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AWF Warzone
2003-12-03, 09:23 PM
[Huge apologies to everybody for the lateness. A combination of staff problems, personal problems and computer problems have made things difficult lately. Should settle down now. Again, apologies]

A highlights package rolls, recapping the events of Autumn Annihilation. We see D-Extreme and RCOSD earn a Tag Team Title shot, the brief return of Windcharger, Morpheus’ count-out victory over The Lock, Viewfind having his arm raised after defeating Brave Maximus, and clips from the climax of the War Games match.

The credits roll, the pyros hit and we are In The Zone from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

JFA: “Hello, everybody and welcome to Warzone!”
JHA: “Officially the greatest show in the AWF. We won the War Games, and now we’re going to win the ratings war!”
JFA: “A highly controversial finish to the War Games match. But, nonetheless, King tapping out to Wolfang and TC. And King will actually be here tonight – he stunned the AWF on Monday by winning the Title from the Game. Albeit, again in controversial circumstances!”
JHA: “And I’ve got an exclusive interview with the man responsible – he gave the assist in War Games, he cost the Game the title… and now he’s exclusively a part of Warzone: The HeartBrend Kid, Sean O’Con is here tonight!”
JFA: “But first…”

TV Title – Falls Count Right Here
Amarant Odinson vs. Ravage

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall… and is the Falls Count Right Here Match for the AWF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!”

‘More Human Than Human’ blasts through the sky like a sledgehammer through wet sandstone. The crowd are silent as the Television Champion makes his way to the ring.

JRA: “Introducing first… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… the reigning AWF Television Champion… AMARANT ODINSON!”

JFA: “Amarant could have a tough time in this match. For those of you who don’t know the rules for a Falls Count Right Here match, basically it involves finding the area where you can pin your opponent. There are no count outs, no disqualifications, no submissions… at least in this bout between Rav and Amarant. The only way to win is via pin fall. Ravage has had moderate success in this type of match, but we’ll see how well his luck holds up tonight.”

Just then, ‘I Will Be Heard’ brings the crowd to life as Amarant rushes to meet his opponent head on. As the Canadian swings overhead to bring a hammering blow down upon the resident of Wallingford, the bell rings. There is no quarter asked. Which is just as well, as neither man is prepared to give any. Ravage blocks the single sledge, and winds Amarant with a well-placed right hand uppercut to the abdomen. As Amarant reels, Ravage grabs his head and dives backwards to the floor; spiking the Wolverine with a vicious DDT. He goes for the cover, but Noah Ordak refuses to count. Ravage merely picks up the Television Champion across his broad shoulders and starts towards the area at the right hand side of the stage.

As Ravage gets to the entrance which the techs use to cart in the equipment, Amarant shifts his weight and brings down the big man in a crucifix. The move garners no count from the official, leaving Amarant to turn the move into a modified double armbar combination. In a Falls Count Right Here Match, the move is as useful as swimming lessons to a starfish. Ravage breaks one arm free, and rakes Amarant’s eyes to break the grip of the TV Champ. As Amarant rolls to get out of reach, Ravage gets to his feet and storms towards the champion. He swings a right cross at the Wolverine, which Amarant avoids. In the millisecond after the evasion of the blow, Amarant grabs Ravage in a full nelson and takes him over in a beautifully executed Dragon suplex. Once again, no attempt is made to count the fall.

JFA: “Amarant at a slight disadvantage… having been trained in the Dungeon like a few of our other superstars, he’s more accustomed to a submission style of wrestling. Usually his moves are in preparation for a submission hold, but a submission doesn’t mean a thing in a Falls Count Right Here match.”
JHA: “Right… basically, there’s one rather limited area in the arena where falls can take place. And it’s harder to find than Cyberstrike’s talent.”
JFA: “You’ve decided he’s a self-serving egotistical narcissistic delusional schmuck with the sex organs of a gnat, haven’t you?”
JHA: “Nearly right. I would think a gnat’s groin attachment would belittle his. The rest was accurate though.”
JFA: “And you made your mind up about that after he defected to Mayhem?”
JHA: “No. That just proved it.”

As the two continue to debate pointlessly, we see the combatants move through the curtain to the backstage area. Amarant slams Ravage against a wall. Big Daddy Rav returns the favour with a powerslam on the concrete floor. He quickly goes for a cover, to which Noah Ordak merely shakes his head. Ravage pulls up the Canadian, and sets up for a suplex. The ceiling is, of course, too low for the move to be accomplished, and Amarant reverses into a DDT. He knows well enough not to bother attempting a cover, and continues to advance towards the rear of the building.

