View Full Version : G1 Season 2 pt 1 DVD available to preorder in UK

2003-10-19, 09:03 AM
blackstar videos (http://www.blackstar.co.uk/video/item/7000000083140) and play.com (http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=title&r=R2&title=136208) now have the G1 season 2 part 1 dvd available for preorder. I know many UK fans will probably have just imported the region 1 version already, but for the rest of us who haven't been smart enough to buy a multi-region dvd player I figured this would be useful info (haven't seen it posted elsewhere, but if it has I guess this can be deleted!)

The cheapest I've found it is at those 2 places for 17.99 including delivery, and the release date is 17th November 2003.

Whilst I'm at it, does anyone have a clue as to when part 2 will be released?