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TFArchive RPG Team
2003-11-28, 10:53 PM
Continuing the aftermath of the Decepticon attack now for both Metroplex and Fort Max in the wake of Galvatron's troop's attack.

Brave Maximus
2003-11-28, 11:47 PM
Two of the concussion blasts ricoccet off Skyfall Omega's shoulders, denting and bending the metal around it, rendering one of his shoulder launcers useless. Skyfall ignored it. Holding his axe to one side, he began to run at the six-changer. The missle launchers on his right side opened and fired 4 missiles (at this range, they wouldn't be able to split open) at Sixshot. After they were away, Omega began to run at his opponent, keeping up with the missiles, concussion blasts still pinging off his armoured hide. At the last moment, he hit his back mounted engines and used the momentium to hurl himself at the Decepticon, swinging the axe in a massive upward arc.

2003-11-29, 01:03 AM
Wreck-Gar looked at Windslice.

"Yeah, buster," he said, taking on a gruff sounding accent similar to that most TV cops did. "You can start by tellin' us where you were on the night of the big heist."

2003-11-29, 03:15 AM
Metroplex Interior:

Minerva: -makes her way through the tnagled and wreckage strewn corridors of Metroplex, finally coming to the medbay, sets the human corpse down, starts trying to get the doors open-

Metroplex Exterior:

Ironhide: -into commlink- "Ah was hopin' you'd heard from either Smokescreen or Jetfahre, Blaster. Ah hope they're okay." -deactivates commlink-"Awlrahght, Prime. Blaster ain't heard from either of 'em."

Nightbeat: "Where did they go?"

Quick Switch
2003-11-29, 07:06 AM
Quick Switch sat on a top of one of the few remaining Rocky Mountains looking amidst the wreckage.

The Six Changer was not pleased, all things considered. The Decepticons had nearly broken the backs of the Autobots, had it not been for the timely work of the cities.

"Those outposts were a waste of time- I knew it then, yet no one listened." He watched as the Decepticons left, profoundly roiling. Who was it- Ultra Magnus, Prowl?- someone had advocated their construction, and in the end they had done nothing, but Optimus had over-ruled him. A patrol system would have worked much better. Instead, valuable resources were wasted, and apparently to the humans- a geographic monument had been obliterated. Truth be told, Quick could care less. The rocks had not killed anyone, and the humans could register a complaint (if they so chose) to someone who gave a damn.

Quick was getting tired of thinking about the humans, for the humans, or about their inconsequential possessions and landmarks. Getting tired of thinking about a lot of things, truth be told.

Quick felt mounting frustration as he examined the battered and offline hulks of the cities.

"Pathetic," he decided. Not wanting to deal with anyone, at present, he mentally began to catalogue damage from his perch miles above the devestation.


Chip Chase pushed his glasses up his nose, face crinkling into a frown.

"Say again- is that you Spike?"

No, couldn't be. The bastard hadn't kept up with him in nearly thirty years and now-

Chip's face split into a grin, and he forgot about his paperwork waiting for a reply.


Dirge, meanwhile, still circled, oblivious to the consternation his enginges might be causing.

2003-11-30, 01:09 AM
Sixshot was hit by the missiles, yet it only caused a few dents in his armor, or at least that's what he thought. In reality, though, it had caused much more damage, but that did not matter to Sixshot; right now he had but one thing to worry about. Suddenly, though, realizing that Skyfall Omega's strike was not yet finished, he quickly put away his blasters and brought his hands out to catch the axe at the blade.

"So you thought you could defeat me, did you?" Sixshot said as mech fluid began leaking from his wounds, including from his hands and, hence, on to the axe's blade. Despite all of this, though, his voice was still brimming with arrogance as his eyes were focused on the Autobot right in front of him. Now, he was becoming overcome by his anger, his strive to defeat the enemy before him growing stronger and stronger.

"Well I'm sorry, but your time has come," he said as his grip grew tighter on the axe, seeming as though it would almost break. "Even with my fellow Decepticons retreating and gone, I will defeat you, and every other Autobot here, if I must."

2003-11-30, 05:14 AM
Trailbreaker laughed.

"He may not be clean as a whistle, but he's okay Wreck-Gar.

No-name guy... you're wearing a Decepticon symbol and you're walking around the aftermath of a Decepticon attack. Not the most impressive crowning feature unless you want to go the way of the others and their king. I vote for heading inside to get patched up- and to find out what the situation is."
Spike grinned. "Yeah, it's me Chip, and some of the family too. We need clearance for landing. We're with Dirge- he's helping us with an injured friend.

2003-11-30, 05:33 PM
Metroplex, Interior:

Minerva: -finally manages to get the medbay doors open, picks the body up(still wrapped in it's stasis field), and sets it inside in the human section, strapped down to a bed for later examination and autopsy, turns, heads back out to help put Metroplex back together-

Under the tender minstrations of Ratchet:

Roadbuster: -starts to come around- "Whu......"

2003-11-30, 07:32 PM
"Who's where? Oh, heh musta never seen a Transformer before. My name is Jazz" The autobot replied to Nikko as he sped up even more as he near Fort Max and hit roads that were less off road pathes and more flattened dirt roads.

"I gotta get you to my base and get you some one to look at your head, you took a wicked looking lump from that rolling stone. Someone may wanna ask ya some questions too but you just sit tight. We'll get you looked after"


"Hey! You never said anything about Je..." Ironhide clicked off at the other end and Blaster just shook his head. "Man my head is ringin' and it ain't from bad boy band singin'" he muttered as he held his head again as he started walking to the edge of the large city bot. "Better stop off and see Ratchet"


"Decepticon symbol!? Where!?" Windslice asked as he looked over his body spotting his shoulder and nodded "Forgot about that one" he mumbled humbly reaching his arm on the other side to the Decepti-Brand and ripped it off throwing it on the ground then looking back at Trailbreaker ignoring the one who spoke like he was missing a few brain components.

"The situation is the Decepticon's are retreating" he said

2003-11-30, 10:54 PM
Metroplex Exterior:

Nightbeat: -hears Blaster's cut off squawk, activates commlink- "Blaster, have you heard from Jetfire?"

Aero Blade
2003-12-01, 03:04 AM
Aero Blade simply waited while Wheeljack handled his comunique. He didn't know who the Ultra Magnus guy was, and he didn't have much of a clue as to what to to now. Presently, though, Stratus came flying up, followed by the Land Military Team.

"Now who's the one taking off and leaving their partner behind?!" Stratus snapped, flying up and taking his spot on Aero Blade's shoulder.

"Sorry buddy," Aero Blade answered.

"Aw forget it. I found you, didn't I?" Stratus added, sounded a bit happier.

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-01, 03:43 AM
Open Secure Comm Channel:

Stepper: "Artfire, you in position yet?" Stepper had his sights on Sixshot. Watching every part of the battle between him and Skyfall Omega. Stepper and his partners had been just bidding thier time, waiting for the right moment to make thier move. He scaned Sixshot looking for the perfect place to hit him. He knew that they couldn't take him down, but that wasn't their job.

Artfire: "We're in position now. You picked a decent spot on him yet??" Artfire just sat there, hiding behind some big rock. This was the part he sort enjoyed. Unlike Stepper, he didn't mind the waiting. It always gave him a chance to think before turning his attention to the mission at hand. Besides, he wasn't as bad as thier almost silent partner. That bot scared him sometimes.

Stepper scanned Sixshot some more. He was almost surprized that were both still standing after the battle that they had. Just then, he found it. "Alright you two, I got the sweet spot. Aim for his right shoulder joint. It seems pretty injured. It should be enough to send him off balance if we hit him there."

Artfire: "Good enough for me" Artfire leaned over and aim the rifle right where Stepper had suggested. Through the scope, he could see the joint leaking and straining under the power of Skyfall Omega's axe. "You ready?"

"I'm always ready. Just point and I'll do the rest." And with that the rifle fired off the shot.

2003-12-01, 04:13 AM

Blaster grinned slightly as Nightbeat came on to ask the question "Well at least one of you doesn't have burnt out memory chips" Blaster said as he finally reached the edge and looked down shaking his head at the distance between him and the ground.

"No nothin' from Jetfire either, I can try and radio them but I took some damage to my transmitter so I'm not sure if I can get anything right now"

2003-12-01, 04:49 AM
It was all over; Sixshot had Skyfall Omega in his optics and was about to strike. Yet, out of nowhere, he heard a click of a rifle. Having no time to react, the shot hit him square in the right shoulder, deeply penetrating his armor and causing electric currents to spark around the spot. His optics squinted for a moment as flinched up into the air, quickly letting go of the blade of the axe.

"You were... you were lucky this time," the Decepticon six-changer said in midair, seeming to have been knocked out of his 'rampage.' Despite this, though, he was continuing to leak mech-fluid all over, and he knew that he had to leave after realizing that other Autobots, somewhere, were firing at him, ganging up on him. How dare they..., he thought to himself, seething with anger.

"Feel relieved now, Autobot," Sixshot said, clutching the wound on his right shoulder with his left arm, "for next time we meet, you won't be so fortunate."

With that, he quickly transformed into his jet mode, flying off towards the Decepticon base.

"Professor Stall!" Perceptor yelled as he walked around outside of Fort Max, not in desperation, but simply in search. Since the battle was now over, or at least since the Decepticons were retreating, the Autobot scientist took this opportunity to search for the Autobot historian through all of the debris of the battle.

Brave Maximus
2003-12-01, 05:39 AM
Skyfall Omega stood for a moment and collected his thoughts:

Interesting situation - Battle complete, but I still feel a little empty. But this is a secondary concern, though I would be interested in finding out who fired that shot, just to be sure they didn't miss their intended target........ Wow, I really get parinoid when I'm attached............

Omega: Extend sensors and see if you can track the path of the projectile - see what other 'bots are in that area.

As the Omega Shuttle began it's sweeps, Skyfall was alerted to the presence of three wounded minicons.

"Head OFF! Omega - battle station mode"

Skyfall seperated from his transector and the Omega part transformed. Skyfall quickly ran over to Starlight, Ark and Nemesis, still keeping his sensors peelled for Destrons.

"Starlight, are you guys ok?"
The Femme minicon pointed at Nemesis' legs and the huge gash from one of the Breastforce.
"Right, I'll get you guys into Omega and put you into repair bays until the medics proper can arrive - can you conduct proliminary repairs?"
"Not a problem" said Starlight, as she and Ark helped Nemesis into Omega.

Skyfall then ignited his thrusters and survyed the damage to Omega - there was some damage to the armour plating, but fortunatly no serious internal damage - thank that strange beared Transformer for his good work. Most serious damage was to the left side missile launchers, and the minicons could help with that. Still if a medic was there (or perhaps an engineer) he'd get them to look over the damage, just in case.

"Open general Autobot frequincey:
This is Skyfall Om....... Skyfall to any Medic in the vicinity of Fortress Maximus - I'm just beyond his feet - aprox 500 feet, with the Omega Battle station. I have some injured bots, that I cannot transport any farther. Perhaps someone could venture over and give me a hand? Or at least tell me where the triage centre is?
Skyfall out."

2003-12-01, 06:24 AM
Crosshairs looked down towards Roadbuster.
"I think he's coming around, Doc," he said to Ratchet, somewhat unnecessarily.

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-03, 05:37 AM
Stepper transformed and started heading towards Skyfall and Omega
"I'm going down to check up on them. I'll see you two down there??"

"Yeah, we'll be down in a sec." Artfire said as he sat back down. He put the rifle aside as he let out a sigh of relief. "That was fun, eh?"

"Just another job really. Just another Decepticon"

Artfire looked kind of pissed off. " And you wonder why you don't have many friends. Come on, Stepper will get all moody if we don't get down there." And with that he transformed into his fire truck mode and took the rifle with him to meet up with Skyfall and Stepper.

2003-12-04, 03:23 AM
Metroplex, Exterior:

Nightbeat: -over commlink- "Well, Ratchet's not over here. We do have Minerva, though."

Metroplex, Interior:

Minerva: -stumbles into Metroplex's main power room, starts trying to bring up a cohesive damage report-

2003-12-04, 03:51 AM
Ratchet's Location

"Good," Ultra Magnus nodded at Crosshairs, then looked at Roadbuster.

"We gotta talk, soldier. Can you walk?"

Brave Maximus
2003-12-04, 03:55 AM
Skyfall exited the battle station again, letting the minicons begin repairs on each other. He's mentally taking a tally of the damage to Omega as the call from Nightbeat came over the comm.

"Yeah, Minerva would deffinatly help if she can spare the time. It doesn't look life threatening, but they are hurt. If she could pop by when she has a chance? We're not that hard to miss. Skyfall out."

Just then Skyfall spotted a black Porche with a flame pattern roaring towards him and the Omega battle station:

"Hey there, a little lost?"

2003-12-04, 07:46 AM
Crosshairs nodded respectfully towards Ultra Magnus, then returned to his pacing.

God Jinrai
2003-12-04, 06:21 PM
"blast it..." Prime muttered...

"This should have been a simple diplomatic run.... no reply equates to only one thing in my mind...."

Prime went silent for a moment...

"... Decepticons."

Clenching his fist, his head rose again, staring toward ironhide, then minerva then nightbeat... we have to getmetroplex and fortress maximus back online as quickly as possible... but I need a sit rep on jetfire... Ironhide, get blaster back on the horn, and have him try jetfire again... but in addition, have a force ready to move for New York within the hour. Ultra Magnus will lead the excursion... The rest of us... need to get moving ourselves."

Prime went silent again, opeing his comm channel...

"Magnus... if you're conscious... reply. I need a leader for a run to New York... we've lost contact with jetfire and the others... and I need an autobot presence sent in to find out what in primus' name went on.... and more importantly... WHERE smokescreen IS..."

2003-12-04, 06:48 PM
"Roger, Prime," Magnus replied. "I'll gather some Autobots and head out immediately.

He turned back to Crosshairs, pointing at Roadbuster.

"Make sure he's OK," he said. "I'll need to have a talk with him when I get back."

He headed for the door, on his way to the command center.

2003-12-04, 09:48 PM
Crosshairs nodded to Magnus. "Will do, sir."
He looked down at Roadbuster, then asked Ratchet, "Is he going to be OK?"

2003-12-05, 08:59 PM
Maximus, Exterior:

Ironhide: "Gotcha, Prahme." -activates commlink- "Blaster, try ta raise Jetfahre again." -switches commlink to broad frequency- "Any an' all Autobots who ain't badly damaged an' feel lahke going' on a road trip, report ta Magnus at once." -deactivates commlink- "Nahghtbeat, Ah want you ta go with 'em."

Nightbeat: "Me?"

Ironhide: "Ain't that many of us with actual humans in their heads, an' th' humans mahght feel better dealin' with somebody who ain't got feet twice th' sahze a their car."

Nightbeat: "Good point. I'll go report to Magnus." -transforms, heads for Fort Max, activates commlink- "Minerva's working on Metroplex, trying to get him back online right now, Skyfall. Give her a call. She might be able to give you a hand."

Still under the tender minstrations of Ratchet:

Roadbuster: -cracked optic band narrows, weakly- "Magnus, that you?"

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-05, 10:14 PM
Stepper comes to a full stop and transforms as Skyfall asks him if he's lost.

"Nope, just came down to check up on you. To see if you're ok after that little tumble with Sixshot. We figured that we hang around if you need our help with anything."

Brave Maximus
2003-12-06, 12:48 AM
Skyfall turned to look at Stepper:

"That was you? Thanks for the help there. I probably could have taken him, but it would have taken alot longer and We would have taken more damage. We're pretty good here, though there might be more Decepticons floating around the area. Other than that, I have no idea. You might want to check in with Optimus Prime or Ultra Magnus for orders (still can't believe they're alive).
Other than that, can you hold on a second."

"Comm link open to Ultra Magnus:
Commander Ultra Magnus, this is Skyfall. The Omega Shuttle, Minicons and I will be ready to go with in the hour, alot sooner if we could steal a medic for 15 minutes. The Omega Shuttle can provide transport for 10 Autobots, couple more if you don't mind being cramped.
I also have a couple of Autobots that just rolled in here, if you need them to do anything."

Skyfall then waited for the Commanders reply.

2003-12-06, 04:55 AM
Metroplex, Interior:

Minerva: -sighs as she looks at the damage report- "I'm a doctor, not an engineer. Or a structural repair unit." -shrugs, stands, looks over at the main power array, seeing the burned out conduits, ruptured wiring, blown out circuitry panels, and fused components- "Ah, well. Nothing for it then but to get started, and hope the Constructicons switch sides." -walks over to the main power array, starts working on it, activates commlink- "Ironhide, have you finished repairing Metroplex's fuel leaks?"

Ironhide: -over commlink- "Yeah. Sealed off all th' ones Ah could get to."

Minerva: "Right. Get to the bridge, I'll see if I can get Metroplex's mains back online."

Ironhide: "Th' bridge?"

Minerva: "Command center. Control deck. Whatever."

Ironhide: "Got ya. Ah'll see if Ah c'n get a diagnostic goin' on th' weapons systems. Got a feelin' we're gonna be takin' this ol' battered hulk inta battle in real short order."

Aero Blade
2003-12-06, 05:13 AM
Aero Blade looked around, getting a bit antsy at seeing all the damage. So much work waiting and nothing was being done... He looked over at Wheeljack.

"Not that I don't mind the opportunity to rest, but shouldn't we start repairing this or getting orders from someone...?" he asked politely. While Aero Blade was distracted, Stratus hopped of his shoulder again and went to go join the Land Military Team again.

"He can never keep his mind off of work," Stratus told the other minicons, looking over at his partner again.

2003-12-06, 05:24 AM
"Makes me glad our work involves little more than blowing stuff up," Bonecrusher snickered.

2003-12-07, 04:32 PM
Blaster shook his head and climbed over the fingers of the fallen Metroplex as he tried to find someone, anyone else. "I'll try Ironhide but I don't think I'll be able to get anything outside of this state, especially without a comm-satellite to enhance my signals"

2003-12-07, 05:41 PM
Metroplex, Interior, Command Deck:

Ironhide: -into commlink- "Do what ya can, Blaster. Ah got a feelin' we ain't gonna be launchin' any comsats any tahme soon, though." -thinks for a moment- "Think ya could tap into the human cell net, see if ya could contact Jetfahre that way?" -looking around the command deck, seeing upended chairs, more bown out panels, the main display dark, soot covering the walls, wires and conduits hanging limp from the ceiling, heads over to the engineering station, starts trying to call up a weapons diagnostic-

Fort Max, Exterior:

Nightbeat: -skids to a halt, transforms, gives a low whistle upon seeing the devistation- "Great bleeding Primus......." -goes looking for Ultra Magnus-

God Jinrai
2003-12-08, 02:12 PM
Victory Leo had been lying, dormant in the remains of a portion of the woods... the blast from hatemonger's cannons had done enough damage to keep him from rending the destron in two right after he took the blasts... instead, he'd been forced back... and had used his shoulder cannons for ranged artillery strikes... which he really wasn't designed for, but he had given his best anyway.... As starsaber streaked over the woods, he leapt skyward, transforming into jet mode...

