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TFArchive RPG Team
2003-11-28, 10:55 PM
Continuing the aftermath of the Decepticon attack and retreat now back at Metrotitan.

2003-11-29, 03:54 AM
Metrotitan Repair Bay:

Leozak: -stands- "No more discussion! I am in command of this group, and I will say what we do next!"

Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -all look at Leozak-

Hellbat: -sarcastically- "So commander, why don't you give us an order?"

Drillhorn: "Shut up, Hellbat. The captain has a plan."

Gaihawk: "Hopefully, it involves killing Autobots."

Leozak: "I need to find out what's going on before we can even think about taking a course of action. The Decepticons obviously didn't come to break us out, and the orders Galvatron gave over the comms were.... odd." -looks over at Drillhorn- "How long before Killbison's done?"

Drillhorn: -checking on the metrodrone, watching as it finishes threading the treads in and starts to replace the armor plating- "They're about done."

Leozak: "Good. We're reenergized, repaired, and ready to go."

Killbison: -repairs finished, stands, clenching fists, nods in satisfaction-

Leozak: "Then let's go."

Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -leave repairbay, go looking for anybody at all-

Quick Switch
2003-11-29, 07:15 AM
Astrotrain walked out of Metrotitan, and simply put his head in his hands on what he saw.

Trypticon and Scorponok lay, a shattered tableau.

Astrotrain looked up, and his optics were dim.

"You idiots," he said quietly. "You stupid brutes!"

Trypticon and Scorponok writhed under the tongue lashing.

"The one time you are called upon to fight, and you do so pathetically. Unbeliavable!"

The Constructicons quickly scrambled away, not wanting to be near Astrotrain or his displeasure, leaving the repairs unfinished.

Astrotrain wanted to scream, flail, something. The other troops had performed just as badly, no confirmed Autobot kills- nothing worthwhile had been accomplished from the attack-

"Acknowledged, Shockwave," Astrotrain croaked. "Acknowledged." Astrotrain turned on his heel and left Trypticon and Scorponok to their tortured misery as they bled and shook in the African sun.


Thunderwing landed smoothly some time later.

"Now get out of me, all of you," he barked, opening his cockpit. The Pretender shell roughly grabbed Smokescreen and hauled him up, waiting for Shockwave to leave first.

2003-11-29, 08:00 PM
Bored, Ramjet stuck his head out the office door, looking for some sign of Astrotrain's return. Instead, all he saw was an empty corridor.
He ducked back into the office. Turning towards the centre of the room, he frowned at Lokos.
Time to have some fun with the fleshling.
"What are you still doing here, Nebulan?"
Distracted by an internal argument with Squeezeplay, the Nebulan simply shrugged.
"You have anything else you need from A-Train?" Ramjet asked with annoyance.
Lokos blinked, turning his full attention to the conehead. "Not really, no."
"Then why are ya here?"
Lokos shrugged again. "Don't have anywhere else to be."
Ramjet fixed a glare on the Nebulan. "Find somewhere."
Lokos opened his mouth to reply, but the seeker cut him off.
Lokos wisely scampered out the office door, leaving Ramjet alone, chuckling to himself.

Lord Zarak
2003-11-30, 03:41 PM
Shockwave exited, turned round and trained his left arm on Smokescreen.

"Any move by yourself to escape will be met with temporary stasis lock. As it is, your co-operation is in your own best interest."

Shockwave opened a channel to Astrotrain:
"Astrotrain, we have arrived and are proceeding to take the captured Autobot to the brig. Are you ready to receive the report once Smokescreen is detained?"


Overlord looked at the wreckage. No deaths, no captures, just incompetant fighting. Enraged with himself and the other Decepticons, he transformed into his base mode to repair.

2003-11-30, 05:13 PM
Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -striding down the corridors towards Astrotrain's office-

2003-11-30, 09:13 PM
Smokescreen squirmed uncomfortably as Thunderwing's pretender shell roughly hefted him up and to the doorway. He blinked once and then stopped as he saw Shockwave turn.

After Shockwave spoke, Smokescreen gave him a nod and then became still. He began looking around and noting base features silently as Shockwave spoke to Astrotrain.

They're going to lock me up, but why would they go through so much trouble to take me functional? Shockwave's not the type to think much of Autobots save that of moving targets... these orders must have come from higher up. Megatron? Galvatron?

Hound moved up a corridor towards Galvatron's chambers, following the source of the energy discharge. He passed an ajoining corridor leading to Astrotrain's office and then began picking up several unknown energy registers coming towards the junction. With an easy jump, he caught an overhead beam with one hand and swung his legs up over a second beam. Hound cast a hologram over himself and Buzzsaw to match the rafters.

2003-12-01, 04:01 AM
Leozak, Drillhorn, Gaihawk, Hellbat, and Killbison: -stride past Astrotrain's office, past the concealed Hound, hit the T intersection, and head in the direction Hound just came from-

Jalgar: -stops, looking up at the hologramed section of ceiling, the cat like ears on his head almost twitching as if he's picked something up-

Hellbat: -leans back around corner- "Jalgar! What's the holdup? Leozak wants us to stay together!"

Jalgar: -scowls, gets a resigned, very put upon look on his face- "Yeah, yeah. I'm coming." -heads down the corridor to join the others-

Hellbat: "What were you looking at?"

Jalgar: "Thought I scented something back there." -thinks a moment- "It's probably just the new surroundings. This place is too much like that Autobot base we were in."

2003-12-01, 06:33 AM
Lokos jogged down the hall, not paying attention to where he was going. He stopped right at the T-intersection, almost getting run over by the passing Breastforce. After they passed, he turned into the hall and began to wander aimlessly towards Metrotitan's core, away from the office wing.

2003-12-04, 06:14 PM
Hound watched Jalgar carefully. This brother Decepticon did not rely on sight. The scout grinned in amusement that his optical illusions didn't work on him.
Have to remember that. He'd have a real advantage at hide and go seek.

Then his attention diverted towards a new figure.

Moments later, Lokos passed underneath and headed down the hall.
Curiousity aroused, he puzzled over the nebulon.
Don't remember him...

With the Breastforce gone, Hound let the hologram vanish, eased back down and followed Lokos at a distance.

2003-12-04, 06:50 PM
Darkwing, Dreadwind, Runabout and Runamuck sat in the repair bay, undergoing massive repairs. As the ones who had spent most of the attack under heavy fire, they had a lot of damage to repair.

2003-12-04, 09:54 PM
Lokos continued to walk down the hall, oblivious to Hound's presence. He walked aimlessly for a while, not quite sure where he was going. Then, one of the name plates on a passing door caught his eye.


Remembering that the Firecon had asked him to come by later, he pressed the call button. Nothing. After about a minute, he pressed it again. Nothing.
Strange, the Nebulan thought.
'Yes,' Squeezeplay's voice answered him. 'The Firecon is always in there, either working or just messing with other's files for fun.' The Transformer's thoughts were laced with contempt. 'The slagheap is probably too busy reading Galvatron's private diary to bother answering the door.'
Maybe. Lokos chuckled. You want to find out?
Squeezeplay's laughter was answer enough.
Taking a small device off his belt, Lokos began to pick the lock.

2003-12-06, 06:01 AM
Jalgar: -looking out the observation windows at the battered and mangled forms of Trypticon and Scorpinok- "See what happens when you use antiques to fight your war?"

Killbison: "Yup. Slow and inefficient."

Gaihawk: "But they've got plenty of Autobot-destroying firepower. That's what counts."

Hellbat: "I hate to be a spoilsport, but I don't think the Autobots suffered much in the way of casualities, and those two look like they got run through a wood chipper."

2003-12-06, 02:31 PM
Soundwave was still sitting upon his throne-like seat staring at Ratbat. The lights had grown dim and he had not uttered a word for a long time. His thoughts were racing over a plan being devised within the cold logical mass which was his brain.

"Ratbat!" He commanded "Astrotrain is not a strong leader. His descisions are reckless and weakly founded. Under his leadership, the Decpticon force has grown stagnant. We shall remove him and as my puppet, you shall asume command of the Decpticons."

"Buzzsaw! Laserbeak!" He commanded "Report!"

2003-12-07, 04:51 AM
Ratbat flew from Soundwave's arm, then hung himself upside-down from the room's ceiling. He stared down at his master.
"I agree. Astrotrain's command has been remarkably inefficient. He must be replaced." The cassetticon smiled, showing his vicious mecha-fangs. "You have some plan?"

2003-12-07, 06:10 AM
After flying for some time, Sixshot finally arrived at the base, angry about the events in the battle beforehand. Quickly, he transformed and walked over to the Repair Bay and began to look for medical attention.

2003-12-07, 10:57 AM
No reported Autobot killings?! He was dead! Slag at my feet!

Clench's fist slammed down hard against the table infront of him. He was not in need of any further repairs so he stalked up the corridors and into his quarters.

"Metrotitan! I want the Autobots casualty list and I want it now!"

A panel to the side of Clench slides open and a computor screen flashes with names of the Autobot injured. Clench scan's the list, seething with anger.

"Next time we meet, Inferno. You will not be as lucky."


KatasTrofiK lands silently outside the Decepticon HQ, next to the downed Scorpinok and Tripticon.

"What a monumental waste of energon that was!"

He stalks into Metrotitan and to the repair bay to iron out his dented chest plate.

And 'damn' may not be a tf-ism, but they do say it i.e. Magnus in the movie.

2003-12-07, 05:16 PM
Leozak: -looking out the observation windows, scowling-

Drillhorn: -standing next to Leozak- "What a waste."

Leozak: "Inefficient."

Hellbat: "I was thinking more along the lines of insane."

Drillhorn: -narrows optics- "The captain wasn't asking for your opinion, Hellbat."

Hellbat: "Oh, I know. Just wanted to point out history's reputation of Galvatron. And what should have been a crushing attack-"

Drillhorn: "That's enough, Hellbat."

Leozak: -slams fist into windowsill- "It's our duty to serve the current leader, Hellbat. You know that as well as I. Anything else could be concidered..... traitorus."

Hellbat: -chuckles- "Couldn't have that, could we."

2003-12-08, 04:52 AM
(Sorry for not having posted in so long. I've had problems IRL that I needed to take care of. StarBlade'll have an inventive reason for missing the battle.)

StarBlade managed to make her way back to Metrotitan, cursing her navigation systems, using landmarks.

"Slag it all! Blasted piece of junk! When I get back to base I'm getting a new nav system! One that can handle my speeds!" Transforming, she looked around. Spotting Metrotitan, StarBlade landed, transformed to car mode, and drove towards it.

"Astrotrain's gonna have my head! Damned nav system.... always fritzes when I hit speeds like that...." Pulling into the area, she skidded to a stop, seeing Astrotrain yelling at Tripticon and Scorponok. They looked really badly damaged. Transforming back to robot mode, she summoned up her courage, and walked to Astrotrain.

"Sir, StarBlade reporting back...... I...I missed the battle, sir... My nav systems tend to go on the fritz when I hit my highest speed... And I did that during the run from the assassination mission... I'd like to ask either the med team or the Constructicons to replace my nav systems with something that can handle my speeds, sir."

2003-12-09, 03:07 AM
Leozak: "That's enough, Hellbat. I want to know what's going on before deciding on any course of action at all." -spins away from the window- "Jalgar, you and Killbison go down to the repair bay, find out what's going on."

Jalgar: "We're on it, Captain."

Jalgar and Killbison: -head for the repair bay-

Leozak: -looks over at Gaihawk- "Gaihawk, take Hellbat and go make contact with the humans in that structure. Find out what you can about them."

Gaihawk and Hellbat: -look at each other with thinly veiled disgust-

Gaihawk: "But Captain-"

Leozak: "No buts, Gaihawk. Just try not to stuff him into any oil drums, hmm?"

Gaihawk and Hellbat: -walk out, heading for the palace-

Leozak: "Drillhorn, with me. I want to get a look at the casualities on the field."

Drillhorn: "You mean the relics?"

Leozak: "Yes. I want to get an idea as to what kind of shape they're in."

Leozak and Drillhorn: -start heading outside-

Drillhorn: "You're planning something, aren't you."

Leozak: "Something seems wrong here. I want to check things out."

2003-12-09, 04:52 AM
Having finished reading all the after-action reports he could find, Spinister simply sat at his desk, thinking. To a casual observer, it would seem like he was locked in a bizarre staring contest with the huge Decepticon insignia mounted above his door.
Such massive losses...Galvatron's apparent insanity...it is almost inevitable that the Decepticon army will fragment after this shameful defeat. Something has to happen. Something to prevent that. But, yet, Galvatron cannot lead us.
The Targetmaster continued to stare, seeing no way out of the mental loop he was going through.
Ramjet was far less thoughtful at the moment. Having chased off the Nebulan, he was now thouroughly bored. He stood in the office's doorway, kicking idlely at the doorframe with his heel.

2003-12-09, 07:27 PM
Jalgar and Killbison: -coming down corridor, heading for the repair bay-

Jalgar: -sees Ramjet, smirks- "Shouldn't you be consuming mass quantities right now?"

Carbombyan Royal Palace:

Gaihawk and Hellbat: -looking at the front entrance-

Hellbat: "Looks like it might be kind of cramped in there......."

Gaihawk: "Fleshlings built it. Of course it's going to be cramped in there."

-neither one moves-

Hellbat: "Well, if you know their minds and practices so well, why don't you go in first?"

Gaihawk: -growls-

Field outside of Metrotitan:

Leozak and Drillhorn: -looking at the battered and mangled forms of Scorpinok and Trypticon-

Leozak: "Drillhorn, go and see if their repair teams require assistance."

Drillhorn: "Yes, Captain." -starts moving towards Trypticon-

2003-12-09, 07:42 PM
Ramjet stepped out of the doorway, shooting a confused look at Jalgar.
"What the slag is that supposed to mean?"

2003-12-09, 08:05 PM
Jalgar: "That is what Coneheads do, isn't it? Consume mass quantities?"

Killbison: -not having any clue as to what's going on, keeps heading for the repair bay-

2003-12-09, 11:10 PM
Ramjet frowned at Jalgar, still not understanding.
"No. We shoot people."

2003-12-11, 03:35 AM
Jalgar: -shakes head at Ramjet- "Bored now." -heads down the hallway after Killbison-

Metrotitan Repair bay:

Killbison: -looming over Darkwing, Dreadwind, Runabout, and Runamuck- "Do you have any idea what's going on here?"

Exterior, Carbombyan Royal Palace:

Hellbat: -sees guards, looks at Gaihawk- "You know, why should we go inside? I personally think we've spent far too much time indoors recently" -looks down at the closest guard- "Human. We would like to talk with your leader. Go get him for us."

2003-12-11, 04:37 AM
Ramjet fixed a confused glare on Jalgar's back as he walked away.
Some a' these new troops...they almost make me wish for the good old days under Megatron. Sure, the guys I worked with were creepy like Dirge, or annoying like Screamer or Swindle. But at least I could understand them!

2003-12-12, 02:31 AM
Metrotitan, Repair Bay:

Jalgar: -walks into the repair bay, JaguarBreast in animal mode and cradled in his arms, stops next to Killbison, absently stroking JaguarBreast's head- "Mr. Bigglesworth would like a treat."

JaguarBreast: -narrows optics at the name "Mr. Bigglesworth", as if wondering what ever posessed Jalgar to spend an Earth week cooped up in a side room in their base on Cybertron watching Earth TV and movies-

Killbison: -looks over at Jalgar- "Huh?"

Jalgar: -sighs wearily-

Open field, near the shattered hulks of Trypticon and Scorpinok:

Leozak: -finishes his circuit of both of the damaged citycons, stops, looking back at Metrotitan, gets a rather evil grin on his face, waves Drillhorn over-

Drillhorn: -walks over to Leozak- "Yes, Captain?"

Leozak: "I'm getting the beginnings of a plan, my friend."

2003-12-12, 04:04 PM
Hound watched Lokos with a mixture of curiosity and puzzlement as he worked on picking the lock.

Shaking his head in amusement and shifting the arm holding Buzzsaw up a bit higher, he walked a little closer to Lokos and smiled. "Did you lose your room key?"

2003-12-13, 12:16 AM
Lokos jumped a bit, surprised by Hound's voice.
"Yeah, I lost my room key. What's it to you?"
Inside the room in question, Sparkstalker looked up from his console, his concentration broken by the voices outside. Curious, he keyed in a sequence that activated a hidden micro-camera that he had installed outside his quarters.
He frowned at the picture that appeared on his monitor. He recognized the fleshling standing by his door, but had no idea who the large, green Decepticon confronting him was.
The smaller one on his arm is one of Soundwave's pets, though. I wonder how this'll play out.
The Firecon leaned back in his chair, planted his feet on his desk, and watched the scene play out.

