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AWF Press Office
2003-10-30, 02:43 AM
Lines are drawn for many reasons.
Some lines are drawn for division. To keep others out, and to keep their own in.
Sometimes, these lines are not meant to be drawn.
Sometimes these lines are crossed.
Sometimes, they become lines of battle.

War (n)
1. A condition of active antagonism or contention

When lines are crossed, the ramifications can spiral out of control. Each side can claim mitigating circumstances for their actions. Some can claim they were attacked, and choose to fight back. When faced with what could be viewed as unfair retaliation, other sides can be forced to partake in battles they do not wish to fight.

War (n)
2. A concerted effort or campaign to combat or put an end to something.

Tonight, ten men will go to war in an effort to end the spiral of events before it can go any further. Lines have been crossed, and each side is determined to prevent it happening again.

In order for the division to remain sacrosanct, the lines must be crossed. The borders will mark out a battlefield. Two rings. One cage. Two teams.

The blue touch-paper has been lit on a battle that will end the conflict. Once over, the war will be at an end, and both sides can resume their solitary existences. But before that can happen, the Theatre of Dreams must play host to a Nightmare.

Autumn has come. And one side’s hope of victory will be annihilated.

The pyrotechnics hit, and Powerman 5000’s When Worlds Collide fills the stadium as the cameras take in a sweeping shot of the capacity crowd crammed into Old Trafford. The moon illuminates the night sky, and the light dances off the demonic structure of a double-sized cell that is suspended in the rigging above the two rings below.

We cut to ringside, where we see the Warzone commentary crew ready for action.

JFA: “Hello and welcome everybody, to Autumn Annihilation!”
JHA: “And what a cold, cold Autumn it is. Where’s this country’s thermostat?”
JFA: “We’ve got a huge show up ahead of us, tonight. Two titles on the line, with the Intercontinental and Television Championships being decided. Plus, that huge main event – War Games. Mayhem against Warzone, and as much as I hate to say it, our boys have got to be at a huge disadvantage: we’ve no idea who the fifth member of Team Mayhem is going to be.”
JHA: “I told you, J – it could be anybody! That’s what I don’t like about it. The only way they could get a match of this size was to make it unsanctioned, and that tosses the rulebook straight out of the window. It could be a Warzone guy, hell, the Game could even bring in a ringer. I heard him on the phone earlier, I’m sure he was talking to Rob Van Dam.”
JFA: “Speculation rife, of course. Many think it could be a defection from Warzone. Some are even saying it’ll be the Hardcore Champion, Thundercracker. Of course, Mr Vaccaro moved to quash that by making him Team Captain, but many remain unconvinced.”
JHA: “I don’t know who it’ll be. I know one guy it won’t be, though – and that’s OP2005.”
JFA: “Yes, folks. A bit of a shock announcement to bring you to open the show, OP2005 was scheduled to be in our opening match-up, teaming with Strafe in that big four team elimination match for a Tag Team title shot… not anymore. About half an hour ago, a couple of road agents found OP in the hallway… he’d been put facefirst through one of the Manchester United tropy cabinets.”
JHA: “I saw it myself, J. It was disturbing stuff… It looked like somebody jumped him from behind… the glass was shattered, the shelves inside were broken, trophies fallen everywhere. The janitor was in a state of utter shock.”
JFA: “We don’t know what sort of condition OP’s in. We do know that he’s been taken to the local hospital, though… and that means that he’s out of the match. The guys in the top office have had a reshuffle, and have moved the four team match back a bit in the card. They’ve also said Strafe can find himself another partner to run with tonight. But he’s got until the match starts, else he’s in there on his own.”
JHA: “It wouldn’t surprise me if Strafe put OP through that cabinet himself. We know they don’t get along.”
JFA: “I honestly don’t think it’s in his character to do that, J. Anyway, as it stands, we’re holding up the show. We send our best wishes out to OP, and hope he’s not in too bad a shape, but for now, let’s cut across to Joey and Flec!”

Mayhem presents…
Joey : Hello everybody and welcome to the Mayhem portion of Autumn Annihilation! Kicking off earlier than we expected it to. But, nonetheless, our first match promises to be quite the extravaganza!
Flec : A what?
Joey : Slobberknocker suit ya better?
Flec : You scare me with big words
Joey : This match was supposed to go down at Mayhem folks, but an un-neccessary attack on Whiplash by Cloudstrifer ensured that it never went down.
Flec : Cloud's obviously scared that no-one will want to play with him if Gruff moves on.
Joey : Are you at all surprised?

Nightmare by Brain Bug kicks in heavy as Gruff makes his way to the ring...

Joey : Fresh from the brutal Hell in a Cell match week before last.
Flec : Quite how either man survived is beyond me
Joey : Especially after that hellacious Ibrox Drop from the top of the cage
Flec : Cloud's lucky to be in one piece!

Gruff climbs into the ring, flexing his muscles, focused on beating the rookie to a bloody pulp. 'The Blue Danube' plays and Whiplash makes his way down the ramp, the crowd doesn't know how to react. Whiplash is dressed in a purple glittery dressing gown which flows around him, he dances down to the ring and climbs through the ropes. Gruff simply stares at him.

Joey : I can't believe this
Flec : I won't believe this

Gruff runs forwards and hits Whiplash with a stiff forearm smash even before Whiplash has the chance to remove his robe.

Joey : Gruff getting to work quickly here
Flec : Can you honestly blame him?
Joey : Well, no.

Gruff going to work, doing a serious number on the newcomer, whips him to the ropes and shoulder blocks him to the mat. Gruff lifts up Whiplash and again whips him across the ring, going for the clothesline...

Joey : Whiplash ducking under there...
Joey : Whiplash immitating one of the best in the business there..

Gruff hits the mat hard as Whiplash goes for the quick pin, 1...2...Gruff gets the shoulder up! Whiplash quick to his feet stomping away on Gruff, now picking him up and whips him across the ring. Whiplash looking for the clothesline, Gruff ducks under, picking up momentum bounces off the opposite ropes Whiplash ducks down and Gruff flies into the air landing hard on his back.

Joey : The new kid certaintly has balls Flec.
Flec : I dunno about that Joey, but he's definitely not afraid of Gruff.

Whiplash quickly up to the second rope and leaps off dropping the leg across Gruff's neck, quick cover - 1...2..Gruff gets the shoulder up again Whiplash kneels up in dis-belief.

Flec : It'll take more than that to keep the guy down
Joey : Hey! That's my line!

Whiplash pick up Gruff again, stiff chops back the Scot into the corner the crowd yelling 'woo' with every blow landed. Gruff blocks one and slams Whiplash hard into the corner, coming back with chops of his own. Irish whip over to the opposite corner and Whiplash bounces back out hard, falling face first into the canvas.

Flec : Gruff really picking up momentum here.
Joey : Hey! Gimme back my script...

Gruff walks over and lifts Whiplash to his feet, stiff right-hand the referee telling Gruff to open up the fist. Gruff lands another stiff right-hander and a left, really going to work on Whiplash's head. Whiplash stumbles back into the corner, slumped down. Gruff stomps him in the mid-riff a couple of times before standing back to the cheers of the crowd. Gruff runs hard into the corner driving his knee into the face of the newcomer.

Joey : What an introduction to the AWF for the newcomer
Flec : We all gotta start somewhere
Joey : Shame you started next to me

Gruff drags Whiplash out of the corner and to the middle of the ring, another kick to the midriff and Gruff hooks up a snap suplex. Gruff up quickly couple of stomps for good measure and picks up Whiplash again, whipping him across the ring this time, Gruff looking for a back body drop but gets nothing but a huge right boot in his chest.

Joey : Brave guy
Flec : Very much so

Gruff snaps back to a fully standing position and the pair grapple for a moment, before breaking. Whiplash looks for a short clothesline but Gruff ducks under and grasps his arms round Whiplash's midriff.

Joey : German Suplex...Gruff keeping those arms locked
Flec : Looks like he's going for all three
Joey : Indeed, the second landing and there's the third!

Whiplash landing hard after the third release German suplex. Whiplash grabs his neck, the third German dropped him square on it, the referee over checking that Whiplash can continue. Gruff standing in the ring, looking around taking in some of the finer ladies in the crowd.

Flec : Don't look Joey, you'll go blind
Joey : I'm more interested in what's going on out there
Flec : Huh?

As the referee is distracted Cloudstrifer slides into the ring, steel chair in hand and levels Gruff. Gruff hits the mat hard as Cloud seeks his revenge after last week's Mayhem.

Joey : The referee's distracted here...
Flec : And what the referee doesn't see...
Joey : Didn't happen.

Cloud slides out of the ring and begins making his way to the backstage area, the damage now done. Whiplash gets back to his feet and looks at the fallen Gruff, he can't believe his luck. He stares back down the aisle at Cloudstrifer who simply smiles and vanishes behind the curtain. Whiplash hoists Gruff up onto his shoulders.

Joey : He calls this the French Connection
Flec : Why?
Joey : Cos it sounds good.

Whiplash connects with The French Connection and goes for a cover. 1...2...Gruff kicks out! Whiplash again stares in disbelief and slams the mat with his fists claiming a slow count. Another quick cover sees another 2 count.

Joey : Gruff refuses to give up here.

Blood slowly trickles down Gruff's face as the Scot raises to a knee. Whiplash doesn't know what to do with himself as Gruff gets back to his feet, he launches a right-hander at Gruff which he blocks and replies with one of his own.

Joey : Gruff's tasted his own blood here
Flec : And that sure means hell for Whiplash
Joey : You think Gruff sees Cloudstrifer in there
Flec : He's definitely seeing red, that's for sure!

Gruff rocks Whiplash with lefts and rights back to the middle of the ring, Gruff grabs Whiplash and throws him to the ropes and drops a hellatious Spine Buster...Gruff not finished though picks up Whiplash like a ragdoll and hoists him to his shoulders...

Joey : IBROX DROP! Surely that has to be it...
Flec : Apparently not...
Joey : That's not right...

Gruff walks around to Whiplash's legs and locks in the Sharpshooter.

Joey : Whiplash tapping out here almost immediately, already on the wrong end of a beating that should've been reserved for Cloudstrifer
Flec : You gotta imagine that Gruff is going looking for Cloudstrifer
Joey : We got word backstage that Cloudstrifer has just left the arena.
Flec : Looks like Gruff has heard the same, he's outta here!

In the Crowd

Lisa Lovelace is patrolling the crowd and talking to fans.

LL: “Hi guys, I’m up here in the stands, looking for opinions on tonight’s main event. Excuse me, sir… can I ask what you think about the War Games?”

Random fan: “I can’t wait. It’s gonna be massive.”

LL: “Who do you think’s going to win?”

Random fan: “Oh, Mayhem. No doubt about it. The Game, Sixswitch… no chance of losing. Who’ve Warzone got? That Tempest guy. No chance.”

LL: “And who do you think will be the mystery partner for Mayhem?”

Random fan: “Thundercracker. I think he’s going to switch for one night to be on the Game’s side. It’ll destroy his Warzone career, but sometimes you’ve got to do what’s best.”

LL: “Thank you very much, sir. Excuse me, young lady, who do you think Mayhem’s mystery partner will be?”

Random fan 2: “I think it’ll be Shawn Michaels!”

LL: “The Game’s mentor, of course. And who do you pick to win?”

Random fan 2: “It’s tight… but I think Warzone are gonna win it. They’ve got the Human Bulldozer, plus it’s right here in Old Trafford, so Blood & Thunder aren’t ever gonna lie down and let Mayhem win on their home turf.”

LL: “Thanks a lot for that, now it’s time to get back to ringside!”

AWF Press Office
2003-10-30, 02:47 AM
Warzone presents…
Four Corners Elimination Tag Team Match
Brutal Attack fills the Manchester sky as we cut back to the rings.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a Four Team Elimination Match. Introducing first, currently making their way to the ring: the team of RCOSD and D-Extreme!”

JFA: “One of the more unlikely combinations currently in the AWF.”
JHA: “I fail to see how. I mean you’ve got the One Man Army, plus some random partner.”
JFA: “Glad to see who you have the higher impression of.”
JHA: “Speaking of random partners, do you reckon Strafe managed to convince anybody to get their backsides kicked with him?”
JFA: “We’ll find out soon enough. First team arriving at the squared circle, three more to come.”

The sounds of Creed kick in as the Manchester crowd get on their feet in anticipation.

JHA: “Ugh. I’ve got to sit through this guy?”
JFA: “Computron and Jetfire making their return to tag team competition. We’ll see how much ring-rust they’ve got as a co-operative unit… plus find out what state Computron’s in after the beating he took at the hands of the NWA.”
JHA: “Or, as I prefer to call them, the winners of this match.”
JFA: “Tag Team Title shot to whomever is victorious tonight… gonna be an interesting one.”

No sooner has the ring announcer introduced CompuFire, then the music shifts to Manowar and the crowd noises shift to jeers.

“From British Columbia, Canada, and representing TCA… P? and Divebomb… the NWA!”

The two Norse-Canadians leap onto the apron as Computron and Jetfire lunge toward them from the inside. Remarkably, D-Extreme and RCOSD serve as the mediators, pulling CompuFire back away from the edge of the ring to get space in between the two teams.

JFA: “A lot of bad blood between CompuFire and the NWA. Certainly not helped by the events that went down on Warzone this week.”
JHA: “Like anything Computron and Jetfire do would ever help anybody but themselves.”

Korn’s Here to Stay fills Old Trafford as the crowd mood shifts to one of anticipation.

JHA: “Oooh… this is it. I bet he’s not got anybody. He’s gonna run away and leave.”
JFA: “I’d expect Strafe to fight on his own before running away. It’s not his style.”
JHA: “Oh yeah it is. Look! He’s alone! Haha. Now watch him chicken out of the match.”

Cutting a somber sight, Strafe strolls solitarily to the ring. A melancholy and dejected look on his face, he gestures up the aisle behind him, before the lights dip. A single spotlight illuminates the stage, as a woman walks out from behind the curtain holding a microphone.

JHA: “Wow. His partner’s a looker, I’ll admit that much.”
JFA: “Will you be serious? Oh my… is that who I think it is?”
JHA: “It’s… Jennifer Aniston?”

The Friends star waits for silence before raising the microphone and speaking.

Aniston: “Hello, Manchester. So, I was lounging about at home with Brad, when I got a phonecall from a very good friend of mine. He said that a wrestling promotion were performing in the UK – he’s from the UK, did I mention that? And he wanted to fly back to see them, and as he owed me dinner after standing me up to go see a premier with Sandra Bullock, he wanted me to come over with him so he could make it up to me. I told him that I’d go anywhere with him, so here I am. And here he is, too. He wasn’t planning to wrestle, but once he found out Strafe needed a hand, there was no way I could possibly stop him. So, without further ado, may I introduce to you, fresh from Hollywood, the greatest wannabe-psychiatrist who ever lived… for ONE NIGHT ONLY… the hunka hunka burning love…. Windcharger!!”

JHA: “Well, that was unnecessarily drawn-out and overdramatised…”
JFA: “Windcharger is back! Windy comes to Strafe’s aid! I didn’t even know he was here tonight!”
JHA: “Was that really Jennifer Aniston?”
JFA: “There he is! The former Foundation stalwart! One of the founding members of Pulp Faction! The AWF’s only bona fide filmstar! The man, the myth! It’s really him!”
JHA: “Okay, okay. Windy’s back. Tone it down a little, anybody would think it were the return of Vinny G.”
JFA: “From what he’s wearing, it may as well be. Windcharger out on stage in a suit and tie.”
JHA: “Is that Armani?”
JFA: “It may well be. Oh… and just pulls it all of in one fluid motion…”
JHA: “I can’t look.”
JFA: “And there they are, folks.”
JHA: “Excuse me whilst I go and poke out my mind’s eye…”
JFA: “Those famous subspace pants.”
JHA: “Ohhhh…”
JFA: “Complete with a group shot of Pulp Faction on the back. They’re all there, J. Windy, Strafe, Quick, Mat Man… even Silly Cow.”
JHA: “What a fate. The only remnant of Silly Cow is splattered on Windcharger’s ass… oh, what irony…”

Windy bounds cheerily down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans at ringside as he goes. Eventually, he reaches the foot of the aisle, where he embraces Strafe and the pair dive straight into the ring and into the fray.

JFA: “And it’s all kicking off now! Eight man melee in the ring…”
JHA: “Reminds me of that video you were telling me about last night.”
JFA: “Jetfire and Computron going toe to toe with the NWA… Strafe taking on RCOSD… D-Extreme and Windcharger going at it… memories of the final of the TV Title tournament. And Computron with a huge backdrop takes Divebomb over the top rope… and a plancha to the outside to follow him… Jetfire swings at Prowl – ducked by the NWA man and a huge spinebuster on the counter… makes the cover, but the referee indicating no… the bell’s not rung yet, he wants the ring clear before he can do that!”
JHA: “It’s bedlam in there… oh, great clothesline from RCOSD on Strafe.”
JFA: “That’s the Hellsmack. The One Man Army lifting Strafe up now… and slings him over the top rope to the floor. Helping his partner out against Windcharger now… double-team whip to the ropes. Double clothesline… no, ducked by Windcharger… on the rebound and a he takes them both down with a double clothesline of his own. D-Extreme and RCOSD rolling to the outside.”

Turning around, Prowl comes face to face with Windcharger as Jetfire rolls to the outside of the ring as well. Seeing two men in the ring together, the referee signals to the timekeeper ad the bell rings.

JFA: “Underway officially now. Prowl and Windcharger the two legal men… collar and elbow tie-up… side headlock by P?, but Windcharger counters, sends him to the ropes. Leapfrog on the return… and a monkeyflip takedown by Windcharger as Prowl came back a second time! Windy up to his feet… Prowl follows suit… and a big dropkick by the Pulp Faction member.”
JHA: “Is he? Do Pulp Faction still technically exist or not?”
JFA: “For the purposes of tonight, I’d say yes. Windy reaching across and tagging out to D-Extreme, now, back up on the apron. Former TV Champion comes into the ring… and a clothesline attempt doesn’t budge P.”
JHA: “Take more than that to take down big, bad Prowl.”
JFA: “Knife-edge chop from D, but very little effect. Prowl with a hard blow in retaliation now… and another… really rocking D-Extreme… whips him to the rope… I think a blind tag was made there by D-Extreme… and a powerslam by Prowl. Lateral press, referee doesn’t count though, indicating to Prowl that a tag was made to Jetfire.”
JHA: “He can still pin him though, right?”
JFA: “No, he’s not the legal man, J. Jetfire blindsiding Prowl now… knees to the gut… and slams him facefirst to the turnbuckle. Irish whip… reversed by Prowl and Jetfire goes to the buckle. Prowl stopping to play to the crowd now…”
JHA: “Oh, just look at that physique. He’s great, J.”

Turning back from receiving the jeers, Prowl charges into the corner, towards Jetfire. But the Londoner has plans of his own and rushes out to meet his opponent, catching him firmly in the stomach with a hard shoulder-tackle.

JFA: “Gore! Gore from Jetfire! The back of Prowl’s head just smacking the canvas. Jetfire tagging out to D-Extreme again, now. Dragging Prowl up and throwing him straight to D-Ex.”
JHA: “Talk about blowing the momentum.”
JFA: “D-Extreme with the front facelock… what’s this? My god… X-Ocution! D-Extreme with that high-angle DDT on Prowl! Tagging out to RCOSD. The One Man Army into the ring… stomping away on Prowl.”
JHA: “I don’t like the looks of this…”
JFA: “I thought you thought Prowl was a badass?”
JHA: “Yeah, but so’s my boy R.”
JFA: “Talk about conflicted. RCOSD dragging Prowl up… back suplex? No… dumping him on the top rope… what’s this? Grabbing the neck… hangman’s neckbreaker… yes! He hit it!”
JHA: “Ohhhh… Smug shot… poor, poor P.”
JFA: “Prowl taking an awful lot of punishment in there… RCOSD tagging out to Strafe now… Strafe with a lot of history with the GPA. Prowl flat on his back in the ring… Strafe hopping immediately onto that top turnbuckle. Moonsault coming up…”

Before Strafe can leap backwards, however, Divebomb charges along the apron and pushes the Illinois native off the top rope and to the floor below.

JHA: “Oh, thank you, Divebomb. Good, good play. Excellent strategy.”
JFA: “The referee admonishing Divebomb… but he almost definitely saved his team, there. Referee counting Strafe… and Divebomb down to the outside as well. Grabs Strafe and… oh, just headfirst into the steel steps. Windcharger coming across to help, and Divebomb eventually backing away.”

With Divebomb returning to his corner, Windy helps his partner regain his footing and rolls him back into the ring on the count of six. Grateful for the time to recover, Prowl has hauled himself to the nearest corner and made the tag to Computron.

JFA: “Strafe back in, up against Computron, now. Compy picking him up… and plants him back down again with a hard bodyslam. Off the ropes… and a firm elbowdrop to the chest area. Hook of the leg… one… two… shoulder comes up on two.”
JHA: “Strafe’s tougher than he looks. Maybe not as smart as he looks, but definitely tougher.”
JFA: “Computron picking him back up again… whip to the ropes… and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Good move by Computron. No cover, though. Making the tag out to Divebomb.”
JHA: “And now the fun begins.”

Stepping through the ropes, Divebomb goes immediately for the cover. But Strafe kicks out easily on the count of two. Willing to make the rules work to his advantage, Divebomb starts choking the life from his opponent, breaking on the count of four so as not to be disqualified.

JFA: “Divebomb working away on Strafe now… dragging him up. There’s the set-up… and a big powerbomb. No cover, though. Pulls him up… and a tag out to RCOSD. Prowl still recovering on the outside, so probably unwilling to bring his partner back into the fray quite yet.”
JHA: “Oh, P’ll be fine.”

Holding Strafe in position, Divebomb waits for the One Man Army to deliver a hard punch to the ribs before releasing his grip and stepping back outside. RCOSD backs Strafe into the corner and whips him hard across the ring into the opposite turnbuckles, where his partner Windcharger is stood awaiting the tag, which comes as soon as Strafe realised the position he’s in.

JFA: “Tag made to Windcharger there, I don’t know if RCOSD realises it… avalanche in the corner… Strafe absolutely flattened. Windy up onto the top rope, though… R’s not seen him… turnaround… and a missile dropkick by Windcharger! Hook of the leg… one… two… oh, shoulder comes up from the Scotsman.”
JHA: “Phew, that was close.”
JFA: “RCOSD nearly eliminated, there. Windcharger back upto his feet… sends R to the ropes… and a clothesline takes him down. R back up… hard right by Windy… and another… a third now. RCOSD staggered… sent back to the ropes… and a spinning heel kick by Windcharger! RCOSD’s reeling now!”
JHA: “Come on, R! You can get through it!”
JFA: “What’s this? Windcharger opening them up… yes – going into the pants!”
JHA: “Oh god no. This is a family show, dammit!!”
JFA: “Reaching down deep into those subspace pants… what’s he got hold of?”
JHA: “I dread to think…”
JFA: “It’s… it’s the rock!”
JHA: “A rock?”
JFA: “No – not a rock – The Rock! Fellow star of screen and squared circle! Finally, The Rock has come to the AWF!”
JHA: “What?! He just pulled The Rock out of those subspace pants?!!”

