "For, truly, if we are called upon to defend ourselves, the situation will have become most dire."

2003-10-16, 09:10 PM

Roadbuster: -dives to avoid the return fire, subspaces the linear blaster cannon, unships the assualt rifle- "I love a challenge." , aims shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon, grenade launcher, and assualt rifle at Squeezeplay, opens fire, sending grenades, fragmentation bomblets, and hundreds of armor piercing explosive shells at the Headmaster-

Brig, Fort Max:

Gaihawk: -looking at the sealed blast door behind Inferno and Brainstorm- "I knew your plan would suck, Hellbat."

Hellbat: -staring at Brainstorm, ignoring Gaihawk- "Brainstorm....... look into my optics."

Jalgar: -mutters- "Talk about cliched...."

Drillhorn: -shakes head wearily, aims gun at Inferno- "Contact your superiors and tell them that we wish to make an exchange."

Killbison: -tank mode twin particle projection cannons aimed at Inferno- "Does this mean I can't kill him?"

Drillhorn: "No, you can't kill him. Inferno, is it? Tell your superiors that we're willing to exchange both of your miserable lives for Leozak's mind restored to his body and safe passage out of here. And all that their inevitable attempts at rescue will cause is your deaths."

Killbison: "I thought Hellbat was in charge."

Jalgar: "He is. Drillhorn's just better at hostage negotiation."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-16, 09:24 PM
"The mighty Autobots reduced to sending out one so small to combat the Decepticon army?! They have truly lost their way..."

Sixshot continued his dive, not paying much attention to the small Autobot that appeared to be tracking him.


Grimlock walked forwards and readied his dual rocket launcher, he fired a volley of missiles into a bunch of on-coming Decepticons, hoping to get someone's attention.

Aero Blade
2003-10-16, 09:46 PM
Grimlock's missles were answered with a burst of plasma from Tracer's blaster. "You look eager, let's play," Tracer called, approaching the dinobot, weapon ready. Yes, a dinobot would be a good challage so long as niether of them did anything foolish..


Aero Blade glared at the oncoming Decepticon jet. No doubt now who's side it was on now. No-one had responded to his transmission, so he was stuck outside of Maximus for the moment. Looks like there's no way to dodge a fight now... Aero Blade thought, keeping his eyes on Sixshot. He prepared a charge in his pulse laser, hoping he wouldn't have to use it.

2003-10-17, 12:31 AM
Squeezeplay growled as Roadbuster’s fire slammed into his armor. Scorch marks, dents, cracks and chips now decorated his purple and blue hide. Oil leaked from the most severe wounds. Circuits sputtered and failed. His self-repair systems worked as fast as they could to patch up the damage. Lokos called to Squeezeplay through their shared mind, trying to make him stop and think.
None of it was enough to stop the charging Headmaster.
As he closed on the Autobot, Squeezeplay pulled his mace from subspace. He swung the weapon as soon as Roadbuster was within reach, intent on crushing the Autobot’s head.

2003-10-17, 01:20 AM
Inferno slowly rose to his feet and grew quiet. An intently angry look registered on his face as he considered what was going on.

I can take these guys on, but Brainstorm is between us and that strange one is doing some magic with him... can't look at his optics. I can't let Brainstorm get hurt. Gonna have to do what they ask- for now.

The big autobot clicked onto his communicator. "Quick Switch, Prowl, this is Inferno. The prisoners have escaped and are demanding a trade- Leozak in functional condition for Brainstorm and myself, and then they want a clear way out of here. They have Brainstorm in easy gun range and he's not acting like himself. Should I cooperate?"

Prowl paused briefly to look at Quick Switch. This call was his to make, though silently, Prowl continued running through options.

2003-10-17, 03:14 AM

Roadbuster: -manages to get his arm up in time to block the mace, crumpling the lower arm armor plate and knocking the grenade launcher from his grasp, sending it skittering away across the ground, narrows optic band, locks shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon onto Squeezeplay's face and fires, sending a burst of fragmentation bomblets at the Headmaster's face as he tries to grab Squeezeplay's mace-

Brig, Fort Max:

Killbison: -transforms back to robot mode, retrieves his weapon, activating the Gauss cannon and aiming it at Inferno-

Hellbat: -staring hard at Brainstorm, trying to reestablish control over the Autobot-

Gaihawk: -scowling- "I say we kill those two and tear our way out of here, and we destroy as many Autobots as we can."

Jalgar: -sighs- "No, Gaihawk. This requires finesse."

2003-10-17, 03:40 AM
The blast caught Squeezeplay square in the face. The bomblets didn't do any actual damage, but they hit with enough force to dis-engage the locking clamps that kept Lokos attached to Squeezeplay's neck. With his head detached, Squeezeplay's transformation sequence was triggered.
Shifting to crab mode meant that the Headmaster's mace was safely out of Roadbuster's reach (since it now formed his tail). It also meant that the Autobot was within reach of Squeezeplay's razor-sharp claws.
Squeezeplay quickly took advantage of that. As his right claw scooped the stunned Lokos off the ground and deposited him in Squeezeplay's chest compartment, he struck. His left claw swiped viciously towards Roadbuster's torso.

2003-10-17, 11:23 PM
Roadbuster: -grunts and leaps back as Squeezeplay tears a gash in his center torso, narrows optic band- "Come get some." -swings assualt rifle up, aims it at the Headmaster's center torso, and fire, sending hundreds of armor piercing explosive rounds at Squeezeplay's chest as he fires another salvo of fragmentation bomblets from his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon at Squeezeplay's head-

Brave Maximus
2003-10-18, 02:34 AM
I think he's ignoring me, well, I'll teach him.
Omega, prepair for battle

"Hey, Decepticreep Sixshot or what ever your name is: How about you turn around so I can kick your butt face to face? Or if you like, I'll shove my foot right up your tail pipe, just as it is?"

With that, Skyfall locked on to the larger Decepticon and begain fireing his blasters, sending small packets of energy hurtilling down at Sixshot, trying to make him go the direction he wanted.

2003-10-18, 03:33 AM
Squeezeplay shuddered under the furious assault from Roadbuster. His torso armour slowly chipped away as round after round pounded into it. His cranial armor now featured a series of cracks courtesy of the fragmentation bomblets.
But Squeezeplay didn't care. The rage within him was too strong to be silenced by pain.
The Headmaster charged once more, his claws striking forward, trying to get a grip on Roadbuster's legs.

2003-10-18, 03:52 AM
Roadbuster: -chuckles as Squeezeplay reaches for his legs- "Time to crack the shell!" -pulls linear blaster cannon from subspace, locks linear blaster cannon, assualt rifle and shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon onto Squeezeplay's head, opens fire, sending fragmentation bomblets, ion bolts, and the remaining armor piercing explosive rounds from the current belt feed at Squeezeplay-

2003-10-18, 04:03 AM
Squeezeplay may have been crazy, but he wasn't crazy enough to take a barrage like that in the head. Ducking, he took the blasts on his as-yet undamaged back armor. Needless to say, it did not remain undamaged. Hairline cracks opened up, radiating from the center of the wound. The force of the blast drove the Headmaster towards the ground. However, his forward momentum kept him moving ahead. His path took him crashing directly into Roadbuster's knees.

2003-10-18, 09:24 PM
Roadbuster: -tosses assualt rifle aside as Squeezeplay slams into his knees, sees the rend in Squeezeplay's back armor as he starts to tip forward- "Looks like I'm going to have to dig your Nebulan out the hard way." -fires linear blaster cannon and Shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon at the rend in Squeezeplay's back, then swing his now empty left fist at the rend, hoping to grab something interesting in Squeezeplay's chassis-

2003-10-19, 05:21 AM
Roadbuster's blasts do more damage to Squeezeplay's back, but he's in so much pain already that he can't feel any more. As the Autobot reaches towards his wound, Squeezeplay's right claw swings around and snaps shut on Roadbuster's left wrist. The Headmaster squeezes with all his considerable strength, trying to sever Roadbuster's hand.

2003-10-19, 06:41 PM
Roadbuster: -wincing as he feels the ferrotitanium bones and outer armor crumple in his left wrist, subspaces the linear blaster cannon, digs the fingers of his now empty right hand into the damaged section of Squeezeplay's head, trying to give the Headmaster a non voluntary lobotomy as he locks his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon onto Squeezeplay's right elbow and fires, attempting to blow Squeezeplay's lower right arm off even as Squeezeplay is cutting Roadbuster's hand off-

2003-10-19, 07:22 PM
Obeying Galvatron's orders without hesitation, Cyclonus transformed back into his jet mode and shot into the skies once again. Determined to join Sixshot in giving example to other Decepticon warriors, he opened his incendiary bomb rack just before flying over Fortress Maximus, thus joining Black Zarak in effort of bringing the Autobot giant down.

2003-10-19, 08:02 PM
Roadbuster's shot carved through Squeezeplay's armor, displaying the bare metal of his elbow joint. His metallic sinews were visable as they tightened even more, desperate to tear off Roadbuster's right hand. Meanwhile, circuits and computer chips in Squeezeplay's head snapped as Roadbuster's hand jammed deeply into his cranial space.
The Headmaster let out an involuntary shriek of agony.

2003-10-20, 12:25 AM
Roadbuster: -hisses as Squeezeplay finally severs his left hand, digs his fingers in deeper into the Headmaster's cranial module, fires another salvo into Squeezeplay's elbow joint, snarls- "I'll kill you..... you piece of filth......"

2003-10-20, 03:46 AM
Squeezeplay snarled in triumph as Roadbuster's hand falls to the dirt. However, his pleasure didn't last long. Roadbuster's next shot smashed into his elbow joint, severing wires and crushing servos. The Headmaster lost all control over his right arm, and it fell limply to his side.
Squeezeplay tried to reply to Roadbuster's threat, but his vocal systems didn't want to cooperate. He managed to sputter, "Auto...bot scra...scra...p..."
In his armored storage bay inside Squeezeplay's chest, Lokos was beginning to regain consciousness. What he woke to wasn't pleasant. His binary-bonded partner's agony ripped through him, bringing him to full wakefulness.
With disgust, he regestered the fact that Squeezeplay was no longer able to speak, let alone fight.
Must I do everything for you?
Squeezeplay couldn't even muster the strength to reply.
What? Where's the raving berserker that I was bonded with?
Squeezeplay's return thought was a wordless note of defeat.
You will not give up!
Squeezeplay's return thought was one of pain, and death.
Oh, no! I won't let you give up! I will NOT let you take me down with you! If you won't fight, then I'll make you fight!
The meaning of Squeezeplay's next reply was a clear, resounding, "NO!"
Squeezeplay suddenly roared, "GET...OUT...OF...MY...HEAD!!!" He wasn't even sure himself if he was refering to Roadbuster or Lokos. But there was only one of them that he could lash out at, so he concentrated his fury on the Autobot.
He swung his heavily armored tail at Roadbuster's knees. Then he threw himself into forward roll, trying to dislodge the Autobot's hand from his cranial circuits.