"Where the blazes were you?!?" victory leo questioned

"I had business to take care of. that's all you need to know. Just trust me." came starsaber's reply...

the two went silent, and proceeded to land...but deep down, victory leo knew something just wasn't quite right.

back at metroplex... Prime had been doing his best to patch up several of the severed fuel arteries that had ruptured during the battle with trypticon... it was around the time that he had just managed to finish sealing one line that wheeljack arrived...

"Need a hand, prime?"

"more than you know, wheeljack" came the reply...

the autobot scientist climbed up to the gaping hole in metroplex, and began to aid prime in dealing with the other ruptures and severely damaged circuitry...

2003-12-08, 09:11 PM
Crosshairs looked down at Roadbuster.
"Magnus has a mission to lead. But he'll be back to talk to you once it's done."
The Targetmaster idly rubbed a section of crumpled armor on his torso.

Aero Blade
2003-12-08, 11:03 PM
Aero Blade, still unsure of how things work in this demention, had taken to simply following Wheeljack around. When they came upon Optimus, Aero Blade hung back for a moment before he followed suit with Wheeljack and started work on repairing the damage.

It was still a bit to get used to for him. This Optimus looked very similar to his own, but there was still quite a few differences that made Aero Blade uneasy trying to get used to. It was going be quite a bit to adapt to that, as well as many other changes.

Stratus meanwhile stuck with the other minicons. "So, you guys wanna help with the repair work, or got something else in mind?" Stratus asked Wreckage, surveying the area. It'd take quite a while to repair all of this, even as speedy as Aero was with repairs...

2003-12-08, 11:43 PM
"OK," Wreckage nodded at Stratus.

"We might as well help," Knock-Out added. "Sort of a 'payback for helping to save our skid plates' kind of thing."
Ultra Magnus entered the command center and brought up a list of all active Autobots not currently assigned to active duty or being repaired.

OOC: I would appreciate it if someone would make up such a list and PM it to me. Thankies. :)

God Jinrai
2003-12-09, 01:22 AM
Prime stood staring at the mess of wiring before him, and so he began the proceedure of untangling them, and eventually, reconnecting them properly... as he did so, he spoke up....

"I never had the chance to formally welcome you to the autobots... " prime suddenly spoke... finishing his wiring job, he turned to aeroblade, hand extended...prime was somewhat curious about this new tech that had joined their ranks... he seemed familiar, yet still totally alien...

Wheeljack continued on with his work, and began sealing up portions of the hole with the concotion he used to repair aeroblade's leg....

2003-12-09, 02:12 AM
Fort Max, Command Center:

Nightbeat: -walks into command center and over to Ultra Magnus, salutes- "Nightbeat reporting for the excursion to the UN building, Magnus."

Metroplex, Command Deck:

Ironhide: -calling up weapons diagnostics- "Lessee here..... MASER cannons're still operational. Ion-pulse guns ain't... looks lahke one of 'ems got a blown junction relay, an' th' other one got awl chewed up." -marks the blown relay for replacement, calls up more diagnostics and schematics- "Missile batteries ain't nothing more'n twisted scrap. Particle cannons're onlahne......" -chuckles- "And awl th' ranked batteries a machine guns ain't got a scratch on 'em." -activates commlink- "Minerva, got any power yet?"

Minerva: -over commlink- "Not really. The main power relays are slagged. I can try to run main power through the secondary power relays, but I'll have to be careful about it." -sighs- "As I said, I'm a doctor, not an engineer."

Ironhide: "Do yer best, kid. Gimme an update when ya can." -deactives commlink, starts trying to get more of the command deck operational-


Roadbuster: -looks up at Crosshairs- "Some things never change....."

Aero Blade
2003-12-09, 02:26 AM
Aero Blade had been so absorbed in the repair work that he almost didn't catch hearing Optimus speak to him. Aero Blade accepted the gesture, shaking hands with the bigger Autobot, but there was still hints of his unease.

In the time that Aero Blade had been repair, he'd made very quick work of the area around him. He was almost out of things within his reach to repair. The work was far from rushed, either; very solid, accurate work. After shaking hands, Aero Blade returned to the task of repairing, working on getting the last bits within his reach.

"Well, let's get up there," Stratus offered to Wreckage, transforming to his jet mode so he could easily reach the spot where Aero Blade and the others were. He was polite though and waited on his new comrad, not wanting to rush ahead of them.

God Jinrai
2003-12-09, 02:31 AM
in those few moments, after prime finished shaking aeroblade's hand, he turned away, set to seal up the gap for the wiring.. he turned back for an instant.. and did a double take... his optics nearly bulged from their sockets, which would have been quite humorous... especially for the autobot commander... and more humours for any observing him... his optics widened in amazement, and he spoke again...

"A...Aeroblade... how did you....?" he couldn't finish... he was too stunned by what he saw... wheeljack's gaze joined his as they stared in astonishment at what took this new tech a fraction of the time they took in repairing wiring and the outter hull

Aero Blade
2003-12-09, 02:37 AM
"How did I what?" Aero Blade was oblivious to the source of their shock. Back at his home, he was the only tech working in a small base; he didn't know anything about the rate of speed that repairs were normally done by others.

As things were, though, Aero Blade looked about at the area he'd repaired, thinking perhaps that he'd mishapped and wired something wrong or welded a piece in the wrong place.

2003-12-09, 03:52 AM
Command Center

Magnus couldn't help but smile at the plucky Autobot Detective, who always seemed to be ready to solve any mystery.

"Glad to have you aboard, Nightbeat," he chuckled. "Where's Siren and Hosehead? Don't they usually hang around with you?"

The Land Military Team took off after Stratus.

2003-12-09, 04:42 AM
Crosshairs opened his mouth to reply to Roadbuster, but Pinpointer beat him to it.
"You're telling me," the Nebulan sighed, shooting a disgusted glance around the battlefield.
"Quiet, you," Crosshairs said as he scooped his pessimistic partner up and deposited him on his shoulder.
"But I w--"
"You're really not helping," the Autobot told him, shooting a quick glance down at Roadbuster.
"I really doubt he cares. He'll probably be dead in an hour, anyway."
"Be quiet," Crosshairs warned him, "or I'll have you transfered to sanitation duty and find myself a gun that doesn't give me backtalk!"
Pinpointer wisely shut up.
Crosshairs looked back down at Roadbuster. "Ignore the Nebulan. He doesn't know what he's talking about. You'll be back on your feet in no time."

Brave Maximus
2003-12-09, 05:04 AM
Starlight exited the Omega Station and caught the attention of Skyfall, who was still awaitng a response from Ultra Magnus. She then told him that all the repairs to Nemesis were complete. It seems that they weren't as severe as they had first look, and the minicons were quite good engineers.

Skyfall then asked if they could fix the missile launchers, and bring Omega back up to 100%. Starlight looked over the damage and nodded:
"Shouldn't be much of a problem for me. We'll get to work on it right away."

Skyfall then turned to Stepper:
"I'm going to report to Ultra Magnus - I think he's over by Fort Max - If you guys want to come along, I'm sure he can find something for you to do."

Skyfall then transformed into jet mode and flew towards where his sensors told him that Ultra Magnus was positioned. He made sure to keep his speed down, so the new Autobots could keep up with him.

2003-12-09, 05:30 AM
(OOC: How stupid am I?)

Magnus replied to Skyfall.

"Roger," he said. "Send those new bots to me. I'm orgainizing a mission, and need all the manpower I can get."

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-09, 08:56 AM
Stepper and Artfire (with Dropshot), all followed Skyfall back to Fort Max to see what Ultra Magnus had lined up for them this time. The 3 of them had grown acustomed to the fact that when ever they were called for a job, it was always for one of two reasons.

1.) It was job that no one else knew about and usually were never meant to know about. Considering that most of the Autobots didn't know who they were or exactly what they did usually worked to their advantage.

2.) It was a job that was too damn important to mess up. The one major flaw that all 3 of them had was that they were perfectionist. After all, to those that knew them, they all had reputations to uphold, especially Dropshot.

As they all pulled up to Fort Max, the only on their minds was whether or not the next mission was going to "fun" or not.

Brave Maximus
2003-12-09, 09:10 AM
Skyfall arrived that the mustering area around Fortress Maximus and transformed, keeping his trusters on and hovered in the air, searching for Ultra Magnus. As he looked around, the new Autobots arrived. He smiled at them, strange as it was with a faceplate, and then locked on to Magnus. He motioned to Stepper and the others to come with him, then moved over to talk with the Autobot commander.

"Ultra Magnus Sir! Skyfall reporting. I'm ready to go for what ever you need. The Omega Shuttle will be up in about 15 minutes, with full crew (Minicon - Space Defense team). Besides the four of us in the command centre, Omega can hold another 9-10 Autobots comfortable, more if you don't mind being close. Also, There's these new Autobots, Artfire and Stepper I believe their names are. They managed to get a serious shot off on Sixshot, and they were wondering if you had anything for them to do."

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-09, 09:27 AM
As Skyfall was introducing Stepper and Artfire, Dropshot decided that he might as well make an appearance as well.

The big sniper rifle in Artfire's hand started to talk as he transformed. "You forgot about me, little man. The name's Dropshot." He turned to Ultra Magnus and said." And I think you know who we are and what we do."

Stepper just smiled at Skyfall. "Don't worry little buddy, we were just there to do a job. Glad to help out."

Artfire ignored the other two and looked over at Ultra Magnus. " So what do you need us for anyway?? What do you got planned this time?"

2003-12-09, 07:13 PM
"Good job," Magnus replid to Skyfall. "Radio Prime when you've got it done."

He then turned to Nightbeat, Artfire and Stepper.

"You three are coming with me to New York. Prime wants us to establish an Autobot presence there. He also wants us to find out what happened to Smokescreen, and deal with the situation accordingly."

Brave Maximus
2003-12-09, 07:44 PM
Little man? Little BUDDY!?! And then dissmissed by Magnus? What, these guys have a problem with micromasters? Bloody hell I could whip all their asses without ever using Omega!

"What ever you say Sir. Glad we can Help out."

Skyfall transfromed to jet mode and climbed into the sky, pushing his thrusters to the max, laughing as the sonic booms rippled across his form. Sure, he didn't have an advanced alternate mode like Saber - but he was still the fastest of the earth Micromasters.
Once the cold took hold and he was miles above the earth, he could forget everything down below and focus a little more. Instinctivly he tapped into Omega's sensor suit and searched out Optimus Prime.

You know, this is becoming a little wierd. It's like looking through someone elses eyes, but it feels very natural - strange

He aimed himself at Metroplex and cut his thrusters, letting gravity take hold. He began to plummet twisting and turning as the with and air flow passed and pushed him around. As the ground approached he righted himself and exerted control over his direction, ignited his thrusters and pushed towards Metroplex, using a series of tight loops to bleed off momentium.

He flew in the tight spaces of Metroplex, using his size and manuverability to their fullest extent. He was able to quickly locate Prime with a combination of his and the Omega Shuttles sensors. He slowed down and transformed, aproaching the revered Autobot leader at a hover, watching as he, Aero Blade and some other Transformer worked on repairing the Giant Autobot.

2003-12-09, 07:54 PM
Still presumably under the tender minstrations of Ratchet:

Roadbuster: -narrows optic band at Pinpointer- "It'll take a lot more than this to kill me." -looks back at Crosshairs- "Transfer him to sanitation duty anyway. Talking guns only cause problems."

Fort Max Commad Deck:

Nightbeat: "Siren and Hosehead are around here somewhere, I'm sure. We got split up among different duty stations before the attack." -looks over at Stepper and Artfire, then back at Magnus- "Well, seeing as we're all here, we might as well get going." -smirks- "I call shotgun."

2003-12-09, 11:02 PM
Crosshairs chuckled. "I'd be tempted," he told Roadbuster, "but our armory probably isn't in very good shape right now." He tossed a look over his shoulder, towards the damaged Fort Max. "He's likely the best I can get."
Pinpointer frowned, not sure whether or not to be insulted.

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-09, 11:43 PM
Artfire and Stepper stopped for a second with a puzzled look on their faces. "What about Dropshot??" asked Artfire. "Yeah Magnus, The 3 of us are a team. We don't go unless he's coming too."

Dropshot just chuckled. "It's nice to feel wanted."

OOC: Just so you all know Dropshot is a Cybertronian Sniple Rifle. He's like Megatron in the fact that he's a Transformer with the Rifle as his alternate mode. He's not a Targetmaster with Artfire or Stepper. They both already have one each. :)

2003-12-10, 12:22 AM
OOC: Amarent, please don't quote other people's posts when replying. Thanks.

Magnus chuckled. "He can come, too. It would be nice to have a weapon handy."

2003-12-11, 03:06 AM
Fort Max, Command Deck:

Nightbeat: -looking at Dropshot- "Speaking of guns....." -activates commlink- "Aero Blade, this is Nightbeat. How goes the work on my little project?"


Roadbuster: -chuckles weakly- "Well, once Ratchet is done putting me back together and repairing you, maybe we should go see what's left in the armory. I know I need to either repair or replace my shoulder cannon." -conciders the chewed and shattered condition it was in after being blown off- "Most likely replace."

2003-12-11, 04:30 AM
Crosshairs smiled slightly at Roadbuster. "I've actually got to head up there later anyway. We need someone repairing and restocking our weapons, and I'm the only qualified armory officer on the planet. Well, other than Wheeljack, but something tells me he's a little busy right now." He winced, then shook his head. "I think I'll wait until they patch me back together, though."

Aero Blade
2003-12-11, 05:04 AM
Aero Blade gave up looking around, not seeing anything out of place. He looked a bit bewildered at Optimus and Wheeljack trying to figure out why they looked so shocked. After a moment though, Nightbeat came on the com and their looks were all but forgotten.

Crud! With all the confusion it got left at the outpost! "It's nearing completion Nightbeat, I'll contact you when it's ready," Aero Blade answered the com. Once he turned it off, he looked utterly startled. "I'll be right back!" Aero told Optimus and Wheeljack with urgency, transforming and taking off back towards the old outpost at top speed.

Brave Maximus
2003-12-11, 08:26 AM
Skyfall began moving to the trio of Autobots, and was about to say "Hi" when Aero Blade transformed and flew past him. Skyfall followed the Autobot with his optics and waved a little, but the Bot was too far gone to have noticed. Giving a little shrug, he turned to the other two, he didn't recognize the autobot with the two flashing things on the side of his head, but every Cybertron knew of the legendary Convoy. While Victory Saber and Dai Atlas were much larger and more physically intimdating bots, there was something about this guy that made the young Autobot stare in awe.

"Ummm, excuse me Conv..... Optimus Prime Sir?"
Pull it togeather - you stood and talked with Dai Atlas with out any problems, why is this guy messing around with you.

"Optimus Prime Sir, Ultra Magnus figured I could be of some use around here. The Omega Transector is almost finished being repaired fromt he battle with Sixshot, and the minicons I work with are at 100% as am I. Is there anything we could do?"

God Jinrai
2003-12-11, 08:25 PM
Prime turned from his work again, and for a moment didn't realize the person whom was speaking to him was there... he'd not had company in the form of a micromaster in some time, but NEVER a micromaster/headmaster...

Prime turned, and crouched down to more properly accomadate for the arrival's size...

"I assume the ...Omega Shuttle in question is the behemoth that confronted Sixshot... and you it's pilot. There's a good deal that can be done... we need fortress and metroplex up and running as quickly as possible... But first, your name... I haven't seen you before, and I'd like to be able to keep track of my own troops."

Prime tried hard to avoid seeming demeaning to the micromaster, as he had seen what the 'bot could do in his alt. mode...

Aero Blade
2003-12-12, 03:15 AM
Aero Blade arrived back after a while, settling back down at his original spot near Optimus and Wheeljack, carrying the nearly finished Cyclone cannon for Nightbeat. Aero gave a heavy, exhausted sigh. Weapons were never his thing, but he'd promised to build it. He set it aside for the moment, though, deciding the other repairs were more important. It was about that time that he first noticed Skyfall.

"Hey Skyfall. Hope you've been alright," Aero Blade called to him, starting work on repairing again at his normal quick pace, having forgotten about the reaction he'd recieved earlier from Wheeljack and Optimus for his repair abilities and speed.

2003-12-12, 03:21 AM
Fort Max Command Deck:

Nightbeat: -over commlink- "It's okay, Aero Blade. I'm about to ship out with Magnus and a few others to see what's happened to Jetfire and Smokescreen. If you get it done before I get back, give it to Ironhide. Give the old boy something to do, hmm?" -deactivates commlink, looks at Magnus- "Okay, Ultra Magnus, when do we ship out?"

Metroplex, Command Deck:

Ironhide: -looking at a circuitry diagram to try to bring Metroplex's main viewing screen back online, shakes head- "'S lahke lookin' at a maze." -activates commlink- "Hey, Minerva. How's it goin'?"

Minerva: -over commlink- "I've got the circuits switched over, and I'm starting to bring the mains back on line. You should be getting something now."

Ironhide: -sees the lights on the deck start to brighten slowly, and the control panels that are still intact start to come to life- "Yeah, Ah see it...." -makes a couple of adjustments to the circuits beneath the display panel, sees it come to life and show an image of snow, static, and scrolling lines- "Sensors're still off lahne, though."

Minerva: "I was more worried about keeping Metroplex from dying than us being able to see anything. As long as we don't do anything strenous, like move, what I rigged down here should keep Metroplex alive without somebody having to monitor it."

Ironhide: "Ain't gonna make you any promises on that one. Ah'm gonna see if Ah c'n get the senors back on lahne." -thinks for a moment- "How's the deck tilt down there?"

Minerva: "Not too bad."

Ironhide: "Better'n up here."

Minerva: "Bummer. I'm gonna go take a look at Metroplex's main computer core. If nothing else, I hope I can get his autorepair systems online."

Ironhide: "Good luck. Faster we c'n get him fixed an' movin', better Ah'll feel."

2003-12-13, 03:57 AM
Magnus shut down the com terminal he was looking at, and headed for the exit.


2003-12-13, 05:06 AM
Nightbeat: -following Ultra Magnus out- "Ah. Good. Quick trip to the Big Apple, see the sights, roust out some Decepticon Dirtbags.... Gotta love tourism."

Quick Switch
2003-12-15, 07:54 PM
"Okay then Spike," Chip said, "Permission granted."

Chip wheeled himself away from his desk and hurridely went to greet the Witwickies outside.


Dirge landed promptly, shutting off his engines with one last wail.

"We're heeere," he said simply, and opened up his cockpit.


Stall came back online with a start. he hadn't remembred being hurled through the observation deck window, but apparently when that monstrous scorpion had pierced Fortress Maximus' metallic frame-

"I am here, Perceptor," the historian was buried on what appeared to be the remains of a mountain, near Maximus' hulking body. Stall looked about weakly for his intellectual colleague and peer.

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-15, 08:13 PM
The 3 bots followed Ultra Magnus and Nightbeat. As they walked out, Stepper started singing "Start spreading the news....I'm leaving today... I want to be a pa.."

Dropshot smacked him upside the head as Artfire laughed. Stepper turned around. "What was that for???"

Dropshot just kept walking past him and said "Don't ever try that again. You're worst than Soundwave when you sing."

~sig- Scout

2003-12-15, 08:32 PM
Nightbeat: -chuckles at the singing of Stepper and Dropshot's reaction- "It could be worse. He's no Sinatra, but he's better than Vanilla Ice."

