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AWF Warzone
2003-10-27, 11:28 PM
The credits roll, the pyrotechnics hit and we are LIVE (it was recorded live, okay?) from the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England.

Hardcore Championship:
Computron (c) vs. Thundercracker

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the Archive Wrestling Federation Hardcore Championship!”

JFA: “And we’re underway here straight away, folks. Big show lined up – Autumn Annihilation only days away and tonight is when we find out the final line-up for Team Warzone. As it stands, it’s Redstreak, Tempest and Computron, alongside Blood & Thunder. That could all change though.”
JHA: “And it will. TC’s gonna walk out with the gold now, the NWA are gonna get the job done later, then it’ll be all TCA. Shame we’ll also be represented by Tempest, but you can’t win them all…”
JFA: “Big night all round for TCA. Viewfind could walk out with the TV Title… and it’s entirely feasible that he could face his team-mate A-Train at Old Trafford.”
JHA: “Not could – will!”

“Introducing first – the challenger: from Chicago, Illinois, and representing TCA… Thundercracker!”

Flanked by Divebomb and P?, the War Games hopeful makes his way to ringside.

JFA: “Bringing insurance, I see. I’m surprised he feels he’d need it… TC a former Tag Team Champion and a former AWF Champion.”
JHA: “He’s just making sure that nobody interferes… one of those Mayhem sneaks may try and get the drop on him, you know.”
JFA: “If he wins, TC would be the only former AWF Champion in Team Warzone. That’s quite a disparity when compared to the five reigns encapsulated in the Mayhem team. Minimum of five, really… we still don’t know who the fifth member is.”
JHA: “I do.”
JFA: “You do?”
JHA: “Hell yeah. I was gonna announce later, but I may as well tell you now… my sources indicate that it’s none other than Vin Ghostal.”
JFA: “That’s just crazy.”

Thundercracker leaps onto the ring apron and steps through the ropes as the music changes and Creed’s My Sacrifice echoes around the NIA.

“And his opponent… from Cardiff, Wales; the AWF Hardcore Champion… Computron!”

JHA: “It’s not crazy! It’s what I heard. I don’t know how true it is, but that’s what they’re saying. It’s either Vin Ghostal or D’Lo Brown.”
JFA: “D’Lo Brown?! You’re making this up. I know what might be crazy, though – Computron coming out here without any support from his recently reunited tag team partner, Jetfire.”
JHA: “Reunited? They’ve not actually teamed up again yet…”
JFA: “I’ve not seen them with the chance. Computron winning the gold in his hometown last week. Huge victory for him, but he’ll have his work cut out tonight. Entering the ring now, referee telling Prowl and Divebomb to stay well away from the action. Oh… motioning them up the aisle again, in fact!”
JHA: “That’s not fair!”
JFA: “One on one’s not fair?!”
JHA: “Glad you agree!”

Saluting the crowd, Computron makes the mistake of turning his back on Thundercracker and immediately pays for it. The bell has barely sounded as the TCA representative nails the Welshman in the back of the head with a hard clothesline that sends him to the mat.

JFA: “TC blindsiding the champion! And we’re underway in this Hardcore Title match… War Games spot up for grabs as well. TC with War Games experience, of course… represented the cWo last year… many would say that match was a real turning point for him. Kick-started his singles career as the Mav’riks self-destructed in the aftermath…”
JHA: “Oh stop yammering about the past – he’s about to carve a future as the Hardcore Champ!”
JFA: “TC stomping away on the reigning Champ. Pounding away in the corner… irish whip to the farside now… and follows it in with a firm shoulderblock. Rams the shoulder in again – but Computron blocking it, catching TC in a front facelock.”
JHA: “Oh, great. What does he think he’s gonna do there?”
JFA: “Really locked in… TC not going anywhere… Comps hopping up onto the second rope… Tornado DDT coming up? No! Reversal to a northern-lights suplex! One! Two! Oh, Computron barely getting out of it there.”
JHA: “That was three and you know it…”
JFA: “Both men quickly to their feet… Computron goes for the clothesline… ducked by TC… and a standing heel kick right to the jaw. Kick to the gut caught by Computron… oh, but the enziguri connects… Thundercracker back up… and a standing backflip. Version of a moonsault there… one, two… shoulder comes up from Computron.”

Glaring unhappily at the referee, Thundercracker hauls the Champion up, before lifting him and dumping him on the top turnbuckle.

JFA: “Computron sat on that top rope now… not sure what TC’s quite got in mind… climbing up after him… superplex perhaps?”
JHA: “Nah… he’ll be after something better than that. Huracanrana, maybe,”
JFA: “We’ll find out soon enough… right hand to Compy to keep him down… but the champion fires back with one of his own… and another… Computron in command now. Front facelock… what’s he going to? Oh no… Superplex… right above us… MY GOD!”
JHA: “That has GOT to hurt…”
JFA: “Computron just superplexing TC out of the ring and to the floor… both men flat out in front of us. Neither in a position to get the fall… I think that took more out of Computron than the challenger… landed pretty much on his head, whilst TC ended up more-or-less seated…”
JHA: “That move was never meant to be performed from that height… the angles get shot to hell… Computron’s lucky there’s nothing in his head to actually damage!”

Remarkably taking the least of the move, TC clambers slowly to his feet and staggers towards the timekeeper’s table.

JHA: “What’s going on? Has that table got a bullseye on it for these Hardcore matches now?”
JFA: “Well, the timekeeper’s chair got involved in the finish in Cardiff last week… TC I think going for the title belt. Yep, he’s got it… and you have to wonder what he’s got in mind.”
JHA: “He’s going to make sure it fits Compy. What the hell do you think he’s going to do? He’s gonna nail him with it!”

Lining up the shot, Thundercracker waits for Computron to make it to his feet, before lunging forward.

JFA: “TC with the shot… no – ducked by Computron! Comps turns now… TC throws the belt up high- what the?!”
JHA: “Lifetime Enlightenment!! Through the title belt!”
JFA: “Oh, I don’t believe it! TC just tossed the belt up towards the champion… Computron moved to catch it, but before he could, that kick came through and just slammed the belt gold-first into his face…”
JHA: “THAT is talent, baby. That is talent.”
JFA: “No cover, though… TC going under the ring… what the? Table. Pulling a table out from under the ring… I think Compy’s out cold. TC dumping him across the wood. Now going round to the other side of the ring… what’s he playing at, J?”
JHA: “He’s making sure people remember his win! I don’t know what he’s going to do, but it’s going to be special… oh yes!”
JFA: “A ladder. TC sliding a ladder out from under the ring. Now actually hurling it into the ring. But Computron’s up… crawling back onto the apron… TC picking that ladder up… and just rams the top of it straight into Computron’s face!”

Busted open, the Welshman drops off the apron and back to the arena floor. TC sets up the ladder in the ring and slides back out under the bottom rope. He pulls his opponent up and hurls him headlong into the steel ringpost before catching him on the way back and throwing him back across the table.

