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AWF Warzone
2003-10-22, 07:35 PM
The credits roll and we are [delayed for reasons beyond your control] from Ninian Park, home of Cardiff City FC.

JFA: “Hello everybody and welcome to Warzone! We’ve got an action-packed show lined up for you tonight.”
JHA: “Hell yeah. Four of Team Mayhem were announced on that other show this week, and tonight we’re gonna find out who’ll be on the winning side!”
JFA: “A huge battle royal tonight, the last two men will represent Warzone at Autumn Annihilation in the War Games match, alongside the Hardcore and Tag Team Champions. Both those titles also on the line tonight, along with a huge cage match to round things off – Morpheus against UPF. But first up… Television Title on the line, let’s get down to ringside.”

AWF Television Title:
Amarant Odinson (c) vs. Jetfire

JRA: “Ladies and Gentlemen… the following contest is for the AWF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… the AWF Television Champion… AMARANT ODINSON!”

JFA: “And here we go folks… or here we don’t go, might be more the case.”
JHA: “Where’s the Television Champion? Amarant wouldn’t no-show… would he?”
JFA: “I don’t think Amarant’s that type… speak of the devil, and he shall appear.”

Amarant strolls purposefully to the ring with ‘More Human Than Human’ as his marching rhythm. He would love to be part of War Games, but the Television Championship has become an important part of him. The Wolverine is rapidly developing a following for his toughness in defence of the belt. He lacks charisma, but his ring skills are highly regarded by the throng. He looks around, disgruntled at the fact that he will not be allowed to compete in the War Games match on behalf of Warzone.

As images appear on the Wartron of Amarant performing various wrestling moves, the camera temporarily cuts back to the announce position where JFA and JHA are comparing notes on the schedule for the night’s events.

JFA: “I’ve got his opponent down as D-Extreme…”
JHA: “That’s an old copy you goofball. His opponent is Computron! * He points at paper. * It says so right there!”

As ‘Jetfire version 2.1- downloading’ appears on the Wartron, and an advertisement for the AWF entrance theme compilation CD pops into being at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, the two announcers look at each other amidst an awkward silence.

JFA: “So we were both wrong…”
JHA: “Compy is Jets’ tag team partner. That means I was less wrong…”
JFA: “And now you’re gonna be in Smug mode for the rest of the broadcast?”
JHA: “Count on it.”

As the Wartron shows ‘Jetfire version 2.1- Download complete’, the Epsom Avenger appears on the stage to a thunderous ovation.

JRA: “And the challenger… from the bowels of Epsom, England… he is one-half of CompuFire… JETFIRE… VERSION TWO-POINT-ONE!”

JHA: “That’s amazing… he actually managed to say those numbers as if they were scribed in letters instead of digits.”
JFA: “That’s what he gets paid for…”

Jetfire throws off his ‘Feel the Burn’ shirt, with ‘Skyfire’ imprinted upon the back, and hops the top rope. He throws up both fists in order to get a reaction from the crowd; who apparently screamed themselves hoarse the first time around.

JFA: “There’s the bell… and this one is under way for the TV title. Arm and elbow tie-up… into a headlock by Amarant… Jets backs him to the rope… shoots him across… and Jets goes down from a shoulder block. Amarant hits the ropes adjacent… doormat from Jets… Amarant steps over… Jets up… and there goes Amarant over the top. Wait… the Wolverine grabbed the top strand… Jets celebrating… and gets caught with a modified springboard arm drag!”
JHA: “That’ll teach the Epsom egomaniac to keep tabs on his opponents.”
JFA: “The Epsom Avenger now, on the outside flexing that left arm… I think that arm drag from Amarant could have really done some damage. Jetfire back in… Amarant stood backed into a corner… Jetfire goes for the Gore… and Amarant moved! At the last second… the Wolverine out of the corner… and Jetfire’s left shoulder went straight into that steel ring post.”
JHA: “You may as well just paint a bulls-eye on that shoulder… Amarant is already eyeing it over!”

As Jetfire gets up from the blow, Amarant stares wild-eyed at the left shoulder which hit the ring post. It almost appears that he is actually trying to use some sort of scanner to determine the exact point of impact from the move, in order to settle on where to target his attacks.

JFA: “The Wolverine living up to his name here… staring wild-eyed and hungry at that left shoulder of Jetfire. What a feather in the cap this could be for Amarant… Jetfire a former AWF European Champion, and multiple time co-holder of the Tag Team Championship… and he walk into an armbar takedown… but quickly finds the rope.”
JHA: “Are you seeing this? No wasted motion… every move pointing right at that shoulder.”
JFA: “I do have eyes, Boobs. Jetfire looking to be in some serious trouble with that arm… Amarant closing back in on that appendage… and an inside cradle! 1… 2… and a kick out by the TV Champion. Both men up… Jetfire swings at Amarant with a lariat… Amarant ducks… Irish whip from Jetfire… reversed into an arm ringer by Amarant… Irish whip… and drives that left shoulder into the mat! Good lord!”
JHA: “That was almost an inverted single arm DDT.”
JFA: “Congratulations… you actually do know something…”

Jetfire lies face down on the mat, his left arm limp at his side and trying to find a rope with his right hand to help himself vertical. Amarant merely crouches, in a similar fashion to Spider-Man, facing the Epsom Avenger with his eyes fixed on the rapidly worsening left arm.

JFA: “Jetfire in obvious pain… referee Noah Ordak asking him if he wants to give up… Jetfire shaking his head… up to his feet… turns around… and into a modified version of the Crash Landing! Jetfire’s version of the Angle Slam… the Crash Landing… modified by Amarant to drop the Epsom native onto that left shoulder. Amarant wasting no time… straddles the back of Jetfire… wrenching back on that left arm… and a reversal by Jetfire! School boy! 1… 2… and Amarant wriggles free. Jetfire kicks to his feet… Amarant already moving in for another shot at that left arm… and gets blasted with a clothesline! Jetfire up to the top turnbuckle… could be going for a Moonsault… and nobody’s home!”
JHA: “Ow… and again, OW!”
JFA: “Jetfire trying to nail a big move and get back some advantage… but Amarant rolled towards the turnbuckle and out of the ring, and Jetfire got nothing but canvas… and took even more damage to that left arm.”
JHA: “I don’t actually think Jetfire had a choice. Amarant was dominating on the mat… he needed a way to throw the Wolverine off and get back the advantage… but that was all or nothing, and he got nothing.”
JFA: * Stares dumbfounded at JHA. *
JHA: “What? Have I got something on my face?”

Amarant is stood outside the ring with his gaze shifting from the audience to his opponent. He is considering jobbing out to the Epsom Avenger so that he might get a spot in the War Games match at Autumn Annihilation.

JFA: “I’m having a hard time understanding Amarant… one moment, he’s attacking like his namesake… the next he’s moving like next month will suffice for his purposes. What is he thinking?”
JHA: “I’m not sure you’d like the answer if I did know it.”
JFA: “Amarant back in now… and straight back to that left arm and shoulder. Pulls up Jetfire… head between the legs… and drives down with a modified piledriver! All impact… all on that left shoulder. Amarant picks up Jets again… scoops him up… and a body slam down onto that left arm! Good lord… it gets worse instead of better for Jetfire. Amarant just seems to be completely dominating. Once again, Amarant lifts up the Epsom native from the canvas… and deposits him in the nearest corner. Lifts up Jetfire… who looks more than a little the worse for wear… sets him on the top turnbuckle…”
JHA: “I know what’s coming up next!”
JFA: “It certainly seems a safe bet that the House of Pain could be on the cards here… Amarant up top… setting up… and Jetfire reversed the move! Jetfire turns it into a modified Schoolboy as they fall… 1… 2… and Amarant escapes. Up again… go behind by the Wolverine… and there’s a German suplex… make it two… three… and a bridge for good measure! 1… 2… and Jetfire barely escapes that pinning combination.

Amarant is still weighing up the possibilities of TV title versus War Games competitor. It doesn’t show on the surface, but he is deeply considering everything which Vaccaro has told him. He starts towards Jetfire again… and is caught with a fireman’s carry takedown from the Epsom Avenger. Jetfire is quick to lock in a shortarm scissor lock on the Wolverine, but Amarant quickly rolls through for a Schoolboy. He gets a two-count, and forces Jetfire to relinquish the hold. Again, this time in almost perfect unison, the two men quickly get to a vertical base and stare one another down.

JFA: “Gut check here… the Wolverine and Jetfire just staring holes through each other… Jetfire charges… Amarant counters with a powerslam! 1… 2… and Jetfire kicks out again!”

Amarant lifts his adversary from the canvas and whips Jetfire to the ropes. The Wolverine takes his nemesis down with a vicious clothesline, before making his way towards the turnbuckles.