2003-10-20, 05:49 PM
Roadbuster: -closes his hand into a fist as Squeezeplay's tail knocks his legs out from under him, ripping out as much of Squeezeplay's cerebrial circuitry as he can, landing on his back- "Good. I was afriad you weren't going to go the distance!" -gets to feet, crushes the armor and circuitry from Squeezeplay's head in his hand, drops it to the ground, pulls linear blaster cannon from subspace, locks both it and his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon onto Squeezeplay, opens fire, flinging ion bolts and fragmentation bomblets at the damaged headmaster-

2003-10-20, 07:57 PM
Squeezeplay let out a roar of anger as Roadbuster tore out more of his circuits. His spark was almost jarred into stasis lock by the damage, but he somehow managed to hang on to consciousness. Coming out of his roll, he turned to face the Autobot. Static filled his vision, rendering Roadbuster's image fuzzy and unclear.
Oil and fuel oozed into Squeezeplay's mouth, leaking from his internal injuries. The Headmaster spat a mouthful of the viscous mixture towards Roadbuster's feet in a gesture of contempt. As the Autobot's barrage reached him, Squeezeplay leapt over the shots. Still in the air, he slashed his undamaged left claw at Roadbuster's face.

2003-10-20, 11:33 PM
Roadbuster: -head snaps to the left as Squeezeplay hits him, a spiderweb of cracks covering the right side of his optic band as twin gouges are ripped in his face, jabs linear blaster cannon into Squeezeplay's side as he brings his left arm up to brace the Headmaster, as his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon locks onto the hole in Squeezeplay's head, fires both weapons at point blank range, ending Squeezeplay's leap in a toss to the ground, glares down at the Headmaster, lubricant running down the side of his face and head-

2003-10-21, 04:47 AM
Squeezeplay turned his head, taking the brunt of the shrapnel blast on less-damaged armor. However, the shot from the linear blaster cleaved a massive hole in the Headmaster's abdominal armor. He crashed to the ground, wisps of black smoke pouring from his newest wound.
As Roadbuster stood over him, Squeezeplay tried to muster the energy to strike at him, but a cautioning thought from Lokos stopped him.
Wait. Think. How can you survive this?
Squeezeplay could only think of one thing to do. Drawing up a big wad of the vile fluid leaking into his mouth, he spat it directly at Roadbuster's damaged optic band, hoping it would do some damage to the Autobot's vision.
As Spinister arrived on the scene of the battle he flew a few silent rounds, observing the chaos that surrounded him.
Crosshairs heard Quickswitch's orders.
Engage the regular troops, eh? Sounds good. Trouble is, there aren't many regular 'Cons here yet...
From his position atop the north outpost he continued to watch the action near Fort Max.
As he saw Cyclonus open fire on the Autobot city, he brought Pinpointer up, and aimed for the Decepticon jet.
Fast-moving, and too far away. I'll never hit him from here.
Nonetheless, Crosshairs continued to track Cyclonus in his sights, hoping for a clear shot.

Quick Switch
2003-10-21, 08:30 AM
"Make the exchange,"
Quick said finally, pausing in his walk down the
hallway. He actived his comm frequency to Cerebros.
"Open up the Brig. But if the opportunity presents
itself, destroy those scum before they leave."

"So ordered, Director," Cerebros replied, and the Brig
corridor hallways opened back up.

Prowl tensley pulled out
his rifle and armed his shoulder cannons, speaking
calmly but quickly. "Quick Switch, I'd advise going to
the side hall. After they come out, you would be able
to take their attention from the back, hopefully long
enough to get Brainstorm out of the path of fire should
they try to go anywhere. Inferno can sustain the heat
from my missiles if needs be, but Brainstorm will need
to be removed from that situation as quickly as
possible. We cannot let that group loose within Fort

"They already are loose
thanks to that medic of that I'm sure," Quick snapped,
"we're just doing damage control!" He cocked his
photon blasters and moved to the side hall, optics

Prowl went to Medbay
to retrieve Leozak's body. Upon arrival, he noted
Ratchet. "Ratchet, the Breastforce group has gotten
loose down in the security hold. Leozak's body is
needed for an exchange and for your safety, you will
need to evacuate medbay while we attempt to make the

2003-10-21, 08:40 AM
Trailbreaker motioned to Windslice. "C'mmon you. We gotta move out, and fast, but you need to stay with me seein' as how the others are gonna have their hands full."
Brainstorm got a glazed look as he stared at Hellbat. The deep red optics had gotten his attention, and he became unable to process any other information. He stared with a blank look.

Behind him, Inferno carefully kept his gaze diverted. He waited and listened to the security instructions.
"They'll make a trade with you. Prowl has gone to get Leozak." He spat out bitterly at the breast force members in front of him.

2003-10-21, 07:44 PM

Roadbuster: -brings left hand up to block the fluid, momentarialy forgetting that his hand is gone, takes the full brunt of it across his optic band, uses back of his right hand to wipe the fluid from his optic band, leaving his vision blurry- "Still some fight left in you, hmm?" -swings a vicious kick at the Headmaster's body-

Brig, Fort Max:

Hellbat: -motions Drillhorn to join him on the other side of the room- "Killbison, Gaihawk, Jalgar, keep our friends covered." -moves to other side of room-

Drillhorn: -joins him- "What?"

Hellbat: -whispers- "Keep your voice down." -narrows optics- "What do you think?"

Drillhorn: -whispers- "Were I Gaihawk, I'd say it's because they're snivelling weaklings..... But I'm not Gaihawk. They gave in too easily."

Hellbat: "That's what I was thinking. They'll try to kill us the first chance they get."

Drillhorn: "That would be the logical thing to do."

Hellbat: "Fools. They're so transparent sometimes."

Drillhorn: "They see it as the only way to rescue their comrades. They firgure that we'd kill them before letting them go."

Hellbat: "But we owe them for saving us. All they would have had to do was let us go. And from the sounds outside, the Decepticons are attacking."

Drillhorn: "You were thinking of dealing honorably with them? You?"

Hellbat: "They hold all the cards. We'd have to." -scowls- "But not anymore. As soon as Leozak's operational, I say we form Leokaiser and gut this base. As the humans say, 'Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind'."

Drillhorn: "I've never heard that." -raises arm, flips open panel, makes some calculations- "We don't have the power to maintain Leokaiser, though. Maybe 15 minutes at the most. And then we'll be in pretty much the state we were in when we got here."

Hellbat: -nods-"So we change it. If they do deal honorably with us, let us leave unmolested, then we will act accordingly. But if they attack us......"

2003-10-22, 12:00 AM
As soon as the fluid hit Roadbuster's face, Squeezeplay moved. Leaping awkwardly to his feet, he took the Autobot's heavy kick in the right leg. It dented his armor, but did no major damage.
Then he attacked. The Headmaster swung his limp right arm as best he could towards Roadbuster. At the same time he used most of his remaining strength to drive his left claw, points first, towards the Autobot's midsection.

2003-10-22, 04:24 AM

Roadbuster: -grunts as Squeezeplay's claws dig into his midsection, swings right fist into the hole in Squeezeplay's side, one again looking for something vital to remove as he locks his shrapnel cannon onto the hole in Squeezeplay's head, snarls- "I can still see you!" -fires at the hole in Squeezeplay's head-

2003-10-22, 05:09 AM
Squeezeplay turns his head, taking the shrapnel blast full in the face. The remaining armor flaked off, and a spiderweb of cracks formed on his left optic. The vision in that optic grew even hazier.
Ignoring the hand digging in his side, Squeezeplay continued to drive the tips of his left claw against Roadbuster's abdomen.
Throwing his damaged right arm around Roadbuster's shoulder to hold him in place, Squeezeplay clamped his jaws shut on the base of the Autobot's shrapnel cannon, biting as hard as his fluid-slicked jaws could.

2003-10-22, 06:28 AM
Wreck-Gar and his Junkions advanced on Trypticon.

"Godzilla!" Wreck-Gar shouted. "Place your bets now, and come on down!"

2003-10-22, 12:03 PM
The dull roar of Clench's engine was drowned out by the fire fight emenating from infront of him. For a 'Con of his size, transport would always prove a problem and considering the fact that the terrain was far from road worthy he was simply glad to have made it to the battle ground in such good time.

He sped up a bit over the flat land and began his transformation process.

Good. Good. The battle has yet to reach it's climax, and it appears as if it has only just started. Perhaps they were waiting for a special invitation?

Standing a good head and shoulders taller than most of the other Decepticon troups, Clench had a clear view of how the attack was forming on the Autobot cities.

Hmm. Only a few slagged at the present time. That is simply not acceptable from the mighty Decepticon army...

Reaching behind him, Clench pulled out his particle blaster and procceded to saunter past the stragglers and into the main fray, firing random shots as he went.

Maybe this will get someone's attention.


KatasTrofiK soared high in the sky above the battle, takeing a few pot shots at the Autobots below. In the distance he could see the figures of Metroplex and Fortress Maximus.

This is going to be a long day.

He swooped down into the battle and transformed into robot mode, firing at various targets with his hand blasters and shoulder cannon.

God Jinrai
2003-10-22, 02:17 PM
Prime had lost track of galvatron by now... the last he recalled seeing him was when his cannon's blast was nullified by galvatron's particle beam laser...

But it didn't take long before prime had found another threat that needed dealt with... and quickly.

"Wonderful. A decepticon with a superiority complex... Well, if he insists on meeting his end..."

Prime transformed into his rig mode, flooring his throttle... rushing at the approaching Clench

2003-10-22, 05:46 PM
Clench had gone no further than three steps ahead when the fire red tractor of Optimus Prime had raced forward towards him.

"Ah! A challenge!"

Firing a burst from his particle blaster in front of the approaching Prime, Clench readied himself for the battle of his life.

Perhaps the final one as well.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-22, 06:55 PM
Sixshot's armour was peppered by the small blasts of energy, but not enough to change his course...or warrant his attention.

"The might of the Autobot army here on earth, and one so small attacks me?! I should be offended!"

Sixshot continued his steep dive towards Fort Max, firing on the weaponry.


Grimlock watched Tracer's plasma burst fall short of it's intended target.

"Me hope new decepticons are better challenge!"

Grimlock held his missile launcher forwards again and fired off another volley towards Tracer

2003-10-22, 07:41 PM
Roadbuster: -feels the breech/belt feeder to the shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon start to crumple, grabs something that feels vital in Squeezeplay's abdomen, rips it out-

Aero Blade
2003-10-22, 08:24 PM
Tracer was ready for the next volley of Grimlock's missiles, firing upon them so that they detonated prematurely before reaching their intended target.

"Enough of these spitballs, dinobot! Show me the might that has made your kind famous!" Tracer called to him, letting off a few shots from his blaster at Grimlock as he continued his advance towards the dinobot. He prefered a closer range gunfight. Not much excitement to long range combat; all you ever did was shoot and dodge. He wanted to be close enough to hear the metal tear when he blasted something.


When Sixshot openned fire on Fort Max's weaponry, Aero Blade decided there'd been enough waiting to see the Decepticon's intentions. "Sorry Dirge, but if Quick Switch was gonna take this guy, I think he'd have been here by now, and right now we're not much better than target practice out here!"

