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Brave Maximus
2003-10-27, 06:27 PM
Wednesday October 22nd, 2003.

It is autumn. The damp chill in the air, the fog on the ground and the waning sunlight let you know. But it is the feeling deep down in the bones that really tells you that end is almost there. It is fall, the season of death and retreat. The world is dying. Leaves fall lifeless to the ground, grass and flowers wither on the stalk, leaving nothing but their rotting remains. The days of All Hallow’s Eve approaches, and little children dream of the candy that will soon be filling their bellies and rotting their teeth. But in days past, it was a darker, more sinister event. It was a night that did not exist. A place between time, where the spirits of the dead and things much more foul roamed the earth. And as that night approaches, those unspeakable things get stronger.

The Northumberland countryside is dark and quite, while the moon hangs like a tiny sliver in the sky, its scant light frequently blocked out the clouds. The landscape is mostly obscured by the covering of mist and in the background, Chillingham Castle looms like a demon in the night. It’s residents have long since retired for the night, huddling with each other, their combined warmth enough to push back the cold and the things that dwell there. But the Castle itself is not asleep, dark things move and creep around its ancient hallways, some have been there for time immemorial, others are recent visitors.

On a parapet over looking the dying gardens hangs the shadow of a man, cloak flowing on the cold nights breeze. The moon comes out from its cover and casts its silvery light upon the face of Brave Maximus, casting deep lines upon his face.

BM - 'All houses in which men have lived and died
Are haunted houses: through the open doors
The harmless phantoms on their errands glide
With feet that make no sound upon the floors.'

What Am I? Am I just a phantom, too foolish to accept his fate, struggling for some semblance of peace and justice before he rests his head one final time? Or am I something more? Is there a purpose to my unexistence? These are questions that wrack my days and haunt my nights. But the true torture is her face, so small and fragile. The one that I swore I would give my life for. Yet I am here, in the world of the living, and she tumbles in the Darkness. It is here face that keeps me going every day.

I now know what you did Viewfind. I remember your face as you organized and plotted. But I do not know why. And I will find out..........

Viewfind, you are a coward. You cannot face me alone. But know this, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, I will be there. For until I rip the truth for your black soul, I will be your shadow. When you wake up at night, with what ever five dollar hooker you have at your side, know that the fear that squeezes your heart, that takes your breath and drains the life from you is me, and none of the comfort that you buy will save you or warm you up.

Vengeance is coming for you...........
And I am its messenger.............

2003-10-27, 10:57 PM

Bitch max where yo ass been? oh dats right the ER!
But anyways you can sit there and try to be evil and all dat, but i'm da true evil son. just ask Red, stafe, quick switch. i beat his white ass down with a pipe! and maybe you can shoot some green tree elf lightning or something stupid like dat from yo fingers but i got my gat son.

Organized whats now?


Brave Maximus
2003-10-28, 12:34 AM
That's right boy, you are the evil. You are a cancerous tumor that grows in the AWF. And I am going to remove you. There is a differance between me and all those that came before. They stayed down and then crawled away while you were not looking. As long as you are in the AWF I will be the shadow that is right behind you and the Darkness that will swallow you whole.

Get ready Viewfind, your life is about to become hell.