JFA: “I don’t know what Amarant might be cooking up here… giving the cut throat sign to the crowd… up to that top turnbuckle… wait a minute! Jetfire just got to the rope… caused Amarant to straddle the top turnbuckle… going up now… Skyfire undoubtedly on the cards…”

As Jetfire attempts the Skyfire on the Television Champion, Amarant grabs the top rope and throws the Epsom Avenger to the canvas with a modified powerbomb that recoils like thunder around the arena. He dives off onto the prone Brit, and scores the decisive fall. He continues to ponder Vaccaro’s words as he takes his title belt from the referee and walks to the back amidst the sounds of ‘More Human Than Human’, the announcement of his victory and the cheers and jeers from the crowd.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of the match… and still AWF Television Champion… AMARANT ODINSON!”


Warzone owner Mr Vaccaro is in his office, consulting with his lawyer, Mr Waugh.

Vaccaro: “So, it’s all sorted out? We can schedule the return for the week after Autumn Annihilation?”
Waugh: “Presuming everything clears, which it should, then yes.”

Vaccaro smiles, but before he can say anything further, the door opens and Strafe walks in.

Vaccaro: “Why does nobody knock around here?”
Strafe: “Boss. Uhm. Whilst I really appreciate the fact that I’ve got a shot at the Tag Team Championship… why him?”
Vaccaro: “Him? I assume we’re not talking about Captain Chaos.”
Strafe: “We may as well be.”
Vaccaro: “Aaaah. You mean OP, yes?”
Strafe: “Yeah. Look, I’ve got nothing against the guy, it’s just that… well, you know. He’s a bit… well.”
Vaccaro: “Nuts?”
Strafe: “That’s the word.”
Vaccaro: “Look, Strafe. You know the deal. Until you can convince Windy to come back, he’s the best partner I can afford you.”
Strafe: “I don’t NEED a partner. I can wrestle in the singles division!”
Vaccaro: “I know. But, you see… I want Windy back.”
Strafe: “Ah.”
Vaccaro: “Look on the bright side: You get the win, you’re as good as in the War Games match!”
Strafe: “I’ll DIE in there!”
Vaccaro: “Your choice, Strafey. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

Sighing in frustration, Strafe turns and walks out.

AWF Warzone
2003-10-22, 07:36 PM
A Private Locker Room

Sometime-Warzone reporter Tammy stands frustrated, talking on her cellphone.

Tammy: “Yuh! I know. I mean why? What’s the POINT?! What? No, I’m not yelling at you, I’m just yelling. I mean JEEZ. I busted my ass to get this gig. You don’t even want to know the things I had to do. And do they make use of me? Hell no. I can’t even remember the last time I got to do an interview around here. It’s always that snot Kincaid.”

As she rants, there’s a knock at the door.

Tammy: “Ugh. Hang on a moment. I’ll call you back.”

Hanging up, Tammy walks across the room and opens the door so that we can only see her, not the person she’s talking to.

Tammy: “Hello? Yes? Can I help you?”
??: “Hello, Dave?”
Tammy: “What?”
??: “Hello Dave.”
Tammy: “Do I look like a Dave?”
??: “Oh. Is Dave there?”
Tammy: “No, there’s no Dave here.”
??: “Oh. Sorry, Dave. May I come in, Dave?”
Tammy: “I’m not Dave!”
??: “Oh, it’s turning into a saga.”

Before the conversation can conclude, we cut back to ringside.

Tag Team Championship:
Blood & Thunder (c) vs. Strafe & OP2005

Bruce Dickinson’s “The Zoo” blares as Blood And Thunder make their way down to the ring to face their opponents, OP2005 and Strafe.

JFA: “Unlikely pairing of OP and Strafe to go up against the tag champs here tonight.”
JHA: “Guess we’re in for a snoozer. Wake me up when it’s over.”

“Here to Stay” by Korn plays through the speakers, and Strafe makes his way down to the ring, conspicuous by his absence is OP2005. At least until a few seconds later when “The Waste” plays as “Here To Stay” fades, and the performer formerly known as Dr. Evil makes his way down to the ring, staying as far away from Strafe as he can.

JFA: “Seems like there’s a bit of dissention between Strafe and OP.”
JHA: “See how much I don’t care, J.”

Strafe leaps into the ring and heads straight into a double team attack by Wolfang and Black Zarak, who slam their fists into the foreman of the Ivory Tower. OP doesn’t appear to be too eager to jump into the fray, however, as Blood And Thunder whip Strafe into the ropes and deliver a big elbow to his face, which sends him down, allowing for the champs to follow through with a double elbow to the prone Strafe’s gut.

JFA: “OP seems unwilling to help out Strafe here, seemingly willing to let Blood And Thunder wail away on his partner.”
JHA: “Trust me, J. If I was Strafe’s partner, I’d let this happen, too.”
JFA: “And you would too, wouldn’t you?”
JHA: “In a hearbeat.”
JFA: “Yeah, but you don’t have a…”

The comment is cut off as Strafe is violently brought to his feet and once again Irish whipped into the ropes, but Strafe somehow manages to find the strength to duck the double clothesline attempt, bounce off the opposite end of the ring, and leap into the air, catching both in a cross body block that sends both men down. OP slowly claps his approval, though does nothing else to help him out. Strafe glares evily at OP, but turns back to pick up Wolfang. Black Zarak heads for a corner, and OP glares evily.

JFA: “What do you suppose OP’s up to, J.”
JHA: “Don’t know.”
JFA: “Probably something evil, you think?”
JHA: “Don’t know.”
JFA: “Can you say anything besides ‘don’t know’?”
JFA: “Don’t know.”

Strafe shoves Wolfang into the corner, and chops his chest several times, Wolfang howling like his namesake with every knife edged chop. Black Zarak, incensed, comes over to try to stop things, but is cut off by the ref. The two begin to share very heated words that make everyone glad that they’re not microphones nearby to pick up what is being said.

JFA: “Black Zarak and the ref exchanging some very heated words here.”
JHA: “Yea. Last time I heard language like that, I was with your wife in a Motel 6.”
JFA: “What?”
JHA: “I mean…hey! What’s OP doing?!”

While Black Zarak has the ref distracted, OP crosses over to the ring, grabs Strafe from behind, and plants him with the Gravedigger! As both the crowd and Wolfang gape in astonishment, OP grins at Black Zarak, who backs away from the ref. Wolfang, deciding to take advantage. and goes for the cover and earns the quick win. As the ref raises Zarak and Wolfang’s hands in triumph, Zarak is seen searching through his pockets for something.

JFA: “What’s Wolfang up to now…oh, look at that! He’s giving OP a large sum of money! Blood And Thunder paid off OP to make sure that Strafe doesn’t get the tag titles!”
JHA: “Why do you think he did that, J? Doesn’t he know that he screwed himself as well?!”
JFA: “I don’t think he cares. I think he wanted that wad of cash more than a title.”
JHA: “What’s he gonna do now? Go buy himself a set of cheap hookers?”
JFA: “I don’t know, J. But I can bet that Strafe’s not gonna like this.”

Strafe slowly sits up in the ring and watches in bemusement as the three men depart.


Not every Titleholder is what you could call a fighting Champion.

Some Champions use all the influence they have to get out of defending the gold unless they have to.

Some Champions only like to defend the belt on the big occasions.

But some Champions don’t get the choice.

The AWF Television Title. Defended each and every show. Or else.

The TV Title – it’s the only belt that does exactly what it says on the plate. And it’s exclusive to Warzone.**


TCA are gathered in a private locker room.

Red: “So. We go out there tonight and we make sure that, whomever the two winners are… it’s two of us, right?”
All: “Right.”
Red: “Then we’ve got next week to get the Hardcore and Tag belts. Then it’s all us. No way those Mayhem jerkies can survive TCA.”
Viewfind: “Yo, yo, yo. But… whats about all the not knowing and all? We’s gots to axe ourselves ifs we wanna gets in not knowing who da nummer five is, yo.”
TC: “Translation, anybody?”
A-Train: “Who’s the fifth member of the Mayhem crew?”
TC: “Lord knows. The Game’ll have something up his sleeve. It could be anybody. Claypool, Ghostal… I’d not rule anybody out.”
Red: “Can’t forget the current Warzone roster. I mean, we’ve just had Jetfire jump – what if he’s a mole?”
TC: “He’s not smart enough to be a mole. Besides, by that logic it could be me.”
Red: “Very… good… point…”
TC: “What? Oh, yeah right. Dude, why would I help out? That ratbastard Reilly FIRED me!”
Red: “Or is that just your story?”
TC: “I’m not having this conversation. I’m on our side, here. And I’ll prove it when I’m one of the co-winners of that battle royal.”

A Separate Locker Room

OP2005 sits on a bench, counting his money as Strafe marches in.