Aero Blade let loose the charge he'd been gathering in his pulse laser, aiming to try to hit Sixshot and hope that his aim was good enough today to do so. He'd had enough time to gather a relatively large shot, but he doubted he'd get enough time for another charge that size. They had very little cover outside of Fort Max, and if Sixshot took out the defences that'd leave none, so there wasn't much choice besides fighting now...

God Jinrai
2003-10-22, 10:49 PM
Optimus transformed as the energy burst came at him... his trailer shifted to subspace. in his trademark ascent skyward, he drew his cannon from its place in his backpack arsenal... opening fire at the decepticon's legs.. seemingly the only un-protected area.

Quick Switch
2003-10-23, 03:11 AM
Galvatron landed, smirking, and watched as Optimus Prime battled Clench.

Fighting fair was for fools, and if Prime wanted to wear himself out on battling the soldier Decepticon, then so be it.

All the easier for Galvatron to simply step in and finish the job.


Dirge said nothing at Aero Blade's statement, and just watched the chaos around him.

2003-10-23, 03:45 AM
Squeezeplay felt Roadbuster tear out a section of equipment from his torso. Suddenly, the entire left side of his torso went numb. An enraged gurgle escaped form his mouth as he bit harder on the Autobot's shoulder cannon. The Headmaster pulled his head back, trying to either tear the weapon from it's mount, or shred it between his oil-slicked fangs. Meanwhile, his claws continued to press into Roadbuster's torso armor.

2003-10-23, 04:37 AM
Prowl took the rolling cart with Leozak's body on it from medbay and headed for the brig.

Stopping briefly just short of the entranceway to the security brig, he leaned over and slipped a tiny transmitter discretely into Leozak's armor before going into the safe hold to retrieve the personality component. He took it out and resecured the room.

Now with both the body and the brain, he went to the entryway.
He saw Inferno standing just inside the doorway and then called out in a firm tone.

"This is Prowl. I have what you requested, so listen carefully. You are to release Inferno first. He will back up and I will push Leozak's body to him and Inferno will push the body into the doorway where I can see it. You will get the body first, and then the personality component as long as you do not harm either Brainstorm or Inferno. Once you have the body, Brainstorm will need to reinstall the personality component, but from this side of that table. After he does that, you will release him. Is that clear?"

2003-10-23, 05:15 AM
Brig, Fort Max:

Hellbat: -calling back to Prowl- "Well, you see..... Prowl, is it?.... There's a problem with that. I've got no problem with letting Inferno go. But..... well...... no offense, but the general concensus is that we can't trust you as far as we could throw Trypticon. After all, if we give up Brainstorm as well, how do we know that you and your friends won't have a sudden change of heart and attack us?" -shakes head sadly- "No, no.... such a shame, too. Now, this is the way it's going to happen. We send Inferno out, and you push Leozak's body and personality components in. Brainstorm reconnects them, and then the seven of us take a nice, leisurely walk down to the nearest exit hatch. We leave, Brainstorm stays inside." -motions to Inferno- "Go on. Out."

2003-10-23, 06:20 AM
Relieved momentarily that Inferno had been allowed to step out of the room and clear the corner, Prowl's optics narrowed slightly as he processed the possibilities.

"Fine. What you ask is unacceptable. I cannot allow you to take Brainstorm as a prisoner. I will take his place until he finishes the installation, and then you can allow me to go and you will be allowed to go. Time is closing in before Fortress Maximus transforms, and that is my final offer. What is it going to be?"

2003-10-23, 06:46 AM
Brig, Fort Max:

Drillhorn: -shakes head, nods head skyward-

Hellbat: -realizing that his initial take on the situation was correct, sighs- "All right." -moves over to the still hypnotized Brainstorm, whispers- "No matter what they order, do the job correctly." "He's coming out." -sends Brainstorm out-

2003-10-23, 06:56 AM
Prowl waited until Brainstorm was out of the hallway before walking in with a set expression, ignoring the look of protest from Inferno. He set the personality component down on the table and pushed Leozak as far as was needed for Brainstorm to take the table out into the hall before slowly stepping backwards a few feet inside. He turned and faced the group, waiting patiently.

A minute passed and out in the hall, Brainstorm continued to look dazed, but his fingers worked rapidly reconnecting the personality component.
Once finished, he pushed the table back to the entryway as Leozak's optics began to glow.

2003-10-23, 07:33 AM
Brig, Fort Max:

Leozak: -sits up, shakes head- "Wha...."

Hellbat: -from inside the brig proper- "Better get in here, Leozak."

Leozak: -jumps off of gurney, walks into brig-

Lio-Breast: -leaps from cage, transforms to gun mode, lands in Leozak's hand-

Leozak: "What did I miss?"

Killbison: "Hellbat's in charge now, Leozak."

Leozak: "I know, Killbison. How is he getting us out?"

2003-10-23, 02:40 PM
Fort Max's Brig

"And can he get us out, too?" Runamuck said to Killbison. "We've been stuck in here forever."

2003-10-23, 05:05 PM
Brig, Fort Max:

Hellbat: -sees Runabout, Runamuck, Darkwing and Dreadwind as if for the first time- "Drillhorn, Leozak, a moment please? The rest of you, keep our guest covered."

Hellbat, Leozak, and Drillhorn: -move away from Prowl-

Hellbat: -whispers-
"Good to have you back, boss."

Leozak: -whispers- "My, haven't we gotten respectful."

Drillhorn: -whispers- "He's also been useful." -looks at Leozak- "So, captain, what do you want to do? We know they're not going to let us go easily."

Hellbat: "I figured our best bet would be to form Leokaiser, but we seem to have found some volunteers....."

Leozak: "I see that. So here's what we'll do. Hellbat, let our 'friends' out. Then we'll shove that Autobot out behind them, form Leokaiser, and make our own exit."

Hellbat: -moves over to the other cells, opens them- "We're changing things a little again, I'm afraid, Prowl. Come on out, guys."

Leozak and Drillhorn: -move back to join the others-

2003-10-23, 06:31 PM
The barrage from Prime came as no surprise to him, after all a soldier of the calibre of the Autobot Commander was no doubt a hardened battle tactician. After discharging his initial burst, Clench had started a side step away from the charging tractor, however the rapid return fire from Prime had caught him slightly of guard, not for the speed but for the precision.

A blast had hit the shin guard of his left leg and sent him head over heels. As he self righted himself he fired again at the airborne figure, although the accuracy was less than stellar.

Brave Maximus
2003-10-23, 07:28 PM
Right, Maybe I need to get this guys attention
Omega: 2 cluster missles, fire on painted target: NOW!

A rush washed over Skyfall as Omega opened his bow-port side launchers and fired two missles at Sixshot. As they approached their target, they split into four. Sixshot now had 8 missiles to deal with.

Meanwhile, Skyfall hit his afterburners and started to quickly closed the gap between him and Sixshot, continuing to fire his blasters.

2003-10-23, 08:25 PM
"Prowl, we gotta move! The shifting is starting!" Inferno called from the hallway.

In an instant the strategist made up his mind. Watching the guards with a cool expression, he called back. "Inferno, evacuate and cover!"

Hold on Max- this is gonna sting, but this area has reinforced walls. Hopefully this'll either melt them entirely or more liklely fuse their circuits to malfunction levels.

A moment later, Prowl fired two incendiary missiles straight down the brig hall towards the exterior brig wall.
Out in the hallway, Inferno had heard Prowl reply as he pushed Brainstorm towards the hall end. He got a suspicious look. They're not gonna let him go... Then the whistling noise from the missiles hit him and he shouted. "Cover!" Without a second thought, he slammed Brainstorm down to the floor.

God Jinrai
2003-10-23, 09:30 PM
Landing behind Clench, Prime whirred about, charging at the momentarily imobile decepticon... returning his rifle to the arsenal's containment, he drew his right fist back, ready to lash out... when he noted a familiar shadow...

"Galvatron..." he muttered.

He'd continue forward... but instead of his fist connecting with clench... it would be his feet... if this worked, that is.

2003-10-24, 12:46 AM

"Hold on a sec," Dreadwind said, holding back as the others headed out. "How do we know this isn't some kind of trick?"

2003-10-24, 03:27 AM
(OOC: I hate browser hiccups.)

2003-10-24, 03:30 AM

Roadbuster: -hisses as Squeezeplay's clawtips breach his armor, pulls his linear blaster cannon from subspace, places the muzzle of it against Squeezeplay's left forearm, fires-

Brig, Fort Max:

Gaihawk: -aims pulsar cannon at Prowl's head- "Autobot scum! What did you just do?!?!?"

Drillhorn: -places hand on Gaihawk's gun , pushes it down to aim at the floor- "Gaihawk, calm down."

Gaihawk: -growls-

Drillhorn: -looks at Prowl- "You have to forgive him. Being locked in a cell and threatened with dismantling hasn't done much for his mental state."

Hellbat: -would be smiling in a friendly manner at Dreadwind if he had a mouth- "Why wouldn't you want to trust us? All we want to do is help you. Go on, join your friends. We'll be coming out right behind you."

2003-10-24, 03:44 AM
The blast from Roadbuster melted the armor protecting Squeezeplay's left forearm. The Headmaster, however, took no note of it. He was whipped into such a frenzy that nothing could reach him, not even excruciating pain. In fact, he was so far gone that not even Lokos' mental abuse could effect him.
Squeezeplay continued to gouge with his claw at Roadbuster's armor. However, his jaws released from the Autobot's shrapnel cannon. With a sick-sounding gurgle, he clamped his fangs down on Roadbuster's left shoulder.

2003-10-24, 04:44 AM
Roadbuster: -snarls in pain as Squeezeplay's teeth dig into his shoulder armor- "Playtime's over, pal." -sees in HUD that shrapnel cannon is offline, brings linear blaster cannon up, places muzzle against Squeezeplay's head, fires-

2003-10-24, 04:54 AM
Prowl looked at Gaihawk and smiled briefly. "12,000 degrees centigrade will slag you," was his response as the missiles struck the wall. Instantaneously, a white flash sparked and a massive rolling fireball shot backwards towards them down the hall.

Quick Switch
2003-10-24, 05:00 AM
The wall exploded, sending shrapnel of all sizes bouncing around the hallway, even as some the flames were sucked outside through the breech in Fortress Maximus' hull.


In his command room, Cerebros watched the display impassively.

"I do this only because I have no recourse," said he, "and I am following the Director's instructions to the letter."


Cerebros activated the controls for the hidden Brig weapon turrents, who activated from the ceilling and began raining down a blistering barrage of laser fire on the Breast Force and Powermasters even as the flames rushed toward them.


Quick didn't even pay attention to the rambling of the Decepticons, and just waited for a chance to strike. He did, however, hear Prowl's prcoclomation.

"That took nerve," he murmurred. The explosion rocked the corridor, though Quick hardly moved. He smiled thinly on hearing the gun batteries activate. "Cerebros is a killer when he needs to be. If any of those scum survive that, I'll throw them out myself!"