JHA: “Now stay down! I love this guy.”
JFA: “TC setting Computron up on that table… back into the ring again… that ladder set up in the squared circle… clambering up it, cat-like agility as ever… oh no… not that…”
JHA: “Damn you’re slow on the uptake. Frog splash, baby!”
JFA: “TC… atop that ladder… Computron set up on that table… TC’s going to fly… Five star… frog splash! He connects with it! The table is shattered into pieces… I think Computron’s broken in half! Referee in position – it’s academic anyway!”
JHA: “New champion! One! Two! Three!”
JHA: “WHAT the?!”
JFA: “I don’t believe it… Computron’s shoulder coming up at the last possible second… TC can’t believe it… nobody here can believe it… TC arguing with the referee…”
JHA: “Oh, you don’t want to do that…”
JFA: “TC pushing the referee around… throwing his own weight about, that’ll just get him into trouble. Official backing up around the ring, really being intimidated now… and… what? Oh no…”
JHA: “Now there’s smart play! How the hell was that not three?!”
JFA: “Because the referee only got to two before the shoulder came out… referee distracted with Thundercracker and now the NWA are back out here… Prowl grabbing Computron… spinebuster!”
JHA: “There’s the mark. This is looking better for TCA.”
JFA: “The NWA out here to make absolutely sure that TC makes it to War Games. Not that he’d need their help, I don’t understand this.”
JHA: “Insurance! These Hardcore matches are dangerous… they want him in primo physical shape for Autumn Annihilation. No nasty injuries, no major risks.”
JFA: “Jumping off a ladder isn’t a risk?!”
JHA: “Not for him! Oh, look at this one. Divebomb up onto the top rope.”
JFA: “Divebomb on the top turnbuckle… Prowl hauling Computron up again… lifts him up onto the shoulders…”
JHA: “Doomsday Device!”
JFA: “Devastating maneouvre… and the French announce table just absolutely trashed as well! Computron clotheslined off P?’s shoulders by Divebomb… and just fell backwards through the announce table. He’s absolutely destroyed. The NWA walking away now… TC dragging the referee back… hauls Computron out of the wreckage. Official can guess what went down, but can’t do a thing about it… no disqualifications. Pulls the Welshman up… now what? Piledriver! On the arena floor. Lateral press… one… two… three. That got it. And unsurprisingly, after that, we’ve got a new Hardcore Champion…”
JHA: “TC picks up the gold! And he deserves it.”
JFA: “They mugged him!”
JHA: “Who hit the final move? Who made the cover? Who’s the champion? Who’s in Team Warzone?”
JFA: “TC…”
JHA: “Exactly.”


We come back from the commercial break to see a video package of what went down whilst we were away: With the Hardcore Championship won, Thundercracker calmly strutted his way to the back, leaving Prowl and Divebomb to do a serious number on the already injured Computron. Motivated by their longstanding hatred for CompuFire, and perhaps simply carried away in the spirit of the attack, the pair used the ladder to prop the Welshman up, enabling them to deliver two sick con-chair-tos, but were chased from the ring as they set up for a third by Jetfire, who came storming down the aisle armed with a fire extinguisher.


Thundercracker arrives in the TCA locker room, and is immediately greeted by Redstreak with a slap of hands and an embrace.

Red: “Nice one, dude. Now that’s two of us in there. P and D get the job done, and it’s mission accomplished.”

TC smiles as Viewfind slides across and pats him on the back.

Viwf: “My ol’ bling, yo! It still looks good, mang. An’ on yo, it looks blingtastic! Now yous both in dat Wargames shiznit, but you best be on the right side, Crackstar.”

The three chuckle.

TC: “I can’t believe we really got people thinking I’d defect.”
Red: “He did talk to you, didn’t he?”
TC: “Oh yeah, but… well. Can’t be telling people what my answer was… if you get my gist.”

Smiling, Redstreak almost jumps as the door opens and Mr Vaccaro walks in.

Vaccaro: “Happy now?”
TC: “Ecstatic.”
Vaccaro: “Mess with as many heads as you want to with all that will-he, won’t-he garbage. I don’t know if you’re trying to con me, the people at home or the Game, but I know that you’ll turn out for Warzone on Sunday.”
TC gasps in mock horror: “Boss… whoever said I wouldn’t?”

Raising his eyebrow at the laughing trio, Vaccaro smirks.

Vaccaro: “Whatever. I saw the way you won that belt and wanted to tell you I’m absolutely disgusted by your tactics. Which is why I’m appointing you captain of the War Games team.”
TC: “What?”
Red: “What?”
Viewf: “You boring, biznoss man. TC just doing whats he wants to do, yo. You way outta line, homie.”
Vaccaro: “Riiiiiight. Shouldn’t you be getting ready for a match, you little stoner? Anyway, as tradition dictates I need a captain, I thought I’d select the person with the most experience in the type of match. As it stands, that’s you or Zarak. Zarak may lose his spot later, but you’ve already shown me you’re willing to do whatever it takes. So, you’re the captain.”

Not waiting for an answer, Vaccaro walks out of the locker room, ushering Viewfind out along with him.

Television Title
Amarant Odinson (c) vs. Viewfind

JHA: "What was that all about? TC's the captain?"
JFA: "Judgement call from the Warzone owner. He has experience, he's the only former Champion in the side. They need a captain to call the cointoss. I'm now utterly confused about that whole Mayhem aspect, though..."
JHA: "Why? It's plain as day. They're joking, you schmuck. They know TC wouldn't sell us out. I hope."
JFA: "Yeah, hope. Many a true word is spoken in jest, J. TV Title shot up now, though... let's move on."

Ring Announcer - The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the AWF TV Championship! Making his way to the ring, from Philadelphia and member of the GPA: VIEWFIND!

“Party Up in here” By DMX hits the Soundtrons and Viewfind walks confidently down the entrance ramp. Seemingly un-afraid of anything, he climbs into the ring and raises his hands to a mixed reaction from the crowds. The camera pans around the ring, focussing on various signs: “Viewfind Will Rest In Peace” and “Kick that White Boy’s Ass”. None of this seems to affect Viewfind as he stands in the ring, waiting intently on the arrival of his opponent.

JFA - How long do you think Amarant Odinson can keep this pace up? He’s been facing at least one opponent every week since he won the championship. He’s beaten them all so far, but.......

JHA - It’s going to end tonight, Homeslice is gonna take his bling bling and leave him bleeding on the ground. Odinsons’ reign as TV champ is going to end tonight, it’s that simple.

JFA - And of course there’s the unknown element in this match. Brave Maximus has got his sights on Viewfind and it’s not going to end pretty. Look what happened to Vi...

JHA - Why the hell did you have to bring that up? My home boy Viewfind ain’t got nothin’ to fear from freaky Hallowe’en reject. He shows his ugly face here tonight, Homeslice will bash it in with his brand new TV title.

JFA - Well, we’ll see what happens here tonight.

Ring Announcer - And from Toronto, Ontario. He is the AWF TV CHAMPION: Amarant Odinson!

“More Human than Human” hits and the pyro goes off, but for only a few moments. The lights go out and eerie music floats around the ring. When the lights come back on, a man in a cloak stands at the entrance way, his face covered by the hood. He slowly raises an arm and points at Viewfind, who is looking a little nervous in the ring, but is standing his ground.

JHA - What the hell is this?!? Why is Brave Maximus out here!?! He has no business in this match!

JFA - More importantly, what did he do to Amarant Odinson? Maximus is so hell bent on taking out Viewfind that there’s no telling who he’ll eliminate to......... HEY! There’s something wrong here. Where’s the Lightning? Where’s his standard Music? Something doesn’t seem right, he seems.... Shorter.