2003-12-16, 05:02 PM
Mirage caught a glimpse of something flashy against the backdrop of the dark ground. He went over to the ground and brushed away some of the torn up dirt.

A face came into view, much to his surprise. Mirage narrowed his optics and glanced around.
The humans will be out very soon. I need to hurry.

He began to dig, quickly.
Meanwhile, Commetor exited Jetfire after they had landed. "I'll go find Mirage."

"Okay Commetor. Hurry though."

Mirage uncovered the shoulders and torso of a transformer with autobot symbols, but he did not recognize him. Mirage wrapped his arms underneath the strange autobot's shoulders and pulled, heaving the figure out with a pull that caused them both to fall over backward as the ground gave way.

Commetor arrived just in time to see Mirage pushing the body off of himself.

"Mirage, are you injured?"

"No, but this one is or was." Mirage hoisted the figure up and looked around.

Commetor motioned toward the outskirts of the town. "Jetfire's this way- he'll be okay too, but we haven't been able to contact base."

"We'll do it the old fashioned Earth way then... but let's get this guy back."
Several minutes later, Mirage and Commetor had Punch loaded onto Jetfire and Mirage waved an arm. "I'll be right back."

He jogged to a telephone pole and disconnected a cable, then transmitted a simple message to the base computers.

"Been attacked. Humans fine. Smokescreen captured by Shockwave and crew. Returning now. Mirage out."

Mirage cut the transmission and sighed before turning and heading back toward Jetfire.

2003-12-17, 07:34 AM
Outside Maximus

"Can the chatter," Magnus said, in a tone that indicated that, while amused at what was going on, especially after what happened, there was a time and place for it. "And transform. We're heading out."

At that, Magnus transformed, and sped off towards New Youk.

(OOC: I'll post their arrival later. In about ten posts or so.)

Lord Zarak
2003-12-17, 11:17 AM
Inside Metroplex five stasis pods began the reactivation proceedure. Inside were three transformers, and two pretender shells. The most inquisitive robot or human would see the plaques with the names of Catilla, Chainclaw and Grapple at the base of them. On the other two, the respective shells of the pretenders. The automatic signal was sent to the internal alarm system of Metroplex, informing him of the process.

2003-12-17, 03:52 PM
Nightbeat: -transforms, follows Ultra Magnus-

Command Deck, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -working on the main control console, looks up as an alarm on one of Metroplex's secondary monitoring consoles starts flashing- "Huh?" -stands, moves over to the flashing console, hits a couple of keys, frowns, activates commlink- "Mey, Minerva, you know anything about any Autobots that're in Metroplex in repair pods?"

Minerva: -over commlink- "Not that I know of, but there could be. We were gearing up for battle when I got here."

Ironhide: "Awlrahght. Looks lahke it's one of the bays off of the medbay. "Ah'll meet ya there, in case it's somethin' else." -deactivates commlink, makes his way off of the steeply slanted deck, heading for the corridors-

2003-12-18, 07:34 AM
Punch was vaguely aware of what was going on around him. He could see twisting shapes and lots of movement. He had lain undeer that pile of dirt for what seemed an eternity. He check his internal chronometer...it was broken....dianostics....mostly broken. Feeling what little energy was left, leaving him, Punch allowed his bruised and battered body to slump lifelessly on the floor.

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-18, 09:31 PM
Artfire transformed and said "You boys heard the man. Let's go"

Dropshot hopped onto Artfire and went into rifle mode as Stepper transformed as sped off after Nightbeat and Ultra Magnus.

2003-12-18, 09:41 PM
The Protectobots quickly disengaged from their combined mode and began to walk around as First-Aid began looking for any injuried Autobots in the area. Seeing that there were some of his comrades leaving somewhere, Hot Spot decided he had to find out.

"Magnus," the Protectobot leader said over a com-link, unsure of whether or not he could be contact, "do you need anymore help where you are going?"

Perceptor, upon hearing Stall, walked through some of the debris and reached him.

"It's good to see that the majority of the Autobots sustained only minor damages," the Autobot scientist said to the professor, "though I don't believe that I can say the same about our surroundings.

2003-12-19, 04:11 AM
Stasis bay, Metroplex:

Ironhide and Minerva: -make their way into the bay after Ironhide rips the door out of the wall-

Minerva: -moves over to the stasis pods, reads displays on them- "Grapple, Chainclaw, Catilla, and two Pretender shells." -looks over at Ironhide- "Grapple's an engineer, isn't he?"

Ironhide: "Ah think he's more'a th' buildin' type."

Minerva: "Well, the pods read them as fully repaired. All they have to do now is come out and help us put Metroplex back together."

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-19, 05:46 AM
Nikko gripped at Jazz's steering wheel and tried to hit the brakes. With horror, he suddenly realized the interior was not entirely like a normal car.

"I get out here. Let me out!" He yelled. "Not funny! Possessed veeehicle- let me out!"

Brave Maximus
2003-12-19, 07:02 AM
Skyfall smiled a little behind his faceplate - being shown this kind of respect from the legendary hero of the Great war, it was almost too much for him. He offered his hand to Optimus Prime and spoke with as steady a tone as he could muster, hopeing that his youth didn't show too much.

"My name is Skyfall sir. 1st Cybertron Defense force, under Supreme Commander Dai Atlas - Though I've been out of his juristiction for some time now."

Skyfall looked around and then noticed how crouched over the 40' Commander was to accomidate him. Skyfall began to rise on his thrusters, Hopeing that Prime would do the same, and look around the wrecked section of Metroplex.

"I'm not really sure what I can do to help out here sir. I never was to good at mechanics and engineering. Tactical and air combat Manuvers were more my style. I do have three minicons with me, who seem to be very well suited for engineering. They've got Omega fixed quite quickly. Omega and I can help with heavy lifting and transport if needed."

Just then, Aero Blade flew back into the section that Skyfall, Prime and the other Autobot were occupying and said hello to Skyfall. It took the young Autobot a second to remember him from his arrival in this timeline and during the pitched battle with Sixshot.

"Hi Aero Blade! How are things? Glad to see you didn't get hurt in the battle."

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-19, 08:25 AM
Ratchet had been ignoring the inquitive onlookers as he worked on Roadbuster. Finally, he was satisfied with his results. He gently reconnected the last of the severed internal wires and closed the access panel he was working on.

"You're good to go Roadbuster. Try to stay in one piece next time."

Ratchet turned his attention to Crosshairs and motioned for him to sit down.

"Come on over Crosshairs. Let's get your arm there patched up."

God Jinrai
2003-12-19, 03:36 PM
"Dai...Atlas.... why does that name..." prime shook his head, but let the thought pass... "Indeed, perhaps this group of yours could give us the help we need to get metroplex and the maximus back into working order... It seems that our "whiz 'bot" here.." prime motioned to aeroblade "has an incredible capacity for structural engineering and repair... but I'm afraid if he keeps exerting himself like this, he'll end up in stasis faster than a decepticon walking into Iacon shouting "Here I am!"..."

Prime turned from skyfall, now as he stood at his full height... and again turned to aeroblade...

"You truly are an incredible worker, Aeroblade. But if it wouldn't be a problem... stop in to the med bay some time before today's over. I need Ratchet to run a test ... and I realize your seeming "disdain" for medics... but I assure you. this is merely a scan. and nothing more. I don't want to make this an order, but I ask you... please. This simple scan may reveal just how it was that you were able to do what you did... so quickly." Prime pointed to the massive section of metroplex, now fully repaired

2003-12-19, 06:14 PM
Roadbuster: -wiggling his new fingers and rotating his new arm and elbow, moves out of the way so Crosshairs can be worked on- "Thanks, Ratchet. The new arm feels great."

2003-12-19, 09:31 PM
Mirage hefted Punch into Jetfire and eased him to the floor. The Autobot seemed to regain consciousness and then went offline again.

Comettor frowned. "He needs help, let's go back to base."

Mirage nodded. "The Decepticons have Smokescreen. We all need help."

Inferno regained some consciousness in a haze of pain. He was being hauled toward a group of figures but his optics weren't registering. He kicked out forcefully at Air Raid and Skydive.

Trailbreaker took stock of Windslice and decided he just wasn't sure what to make of this robot.

"Righto. Since Prowl isn't here, and Jetfire isn't here, and everyone else is messed up... may as well give you a room for the night. We aren't goin' anywhere anytime soon. What's your preference- leg or arm?"

2003-12-19, 09:37 PM
Crosshairs nodded at Roadbuster.
“Your arm looks as good as new. Which it is, I suppose.”
The Targetmaster sat down in front of Ratchet. He glanced at Pinpointer, who was perched on his healthy shoulder. “You stay out of the way.”
Without waiting for a response, he held out his injured arm for Ratchet to work on.

Aero Blade
2003-12-20, 03:45 AM
Aero Blade almost fell from his perch the momment Optimus mentioned the word 'medic'. He straightened up as Stratus and the Land Military Minicon Team finally arrived in their area. It didn't take much for the minicon to realize what was going on as Stratus went to joined his partner.

Aero Blade looked up at Optimus, trying not to tremble at the thought of medics, but also realizing that he didn't look like he was going to change his mind. Didn't mean Aero Blade couldn't try. "Please don't send me to the medics..." Aero Blade started, almost close to pleading.

"Didn't Hoist also say you should be checked out?" Stratus asked, coming into the conversation.

"You're not helping!!" Aero Blade snapped at the minicon. Stratus didn't even blink, already having come used to expecting this kind of reaction a long time ago. Aero Blade gave an exasperated and defeated sigh. Even his minicon thought he needed to go to the medics...

Brave Maximus
2003-12-20, 12:26 PM
Skyfall watched the conversation with Optimus and Aero Blade and shook his head a little. He could never understand what would cause a bot to be afraid of the medics, Fixit was great and even Sireen was gental when he had to be. But he didn't know what happened in that bots life.

Skyfall opened an internal comm link to the Omega Station and the Minicons:
"Starlight are you there?"

"I am\we are here. I\We have completed repairs on Omega, and are just welding on replacement armour plating, I\Ark and Nemesis should be done in a few moments."

"Thank you very much Starlight, and give the guys my thanks as well. I was wondering if you could come over to Metroplex and help us with some repairs around here. Your skills would be greatly apreicated."

A pregnant silence followed, but when Starlight finally replyed, her voice was hesitant: "You're not ordering me\us to do this? You're actually asking?"

"Of course. Why would I order you? You're free to stop helping anytime you want. Just let me know when you want to stop or take a break and you guys can relax in Omega any time you want, ok?"

"I\We will be right there - thank you Skyfall."

Intenal comm link off. Humm I wonder why she was so happy? Most bots I know usually object to getting dragged into repairs, ah well, just need to keep an eye on them, so they don't over exert themselves.

Waiting for a pause in the conversation between Prime and Aero Blade, Skyfall then spoke to the Autobot leader:
"Sir, the Minicons I have with me have agreed to help. They should be here with in a few moments. So, ummm, Sir - What can we do?"
Looking around at the behemoth of the wrecked Metroplex and not knowing where to start.

God Jinrai
2003-12-20, 03:04 PM
Prime turned from Aeroblade...

"I need you and the minicons with you to do what you can to get metroplex's internal systems fully online...once that's attended to, then we can finish external repairs..."

Prime turned again to face aeroblade... " Aeroblade... I've been made aware of your disdain for medics and whatnot... but please. This puzzle needs to be solved..." Optimus went quiet... then started again...

"How about this then. I'll do the scan personally, with ratchet present only to oversee."

Prime wasn't as skilled in entirety with th emedical field, but he was familiar with the proceedures he'd requested ratchet run.

Wheeljack chimed in just then...

"Prime... I can stand in for ratchet if need be. This poor guy gave me no problem when I patched him up, so I think he might be a little more at ease with me there."

"Alright, Wheeljack. we'll finish this internal wiring and re-adjust the energon relays. Then it's to med bay. "

Lord Zarak
2003-12-20, 06:49 PM
As Grapple lay inside his stasis pod, light began flooding into his eyes. As the re-enegisation process neadred its completion Grapple began to rouse from his prolonged slumber. The clear lid of his pod slid back. Grapple was now free to interact with his environment.

2003-12-20, 08:33 PM
Metroplex, Stasis Bay:

Minerva: -peers over the edge of Grapple's now open pod- "Rise and shine, sleepyhead! Time to put the city back together."


Roadbuster: -nods to Crosshairs- "I'll head down to the weapons storage area, start taking stock of what we have." -holds up shrapnel cannon- "Besides, I have to see if I can get a new mount post for this." -heads for Fort Max's weapons bay-

Aero Blade
2003-12-20, 08:54 PM
Aero Blade sighed a bit again, returning to helping on the repair work, also aided by Stratus. Nope, there wasn't any way that they were gonna be talked out of it, but he guessed it wouldn't be so bad with Optimus and Wheeljack doing the test. He worried about who this Ratchet guy was, but he decided to try to keep his mind off it and just keep up with doing the repair work.

2003-12-21, 02:42 AM
"Looks like he's functional," Skydive said as he and Air Raid continued to drag Inferno.

"Ow!" the other Aerialbot replied, letting go for a moment and shaking his hand in pain. "Maybe he's a little too functional."

"Don't worry Inferno," Skydive said as the two continued to drag them together, "we're almost there."

2003-12-21, 06:03 AM
Crosshairs called out to the departing Roadbuster, "You might have a hard time finding one. Considering the shape Max is in, I'd imagine the armory is a mess."

2003-12-22, 03:04 AM
Roadbuster: -shrugs at Crosshairs' comment- "Beats just standing around, hmm?" -thinks for a moment- "I'm going to go round up a couple of loose weapons that I know are lying around. See you in the armory." -heads for Squeezeplay's body-

Lord Zarak
2003-12-22, 10:34 AM
Metroplex, Stasis Bay

"Sleepy head?! How long have I been out?"
He groaned as he sat up and swung his legs round the pod. As he did so, the pods of Catilla and Chainclaw also opened.

2003-12-23, 03:14 AM
Metroplex, Stasis Bay:

Minerva: -shrugs- "No clue, Grapple. But we need you to help put Metroplex back together."


Roadbuster: -standing over the mangled and partially buried body of Squeezeplay, snorts- "They didn't even take their dead with them."

2003-12-23, 08:47 AM
The voices registered. Inferno's optics glowed dimly and he stopped struggling as they neared Ratchet. "I'm fun...ction..al. Sorry."
Spike grinned. "Okay Dirge, take us in! Gosh I can't wait to see Chip again. It's been ages. I wonder how the whiz kid is?"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-23, 09:00 AM
Ratchet worked meticulously on Crosshairs' damaged arm and shoulder linkage. "Managed to damage the rotors, but not badly. More painful than anything. There now- that should be better Crosshairs. How's that?"

2003-12-24, 04:25 AM
Crosshairs worked the shoulder around a little, then smiled.
"Much better, Doc. Thanks." His smile faded a bit. "I'd better get to work, I suppose."
The Targetmaster transformed, then roared off in the direction of Fort Max.

Lord Zarak
2003-12-24, 10:43 AM
"metroplex is damaged...so we've been fighting again. Lets get these two up and walking about. I'll need all the help I can get."

Grapple got out of his pod, and walked towards Catilla and Chainclaw."

Quick Switch
2003-12-24, 03:30 PM
Quick landed in the rubble and looked about.

"Everything seems to be coming along here Optimus. Can't forsee a security threat in the near future. I'll start conducting patrols once the cities are up to spec."


Stall smiled weakly trying to free himself.

"Yes, it was a historical occasion to be sure. Your assistance please?"

2003-12-24, 10:30 PM
New York City

Ultra Magnus crew finally arrived on the outskirts of New York City.

"All right, men," he said, transforming. "Start looking for clues."

2003-12-25, 06:50 PM
Outskirts, New York City:

Muzzle: -having long since shucked his Headmaster armor and put it in a duffel bag on Nightbeat's passenger seat, rolls out Nightbeat's driver's side window, leans out- "They went to the U.N., right? We'll go check there." -drives away, heading for the U.N. building-

Stasis Bay, Metroplex:

Ironhide: "Minerva, make sure there guys're okay. Ah'm headin' over ta sensor control, see if Ah can get th' arrays back onlahne." -heads for sensor control-


Roadbuster: -finishes uncovering Squeezeplay's body, picksit up, slings it over his shoulder, heads back to Fort Max-

2003-12-26, 07:40 AM
Crosshairs arrived at the entrance to Metroplex. Seeing Roadbuster approach with a burden, the Targetmaster transformed and waited curiously.

2003-12-26, 01:16 PM
Roadbuster: -drops Squeezeplay's body at Crosshairs' feet- "I figured that leaving this out on the field might not be a good idea. Last thing we need are the humans dragging the body off and seeing what they can learn about us. And we should secure his weapons......" -thinks for a moment- "Any idea how we can secure his weapons?"

2003-12-27, 04:56 AM
Crosshairs looked distastefully down at the mangled corpse.
"Ugh...I suppose we should drag him up to the armory. We can strip the weapons and armor off safely there, then send the carcass off to be processed."

2003-12-27, 05:17 AM
Roadbuster: -looks down at Squeezeplay's body, chuckles, picks it up and slings it over his shoulder- "Crosshairs, if you took the powerpack out of this guy's gun, do you suppose I could have it? And his club?"

2003-12-27, 05:30 AM
Crosshairs frowned.
"Well, I really should run it through the armory's systems first..."
He looked carefully at the weapons in question, then shook his head.
"There's no way I could repair these. Take them. It'll save me some paperwork.
"Can't see why you'd want them, though."

2003-12-27, 10:44 PM
Roadbuster: "Simple." -grabs the back of Squeezeplay's ruined beast-mode head, rips the head free of the body- "I've got all the makings of a trophy mount here." -stows the club and rifle in his subspace compartment, slings the head onto his backpack- "I'll drag the rest of the carcass down to recycling, then drop this stuff off at my quarters." -heads for recycling-

2003-12-28, 02:01 AM
Outside Fortress Maximus

"Of course," Perceptor said as he reached his hand down to grab his colleague's arm.

Fortress Maximus

"Guess they didn't need our help," Hot Spot said as he and the others walked into the base.


"There is no need for apologies, Inferno," Skydive said as they continued to drag him.

"Speak for yourself," Air Raid said with a snicker.

"Ratchet," the other Aerialbot called out, apparently completely ignoring his teammate's comment, "it seems that we have another patient for you!"

2003-12-28, 07:36 PM
Wreckers Bay, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -looking around the 'Wreckers Bay'(actually just his quarters, seeing as he's the only Wrecker at the moment), having already dropped Squeezeplay's body off at recycling, picking through the disorder after the battle, finds a mounting board, mounts Squeezeplay's ruined head on it and crosses Squeezeplay's gun and club beneath it, hangs the trophy on the wall facing the door, nods- "There's another one down, Impactor. Soon all the Decepticon scum will be dead.... Then maybe we can rest." -heads for the door, stops- "Hope it takes a while, though. Be kind of boring with nothing to do." -walks out of door, heads for armory-

Lord Zarak
2003-12-28, 11:58 PM
Stasis Pod, Metroplex

Grapple, after helping Catilla and Chainclaw sees Ironhide leave. Turning to Minerva, he asks

"Who should I see about getting Metroplex repaired?"