2003-10-24, 05:01 AM
Dreadwind glared at Hellbat.

"You first," he said.

2003-10-24, 05:22 AM
The energy burst tore through the no longer armored left side of Squeezeplay's face, coring deeply into his cranial modules. His optics went dim as his main processor was reduced to slag. His servos fired uncontrollably as random electrical impulses ran through his body. His jaws tightened on Roadbuster's shoulder, while his claw, still imbedded in the Autobot's torso, clenched, then relaxed.
The Headmaster's self-repair systems tried futilely to activate his stasis-lock subroutine, but to no effect. There was nothing to save. With his brain module destroyed, the energy began to drain from Squeezeplay's spark.
Then the servos in the Headmaster's legs gave out, and he fell dead at Roadbuster's feet.
Hidden away in his compartment in Squeezeplay's chest, Lokos was suffering more pain than he ever thought possible. Not only did he feel the physical anguish that was running through his partner's corpse, but there was something else, too. When Squeezeplay's spark had begun to drain, it felt like a bolt of lightning had smote the Nebulan's brain. Now, his mind was filled with...something. Energy of some sort. It was not entirely unpleasant, but it felt...wrong to him.
Ah, well. At least I am finally rid of that unthinking brute...
"I wouldn't be so sure, Lokos." A mocking voice interjected into his thoughts.
NO! I felt you die!
Squeezeplay's voice chuckled. "To kill one of us, the Autobot would have to kill both of us, Lokos. You know that." Then the Decepticon's thoughts grew more angry. "Now get us out of here, so that I can get out of you!"
Yeah, beacause that Autobot is really just going to let your Nebulan walk away freely. Moron.
"Don't ever talk like that to me! Ever!"
Let's get one thing straight, Squeezeplay. Lokos' thoughts rose in volume as he got more angry. We're in my body now. Mine. I make the decisions, not you. And I decide to wait. Understand?
Squeezeplay's only reply was a mental snarl.

2003-10-25, 01:19 AM

Roadbuster: -looks down at Squeezeplay's body, rolls it over onto it's back, tears the compartment Lokos is in open, glares down at the Nebulan- "Go home. This is the closest you will come to staring death in the face and come away from it alive."

Brig, Fort Max:

Gaihawk: -sees the fireball incoming- "Hellbat!!!"

Hellbat: -ignores Gaihawk as fireball rolls over all of them, aims gun at Prowl- "All you had to do was let us out, you moron! We would have gone peacefully! We owed you a favor!" -scowls- "You brought this on yourself."

Jalgar: -coughs- "Literally."

Gaihawk: -aims pulsar burst cannon at Prowl- "Everything's the same! Autobots are just like Cybertrons! Only trust them when they're dead!" -starts to pull trigger-

Drillhorn: -knocks Gaihawk's aim off, causing the pulsar bolt to hit the ceiling- "It's not worth it, Gaihawk. Face it, these guys are just like the Decepticons. Beneath us." -looks over at Leozak- "Captain, it's getting hot in here! We've got to go now!""

Leozak: "Thank you for stating the obvious!" -scowling as the laser bursts start to fall- "Leokaiser, MERGE!!!!!"

Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -form Leokaiser-

Leokaiser: -down on one knee in the confines of the brig, roars- "FREE!!!!" -pulls strike missile gun from subspace, blows Leokaiser-sized hole in far wall, keeps firing until he sees daylight, glares down at Prowl- "We respect you, Autobot. You and your kind have become more like us than you will ever admit." -leaps through hole-

2003-10-25, 02:50 AM
OOC- seems like a good time to jump in
Anyone pm me if you have some coo battle ideas.

Hatemonger made sure to keep a sensor on Galvatron, but hey what point was it for him to sit around and not have any fun.

"Let's see what Autobot I can send to the land of next Tuesday." Hatemonger smiled and took aim at an Autobot with this dual fusion cannons and opened fire.


Piranacon stomped out of a forest and looked around at the battle.

"Piranacon, destory Autobots!" The gaint roared and ran out opening fire at anything that had an Autobot symbol he hoped.


Cryotek looked around.

"Hmm lets try this!" He swooped down in dragon mode and fired his ice beam hoping to if not freeze any targets make traction for them quite difficult.

2003-10-25, 03:39 AM
ooc: WB Ravage :) We'll get you involved. Let's see if any free characters pick up your attacks by Sun night. I'm working on a synopsis- should be done tomorrow.

A shot from the defensive cannons plowed through Prowl's shoulder and a second hit him in the lower leg. He held an arm over his optics as the ball of fire engulfed the group and went on past.
"We are not like you. We fight only to protect." The incendiary missile reaction began to cause the walls in direct contact with the missiles to glow and melt, and Prowl watched through the ripples of heat as Leokaiser combined and exited.

The hole in the wall sent a rush of air in that cooled the rising temperatures, but caused the heated metal to blister and crack as the temperature shifted. The metallic flesh began to form boils and darken from the intense heat.

Prowl took a few steps and fell to his knees from the heat. He forced a yell. "Inferno! Put this out!"
Out in the hall, Inferno doused himself and Brainstorm with water as a massive firey heat blast rolled out along the ceiling and disappated into a scorching temperature. The shock of the hit seemed to have knocked Brainstorm back to alertness and he looked around in surprise.

Inferno got up quickly and ran toward the glowing entrance, transforming to his engine mode in mid-stride. "Prowl! I'm coming!"

He drove into the brig hall and began dousing everything in the hall with a mixture of water and foam.
Trailbreaker went down the hall taking Windslice toward the exit of Fort Max when he noticed three minicons coming in. "Hey you three-- turn right around there and head back out. Visiting hours are over."

2003-10-25, 03:53 AM
Exterior, Fort Max:

Leokaiser: -lands, prepares to fly into the air, HUD suddenly fills with static, then- MALFUNCTIONMALFUNCTIONMALFUNCTION
MALFUNCTIONMALFUNCTIONMALFUNCTIONMALFUNCTION- -seperates into component parts, Leozak, Hellbat, Gaihawk, Jalgar, Killbison, and Drillhorn all landing in a pile of arms and legs-

Jalgar: -from somewhere beneath Killbison- "If this is teamwork, I think we're in trouble....."

Leozak: -rolls off the pile, winces as he stands, breastplate transforming into gun and landing in his hand- "Drillhorn! What happened?"

Drillhorn: "It's what I was afraid of, Captain. That fireball didn't slag us, but if the rest of you are getting the indicators lit up in their pain centers that I am-"

-a general groan of agreement arises from the pile-

Drillhorn: -drags himself out of the pile- "- our systems are overheated at the very least, and partially slagged at the worst."

Leozak: "Nnn. We need cover, now!"

2003-10-25, 03:58 AM

Wreckage transformed and looked at Trailbreaker.

"Hey, don't blame us!" he shouted. "We didn't know you had invited Decepticons to the show!"

"Guess that means us," Runabout said to Drillhorn.

"But we don't have our guns," Dreadwind whined.

2003-10-25, 04:00 AM
Lokos looked up at Roadbuster.
"Kill him, you fool!"
With what, you undead freak? The Nebulan was already getting very frustrated with having Squeezeplay in his brain, and it had only been a few minutes.
Scrabbling out of Squeezeplay's carcass, Lokos ran as fast as he could away from the battle.

2003-10-25, 04:38 AM
Roadbuster: -watches Lokos run away, stands, walks away from what's left of Squeezeplay, looking at the stump of his left arm, sighs- "I hate it when this happens." -grabs the stump, watching as the fuel and lubricant leaking from the stump covers his hand, crushes the stump, cutting off the flowing liquids, retrieves his grenade launcher and holsters it in right leg, slings assualt rifle over his shoulder, finally picks up left hand, shrugs, subspaces it, then pulls linear blaster cannon from subspace, and tries to unjam the belt feed for his shrapnel cannon unsuccessfully- "Well, that was fun."

2003-10-25, 05:00 AM
"We've gotta get a doorbell-too many guests I don't know." Trailbreaker mumbled, glancing back at Windslice. The end of Max's hall shut with a loud clang. "Right, all of you.. outside, unless ya want to be locked in this section while he fights, with a real strong possibility of being squashed. 'Course, there's the bright side too... Max'd have his leg already greased up next time the mechanics have a job to do." Trailbreaker said as he motioned hurridly for the group to go to the entrance.

2003-10-25, 05:00 AM
During one of his flight patterns, Spinister noticed a group of Transformers fleeing from a gestalt-sized hole in Fortress Maximus.
This is worthy of investigation...
Flying low over the group, he noted their Decepticon insignia.
And allies, yet. How interesting.
Transforming, he landed in front of Breastforce, one of Targetmaster guns held loosely in each hand.
"You have some trouble?"
Lokos fled as fast as he could away from the battle lines. Heading back towards Metrotitan, he flagged down the first Decepticon he saw.
"You! Down here!"
Sparkstalker frowned down at the fleshling that had called to him.
"Yes, Nebulan?"
Lokos asked, "Do you think you could call in a unit to evacuate me to Metrotitan?"
Back to Metrotitan, eh? Sparkstalker smiled. Maybe I'll avoid this fight after all...
"Get up on my back. I'll deliver you myself."
Lokos shrugged, and climbed up.

2003-10-25, 08:48 AM
Clench heard the 'THUNK' of Prime landing behind him, and as he turned to the Autobot Commander he was hit once more in his left shin, this time by something solid, which sent him pirouetting on his right leg.

Using this momentum he proceeded to continue round with a roundhouse kick aiming for the back of Prime's head.

God Jinrai
2003-10-25, 03:32 PM
dropping to his knees, prime barely managed to avoid the roundhouse....

"That might have been a problem..." he spoke...

But an instant later, as the foot swung barely over his head, prime's right arm reached out, clenching clench's leg... attempting to reverse the decepticon's momentum...

2003-10-25, 08:22 PM
The block from Prime caused the large 'Con to fall on his back. Although far from being 'out of it', Clench swept his right leg at Prime's feet in an attempt to topple him, before nipping up with an earth shuddering thud.

2003-10-25, 11:51 PM
Exterior, Fort Max:

Leozak: -nods at Spinister- "Yes, we have. The guest accomodations weren't to our liking." -looks over at the rest of Breastforce- "Pull it together, guys!"

Drillhorn: -hauling a dazed Gaihawk out of the pile-

Gaihawk: "I think my foot's gone to sleep....."

Drillhorn: -trying to shake Gaihawk back to his senses- "Captain, we need some place to recover. Our autorepair systems should be able to handle this. We just need time and energon."

Jalgar: -dragging himself out from beneath Killbison: "How did I get down here? I form the lower torso and waist, and Killbison's a leg....."

Killbison: -getting to feet- "And you make a lousy bed!"

Jalgar: "I'm a cat, not a futon!"

Hellbat: "Would you two shut up?"

Jalgar and Killbison: -unison- "NO!"

Gaihawk: -shaken back to senses, walks over to Jalgar and Killbison, klonks their heads together-

Drillhorn: "Thank you."

