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2003-10-04, 05:40 PM
Continuing the imminent war at Metroplex.

2003-10-05, 02:56 AM
Medbay, Metroplex:

Minerva: -walks into medbay, checking the equipment and supplies, nods to self, heads out of medbay for security office-

Security Office, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -staring at monitor wall, shakes head, optics fuzzing out- "Too much TV is bad for the optics........ Especially with that many screens."

2003-10-07, 03:35 AM
Blaster nodded as he got Quickswitch's message came through "On it!" He replied turning around and running back down to the command room beginning the change from Battle station mode to Robot mode.

"All Autobots within or outside of Metroplex! We are going to Robot mode! I repeat we're upgrading from big guns to Big guns and one big bad mother...."

"Shut your mouth!" Fastforward cried to a chuckle from both he and Blaster.

2003-10-07, 11:49 AM
Security office, Metroplex:

Minerva: -runs in- "Did Blaster just say he's-"

Nightbeat: "Transforming Metroplex to robot mode? Yes. Fortunately, the desks are bolted down." -waves Minerva over to the other desk- "You realize that I think we represent the entire ready/reaction force on the base, not counting Blaster and his cassettes."

Minerva: -sits down, starts bringing up the displays in the desk surface- "Just us?"

Nightbeat: -nods- "Seems that way. Ironhide's outside, hopefully on his way back, and I think most of the rest were assigned to outposts or still at Fort Max."

Minerva: "Lovely. They had better odds at the Alamo."

Nightbeat: "They had better odds at the Little Big Horn." -sighs- "Well, now that we've got the depressing realization that getting run over is likely out of the way, let's see what we can do to get us out of it...."

Quick Switch
2003-10-09, 03:37 PM
Metroplex transformed under Blaster's skillful operation.

He straightened, and turned about. In the distance, Fortress Maximus could also be seen shifting. He frowned.

Oddly, he felt a sort of comfort that the hyper-frenetic communications officer was at the helm. Blaster had initiated the transformation sequence when he had first dueled with Trypticon ten years previous.

"Metroplex stands ready," he rumbled.

2003-10-10, 12:50 AM
Foot of Metroplex:

Ironhide: -skids to halt, transforms, looks up, activates commlink- "Hey, Blaster or Metroplex, ya wanna let me in?"

2003-10-11, 11:15 PM
"Quick Switch This is Blaster! Metroplex transformation complete he is as large and incharge as I remember since last seeing him like this.."

He stopped as the beeping on his chest made him aware of Ironhide's message

"Whoops! Door on the left leg is activated. Get to it and get in quick. Bad blips are gonna start pinging all over these radars any second!! Metroplex keep cool for a sec Ironhide's gotta get in and get up here"

2003-10-12, 02:50 AM
Foot of Metroplex:

Ironhide: -climbs into the open hatch, talks into commlink- "Thanks, Blaster, Ah'll be up on th' bridge in a couple'a minutes." -starts heading for the bridge, changes frequencies- "Nahghtbeat, you awake?"

Nightbeat: "No, dad. I dozed off in front of the big honking security TV of doom again."

Ironhide: "Uh......."

Nightbeat: "I'm awake. What's up?"

Ironhide: "Meet me in th' command center. Ah got a feelin' it's gonna be th' place to be."

Security Room, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: "Right. See you there." -deactivates commlink- "All right, sis, we're heading for the bridge."

Minerva: "Shouldn't I head for medbay?"

Nightbeat: "Not yet. For one thing, we don't have any injured yet. And if we have to, that might have to become a fallback position. But, given the fact that if it gets that bad, we'll have to worry more about having Metroplex pounded down around our ears by the Decepticon citybots."

Minerva: "Always looking on the bright side, aren't you."

Nightbeat: "Give me something to do. Come on."

Nightbeat and Minerva: -head for the command center-

Quick Switch
2003-10-12, 04:15 AM
"Acknowledged," Metroplex rumbled to Blaster as the Autobots boarded.

2003-10-13, 05:34 AM
"I hear you Aero Blade! This is Blaster high atop Metroplex broadcasting from the command room! Trypticon won't make it withing 100 feet of yah after this big guy is done with him!"

Blaster grinned as he switched over to a line directly to Fort Max.

"Hey guys and gals over at city bot #2 this is Blaster we got Trypticon moving in from the east and as I havn't seen that giant Grimlock for a while. Okay if me and Metroplex head on over for a little rock and roll?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-14, 01:10 AM
Metroplex snarled, clenching his fists as the sounds of engines neared.

A cloud of smoke dissipated, followed by a tremendous shudder. The cloud lifted, and Trypticon stood, a few hundred miles away.

The saurian city roared, shattering entire moutains in the scope of his vigor.

Metroplex stood firm, and his harsh vocoder pealed over the barren rocky battle ground.

"This planet's not big enough for the both us!"

Trypticon laughed again, mouth lasers prominent. His front arms waved with mirth, and when his tail lashed, it raised cracks as it smashed about.

"CRUSH....METROPLEX!" he boomed.

The arch-foes examined each other, all other units forgotten. Both narrowed their optics-

-and charged, footfalls (one straight, the other cloven) sounding as if a clarion call to apocalypse.