2003-12-29, 01:15 AM
Crosshairs stared at the wall for a moment, somewhat disgusted at Roadbuster's actions.
We've got some strange troops these days, that's for sure...
Shaking his head, he walked towards the armory.

2003-12-29, 04:58 AM
Fort Max, Armory:

Roadbuster: -strides in, looking at the mess, his look and general demeanor seeming to be returning to normal-

Stasis bay, Metroplex:

Minerva: "I don't know, Grapple. Prime was outside, and we've been working on getting Metroplex back online. I'd guess you'd want to talk to Optimus."

Sensor Array, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -lets out a low whistle, looking at the damage- "This is gonna take a while....."

2003-12-29, 05:12 AM
Crosshairs arrived shortly after Roadbuster. He took a look around, shaking his head at the mess he saw.
"This is going to take me a lunar cycle to clean up..."
He frowned, realizing that he actually had no idea how long a lunar cycle on Earth was.
Not much that I do know about this place, in fact. Pity that Trailbreaker never had time to show Quick Switch and I around like he wanted to...
He turned to Roadbuster.
"So, what exactly do you need? I imagine you want some ammo for that arsenal you carry around with you."

2003-12-29, 07:54 PM
Roadbuster: "More like what don't I need." -opens the storage unit on the left side of his backpack, removes dismantled laser rifle- "Need a new focussing crystal for this." -pulls rapid fire assualt rifle out of subspace- "And four belts of ammo for this, armor piercing explosive if we've still got any." -sets battered shrapnel cannon on the table, opens ammo hopper on right side of backpack, sets it down- "A new mounting piece for this, but I need to rebuild the cannon first." -sets linear blaster cannon next to shrapnel cannon- "Need to make some repairs to this and get a couple of powerpacks, and I need to replenish my plasma and smoke grenades." -pulls a repair kit out of the storage unit on the left side of his backpack, starts dismantling the shrapnel cannon-

2003-12-30, 04:56 AM
Crosshairs shook his head as Roadbuster continued to produce more weapons from subspace.
I don't even want to know how he uses so much ammo...
"Well, then," he said aloud, "first thing's first. I think we had a few focusing crystals in storage." He tapped away at a computer console. "Ah, yes."
He removed a small case from a cabinet near the armory's main counter. Flipping it open, he looked over the half-dozen crystals inside. He picked up one, inspected it carefully, then placed it back in the case. He pulled out another and scrutinized it.
He placed it on the counter for Roadbuster's inspection.
"This should be the right size."

2003-12-30, 05:59 AM
Roadbuster: -looks up from the partially dismantled shrapnel cannon, takes focusing crystal, checks it, and fits it into the dismantled laser rifle, then quickly reassembles the rifle and runs a diagnostic on it- "Perfect fit. I was afraid we were out of them." -sets rifle down, returns to dismantling the shrapnel cannon- "What about the servo-assisted swivel mount for my shoulder cannon?"

2003-12-30, 06:23 AM
Crosshairs tapped away at his console, calling up some more records.
"We should have one, but it's used. Wait here a minute."
Wading into the disarrayed mess that was the storage area of the armory, he straightened crates of ammo as he headed towards a certain shelf. He grabbed the mount of the shelf, then headed back towards the counter.
He set the scratched and scored mounting down for Roadbuster's inspection.
"It could use a new paint job, but all the internal mechanics still work."

2003-12-31, 07:00 PM
Roadbuster: -picks up the swivel mount, examines it critically- "This should do. Better strip it down first, though, give it a good cleaning." -has finished dismantling the damaged shrapnel cannon, proceeds to pull a new barrel from the storage unit of his backpack, checks the slide and breach mechanism, reassembles the cannon, then looks at the ammo hopper, nods, dismantles, cleans, and reassembles the swivel mount, connects it to the ammo hopper, then locks the cannon into position, runs it through a test cycle, makes sure the ammo feed and eject points are clear, then remounts the shrapnel cannon on the right side of his backpack, engages the interlocks, ammo counter, and targeting system, nods in satisfaction, then starts working on the linear blaster cannon- "What about spare powerpacks for this?"

New York City:

Nightbeat: -rolls to a stop before the UN building-

Muzzle: -gets out of Nightbeat, stretches, looks around-

2003-12-31, 07:55 PM
New York City

Ultra Magnus sifted through some loose debris, trying to find anything that might be helpful.

"Nightbeat, Stepper, Artfire, find anything?"

2004-01-01, 07:04 AM
Crosshairs nodded in approval of Roadbuster's work on the weapon.
"Check in that crate behind you. There should be some powerpacks in there."

Lord Zarak
2004-01-01, 02:47 PM
Metroplex Stais Bay

"Yeah, it would be good to see Prime again." replied Grapple.

"Definately" began Catilla. "I'd like to see him again. I suppose he would be want my report."

Chainclaw just stood there, nervously looking around as if something was going to jump out of a stasis pod.

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-01, 05:37 PM
New York City

Artfire, Stepper and Dropshot started looking around for clue. They were all confused for a moment. They weren't sure exactly what they were trying to find.

Ultra Magnus called to them to see if they had found anything and Stepper answered back. "Well, no. Not really. No offence Mags, but we don't know what we're supposed to be looking for."

"And the 3 of us are not exactly a search and rescue outfit, in case you didn't notice. It's not that we don't mind giving you a hand with this stuff or nothing, but we try to stick to what we know" Artfire added.

2004-01-01, 08:22 PM
New York City

Ultra Magnus turned to face Stepper.

"What you're looking for is any clue about the whereabouts of Smokescreen, along with any indication of what happened here."

2004-01-01, 08:58 PM
Stasis Bay:

Minerva: "Well, guys, as far as I know, Prime's still outside. I'm heading back down to engineering to check the relays I jury rigged, then I'm heading back to the computer core. Metroplex got pretty torn up." -heads back to engineering-

Sensor Array, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -literally hip deep in damaged components, face smudged with lubricants and suspension fluids, working away on the sensors- "Ah'm beginnin' ta think we'd be better off with a window in th' command center......"

Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -turns around, roots through the box, comes out with a couple of power packs, plugs them into the charger on his backpack, finishes repairing his linear blaster cannon, subspaces it, then strips and starts to clean the rapid fire assualt rifle- "How are we on ammo for this?"

New York City, The U.N. building:

Nightbeat: -vehicle mode, parked illegally on the opposite side of the street in front of the UN building(and getting a parking ticket), over commlink to Magnus- "Nothing yet, Magnus. Muzzle's out looking around."

Muzzle: -across the street, looking around, walks into the U.N. building-

2004-01-02, 04:46 AM
Crosshairs tapped at the console a few more times, then pried open a nearby crate. He frowned at the contents.
"We're a little low, by the looks of it."
He took out two boxes, placing them on the counter by Roadbuster.
"That's all we've got, I'm afraid."

God Jinrai
2004-01-02, 04:06 PM
Letting out a deep sigh, Prime entered the remains of fortress maximus' medbay. it was fairly shaken up, as the zarak scorpion had pierced maximus' armor just two compartments up... it was a wonder medbay was still intact at all... approaching the diagnostics panels, prime ran a startup protocol... and scanned for cerebros, cog, and any others that may not have made it out of maximus before the transformation.... As he suspected, Cerebros had separated from fortress... if he had remained attached, the massive form's power reserves would've been bogged down trying to repair Fortress' internal systems, rather than the maximus' entire body... Fortress' alt mode, the command module was showing up on deck 20... and cerebros was lying near it... unconcious... vitals were stable, so it seemed he was merely sleeping.

Prime turned, glancing at wheeljack who had begun working through the debris, and had begun repairs on the vast medical facility's systems...

"I hope Aeroblade shows. I hate to have to order him in... He's a good bot... and I can understand his fear of medics...but... this needs to be done... and I myself, am not a medic, despite my significant training in the fields of reppair nd whatnot...." prime trailed off

Aero Blade
2004-01-02, 04:30 PM
Aero Blade showed up momentarily. He'd been taking his time to manuver around the debris, not wanting to upset Stratus from his perch on his shoulder, but also dragging his heels about having to go to the medics. "Maybe I'll be lucky and the entrance will be blocked with debris.." Aero muttered to himself.

"You know they'll just find another way in," Stratus told his partner. "Come on, they're over there. You don't go this slow even back home."

"We only have one medic back home..." he reminded, finally reaching Optimus and Wheeljack. There being so many Autobots here, there was no telling how many medics were around as well, a thought that made Aero Blade hesitate slightly.

God Jinrai
2004-01-02, 04:36 PM
"Allright, good. You're here. We can get this done quickly then."

Prime tapped a button on the display screen, and a stasis chamber lifted from the floor...

"Step inside, if you would... Stratus'll have to remain out here as I'm afraid the properties of minicons power sources might be a danger we don't really want to know... "

Prime lifted his hand toward the open chamber...

"You've my word that I'll make this as quick as possible. there's no pain involved, and as you can see, it's just the three...rather four of us in here... " prime recounted, remembering stratus was just like any other transformer.... minicon or not

Aero Blade
2004-01-02, 05:15 PM
Stratus was going to give Optimus a few choice words about leaving him out, but the quick correction gave him no chance or reason to do so. Stratus left Aero Blade's shoulder and sat ontop of a high piece of debris, out of the reach of any of the autobots, but far from out of site. He intended to keep an eye on everything going on.

Aero Blade was a bit shaken about having to go into a stasis pod. It wasn't that he was worried about any pain, but he was worried about what the scan would reveal. Aero Blade stepped inside the stasis pod, closing his optics and trying to relax without much success. It's just a medical scan, it can't read my core data. The only way it'd get revealed is if I say anything or Smokescreen does... Aero Blade reminded himself, settling down only slightly, but more reashured. He waited for the scan to take place, worried of how long it'd take.

God Jinrai
2004-01-02, 06:43 PM
"Alright... I'm initiating the scan."

Prime tapped another two buttons on the pad, and the pod came to life... a beam of light appeared at the top of the pod... and slowly dropped down over aeroblade, eventually sliding down to the ground, and then up again...

"Hm... no real irregularities... but... whats this?" Prime muttered to himself as he spotted one tiny, yet not quite right "extra"...

it was a very small, almost missable component. but there was a very familiar appearance to it...

"I've...I've seen this before somewhere... but... where?"

Prime ended the scan, dl-ing the scan results to an internal disk he kept in his left fore-arm. he'd need to review this later with ratchet and the others, despite his reservations about aeroblade's privacy...

"you could just ask him, you know.." his inner voice spoke...

"If I do, what makes you so sure he'd tell me the truth?"

"Listen to yourself. He's one of your own troops... if you can't trust your troops' word, then whose CAN you trust?"

the voice trailed off, and the gateway door for the capsule slid open...

Prime waited for Aeroblade to exit before making any other comments.

Aero Blade
2004-01-03, 12:53 AM
Aero Blade gratefully left the stasis pod and was immediately joined by Stratus taking up his usual perch of Aero's shoulder. He turned to Optimus to see if he needed anything else from him, but hoping the scan was the only thing that needed to have been done.

God Jinrai
2004-01-03, 03:22 AM
Prime sighed, bowing his head... then looked over to aeroblade, who was paitiently waiting.

"Aeroblade, if you wouldn't mind, I need to see you in private. it's nothing serious, but it's a matter I need to discuss with you, one on one. I'll be in my quarters, so at your earliest convenience..."

Prime turned and left medbay, headed for his command quarters aboard the maximus... it wasn't long before he arrived at his chambers... entering his access code, he entered the room, which quickly illuminated itself. activating a small panel on his desk, music began to flow from several microspeakers in the room... prime sat down, and began going through dozens of files that he hadn't gotten to since the unicron battle... and in the background, a disc, given to him by a human composer, by the name of John Williams, played. It was at the last Olypmic Games on earth... he had been asked to attend opening ceremonies, and be the last carrier for the torch... so in semi rig mode, prime had entered the colloseum, and upon transformation, he set the torch into the massive braizer which abruptly ignited, signaling the beginning of the games, which would begin the next day.

Williams had composed much music for the games, and he offered to the autobot commander a special recording of this music... as it was played, and as it sounded, that day, in the stadium...

The specific piece playing , if prime remembered correctly, was entitled "summon the heroes"... approprieate enough, considering the situation.

Aero Blade
2004-01-03, 04:02 AM
Aero Blade grew uneasy as Optimus left. Things that were not serious never needed privacy to discuss, and Aero Blade began to realize that the scan as he had dreaded, had spoken of more than he wished to tell. He looked over towards Wheeljack for a moment, then starting in the direction Optimus had gone. He wouldn't be able to help Wheeljack right now, not until his thoughts and unease had cleared, so that only left him to follow Optimus.

Aero Blade travelled down the corridors, Stratus still in tow, eventually coming upon Optimus's quarters. "You wished to speak with me?" Aero Blade asked slowly, not immediately entering as he was unsure as if he should.

2004-01-03, 04:12 AM
U.N. Building Interior, New York City:

Muzzle: -wandering through the lobby of the UN building, hearing, processing, and argely ignoring conversations in multiple different languages, then starts picking out phrases.......plan......... Autobot....... quietly........ Shockwave? Isn't that an internet application?......rhetoric..... , starts to get a bad feeling, looks around, sees the rather startled looking woman standing behind the concierge's desk, walks over- "Uh, excuse me-"

Concierge: "Are they still out there?"

Muzzle: -curious look on face- "They?"

Concierge: "One of those mechanical giants.... Transformers?.... came in to talk to the delegates. Then another one came in and threatened to blow up the building if the first one didn't go outside."

Muzzle: "What did they look like?"

Concierge: "The first one kind of looked like one of those ancient Datsun 280Zs. The second one looked like a giant human.... sort of....."

Muzzle: "Sort of?"

Concierge: "Like a giant cyborg with a green face, a pointed nose, and pointy teeth."

Muzzle: -smiles reassuringly- "Don't worry. All that's out there is traffic, people....." -looks out of front windows- ".... and a traffic cop ticketing my car?!?" -runs out, yelling at the cop writing the ticket, barely avoids getting hit by a bus, gets over to Nightbeat- "I just went in for a minute!"

Cop: "Yeah, pal. You and everybody else parked along here." -points down the line of ticketed cars stretching down the block, stalks off-

Muzzle: -grabs traffic ticket out from beneath Nightbeat's windshield wiper, gets into Nightbeat's driver's seat, closes door-

Nightbeat: "Learn anything interesting?"

Muzzle: "More than I wanted." -grabs commlink handset, activates commlink- "Ultra Magnus, you still with us?"

2004-01-03, 05:01 AM
New York City - Central Park

Ultra Magnus, out of his trailer armour, activated his comm.

"This is Magnus. Go ahead, Nightbeat."

Lord Zarak
2004-01-03, 01:04 PM
Grapple led Catilla and Chainclaw outside. They saw no sign of Prime.

"Optimus Prime, this is Catilla. I have with me Chaincalw and Grapple. We have been recently reactivated from stasis, and would like to help with the reconstruction of Metroplex. Are you free at the moment?"

2004-01-03, 05:18 PM
NYC, across the street from the UN building:

Muzzle: -wondering why Magnus think he sounds like Nightbeat, shrugs, continues- "Smokescreen got here, and apparently talked to the delegates, but got interrupted by Thunderwing, who threatened to destroy the building and everybody inside if Smokescreen didn't leave. At a guess, Thunderwing and Shockwave came to keep Smokescreen from talking to the delegates, and weren't completely successful." -looks at the parking ticket, whistles- "Any idea how we handle parking tickets?"

Main Engineering, Metroplex:

Minerva: -checking the secondary power relays that are currently channeling main power- "Well, everything's holding together..... so far." -heads for the computer core-

Sensor Array, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -replaces the last damaged component, nods as the array indicators come back online to full power- "Back to the command deck.... Ah hope we c'n get him movin' soon. Crawlin' 'round these decks ain't th' most fun thing Ah've ever done......." -heads back to the command deck-

Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: "Just two boxes, huh. Well, better than nothing. I'll use this for my backup weapon." -finishes cleaning the assualt rifle, reassembles it, starts loading the two boxes of ammo onto belts for the gun- "We should load up, go to where the Decepticons have holed up, and blow them off this planet." -looks over at Crosshairs- "What do you think?"

2004-01-03, 07:01 PM
New York City

Magnus walked back to his trailer, transformed, and connected with it.

"Hold on, Muzzle," he said. "I'll be right there."

2004-01-03, 08:51 PM
Crosshairs tapped at the console for a minute, then walked over to a crate marked 'RPG, QUANTITY 12'. As he cracked the crate open, he replied to Roadbuster.

"I can't say I'd enjoy it as much as you would. But someone's got to deal with them."

One by one he lifted the RPGs out of their crate and stored them in his subspace compartment.

"No one else can, so it's got to be us."

He turned away from the empty crate. "I think we might want to wait until we put the cities back together, though. I'm in no hurry to face down Metrotitan without them as backup."

God Jinrai
2004-01-04, 03:10 AM
"Yes, aeroblade... come in."

Prime dimmed/cut the music...

"Aeroblade, something showed up on the scan that isn't quite normal. an additional component... and I hate to seem prying, but... I need to know, aeroblade. I need to know how you're capable of suchs quick actions in terms of repair... and more than anything... how you came to be with us... No records come up on file, but you've proven yourself an autobot. I just need to know the whole story. I need the truth, Aeroblade. "

Aero Blade
2004-01-04, 06:09 AM
Aero Blade entered when beconed, listening to what Optimus had to say about the scan. He did not know what the component was for sure, but he had an uneasy suspicion of what it was. Something he had been sure to avoid in his time spent with Smokescreen...

Aero Blade considered his thoughts, not directly looking at Optimus, but not looking away either as he stared out into space. "The reason I do not show up in you data banks is because I'm not sure I'm from this time line, or even this demention. I don't know how I got here, but I seems to be pretty much stuck, whatever happened.."

That had been the easy part. The hard part was how much else he should say.. "I can repair things in what you consider to be a great speed because I was specificly designed and engineered for technical and mechanical work. I can build and repair things easily due to that my processor was litterally wired to and filled with the information to do such work. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be much room for anything else..."

Aero Blade stopped here. There were many more things to tell - the things he'd discussed with Smokescreen, the things he'd failed to bring up - so many things he could say, that he should say...

"Please forgive me.." Aero Blade spoke, his tone changing slightly. "I will tell you the truth of whatever you ask of me, but I can not tell you everything.." He paused, almost heavily. "When I first arrived here, I saw horrific scenes. Autobots fighting Autobots, some violently, and even some beyond that. I've been told it was the fault of an outside force but..." Aero Blade finally turned his optics to meet Optimus. "..I am still not sure how much trust I am willing to give..."

God Jinrai
2004-01-04, 05:36 PM
"That'll do, Aeroblade. That will do. "

Prime bowed his head, sighing...

" But... I need your entire trust, Aeroblade... so...for that reason, I'm going to give you something that no other autobot has ever been granted..."

Prime's chestplate abruptly swung open... revealing the shining form of the matrix...

" You need to see the entire truth, Aeroblade. and the Matrix... can grant you that. I'm not offering it to you in leadership succesion sense... But rather, I'm offering you the chance to experience what only the autobot leaders have. the chance to find knowledge... and truth... through a pure and untainted eye."