Leozak: "Ah, good. I see we're all back to normal........"

2003-10-26, 12:02 AM
Outside Fort Max

"Yeah," Darkwing agreed, turning to face Leozak, as Dreadwind, Runamuck and Runabout hurried to join them. "Except that we've still got a battle going on out there."

2003-10-26, 12:38 AM
Leozak: -looks over at Darkwing- "Then I know what we should do. Do you know where the command center of this base is?"

2003-10-26, 12:42 AM

"Not really," Dreadwind snarled. "We spent most of our time in that slaggin' hole."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-26, 09:18 PM
Sixshot banked sharply to avoid the incoming blast of energy but turned straight into the volley of missiles that Skyfall launched.

"For such a pathetic Autobot you certaintly pack a punch, shame you won't last more than an astro-minute"

Sixshot turned his attention from Fortress Maximus and flew towards Skyfall


Grimlock holstered his rocket launcher and charged headlong towards Tracer

"Me think you gonna regret asking for fight!"

Brave Maximus
2003-10-26, 09:34 PM
Well that got his attention. Wonder if that's a good thing or bad thing?
OMEGA: converge on my location and prepare for Robot mode transfromation

Skyfall continued to rush towards Sixshot, preparing to dodge the incoming fire he was expecting, all the while, keeping up the assault with his blasters, hopeing maybe to do a small ammount of damange (but knowing the larger Transformer's armour was probably too tough)

"You know, I might be scared if I thought for a second that you could keep up with me!"

Skyfall threw his afterburners on full and blazed right over top of Sixshot, transforming at the last second to grab on to one of Sixshots vertical fins, pulling himself ontop of the much larger Transformer.

Meanwhile the Omega shuttle's main thrusters came online and it began to move to Skyfall's location, quickly gaining speed.

Aero Blade
2003-10-26, 09:41 PM
Grateful that Sixshot had broken off from the attack of Fort Max, Aero Blade had noticed Skyfall and kept up period shots from his pulse laser, attempting to give Skyfall a little extra cover.


"Much better!" Tracer praised as Grimlock came charging. He took a stationary possition, crouching down slightly and openning fire with several sucsessive medium sized shots. He had no doubt the dinobot would dodge the most of them, but just in case none of them hit or had no kind of effect on Grimlock's thick armor, he was ready to make an abrupt bolt to the side. I'll still have to keep ready, though. Doubt the dinos are as dumb as some make them out to be... he thought, eager for the challenge.

2003-10-27, 02:45 AM
Leozak: -snarling at Dreadwind- "I know that, you dunce! I mean from the outside!" -checks charge in his gun- "All right. Hellbat, Gaihawk, with me. Time to show these Autobots what true power is. Jalgar, take Drillhorn and Killbison and find us some energon!"

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -take to the air and transform to fighter modes-

Jalgar: -transforms to dune buggy mode, runs a diagnostic on his quad missile rack-

Killbison: "I want to break stuff! Why do I have to go with you two?"

Drillhorn: -starts ticking things off on his fingers- "Well, for one thing, you can't fly that fast. And, you're better suited to rolling along and going through things. And, we might need your heavier firepower. And-"

Jalgar: "Drillhorn, ignore Killbison for a moment. There's a short in my targeting systems."

Drillhorn: -sighs- "I'm a tactician, not a repaireon."

Jalgar: "You're also the only one of us who knows how to fix things."

Drillhorn: -opens panel on Jalgar's missile deck, tweaks a couple of things- "How's that?"

Jalgar: "Much better."

Drillhorn: -closes panel- "And, Killbison, as I was about to say, going with us doesn't mean you can't break stuff."

Drillhorn and Killbison: -transform-

Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -move out-

2003-10-27, 03:39 AM
Dreadwind watched as the Breastforce moved out.

"Now what do we do?" Dreadwind asked.

Darkwing and the Battlechargers were already gone.

"Guess we attack," Dreadwind sighed, rushing after them.

2003-10-27, 04:53 AM
Spinister smiled slightly, amused by the absurd interaction between the members of Breastforce. However, he quickly reminded himself that there was a battle afoot.
There will be time enough to laugh at your inept fellow Decepticons later. There are more pressing matters to deal with now.
Transforming quietly to helicopter mode, he followed Leozak & co.

2003-10-27, 06:01 AM
Driving into the smoke, fire and steam-filled hall, Inferno barely recognized the charred military strategist crumpled against the wall. Inferno felt his own skin burning where the shurikans from Gaihawk had sunk in. He turned his spray on Prowl and caused a new cloud of steam to roll off of the Autobot's over-heated body.
Transforming quickly, Inferno bent down and hoisted Prowl up.

"Too hot in here for you- Let's get you out. Handy that- we've got a medic in the hall still."

Prowl nodded slightly as Inferno carried him out past the rush of the fire at the opening and eased him down to a sitting position, propped against a wall.

Brainstorm who had finally come to his senses ran up to meet them, still carrying his medical kit.

Inferno turned and transformed back into his truck mode and began spraying down the rest of the flaming brig hall.

Brainstorm opened his kit and began working.

Quick Switch
2003-10-27, 07:07 AM
Quick clanked into the hallway on hearing the aftermath of the dull roar. He walked through the corridor such as he could, sweeping away smoke as if it were nothing. His optics finally made sense of the forms therein.

"All of you- out! Able bodied units have a war to fight. Get that wounded unit out also- dispatch Dirge to take him to a safe location, even if it involves the humans."

Quick checked his blasters, strode toward the opening, transformed to jet fighter mode, and exited.

Time to fight.

2003-10-27, 07:15 AM
Brainstorm nodded weakly and stopped working. He was still very confused. The last thing he remembered was trying to answer a question from Hellbat, and now suddenly he was in the middle of a battle with a damaged fellow Autobot in front of him.

Brainstorm quickly put away his tools and lifted Prowl up. The strategist was barely conscious. Brainstorm worked his way outside to a sheltered recess and called for Dirge.

"Dirge, this is Autobot Brainstorm. Please come to the NW entrance of Fort Max- I have a job for you."

Quick Switch
2003-10-27, 07:25 AM
Dirge arrived posthaste, and transforming to robot mode, he stood next to Brainstorm.

"Hooow may I be of service?" he said simply.

2003-10-27, 05:24 PM
ooc: Quick ran out of time last night for posting- he has a midterm Tues and then he'll be back.

Brainstorm focused his attention on the seeker with a puzzled expression, trying to think clearly with the amount of damage around him. Quick Switch didn't recognize Prowl. Would he entrust a Decepticon with him? or humans? I'd best listen anyway. Ratchet has Ultra Magnus to look after, and First Aid is probably busy fighting, Minerva must be busy with Trypticon.

Just then Sparkplug, Spike and Daniel came around the corner.
All three stopped in their tracks.
Daniel stared with an open mouth. "Oh man, which one was that?"
Sparkplug immediately looked at Dirge and Spike looked at Brainstorm.
"Is he still alive?"

Brainstorm nodded. "Yeah, Prowl's still functioning, but all of our equipment for this amount of damage is inside, and I don't know if he'll hold out until the battle ends. Quick Switch gave me orders to have Dirge take him somewhere safe, but I don't know where other than away from here."

Sparkplug turned his attention back toward Brainstorm and Prowl as Spike began talking. "Brainstorm, Dirge, we have a human friend that's about as good with technology repairs as any of us, his name's Chip."

Sparkplug nodded. "Just what I was thinking Spike."
Brainstorm nodded. "That's perfect! Dirge, can you take him to Chip?"

2003-10-28, 04:33 AM
"Piranacon, prepare to meet your end. Protectobots, combine to form Defens..." Hot Spot said, but then trailed off. We're one man short, and it isn't going to be exactly too easy fighting this Decepticon, hmph, he thought to himself.

"Yeah, that's right, Protectobots, er, take him down!" the Protectobot leader shouted as the three other team members ran forward, blasters blazing, towards Piranacon. Hot Spot then grabbed his two fireball cannons and began firing at him.

"Jazz, this is Streetwise here," the Protectobot said over a comm-link. "There are no signs of enemies over here, how are you holding up?"

2003-10-28, 04:45 AM
Piranacon scowled at the Protectobots.

"Useless worms, I will send you to the abyss." the Seacon combiner growled, walking towards them opening fire with Nautilaor in gun form and swinging with Snaptrap's sword.


Hatemonger smiled.

"What Autobots are you all cowards now. You have seen your deaths and realise it is at the hands of the Decpticons." He yelled.


Cyrotek was throughly enjoying his divebombs on various Autobot troop movements.

2003-10-28, 08:05 AM
ooc: Ravage- expect more opponents tomorrow. :) Thanks Armorwind!

Back inside the brig hallway, Inferno had just about finished extinguishing the flames and cooled things down. He looked at the gaping hole in Max's outer wall and frowned as the hall tilted upwards.

"Right, some repairs are needed here."
Inferno took a cell block bar set that was hanging loose from a melted wall and finished pulling it off. Then he hauled it back over to the gaping hole in the wall and put it into place before calling over his radio.

"Cerebros! Can you use the lasers in here to spot weld this tight?"

2003-10-29, 04:10 AM
(OOC- No prob; I was looking to go around and fight some Decepticons :cool: )

"Slag!" Blades yelled out as he felt the cold flame from Snaptrap's/Piranacon's sword. "You wanna sword fight, do ya?"

He then transformed into his helicopter mode and flew towards the Piranacon combiner. When he was right above him, he transformed once again into his robot mode and drew out his helicopter blades as swords and aimed them at his shoulder joint.

"Come on, bring it on!" Blades said enthusiastically.

"Blades has the right idea," Hot Spot yelled out, once again assuming his commanding role. "Protectobots, without Defensor we Piranacon overpowers us with his strength ten-fold. But, we don't have in that strength, we have in agility. First-Aid, Groove, use your speed to attack and evade!"

With that, they all began to run around the Seacon combiner's legs, shooting at it every once in awhile. Groove was hit in the chest after some time, though, from the blasts of Nautilator and was sent to the ground. First-Aid winced at seeing this, but quickly composed himself after seeing his comrade get up again.

2003-10-29, 06:19 AM
Roadbuster: -down behind cover, securing linear blaster cannon to left forearm, running power leads into the trigger mechanism, test fires it into the ground, nods in satisfaction at the hole it leaves- "Never thought I'd go into battle like this......." -autorepair system finally manages to unjam feed to shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon, pulls grenade launcher-

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 06:54 AM
Dirge nodded, looking over the husk that was Prowl. He transformed to jet mode.

"I can place Prowl in my subspace pocket," he said. "My engines will keep me saaafe from attack."

Anything to escape from certain death by the hands of the cities.

Dirge waited pensively. He had a sinking feeling the humans would some how or another get involved.


Cerebros replied:

"Of course Inferno." The Autobot trained a few lasers on the blast areas and began firing them in concentrated bursts to start welding.

2003-10-29, 02:56 PM
With the Protectobots whirrling around him Piranacon was getting angerier by the moment.