Aero Blade
2003-12-13, 03:00 AM
Tracer sat in the armory, working with his weapons, quite bored. Their recient battle had been of little amusement. He'd expected a Dinobot, of all Autobots, would be a suitable challange, but it was a less than entertaining fight that he'd had experienced.

"A waste of my time..." He muttered, finishing up with his weapons. Maybe he could find a weak Decepticon to pick on...

2003-12-14, 07:34 PM
Drillhorn: "What's your plan?"

Leozak: "It hasn't finished forming yet. Go back and assist them in puting the cities back together. I have some research to do." -heads inside Metrotitan, looking for a workstation-

Drillhorn: -walks back over to Trypticon, starts working on the damaged saurian-

2003-12-15, 03:49 AM
Hound knelt down next to Lokos and flicked a smile. He now recognized Lokos as a Nebulon. Although caught slightly offguard by the coolness in Lokos' voice, he smiled again.

"Just thought I'd offer to help. Your roommate must still be in the room by my readings. If you want, I could knock for you."

2003-12-15, 04:32 AM
"I already rang the bell," Lokos explained. "He's probably recharging, or whatever it is you guys do."
Last time I ever try to take a Firecon up on his hospitality...

Quick Switch
2003-12-15, 06:13 PM
Galvatron was sick and tired of...waiting, yes.

The Decepticon Leader strode out of his quarters, and went to Metrotitan's conference room to think.


"Acknowledged Shockwave- see to the prisoner. I will be along shortly to hear your report in person."

As Astrotrain was about to return inside his City, a feminine vocoder registered, and he paused. Turned, and gaped.

"Star Blade! You function," the Admiral Administrator said. He frowned, then laughed. "Medics? The Empire hads no need for medics. That is an Autobot affectation. In any event, after the Constructicons are finished with their presesnt work, you will be tended to."

The Triple Changer's vocoder measurably brightened, and his optics shone. He placed a hand around te assasin's shoulders and walked with her back inside.

"We have much to discuss, my dear."


Thunderwing transformed to robot mode and combined with his Pretender shell, smirking almost instantly.

"Well then, the Admiral should be along shortly. Until then- don't get any strange ideas, what?" The aristocrat pointed at Smokescreen, flicking a bemused glance at Shockwave.


"Who and what are you doing?" Scrapper's vocoder whipcracked across the desert exapnse. The Constructicons were fanned out near the two downed cities watching some of the Breastforce attempt to 'repair' the two cities.

"They are not to be touched," Hook said smoothly, "until they have learned their lesson concerning the price of failure."

"So unless you got a good explanation-" Bonecrusher pointed at the presesnt Breastforce members-

"Get ready for a trip to the tables," Long Haul finished.

"Hehehehehehehe YES! They look like they could use some work, work, work!" Mixmaster cackled, quakling with mirth.

"Ooooh new units to get yelled at!" Scavenger said plaintively, shooting a look at Scrapper, who promptly igonred him.

"I repeat: explain yourselves newcomers."


Metrotitan noted the appearance of new units, and promplty dispatched Metrodrones to watch them.

One looked up at Clench.

"No," he said simply.


Spinister would also find his access to battle reports similarly cut off, as Metroittan finally cuahgt up on the bureacratic changes.


Via security camera, Metrotitan watched the internal tableau between Hound and Lokos. He also considered shorting out Sparkstalker's own attempt at espionage, but thought better of it.

The City was intensly amused at the smaller unit's clumsy attempt at stealth. How peculiar the little brothers were!


Metrotitan heard every word of Soundwave and Ratbat's discourse, and duly filed it away for Astrotrain's perusal.

Nothing and no one escaped his attention; the Little Brothers would eventually discover that soon enough.


Abdul Fakkadi was briefed on the appearance of the new strange looking Decepticons, and his ire mounted. Galvatron's latest attempt had failed, and all in all the dictator was not happy with the current arrangement. He drummed his fingers on the rests of his throne, and looked to his advisors. If the situation did not improve in the near future, the Decepticons would be ejected. These present robots would be rebuffed as a measure of his displeasure.

"Abdul Fakkadi will not see them."

The word was reported back to the Palace Guards. one listened via walkie-talkie, responded, then looked up at the Breast Force members.

"The President will not see you. Leave at once."

2003-12-15, 08:26 PM
Drillhorn: -narrows optics at the arrayed Constructicons- "I was attempting to initiate repairs on this one. I believe you call him Trypticon. Logically, getting these battlestations back in operational condition should be a top priority. If you wish to punish them for their failure, simply turn their pain receptors up to full intensity and proceed with repairs. And if you relics wish to stand here and leave both of these cities in sub-operable and refuse to fix them until somebody else deems that they have 'learned their lesson', then do so. I, on the other hand shall attempt to bring them back online."

Carbombyan Royal Palace, Exterior:

Gaihawk: -scowls down at the guard- "I do not care-"

Hellbat: -puts a hand on Gaihawk's shoulder- "Leave it, Gaihawk. We are in the human's country, after all." -fixes the guard with a hypnotic glare- "We will go, but we will be back. And I'm sure you'll let us in then." -takes a moment to attempt to reinforce the hypnotic suggestion(not knowing if it will affect the fanatically devoted or not), spins Gaihawk around, and proceeds to head him away from the palace- "Come, Gaihawk. Let's see how Leozak and Drillhorn are doing."

Metrotitan, computer terminal:

Leozak: -punching in request for petrolium bed size and locations, as well as known sattelite coverage for the country of Carbombya-

2003-12-15, 10:29 PM
Spinister's internal debate ended as he noticed the report windows closing on his screen.


Ah. Metrotitan seems to have finally realized that I no longer qualify as a team leader. The Targetmaster smiled to himself, dispite the now-finalized state of his demotion. Surprising that it took so long, really.
Behind Spinister's faceplate, his smile widened ever so slightly. This tells me something important, though. As powerful as he may be, Metrotitan's computational resources are finite. He reclined slightly in his chair. Something to take into consideration.

2003-12-15, 11:40 PM
StarBlade was prepared for whatever punishment seemed fit for having missed the battle, yet, much to her amazement, Astrotrain was pleased to see her. This shocked her into silence. As Astrotrain walked with her back into the city, with his arm around her shoulder, no less, she managed to come out of her shock.

"Yes sir. Of course, Sir..." Then, remembering the status of the two Decepticons, she ventured to ask, "Was the battle a failure, Sir?"

Lord Zarak
2003-12-16, 03:17 PM
Shockwave looked at Thunderwing.

"I do not get strange ideas, Thunderwing, as you well know."

Turning towards Thunderwing, Shockwave spoke again:

"Astrotrain would like the prisoner functional. Therefore I will escort the prisoner to the brig, alone. I do not want any illogical affects to interfere with the plans that Astrotrain has for him. I suggest you recharge yourself so that you are in readiness for any mission that Astrotrain or Galvatron deems you fit for."

2003-12-16, 04:22 PM
Hound considered for a moment, smiled and then stood up and worked on opening the door.

Smokescreen fidgeted. "I don't mind the company, but I can find my own way out if you'd just take those weapons off of me. After all, I'm sure you're much too busy to deal with the likes of me Shockwave, and I wouldn't want to waste your valueable time. And I'm much too low of a class type for Thunderwing to bother with, much less Astrotrain. I'm sure he has some special project that he must be working on by now, especially with the new train models the humans have been working on."

Lord Zarak
2003-12-16, 04:53 PM
If he were not logical, Shockwave would have laughed.

"Smokescreen, I am here to follow orders. In doing so, I must guarantee your safety, hence my decision to take you myself. Now, please do not digress any further."

Taking hold of Smokescreens shoulders, Shockwave escorted him to the brig.

2003-12-17, 05:54 AM
Lokos simply frowned in confusion as Hound started working at the lock.
That's the last thing I would have expected.
Sparkstalker chuckled as his monitor showed Hound working at the lock.
We can't have that, now can we?
He quickly shut off several computer stations, sealed a series of secret drawers, and generally hid anything incriminating.
Then, he went to the door and opened it.
Fiegning surprise, he looked at Hound.
"What the shock are you doing?"

2003-12-17, 07:41 AM
Smokescreen frowned as they entered the brig, but did not struggle. Creepy. This I don't like.

Hound took a step backwards in surprise and then gave a friendly smile to Sparkstalker as he tried to remember who this fellow Decepticon was. The plaque on the door read Sparkstalker, but the information file was being exceptionally slow for recall.

"I was helping your roommate. He couldn't get in."
Hound motioned to Lokos with his free arm.

2003-12-17, 04:07 PM
Gaihawk: "The arrogance of that human...."

Hellbat: "He's a dictator. They can be like that. And we can probably turn it against him."

Gaihawk: "Just can't be straightforward about anything, can you."

Hellbat: "Of course not. It's the way I am." -chuckles- "Besides, it's a lot of fun."

2003-12-17, 04:56 PM
"Ah. The door's actually been acting up recently," Sparkstalker lied. "I've had to shut down some of the circuits while I repair it. Including the buzzer." The Firecon smiled at Hound, then at Lokos. "Your business with Astrotrain went well?"
The Nebulan shrugged. "As well as it could have, I suppose. Hopefully the Constructicons will finish repairs soon so they have time to help me out."
"Well, come in. We can talk about it some more in a minute."
Sparkstalker turned his gaze back to Hound, finding himself interested by this unrecognized Decepticon.
Perhaps I should take this opertunity to find out who he is. Anyone bold enough to try and break into my lair is worth knowing.
"Would you like to come in?" he asked Hound. "I could fix you an energon beverage to thank you for helping my friend."

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-18, 03:31 AM
Hound glanced at Buzzsaw and then nodded with a smile. "Sure, but I'm glad to help anytime."

He moved inside the room and waited for the others.

2003-12-18, 04:54 AM
Lokos quickly entered the room, finding himself an out of the way place to sit. That was no simple task, what with the floor being filled with miscellanious items of technology, datapads, and printouts. The Nebulan used the handle of a cupboard to pull himself up, then perched on a counter.
Sparkstalker was last in, allowing the door to close behind him. He went to one of the many storage cubbies on his wall, pulling out a glass. He then filled it with a crackling energon brew, offering it to Hound.
"I can't say I recognise you," he said. "Are you new to our ranks?"

2003-12-19, 04:40 AM
Gaihawk and Hellbat: -walk up to Drillhorn and the Constructicons at the base of Trypticon-

Gaihawk: -looks up at the battered battlestation-

Hellbat: -taking in the confrontational nature of the stance between Drillhorn and the Constructions, cocks an eyebrow at Drillhorn- "Have you been insulting the antiques again? You guys don't seem to have made a lot of progress."

2003-12-19, 04:48 AM
The Battlechargers, Darkwing and Dreadwind had finished repairing themselves and sat, waiting for orders.

2003-12-19, 05:28 PM
Jalgar and Killbison: -still standing over the Battlechargers and ex-Powermasters-

Jalgar: -still stroking JaguarBreast's head, a'la Dr. Evil- "Perhaps they didn't hear our question, hmm?"

JaguarBreast: -looks disgusted-

Killbison: -whacks Jalgar in the back of the head, looks back at the Battlechargers and ex-Powermasters- "So tell us about what's going on here."

2003-12-19, 06:09 PM
Runamuck turned his head absently towards Killbison.

"Nothin'" he muttered. "What's it look like?"

2003-12-19, 08:01 PM
Hound shook his head as he took the drink. "I'm not new, just repaired. I'm Hound. But my memory banks were damaged. Apologies, but I can't recall who both of you are either."

Not remembering what an energon drink was, he sniffed briefly at the drink and then swallowed the entirety of it.

The influx of energon coursed through his systems and made Hound's engine feel like it was racing. He squeezed his optics shut a bit and tried to smile.

2003-12-19, 09:39 PM
Sparkstalker chuckled. “You really shouldn’t slug it back like that. It’s bad for your converters.”
He looked the other Decepticon over. “Hound, you say? I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Sparkstalker, the army’s best decryption tech. This is Lokos,” he gestured to the Nebulan, who looked slightly more disturbed than usual. “He is, or rather, he was Squeezeplay’s Headmaster partner.”
The Firecon frowned towards Lokos. “How’s that going, by the way?”
The Nebulan shrugged. “Neither of us is happy with the current situation. I think it’s the first time we’ve actually agreed on something.”

2003-12-19, 09:45 PM
Soundwave looked at the wall were Ratbat had applied himself.

"Ratbat. Prior to Astrotrain's assuming command of the Decepticons, I was in charge and his leadership is both ill-planned and executed in a weak fashion. His decisions are potentially going to lead the Decepticons to failure and it is necessary and logically that I should return to the seat of power in order to redress the imbalance of power. Astrotrain's vulnerability lies in Metrotitan. Metrotitan's loyalty has remained loyal to Astrotrain since he saved Metrotitan from destruction at the hands of the servants of Unicron. Because of this, Metrotitan has retained a strong allegiance to Astrotrain and will only obey his orders. If this loyalty was removed - Astrotrain's powerful position would be lost. We must attack this loyalty."

Soundwave pointed at the far wall of his chamber and from the index finger on his left hand a projection of the city schematics were displayed on the wall. He held up his right hand and projected, from the right index finger, a red laser dot, which he then waved in circles at key points.

"The city's computers are a very large, distributed system, but if we strike here and here and here..." his right hand waved furiously across the projection. "...then, with a few minor alterations..." he lifted the second finger on his left hand and several sections glowed red and green. "...we could start to attack the loyalty of Metrotitan and to convince him that Astrotrain is no longer fit to command the Decepticons and maintain the base. However, to maintain discretion, we shall use a puppet to make these alterations...there are any number of Decepticons on which I have facts which could be used as suitable blackmail material..."

Soundwave twiddled all of the digits on his hands and the projection and coloured highlights vanished from the walls. Ratbat registered that the lights, which had dimmed, were returning to full power.

"...with Astrotrain's removal, there will be a vacuum which will demand a resourceful and strong authority figure. We shall fill that vacuum."

Soundwave composed his thoughts for a second.

"We need a candidate to hack the city's memory banks..........Ratbat, bring me SPARKSTALKER."

2003-12-19, 10:04 PM
"A very efficient plan." Ratbat hissed with laughter. Ratbat released his grip on the wall, fluttering towards the chamber's door. "And you have chosen an adequate pawn. The Firecon will be capable of performing the task."
He looked over his shoulder towards Soundwave.
"I will be back quickly."
With that, the cassetticon flew out the door, his mind already calculating the value of the assets and liabilities that would become involved in his master's plan.

2003-12-19, 10:31 PM
Hound chuckled softly and set down the glass. He was feeling strange from the energon boost, but in an oddly giddy way.

I like this. Why don't I remember this?

He waited patiently while Sparkstalker and Lokos spoke.

2003-12-20, 04:54 AM
Sparkstalker stifled a laugh at Lokos' remark.
"You two were a mismatched pair from the beginning, I guess."
"You could say that," Lokos replied. "Now, if we can ever get him back into a body, maybe he'll listen to me and use that brain of his."

'Shut up.'
Make me.
'Graaa! I'll-'
You'll what? You're the dead one, remember?
Squeezeplay's voice faded from his partner's mind with a snarl.

The Nebulan shrugged. "Hopefully the Constructicons will be able to do something. I'm getting really tired of listening to him constantly. At least before, I only had to deal with that when we were combined."
Sparkstalker, intrigued by the technical issues of the Nebulan's plight, leaned forward a bit. "You think the Constructicons will be able to help?"
Lokos simply shrugged again.
The Firecon then turned his attention back to Hound.
"Can I get you something else? Another drink? Or maybe something for Buzzsaw?"

2003-12-21, 01:45 AM
Buzzsaw shifted his weight irritably on Hounds arm at the suggestion of his consuming the energon drink. He needed a clear head for duty...

2003-12-21, 04:14 AM
Metrotitan, Repair Bay:

Jalgar: -steps in front of Killbison as JaguarBreast transforms back to his(Jalgar's) breastplate, looks down at Runabout, Runamuck, Darkwing, and Dreadwind- "What my mentally incapcitated friend here means to ask is, who's in charge? How long have they been doing what they've been doing? And what did you think of how the battle was going before the retreat?"

2003-12-21, 04:34 AM
Dreadwind, ever the pessimist, replied to Jalgar's questions rather simply.

"We don't know, we don't know, and we don't know."

2003-12-22, 03:20 AM
Repair Bay, Metrotitan:

Jalgar: "Don't know anything at all, huh." -looks over at Killbison- "What do you know? We've found your relatives."

Killbison: -growls threateningly-

Jalgar: -innocent look on face- "What?"

2003-12-23, 08:28 AM
Hound clenched his teeth as the condor gripped his arm with strong talons.

"Right... right. No thanks, Sparkstalker. One drink was enough."

Hound gave a slight wave and then gave Lokos a curious look.

"Who needs a body? And who are you listening to that won't listen to you?"

2003-12-23, 06:19 PM
Repair Bay

Runamuck chuckled.