Standing in a state of shock and bemusement, The Rock stares at Windcharger before waving his hand in front of his nose to disperse the smell. Dressed as if he’s been plucked straight from his movie-set trailer, and looking genuinely horrified, Maivia points at Windcharger’s crotch, before pointing at himself and staring at the AWF star. Windy greets him with a huge grin and a thumbs up. Shaking his head, The Rock turns around to see RCOSD charge at him. He greets the Scot with a hard right hand that takes him down to the mat.

JFA: “The Rock cleaning house on RCOSD!”
JHA: “Tell me this isn’t legal…”
JFA: “I’m sure it’s not! But I don’t think the referee can believe what he’s seeing! Everybody into the ring now, trying to get a piece of Rocky! Punch takes down Divebomb! And now Computron hits the mat! D-Extreme in… Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom to D-Extreme! Prowl from behind… thumb to the eye… scoops him up… no, Rocky lands behind… DDT!! The Rock with a DDT on Prowl!”

Springing back to his feet, The Rock looks down at Prowl lying on his back, before looking around the crowd. He looks to his left, he looks to his right, then he raises his eyebrow to ask the question.

JFA: “And… are we about to see it? For the first time in the Archive Wrestling Federation…”
JHA: “I don’t believe it… not the most-”
JFA: “No! Referee ordering The Rock out of the ring. The crowd severely disappointed… our match official deeming that it can’t go on any longer.”
JHA: “That’s not fair! Okay, it’s not legal, but it’s The Rock, dammit!”
JFA: “Referee ordering Rocky out of the ring… Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom to the referee!”
JHA: “I don’t believe it!”
JFA: “It is! Windcharger has caused absolute mayhem by pulling The Rock out of those subspace pants! And now… yes! The Rock… off the ropes… off the other side… People’s Elbow! To the heart of the match official!”
JHA: “And the people rejoice!”
JFA: “The Rock shaking Windcharger’s hand now… and strutting up the aisle. I’ve no idea how he’s going to get back to Hollywood… but he’s going to have to improvise.”
JHA: “What the hell just happened?”

Crawling back into the ring after vacating it when The Rock went ballistic, RCOSD walks straight into a high-knee from Windcharger, who then plants the Scotsman with a DDT.

JFA: “Cover by Windcharger! But there’s no referee!”
JHA: “Well, that’s his own damn fault then, isn’t it?”
JFA: “Finally a second official down into the ring… one… two… oh, shoulder comes up from RCOSD. Windcharger back to his feet. Makes the tag out to Prowl. Prowl into the ring again, visibly shaken from his altercation with The Rock. Picks up RCOSD… and a big vertical suplex. Hook of the leg… one… two… shoulder comes up again.”
JHA: “And the only person capable of kicking out from anything by Prowl is RCOSD. It makes sense.”
JFA: “Prowl pulling the One Man Army up… sends him to the ropes… spinebuster! Huge move, just forcing the air out of the Scotsman’s lungs. Heading to the corner, now… tag to Divebomb. P not leaving the ring, though… setting RCOSD up on his shoulders… Divebomb to the top rope…”
JHA: “Doomsday Device coming up.”
JFA: “Divebomb up high… clothesline… connects!”

As Divebomb hits RCOSD across the chest with his arm, P? falls back, driving the Scot backwards into the mat, before rolling out of the ring as his partner makes the cover.

JHA: “That’s gotta be it for R.”
JFA: “Divebomb with the hook of the leg… one… two… no! Shoulder comes up from RCOSD!”
JHA: “Whoo! That a boy, R!”
JFA: “Well, it’s glad to see you’re slightly more impartial than normal.”

Looking up in disbelief, Divebomb swears at the referee before stomping away on his foe. Turning back to his corner, he tags Prowl back in.

JFA: “Tag made. The NWA looking to put RCOSD away for good, now. Whip to the ropes.”

Divebomb sends RCOSD hard into the ropes, ducking away behind Prowl as the One Man Army rebounds. But as he bounces, the former Hardcore Champion slips his hand out and makes contact with that of Jetfire. Not seeing the tag, Prowl catches RCOSD as he comes forward, lifting him up high as Divebomb leaps to administer a version of the diamond cutter on the drop.

JHA: “Boom! There it is! He’s gotta be gone, now.”
JFA: “High impact double-team maneouvre from the NWA. A version of the Dudley Death Drop… Cover from Prowl… referee not counting though.”
JHA: “What’s going on?”
JFA: “Jetfire in the ring now… referee indicating that a tag was made, I certainly didn’t see one. Prowl up to face him… and a hard right by Jetfire takes him down. Prowl back up… and a hard clothesline drops him again! Whip to the ropes… and a back bodydrop drops Prowl on his back!”
JHA: “What’s going on? I never saw a tag made!”
JFA: “Well, I’m being told through my headset that there definitely was one… Jetfire unloading on Prowl. Kneelift to the ribs… and a big gutwrench suplex! Lateral press… one… two… shoulder comes up from the Canadian.”

Backing up to allow Prowl to regain his vertical base, Jetfire lunges in with a single-leg takedown before applying the anklelock.

JFA: “There it is! He’s got it locked in! Submission on the way!”
JHA: “No way. Prowl’s never gonna tap out to a schmuck like Jetfire.”
JFA: “I don’t think he’s going to have much choice… locked in right in the middle of the ring… no chance to get to the ropes… but, there’s Divebomb to break it up.”
JHA: “Good teamwork.”
JFA: “Divebomb breaking up the anklelock… Jetfire going after him, now… the two brawling in the corner… referee trying to break it up.”
JHA: “Good strategy from Divebomb, gives Prowl enough time to regain his composure…”
JFA: “I don’t know if he’ll have much chance for that… Computron back in the ring behind the referee’s back… Prowl’s up… CompuKick! Computron just dropped Prowl with that kick whilst the referee was occupied with Divebomb and Jetfire!”
JHA: “Dammit… lousy officiating…”
JFA: “Referee getting Divebomb out of the ring now… Jetfire back to the action… picks Prowl up. Front facelock… Exploder! Jetfire connects with the exploder! Makes the cover… referee down, one… Divebomb’s into the ring… 2… Computron across to intercept though… 3! He got it! Jetfire eliminates Prowl, and the NWA are out of here!”
JHA: “No! No! No! No! No!”
JFA: “And that’s a huge decision! The NWA were many peoples’ favourites to win this match… eliminated first, and now you’ve got to have your money on CompuFire to go all the way tonight.”
JHA: “I don’t, and I won’t! My pick are gone, but I’m now going with RCOSD. And his partner. Ugh. But there’s no way the NWA should be out of here!”
JFA: “They were beaten fair and square! Referee trying to get them both out of the ring, now. But this match is still underway… D-Extreme into the ring… slugging it out with Jetfire.”

As Jetfire and D-Extreme exchange punches, the NWA regroup on the floor. Livid, Divebomb moves around the length of the two rings and grabs the timekeeper’s bell.

JFA: “Boot to the gut by Jetfire. Front facelock… Exploder set up… no – D-Extreme countering into an overhead wristlock. Powered out by Jetfire… whip to the ropes, reversed by D-Extreme and… oh my god…”
JHA: “What happened? I missed it…”
JFA: “Divebomb just… D-Extreme seizing the moment… X-Ocution! Hooks the leg… one… two… three! He got it!”
JHA: “Woohoo! CompuFire are out of here, there is a god!”
JFA: “And that is disgusting… Divebomb just leapt up onto the apron and slammed the ringbell into the back of Jetfire’s head. He’s gotta be out cold after that.”
JHA: “Turnabout is fair play!”
JFA: “Turnabout?! The NWA were eliminated fair and square, J! There’s nothing you can do to dispute that fact. And Divebomb has just cost CompuFire their chance to win this… and their title shot. And, amazingly, we’re down to D-Extreme and RCOSD against Strafe and Windcharger. Windcharger who wasn’t even supposed to be in this match, but appeared as a late substitution for the injured OP2005.”
JHA: “Hey… what would happen if they won this? Would Vaccaro make Windy wrestle in the title shot?”
JFA: “I don’t think it’s as simple as that. He’s been wanting Windcharger back for ages, if he could just order him to wrestle, I think he would have. I’d rather suspect the shot would go to Strafe and OP… should OP be fit.”
JHA: “Or sane, for that matter. For all we know, he put his own head through that trophy cabinet!”

As a mass of AWF officials swarm the ringside area to separate Computron from the NWA, the referee rolls Jetfire out of the ring and the match resumes.

JFA: “Action still going on in the ring, despite the disturbance outside. D-Extreme locking up with Strafe… Strafe with the side headlock… pushed to the ropes by D-Ex… but a shoulderblock on the rebound knows the former TV Champ to the mat. Strafe back to the ropes, now… D-Extreme back up… and a big armdrag on the rebound. Tries to clinch in that armbar, but he can’t keep Strafe down.”
JHA: “Wrestling? Incredible.”
JFA: “It makes a change, yes. Strafe back up to his feet… and a northern lights suplex! One! Two! Oh, D-Extreme just kicking out in time. That was nearly it.”
JHA: “Okay, this is weird… wanting R to win also involves wanting D-Ex not to lose. I don’t think I can do this…”
JFA: “Feel free to leave at any time. D-Extreme lunging for a clothesline, ducked by Strafe and a fireman’s carry takedown sends D-Ex to the mat. Strafe up and into his corner, now. Tag made to Windcharger.”
JHA: “Oh, boy. What’s next? Don’t tell me, he’s going to pull out Kamala…”
JFA: “Maybe if you ask him nicely after the show. Windcharger going to work on D-Extreme… hard rights backs him into the corner. D-Ex stuck against those turnbuckles.”

His opponent trapped in the corner, Windcharger clambers onto the second turnbuckle and starts to wail away on D-Extreme’s forehead as the crowd count the punches. Upon reaching ten, the part-time movie star steps back down and walks backwards, letting his foe stagger forward before hip-tossing him to the canvas.

JFA: “Takedown by Windcharger… off the ropes now… and a big knee-drop to the chest. Hook of the leg… one… two… RCOSD in to break it up. Referee instructing the Scotsman back to his corner. Windcharger scooping D-Ex up… and a big bodyslam.”
JHA: “Oh, come on, you useless sack of whatever. Fight back!”
JFA: “Windcharger with the tag to Strafe. Strafe into the ring now… and drops the elbow across the sternum. Lateral press… one… two… D-Extreme kicks out on two.”
JHA: “If he had any sense he’d be kicking out on one.”
JFA: “Strafe signalling to the crowd. They want to see it…”
JHA: “I don’t want to see anything he’s got, thanks.”
JFA: “Hauling D-Extreme up… lining it up… the Ivory Tower… hits it! Strafe with the Ivory Tower on D-Extreme, that’s got to be all over! But… RCOSD into the ring… and a huge clothesline on Strafe!”
JHA: “The Hellsmack! Good work, R! That’s good teamwork. Really smart play.”
JFA: “RCOSD back to the outside, now. Both men crawling towards their corners…”

With the crowd egging on both competitors, Strafe and D-Extreme drag themselves across the mat to their respective partners. Strafe seems almost certain to make the tag first, when Windcharger suddenly falls off the apron and to the floor.

JHA: “Where’d he go?”
JFA: “What the? Windcharger just… he looked like he was pulled down from the corner… Strafe there for the tag, but nobody home…”
JHA: “And there’s the tag to RCOSD! The One Man Army is in!”
JFA: “RCOSD in the ring… but Windcharger nowhere to be seen. Oh, and Strafe just nailed from behind with that double axehandle. RCOSD ramming his opponent facefirst into the turnbuckle, now. Drags him to the centre of the ring… whip to the ropes… and a big boot sends Strafe down to the canvas.”
JHA: “Where the hell did Windcharger go, though?”
JFA: “I don’t know, J. Can we get a replay somebody? RCOSD unloading on Strafe in the middle of the ring… stomping away on his opponent. Picking him up now… and a big suplex.”
JHA: “Okay, here’s that replay…”

The action splits into two screens as one screen shows what happened moments ago as Strafe reached to make the tag, and Windcharger suddenly dropped off the apron. A second camera angle picks up on the outside, as we see Windy dragged under the ring by his foot.

JFA: “Well, that explains where he went… but not what happened. RCOSD making the tag to D-Extreme again. Both men into the ring… piledriver attempt by RCOSD? No… sets him up… Basement Breaker, perhaps. D-Extreme up onto that second rope…”
JHA: “Oh, yeah… here it comes… Basement Breaker! He got all of it.”
JFA: “RCOSD driving Strafe hard into the canvas… D-Extreme balanced on that turnbuckle… and a big splash from the second rope. That’s got to be all. Hooks the leg… one… two…”
JHA: “No!”
JFA: “No! Strafe somehow kicking out on two. D-Extreme can’t believe it. RCOSD can’t believe it. D-Ex pulling him up now… front facelock clinched in… makes the tag to RCOSD again. This has turned into a handicap match. D-Extreme lining it up… X-ocution! Elevated DDT by D-Ex. Leaving the ring now… RCOSD pulls him back up…”
JHA: “Gonna hit another, I think. Is it? Basement Breaker… Yes! It’s all over now. One. Two. Three!”
JFA: “RCOSD and D-Extreme win it! Incredibly… they’ll get the Tag Team Champions, Blood & Thunder, on the next edition of Warzone. But you’ve got to give credit to Strafe… he fought hard, but he couldn’t do it alone…”
JHA: “But we still don’t know what happened to Windcharger…”

As RCOSD’s music echoes through Old Trafford, the two victors slap hands in the centre of the ring before slipping through the ropes and heading up the ramp.

JHA: “It’s good to see R happy again. Especially after being cheated out of the Hardcore Title.”
JFA: “Well, that’s a matter for debate.”

With the match over and Strafe lying unconscious in the ring, the cameras switch to the ringside area in time to see the ring apron start to move and a figure emerge.

JHA: “And now Windy makes his cowardly return. Of all the ways to wimp out of the… whoa.”
JFA: “And… my god.”
JHA: “Morpheus?!”
JFA: “Morpheus crawling out from under the ring… my god. He must have been the one who dragged Windcharger underneath.”
JHA: “How long’s he been down there? When did he get there? How did he get there without anybody seeing?”
JFA: “Morpheus creeping slowly up the ramp, now. Glancing around, almost twitching. The referee just saw him emerge… looking under the ring, now… and calling for medical help.”

A group of EMTs rush down the aisle towards the ring, passing Morpheus on the way. He stops and stares at them inquisitively, before returning to his patch towards the backstage area.

JFA: “And now we’ve finally got some medical attention down here. EMTs looking under the ring and… finally, Windcharger emerging. He seems okay physically. A little shaken up… I dread to think what Morpheus did to him under there."
JHA: “I don’t even want to go there.”
JFA: “Medics helping Strafe out of the ring. He did his best, but in the end it wasn’t enough. D-Extreme and RCOSD victorious here tonight. Let’s take you Keith Kincaid, who I think is out in the crowd…”

In the Crowd

KK: “Hi fellas, yes, I’m up here in with the heart and soul of the Archive Wrestling Federation – the fans. Big win for D-Extreme and RCOSD. You, sir – surprised?”

Random fan 3: “Absolutely stunned. I came here expecting CompuFire to walk out with the win, regain the Tag Titles next Warzone. I’m shocked.”

KK: “You think RCOSD and D-Extreme can unseat Blood & Thunder?”

Random fan 3: “I don’t know anymore. I didn’t think they stood a chance here. So what do I know?”

KK: “Hopefully enough to give us a prediction on what’s going to go down in the big War Games main event.”

Random fan 3: “Oh hell yeah. Team Warzone are going to walk it, no matter who the mystery partner is. TC’s the WHOLE show. Nobody’s gonna stop him leading the Warzone boys to glory.”

KK: “Thank you, very much. What about your friend here, who does he think the mystery partner’s going to be?”

Random fan 4: “It’s gonna be Triple H. I just know it. That’s why he’s off tv at the moment, he’s lining up to come here.”

Random fan 3: “He’s on honeymoon, you mark.”

Random fan 4: “In that case, it’s gonna be The Rock. He’s already here. Or it’s OP2005 and that’s why he pulled out of the match earlier.”

Random fan 5: “What are you on? It’s gonna be O’Con. No doubt about it.”

Random fan 3: “He’s suspended, hello!”

Random fan 5: “No he’s not. Not technically… besides, it’s unsanctioned!”

Random fan 4: “That just means no disqualifications, doofus.”

KK: “Definite differences of opinion up here, let’s take you back to the action, before we get a match of our own up here!”

Warzone presents…
Television Title Match
JFA - Next up for Warzone is the TV Title match. Every week, the champion must fight a new challenger. This proves to be horribly draining on the champion. But for the last month, Amarant Odinson has defended the title 7 different times, and doesn’t look to be ready to give it up anytime soon.

JHA - Well, he’s been pretty pissed off at Brave Maximus over his “interference” this past Warzone. I don’t know why though. Brave Maximus robbed Viewfind of the TV Title. Homeslice had it won, but that damn ghost or what ever he is....... And now Amarant’s going to bitch about Max’s interference, he should be thanking him. He’s the only reason he’s got the title and not my boy Homeslice.

JFA - Ummmmm, did you actually watch that match boobs? Or were you asleep for most of it. Amarant fought Viewfind to a stand still. It wasn’t until Viewfind went for a chair that Max showed up. Amarant has proved that he’s up with the best of the AWF after that match. Though, if you think differently, you can tell it to his face, here he comes:

JHA - Eeeep!

Ring Announcer - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the AWF TV Title. Making his way to the ring, from Priceville Ontario, Canada: He is the AWF TV Champion - AMARANT ODINSON!

“More Human than Human” hits the Soundtrons and the fans erupt with a mixed reation. Half with cheers, the other half with boo’s. Uncaring, Odinson confidently strides down to the ring, climbs through the ropes. While in the ring, he bounces of the ropes a little and rotates his shoulders, looking like he owns the ring.

Ring Announcer - And making his way to the ring, From Wallingford Vermont: Ravage!

As “I Will Be Heard” by Hatebreed begins to play, Big Daddy Rav walks through the entrance way to the overwhelming cheers of this capacity crowd. He stops at the entrance way and raises his arm into the air as the pyro goes off around him. He strides down to the ring, hops up on the apron and steps over the top rope. Both men meet at centre ring, and glare at each other.

JFA - Odinson’s giving up a good 10 inches in this match and a lot of weight. I wonder what kind of strategy he’s going to employ here tonight.

The Ref calls for the bell, and the match begins, but neither man moves. Ravage stands towering over Odinson, attempting to intimidate the smaller man. Amarant, on the other hand, stands his ground, looking very much like a wolverine, sizing up his opponent. With speed belying his size, Big Daddy Rav launches a punch directly at the head of Amarant, who barely manages to duck under it. Odinson then lands a massive punch to the mid-section of Rav, forcing him to bend over a bit. Odinson then reaches up and attempts to go for a jawbreaker. Rav counters by wraping his arms around Amarant, keeping him from dropping. With slight change in stance, Ravage send Amarant sailing over his head with a modified release belly-to-belly suplex. Amarant hits the mat hard, but rolls with it and quickly gets to his feet.

Amarant bounces off the ropes and attempts for a body block against Ravage, and while the impact is great, Amarant couldn’t bring the big man to the ground. He backs up, and bounces off the ropes again in another attempt, this time to be met with a Big Man Boot to the head, sending him once again to the mat. Ravage walks over and drags Odinson up by the head, before picking him up and sending him back down with a scoop slam. Rav quickly goes for the cover, but Amarant kicks out before 2. Ravage, again, drags Amarant up, and hoists him up into a gorrilla press, demonstrating his physical prowess by lifting him up and down a couple of times, playing to the crowd, before tossing him up and stepping forward, letting Amarant fall to the ground.

JFA - Ravage is defiantly in control of the match at this point. He even has enough time to showboat to the crowd here. I don’t know what Amarant is doing at this point, but it isn’t working.

JHA - See I told you! Amarant is nothing. Tonight Big Daddy Rav is going to be the first in a long line of people to “Prove Him Wrong”!

JFA - I wouldn’t count this young man out yet. He’s proven tough and resilient in the past.

Back in the ring, Ravage slowly walks around to Amarant’s head, and drags him to his feet once more. He whips Odinson across the ring, bouncing him off the ropes, preparing for a second Big Man Boot to finish the match. Unfortunately he telegraphs the move far to early, Odinson goes with the momentum and ducks under the Big Boot and dives at Rav’s only leg on the ground, taking him to the mat. Amarant quickly moves around and locks in a quick leg lock against Rav, who struggles over and grabs the ropes. Not even waiting for the Ref to tell him to break it up, Odinson is on his feet and moving to Ravages feet.

Odinson grabs the ropes to get more leverage and begins to stomp away at the left leg of Rav, even as he tries to move away. After ten, the Ref moves in and gets between Amarant and Ravage, breaking it up. Amarant then moves over and drags Ravage to his feet. Grabbing his ankle and waist, Amarant lifts Ravage up and bends his leg. He then drops the big man’s bent knee across his leg. Ravage goes down to the mat, and Amarant is right there, locking him up in a figure four leg lock, keeping all the pressure on Ravage’s left leg. Ravage’s face is wracked with pain as he slowly pulls the two of them across the mat so he can grab the ropes to break the hold. Again, Odinson quickly releases the hold and goes back on the attack, delivering a series of attacks that target the left leg of his opponent.

JFA - Now we are starting to see that infamous mean streak of Odinson and it’s really working to his advantage. He’s keeping Big Daddy Rav off his feet and delivering massive attacks to one area of the body, in this case his leg.

JHA - Well it seems to be working here unfortunatly: Amarant’s keeping the attack up so fast, that Ravage doesn’t have time to breath let alone counter attack. But if he keeps this up, Amarant could seriously hurt someone!

JFA - He’s done it before. I just hope he doesn’t try that sickening House of Pain!

Amarant continues the assault against Ravage, this time dragging him over to a turnbuckle before hopping out of the ring. Odinson then moves to the other side of the ring-post and drags Rav’s legs out. He takes the big mans injured left leg and smashes it against the ring post before manoeuvring himself around. Amarant then lifts himself up and locks in a figure four on Ravage, AROUND THE RING POST! The Ref begins a quick five count, and Amarant releases just before he gets disqualified, but the damage to Rav’s leg has already been done.

Amarant climbs back into the ring and drags Ravage to his feet, attempting to set him up for another leg-breaker. But somehow Ravage manages to counter! He sends Amarant flying across the ring and into the turnbuckle. Ravage makes his way over there, obviously limping. He bends down and delivers a series of shoulder blocks right to the mid-section of Odinson. He then moves to the side and lets Odinson stumble out. Ravage moves behind him and grabs him around the waist, sending him up and over for a back suplex. But Rav holds on and bridges it into a pin. Before the Ref can count out “2" Rav’s leg gives out and he collapses.

This time Ravage crawls over to the ropes and uses them to help himself get to a vertical base. He then stands there, leaning against the ropes, waiting for Amarant to get to his feet. Amarant staggers up and slowly turns around, looking for his foe, while trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head. Rav waits for Amarant to turn around before kicking him in the stomach and hoisting him up onto his shoulders.

JFA - Here it comes the Hangover! He lands this it’s all over for Odinson. No! His leg gave out on him, he’s down and clutching his injured leg. Amarant’s moving around and setting up for..... No! He’s got the Sharpshooter locked in!

JHA - That damn move! Does every Canadian wrestler know that move?!? They’re right in the middle of the ring! Ravage has no where to go, and every time he moves, Odinson just puts more pressure on the sharpshooter!