As Amarant and doubles up Ravage, placing the big man’s head between his thighs, with his body language suggesting that a piledriver might be the intended course of action, Ravage backdrops the unsuspecting Canadian to the concrete. He quickly reels up the Wolverine, and sets up for a Hangover on the ramp to the storage area. As he twists Amarant, the Wolverine counters with a modified arm drag. As Ravage gets back upright, he walks right into a small package. There is still no count. Amarant releases the lock, and kicks up quickly only to be met with a boot in the mouth from an increasingly annoyed Ravage.

The Vermont resident picks up the Wolverine, and makes a run down the ramp. As the big man gets to the end of the ramp, Amarant jumps down behind him and pushes the big man forwards into the wall. Ravage hits, and reels back… straight into a DVD!

JFA: “Cover… 1… 2… 3! Amarant got him! I can’t believe this!”

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this bout… and STILL AWF Television Champion… AMARANT ODINSON!”

‘More Human Than Human’ blares to life as Amarant runs to the ring, collects his belt and strides to the back holding the gold aloft.


Strafe sits on a bench in the locker room, lacing up his boots. He glances up at somebody off-camera.

Strafe: “Er… Hi?”

OP2005 steps forward into the shot, his arm in a sling and a crutch under his other shoulder.

OP: “Why didn’t you just say you didn’t want to team with me?”
Strafe: “What?!”
OP: “You didn’t have to jump me before the pay-per-view. Heck, you even stole my money.”
Strafe: “I never jumped you! That wasn’t me, dude. How can you even think that?”
OP: “It wasn’t?”
Strafe: “No. I’ve got no problems teaming with you…”
OP: “You haven’t?”
Strafe: “No way.”
OP: “So… we can still be partners once I’m recovered?”
Strafe: “…”
OP: “Can we?”
Strafe: “I… er… I mean. Uhm. Sure. Yeah. Of course.”
OP: “Brilliant! Good luck with your match for later on. I like teaming with you. Now I just have to find out who stole my money…”

OP walks out of the room, leaving Strafe sat with a look of confusion on his face. The American mouths quietly to himself “did I just say that?”

Elsewhere Backstage

Warzone Owner, Mr Vaccaro, walks down the corridor. He reaches a doorway with a large star on it, upon which he knocks and enters without waiting for a reply.

Inside, Predaking looks up and acknowledges his arrival.

Vaccaro: “King. Nice to see you again.”
King: “Nice to be here again.”
Vaccaro: “Congratulations on the title win. I just want you to know that I harbour no ill-wishes towards you over the whole War Games thing, or any other matter.”
King: “Why should you? It’s not you that gave up. And you’d do well to never mention it again.”
Vaccaro: “Yeah… Good. Moving on, are you prepped for your title defence?”
King: “Viewfind, right?”
Vaccaro: “Indeed. He’s a top quality competitor, no more of that second-rate opposition that you faced on Mayhem. You’ll get a real test each time you step out there. Viewfind will prove quite a handful, as Brave Maximus found out at Autumn Annihilation.”
King: “Yeah… that guy spooks me. There’s no chance he’ll try and get involved, is there? I like to win my matches cleanly… I’m just worried that he’ll be out for Viewfind and I won’t prove how great I am.”
Vaccaro: “Yeah… you proved the clean win thing on Mayhem. Anyway, there’s nothing for you to worry about – Brave Maximus is barred from the building, at the request of TCA. TC and Red were on Team Warzone and they made the request on behalf of Viewfind, I like to look after my boys, so that’s what the situation is there.”
King: “Good. No screwy disqualifications… I like it. And I like to hear you look after your boys. Thanks, Mr V.”

Vaccaro nods and leaves. As he shuts the door, he smiles to himself. “But you’re not one of my boys, Kingy.”


As we cut back to the arena, we see that JHA has left his broadcast position and is now in the ring.

JHA: “Ladies and gentlemen… at Autumn Annihilation, Team Warzone proved to everybody that we are the greatest AWF brand. And now, without further ado, I present to you the man who made that possible… he is the most decorated man in AWF history… the 2002 Archive Wrestling Federation Star of the Year… and the saviour of Warzone. Ladies and gentlemen: The HeartBrend Kid, Sean O’Con!”