"Pretty funny," he said to Jalgar.

"Yeah," Runabout growled, getting up from where he was sitting and moving to look the Breastformer straight in the optics.

"What's so funny about that?"

2003-12-24, 04:49 AM
Ratbat fluttered down the halls of Metrotitan, finally arriving at Sparkstalker's quarters. Impatiently, he pressed the buzzer.
Sparkstalker chuckled at Hound's response.

Lokos sighed. "You know what Headmasters are? I am one. I was paired with the Decepticon Squeezeplay. My partner went and got himself killed in the recent battle. I got away. Obviously. Imagine my surprise to find that he's now living in here." The Nebulan tapped the side of his helmet.

The door buzzer sounded.

Slag, Sparkstalker thought. "Good to see my repairs worked," he said, trying to cover up his previous lie. Sliding out of his chair, the Firecon headed for the door. "Guess I've got another guest."

The door slid open, revealing another of Soundwave's accursed cassettecons.

Before the host could even open his mouth to spout an insincere greeting, Ratbat spat out, "My master wishes to see you. Come with me now."

Sparkstalker stifled a rude reply. He simply said "no," instead. Then he looked over his shoulder, shooting an incredulous look at Hound and Lokos.

Lord Zarak
2003-12-24, 10:44 AM
Overlord finished his self-repairs. He transformed into his robot mode. Full of anger, he entered Metrotitan and went to find the Constructicons.

2003-12-24, 12:59 PM
Repair Bay:

Jalgar: -staring back into Runabout's optics with the same look a predatory cat would give it's next meal- "Oh, nothing in particular, I suppose. I just happen to find lots of things funny."

2003-12-24, 05:34 PM
OOC: Last post till Sunday. Scout will cover me if need be.

Runabout got to his feet and shoved Jalgar against the wall.

"And I suppose you think that our failure on the battlefield is funny? I don't call being stuck in some holding cell funny."

2003-12-25, 03:46 PM
Hatemonger, Cryotek and the Seacons waited around for new orders after getting repairs and reloading.

2003-12-25, 07:35 PM
Repair Bay:

Jalgar: -hisses, then growls, pushes Runabout away- "What I find funny is that nobody's talking to us or giving us any information! What's the big secret?"

Data Terminal, Metrotitan:

Leozak: -smiling at the information that he's seeing- "This should work well....."

2003-12-30, 07:09 AM
Hound shifted slightly, smiled and shrugged a shoulder. "Why not? Soundwave is very helpful and I'm sure he wouldn't ask you to come for no reason.
Smokescreen wandered around the small cell he was put into and began studying it for weak spots.

2003-12-30, 07:25 AM
Repair Bay

Runabout stumbled backwards, snarled, rushed foward and shoved Jalgar.

"And what the frag makes you think that we'd know somethin' about that, eh?"

2003-12-30, 07:27 AM
Sparkstalker shot Hound a strange look, as if to say are you mad? He then turned his attention back to Ratbat.

"My orders don't come from Soundwave." He grinned nastily. "Or from the accounting department. You can tell your master that I'll come by when I'm ready, and not an astrosecond sooner."

Ratbat shot a meaningful look at Buzzsaw.

Then, looking at Sparkstalker, he hissed, "That is unacceptable."

Abruptly, his voice changed to something resembling a consiliatory tone. However, coming from the fuel auditor it sounded false. Which it was, truth be told.

"It is very important business. It would be profitable for you to do as you are told." He grinned, an idea coming over him. "Hound can accompany us, if you wish."

The Firecon sighed, realizing that this pest wouldn't go away until he got what he wanted. That left him with only two options to be rid of him. And I doubt Soundwave would be too pleased if I incinerated one of his pets.

"Very well." He looked back at Hound. "You want to come?"

2003-12-30, 03:30 PM
Repair Bay:

Jalgar: -shoves Runabout away- "Because you've been here longer, you idiot!!!"

2003-12-31, 07:54 PM
Runabout growled, then tackled Jalgar to the ground, pinning the Decepticon down.

"And what difference does that make?!"

2003-12-31, 09:46 PM
Repair Bay:

Jalgar: -kicks Runabout off of him, leaps to feet, looks over at Killbison- "A little help here?"

Killbison: -shrugs- "They might not know anything. These are the same four guys the Autobots beat the slag out of and tossed into the cells before the battle."

Jalgar: "But they must know what the situation was before they got sent out to do whatever it was they were doing." -scowls- "They're just being unhelpful."

2004-01-01, 12:17 AM
Repair Bay

Dreadwind glared at Jalgar.

"We're not being unhelpful, you slaggin' ungrateful spawn of Unicron," he moaned. "We're telling you all that we know."

"Which isn't a lot, ya know," Darkwing added. "We were there. We got caught. You freed us. That's about all we know."

2004-01-01, 06:34 PM
Repair Bay:

Killbison: -realizing that things are geting out of hand(and feleing reticient about starting a fight with fellow Destrons), activates commlink-

Data Terminal, Metrotitan:

Leozak: -activates commlink as it chimes- "What is it, Killbison?"

Killbison: -over commlink- "Captain, I think we're having a problem."

Leozak: "Problem?"

Killbison: "The ones we're talking to don't know anything."

Leozak: -sighs- "All right. I'll be down in a minute." -deactivates commlink, sighs- "Never send the stubborn and the stupid to do a job....."

Repair Bay:

Leozak: -strides in, shakes head- "I apologize for my men. They can be a little..... weird. We're just trying to figure out who the current Decepticon leader is. Last we knew, it was Gigatron. We're also trying to figure out why these humans are letting us stay in their country, given their natural tendency to either run in fear or open firre at us."

2004-01-01, 08:25 PM
Repair Bay

Darkwing shrugged.

"Beats me," he said. "Fleshlings can be such curious individuals, can't they?"

"I think maybe they let us be here because they're as ruthless and mean as the rest of us," Runamuck pointed out. "The leader of this country is, after all, a wanted terrorist."

2004-01-02, 07:34 PM
Repair Bay, Metrotitan:

Leozak: "But can he be trusted? For that matter, can we trust any humans at all? And who gave the order to retreat? That didn't sound like Gigatron."

2004-01-02, 07:42 PM
Repair Bay

"Gigatron?" Runamuck asked. "Who the slag is that?"

2004-01-02, 08:59 PM
Galvatron looked out his window.

Galvatron: I should have known I would not be stable without this...

From a hidden vault, Galvatron pulled forth the Decepticon Matrix and placed it back within his chest compartment.

Galvatron felt a surge of power and the clarity of thought once more. He meta-processors healed from the damage once more. He burst forth from his solitude.

Galvatron: Decepticons...hear me...we have not been defeated. The time for pity is over. The Autobots are just as wounded...and the humans? Mwa-hahahahahaha...

Several decepticons looked at Galvatron in disbelief.

Galvatron: The madness that consumed me once has been tamed once more. The clarity of thought has returned to me, my warriors...Decepticons...the time for wallowing is at an end. We are warriors, born and bred for battle...we are what our creator made us as...we ARE DECEPTICONS! WE ARE BORN TO RULE! Rise my warriors...RISE AND FACE THE CALL...IT IS TIME FOR US TO TAKE OUR PLACE...the Earth...then Cybertron once more! We shall build our empire atop the ashes of humanity and the corpses of rusting autobot husks! RISE!

2004-01-03, 12:53 AM
Spinister, still staring at the Decepticon insignia above his door frame, didn't move an inch as Galvatron's rant carried over the intercom.
His words do sound like the product of a more stable mind. But still, only time will tell...
And in the meantime, vigilance will be required.

2004-01-03, 04:29 AM
Repair Bay, Metrotitan:

Jalgar: "I think he got renamed Teratron, Captain. That's what the last transmission said before Dezsaras blew up the comm booster."

-Galvatron's pronouncement comes over the comm-

Leozak: "Now that sounds like the Galvatron from the history tapes..... although he got buried in the Antarctic on Earth by the Autobot Headmasters......" -narrows optics, looks at Runabout, Runamuch, Darkwing, and Dreadwind- "Thanks for your help. Killbison, Jalgar, come on. We need to find the others." -stalks out of repair bay, heading outside-

Jalgar and Killbison: -look at each other, shrug, follow Leozak out-

Lord Zarak
2004-01-03, 12:58 PM
Overlord strode towards Galvatron's quarters. His revenge upon the Constructicons would wait...at least until the Autobots were defeated. He once again had found a purpose for his life.

2004-01-03, 10:08 PM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Bout time we got the good Galvatron back." He laughed and started for his quarters.


"Here we go again." Cryotek thought lagging behing Hatemonger.


"Come on Seacons, lets move it!" Snaptrap yelled as the group assembled and headed off.

2004-01-04, 01:55 AM
StarBlade looked up at the announcement by Galvatron. Slightly surprised at what he said about clarity of thought, she looked to Astrotrain. "Clarity of thought? Lord Galvatron was not sane? What happened?"

2004-01-04, 11:21 PM
Leozak: -strides out of Metrotitan, Jalgar and Killbison following-

Jalgar: "What have you come up with, Captain?"

Leozak: "I'll tell you when we're all assembled." -leads them over to where Drillhorn, Hellbat, and Gaihawk are talking to the Constructicons- "Pardon us, but I need my men. Drillhorn, Gaihawk, Hellbat, follow me."

Leozak, Gaihawk, Drillhorn, Hellbat, Jalgar, and Killbison: -walk a little ways off-

Leozak: -looking over at the Constructicons in the distance, quietly- "Let's show them a real combiner unit." -louder- "Leokaiser, MERGE!!!"

Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -merge, form Leokaiser-

Leokaiser: -literally glowing with power, looking with narrowed optics at the Decepticons, launches into a kata, movements swift, sure, and strong-

Hellbat: "Well, you got us in here. What's going on?"

Leozak: "Simple. Planning for the future. Drillhorn, what's the status of Trypticon?"

Drillhorn: "Metroplex beat the slag out of him. However, Trypticon could be called the winner. Metroplex is completely offline, while Trypticon is merely almost offline."

Gaihawk: "That's not much of a difference."

Drillhorn: "Actually, it is. Trypticon can now go back and beat Metroplex into the ground before thy get Metroplex back online.... well, if he could get up, that is. At a guess, his gyroscopic controls are smashed. What I can't figure out is why they're not repairing him. Logically, we'd need all of our troops at full strength."

Leozak: "I have a feeling that logic and the Decepticons aren't always on the best of terms. Gaihawk, your report."

Gaihawk: "That fleshling had the temerity to refuse to see us. I'm going to go in there-"

Leozak: "In due time, Gaihawk, this human will be dealt with. Whether or not the Decepticons deal with him is the question."

Hellbat: "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?"

Leozak: "I never thought I'd say this, Hellbat, but yes. But taking Galvatron on would be suicide."

Leokaiser: -breaking in- "We can take him."

Leozak: "Before that last announcement, I would have agreed with you, Leokaiser. Galvatron is very probably our equal in power and strength, and with brains behind it, he could possibly take us."

Jalgar: "We could be sneaky. Snipe him from a distance."

Leozak: "No. It wouldn't be honorable, and to be brutally honest, we'd have to deal with every other Decepticon who wanted command. Or revenge."

Drillhorn: "So what's the plan, Captain?"

Leozak: "Simple. We take Trypticon and every trustworthy Decepticon who wants to go along and leave. It's time we show these amatuers why Destrons are their superiors. The first step is to get me named city commander of Trypticon. Drillhorn, get a geologic map of the country, and find where all of the oil deposits are."

Hellbat: "Uh.... Captain....... I hate to be a wet blanket on this hot idea of yours, but aren't 'Trustworthy' and 'Decepticon' mutually exclusive terms?"

Leozak: "True, but we will hold all the power. We are Destrons after all. More to the point, we are Breastforce, and naturally, their superiors."

2004-01-05, 06:01 PM
Galvatron saw his warriors gaining the life back into their systems. They would not be defeated this time...this time the Autobots would be crushed.

Galvatron: "We will need someone to collect intelligence on the Autobot situation. Where the troops are deployed, how many are ready to fight, positions. Also, I want to know what the humans are doing. Who will answer this challenge for me?"

2004-01-05, 09:32 PM

Leokaiser: -has moved into a staff kata, picks up Galvatron's transmission, internally- Leozak, I think that's our cue."

Leozak: "Excellent. Leokaiser, SEPERATE!!!"

Leokaiser: -seperates, Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison land on the ground-

Leozak: -activates commlink- "Lord Galvatron, I, Leozak, and my men shall answer your call!"

Hellbat: -muttering- "I think I've got a contender for the ham of the year....."

2004-01-06, 12:00 AM
Hatemonger overheard Galvatron's transmission.

"Of all the times the Iron Wolves are gone." He sighed.

"I am ready to fight my Lord, along side you for our glory." He yelled.

He then thought.

"Wait a moment." He asked Galvatron and looked over that the Seacons and brought up an image of the current Autobot base.

"The lake near Metroplex there were rivers running into it. It would not be as direct as we would like, but the Seacons could get within eye range of the Autobot base, if they could somehow transport someone else, they could be outside of the Auotbot's radar." He looked at Snaptrap.

"Hmm very possible." Snaptrap agreed looking to his men.

"Sounds like fun, if that becomes the way to go." Nautilator added.

2004-01-06, 04:00 AM
Leozak: "Gaihawk, take Drillhorn to the opposite side of the mountain range the Autobots set up on. Drillhorn, when you get there, I want you to drill down under the range, come at them from their blind side. Once in position, set up sensor relay bouys and tap into their communications system."

Hellbat: "What kind of a plan is that? They'll see them coming a mile away."

Leozak: "That's why the rest of us are going to act as a distraction. Afterwards, Jalgar, I want you and Killbison to go to New York. Just this time, no subway remodelling. Hellbat, you and I will head to Washington D.C. after we drop Jalgar and Killbison off and Gaihawk rejoins us."

Gaihawk: "And do we get to kill any Autobots?"

Leozak: "Maybe later. For now, we do reconnasance. Let's go!"

Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -move out, heading towards America-

Random Sweep
2004-01-09, 03:41 AM
Repair bay

Triggerhappy strolls in looking worse for wear and more than a little angry.

"someone tell me where Spinister is. NOW!"

2004-01-09, 05:16 AM
Repair Bay

Dreadwind looked at Triggerhappy.

"Whoa!" he said. "What's got your software in a buzz?"

2004-01-09, 05:26 AM
Repair Bay

"Yes," Sixshot said as he was awoken after his repairs had been concluded by the shouting Triggerhappy, "perhaps you should learn the rules of patience first."

2004-01-09, 05:43 AM
Repair Bay

"Yeah," Runabout snickered. "Either that, or the rules of self restraint."

Random Sweep
2004-01-09, 09:32 AM
Repair bay

"being knocked offline" Triggerhappy growled, änd being stranded gets my oil boiling, Now if you don't mind i need to report to Spinister right away ".

2004-01-10, 08:11 PM
Flying low over the Pacific:

Drillhorn: "I'm not sure how tactically sound your plan is, Leozak."

Leozak: "Neither am I, but we've got to do something to get us into Galvatron's good graces. But even if this doesn't work, we will take Trypticon, by hook or by crook."

Hellbat: "And what about retalliation? You've seen the damage to Trypticon, and I can't picture Galvatron not sending a massive assualt force to wipe us out, or at least beat us into submission."

Leozak: "I've already thought of that. I've got the schematics from the forcefield and deflector shield generators of Dezsarus' space fortress. We simply build the generators and install them in Tyrpticon."

Drillhorn: "Captain, it's a nice idea, but I doubt Trypticon will have the energy generation ability to keep the shields up. If you remember, Dezsarus never used them because of the energy drain."

Leozak: "You're inventive, Drillhorn. You'll be able to solve the problem. After all, Trypticon isn't nearly the size of a space city."

2004-01-11, 04:57 AM
Spinister sat absolutely motionless behind his desk, in the room that served him as both office and quarters. Lost in thought, he continued to stare at the Decepticon emblem above his door. If not for the red light shining in his optics, an observer would have taken him for inactive.
Ramjet, still standing in the doorway to Astrotrain's office, cracked his knuckles. The motion produced a horribly loud crackling noise as metal ground against metal in his joints. He balled his hands into fists, then began to idly bounce his right fist off the wall.

He was bored, certainly. But he was also now growing worried.

A-Train's been gone a long time. He should be back by now. I hope nothing's happened to 'im. The conehead checked his chronometer. Maybe I should go look for him...

He shook his head. No. A-Train told me to wait here, so I'm waiting here. If he needed help, he would've called. 'sides, the last thing I need is to get yelled at for disobeying orders if he comes back and I'm not here.

The bodyguard stayed put.

Aero Blade
2004-01-11, 08:16 PM
Tracer wandered the halls, bored out of his mind. He'd rather be fighting Autobots, but the last fight had been uneventful. He was now looking around for something to do here...