JHA - Damn well scary enough for me!

“Brave Maximus” reaches up with one hand and then charges to the ring, undoing his cloak as he runs. The cloak falls behind him revealing Amarant Odinson! Odinson slides into the ring and clotheslines the still stunned Viewfind. He takes off his belt and drops it to the side of the ring, as a ring attendant takes it away. The Ref calls for the bell and the match is underway. Viewfind quickly gets to his feet, and it’s obvious that he’s seething in anger. Both men lock up violently at centre ring, staring into each others eyes.

JHA - That was a dirty trick by Odinson! Scarring the hell out of m..... I mean Viewfind like that!

JFA - What ever gets the job done I guess. I don’t agree with the scare tactic, but it should be interesting to see what effect it has on Viewfind. Because right now all it seems to have done is piss him off.

Viewfind wins the initial struggle, bringing Amarant up in a suplex. But half way up, Amarant counters and flips around behind him. He grabs Viewfind around the waist, and sends him for a release german suplex. But displaying some great athleticism, Viewfind flips with the throw and manages to land on his feet. He bounces off the ropes and attempts to clothesline Odinson, who counters with an arm-drag takedown. Viewfind holds on and uses the momentum to flip Odinson over, and locks in a modified arm bar! Odinson quickly reaches out and grabs the ropes. The Ref calls for Viewfind to break the hold, but he keeps it locked in on Odinson, applying more pressure. The Ref begins his count, and just before the three, Viewfind lets go and backs off. Allowing Odinson to get to his feet.

This time both men circle each other, occasionally reaching in to attempt to grapple with the other man, to no avail. With lightning speed, Amarant lashes out at grabs on to on of Viewfinds legs and takes him to the mat with a single leg takedown. On the mat, Odinson attempts to lock in a cross-face, but Viewfind manages to move himself around, grabbing a hold on Odinson’s ankle, twisting it in a modified ankle lock. Odinson, still on his back, kicks Viewfind in the head, to get him to break the hold. Again both men roll to their feet, but now Odinson is favouring one foot over the other.

Viewfind charges Amarant, at the last second dropping to the floor into a baseball slide taking out Odinson’s injured ankle. Odinson drops to the mat, and Viewfind quickly gets to his feet, then scrambles up the turnbuckle. He leaps off, landing a flying elbow right to the back of his opponent. He rolls off, the walks around to the other side of Odinson. Viewfind crosses Odinsons ankles and bends his legs at the knee, then does the same to Amarants arms. Putting his knees in Amarants back, Viewfind rolls backwards, putting Odinson in a Bow and Arrow stretch. Odinson, obviously in pain, shakes his head as the Ref asks if he wants to give up. Viewfind in shouting obscenities at Amarant, telling him he doesn’t want this pain. As the Ref asks a second time if Odinson wants to give up, his only response is spit to the face. Odinson shifts his weight, forcing Viewfind over onto his shoulders, and into a pin. The Ref sees this and begins to count. Before the 2 can come down, Viewfind manages to rock them back into position. Agony is painted all over Odinsons face, but he refuses to give up. He shifts again, forcing Viewfind back into the pin. This time, though, Viewfind cannot counter and is forced to release the hold so he can get a shoulder up!

JFA - Both men showing incredible determination here tonight. Battered and bruised, neither man willing to accept defeat.

JHA - I’ve got to hand it to Odinson, he’s showing some amazing skill and resilience here. Of course he’s just delaying the inevitable: Homeslice is gonna win, it’s just a matter of time now.

JFA - Well, it certainly goes to show a certain Tape-deck on the OTHER show that this title is worth something - both men are putting their bodies through hell for this title!

Viewfind, starting to breath heavy, drags Amarant to his feet. But half way up, Odinson counters, smacking Viewfinds hands away. He then gets to his feet and lands a massive blow to Viewfinds face, sending the challenger reeling back into a turnbuckle. Viewfind hits it and rests for a second, but gets his head up in time to see Odinson charging at him. Viewfind dodges out of the way, and Amarant hits the turnbuckle chest first. Odinson rebounds backwards and Viewfind grabs him around the waist, preparing to flip him backwards. As he flexes, nothing happens! The camera pans down and shows Odinson managed to hook his leg around Viewfinds, preventing him from flipping Amarant!

Odinson counters around Viewfind and sends him flying in a German suplex. But he doesn’t let go. He drags both men over and into a standing position and sends them flying again. Odinson manages to pull off 5 back to back German suplexes! As he flips them over for the sixth, Viewfind reaches back and elbows Amarant in the head repeatedly, forcing him to loosen his grasp. Viewfind manages to escape and rolls out of the ring, leaving Odinson a heaving heap on the mat. On the outside, Viewfind slumps against the guard rail, catching his breath.

JFA - WAIT! Hold it! Get the camera man to go back! Did you see that?!?

JHA - What the hell are you rambling on about now? I didn’t see a thing.

JFA - I thought I saw, well, someone in the crowd........

JHA - Well there are 13, 425 someone’s in this crowd tonight, feel like being a little more specific?

JFA - Well it was...... some one who....... Shut UP BOOBS!

Before the Ref can get the 10 count, Viewfind rolls into the ring and meets up with Odinson at centre ring. Both men attempt to levy blows at each other, but neither can make it before the other man counters. Finally Viewfind manages to get two solid right hands off on Amarant, sending him reeling backwards. Viewfind rushes him, punches him one more time, and with the last of his strength, sends him for the Pimp Drop. Amarant lands hard, but Viewfind also lands on his back. Both men are barely moving in the centre of the ring. The Ref begins the double count out. By 3 Viewfind has made it to his hands and knees, whilst Amarant is just beginning to stir. Viewfind makes his way over to Amarant and flops on top of him, making an attempt at lifting up the leg of his opponent. The Ref is there and starts to count: 1..... 2...... Just before the 3 count, Amarant some how manages to get his left arm up and the match continues!

Viewfind, obviously frustrated, crawls over to the ropes and drags himself to his feet. He kicks the TV champion a couple of times for good measure, before climbing the turnbuckle. As he makes it to the top and begins to turn to face the mat again, Amarant lunges at the ropes, shaking them on Viewfind, causing him to lose his balance and land on the top turnbuckle. Every male in the audience lets out a collective sympathetic groan. Odinson stumbles to the turnbuckle and climbs up, punching Viewfind a couple of times. He then hops up, latches onto Viewfinds arm and drags him to the mat, hyper extending Viewfinds arm in a nasty arm-bar!

JFA - HOUSE OF PAIN! Amarant’s got it locked in. Viewfind is keeping his arm tensed so that the shoulder doesn’t pop out, but he looks to be in excruciating pain. Amarant’s got this one now!

JHA - That’s what you think! Homeslice is fighting through the pain! He’s dragging both of them to the ropes, and there’s not a damn thing Odinson can do about it! Come on VIEWFIND! You can do it!

JFA - He makes it! I don’t believe it, Viewfind makes it over to the ropes and almost dargs both of them out of the ring! The Ref is calling for Odinson to break the hold, but he’s not releasing it! I don’t think he’ll be happy until he dislocates Viewfinds shoulder!