JFA - Big Daddy Rav has no choice, he has to tap out - Amarant keeps the title. But he’s not letting go! The bell’s rung, he’s kept the title, but Amarant keeps applying pressure to the injured leg of Ravage. He keeps trying to hoist himself up or move to releave the pressure, but Amarant keeps the hold locked in. His face showing no emotion at all. This is just sick!

JHA - The officials are finally making there way to the ring and forcing Amarant to release the hold. He grabs his title back.

Amarant Odinson - This is my ring and my title! You want it, try and PROVE ME WRONG!

AWF Press Office
2003-10-30, 02:51 AM

Keith Kincaid is stood alongside Windcharger in front of an AWF interview set.

KK: “Windcharger… great to have you back.”

Windy: “One night only, Keith. Just like all the lovely ladies in Hollywood know – unless you’re something special, the Windster Express is a one night only show.”

KK: “Unfortunate not to win, I have to say. A great deal of that is due to Morpheus.”

Windy: “Yeah, my Cow buddy… he’s a little messed up right now, but at the end of the day, he had no-”

Before Windcharger can finish, the set collapses around him as Morpheus charges through to attack. Before any harm can be done, though, a swarm of referees put themselves between the two former team-mates and force Morpheus away from the scene and back to his locker room.

Mayhem presents…
Joey: Two men and no good looks in this match. This should be one hard-hitting test for both Plasmodium and El Chingador. They’ve been stewing for a rematch for a while now.

Flec: Indeed they have Joey. I’ve heard Plasmodium has been working hard in preparation for this match, but Auros is really primed and ready to go.

Joey: Plas may be working his eyeballs on the femmes, but I haven’t heard so much as a whistle from either him or Auros in ages. If Auros is primed, let’s see who adds the paint, spit and shine tonight.

KMFDM - "Virus" breaks over the speakers and Plasmodium comes stalking out from the curtains as the crowd riles in a wave of boos and jeers.
Plasmodium made his way down the ramp and to the stage, looking unconcerned and disinterested. He yawned and stretched, flexing his muscles at the crowd.

Joey: Plasmodium sure looks confident. He’s not even turning around to look for his opponent.

Flec: Doesn’t have to- Auros’s entrance video and music haven’t popped yet. Look- now there they go.
Oasis’ ‘F**king in the Bushes’ hit the loudspeakers and video clips flashed above the entranceway, but no wrestler appeared. Plasmodium turned slowly and folded his arms looking irked.
Joey: What’s this? Could Auros have wimped out? Could El Chingador have taken a siesta?
Flec: I doubt it. But the referee is up in the ring now and watching. Wait! Look! The crowd is turning- Auros is in the crowd!
With a sudden spring up to the ropes, Auros climbed the three as Plasmodium whirled around and ran toward him. Auros took a flying leap and body slammed Plasmodium to the mat, sending the crowd into a riotous uproar of excited yells.
Plasmodium grabbed Auros and the two rolled, exchanging a set of hard punches before breaking away and getting up. Auros pulled a roundhouse on Plas, knocking him forcefully backwards into the ropes with the unexpected blow.
Flec: Plas shaking that kick off now, and moving out and away from the ropes. Here comes Auros, planning on booting him in the gut it looks like… and oh! Plas dodges to the side! Auros lands a kick straight into the ropes and he’s trying to reverse and get his foot out!
Joey: Plasmodium’s not going to give him the opportunity! He’s rushed in and caught Auros in a suplex! He’s lifting Auros in a back-breaking suplex and doesn’t see the foot caught!
Flec: Auros is holding onto the rope with that foot and Plas is trying to lift him- incredible. Talk about a tug-of-war!
Joey: Plas is losing patience now, and oooooh! He just slammed Auros straight down. Auros is in pain… that must’ve broken his tailbone!
Flec: *winces* Auros is rolling on his side now. Plas follows up with a set of boots to the side. And wait! Auros grabbed Plas’s boot and rolled into him! He’s toppled Plasmodium!
Auros rolled sideways into Plasmodium’s legs and caused him to fall backwards. With a tremendous scramble, Auros got to his feet and sent some vicious kicks into Plas’s ribcage, causing the wrestler to double up. Auros stalked around to the opposite side and plunged down trying to get a chokehold on Plas to make him tap out.
Joey: The chokehold’s not working! Auros is switching grips attempting to get into a cradle… and Plas kicked out and rolled away! Holy smokes he caught Auros in the groin with the kick!
Flec: *winces again* Good thing cups exist.
Joey: Yeah, speaking of which Flec, where’s mine?
Flec: Like I would know?
Joey: I mean my coffee cup!
Flec: Right… there, with two lumps.
Joey: Auros isn’t phased! He’s up and after Plas in a fury now! Plasmodium is getting up and Auros caught him while he was bent over. Auros has him in a headlock and he’s lifting him and there’s a flip and a slam!
Flec: *drops the coffee cup onto the floor* Oh my God. Auros brought Plas down in a slam on his neck! That was a bad fall- he must’ve broken Plas’s neck!
Plasmodium hit the floor and grabbed his neck yelling loudly with his face scrunched up in pain. Auros watched his opponent for a moment before following up with a boot to the gut and a boot to the shoulder.
Joey: Auros is going in for the wrap now, Plasmodium’s in a tremendous amount of pain. Auros isn’t showing any mercy here- he’s got Plas in an armbar with a neck grab- he’s going for a submission!
Flec: Someone get the ref to call this! Plas is screaming in pain and not tapping yet- this is just sickening to see and hear!
Joey: All he has to do is tap…
Flec: What if his neck is broken and he can’t?
Joey: Here comes the ref… he’s calling to him now. And here comes the count…1… 2…3! El Chingador wins!
Flec: Plasmodium’s not getting up…
Joey: Why should he? This is a solo victory dance for Sir Auros! Just listen to that crowd!
Auros threw a fist up in the air and beamed a grin as he made his way back to the curtain, while the medics removed Plasmodium from the ring.


Ravage strolls through the locker room area, a heavy scowl on his face. He reaches the office of Mr Vaccaro and barges straight in.

Vaccaro: “Why can nobody around here knock anymore?”

Ravage: “I was screwed and you know it.”

Vaccaro: “Que?”

Ravage: “I never gave up. You know that. Everybody knows that. Your referees just thought it would be funny to make it look like I tapped out at Autumn Annihilation two years on the trot. Well that’s BULLS**T!”

Vaccaro: “Okaayyyy… rage… not good. Stress and anger not welcome in the boss’ office. What do you expect me to do about it?”

Ravage: “Give me a rematch. On Warzone. No submissions. Pinfall only.”

Vaccaro: “If it’ll get you to leave me alone with my paperwork, fine. Anything else?2

Ravage: “Yeah. I want a special type of pinfalls-only match.”

Vaccaro: “… would you care to elaborate?”

Ravage: “I want a Falls Count Right Here match.”

Vaccaro: “Whatever. Now go!”

Warzone presents…
The lights dip as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata echoes through Old Trafford.

JHA: “Did it just get colder in here?”
JFA: “I think it did… big match coming up. Plenty of bad blood’s passed under the bridge between these two men recently…”
JHA: “Talk about your mixed metaphors…”
JFA: “The Lock thought he could bring Silly Cow back… didn’t happen, now who knows? Morpheus may be about to try to bring Silly Cow back himself by pummeling the Lock senseless.”
JHA: “No maybe about it. That’s exactly what he’s going to try to do. Morpheus out to flush all the pain and hurt from his body and bring back the enjoyment. Though why anybody would even want Silly Cow back is beyond me…”
JFA: “Beyond you but not beyond the fans… they loved the Cow. Many signs in the crowd tonight proclaiming that they want 2 Lame.”

Slowly walking down the aisle, Morpheus stops to stare at a young female fan in the front row. He pauses, his head tilted to one side, as if trying to remember what to do. Suddenly he starts punching the side of his head and staggers on down the aisle.

JHA: “Frrrrreak. I know one other person who wants to see Morpheus gone – Windcharger!”
JFA: “Almost definitely. Especially after what went down earlier tonight. Nobody expected Windy to be here tonight, least of all Morpheus. And when he heard that the former Pulp Faction guy was out here, boy, nothing in the world was going to stop him…”

The masked man creeps around both rings, shooting a glance over his shoulder every few paces, breathing erratically, almost as if he were tasting the atmosphere produced by the crowd.

JHA: “Of course you know they’re used to this sort of guy here. Morpheus is pretty dull for a night out in Manchester. They’ve got some of the ugliest people on Earth here. I still can’t get over that guy we saw about the stadium this morning… I mean ugh. How ugly was he?”
JFA: “What guy? What are you talking about?”
JHA: “You know – the one who was saying he was such a big fan of yours. I’ve never seen anybody so horrific. He made Morpheus look normal!”
JFA: “That was Phil Neville, and you should be quiet. Who knows what trouble you’ll end up in.”

Eventually clambering beneath the bottom rope, Morpheus crawls across the ring and kneels in the corner, gently hugging the cover of the middle turnbuckle.

Get Rolled with the Fever on the Dancefloor

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, currently in the ring, from the dreams of children everywhere… Morpheus! And his opponent, making his way down the aisle, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia… The Lock!”

JFA: “And listen to that ovation for the Lock! The people here are on their feet in appreciation. Grimlock wasting no time, though – straight down the aisle and into the ring. Hammering away on Morpheus right from the get-go!”
JHA: “That’s not fair, surely!”
JFA: “Bell sounds, we’re officially underway. The Lock pounding away on his opponent in the corner… Irish whip to the buckle… follows in and a biiiig back bodydrop as Morpheus staggers out.”
JHA: “This doesn’t look good for the freak…”
JFA: “The Lock totally in control of this match… waiting for Morpheus to stand again… hard right hand. Into the ropes and a belly to belly suplex takes him down on the rebound. Hook of the leg, one, two, shoulder just comes up from Morpheus, though.”

Keeping the match at a high tempo, the Australian hauls his adversary off the mat before planting him back onto the canvas with a scoop slam.

JFA: “The Lock in control here… off the ropes… and a beautifully executed elbow drop. Lateral press… but Morpheus kicks out again.”
JHA: “I can’t remember the last time I saw the Aussie move so fast…”
JFA: “He’s on a mission, that’s for sure. He wants to beat Morpheus, and he wants to do it fast. Anybody would think he had a bevvy of beauties out back waiting for him. Dragging Morpheus towards the corner now… Irish whip and the former 2 Lame with authority into the buckle! Follows it in… high knee into the corner.”

Backing off enough to let Morpheus stagger forward, dazed, The Lock ducks in behind him and hops up onto the second turnbuckle. Grabbing his opponent’s head, he flips forward to deliver the Diamond Dust.

JFA: “Diamond Dust coming up… no! Morpheus somehow got a hand out and grabbed a hold of the top rope… The Lock landing hard on his back. Grimlock back up now… and Morpheus just levels him with a running clothesline!”
JHA: “That’ll knock the wind right out of your sails. Wow, all that offense he absorbed, but Morpheus barely seems phased.”
JFA: “Morpheus stomping away on The Lock as he tries to get up… Locky to his knees… fighting that relentless onslaught of kicks to the midsection. Morpheus on his knees now, hammering that fist hard into the back of the neck. Really punishing The Lock.”
JHA: “You think he’s enjoying it? I mean that is what it’s all about, right? Enjoyment… getting the fun back.”
JFA: “Supposedly… or it may just be that Morpheus enjoys causing people suffering… the more punishment he lays out, the more removed from Silly Cow he becomes.”

Letting The Lock rise to his feet, Morpheus slams a knee into the gut and rakes his opponent’s eyes across the top rope. Backing up, he lets The Lock stagger forward from the ropes before slamming a forearm into the cheek and whipping him to the ropes.

JFA: “Grimlock sent for the ride… Morpheus with a harrrd clothesline on the way back. Lateral press… one… two… The Lock kicks out. Grimlock really struggling to combat the unorthodox style of Morpheus… probably why he was trying to get it over with fast in the early-going. Didn’t want to give his opponent a chance to get into the fight.”
JHA: “Smart, I’d have to say. Though it’s out of character for him. Oh, vicious elbow-drop from Morpheus. I used to throw ‘em like that.”
JFA: “Morpheus backing off the Lock now… looking for another. And just drives the back of his elbow down hard across the Australian’s sternum. No cover… up again… off the ropes, looking for a third… and connects. Hook of the leg… one… two… The Lock kicks out again. Morpheus undetered, though. Letting The Lock climb back up… hard European-style uppercut there… chops to the chest area… and a knee to the ribcage. Morpheus not letting his opponent catch his breath…”

Relentless, Morpheus backs the Lock into the corner of the ring and pummels him with a flurry of punches, dropping him to the mat. As Grimlock lies in a heap in the corner, his head propped up above the bottom turnbuckle, he thinks briefly that he’s earned a respite, but Morpheus has backed away only far enough to get a good run-up prior to slamming a knee hard into his adversary’s head.

JHA: “That’s gonna hurt, no matter how little brain you’ve got.”
JFA: “Morpheus dragging the Lock out of the corner, now. Makes the cover – one… two… shoulder somehow comes up, though. Morpheus heaving him up again… oh, hard right hand by the Lock to the midsection. And another… Locky fighting back… oh, but Morpheus with a hard knee-lift right to the jaw, sending The Lock back down to the mat.”

Watching his prey, Morpheus drops to his knees and crawls backwards across the mat, putting half the ring between the two. Once he’s achieved his preferred vantage point, he stops. Rocking back onto his haunches, he waits.

JHA: “What’s that lunatic doing? He spent all that time going absolutely postal on Locky, now he just sits back?”
JFA: “Nobody ever claimed he had a logical method… but it’s a successful one. He knows what he’s doing, it may seem senseless to us, but he’s one of the most intelligent men on Warzone.”
JHA: “He doesn’t look it. That whole mask thing… the straggly hair… behaving like an animal…”
JFA: “Never judge a book by it’s cover. It’s been said before, but you wouldn’t believe that’s the same man who won the Intercontinental Championship as Silly Cow, but it’s still true – it is.”

Thankful for the break in hostilities, The Lock rolls onto his stomach and drags himself to the side of the ropes that borders the second ring. Reaching up, he hauls himself to his feet.

JFA: “Grimlock pulling himself up, now. Morpheus up to his feet as well… poised, ready to pounce… Locky up on the side of the ring… clutching that top rope. Charge from Morpheus… and a clothesline! Morpheus going over the top with him… took them right out over the top rope and onto that join of aprons… both men in between the rings…”
JHA: “So… are they technically on the outside, or what?”
JFA: “Yes, they are. If you’re outside the ropes of the assigned ring, then you’re fair game to be counted out. Both men in that area, now. Though I think Morpheus has got his leg caught in the ropes of the other ring. He landed awkwardly… almost zero space to maneouvre there, and I think he’s got his left leg wrapped over the top strand and his foot caught under the second rope. Shouldn’t be too hard to disentangle, but there’s very little room to move.”

Having landed on his gut, The Lock is able to drag himself up and see the position Morpheus has landed in. Seizing the moment, the Australian pounds away on his opponent as Morpheus hangs upside-down.

JHA: “Hey, that’s not legal!”
JFA: “Punching him? Or having him tied up in the ropes?”
JHA: “Neither! Or, both… or, whatever the grammatically correct reply is to indicate that neither of those things are legal, dammit!”
JFA: “The referee breaking his count now, coming across to try and untangle Morpheus’ leg. The Lock still hammering away on him, though. Up to his feet and stomping away on Morpheus as he hangs upside down… this is surreal.”
JHA: “Is the referee allowed to interfere like that?”
JFA: “Judgement call. Morpheus free now… The Lock still stomping away, though… pulling Morpheus up… and just whips him hard down the apron… and Morpheus hard chest-first into the ringposts. First time I’ve ever seen somebody sent along the apron and hit two posts at the same time. Morpheus staggered… back towards the Lock now… and locky just throws him back over the top rope and into the ring.”
JHA: “That’s the wrong ring, though, isn’t it?”
JFA: “Yep. Wrong ring for the one they started in… I don’t know how the referee’s likely to respond though. Grimlock hopping up onto the top rope… Morpheus back to his feet… and a missile dropkick from the top rope. The Lock with the cover… referee through and telling him it won’t count, though.”
JHA: “Good call. I like this referee.”
JFA: “I’ll make sure Mr Vaccaro knows that, J. The referee instructing The Lock to get it back into the right ring… lock arguing… Morpheus up behind and… OH my… Morpheus on his knees and a crushing low blow to The Lock… referee missing it completely… he was turning to go back through the ropes.”
JHA: “I see what you mean about Morpheus being intelligent!”

Pulling himself back to his feet, Morpheus grabs The Lock by the shoulders and turns to the side of the ring, hurling him out over the top rope and to the floor.

JFA: “Impressive strength by Morpheus. The Lock not putting up much resistance, though, I have to admit. Morpheus out onto the apron now… The Lock crawling up to his knees… and a double-axehandle from the apron to the floor! Right onto the back of the head.”
JHA: “I’m definitely being impressed by Morpheus. I like wrestlers with a vicious streak.”
JFA: “I’d never realised that before. The referee allowing a lot of leniency in this match… on the outside himself, now. Ordering Morpheus to take it back inside or be counted out. The masked man not paying a lot of attention as he rams The Lock facefirst into the security barricade.”
JHA: “Why should he pay attention? He knows he’s got a ten count.”
JFA: “Morpheus leading the Lock around the outside by the head… goes to ram him facefirst into the apron, but The Lock blocks it with his hands… elbow to the chest of Morpheus… and The Lock now rams that masked cranium into the apron. Locky coming back into it now… and an Irish whip to the steel stairs! Morpheus just sent careering into that solid steel… the steps actually knocked away from the ringpost, such was the force.”
JHA: “And the referee’s out again. I like this guy…”
JFA: “Definitely applying a lot of common sense and leniency. Wants the match to finish in the ring, where it should. The Lock heading back to the squared circle now… rolls in under the bottom rope. And rolls straight back out again…”
JHA: “That was the right ring, right?”
JFA: “Right.”

Walking back around the ringside area, The Lock hauls Morpheus up before suplexing him hard down onto the floor. Rolling through, he delivers a flurry of mounted punches as the front-row of spectators cheer him on.

JFA: “The Lock really in control here on the outside. Dragging Morpheus back to his feet… what? What’s he doing?”
JHA: “Coming across to us, I think. Ye gads.”

The Lock scoops Morpheus up in a bodyslam position, with the obvious intention of dropping him facefirst onto the nearset announce table, but as the masked man finds himself across his foe’s shoulders, he reaches up and rakes the eyes to break the hold. Morpheus spins Grimlock around to face him and buries a boot to the midsection.

JFA: “The Lock doubled over… double underhook by Morpheus… Antithesis on the floor! No – the Lock broke it… waistlock… oh my god! Belly to belly suplex… right through the French announce table!”
JHA: “What’s French for absolute carnage?”
JFA: “The Lock… laying facedown in the rubble… that twisting belly-to-belly… sending Morpheus straight through the announce table. The referee out again, yelling at them both to get it back into the ring.”
JHA: “That’s a disqualification, surely?”
JFA: “I’d think so… the announce table is definitely a foreign object… but this referee showing a huge amount of leniency, as I’ve said on several occasions. The Lock dragging Morpheus back around the ringside area… and throws him into the ring under the bottom rope.”
JHA: “Morpheus has got to be dead, J. His head bounced off the floor when he went through that table.”
JFA: “I wouldn’t be too sure with this guy. The Lock hauling him back to a vertical base… sets him up… dragon sleeper? Overdrive! The Lock connecting with the overdrive on Morpheus, that’s gotta be all over. One… two…”
JHA: “Whoa.”
JFA: “Kick out by Morpheus on two… The Lock can’t quite believe it… pulling Morpheus up again. Suplex maybe… no – inside cradle by Morpheus! One! Two! The Lock just powers out on two, though. Both men back up to their feet… and a spinning heel kick by The Lock on Morpheus.”
JHA: “He’s not as out of it as we thought… insane AND indestructable. I like Morpheus!”
JFA: “The Lock heading out of the ring, now. Along the apron… climbing the turnbuckles… third floor… and a huge flying elbowdrop onto Morpheus below! Hook of the leg. One… two… oh my word. Morpheus with the shoulder up again.”

Staring up at the referee in disbelief, The Lock stands and waits for Morpheus to regain his footing. The masked man eventually staggers to his feet and totters towards the Australian. Grimlock takes advantage of the groggy state by gently raising his left foot in a feigned kick. Morpheus instinctively catches the leg, unwittingly setting himself up for a picture-perfect enziguri to be delivered from the Lock’s right.

JHA: “That’ll clean your clock out!”
JFA: “The Lock with the enziguri… set it up expertly. Morpheus flat out on his stomach… he’s got to be almost out of it… then again, we thought that earlier. The Lock grabbing his ankle and dragging him to the centre of the ring, now. Flips him over onto his back… both legs grabbed…”
JHA: “Sharpshooter, maybe? This move is totally overused nowadays. They should ban it and see how people cope…”
JFA: “Certainly a popular maneouvre. We saw Amarant Odinson use it earlier tonight… now the Lock setting it up. Steps through… grapevining the legs… Morpheus resisting though… The Lock reaching down to try and get more leverage... Oh, and a thumb to the eye from Morpheus!”
JHA: “That’s one way to break it…”
JFA: “Morpheus breaking up the sharpshooter. The Lock rubbing his face, trying to restore his vision… I’ve seen people lose an eye from things like that… Morpheus back to his feet… what? Kick to the gut… Antithesis!”
JHA: “That’s got it!”
JFA: “That modified DDT from nowhere by Morpheus! Hooks the leg… one… two…”
JHA: “Three!”
JFA: “Three! No – foot’s on the bottom rope! The referee didn’t see it at first, but caught it at the last moment… The Lock’s foot on the rope. Referee signalling two to the timekeeper… this match still underway.”
JHA: “What the hell? What a lousy referee. Bad officiating. I never liked this guy, he should be fired.”
JFA: “And normal service has been resumed.”

Infuriated at being cheated of his victory, Morpheus rolls away from The Lock and starts punching the very canvas.

JHA: “Oooookay…. He’s flipped.”
JFA: “Morpheus was certain he’d won the match then. Coming back across to the Lock, now. Hauls him up… Irish whip attempt… no, countered by Grimlock… but reversed again by Morpheus… and… oh no. The Lock sent straight into the referee. Official couldn’t get out of the way in time… and he just got sandwiched between Grimlock and the turnbuckle…”
JHA: “Because he’s a bad referee. Poor positioning.”
JFA: “Lock out of the corner now… Morpheus is poised… knee to the gut. Double underhook again… but The Lock counters with a double leg takedown! What’s he up to now? Slingshot attempt… yes! Morpheus sent facefirst into the turnbuckle!”
JHA: “Oh no…”
JFA: “The Lock up behind him now… sets it up… Dinobot Slam! He connects! That’s got to be all! Makes the cover… one… two… three… four… five… referee still down. No new one coming out to replace him.”
JHA: “Phew. That’s even worse officiating. No replacements? I’ve half a mind to complain to the management.”
JFA: “You’ve got half a mind, period. The Lock up now… trying to revive the referee… Morpheus rolling away… obviously not out of it totally…”

Trying to regain his bearings, Morpheus rolls across the ring and under the bottom rope, landing on his feet on the floor. Dropping to his knees, he crawls across the ringside area to the broken announce table, before lunging forward and throwing one of the French commentators out of his position.