2003-10-14, 04:33 AM
Command Center, Metroplex:

Ironhide, Nightbeat, and Minerva: -run into the command center-

Ironhide: "Awlrahght, Blaster, what'cha want us ta do?"

Quick Switch
2003-10-14, 04:41 AM
Scamper and Six-Gun raced into the command center, appraising Blaster, Ironhide, Nightbeat and Minerva.

"I suggest you all get ready to bail out once the Big Guy puts up his dukes," Six Gun rasped.

"Yeah!" Scamper frantically indicated the motley group. "We knew the risks when we...uh, signed on, but you guys should get!"

If the Autobots chose to stay and help, the two little helpers couldn't force them...but at the same time, Trypticon looked serious this time. And those teeth ripped a long way into hulls.

2003-10-16, 01:22 AM
"I dunno Ironhide you're incharge not me so the real question is whatcha want of us" Blaster replied with a grin looking at Scamper and Sixshot.

"Don't worry about me, I know what to do when the blows get thrown" he kept grinning.

Quick Switch
2003-10-16, 05:58 AM
The two behemoths reached each other at the same moment.

One of Metroplex's massive fists lashed out, slamming into Trypticon's plexus even as the saurian city turned and battered the humanoid city with his thick tail.

Both units were rocked by the force of the blows, and staggered to right themselves. Mutual hatred burned brightly in both pairs of optics.

2003-10-17, 10:00 PM
Ironhide, Nightbeat, and Minerva: -lying in a jumbled heap in one corner of the control room-

Nightbeat: -at the bottom of the heap- "I think we've made contact with the enemy......"

Ironhide: -in the middle of the heap- "Ah think th' enemy made contact with us......."

Minerva: -on top of the heap- "I think we went right when the bridge lurch left sign lit up."

Nightbeat: "Whatever it was..... Uhm.... not to sound indelicate, pops, but could you get off of my head? I'm getting a compression headache."

Minerva: -gets to feet- "I think those little guys are right. We'd better clear out of here."

Ironhide: -gets to feet, drags Nightbeat to feet- "Ah think yer rahght. Otherwahse they mahght have ta use can openers ta get us outta here."

Ironhide, Nightbeat, and Minerva: -head for the exit-

Nightbeat: "So what'll we do when we get out there?"

Ironhide: "Ah'm of a mahnd ta go city huntin'....."

Ironhide, Nightbeat, and Minerva: -arrive at the exit hatch-

Nightbeat: "City hunting? There's only three of us!"

Ironhide: -opens hatch- "Ain't anybody headin' this way.... Awlrahght, let's get outta here first. Anybody comes this way, we'll take 'em down. Nobody comes this way, we'll see what we c'n do ta help Metroplex."

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-22, 05:59 AM
Thrust: "Thundercracker- target over there at 6 o'Clock."
Thundercracker: I can see that. Dweeb. He wants to go between Trypticon and Metroplex.

Thrust veered toward the gigantic autobot city and began to open fire. Thundercracker headed toward Metroplex's optics and began firing.

On the ground, Blitzwing closed in and trandformed to tank mode and began firing shells at the huge complex. "The bigger they are- the more slag they make!"

2003-10-22, 08:15 PM
Nightbeat: "Before you get the climbing gear, bubba, we've got incoming party crashers."

Ironhide: "Yeah, Ah see 'em." -looks down at Blitzwing, then up at Thundercracker and Thrust, sighs- "Ah gotta get jump jets one'a these days. Ah'm gonna take Blitzwing, you guys see if ya c'n distract Thundercracker 'n Thrust." -back up a couple of steps, runs and jumps out of the hatch, intending for his arc to bring him down on Blitzwing's turret-

Nightbeat: "How does somebody that crazy live so long? How high up, are we?"

Minerva: -consults map- "Looks like we're near the knee."

Nightbeat: "Primus...... That's insane...... completely insane...."

Minerva: "Wait a minute. Distract them? How are we going to distract them?"

Nightbeat: -pulls plasma blaster- "Shoot them down." -uses left side of hatchway for cover, aims at Thundercracker- "Shoot at Thrust, sis. Metroplex has more to worry about right now than a couple of gnats tyring to bite him." -leads the Seeker a little, fires-

Minerva: "But.... I can't....."

Nightbeat: "Just stun him. If nothing else, make him break off his attack run."

Minerva: -uses the right side of the hatch for cover, pulls stun blaster, aims in Thrust's general direction, fires a stun blast at him-

Quick Switch
2003-10-23, 03:14 AM
Trypticon and Metroplex ignored the insignificant attacks done by the Junkions and the Decepticon fliers as the wastes of time they were, and continued their struggle.

As Metroplex swung another massive fist in Trypticon's direction, the saurian city clamped down, hard, with his massive maw and began to shake his head. In response, Metroplex lashed out with his other hand and began to relentlessly batter the area by Trypticon's spine.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-25, 02:36 AM
Blitzwing did not see Ironhide take the leap out from above as he continued launching shells at Metroplex. The sudden crash of the falling Autobot riled him and he yelled loudly. "GET OFF!"

Thundercracker eyed his vantage... "Closing in... dead shot right to the right optic... yeah..."- and then a shot grazed his wing flap. He pulled off left sharply and began to look for the source of the fire. He spotted Minerva who was firing toward Thrust.

"Pipsqueak... you'll pay for that." He turned and trained a lock on toward the medic.