JHA - 2! Come on, one more and it’s DQ for Odinson, Viewfind’ll get the win! DAMN IT! Amarant let go before 3. Viewfinds doing the smart thing and rolling out of the ring.

JFA - Yeah and going for a chair. He can’t beat Odinson in a fair fight, now he’s going to cheat. The Ref is trying to get in his way, but Viewfind swings and... WHAT THE HELL!


The lights in the arena go out and this time Evanescence’s “Haunted” floats around the arena, chilling the crowd more than any autumn eve ever could. Thunder begins to rumble behind the music and lightning strikes all over the arena, before four bolts hit the ring posts, then arc to the centre of the ring. As the lights come back on, we see the Ref holding the chair of Viewfind, mid swing. The camera pans over to find Brave Maximus (sans cloak) crouching over Amarant Odinson and we see him whisper ‘I’m Sorry’. He the stands and kicks Odinson in the ribs, hard, sending him rolling half way across the ring. The Ref drops Viewfinds chair, and calls for the bell. As Viewfind and Brave Maximus stare at each other across the ring, the Ring Announcer comes on over the sound system:

Ring Announcer - Your winner, as a result of a disqualification: AMARANT ODINSON!

This enrages Viewfind, as he lost this shot at the TV title. He charges Brave Maximus with all of his strength, swinging the chair in an overhead arc. Brave Maximus reaches up with one hand and catches the chair. He rips it out of Viewfinds hand, and throws it out of the ring. Viewfind, not missing a beat, lands a massive right-handed blow to the jaw of Brave Maximus. His head whips back from the impact. As Brave Maximus’ head slowly moves back around, his lip is cut open, another of many injuries laid upon him by Viewfind and the NWA. Viewfind punches him again, but with less effect this time. As Viewfind tries for a third shot, Brave Maximus catches it in his mammoth left hand, pulling Viewfind closer to him. Maximus then grabs Viewfind by the head and throws him across the ring. He then slowly walks over to the prone body of Viewfind, reaching down and slowly dragging him to his feet. He stares at Viewfind and then says in a voice that rumbles around the ring like thunder:

BM - It ends tonight! I will have vengance........

JFA - I told you I saw someone in the crowd. Here comes Prowl? and Divebomb! Each has a chair, but can they save Viewfind from the “Final Darkness”?!?

JHA - He’s setting Homeslice up, this isn’t going to be pretty! Remember what it did to Vin......

JFA - No! They made it into the ring! Maximus can’t release Viewfind from the double underhook fast enough! ConCHAIRto! Maximus is down! Both men are pummelling Maxiumus with chairs!

As security and ring officials make their way down the entrance, Prowl? and Divebomb pick up Viewfind and take him out of the ring. Medics, with a spine board and gurney move to the ring quickly, preparing to treat the seemingly unconscious Brave Maximus. As they arrive, he sites up and stares at the entrance way, as we fade to a


Fatal Fourway for a TV Title shot at Autumn Annihilation
Astrotrain vs. OP2005 vs. Ravage vs. Strafe

JFA: Here we go, folks! One of these four will face the TV champion at Autumn Annihilation and personally, I can't wait.
JHA: I can't wait either for Ravage to kick some ass tonight.

And as on cue, the sounds of "I Will Be Heard" fills the arena as a very angry Ravage walks down the ramp.

JFA: Ravage has been very irritated since last week when he was eliminated in the battle royal.
JHA: Who can blame him? He wanted to be in the War Games. He should've been in the War Games. I don't understand why Vaccaro didn't name him automatically. Aside from TC, he's the only one here with past experience from that kind of match.
JFA: Yeah, he lost the match for his team.
JHA: Old news, now he's an improved Ravage, a much better Ravage, Ravage mkII I might say.
JFA: Ookay...

Before Ravage makes it to the ring Here to Stay by Korn hits and Strafe arrives in the arena closely followed by OP2005 who doesn't seem to be much focused on the match ahead.

JFA: Now here's an odd couple if I've ever seen one.
JHA: I see your 'odd' and raise you with 'utterly bizarre'.
JFA: I honestly don't know what Vaccaro had in mind when he ordered these two to team up. At best, they tolerate each other. At worst, they're at each others' throats.
JHA: Maybe he hoped that they would kill each other. That's what I hope.
JFA: You really are a sad individual.
JHA: And damn proud of it!

Strafe and OP2005 enter the ring keeping their eyes on Ravage. Strafe says something to OP who responds with a nod. The sounds of Mephisto Odyssey & Static-X mark the arrival of A-Train but before A-Train is even seen Ravage takes the opportunity and attacks Strafe and OP who were waiting for A-Train. A hard clothesline sends Strafe over the ropes leaving OP2005 and Ravage to duke it out. Realizing that the match might end without him A-Train wastes no time, runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Ravage's right hands have left OP staggering and he uses the opportunity to knock down the running A-Train with a shoulder block.

JFA: Ravage taking control early in this match. This might be soon over.
JHA: Might be? Have some faith. I give it two minutes, tops.

Ravage lifts A-Train by the hair but is suddenly stopped by OP's chop to the back. A-Train joins the fun as both men are pummeling Ravage. Ravage seems to be gaining the advantage, though, until Strafe comes from behind and with a slide takes the big man's feet from under him. For a while all three men are kicking and punching Ravage until A-Train decides enough is enough and levels Strafe with a clothesline. Quickly he picks up his opponent and whips him to the corner following with another clothesline. In the meantime OP2005 is still trading blows with Ravage who is again gaining the upper hand after been left 1-on-1 with OP. Ravage whips OP to the ropes but OP ducks the following clothesline, bounces off the ropes and drops Ravage with an elbow. Ravage down OP notices A-Train pummeling at Strafe in the corner and goes for help. He grabs A-Train by the waist, lifts him up and slams hard into the canvas.

JFA: Strafe and OP2005 working better as a team than I expected. OP helping Strafe out from the corner, but Ravage is already up and knocks both of them down with a double clothesline.
JHA: Ravage might've been down but no way was he out.
JFA: Ravage picking OP up, a couple of right hands, sends OP to the ropes, and a big boot sends OP down! Strafe and A-Train also up, Strafe goes for a clothesline but A-Train ducks and hits a german suplex into a bridge! One! Two! And Ravage breaks the count. Ravage picks A-Train up and throws him into the corner. Lays A-Train down with chops and kicks and whips him across the ring, follows with a HARD clothesline!
JHA: A-Train is out, Ravage is totally destroying him!
JFA: Don't count him out yet. OP trying to attack from behind, Ravage stops him with a shoulder block, OP staggering, Ravage grabs his head and puts it between his legs...
JHA: This is over! If Ravage connects with this powerbomb he's the winner.
JFA: It would seem so! A furious powerbomb on OP and Ravage is seconds away from winning this match!

But before Ravage can cover the fallen OP Strafe who has climbed the top rope jumps and drops Ravage with a missile dropkick. Looking around he ponders for a moment before covering OP.

JFA: Strafe going for his fallen teammate! One! Two! Thr...OP just got the shoulder up. OP questioning Strafe's judgment but Strafe doesn't look like he's feeling guilty.
JHA: Well he should. Trying to steal Ravage's victory like that.
JFA: I was referring to the fact that he tried to win this by pinning his teammate.
JHA: Oh! I don't care about that.