JHA: “Whoa. Unhappy Morpheus there…”
JFA: “Morpheus not content with seeing their table destroyed, now stealing the chair from one of our announce colleagues.”
JHA: “Say it like the table was his fault, why don’t you?”
JFA: “Morpheus armed with a folding chair… back into the ring with it… The Lock still checking on the referee, he’s not seen him!”
JHA: “This is gonna be good!”

As Morpheus skulks across the ring, raising the chair higher into the air, the Old Trafford crowd suddenly erupt into life as Windcharger storms down the aisle and dives into the ring.

JHA: “Oh what? What’s he want!”
JFA: “He wants revenge! And he wants to make sure that justice goes down here! Windy pounding away on Morpheus with rights and lefts! Morpheus finally dropping that chair… Windy off the ropes… and a biiig clothesline takes Morpheus off his feet! The Lock back to the action now… seeing Windcharger in the ring.”
JHA: “Well that’s hardly friendly!”
JFA: “The Lock just spinning Windcharger around and asking him what he’s doing… Windy pointing to the chair.”
JHA: “This could be interesting…”
JFA: “I think The Lock’s accepting Windcharger’s story… asking him to leave, though. Windy complying. Back out of the ring now… slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way back to the locker room.”
JHA: “What’s Morpheus doing, though?”
JFA: “Morpheus back up again… and he’s heading out of the ring, too! Oh, just blindsided Windcharger in the aisle… this is uncalled for!”
JHA: “Uncalled for? Windy attacked him during his match!”
JFA: “This isn’t the best time to explain cause and effect with you. Morpheus hammering away on Windcharger on the floor… and just throws him headfirst into the steel ring steps. Morpheus grabbing that chair, now… and just brings it down hard on Windcharger’s knee!”
JHA: “You shouldn’t mess with Morpheus! Oh, what?”
JFA: “The Lock coming outside now… looking to interrupt the attack… pulling Morpheus away from Windy… and just slams him facefirst into the steel ringpost!”
JHA: “That’s a disqualification if ever I saw one!”
JFA: “The referee didn’t see it, though. Official still down on the inside of the ring… starting to stir now. The Lock picking that chair up… oh, and just brings it down hard across the back of Morpheus. Throws it back into the ring now, I don’t know how wise an idea that is.”
JHA: “It’s a stupid idea. But it’s probably about as wise as The Lock gets.”
JFA: “Locky pulling Morpheus up now… and hurls him back in under the bottom rope.”

With his opponent back inside the squared circle, The Lock exchanges a few words with Windcharger, making sure he’s okay, before climbing back onto the apron.

JFA: “The Lock heading back into the ring now. But… Morpheus is up again… with the chair…”
JHA: “Oh, baby!”
JFA: “Oh, that was absolutely heinous… Morpheus with a sick chairshot straight to the face of The Lock… sent him flying off the apron and back down to the floor. Referee didn’t see it…”
JHA: “See what?”

Watching his adversary drop like a sack of potatoes from the apron to the floor, Morpheus drops the chair over the top rope as well, before dropping to his knees in the ring. Lying foetal, the masked combatant starts breathing heavily to try and recover the energy expended during the match.

JFA: “Morpheus dropping exhausted to the mat… The Lock laid out on the floor… referee starting to regain his senses now… seeing The Lock outside and Morpheus inside. Oh, no. Starting to count, now.”
JHA: “Yeah, but why should he bother counting now? He didn’t bother all those other times…”
JFA: “Both men were on the outside those times… now it’s just the Lock. And he’s out cold. Referee up to five.”
JHA: “What, so Morpheus would win by count-out?”
JFA: “How long have you had this job? And you still don’t know the rules? Yes, Morpheus would win by count-out… it’s arguable whether or not he’d deserve it… but he’d win nonetheless. Referee on eight now… The Lock not stirring… nine… ten, that’s it.”
JHA: “Yay! Morpheus wins!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout, as the result of a count-out… Morpheus!”

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata fills the stadium for a second time as Morpheus lies flat on his back in the ring, a smile visible on his face, even through the mask.

JFA: “Morpheus awarded this match… it’s highly dubious as to whether or not he deserves it. He put up a hell of a fight, a brilliantly gutsy performance… but at the end of the day, it’s not the way in which anybody would want to win.”
JHA: “Why not? If he hadn’t wanted to win like that, why didn’t he stop it? He could have gone outside and dragged the Lock back in, but he didn’t. At the end of the day, it’s all down to The Lock – he didn’t have to go outside to break up the scuffle with Windcharger, but he did. And he got what he deserved.”
JFA: “I’d argue that point. Personally I feel that The Lock deserved the victory… at the end of the day, it’ll go into the record books as a defeat. A defeat by count-out, albeit, but still a defeat.”
JHA: “That’s because he’s a loser.”
JFA: “Medical staff out here now, attending to Windcharger and The Lock. Strapping up Windy’s knee… Morpheus leaving… seemingly unconcerned by Windcharger. Which I have to say is baffling, considering the lengths he went to in getting him. But who are we to guess what goes through that sick, demented mind…”
JHA: “He’s probably just happy to know he hurt him enough to get the stretcher-bearers out here. There’ll be plenty of other opportunities to hurt him more…”
JFA: “Maybe not. Who knows when we’ll see Windy again? He wasn’t even due to be here tonight.”
JHA: “With any luck, he’ll be Mayhem’s fifth man for War Games. Or won’t be, not anymore. Haha.”
JFA: “And on that note, let’s take you backstage.”


Linda Lovelace is stood outside the door of Team Mayhem’s locker room.

LL: “Hi guys, I’m trying to get a word with Team Mayhem, but at the moment, the door is locked and they’re not letting me in. Now, I heard a rumor that during the last match, the fifth member of the team actually arrived in the stadium and is now in this room. Unfortunately, everybody I speak to has heard it from someone else, so nobody knows who it was that went in. Some people are saying that they think it was The Rock. We know he’s here tonight, so who can say? Other guys are saying it was simply Mr Reilly heading in to give them a pep-talk. I can’t say for sure, but as soon as I know, I’ll let you guys know.”

AWF Press Office
2003-10-30, 02:53 AM
Mayhem presents:
Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match
JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following attraction is the six-person inter-gender tag team match… and it is scheduled for one fall!”

A cavalcade of noise caused by the overlaying, intertwining and general inbreeding of ‘Bulls On Parade’, ‘Drop the Bombshell’ and the Joan Jett version of ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ swarms the crowd. The music is drowned out only by the chorus of boos that shower the Canuck connection trio of Blitzwing, ‘The Mad Bomber’ Bombshell and his girlfriend Arcee. The three play to the crowd as they strut to the squared circle.

JRA: “Introducing first… from Surrey and Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada and Munich, Germany, respectively… representing the Canucks… the team of Blitzwing, ‘The Mad Bomber’ Bombshell, and Arcee the Battle Axe!”

The booing intensifies as the trio enters the ring. They still prance in the presence of the audible atrocity that their combined entrance themes have created. Suddenly, the alleged music stops… as ‘Bring Me To Life’ washes over the crowd like a cleansing thunderbolt and God Jinrai strides towards the ring.

JRA: “And their opponents… first, from Motown, Pennsylvania… God Jinrai!”

JFA: “Solid showing of solidarity from the Canadian contingent… but less showing of that trait from the trio of Quick Switch, Scout and God Jinrai.”
JHA: “Twenty says the Canucks win…”

As Jinrai gets to ringside, The Mad Bomber has a few choice words for the apparently immortal Motown native. As Jinrai suppresses the urge to attempt tearing Bombshell into little teeny tiny pieces, ‘Bring Me To Life’ fades out and ‘It’s My Life’ by Bon Jovi fades up in it’s place as Scout makes her way to the ring. The women cheer on the powerful diva, as the men in the crowd drool.

JRA: “Second… from Chicago, Illinois… Scout!”

JFA: “One of Scout’s old trainers… Mike Hegstrand, the former Road Warrior Hawk…tragically passed away this week. We here at the AWF would like to send our sincerest condolences to his friends and family. On a similar note, we bid Bret Hart and the rest of the Hart family fond wishes. The legendary Stu Hart died this week also, at the age of 88. Our fondest wishes to their families. Scout is dedicating this match to Mike Hegstrand- just as the NWA, Blood & Thunder and CompuFire have been wearing black armbands today in a show of respect- and all of our main event competitors have decided to dedicate the match to Stu Hart.”
JHA: “Only because Blaster talked them into it…”
JFA: “* With malice. * Would you like a ginger beer, J?”

As Scout and Jinrai discuss strategy, the Canuck representatives line up as if for an American football defensive formation. As “Sandstorm” rips through Old Trafford, Quick Switch races to ringside as the ring announcer does his duty.

JRA: “And their tag team partner… from the United States… Quick Switch!”

The D-Next associated trio charge into the ring, ducking clotheslines from their adversaries before hitting the ropes opposite. As the bell rings and JRA exits the ring at a speed that would make a cheetah envious, Jinrai floors Bombshell with a big boot to the face, as Quick Switch takes down Blitzwing with a flying clothesline and Scout blasts Arcee with a dropkick. Marvin Mercury restores some order, and clears Scout and Quick Switch to one corner as Arcee and Blitzwing recoil and rally in the corner opposite.

Jinrai pulls up the Mad Bomber, and whips him to the ropes. He hits Bombshell with a powerslam on his return, and immediately follows up with a pinning combination for a two-count. He pulls up the Canuck again and whips him to the corner. As Jinrai goes for a body splash on the seemingly prone Maple Ridge misfit, the Mad Bomber dives out of the way and Jinrai hits the turnbuckle. Bombshell is quick to capitalise, and rolls up the competitor known as Pyre Convoy in a schoolboy pin for a two-count. He ties up the Motown native with an arm ringer, and returns to his corner to tag in Blitzwing.

Blitzwing hops the top rope and comes down with a double axe, connecting with Jinrai mid-humerous, which causes Bombshell to break the hold and step out. Needless to say, Jinrai isn’t finding it funny. Blitzwing ties Jinrai in a hammerlock and takes him down to the mat. It is a fairly rudimentary move, but it serves its function of keeping the big man off his feet. Blitz drops the knee into Jinrai’s elbow joint a few times and then hauls him upright. He slams the big man onto the appendage and then quickly goes to the top turnbuckle. He comes off with a Zone Blitz… but meets nothing but canvas as Jinrai rolls out of the way!

JFA: “Blitz went for an early win… and just got backache for his troubles. Jinrai not much use in there with a limp wing… and he gets the tag to Quick Switch!”

Quick Switch enters the ring with all dials at maximum. He charges Bombshell and Arcee, who had come in to hinder Jinrai, and manages to slam a forearm into Bombshell’s face before Arcee hits him square in the jaw with a set of brass knuckles which were secreted on her personage. As Arcee argues with the referee over the issue, Bombshell and Blitzwing attempt to do a little number on Quick Switch. The plan is interrupted by Scout’s foot being raised sharply into Bombshell’s fuses. He collapses to the mat and rolls outside as Scout takes down Blitzwing with a spinning heel kick to the face.

Arcee exits the ring to check on her boyfriend, and leaves the referee to begin his ten count. The crowd is tense as Mercury reaches nine… and holds their breath as Quick Switch rolls onto his stomach and drapes an arm over Blitzwing. As Mercury’s hand goes to slap the mat a third time, Blitzwing’s shoulder rockets from the canvas and the Surrey native kicks up to a chorus of boos… and turns around into a spear from Jinrai! As all the combatants rush into the ring, Marvin Mercury is caught in the fallout from Jinrai and Bombshell blasting each other with ham-sized fists and punches which could plausibly sever trees from their roots. As Mercury and Jinrai fall to the outside, and Mercury lands underneath the Motown mastodon, Bombshell turns back to see Arcee being pounded by a springboard handspring back elbow from Scout.

As Arcee falls to the mat, Bombshell charges Scout. She steps to one side, causing the Mad Bomber to hit the turnbuckles sternum-first. As he turns back, Scout hooks him in a front facelock. She appears to be going for a DDT, but Bombshell’s mass negates her own. Raising her foot very sharply into the same spot she hit earlier, she then quickly dives backwards to drive his head into the canvas. As she stops to place him on top of Arcee, she neglects paying any attention to Blitzwing; who has downed Quick Switch and sneaks up behind her: dropping her with an extremely fast reverse DDT. He sneers as the crowd boos him, and is unaware of Jinrai climbing back into the ring behind him.

JFA: “And Bombshell and Arcee appear to be sharing a nap as Scout gathers herself and Quick Switch slowly gets up.”
JHA: “Thank god Scout did the world a favour. Hopefully two kicks in the gonads should stop that Canuck, at least, from multiplying.”
JFA: “Gonads?”
JHA: “Its one of the words they use for testicles over here.”
JFA: “And how do you know that?”
JHA: “O’Con once asked me ‘how would you like a kick in the gonads?’ When I asked him where that was, he proceeded to place his foot there rather quickly.”
JFA: “You can’t say The HeartBrend Kid never did anything to further the evolution of humanity…”
JHA: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

As Blitzwing tries again to take down Jinrai with a flying clothesline, Jinrai catches him in mid-air and slams him to the mat in a modified sidewalk slam. He covers the Canuck, forgetting that the official is still unconscious at ringside. Quick Switch is trying to revive him; and he gets blasted with a steel chair between the eyes courtesy of Bombshell. The revived Mad Bomber slams the chair onto the ringside matting, and pulls Quick Switch into position for the Atom Bomb. QS smashes onto the chair with a noise like 200lbs of liver being pressed by a steamroller whilst still in the packet.

Arcee kicks the ‘American dog’ in the testicles as he lies motionless. However, Jinrai is none to pleased with the lack of sportsmanship and starts to pull Arcee up by her mane of jet-black hair. Taking exception, Bombshell slaps Jinrai’s hand away from his paramour and hotshots the Motown mastodon as he leans across the top strand. Stunned, Jinrai turns around straight into a Dragon Punch from Blitzwing as Bombshell throws Mercury back into the ring. The ref’s hand slaps the canvas twice before Scout lunges to Jinrai’s rescue; bringing both hands down onto Blitz’s spinal column.

With Quick Switch down on the outside, and Jinrai down from the Dragon Punch, Scout stands alone against the pack of Canadian wolves. They advance at her, cramming her into a corner. As she tries to escape, Bombshell grabs her by the waist and throws her towards Arcee, who drives her down into the mat with her own version of the Twist of Fate. Mercury counts two before Scout’s shoulder comes up from the mat. He orders Bombshell and Blitzwing to get out of the ring, and they helpfully remove Jinrai also: by kicking his near lifeless body to the outside.

As Arcee picks up Scout from the mat, Scout bursts back into life. She screams ‘Get off me, bitch’ as she throws Arcee’s arms wide open and with blinding speed and precision executes a Tornado kick that scrapes off three layers of makeup and nearly takes the Battle Axe’s face off in the process. She drops down onto the fallen Deutschlander for the cover, but the decision goes unmade as Bombshell drags her off Arcee and Blitzwing drops a leg on the unfortunate Marvin Mercury. Bombshell holds Scout by the hair, smiling a grin of pure malice. He tosses her to Blitzwing, who gets blindsided by Quick Switch before the US native falls victim to the nasty epidemic of foot-in-groin syndrome which has plagued the match.

As Bombshell ascends the turnbuckles, Arcee delights in slapping Scout continuously across the face. When Bombshell finally gets to the top, he signals to Blitzwing. Balancing cautiously, Bombshell watches as Blitzwing hoists Scout into the atomic drop/belly-to-back position and seems to be blissfully happy as he places Scout’s head between his legs before leaping upwards, swinging Scout onto his shoulders in the same motion, and dropping her to the canvas with a Mega Bomb as he lands on his feet.

JFA: “This is not right! This is not fair! What the hell is this?”
JHA: “The puppies! Won’t somebody please think of the puppies?”

As if in answer to the pleas of the announce team, Jinrai rises from the ground and into the ring. Blitzwing runs at him again, this time to be met with a Firestorm chokeslam which sends him reeling from the ring. Arcee would suffer the same fate if Bombshell weren’t on hand to divert the attentions of the enraged titan. As Jinrai extends an arm, and wraps his spare hand around the throat of the Mad Bomber, Blitzwing suddenly flies through the air with a springboard from the top rope and hits a modified version of the Whisper in the Wind with an assist from a steel chair. As Jinrai crashes to the mat, Bombshell drags him outside to ensure he will not interfere.

As Mercury begins to stir, Arcee climbs to the top turnbuckle. She doesn’t hesitate, and comes off quickly with an astonishing textbook definition moonsault. As she covers the fallen Scout, Quick Switch tries to get into the ring; but is halted by yet another Dragon Punch from Blitzwing. As the bell rings and Mercury raises the hand of Arcee, Bombshell punctuates the victory with another Mega Bomb to God Jinrai.

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… here are your winners… the team of Blitzwing, Bombshell and Arcee!”

Bombshell and Arcee kiss as they make their way to the locker rooms. They grin at the carnage they have wrought, and slap high fives with Blitzwing. They have shown the Americans who the true powers of the world really are, and in that, have satisfied their curiosity. At least for now.


Keith Kincaid is stood in the Team Warzone locker room, in the background, Mr Vaccaro can be seen consulting with the five representatives of his show.

KK: “I’ve had slightly more luck than Lisa, tonight. Probably due to there being no secrecy surrounding the identity of the Warzone team members. Guys, can I grab a few words?”

Vaccaro: “What do you want?”

KK: “I’d like a few moments with the team before their match, if possible.”

Vaccaro: “No, it’s not possible. I’m sorting out strategy now that we know their fifth man has arrived.”

KK: “Well, actually we don’t. I’ve just heard from Lisa that it was Mr Reilly that went into their locker room. As far as we know, the fifth member of Team Mayhem still hasn’t arrived.”

Vaccaro: “He’s still not here? My men were here at noon. That guy runs a shoddy ship, let me tell you. And for your silly little poll, we don’t know who the fifth man is, we don’t care. He’ll get his ass whipped with the rest of them. So, if you’ll excuse me, my team captain was just explaining to me the logic behind the order of entry he’s selected.”

Knowing he’s unwelcome, Kincaid slips towards the door and steps out into the corridor as we cut back to ringside.

Warzone presents…
House of Horrors Match
The Ring has been set - a steel cage complete with roof has been flown from the lighting grid around the arena, and shored up with metal feet. On the inside two ladders have been set up on the far corners, chains dangling from them, while 2 tables have been set up, each with 4 chairs around it. On the outside of the ring, a ladder stands from where the techs set it up, as well as a very nervous looking Ref.

JFA - This is one of the most bizarre matches in AWF history. No disqualification, no count out, no rope breaks, no interference. The only way to win is to pin your opponent (which can be done anywhere), make him tap out or render him unconscious. And with the implements that are in the ring, the latter option seems to be the one that is most likely to happen.

JHA - And you know that this match came from the sick and twisted mind of Brave Maximus. But that sick and twisted Mr. Vaccaro is the one that let it happen. This should be interesting anyway.

Ring Announcer - The following contest is a House of Horrors Match and is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring...

JHA - Oh god not again!

The lights go out and flashbulbs burst all across the arena. It is almost pitch black as a cloud has moved across the autumn moon. Evancesence’s “Haunted” starts to play through the arena, seemingly carried on a breeze. With out warning lightning begins to strike all over the arena, hitting the entrance ramp, lighting grid, then cumulating with a series of strikes on the cage itself. When the lights return Brave Maximus is sitting at the head of one of the tables, waiting patiently.

JFA - I don’t understand how he did that, but it still scares the hell out of me!

Ring Announcer *Checking his mic to make sure everything is working* - and his opponent, from Philadelphia Pennsylvania: VIEWFIND!

DMX’s “Party Up” hits the Soundtrons, and Viewfind appears amidst flame pyro going off around the entrance stage. He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, but he pays it no mind. His focus is entirely on the ring a head, the upcoming match and his opponent. As he approaches, two attendants raise one side of the cage, allowing Viewfind to enter the ring, follow by a tentative Ref. The attendants then close the cage wall and lock it shut, the Ref calls for the bell as this match begins.

Brave Maximus doesn’t move as Viewfind circles around the table, getting his bearings. The first thing he goes for is one of the chains hanging from one of the ladder. He wraps it around his knuckles and turns to face Brave Maximus, who is still sitting in the chair. He approaches the big man and attempts to levy a punch at his head. But Max dodges backwards, hooking his foot under the chair and bringing it closer to him. Maximus rolls to his feet, and seizes the chair. With both men armed, the Ref keeps a healthy distance. Viewfind circles around the table the long way, keeping his eyes on Max, but dropping the chain. As he circles around, Maximus charges him, but Viewfind dodges to the left and grabs the chair away from the big man. He smashes it across the back and head of Brave, then drops it to the mat. Viewfind spins the big man around, grabs him by the head and sends him for a DDT, right on to the chair. Maximus hits hard and flops on to the mat, taking a few moments before starting to struggle to his feet.

Viewfind walks to the side of Max and kicks him hard in the side, rolling him over. But Max keeps going, right under the table and out the other side. He manages to get to his feet before Viewfind can come around and then locks up with him at centre ring. Brave Max then Irish whips Viewfind across the ring, sending him flying into one of the ladder. He hits hard and stumbles forward, slumping against the, so far, undisturbed table. Maximus walks over and slides him onto the table, then walks over to the ladder and sets it up again. Brave Max then begins to climb the opposite side of the ladder from Viewfind and crouches at the top, his head almost brushing the top of the cage.

JFA - What is Maximus doing up there? Have you, since he arrived, ever seen him try a high flying move? Ever?

JHA - No, never! But it looks like he going to try and land on top of Homeslice though. No matter what happens this, isn’t going to end well.

JFA - He’s going to try it! A frog splash from the top of a 12 foot ladder!

JHA - Viewfind rolls out of the way! Max goes crashing through the table, but there was no one home! He’s got to be out.

Viewfind slowly gets to his feet and see Maximus intertwined with the remnants of the table. He rolls him over and off, and looks like he’s about to go for the pin, but gets an evil look to his face. He clears away some of the table debris, the sets up 3 chairs in a row. He then walks over to Brave Maximus and drags him to his feet. Maximus is obviously bleeding from several cuts across his front. Viewfind moves him into position and send him up for a suplex. Which he stalls for several seconds (as flashbulbs go off all across the arena). He then drops him down, right through the chair. They crumple under the force of the massive man crashing through them. Viewfind gets to his feet and looks around for something else to do to the source of his torment as of late.

He spots the other ladder, still set up in the opposite corner and walks over to it, and like his opponent did just prior, begins to climb to the top. As he reaches the top, he does a small leap off, going for a flying elbow. Halfway down, though, Brave Maximus does the unthinkable, and sites up, much to the cheers of the fans. Even the Ref flinches at the impact as Viewfind crashed to the mat, stopped only by the remnants of a steel chair. Max gets to his feet, blood oozing down his body and walks to the ladder and pushes it over on top of Viewfind, then pauses to look at the destruction around the ring.

Brave Maximus walks around to the last standing table and takes down the chairs, placing them underneath it, four in all. He then walks over to the slightly stirring Viewfind and drags him out from under the pile of rubble. Moving over to near the table, Maximus grab Viewfind by the throat and lifts him up and chokeslams him through the table and down onto the chairs. Max then goes for the cover, wanting to win the match before performing the Final Darkness. The Ref steps over from the far side, but has to take his time, picking his way across the wreckage. Max stands up and threatens the Ref, who quickly moves beside the Phenom as he covers Viewfind once again.