Strafe: “What the hell was that all about?”
OP: “What was what?”
Strafe: “You nailed me, you cheap son of a… where did you get that? Oh my god… you sold me out.”
OP: “Who did what? I found this in my bag.”
Strafe: “Like hell you did. Why did you attack me? We were meant to be team-mates!”
OP: “I didn’t attack you. Yeah, see – even Jinrai agrees with me. We don’t know what you’re talking about, Strafey. When’s our match?”
Strafe: “When’s our?! Jinrai?! I… no. No, I’m not having this conversation. You’re the one who talks to people who aren’t there, I’m the logical one. I know we’ve had our match, I know you attacked me. That’s all there is to it. I’m sane, you’re not. That’s the rational explanation. Aah, cold hard logic, how I’ve missed you.”

Muttering under his breath, Strafe marches off to take a shower, leaving OP confused.

OP: “What’s gotten into him, Jinners? Now, remind me… you had to pimp HOW many to get all this cash? Wow. You da man, Jin. But, I gotta go get ready for my match.”

Harcore Championship:
RCOSD (c) vs. Computron

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the AWF Hardcore Championship.”

A cheer ripples through the Cardiff crowd at the announcement, before becoming a full-scale roar of anticipation as the Creed track plays.

“Introducing first, the challenger: from Cardiff... Computron!”

JFA: “And here he comes, the self-styled King of Cardiff. Former two-time Tag Team Champion, of course. Looking to use home advantage to add another title to his resumé.”
JHA: “Oh, I’m looking forward to this. Watch those two CompuFire clowns blow two titles in the space of a night.”
JFA: “A lot more than the Hardcore title at stake, of course. Whomever’s carrying that gold about on the 26th will be representing Warzone in that War Games match at Autumn Annihilation. And it’s not over there, because as I understand it, that big battle royal is up next. And whomever loses this match is gonna stick around to compete in it.”
JHA: “Second chance for them. Providing there’s enough of the loser LEFT to stick around.”
JFA: “Of course. Computron into the ring, now. Soaking up the adulation. Was unlucky last week against Redstreak, but he’ll be hoping to make up for it tonight.”

“And his opponent. From Glasgow, Scotland, he is the Archive Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion… RCOSD!”

JHA: “Here’s somebody who wasn’t unlucky last week.”
JFA: “Certainly not. The One Man Army with a sucessful defence of the Hardcore Title in his own back yard. Shoe’s on the other foot tonight, though. Homefield advantage most definitely with the Welshman.”
JHA: “I’ll be glad when I’m out of this damn country. I’ve been here too long.”
JFA: “We only arrived today, J.”
JHA: “I’ve been here three weeks!”
JFA: “Not in Wales, you haven’t.”

Stepping into the ring, the champion stands up tall against his challenger. As the referee holds the title high for the crowd to see, the One Man Army raises his right hand to request a test of strength.

JFA: “Traditional start to this match. Rather unorthodox for a Hardcore match.”
JHA: “Make your mind up. Is it traditional or unorthodox? HA! That’s traditional – and effective!”
JFA: “Certainly effective from RCOSD. A thumb to Computron’s eye as he went for the test of strength. Hard right hand now… and a swinging neckbreaker takes the Welshman down to the canvas. Lateral press gets two.”
JHA: “And that’s good strategy there. Choke the life out of the little worm.”
JFA: “RCOSD certainly taking an aggressive stance in this match-up. Hands around the throat, Computron on his back, the One Man Army putting all his weight down on the Welshman’s windpipe.”
JHA: “Perfectly legal.”
JFA: “I’m well aware of that. R breaking the hold, now. Pulling Computron up… reversal though into an inside cradle! One! Two! Broken by the Hardcore Champion, back upto his feet.. and a HUGE clothesline from the defending champion!”
JHA: “The Hellsmack! That’s gonna be all over.”
JFA: “It’s not, though. RCOSD not making the cover. Pulling his opponent up instead… scoops him up… oh, and just drops him throat-first across the top rope. I have to say I’m surprised here, this isn’t your usual hardcore match…”
JHA: “Who said it had to be? Hardcore Champions can wrestle too, y’know.”

Leaving Computron flat on the canvas, RCOSD mounts the second turnbuckle and launches himself forward, landing a hard elbowdrop across his foe’s chest.

JFA: “Elbow driven to the sternum. No cover, though. RCOSD heading to the outside, now. Unfamiliar territory.”
JHA: “Third floor. Cosmetics, jewellery and flying Scotsmen,”
JFA: “RCOSD… poised on the top turnbuckle… and launches himself! Ohhhh… and Computron with a great counter move. Raised his foot up and RCOSD just going facefirst into the Welshman’s boot. Both men out now… gasping for air. Computron rolling over… crawls across the ring, if he can make the cover it may be all over. Throws the arm across. One. Two. Oh, so close before the shoulder came up from RCOSD. I thought we had a new champion.”
JHA: “Not that easily, you goon. It’ll take far more than that to hold the One Man Army down.”

Crawling back to his feet, Computron picks up RCOSD and delivers an inverted atomic drop, before backing off enough to connect with a running clothesline that takes both men over the top rope and to the floor.

JFA: “And it seems Computron may have done just as much damage there to himself as to his opponent. Both competitors flat out on the floor in front of us. Lying in a twisted wreck.”
JHA: “Computron’s always been a twisted wreck. It just so happens that tonight you’ve admitted it.”

After a few moments, the two begin to stir. Having taken the least punishment during the match, it’s unsurprising that RCOSD is the first to his feet. Quickly seizing the initiative he grabs his opponent and hurls him headlong into the ring steps.

JFA: “Oh, crushing force there. Those steel ringsteps actually knocked over. That’s how hard Computron went into them.”
JHA: “And it may not be the last time, either.”
JFA: “RCOSD positioning the steps carefully. Setting Computron up… oh, dear god no.”
JHA: “Powerbomb time!”
JFA: “No, don’t do it. It may be legal, but that could break his spine…”
JHA: “He doesn’t HAVE a spine!”
JFA: “The One Man Army… setting it up… NO! Reversal! Computron reversing it into a back bodydrop… and RCOSD dumped hard onto the steel steps, landing right on his back. And this crowd just sparking back into life…”
JHA: “Get up, Col!!”
JFA: “RCOSD… staggering to his feet. Computron still winded. The One Man Army… clutching his back… bearing down on the challenger. Hard double axehandle to the back of the head, now… and slams him facefirst into the ring apron.”

As the injured Hardcore Champion resumes his offensive, the crowd start to get solidly behind their hometown hero.

JHA: “Keep it up, Col.”
JFA: “RCOSD hammering away on the challenger. Oh, and sends him hard to the ringpost. Makes the cover… one… two… oh, the shoulder comes up at the last second.”
JHA: “That was three!”
JFA: “Not from my vantage point. And as we both have the same vantage point – right IN FRONT OF THE ACTION, I’d have to guess that you’re exaggerating again. RCOSD coming across to the timekeeper’s table, now. Oh, just threw the ring announcera aside. Grabbing a steel chair… oh, no.”
JHA: “Hell yeah, use the chair!”
JFA: “Was that actually supposed to rhyme?”
JHA: “Maybe.”
JFA: “The Hardcore Champion… driving that chair down hard across Computron’s back. And again! What’s he doing now? Sets the chair up on the floor… is he going to sit down? Or… oh no.”
JHA: “That’s the spirit. Brainbuster on the chair! Or it would be, if Computron had a brain to bust.”
JFA: “RCOSD setting it up… modified suplex… no! Computron powered out and landing on his feet behind! RCOSD around now… what the? OH MY GOD… drop toe-hold from Computron… driving the Champion facefirst into that steel chair…”

As the crowd start up a Compy chant, the Welshman crawls back to his feet and waits for RCOSD to stand. The Champion staggers back up, clutching his face and wiping some blood away from his nose. As he turns, the challenger nails him with a hard kick to the gut before grabbing him in a front facelock.

JFA: “Front facelock by Computron… what now? The two right next to those ringsteps… Computron lining something up… Exploder!”
JHA: “Oh what?!”
JFA: “Exploder by Computron! One of his tag team partner’s patented moves! Driving RCOSD facefirst into the steel ringsteps, he’s gotta be out cold. Hook of the leg… one… two… three! He got it!”
JHA: “I don’t believe this!”
JFA: “Computron is the new Hardcore Champion! Right here in front of his homecrowd! Ninian Park has exploded into support of their hero!”
JHA: “HE is the Hardcore Champion? That makes me sick…”
JFA: “And what’s more – pending a change next week, Computron will be representing Warzone at Autumn Annihilation. Triumphant here tonight, tasting singles gold in his home town.”