As he walked the corridors, he eventually spotted Ramjet. Tracer chuckled slightly as he observed him, evaluating the seen. Looked like this guy was playing door guard, and 10 to 1 he wasn't aloud to leave his post. Let's see if I can get alittle fun out of this guy... Tracer though, cracking his knuckles slightly then heading towards Ramjet.

2004-01-12, 01:14 AM
Ramjet's head turned towards the oncoming footsteps. He saw Tracer, and he noticed how the other was giving him an evaluative look.
"What're you looking at?"

Aero Blade
2004-01-12, 01:36 AM
"Haven't quite figured that out..." Tracer answered casually. Almost looked like he'd walk right past Ramjet, but then he stopped and smoothly turned to face the other Decepticon, standing almost toe to toe, mimicing Ramjet's posture. "I think I recall seeing something similar on the scrap heap..." he said, pratically right in Ramjet's face.

2004-01-12, 05:19 AM
Ramjet sneered. This moron obviously didn't realize that insulting Astrotrain's bodyguard was a bad idea.

"Not a surprise," he told Tracer. He straightened his posture, then took a single step back from the other. "The Seekers were never afraid to go into battle."

The Conehead looked down his nose at Tracer, trying to mimick the arrogant stance that Thunderwing was so fond of.
"I don't think I've seen anything like you before. What are ya, anyway? Some kind of overgrown Micromaster?"

Random Sweep
2004-01-12, 03:05 PM
Making his way though the corridors Triggerhappy comes to the room he was after.

after a few seconds to composes himself he knocks on Spinisters door

2004-01-12, 07:07 PM
At Triggerhappy's knock, Spinister's optics shifted from the emblem to focus on the door itself.
"Enter," he said.

Random Sweep
2004-01-13, 01:15 AM
Triggerhappy enters Spinisters Room

"Sir, Reporting in."

Aero Blade
2004-01-13, 01:27 AM
Tracer couldn't help but burst out laughing. Ramjet's insult was lost as Tracer tried to contain himself over the amusement of the mimic of that snotty aristocrat Thunderwing. It was too obvious, and too hilarious for Tracer.

"Oh nicely done," Tracer praised while trying to suppress his chuckling. "Very good imitation of Thunderwing! You look like you have something clogging up your tailpipe!" he told Ramjet while attempting not to go into another fit of laughter.

2004-01-13, 04:48 AM
Spinister's optics widened slightly in surprise.

"Triggerhappy. I am...pleased to see you functional. We assumed you had been destroyed by the Quintessons, though I see now that was not the case."

He gestured for the other Targetmaster to sit. "I assume you have an explanation for your recent absence."
Ramjet had to chuckle dispite himself. He nodded to Tracer.

"Yes, our friend the Pretender is a bit...stuck up, isn't he?"

Aero Blade
2004-01-13, 05:13 AM
"That is an understatement," Tracer agreed with a snicker. "The name's Tracer," he offered to Ramjet. "I've luckly been able to avoid getting stuck with that blowhard on any missions. You seem to have had quite a few encounters with him..."

2004-01-13, 05:23 AM
"You could say that." Ramjet chuckled. "Part'a the job, I guess."

"I'm Ramjet. Admiral Astrotrain's bodyguard." He gestured at the empty office behind him. "Some major glitch jobs have business with him, from time to time. Thunderwing isn't the worst, though."

Random Sweep
2004-01-13, 04:26 PM
Taking a seat slowly Triggerhappy gives his report.

"Well, as you know the fight against the Quintessons went poorly and I was hit several times, when the power cells for my proton cannons were hit i was forced to crash land which unfortunatly knocked me offline".

Triggerhappy Twitches a few times and continues.

"If it wasn't for Blowpipe preforming basic repairs i'd still be in that ditch.. either that or sharkticon fodder".

2004-01-14, 04:32 AM
Spinister nodded, accepting Triggerhappy's report.

"There are advantages to having Nebulan partners, I admit." His voice sounded ever-so-slightly strained. "Unfortunately, none of our teammates are functional to appreciate that fact. Aside from myself, you are the only Targetmaster to report in after the battle. Our unit is effectively defunct."

Random Sweep
2004-01-14, 02:43 PM
Triggerhappy's Eyes widend in suprise "none of the others made it back!"

after sitting silently for a moment he continued "If that is all for now i would like to get down to the repair bay and get myself fixed properly, please let me know when i have been reassigned. "

With that triggerhappy awaits dismissal.

2004-01-14, 08:14 PM
Spinister nodded. "See to your repairs. I will speak to Admiral Astrotrain and request that he assign you to new duties."

He stood. "Dismissed, Triggerhappy."

Random Sweep
2004-01-15, 02:14 AM
Triggerhappy stands, Salutes and makes his way down to the repair bay

2004-01-15, 04:34 AM
After Triggerhappy left, Spinister walked out of his room, turned in the opposite direction as his former subordinate, and headed towards Astrotrain's office.

2004-01-16, 11:10 AM
Hound was distracted by the look that Sparkstalker gave him with the suggestion of going to see Soundwave, but he began to respond.

"If you wish me to, I will certainly accompany you to..."

Hound was interrupted by Galvatron's message. Immediately
images suddenly spun through his memory that made time slow down. His programming was readjusting. Various flashes of autobots and decepticons fighting came up and processed in thousandths of an earth second. Humans and museums, the desert and the Ark... He blinked them away and refocused, taking on a strangely distant look as the replaced information took hold.

"Galvatron is our leader. He needs my assistance to help with reconnaisance of the Autobots."

Hound rose quickly. He immediately felt an intense excitement hit as he looked forward to the prospect of being able to get outside, but something about the leader's laughs in reference to the humans unnerved him.

Still, it'll be good to get outside.

Quick Switch
2004-01-18, 03:54 AM
Astotrain heard Galvatron's annoncement without immediate comment.

"Come with me," he said simply to Star Blade. He walked on to his office, and clapped a hand in greeting on Ramjet's shoulder before stepping into his office.

"I'll deal with any outstanding visitors or business in a moment." Astrotrain sat behind his desk and motioned for Star Blade to sit across from him if she so chose, or wait outside with Ramjet.

He shuffled a few papers, then clicked on Metrotitan's Decepticon comm system.

"Attention please. This is Admiral-Administrator Astrotrain. It has been presented that our Emperor wishes action against the accursed Autobots. With that in mind, I declaring a new initiative open in our war of liberation for the planet Earth. At this time, Shockwave is appointed Acting Commander of Scorponok; Leozak of the Breastforce will assume Acting Command of Trypticon. General Hatemunger is henceforth charged with engaging the enemy on as many fronts as possible with his forces independently of the city commands; any Decepticons who wish to serve with his roving forces or be stationed in the cities, simply report there. Those who wish to remain in Metrotitan need only report to my office for confirmation of assignment. Do not fail me or your Emperor, make the Autobots pay for our ingloious defeat at the Battle of the Four Cities. Peace through tyranny. That is all."

Astrotrain clicked off on the comm, and set to work straightening up his desk. No rest for the weary.

2004-01-18, 05:22 AM
Sparkstalker frowned at the change that came over Hound. It was strange, and, truthfully, quite frightening.

"Are you alright, Hound?"

Lokos shot a look at Ratbat. "Am I invited, too?"

"No," the cassetticon practically spat out. "Fleshlings are not considered an asset to my master's plan. He has no use for your...kind."

"Is that so?" The Nebulan crossed his arms, the part of him that was Squeezeplay wanting nothing more than to rip the accountant's wings off.

"Yes, it is so. And if you insist on harrassing me further I will be forced to soil my mecha-fangs with fleshling fuel. Is that clear?"

The cassetticon added an edge to his voice that was obviously intended to be menacing. As it was, Lokos had difficulty restraining his laughter. Before he could reply, Sparkstalker cut in. "Just stay here, Lokos. I'm sure I'll only be a minute."

The Firecon then turned his gaze back to Hound.
Ramjet smiled slightly, pleased that Astrotrain had returned. However, he was less pleased to see that he was in the company of that distasteful femme assassin. His opinion of her had gone down another notch after her failure to slag Ultra Magnus.

Too bad the Autobots didn't get her.

To the passing order handed out by Astrotrain as he walked by, the conehead replied, "Sure thing, boss."

He turned his head slightly, listening to the P.A. announcement that Astrotrain was making. When the comm unit clicked off, he looked back towards the office door.

To his surprise, Spinister was standing there, looking for all the world as if he had been there for the last few hours.

Who knows? Maybe the freak was. It'd be like him. At least he had managed not to jump in shock, this time...

The Targetmaster spoke up. "Is the Admiral available?"

"Wait your turn," the conehead said curtly. He then looked to Tracer. "Did you have business with A-Train?"

Aero Blade
2004-01-18, 06:06 AM
"Nah, just killing some time," Tracer answered Ramjet, almost seeming to emphasize the 'killing' part. He'd rather be killing some Autobots...

2004-01-18, 06:14 AM
Ramjet picked up on Tracer's emphasis. "I know what you mean..."
The Conehead stuck his head into Astrotrain's office.
"Boss, ya got a minute? Spinister is here to see you."

2004-01-18, 07:45 AM
Hound paused briefly at the door, still with the distant expression. "I'm functional in status Sparkstalker and at complete energon capacity. Thank you for inquiring. I must go to do my duty now."

The scout turned to walk out when the discussion between Ratbat and Lokos registered.

Every joint in his body tensed. Hound's blue optics darkened to a midnight color that was nearly black and the return was as swift as the processing.

He spun and with his free arm, grabbed in an attempt to pin Ratbat to the wall. His voice came out low, calm and very firm.

"My Master is your master, and he has given his word that no fleshlings will be harmed. Do NOT threaten Lokos again."

Quick Switch
2004-01-18, 07:49 AM
"Certainly- send him in," Astrotrain replied, sifting through a stack of reports.

2004-01-18, 07:57 AM
Pinned against the wall, Ratbat fluttered his wings pathetically against Hound to try and knock the ex-Autobot off him.

"Gah! How dare you!"

His optics locked with the extremely unhelpful Buzzsaw's, then traced back to Hound's. He stopped struggling.

"Very well." His voice came out in a vampyric hiss. "I will not threaten the fleshbag again. It is inefficient for Decepticons to slay one another, no matter how...inconsequential an amount they may represent on the balance sheet. Now unhand me!"

2004-01-18, 08:00 AM
Hound instantly released Ratbat and regained a bright smile in seconds- looking as if nothing had happened.

"I must go to answer the leader's call but if any of you need me, just click on my radio. I will come immediately if I am able."

He turned and headed out of the room.

2004-01-18, 08:08 AM
Ramjet nodded. "Sure thing, boss."

He turned to escort Spinister into the office, but found the Targetmaster already brushing past him. Miffed, the Conehead stepped back out into the hallway.

Spinister nodded respectfully to Astrotrain. "Thank you for seeing me. I have a...strange encounter to report."
Ratbat fluttered back up into the air, trying (and failing) to regain his lost dignity.

Sparkstalker and Lokos just stared incredulously as Hound walked out the door. Finally, the Firecon shot a look at Ratbat.

"Shall we go? I have other things to attend to, after all."

"Drinking Energon with Au...ahem...with you visitors can wait." Ratbat hissed. "Soundwave's request is a higher priority. We go."

The two left Sparkstalker's room, heading for Soundwave's office.

Quick Switch
2004-01-18, 08:20 AM
"Do so," the Triple Changer replied smoothly. He indicated a hand so Spinister could sit if he so chose.

2004-01-18, 08:37 AM
Having spent far too much time sitting recently, Spinister remained standing. The effect of this was that he loomed over the seated Astrotrain, but this was niether intentional nor amusing to him.

"A few minutes ago I had a visitor in my quarters. What made him unique, however, is that he has been dead for several months."

He paused for a moment, for effect. "It was one of my former troops. Triggerhappy, to be precise. He claims to have been offline for past few months. However, I find it slightly suspicious that he would return to duty so soon after our...defeat."

Spinister tilted his head slightly to one side. "I told him I would speak to you about his returning to active duty, and I think it would be safe to allow that. However, I feel that it might be...wise to have Metrotitan keep a close watch on until his loyalty is certain."

2004-01-19, 01:59 AM
StarBlade nodded, and followed Astrotrain into his office, and took a seat. She listened to Astrotrain's announcement in silence, wondering exactly why Astrotrain, given her failures, still seemed to accept her as a near equal. It almost scared her.

"Sir, might I ask you a question?"

2004-01-19, 04:26 AM
Repair Bay

Sixshot smiled behind his faceplate after he heard the announcement. Quickly pushing his way through any Decepticons in his way, he made his way to Hatemonger's office.

2004-01-19, 06:04 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

Finally something I am use to. He thought.

"Any Decpticons ready to fight with me report to me as soon as you can." He added and waited, this way he would know his force size and capablities.

Aero Blade
2004-01-19, 06:21 AM
Hearing the announcement from Hatemonger, Tracer cracked his knuckles in anticipation. "About time... You'll have to excuse me," He said smoothly to Ramjet, "But I've got some Autobots to go pound on."

With that he started walking down the corridor, heading towards the place to sign up for the fighting.

2004-01-19, 06:28 AM
"Wish I could go with ya," Ramjet muttered as Tracer walked away.
He quickly shook his head to dispell such thoughts. The job he did was an important one, after all.
It just gets so slagging boring sometimes...

2004-01-19, 09:22 AM
Hound made his way toward the entrance to Metrotitan, still with Buzzsaw on his arm. He paid the condor little heed though, for an unease had settled in his programming. He balanced between his excitement about going outside and the unnerving attitudes that some of his fellows were displaying toward the organics. The thoughts about getting outside won out however, and he headed for the open air.

Lord Zarak
2004-01-19, 11:20 AM
Shockwave made his way from the Metrotitan brig to the command quarters of Scorponok. In his mind, making Acting Commander was the logical result of all his recent actions. Command of a city-sized Decepticons was just one more step to the logical conclusion of overall leadership.

Not that he told anyone.

He arrived, entered the command room, sat down and logged on.
Speaking to Scorponok, he asked.

"I have been given the post of Acting Commander of you, Scorponok, an order given by Admiral-Administrator Astrotrain. Do you accept his order, and my command over you?"

2004-01-19, 03:37 PM
Hatemonger was already busy planning a full assualt for the Autobot strike.

"Computer, give me a active report on all current Decpeiton gestalt and combiner teams that are still online." He asked and waited for a reply.

2004-01-19, 05:31 PM
After walking throught the halls of the base for awhile, Sixshot finally arrived at his destination. As he walked in, he noticed that Hatemonger was accessing the computer, and was glad to see that the one who he was about to follow would prepare accordingly.

"I have come to offer my assistance," Sixshot said as he moved closer towards Hatemonger.

Aero Blade
2004-01-19, 05:47 PM
Tracer entered the room and simply chose a spot on the wall to lean against, observing Sixshot and Hatemonger and waiting to see what the orders would be. He didn't know what they were doing with the computers, but that wasn't his concern; he was just there to relieve some boredom by attacking the Autobots.

2004-01-20, 04:32 AM
After a few minutes of flying, Ratbat fluttered through the entrance to Soundwave's office. He hung upside-down from a cieling beam.
"We've arrived."

Sparkstalker stopped in the doorway, waiting for the communications officer's orders.

2004-01-20, 04:46 AM
Hatemonger looked over to Sixshot and Tracer.

"Excellent good too see some warriors willing too step up to the challenge. We will be a hard hitting assualt force. It may be the most dangerous part of being a soilder, but often times it has the greatest rewards." He smiled and pointed at the computer.

"I would like to see what Gestalt teams we have that will be in this battle. I would like to prepare an additional assualt combined with the cities to maximize Autobot losses and damages. Also, if the combiners hit hard and in a large enough number they would give us the advantage of essentcially another city. This of course if the Predacons, Stunticons, Construcitcon, Seacons, Monstructor, Abominus are still online." He added.

With that Snaptrap and the Seacons and Cryotek arrived.

"Well duh, if you didn't think we were going to be up for this." Seawing snapped.

"Agreed, we need retrobution for what happened in the last battle." Cryotek added.

Hatemonger smiled and continued his planning.

"If any of you have anything to say, please do." He asked.

Random Sweep
2004-01-20, 04:00 PM
After hearing Hatemongers broadcast The Pretender monsters make their way to Hatemongers office.

"we just returned from an energon scouting mission and we are eager to go." voices Icepick.

"speak for yourself " states Slog "i have much work to catch up on."

"ahh quit you complaining you feul guzzling worthless merchent or i will rip out your date core and turn you into a table "snarled bristle back. then continues "where is our target and why arn't we killin'it already heh".

2004-01-20, 11:20 PM
Hatemonger was pleased by the Pretenders overenthusism.

"We are awating the rest of our forces to get ready. Then we will hit them all at once."