Thrust felt a shot hit his underbelly and ricochet off. He veered upward and then saw the source of the shot.

He plunged in a dive toward Nightbeat, firing continuously.

2003-10-25, 03:19 AM
Ironhide: -sitting on Blitzwing's turret, grabs the barrel of Blitzwing's main gun, starts pulling, trying to bend it- "Make me!"


Nightbeat: -ducks back into full cover of the wall next to the hatch as Thrust's shots slam into Metroplex's armor and the corridor wall opposite- "Ah, good. We've distracted them."

Minerva: -ducks back in as well- "Now what do we do?"

Nightbeat: "Wait until they break off from this run, and fire at them as they swing around. Aim for engines."

Minerva: "But they've got rockets! Explosives!"

Nightbeat: "Only one thing for it, then. C'mon, Sundance!" -grabs Minerva's hand, leaps from hatch, firing at both Thundercracker and Thrust, trying to distract them-

Minerva: -dragged out of hatch by Nightbeat, now plummetting towards ground- "Oh, SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-26, 05:56 AM
Blitzwing had had enough of Ironhide. "RUST BUCKET! I said GET OFF!" The triple changer transformed to his robot mode as his turret barrel bent upwards and let off a shot.
Blitzwing's last shot whizzed up in front of Thrust leaving a pocket in his air stream that caused his engines to nearly stall out. With the enemy fire around him, Thrust made up his mind. "I'm outta here!" Thrust yelled over his communicator to Thundercracker as he took off with a sonic accelleration. *The massive vibration should shake everything around.*
Thundercracker feigned indifference and didn't reply. Silently, he was thinking "Coward." He circled around and drew a line for range on his drone rocket, when he noted that Blitzwing was in his line of fire. He held off and instead, circled again waiting for an opportunity to strike.

2003-10-27, 12:44 AM
Ironhide: -rolls to feet- "Think yer so tough? Bring it on, ya punk!" -deploys glue sprayer, sprays at Blitzwing's feet, aims blaster pistol at Blitzwing, fires-


Nightbeat and Minerva: -lying in a shallow, oddly shaped depression in the ground as Thrust's sonic boom of departure washes over them-

Nightbeat: -face down in dirt, mutters- "I thought that looked like Thundercracker....."

Minerva: -on top of Nightbeat, sits up, holding side of head-"Owww........ Why did we do that?"

Nightbeat: -voice muffled by dirt- "Because we needed to get out of that hatch, and hey, it worked for Butch and Sundance."

Minerva: "They were jumping into a river!"

Nightbeat: -gets to hands and knees, spitting out dirt- "Well... we are armored."

Minerva: "A couple of Seekers don't qualify as a Lafours with posse level threat!"

Nightbeat: "Their missiles do. Now get to cover." -scans the sky- "One of them's gone, but the other one's swinging around." -brings plasma blaster up, opens fire at Thundercracker-

Minerva: "If you're staying, so am I." -brings stun blaster up, opens fire at Thundercracker-

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-28, 03:25 AM
Blitzwing tried to evade the glue spurt, but snarled as he lost his balance in Thrust's sonic wake. A blob of glue washed over his left foot. "You're in a sticky situation Autobot, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it."

He grinned as he whipped out his gyro-blaster rifle and fired at Ironhide.

Thundercracker swung around and surveyed the Autobots below. They jumped out of there and survived that fall.
He mused to himself easily avoiding the stun shots from the distance he was at. "Blitzwing's still too close for the rocket. Incendiary will set this whole mountain blazing- time for a standard laser." Thundercracker nosed down, picking up speed, and began firing laser bursts at Nightbeat and Minerva.

2003-10-28, 04:09 AM
Ironhide: -hit by the burst from the gyro blaster rifle, feels his balance gyros go haywire, staggers starts to fall, transforms to vehicle mode- "Ah ain't the one in a sticky sit'iation!" -floors accelerator, charges Blitzwing-


Nightbeat and Minerva: -dive in opposite directions as Thundercracker returns fire-

Nightbeat: "This is not my idea of fun!" -keeps firing plasma blaster at Thundercracker-

Minerva: "We could have stayed inside Metroplex. It might have been safer!" -firing stun blaster at Thundercracker-

Nightbeat: "Probably not! Like being in a dice cup in there!"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-28, 05:08 AM
Blitzwing shifted to his energo-sword as Ironhide crashed into him, knocking the big triple-changer backwards. A chunk of ground came up attached to his foot from the glue as he fell back.

Thundercracker rocketed at the duo below firing away. A stun shot crossed up under his cockpit and skewed his controls.
"Oh no!" He yelled as he cut his engines veering to the side as his wing and tail flaps began malfunctioning. He fell the last two hundred feet in robot form, crashing and rolling into the tree cover at the edge of the Autobot base clearing.

2003-10-28, 05:49 AM
Ironhide: -transforms, staying on top of Blitzwing, grabs for Blitzwing's hand to keep the triple changer from swinging the sword, swings his other fist at Blitzwing's face-


Nightbeat: -watches Thundercracker roll into cover- "Stay here, sis." -heads for woods-

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-28, 05:57 AM
Ironhide's fist connected cleanly and Blitzwing's head snapped to the side with the hit, causing a spurt of fluid to drain from his mouth. He managed to get the blade up in the air though, and attempted to bring it down on the back of Ironhide's head.
Thundercracker found he was remarkably intact for once. He did note that one wing was damaged slightly and his left leg hurt, but that was small cause for concern. He heard the approach of an individual and bent down into the bushes, bringing up his arm lasers.