Creed blares through the sound system as the Cardiff native salutes the crowd by holding the belt aloft, before we cut to a…


AWF Warzone
2003-10-22, 07:38 PM
As we come back from our commercial, we see that RCOSD has clambered back into the ring and has been joined by a host of other Warzone competitors. The camera pans around the ring to show Ravage, Tempest, Jetfire, The Lock, Strafe, OP2005, UPF, D-Extreme, Ultimate Weapon and Brave Maximus in the ring. Crouching on the outside, skulking around the steps is Morpheus. Interestingly, D-Extreme has headed straight for RCOSD, and the two of them appear to be talking strategy.

JFA: “We’re back, folks. It’s second chance saloon time for RCOSD. Two men are going to win this battle royal, and they are going to Autumn Annihilation to represent Warzone in that War Games match.”
JHA: “What brave souls, fighting for the chance to get killed.”
JFA: “Or, as some would see it, get killed defending the honor of their show.”
JHA: “They shouldn’t need to defend this show’s honour! Mayhem’s far inferior to Warzone.”
JFA: “Well, that’s what we’ll be fixing to find out. But first, I believe our last competitors are on their way to ringside.”

Team Warzone Battle Royal

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a battle royal for the last two places in Team Warzone. Somebody is eliminated when they go over the top rope and both feet hit the floor. The last two men remaining in the match will join the Hardcore Champion and Tag Team Champions in representing Warzone at Autumn Annihilation in the War Games contest.”

JHA: “Here are the favourites, baby!”
JFA: “Many will feel that. TCA arriving en masse at ringside. Redstreak, Astrotrain, Thundercracker, Viewfind, Divebomb and Prowl. But there’s got to be a big question mark hanging over TC’s commitment in this match.”
JHA: “Don’t stir that up. He’s no reason to work for Reilly.”
JFA: “Except that he wouldn’t be working for Reilly, J. It’s the Game’s team.”
JHA: “I… just call the match!”
JFA: “And we’re underway here, I’ve no idea how easy this is going to be to call. Just a mass brawl in the ring, not everybody even in there, yet. Viewfind, the NWA and Morpheus still circling outside.”
JHA: “Isn’t Morpheus wrestling later on as well?”
JFA: “He is, and you’ve got to wonder how preoccupied he and UPF are going to be. Huge cage match later on…”
JHA: “Whoa. Who’s that down on the outside?”
JFA: “Looks to be Ultimate Weapon… I think he was just taken out by Tempest… can’t be sure. Tempest now being double-teamed by RCOSD and D-Extreme… trying to force him over the top.”
JHA: “Smart play from Homeslice on the outside. Dodging around… staying away from that loon Brave Maximus.”
JFA: “Redstreak and Thundercracker working away on The Lock… got him in the corner. Brave Maximus exchanging blows with Ravage, that’s a huge encounter right there.”

Slowly sliding into the ring, Morpheus crawls across the canvas and delivers a huge low blow to Brave Max as he tussles with Ravage.

JFA: “And there’s opportunism for you. Viewfind and the NWA into the ring now! Pummeling away on Brave… Viewfind with a solid punch to the face… P and Divebomb lining it up…”
JHA: “He’s gone!”
JFA: “He is… Brave Maximus just knocked clean over the top rope by that double clothesline from the NWA. And that’s got to be a huge upset… Max landing on his feet, though.”
JHA: “Oh… god.”
JFA: “And he’s got them both! Brave Max reaching up from the floor, just clambered onto the apron and slapping a huge double choke around both members of the NWA… and drags them over the top to the floor! The NWA eliminated in one go by Brave Maximus.”
JHA: “Oh no…”

Pummeling away on Divebomb and P? on the outside, Brave Maximus doesn’t see Viewfind line up a baseball slide that catches him square in the jaw.

JHA: “Great move by homeslice! He busted him open!”
JFA: “I… I think you may be right. Viewfind scrambling back up onto the apron now… and a big double axehandle to the outside. The GPA just mugging Brave Maximus on the outside… Max bleeding from the mouth. Divebomb with a steel chair now… and P with his own. God no… Viewfind holding him up…”
JHA: “Conchairto! Oh, YES.”

A sickening thud rings out at ringside as the NWA land stereo chairshots to the head of Brave Maximus.

JFA: “And… Brave Maximus lying battered and bloodied at ringside… I do not believe it. They’ve destroyed him…”
JHA: “Hey, stop the dramatising and call the damn match!”
JFA: “D-Extreme and RCOSD have given up on Tempest… seem to be working together here, why I can’t be sure… double clothesline… oh! They just took A-Train out over the top! One more of TCA’s gone.”
JHA: “No, no no… that’s not good. Red and TC still in though… Homeslice back in the ring, where he belongs…”
JFA: “Viewfind charging UPF… and a drop-toehold floors the Philly native! UPF with the mounted punches now… The Lock pummeling Morpheus in the corner, looking for payback on what happened last week. Or what we think happened, at least…”
JHA: “Strafe and OP going at it! They just found each other, I think. Strafe still upset about what he thinks happened earlier.”
JFA: “What HE thinks happened? We saw it, J.”
JHA: “But OP denied it and that’s good enough for me!”
JFA: “The Lock with the Irish whip on Morpheus… oh, and TC just nailing a spinning heel kick on Morpheus as he came out. TC putting the boots to him now.”
JHA: “That’s it, Cracker. Kick the pain out of the little freak!”
JFA: “Jetfire going toe-to-toe with Tempest… don’t know how much success he’s going to have there. Tempest the Lord of the Mat here this year… oh, huge clothesline by Tempest. Jetfire up… another huge clothesline… Jets up again.”
JHA: “Stay down, you idiot!”
JFA: “Tempest lines it up… and a third clothesline takes the Londoner over the top and to the floor. Jetfire’s gone.”
JHA: “And so’s Tempest!”
JFA: “Redstreak catching Tempest from behind… just scooped him up and over the top. Turning away in triumph, but Tempest’s not gone – caught on the apron and rolls in under the bottom rope.”
JHA: “He thought he’d avenged the Gauntlet.”
JFA: “I thought you blamed the Game for that.”
JHA: “I do. But Red may not. Look out, Red!”
JFA: “Tempest just nailing Redstreak from behind… and draws the attention of TC and Viewfind… The remaining members of TCA teaming up to try and eliminate the Human Bulldozer. UPF and Morpheus staggering back up…”
JHA: “Whoa my.”
JFA: “And that’s a face off and a half! UPF and Morpheus going at it! Trading blows… UPF with the whip to the ropes… high knee… now trying to dump Morpheus over the top strand quickly… but, what? D-Extreme and RCOSD up behind… they’re gone! They’re out of here! UPF and Morpheus dumped out by RCOSD and D-Extreme… and these two are forming quite an impressive team.”
JHA: “I hate to say it, but you’re right. These two could take it all… what do you think they’ve done here? Some sort of agreement?”
JFA: “It’s possible. This match unlike any normal battle royal – two men are going to win it. They could well have forged an alliance to be the two men to go through. Both certainly underdogs in their own rights, but together who can say?”

The Lock roams the ring, glancing around as Redstreak, TC and Viewfind try to overwhelm Tempest. He sees D-Extreme and RCOSD sneak across and dump the battling Strafe and OP over the top and to the floor. The two reluctant partners continue to fight even outside the ring, apparantly unconcerned at their elimination. Eventually he locks eyes with Ravage on the far side of the ring. The two stop and glare at each other.