2004-01-21, 11:54 PM
Descent angle towards Trypticon:

Jalgar: ".... but you should have seen it. All that equipment we brought to tap in, and we didn't need it."

Drillhorn: "What do you mean?"

Jalgar: -shrugs- "Whoever set the monitoring equipment up in the first place went a little overboard. Where we were going to plug in was occupied with dozens of signal transmitters, all linked into the camera and microphone system. That whole building is completely wired for sound."

Hellbat: "You're kidding."

Jalgar: " I slag you not. And they were all labeled, too. CIA, KGB, FBI, NKVD, SPECTRE, SMERSH, NSA, UNIT, Moussad, DXS..... it looked like a human alphabet exploded all over that panel." -chuckles- "So, instead of using our equipment, I just reset a few of the transmitters to send their signal to us. And to their original recievers as well. Wouldn't want anybody to get curious."

Leozak: -smirks- "I knew there was a reason I kept you around, Jalgar." -sees Trypticon- "There he is. Our new base..... and our springboard to greater victory."

Drillhorn: -sighs- "They haven't started much in the way of repairs yet."

Leozak: "We can handle the damage repairs, Drillhorn. I want you to get to work on the shield generators."

Drillhorn: "But the power required-"

Leozak: "We already went over that. You make the waveform changes, we'll get you the power."

Hellbat: "What do you mean we, chuckles?"

Jalgar: "I don't know nothin' 'bout fixin' no powerplants."

Leozak: "-scowls- "I could have the two of you lobotomized, you know."

Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -land, stride into Trypticon, walk onto command deck-

Leozak: -strides over to center seat, sits, flips comm switch on the command chair's arm- "Trypticon, as of this date, this time, I, Leozak, commander of the Breastforce, am taking over as your commander. Make the appropriate changes to your security protocols. Drillhorn, you're my chief engineer. You've got the designs, start building the forcefield and deflector shield generators. Gaihawk, you're my XO. Take tactical officer Killbison and get me a rundown on what weapons we have active, what needs to be repaired, and a list of potential replacement weapons." -sighs, looks over at Hellbat and Jalgar as the others head out-

Hellbat: "And what are we going to do, Captain?"

Leozak: -stands- "Hellbat, you're our comm officer. Send a call out to the other Decepticons, tell them we're accepting applications for a dependable crew. Then join security commander Jalgar and myself in the main power room. We need to get the autorepair systems back online."

Leozak and Jalgar: -head off the command deck, heading for the main power room-

Hellbat: -heads over to the comm panel, activates Decepticon wide frequency- "Any Decepticons wishing to serve aboard the battlestation Trypticon, please report to Trypticon's loading ramp. "

2004-01-22, 04:20 AM
Galvatron looked over the numbers and was visibly concerned.

We don't have enough...too many wounded...too few able to counter the Autobots and the Humans...but we can't back away now...

Galvatron continued to poor over his intelligence as it flowed it.

Galvatron: Astrotrain...report to me...I think we may have found the chink we need...

2004-01-22, 06:30 AM
Hatemonger wondered one other question.

"Galvatron and Astrotrain what about our human allies Fadikki and company? *pardon my mess up on the spelling* I am sure they could be of some use." Hatemonger asked.

Quick Switch
2004-01-23, 12:11 AM
"Noted," Astrotrain replied to Spinister. "I appreciate your input on this matter." Just as the Triple Changer was about to address Star Blade, Galvatron's announcement came over the comm.

"Hold that thought," Astrotrain said, smiling tightly at the femme master-killer. "I will return shortly."

With that, he strode out of the office and reached Galvatron's quarters. He entered, saluting smartly.

"My Lord?"


Scorponok considered that for a moment, waving his stump of a tail, where Maximus had ripped it off. Then said:

"Fix me first, Purple One. Then we'll see if you're worthy."


Trypticon stirred.

"Huh!?!" he roared. He thrashed his massive head, in saurian mode. "Metwopwex bwoke Twypticon's TWEETH!"

2004-01-23, 02:19 AM
Trypticon, main engineering:

Leozak, Jalgar,and Hellbat: -looking at Trypticon's damage monitor when the saurian city makes his 'pwonouncement'-

Hellbat: "Tweeth?"

Leozak: "I think he means teeth." -flipping switches, bringing Trypticon's autorepair systems online, watching as scores of maintenece robots come scooting out to start repairing the damage-

Jalgar: -looking over the maintenence logs for Trypticon's power plant, and the documentation that came with it- "Inefficient. Probably the best when the old boy was brought online....."

Leozak: "No problem."

Jalgar: "What did you do, sneak one of the powerplants out of the space fortress as well?"

Leozak: "No. But we can repair and upgrade this one. Let me see the schematics." -takes pad with schematics on it- "We should be able to get this powerplant to produce at least another 75% of it's main power capacity."

Hellbat: "And everything will hold?"

Leozak: "Of course it will. But, Hellbat, I have a very special job for you........"

Trypticon, Exterior:

Gaihawk and Killbison: -cataloging damage to Trypticon's weapons systems-

Gaihawk: "You know what we need? Mass drivers."

Killbison: "Mass drivers? Aren't they better as orbital weapons?"

Gaihawk: "Yeah. Death From Above!"

Killbison: -chuckles-

Hellbat: -arcs up past them, muttering under his breath, stops before Trypticon's mouth- "My, my..... Hello, Trypticon. I'm your dentist for today. Metroplex seems to have broken all your teeth." -pulls out tape measure- "I'm here to fix that."

Quick Switch
2004-01-23, 02:36 AM
Trypticon looked blearily at Hellbat, not particularly impressed.

"Fix tweeth so Twypticon can cwush Metwopwex!"

2004-01-23, 03:11 AM
Trypticon, Exterior:

Hellbat: -chuckles- "Trypticon, by the time we're done with you, you'll be able to go toe to toe with Unicron." -starts taking measurements fr new teeth-

2004-01-23, 05:21 AM
Ramjet followed Astrotrain as silently as he could, taking up a position outside Galvatron's door.
Leozak's public announcement sent Spinister's mind into analysis mode.

Moving to Trypticon could prove to be advantagious. At the very least, there would be less bureaucracy to deal with.

Spinister nodded his thanks to Astrotrain as the admiral departed, then immediately walked out of the office himself. He headed towards his quarters, not even bothering to mutter an insincere appology to StarBlade for leaving her alone.

As he walked, the Targetmaster activated his comlink. He punched in a code that activated a connection to his Nebulan partners' rooms. "Singe, Hairsplitter, pack your equipment and meet me in my quarters."

He cut the channel before the fleshlings could protest.

Arriving at his room, Spinister entered and looked around. He didn't have too much to pack, he reflected. He removed the large Decepticon sigil from over his doorway, shunting it into subspace. Pulling the datacore from his computer terminal, he subpaced it as well. He took nothing else. There was nothing else to take, since his room had always been extremely austere.

He heard mutters of annoyance behind him, and turned to find his two Nebulans standing in the doorway.

"Well?" Singe demanded. "What's so important that you had to wake me up?" Hairsplitter, standing slightly behind him, rolled his eyes in disgust.

Spinister took the Nebulans' luggage and stored it in subspace. "We're moving to Trypticon."

"Why?" Singe demanded. Not surprisingly, Spinister ignored the question. He scooped the two Nebulans up and deposited them on his shoulders. He keyed in a complex quadratic formula into his room's locking mechanism to keep out unwanted visitors, then walked off into the hallway.

Finally he spoke. "Wheels within wheels, Singe," he answered cryptically. "Wheels within wheels."

Ignoring his Nebulans' curious questions, the Targetmaster moved in near-total silence to the nearest exit, transformed, and headed towards Trypticon.

Lord Zarak
2004-01-23, 01:04 PM
"Now is not a logical time to argue, Scorponok. You will accept my command, and you will be repaired. I will summon the Constructicons, and all available hands.

"Constructicons, and all who aish to fight alongside Scorponok please report to Scorponok's tail."


Overlord went to Trypticon. He figured there would be more action there when the fighting started.

2004-01-23, 01:22 PM
StarBlade nodded, not minding being told to hold her tongue while Astrotrain went to speak with Galvatron. She really hadn't noted Spinister entering, nor his departure, as her thoughts were on other things.

I will so need to upgrade my nav systems.... Though I'm a little wary of the Constructicons doing it... They seem a little... Off in the mental processes department. While left to her own devices while Astrotrain was with Galvatron, the assassin stood and paced inside the office, her thoughts returning to the question she needed to ask.

Why is he so glad to have me among the Decepticons, when I have failed twice? I failed in killing Magnus, then failed to even make it to the battle... I haven't failed this badly since.... Since Megatron's last order for me. That lunatic sent me to kill Prime before we left Cybertron, and I not only failed, I damn near got slagged... And then, after my repairs had been finished, he nearly slags me himself! At least Galvatron hasn't done that yet, and he's Megatron, only reformatted... Geez, I've missed so much. I didn't even know about most of this stuff happening. One of these days, I'm going to get a full rundown on exactly what I've missed, and who of the original band that left Cybertron is still functioning. Her thoughts continued on as she paced, thankful she was left alone, save for the watchful eye of Metrotitan.

2004-01-24, 01:09 AM
Trypticon, Exterior:

Hellbat: -finishes his measurements- "Okay. Whole new set of teeth for you, my large friend. Adamantium with a monofiliment thick edge. Just remember," -puts tape measure away- "I want you to brush and floss after eating a city."

Gaihawk: -checking the cannons mounted on Trypticon's head- "When did you become a dentist, Hellbat?"

Hellbat: "When Leozak ordered me to come up here after Trypticon let us know about his teeth." -starts to fly down, sees Spinisiter heading towards Trypticon- "What do you know, I think we've got an applicant......."


Trypticon, Chief Engineer's quarters:

Drillhorn: -knee deep in computer printouts, wavesign data, and generator parts, looking at the schematics from the generators on Deszarus' fortress- "I knew that killing that race of aliens was a bad idea....... I could use two or three of those little green guys to help me with these generators......."

Trypticon, Engineering:

Leozak: -making adjustments to one of the regulators- "Okay, Jalgar, now!"

Jalgar: -throws a switch on one of Trypticon's powerplants, keys in a sequence, smiles in satisfaction and the uneven drone of the powerplant is replaced by a high-pitched hum, checks the readout- "Powerplant One is operating at 150% efficiency." -looks over at Leozak- "That wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be, Captain."

Leozak: -locks down regulators- "Jalgar, this was the only undamaged plant. Plant Two is sputtering at 50%, and Plant Three is offline."

Jalgar: "I'm glad you're not morale officer, Leozak...."

2004-01-24, 05:19 AM
Spinister arrived at Trypticon, taking notice of the massive Overlord nearby. The Targetmaster made a low flyby on the city, then transformed. He landed on his feet, with a Nebulan on each shoulder, waiting for whoever it was that was supposed to meet the troops as they arrived.

2004-01-24, 08:06 AM
Galvatron looked at Astrotrain and Hatemonger.

Galvatron: It is my hope that our miserable human allies will be able to commence some type of offensive that will keep the humans out of our fight.

*Galvatron began to point to two points on the recently received map*

Galvatron: I believe we can pierce the Autobots defenses here...and here...but I am not certain if we have the personel or the stealth to do so right now...Astrotrain, what is you assessment of our current strike capabilities.

2004-01-24, 09:09 PM
Hatemonger looked at Galvatron's diagrams.

"As of now I have the Seacons, Monstructor, Tracer, Cryotek and Sixshot along with myself." I don't think that is enough to launch a massive multi-front assault, not that I mind the challenge either though." Hatemonger smiled.

"Do we have any more numbers on Earth that we are unware of?" he asked.

2004-01-24, 09:48 PM
Trypticon, Engineering:

Hellbat: -strides in- "Leozak, I think we have a couple of potential allies outside. Better go out and meet them."

Leozak: -nods- "Take over assisting Jalgar with the powerplant tuning."

Hellbat: "Aye, Captain." -heads over to assist Jalgar in the baffle plate removal from powerplant 3-

Leozak: -strides out of engineering, activating commlink- "Gaihawk, meet me at the base of the loading ramp. We have a couple of potential applicants."

Trypticon, Exterior:

Leozak: -striding down the ramp, nearly stops in shock, thinks to self- "Overlord? He's here as well? Great, last thing I need to deal with are Chiefs Mega and Giga......." -smiles as Gaihawk lands next to him, both stride to the base of the ramp-

Gaihawk: -staring at Overlord, not nearly as good at concealing his shock as Leozak-

Leozak: "Spinister, Overlord, welcome to Trypticon. From here, we will bring destruction to the Autobots and greater glory to the Destrons..... I mean, Decepticons."

Gaihawk: -mutters- "Once we get the old heap put back together, that is........"

Leozak: -scowls at Gaihawk- "Yes, as Gaihawk pointed out, Trypticon is in need of repair and refit. Will you join us?"

2004-01-25, 05:48 AM
Spinister listened to Leozak, then nodded.
"For my part, yes. My greatest talents do not lie in the field of engineering, but I will do what I can."

Lord Zarak
2004-01-25, 05:40 PM
"We dont want 'what you can'. We want you to hurt, maim, kill and obliterate the Autobots. I take it that is why you joined the Decepticons?" Growled Overlord.

2004-01-26, 03:25 AM
Foot of boarding ramp, Trypticon:

Leozak: -realizing that a potential fight on his doorstep would be a bad thing- "Gentlemen, please. Overlord, we shall destroy the Autobots, and Spinister, as a Targetmaster will be just as instrumental as the rest of us. But before we can go into battle and grind those fools beneath our heel, we must get Trypticon back into fighting condition. Spinister, if you will head down to engineering, Jalgar will be able to get you situated for quarters and repair assignment."

Gaihawk: -terminal scowl on his face, mutters- "Keep shoveling it with both hands, Leozak......"

Destroyed Weapons battery, Trypticon:

Killbison: -checks yet another off on his list, activates commlink- "Drillhorn?"

Drillhorn: -over commlink- "Yes, Killbison?"

Killbison: "Most of the external weapons systems are gone. We've got some point defense lasers, a few missile batteries, and one heavy pulse cannon array. Rest of it is scrap."

Drillhorn: "Right. Check to see what we have for spares. If we're out, call me back."
Killbison: "Aye, sir." -deactivates commlink-

2004-01-26, 04:40 AM
My reasons for joining the Decepticons would freeze your fuel, Overlord.

Spinister, pointedly ignoring the Powermaster, snapped off a textbook salute to Leozak.
"As you wish, commander."

He walked up the ramp into Trypticon. Silently making his way through the damaged city, he entered engineering. Coming to a stop beside Jalgar, he said, "You are Jalgar, correct? The commander wishes for you to assign me quarters and repair duties."

Quick Switch
2004-01-26, 05:07 AM
"Not that I can recall," Astrotrain replied to Hatemunger.

Astrotrain considered.

"We have three independent commands at the moment- localized in Trypticon, Scorponok and Metrotitan. Even though divided, our strike capabilities are formidable, my Lord. Even after so much down time. What is your plan?"


Trypticon grumbled at Hellbat's wit, then guffawed at the possibility of a fight between those who were going to 'command' him.

"Funny!" he said. He still hurt, though.


Scorpnok chuckled, but said nothing.

In a few moments, a cavalcade of green robots tramped across the desert from Metrotitan to Scorponok's tail region.

"Repair, repair, repair," Long Haul spat.

"I think we've been over this- you don't do any of the sort," Hook rejoined. The others, particularly Mixmaster, thought that was side-splitting.

They soon set to work.

2004-01-26, 05:28 AM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Then my I suggest that two of our cites with their respective forces attack one target and the other city and my force attack the other?" He asked.

2004-01-26, 06:08 AM
Galvatron looked at his numbers...

Galvatron: The numbers still concern me...with so many wounded I don't have enough to hit the Autobots with a flanking manuever. Still, now is the time to strike, when they are also wounded...when Prime weeps over his losses...unless...

Galvatron looked at Starscream.

Galvatron: Astrotrain...if I were to send Starscream on a covert, terrorist mission against the humans, what are the odds the Autobots would send some forces to try to save the human targets?

2004-01-26, 06:28 AM
Hatemonger had to speak up at Galvatrons idea.

"Plus, we struck a human nuclear site to gain matierals for energon once before. I am sure now they would be considerably more up at arms then they were before. But what are you numbers on the odds Astrotrain?"

2004-01-26, 06:55 AM
Hound headed out from Metrotitan's entrance and looked at the dibilitated citybots around. He shook his head slightly in awe of the damage, and began walking closer to get a better look.

"We must see to it that those Autobots cannot do this again, Buzzsaw."

He paused for a moment and then clicked onto Astrotrain's frequency, then waited for a response.