2003-10-28, 06:07 AM
Ironhide: -gets klonked in the back of the head, head snaps forward, narrows optics, brings right fist back, deploys napalm sprayer, sprays it at Blitzwing's face-


Nightbeat: -hearing Thundercracker moving around in the underbrush, stops, aims for what appears to be the source of the sound, fires into the underbrush-

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-28, 06:13 AM
Blitzwing began yelling as the napalm hit him square in the face. His metallic flesh began to heat and burn, sending pain signals to his relays. He raised both feet and kicked up to throw Ironhide off, covering his face with one arm.
Thundercracker jumped backwards , half falling behind a tree as Nightbeat's shots riddled the bushes just in front of him. He narrowed his optics and returned fire.

2003-10-28, 06:21 AM
Ironhide: -kicked off of Blitzwing, rolls to a kneeling position, sprays more napalm at Blitzwing from his right hand, deploys superheated liquid lead sprayer from his left hand, sprays it at Blitzwing-


Nightbeat: -dives out of the way and gets partially spun around as one of Thundercracker's return shots catches him in the right shoulder, scrambles for cover in the underbrush, returns fire-

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-28, 06:31 AM
Blitzwing began to roar in pain and anger. His whole body burned and he had a clump of dirt stuck to his foot. He brought up the sword and charged in a nearly blind fury at Ironhide.

Thundercracker caught a blast that went through his left arm and his left wing. Hastily, he backed up further into the bushes, still firing.
I can still get off this miserable ground if I can get to the cliff edge.

2003-10-28, 06:37 AM
Ironhide: "Gettin' kahnda warm, huh, Blitzwing?" -retracts napalm and lead sprayers, deploys supercooled liquid nitrogen sprayers, sprays at Blitzwing-


Nightbeat: -ducking below Thundercracker's return fire, returns fire himself, hoping to catch Thundercracker in the leg-

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-28, 06:48 AM
Blitwing took a heavy swing at Ironhide's extended arm with the sword before the spray hit him, primarily on his right side. Immediately, he felt his joints freeze through. The burning had stopped, but so had the rest of his movements as the cold shock hit. He stopped in his tracks.
Thundercracker continued backing up, when a sudden movement behind him startled the seeker. A human ran out from the bushes not far off. The movement distracted him, and within moments, he felt a shot rip through his leg, just above the knee joint. The blue seeker frowned as he grabbed a tree for support.
"Stop firing! There's a human running around back here!"

2003-10-28, 07:05 AM
Ironhide: -left arm knocked aside, the trithyllium/steel alloy skin holding, but structural shock jamming relays in his forearm, sending the sprayer offline and locking up the retraction mechanism, sits down heavily on the ground, and, for safety's sake, deploys glue sprayer in right hand and starts coating as much of Blitzwing as he can with glue in and attempt to stick the frozen triple changer to the spot before he thaws out- "Gotta get mah gyros back online......"


Nightbeat: -stops shooting- "Great. Just what I don't need......." -raises voice, speaks in what he hopes is the human's general direction- "Can I help you?"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-28, 07:16 AM
Blitzwing was aware Ironhide was spraying him with glue, but there was nothing the big Decepticon could do except think really evil thoughts.

Minutes passed and eventually he felt his joints defrosting, but he didn't move.

Thundercracker hobbled backwards a bit more. He could just see the edge of the cliff.
The Autobot's distracted, but if I shoot, he'll return fire. And where is that human... hmm? A box? A jammer. Now I understand.
The seeker saw a small box near his feet but left it there. Suddenly, he turned and made a last lunge for the open air beyond the trees.
The human did not stop running. The man was in his 40's and wore a dark black set of clothes. He scurried into the thickest bushes trying to get away from the large robots.

2003-10-28, 07:29 AM
Ironhide: -uses those few minutes, finally gets his gyros reset, lurches to feet, still unable to get anything in his lower left arm working, scans Blitzwing, retracts the glue sprayer, deploys right hand, pulls gun, backs out of easy sword strike range, aims at Blitzwing- "Ah got ya cold, Blitzwing. Drop th' weapons."


Nightbeat: -hears the human scurrying and Thundercracker's leap, pops up, fires at Thundercracker, but making sure not to fire anywhere near the human-

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-29, 05:58 AM
Blitzing frowned and then dropped his guns and sword.
"You win this round Old Timer."

Thundercracker felt a shot graze his other wing as he plunged off the cliff. Transforming painfully in mid-fall, he ignited his boosters and shot back toward Metrotitan with a sonic boom.

Darkhari Nashdan continued running as fast as his legs could carry him through the bushes and away from the big robots.

Quick Switch
2003-10-29, 06:34 PM
Trypticon whipped back his head, tearing massive gouts of metallic frame, wires and infrastructure. Oil sprayed in a sickening arc as Metroplex's arm was basically made lame.

Metroplex screamed in unbridled agony, even as he nearly battered Trypticon's back- and broke the purple back scales that adorned it. The perfectly straight back grooves which eventually ended in the suarian's tail bent inward, becoming mishapen.