Saliva’s Superstar fills the Greensboro Coliseum as the newest Warzone signing makes his way down the aisle. Sporting a t-shirt emblazoned “Game Over: You Lose”, with his hair uncharacteristically tied back, and red sunglasses, he feigns slapping hands with several fans at ringside, before snatching his palm away at the last moment and smiling.

JHA: “Brendinio Heat… back on Warzone. How are you, Sean?”
O’Con: “First off, I don’t remember giving you permission to call me Sean. Second off, you don’t care how I am and you know it. You’re just bothered about getting a scoop.”
JHA: “I…”
O’Con: “But don’t worry, because I can understand where you’re coming from. Just be honest, that’s all I’m asking. So… this is Greensboro, is it?”

The crowd cheer at the mention of their home.

O’Con: “I wondered what the smell was.”
JHA: “Ha. Well, I guess the first thing I need to do is welcome you to Warzone. Home of the best.”
O’Con: “Well, it is now. This show’s never really been upto what it was when it started. You remember the first installment, don’t you? I singlehandedly won the Tag Team Championship on that show. Of course the Game was wrestling too… can’t for the life of me remember who we beat. Can’t have been anybody important.”
JHA: “And now you’re back. Back with the best. But, I’m a little confused… didn’t that guy who runs that other show suspend you so that you couldn’t join Warzone? What’s the deal, Sean?”
O’Con: “The deal is that the next time you call me Sean, you find out what an HDD feels like. Yes, Brendan Ratbastard thought he could be all clever and concoct some cunning plan to keep me down. But, in true Baldrick fashion, his cunning plan had one fatal flaw… that he’s an idiot.”
JHA: “Well, we knew that anyway… but how does that relate to…”
O’Con: “You’re not interrupting me, are you?”
JHA: *gulp*
O’Con: “Though not. The no-compete clause is legit. It’s real. A hundred per cent genuine. It’s in everybody’s contract… if the contract owner sees fit, the contractee can be placed on indefinite suspension without pay. It’s a bastard of a clause… and one that’s totally watertight. Only problem was that Reilly wasn’t the owner of my contract.”
JHA: “But… you were drafted. You were assigned to Mayhem… all the contracts were transferred fully, I thought?”
O’Con: Ah, now there’s where the loophole lies. You see, everybody was drafted except for the Hardcore, Tag Team and AWF Champions. Sure, we were allocated a home show for when we lost the titles, but the paperwork couldn’t go through until that time. My contract was owned by the AWF… and Reilly was so busy creaming himself that I’d be gone that he forgot to finalise the transfer before invoking the clause. My contract was joint-owned… he never got authorisation from Vaccaro to invoke the clause, therefore the AWF were in breach of contract, the original agreement became null and void… and here I am, all freshly signed up on a Warzone-exclusive deal.”
JHA: “Sly. But… why only now?”
O’Con: “Regrettably, it only came to light a month or so ago. Vaccaro’s lawyer found it. I tried to call G91 to let him know… but no answer. So, I was ready to turn up on Warzone… until I got the call asking me to save his bacon at the War Games. How could I resist? He told me it was unsanctioned… he thought that would mean I could represent Mayhem whilst being suspended. Instead it meant I could represent Mayhem whilst signed to Warzone. And you know the delicious thing? If Reilly read the memo’s from the boardroom… he would already have known.”

The HeartBrend Kid allows himself a few moments to smile.

O’Con: “So, here I am. Ready to give Warzone some real starpower. There are so many nearly-greats here… Thundercracker… Viewfind… Tempest… The Lock… Morpheus. They just need that Number One guy to come and show them the way to greatness. And, being a living legend, who better to show them how?”

Metallica’s My World kicks in as Redstreak marches his way to the ring, a face of thunder. He grabs a microphone from ringside and clambers into the ring.

Red: “Whoa. WHOA. Did I hear somebody say Number One? I’m already the Number One guy here, O’Con. We don’t need you here. We don’t want you here. Nobody’s just waltzing in and taking the spot I deserve. After all, I am the Number One pick.”

As the TCA representative raises his index finger, the HeartBrend Kid raises his eyebrow and takes a step back, pulling the mic away from JHA.