JFA: “We’ve got eight men left here, folks. Two of these will go through to represent Warzone at Autumn Annihilation… six won’t. The Lock and Ravage approaching each other… what the?”
JHA: “Morpheus is back!”
JFA: “Morpheus back into the ring… and just attacked the Lock from behind! Completely blindsiding the Australian… and Ravage with a huge clothesline takes him out.”
JHA: “Oh, he’s in trouble now… Big Daddy Rav gonna take him out… Hangover time…”
JFA: “Ravage hauling the Lock up… Hangover delivered! The Lock just driven into the mat with that modified neckbreaker. Morpheus out of the ring now… smirking that he’s probably just cost the Lock his slot… Ravage hauling Grimlock up, The Lock just been cheated here… but… what the? D-Extreme with the knee to the back of Ravage… RCOSD clothesline! He’s gone!”
JHA: “I don’t believe it… they took another one out!”
JFA: “Ravage absolutely livid on the outside… The Lock earns a reprieve… D-Extreme pulling him up, now. But… Ravage back in… and a big boot to D-Extreme… punch takes out RCOSD… Hangover on the One Man Army! And another on D-Extreme… Ravage just snapped!”
JHA: “I would too! That’s unbelievable behaviour from those two reprobate kids.”
JFA: “TCA still trying to shift Tempest… he’s just wrapped around the ropes, clinging on for dear life. The Lock, D-Extreme and RCOSD laid out in the ring at the hands of Big Daddy Rav… coming across to deal with TCA, now… breaking it up… big right hand takes Viewfind down… Hangover to Viewfind!”
JHA: “Oh no…”
JFA: “Thundercracker attacking Ravage from behind now… got his former partner staggered… and Redstreak just sliding out of the ring under the bottom rope…”
JHA: “That’s a smart man there. Keeping well out of harm’s way.”
JFA: “And I can’t say I blame him. Thundercracker with Ravage on the ropes now… just taking him out with that flurry of kicks. And a Lifetime Enlightenment! Ravage taken off his feet, and the referees pulling him out of the ring… rightfully so.”
JHA: “Damage has been done, though. Who’s left?”
JFA: “The Lock… D-Extreme… RCOSD… Viewfind… all flat out in the ring. Thundercracker mocking Ravage over the ropes as the referees escort him away.”
JHA: “What? No!”
JFA: “And Tempest! From nowhere! Just grabbed TC and hurled him over the top! Thundercracker’s out of it!”
JHA: “No! No! No!”
JFA: “Tempest is the only man standing in the ring… The Lock stirring… D-Extreme and RCOSD crawling slowly to their feet. Viewfind pretty much out cold…”
JHA: “I smell a massacre…”
JFA: “This could get messy… Tempest has his pick of four targets. Three men stand between him and that spot in the War Games… I can’t help but think it’s a match he’ll excel in. The Lock up… Tempest moving in… grabs him by the throat… and he’s gone! Just like that… Tempest tossing him over the top rope by the throat…”
JHA: “This is bad…”
JFA: “Not from Warzone’s point of view. Tempest with a boot to the gut of D-Extreme… hauls him up… chokeslam! Tempest just driving D-Extreme into the mat with that chokeslam. RCOSD up… and Tempest just clotheslined him right over the top and to the floor!”

Screaming in defiance, Tempest motions for Viewfind to stand. Grimacing, the GPA man charges at the Australian, but runs straight into a chokeslam.

JHA: “Homeslice! He broke him…”
JFA: “Here goes… Tempest just needs to eliminate Viewfind and it’s all over bar the shouting. Pulling him up… press slam… and he’s gone! Tempest just dropping Viewfind over the top – right on top of Brave Max! Who hasn’t moved… Viewfind scrambling away from the body. And it’s all over by my reckoning! Tempest and D-Extreme are into the War Games!”
JHA: “D-Extreme?! I feel sick…”
JFA: “Tempest pulling D up now… raising his arm. They’re going to Autumn Annihilation. They saw off everybody else… not a single member of TCA in Team Warzone, and many will feel that’s poetic justice.”
JHA: “I don’t… what… that’s Redstreak!”
JFA: “What the hell? Redstreak back into the ring… up behind D-Extreme and hits the Scorpion! Tempest playing to the crowd… Red scoops up D-Extreme and just… just tossed D-Extreme over the top rope and to the floor. Now the bell rings… what the hell’s going on?!”
JHA: “Redstreak just won the match! He was never eliminated, J!”
JFA: “I… I’m sure I saw Redstreak out of the ring earlier…”
JHA: “Somebody get me a replay! Haha – look at the look on Tempest’s face – that’s priceless!”
JFA: “Tempest just turning around, expected to see D-Extreme there… instead greeted with Redstreak’s smirk.”

The two stare at each other from across the ring as realisation dawns on Tempest.

JFA: “And I think we’ve got the replay now… happened when Ravage attacked TCA… and, yes – Redstreak out under the bottom rope. I don’t believe this.”
JHA: “All perfectly legal, J! Redstreak’s in War Games!”
JFA: “That he is, along with Tempest. But the rest of TCA… aren’t! So there you have it, folks. Redstreak and Tempest with a shake of hands. I doubt the sincerity of either man… but they know they’ll have to work together come Autumn Annihilation. As it stands, it’s Redstreak, Tempest, Computron, Wolfang and Black Zarak who’ll be representing Warzone. Against the Game, the King, Sixswitch, Blaster and somebody who we don’t yet know the identity of. It’s going to be a war, folks.”
JHA: “Well, duh.”


Two sides. Brought together by one heinous act.

Ten men. Brought together by two causes.

Two rings. Brought together within one demonic structure.

No referee. No count-outs. No disqualifications. No pinfalls.

Submit or surrender.

The only way to win is not to give up.

Easier said than done.

War Games – Mayhem vs. Warzone.
Live, Sunday 26th October 2003; from Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester.

The Theatre of Dreams is about to play host to a nightmare.**

We fade back to the stadium to see a group of EMTs wheeling Brave Maximus away on a gurney.

AWF Warzone
2003-10-22, 07:39 PM

Redstreak, Thundercracker and Astrotrain are stood by a water cooler, discussing the fallout from the battle royal.

TC: “Congrats, man. I was in there last year, it’s a tough environment. I’m sure you’ll do us all proud.”
Red: “I will. But… you let yourself get eliminated pretty lightly there. Sure you didn’t have some ulterior motive?”
TC: “Don’t do this, Red. You know damn well I’d not work for Reilly again, and when the hell have I ever lied to you?”
Red: “But you wouldn’t be working for Reilly. You’d be working for your buddy, the Game, wouldn’t you?”
TC: “Okay, I don’t need this. I’m going to go get me a Hardcore Title shot for next week, then I’ll be in there with you.”
Red: “Or are you just looking for a way into the match to doublecross us?”
TC: “Jesus Christ…”

Vaccaro responds instinctively as he walks past them.

Vaccaro: “Not quite, but give me time.”
TC: “Boss! You know I deserve the Hardcore Title more than that trained chimp Computron. It’s my only way back into War Games, you know it’s the right thing to do.”
Vaccaro: “You’ve got a high opinion of yourself, haven’t you? Good. I like that. Yes, you can have a Hardcore Title shot next week.”
TC: “Brilliant.”
Red: “Hrmmm.”
Vaccaro: “Oh, lay off him. You’re meant to be buddies and all that garbage. Besides, I know he’s not the fifth member of Team Mayhem, so there’s nothing to worry about.”
Red: “What? How?”
Vaccaro: “Because I know who it’s going to be. Now you never know who may be listening, so move along. Oh, and has anybody seen Tammy?”
A-Train: “Nah. Not since earlier tonight.”
Vaccaro: “How very strange. Ah well, not to worry.”

Elsewhere Backstage

The EMTs roll the gurney with Brave Maximus strapped down toward a waiting ambulance. As they do so, the GPA suddenly barge their way through the medics, pushing them all away.

As the NWA throw a pair of EMTs to the ground, Viewfind hops up onto the trolley and leans down, getting right into Brave’s face.

View: “Yo, yo, yo. You wants to play with the big boyz?? Let’s play, sucka. Oh, waits. Yo cants! Cause you’s all busted up!”

As the former Intercontinental Champion screams abuse at his unconscious nemesis, a hand suddenly shoots up and clamps itself around his throat. Gagging, Viewfind looks on in horror as Brave slowly sits up, breaking the restraining straps as he does. Fighting his way to his feet, Brave stands on the trolley with VF still paralysed in his grip, before chokeslamming him off the gurney and onto the NWA below.

The three men stare up in disbelief as P? and Divebomb return Viewfind to his feet. Uncertain, they turn and run, leaving Brave stood bloodied atop the gurney.

Vaccaro’s Office

The Warzone owner arrives in the corridor outside his office, noticing the door is ajar. He pushes it open and walks in. RCOSD and D-Extreme are stood waiting for him to arrive.

Vaccaro: “Gentlemen, thanks for coming back here to see me at short notice.”
RCOSD: “What do you want? And when do I get my rematch?!”
D-Extreme: “Dude, I was screwed! Did you see that? He cheated!”
Vaccaro: “Well, uhm, okay. Understandably you’re both upset. But I wanted to tell you how impressed I was by the teamwork and co-operative skills you showed in that battle royal. Now, sadly I can’t grant you a rematch for next week, R. But what I can give you both is a tag team contest to showcase your skills in.”
RCOSD: “Big whoop.”
D-Extreme: “Tag team? Been there, done that.”
Vaccaro: “Yes… but do you really want to be remembered in that division for being one half of the shortest-reigning champions ever? And R, I don’t need to remind you of the RPA. The champions that never were. Come on, I’m giving you the chance to reinvent yourselves!”
RCOSD: “Tag Team Title shot?”
Vaccaro: “Not yet. No, next week I had more of a test-run in mind. You see, I need to know that Tempest and Redstreak can work together as a unit heading into War Games… so I figure, why not test them out? D, you want revenge on them both. R, I know you can test Redstreak like nobody else. It’s the dream scenario.”
D-Extreme: “Us? Against Redstreak and Tempest?”
RCOSD: “They don’t stand a chance.”
Vaccaro: “That’s what I like to hear.”