JHA - TWOOOOO! Viewfind is still in the fight! There is no way this undead freak is gonna put my man down for the count!

JFA - It’s only by sheer will power that Viewfind got his shoulder up. A lesser man would have just lay there. But this fight is about something more. It’s to prove that he isn’t afraid of Brave Maximus!

Maximus stands up and looks around for something, anything that he can use to put Viewfind down for the count. Finally his gaze reaches skyward and the faintest glimmer of a smile crosses the dead mans face. He walks to the wall where they both entered and rattles it once. With a great heave, Brave Maximus forces the cage to open and he climbs over the top rope and out of the cage. He walks around the corner and begins to climb up the side of the cage! Once on top, he stands on two of the roof bracers and shouts down to form of Viewfind which is just starting to stir.

BM - Boy! Your destiny is up here. Dare you strive for the heavens so I may judge you, or will you ly there, bleeding and slip into the comfort of unconsciousness? Praying that when you wake up, I will be gone.

The camera zooms in on the face of Viewfind, who gets a “F*CK YOU!” out before pushing the ladder off of himself and slowly getting to his feet. Viewfind follows Maximus’ path out of the cage and up to the top. In the ring, a very lost looking Ref stares in disbelief, then follows the two competitors out of the cage, but then decides to stay on the ground. On top of the cage, Maximus and Viewfind are exchanging powerful blows, dropping the idea of a wrestling match in exchange for a fist fight. Maximus, gets the upper hand and lands a massive blow to the head of Viewfind, sending him rolling across the cage. Maximus then walks up and begins to wrap Viewfinds legs around his own, locking in the “Shattered Pieces”. Viewfinds face contorts as the inverted sharpshooter applies pressure and pain to his back. Maximus begins to talk to his opponent, while the camera can pick up him mouthing “Give up boy!” and “Your end is now!”. But Viewfind just grimaces in pain and digs his hands into the mesh at the top of the cage. He then begins to pull himself across the top of the cage, his chest scraping along the fencing material, but forcing Maximus to come along if he wants to keep the hold. As he gets to the edge of the cage, his chest is cut open and blood is dripping, but he manages to make it to the edge, with Maximus applying pressure every chance he gets. Viewfind locks his hands around the top bar of the cage, and hauls himself over, flipping Brave Maximus right over the side, while he only flips over, holding on to the top! Maximus goes flying through the air and lands right on the announcers table, sending JFA and JHA flying out of their seats to avoid the falling body.

JFA - OH MY GOD! I think he’s really hurt! The match cannot continue after something like that. Get the EMT’s here! Ref stop the match!

Ref - I can’t do that. My explicit instructions for Mr. Vaccaro are that I am only here to count to three, and should I interfere in any way, it’ll cost me my job.

JHA - well that’s the type of match Brave Maximus wanted, and now he’s paying for it. What the HELL is Viewfind doing?!?!?!

JFA - He isn’t thinking of jumping from up there is he? That would be .... SON OF A BITCH!

As JFA is speaking, Brave Maximus sites up, much to the surprised reaction of everyone in the building. Maximus slowly gets to his feet and looks up at the unbelieving Viewfind, then starts to climb the cage once again. Viewfind backs off as Maximus reaches the top, but then shakes it off, gives him the finger and readies himself for the forthcoming attack. Maximus charges his opponent, who dodges out of the way, and sends him flying with a drop toe hold. Viewfind then climbs on top of the prone Brave Maximus and wraps his arms around his head in a choke hold, and slowly begins to squeeze the life out of the big man, shouting obscenities the whole time. Brave Maximus begins to struggle to his feet, while Viewfind attempts to keep him down. But Maximus gets to his feet and elbows Viewfind in the gut, forcing him to release. Maximus gets to his feet and locks up with Viewfind. Maximus goes to whip across the top of the cage, but holds on to his hand and drags him back, nearly taking his head off.

Brave Maximus then stands back and raises his arms to his sides and lift his head to the sky. His voice rings out across the stadium like thunder: “It Is Time!”. Maximus walks over and drags Viewfind to his feet, then rams his head between his legs. He lands the double underhook, but Viewfind breaks free! In a hoarse voice everyone in the arena hear’s him spit the words “I am NOT FINISHED YET!” and flips Brave Maximus over his head. Viewfind the spins around and lifts the Phenom to his feet, and hoists him into position, sending him for the Philly Pimp Drop. But he miscalculated somewhere, or didn’t know where he was, because instead of sending Brave Maximus crashing into the top of the cage, he sent him flying off the edge, where he landed in a broken, bloody heap in the other ring.

Viewfind looked at the crowd, then with a wicked smile, he crosses himself and leaps off the top of the cage after Brave Maximus. Viewfind lands the massive elbow drop on the dead man, and then, after a the few moments needed to stay conscious, pins the big man. The ref comes running around the arena and slides into the ring.

JHA, JFA and the entire audience - 1! 2! 3!

JFA - He’s done it! He beat Brave Maximus fair and square!

JHA - That should prove to everyone in the AWF that Blingzilla ain’t afraid of no one!

The Ref attempts to raise Viewfinds arm, but he throws the Ref’s hand away, slowly rising to his feet, to the standing ovation of the crowd. He raises his hands in the air, spits on Brave Maximus and climbs out of the ring on unsteady feet. As he walks up the ramp, the screens shows the broken and bleeding Brave Maximus and a small smile comes over the bloodied face of Viewfind. But is quickly drops away as Brave Maximus’ eyes snap open. A heart beat later and the Phenom sits up. Viewfinds face contorts with rage as he runs (as best he can) down the ramp, pausing only a moment to steal a chair from an audience member. He slides into the ring and smashes the chair across Brave Maximus’ head, sending him back down to the mat. Waiting a few moments for any sign of moment from Maximus, Viewfind then attempts to leave the ring once again. But as he gets to the ropes, Brave Maximus once again sits up. Viewfind rushes over and smashed him in the head once again. But he doesn’t stop there. He smashes the chair into the dead man repeatedly until it is too bent to use as a weapon anymore. He then throws the chair away and starts to pummel him with his fists. Finally it takes four ring officials to drag Viewfind off of Brave Maximus and drag him up the entrance way and back to the locker area as the EMT’s arrive for Brave Max.

They put the collar around his neck and secure him to the back board before lifting him down and onto the stretcher. As they wheel him away, thunder begins to roll around the arena, and Evancesence’s “Haunted” begins to play. With out warning, Brave Maximus sits up, breaking the straps holding him down. A second later a lighting bolt his the entrance way and the lights in the arena go black again!

AWF Press Office
2003-10-30, 02:57 AM

Lisa Lovelace stands backstage, outside a dressing room door that is emblazoned with a smoking skull emblem, the numbers 3:16 are clearly visible. She knocks hesitantly on the door.

LL : Erm, StoneCold ... sir... I wondered if I could have a moment to ask a couple of questions.

The door to StoneCold Skywarp's dressing room swings open and the beer-swillin' hell raiser is standing in the doorway staring quite intently at Lisa.

LL : StoneCold, I wondered what your thoughts were ahead of your match
SCSW : What? You wanna know what StoneCold's thinking right now?
LL : Well, for the people at home...
SCSW : SHUT UP! StoneCold's wonderin' why he's got some snivelling little kid he ain't ever seen before slammin' on his door, gettin' in his face and interrupting his pre-match training.

StoneCold chugs down a beer

LL : I was hoping to get some insight into your plans for tonight...
SCSW : Well, RJI, tonight I plan to drink a few beers, march my merry self down to the ring whup ass left and right, climb my way up that ladder and take down MY Intercontinental title.
LL : Really that simple? I mean you're up against the former IC champion Ravishing Rage Rude and Cyberstrike...both tough competitors in their own rights...
LL : What? You think StoneCold's runnin' scared of those two? THINK AGAIN! StoneCold's put Cybersuck out once, RRR is another matter put I figure I hit him with a few lefts and rights, stomp a mudhole the size of texas in him pick him up, stick my right boot in his gut SKYWARP STUNNER that I pretty much don't have nuthin' to worry about.

LL : A ladder match not your usual style tonight though.
SCSW : Well thanks fer pointin' that out, like StoneCold didn't already realise. Thing is, Lisa, that no matter what kinda match I'm booked in, StoneCold can guarantee that there's gonna be some hell raised, some asses whupped and some beers drunk and if you think StoneCold's right -- gimme a HELL YEAH!

The Old Trafford crowd can be heard screaming in agreement, even from the locker room area, before the door slams in LL's face as beer cans are heard opening

Mayhem presents…
Intercontinental Championship: Ladder Match
‘Flec: “What’s up next, Joey?”
Joey: “The ladder match between Intercontinental Champ StoneCold Skywarp…”
‘Flec: “BOO!”
Joey: “…the returning Mirage, also known as the Ragebowski…”
‘Flec: “YEAH! Hope he brings on some lovelies!”
Joey: “…and Cyberstrike, who has been trash talking StoneCold a lot lately.
‘Flec: “Where’s the part where I care?”
Joey: “I’m pretty sure I said it somewhere.”
‘Flec: “Can’t remember, Styles?”
Joey: “Nah, I’m sure I heard it.”

Adema’s Immortal is heard, signaling the arrival of Cyberstrike who, to the complete and utter non-shock of everyone, gathers more boos than applause from the Manchester crowd. Cyberstrike shrugs it off, though, heading to the ring, passing by the ladder as he does so.

Joey: “Cyberstrike’s not getting a real warm reception here tonight.”
‘Flec: “Or last week…or the week before…or the week before that…”
Joey: “And now he’s grabbing the microphone.”
‘Flec: “Great. Now we can be bored to death.”

Cyberstrike: “You know, I was sitting in my luxury hotel suite late last night, and I got to thinking…”
‘Flec: “Oh, god. Don’t hurt yourself Cyber. We need you on the show.”
Joey: “Do you have any idea what it was that you just said?”
‘Flec: “Not really. My mind kinda goes in and out.”
Joey: “I didn’t know you had a mind to go in and out of.”
‘Flec: “Just shows how much you know, Styles.”
Cyberstrike: “Hey! Peons! Keep it down there! I’m trying to have a conversation, here!”
‘Flec: “Yeah, J. The man’s trying to talk to the humanoids!”
Cyberstrike: “I meant you too, dumbass!”
Joey: “HA! BURN!”
‘Flec: *angry muttering*

Cyberstrike then turns his attention back to the crowd.

Cyberstrike: “Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I was at my hotel room, when I got to thinking how much simpler things would be if I were to eliminate one of my opponents here tonight. Yo! Peons in the back! Get that footage on the Archivetron.”

Joey: “What’s he getting at, Styles?”
‘Flec: “Beats me, ‘Flec.”

The Archivetron suddenly flashes to life, and with the tag line “Earlier That Day”, showcases how Mirage was brutally attacked by a masked man. Slamming the Big Rageboweski into the locker room door, he stumbles out into the crowd, trying to regain his footing. But the assailant is relentless in his assault, slamming Mirage’s head into anything he can possibly find: tables, chairs, cookie trays, even the side of an 18 wheeler.

Joey: “I don’t believe this… Cyberstrike mugged the Big Ragebowski…”

The mystery man slams Mirage against the side of the 18 wheeler several more times before tossing his lifeless body to the concrete floor and walking off, cackling

Cyberstrike: “And now that Rage is gone, all I gots to do is wait for Warp to show his sorry drunken British ass out here. And once he does, I’ll give him the whupping that he so desires, because I don’t lose…”

StoneCold: “YOU SUCK!”


‘Flec: “I never thought I’d be glad to see StoneCold, J.”
Joey: “I’ll be sure to tell him that later, J.”

Pantera’s “Cowboys from Hell” is barely heard over the crowd’s cheering, as StoneCold himself appears on the ramp. As Cyberstrike bounces off the ropes with a look of frustration on his face, StoneCold begins to walk down the ramp.

StoneCold: “You know, Cyberstrike, I’ve heard you go on and on and on all bloody week, and I’m sure that I’m not alone in wanting to ask you to SHUT THE F*CK UP!”

The crowd roars as Cyberstrike roars in frustration, shouting obscenities at the approaching Rattlesnake, who grabs the ladder from its prone position. He slides it into the ring.

StoneCold: “Now, the plan I had was for me to come down here and sit back as I watched you and Rage go at it like a pair of wild monkeys in heat, kinda like how you and that two cent whore went at it last weekend. Didn’t last too long from what I heard.”

‘Flec: “Like that’s any news, StoneCold.”

StoneCold: “But seeing as how I knocked out Mirage in the back, and sent him back to the hospital to have a few hundred more plastic surgeries, I figured I’d come down here and show you how we fight over here on this side of the ocean.

‘Flec: “Oh, yea. Loud, drunken, and highly disrespectful to the neighbors.”

StoneCold: And once I do that, I’ll grab my belt, and be outta here. And that’s the bottom line, cause…”

Stone Cold’s rant is interrupted as Cyberstrike slides the ladder under the ropes to catch the British Rattlesnake in the head. He staggers backwards, but manages to avoid Cyberstrike as he flies over the top rope. Slamming head first into the guard rails, Cyberstrike goes down hard, clutching his head. Skywarp chuckles as he grabs the fallen microphone.

StoneCold: “Oh, look at that. Poor ol’ Cybers falled down and he can’t get up. Wah wah wah!”

The crowd joins Stone Cold in his taunting of Cyberstrike, which only serves to get the former leader of the nTo riled up. He gets to his feet and saunters back into the ring, beckoning for Skywarp to follow him in.

StoneCold: “Oh. You want me to come in and fight you? Oh, sure.”
Joey: “Finally, we can get this match underway.”
StoneCold: “But first, I’m gonna drink a beer.”

A beer is tossed at Warp, who catches it with ease. He proceeds to pop it open and drink it, taking his sweet time in the doing of it, too. Cyberstrike waits impatiently in the ring as Warp proceeds to guzzle down the beer.

‘Flec: “Come on, Warp. While we still got the ability to screw with women…”

StoneCold: “Ah. That’s better. Now I’m in the mood for a fight.”

Stone Cold climbs into the ring, glaring at Cyberstrike. Cyberstrike, in turn, glares right back. The two keep their eyes locked on each other, neither moving an inch, never giving any indication about what they were planning to do.

Joey: “Stone Cold and Cyberstrike about ready to get it on here.”
‘Flec: “About time, too.”

Cyberstrike tries to throw a punch, but is blocked by Warp, who then slams a fist into his opponent’s gut. Cyber tries to block the punches, but it’s no use. Warp slams a final fist down on Cyber, then sends him into the ropes, and catches him with a clothesline, sending him out on the outside. Smiling, Warp heads on the outside to grab the ladder.

Joey: “We could have a quick end to this match here, J. All Warp has to do is get that ladder set up in the ring, climb up it, and get the belt.”
‘Flec: “So why doesn’t he do it already? He’s already wasted enough of my time, and I’ve got better things to do.”
Joey: “Like what?”
‘Flec: “I dunno. I’ll let you know when I think of them.”

Grabbing the ladder, Warp slides it into the ring, quickly following suit. Cyberstrike, meanwhile, is getting back to his feet on the outside. Shaking his head to clear out the cobwebs, he gets back into the ring as Warp sets up the ladder. Catching Warp off guard with a sweep kick, Cyber follows up with several kicks to the fallen Warp’s gut. But when Cyber climbs to the ropes and elbow drops him, Warp grabs the ladder and ducks out of the way. Thus, instead of hitting Warp, Cyber collides fully with the ladder!

Joey: “OW! You know THAT’S gotta hurt!”
‘Flec: “Like seven hells, Joey.”
Joey: “One can only wonder how Cyberstrike’s gonna recover from this.”
‘Flec: “I’m more concerned about WHY we need to care if Cyberstrike is gonna recover.”

Warp gets to his feet, spits on the fallen Cyberstrike, and sets up the ladder in the center of the ring. Grinning, he begins to climb the ladder in hopes of grabbing his title. Suddenly, the crowd begins to roar. However, it’s not because of Warp’s apparent victory.

Joey: “Mirage! He’s here! I thought he was battered backstage by Skywarp.”
‘Flec: “He’s a player, Styles. He doesn’t let a little thing like a broken and battered body keep him from getting’ what he wants.”
Joey: “And Warp’s unaware of his presence. He thinks the crowd’s in an uproar because he’s about to grab the belt.
‘Flec: “Then he’s going to come back down to Earth…violently!”

With his back to the approaching Rageboweski, Warp continues to climb the ladder, trying to grab his belt. As Mirage slides into the ring, he makes an attempt to grab it, missing by several centimeters. As he makes an attempt to grab it again, he finally sees Rage at the bottom of the ladder. As Warp starts to shout banter and shake his head in violent protest, Rage waggles his finger, and gives the ladder a quick shove, sending both it and Warp crashing to the mat, Warp landing with such force and impact that, to all appearances, he could very well be dead.

Joey and ‘Flec: “HOLY S*IT!”

The crowd soon joins in chanting Joey and ‘Flec’s pronouncement, as Rage moves to grab the fallen microphone from the ringside area.

Mirage: “Hey, ladies! The RAGE IS BACK! Did ya miss me?”
‘Flec: “I sure did!”
Joey: “You only missed him because you missed ogling his ‘womam-of-the-week’ every single broadcast.”
‘Flec: “So? That still counts!”

Mirage: “You know, I’d hate to bring this match to a stop…then again, it wasn’t really going anywhere to begin with. I mean, let’s face it. If I hadn’t come down here, this might have been the shortest match in AWF history, Christ, who was the guy who decided that Cyberdork deserved a match with Warp? And to top it off, a title match, no less?! I mean, the bookies must have been smoking some serious s*it if they though that this would make a good…”

Before Mirage can go any further, he is spun around, and come face to face with Cyberstrike, obviously enraged over the fact that Mirage is out here wasting what should be his time in the spotlight.

Cyberstrike: “Hey! That’s a lot to say coming from someone who just decided to go off on his merry way sometime back, then comes back like nothing happened and gets put in a title match.”

Mirage: “At least I’ve had enough experience here in the AWF that I deserve to have a title shot in the first place. I mean, what has been the highlight of your rather lackluster career? Leading that pack of so-called superstars called the nTo? Running your third rate wrestling company? Or maybe it’s the fact that your company’s most precious title got tossed in the trash after you were stupid enough to put it on the line here?”

‘Flec: “Joey, it seems to me that we’ve crossed into an episode of “Days Of Our Lives” here. Want me to go pick up something from the concession stand?”
Joey: “Wait a minute there, ‘Flec. Warp’s up to something.”
‘Flec: “Who does he think he is, The Lazarus Man? STAY DOWN ALREADY!”

As Cyberstrike and Mirage continue to bicker on the outside of the ring, Warp grabs the ladder, drags it to the turnbuckle, and sets it up near it. Slowly climbing the ropes, hobbling on his one good leg, he begins his ascent as the scene focuses back on his two opponents on the outside.

‘Flec: “Someone’s gotta warn Rage about what’s coming!”
Joey: “What about Cyberstrike?”
‘Flec: “Who the hell cares?! Just warn Rage!”

Barely keeping his balance on the very top of the ladder, Warp glares down at both of his opponents, ready to strike when they least suspect it. As the two continue to argue, they both look back at the ring, seeing the ladder suspended near the turnbuckle. Slowly looking up, the are shocked to see Warp’s body incoming body like a cruise missile, knocking both of them down. Unfortunately, in doing so, Warp batters his already racked and ruined body.

‘Flec: “I’ve seen highway wrecks that looked better than this, Joey.”
Joey: “Can’t argue with that, ‘Flec. But do you think any of them could get up and continue after such a devastating move?
‘Flec: “The better question is, with three of the AWF’s biggest losers out for the count, do we really care?”

As the crowd begins to chant, hoping that something begins to happen, the first signs of life begin to stir within the fallen men. Unfortunately, they come from Mirage, who, as the one least involved in the match up till this point, has plenty of energy left over. He scrambles into the ring, desperate to get back the Intercontinental title. Shaking out the cobwebs, he grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Instead of climbing it immediately, he pauses to catch his breath.


After a minute of resting against the ladder, Mirage finally gets down to business, and begins to climb it. Unfortunately, by this time, Cyberstrike has gotten back to his feet, and back into the ring. Seeing Rage begin to climb the ladder, he gets on the other side and begins to climb it, too.

Joey: “Oh, god! Mirage and Cyberstrike are both going for the title! Oh, god! Something terrible might happen to both of them!’
‘Flec: “Oh, god! I DON’T CARE!”

Mirage reaches the top of the ladder, and tries to grab the title, but his attempt is blocked by Cyberstrike, who throws a stiff right hand at Rage’s bloodied face. Rage responds by throwing a punch of his own, and soon enough, a slugfest starts on the to of the ladder, which begins to wobble precariously because of the impacts. As this happens, Warp comes to outside, and sees his two opponents going at it in the middle of the ring. Instead of going to stop it, however, he merely picks up a chair from under the ring, sets it up, and sits down, grabbing a couple of beers.

‘Flec: “What is Warp up to, Styles?! Doesn’t he know that he’s gonna lose his title if he keeps this up?”
Joey: “I doubt that either Rage or Cyber are interested in getting it, ‘Flec.”
‘Flec: “Heh. I always knew the two of them were idiots.”
Joey: “Waitasec…why do you care if Warp doesn’t win the title?”
‘Flec: “Um…”

After several seconds of watching Rage and Cyber got at it, and consuming almost six beers in one sitting, Warp finally gets up off the chair, sets it up in its folded position, and heads for the ring. Oblivious to his coming, Cyber and Rage continue to wail on each other, each trying to grab the title at random intervals, only to be denied by a swift right hand by the other. Warp, grinning like a crazed, deranged lunatic, bats the chair against the ground several times to get their attention. Both Rage and Cyber turn to see Warp, and both shake their heads in violent protest, each knowing full well what Warp plans to do.

Joey: “He’s not gonna do it! HE’S NOT GONNA DO IT!”
‘Flec: “He’s gonna do it! HE’S GONNA DO IT!”

Warp slams the chair against the mat a final time, and then swings it full on into the ladder! The massive impact knocks the already unstable ladder over to one side, sending it, and its two hangers on, crashing into the mat. Mirage manages to land on the mat in relatively one piece, but Cyberstrike sails out of the ring to collide with the ring announce table, causing both Joey and ‘Flec to scatter as Cyberstrike’s impact turns the table into so much firewood kindling!

‘Flec: “Joey?! Joey?! Are we still on?!”
Joey: “I think so! Man, it looks like World War Three happened out here.”
‘Flec: “Looks more like the aftereffects of a college fraternity stunt gone wrong.”
Joey: “Aren’t those usually considered the same thing?”

Panting, Warp admires the aftereffects of his little rampage, and then gesturing to JRA to give him the mic, who does so.

StoneCold: “You see this, folks? This is what happens when two little dipsh*ts try to think that they’re better than you. Y’see, I knew that Cybers*it and The Raging Hemorrhoid would end up going at it. All I had to do was stoke the fire. Yo, techies, wanna play that clip?”

Joey: “Now what’s Warp up to?”

The Archivetron lights up again, showing another piece of footage captured earlier in the day. This one shows Cyberstrike arriving in the arena, only to be set upon by the same masked figure who took we saw take out Mirage earlier. He slams a few fists down on Rage’s back, sending him sprawling to the ground. He then raises some sort of device to his mouth, and begins to speak in a warped and distorted voice.