2004-01-27, 08:51 PM
Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Jalgar and Hellbat: -pulling the scrapped core of powerplant 3 out with their bare hands, finally get it loose, straining slightly as Spinister walks up to Jalgar and starts talking to him-

Jalgar: "Huh? Oh, quarters. Sure." -shifts up slightly, dumping the majority of the weight on Hellbat-

Hellbat: -straining- "Jalgar! What-"

Jalgar: "Need to get quarters and duties for the new guy. Won't be a moment." -pulls out datapadd- "Now then..... you're a targetmaster, so you'll want quarters with either built in human habitability, or with human habtability nearby....."

Hellbat: -wheezing painfully- "Jal.... gar....." -knees and back give out, topples over backwards, crashing to the deck beneath the scrapped powerplant, as the powerplant shatters to it's component parts from the impact, burying Hellbat in scrap, junk, wiring, and conduit tubing-

Jalgar: -looks over- "Uh oh......"

Helbat: -one hand visible, hand waving rapidly as his muffled voice come out of the junkpile- "MUEFLE!!! MFRUMBLE!!!!!"

Jalgar: -shrugs, turns back to padd- "OKay, take the lift to Deck 6. There you'll find the quarters with the pet... I mean human habitats. As for your repair assignment..... how are you with computers?"

Foot of boarding ramp, Trypticon:

Leozak: "Now, Overlord.... know you have a station mode. Can it be set up to use as an external repair gantry?"

2004-01-28, 05:11 AM
Singe bristled at the word 'pet', but for once he held his tongue.

Spinister frowned momentarily behind his faceplate, then answered Jalgar.
"I am competent with hardware repairs, and I have some skill with data retrieval and programming. What would you require?"

2004-01-28, 06:20 AM
Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Jalgar: "Well, we need Trypticon's main computer core checked for damage. If there's none, or it looks minor and you can fix it, go ahead. If you think you might need help, call Drillhorn. He's working on getting some forcefield generators built, but he probably wouldn't mind a break."

Hellbat: -still buried- "MALMURFLE!!!!!!!"

Jalgar: -looks over at the buried Hellbat- "Break time's over, Hellbat."

2004-01-28, 06:42 AM
"Very well," Spinister replied impassively to Jalgar. "I'll start as soon as I drop my luggage off in my quarters."

The Targetmaster spun on his heel, walked out of engineering, and headed for the nearest turbolift. Entering the lift, he pressed the '6' button. Not surprisingly, the lift did nothing.

"How inefficient," Hairsplitter muttered.

Ignoring him, Spinister popped open the access panel near the keypad and shifted several of the wires inside. He pressed the button again. It did nothing.

Shrugging, the Targetmaster calmly drew back his right hand, balled it into a fist, and slammed it into the wall just below the keypad. The lift rumbled to life.

Getting off on the sixth floor (a difficult procedure that involved tearing apart the lift doors), Spinister headed for the quarters wing. He selected what appeared to be the largest available suite with organic habitats attached.

Removing his Nebulans' bags from subspace, he set his partners down on the floor.
"Unpack, but don't get comfortable. We have work to do."

Letting the small creatures do their own thing, the Targetmaster withdrew his datacore and Decepticon emblem from subspace. The emblem, as usual, was hung above the doorframe. He plugged the datacore into his desk terminal, and smiled slightly as the system detected the hardware.

After savouring the dank, anonomous splendor of the room for a moment, he called to his Nebulans, "Time to go."

Collecting the grumbling fleshlings, he headed for the lift. Hairsplitter stopped him. "Perhaps it would be better to take the stairs?"

Spinister considered this, then nodded. "That would be sensible, yes."

The Targetmaster headed upwards, towards the computer core.

2004-01-28, 10:15 PM
<relaunching system>
<loading primary and secondary drive chips>

Soundwave sat slumped with his head tilted down, facing towards his chest. Within seconds of his internal sensors rebooting his primary drive systems, he was fully "awake" and instantly aware and ready. He quickly assessed a report on how long he had remained within this state of recharge...numbers flashed upon upon his internal view screens...That Long?

The door to the room slid open and 2 Transformers entered. The smaller of the two shot across the room. Soundwave outstretched an arm to allow Ratbat to alight onto his arm.

Soundwave turned his attention to the remaining entrant.

"Lokos. I have selected you for a task, which is to be completed forthwith, regardless of other tasks or instructions. You will proceed to the memory banks storage chamber of level 35A and implement several changes to the storage, these changes are included within this."

Soundwave held up a small microchip. This, he passed to Ratbat, who flew from his masters arm to the waiting decepticon, dropped the chip into the outstretched hands of Lokos and then returned to his usual arm setting.

"Urgency and secrecy are to be stressed and caution against detection is essential. Failure is not advised. I have several pieces of electornic evidence which, if revealed would lead to your expungement from the Decpticon ranks. The first: open acts of treason and treachery against our leader, the second will remain undisclosed. The deletion of these files will depend on the successful completion of this task. 100% completion is required. You will leave now and carry out the task as instructed."

Soundwave swung his arm shaking loose the metallic bat which rested there. Ratbat sored into the air above Lokos. Soundwave pressed a button on the console set into the arm of his chair and the doors to the room slid smoothly open once more...

2004-01-29, 12:48 AM
The two Decepticons slipped out of Soundwave's office.

Sparkstalker frowned. "Your boss isn't quite as all-knowing as he's rumoured to be, apparently."

The cassetticon hissed in reply. "Don't waste your fuel on mockery, Firecon. He was...tired, and you are hardly important enough for him to remember your name." He sniffed a bit. "I'm shocked he even bothered to remember the name of your soft-skinned familiar, even if he confused you two. Now go do your duty."

Sparkstalker scoffed. "And if I don't? He'll probably release data that shames Flamefeather, or something."

"Do you really want to risk falling on the liability side of the balance sheet, Firecon?" He let an air of menace tinge his words.

"Very well, Ratbat." Sparkstalker slid the microchip into his datapad and read the instructions. "I can do this. Let's get moving."

An uncomfortable silence fell over them as they headed towards the memory banks.

2004-01-29, 04:50 AM
Chief Engineer's quarters, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -tools in hand, building one of the deflector shield generators, commlink chimes, activates commlink- "Drillhorn."

Killbison: -over commlink- "I thought you were Drillhorn."

Drillhorn: "I AM Drillhorn, you cretin. What do you want?"

Kilbison: "We can get most of the weapons systems back online. What we don't have replacements for we can probably cobble together."

Drillhorn: "Okay. Let me know when you're ready to bring thenm back online."

Lord Zarak
2004-01-29, 02:02 PM
"Yeah, I can do that. Anything to b ring fighting closer." Overlord transformed to his base mode. Giga spoke to Leozak.

"How are you preparing for the attack on the Autobots?"

2004-01-29, 03:35 PM
Foot of boarding ramp, Trypticon:

Leozak: "I intend to hit them as hard as we can, as soon as we can. Once we get Trypticon back up to full function, we are going to wade into their base camp and crush both Metroplex and Fortress Maximus. No survivors, no quarter, no mercy."

Gaihawk: "As plans go, it's pretty straightforward. Once the repairs are done, we should be able to send Trypticon on his way, and the rest of us will sweep in from the flanks, hit them from all sides at once."

Drillhorn's Quarters:

Drillhorn: -finishes first deflector shield generator- "There. Now, let's make sure it works." -hits power switch, generator spools up- "Good.... very good...." -deflector shield panel rezzes into existance, almost completely invisible, taps it a couple of times, starts applying laser energy and explosives, as well as bursts from his gatling cannon, panel holds without a measurable drop in efficiency- "YES!!!!" -starts setting up for the automated production of the rest of the hundred-odd generators it will take to cover Trypticon completely, shuts down the first generator, starts working on the forcefield generators-

2004-01-30, 01:45 AM
" Thundercracker reporting in men and it came to me mind , are we powerful enough to launch a full scale attack on the auto bots we need some more energon cubes !" Thundercracker transformers and told everyone he was going for a energon search and was wondering if anyone wanted to join him ?......

2004-01-30, 05:45 AM
Spinister walked into Trypticon's main computer core. As he entered, he noticed a slight smell of melted silicon in the air.
That's never good...

Taking a quick survey of the huge supercomputer that controlled the city, he managed to locate at least a dozen melted RAM boards fuzed into their sockets. Fortunately, he also discovered that the main processors and hard drives were intact.
Not as bad as it could have been, then. But it will take me some time to repair, nonetheless.

The Targetmaster held out his right hand.
"Hairsplitter, transform and set your lasers to their minimum setting."

The Nebulan raised an eyebrow at this, but shifted to gun mode and landed in his master's waiting hand.

"Trypticon, this might hurt. A lot. I suggest you deactivate your pain circuits."

Without waiting for a reply, Spinister went to work, carefully using his weapon to cut the damaged boards from the computer.

2004-01-30, 06:30 PM
Thundercracker hovers as no one ask to join him in a search for energon cubes . Thundercracker blasts off and heads north into the mountains where he discovers what it seems to be , a nuculear power plant and calls for backup and reinforcements as the guards walking around outside the concrete wall noticed him . Guards at a power plant though Thundercracker . " why are there concrete walls with machine guns and guards walking around ! , is this really a power plant or is it a ..........?"

2004-01-30, 10:36 PM
Foot of boarding ramp, Trypticon:

Gaihawk: -having heard Thundercracker's transmission and dismissing it as a joke, hears the thundering of engines as Thundercracker flys away, scowls, mutters to self- "You don't think...... No, couldn't be....." -looks off in the distance, sighs- "Eh, it's better than playing major domo." -looks over at Leozak- "Excuse me, Captain. I think I need to fill somebody in." -kicks boosters into activation, hovers into air, transforms to fighter mode, accelerating after Thundercracker, activates commlink- "Attention, Thundercracker! Do you read me?"

Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Jalgar and Hellbat: -finish clearing up the mess from the burned out and shattered powerplant, look at the cavity-

Hellbat: "You know what would fit great in there?"

Jalgar: -goes over to a console, starts scrolling through the available inventory list- "What?"

Hellbat: "A godmaster. All we'd have to do is hook them up and let them go."

Jalgar: -stops, looks over at Hellbat- "Are you insane? The last thing we need is another security risk. Look at what happened with Darkwing and Dreadwind, not to mention Doubledealer."

Hellbat: -shrugs- "I didn't say it was a good idea."

2004-01-31, 12:02 AM
Hearing the transmission Thundercracker quickly replies .... " Soundwave , anybody someone reply i need help im about to ....... *Schhhhhhhhhhh* " Later Soundwave notices the message and panicks , he ran out of is office and down the long dark steel hall into the command post were everyone had been ...... but it was empty , were was everyone he thought . were they after to help Thundercracker ? Are they off fighting the Autobots and why did'nt they let him now that they were leaving ?.......

2004-01-31, 02:28 AM
.......Thundercracker woke up , what happened hhe thought as the tried to stand up but fell to the hard rocky ground in pain . He screamed in pain as he stared down at his feet ......... gone , the right leg from the knee down was ripped off completly . What the heck has happened . Theres no way the autobots would be evil enough to rip off Thundercrackers leg ? about 400 feet away in a cloud of dust his rusted dirty torn leg lay but still what happened. " I must cay for help he moaned as he starting to report into the base ..... Hello, Hello Thundercracker here and i need help at once , my leg is gone okay !? ...... Hello ......!"There was no one there . There he lay Thundercracker lid down against a big boulder in the middle of no where , cant move , no help , transmission is screwed and his leg stares him in the face as it lays on the ground not to far in front of him. Nothing and no one could help him now he was left to rust as it started to rain ..... it was a THUNDER storm ! Thundercracker he mubbled under his breath as he stared at the bright lightening as it smashed the ground a few feet from his leg . He thought and thought of some way of sending for help but was stuck there . He then took out his gun and fired numerous shots in the sair and screamed of pain for help but still nothing he then threw his gun aside closed his bright glass eyes and thought , if someone doesn't get here in 24 hours im a dead robot !

2004-01-31, 07:29 AM
Thundercracker's location:

Gaihawk: -transforms from fighter mode back to robot mode, rain from the brief mountain storm pattering off of his rose colored armor, lands next to Thundercracker, sighs, kneels next to Thundercracker, yells- HEY!! THUNDERCRACKER!!!!! BE CAREFUL OF THE NATIVES AROUND HERE!!!! I THINK WE"VE BEEN ARMING THEM!!!" -muttering under his breath about Leozak's softheadedness where the relics were concerned, hoists Thundercracker over his shoulder and heads back to base-

2004-01-31, 07:51 AM
Sparkstalker and Ratbat arrived at Metrotitan's memory banks. The doors were, of course, locked. But, Sparkstalker being Sparkstalker, this didn't present that much of a problem. Pulling up a list on his datapad, the Firecon located the proper code.

Tapping the code into the keypad, the Firecon smiled slightly as the door opened.

"Good work," Ratbat praised him. "Very efficient. Most Decepticons would have simply blown the door open."

"I aim to please," the Firecon remarked sarcastically. Truth be told, the only thing he like to be aiming at the cassetticon was a weapon, but that would only lower his odds of survival. And, before anything else, Sparkstalker was a survivor.

He walked into the room, looking for a computer console so he could begin his work.

2004-01-31, 02:04 PM
Thundercracker woke up in the medic room . It was empty but he felt like one hundred percent except one thing his leg still gone . " You stupid fools , you forgot my leg !" He yelled out the door as he hopped on one foot out the door and down the hall he was going to find his foot and fix it himself , even with all the danger he considered himself weak but didnt care he heard all his friends behind them saying don't go but transfromed to robot mode and few away . With one foot missing came a catch , he only had one booster which he spun out of control and crashed . What a idiot i am he thought .

2004-01-31, 03:13 PM
Fifty angry strides away from Metrotitan's entry hatch-

Gaihawk: -stops in his tracks as Thundercracker crashes into the ground behind him, spins on his heel, bends down, grabs Thundercracker by the throat, picks him up, holding him above the ground, growls- "Listen, you defective relic! We're in friendly territory! We don't need to raid for energon, and as long as you leave the native power sources alone, they'll leave you alone!!! Understand?!?!?!?" -drops Thundercracker to the ground- "Now drag yourself back into Metrotitan and let them finish fixing you!" -leaps into air, transforms back to fighter mode, boosts towards Trypticon-

Weapons Control, Trypticon:

Killbison: -finishes repairing the consoles, runs a diagnostic, chuckles as the lights indicate green, activates commlink- "Leozak, all the weapons are back online."

Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Jalgar and Hellbat: -working on powerplant two-

2004-02-01, 07:12 AM
Lokos looked around Sparkstalker's room, not sure what to do with himself while the Firecon was out.

'Arm yourself, first of all!' Squeezeplay's disembodied voice spoke in his mind.

With what, exactly? The Nebulan gestured around the room. Even if Sparky was going to keep a secret stash of weapons, do you really think he'd have something Nebulan-sized?

'Knowing him? Yes. The slagging creature hoards everything!'

How would you know? Have you ever spoken to him before?

'I hear things.'

Really? Then why didn't you hear me tell you "don't let that Autobot kill you"?

'Drrr...Silence, fleshling!'

Or what? You'll kill me? That'd be some trick, since you're just a figment of my imagination.

'Drrr...' Squeezeplay's voice faded.

I thought as much. Lokos allowed himself a small, victorious smile.

Lord Zarak
2004-02-01, 12:58 PM
Inside Scorponok, Shockwave was studying battle plans. So far, only himself, the Constructicons who were outside repairing Scorponok, and Scorponok himself were present.

Information present shows a numerical deficiency. More soldiers are needed to rectify this. Solution: canvass soldiers who wish to fight efficiently, and who wish to have a greater chance of survival.

Shockwave made his way outside.

"Scrapper, you are to oversee the repair of Scorponok. I am taking personal charge of finding further soldiers who will fight alongside us against the Autobots. Do you have any questions?

Random Sweep
2004-02-02, 03:40 PM
Outside Scorpinok

Banzai-tron waited in the shadows outside the damaged behemoth as Shockwave addressed the Constructicon.

This one is only logic, how can he understand honor.

Banzai-tron thought longer

however he is a superior stratagist and his command shall afford a greater chance to face more worthy foes

after another moment he continued the thought

perhaps i should follow him and see who else will follow his command

and with that he waits

Lord Zarak
2004-02-02, 04:06 PM
A head caught his eye as he turned to walk away.

97.65% chance head is that of Action Master Banzai-tron. Status: alive, but unaccounted for. Logical course of action is to bring him under my command. I can asertain his reason for his absence, and his suitability for the imminent attack. I will, however, take no risks.

Shockwave directed his comment towards the as yet unknown robot: (ooc Banzai-Tron)
"Hail Galvatron, supreme leader of the Decepticons. As commander of Scorponok, I order you to come out into the open and identify yourself. If you are a Decepticon, you shall be welcomed back into your rightful place in the brotherhood of warriors. If you are an enemy of Galvatron, you shall be imprisoned. This is your one and only chance. I suggest you do the logical thing."