Cage Match:
UPF vs. Morpheus

JRA: "Ladies and gentlemen. the following steel cage match is scheduled for one fall. In order to win, a competitor must escape the cage and both feet must touch the floor. Introducing first…"

'Maven' heralds the arrival of the star-spangled sentinel known as UPF, who steps through the entrance way in a blaze of red, white and blue pyrotechnics brandishing Old Glory. He waves the flag vigorously as the crowd cheer on his arrival.

JRA: "From San Francisco, California. UPF!"

JFA: "There he is folks; the patriotic powerhouse called UPF."
JHA: "Amongst other things."
JFA: * glares at JHA. * "This is going to be a good one folks. After the behaviour of UPF and his opponent for this bout, Morpheus, over the past six or seven weeks, Mr. Vaccaro has said, quite plainly, that there MUST be a winner in this match."
JHA: "But don't you think this match is more in favour of UPF?"
JFA: "How do you figure that?"
JHA: "Well. Morpheus isn't exactly in the greatest condition. I mean, who is in comparison? The guy has abs you can crack walnuts on. But UPF has a distinct advantage in the speed department. At least, that's how it looks. This is completely biased in his favour."

As UPF walks into the cage and stands at one corner, with the American flag hoisted as far up as he can manage, 'Maven' stops abruptly to be replaced by Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata'. Morpheus strolls, slowly, towards the ring. He is clearly in no hurry to get to the ring, and is even less bothered about the fans. As the boos and cat calls follow the lord of dreams to the ring, accompanied by a shower of empty beer cups, popcorn bags and assorted other trash from the audience (including one fan who was annoying his buddies in the third row), the ring announcer informs the building of the impending arrival of the massive melancholy mauler.

JRA: "And his opponent. from the minds of innocent children. MORPHEUS!"

JFA: "I'm getting chills again."
JHA: "You're not the only one. I'm practically fearless, and I'm getting gooseflesh."
JFA: "Practically fearless? This from the guy who nearly crapped himself at the AWF Christmas party?"
JHA: "You weren't listening to what Wolfang said he'd do to me."
JFA: "That's true, but I saw what you were trying to do to several members of Wolfang's staff. One of them was a guy."
JHA: "I was drunk! It isn't true! You can't prove anything!"
JFA: "Whoever said that actions speak louder than words never listened to you."

As Morpheus (finally) steps off the steel ramp and onto the ringside mats, he stares straight towards UPF, who signals for the former Silly Cow to 'just bring it'. Morpheus breaks his gaze, and strolls, as slowly as ever, towards the ring steps leading into the cage. He shrugs off the still pouring insults from the crowd, and ascends the steps which will lead him to his goal: the destruction of UPF. As the bell rings, the ring announcer is still trapped inside the steel structure as the two battle in the corner nearest the ring steps. It is only when Morpheus manages to lift UPF for a running spinebuster that JRA manages to slip out so that the door can be locked shut.

JFA: "And now we're gonna get serious folks."
JHA: "Speak for yourself!"
JFA: "Morpheus has UPF down on the mat. blasting him with those right hands. UPF twists the situation. manages to slip in a couple of right hands. before Morpheus pushes him off. UPF up now. as Morpheus gets to his feet. and gets knocked down with a lariat. Morpheus up again. UPF goes to him with another lariat at the ready. Morpheus ducks. and UPF quickly turns to hit him with a kick in the gut. UPF pulls him towards himself. could be getting ready for a Prime Cutter. and Morpheus counters with a back body drop. UPF getting up. and Morpheus knocked him down with a rather unorthodox clothesline. Morpheus looks as if he might attempt an escape. climbs past the top turnbuckle. on his way up. but UPF manages to scramble to his feet and grab one of his enemy's ankle's. Morpheus now attempting to kick UPF away. but UPF is having none of that. climbing higher up the cage. and there's a belly-to-back suplex! From a little under two-thirds of the way up the cage. a height of probably eight or nine feet. both men slumped to the canvas with that move."
JHA: "In all honesty, I think UPF might be a little less able than Morpheus after that move. I think Morpheus twisted at the last moment and brought his weight down on UPF's ribs."
JFA: "UPF certainly does appear to be clutching his ribs. and Morpheus is almost certainly going to take advantage of that, you can rest assured. Oh. and right there, a swing straight into those ribs. Morpheus sits up. and bashes himself in the side of the head a couple of times for good measure. He gets to his feet. UPF trying to struggle upright holding those ribs. and Morpheus with a running kick right into said area!"
JHA: "Ooh. that's gonna leave a mark."
JFA: "Morpheus now. with crushing double axe handles driving into the ribs of UPF. and now lifts up the California native. and drives the face of the People's Champion into the mesh! Good lord! Morpheus could have the opportunity to escape here. but he isn't going to. Waiting for UPF to get up. and knocks the star-spangled sentinel to the mat again."

JHA: "Morpheus is just enjoying this. In his eyes, UPF has stuck his nose into Morpheus' business, and Morpheus wants to keep his affairs free of prying olfactory devices."
JFA: "You're absolutely right... Morpheus would like nothing better than to put UPF's nose out of joint. quite literally. in order to keep it from prying into his business again. Failing that, giving UPF a broken rib or five would be highly favoured, I expect."

Morpheus stares out at the crowd. Wild-eyed and grimacing (grinning is too strong a word. This might have been what Morpheus was attempting, but if it was it appeared that he had learned from diagrams what a smile was), Morpheus spreads his arm in the over-exaggerated way that most people who are going to attempt a sleeper normally do. As UPF staggers upright, still clutching his ribs, he wanders backwards. and straight into some Bad Dreams! His eyes covered and his throat straining for precious oxygen, UPF tries one last-ditch effort to get back some advantage. He listens for the breathing, taking into account the positions of his opponent's arms in the region of his head. He charges towards the cage side directly in front of him, and tucks into a barrel roll in mid-air; driving Morpheus' masked visage straight into the cage!

JFA: "And what a gargantuan effort from UPF! The crowd on their feet following that awesome display of power and quick-thinking by the man from San Francisco."
JHA: "Good move. Or at least, if Morpheus stays down, it's a good move."
JFA: "What do you mean by that?"
JHA: "If a guy had just done that to you, what are you likely to do?"
JFA: "Turn from being a fat lump into a crippled lump. But I'm not Morpheus."
JHA: "Exactly. If Morpheus gets up now, he's gonna be in a really bad mood and he might turn UPF into a jigsaw puzzle should the thought occur to him."
JFA: "Well right now, it appears to be UPF whose moving. no sign of any motion from Morpheus. and UPF is going to attempt an escape! Busted ribs and all. UPF climbing slowly up that corner of the cage. and wait, Morpheus is up! UPF struggling those last few feet of the climb to the top of the cage. and Morpheus caught him! Morpheus climbs up. and there's the Anesthesis! A modified double arm DDT. from past the top rope!"

As Morpheus sits up, the crowd boo in unison and a chant of 'we want Silly Cow' follows in short order. Undeterred, Morpheus sets about scaling the cage to victory. He clambers past the top turnbuckle, and reaches the top of the cage as UPF opens his eyes and squints, blinks and squashes his eyes to get his bearings. The sight of the top of the cage helps his burgeoning conscious to focus, and he suddenly realises he should be looking for the next attack from Morpheus. Still lying on the mat, he quickly looks around. The rapidly growing shadow coming in from the right-hand side is enough indication for the San Francisco superstar, and he rolls quickly to the left. leaving Morpheus' attack to hit nothing but canvas!

JHA: "Ouch."
JFA: "Morpheus showing exactly why high-risk moves are named thus. and neither man stirring now. but referee Noah Ordak isn't counting. For those of you confused by this * looks sidelong at JHA * the reason for this is that there has to be a decisive winner. Mr. Vaccaro has made it perfectly clear within the contract, which reads, and I quote: "the match ends only when one participant escapes the cage and places both feet on the floor". How you can misunderstand that, I'm not quite sure. It probably is possible; but only if you have the intelligence of a rose petal."
JHA: "Rose petals are smart, contrary to popular belief. Unlike any other flower, the rose aspires to be red."
JFA: "And how do you draw that conclusion?"
JHA: "Roses are red. violets are blue. that is what I think. and so should you."
JFA: "You made that up!"
JHA: "Did not!"

As the two announcers bicker (again), Morpheus slowly rises to a sitting position and rocks backwards and forwards in the kind of rhythm a metronome has when it achieves complete harmony with the universe. You'd be surprised how slow this speed actually is.

Morpheus appears to be contemplating either how to most damage UPF's pride or how many baked beans you can fit in a tin on 3.765 cubic feet. He eventually decides on whatever it is, and gets to his feet in enough time to see UPF start scaling the steel. He rushes towards his red-and-white-striped prey, and crushes him into the cage with the full force available from a shoulder block. As UPF crumples to the canvas, Morpheus hits the ropes running, and rushes back with a vicious leg drop. He looks at the crowd with a look in his eyes usually associated with tigers at feeding time in zoos all over the world. He plunges towards UPF with the power of a steamroller, the speed of a shark and the grace of a wounded turtle attempting a high dive.