Prime brought the matrix out from his chest... and set it into a slot that rose from his desk... as it slid into place, it brightened, somewhat, as if it were eager to share the vast quantities of knowledge and history it had witnessed with those present...

Aero Blade
2004-01-04, 07:00 PM
"I am aware of the Matrix and it's attributes, and though I am truely honored that you would offer this chance to me, I am sorry that I must decline it..." Aero Blade sighed slightly, looking down a bit. "The fact that you were willing to offer such is more than enough to gain my trust," he explained, now willing to tell the rest.

"I was engineered by the Decepticons. I left because I could not find it in me to cause harm, even indirectly, but it was far from pleasant times when I first sought to join the Autobots in my home world. The first time I willingly explained everything it brought me unimaginable harm from those I had hoped to be my allies. I have learned to take extreme caution ever since..."

2004-01-04, 10:17 PM
Across the street from the UN Building, New York City:

Muzzle: -speaking into commlink- "You can if you want to, Magnus, but I'm not sure if another giant robot walking into, or even standing outside, of the UN will be welcomed with open arms. If that lady I was talking to is the typical reaction of the staff, we might find ourselves facing down an army battallion."

Nightbeat: "We could just pay the parking ticket."

Muzzle: "I think we'd be better off swapping plates with one of the diplomats cars......." -sees the cop who issued the parking ticket talking into his radio while looking at Nightbeat, and the nickel drops- "Oh, frack......"

Nightbeat: "What?"

Muzzle: "Well, unless Porsche gave into the U.S.'s vehicle saftey commission's orders in this timeline, we have a problem."

Nightbeat: -suddenly realizes what Muzzle's talking about- "Primus on a jet ski..... We never had this problem back home."

Muzzle: "That's because we stayed in England back home." -reactivates commlink- "Magnus, we're coming to meet you. Drop the ramp on your trailer, we'll explain when we get there!" -starts Nightbeat's engine, pulls out of the no parking zone into traffic, heads for Ultra Magnus-

Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -finishes loading the belts for the assualt rifle, clips it to his backpack, starts dismantling his grenade launcher- "We really wouldn't need the cities. Carbombya's an oil-rich country. All we have to do is dig down to get at their oil supplies, put explosives in them, and set them off at a safe distance. Then, while the Decepticons are reeling from the country blowing up under them, we go in and finish them off." -sighs- "Be a great plan, too, if it weren't for the fact that most, if not all, of the humans in the country would probably die in the process."

2004-01-05, 03:06 AM
New York City - Times Square

Magnus stopped in the middle of the road, electing some very colorful comments from the human drivers passing by.

"I'm sorry," he said aloud, amplifying his voice so that it could be heard by everyone in attendance. "I am currently undertaking an investigation for the Autobot army. I'm sorry for any inconvience this may cause. Thank you for you patience."

The comments did little more than continue to outrage the nearby humans, but there was little he could do about the situation. He dropped the hatch on his trailer and waited for Nightbeat to arrive.

2004-01-05, 06:05 AM
Pinpointer, still roosting on Crosshairs' shoulder, replied to Roadbuster.
"It'd waste a lot of good oil, too."
Crosshairs shot his Targetmaster a dirty look, then told Roadbuster, "It wouldn't work anyway. I don't think the Carbombyans leave their oil wells unprotected, and the Decepticons wouldn't stand for us attacking their allies."
He shook his head.
"It's a pity Grand Max isn't around anymore. If he was, he could just walk into Carbombya and blast Metrotitan into rubble. That city would be no match for a Maximus, and the other Decepticon cities can't be in much better shape than this place."
He gestured to the mess that was Fort Max's armory.
"But he's not around. Like a lot of our fellow Autobots." Crosshairs sighed. "Something tells me we're going to be fighting on this planet for a long time to come."

2004-01-05, 09:10 PM
Times Square, NYC:

Nighbeat: -sighs as he sees Ultra Magnus stopped in the middle of the street- "You get the feeling that some people just don't think in covert terms?"

Muzzle: -chuckling- "At least he's not holding a sign." -looks around- "Okay.... I don't see any police cars."

Nightbeat: "Good. This is embarrassing enough as it is." -drives around Magnus, shifts into reverse, backs up the lowered ramp-

Muzzle: "Thanks for the assist, Magnus. We spent so much time on Cybertron after we got here, it never even occoured to us to check to see if the Porsche 959 was a legal road vehicle in the U.S."

Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -cleaning grenade launcher- "If we dig in from the right angle, neither the Carbombyans or the Decepticons would know we were there until the oilfields went up."

2004-01-05, 09:15 PM
New York City - Times Square

"Last time I checked, Muzzle, all forms of vehicular transport were legal in the United States," Magnus said, allowing himself to see the humor in the situation, before getting serious by asking, "What did you find?"

2004-01-06, 03:16 AM
Muzzle: "I went into the U.N. and wandered around, listening to conversations. That's how I figured Shockwave must have been there as well, because one of the delegates had never heard of that particular Decepticon..... Makes you wonder if anybody's told Shockwave that there's an internet application named after him. Anyway, if I understand what the lady behind the desk said, Smokescreen went in and started talking to the delegates. Before the delegates got a chance to answer, Thunderwing walked in and told Smokescreen that he had to leave, otherwise Shockwave and Thunderwing would destroy the entire building and all of it's occupants. Smokescreen left, and was presumably dragged off by Ig and Ook." -thinks for a moment- "Okay, it would probably be best to do any more investigation on the sly. Are Stepper and Artfire Targetmasters, and, if they are, would they be willing to loan us their Nebulan components?"

2004-01-06, 03:19 AM
"Perhaps," Magnus replied, keying up a comm frequency. "Stepper, Artfire, you two still there?"

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-06, 03:29 AM
"We're here. What's up boss??" Artfire responded as Stepper continued to look around for clues.

2004-01-06, 04:21 AM
"We've got a lead, but we'll need your help," Magnus replied, turning a corner. "We need you to loan us Dropshot."

2004-01-06, 04:50 AM
Crosshairs picked up a sniper rifle from a wall rack, inspecting it for damage.
"But that still leaves you with the original problem," he told Roadbuster. "You'd kill all the humans."
He looked down the scope of the rifle, drawing a bead on a wall-mounted target across the room. Flicking a switch on the side of the power pack, he set the weapon to testing mode.
"Now, if we somehow could contain the explosion to the area surrounding Metrotitan..."
He squeezed the trigger, sending a laser bolt towards the target. It hit the bulls-eye dead center, but did no damage. He flicked the power pack's output back to maximum, then put the weapon back on the rack.
"...then we'd have a workable plan. Otherwise, I don't think we're going to find any shortcuts out of this war."

God Jinrai
2004-01-06, 05:05 PM
Prime touched his fingers together, rolling them back and forth for a moment... then she spoke again...

"I had actually suspected the timeline situation, myself. I DIDN'T however, expect the "other" little situation you just described. I'll assume it was Megatron in your timeline, and not Galvatron that had you created. "

Prime lifted the matrix from the "projection" slot, and returned it to its place in his upper torso...

"but it really makes no difference, Aeroblade. You ARE an autobot now. And you need not say anything of this to anyone else. As your commanding officer, I give you my word none of this will leave my office. And one final thing."

Prime went to a large cabinet-like structure on his wall...

a moment later, he again faced aeroblade... holding a large autobrand.

"I think this might help make your transition easier."

Prime extended the emblem to Aeroblade... he'd not seen an autobrand on him since his arrival, and there were likely doubts among the troops that perhaps not all was as it should be. This... this would quell those thoughts entirely and permanently.

2004-01-06, 05:40 PM
Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -critically examining part of the slide mechanism of the grenade launcher- "We'd need geologic and oil bed survey maps first. If Metrotitan is indeed over an oil bed, we could concieveably just blow that one up." -chuckles- "Lucky for us those tin-plated freaks are dumber than I gave them credit for, otherwise they would have repaired and rearmed as fast as they could, then come charging back here to finish us off. That's what I would have done, at any rate, especially with a city in reserve."

Computer Core, Metroplex:

Minerva: -finishes getting the autorepair systems online, hearing the scutters start up and start working on Metroplex, turns back to the completed diagnostic of the main core, looking worriedly at the display- "I don't get it. The core isn't damaged, it's getting enough power, and everything's connected. Why isn't Metroplex conscious?"

Command Deck, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -brings the sensors online, reading pinging off of the mountains(what's left of them, anyway), but not registering anything past the mountain range to one side, essentially rendering180 of the 360 degree scanning arc completely blind- "C'mon, you ol' heap. Start movin'. We gotta get you uprahght, 'cause Ah got a sinkin' feelin' we're gonna need you a whole heck of a lot sooner'n you'd lahke......"

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-06, 05:44 PM
Back in New York:

Dropshot replied to Ultra Magnus. " I get to have some fun after all. Alright then, just tell us where you want us to meet you and we'll be there a.s.a.p."

Stepper heard the news and sped over to the other two. " Good news, eh boys? My buddy Nebulon was starting to get bored."

Dropshot chuckled a little."I know the feeling. But remember, we're professionals here. We wait for Magnus's signal, then we move."

God Jinrai
2004-01-06, 06:56 PM
silence... then an ear shaking groan...

" systems....op...erational...."

Metroplex had awakened...

"Repair...systems restored... arm...tower.... must be... restored... or.... functional capability ...reduced to 80%... "

Metroplex was still in a significant deal of pain... trypticon had rended him pretty well... but somehow, he managed to send the oversized lizard running home...

"weapons...at 70% operating efficiency.... MASER weaponry... offline... missile turrets operational... scamper... find sixgun... get him to repair bay... need him repaired... for full...weapons restoration..." groaned the city giant...

"Understood" came a reply...

the six wheeled car burst from a bay near metroplex's core consciousness, tracking sixgun... and finding him in a hallway by gunnery control...

"target found.. he'll need tech support and fast, if we're to get you fully op. in the next megacycle..."

"Un..derstood..." metroplex was still dazed, as was made obvious by his broken speech..

"Security..director Ironhide... Sixgun...located. Medical and Tech personell needed to assist in restoration for optimal operation. Deck 5... gunnery hallway... Scamper...is with him."

Starsaber had become rather complacent... he had been in the woods for several days now... thought to be in stasis... in reality, however, he was trying to figure out how exactly he would be able to open a rift in time-space... The cybertrons back home... needed him... as well as victory leo... desparately... greatshot... and the few micromaster bases and warriors had managed to get planet micro cloaked from destron scanning... but that wouldn't be enough... not unless deszaras was permanently dealt with...

Victory Leo was meditating, seemingly quiet, and oblivious to what starsaber was doing... He, himself, was trying to maintain control of the savage side that had recently tried to force victory saber to murder leokaiser... and worse, nearly kill fellow cybertrons.

2004-01-06, 10:03 PM
New York City

"We're approaching Rockerfeller Center," Magnus radioed to Stepper. "Meet us there."

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-06, 10:19 PM
New York City

"Roger that. We'll be there in 2 minutes." Stepper answered back. He revved the engine as he started off towards the Rockerfeller Center. He radioed Artfire and Dropshot. "Well boys, you heard the man. Time to show them why we are..." And in unison the 3 of them say. "The best there is, at what we do."

Artfire laughed as he sped off after Stepper. "What do you think Dropshot??"

Dropshot replied back. "I think Stepper ought to cut down on the high octane or whatever he's taking. But enough about that, let go to work."

2004-01-06, 10:34 PM
Command Deck, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -grins- ''Bout tahme you woke up." -looks at the 89 degree slope of the deck between himself and the doorway, sighs, activates commlink as he starts climbing his way up the command deck towards the door- "Minerva, get to th' medbay. Metroplex's onlahne an' one a his subord units needs repair."

Minerva: -over commlink- "I read you, Ironhide. I'm on my way there."

Ironhide: -finally struggles his way to the door, climbs out, starts heading for Deck 5-

2004-01-06, 10:39 PM
New York City - Rockerfeller Center

Magnus soon arrived, and found a suitable parking space. Once he stopped, he dropped his trailer to allow Nightbeat to leave.

2004-01-07, 04:37 AM
Crosshairs shrugged. "We have competant leaders, though. The Decepticons have Galvatron, and he's not exactly renowned for his stratigical prowess."
The Targetmaster frowned, thinking about what Roadbuster had said earlier.
Survey maps...
Tapping instructions into his console, he ran a search for any Carbombyan survey records in the system. The results were less than encouraging.
"Slagheaps," he muttered to himself. Then, he turned to Roadbuster. "Our geological database was corrupted during the attack."
He picked another laser rifle from the rack and began to inspect it.
"If you want to follow through on this, we'd have to find the maps somewhere else."

Lord Zarak
2004-01-07, 10:58 AM
"Scrap this, Prime must be busy." As Grapple said that, MEtroplex spoke.

In reply Grapple spoke back

"Where do you want me to help repair you, Metroplex? I have Catilla and Chaincl;aw here who can help as well."

2004-01-07, 04:22 PM
Rockefeller Center, NYC:

Nightbeat: -still inside of Magnus' trailer-

Muzzle: -rooting around in Nightbeat's trunk- "I know I put them in here somewhere......"

Nightbeat: "I keep telling you to clean out my trunk."

Muzzle: "Why? You never know when we're going to need this stuff."

Nightbeat: "A broken SuperSoaker 10,000, a collection of 8-track tapes when I don't have an 8-track player, an Underwood typrwriter, a broken hatrack, a towel from Marks and Spencers, and a broken electric minifridge? And that's just the top layer."

Muzzle: "All the minifridge needs is a new cord.... Ha! Got 'em!" -pulls out a set of plates with the words 'U.N. Intel. Taskforce Dilpomatic Clearanace' printed on them, starts pulling the old British plates off of Nightbeat- "And some duct tape should fix that supersoaker right up."

Nightbeat: "You've been saying that since 1990."

Muzzle: "The minifridge isn't that old."

Nightbeat: -sighs-

Muzzle: "You're just worried that the plates won't work."

Nightbeat: "No, I'm worried that I'm going to wind up in police impound. Again."

Muzzle: "Police custody isn't that bad."

Nightbeat: "For you, maybe. The last time I was in there was no fun at all."

Muzzle: -finishes swapping the plates, closes Nightbeat's trunk lid, climbs into Nightbeat, closes driver's door- "What are you complaining about? You're the one who told me to start that bar fight with the Hell's Angels." -starts Nightbeat's engine, drives out of trailer, parks next to Ultra Magnus-

Nightbeat: "And getting stolen out of the impound yard did lead us to solve the case..... but it was embarrassing."

Muzzle: "Oh, it wasn't that bad."

Nightbeat: "It took you a month to track down all of the parts they stripped off of me."

Muzzle: "You got new rims, didn't you?"

Nightbeat: "They were three times the original size of my old rims, and they were gold plated. Not to mention the airbrushed lady that was painted on my hood and trunk lid and the words 'King Mac Daddy Pimp' painted in neon pink letters on my doors."

Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -working on the grenade launcher's slide- "It is a good idea. Once I'm done here, I'll go dig up the information." -thinks- "Any idea where I could find it, Crosshairs?"

God Jinrai
2004-01-07, 06:10 PM
"Grapple... repairs... on arms... need to commence... Transformation not possibile without funcional towers...or arms....
Please commence with repairs as...soon as possible."

Metroplex's internals were working themselves to the limit, struggling to at the least, re-shape the general structures of the mangled arms...but were getting nowhere fast... trypticon had nearly torn one arm completely off, and the other well... it wasn't much better.

2004-01-07, 07:54 PM
Crosshairs shrugged. "Metroplex might have the data," he told Roadbuster.
He tried to power up the laser rifle, but got no response. Sighing, he placed the rifle down on the counter and began to strip off parts.
"Or we could try to get it from the humans."

Aero Blade
2004-01-08, 12:23 AM
Aero Blade accepted the Autobrand from Optimus, but he didn't immediately put it on. He seemed to be thinking again, or remembering. "In my homeworld defectors are not allowed to wear the insignia. Troops tend to take markings at face value, and there have been great problems with defectors merely being spies..."

"Though I would like nothing more than to wear this, I also intend to return to my home if the opportunity should arrise, and I fear the controversy that may come of this..." Aero Blade explained. "I need time to decide..."

God Jinrai
2004-01-08, 12:28 AM
"I understand, Aeroblade. take all the time you need. in the meantime, you're free to return to your duties... metroplex seems to have come back online, and we need him at his peak operational capacity if we're to proceed with any plans to retake cybertron...much less deal with the decepticons"

Prime drew his hand back, letting it rest at his side. he knew metroplex needed restored, but so to did fortress... something he knew needed attended to soon.

2004-01-08, 03:26 AM
Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -finishes repairing the slide for his grenade launcher, reassembles it- "When we're done here, we'll take a neighborly stroll over to Metroplex and look in his databanks." -holsters grenade launcher- "How are our plasma and smoke grenade supplies? I'm running kind of low."

2004-01-08, 04:52 AM
Crosshairs frowned down at the opened-up laser rifle. The insides were slagged, as if they had been overloaded.
He looked up at his work, then gestured to the back wall of the armory, where the grenades were stored.
"What you see there is all we have," he told Roadbuster.
Stripping the scope and harmonic dampener from the laser rifle, he scooped the rest of it up and tossed it in a trash recycler in disgust.

2004-01-08, 07:19 AM
Somewhere Near Fortress Maximus

Wreck-Gar looked at Trailbreaker.

"Gee willikers, Radioactive Man, that tortoise is sure passing us by. Maybe we should think about getting full of Brazillian chili peppers and traveling to a strange fantasy land."
New York - Rockerfeller Center

"Is there some point to what you two are arguing about?" Magnus asked, the soldier in him preventing him from finding the situation humorous, no matter how badly it might seem needed.

Lord Zarak
2004-01-08, 11:52 AM
"Ok Metroplex, you just hang in there. Me and the other two will start on the tower which becomes your left arm. Tehn we will move to your right. Can you get your mobile drones ot gather the equipment neccessary to begin the reconstruction?" asked Grapple, mind racing on proceedures.

Aero Blade
2004-01-08, 08:45 PM
Aero Blade nodded politely to Optimus, then left the office to go off in search of Wheeljack so that they could resume working repairs again. He assumed the other tech would know where it'd be best to start first. As Aero Blade walked the corridors, he stared at the Autobrand he now held in his hand. "What do you think Stratus..?"

2004-01-08, 10:57 PM
Rockerfeller Center, NYC:

Muzzle: "Arguing? I wouldn't call it arguing."

Nightbeat: "It's more of a disagreement over whether or not putting an old set of diplomatic plates that might not work in keeping Muzzle out of jail and me out of the impound yard." -sighs- "I'm not even sure this will work. I don't know if diplomatic immunity works with cars that are concidered roadworthy in the US."

Muzzle: "Porsche should have just built a few extra."

Aero Blade
2004-01-09, 02:20 AM
Aero Blade finally arrived in the area where Wheeljack was doing repairs. "Need any help?" He asked, coming over to investigate what Wheeljack was currently working on.