O’Con: “What happened? Your finger get stuck in that position from all the time you spent with it jammed up your ass when you could have been winning titles? You talk about being number one around here… yet, when I look at you, I just see the man who’s lost the Hardcore Title more than any other guy. You’re the nearly man of the AWF, and you’ve got nobody but yourself to blame. You surround yourself with talented people in the hope that their ability will rub off… but it never has. You need to stand up, be your own man. Stop talking about how good you are and actually prove it. You could learn a lot from me. I mean look at us – I’m the most decorated man in AWF history, a living legend, a human highlight reel, a record breaker and a history maker. And you? You’re… the guy who fetches coffee for his friends whilst they get the title shot.”

Red: “Stop talking rubbish.”

O’Con: “Rubbish? Oh, come on. Thundercracker’s got the Hardcore Title… Viewfind’s got an AWF Title shot tonight. Hell, even A-Train’s on the card. You? You’re only here to carry their bags.”

Red: “There’s a conspiracy. I’m being held back.”

O’Con: “Yeah. I know. Things like that happen when you’re not as good as you tell yourself.

Red: “You have no idea. You’ve had things gifted to you by brown-nosing your way up to the top. Politicing everywhere, holding others down. Me, I strive to be the best. You just strive to be an asshole.”

O’Con: “You strive to be the best? Well, you better strive harder… you’re not doing a very good job. And holding people down is kinda crucial to the whole ‘pinning’ thing. Maybe that’s why you don’t win so many…”

Before the HeartBrend Kid can finish his sentence, Redstreak nails him with a right hand before hurling him across the ring and slamming him facefirst into the turnbuckle. Setting him up for the Redocution, the TCA man gestures that he’s number one, before being backdropped to the mat.

Shaking the cobwebs clear, the HeartBrend Kid turns around as Red charges at him. Ducking the clothesline, HBK spins and levels his attacker with a well-placed boot to the midsection. As Redstreak clutches his gut, O’Con ducks behind and locks in a full nelson, before driving him facefirst into the mat with the Attitude Adjuster.

Saliva’s Superstar rings out again, as the Brendinio Heat poses mockingly for the crowd and strolls up the ramp.


The Lock vs. A-Train

JFA: Next up, A-Train faces the Lock, which should be a good match. Both these men are known for their technical prowess so you can expect...
JHA: ...A-Train winning.
JFA: You can expect...
JHA: ...A-Train winning.
JFA: Stop that!
JHA: What?
JFA: Your continuing existence, for starters. Anyhow, this should be a textbook wrestling match if there ever was one.

With the sounds of his theme song "Crash" A-Train emerges and makes his way to the ring. He seems to care little about the crowd jeering him and enters the ring with a look of confidence. But before he can even get ready...

Get Rolled With The Fever On The Dance Floor!

JFA: And here comes the Lock! He had an amazing battle with Morpheus at Autumn Annihilation but eventually lost with a count out. You have to believe that Lock is now ready to get back on the game.

Greeting the fans Lock strolls down the ramp. He quickly slides into the ring where Astrotrain is already waiting. Two men lock eyes and you could cut the tension with a knife. Eventually the referee signals for the bell and the match is underway.

JFA: Lock up, both men struggling for the upper hand, the Lock quickly switches to the back of A-Train, couple of elbows from A-Train and suddenly he is behind Lock, a belly to back slam! A-Train quickly with a front headlock, Lock powers back up and connect with a back suplex. Now Lock with a headlock, but A-Train rolls and grabs the bottom rope.

The Lock is forced to release the hold and both men are back in vertical position. A lock up again but A-Train quickly slides behind Lock and trips him down. A-Train tries to go for an arm bar but the Lock slides out of harm's way. The Lock wastes no time getting back up and charges at A-Train. A-Train ducks however and when Lock comes back from the ropes he hits a drop toe hold sending the Lock facefirst into the mat. A-Train sees an opening and tries to get an STF. Lock sees what is coming however and before A-Train even has the hold perfectly Lock has crawled to the ropes. A-Train gets up and connects with a couple of stiff kicks to Lock's midsection. He picks the Lock up softens him up with a right hand and then connects with a DDT. A-Train picks the Lock up again but this time Lock is ready and hits an elbow to the midsection of A-Train followed by a fireman's carry. The Lock wastes no time and grabs a leg lock trying to do some damage to A-Train's leg.