Masked Guy: “Hoped you had a nice trip, Cyber. Cause tonight, the AWF’s gonna have a big surprise, and all thanks to the Ragin’ Rageboweski.”

And with that comment, the figure throws away the voice distorter and walks off. Cameras cut back to the area to show that Warp has set the ladder back in the middle of the ring while the footage has been played.

StoneCold: “Oh, but that’s not the best part. Watch this, folks.

The Archivetron continues to show footage, showing the masked figure retreating back to the locker room area. Cameras follow him in as he slams the door and locks it. He then begins to cackle. A laugh that slowly becomes familiar as the man removes his mask, revealing to the world that he is in fact…

Joey and ‘Flec: “WARP?!”

Warp begins to climb the ladder as he continues to talk to the fans.

StoneCold: “Yeah, that’s right. I was planning to let these two kick the piss outta each other before the match started, and figured that all I had to was do a little clean up job. But Cyber decided to jump Rage, which wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. But it didn’t really matter, because in the end, they’re on the ground…”

He reaches the top of the ladder and grabs the belt. The bell rings, signifying him as the winner of the match.

StoneCold: “…and I got the belt.”
JRA: “Here is your winner…STONE COLD SKYWARP!”
Joey: “Warp retains the belt! He’s still the IC champ!”
‘Flec: “At least for another week. God, let’s hope it doesn’t last any longer.”

The picture cuts to the Warzone commentary crew once more.

JFA: “Well, folks. It’s up next. The big one. War Games. Warzone against Mayhem. Two rings enclosed by a double-sized cage. No referee inside. The first team to gain a submission wins it.”
JHA: “And we’re calling it, right?
JFA: “Not quite.”
JHA: “Not quite?”
JFA: “In a few moments, we’ll be joined over here by Joey and Flec, so the four of us can share duties.”
JHA: “Share? With that meat-head Styles? I’d rather spend the night in one of the local clubs. Come to think of it, I will. See you next Warzone, schmuck.”

JFA is left shaking his head in amazement as his broadcast colleague leaves the table rather than work with the Mayhem announcers.

JFA: “Must be my lucky night, folks. Let’s take you back and show you how this all came about!”

When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000 begins to play once again as the package leading up to the War Games rolls…

Syxx Feet Under…

JFA: “God no… this is uncalled for…”
JHA: “Seems plenty called for to me. The Game messed with the Streak, now he gets what’s coming to him.”

Still held in place by A-Train, the Game is dealt another vicious sledge shot by Redstreak, this one firmly into the side of the Champion’s jaw.

JFA: “It’s a massacre in there. TC setting King up in the corner, now… taking that chair with him, though. Out of the ring… springboard dropkick through the chair! That’s heinous!”
JHA: “The Ender! King shouldn’t have messed, J. You just don’t mess with these boys.”
JFA: “And… Sixswitch! Sixswitch charging down the aisle… out to help the Game, it seems… the former Intercontinental Champion coming to help his former D-Next partner.”
JHA: “Long time former.”
JFA: “What the hell? The GPA just… the GPA just came out of the crowd. Divebomb just levelled Sixswitch with a chair… P? and Viewfind heading towards the cell. What the hell has Viewfind got in his hands?”
JHA: “Padlocks!”
JFA: “Viewfind and Prowl… oh my god, they’re padlocking shut that hole in the cell… forcing the mesh back together and locking it up. The Game and the King are trapped inside. TC, Redstreak and Astrotrain doing a number on the Champion and Mr Reilly’s golden boy!”
JHA: “This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!”
JFA: “And here comes Skywarp to try and even the numbers up! StoneCold Skywarp… Divebomb swings the chair… ducked… Stunner! Stunner by Skywarp to Divebomb… Viewfind and Prowl back up the ramp, now… two on one against Skywarp… back in the cell, though… the mugging’s still going on… Pedigreee! Pedigree by Redstreak to the Game! How insulting is that?!”
JHA: “I love it!”
JFA: “Astrotrain putting G91 in the crossface, now! Redstreak laughing in front of him. TC still putting the boots to Predaking… taking out all his frustrations on the Mayhem man.”

Mayhem: 6 October 2003

Reilly: “What the hell do you want?”

Game: “Lithen…I’m not here to pick a fight wiff you! Ath mucth fun ath it would be to kick you ath…I’m here for bidness…”

Joey: “Game’s jaw still wired shut…should be able to regain full use of his mouth by next week’s mayhem.”

Flec: “Like having it wired shut has kept his mouth shut…”

Game: “Thee…there ith only one thing we can do…I’m not one to take an ath kicking lightly…ethpecially one that cuth into my celebration! Here ith what you are going to do…you are going to authorithe me to captain Team Mayhem…at Autumn Annihilation…against Team Warzone…in the WAR GAMES!”

Flec: “Oh…my…lord…”

Joey: “WHAT?!? NO! Think about your career Game!”

Reilly is shown with a shocked look on his face…

Later that night…

Joey: “Predaking tapping out… he held on as long as he could, but in the end there was nothing he could do. The Game countering the chokeslam into the crossface and he retains the AWF Championship!”
Flec: “I hate that move.”
Joey: “Galvatron91 releasing the hold… applauding the King. And sarcastically applauding Reilly in the aisle. Takes the title belt from the referee and lifts it high above his head. Acknowledging the crowd. The Game lived up to his end of the deal, Reilly has to authorize the War Games!

Warzone 8 October 2003

Vaccaro: “I’m tired of Brendan Reilly running this show down every chance he gets. This is the opportunity everybody on Warzone has been waiting for – to stand up and show those Mayhem punks where the real talent is!”

My World hits and Redstreak, Thundercracker, Astrotrain, Viewfind and the NWA make their way to ringside. Stopping at the foot of the aisle, Redstreak raises a microphone and responds.

Red: “Everybody knows where the talent is, Vaccaro. It’s right here. You want a team of five? Pick one. Any five from us six is more than enough to lay out the entire Mayhem roster. We started this… we’ll finish it for you.”

Mr Vaccaro grins in the ring.

Vaccaro: “No. You won’t. Yes, you got me into this… and I know you’d love to get the glory by representing my roster. But we all know that you’re an unfair representation of this roster. What you did was totally off your own backs and I don’t condone it for a moment. Your actions forced my hand, and I won’t let you force me into doing your bidding by picking your squad of goons for the War Games.”

TCA seeth on the outside.

Vaccaro: “Instead, I’m going to be totally fair about it. I’m going to send only the best. And I’m going to give each and every man on this roster the chance to prove they fall into that category. If Mayhem are fielding the Game… I’m fielding my champions, too. The Hardcore and Tag Team Champions, whomever they may be at the time, will represent Warzone. To make it fair, they’ll be defending on each show between now and Autumn Annihilation. They’ll be joined by two men. Those two men will be the last two standing in a battle royal to be held on next week’s show. If those five men are all from TCA, then so be it. If none of them are, then so be it. But whomever represents this show is going to EARN the right. And I’m not going to force anybody who doesn’t want to. War Games is a nightmare of a match… it’s totally unsanctioned by the AWF… and I’m not going to back anybody into a corner.”

Mayhem: 13 October 2003

Joey: And of course after last week’s Mayhem…we know that the Game has already asked the King to be a part of Team Mayhem…


The Game is shown watching on the monitor, all smiles when a knock is heard at his door.

Game: Hey Switch…

Sixswitch: Game…heard you wanted to see me.

Game: Like you didn’t know I would be talking to you…

Sixswitch: You asking?

Game: You interested?

Sixswitch: Like you need to ask…

Game: Thought so…welcome aboard!

The two former DN members shake hands.


Lisa: Game…still two spots left…who’s it going to be?

Game: Well…one of the spot is going to go to someone I really don’t care for, but the kid has balls…and he’s one tough son of a bitch. So, I’ll make that announcement personally later tonight. As for the other…well…let’s just say I’m going to keep that little mystery to myself until the War Games themselves!

Joey: One to be announced later tonight…and one mystery man…who can it be!?!

Flec: I’m telling you…Game’s getting someone from Warzone! You’ll see Styles!

Later still…

As Blaster arrives backstage he hears a clapping…

Game: Well done oh king of the Mother Canuckers…

Blaster: I was wondering when I would hear from you…

Game: Oh really?

Blaster: yeah…you and I may have a world of differences, but we both know what the other can do…and you know you need me in the War Games.

Game: Need? Need is a bit strong of a word…let’s just say I would like you to go into the cage with me again…let’s face it, you me and six have been there and done that. We know the cages, the double ring…we know how to operate in there. We don’t have to like each other…we just have to remember that we’re on the same damn team.

Blaster: Hey…don’t have to ask me twice yankee scum…

Game: See you in the cage than mother canucker…

The two part ways, each with a slight smirk on their face.

Joey: There’s four!

Meanwhile… on Warzone: 15 October 2003

TCA are gathered in a private locker room.

Red: “So. We go out there tonight and we make sure that, whomever the two winners are… it’s two of us, right?”
All: “Right.”
Red: “Then we’ve got next week to get the Hardcore and Tag belts. Then it’s all us. No way those Mayhem jerkies can survive TCA.”
Viewfind: “Yo, yo, yo. But… whats about all the not knowing and all? We’s gots to axe ourselves ifs we wanna gets in not knowing who da nummer five is, yo.”
TC: “Translation, anybody?”
A-Train: “Who’s the fifth member of the Mayhem crew?”
TC: “Lord knows. The Game’ll have something up his sleeve. It could be anybody. Claypool, Ghostal… I’d not rule anybody out.”
Red: “Can’t forget the current Warzone roster. I mean, we’ve just had Jetfire jump – what if he’s a mole?”
TC: “He’s not smart enough to be a mole. Besides, by that logic it could be me.”
Red: “Very… good… point…”
TC: “What? Oh, yeah right. Dude, why would I help out? That ratbastard Reilly FIRED me!”
Red: “Or is that just your story?”
TC: “I’m not having this conversation. I’m on our side, here. And I’ll prove it when I’m one of the co-winners of that battle royal.”

Yep, you guessed it, later…

JHA: “Homeslice! He broke him…”
JFA: “Here goes… Tempest just needs to eliminate Viewfind and it’s all over bar the shouting. Pulling him up… press slam… and he’s gone! Tempest just dropping Viewfind over the top – right on top of Brave Max! Who hasn’t moved… Viewfind scrambling away from the body. And it’s all over by my reckoning! Tempest and D-Extreme are into the War Games!”
JHA: “D-Extreme?! I feel sick…”
JFA: “Tempest pulling D up now… raising his arm. They’re going to Autumn Annihilation. They saw off everybody else… not a single member of TCA in Team Warzone, and many will feel that’s poetic justice.”
JHA: “I don’t… what… that’s Redstreak!”
JFA: “What the hell? Redstreak back into the ring… up behind D-Extreme and hits the Scorpion! Tempest playing to the crowd… Red scoops up D-Extreme and just… just tossed D-Extreme over the top rope and to the floor. Now the bell rings… what the hell’s going on?!”
JHA: “Redstreak just won the match! He was never eliminated, J!”
JFA: “I… I’m sure I saw Redstreak out of the ring earlier…”
JHA: “Somebody get me a replay! Haha – look at the look on Tempest’s face – that’s priceless!”
JFA: “Tempest just turning around, expected to see D-Extreme there… instead greeted with Redstreak’s smirk.”

Warzone: 22 October 2003

JFA: “We’ve got a new Hardcore Champion…”
JHA: “TC picks up the gold! And he deserves it.”

JFA: “Wolfang and Z definitely not happy. Really reprimanding Jetfire… they had this match won.”
JHA: “But they kept the titles, so at the end of the day it’s all the same to them. They go to War Games…”

JFA: “Thundercracker, Redstreak, Tempest, Blood & Thunder… against the Game, Blaster, King, Sixswitch and… and I don’t know who, folks.

AWF Press Office
2003-10-30, 02:58 AM
The Archive Wrestling Federation presents…
The Main Event: War Games
Team Mayhem (AWF Champion THE GAME G91, THE KING, SIXSWITCH, BLASTER and ??)
Team Warzone (Hardcore Champion THUNDERCRACKER, Tag Team Champions BLOOD & THUNDER, REDSTREAK and TEMPEST)
The video fades into the arena as the cage has been lowered into place surrounding the double rings.

JFA: And that folks…is the monster…it is a structure built for pain and torture…its designed to be unforgiving and to end careers…its…

Flec: Didn’t you give this speech last year?

Joey: You get used to him…like a rash…

Flec: I’ll give you a rash Styles…though you probably already have it, since it came from your wife…”

JFA: I don’t know how you do it Joey…at any rate, the rules are simple…prior to the match the two team captains, TC from Warzone and The Game from Mayhem took the coin flip to determine which team would gain the advantage as far as who get the next man in. Team Warzone one…so that means after the first minutes, Team Warzone will get a fresh man…then, two minutes later team Mayhem will get another man…then so on and so forth. Once all 10 men are in…the match will continue until one team either submits or surrenders. That is the only way to win this match…

Its Time to play the Game….ITS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!! Mwa-hahahaha!

RA: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the main event…

*The arena is suddenly filled with the sounds of a heavy guitar riff, drum rolls and ladies squeeling ‘oh oh Game’… and the Game comes out with the AWF title around his waste, strutting confidently in tune to the music*

I think I'm cute.
I know I'm sexy.
I've got the looks,
That drives the girls wild!
I've got the moves, that really move 'em.
I send chills up.
Up and down their spine.
I'm just a sexy boy,
Sexy boy!
I'm not your boy toy!
Boy toy!
I'm just a sexy boy,
Sexy boy!
I'm not your boy toy!
Boy toy!

Flec: ACK…what the f*ck?!?
JFA: JFA: The Manchester crowd deafening here in response to the AWF Champion…

Fled: You guys are toast…the Game’s coming out, its over!

JFA: & Joey: …

Flec: WHAT?

Joey: The world is ending…

I make 'em hot.
I make 'em shiver.
Their knees get weak,
Whenever I'm around.
They see me walk,
They hear me talk,
I make 'em feel,
Like they're on cloud nine!

RA: Making his way to the ring area, he is the reigning AWF Champion and captain of Team Mayhem, hailing from St. Paul Minnesota…the Game, G91!

JFA: The Game out here now…obviously paying homage to his mentor and maybe to his best friend with that intro…

Joey: Or maybe he’s just doing what he does best…playing the role of the Cerebral Assassin…getting into the head of Team Warzone. And…the Game removing his vest and staring at the top of the cage…and the Game is going up…slightly new sound and look for the Game…same attitude…climbing to the top of the cage posing for the fans as his pyro ignites the arena and motioning to the back to ‘just bring it!’

RA: And representing Team Warzone…

Although ya try to discredit
Ya still never edit
The needle, I'll thread it
Radically poetic
Standin' with the fury that they had in '66
And like E-Double I'm mad
Still knee-deep in the system's ****
Hoover, he was a body remover
I'll give ya a dose
But it'll never come close
To the rage built up inside of me
Fist in the air, in the land of hypocrisy

RA: From Mandurah, WA, Australia…Tempest…

Movements come and movements go
Leaders speak, movements cease
When their heads are flown
'Cause all these punks
Got bullets in their heads
Departments of police, the judges, the feds
Networks at work, keepin' people calm
You know they went after King
When he spoke out on Vietnam
He turned the power to the have-nots
And then came the shot

JFA: The Human bulldozer out here to start…team Captain TC sending out the machine here to start off against the Game. And Tempest looks read to join the Game atop the cell…referee trying to stop him and he gets a shove for his efforts…

Joey: And the Game standing center in the middle of the roof of the cage…staring Tempest down…the two now eye to eye…Tempest with a punch, blocked and returned by the Game…now another…and another…Tempest reeling back the Game chopping the big man towards the edge of the cage…

Flec: You get the feeling that we’re going to lose the Spanish or the French broadcast teams at some point?

JFA: Tempest reversing the flow and he backflips the Game onto the top of the cage…cold unforgiving steel up there…grabbing the Game by the throat, Tempest with a shove and the Game teeters back and slips!

Flec: SH*T!

Joey: And the Game somehow catches himself and is now dangling along the side of the cage…very close to going over and the Game pulling up, holding fast…meanwhile Tempest climbing down…the Game seeing this now has his balance and starts coming down too, Tempest down first and walking over to the side he grabs the Game and powerbombs him to the floor!

Flec: Geez…

JFA: Tempest now shoving the Game into the ring…referees closing the doors and we still have about 2 minutes until the next member of Team Warzone comes out.

Joey: The Game rolling into the ring…Tempest crawling in as well…but the Game kips up and SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Out of no where the Game kipped up and flattened the human bull dozer with a little sweet chin music.

Flec: HA!

JFA: Is this all he’s going to offer?

Joey: Most likely…clock ticking down…minute and a half left…the Game going to work…top rope and big elbow drop into the throat of Tempest. Game obviously psyched up for this match, feeding off this pro-Game crowd…

JFA: The Champ bring Tempest to his feet now…whips him hard to the ropes, then using his momentum just jettisoning him over the top and face first into the steel!

Flec: Clearly using the big man’s weight against him!

Joey: Game working better here than I have ever seen anyone work against Tempest…and the Game with a SUICIDE DIVE, crashing into Tempest…and Tempest broken wide open here early…and following the suicide dive…both men are down on the outside…

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…BUZZER SOUNDS

Mexicola hits…

JFA: And here comes Black Zarak…a man not unfamiliar with this type of match!

Flec: Bah…he’s got nothing, we’ve got the Game out there!

Joey: By himself for 5 minutes…

Flec: SH*T!

JFA: Zarak in the cage now…and he tosses G91 in the ring and checks Tempest. Zarak in the ring now, snap suplex on the Game and Tempest back in the ring, still bleeding…and Tempest talking strategy and now both men hoisting the champion…and…LIKE A DART THE JUST FLUNG HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND INTO THE CAGE!

Flec: Well…I guess what goes around…

Zarak drops to the outside and delivers a snake eyes dropping the Game face first into the steel stairs…

Joey: OH! Dear LORD! The Game busted open…driven face first into those steel steps…now tossing him back inside, Zarak also tosses in the steps…

JFA: Some bad intentions here folks…

Joey: Game back to his feet, clearly woozy and out on his feet, Zarak charging in, but the Game hits him with a belly to belly suplex! Game back to his feet, but there is Tempest, choke slam…ONTO THE STAIRS!

Flec: G just folded up like an accordion!

Joey: And the big man moving to take control…still bleeding, the Game now bleeding and Zarak getting to his feet, favoring his back…

JFA: And now Tempest helping Zarak and the two whip the Game into the ropes, drop toe hold by Zarak sends the Game face first into the steps…while Tempest with a follow up leg drop!

Flec: Team Warzone seems to have the upper hand…

Joey: Tempest trying to scoop the Game back up…and LOW BLOW! The Game with a low blow and Tempest crumples…and a back mule kick to Zarak puts him down…and the Game himself collapses…all three men down now…

JFA: This had to have been expected…this type of environment…and we still have 7 combatants to go!

Flec: That is why we have two rings you cooze!

Joey: Ignore him…he won’t go away, but it will help…Tempest crawling back up now…as is the Game, but not for long as a big foot rockets the Game back down to the mat.

JFA: Never have I seen anyone who has gotten to Tempest like this…he’s taken some serious punishment in this match.

Joey: As has the champion…Zarak now back up…measuring the champ…and EBON FLOW! The Game sent crashing face first into the mat, leaving a blood spot where ever his face touches…the crowd trying to rally him…but its two on one…

Flec: Not for long…


Headstrong fills the arena!


Flec: Help is on the way!

Joey: And he’s got…what the…he’s get the Game’s sledge! AND HE’S READY TO USE IT! Charging hard he sends Tempest over the top with a flying sledge shot! Now turning he nails Zarak in the ribs…and then proceeds to toss him outside the cage before the ref can close the door…

Flec: Will history repeat itself?

Joey: I…no…

JFA: Blaster flattening Zarak one more time with that sledge before leaving it inside the cage and joining zarak outside…now tossing him on top of the French Announcers Table…and…NO…NO DON’T!


Joey: Stiff beat to Zarak on the French Announce Table…the Table absolutely exploding with that impact and with God as my witness Zarak may be paralyzed!

Flec: So what? Blaster looks shaken up too!

JFA: Wouldn’t you?

Flec: I wouldn’t be in this match…

Joey: Now that doesn’t surprise me in the least! Meanwhile in the ring, Tempest trying to get back into this thing…and THE GAME JUST KIPPED UP AGAIN! A look of shock on Tempest’s face…the Game getting his second wind…

Flec: Third…

Joey: Fine…third…

Flec: Credit where due Styles you slacker!

JFA: Right…Tempest charging, Game ducking the clothesline attempt and a dropkick to the back of the knee sends Tempest down to the mat...clutching his leg! Now the Game with smile…reaching over and grasping…


Joey: And here is where it gets nasty…The Game drawing back and leveling Tempest with a sledge hammer shot! And the Game hit Tempest so hard, he snapped the head of the sledge hammer off the handle! MY GOD! AND TEMPEST STILL FIGHTING NOT TO GO DOWN!

Flec: What is this guy some sort of mutant circus freak?!?

JFA: The Game shaking his head in respect…meanwhile on the outside, Blaster now starting to move and pulling the heap that was once Zarak…Zarak with lacerations all over his body…and Blaster dragging him back into the ring!

Joey: Those two showing just how much that impact cost them…Stiff Beat right through the French Announce table, part of the exploding table snapped Blaster really good right in the back of the head…he seems to be ok…now tossing Zarak into the ring the Game grabbing Zarak and PEDIGREE!

Flec: It won’t even matter! It’s already over! We’re not going to need no stinking 5th man!

JFA: Blaster now hard off the ropes and Soundsault flattens Tempest down to the mat. The drop kick to the knee, the sledgehammer and the soundsault now flattens the human bulldozer. You have to be impressed with Blaster…

Joey: Meanwhile the Game working on Zarak…dragon sleeper applied, cranking back…and Blaster with the Walls of Sound! Walls of Sound applied to Tempest!


My World howls throughout the arena and Redstreak appears under the Archivetron strutting, pointing out that he’s number 1!

Joey: Here comes the founder of the TCA…and the man who orchestrated the attack at Syxx Feet Under…a man who has undergone some drastic changes in personality…Redstreak!

JFA: And the Game just released the dragon sleeper…and he’s bolting out the door they opened for Red! Redstreak seeing the Game stops and waits for him…coiled, ready to strike…but the Game dives onto him…the two roll off the ramp and onto the floor, each man punching away at each other wildly…there has been so much bad blood brewing for so long between these two!

Flec: I thought the cage was supposed to keep them inside the rings! We’ve had Tempest and the Game start on top…Blaster stiff beat Zarak through the French Announce Table and now the Game bolts from the cage and he and Red are pummeling each other on the floor under the ramp!

Joey: Good point there Flec…

Redstreak gains control for a moment and gets back up on the ramp. The Game quickly follows, clearing some of the blood from his eyes to get a better view of Red. The Game is badly lacerated across the right side of his face, just above his eye. Meanwhile in the ring, Blaster is still cranking away at Tempest, who is bleeding as badly as the Game. However, Zarak, while bleeding profusely, is starting to move, unbeknownst to Blaster.

JFA: Zarak nearly to his feet….Blaster still holding the Walls…on the outside…the Game and Red have just clubbed each other up against the cage…Redstreak with a chop…Game steps back a few…tries for a sudden Sweet Chin Music…Redstreak ducks and the Game kicks the cage! Falling back the Game clearly swore on the knee from that impact….and Redstreak shouting something at the Game…NOW REDSTREAK IS CLIMBING THE CAGE!