Trypticon, optics flashing, made certain Metroplex had regained momentary sanity and slowly swallowed the massive portion of arm-frame, belching contentedly afterwards. Oil dripped off his razor sharp teeth, and coated his jaw- almost his whole front.

Metroplex backed off as Trypticon registered no pain whatsoever from the pounding his back was taking. He swung his good arm again in an arc at his foe's head, while Trypticon opened his mouth wide and fired his lower jaw-laser directly into Metroplex's neck, sending off a gouge of smoke and shrapnel. Metroplex reeled.

Trypticon then spun about and whip-cracked his thick tail across the broad chest of the humanoid city, sending him smashing into one of the Rocky Mountains, totally and utterly obliterating it, causing an awesome landslide.

The defeaning impact and aftermath would have been heard by all participants on the battlefield. Almost matching Trypticon's roar of triumph as he examined his work. Clomping forward, heedless of whether he might be in the path of Autobot or Decepticon- and not particularly caring if he killed any of the smaller, weaker, pathetic robots either- Trypticon slowly but inexorably neared Metroplex, slumped in miles of rock.

Trypticon decided he would eat Metroplex from the legs up, for no other reason than Metroplex's screams would last longer that way.

2003-10-30, 01:04 AM
Ironhide: -walks forward, kicks Blitzwing's weapons away- "Now Ah gotta figger out what ta do with ya." -starts as Metroplex comes flying over his head and crashes into the mountains, swings around and looks at the advancing Trypticon- "Aw, no........" -grabs Blitzwing, rips the stuck triple changer from the ground and starts dragging him away so they both wouldn't be trampled-


Nightbeat: -winces as Thundercracker roars away, can still hear the human thrashing through the underbrush, starts running after him, activates commlink- "Minerva! We got a human!"

Minerva: -over commlink- "WHAT?!?!?!"

Nightbeat: "Not like that. He's running through the underbrush. We need to stop him! He might stumble into the battlefield!"


Minerva: "Got ya, Nightbeat. I'll see if I can cut him off." -deactivates commlink, transforms to vehicle mode, slams transector into drive, floors accellerator pedal, and takes off, heading for the underbrush, skids to a halt as she sees Metroplex crash into the mountains in her rear view mirror, looks back-

Nightbeat: -over commlink- "What was that?!?!"

Minerva: "Trypticon's getting the upper hand. I'm joining you in the underbrush!" -heads for underbrush as fast as her transector will go-

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-10-31, 03:03 AM
Blitzwing stumbled forward as Ironhide dragged him out from being crushed. The triple changer found himslef face down in the dirt. "MHRHLLDMXZ..." and the rest was drowned out by Trypticon's roar.

Darkhari Nashdan heard the roar and tremendous crack, and then lost his hearing. In a blind panic, he continued running through the mountain growth, gasping for air and clutching his chest.

2003-10-31, 05:57 PM
Ironhide: -watching as Trypticon moves away, heading for Metroplex, sighs- "Tahmes lahke this Ah miss th' ol' days......." -whacks his left forearm, relays finally resetting and allowing his hand to redeploy, looks down at Blitzwing- "You idiots couldn't jus' stick with combiner teams, could'ja?" -transforms to vehicle mode, starts speeding towards Trypticon-


Nightbeat: -still following the human- "We're not going to hurt you!" -activates commlink- "Minerva, you better hurry. I can hear him breathing and I think I'm picking up his heartbeat. It sounds irregular and way too fast."

Minerva: -over commlink- "Then catch up to him! It's probably some poor hiker who wasn't expecting to get caught in the middle of a war!"

Nightbeat: -running faster, closing the gap- "It's like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands in a swamp! He's obscured by the underbrush!"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-11-01, 01:01 AM
Blitzwing realized he had been left alone and transformed to jet mode only to realize he was stuck in mid-transformation.
He began shouting again only to have his vocoder drowned out by the battlefield noises.

Gasping, Darkhari evaded Nightbeat and ran into a cliff crevice. He fumbled shakily for a pill bottle and brought out two. He dropped both and scrambled for the pills, mixing them up accidentally. One would slow his heart, the other would stop it entirely.

2003-11-01, 03:04 AM
Ironhide: -slowly closing the gap between himself and Trypticon, looking at the massive city-con and wondering where the damage is bad enough that he might be able to get inside-


Nightbeat: -stops thrashing through the underbrush, focuses on his hearing, hears strained breathing and heartbeats, starts walking towards the crevasse that the human is hiding in- "We mean you no harm!"

Quick Switch
2003-11-01, 10:14 PM
Trypticon ground his teeth almost rapturously together. His small, ineffective front arms wriggled in excitement as he clomped to the rock pile. Metroplex thrashed about, removing chunks of mountain which covered him.

Finally, the city's battered and nearly broken body appeared in the rubble.

Trypticon moved forward, and narrowed his optics.

Metroplex started to make a noise, moving his mouth soundlessly. The saurian city pressed a massive foot one of the humanoid city's legs, meaning to crush it, then the next. Metal began to creak and groan. Metroplex struggled to sit up.

The city's mouth moved again, and a rasp escaped it.

Trypticon paused in breaking the leg to lean forward and down, amused, to his foe.

"This is a residential area," Metroplex said, optics steely.