JFA: Both these men are really going at it tonight. A-Train dominated the early match up but the Lock seems to have the upper hand at the moment.
JHA: Come on A-Train! Do something!
JFA: A-Train getting up but the Lock drops him back down with a clothesline, and another leg lock. He's really trying to soften A-Train up for the ankle lock. A-Train manages to get out but he's noticially limping already. This doesn't bode well with the Tenneessian. The Lock goes for another headlock but A-Train quickly counters with a firm elbow, grabs the head and scores a beautiful snap suplex. The Lock quickly up but A-Train is already at him, a german suplex!
JHA: He's not letting go!
JFA: Another german suplex, and the hands are still locked firmly on Lock's stomach.

The Lock struggles with all his might and finally after some elbows to the side of A-Train's head A-Train is forced to release the grip which gives The Lock the opportunity to get behind A-Train and score a release german suplex. While A-Train tries to get back up the Lock is waiting for him and hits a dropkick which sends A-Train back to the mat. The Lock quickly on him, decides to try to finish this and grabs A-Train's legs.

JFA: Is The Lock trying... yes! Sharpshooter locked in! A-Train tries to get to the ropes but the Lock keeps him firmly in place.
JHA: This isn't fair! He should be allowed to get to the ropes if he wants to!
JFA: Excuse me?
JHA: If he can't get to the ropes he will have to submit. That's not fair!
JFA: I'm not even going to go further at that one.

A-Train struggles and crawls his way nearer and nearer to the ropes. Finally after spendind well over 30 seconds in the sharpshooter he succeeds and grabs the bottom rope.

JFA: The Lock is forced to release the hold, but the damage may already been done.
JHA: Don't you ever get tired of saying that?
JFA: But it's the truth. And at least one of us is actually calling this match.

The Lock tries to grab A-Train again but A-Train kicks Lock away, obviously hurting in the legs. A-Train struggles to get back up and with good mat sense counters the incoming Lock with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Quickly he picks the Lock up and connects with a suplex. Another pick up and A-Train sends the Lock to the corner followed with a hard clothesline. Seeing that the Lock is momentarily out of it, he raises him to the top turnbuckle. The Lock tries to counter but can do nothing as A-Train locks the hold and sends the Lock and himself down to the canvas with a superplex.

JFA: Huge superplex by A-Train and both men are down.
JHA: That took a lot from both men but A-Train seems to be in better condition.
JFA: True. A-Train slowly on his feet, the Lock is still down. A-Train picks the Lock up and a suplex!
JHA: He's going for another. And he connects!
JFA: Possibly the Triforce coming up!

A-Train keeps the hold and lifts the Lock up and tries to connect with a reverse DDT, the last part of the Triforce. But the Lock suddenly leanes back sending A-Train over him.

JFA: Amazing counter by the Lock and now he's in a position for... Yes! The Ankle Lock!
JHA: Fight A-Train, fight! You were so close already!
JFA: A-Train trying to break free but the leg locks and the sharpshooter may have been too much. But still, he's going for the ropes and may actually succeed.
JHA: He's almost there... hey, that Lock just pulled him away.
JFA: They're right in center of the ring now, nowhere to go for A-Train. The Ankle lock is still locked in, and A-Train has no choice but to tap! The Lock wins this one!
JHA: A-Train was almost at the ropes but the Lock pulled him back! He should be disqualified, you can't do that!
JFA: If you actually took some time to read the rulebooks you would know that it's perfectly legal.
JHA: Illegal, I say! And immoral to boot!
JFA: You have your opinion, the rest of us live in the real world. Anyhow, the Lock won a hard match but A-Train has nothing to be ashamed about either. He went toe-to-toe with the Lock and could've easily won this one. But in the end, Lock is the winner and this may very well be the new beginning for the Australian after the disappointment at Autumn Annihilation.


Viewfind sits on a bench, psyching himself up. Divebomb and Prowl are stood across the room for him, counting out notes onto a desk.

P: “So… what did Red say? Five minutes?”
Divebomb: “Yeah, Red had five minutes and under… I had five through seven… TC said he’d do it in under nine.”
Viewfind: “HAHA, yo. It’ll be BANG thirty seconds and I’m the bling bling champion, yo yo.”
P: “Gotta do it properly, View. Get it all written down.”
Viewfind: “And that OP still not know you got his cash?”
Divebomb: “No way. And we won’t for much longer – not once those ladies arrive.”
Viewfind: “YES! My victory party awaits, yo.”