"Useless Autobot insects! Stay still so Piranacon can slag or smash!" He yelled while spinning around wildly.

2003-10-29, 04:17 PM
"Very good." Brainstorm said with a smile. Suddenly, frozen chunks of ground bounced off of his side and back from a nearby blast from Cryotek. Quickly, he scooped up the Witwickys. "Dirge, take them with you too, and hurry!!!"
Inferno held the bars in place while Cerebros sealed one side and then slipped out and swung around to the outside holding the last side while Cerebros fused it. He was hip high on Fort Max and dangling outside.

"That superhuman would be a real good thing about now." He muttered to himself. It was then that Inferno spotted Cryotek gliding just below and judged his distance... and let go.

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 06:16 PM
Quick Switch flew through the battlefield intent on finding one enemy.

The only warrior who could truly compare to him, a match in versatility and deadliness.

Though, Quick noted, not in loyalty.

Sixshot was no better than a mercenary.



Dirge opened his cockpit and allowed Brainstorm to drop the humans inside, and he shut it with a snap.

Witout pausing to look around- only intent on removing himself from this horrific battle- the blue jet placed Prowl in his subspace pocket and activated his engines, taking off from the battlefield as a backwash of terror and dread carried forth in his wake of Dirge's flight path.


After the repairs were completed, Fortress Maximus transformed to robot mode and clenched his fists.

"Prepare to face the wrath of Fortress Maximus," he said evenly, sighting Black Zarak. He strode forward.

The rebuilt Scorponok clacked his claws in anticipation of the coming struggle.

"Autobots...DIE!" he said simply and, stinger waving in strike position, scuttled forward to engage his foe, absently hope to crush some smaller- idiotic- Autobots if they were stupid enough to actually get in his way.

God Jinrai
2003-10-29, 06:25 PM
streaking down from the upper atmosphere, Starsaber and Victory Leo had managed to make excellent time in their return trip to the base... what they saw, however was enough to enrage the both of them...

"Victory Leo... tkat that blue monstrosity that's flying about... I'm on the gestalt!"

"Roger that, Starsaber."

The two broke off, Victory Leo tearing off after Cryotek, Starsaber set to engage King Posiedon...

In his downward rush, he unleashed a barrage of missiles from inside his shoulder sections... behind the fore guns. As the swarmers burst forth, he initiated his transformation sequence, and reverted to full sized robot mode... Brandishing his blade, he was set to bring it down on King Posiedon's skull... but was fully expecting him to shift his attention...to where it SHOULD be.

"Alright, blue boy, let's see how that beast mode of yours holds out against ME!" Victory Leo streaked in much as Starsaber did... and let loose with his twin cannons, reserving the main cannon only for when he was assured a clean and unavoidable shot....

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 07:06 PM
Sixshot noticed the small transformer latch onto his rear fin...

He wants to play huh, let's see how he enjoys the ride

Sixshot increased his speed, still travelling in a steep dive. He pulled up just in time to miss colliding with the Omega Shuttle that was underneath them.

"Slag! Who left this heap of scrap here?!"


Grimlock stood his ground as the laser blasts peppered his armour, he continued running fowards, his sword held high above his head, ready to sweep down the Decepticon before him.

Grimlock turned his head as he saw Metroplex crash into one of the mountains and Trypticon stalk his way to devour his foe.


Skywarp had been remaining steadfastily away from the battle up to this point, he figured it wasn't worth getting slagged and that he'd watch Trypticon tear Metroplex apart before entering the fray -- after all he had energon chips riding on it.

Skywarp spotted his first victim and teleported right next to him.

"Hey QuickSwitch!! Lookin' for lil' ol' me!?"

Skywarp allowed himself a brief pause

Damnit, I really spent too long watching those films with Dirge

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 07:27 PM
Quick transformed to robot mode, and blinked as a brassy, accent-heavy vocoder filtered across his receptors.

Quick blinked.

" Lil' ?" he said finally, squinting his optics at Skywarp.

Lil' ?

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 07:34 PM
As soon as Quick Switch blinked Skywarp vanished. Teleportation was such a fun little trick, Skywarp had played so many pranks...though it wasn't often used in the heat of battle he figured it was about time.

"Blink and you'll miss it"

Skywarp re-appeared behind QuickSwitch and raised his blaster, poised to fire

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 07:38 PM
Quick blinked again, then transformed to pistol mode, the process turning him the same direction as Skywarp.

"I don't think I'll miss you," Quick replied seriously aiming himself at the jet's head.

This isn't going to be a trend, is it?

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 07:42 PM
Skywarp froze in the air, still in his robot mode he lifted his hands in the air.

"Okay guv' it's a fair cop, I give up..."

Skywarp danced sideways through the air, before vanishing again.

"TAG! You're it!!"

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 07:49 PM
Quick discharged a high powered blast of energy at where Skywarp's head should have been.

He fought down his frustration, then transformed back to robot mode. He withdrew his photon blasters, clenching his teeth.

"Show yourself, Decepticon!" he said finally, looking about.

Tag? TAG? What did this- this JOKER think this was, a game?

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 08:02 PM
Skywarp re-appeared, he saw the frustration and anger in QuickSwitch's eyes and this only fuelled Skywarp's twisted, cruel nature further.

Skywarp tapped QuickSwitch on the shoulder and vanished again

"You gotta be quicker than that! P'ah, is your name supposed to be Ironic?!"

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 08:09 PM
Quick pivoted in the air, hovering. In seconds, the Six Changer had brought up his blasters to open fire on the black-and-purple jet that was harassing him...only to find that Skywarp wasn't there.


Quick actually snarled.

"Ir...ironic?" He said, vision beginning to fog. He had earlier dismissed the Decepticon as merely an irritant, an old-line jet fighter easily dealt with, deserving a clean killing for having the nerve to challenge him.

"I'm going to kill you, work you over, then kill you again," Quick said, shaking in fury.

If I can get him on the ground, I canbe in my beast mode form in just enough time to clamp round his neck and just RIP.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 08:12 PM
"Wassamatta?! Baby wanna bottle?!"

Skywarp laughed, his own brand of twisted maniacal laughter that he'd spent millions of years perfecting.

Skywarp fired off a volley of laser fire before quickly shifting again, he knew that if QuickSwitch caught ahold of him he'd be a goner

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 08:17 PM
Quick lurched as the laser fire impacted his tough frame, raising scorch marks and causing bits of metal to flake off as micro-shrapnel.

He growled.

"I want you- dead!" he snapped. Quick's CPU tried to calculate Skywarp's next appearance point, but failed after a few moments. It was next to impossible.

Quick lowered himself to the ground, and looked about, waiting for the distinctive noise Skywarp's teleportation gave off.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 08:21 PM
What was there to be scared of?! Even the Autobot's Chief of Security can't keep up with me!

Skywarp thought to himself mid-teleport, it was about the only time he ever had any peace...Not that he cared for it, but getting away from the raucous voice or Rumble had to be a blessing.

Skywarp re-appeared, not too far from QuickSwitch, and readied his missile launchers.

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 08:30 PM
Quick grinned- a feral grin at that, and shifted modes.

In seconds, the Six Changer's stealth beast mode stood before Skywarp and Quick snarled. Activating the stealth shield to cloak his movements somewhat from the jet, Quick ran forward, claws finding good purchase in the rocky soil.

His mouth opened, and he sprang at Skywarp.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 08:32 PM
Skywarp adjusted just quick enough to hear the swift brush of air and the on-coming QuickSwitch, Skywarp ducked.

"Woah!! You'll have someone's optics out with those!"

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 08:38 PM
"That's the idea," Quick said, vocoder almost a purr. His optics gleamed as he landed back on his feet, hunched low.

Oil-lust was running rampant in the Six Changer's system. He padded back and forth for a minute, before making a feint in one direction, before correcting his path and leaping again, claws outstretched.

My claws will rend his wings like paper! And that will be only the beginning.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 08:41 PM
"If you're a nice kitty I'll get you a bowl of milk..."

Skywarp anticipated QuickSwitch's next move and vanished again, he re-appeared quite happy with himself that he'd avoided contact this long, only to have QuickSwitch crash into him.

"Hey! I ain't no ball of string!"

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 08:47 PM
Quick knocked Skywarp over, prone onto his back, and cocked his head, optics to optics with the jet.

"You'll make a wonderful scratching post, however..." Quick said, placing both front paws on each of Skywarp's wings.

Fang to neck ratio: perfect.

Quick started to lower his mouth to the jet's neck.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 08:51 PM
Skywarp disappeared just before QuickSwitch got within clamping distance -- or so he thought. He re-materialised.

Arms, check. Legs, check. Head........what?!

Skywarp's fingers ran across his face, he noticed a deep scar across his right cheek.

Chicks dig scars...

Skywarp's rage was fuelled now, he charged full barrell and tried to shoulder barge QuickSwitch.

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 08:59 PM
Quick was caught off guard, and lost his balance, toppling off Skywarp. He struggled to right himself, snapping his jaws in frustration.

Quick tried, again, springing in low, but this time, a strictly wound/maim manuever. No grappling. Just take a chunk of frame if possible with his fangs.

He's good. Wasn't expecting that. I may have to change modes shortly.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 09:07 PM
Skywarp tripped forwards over the lunging QuickSwitch.

Gotta keep your cool here, chicks dig scars - yes, chicks don't dig on dead Decepticons

"C'mon, I thought you had more in you than this!"

Skywarp's boosters blazed into life and the Decepticon roze to the air.

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 09:13 PM
Quick leaped again, but at the apex of the leap, he now transformed back to star fighter mode, purusing Skywarp.

"You better believe it!" he replied, then opened fire with his photon blasters.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 09:33 PM
Keep it together Skywarp, I mean you're only fighting an inferior Sixshot...

Skywarp's own words sent a shiver down his spine -- or it would have were robots capable of such emotional displays.

"You're still IT auto-fool"

Skywarp transformed into his F-15 mode and streaked through the sky high above the battlefield

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 09:37 PM
"This isn't a game!" Quick snapped, angling into a turn, lining up another vector, and opened fire in a more concentrated burst of blaster fire.

Quick steadily accelerated, trying to get closer to the jet so he could launch a volley of even more accurate shots.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-10-29, 09:40 PM
"Really? I guess if no-one tells you the rules you can't play!!"

Skywarp allowed QuickSwitch to get just close enough before he teleported behind him

"Rules are -- you die!"

Skywarp released a volley of heat-seeking missiles after the six-changer

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 09:45 PM

Quick managed to roll out of the way of a few of the missles, but several more exploded near his jet wash, and soon he was spinning rather badly, and steeped into a dive.

"Time to...change the rules!" he managed to bite out even as the ground neared.

Aero Blade
2003-10-29, 10:04 PM
Aero Blade stopped firing at Sixshot, it already apparent to him to now be a futile act. He wasn't doing any good, his shots weren't even coming close enough for the Decepticon to pay him any mind. "There's gotta be something I can do," Aero Blade thought aloud, looking about the scene, but he knew it wasn't right. They needed fighters out here, not some tech that couldn't even shoot straight, but there still had to be something that he could do to help...