Trypticon blinked his optics stupidly- there were no human settlements around for hundreds of miles. Which reminded Trypticon, that humans were so, so very easy to kill. Especially the pathetic young and sick. Perhaps he'd eat a few schools, or hospitals or-

The blow, when it came, was thunderous.

Metroplex freed his unmained arm from the rubble and, viciously, punched Trypticon in the jaw, shattering his archrival's teeth utterly. Trypticon let out a roar of surprise mixed with pain, as the crumpled bits of teeth fell away like metallic powder, which is what Metroplex's fist had reduced them to.

Metroplex reared back again with his fist- bent almost completely inward from the force of the blow- and hit Trypticon again, under the nape of the neck. At the same time, Metroplex lashed out with his other foot, and knocked Trypticon off, sending the city staggering.

Metroplex fired his shoulder cannon battery, along with his head lasers, which sent blasts deep into Trypticon's chest, keeping him off balance. Trypticon roared again- how was it possible?

Before he knew it, Metroplex was standing. He made a move to regain his bearings, but was backhanded by his hated enemy in the face, so hard that the strike echoed on the battlefield.

Trypticon struggled to counterattack, but could not. Metroplex kicked away a puny effort of a tail-whipping to grab Trypticon under the neck with his good fist. Paused, strained- and lifted.

Trypticon thrashed, a pathetic figure. Metroplex's contempt was telegraphed as he looked into the saurian's optics with his own. With a yell of triumph, Metroplex reared back and threw Trypticon, one armed, over the remaining expanse of the Rocky Mountains.

Trypticon's howl of disbelief, and defeat, could be heard for miles even as his obsidian black form recded into the horizon away from the United States, and toward the general direction of North Africa.

Metroplex struggled to regain his balance, nodded once with conviction, then fell to the earth face first, uncaring of whatever smaller battles might be raging.

Metroplex shut his optics, and fell into stasis.

2003-11-02, 02:45 AM
Ironhide: -skids to a halt and transforms, watching Metroplex beat Trypticon, manages to stay upright when Metroplex collapses, activates commlink- "Minerva, ya better get over here. Metroplex got worked over pretty good."

Minerva: -over commlink- "I can't. Nightbeat says a human stumbled into the middle of this and is running, and from what he's hearing, might be in the beginning stages of a heart attack."

Ironhide: -scowls- "Ahlrahght, fahnd th' human an' make sure they're okay. Ah'll start checkin' Metroplex, see what kahnda shape he's in. Ah can't fix him, but Ah mahght be able ta keep him outta terminal shutdown." -deactives commlink, starts looking into Metroplex's wounds-

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-11-07, 12:06 PM
That guy's in trouble.
From a tree branch farther down the mountain, a dark-clad teenager watched through binoculars. He had laid his box where he had been told to, when he heard the jet leave overhead. Looking over, he saw Nightbeat pursuing Darkhari through the brush.
He crouched back against the tree and remained still, continuing to watch through the binoculars.
Darkhari heard Nightbeat calling at the entrance to the crevice and shakily shoved a pill in his mouth and swallowed it. A moment went by and then his eyes rolled and he dropped to the ground dead.

2003-11-07, 05:01 PM
Nightbeat: -gets to crevasse as Nashdan collapses, kneels down- "Damn." -starts looking at the human, scowls- "But I can tell one thing. You're no lost hiker." -activates commlink- "It's too late, Minerva. He's gone."

Minerva: -rolls up next to him, gets out of car, pulls helmet off, long blonde hair fluffing out, kneels next to the human- "Does this feel funny to you?"

Nightbeat: -looks around, sees the pill bottle and the remaining pill- "Yes, he does." -switches comm frequencies- "Hey, pops, didn't the current intel state that the Decepticons are based in some arabian banana republic called Carbomb-something?"

Ironhide: -over commlink- "Carbombya. Run by some wingnut named Fakkahdi. Why?"

Nightbeat: "Because our panicked hiker isn't a hiker. Not unless hikers try to blend into the background. And he's Arabian."

Ironhide: "So?"

Nightbeat: "And here I'd thought your paranoia would be in full swing."

Ironhide: "That's Red Alert. Ah jus' hit things."

Nightbeat: "Yeah, good point. Either way, with the placement of the jammers, and now our late Arab friend here, and the fact that Galvatron and his merry band of morons have settled in an Arab country....... Except our comms aren't acting up..... Uh, oh. We'll be back in a few! Out." -transforms-

Muzzle: -lands on the ground next to Nightbeat's vehicle mode body- "C'mon, sis. Help me get Chuckles the Corpse into your transector. Before you do that, get your helmet on and button up." -grabs pills and pill bottle, puts them in pocket, grabs one of the body's arms-

Minerva: -grabs helmet, puts it back on, reseals it, grabs the body's other arm- "Why?"

Muzzle: "Remember that George Clooney movie we saw right before Brainstorm showed us his new experiment?"

Minerva: "Yeah..... Oh. That would be bad."

Muzzle and Minerva: -start dragging the body to Minerva's transector-


Ironhide: -inside the gaping hole in Metroplex's shoulder, sealing off what fuel leaks he can- "Ah wonder what that kid found....."

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-11-14, 03:01 AM
They found him. Hmmph. Dead. I better get out of here.

