View Full Version : Unreleased Energon Sketches

2003-11-01, 10:29 PM
(Not exactly illegal, since they've been posted on another board. MOD people, feel free to remove if you so desire.)


2003-11-01, 10:53 PM
Some nice pieces amongst them. Guido is one to watch.

Haven't seen any sign of DW minding...

EDIT: All this and a Rodimus toy which doesn't suck! :)

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-11-02, 08:40 PM
Wickedly cool!

2003-11-03, 10:24 AM
Basically those were extremely impressive ..... just jaw dropping honestly cause i expected something really horrible considering it is Energon.

Megs (Or would that be Galvy?) has a very nostalgic face with the oh so evil grin, that makes me love that sketch of him.

Rodimus the same thing as Megs/Galvy

Divebomb has a great ninja feel/bounty hunter look to him that could make a great character

Is Landmine a new reformatted Hoist of whom was rebuilt anyways

Prowl & Signal Flare look kewl also...... and Perceptor looks like Armada Preceptor on rage roids and an attitude to boot