Tracer paused in his firing at Grimlock only long enough to leap to the side and roll, coming back up on his feet. He was instantly moving and openning fire again, both getting out of Grimlock's sword range and attempting to circle around to an unprotected flank.

Tracer heard the sounds of the ongoing battle between Trypticon and Metroplex, but he didn't pay it much mind - his battled was right infront of him - but the sounds of the sounds of the giant Decpticon leviathan tearing into the Autobot city spurred him to tear some metal of his own. Tracer was confident that he wouldn't have very many problems handling the Dinobot, so long as he could stay away from those jaws...

2003-10-29, 11:40 PM
Cryotek saw the metal bar come flying at him and tried to move to no avail, he saw it to late, the bar hit him in a wing and spun him around.

He transformed back into robot mode and landed with a thud as he slid along the ground he caught the Earth with his and and came to a stop.

"Well they say any landing you can walk away from is a good landing." he muttered then looked for his target.

"Ahh Inferno the Autobot that likes to keep things cool, well let's see how you do with something that is cool!" He growled and fired on of his ice torpedos at the Autobot.


Hatemonger smiled, so far none of the cowards in battle had dared to challenge him.

"Come now Autobots, surely one of you must be confident that your life was not a complete waste." He smiled firing his fusion cannons.

2003-10-30, 12:34 AM
The gestalt reeled from the blasts from the Brainmaster, but on the other hand he finally had a challenge now.

He stood back up smoke waffing away from the wounds.

"Ahh, finally an challange! But my name is Pirancon not King Posidion!" He growled and stopped trying to stomp on the Protectobots but channels his firepower towards Starsaber instead.


Cryotek was running towards where Inferno was when two rather powerful energy blasts crashed into the ground behind him barely missing their intended targets. The force of the blast send Cryotek skyward again.

"Not again!" He groaned catching the ground with his dragon head arm and flipping back up. Pain hit him from the sheer heat of the blast, but for now his armour had held up.

"By the abyss what now?" He grumbled not sure if he was more upset about the sneak attack or the melted metal on his back. He cracked his back into place and focused his attention on the larger threat, but kept a sensor behind him just in case.

"Ahh Victory Leo, I know who you are but ill leave the snide comments for when I stand over your corpse." He growled and grabbed ahold of Cryo from subspace.

He saw that the Victory Leo was running towards him, with Cryo he fired an ice blast into the ground creating an ice slick with his other arm he fired another Torpedo straight at the Autobot.

God Jinrai
2003-10-30, 12:42 AM
Now in Winged Lion Mode, VL trounced across the surface at an accelerated pace... seeing the torp and the ice field being projected, he quickly made a choice... one that potentially would take cryotek down...

Maintaining his forward momentum, he leapt just as the torpedo nearly touched his nose... a strong leap, rushing through the skies and over the ice... and as he came down, with his right claw, he swiped at cryotek's left hand... where his targetmaster, Chro rested....

StarSaber was preoccupied as well at this point... dealing with Piranahcon's pompom guns and the handgun that one of the six seacon's formed... he'd not made much advance in terms of close combat... and that's where saber decided to close the gap...

Drawing his gun from its resting place, he laid down a small hail of fire, drawing back the starsaber blade with his left arm, set to bring it in an arc across Piranahcon's chest... and snaptrap's bottom half of his shell.

Prime had broken off his engagement with Clench in favor of the target he'd meant to go for the entire battle...

"Galvatron!" he roared as he rushed across the battlefield in Semi-Rig Mode

Transforming as the gap closed, he took off in a strong run, holding his cannon in close, squeezing off a few blasts as he rushed the emperor of destruction

2003-10-30, 01:10 AM
Blades was thrown off of Piranacon, but transformed into his helicopter mode and flew to where the others were now standing as he trasformed once again into robot mode.

"Whose to say we're not a challenge, huh?" he yelled out with one of his swords in his hand.

"We got lucky on this one, Blades," Hot Spot replied. "It seems our new friend here is helping us out a lot. We'll stay here as some reinforcements for him, or at least until something else comes up."

2003-10-30, 01:13 AM
Piranacon growled as the blade cut into the armour on his chest, but then brought his own blade up and smashed it into Starsabers.

With his other arm he fired at the Protectobots that stopped moving as rapidly around him.


Cryotek ducked under the advance of Victory Leo, on the other hand his Targetmaster Cryo didn't.

The Targetmaster Bird fell over in a heap with sparks flying.

"You will pay for that with your life oil." Cryotek growled and transformed into his dragon mode and took to the sky, waiting for Victory Leo to follow.

God Jinrai
2003-10-30, 01:40 AM
snarling up at the blue dragon, VL's optics burned brightly... but instead of pursuit, he transformed into robot mode... letting loose a shot from his primary cannon...

Starsaber, meanwhile, had barely avoided piranahcon's blade... it in fact had cut into his own, but left a very shallow, very weak gash in the blade. he just needed to use more caution in how many more strikes like that the blade would take... diving left, he let loose another volley on the beast...and then saw the protectobots...

"They may be needed in a moment" he muttered

~Sig- Scout~

2003-10-30, 02:34 AM
Cryotek noticed that Victory Leo was no longer persuing him.

"Good enough figured that he would try to fry me instead." He noticed the energy beam streaking towards him and moved out of the way, barely as the beam narrowly missed him and his senors momentarly shorted out, but now he was gaining speed to try to bring his most feared weapon online his Sparkextractor.

He hoped to not nessacarly kill the Autobot but cause him enough pain to get away as Victory Leo was clearly out of his league.


Piranacon had an idea he saw a nearby lake and realised what he needed to do.

He took to the sky trying to avoid some of the volley that was sent againist him and then set down in the lake, the water was not super deep but deep enough to give him the advantage he would need. Steam formed where some of Star Sabers blasts had resently hit.

"Ok Autobot fools, let's rock!" Pirancon screamed furiously unleashing his full array of weapons at the ground based Autobots.

2003-10-30, 03:57 AM
Roadbuster: -in cover, looking at Hatemonger, mutters- "Keep talking, blowhard......." -aims linear blaster cannon and grenade launcher at Hatemonger, fire both at Hatemonger, sending an ion bolt and a string of plasma grenades at the Decepticon's right side, ducks back down and moves away without bothering to see if they hit-


Leozak: -flying point, with Hellbat and Gaihawk acting as wingmen-

Gaihawk: "LEOZAK!!!!" -snarls- "It's...... him!" -starts to peel off-

Leozak: "What....." -sees Star Saber- "Gaihawk, NO! We aren't ready!"

Gaihawk: "We don't have to be! He's distracted!"

Leozak: "We're low on energon and need to let our systems repair. When we do this, we'll need to be at full power!" -growls- "Be patient, Gaihawk."

Gaihawk: -pulls back into formation, obviously not happy about it-

Hellbat: "Could I make a suggestion.....?"

Leozak: -tersely- "What?"

Hellbat: "Well, Jalgar does know how to snipe, and all kinds of things can happen in a battle......."

Leozak: "You want to snipe Star Saber? Where's the honor in that?"

Hellbat: "Not Star Saber....... Vicotry Leo is a much more deserving target. Undercut Star Saber's power, then draw him out."

Leozak: -grates out in a tone that makes it clear that this is the one course of action he'd never take- "I'll take it under advisement."


Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -roll to a stop in front of one of the abandoned Autobot perimeter outposts, transform, pull bo staffs out of subspace-

Jalgar: -uses his staff to probe the entryway and tap the floor, peers in- "Geez.... talk about spartan."

Drillhorn: -pushes past Jalgar, walks inside- "Killbison, keep an eye on the outside, make sure that anybody who comes sniffing around gets a warm welcome."

Killbison: -subspaces bo staff, chest plate transforms to gauss cannon, lands in his hand-

Drillhorn: "We'll use this as our rally point." -does a tally of the energon in the outpost- "Although we're probably going to expend more energon than we'll gain........" -narrows optics, activates commlink- "Captain?"

Leozak: -over commlink- "Yes, Drillhorn?"

Drillhorn: "We've secured a temporary base of operations, but there's not a lot of energon here. There are other outposts, but we're going to wind up expending more than we'll untimately gain. My suggestion is that you, Hellbat, and Gaihawk gather the rest of the energon and bring it to the rally point."

Leozak: "And will we gain energon through doing this? Actually come out ahead?"

Drillhorn: "Yes. We won't be at full power, but we will be able to form Leokaiser for a longer period of time, and we won't have that fear of imminent shutdown problem."

Leozak: "Will we seperate again?"

Drillhorn: "If we let our autorepair systems fix the damage, yes."

Leozak: "We'll be there as soon as we can."

Brave Maximus
2003-10-30, 08:18 AM
"Hunk of Scrap is he? Well Omega is going to reduce you into a smoking pile of slag. You may look like Great Shot, but so far, you've been less than impressive. My mentor would laugh when he saw you. Now, lets have some fun shall we?"

Skyfall braced as Sixshot banked to avoid the Omega Shuttle, then kicked up and held on to the Decepticons struts.

"Thrusters on! MAXIMUM BURN!!!!"

The Micromasters leg thrusters burned to life, attempting to slow down the much larger Deception.

"OMEGA 8 missiles on Target, FIRE AT WILL!"

Omega's launchers opened up and fired four cluster missiles from each side. In a brief second they split into four each (Total of 32), all screaming at Sixshot!

"Lets see you dodge this, Scrap pile!"

Skyfall continued to try and slow the larger jet, but preparing to let go to avoid the explosions.

2003-10-30, 11:31 AM
As Clench self righted in preparation of no doubt another barrage from Prime he realised something strange.

He's leaving...

He watched as Prime rushed across the field to Galvatron and shook his head.

And I was having so much fun.

He grabs his particle blaster from his sub-space compartment, turns and fires at the first Autobot he sees.


KatasTrofiK was getting bored now. Firing into the fray was interesting, but it wasn't what he had came for.

2003-10-30, 02:01 PM
Inferno dodged Cryotek's missile only to have a stinging shot hit him in the back from Clench.

"I may be a little smoked, but you're gonna be a pile of molten metal."

He spun and fired two missiles from his forearms at the Decepticon.
Trailbreaker motioned the minicons and Windslice away from the battle.

"I should be out there helping." He looked at Windslice. "You-whoever you are. You want to help without fighting? Keep a watch on these three and stay up here. You're about as safe here as anywhere. I have to go help."

2003-10-30, 03:45 PM
"You heard the guy," Wreckage gestured to Bonecrusher and Knock-Out. "Let's get inside and let him do his work."

The three Mini-Cons raced inside Fortress Maximus,

Trailbreaker didn't know it, but he had two incoming on his tail.

"Thought you put us away, did ya?" Runamuck cackled transforming to robot mode and firing at Trailbreaker.

"Well, you were wrong!" Runabout finished, doing likewise.

Quick Switch
2003-10-30, 06:09 PM
Galvatron scoffed at Prime's charge, shrugging whimsically at Clench.

In fact, the Decepticon leader even allowed Prime's shots to strike him. He lurched slightly, the blasts scoring his armor and breaking off pieces of it.