Joey: On the inside, Zarak shaking the cobwebs…Tempest has been in the walls of sound for a very long time, Blaster has really dominated this match thus far…coming in just in time…really rendering Zarak out of the equation and now he has beaten down someone who I didn’t think could be beaten down in Tempest…


JFA: Modified running bulldog by Zarak…almost like the faceplant used by Blaster himself! Working Blaster up and now a snake eyes across the top rope. Blaster almost decapitated by the top rope! Tempest rolling himself into the second ring…looking to get some recovery, meanwhile Zarak scoops and delivers a hard pendulum back breaker to Blaster.

Joey: On the outside, the Game back up and seeing Redstreak has started to climb, favoring that right leg…Redstreak waiting on the edge…leaning in to try to stomp the Game off, gets one shot that rocks the Game backwards, Game trying to maintain his balance, chopping one of Red’s ankles with that spare hand, giving him a moment to get to the top of the cage, Red going for a lariat, but the Game ducks and unleashes a massive chop to the chest of Red. Red wincing at that…wow…Ric Flair would be proud…and of course with that chop the crowd pays homage with the “whooooo” made famous by the Nature Boy!

Flec: You’re such a shill Styles…

JFA: Red now countering the Game’s chop with one of his own, crowd reacts again in the same manner, and Red with a short clothesline, knocking the Game down atop the cage. Red…making a mistake here I think…

Flec: Yeah…yeah…striving to be number one…take that finger and shove it…HEY! KIP UP!

Joey: The Game kips up, not at all pleased with Red’s self glorification…the Game coiled now…and a kick to Red…scoop under, looks like a…OH MY GOD!


JFA: That is a Death Valley Bomb…a variation of the Death Valley Driver, but with more of a twist and shift of the weight, notice how the Game came down hard on top of him, rolling through the move…

Flec: He’s got that look in his eye…

Joey: Oh no…dear…lord…what is he thinking?

JFA: We’re about to find out I think…scooping Red up…the Cage bowing up there…underhook…dear…Dear GOD…NO ERIK…DON’T FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY NO!





JFA: With God as my witness…I think the Game may have just killed Redstreak…there is now a gaping hole in the middle of the second ring…they nearly landed on Tempest…Zarak who had been working on the knee of Blaster nearly jumped out of the ring with the impact…and Tempest is looking through the crimson mask in complete shock and awe!

Flec: I think the only good thing that could come of this is that the Game landed on top of Red…so he’s probably ok!

Joey: Look at that hole…

Flec: So much for having the second ring to work with all that much…

JFA: What I want to know is…why the hell someone hasn’t come out here? We need someone to stop the damn match!

Flec: Its unsanctioned you twit!

JFA: So what? Those are human being with families laying in a heap under that ring!

Flec: Yeah…two guys who knew the risks and still signed on for this thing. Unsanctioned J, the ref is only here to count the submission or take the surrender…nothing else…they could be dead and no one would know or care until this is over!

Joey: He is right…the AWF doesn’t even really acknowledge this match so to speak…


Head Like a Hole blares throughout the arena…

Joey: And the King is on his way out to join the carnage…Tempest checking in the hole in the ring to see if Red is still alive…Zarak has turned back to Blaster, who just swept the leg out on Zarak! Blaster rolls to his feet…now rushes across the ring and springboards onto the unsuspecting Tempest! Blaster has really taken the fight right to Tempest in this thing!

Flec: King in there now too…met by Zarak, Zarak with some experience in this match, makes King come to him, which King does…maybe some jitters here…charging hard in and Zarak with a drop toe hold, sends King face first into the turnbuckle! DAMN!

JFA: Welcome to the War Games King…Zarak now with a huge splash…rocking King in that corner. In the other ring Blaster pounding away on Tempest, opening the wound up even more…Blaster now…looking towards the hole also…and WHAT?!?


Joey: You were right Flec…the Game did land on Redstreak…and it must have cushioned the blow…

Flec: Blaster helping his captain out of the hole and into the corner…the crowd cheering the battered AWF Champion…Blaster now…standing near the hole…what…what…

JFA: What is he…

Joey: OH LORD! A reverse summersault moonsault into the hole! Blaster just did a standing reverse moonsault into the hole and onto Red! He just sacrificed his own well being to score a big hit against Red!

In the other ring, Zarak has worked King over, mostly using foot chokes and heavy punches, now dragging him from the corner…he sets King up…

Joey: Zarak now…setting King up…and FATAL STING…King driven hard into the mat! What an impact…and Zarak slumps back into the corner…fatigue showing on all the men in there…Tempest now getting to his feet, King down on the mat, Zarak slumped in the corner, Blaster and Red under the ring…and the Game trying to pull himself up in the opposite corner from Tempest!

JFA: Every man in here has been beaten and tested…and every man in here still knows there’s a long way to go…

Joey: Two men still for Warzone…we know that the Team Captain TC and Wolfang are those two men…two men for Mayhem…we know one is Sixswitch…but who is the other?

Flec: I’m telling you…TC is going to come out for Mayhem!

Joey: I guess it is possible…the Game was at Warzone on the 15th…we know those two are still friends and have apparently worked out their issues…

JFA: It would be a devastating blow to Warzone as a whole though…

Flec: What a shame…

Joey: Blaster now has pulled himself back to the ring, and he and the Game double clothesline Tempest to the floor…who lands on his feet! The pair paying no mind to that, moving to the other ring to assault Zarak who has King in a Scorpion Death Lock…Tempest back in the ring, but not quick enough as the Game just springboarded off the ropes and delivered a flying clothesline to rock Zarak right off of King.

Flec: That’s one way to break that hold!

JFA: Game and Blaster now, working like a unit, sending Zarak into the ropes and dropping him hard with a double clothesline. Tempest meanwhile has made his way to the ring with them and delivers a hard club to the back of the neck on the Game, the Game staggers outside and Tempest follows…

Joey: Meanwhile, Blaster back on Zarak…and King struggling up…the two of them lifting Zarak and a double gut buster…the stomach of Zarak dropped across the knees of King and Blaster.

Flec: And the outside, Tempest has gained an advantage on the Game!

JFA: That he has, Tempest ducking a chop and sending the Game hard into the cage…AND TEMPEST JUST THREW THE GAME THROUGH THE CAGE WALL! Pure strength shown there by Tempest.

Joey: And the Game slowly getting up…Tempest charging hard and just speared him right into the guardrail! Tempest just drove his own body right into not only the Game, but the guardrail…and both men down after that exchange!

JFA: The referees forcing Tempest back inside the cage now…two of them assisting him back inside and now turning to the Game…and…he’s…smiling…


Joey: Under the crimson mask, the Game is smiling from ear to ear…Tempest looks over and sees this…and he is absolutely enraged…


The Zoo hits and Wolfang makes his way out…the referees have now force the Game back in the cage who is met by Tempest who rams him face first into the cage. The refs meanwhile begin to padlock the cage back shut.

JFA: Taking a page from Warzone’s book, the cage is being padlocked shut and Wolfang in and immediately rushes to help his partner, he and the King exchanging punches now…the two pushing each other into the second ring, stepping over the seem and now in the second ring, while Blaster continues to hammer on Zarak, Blaster with a scoop…delay…and textbook brainbuster!

Joey: And on the outside…Tempest has the Game up…THUNDER PRESS! Onto the floor a Thunder Press by Tempest! The Game down hard on that neck and one has to figure that has to be about all for the champion for this match…Tempest rolling to the inside now Zarak being choked by Blaster and Tempest with a double ax handle to stop him…then pump handle and slam! Blaster down…Tempest checking with Zarak and now they go to the other ring…

Flec: LOOK!

JFA: And Redstreak has just pulled himself out of the hole in the ring…somehow he’s alive, but he’s bloodied beyond recognition…his nose clearly broken and his left arm seems to be knocked out of place…he can barely move, but just the fact that he’s still pulling himself up is a testament to his inner fortitude!

Flec: How much did Vaccaro pay you to spout that line of sh*t?

JFA: What?

Flec: Please…like even you like him…NO ONE LIKES HIM!

Joey: King in a bad spot here though…all by himself, Tempest, Zarak and Wolfang closing in, King ducks Tempests attack and clotheslines him to the outside from behind…he then avoids Zarak and drops him with a sudden Headstrong! Wolfang following suit…and he doesn’t fail…catching King as he was rising from the Headstrong with a flush ddt.

Flec: Where the hell is the Game?

Joey: I…don’t know?

JFA: Neither does team Warzone…but they’re not concerned about it right now…Tempest back in the ring…checking Red over, Red saying something about his arm and also pointing at his back. Wolfang meanwhile moving behind King and catching him with a Shadow Storm…Tempest then proceeds to grab King and chuck him to the outside. Redstreak shouting something to Tempest and Wolfang…they drop to the ring…searching under…


Flec: They’re going to cut the lock off the door the ref is on…

JFA: And that’s what they do…and Wolfang chucks the King to the outside…and…as Tempest goes back in the cage he is met with a chair shot from the Game!

Flec: Guess we know where the Game went!

Joey: Yeah…he went under the ring to…to grab a seat for Tempest…

JFA: Fresh blood now running from under the eye in addition to above it on the Game, meanwhile…King broke free from Wolfang and is making his way up top…Wolfang following up…Zarak just got met by the Game’s chair also…Redstreak just pulled himself up and delivered a forceful entry through the middle rope sending the Game’s head bouncing off the still unlocked door and sending the Game rolling outside the cage. That move also hurting Redstreak as we can hear him screaming from hear…Tempest grabbing the chair and making his way inside…

Joey: Only to be met by a missile drop kick by Y3Blaster!

Flec: Have another seat Tempy!

Joey: Tempest was making his way in and Y3B just drove that missile drop kick right into the chair which drove right into the face of Tempest. Now up top, King and Wolfang are battling it out…King has taken a beating thus far in the match…Wolfang relatively fresh and with a clear advantage…both men teetering close to the edge, Wolfang with a clothesline, ducked by King…LOW BLOW by King…and PPC OFF THE CAGE! OH MY GOD…KING JUST SENT WOLFANG THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH THAT PPC!

JFA: My God in heaven…what will it take to stop this damn match?

Flec: Get one of your idiots to say they quit!

Joey: Zarak seeing what has happened has made his way out the still opened door and rushed as quickly as he could over to assist his partner.

JFA: Meanwhile Blaster has gone about setting up a Table in the ring…he’s calling for Predaking’s attention…the Game also crawling back into the ring…one table set up…Predaking climbing back into the ring courtesy of the dangling piece of cage roof…now the two of them stacking Tempest onto the table…and Blaster placing another table on top of Tempest and the table…calling for King to collect Red…which he does after a brutal chop, low blow and Rampage on the floor…now tossing Red into the ring, hoisting him up on top of the second table…

Flec: What the hell is tapedeck thinking?

JFA: I don’t know…but he’s positioned the two Warzone guys and the tables under that hole in the roof…and over the hole in the ring…

Joey: Dear God…

As king positions things, Blaster climbs up the dangling piece of cage and on top of the cage…he then takes a deep breath and…


Joey: …

JFA: Folks…Blaster just jumped through that hole in the ceiling, delivering a body press onto Red, which drove them through the first table, into Tempest, then through the next table and piece of the table and bodies have now filled the hole in the ring…


King stares in horror as Blaster rolls around the ring in pain, clutching his abdomen, The Game looks on stunned as he leaves a pool of blood on the apron in his attempt to get back in the ring…Zarak has pulled Wolfang out of the mangled debris of the Spanish announce table and gone back into the cage with him…the refs once again close the door…


Like This Like That begins to play…

Joey: And here comes Sixswitch…about to enter this hell…this massacre…

JFA: This scene is like something out of some sort of nightmare folks…going around the ring…you have Zarak trying to get Wolfang back into the match, both men bloodied…King tending to Blaster who is rolling around the mat…Tempest at the bottom of a pile in a hole in the second ring buried by the remains of two tables and Redstreak and the Game leaving a trail of his own blood where ever he goes. Sixswitch in the ring…rushes to ring 1…and leaps to the top rope…Zarak turning…but not in time!

Joey: High cross body by Sixswitch into Zarak and Wolfang…talk about instant impact!

Flec: No doubt…Sixswitch enters…does something goofy and now everyone but King is out.

JFA: Game about to join him too…shaking the cob webs…but now back in the ring…and..wait…the pile…starting to move…

Joey: It couldn’t be…

Flec: Sh*t

JFA: Would you stop that?

Flec: What?

Joey: Tempest is pulling himself out of the wreckage! Tempest is trying to get back in this match and King is in complete disbelief…rolling to the outside…grabbing a chair from under the ring…Tempest on his knees…King back in…no…

Flec: 1…2…3…

JFA: Does he really have to count the number of chair shots Tempest will take before going back down?

Joey: He will count them…no matter what we say…

Flec: 6…7….8 GO DOWN YOU MONKEY! OOP! There 10 did it!

Joey: That it did…10 chair shots to get Tempest back down after what has happened to him…how he’s still breathing is beyond me…the Game meanwhile has also scaled up top and he delivers the elbow drop onto Wolfang on the floor…Game in a bit of pain…Sixswitch helping him back into the ring…and…DEAR GOD!

JFA: Tempest just sat up…King with his chair cocked…ready to fire…but Tempest punches the chair! And grabs King by the throat to drop him with a choke slam!

Joey: Tempest in the meantime grabbing both the Game and Sixswitch by the throat…going for a double chokeslam, but the two Mayhem members pull a double groin kick, then a double suplex to send Tempest back down to the mat.

Flec: Bitter end coming here…I can sense it…amidst the carnage, Team Mayhem is going to win this thing…

Joey: Are you drunk?

Flec: No…

Joey: You’re just not yourself this match…

Flec: Cause I am a team player Styles…take some note you shmuck!

JFA: Zarak back in, grabbing the chair and leveling the Game with a sudden chair shot. Sixswitch with a spinning heel kick into the chair. Zarak sent crashing down into the mat, chair falling on his body and Sixswitch rushing to the top rope…THE TECHNOPHOBIC onto the chair that was draped across Zarak’s face…Sixswitch feeling that too…but Zarak just flopped like a fish out of water after that shot!

Joey: And here comes Wolfang…with a burst of energy…running senton bomb onto Sixswitch! Wolfang now pulling himself into the corner to continue recovering but heads up play there to kill any momentum Sixswitch might be building.


Worms of the Earth begins to play…

Flec: Here he comes…the 5th man for team Mayhem…TC!!!

Joey: Could you be right…TC all smiles…he’s supposed to be the captain of Team Warzone…but maybe…who knows?

JFA: If that is the case…this match is truly over…there would be no way Warzone could recover after this carnage!


Joey: And the Game kicking a chair over the outside floor…then tossing Tempest to the outside…taking a deep breath, the Game setting him up on the outside…and VERTIBREAKER! Game with a Vertibreaker onto the chair…Tempest spasming on the floor the Game pulling himself back into the ring.

Flec: TC is in the ring…now you’ll see…now you’ll see HEY NOOOOOO!!!!

JFA: So much for that! TC entering the match with a baseball slide to blast the Game back onto the floor. He then proceeded to drop a rolling thunder on Sixswitch who was struggling back up! TC no pulling Red back up to his feet…then bouncing off the ropes and an Enziguri sends Blaster to the outside…now TC dropping to the outside, placing Blaster in the corner…setting a chair up…rushing back into the ring and onto the top rope…

Flec: Oh lord…


Around the ring: Redstreak looks near dead slumped into the corner, Tempest laying on the floor bleeding profusely clutching his neck, Blaster is folded into the corner, bleeding badly, Zarak and Sixswitch are both pulling themselves up in opposite corners, Wolfang now on his feet, though rather woozy, and the Game has just re-entered the ring…the only ones in the match not bleeding are Sixswitch & TC.

Joey: And here is the danger in the War Games…the Game and Sixswitch in ring one, Redstreak moving over, TC in there, and the Tag Team Champions…pretty much circling the wagons around the Welsh Wonder and the Cerebral Assassin…TC rushes with a step over spinning heel kick…sending the Game and himself over the top rope to the floor…Sixswitch rolls under does a leg sweep to send Wolfang to the mat, on the outside, TC with a standing moonsault onto the Game.

JFA: Sixswitch has excelled in this match…but he’s outnumbered 3 on 1…as Wolfang has rolled up to his feet…now Sixswitch ready to fight charges Zarak and gets him with a flipping head scissors take over. Rolling to his feet before getting a forceful entry from Red, but Red showing the pain in his back, neck & shoulder after that move!

Joey: Wolfang quick on the up take though…Team Mayhem looks to be in serious trouble…grabbing Sixswitch, looking for the Crimson Twilight, but Sixswitch blocks it and delivers a drop kick to the back of Wolfang!

Flec: Sixswitch got out of the Crimson Twilight…help on the way…Tapedeck is back…

Joey: And he’s bringing the chair in…tossing it to Six who places it across Wolfang and Zarak’s faces who he pulled to the middle of the ring…now Six on one top rope, Blaster on the other…Blaster…SHOOTING STAR PRESS! I’ve never seen him do that before…Crashing the chair right into the faces of Blood and Thunder…Sixswitch now launching himself with a Technophobic!

Flec: The smile on Blasters face makes it so worth it…especially with the blood being spit out of his mouth…

TC has sent the Game back into the ring, Tempest has also drug himself in…B & T are still down, Blaster is in the corner…Redstreak has pulled himself up and hit the recovering Sixswitch with the Scorpion. The Game just got hit by TC’s Lifetime Enlightenment.

Joey: Blaster now to his feet and face plants Red to the mat…Soundsault coming! YES!


Are you ready?

Flec: No f*cking way…

You think you could tell us what to do?
You think you could tell us what to wear?
You think that you're better?
Well you better get ready
Bow to the masters...

Break it down!

JFA: It can’t be!

Filmstar, propping up the bar, driving in a car, it looks so easy,
Filmstar, propping up the bar, driving in a car tonight,
Filmstar, giving it class, living it fast, it looks so easy,
Filmstar, giving it class, living it fast tonight.

What to believe in, it's impossible to say?
What to believe in when they change your name,
wash your brain, play the game again, yeah, yeah, yeah

Joey: IT IS HIM! The Heart Brend Kid! Brendinio HEEEEAT! The Main Event is here…Sean O’Con…we haven’t seen him since the end of August…when he and the Game battle for their careers!


JFA: No you didn’t you said it would be TC!

Joey: There is the strut we’ve all missed! Sean O’Con entering the War Games…he’s the fifth member…the only thing I can imagine is that the Game used some misdirection to get Warzone worried then utilized the fact that the match is unsanctioned…and the Game all smiles now…in spite of the pain…TC is stunned Wolfang and Zarak looking up in disbelief…Tempest standing now…Red furious and Sixswitch, King and Blaster have all virtually risen from the dead and Team Mayhem is on the attack!

JFA: HBK IS BACK! Heart Brend Kick to TC…Heart Brend Kick to Tempest! The Game with a kip up and he levels Redstreak with a little Sweet Chin Music! The War is on…the ref is in…The Game with the End Game now applied to Redstreak…HBK looks ready to level the now rising Zarak…Heart Brend Kick…TO THE KING?!? WHAT?!?

Joey: Oh God no…


Joey: Another Heart Brend Kick to Sixswitch…sending him down, pulling a chair out and blasting Blaster over the top rope and to the outside…The Game hasn’t seen any of this…Redstreak is in the End Game, he’s about to tap…O’Con…NO…he has the sledge hammer…no…DON’T PLEASE NO!

JFA: O’CON JUST DROVE THE SLEDGE HAMMER RIGHT INTO THE NECK OF THE GAME! HBK, Sean O’Con just hit that neck of the Game…his best friend…with a sledge hammer! WHAT IN THE HELL?!?

Joey: Now…Blood and Thunder with King, Wolfang to the top…The HIGHWAY COMING…Zarak with the powerbomb and Wolf with the edge-o-matic! Sixswitch up trying to fight off Team Warzone, but he is met by Zarak and Tempest who begin to hammer him to the second ring…

JFA: The Game out of instinct has risen to his feet…clutching his neck in pain…and that is the look of pure heart break…through the crimson mask and the haze of intense pain, the Game has just seen his best friend holding that sledge in his hands…and HBK gave him a cold look before driving the sledge right into the face of the Game! Going to the outside and setting up a table now…meanwhile…TC applying the GSF on the King and Wolfang moving in and applying the dragon sleeper…TC with the GSF on the leg, Wolfang with the dragon sleeper…King in obvious pain…how long will he hold out?

Joey: Meanwhile, HBK has the Game…on the apron…HDD through the table to the outside! HDD through the table…the Game is out on the floor in a pool of his own blood, HBK meanwhile, just kipped up and is back in the ring…Tempest and Zarak had been hammering Sixswitch, HBK with a chair again, shoving both Warzone member out of his way and drilling Sixswitch right between the eyes with that chair…hoisting him up and HDD onto the chair!

Flec: Zarak wanted a handshake from HBK and HBK just spat in his face…

JFA: This is not the HBK I remember…so cold…so methodical…he was supposed to swing the advantage to Team Mayhem and instead he has sent Blaster to the outside with a massive chair shot, he dropped King with a HB kick, he drilled Six with the chair and an HDD into the chair…and he destroyed his best friend with the sledge hammer and an HDD through a table on the outside…

Joey: And all this time, King has been in the GSF and the Dragon Sleeper…King in obvious pain…and he…

Flec: Its over…

JFA: It is over…King just gave in…the two moves, too much for this young lion…a true warrior, but still…just too much…those two painful submission holds, put on by two of the best…and King had no choice…none of his team could help him…he had no choice…

RA: The winners of this match…TEAM WARZONE! TC, Redstreak, Tempest, Black Zarak & Wolfang!

Flec: You forgot their 6th man…HBK…I never liked him, I WILL never like him…I told you he was an a$$hole, but no…you never listened to me Styles…

Joey: Oh shut up…isn’t this enough? I don’t need you…

JFA: Redstreak now going over to celebrate with HBK…and HBK turning and he DROPS Redstreak with a Heart Brend Kick…what the hell? HBK now leaving the cage…team Warzone left bloodied but victorious…meanwhile Team Mayhem has been wiped out by its own fifth man…Team Warzone able to capitalize.

Joey: I’m in shock folks…between the blood, the brutality and the betrayal…what’s left to say?

Flec: Well…I don’t think there will be a DN reunion any time soon.

JFA: Even I can’t believe you said that…folks…we’re out of time…the ring looks like a massacre…debris and blood and bodies everywhere! For JHA, Joey Styles, Reflector, Keith Kincaid and Lisa Lovelace…I’m JFA…so long folks!

Brave Maximus
2003-10-30, 03:23 AM
Autumn Annihilation is over, some have won, some have lost. As the wrestlers pack their bags and head to their cars, Lisa Lovelace catches up with one man who may have won his match tonight, but at a high cost. Viewfind is walking to his car. Under a loose shirt his ribs are bandaged, with blood still seeping through. He has suture tape all over his face and one wrist is in a splint.

LL - Viewfind! Hey Viewfind! Can we have a few words with you?

VF - Yeah sure, what ever you want, just talk while we walk.

LL - Well you beat Brave Maximus here tonight. Do you think this is the last you’ll see of him?

VF - You know what Lisa, that Bitch Maxie ain’t as tough as he thinks! He comes at me again, I’ll beat him down, just like I did tonight. But I don’t think he’s got the balls to...... WHAT THE F*CK!?!