Random Sweep
2004-02-03, 02:35 AM
Banzai-Tron slowly walks out of the shadows

"i Commend you Commander Shockwave, most do not have the sensor capacity to find me unless i desire. I Banzai-Tron am yours to command."

2004-02-03, 04:29 AM
Foot of boarding ramp, Trypticon:

Leozak: -wondering if Chief Giga is going to respond-

Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Jalgar and Hellbat: -finish connecting the new core for powerplant 3, , bring it online, start adjusting it to improve it's efficiency-

Hellbat: "What are we looking for in power output, anyway?"

Jalgar: "We were able to bring the first one up to 150%. Of course, Leozak's the one who knows aobut this. I'm just going to do what he did."

Hellbat: "That doesn't give me a lot of confidence......"

Armory, Trypticon:

Killbison and Gaihawk: -checking through and cataloging the weapons-

Gaihawk: -sighs, checking over another laser rifle- "Looking at this junk, I'd say that if we had to rearm from here, we'd do just as well to throw rocks at the Autobots."

Killbison: "We could use them as clubs."

Gaihawk: "True."

Lord Zarak
2004-02-03, 02:02 PM
"As you know of my sensory and cognitive functions, your discovery was inevitable Banzai-Tron. I suggest you begin preparations at once. Do you still have your partner?"

Random Sweep
2004-02-03, 05:25 PM
Outside Scorpinok

"yes Commander, Razor-sharp is on standby and we are ready for target aqusition ".


Metrotitan Interior

Apon hearing Astrotrains announcement Triggerhappy once again put off repairs and heads to the Admirals office.

when he gets to the outer office he sees a familiar face

"Ramjet! you crazy flyer, good to see your still in one peice. is the Astrotrain available?".

Metrotitan Cargohold

While waiting for furtur instruction Slog starts work on his latest "sculpture"when he suddenly clasps his head

I desire to destroy merge and i will purge the sparks of all who stand before me, you cannot resist i will take what is mine, you are nothing i will have my price i will have my unity

in varous parts of metrotitan the other pretender monsters are struck down my the same forboding presence.

2004-02-04, 05:07 AM
Metrotitan, Command Wing

Ramjet chuckled a bit. "The Astrotrain?" He shook his head. "Sorry Triggerhappy, but the boss is in a meeting with Lord Galvatron right now." He nodded his head towards the Emperor's door.

"You can wait for him here, or if ya want you can head over to the Admiral's office and wait there," he pointed at a door not far down the hall. "I think Starblade is still waiting there, so you could keep her company."

And keep an eye on her too, he added silently.

2004-02-04, 05:24 AM
StarBlade was still pacing around Astrotrain's office, deep in thought. It wasn't often that she was left to think. In the past, her superiors had her watched constantly. Now, she was trusted by the two that mattered-Astrotrain and Galvatron. Ramjet she knew did not like her, or trust her. That was fine. She had no problems with that. She was not here for him to like or trust. So long as her superiors trusted her enough, she was fine.

The fact that her superiors trusted her so much scared her. The more they trust her, the more wary she would be. Trust, to an assassin, was bad news. The more trust an assassin has, the more danger she was in.

"I had better find out why I am trusted..... and soon....."

Random Sweep
2004-02-04, 03:47 PM
"ahh slag it"Triggerhappy chuckles "got a glitch in my vocal processor, i havent gotten time for repairs yet, might just wait in the admirals office, need to find out what assingment he has for me and get back to getting repaired. "

with that triggerhappy enters astrotrains office with barely more than a nod towards Starblade

2004-02-04, 08:07 PM
Ramjet watched Triggerhappy depart in silence, then turned his attention back to guarding the door.

2004-02-04, 11:46 PM
StarBlade paused in her pacing as Triggerhappy came in. She nodded in greeting to him, then went back to her pacing, ignoring him now as she went back to her thoughts.

2004-02-05, 06:08 AM
Foot of boarding ramp, Trypticon:

Leozak: -thinking to himself- 'I should be in there overseeing repairs, not waiting for this fleshling to respond.....' -clears throat- "So, Chief Giga, what do you think of our plan?"

Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -finishes making adjustments, doing everything he saw Leozak do- "Okay, Hellbat, on my signal-"

Hellbat: "I know, I know. If I get fused to this thing, I'll never forgive you for it."

Jalgar: "But I'll be able to get a great head start." -checks adjustments, nods- "NOW!!"

Hellbat: -throws switches, pulls levers, wincing as powerplant 3 comes online, hits full power output, then kicks into a higher pitched yet smoother hum, status indicators indicating 150% output with no strain-

Jalgar: -sighs in relief- "See? I told you it would work." -smirks- "Now, for powerplant 2."

Chief Engineer's quarters, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -looks up from working on forcefield generator as door chimes- "Enter."

Gaihawk and Killbison: -walk in-

Gaihawk: "We've got the weapons back online, and I think Leozak's managed to talk Overlord into using his base mode as a repair gantry. We should be completely battle ready in a few hours. How's the generator construction coming?"

Drillhorn: "The deflector shield generators are finished, they just have to be placed. I'm about finished with the forcefield generators."

2004-02-05, 08:21 PM
Thundercracker stood up against the steel wall near the entrance watching everyone walk in and out carry contstrution parts , repair parts , energon cubes and such . Everyone was doing a job but Him . Thundercracker Wanted something to do and he was getting bored . Joining the autobots popped in his head but the last time he thought about that he hated himself and hit himself in the face . No one even spoke to him after his outragous attempt to fly away damaged searching for his rusty leg . Everyone thought he was crazy but really he was smart . Not doing anything every so often Thundercracker had thought of ideas , many ideas even ideas of building weapons but Galvatron , he thinks that his leader ....well thinks hes insane because Thundercracker screws up everything . But only if someone could back him up maybe hell get his chance . He stood and watched his companions repair the base and fix computers and anything that needed fixing . He then walked outside and stared at the sunset . " Urrgggggg *^%$#*& Autbots !" He yelled and walked inside to ask Galvatron for permission to try and desgin a new weapon ......

Quick Switch
2004-02-06, 02:11 AM
Astrotrain mused over both statements.

"The plan might have merit, my Lord, it all depends on Prime's willingness to dispatch forces- if in defense of humans, the likelihood is certainly more than probable."

He smiled slightly.

"Shockwave can give you better figures, but Optimus Prime would not be Optimus Prime if he stood idly by while humans could even possibly be hurt. And General, the troops are more than willing to fight. It will certainly help if the cities are operational again...but at this point, I say let them loose. A little destruction never hurt anyone, it will be quite cathartic for most I'm sure."

2004-02-06, 06:42 AM
Main Computer Core, Trypticon

Spinister pulled a charred, blackened circuitboard out of one of the giant city's RAM stacks. He quickly slipped a new one into the slot, then set to work using Hairsplitter to cut another damaged board loose.

Main Computer Core, Metrotitan

Sparkstalker seated himself in front of a computer terminal. With Ratbat hovering annoyingly above him, he began to work.

The Firecon plugged his datapad into the terminal, then ran a security subversion program. After a few moments, the terminal's screen lit up. A message appeared.


Sparkstalker shot a smug smile at his cassetticon counterpart, then immediately set to work decyphering the menus and controls he now had access to.

Let's just hope the city doesn't notice us until it's too late...

2004-02-06, 08:25 AM
Galvatron turned to Starscream...

Galvatron: Starscream...create some chaos. Shockwave, we need you in my quarters immediately!

2004-02-06, 03:09 PM
Thundercracker walks into Galvatrons office and noticed he just assigned Starscream to create something chaos . That lefted Thundercracker with nothing to do as Galvatron and Soundwave Left the room . Thundercracker punched the wall and went to research weapon plans .

2004-02-06, 06:36 PM
Main Engineering, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -pulls charred component out of powerplant 2- "Hydrostator."

Hellbat: -rooting through a box of spare parts, pulls one out, hands it to Jalgar- "Hydrostator."

Jalgar: -puts part in, pulls out another damaged part- "Vroontik."

Hellbat: -roots around some more, pulls out a part, hands it to Jalgar- "Vroontik."

Jalgar: -puts part in, checks the connections, pulls out another one- "Woomy."

Hellbat: -roots around for a couple of seconds, stops, looks at Jalgar- "Woomy?"

Jalgar: -shows part to Hellbat- "Woomy."

Hellbat: -shrugs, roots around through the parts, pulls approprate part out, hands it to Jalgar- "Woomy."

Jalgar: -takes the part, puts it in, finishes checking the connections- "There. That should just about do it." -flips a couple of switches, watches as the powerplant comes online-

Hellbat: -rapidly making adjustments as the powerplant spools up into a high pitched, unsteady whine, finally levels out to match the other two powerplants-

Jalgar: -checking the power readouts, nods- "150%. We've done it."

Hellbat: -sighs- "Finally. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an extra large set of teeth to make. " -walks out of engineering-

Jalgar: -activates commlink- "Leozak, we're back to full power."

Leozak: -over commlink- "Excellent. Now get up to the command deck and see what kind of shape the bridge is in."

Jalgar: "Aye, Captain." -switches frequencies as he heads out of engineering- "Spinister, how's it going?"

2004-02-06, 08:17 PM
Thundercracker spend long hours in his office working on his finishing touchs for his weapon plans . It was finished and the weapon was called the Omnikoura blaster he just had to get permisson to build one . He then put the prototype on a disk and put it on the wall screen moniter and everyone gathered around . But will he get the permission to build it ?

2004-02-07, 04:39 AM
Main Computer Core, Trypticon

Spinister surpressed a flash of annoyance at Jalgar's communication. "It is going," he pulled out another melted board, "slowly."

He slid a fresh board into place. "However, providing all the diagnostics check out after I've replaced the damaged RAM boards, the main computer should be functioning at optimal levels within the hour."

2004-02-07, 07:56 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -enters bridge, moves to engineering station, still on commlink- "Excellent work. Thank you, Spinister." -deactivates commlink, starts activating diagnostics for the bridge consoles-

Manufacturing Section, Trypticon:

Hellbat: -punching in specifications for Trypticon's new teeth-

2004-02-07, 08:10 PM
Galvatron , Thundercracker spoke , Thundercracker showed him the model and showed everyone else , Thundercracker then mumbles " May I Build It Boys " !

2004-02-08, 05:13 AM
Main Computer Core, Trypticon

Spinister clicked off his comlink, then turned Hairsplitter on another damaged circuit board.

This unit seems to be efficient. It would seem I chose the proper city to take up residence in. He allowed himself a small smile. Excellent.

Lord Zarak
2004-02-08, 12:08 PM
"As you wish" replied Shockwave. Whilst he made his way to Metrotitan, he passed the idle Predacons. Without stopping, he spoke to Razorclaw.

"As you have nothing to do, Razorclaw, and poor preparation is the bane of victory, make your way to Scorponok and prepare your team for battle. You will find Banzai-tron and the Constructicons there. If you find you have nothing else to do, round up more soldiers and direct them to Scorponok. Once Galvatron has finished with me, I will return. Am I understood?"

2004-02-08, 07:07 PM
"Fianlly, we get to do something" Rampage utturred. "We haven't done a whole lot lately and I'm beginning to rust out here."

"Silence!" Razorclaw yelled at Rampage. "We understand your order Shockwave and we will be making our way to Scorponok as soon as possible. Predecons, lets go!"

Lord Zarak
2004-02-09, 01:15 PM
Shockwave heard Razorclaws reply. Without aknowledging it, he carried on into Metrotitan. He made his way through, and arrived at Galvatrons door. He pressed the buzzer, and wated to enter.

2004-02-10, 12:02 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -looking at the diagnostic readouts- "Okay, the main comm console is fried..... Repair drones have fixed the transmitters..... Better have Hellbat check the antenna rigs while he's out there...."

2004-02-10, 12:25 AM
Nobody gave Thundercracker permission and eveeryone just went back to work , " Urggggggg i hate this ! " Thundercracker yelled as he went to build the weapon without permission

2004-02-10, 04:52 AM
Main Computer Core, Trypticon

Spinister slid in the final new circuit board, then stepped back from the huge computer. Allowing Hairsplitter to shift into his robot form, the Targetmaster strode the twelve paces to the computer's diagnostic array. He keyed in the diagnostic sequence, then smiled slightly at the result that came up. He activated his com unit.

"Jalgar, this is Spinister. I've repaired the main computer and its diagnostics all check out. Do you have need of me elsewhere?"

Main Computer Core, Metrotitan

Sparkstalker was in his element. Any misgivings he had about helping Soundwave vanished about three astroseconds after he set himself loose on the city's main computer. He navigated menus and command prompts effortlessly as he accilmatized himself to Metrotitan's inner workings. Then, finally, he looked up to Ratbat.

"I can't do it."

"Bah!" The cassetticon hissed. "What do you mean?"

"I've looked at Metrotitan's priority lists, his processing directives, everything. Trying to do what Soundwave wants will trip every alarm in his system. He'll be able to stop us, then he'll send a squad of Metrodrones of obliterate us."

Ratbat hissed. "Then distract him. Systems failures, false alarms, anything. But keep his mind busy. He may be huge, but he's just a Transformer. He only has so many mental resources, and if you keep them occupied we could slip past his guard before he could possibly redistribute his attention to stop us."

Sparkstalker cocked his head to the side. "That has potential." He tapped several commands into his datapad. "Definite potential. Give me a moment to think about it."

Ratbat hovered, silently, waiting for the Firecon's word.

2004-02-10, 03:41 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -activates commlink- "Well, we've got a bunch of consoles to repair up here on the command deck, Spinister." -checks the engineering consle- "All of the lifts should be working again."

Trypticon's mouth:

Hellbat: -boosts up, carrying Trypticon's new teeth- "Open wide, big guy. The dentist is here."

2004-02-11, 04:29 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon (enroute):

"Splendid. Then I will be there momentarily."

Collecting his Nebulans, Spinister looked for a turbolift (preferably not the one he had damaged). Finding one, he pressed the button for the command deck.

As the lift came to a halt, he stepped out into the city's command centre. He looked around at the damaged equipment. He nodded respectfully towards Jalgar, then set to work on one of many damaged consoles.

2004-02-11, 03:16 PM
The Omnikoura Blaster was a god itself , the new designed weapon was shiny metallic blue with a 3 meter long barrel . the were 3 barrels forming a triangle and shooting a 3 shot blast . The ammo was fully stocked as a chain of ammo hung from the weapon . The blaster was cocked and locked and he didnt know who to show first . If he showed the wrong friends he might get ratted for buiding a destuctive weapon without permisson . but the weapon was so amazing , a but stock was at the end of the weapon to comfort the shoulder and the shiny red handle with triggle was begging for a test shot . Heheh Thundercracker laughed as he ran outside to test the Omnikoura Blaster !

God Jinrai
2004-02-11, 04:05 PM
A large, blue, winged destron stalked through metrotitan... hearing footsteps, he followed them... finding himself at the exit to metrotitan...

"Thundercracker. And it seems he's got some sort of weapon as well...."

Deszaras was most displeased. it was one thing that this seeker would eventually defect to the side of the cybertrons... but this weapon... this was totally inexcusable.

Chuckling to himself, he took his blade from subspace... and came up behind the blue seeker... reaching one taloned hand down, he gripped the weapon, and abruptly crushed it...

"Oh... silly me. "

at this point, thundercracker was turned, and staring fearfully into deszaras' blood red optics...

" You were warned once, child." Desaras' blade came rushing down, and stopped just shy of splitting thundercracker's head, and then torso in half.

" You're lucky you aren't dead where you stand. But I WILL make this enjoyable... for ME."

using the flat of his blade, he batted thundercracker aside, and transformed into dragon mode... spewing flame from his mouth, that stopped just an inch short of searing and melting thundercracker into molten slag.

"THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!" roared deszaras as he swung about, heading back to metrotitan

OOC: And yes, cheese_n_crackers. this IS your final warning. you're playing with fire, and gonna get burnt. if you can't play on our terms, get out.

2004-02-11, 06:37 PM
After the brutal attack Thundercrackers weapon was destroyed by the eternal fire . Thundercracker was done healing and was in mint shape except for some sars here and there . He seen someone talking about Leozak and how hes looking for men for a army over in Trypicon . So Thundercracker headed over seeing how he loved to fight and be in combat . Excited he ran over to Trypticon !~

2004-02-11, 07:10 PM
Unanswered by Astrotrain, Hound scanned the area and then glanced at Buzzsaw who was still riding on his arm. "Well buddy, I'm picking up an Autobot signal inside Metrotitan. Stationary, but maybe we should check it out before I go to do a bit of recon on those evil Autobots."

The dark paint that the Constructicons had reworked him with felt hot. The Decepticon scout sighed as he looked over the desert landscape and turned to head inside. It was then that he noticed Thundercracker.