Suddenly the door bursts open and Tempest charges through, clotheslining Divebomb down to the ground and grabbing the money off the desk. As the NWA try to stop him, the Human Bulldozer grabs Prowl and throws him headlong into a locker, before darting out of the room and rushing down the hall.

Viewfind looks on in bemusement as Divebomb tries to help his partner up.

Hardcore Title
Thundercracker vs. Strafe

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall… and is for the AWF HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP!”
The crowd pops as ‘Worms of the Earth’ hits, but they fall silent again when the Chicago native fails to appear.

JFA: “I’m sorry, folks… we are slate, as you just heard, to have a Hardcore title defence take place right now. But TC’s music has been playing for over a minute, and there’s no sign of Mr. Wednesday Night. We’re going to see if a camera crew can clue us in on what the deal is…”
JHA: “Hey! Look at this!”

The Wartron shows, quite clearly, TC beating the s*** out of Computron.

JFA: “Is this a blessing, or is it a curse?”
JHA: “It’s unfortunate for Computron. He won’t be able to speak for about a week having lost all that **** from TC beating him… hey wait!”

Strafe suddenly bursts onto the Wartron with a steel chair shot to TC’s head. The man from the Ivory Tower hoists up the champion in a powerbomb position; only for TC to drive him down into the chair with a DDT! He covers for a two-count, which might have been more if not for the interference of Computron. Suddenly, the NWA burst onto the scene to remove Computron with an authoritative con-chair-to and a spike powerbomb. As Jetfire rushes out to aid his comrade, he is met by two very unhappy members of Blood & Thunder.

JHA: “This doesn’t look good for Jetfire… oh happy day!”
JFA: “Just two weeks ago, Blood & Thunder were defending their tag team titles against the NWA… the tag team champions, of course, would have the honour of being in the War Games match at Autumn Annihilation. Since we saw Wolfang getting thrown off the cage, and Zarak receiving a Stiff Beat through a table in that match, its pretty evident who the champions were. Unfortunately, they never beat the NWA. They were disqualified because of Jetfire’s interference.”
JHA: “And CompuFire are gonna get what they’re due…”

As D-Extreme and RCOSD join the mêlée with the NWA, CompuFire and Blood & Thunder, TC drags Strafe out of the way and suplexes him onto some wooden palettes. As he brings up the master of the Ivory Tower, TC can see referee Greg Garrett borrowing a radio from a nearby security guard to get the bell rang to officially start the match. As the chimes ring out, Strafe drives an elbow into TC’s mid-section and follows up with a Russian leg sweep to the floor. He picks up TC immediately after, and drops him with a front suplex onto the wooden palettes for a two-count.

JFA: “Strafe looking good here…”
JHA: “TC wasted energy on that waste of skin Computron. Speaking of which…”

In the background, Computron can be seen being powerbombed by Divebomb. As Strafe looks behind him to see what the noise is, TC seizes the opportunity to sneak in a kick to the gut and a quick scissors kick to the ground. He covers, and manages a two-count before P? hits the camera with some considerable force. There are a few moments of static…

JFA: “We’re sorry for the technical difficulties, folks… bear with us…”
JHA: “Why are you apologising? This place is exactly what the label says… and that screen * points to the static * still has more charisma than Cyberstain…”

As the transmission kicks back in, around forty arena security guards are trying to prise all the Warzone competitors off each other, with the exception of TC and Strafe. The Illinois natives continue to batter each other without much technical skill, but with plenty of brawling and willpower. Strafe catches TC with a left jab, and receives a trio of kicks to the quadriceps for his trouble. The Hardcore Champion relieves his frustrations some more by throwing a nearby trashcan- a full one no less –into the head of Strafe. As drinks cans, popcorn wrappers, sweet papers and myriad other items (some of which are better left unsaid) rain over the arena floor, Strafe lunges towards TC and takes him down with a spear. He follows up with a couple of swift punches to the temple of TC, and knees TC in the crackers before getting up and dragging the champion to his feet. He fails to notice an object in TC’s hand…

JFA: “Ow! There ain’t no proof de will hiding at the bottom of a crackerjack box!”
JHA: “No. Steel bearings is a different matter…”
JFA: “TC with the advantage again… throws the lid of that trashcan… Strafe catches it… Lifetime Enlightenment… misses! TC missed with the Lifetime Enlightenment! Gets the lid thrown back straight into his face… rolls backwards with the impact… and kicks up with the lid around his feet for a modified Ender! Both men down from that move… but TC up first… magistral cradle… for a two-count.”