OP and Strafe argue for a bit but as soon as they see Ravage getting up they join forces and drop the big man with a double clothesline. Not wasting any time they pick Ravage up and hit a double suplex. Strafe goes instantly for the pin but before the referee has even time to react OP breaks the pin with a firm kick. Strafe doesn't have time to protest, though, as A-Train is back up and sprinting towards them. A-Train ducks OP's clothesline and takes down Strafe. OP tries to grab A-Train from behind but A-Train quickly counters and gets behind the behemoth. With deceiving ease A-Train locks his hands around OP's waist and connects with a german suplex.

JFA: OP in trouble now but Strafe is back up.
JHA: So is Ravage.
JFA: Indeed. Strafe trying to attack A-Train but Ravage stops him and scoop slams Strafe to the mat! Strafe struggling to get back up, Ravage taunting him, sets him up for a pump handle slam!
JHA: He ties the hands, it's gonna hit!

With devastating force Ravage slams Strafe and goes for the pin. He gets two before A-Train breaks it up and starts kicking Ravage. A-Train picks Ravage up but Ravage counters with a stiff kick to the midsection. Ravage tries to whip A-Train to the ropes but A-Train counters and whips the big man in turn. Ravage bouncing from the ropes avoids A-Trains clothesline but walks straight into OP's the Shining!

JFA: Oh my god! OP2005 nearly took Ravage's head off with that boot!!
JHA: This doesn't look good!
JFA: Strafe is still down, that pump handle slam by Ravage seems to have put him down for the count. OP and A-Train now trading blows, OP getting the advantage here I think, a quick kick by A-Train evens the odds, A-Train going for the fisherman suplex, OP counters...
JHA: Oh my! oh my!!
JFA: OP counters the fisherman into the Gravedigger!! A-Train is out! Strafe is down! OP will go to Autumn Annihilation and...

Before JFA can complete his sentence Ravage turns OP around and kicks OP in the midsection doubling the big man over. With equal speed and strenght Ravage picks OP up to his shoulders signalling for the end.

JFA: The Hangover connects! This one is over! Ravage covers OP, 1, 2, and three. Ravage wins.
JHA: I told you. Maybe you'll listen to me more from here on.
JFA: I doubt. Ravage dominates the other three and goes to Autumn Annihilation to face Amarant Odinson for the TV title. But you gotta wonder, is the TV title that important to Ravage or does he just want to prove everyone that he should've been in the War Games.
JHA: Either way, Amarant is in for big trouble and I'll be amazed if he succeeds in defending the title against Ravage.

Keith Kincaid is stood alongside the Tag Team Champions, Blood & Thunder.

KK: “Wolfang. Zarak. First off, thanks for your time tonight, ahead of that big title defence you’ve got coming. But first, I understand you want to address the situation last week, where you appeared to actually pay OP2005 to attack his own partner…”

Zarak: “Yeah, Keith. First off, yes, we gave him some money. As you know, we’re a fun loving pair. Always joking, making banter during the match. We didn’t take into account the fact that OP’s an absolute lunatic.”
Wolfang: “Like Zarak said, we underestimated his insanity. We go through every match, we talk a little smack, we wind them up, we pretty much have a laugh. Now, OP being OP, we were talking him up. We all knew we were heading for an easy win, but we wanted to make him feel big. So, before the match, we just joke about and say we’ll pay him to throw the match.”
Zarak: “Yep. Of course we were joking, but we took along a bit of money just as a little in-joke. Halfway through, we just dropped it in as a reminder to get a chuckle… lighten things up. Of course the nutter goes and actually does it.”
Wolfang: “We couldn’t believe it. It was like… what the hell? I mean, yeah… we gave him the money, but we were just like… what are you doing?”
Zarak: “The guy’s crazy.”

KK: “So… you’re saying you didn’t pay him off? It was all a joke that backfired?”

Zarak: “Well, yeah. The guy’s crazy. We don’t want to be buying off opponents, we know we’re the best.”
Wolfang: “And we know where to prove it: in the ring. Which is exactly how we’re going to beat the NWA tonight, to prove once and for all that we’re the best Tag Team in the AWF, and also why we should be in the War Games match.”
Zarak: “Oh yeah. Tonight’s not just about the titles, it’s about pride. We’re going to win fair and square. I’ve already been in the War Games once, I’m sad to say I was on the losing side along with TC last year, but I just want every Warzone fan to know that I’m not going to let that happen again. Especially in my own backyard. Come on, Fang. Time to go get ready.”

Triple Threat
UPF vs. Morpheus vs. The Lock

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is a triple threat match and it is scheduled for one fall!”

Get rolled with the fever on the dance floor…

As Lock starts down the entrance ramp, Morpheus appears from nowhere and blindsides the Melbourne native. The bell rings as UPF races from the backstage area to join the fray.

JFA: “And here we go folks… triple threat match here, hot on the heels of last week’s Warzone, when the Lock lived up to his name and caught Morpheus and UPF in a steel cage.”

Footage rolls of UPF hitting the Prime Cutter on Morpheus from the top of the cage to the floor and Lock leaving with a grin on his face.

JHA: “We still don’t know what Lock’s intent was. Was it to aid or disable? Was he after Morpheus or UPF? It is impossible to tell…”
JFA: “Lock laying the smack down on UPF after he floored Morpheus with a chair shot... the clue in that match is Lock slamming the door on Morpheus’ head.”
JHA: “Really? You think it’s that clear cut?”
JFA: “I don’t know what the actual situation is in the big picture, but for right now it looks like Lock and Morpheus want to beat up on each other and UPF has been caught in the crossfire! Speaking of UPF… he just got bowled over with a belly-to-belly suplex from the Lock! Morpheus and the Lock back to fighting… knee to the abdomen from Morpheus… and a spinebuster on the concrete!”

Morpheus strolls, in his usual awkward lumbering way, towards the ring area. He pushes the ring announcer, the time keeper, the director and any other AWF staff members who happen to be present, out of his way and starting to dismantle the announce table. JHA and JFA are temporarily lost to the paralysing fear that comes from the pit of the stomach and the deepest most primal regions of the brain. Morpheus throws their monitors into the crowd, and starts back towards his opponents.

As Morpheus is destroying the announce table, the Lock and UPF are engaged in an unusual arrangement of street fighting. For two accomplished ring technicians, this is a new experience. Lock barrels into UPF with a modified spear, and rains down with a series of right fists to UPF’s forehead. The two appeared to have cooperated last week, but there is no trace of camaraderie in this carnage. As the two try to tear chunks out of each other, they fail to notice Morpheus: quite a startling fete considering his huge frame and noticeable mask.

He drags UPF, who had managed to gain the advantage, and hauls him upwards by the throat before dropping him with a rather clumsy chokeslam. As the Lock recovers, Morpheus turns his attention back to the man who slammed the cage door on his head. He grabs the offender by the hair and drags him to his feet before drilling him with his patented Anesthesis DDT. If not for the intervention of UPF, Morpheus was almost assured victory.

JFA: “Sorry about the technical difficulties, folks… we seem to be back on the air.”
JHA: “No thanks to that goofball Morpheus! The guy is dangerous!”