His trademark smirk appeared as he looked around as the Autobots grappled with his Imperial forces.

"It takes more to lead a rabble such as this, Optimus Prime!"

Under no compulsion to fight fair, Galvatron transformed to cannon mode, aimed, and discharged a blast of energy at Prime.


Dirge had by now streaked away from the battlefield, intent on reaching his new destination. Even though he had not been pursued, his engine wail was still on full blast.


It was difficult to say who struck first.

Fortress Maximus leaped, slamming his incredible bulk directly on the back of Black Zarak's neck, causing the huge scorpion city to shudder, and the earth itself to shatter. Metal began to groan and shriek as it was made so much useless. Sparks and smoke began to rise off of the rebuilt Scorponok's frame as the incredible pressure was brought to bear by his rival.

Zarak however, in a desperate move, slashed his wicked stinger forward- and his aim was true. It buried, horridly, directly in the center of Maximus' chest, causing a spurt of oil to coat both participants in the struggle. Maximus reeled, then slumped forward, unwittingly driving the tail even further into his innards.

Scorponok's claws swung up to meet Maximus' attempts with his hands to free himself from the tail, and the pincers locked on the humanoid city's forearms, meaning to cut them off- and indeed, the dagger-like claws did start to shear away the outer metal. Maximus, in return, flexed his arm muscles, and Scorponok's pylons supporting his pincers began to strain as the pressure mounted; they would soon snap.

It had taken approximately two minutes for the cities to become enmeshed in a death struggle.

God Jinrai
2003-10-30, 06:23 PM
with a quick tilt to one side, prime avoided the oncomming energy lance... twisting the upper portion of the cannon's barrel, he drew closer, and at around 50 yards, fired... the roar of a massive energy burst could be heard for a fair distance, as prime's cannon fired... granted it drained most of the gun's energy charge... it wasn't going to be needed if prime got in close.

Quick Switch
2003-10-30, 06:27 PM
Galvatron transformed as the blast exploded the ground on which he had previously sat upon. He chuckled.

"No witty comeback? Pithy phrases of your so-called 'moral superiority', Prime?"

Galvatron took a moment to look at the four cities, then the battlefield at large.

"Look around you Prime! As the largest Autobot dies, so shall the small. Of course, I may spare your life. I need a new fool at Court!" Galvatron flexed his cannon arm, optics gleaming.

2003-10-30, 08:00 PM
Cryotek's radar went nuts with the energy blast behind him and the missiles coming along side him, he twisted left then right to avoid the missiles and then swooped down to appempt to avoid the brunt of the energy blast.

Steal melted as the blast came within inches of vaporizing Cryotek.

"Alright I misse......" he suddenly crashed into the ground with his senors buzzing about overheating.

2003-10-31, 12:06 AM
The two missiles exploded each side of where Clench was standing, causing him to step back and shield himself.


He aimed his particle blaster at Inferno and fired as he charged at him.

He's not Prime, but he'll do.

God Jinrai
2003-10-31, 12:24 AM
"Talk is pointless with you, galvatron. I'm going to speak the only language you know how to understand now!"

now on top of galvatron, prime lashed out with a strong right, readying a left, and then if that connected... an uppercut that would send his nemesis crashing to the ground...

Comming down on cryotek's wings, Victory Leo's claws ever so slowly began to dig into the "skin" between the wings' "bones"...
His lion mode's head snarled and the massive jaws lingered just above cryotek's neck. VL was expecting something... either from behind, or even from the dragon's head... but all it would take was one firm snap of the jaws, and cryotek's own body would be virtually useless.

Starsaber, meanwhile stared down Piranacon who now stood in the nearby lake....

"Protectobots... cover me. time to send this overgrown sushi bar back to the chef!"

dashing forward, his jets engaged, increasing his forward motion... dragging his sword's tip in the ground, it rapidly brought friction heat ot the blade...
~Sig- Scout~

2003-10-31, 01:53 AM
Trailbreaker didn't have much time to respond to the minicons disobeying, and he had bigger problems to worry about. Runamuck's shot caught him in the back, sending him forward a few steps.

He winced and turned.
"Out of the frying pan and into the fire. I'll put you away in so many pieces this time, there won't be enough left of you to make a McDonard's nugget."

Trailbreaker began firing his twin blasters at the pair.
Inferno dodged to the side as a shot grazed his right shoulder, and the big Autobot brought a roundhouse kick out at Clench.
Sparkplug and Daniel got situated in the rear of Dirge's cockpit while Spike settled up front. Sparkplug shut his eyes after warning Daniel with a hissed whisper to be quiet. The unhappy teen rolled his eyes and leaned against the side of the cockpit, looking out the window. Spike began giving Dirge directions to Chip's lab.

2003-10-31, 02:04 AM
"Trying to make jokes won't help you now, Autobot," Runabout snarled as Runamuck was tossed backward. "I've got a gear to pick with you."

He quick changed to vehicle mode, and sped towards Trailbreaker, hoping to catch him off guard.

The Mini-Cons, meanwhile, fled backwards from Fort Max, realizing that it wasn't the best place to be after all.

"What do we do now?!" Knock-Out asked.

"We find a way to help," Wreckage snarled, looking around. "But how?"

2003-10-31, 02:19 AM
Trailbreaker heard the noise of Runabout's engine but not in enough time to react. Runabout hit him, knocking a leg out from underneath him. He rolled to one side in the first attempts to get back up.

Quick Switch
2003-10-31, 02:21 AM
Galvatron was indeed hit by Prime's blow, and he lurched, struck with his cannon arm a body blow to Prime's plexus in response.

His expression lost its smirk as the battle began in earnest.

God Jinrai
2003-10-31, 02:35 AM
the shot came as no surprise... Prime hadn't expected to land the other two blows... Galvatron was smarter than that... hunching over, prime rushed upward with the uppercut he was going to use to take galvatron down...

2003-10-31, 02:58 AM
Quick changing again, Runabout pointed his rifle right at Trailbreaker's head.

"Say night night, Autobot," he snickered, releasing the saftey on his rifle. A shot at this close range would likely kill him.

Suddenly a cry rang out through the woods.

"Hi ho Silver! AWAY!

"Oh, no," Runabout muttered as Wreck-Gar slammed his axe straight into the Battlecharger's chest, sending him sailing through the air to land close to Runamuck.

The Junkion leader stepped off the motorbike he was on, and exteneded a hand to the fallen Autobot.

"Looks like you took a pretty bad spill," he said.

Quick Switch
2003-10-31, 03:31 AM
Galvatron countered by swinging forward and bringing up a heavily armored knee once again toward Prime's chest, while bringing up his non-cannon arm to block the Autobot leader's uppercut.


Dirge found the experience of carrying humans highly unsettling. He was not used to messengarial duties, and Dirge's CPU could not help dredging up old memories of the last delivery mission he'd run.

Of course, the circumstances had been quite different in those days.

"Mayday, mayday," he muttered quietly.

Dirge, if he'd been paying attention, might have noticed the blasting his high powered fear inducing engines over highly populated cities may not have been a good idea. As it was, Dirge didn't think twice.

2003-10-31, 03:57 AM
"Wreck Gar, if you had any better timing, you'd be a Timex." Trailbreaker grinned as he gratefully took the Junkion leader's hand. "Whatd'ya say we break some eggs and scramble them?"
Spike sighed, making sure to keep his hands clear of the consoles. "Easy Dirge. We're on your side and you're on ours. Thanks for your help."

Quick Switch
2003-10-31, 04:02 AM
Dirge tried to laugh, but it sounded painfully strangled, and he aborted the attempt.

"Just be thankful my cockpit's sealed," he said finally. "I can't even believe I shut it all the way before I took off. Although it was somewhat like what you'd see in a mooovie."

Dirge flew on.

2003-10-31, 04:04 AM
Wreck-Gar winked.

"Make it so," he said in a voice tinged with a British accent.

He looked up to see Dreadwing pass by, letting loose with a volley of missiles.

"Dang buzzards!" he shouted. "We ain't dead yet!"

Aero Blade
2003-10-31, 04:09 AM
While Aero Blade pondered if there was anything of use he could do out here, Stratus from his usual shoulder perch turned his head. He sensed minicons near by, and realizing the battle field was never a good place for little guys to be, transformed and went off in search of them, heading straight in Wreckage, Bonecrusher, and Knock-Out's direction.

Aero Blade was startled, to say the least, to see the minicon go bolting off. "Stratus! What's gotten into you?!" He exclaimed, attempting to keep up and follow after his partner.

2003-10-31, 04:21 AM
Wreckage heard the sound of an engine approaching, and turning to face it, was pleased to see another Mini-Con approaching.

"Who's that?" he shouted.

Aero Blade
2003-10-31, 04:26 AM
"My name's Stratus," He called, transforming in mid air and landing a short distance away from the three minicons. "You know, it's not safe to be out on a battle field without one of the big guys," he told them.

"It's not safe to leave them behind either," Aero Blade told Stratus, finally catching up. Other minicons...he should've figured. "Hope you're not out here for the scenery," he said to the others.

2003-10-31, 04:29 AM
Trailbreaker hadn't lost track of Runabout and Runamuck. He turned and fired his twin blasters at the troublesome duo again.
"You guys are lacking some brains. This oughtta do a bit of smarting!"

2003-10-31, 04:33 AM
"Actually," Knock-Out grumbled. "We came here to get out of a danger zone."

"For all the good that did," Bonecrusher muttered.
"Don't bother waiting for them to get up," Wreck-Gar said, also firing at the Battlechargers. "Just hit 'em while they're down."

The Battlechargers vainly tried to dodge the fire, but managed to get hit several times.

Aero Blade
2003-10-31, 04:39 AM
"Trust me, I know the feeling," Aero Blade responded and Stratus hopped back up to his shoulder. "Well we better see if we can't find you guys some safety," he told them, once again turning on his com and hoping that someone responded this time. "Aero Blade to whichever Autobot's on this frequency, I got some minicons here that need some safe shelter. Can anyone direct me to a location?"

2003-10-31, 05:13 AM
Groove was nearly hit again by Piranacon's blasts, but this time transformed to dodge them. The four Protectobots quickly lined up after he transformed once again and pulled out their blasters.

"You heard him, Protectobots," Hot Spot shouted, "give him the best cover fire you've ever given!"

In order to hopefully cause a distraction for Pircanacon, the Protectobots began firing towards the lake, careful not to aim in the direction that Starsaber was headed.

2003-10-31, 05:33 AM
Crosshairs lowered his weapon when he heard Aero Blade's call.
"This is Crosshairs up at the north outpost," he transmitted. "You can bring your minicons here, if you want. The Decepticons have stayed a good distance away from us so far. I can't promise that they'll be safe if the 'Cons decide to pay some attention to us, though."

2003-10-31, 10:40 AM
Cyclonus pulled towards the sky once again after making a bomb run at Fortress Maximus' face. He couldn' tell if his attack had succeeded or not but at least he had tried to ease Black Zarak's struggle against the giant Autobot.