He blasts UPF with a vicious falling double sledge, and gets up only to stomp on the patriotic pelvis of the San Francisco native. (For all of you wondering; when the phrase 'patriotic pelvis' is invoked, in this instance, it does not mean that it is standing to attention and reciting the national anthem. It merely means it's covered with red, white and blue spandex).

JHA: * winces. * "Man. and I thought Adolf Hitler was a despicable human being."
JFA: "Why? Because he was a part-Jewish vegetarian painter from Austria?"
JHA: "No. I was thinking more along the lines of mass murdering psycho-krout. But you've just lowered my opinion of him."
JFA: "In the same way you continue to lower the tone of the show. Morpheus now. making for the door. one foot through the ropes. and UPF grabs his foot! Morpheus trying to escape through the door. and UPF stopped him. hey wait a minute!"

The crowd are in uproar as Lock surges to the ring. As Morpheus struggles to free his foot, Lock slams the cage door on the head of the gargantuan horror. The referee admonishes Lock, but the Australian merely brushes the comments off before locking the door shut on Morpheus. UPF starts slowly clambering to the top of the cage as Morpheus lies seemingly unconscious on the floor.

JHA: "This isn't good..."
JFA: "Absolutely not... UPF now... climbing his way to victory... and Morpheus sits up! UPF has managed... I don't know how... but he's near the top of the cage... Morpheus climbing after him... catches his boot. And both men now... fighting on that ledge at the top of the cage... WAIT! UPF has Morpheus doubled over... signalling for the Prime Cutter... and drops Morpheus to the floor! There's the bell... UPF just won this match for Morpheus... shooting the Lock a thumbs up... and what's going on here?"

JRA: "Here is your winner... MORPHEUS”

JFA: “And… Morpheus… has won this match! He doesn’t look much like a winner to me, but there you have it.”
JHA: “What is going on?”
JFA: “The Lock and UPF shaking hands in the aisleway… this is most bizarre. We’re out of time, folks – be sure to join us in Birmingham next week for the last stop of the UK tour before Autumn Annihilation. Tag Titles and Hardcore Title on the line again… goodnight everybody”

AWF Warzone
2003-10-22, 07:55 PM
Official Preview of 22nd October Warzone

Coming to you from the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England, Warzone comes to you for the last time before the landscape of the AWF may be changed forever in the War Games match at Autumn Annihilation.

High on the agenda for the show is the issue of who will represent the brand in the huge unsanctioned match. At present, Team Warzone consists of the Tag Team Champions Blood & Thunder, Hardcore Champion Computron, Tempest and Redstreak. But that could still change...

It's perhaps the biggest night for TCA since their inception at Syxx Feet Under, as they could end up rolling in glory - and gold - come the end of the show.

Former Tag Team Champions The NWA challenge the reigning holders Blood & Thunder, for not only their titles, but their War Games slot as well.

Also in the running is their team-mate, former AWF Champion Thundercracker. He squares off against the brand new Hardcore Champion Computron, fresh off a huge win in his hometown to secure the title. Again, it's not just the belt at stake, as the winner enters War Games.

Another TCA representative challenging for Championship glory is former Intercontinental and Hardcore Champ Viewfind, who takes on the seemingly unstoppable TV Champion Amarant Odinson. Can the Philly Supasta succeed where so many have failed? Or will he be just another victim?

Regardless of who the TV Champion is, the gold will be up for grabs at Autumn Annihilation. The challenger will be decided on Warzone in a huge Fatal Fourway match, pitting tag/sparring partners Strafe and OP2005 against the man who surprised many people on Warzone in Cardiff, Ravage. Rounding off the quartet will be another TCA man, Astrotrain. Will it be an all TCA TV Title match at AA? There's only one way to find out.


Morpheus and UPF have been tearing each other apart for over a month. But recently things took a turn for the complicated with the involvement of The Lock. Following the bizarre finish to the Cage Match last week, these three former Intercontinental Champions will square off in a Triple Threat Match to try and settle the issue.

Following their co-victory in the Team Warzone Battle Royal, Mr Vaccaro wants to know how well Redstreak and Tempest will operate as a cohesive unit. The test? The surprise, and surprisingly effective, combination of RCOSD and D-Extreme.

All this and more... only on Warzone!

2003-10-22, 10:42 PM
Blood and Thunder, next Warzone we are going to have the biggest match of our careers to date. This match has the highest stakes we have ever had in any match. The Tag titles are on the line, the right to represent Warzone is on the line and pride is on the line.

We all talk alot of sh!t in this business but when it comes right down to it we all want the same thing, to be the best at what we do. Its all about Pride and Respect.

So train hard and be prepared for when the NWA and Blood and Thunder meet next week we are going to show the world just what the true meaning of Warzone is all about.

2003-10-22, 11:09 PM
YO YO YO YO!!!!!!!

Yo bicth MAX!!! holla back, oh damn yo jaw is broke dats right, give me some signlanguage or somthing to show me yo ass is still alive cuz we still got"z" are self a lil match.

But anyways next warzone i'm going to get me some TV BLING BLING!!

damn soon they got"z" to put me in da bling bling hall of fame.


2003-10-22, 11:39 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb
Blood and Thunder, next Warzone we are going to have the biggest match of our careers to date. This match has the highest stakes we have ever had in any match. The Tag titles are on the line, the right to represent Warzone is on the line and pride is on the line.

We all talk alot of sh!t in this business but when it comes right down to it we all want the same thing, to be the best at what we do. Its all about Pride and Respect.

So train hard and be prepared for when the NWA and Blood and Thunder meet next week we are going to show the world just what the true meaning of Warzone is all about.

IC: Usually, Divebomb, I'd spout enough **** at you to fill an industrial garbage tip. But, for once, I can say in all honesty that you have summed up my feelings on that very match. And when the winners hands are raised in victory, we'll know that the best made it onto Team Warzone.

Good luck, man. You will need it.

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-23, 12:16 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind
YO YO YO YO!!!!!!!

Yo bicth MAX!!! holla back, oh damn yo jaw is broke dats right, give me some signlanguage or somthing to show me yo ass is still alive cuz we still got"z" are self a lil match.

But anyways next warzone i'm going to get me some TV BLING BLING!!

damn soon they got"z" to put me in da bling bling hall of fame.


I suggest you keep your mind on Brave Maximus and forget about taking my T.V. Title from me next week. You can HOLLA all you want, but all you're going to be a just another victim to the Best Damn Technical T.V. Champion in this business today. Viewfind, you're going to find out just how hard it is to PROVE ME WRONG.

2003-10-23, 03:47 AM
All I can say is Big Daddy Rav is pissed about now being able to represent Warzone, but thats ok next week I get people to take all of that anger and frustration out on.

Next week boys, all three of you are leaving that ring as losers and that TV belt will be as good as mine.

Now Big Daddy Rav In Tha House!

*OOC Great show, loved the battle royal.*!

2003-10-23, 04:03 AM
next week baby. I prove to the entire world once again how good i am , when I beat that punk ass Computron, and bring some new gold to myself. Cause next week, we will all see the crowning of a new Hardcore champion, and I can gurantee now, that this one single reign will make me the greatest hardcore champion of all, better than all you losers who kept losing the belts then winning them back. I'm going to hold onto this belt for a long time to come, defending it every single week. And going down in the history books as the greatest Hardcore champion ever, even better than Redstreak.

And on top of that, I'm going to gurantee my spot in the War Games match...where we all know I should be the leader, cause I'm going to be the only one from Team Warzone with any experience in this hell of a match. I was in the original, I held my own, I know...what can go on.

2003-10-23, 04:06 AM
So then...

I may be the only TCA member in War Games right now, but that's going to change even if I have to see to it personally. And next week, TCA's gonna be packing some massive gold, oh yes...

Big night to come next week, and then people will start to sit up and take notice...then when we win War Games, it'll all be over but the screaming. TCA is simply the best gathering and mesh of talent ever assembled, and there's no one who can hope to stand against us.

2003-10-23, 04:54 AM
We see Keith Koncard approaching D-Extreme who is standing at the locker room while closing his locker

KK: D-Ex can I ask you a few questions?

D-Ex: Well sure dude. Ask away

KK: Well as you know tonight you were elminated in the battle royale match. Now it was originally you and Tempest to be in the match but then it turned out Redstreak wasnt eliminated before so he took you out. How does that feel?

D-Ex: Well it sucks man, plain out it was not good. I mean me and Tempest got respect for each other man. Then Mr. TCA just had to sneak his way back into the ring and take me outta the match with a cheap shot!

KK: Next week you and RCOSD are gonna face Tempest and Redstreak in a tag match. Well then...your thoughts?