The Autobrand that Optimus had given to him required alot of heavy consideration. He would leap on the slightest chance for him to return home, but he realize that with knowing so little of how he had arrived at this world in the first place, the chance of him returning were even more diminished. As things stood, there was very little chance of him being able to make it back.

In the end, Aero Blade decided that the only reason for not wearing it was his own crimson paint job would obscure it. There was though an orange spot on either side of his body on vehicle mode that would be well suited for it. Not caring for the potential embarrasement of walking around with a lop-sided paint job, he had made a short detour for a copy of the insignia. That task done and Aero's confidence increased, he was now ready help out Wheeljack with the repairs again.

God Jinrai
2004-01-09, 10:25 PM
"Ah. Back I see. Well, I hope things got sorted out with you and Prime... We gotta get some serious work done here in the Maximus... Metroplex is back online, and from what I heard, Grapple, Chainclaw and Cattilla are starting work on his arms... which will be the remaining structural damage that he'd need repaired. WE, however, have a bit bigger job. Fortress' systems are still intact, and many of the areas, haven't sustained much damage at all... but it's that massive hole in what would be his chest area that's got me worried. It's actually near the main entry ramp to his city mode... so we gotta move... and fast. We need to find out if that stinger got too deep... and if it did... kill the maximus power core and patch those area relays up... otherwise, this place might just blow sky high! "

Wheeljack was now, obviously, very worried... nothing had come up on diagnostic for that particular area, indicating that power wasn't being supplied. but that was also very close to fortress' power core... at least his robot mode core... if even ONE of the three cores went... it would be all over... the power output from that reactor was so immense, if it were patched into a human power grid, it would overload it... blowing it out completely.

Aero Blade
2004-01-09, 11:05 PM
Now this was what Aero Blade thrived on, and sensitive or even dangerous work was his specialty. He felt his processor kicking into work mode, and he already felt a hinting thrill of the work ahead of him.

"Don't worry about those power cores Wheeljack, I can work on them whether they're active or not. I'll make sure they don't blow..." Aero Blade told him, already dissapering deeper into the hole made by the stinger, not giving Wheeljack the time to talk him out of it.

2004-01-10, 01:55 AM
Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -stands, walks over to the grenade storage cabinet, starts loading up on plasma and smoke grenades- "So when do you think we'll retaliate?"

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-10, 02:11 AM
New York - Rockerfeller Center

Stepper pulled up beside Ultra Magnus. " What up Mags? Artfire and Dropshot should be any minute."

"Actually, Artfire and I are parked around the corner at the moment. Just tell us what you need." Dropshot said as he waited for more instructions. He thought to himself "This better be good or I'm telling this Matrix wannabe off. I don't care if he is some big hero back home or not. I couldn't care less."

2004-01-10, 02:20 AM
New York

"We need to borrow Dropshot and your Nebulan partners," Magnus said.

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-10, 03:23 AM
New York

"No problem, Mags. I'll get Nebulon and Nightbeat to get Dropshot and bring him over here." Stepper said.

Artfire replied back. "That probably isn't the best idea Stepper. Considering that even with Muzzle's help, Nebulon and Nightbeat couldn't carry him over there. I'll dirve around to your position and we'll go from there."

"Besides, I don't think that even New York is ready to see two robots carrying a 45 foot long sniper rilfe through the streets. Just give us minute Magnus and we'll be at your position. Unless you have any ideas of your own." Dropshot added.

2004-01-10, 06:16 AM
Crosshairs shook his head.
"I don't know, Roadbuster. I haven't seen Prime in action enough to judge."
He sighed.
"In fact, before the evacutation I hadn't seen much active duty since Nebulos. And that was a long time ago. I spent most of my time assigned to the armory in Iacon."
He picked the last rifle up from the rack.
"Though from what I hear, Prime isn't too big on retaliation. If I had to guess, I'd say he'll wait for the Decepticons make the next move."
The Targetmaster began to inspect the rifle.
"You probably know him better than I, though."

2004-01-10, 04:37 PM
Rockerfeller Center, NYC:

Muzzle: "Whoa, waitaminute here guys. If Dropshot's not a Nebulan, I don't know if this will work. I thought Stepper and Artfire were Targetmasters."

Nightbeat: "They might be, but just because Targetmasters had Nebulan partners where we're from doesn't mean they do here."

Muzzle: "If they've got partners that can pass for human, then send them over. The last thing anybody at the UN needs right now is to see a group of giant robots poking around the outside."

Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: "To be honest, I don't know Prime that well, either. The Wreckers haven't mixed with the main-line Autobots for a long time." -optic band narrows- "Lets just say I've been less than impressed with the living legend."

Brave Maximus
2004-01-11, 04:02 AM
Internal repairs complete:
Temporal\Spacial\Realty calibrated to current location
Sequincing Higher programming for reactivation:

I...... AM. Nhhhhh, what the hell happened

Sequince Audio receptors and prepair for integration with core conciousness................ Ready:

A world of sounds flooded into his core conciousness, as heavy machinery and 'bots moved by at a distance. Another sounds, lighter and closer, but nothing he could make sense of.

Prepair for visual input from optic sensors........ Ready - Start

A world of images flooded into his mind. At first the fuzzy blue of the Terran sky, and then as it began to focus he noticed the foot of a giant white bot only a few meters away. Then three smaller bots faces came into his view, each looking worried, and talking - but he was only just catching some words.

Skyfall sat up, and for the first time he realized that he was on the ground.
Starlight Her name is Starlight, a minicon I found with two others, on the moon - but was it this moon? My Moon? Another moon Began to talk slowly:

"Skyfall alright? I\We were worried, tried to fix, but could not find problem. Only a strange energy signature that we thought was only hypothetical......"

Skyfall looked at his minicon companion for a second, trying to understand what she said. And while the words made sense, he had no idea what she was talking about.

"Starlight, what the heck happened to me? I was talking with Optimus Prime about repairs, then nothing, blank."

Starlight looked at him with a look of disbelief, the responded:
"Skyfall was unconcious when I\We arrived at Metroplex. Optimus and others had completed their repairs and were gone. I\We Then moved you out of Metroplex and attempted a repair sequence. Finding nothing wrong we continued to scan deeper. I\We found residue of Temporal\Transdimensional energon, that had build up in your system. Your internals were processing this in what seemed a normal fashion - so I\We assumed that it was something normal for you. This Energon was only considered theoretical when we Minicons attempted to breach the reallity wall. Do you know what it is?"

Skyfall paused a moment - then an understanding occured to him:
"For some reason, I am able to shift realities. After I used it to escape from the Destrons back home, I tired lots of times to get back to my reallity, that's how I met you, picked up Omega and arrived here. I guess the battle with Sixshot, stopped my systems from proccessing it, and caused me to over load. My internals must have shunt me to Stasis lock to proccess it into Energon Z. Seems to be all done now though. Speaking of - something is missing:"

Accessing internal systems - reinitalize link with Omega on my mark - NOW
Syncing with Omega, begining Master conncetion...... Link re-established - connecting to higher core systems via Master Connection:

The sensor data from Omega flooded into Skyfalls conciousness - forcing him to stagger. But in a few nano-clicks, he was able to assimlate the data stream and it was as if everything was right again.

He then looked around - while Metroplex was active, he was along way from operational, and Fortress Maximus didn't even look operational (though Missing his head).

Looking at the minicons, he sighed.
"There's alot of work here that we can help out with, but I don't know where to start. Guess I'll have to ask Optimus Prime - though I don't know how I'll explain this......

Comm link open: Optimus Prime
Ummmm, Supreme Commander Convo..... Optimus Prime. This is Skyfall - I've come back online. I was wondering what you needed sir?"

2004-01-11, 04:35 AM
Gunnery Section, Deck 5, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -making his way through the wrecked corridor, roughly every third lighting panel lit, decking twisted and covered with scrap, sunlight streaming in through a few holes- "What a mess......" -sees Sixgun's slumped and damaged form, picks him up, slings him over his shoulder, starts heading for medbay-

Main Engineering, Metroplex:

Minerva: -checking the secondary relays one more time, noting with some worry the sudden spike in power usage with Metroplex coming back online and the subsequent strain on the secondary relays shunting main power into the system, watches as the scutters work on the main relays- "Better hurry it up, guys. I'm not sure how long the secondarys are going to hold up." -not expecting any response from the mute scutters, heads for medbay-

2004-01-11, 04:42 AM
Crosshairs' optics widened slightly with surprise. Not surprise at Roadbuster's statement, but rather surprise that he hadn't even bothered to veil his contempt for the Autobots' leader.
He put the laser rifle down on the counter, a little too hard.
"To be honest," he said quietly, "I'm not very impressed with him either. Not from what I've seen."
He flashed a look at Pinpointer, then fixed his gaze back on Roadbuster and asked with a bit more confidence, "Were you around during the debacle with Nebulos and the Plasma Energy Chamber?"

God Jinrai
2004-01-11, 05:35 PM
"Skyfall, Metroplex is still in need of repair,but I believe we've got enough personell working overtime there... the Maximus needs the real help now. Aeroblade is set to repair the relays for the primary energy core... but structural damage is still extremely severe... short of our own set of "constructicons"... This may take awhile to get repaired... so get over here ASAP... the least we can do is get the internal systems repaired, and get fortress back online... "

Prime cut the transmission, as he looked down at the unconscious headmaster commander...

"Don't worry, old friend. I'll do all I can... to get you back to full strength..."

Cautiously, he leaned down, picking him up, carrying him to medbay... where Wheeljack waited...

" We need to get him fully functional, wheeljack... without him... Cog, and the Maximus itself is all but a hollowed out shell... we need Fortress up and about to mentally interface with the Maximus' systems and initiate the major repair protocols"

"Gotcha, Prime." came wheeljack's response, and so the autobots' mad scientist went to work, scanning Fortress, and began to remove armor plating to begin internal repairs

2004-01-11, 07:50 PM
Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: "The Wreckers had moved to Earth by that time. Springer was more buddy-buddy with Rodimus Prime than he was with Optimus Prime." -realizing how he must sound- "Prime killed Springer. It might have been an accident, but I don't think I can forgive him for it."

Medbay, Metroplex:

Minerva: -makes her way in, clears off a repair table, gets the diagnostic systems up and running-

Ironhide: -carrys Sixgun in, drops him on the repair table-

Minerva: -starts scanning Sixgun-

Ironhide: "Awlrahght. Metroplex's awake."

Minerva: "And once the scutters get the main relays repaired, we'll be able to run full power into the systems."

Ironhide: "Ah'll head back up to th' command deck."

Minerva: "Have you checked the security office yet?"

Ironhide: "Not yet. Gettin' Metroplex back onlahne's more important. 'Sides, if the cameras ain't workin', no reason ta go in." -heads for the command deck-

Aero Blade
2004-01-11, 08:03 PM
It was a relatively short while before Aero Blade was seen again. He seemed to be working his way back out repairing the damaged from the deepest section and working his way up. Absorbed in the task, he wasn't paying much attention to anything else. It seems there must not have been a problem with the power cores, or not a very big one at least that he was already working on fixing the other damage.

2004-01-12, 01:13 AM
Crosshairs' jaw worked for a moment, but no sound emerged.
Finally, he managed, "I...hadn't heard. I thought the Quintessons got him. Wha...how did it happen?" he asked Roadbuster.

Brave Maximus
2004-01-12, 04:05 AM
Skyfall nodded and looked at his minicon companions

"Starlight, would you and the guys mind helping out getting Maximus back online? I'm not to knowlegdeable about this sort of thing, but if you'll follow the direction of who ever's in charge over there, I bet you'll be alot of help."

Starlight nodded:"I\We are sure that I\We can get the city up and running very quickly. This Technology seems rather primitive compared to Minicon tech."

Skyfall nodded. He remembered that Maximus had been the most powerful Autobot for a long time, but now, a Micromaster combiner could go toe to toe with him - and not nearly be as energon guzzeling.

They transformed and headed off towards Maximus. It wasn't hard to locate and fly to Medbay through the holes in Maximus' armour.
now this is something me and Omega can help out with, replacing armour plates.
They entered Medbay just after Wheeljack had finished his primary scan.
"Starlight - do you think you can help Bringing Fortress Back on line?"
The minicons nodded in unison and flew up to the repair table and waited for Wheeljacks diagnosis.

Skyfall then flew towards Optimus:
"Sir, What needs attention the most? I'll see what I can do to help repair"

2004-01-12, 05:09 AM
Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -glaring straight ahead, not looking at anything- "Prime charged up the Matrix somehow and fired it at Thunderwing at precisely the moment Springer attacked Thunderwing. It killed him instantly." -fingers digging groves in the metal of the tabletop- "And I find it interesting that Prime is able to open up the Matrix to retrieve his most trusted friend and advisors, and yet none of the other Wreckers are back. We've got bodies for them, but no Wreckers."

Entrance to Command Deck, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -perched in the doorway, drumming fingers on the doorframe, wondering if he should go in, having the sinking feeling that as soon as he gets in there, something else is going to happen, meaning another crawl up the 89 degree angle of the command deck-

2004-01-12, 05:51 AM
It took a while before Crosshairs could speak. When he did, it was in a whisper. "It couldn't have been on purpose."

He held up a hand to forstall any reply by Roadbuster, then continued with a trace of bitterness in his voice.

"Prime wouldn't...he'd never be able to do that." The Targetmaster shook his head. "From what I've seen, he just couldn't make the decision to kill a fellow Autobot. During the Plasma Energy Chamber fiasco, he was so indecisive. Never willing to take a risk or make a sacrifice. He could have put a stop to the Decepticon threat easily, but he wasn't willing to take the risk. And how did that turn out? If we hadn't had a few Nebulons on hand, his moralistic blundering would have cost us Cybertron and Earth."

The Targetmaster bowed his head, and the bitterness in his voice grew more distinct.

"We've all had to make hard choices in this war. We've all had to do things that we knew were wrong, for the greater good. But not Prime. He always makes the moral choice, the right choice, no matter how bad it is for the Autobot cause. Primus knows we have a lot more examples of that."

"He didn't kill Springer on purpose. He couldn't."

2004-01-13, 01:53 AM
Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: "Oh, I know he didn't do it on purpose. It was an accident, he didn't mean to, Springer just blundered into the way......" -slams fist into the table, punching through and driving half of his forearm bracer plate through the table as well before stopping- "What I'm sick of is his noble posturing. For so long now, we've been the Autobots dirty little secret, we've been the ones doing the dirty work. But in this new era, we're nothing more than an embarrassment. We don't stand up to the Autobot code. We don't play fair, we strike before the Decepticons can." -snarls- "Xxarron was a wily old buzzard, and our original leader, Impactor, died twice to save him. Xxarron might have been a manipulator, but at least he cared about us. Prime doesn't give two slags about the Wreckers, and it'll be a cold day in hell before I forgive him for that, for taking away my friends and comrades."

2004-01-13, 04:36 AM
Crosshairs stepped back a bit, optics locked on the hole Roadbuster punched in the table.

"I...I understand what you're saying. Prime's friends, the 'Bots that were on his Ark crew, they make him out as if he's the be-all and end-all of what it means to be an Autobot. They all adore him, because he'd never do anything that went against his morals."

He chuckled emptily. "But he doesn't mind letting others do the dirty work, does he?"

Still perched on the Autobot's shoulder, Pinpointer stared curiously at his partner. In all the years he'd been paired with him, Crosshairs had never voiced such feelings. Or, perhaps, the Nebulan simply hadn't listened carefully enough. He shook his head, unsure.

Crosshairs sighed, then seemed to deflate a bit.

"Prime can be frustrating, I know." The Targetmaster smiled a bit. "But please don't take it out on my armory. Some of the stuff in here will blow up if you punch it."

2004-01-13, 06:33 AM
Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -glowering- "Nnn." -seems to lighten up a little- "When Springer died, I punched the head off of a Headmaster and nearly went toe to toe with Prime's lap dog, Quick Switch." -sighs- "Cooler heads prevailed, though. They stunned me and kept me disabled until D..... until I calmed down." -narrows optic band- "Probably a good thing, too."

2004-01-13, 06:45 AM
"Yeah, the last thing we needed was for you to knock the head off our security chief..."

Crosshairs chuckled. He looked at Roadbuster for a moment, gazed at the floor.

"I can see where you're coming from, though. If it had been, say, Pinpointer here that took the shot...I wouldn't be too happy with Prime."

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-13, 07:05 AM
New York

Dropshot radioed Nightbeat, Muzzle and Ultra Magnus. "You know what??? We're not doing anything until you give us a damn clue as to what's going on. Understood?? I don't know what you were all thinking but Stepper, Artfire and myself; we a sniper unit.
We don't do search and rescue, we don't do recon, we don't anything like that. We take out Decepticons. You give us a target and we shoot it. Simple as that."

Artfire sighed. "Try to calm down, will ya?"

Dropshot yelled back. "HELL NO. I've never been part of a more retarted operation since I came online. I'm gun for crying out loud and they expect me to run around New York on some scavenger hunt. I realize that I'm not too popular either because of what I am, but I serve a purpose just like everyone else. "

Stepper answered back. "Magnus, Nightbeat, you better call in reinforcments because we're not going to of any use to you. Our Targetmasters won't past for humans anyway. They're too tall."

"We'll try and help if we can but I doubt that there's much for us to do at this point." Artfire added.

Brave Maximus
2004-01-13, 08:27 AM
Another time\place - both before and after the Now, and yet existing at the same time

A call, ripping at my very spark, so far away, so old. Yet it is right here, right now. Something that has never happened, yet had to happen and will always happen. Do I answer the call? It rips at my very being - old as time.

Time - it has no meaning

Did that call just happen or did it rip through me a millenia ago?

Battle - now this is something I remember - it calls to me, to the primal, most beastial parts. Another part, burried deep with in, is repusled at the things I have done in battle, but I do not care about that part. I hide it deep down, it is not what I am now. I can easily hide it when I go berserk - when I tear through with my rampages of destruction.

A ripping, a rending, a tearing through, a feeling of fear and terror like I have never known. But it feels good to feel anything at all, and soon I will be there. Once I have broken through this darkness and traveled up

Another time\space - that once was seperate and at once shattered togeather

I've made it through, we're here!
We broke the reality barrier. Though it took all my power. Now all I have to do is make it to them. Warn them of what is coming. There is Evil back there!

Earth, near the Autobot base

A star appeared in the sky, bright enough to be seen in the daylight - if anyone cared to look. But this was no normal star. It began to grow and twist and turn. This star was falling, and it was falling to Earth.

OOC: to the mods - the danger can be nothing at all, just motivation for the character, though if you want to use it later - it may help

2004-01-13, 07:53 PM
Rockerfeller Center, NYC:

Muzzle: -sighs-

Nightbeat: "All right, there's bound to be an easier way to do this. I'll call the local network affiliates and see if they had news teams in the area. Giant robots at the UN are bound to draw media attention."

Muzzle: "And I'll go back and look around the outside. Maybe I'll find a large piece of paper with 'My Master Plan' in Galvatron's handwriting, detailing what's he's planning."

Nightbeat: -chuckles- "But do they make Crayons that big?"

Brave Maximus
2004-01-15, 01:44 AM
Then and Now and Tomorrow, Here or there. Or perhaps somewhere inbetween

Almost there, The darkness is giving way to the light of renual. Something is drawing me towards a place where I can be free AGAIN!