As if cued by that remark, Morpheus slams UPF on the concrete and nails a cannonball from the ramp onto the Lock. With Lock halfway to being unconscious and UPF more than three-quarters of the way there, Morpheus has to act quickly. A cover attempt after the cannonball yields a two-count as Lock raises a shoulder. Slightly frustrated, Morpheus hauls the Melbourne native up and drops him with a crushing suplex. He squashes himself upright and strides over to where UPF is getting up from the floor.

He plants a right foot squarely in the back of the head of the resident All-American of the AWF before returning to extract retribution from the fallen Lock. He slams his elbow and chest down onto the Melbourne native and attempts another cover, which garners another two-count. Amidst his protesting and intimidation towards the official, Morpheus fails to spot UOPF getting to his feet and grabbing a steel chair. As Morpheus turns back to continue his demolition of the Lock, UPF slams the chair into his head. The echoes reverberate through the skulls of every fan in the arena, but Morpheus just looks up towards the patriotic powerhouse. He screams at UPF to hit him again. Not wishing to be ungracious, UPF does hit him again. Several times. And still Morpheus refuses to fall.

After an eighth chair shot splinters the offending piece of furniture, Morpheus clotheslines UPF to the floor. As UPF gets up, he is met with a foot to the face and rolls backwards. Seeing the Lock raising slowly to his feet, UPF diverts Morpheus to allow the Aussie time to recover. He signals Morpheus to ‘come on’ as he ventures closer to the ring. As they fill the narrow avenue between the security rail and the entrance ramp, UPF slugs Morpheus straight in the mouth. Morpheus wipes his hand across his mouth and looks at the blood on his index finger. He smiles and delivers a crushing right cross to UPF, which sends the San Francisco native tumbling toward the ring.

As Morpheus gloats however, Lock sneaks up behind him and hits a Dinobot Slam from a standing position onto the entrance ramp. Morpheus appears to be smiling in some deranged fashion as Lock climbs up and attempts a piledriver onto the steel ramp. As he positions Morpheus for the move, however, the Lock receives a back body drop onto the steel ramp. Morpheus continues to grimace in a rather positive fashion as he hoists Lock up again. This time, Lock counters with a a series of rights, and throws the lord of dreams onto one shoulder before he charges towards UPF. He releases at the last moment… allowing UPF to slam Morpheus to the concrete with a modified powerbomb!

As Morpheus curls into a foetal position, rocking gently, Lock and UPF begin to slug one another. UPF gains the edge and Irish whips Lock to the security rail. The San Francisco native charges Lock, who dives out of the way a split second before UPF crashes onto the railing, groin first. As UPF stands astride the rail, Lock hits him with a Dinobot Slam onto the ringside matting… and turns around, narrowly avoiding slipping into an Anesthesis from Morpheus. Lock kicks the dreamer in the stomach, and sets up for another Dinobot Slam.

As he spins, however, Morpheus drops down behind him and awaits Lock’s return to a facing position… wherein he lays out the former IC an Tag Team Champion with the Anesthesis!

JFA: “There’s the Anesthesis… 1… 2… and 3! Morpheus wins!”

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… your winner… MORPHEUS!”


Mr Vaccaro sits in his office, watching the replay of the previous finish. He turns to Mr Waugh and raises his eyebrow.

Vaccaro: “Impressive stuff. The Lock’s a quality opponent, but that was quite a display.”
Waugh: “Meaning?”
Vaccaro: “Meaning that it’s one thing to beat him in a Triple Threat match… but another to do it one-on-one. Morpheus against the Lock for Sunday. Organise it.”

Tag Team Championship
Blood & Thunder (c) vs. The NWA

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the AWF Tag Team Championship.”

JHA: “And a spot in War Games, lest we forget.”

“Introducing first, the challengers…”

Manowar’s Warriors of the World United fills the Birmingham arena as the NWA make their way out for the second time this evening.

“… from Burnaby and Prince George, British Columbia, respectively, and representing TCA… Divebomb and P – the NWA!”

JFA: “The Norse-Canadian pair all business tonight, it would seem. Game-faces are on.”
JHA: “TCA not gonna be screwed out of another victory – they’re down two to one!”
JFA: “And things maybe getting worse for them… I’ve just had word come through that Mr Vaccaro has sanctioned what’s being referred to as a House of Horrors match for Autumn Annihilation… between Brave Maximus and Viewfind.”
JHA: “A what?!”
JFA: “I don’t know…”

The TCA trio reach ringside and the former Tag Champs clamber into the squared circle, gesturing lewdly at those in attendance.

JFA: “And the NWA getting quite a hostile reception… they did a huge number on Computron earlier tonight. The crowd won’t have forgotten that…”
JHA: “Oh no… nor’s he…”

As the TCA representatives soak up the jeers, a large majority start cheering as Jetfire storms down the ramp and dives into the ring. Armed with a steel chair, he smashes it across the back of Divebomb, sending him forward through the ropes and clear of the ring.

JFA: “Jetfire back out here! An absolute house of fire… taking on both NWA members… looking for revenge from earlier… and smashes the chair hard over Prowl’s head… I don’t remember the last time I saw him this aggressive!”

But as the Epsom native takes out his frustrations, pushing Prowl from the ring and to the floor, he doesn’t see A-Train bomb down the aisle and into the ring.

JHA: “Oh yes!”
JFA: “Jetfire… what? Oh… A-Train out of nowhere with a chop-block to the back of the knee. Working over on the Londoner… and… Blood & Thunder! Wolfang and Zarak down into the ring now… they were due to take on the NWA… but Jetfire beat them to it… the Tag Champions coming to the aid of Jets now…”
JHA: “Why can’t they just leave well alone?!”
JFA: “Because A-Train has no place out here?”
JHA: “Nor does Jetfire! Let them scrap it out amongst each other!”
JFA: “Wolfang with A-Train in a full nelson… what’s he gonna do here? Claw of the Dragon! Double team specialists Blood & Thunder! They just took A-Train out…”
JHA: “Divebomb’s up! Now’s your chance, D!”
JFA: “Divebomb into the ring… and a crushing low blow on Zarak! Referee signalling for the bell now… I guess we’re officially underway!”
JHA: “And rightly so!”
JFA: “Wolfang pummeling away on Divebomb… whips him to the ropes… and a huge overhead belly to belly suplex! Lateral press… only gets two, though. Zarak crawling to the outside and into the corner… holding himself well, considering what just happened to him.”
JHA: “Maybe there’s nothing there to harm.”
JFA: “I’ll let you tell him that.”
JHA: “I can’t believe the referee is letting this go on with A-Train and Jetfire still laid out in the corner…”
JFA: “Wolfang tagging out to Zarak now… Black Zarak in… setting Divebomb up? Powerbomb out of the corner… no… Wolfang up onto the top rope…”
JHA: “What are they doing?! This isn’t legal…”
JFA: “Divebomb’s about to go for the ride… the Highway! Divebomb just driven to the mat! Referee getting Wolfang out of there… he’s not the legal man…”
JHA: “What the hell?”
JFA: “And Divebomb landed right next to Jetfire… the Londoner back up to his feet and just pounding away on the NWA man! I don’t think he realises there’s a match going on!”
JHA: “This is insane…”
JFA: “Zarak stood in bewilderment… referee back to the action and… there it is, referee signalling for the bell. This is bizarre…”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has awarded this match, as a result of a disqualification, to the NWA!”