D-Ex: Well Keith me and "The One Man Army" had some discussion before the battle royale if you didnt already see it. Well in all honesty we wanted to get into the Wargames that bad. He had his reason and my reason was to for me to redeem myself from the wargame I had at some place that is not in the AWF. I tell you I may have not been in the first AWF Wargames but I got experience of a WARGAMES match before. Well since our plan failed for the both of us to be in the Wargames. I think Vaccaro's idea sounded good to the both of us. I hope it did for RCOSD since he might be a different story than I am. Well Keith lets just say me and the one man army do work well as a team. Heck he's a better partner than that turncoat whore Cyberstrike! And as Vaccaro said, next week I will redeem myself from my short term tag title reign. You see the other reason I wanted to be in the Wargames is to face The Game and try to beat him. Hell..I missed my chance but next week is a different story BOY. Cause me and RCOSD are gonna give Red and Tempest a beating. And Tempest, this match is nothin personal. I just want to give a payback beating on your partner Redstreak, thats all.

KK: Well thanks for your comments D.

KK leaves the locker room as D-Extreme sits at the bench and turns on the TV

OOC: Now thats a great Warzone. Worth the wait as well

Silly Cow
2003-10-23, 07:59 AM
They want Silly Cow back?! I want Silly Cow back!! But UPF and the Lock, they won't let me. They simply can't let it be. They insist pushing me, filling me with rage! I will destroy them, I must destroy them! If I let this go on longer, I do not know how far they will push me. If that happens, I am not sure if I can make it back.

Next week, I will gladly beat both of them. I will enjoy it, I will take pleasure from it... and he will be one step further.

Lord Zarak
2003-10-23, 11:06 AM

B&T paid off an opponent?

Can't see that happeneing again.

May I ask why?

2003-10-23, 04:20 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
I suggest you keep your mind on Brave Maximus and forget about taking my T.V. Title from me next week. You can HOLLA all you want, but all you're going to be a just another victim to the Best Damn Technical T.V. Champion in this business today. Viewfind, you're going to find out just how hard it is to PROVE ME WRONG.


Ok dogg. how about i prove you, yo momma, yo dad and yo cat wrong?

Look at da facts son, you know you can step to dis.

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-23, 06:34 PM
Originally posted by Viewfind

Ok dogg. how about i prove you, yo momma, yo dad and yo cat wrong?

Look at da facts son, you know you can step to dis.

It's going to be funny to see if you can back that up. Afterall, I'm not the one looking over his shoulder every 5 minutes, making sure that some 7 foot phenom isn't trying to kill me. After I make you tap next week, maybe I'll give what left to Brave Maximus.

2003-10-23, 09:27 PM
Originally posted by Lord Zarak

B&T paid off an opponent?

Can't see that happeneing again.

May I ask why?

OOC: I'm confused as feck about that myself. Can I get an answer please?

2003-10-23, 11:24 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
It's going to be funny to see if you can back that up. Afterall, I'm not the one looking over his shoulder every 5 minutes, making sure that some 7 foot phenom isn't trying to kill me. After I make you tap next week, maybe I'll give what left to Brave Maximus.

Only thing blingzilla is going to be taping is yo momma's ASS!
dats right son you never been in the ring with a supasta like dis. first i take yo bling, then yo spot in wargame, then YO MOM!

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-24, 12:04 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind
Only thing blingzilla is going to be taping is yo momma's ASS!
dats right son you never been in the ring with a supasta like dis. first i take yo bling, then yo spot in wargame, then YO MOM!

Two things. One, this T.V. Title is mine and will stay mine for a very long time and two? I'm not in the Wargames, bright boy.

I'm not in them because I'm going to to busy making someone else tap out like a little bitch at Autumn Annihilation while I defend my T.V. Title. Just like I'm going to do to you next week. The only thing that you'll be able to "HOLLA" about, is how much pain I'm going to put you though. Viewfind, you will never PROVE ME WRONG.

2003-10-24, 09:26 AM

*Tempest looks on as the reply is shown to him, the last minute of the Royal Rumble*

T: Redstreak ...


T: That was a .... a very smart thing to do. You knew didn't you? You knew that I would go on a massacre and elminate everyone that was in my way. So you left the ring hoing to to feel my wrath.

*Pauses again*

T: Redstreak ... what happened at Syxx Feet Under, you tried to stop you failed. You tried so hard to beat me and you lost.

*Looks at his own face on the monitor, and smiles*

T: Redstreak, for my honour, for the honour of Warzone, I am proud to say that you are a good pick for the Warzone Team.

*Hears a hush of voices outside door*

T: You unlike D-Ex know how to manage your own in a fight. I respect D-Ex yes, but now that I am forced to fight along side you as well ...


T:Next week we have a test, a test to show how good we are in a team. Redstreak, come this the PPV we must work as a team for own roster, everyone will be supporting us.

T: You are the Leader of the T.C.A., you formed your own faction from which you hope to gain entry into the Warzone Team. But that ain't gonna happen cause I have faith in the Blood & Thunder and I would like to fight along side them in the War Game. Now ... onto the War Game itself ...

*Changes subject*

T: AT Autumn Annihilation the War Games will happen, A match I hope to excel at, for as I have seen in the previous match it can be hell in there, and thats what I am hoping for. Those rings, that cage don't stand a chance against the Human Bulldozer. Neither does Team Mayhem!

OOC: Sweet Warzone, I liked the twist of the Battle Royal.

2003-10-24, 03:12 PM
OOC: That was again a bit weird me being payed off.... And sicne i'm kind of a face i don't think iw ould have attacked my own partner but oh well.

2003-10-24, 04:23 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
Two things. One, this T.V. Title is mine and will stay mine for a very long time and two? I'm not in the Wargames, bright boy.

I'm not in them because I'm going to to busy making someone else tap out like a little bitch at Autumn Annihilation while I defend my T.V. Title. Just like I'm going to do to you next week. The only thing that you'll be able to "HOLLA" about, is how much pain I'm going to put you though. Viewfind, you will never PROVE ME WRONG.

OOC: haha opps, my bad :)

2003-10-24, 06:27 PM
Originally posted by Lord Zarak

B&T paid off an opponent?

Can't see that happeneing again.

May I ask why?

OOC: Y'know on a similar subject I gotta say I'm confused about my character's interaction with TC. Our characters have a long and colorful past, but as allies, not enemies. And TCA is still in its infancy...laying seeds of dissent or other such issues, like those spots did, doesn't sit well with me. TCA is a totally unified stable right now...things like that do not work with how we're developing it.

2003-10-24, 07:15 PM
Originally posted by Redstreak
OOC: Y'know on a similar subject I gotta say I'm confused about my character's interaction with TC. Our characters have a long and colorful past, but as allies, not enemies. And TCA is still in its infancy...laying seeds of dissent or other such issues, like those spots did, doesn't sit well with me. TCA is a totally unified stable right now...things like that do not work with how we're developing it.

A little paranoia never hurt anyone...and might I remind you that TC and I have a very long and colorful past as well? From my view, TC may very well be the best man to come in and run as the 5th man on Team Mayhem.

2003-10-24, 11:49 PM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
A little paranoia never hurt anyone...and might I remind you that TC and I have a very long and colorful past as well? From my view, TC may very well be the best man to come in and run as the 5th man on Team Mayhem.

OOC: Oh sh*t. Hey... I just noticed that AWF logo at the top and in G91's profile. Rockin'!

2003-10-25, 12:12 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
A little paranoia never hurt anyone...and might I remind you that TC and I have a very long and colorful past as well? From my view, TC may very well be the best man to come in and run as the 5th man on Team Mayhem.

2 Things, 1st I noticed you, SCSW and Thundercracker have Avatars so far (I like the AWF one :)) and 2nd in Mayhem it said that G91 was supposedly in the same place as Warzone talking to the 5th member of Team Mayhem.

2003-10-25, 02:40 AM
Originally posted by Wolfang
OOC: Oh sh*t. Hey... I just noticed that AWF logo at the top and in G91's profile. Rockin'!

Yeah now we need to get title belt avatars for our title holders.

Someone get me a belt and I'll make 'em all myself.

...What? :glance: :angel:

2003-10-27, 10:49 AM
Once more I proove that when you are as hot as I am there is nothing that can stand in your way. It was an honor to win this title in front of my home crowd and show the world that Wales produces the best wreslers on this planet.

The un-named runners of the AWF, those secret fellows in suits who like to see this as the greatest wrestling fed on the palnet know this, and they know that when Computron enters the ring come War Games there aint gonna be any doubt that millions and millions of ladies are gonna be paying to view my awsome body destroy an inferior Mayhem looser.

Oh and whilst obviously all the excitement is me in War Games I feel I must offer some advice to my warm up victim, get som ehealth insurance cause your gonna need it, You will soon see that I am more than just a pretty face, something you will never be after I finish with you