Lakeshore by the Autobot encampment

The Star continued to fall, white hot, speeds sending ripples through the atmosphere. But the white was not heat - it was internal power - and it was failing under the strain.

Aero Blade
2004-01-15, 02:03 AM
I'm around. Aero's just fixing stuff until something happens or someone drops in on him (and he's perfectly happy with that ;) ) but there isn't exactly much to do with that in the way of posting, so I'm just sort of waiting for an idea or interruption...

Lord Zarak
2004-01-15, 02:29 PM
Grapple, along with Chainclaw and Catilla, continued to work on repairing Metroplex.

God Jinrai
2004-01-15, 10:48 PM
In his quarters, prime let out a deep sigh... while things were comming together, it wasn't enough. having sifted through dozens of old records, looking back at those autobots who HADN'T come back online... and the reports from off-planet intel concerning cybertron... it would take a miracle to retake their homeworld... even under a united front. Cybertron had been fortified to an unbelievable degree... even reports from the few bots left hidden on moonbase 2 were terrified each time they looked down on their homeworld... it had become, more or less, what Megatron had tried to create during the earliest days of the cybertronian wars... A massive war world.

Granted, prime knew of a very simple means to erase that image of cybertron... the cyber-forming machinations that starscream put into effect those years ago... a new layer had to have developed by now... it was cybertron's very nature to shed a husk such as that... particularly during times of crisis... when the war torn landscapes essentially.. could not support life... not for long, anyway.

But two things still needed attended to... the first being galvatron and the decepticons... the second... Quintessa. whether quintessons were still on the planet or not, Prime inteded to pay a visit to the quintesson homeworld... hopefully, to gain some insight as to why the Imperial magistrate was so intent on retaking cybertron... and moreso... any clues as to how to stop him from completely destroying the world he once knew...

Exiting his quarters, prime started down the hall...

"Well now. Aeroblade's really put some speed on..." Prime gazed about... circuitry was repaired... panels re-set, and restored... most of the remaining matters were purely cosmetic... of course, the floors and ceilings themselves would need restored... but all of the wiring links and cable that connected each area were again in place... unfortunately, fully exposed....

It was then that wheeljack came down the hall with a huge roll of what appeared to be sheet metal...

"Wheeljack... what are you doing with that roll of sheetmetal?" Prime questioned...

"Simple, Optimus. I've developed a "quik-patch" as it were, that, when applied to sheet metal, seals to the surface, and re-adjusts the mollecular structure of the metal to match with the surface... Just watch."

Wheeljack unravelled a large section and tossed the rolled end to prime... who cut the edge, and the two set it down onto the floor... it was then that wheeljack procured a canister that resembled an earthen aerosol can... and applied a sprayed coat to the sheet... which seconds later hardened... matching the floor's density, hardness, and for the most part, color...

"Sorry, I haven't gotten it down to color matching yet..." wheeljack almost chuckled... and started for the elevator to the next floor...

" Keep it up, wheeljack. Keep up with aeroblade's speed, and we'll have fortress back online in no time."

Prime's hopes rose... perhaps this really could work... but then his mind drifted... to galvatron.. and a grim determination set in... the sort that you only see in prime's eyes when he's about to confront a crisis... the sort of determinationt hat says... "I am the autobot supreme commander. I was chosen not because I am superior to my troops, but rather because I realize that In the end, I AM just another warrior. I command through respect, and cooperation, not through fear and tyranny. I am not their superior, I am an equal. and all that matters is our united success."

Prime headed for the maximus exterior, to take stock of the situation outside... and check on fortress. It had seemed the headmaster commander had regained consciousness... and had begun examining his vessel from the outside, for any major problems... such as weaponry. The mega cannons mounted on the maximus' robot mode waist were nearly irreplacable as to create cannons that size.. would take at least an earthen year... time prime didn't have...

Brave Maximus
2004-01-15, 11:31 PM
Maximus Interior

Skyfall watched as Prime walked away - burdened by the weight of leadership. Skyfall just shook his head - hopeing that a burden like that would never rest on his shoulders. He liked just being a soldier - perhaps a little more. But to be responsible for the entire rise or fall of the Autobots - far too much for him.

A mental click told him that Omega was in the imediate area and ready to help with the reconstruction.
During the battle, things...... Meshed with Omega - as if that's what we were ment to do. I still held back though - part of me resisted combining with Omega wholey. I think that's why it felt like everything was going in slow motion. I....... I still don't think I can link 100%. I don't want to lose myself........

Noticing Wheeljack with the miricale spray and sheet metal - it gave Skyfall an idea.

"Hey Wheeljack Sir! Will that stuff work with armour plating? If it does, W could probably get the hull of Maximus repaired in an hour or so. The internals will go quickly with Aero Blade, and my minicons. I bet we could have Maximus physically up and running in no time."

Earths inner Atmosphere
*Smaller voices in the void*We're failing - Power reserves almost gone - we can't hold on much longer......
*one deeper, unified voice*I have to hold on, must get to the Earth, must warn them. I'm almost there!

Sonic booms rippled across the united states as a large falling object made it's way from east to west, seeming to home in on one specific spot - on something familiar. As it moved across the Autobot base, it tried to correct it's movements. But with each fireing of it's thrusters, it's colour shifted, from glorious white to a deep purple\black. With the final adjustment, the form went from a flight at mach 5 to a deep swinging arch.

I'm here, they will know........

The sonic booms of a second ago were over shadowed by the impact of something at the lake area. A fountain of water shot 100 feet into the air, and the steam cloud rose to the heavens.

Aero Blade
2004-01-16, 12:05 AM
Stratus did a flyby of the area Wheeljack and Skyfall were in, checking to see how they were doing. He'd flown an aireal circuit twice before, seeming to become periodical now. It was mostly just locating where Wheeljack was, and if need be telling Aero Blade to slow down a bit if they were far ahead, not wanting his partner strain his cervos. Having located Wheeljack, Stratus was off again, heading back towards Aero.

"He's a whole sector behind us, you can pull it out of overdrive," Stratus piped to Aero as he came flying back by.

"The sooner that the repairs are done, the sooner I can get to helping Wheeljack with covering over the gaps again," Aero Blade reminded the minicon, his hands busy with a mess of wires. Live wires. It wasn't any bother to Aero - he did it all the time - that's what super-strength surge protectors were for: so he wouldn't have to waste time finding the power relays, disconnecting or rerouting them, then reconnecting them afterward. Too much waste of time.

"You shock yourself again, I'm telling Optimus," Stratus warned.

"I only get shocked when I get distracted," he countered, not even looking up. Stratus razzed him, but he didn't pay any mind, still concentraiting on the wires before him.

2004-01-16, 01:05 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -peering in through the doorway, sees one of the tactical displays light up, tracking an object heading for and crashing into the lake- "Aw, no.... not another one......" -activates commlink- "Minerva, you read me?"

Medbay, Metroplex:

Minerva: -working on Sixgun, activates commlink- "I read you, Ironhide. What's up?"

Ironhide: -over commlink- "Somethin' jus' crashed inta th' lake again."

Minerva: "There must be a target on that lake."

Ironhide: "Yeah, an' Ah'm gonna go check it out. Ah don't come back, call Fort Max an' have 'em send somebody ta get me."

Minerva: "Alright. You're not taking backup?"

Ironhide: "Ain't enough of us operational rahght now to spare checkin' somethin' out. Ah c'n do some repairs, but Ah ain't a tech're nothin." -sighs- "An' Ah'm gettin' bored." -deactivates commlink-

Minerva: -sighs- "If he wanted to go, why didn't he just say so?"

Exterior, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -walks out, transforms, heads for lake-

God Jinrai
2004-01-16, 01:17 AM
Finding Fortress examining the frontal cannons of the battleship, prime shouted up to him...

"Any serious damage, Fortress?"

"Negative, sir! Looks like the externally mounted weapons survived intact... But... "

At that instant he noticed the falling gusher from the lake... and so did prime...

" Don't worry about it. I'm going to take care of this one myself. Once the Maximus' external sensors are at full power, initiate a sweep... focusing on that lake... and if I'm not back in one earth hour... send out a hail... if I don't respond.. scramble any available warriors... "

"Understood, Optimus!"

With that, Prime got a running start, transformed, and rolled out for the lake... not knowing that his old friend, and current chief of security at metroplex would be found there as well...

Brave Maximus
2004-01-16, 01:29 AM
The star shimmered in the lake - water splattering off it's shell, evaporating in a cloud of mist. But it's colours shimmered and rippled - Finally changing from brilliant white to dark black and purple. As the internal light subsided - the form was not a star, but a Transformer - made up of different bodies combined togeather.

I made it......... Now I can tell them...........
Internal power failure. Systems crash. Attempting to switch to stasis lock....... FALURE. Spark degredation at terminal levels. Main systems failur.............

Six orbs of blue, with energy pulsing inside of them rose from the parts of the fallen transformers. Five voices carried on the wind:
"We are free......"
But one, one spark hovered.............. But with a flash of light, nothing could be seen but the form of the Transformer - turning grey........

2004-01-16, 01:40 AM
En route to lake:

Ironhide: -rolling along, turning his impressive array of sensors at the lake, trying to scan what just landed-

Armory, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -optic band narrowed, stands- "I'll be back, Crosshairs.... need some time to think...." -stalks out, heading for the exterior-

Outside of Autobot sensor envelope, near the Rockies:

Gaihawk, Drillhorn, Leozak, Hellbat, Jalgar, and Killbison: -land-

Leozak: "You have your equipment?"

Drillhorn: "Aye, Captain. I've got a signal interceptor and transmitter ready. It will send burst transmissions once a day, zipsquealed into a one picosecond transmission."

Leozak: "Good work, Drillhorn. Proceed."

Drillhorn: -transforms, drill bores int the ground tunnelling deep into the Earth, then heading towards the Autobot encampment-

Leozak: "The rest of you, with me."

Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, and Killbison: -take off, Leozak, Gaihawk and Hellbat transforming to fighter mode-

Exterior, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -stalks out of the ship, still brooding, wondering why he'd talked to Crosshairs, hating the inner turmoil that he thought he'd quelled, transforms and heads towards lake, both because of the cloud hanging over it matching his mood, and looking for solitude-

2004-01-17, 04:53 AM
Crosshairs frowned as Roadbuster walked out of the armory.

He wasn't quite sure why he'd talked to Roadbuster, either. For the past few million years he had rather successfully clamped down on his personal doubts about the leaders he had served under. He wasn't sure why those feeling picked now to bubble to the surface.

Probably has something to do with the string of defeats we've suffered, he mused. And it doesn't help that Prime's mercy on that combiner at the lakeshore ended up getting me shot to pieces, either.

He turned back to the armory, then shrugged. Doubts or no doubts, someone still had to clean up this mess. He began to stack crates, hoping the work would distract him.

2004-01-17, 06:05 PM

Ironhide: -rolls to a stop, transforms to robot mode, looking at the surface of the lake- "Ah wonder what landed....." -panel on his right shoulder opens up, and a sensor probe lauches out of it, landing in the water and heading for whatever just landed, sending telemetry to Ironhide-

2004-01-17, 09:08 PM
Trailbreaker glanced around and motioned for Windslice to follow. "This way- I'll give you quarters until we get this damage repaired. It'll be a while I think before we can go to try rescuing Hound. I'll warn you though- you still haven't told me your name and you're a Decepticon right now as far as I'm concerned. Don't move into or even towards any restricted zones. You'll get energon and have some work to do while we repair the cities."
After repairing Crosshairs, Ratchet began making his way towards the ruined medical bay when he spotted the aerialbots bringing Inferno to him. "Let's get inside. Quickly."

Inferno mumbled and winced as he was shifted. The burned metallic skin around the areas that the shurikan entrance wounds was blistering and splitting as it cooled and moved, causing sharp jabs of pain.
He murmurred irritably under his breath as he was taken inside and dropped into the remains of the medical center.

"I want those pokey spike things as souveniers Ratchet. I intend to deliver them back to their owner."

God Jinrai
2004-01-17, 10:42 PM
Prime transformed about a hundred yards from the lake edge... staring into the massive body of water... and only by luck did he notice Ironhide...

"You picked it up too, eh."

2004-01-18, 03:21 AM

Ironhide: -shrugs, focusing on probe data and feed from his other sensors- "Gotta keep yer optics open....... Got it!" -points- "Over there, on th' far shore!" -deploys gun, starts running towards the crumpled form on the far shore-

God Jinrai
2004-01-18, 04:46 AM
Prime took off after ironhide, quickly catching up to the hearily armored autobot...

"Might I suggest a little more subtle approach, old friend?"
Prime glanced down at the gun in ironhide's hand, hoping he'd get the hint...

"Unless I'm mistake, the energy signature wasn't that of a decepticon..."

2004-01-18, 04:49 AM
Mirage sat quietly in Jetfire's cargo bay watching the strange transformer and mulling over the events of the attack.

"Good news and bad news. We're almost home Mirage." Jetfire relayed back through his cabin. "The bad news is that it looks like the base had an attack too and my communicator is out."

"What?" Mirage's blue optics narrowed as he stood and walked to the front cabin. A brief look told the story.

The blue autobot frowned as he saw the damage to the city bots. He replied quietly in an even tone.
"Let's get down and report in as quickly as possible."

"Roger that. Going in."

Moments later they landed and Mirage hauled the damaged Autobot up on his shoulders and started heading for the medical bay.

2004-01-18, 05:04 AM
Wreck-Gar gave Trailbreaker a quizzical glare.

"What you talkin' 'bout, Trailbreaker? We give his kind twenty to life, not set them up for free in the Paris Hilton. He's Vince McMahon, damnit! We outta send him via Planet Express to the big cheese, and maybe he can give him an offer he can't refuse."

2004-01-18, 05:12 AM
Trailbreaker laughed at Wreck-Gar's tension reliever. "I'd say... more like O.J. Simpson myself, and to the moon Alice! But ultimately, it was Prowl and Quick Switch that said he could stay, so stay he will."

Trailbreaker paused and glanced up as he heard jet engines. "Wreck-Gar, Jetfire's back. I see singe marks on him too. Do you wanna meet him or take secret smurf here up to his quarters?"

2004-01-18, 05:20 AM
Wreck Gar shrugged. "Ten four, Kimo Sabe, but if this crazy cracker gets outta line, he's gonna be fired...out of a cannon, into the sun."
Rockerfeller Center, N.Y.C

Magnus sighed. There must be a better way to deal with this situation.

"Maybe I should go down to talk to the officials themselves," he said. "I'm of a higher rank than you, Nightbeat. Maybe they'll listen to me."

Brave Maximus
2004-01-18, 08:06 AM
Here and now, a moment ago......
YES!!! The call, I remember it now! A call to battle, a call from battle, a call that drew me here! I AM....... now and I will be again. The battle is over - but ther will be more! I have come from the darkness and now I will be in the light once more!
Lakeshore crash site......... again

The transformer\s that had crashed had turned flat grey. A dull, lifeless grey that let others know that a warrior had passed on. Yet, from in the water there was a light. Shining as if a million stars and galaxies had decided to spring to life in the lake. This light coaleced and solidified. A round, blue ball of energy rose up, through the lifeless form of the Transformer, colour returning briefly to where the spark had touched. This was no ordinary spark. red energy crackled around it, bathing the lakeside in blue and red light. It was pulsing. What it had just done too more energy than could ever be measured. But it was more than energy - it was will power. Sheer determination to live on - to fulfill it's purpose - allowed it to remain - though time and space ment nothing to a spark. The spark hovered for a moment before sinking into the lifeless body, to breath life into it anew........

2004-01-18, 07:58 PM

Ironhide: -shrugs, holsters gun- "Ah jus' hope they're friendly."

Rockerfeller Center:

Muzzle: -opening Nightbeat's drivers door to get out, stops-

Nightbeat: "Go for it, Magnus." -closes door- "Good luck."

Muzzle: "You think they'll talk to him?"

Nightbeat: -sighs- "I think they'll run screaming the second he transforms and looms 50 or so feet over them." -thinks- "ZNN's usually got a news crew here,right?"

Muzzle: "Probably."

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "I'll call information and get their New York bureau number."

2004-01-19, 06:26 AM
The Protectobots had walked around the area of the base for a long time. Now, they had found themselves outside and looking out onto the lake.

"Hot Spot," Blades said, the impatience in his voice obvious, "why can't we just go to our quarters since we can't get any action?"

"Yeah, come on," Streetwise spoke up, "I wanna just chill for awhile."

"Hold on, look there," the Protectobot leader replied, pointing in the direction of what seemed to be a couple of Autobots. When they moved closer, he soon realized that it was who he had been looking for.

"Optimus Prime," Hot Spot said as he came up to him, "I hope I am not interrupting, but I would like to report that the Protectobots are currently free for an assignment. Is there anything that you need our assistance with?"

Brave Maximus
2004-01-19, 10:39 AM
Lakeshore - right here, right now
I'm here. There were others there - near me......... To worry about later
Internal systems online - Drawing power from secondary source...........
Converting into energon Z
Core activated..............

The robot on the lake bed seized and colour flooded back into the being - rippling in waves followed by blue and crimson energy arcs. The robot spazemed once again, throwing itself across the ground, this time landind on it's back.

Warning - only one Spark present!
Initiating break up..........
NO! We can't have that now........ System - re-route all other life functions through central housing. Bleed off spark energy to other cores at specific levels. Route core conciousness to central proccessor of chest unit and allow control of parts to be 100% through main member.
Routing and Spark energy intergrating as specified.............
WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Proposed changes to Spark system could result in perminant damage to and\or loss of Spark!
Cannot complete requ......
System access: Priority command - safety locks off - fulfill commands as ordered - ignore potential damage to Spark!
System check - are you sure you want to do this? Y\N
Damn it YES!
Prepair for simultanious Core memory and Spark energy diffusion.............

The Robot combiner arched in the air. Servos and parts streaching almost to the breaking point. 5 tendrles of crimson energy shot out of the central chest, each reaching and arm and leg, while one attached to the back of the robot, where another part hid. With in moments, the entire robot convulsed with energy, crackling around it, not only moving through the robot, but shooting out, flying through the air.
On the chest of the robot, where once a Decepticon symbol stood, it began to change and fade. Soon replaced by two ancient symbols that did not exist yet - something that would one day represent the Alpha and the Omega. Finally the robot collapsed on the ground, dormant once more.
Systems stable - monitoring spark integrity...........
I am whole again........... *then blackness*

On the shore, the robot sat, his rifle no more than 20 feet away. His colour had remained black, purple and silver. But on his chest, a crimson and gold Autobot symbol blazed.

Lord Zarak
2004-01-19, 11:25 AM
Too engrossed to notice the passing of time, the right arm of Metroplex was finally reapired. Grapple, with the aid of the two pretenders had worked well.

Not taking any time at all to recharge themselves, they began immediate work on Metroplex's left arm/tower. They knew that Metroplex was invaluable to the Autobots, and that all available effort must be used to reapir him.

2004-01-20, 01:47 AM

Ironhide: -narrows optics as the gestalt sits up- "Ah really hope he's friendly........"

Roadbuster: -rolls onto the shore a little distance away, transforms, narrows optic band at Prime- "Hmmf. I was hoping for solitude."