Soundwave's coded information on the blue seeker registered and the identification came up. An instantaneous mischievious glint crossed the scout's optics. "Thundercracker should be some fun."

With a quiet chuckle, Hound cast a hologram of a sand wall rising up from the ground between the jet and Trypticon.

2004-02-11, 08:42 PM
" Hey boys , nice paint job guys keep it up " ! Said Thundercracker as he walked around . So what can i do for you men ! ?

2004-02-12, 01:20 AM
A sudden flash apperead and then he was standing in front of a huge wall of sand . Weird he thought as he starred at it in confusion . He could hear voices on the other side but ? whats going on he thought he was confused and it was giving him a circuit headache . a voice from the other side told him to come in Thundercracker was confused and he actlully walked into a sand wall and rocks not the hologram , urgggg he mumbled as he spinned aorund in circles until he fell to the ground . " HELP ME " ! He screamed out

2004-02-12, 07:18 AM
Startled at causing the blue seeker to fall, Hound dropped the hologram instantly and jogged over.

"Sorry Thundercracker! Are you okay buddy?"

Inside Metrotitan's cells, Smokescreen frowned as he paced back and forth a couple times and then sat down on a small bench ledge.

2004-02-12, 10:43 AM
Confused Thundercracker stood up and walked over to Tyrpticon , " So what can i do boys " ?

2004-02-12, 05:21 PM
Base of boarding ramp, Trypticon:

Leozak: -looks over to see Thundercracker heading towards him, then vanish in a pillar of sand, only to reappear with a sonewhat dazed look on his face and a smaller green robot in tow, shrugs, figuring that this is more interesting than waiting for Chief Giga to say something while Overlord works on Trypticon's exterior- "Welcome, Thundercracker. We can use all the help we can get. Report to Drillhorn, our chief engineer. He should have a pretty good idea of how the internal repairs are going. You should find him in his quarters." -looks over at Hound- "Have you come to join us as well?"

Drillhorn's Quaters, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -still working on the forcefield generator, growling as another circuit panels in the generator burns out-

2004-02-12, 06:29 PM
Thundercracker walked around asking for Drillhorn and found him working on repairing a Generator . " Hey , your Drillhorn right , well some guys over there said you would have a job for me , do you " ? Drillhorn turns around dropping a wrench and smiles .

2004-02-13, 01:31 AM
Drillhorn's Quarters, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -looks over as Thundercracker walks in, wondering why nobody knocks anymore- "Lucky me, an assistant." -punches a couple of keys on the console next to the partially assembled forcefield generator, then picks up a datapadd with an internal map of Trypticon loaded into it, as well as the locations and hookup diagrams of the deflector shield generators- "Follow this map and make sure that each and every deflector shield generator is in position-" -shows highlighted sections on the map, and the connection diagram for how the deflector shield generators should be hooked up- "- and that they're connected properly. They should be hooked up correctly, but I don't trust these antiquated systems completely." -holds padd out to Thundercracker-

2004-02-13, 01:46 AM
Thanks Drillhorn i wont yet you down ill get started right awawy sir < Thundercracker Sticks Out His Hand To Shake >

2004-02-13, 06:28 AM
Hound took a look up at Leozak and smiled slightly as he tried to access the identity of the new decepticon. "I can-" He caught himself in mid-thought as he remembered the Autobot energy reading. "-if you are in immediate need of assistance of course. But I've picked up an Autobot's energy reading inside Metrotitan - in the cell area I believe. Perhaps I should investigate the reading and return."

2004-02-13, 06:36 AM
Corridors Of Metrotitain

"What do you suppose is going on around here?" Runamuck asked.

"I dunno," Runabout admitted. "Those high level bigwigs never get around to telling us grunts what to do until they want us to go get blown up."

"That's all we are to then, y'know," Dreadwind sighed. "Cannon fodder."

"Oh, you three gotta shut up," Darkwing growled. "I'm sure the boss bots got something cooking, and they'll let us know when they're ready."

2004-02-13, 06:38 AM
Decepticon synopsis coming up Bombers. :) Go to Questions- I'll type it up now.

Temporarily closed. Look for reopening in next 10 hours or so.

2004-02-25, 07:13 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister carefully soldered the last broken connection on the console he was attempting to repair. He flipped on the console's main power switch, and smiled slightly as the controls lit up.
Scooping up the array of tools and Nebulans that he had used to repair the panel, he moved to the next damaged console and set to work.

Outside Galvatron's Quarters, Metrotitan

Ramjet was bored out of his cone-shaped skull. As he waited for Astrotrain to finish with the Emperor, he adopted a slouched posture, slumped against the wall, and began to crack his knuckle gears.

Lord Zarak
2004-02-25, 11:08 AM
Ramjet, it appeared, had not seen Shockwave. Or if he had, he was being ignored.

If he wants to be slagged, then so be it.

"Ramjet, I suggest you notify Glavatron and Astrotrain of my arrival. If not, I will place you in the brig, on charge of conspiracy with the Autobots. Do you wish that?"

2004-02-25, 03:09 PM
Thundercracker still waiting with his hand stuck out says " Dont Tell me you dont know how to shake hands .... !"

2004-02-25, 05:45 PM
Chief Engineer's Quarters, Trypticon:

Drillhorn: -having gone back to working on the forcefield generator, absentmindedly stick a hand out and shakes Thundercracker's hand-

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -finishes making final connections on comm console, smiles and the displays come up, then frowns as the feed from the UN comes up- "What the......" -activates commlink- "Leozak!"

Leozak: -over commlink- "Yes, Jalgar?"

Jalgar: "There's an Autobot talking to the UN security council!"

Leozak: -over commlink- "Great. Contact Hatemonger, let him know. He's been looking for something to do, and this could be it."

Jalgar: -switches frequencies- "Jalgar to Hatemonger. There's an Autobot talking to the United Nations."

2004-02-25, 07:32 PM
Outside Galvatron's Quarters, Metrotitan

If Ramjet had had skin, he would have jumped out of it. As it was, he almost shot Shockwave, out of reflex. He slowly lowered his laser rifle.

"Don't ever sneak up on me like that." He sighed, then tried to affect a more professional attitude. "Wait out here. I'll see if they're ready for ya."

The conehead quietly entered the Emperor's quarters.
"Sirs? Shockwave is here."

2004-02-25, 07:50 PM
Thundercracker took his map and walked out the door . He stopped and turned on the data map . " Ok ,..... Ummm AHhh Shield Generator no. 2 is got a problem . I think its just down the hall !" Said Thundercracker . Thundercracker turned off the data map and walked down the hall waving at all his working friends . 5 minutes later Thundercracker was lost and turned on his data map . " O well then the Generator is right here " He said as he opened up the big panel door . As the door opened the door stopped half way up . " O god " Yelled Thundercracker as he pushed the door up as far as he could . Suddenly he got a small shock . " Ouch " Said Thundercracker . " Darn Doors !" He mumbled as he opened up his toolbox and took out a flashlight . He turned the light on and looked in the small dark spot . A couple minutes later he smelled something funny and there was a little pool of oil on the floor . Thundercracker followed the oil leak all the way up to the top of the Generator as he found a leak in the oil line . " AH HA " Thundercracker said as he reached for some duck tape in his tool box . He grabbed and pulled out the oil line . He forgot to turn the generator and oil line off but of course Thundercracker doesnt care about all that until gallons of oil poured out of 3 diffrent lines and were pouring out of the screws . " Im in trouble now ... " Thundercracker said as he was blinded by oil . the oil was at his ankle and stopped . " O Great there goes all the oil ! " He said as he picked up a plastic pipe and started to suck up the oil and spit it in a tank . It took him nearly 2 hours to get the oil sucked up and then he had to sneak around and fight a moop before it leaks again . Someone was allready using the oil so he just went back to work . It was done finally . He turned on his data map and it showed Sheild generator no.2 was 96 percent operational . he packed up his toolbox and walked away wistening when he suddenly slipped on some oil and broke open his tool box as all his tools scattered over the floor . The oil was leaking again as he picked up duck tape and used a half a roll on the lines and then shut the door and taped the door closed . " There " He said as he packed everything up and walked off .

2004-02-25, 09:06 PM
" God I Better be getting paided for this " Thundercracker said as he flipped out his data map and turned it on . There are 10 force field generators inside and 2 backup ones outside in the rear . no. 2 was now back online but no. 5 , 6 , 8 ,10 were in the low 50 and 60 percents . He had alot of work to do . He looked at the monitor as no. 5 suddenly went from 59 % operational to 22 % . Something was going wrond or someone was tapering with it . Thundercracker looked at his data map and guided himself to the Forcefield Generator .

2004-02-25, 10:16 PM
The Skies above Trypticon....

"Talon! Report!"
Falcon flew in circles high-above the Decepticon city-bot Trypticon, and to be honest, he was getting bored of it. For two days now, Falcon and the rest of the Predators had been watching their fellow Decepticon's rushing around the city below. Though from their cliff-top hide-out, they couldn't actually make out who the Decepticon's where, Falcon presumed that they'd be friendly towards fellow Cons.
"I Can't see any movement...And anyway, can't we just go down, bust are way in and check em' out?"
Falcon sighed, It'd had always been this way with Talon - Too hot-headed and brash for his liking, but then, when he needed him most he could always depend on him...which was just enough to warrant his survival.
"No Talon....these are fellow Decepticons, they hate the Autobots just as much as we do...and as such, we will not be hostile against them!"
"If you say so..."
"It's not a request Talon, it's an order....and if i find out you've laid one finger on any of them, without MY permission....you'll be used as spare parts! Do i make myself clear?"
Falcon smiled, keeping Talon in line was just the sort of thing that brought a smile to his face, well, that and reducing Autobots to just bubbling pools of molten metal. Sadly though, the latter hadn't been happening very often, not since their arrival on this Alien planet a few weeks ago.
"Return to base Talon...we'll let Striker analyse our reports"
The large Green F-15 Fighter of Talon, turned and headed away from Falcon, back towards their small hide-out. Falcon scanned the area carefully one last time, picking up Decepticons inside the City. We'll be back soon enough fellow comrades
With that, Falcon turned and followed Talon, back towards their base...

2004-02-25, 11:53 PM
The pacing continued. StarBlade was getting a little bored, and she was also working herself into a paranoia loop. Shaking her head, she dropped into a chair and took out her kill log.

Slowly reading through the list of near 100 kills, maims, and very few failures, StarBlade kept herself from getting overly paranoid. She knew she was good at her job. All she needed to do was stay good at it, and Astrotrain and Galvatron wouldn't have her slagged.

2004-02-27, 02:41 AM
Outside of head, Trypticon:

Hellbat: -replacing Trypticon's teeth, looks up, squinting to see the fighters leaving, shrugs, goes back to teeth replacement-

2004-02-27, 02:47 AM
He reached the force field generator and notice the wires were tampered with and the door was trashed something must of exploded or someone was at this generator because it wasnt working at all . He flicked the power switch and a little red light flashed . Then all of a sudden the light popped and glass pouring onto the ground as his data map turned off and the surge form the generator turned off the hall's lights as he stood in the pitch black and he eyes glowed with evil blood red colour .

2004-03-01, 11:46 AM
The Mountains near Trypticon
Stalker paced up and down in front of the cave's entrance, carefully noting all that was going on around him - Though he was finding every passing moment more tiresome and mundane than the last. It was then, when he looked up he noticed the two dark objects approaching from the clouds in front of him.
"They've returned..." Came a voice from behind him, as Skyquake casually strode up to him, looking out at the objects with his arms folded.
"Huh? Oh yeah....right, wonder what they found?" Stalker replied, slightly startled that he hadn't picked up on Skyquake apporaching him.
"Well, Ask them when they land" Skyquake shook his head and headed back into the cave...
"How does he fit in that cave with an Ego that big?" Stalker thought to himself as the two objects drew ever closer.

In the clouds above...
After checking out the Decepticon city for the third time now, Falcon was beginning to think that Talon's idea of just wading in and busting some heads to get answers, wasn't that bad an option. However, he knew they where other Decepticons, and regardless of what Talon thought, he was in charge and his decision to go down and meet them face-to-face was final.
"Talon, Wait up here....i'll go down and get the others...."
"Sure" Talon replied "No Problem"
"...And make sure your on your guard, we might have been followed..."
"I've got it, calm down will ya?"
Grrrrr, i wished he'd stop telling me to relax.... Falcon thought to himself as he headed down to the cave's entrance.

The Cave
"Skyquake, get back out here...Falcon's coming down" Stalker shouted down into the cave behind him. Though he had a dislike for Skyquake, they where all on the same team, which meant an uneasy bond between the two.
"I'm coming" came the deep echoey voice from within.
Stalker nodded, and turned to face Falcon, now in robot form casually dropping down from the clouds to the cave entrance.
"Stalker, Skyquake" Falcon cried whilst landing "We're moving out. We're going to visit the other Decepticons and see if we can offer our assitance to them" He said as he landed, his silver form a welcome to sight to Stalker, who was gradually getting ever more bored with pacing up and down.
"Myself and Skyquake" Falcon continued "Will head down to meet them" Falcon turned to face Stalker and pointed with his left hand towards Talon, still flying around in the clouds above them "Talon and yourself will be on guard behind us, just incase" He lowered his arm, then raised his other hand at Stalker, holding it out just in-front of his face "I Want you to be on full alert, and have eveything primed and ready to fire...just incase"
Stalker nodded Wow, he's really serious...
"Good" Falcon started to finish off "We'll be leaving soon, so make sure your ready....and get Skyquake ready too, wherever he is"
Stalker nodded once more and turned from Falcon, heading into the caves to get Skyquake
Finally... he thought ...Some action...

(ooc: edit: to remove sig, and alter a spelling)

2004-03-02, 06:13 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

After making a few minor repairs to a sensor station, Spinister tapped in a few commands to test the connections. Strangely, he saw a pair of signals heading towards the nearby mountains. After a few moments, one decended to ground level and vanished from the screen. The other began circling.

Interesting. Most interesting.

The Targetmaster tapped in a command, instructing the sensor arrays to alert him if any aerial contacts approached from that direction. Then he went back to work.

2004-03-02, 06:55 PM
The Mountains Near Trypticon

"Good, but be on your guard Skyquake...though there Decepticons, they might not be too pleased by our sudden arrivial"
Skyquake nodded to Falcon, even though he'd been told to be on his guard for what seemed like the tenth time now, though he didn't seem to mind, in fact, he agreed with Falcon for once.
"Stalker, you'll be behind myself, Skyquake and Talon in flight. Once we land, stay in robot mode and be ready for anything" Skyquake heard Falcon say to the other Decepticon standing near him.
"Ok then, let's get going...remember though, we're here to offer our assistance, not start a civil war, got it?"
The two larger Decepticons nodded to Falcon, who turned from them and jumped into the air, changing from silver robot to silver F-117 Jet.
Skyquake turned from Falcon, to look at Stalker, who was making sure his rocket launcher was loaded and ready to fire, just incase.
Then the two of them also jumped into the air ready to join their two allies, Stalker staying in robot mode, whilst Skyquake transformed into his bomber mode.
"Ok, we'll be there soon-ish, so keep your optics open and your weapons primed, we don't know whose down there other than Decepticons...And Talon, we're going to help, not break, ok?" Falcon said to the three other warriors....
Let's just hope we're not uninvited... he then said to himself...

2004-03-03, 05:00 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister heard a beep coming from the newly repaired sensor station. He walked to it, casually reading the screen. Then, he turned to Jalgar.

"We have incoming. Several Transformer lifesigns, inbound from the nearby mountains."

Sparkstalker's quarters, Metrotitan

Lokos continued to pace around the Firecon's room, waiting for him to come back from Ratbat's errand.

'Do something!' Squeezeplay's voice echoed in the back of his mind.

The Nebulan rolled his eyes. Do what, exactly? We've been through this. You don't have a body. We don't have any weapons, and we don't have any way to get any. We don't have rank, and we don't have any friends. Other than Sparky here, of course. So use your head before you start raving at me for not doing anything!

'You are my head.'

My point exactly. And if you listened to me from time to time, you'd still have your other body parts.


That's what I thought. Lokos smiled.

Lord Zarak
2004-03-03, 11:01 AM
Shockwave still waited to enter Galvatrons' quarters.

2004-03-04, 12:40 AM
Hooligan hovered tenatively at the entrance to Trypticon's command deck.
"I was looking for Leozak, any idea where I can find him?" He called in.

2004-03-04, 04:34 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon

Spinister greeted Hooligan with a mildly disdainful look.
"He should be at the boarding ramp."

The Targetmaster turned his attention back to the sensor screen, watching the incoming signals.

Galvatron's Quarters, Metrotitan

Ramjet sent a false appoligetic look over his shoulder at the looming Shockwave, then turned back to the officers and waited for acknowledgement.