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2003-10-06, 02:19 AM
Something that would probably help the staff a lot is a move list. Since some people have styles of many different people it is hard to decide which moves to use at any given time so putting in a solid move list (like the one I put in, 20 normal moves, 2/3 signature moves, a finisher or two and some moves you'd use when in trouble).

2003-10-06, 12:01 PM
Is this the sort of thing you had in mind? I didn't put a hugely comprehensive list, because I think it's better on the writers to have freedom to add new stuff when they're writing the matches. If this is not the way to go, and you guys feel that the 'Signature Moves' bit should be more comprehensive, then let me know.

Signature Moves: Dropkicks, spinning heel kicks, head-scissors takeovers, hurricanranas - fast paced, high adreneline moves, basically. But mixed with nasty martial arts style kicks (think Low-Ki in TNA). Also a few simple mat based moves (suplexes, scoop slams, etc)

Finishing Move(s):

The Sixshooter (standing Shooting Star Press) - opponent is lying down on the mat, Sixswitch stands over them, and hits a shooting star press - like Amazing Red's Red Star Press).
The Technophobic (Shooting Star Legdrop) - Similar to a Shooting Star Press, but the performer does an extra bit of rotation, so that instead of landing on the opponent in the splash position, he lands in a legdrop instead. Naturally performed from the top rope, or higher.

Submission Finisher: Yeah, right. Whatever. I'm not a submission kinda guy.

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-10-06, 01:45 PM
Signature Moves:
Diamon Cutter
Russian Leg Drop
Spinning Heel Kicks
Five-Star-Frog splash

Finishing Moves:
The Breakdown (The Stroke)
The Crackdown (A Scoropin Deathdrop an inverted DDT)
Darklight Drop (Styles Clash)
The Skyboom (A spinning-sit-out-Pedigree like Christopher Danials in TNA)

Submission Finishers:
The Darklock (Scoropin Deathlock/Sharpshooter)
Figure Four Leglock

2003-10-06, 02:22 PM
Normal moves

Gorilla Press Slam
Pump Handle Slam
Oklahoma Slam
Falling Powerbomb
Sidewalk Slam
Running Powerslam
Snake Eyes
Falling Suplex
Jackhammer Suplex
Tilt a Whirl Side Slam
Shoulder Breaker
Sid Power Bomb *picks the guy up and throws them more than straight to the mat*
Death Valley Driver

Toture Rack
Boston Crab

Fav Moves
Jackknife Powerbomb
Muscle Buster *not sure what it's exactly called, get the guy so your holding him in a crunched position on your shoulder, jump up and land so you are crashing his nect and shoulders on your back.*

A reckless Jackknife


2003-10-06, 02:49 PM
I think it would be much easiar with a full blown move list. They can add stuff if they like but sometimes it's hard to do especially if you don't watch or typically like the wrestlers some people wrote down for style.

2003-10-06, 04:49 PM
Signature Moves: Baldr's Gate (Northern Light Suplex), Forseti's Drop (Rolling German Suplexes), Freyja's Fight (Vertibreaker), Njord Strenght (Belly to Belly), Tyr's Crush (Power bomb) Hel's Gateway (DDT)

Finishing Moves: Odin's Spear (Goldburgs Finnishing move) Skadi's Blizzard (Puts opponent in corner and pounds him with punches) Bragi's Axe (Rock's finnishing move) Heimdall's Stand(Goldburg's JackHammer)

2003-10-07, 11:01 AM
well ok here goes then

Normal moves:
- Bionic Elbow
- Powerbomb
- Fallaway Slam
- Sidewalk Slam
- Foot Choke the opponent while hes on the corner
- Elbow strike to the chin
- Reverse DDT
- German Suplex with bridge
- Belly to belly

Sig Moves (or fave moves):
- The infamous "elbow drop from the second rope and landing it on the throat of the opponent" move
- Xtreme Factor (Powerbomb into a facecrusher)
- Top Rope Spear

Finishing Moves:
X-Ocution (Higher angle version of the Edgocution)

Submission Moves I use most of the times if not always:
- Boston crab
- Dragon Sleeper
- Cobra Clutch
- And the normal armbar and chinlock stuff

2003-10-13, 10:48 PM
See profile in 'AWF Warzone Roster'.

2003-10-14, 02:50 AM
Normal moves:
- boot to the chest
- Powerbomb
- Fallaway Slam
- Sidewalk Slam
- Normal moves:
- boot to the head
- dropkick
- spinning backkick
- headlock
- clothesline
- elbow strike
- hurricanarana
- armbar
- clothesline
- leg trip with a boot

Sig Moves (or fave moves):
- Guillotine

Finishing Moves:
Tornado kick

Quick Switch
2003-10-14, 03:25 AM
Normal moves:
- Whatever the writers feel is appropriate. As long as it's in good taste and fair, the character would be open to using it.

Sig Moves (or fave moves):
-Moves that would tend toward grappling and/or knocking opponents off balance to lead to a good-old-fashioned pin.

Finishing Moves:

God Jinrai
2003-10-14, 03:50 AM
standard tech:
various chops/punches
knee lift
most common textbook holds and throws
Nothing that would be innapropriate for a normal attack

Signature moves:

firestorm drop: samoan drop
Blizzard Storm: series of up close blows to both the face and body, culminating in a super-kick ala HBK


God Buster: top rope last ride, followed by elbow drop or leg drop

God Bomber: blizzard storm's chain, but instead of culminating in the super-kick, a choke slam fills the role of the kick. the hand never releases from the throat, and lifts the prey back up, the motion continues into a last ride style powerbomb, much like the god-buster, but not from the top rope

2003-10-26, 11:38 PM
- Normal moves:
- Flying DDT
- Double-Arm/Front DDT
- Japenese Arm Drag
- Snap Suplex
- Tornado DDT
- Backbreaker
-Bulldog, Top-rope
- DDT, Spiked
- Knee Lift
-Dragon Screw Leg Whip

Sig Moves
- Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker

Finishing Moves:
Death Valley Driver (philly pimp drop)