JHA: “He just cost Blood & Thunder the match! He’s a moron!”
JFA: “But not the titles, remember… Jetfire letting his emotions get the best of him… still pummeling away on the battered body of Divebomb… Wolfang and Zarak in the ring, utterly bemused by what’s going on.”
JHA: “Jetfire’s an idiot is what’s going on…”
JFA: “Blood & Thunder don’t look too happy. A crowd of officials seperating Jetfire from Divebomb eventually… dragging him out of the ring.”

Being escorted from ringside, Jetfire stares up at the Tag Team Champions, who slide under the bottom rope and start to yell at him.

JFA: “Wolfang and Z definitely not happy. Really reprimanding Jetfire… they had this match won.”
JHA: “But they kept the titles, so at the end of the day it’s all the same to them. They go to War Games…”
JFA: “I’d rather think they’d prefer to have won the match themselves, not lose on a disqualification. There’ll definitely be words exchanged in the locker room, I think.”


D-Extreme & RCOSD vs. Redstreak & Tempest

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following match is a tag team contest and it is scheduled for one fall!”

‘Rotterdam Terror Crops’ beats the eardrums of everyone in the National Indoor Arena as RCOSD strides to the ring. The One-Man army is still more than slightly put out by the fact that Computron bested him for the Hardcore title. He wanted to represent the Warzone brand in the War Games match, but he missed his chance last week. He takes in all the boos and cat calls from the audience, and very solemnly climbs into the ring as he is announced.

JRA: “Introducing team number one… first, from Glasgow, Scotland… The One Man Army… RCOSD!”

He stands ready for his opponents; including the one man that he can never face too often for his liking in Redstreak. This is all smoke-filled coffee house ****; the point is that he gets to beat down Redstreak. The thought raises a grin as ‘X Gonna Give It To Ya’ blares into the arena, and D-Extreme comes to the ring.

JRA: “And his tag team partner… D-EXTREME!”

D-Extreme gets a decidedly mixed reaction from the capacity crowd as he saunters to the ring. He knocks fists with RCOSD as they await their adversaries.

JRA: “And their opponents…”

‘My World’ and ‘Wake Up’ wage a war for the crowd’s attention, as Redstreak and Tempest appear on the stage, ready to do battle. They clearly are making an effort to show Mr. Vaccaro that they can work together, and are pulling off the deception of being a legitimate tag team duo rather well.

JRA: “From Detroit, Michigan and Mandurah, Australia respectively… representing Team Warzone… REDSTREAK AND TEMPEST!”

JHA: “Man… all it needed was some name like ‘Redstorm’ or ‘Redwind’ and I would have been violently sick at this display of unison. Why is Red kissing up to that little chump-stain?”
JFA: “That chump-stain happens to be the 2003 Lord of the Mat, and he happens to be one of the Warzone roster who will represent our brand in War Games this Sunday at Old Trafford, Manchester. For right now, it’s on with the match… it looks like RCOSD and Tempest are gonna start out…”

The man from Mandurah and the Glaswegian nightmare square up to each other; measuring the other as they do so. They lock in the standard tie-up position, and RCOSD forces Tempest into a neutral corner. He reddens the Human Bulldozer’s pectoral region with a few well-placed chops before whipping the Aussie to the opposite neutral corner. He attempts a follow-up clothesline, but Tempest ducks and grabs the Glaswegian for a schoolboy as RCOSD’s sternum hits the top turnbuckle.

JFA: “Quick cover… 1… 2… and RCOSD manages an escape. Tempest up… the One-Man Army following in short order… Irish whip by Tempest… reversed by RCOSD… and into a powerslam! 1… 2… and Redstreak in to make sure the pin doesn’t go down. The referee having words with Red… and D-Ex and RCOSD are taking the opportunity to pound Tempest a little bit longer! D-Ex ducks out as Noah Ordak returns to officiating the match. RCOSD tags in the Extreme One…”
JHA: “We won’t say what he is an Extreme One of…”
JFA: “And D-Ex is gonna take over where RCOSD left off…”

D-Ex Irish whips Tempest across the ring. He lowers his head in preparation for a back body drop, and gets caught with a picture-perfect running DDT! As D-Extreme tries to figure out which of the ceiling lights are real, Tempest dives to his corner and Redstreak jumps in to a thundering ovation. He scoops the Extreme One off the mat, plants him with a suplex and walks over to a neutral turnbuckle. As he goes to climb the ropes, RCOSD charges along the apron and knocks him off with a shoulder block. The ref admonishes the Glaswegian, who merely shrugs and walks back to his corner.

D-Extreme gets up and goes to lock Red in a Boston Crab. The self-proclaimed number one man of the AWF twists along with his opponent; causing D-Extreme to fall through the ropes to the outside of the ring. As RCOSD helps up his tag team partner, Redstreak gets to his feet. Tempest has entered the ring, and is watching both of his opponents intently. As Red springs towards him from the ropes opposite, Tempest catches him in a gorilla press position and hurls him towards their opponents. Red crashes down onto the unfortunate duo of RCOSD and D-Extreme with a thud from the floor and a pop from the arena.

As Tempest clambers down to help Red up, Red just says “Keep him out of my way” and points at D-Extreme. Although RCOSD is not the legal man, Redstreak cannot resist the opportunity to go against him one more time. He whips the supposedly helpless Glaswegian across the ring, and attempts a spinning heel kick as RCOSD returns from his springy excursion. It does not go according to plan when Redstreak is caught in mid-air and slammed headfirst into the mat. As RCOSD covers, Tempest grabs one of his ankles and hauls him out of the ring. As the two exchange fists, neither notices D-Extreme slide back into the ring.

As he moves towards Redstreak for a pin attempt, D-Ex is startled to see Red kick up to his feet. He is extremely surprised when Redstreak blasts him with a kick in the gut as RCOSD and Tempest brawl into the crowd, and is no doubt mortified when Redstreak hits the Red-ocution on him just milliseconds after. The reason this cannot be discerned is that D-Extreme is now unconscious, and has all the expression of a clothes shop mannequin.

JFA: “1… 2… 3! It’s over! Redstreak and Tempest have beaten RCOSD and D-Extreme!”
JHA: “And Red hit D-Ex with his own move!”
JFA: “That’s Red’s move, the Red-ocution…”
JHA: “And it’s exactly the same move as D-Ex’s X-ocution! That move-stealing chump-stain!”
JFA: “That’s all for this week folks… be sure to be with us Sunday night on Pay-Per-View, live from Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester. We’ve got an action-packed night ahead of us then – Viewfind and Brave Maximus in a House of Horrors match.”
JHA: “Whatever the hell that is.”
JFA: “We’ve also got The Lock going mano et mano with the deranged Morpheus. TV Champion, Amarant Odinson, defends against Big Daddy Rav… plus the big one. War Games.”
JHA: “That’s gonna be huge. Mayhem vs. Warzone. Warzone obviously to win.
JFA: “Thundercracker, Redstreak, Tempest, Blood & Thunder… against the Game, Blaster, King, Sixswitch and… and I don’t know who, folks. All I know is that the only place to find out is at Autumn Annihilation! We’ll see you there! Goodnight!”

AWF Warzone
2003-10-27, 11:33 PM
In the wake of the 22nd October edition of Warzone, it has been announced that the following match will also take place at Autumn Annihilation:

Four Corners Elimination Tag Team Match
CompuFire will reunite for the first time since the roster split, to face The NWA, Strafe & OP2005 and RCOSD & D-Extreme in an elimination match. When one member of a team is defeated by pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification, both members must leave the match, until one team remains.