Nikko slipped down from his tree branch and started moving away as quickly as he could.
Blitzwing finally managed to finish his transformation. With a thundering blast, he took off, heading back toward Metrotitan.

2003-11-14, 03:42 AM
Muzzle and Minerva: -get the body into the backseat/med unit of Minerva's transector-

Minerva: -gets into her transector, starts engine- "Where do we go?"

Muzzle: -gets into Nightbeat- "Back to Metroplex. Closest base of operations."

Muzzle and Minerva: -burn rubber for Metroplex-


Ironhide: -standing inside another of the gaping wounds in Metroplex's armored hull, staring at shattered components, power conduits, staring at the energon pooling around his feet, sighs- "Ah'm beginnin' ta think Ah'm way over mah head in here....... This makes rebuildin' that Chronosphere Megatron blew up look lahke a walk in th' park." -makes adjustment to his blaster pistol and deploys a sprayer from his right forearm, starts sealing the broken fuel lines and conduits, activates commlink- "Hey, Minerva. You guys done yet?"

Minerva: -over commlink, note of sadness in her voice- "We found the guy. He didn't make it."

Muzzle: -over commlink, breaking into transmission- "He did have a bottle of pills on him. I think he might have suicided rather than get captured."

Ironhide: -scowls- "Why would a human kill himself rather'n let us capture him?"

Muzzle: "I think our late friend here planted something. If it was a signal jammer, we wouldn't be able to communicate."

Ironhide: "Ah really didn't wanna hear that. Ah'm havin' enough trouble figurin' out how ta keep Metroplex from bleedin' out. Get back here quick as ya can. Ah'm callin' th' other site." -switches comm frequencies- "Prahme, Quick Switch, Prowl, anybody who c'n hear me. This's Ironhide. Any of you guys hear me?"

2003-11-21, 03:19 AM
"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooh Shiiiiiiii...." Blaster was flung from the chair he had tried not to move from since the battle with Trypticon began. He did everything he could during the battle to help Metroplex and was quite happy that once again Trypticon was repelled though the cost was heavy on the city bot. Before he could finish his cry of surprise he was thrown from his chair from the falling city bot. Blaster's back connected with the wall as he was like the die in the popper on a trouble board bouncing around in the command area of Metroplex. He sat slumped against the wall optics dead for a few seconds then everything kicked back in.

"...t. He finished reachinf up and rubbing the dented white visor that hung over his head rubbing it feeling the dent out. "Ow man.. give me warning next time" He muttered dropping his hand down helping him get back to his feet as he looked trying to survey the damage.

God Jinrai
2003-11-21, 03:51 AM
Prime arrived at metroplex soon after he recieved ironhide's second attempted communique.... and he wasn't exactly thrilled by the results of the assault... transforming back into robot mode, he approached metroplex...

"Ironhide, status report." he spoke... but knew fully well what to expect... metroplex and fortress maximus were both in shambles... they were going to be extremely vulnerable to the point of walking a razor's edge. with metrotitan still operational back in carbomiya, and no sign of grand maximus anywhere, the autobots were in a bad way...

2003-11-21, 06:28 PM
Ironhide: -walks out of one of the gaping holes in Metroplex's armor- "Well, we drove off th' three Decepticreeps that came over this way, an' Metroplex got mangled fahghtin' Trypticon. Ah been patchin' th' big guy up best Ah can, but he needs a lot more'n Ah c'n do fer him. Nahghtbeat an Minerva're comin' back with a human. Somebody who was pokin' around. An' since you had ta come awl th' way over here, Ah'm guessin' he dropped one'a them jammer things.

Nightbeat and Minerva: -skid to a halt next to Prime-

Nightbeat: -transforms- "It's better than what I thought he left us. Otherwise we'd be glowing quietly to ourselves right now."

Minerva: -finishes putting the body in a stasis field, transforms, holding the human's corpse in her hands-

Nightbeat: "We found a bottle of pills next to the body. Either he got spooked by the battle, and his heart condition sent him into cardiac arrest, or he suicided to keep us from questioning him."

2003-11-23, 11:09 PM
Blaster lifted a computer that had broken away out of his path as he made his way back to the seat he was thrown from stepping carfully over the debris. He got to his seat and sat back down trying to see if the console was still operational.

"Got nothin'" He said as he stood up and walked towards the exit. He looked back at the destroyed room and shook his head moving forward pushing a peice of the door arch-way that had collapsed aside and stepped into the main corridor and started walking, he had to find an exit and get out of the damaged city bot.

God Jinrai
2003-11-23, 11:45 PM
Prime glanced toward the hole Ironhide emerged from, then turned his attention to nightbeat and minerva...

" I'd like a look at that pill bottle, if it's not a pborlem, nightbeat. Minerva, once the human is inside, we need you back out here to assist with the serious repairs."

Prime extended his hand for the pill bottle, which would seem extremely tiny in the palm of a transformer's hand... but his optics were able to see down to an almost cellular level if he used enough magnification...