God Jinrai
2004-01-20, 02:34 AM
"That makes two of us, ironhide, but... from the looks of what just happened... this deserves a closer look..."

Prime started toward the gestalt... slowly, cautiously, but still curious... the coloration was off for an autobot... and yet an autobot insignia was emblazeoned on this combiner's chest...

Brave Maximus
2004-01-20, 04:37 AM
The Transformer lay on it's back, barely moving. This allowed for the other Autobots to get a good look at him. This was unlike any combiner they had ever seen. He would stand about the same height as Optimus Prime, about 40' tall. He was also made of 6 Micromasters. The two legs were fighter jets of what looks like human design, the left one a grey F-18 style jet, while the right was a Turquoise F-15 style. They had purple feet, with thrusters and blasters attached. These legs were attached to a completely seperate, black and silver waist piece - that did not look capable of trasformation. The outer chest also seemed to be an additional piece, made of purple and gold. The chest was a black jet bomber type plane, with a gold and red autobot symbol, right on the centre of the chest. The arms were each a micromaster, but the fists again were inanimate add ons. The left arm was a white and purple concorde, while the right appeared to be a shuttle. Looking around the back - forming the major connection between the waist and chest pieces, was a black apache helicopter. The head was black, with a silver mouth plate. And appeared to have a stylized tail-fin design. 20' away, the robots weapon lay. A large rifle longer than either of the robots arms. It was black, but appeared to have a cockpit design. In fact this robot seemed built for flight. The optics remained a dim red\blue though, and no movement could be seen. Apperently his systems had still not recovered from what ever had happened.

OOC: Hey guys - Sixwings going to be down for a little while. His systems are going to need to be massivly rebooted. LOL, if someone - say first aid? - would be kind enough to transport him to med bay? LOL, energon might be nice too ;)

2004-01-20, 05:38 AM
Beneath the Autobot camp:

Drillhorn: -finishes placing the device, activating it and starting to collect base transmissions, troop movements, and the like, turns around, begins the long trip back the way he came-

Beneath the streets of New York, near the UN:

Jalgar and Killbison: -rolling along in vehicle mode-

Killbison: "Is it me, or is it more cramped in here than it was last time?"

Jalgar: -sighs- "It was a different dimention and several decades later than now, Killbison. Presumably the humans haven't finihed rebuilding the subway systems yet." -sniffs- "Probably haven't even started yet. Now, all we have to do this time is tap in to the wiring junctions down here."

Airfield near the Pentagon:

Leozak, Hellbat, and Gaihawk: -fighter mode, sitting on the field-

Hellbat: -watching through the optics of BatBreast as his partner flaps his way through the sewer and wiring tunnels beneath the city, heading for the Pentagon- "Leozak....."

Leozak: -tersely- "What?"

Hellbat: "I hate to point this out......."

Gaihawk: -snarling- "Shut up, Hellbat. You'll attract people's attention!"

Hellbat: -sighs the sigh of someone dealing with the slow witted- "We're going to do that anyway. My fighter mode's an Israeli jet, Gaihawk, yours is a Russian MiG, and Leozak's is a US Navy fighter, and we're all sitting on the tarmac of a USAF base."

Leozak: "If you look like you belong where you are, nobody will question your presence."

Hellbat: "True. But I've never put the theory to the test like this....." -gets a transmission from BatBreast- "Good, he's done."

Leozak: -transforms as a curious Airman starts walking over to the oddly colored and decidedly out of place fighters sitting on the base, breastplate popping free and transforming into his gun- "Good. We'll go pick up the others, then return to base."

Airman: -deciding discretion may be the better part of valor, beats feet, heading for a security phone-

Gaihawk: -transforms to robot mode, breastplate popping free and transforming to gun mode, aims at phone- "I don't think so." -fires, destroying the phone and part of the wall-

Leozak: "Let's go." -leaps into the air, transforms back to fighter mode- "I'll take the control tower. Gaihawk, take the comm center. Hellbat, the ammo storage." -streaks off, firing at and blowing out the upper portion of the control tower-

Gaihawk: -leaps into the air, transforms back to fighter mode, strafes the comm center, blowing satellite dishes and antenna in all directions-

Hellbat: -just kicks in afterburners and retracts landing gear, snapping into a vertical climb to gain a little altitude, fires a few missiles a the ammo storage, chuckling at the fireball as he streaks away in a corkscrewing zigzag course- "Just like the old days!"

Leozak: "And no Star Saber.... for the moment, anyway."

BatBreast: -flaps up from an open manhole cover, transforms and locks into place on Hellbat's undercarriage-

Leozak: "Back to base, gentlemen. I have a city to take command of."

Leozak and Hellbat: -head for New York to pick up Jalgar and Killbison-

Gaihawk: -heads out West to pick up Drillhorn-

God Jinrai
2004-01-21, 01:49 AM
"Ironhide... Take him back to metroplex... get minerva to have a look at him... He looks like a combiner...but... the components... are...they micromasters? Last I'd heard, there were no such... oh primus, not another time flux! Ironhide, go... And inform Wheeljack and Aeroblade over at the maximus we're going to need an explanation for these temporal disturbances..."

Turning from Ironhide, he caught sight of roadbuster... hesitantly, he approached the wrecker...

"What...brings you out here?" he asked... trying not to offend the veteran warrior...

2004-01-21, 08:14 AM
Mirage set the unknown Autobot (Punch/Counterpunch)down on a table in meday and turned to a communications panel with a sense of urgency in his voice. "Optimus, this is Mirage. I need to speak with you."

Trailbreaker chuckled at Wreck-Gar. "A few explosions almost always do one good. Just go see Gears or Ratchet sometime, but watch Wheeljack's explosions."

God Jinrai
2004-01-21, 04:12 PM
his comm beeping, prime activated his arm mounted panel, which flipped open, displaying the image of mirage...

"Go ahead."

2004-01-21, 04:29 PM
"Optimus, Smokescreen has been taken. Shockwave, Thunderwing and another Decepticon I didn't recognize interrupted the UN conference. Smokescreen and I went out to protect the humans, but they weren't interested in the humans- they were after him. Jetfire and I tried to stop them, but we... failed."

Mirage paused for a moment and clenched his teeth.

2004-01-21, 10:42 PM

Ironhide: -looks at the gestalt critically for a moment, then looks over at the assembled Protectobots- "Hey, First Aid, c'mere fer a minute. Wanna make sure this guy is okay?"

Roadbuster: -optic band narrowing even more, about to snarl a response when Prime's commlink goes off, growls, turns on his heel, stalks off- "You don't want to know what brings me out here, Prime. You wouldn't like my answer."

God Jinrai
2004-01-22, 02:40 AM
Prime bowed his head...

"I should have know this would happen... Mirage, you did your best. We'll get him back... and Hound too. I just need... time to plan..." in a barely audible tone, Prime continued... "Maybe... Maybe Megatron...was right... Maybe the humans have asked for their destruction... "

Prime closed his forearm communicator...straightening his head, he spoke in an almost ice cold tone... "Roadbuster... I realize you still hold a very deep hatred toward me because of Springer's death... Accident or not, I AM responsible for it. Why his spark didn't return when I called forth the sparks through the matrix... I will never know. Why some heeded the call and others did not... I never will know. And regardless of your disposition toward me... be it because of the impression I put out toward the wreckers unit... or otherwise..." Prime cut himself off... his own anger and hate had nearly boiled over... and exposing that to anyone... least of all, roadbuster... was a very VERY bad thing to do.

2004-01-22, 03:47 AM

Roadbuster: -stops at Prime's comment about Megatron being right, turns, stalks back to Prime as Prime talks, optic band narrowed to a slit and blazing emerald, snarling- "I can deal with the Wreckers being marginalized. We've been marginalized since the beginning." -fists clenched, myomer cables in his joints creaking with fury- "I can deal with my anger towards you. I've been sick of how we've been treated for vorns, and I didn't rip Xxarron's head off." -puts his face an inch away from Prime's, voice drops to a low whisper- "But agreeing with a Decepticon? I thought you were made of sterner stuff, Prime." -snaps a vicious left cross at Prime's head, growls- "You sicken me."

Ironhide: -looks over from the gestalt, seeing Roadbuster close on Prime- "Aw, nuts." -drops gestalt, starts running towards Prime and Roadbuster-

God Jinrai
2004-01-22, 03:56 AM
Roadbuster's punch was more than enough to send prime down... as he got up to one knee, he spotted Ironhide comming, put out a hand, signaling him to stop.

"Ironhide, I told you to get that autobot back to metroplex... do it."

Staring into Roadbuster's optic band... Prime's own optics began to narrow... but instead of rising to face his attacker, he stayed down on one knee... placing both hands on his head, clenching it as if some unseen monster was inside, and prime was trying to tear it out... his grip tightened on his helmeted head... and slight signs of depressions began to show... and an instant later, prime would have sunk his fingers into his cranial casing... but... something stopped him... Roadbuster's words... him... conceeding to a decepticon's twisted view of the world... but rather than rising, he slammed his fist into the ground, creating a massive hole...


Prime's fist was still tightly clenched... and his hatred for the now dead decepticon tyrant was made well known to Roadbuster... as well as something he'd held far more sacred... his own personal vulnerability... his own pain.. which he had hidden for so long...

2004-01-22, 04:20 AM
(OOC- Why do I always go disappearing when these nudges and hints coem along :) ?)

"Wait Ironhide!" First-Aid said as he stretched out his arm int he direction of the running red Autobot. "Alright, let's get down to business then. Blades, can you get me my circuit scanner?"

"Sorry, I worry about bustin' things up, not rebuilding them," Blades replied as he crossed his arms.

"Streetwise?" the Protectobot medic asked.

"Nope, can't help you there with your care," Streetwise responded as he shook his head and turned on some music.

"Um... Groove?" First-Aid turned and asked, starting to lose faith in the assistance of medical science.

"Why must we even fight among ourselves?" the pacifist Protectobot said, seeming as though he was in his own world as he stared at the confrontation of Roadbuster and Optimus Prime.

"Hmmm," the Protectobot medic sighed once more and turned to find a blue arm stretched with the instrument he needed.

"Here you go," Hot Spot said as he handed his teammate the scanner.

"Oh, thank you Hot Spot," First-Aid said in a relieved manner as he took the instrument and began to scan the fallen robot. "Well, he certainly needs some energon supplements and medical attention. But, what he probably needs is just a good restart to his systems and some relaxing time."

"Ironhide, please!" Hot Spot called out as the other Protectobot reached in one of his side compartments and took out some chips of energon. Opening his chest, he inserted it near his spark and power cells.

"He should be stable for now, and his spark looks unharmed," First-Aid said as he got up from his bent position, "but he'll still need immediate attention."

2004-01-22, 04:49 AM

Roadbuster: -glaring down at Prime- "If you hate Megatron and all he stood for, then why do you agree wth him?"

Ironhide: -optics narrowed- "If that's yer order, Prahme." -picks up the gestalt- "Thanks, First Aid." -starts heading for Metroplex-

Medbay, Metroplex:

Minerva: -finishes repairing Sixgun- "There you go, Sixgun. You're back online."

God Jinrai
2004-01-22, 04:58 AM
Prime slowly rose... and stared into roadbuster's optic band...

"I don't, Roadbuster... once... I might have... you see.... there was a time... when Optimus Prime... didn't exist. There was a time .... when Megatron had many of the cybertronain youth eating out of the palm of his hand... the thought of flight... and the concept of might making right... it was something many of the youth... eagerly bought into... and being foolish enough to buy that garbage... cost me not only the lives of my closest friend... and my love... the female I'd sworn one day to be wed to... but my own life... "

Prime let out a deep breath... despite his lack of need for air internally, he felt the need to expell air in such a way... as a means of purging himself of some degree of frustration...

"But now I ask you, roadbuster... do you even wish... to hear the rest ... of my story? "

2004-01-22, 05:29 AM

Roadbuster: -looming over Prime- "Tell me more."

Quick Switch
2004-01-22, 06:11 AM
Quick roved, checking on the exterior progress of the cities. Things seemed to be going well enough, he supposed. He sighted Optimus speaking with Roadbuster, and clanked over, still a ways away from the discussion.


"As always, your assistance is appreciated," Professor Stall said to Perceptor, as he was unearthed from the pile of rock. "The question remains: how should we assist our colleagues at this juncture?"


Six-Gun nodded and replied:

"Much obliged. We'll get Metroplex up to speed!"

God Jinrai
2004-01-22, 01:55 PM
"Roadbuster... I was once another man... for lack of a better term... I was a youth by the name of Orion Pax... who worked at an energon transport facility along Iacon's main aquaduct... When I first saw megatron... rather... when HE first saw megatron... he was sucked in... flight capabilities... great strength... and someone capable of doing whatever he really wanted. But he played Orion Pax for a complete fool... and that day, not only were Ariel... orion's love... and Dion... his best friend... murdered... but so to was Orion. How is it then, that I stand before you today? Our sparks...were strong... and we were rebuilt... " Prime hesitated to mention alpha trion's name... as he noticed an approaching figure... one that almost caused his optics to widen in fear... Quickswitch. It wasn't so much the fact that Prime didn't want this to be a generally known fact... as what Quickswitch's potential reaction would be... Prime opened an internal com to roadbuster... finishing his tale... "But the interesting thing about all of this.... is that it was almost a fluke...that I was created... several...other transformers...who are now among our ranks... were the ones who found Alpha Trion... and convinced him to try and save Ariel, Orion and Dion... They...are the aerialbots. but that's another story for another day. "

Prime finished speaking on the internal comm, and looked skyward... dusk had fallen... and many of the celestial bodies visible from the earth were now visible... Prime's optics were caught, however, by a shooting star... and he closed his optics... making... a personal wish... to the now gone primus... one of which he would never discuss... at least.... not until it came to pass.

2004-01-22, 03:39 PM

Roadbuster: -activating internal comm to Prime, edge of bitterness in his voice- "At least you had a chance for peace, Prime. The Wreckers are the Autobots dirty little secret in more ways than one. After the Ark was lost, the Autobots only had one way to bolster their depleated ranks. Build warriors. With the exception of Impactor, we were all built at the order of the Autobot high command to do one thing. Fight. Destroy. Kill. But as soon as the high command finished building us and could see what we do, what they had created, they got on their moralistic high horse and decided that we had to be destroyed. Xaaron was the only dissenting voice, he was the only one to keep us alive, and he manipulted and used us." -growls- "Is it any wonder why I'm so angry?"

God Jinrai
2004-01-22, 05:32 PM
Prime was stunned... The high council... proving to be a bunch of hypocrites in the end... "Roadbuster.... I had no... "his head slumped, optics again narrowing....

"Had I known... just how and why the wreckers were created, I assure you... I would have done all that was in my power to disuade their hypocritic decisions... if not frozen them in their tracks. But what good are words when they pertain to what COULD have been done..."

clenching his fist, he began again... "But... knowing what I do now... and why... there was such bitterness among the wreckers toward myself... and high council... primus, that could easily explain Grimlock's sentiment toward me as well... but for him, I hold no solution... he likely always WILL despise me... simply because he feels himself to be better suited to leadership..."

Aero Blade
2004-01-22, 06:10 PM
Once again, Stratus came flying down the corridor, searching for Wheeljack's location. Once he found him this time, however, it seemed like he was going to stick around.

"Aero Blade finished fixing all the broken stuff," Stratus reported, "But I don't think he'll be around to help you patch the holes for awhile..."

Aero Blade had been going strong while he was in work mode, eager to get everything repaired and loving the chance to work with the electronics, but it'd been a long time since he'd had a recharge cycle. The energon he'd had greately helped, but every once in a while the hard drive still needed to shut down for awhile to defragment, expecially after all the stress Aero had been through lately, and his systems had decided enough was a enough. The moment Aero Blade finished connecting the last power relay and put his tools away, it was lights out, leaning against the wall. It'd be a short while before anyone could wake him, but at least the work was done.

God Jinrai
2004-01-22, 07:31 PM
Maximus deck 8: "Oh... that's fine, Stratus. I woulda been moving faster, but I had to run to the maximus' lab to whip up a new batch of the molecular rearranger compound... works good, but it runs out FAST"

wheeljack continued his work, tossing down the massive plate, and spraying the compound on, watching as the thin panel effectively rearranged itself into a thick, heavy duty flooring.

looking up he sighed....

"eight down... only twenty to go..."

Brave Maximus
2004-01-22, 07:42 PM
"Wheeljack, Sir," The young Autobot micromaster spoke up. It seemed that alot of these larger robots didn't quite know how to deal with micromasters. Perhaps he needed to keep his thrusters on whenever he was talking to them - at least then he was eye level - though thankfully none of them were the same Height as Dai Atlas - that hurt the neck to look up.

"Is it possible to used your 'Miracle Spray' on armour plating? The minicons I have with me have been working on the external circutry and they say it's going well - though not to the speed of Aero Blade. But we can start patching some of the holes in Maximus's hull."

God Jinrai
2004-01-22, 08:05 PM
Wheeljack turned to the micromaster... he was slightly shocked that he'd missed him before... but quickly replied...

"I'm afraid this stuff's not strong enough for refabricating the maximus' external armor... but if nothing else, we can patch that external hole.... and then set the new plating over it..."

wheeljack flipped open his "subspace tech bag", and quickly realized the micromaster would have difficulty carrying the spray unit...

"Erm.... No offense, Skyfall is it? But... I dun wana give you this huge spray unit that's the size of your robot mode... and I'm sorry if I sound demeaning... I don't want you looking like you're having problems even if you aren't in carrying it. I'll just catch you guys topside once I finish up the rest of the internal decks"

Brave Maximus
2004-01-22, 08:12 PM
The micromaster looked at the can of spray - which in his current form, would be too hard to handle.

I don't want to do this, but the condition Maximus is in, we'll never survive an all out Decepticon assault - we need both him and Metroplex up and running. Omega - meet me at the nearest opening
The internal link with the Omega Shuttle told him that it was moving and where it would stop.

"Wheeljack - no offense taken. You're right - that would be very difficult for me to use right now. Thankfully, I'm not always this small - trust me."

With that, the micromaster opened his arms and waited for the Autobot scientist.

God Jinrai
2004-01-22, 08:18 PM
wheeljack hesitated, then finally gave in...

"...alright, alright... but divert it into your subspace pocket until you get outside, alright? at least that'll give you less trouble moving around"

Brave Maximus
2004-01-22, 09:34 PM
The young micromaster looked that the larger autobot scientist with an extremely puzzled look:

"Subspace pocket? What's that? I'm going to be carrying it like this for about 30 seconds sir. Trust me, it'll be fine."

Skyfall then took the can of spray from Wheeljack and a look of horror came over his face as he began to sink to the ground.
With an effort he incresed his leg thruster output and rose into the sky, exiting from one of the nearest holes in Maximus' hull.

"Right, I'm fine....... *Voice straining as much as he is*.... No worries!"

The Omega Shuttle met him as he exited and he threw up the canister in the air (he's stronger than his leg thrusters), and called out:

"Omega transector - TRANSFORM!"
With that, the giant shuttle transformed into a human body and Skyfall called out:
"Head ON!" Transforming once again into the head and merging with his transector.
Skyfall Omega then caught the canaster in the air, now looking rather small in his hand, and looked at the work to be done.