The victorious pairing will receive a shot at the Tag Team Championship on the 5th November edition of Warzone.

2003-10-28, 01:23 AM
YO YO.....NAW F*** IT!

BITCH MAX! i had the T.V. BLING BLING but you gotta come along and f*** it all UP!

But it all ends in da house of horrors, dats right son, you and the rest of the white boys in da AWF NEVER EVA SEEN ANYTHING LIKE DAT!

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-28, 04:09 AM
Viewfind, I'm not done with you yet. I'll kick your ass after Brave Max takes you apart at Autumn Annihilation. But now I must focus my attention on Ravage.

Ever since I got this title, I have defended it every week to show the world why I am the Best Damn Technical Wrestler in this business. This isn't no hardcore match Ravage. This is a going to be WRESTLING match. You understand what that means? No tables, ladder or chairs. OH MY GOD NO!!!!! Pin me or make me submit. And we all know that YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

I've defended this T.V. Title against two men at once. I've defended this title against 4 men in one night. Week after week, I go out there and beat everyone into submission. That Tapedeck on the other show can run his mouth about the value of this T.V. Title all he wants. But the fact still remains that I am a fighting champion. I don't see Stone Cold Skywarp defend his IC title every night and what about the Game. I don't him jumping through the hoops that I do to keep his title around his waist. It's because THEY CAN'T DO THAT.

At Autumn Annihilation, Ravage, you're just going to be another victim in my way. We'll see if you can PROVE ME WRONG. You will never take my T.V. Title away from me. BEAT ME IF YOU CAN, SURVIVE IF I LET YOU.

2003-10-28, 05:00 AM
Amarant you little, little man you just don't get it do you?

You see, Big Daddy Rav was a happy guy once, just content with kicking ass and taking names and I got a title I really liked that Hardcore belt, then I got screwed out of that, but no big deal.

I saw Wargames was coming up and I really wanted to help this Company kick some ass and beat the **** out of Lazyham, but then I got screwed out of that.

Now what you saw tonight was the start of the Big Daddy Rav Asskick O Rama. Now Amarant I was going to show respect to you and say I will see you at the PPV but now you just pissed me off.

So Amarant, preech all you want about how you can take a licking but keep on ticking, but you know what small fry? You never got in the ring with me.

So shine that belt up really nice boy. Cuz at the PPV that belt will be mine and the Asskick O Rama will continue.

So Amarant bring your A-game but all you need to know is one Hangover and it's 1-2-3 and I am your new TV champion. Then they can bring it 1-2-3-4 guys doesn't matter cuz I will take on all comers and I will show the Warzone leaders why they ****ed up for not having me represent our show.

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-28, 05:14 AM
Ravage, you better keep this in mind, the bigger they are the harder they fall. This Sunday, you're going to fall flat on your ass. You're going to the screaming for your daddy when I MAKE YOU TAP. Don't get me wrong, I have respect for what you do, but as soon as you enter my ring, that all gets thrown out the out the window. When I'm done with you, you'll be lucky if you can walk out of that ring. I'll see you at Autumn Annihilation.

2003-10-28, 05:38 AM
Then just bring it man, just bring it.

2003-10-28, 06:51 PM
Blood and Thunder, you couldn't beat us in a fair match and now you are going to War Games as the Tag Team champs. For all the preaching you guys do about being the best you couldn't even keep a jackass like jetfire out of the ring long enough to face us in a fair match.

I say after this stupid elimination tag match at AA that the NWA vs. Blood and Thunder in a cage match or a HIAC or something, hell anything that will keep out all distractions and let us face each other in a fair fight for those titles.

I am getting tired of these cr@p matches that end in disqualifications. We want our titles and we know we are the better team and we will show the world that we are the best.

The balls in your court. HIAC or Cage or any other match that you can think of to keep out all distractions and keep it even.

We await your response.

2003-10-28, 09:10 PM
OP is seen in the locker room still cradling a pack of money and talking to Strafe about Autumn Anihilation

OP2005: Strafey! We work well together... when you're not going crazy... Anyway we got a Four Corners Elimination Tag Team Match at AA. And i was just wonderin what you and me are gonna do after we win the match i mean....

(OP points to the money)


OOC: Great warzone. GREAT job!

2003-10-28, 10:19 PM
what can I say to the people competeing, the likes of Thundercracker, oh yes..good luck, cause to be frank your gonna need a whole load of it to stand a chance against the Mayhem crew.

On paper Warzone looked like being able to compete but with the likes ofd myself, Ravage & a few others whom have also been dodged by NWA.

However I must admit to being slightly traitorous in the fact I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the game and my fellow countryman SS showing these jokers what real wrestling is all about. It will be a perfect start to the night for the Hottest thing in Warzone as I'm settling down with whatever lovely lady catches my eye that day

2003-10-28, 10:55 PM
IC: First of all, I have to get something off my chest. Computron: shut the **** up. You and Jetfire are okay separately, but together you are the most irritating duo this side of Ant & Dec.

Divebomb? I'm sure I speak for Z as well as myself when I say that I welcome your challenge. Hell In A Cell sounds like a good bet. You'll just have to see if Vaccaro clears it.

2003-10-29, 07:14 AM

T: Tonight we have proved we can work in a team.

*Looks at the a copy of the events of Warzone*

T: The teams are set. The mood is right. The time is near. Soon the I will enter my first War Games. I will enter with my fellow comrades, Redstreak and Thundercracker from the TCA. I will also enter with the remarkable talent that is compsoed of the Team of Wolfang and Black Zarak, who are the Blood & Thunder.

T: This Sunday will we go in as Team Warzone and leave with our head held high as the Team who won ....

OOC: Good Warzone. Onto the PPV!

2003-10-29, 10:33 PM
IC - Hey Wolfy, what are you smokin? The Fire and I haven't metioned each other at all in any posts in the last, ohhh 3 months I would hazard to guess.

Now I know being as hot as I am is enough to make the jobbers such as yourself jealous but thats no need to go making stuff up.

And you did actually do an ok thing by comparing us to Ant & Dec, you see we are both highly successful (CompuFire are one of the most successful tag teams ever, Ant & Dec win loads of TV awards) and the women love us both, of course they love me more than any of the others but when it boils down to it any sane member of the female species would choose Ant, Dec, the Fire or Myself over an ugly git like yourself,

Now do the world a favour and start wearing a mask

2003-10-29, 11:16 PM
IC: I am wearing a mask you idiot. Hell, if your face is your fortune, I must be more in debt than anyone on the planet. But you know what? Its not that I mind the fact that you're a pretty boy punkass. Thats genetics. What concerns me is your lack of grey matter and your overabundance of arrogance.

You know, I still have trouble believeing that you, Windy and Sixswitch are fom the same country. Windy was the leader of Pulp Faction. You should just be pulped. And if Sixswitch is the Welsh Wonder, you must be the Welsh Wanker. Just so you know, I don't need you to point out that I'm gonna be fighting him at Old Trafford. I look forward to it.

See, you can spout all the trash you want about how great Team Mayhem is or how much greater Team Warzone would be with you in it. There's only one way to find out for sure....