2003-11-24, 11:07 PM
Minerva: -looking sadly at the dead Arabian human in her hands, the stasis field reflecting light like a soap bubble- "Aye, sir." -walks off, looking for an entry hatch into Metroplex proper-

Nightbeat: -transforms, Muzzle disconnecting and transforming out of head mode, lands next to Nightbeat's vehicle mode body, pulls the pill bottle, tosses it onto Nightbeat's seat, Nightbeat transforms back to robot mode, muzzle transforming back into Nightbeat's head and locking into position on Nightbeat's shoulders, then Nightbeat pulls the pill bottle out and hands it to Prime- "My only question is, why did he do it? If the plan was to make sure that we couldn't communicate with you, the second part of sending him would be a major assualt on this side, seeing as the majority of the Autobot forces are concentrated around Fort Max. Roll over us and hit the rest from the flank. Instead, all they sent were Thundercracker, Thrust, Blitzwing, and Trypticon"

Ironhide: "Prob'ly they figgered what they sent over this way'd be enough ta deal with us."

God Jinrai
2003-11-25, 02:52 AM
"no.. there's more to it than that... when I fought with Galvatron today... he... wasn't who he'd become. No, in fact he wasn't even where he was when unicron first created him... from what I've been told... no. He was in that state of maddness that plagued him during thos e years when I was supposedly dead... and that, I'd wager, is why we didn't get hit nearly as hard on metroplex' end as we did at the outposts and fortress maximus... but this is still bad news..."

Prime's optics scanned the container... and confirmed it...

"It's as I thought... this pill causes the heartrate to accellerate the metabolism... good if you've extra weight, and your metabolism can stand accelleration... but as slim as that man was... it sent him straight into cardiac arrest... his heart couldn't handle beating that fast..."

Prime closed his fist, careful not to crush the bottle...nor its contents...

"We have to inform General Hawk of this situation... Any update on smokescreen and Jetfire?"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-11-25, 04:07 AM
(Still catching up)
Nikko ran as fast and as hard as he could when rocks and boulders from a vaporized mountain came crashing down around him. He ran across a slope and skidded to a halt as he spotted a big black and white Autobot just ahead. Just then, a big rock collided with his head, knocking him out cold.

2003-11-25, 04:22 AM
Blaster reached an exit hatch on the inside of Metroplex which was barricaded by debris which he promptly shoved aside. He looked at the hatch which was on the roof. "Mmmm gonna need a stand" the autobot communications officer said looking around spotting a large console that had busted off from a near by room, probably a weapons station. He kneeled down and picked it up with a little trouble but he got it over to the hatch and set it down climbing up on it.

"Time to get into the light" he said pushing on the hatch which burst open allowing the air to flow in and mix with the stale air still in Metroplex. he hopped up grabbing the edge of the hatch and pulling him self out climbing onto the battle scarred backof Metroplex looking around.


Human! Jazz immedeatly thought as he watched the man get knocked on the head by a falling rock. He raised his gun and fired a shot at another rock coming down at the human blowing it to pieces then quickly jumping over a large boulder before him and running to the human.

"He's Carbombian" He said aloud as he quickly scooped the human up and Transformed placing the man in the driver seat still out cold and driving away from the falling rocks swerving to avoid ones that came near him.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-11-25, 06:34 AM
A few minutes passed and the teen began to recover with a hazy expression. "Mmmm...." He blinked and then rubbed the side of his head. Slowly he sat up and stared at the puzzling realization that he was in a moving car with no driver. "What?"

2003-11-25, 04:19 PM
"Hey man! Good to see you're alright" Jazz said as he kept driving, this time back towards Fortmax and Metroplex. "Took a hard knock on your head I picked you up and got you out of that poor excuse of a rock and roll concert before the rest of that mountain came down ontop of you"


Blaster walked along towards the edge of Metroplex's back surveying all the damage that Trypticon had done for the first time with his own optics.

2003-11-26, 07:02 AM
Ironhide: -looks at Prime- "So yer sayin' that Galvatron's brain ain't working rahght? That oughta make our job a whole lot easier."

Nightbeat: "Not if he's like the Galvatron from our timeline. The first time he showed up, he was incredibly powerful. The second time he showed up, he was also completely crackers."

Ironhide: "Crackers?"

Nightbeat: "Crazy. Loopy as a loon. Not playing with a full duck. A few fries short of a happy meal. Pick your idiom. No matter how you describe it, he's insane, which means his troops may try to depose him or reign him in before he causes them too much of a problem." -thinks for a moment- "Or, they might just desert, form their own breakaway factions."

Ironhide: "Which means our job could become a whole lot harder awl sudden-lahke." -activates commlink- "Hey, Blaster, you heard anything from Smokescreen?"


Minerva: -finds a hatch in the leg(oddly enough, the same one she and Nightbeat dove out of earlier), climbs in, starts picking her way through the wreckage and debris to the medbay-

2003-11-27, 05:56 PM
Blaster looked around from the back of the city-bot as he walked towards the edge. The message from Ironhide rang through like nails on a chalk board. He could make out the message but due to damage from behind tossed around it left a ringing in his audio.

"Heeey man not so loud!" Blaster replied shaking his head and putting his hand on it as he stopped moving forward. "And I haven't heard nothin from Smokescreen, and if I did I may have missed it" He replied to Ironhide

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-11-28, 10:35 PM
Nikko's eyes widened and he twisted to look into Jazz's back seat.

"Who? Who's here?"
A moment later, Jazz's car form clicked. He turned and saw Fort Max's form rising above the treetops.

Nikko froze in the seat and swallowed. He opened his mouth to say something, but instead of words, a squeak came out.