View Full Version : Preview of 3 November Mayhem (PPV Spoilers within!!!)

AWF Mayhem
2003-10-30, 06:02 AM
The Annihilation has passed, and the War has seemingly ended...but the Meltdown in the AWF has just commenced! With the shocking events of the War Games behind us, the fallout begins as Mayhem broadcasts live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California!

Fresh of his hude victory in the Ladder Match, Stone Cold Skywarp defends his AWF IC Title against Auros!

Seeking vengence, Scout takes on Blitzwing, while Jinrai wages war against the team of Bombshell & Arcee.

All this, plus it has been widely rumored that Mr. Reilly, furious with Team Mayhem's loss in the War Games, will order AWF Champion The Game to defend his title...regardless of his condition. The question is against whom, and all bets are towards Mr. Reilly's Golden Boy, The King How will either man be able to compete should this match transpire?

All this and more as Mayhem returns to the States!

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-11-07, 09:14 PM
OOC: When is it again? :p :D

2003-11-10, 07:28 AM
This is my turf we are talking about, so naturally it should be me challenging Game to a title match. And this time you, G91, can be sure one or both things happening that day: 1) me becoming the new AWF champ or 2) beating you within an inch of your life and leaving you broken and bloodied in the ring. Now that your buddy Brend has deceived you you have no ally left, while I have the support of the GM, Mr. Reilly, who will no doubt make sure I have the upper hand in this match. Better say your prayer G91. You'll need divine intervention to beat me this time.

2003-11-11, 12:43 AM

time is on my side, yes it is!!!

dont choke on your beer 'warp, its not fear, its the future!

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-11-11, 01:00 AM
It's just like I said in that other little rant you had son...only thing you're the future of is getting your ass kicked by Stone Cold Skywarp!