The Camera moves around, looking outside the arena and at Viewfinds car. Written across the side, in what seems like blood, are the words “This is FAR from over BOY!”

The camera then moves to show the faces of Viewfind and Lisa Lovelace, both shocked in different ways, as the screen fades out, replaced by the AWF logo.

God Jinrai
2003-10-30, 03:34 AM
*back in the locker room*

Ginrai seen in solitude, fists tightly clenched...

"This... is far from over, Bombshell. You know it as well as I. In fact...you know it better than I do. Right now, you're likely lying in bed with that wench, Arcee, thinking "what should we do to those three saps next time?" You'll do nothing, whelp. Because there will BE NO NEXT TIME for the three of you...to face off against the remnants of DN. When next we meet... you and I will finish this. Once... and FOR ALL. No one but you and I, Bombshell. No relying on anyone else to cover your sorry a&%. No one to save you from a cover. But you can wait. "

*Rising to his feet, Ginrai grits his teeth, slamming his right fist into the lockers... the side of his hand is reddened but not bloody... a large dent is present in the locker*

"O'con... I don't care if he ended your career. You will rue the day that you crossed him. That's assuming I don't get to you first. I don't care what sort of moral weakness you may think I have. It's that very "weakness" that gives me the strength I need daily to survive. Slime such as yourself, however... need to be permanently set to rest. I only wish Eric had ended more than your miserable career, O'Con. He trusted you... He was your closest friend. You were a team... and even when one held the belt, the other felt no resentment. I'll see you gone... or dead. whichever comes first. Sleep with your eyes open, O'con. "

2003-10-30, 03:52 AM
OOC: Holy **** that was good!

IC: *Wolfang, Zarak and Tempest hobble towards the locker rooms covered in blood and sweat.* <deep breath> Well, I never expected that. HBKs back... and for what? He destroyed Team Mayhem... and then put down the smack on Team Warzone.... whats he on, for Gods sake?

*Shifts Z's arm so as not to let it slip off his shoulder.* You alright man? *Z shrugs.* Look at this way... in your own back yard... in one of the most brutal contests ever devised... you *looks over Zarak and Tempest*... you survived. Thats the important thing. How you doing, Tempest?

*The mass of dried crimson, salt-ridden wounds, sweat and damaged tissue continues towards the locker area. Wolfang hears something somewhere behind them, and turns to see TC and Redstreak limping along at the rear looking to get patched up*.

2003-10-30, 04:48 AM
Backstage the Game sits alone, refusing medical attention...the blood still drips from his face, his right eye swelling shut, the old familiar numbness returns to his hands as his neck throbs in pain. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to think, a single tear wells in his left eye.

Lisa Lovelace approaches the AWF Champion.

Lisa: Game...Erik...are you ok?

The Game simply looks at her, a look never before seen on the face of the often intense, always cocky gaze of the AWF Champion...a look of pure heart break...for with all the pain the Game has endured in his career, tonight he suffered his worst. Without a single word, the Game rises best he can and hobbles to a waiting ambulance to be taken to a local hospital for observation.

2003-10-30, 05:19 AM
Ah, it always feels good to lay the smackdown on maggots!

You've thought I was just another skank, haven't you? Well, it's about time to think again.

2003-10-30, 05:25 AM
Hmm, Gruff, Gruff, Gruff. Fight all these want-to-be warriors all you want, but Odin Knows that I am the best fighter here. Hell you beat me once and think its over? Oh man, you must have hit your head to think that I would give up a fight with a worthy foe like you. Oh no my Friend this ain't over, its just begining.

Odin has just granted me an idea....Oh Yes what an idea! We begin a series of matches my friend, 4 matches between me and you, 3 of those regular matches no-weapons just fist to fist on mayhem. The Last match will be on the PPV, and boy will it be the best match ever....Yes it shall test your strenght. Its a Norwegian Match my boy, full of blood and mayhem...Oh you will see what a glorious match it will be.

So accept your destiny Gruff, and fight me. I shall await your response.

By The Way, OP you still suck. Haven't you learned anything? After I buried you alive, I thought that you would leave but that hasn't happened. I shall be watching you my old friend. Yes I shall....

2003-10-30, 05:32 AM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
*back in the locker room*

Ginrai seen in solitude, fists tightly clenched...

"This... is far from over, Bombshell. You know it as well as I. In fact...you know it better than I do. Right now, you're likely lying in bed with that wench, Arcee, thinking "what should we do to those three saps next time?" You'll do nothing, whelp. Because there will BE NO NEXT TIME for the three of you...to face off against the remnants of DN. When next we meet... you and I will finish this. Once... and FOR ALL. No one but you and I, Bombshell. No relying on anyone else to cover your sorry a&%. No one to save you from a cover. But you can wait. "

Jinners, you had Quick Snitch and Slutty Scout to help ya this time, and you still couldn't pull it off. What the hell makes you think that you can beat the piss outta me all by your little lonesome. I tell ya, IF we meet again, I'll make sure you earn your "Pyre Convoy" nickname.

Amarant Odinson
2003-10-30, 06:04 AM
Backstage we see the T.V. Champion, Amarant Odinson packing up his things. He's about to leave when Lisa Lovelace meets up with him.

Lisa: Amarant, Amarant, I don't know if you've heard yet but you have another title defend against Ravage on this coming Warzone.

Amarant turns slightly to face her.

Amarant: And???

Lisa: It's no submission, you have to pin your opponent to win the match.

Amarant: Once again I ask, and?

Lisa: Well, won't you be at a disavantage? you seem to be better at submission moves and you can't win the match with them.

Amarant: Did you figure that out all by yourself? No wonder why they're paying you the big money. To answer your stupid question, NO. No I won't be at a disadvantage, you over inflated poptart. Just because I can't win with a submission, doesn't mean I can't use them. What's wrong Ravage??? You had to go whine and cry to Vaccaro because I MADE YOU TAP??? If you want a rematch, that fine with me. A Falls Count Right Here match? That's just perfect.

Lisa: But Amarant, what are you going to do if you can't win by submission?

Amarant: What am I going to do? I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT I'M GOING TO DO!!!!!

And in an instant, the T.V. Champion locks a Crossface Chickenwing submission onto Lisa Lovelace. She starts screaming in pain as he shouts into the camera.


Lisa slowly begins to lose conscienceness as Amarant tightens the hold.

Amarant: That's all there is to it Ravage, I put you to sleep, roll you over and 1..2..3. Just like that and the AWF will know what you learned tonight, Lisa. That no one will ever PROVE ME WRONG!!!!!!

And with that Amarant is pulled off of Lisa Lovelace by 5 security guys. Amarant slowly gets up takes his things and leaves without so much as sign of remorse...... or pleasure.

2003-10-30, 06:14 AM
Ah yes. We lost. Why? The Game. I throw it all out into the wind. I give the match my all and what does he do? Picks a traitor. Good one jerky. Way to cost your team the match. But that's not all that mattered now. No, I the Sultan of Suave, The Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, The King of the World, The Greatness Incarnate, THE LOOK OUT AND SHOUT! Greatest thing to ever happen to this federation proved to be the MVP of my team. Oh yes I was good and had it not been for a certain American picking our teams we would have won.

Let us re-cap the night shall we? Tempest and Red ate wood simultaneously, I showed Zarak that history always repeats it's self, He and jack ass of a boyfriend found out metal hurts as did Tempest... many times over, And red really dug himself a hole. I just decided to fill it.

Yes I alone out classed, out shone and out played everyone in that match, just for that I should be awarded a title shot of somesort. But more so I think a title should be made for me. The title of greatness. And as only Canadians are truley great only they could compete. Hah, ofcourse I kid. Unlike American's Canadians do know some humility and are not pure ego.

2003-10-30, 07:41 AM
*The camera comes on as we see just entering the TCA locker room as Lisa Lovelace hurrys to get a few words*

LL: "Divebomb....Divebomb can I get a few words with you?"

DB: "Yeah, what do you want to know about this time?"

LL: "Well I just wanted to get your feelings about tonights event."

DB: "My feelings about tonights event. Well lets see, what all went down tonight. We had Blingzilla beat the cr@p out of Maximus as well as TC and Redstreak with some support from some other jobbers bring home the win for the TCA, I mean Warzone and we had the Tag Team elimination match, plus alot of other filler cr@p. What would you like to know about?"

LL: "Well, ok lets start with the House of Horrors match."

DB: "Ok then I will humor you for a little while. The House of Horrors match. Well Viewfind won, Beat the living cr@p out of Maximus and made short work of a chair to make sure that bastard stayed down. Next."

LL: "How about the War Games match."

DB: "It would have been better if me and P? would have been in it as the Tag Team champions, but that is besides the point. It was brutal and a very fun match to watch with a big twist at the end that made it all that much better. TCA, I mean Warzone got the win, no better way to end the show. Next."

LL: "Ok now lets get to your match. The Tag Team elimination match. Not a very impresive showing on the NWA's part wouldn't you admit."

DB: "Excuse me. You never talk to a member of the NWA with such disrespect. Now as for my opinion of that match. Well if Computron wouldn't have illegally attacked P? behind the refs back and the ref would have done his job better we wouldn't have been eliminated by....by...compufire. Oh god, I still can't believe that we were eliminated by compufire. Oh well I got a little pay back as the ring bell smacked the back of Jetfire's head. Not much better but it did feel good doing it. Anything else."

LL: "Ok how about.."

DB: "No no no no. There was no other matches worth discussing. Just the ones mentioned. Now I have a few other things I want to say before I tell you to hit the bricks and leave me alone. First, Blood and Thunder we didn't get our chance to fight you on Warzone, but will still have to have our Hell in a Cell match. I want a shot at those belts that doesn't involve interference. A fair fight and that is the only way I can imagine it happening. Second, Compufire we want you in a match on warzone. I am tired of you two pissing me off. Costing us the titles on warzone and eliminating us in the elimination match. There is alot of bad blood here and I for one want to put it to rest, at least for a little while. Now Lisa, if you don't mind, hit the bricks. I got better things to do that talk to you."

*Divebomb enters the locker room and slams the door*

2003-10-30, 08:12 AM
OOC: That was definately worth the wait, thats the best PPV I've read, to date. Good work guys!


*Tempest looks at Wolfang*

T:Yeah I'm doing alright, rather though ...

*Looks at TC behind them*

T:They don't seem to do be doing any good.

*Tempest, Wolfang and Black Zarak walk past a mirror ad look at their battered bodies*

T: I can now survived, WE can now say, we survived the match, and we won the war.

*The trio continue walking until an idea creaps into Tempest's mind*

T:Wolfang, Z, as soon as we get our stuff and get patched up we go to the local pub, my shout .... Z your from these parts ... whats the best pub around?

2003-10-30, 01:10 PM
OOC: GREAT PPV DUDES! The Wargames match was damn...VIOLENT!!! I loved it, blood, gore....The Rock looking at Windy's er...pants? ;)


In the locker room we see D-Extreme sitting down while drinking a can of beer. On the other side we see RCOSD sitting down drinking a beer as well as Keith Kincard enters the room.

D-Ex: Hey R, this interviewer guy is here.....dude?....dude?...man he might be too drunk to speak..oh well. *looks at KK* Yo man!

KK: Hey D-Extreme how does it feel to win that match?

D-Ex: Well to tell you the truth I never even expected me and RCOSD to win that match. Heck I thought we would be the last one eliminated. But we pulled if off man. We faced all the odds there in the ring tonight. I cant believe I actually pinned Compufire AND Strafe....although I dunno why that last pin was tainted by that damn Silly Co..oh wait..."morpheus". But as I said before, A win is A WIN! So no sore losers betta be sobbin and moaning that me and R will be facing Blood and Thunder on Warzone

KK: Well speaking of B&T have you seen the Wargames? Warzone won!

D-Ex: Well Keith that was obvious from the beggining. Warzone was the dominant brand on that match. Heck Warzone didnt need Brendy to turn his back on his team and HDD his team mate to make us win. That match goes to show everybody, especially them hobos at Mayhem that WARZONE is the damn place to be! Warzone is where the REAL stars are. So I congratulate my fellow Warzone comrades in their victory..yes...especially you Tempest. Damn and to think you were just another rookie. It seems like your the future of the AWF. Keep on aiming high and goin high, thats what I can say to you buddy. I wish I can join you 3 at the bar. But last Autumn Annihilation you remember I drank too much and I rolled down a hill after accidentally mounting off my bike. So I hope you understand I aint comin to that bar tonight.

KK: So what do you think? Warzone? RCOSD and D-Extreme vs Blood and Thunder? You got what it takes to win against the Tag Champs?

D-Ex: Well I say we do stand a chance. Becuase lets face it. Everybody looks at me and RCOSD and say 'oh look, there just gonna loose this and that and yadda yadda yadda!' Well tonight we proved them wrong. We won the damn battle over 3 other teams tonight. We showed the fans that we are a tag team to be seen. We might be new with teaming up with each other Keith. But lets face it, me and RCOSD are hardcore to the bone. Our wrestling styles can blend, can mesh with each other. Thats why we are a great combination to this tag team division. And another thing is, we have been looked down due to our short accomplishments. Sure I might be one half of the team with the shortest Tag Title reign but that is over. Cause on Warzone, D-Extreme and The One Man F'n Army will show everybody that we are AWF Tag Team Championship material! Wolfang? I fought with him in the ring a couple of times. I fought him on a hell's cell match...and also in that match at Fallout. He is a tough cookie to bite off but I can take him out if am 100% fully energized in that match. Zarak? Well as you all know he is the guy who almost ended my career by using a frying pan to take me out last year. I may forgive Zarak, and hell I DONT FORGET! So on Warzone, Blood and Thunder dont get your hopes up and think your gonna face just another tag team. You will be facing 2 men who are going to do anything to beat you both bloody! And hell I dont mean 'bloody mary' if you catch my drift!

2003-10-30, 08:08 PM
Well Amarant you beat me. Good for you, you won then you beat on a woman, wow you really are a big man.

Then you tried to hurt me, well you know that only did two things, make me mad and piss me off even more.

See little man you didn't kill me and on Warzone you will pay for that mistake.

BTW Team Warzone congrats on the win boys you deserved it.


2003-10-30, 10:06 PM
OOC: Great F'N PPV. Outdone yourselves.... pity i couldn't have been in the match though...

2003-10-30, 10:43 PM
YO YO...ugh i think i broke my rips yo :(

Brave max! dats right i called you brave max, i gotz a new found RE-SPECT for you now kid, dat was the fight of my life dogg and der is only one other white boy around dis hizzel who can say they took it to blingzilla and dats stafe.

ANYWAYS! don't get to happy son cuz dis isn't over not by a long shot, i'mma be da one who puts yo ass in the dirt fo da BIG SLEEP!

Keep an eye out, cuz da TCA is all around.

Oh yeah to all my many many fan's go buy my new of the hizzel mo fizzel T-shirt and show up down with


Silly Cow
2003-10-31, 01:57 PM
Windcharger, you had to come back?!! It could've been so easy. I could've beaten the Lock fast without needing to hurt him. No harm would've been done.

But then you came, dancing, celebrating, not showing a bit of remorse. I couldn't help it. I had to hurt you. And then I had to hurt Lock, just like I hurt UPF. I don't want to. Hurting them doesn't do any good. It doesn't give me anything, it just takes away. But they refuse to go easy! They fight back, they try to hurt me! They drive me deeper and deeper into the darkness and I hate them for that!!

I hate them, and then I hurt them...

2003-10-31, 03:39 PM
The Double S came, the Double S saw, and the Double S sure as hell made an impact. But even so, the Double S still lost. Team Mayhem still lost. And there is one reason for that. HBK, the Icon, the Sho'stopper. The man with the biggest case of penis envy I ever saw. The man who is jealous of the Game. The man who just couldn't come out there, and do his damn job. Even Blaster could manage that. The Double S could manage that, but HBK couldn't. What does that tell us? That HBK is a klutz, that's what. That The Game made a bad call. That HBK doesn't have what it takes to be on Team Mayhem. But that's OK. The Double S is fine with people not having what it takes. Mistakes happen.

What the Double S is NOT fine with is getting screwed without his permission. The Welsh Wonder doesn't like when dumbasses with attitude problems see fit to interupt his flow, hit him with a steel chair, and cost him a match - especially one as big as this. A lot of people are going to be asking why. Why HBK, why? Well the Double S doesn't give seven shades of **** why. I just don't care. What I do care about, is what happens next, and I'll tell you one thing. It aint gonna be pretty. Because for the first time in a long time, the Double S is damn well pissed off.

(OOC: Awesome PPV. I liked it a lot)

2003-10-31, 05:19 PM

ooc: I am flattered by whoever wrote the match to replicate the through the top of the cage and crushing of the announce table that I put in the first version. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I am without a doubt flattered by the imitations.

I am presently evaluating my future in the AWF, as I continue to find myself in scenarios not unlike those that made Rage quit and have frustrated Blaster in the past. Those of you in charge, I want you to contact me to discuss my character and what it is you intend to do with him. I must be convinced that it's not the same end arounds that I've gotten for most of my time here. For every step I get forward, I then get pushed two steps back. I ask what's up and I get double-talk and lies. And every time that happens I wonder if I have wasted my time and effort in this place.

As for posting this in public, I am doing this to get the attention of the other staff, especially the Warzone booker, not G91, who has been the most guilty of the aforementioned transgressions, and as a result is of absolutely no help or use to me. And since he won't tell me who else is involved, this is my only recourse.

No response is required in public. I will be waiting on PMs or IMs.

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-10-31, 08:30 PM
IC: So The Game and his little minions think this will stop me well some times you've got to back to the basics.
Game, Stone Cold Skywarp enjoy your victory over me while you two jackasses can because I will have my revenge.
Welcome to Cyberstrike's Clockwork Orange House of Pain.

OOC: Good ppv! I just wish my character would win a single title at least once! :rant: I'm sorry I wasn't around more last few days I had other stuff to do elsewhwere on the net . :angel:

2003-10-31, 08:41 PM

big announcement coming, watch this forum :smokin:

2003-11-01, 09:40 AM
You f*ing @$$holes Brend! I don't care if you are the showstoppa, the icon, the whatever hell you call yourself. You have crossed the line and the consequences will be severe and merciless. If you ever show your face at Mayhem I will beat the living daylight out of you, in ring or out, doesn't matter cuz your ass will be kicked from here to the moon and back. As for Game I have a funny feeling that he's in this conspiracy to have Brendocon coming in as the mysterious 5th member, only to turn on the team and win it for Warzone. I intend to find out the truth and if G91 is in on this too then he's in for a world of pain.

Freaking awesome PPV!! Very unpredictable ending to War Game. I love it.

2003-11-01, 04:05 PM
(All IC, natch)

Public enemy number 1 or what? Thanks for the warm welcome, kiddies. I really appreciate it.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking. And I know that I owe quite a few of you something in the way of an explanation. Well, let’s just say that some of you are gonna end up disappointed.

To put it simply, the HeartBrend Kid walked into that match with a job to do. Contrary to what Siznitch believes, I did that job. And I did it damn well.

Regrettably, some people stood in the way of that job, and I had to choice but to lay them out as well. Their crime was nothing more than being in my way. Nothing personal, you understand.

Well, when I say it's nothing personal that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, just that it wasn’t top of my list of intentions when I walked in.

Other people, well, let’s just say that anybody asking for my friendship doesn’t it. And anybody who tries to put their grubby little hands on me without my consent is always gonna get their ass handed back to them.

And that’s it. Anybody who’s after anything more, you’re out of luck for now. I know you’re all itching to know the whys and wherefores, but really… it’s none of your concern. Cry and bitch all you need. Leap to whatever damn conclusions your whiney asses take you too. Presume whatever the hell you want, it's none of your business why I do what I do.

So, that brings us to now. Is the HeartBrend Kid back? At this particular juncture, here I am. As for tomorrow or next week... who can say? Well, I can, obviously. But I’m not in the mood for sharing.

See you when I see you, schmucks.

Lord Zarak
2003-11-02, 12:43 PM
*walking with Wolfy and T*

That was mental, or as a friend says, "Chicken Oriental".
I cant wait to get to my parents house to get a shower.

*walking past the now wrecked trophey cabinet*

"YOU SICK B****D! THAT IS THE PRIDE OF MANCHESTER. I DONT CARE WHO YOU ARE, I'M COMING FOR YOU. I dont care if you are a City fan, a Gooner, or even a United fan I will hunt you down and destroy you for destroying the cabinet. I will dent your body for each dent I find in the trophies.

*Hears Tempests Question*

Meet me at the Overdraught on Princess Street. Its a good place, and its right above one of my fave clubs too.!


Oh My F'n God, that was absolutely amazing! Congrats and thanks to the writers for producing a brilliant show!

2003-11-04, 03:14 AM
IC: Pyre huh? Think you can dish up hot stuff? You better go put some heat on those sore spots Bombshell, and ya might wanna get a room to do it in instead of gracing the camera crew. 'Course, a heat pack would probably do the trick--- your girlfriend hasn't gotten to look a lot better since, oh wait... *laughs* you like playing Tarzan, I forgot. Well, you'd better go back to playing in the bush. You, Blitz, and fizzy cola may have beaten us this time, but we're far from being out. We've smashed you before, and we will squash you again.

Quick Switch
2003-11-04, 06:00 PM
Well met! Law of averages dictated it had to happen sooner or later. The good news is, perhaps we'll be able to return the favor in the near future. We have not yet begun to fight.

2003-11-04, 07:39 PM
Originally posted by Quick Switch
We have not yet begun to fight.

If what happened during our match is any indication, now would be a GREAT time to start, Q. ;)

2003-11-08, 07:37 PM
Originally posted by Redstreak
As for posting this in public, I am doing this to get the attention of the other staff, especially the Warzone booker, not G91, who has been the most guilty of the aforementioned transgressions, and as a result is of absolutely no help or use to me. And since he won't tell me who else is involved, this is my only recourse.

Hmmmm...so I'm the most guilty of the aforementioned transgressions? So this is Nuremberg suddenly. Well, publically or privately (had you the balls to actually have spoken to me about things one on one) f*ck off. I simply will not tell you who is on staff, anymore than I will tell anyone BUT the staff who each other are. You are the only one who is obsessed with finding out who is writing, who is booking, who is doing what. It doesn't matter. You've burned every bridge on the upper staff of the AWF. You've done this countless times where you bitch and whine about the way your character is written, what has happened. I've had to listen to it, and I'm not the only one.

You gripe about this, you gripe about that...might I remind you that you helped create the problem I'm in as far as writers as you are one of the guys who walked. Then you complain to people about who I have fill in. Again...f*ck off. I needed help and people volunteered to help get me through the spell when people like you and casper left me holding the bag.

I haven't always been happy with the product we've put out, but we kept things afloat, knowing that it would get better. Now things are getting better. Its a slow process, but when I'm losing staff members to resignation or because something comes up in their personal lives I don't have to ask your permission to seek outside help. Someone volunteers, they do a good job, that's what I need.

You don't like the writing, leave. You don't like the booking, leave. Personally, I'm sick and tired of someone claiming to be my friend, then systematically tearing down everything I do here. I've been very open to you about what my problem with you has been. So leave...go...bye...

oh...and by the way, the through the top of the cage bit isn't your idea, it was first done in the Taker v Mankind HiaC, where Taker chokeslammed foley through the top of the cage. Its been done other times, including HHH v Cactus Jack, where Foley went through the ring.