TC pulls up Strafe and drops him onto the trashcan with a satisfying crunch.

JFA: “Hey what’s going on? Cameras moving around… good lord! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! Wolfang, Divebomb and RCOSD just ploughed through a wall! The entire 82nd airborne would have difficulty prising apart those guys… if this persists, there might well be armed forces involved! TC and Strafe are just stunned by what they have just seen… and TC capitalises with a flapjack to the head! He must have had that in his tights or something… and it gets a two-count.”
JHA: “God I love this job! We’re getting to see a fantastic match, and CompuFire are getting battered in the background!”
JFA: “You’re cheering Blood & Thunder?”
JHA: “Lesser of two goods…”
JFA: “At this point… to stray back to the action… I would like to point out that Strafe is a former Hardcore Champion… beat Viewfind for the title in, I believe, October or November of last year… and he just knocked down TC with a kendo stick! And the fight has moved from the locker room… out past the toilets… and they’re headed out into the street!”
JHA: “Doing it in the market… doing it in the mall… doing it in the bushes… and the high school hall…”
JFA: “What the hell is wrong with you?”
JHA: * In a very bad imitation of Sean Connery/Stratos. * “I’m building a speedboat…”

As TC and Strafe continue to beat on each other, a red Hummer zooms by. As it narrowly avoids the two combatants, a fat bald man sticks his head out of the window and reels off a string of vulgarities at the two. TC knocks down Strafe with a brutal spinning heel kick and tells the man, in no uncertain terms, to go f**k himself. As the man goes to hit TC, Strafe springs to his feet; and hurtles towards the back of TC with a dropkick. TC moves aside, and the man falls to the concrete clutching his ribs. As Strafe stands there in a state of shock, TC grabs a nearby ‘men at work’ sign and rushes towards his nemesis. He jumps, holding the sign to the soles of his boots as Strafe turns around to receive some Lifetime Enlightenment!

JFA: “And there’s the cover… 1… 2… and there’s three! TC retains!”

As ‘Worms of the Earth’ begins again, TC grabs his belt and goes back inside as the EMT rushes to help both Strafe and the driver of the Hummer.

JFA: “We’ll try to grab a word or eight with TC, meantime we apologise again for the technical difficulties we seem to be experiencing. We…”

Before JFA can complete his sentence, the screen is once again clogged with static in the midst of which is a barely visible ‘Warzone’ logo. The screen fades back up to show a full screen **** of the Wartron and the stage. The camera then cuts immediately backstage to Keith Kincaid.

KK: “I’m here with the Hardcore Champion, TC, and we’re all eager to know; what did Computron do?”

TC: “I’m sick and tired of everyone around here spouting off about how great they are. I’m a former AWF Tag Team and World Heavyweight Champion. I am the reigning, and at the end of the day greatest, AWF Hardcore Champion. Yet Computron and everyone else have to mouth off about how great they are. I’m going to defend this belt every goddamned chance I get, and I am going to make every night my night. I’ve Mr. Monday Night… Mr. Wednesday Night… Mr. PPV… I am * crowd joins in as he points his thumbs at himself * T-C! And I’m here to show everyone who really is the best.”

KK: “Alright… so why did the NWA get involved in that match?”

TC: “Match? What were you watching? I squashed that runt Strafe with the contempt he deserves. As for the NWA, they merely were there to watch my back. To make sure that idiots like Tempest, RCOSD and Blood & Thunder didn’t get involved. And they did that with their usual efficiency.”

KK: “Blood & Thunder only got involved after the NWA and, subsequently, Jetfire got involved. Why would RCOSD and Tempest want to get involved?”

TC: “Simple… I’m sure that’s a concept you can connect with. RCOSD believes he was robbed of the Hardcore title. He wanted it back. And Tempest? Tempest thinks he’s the greatest thing on the Warzone roster. But, anytime he wants to find out how wrong he is, he can come find me and get the beating his dad should have given him when he was born.”

TC walks off, as the cameras return to ringside.

JFA: Well, folks. We were supposed to have a match up next pitting Tempest against Morpheus, with the winner getting an AWF Title shot soon…

JHA: But Tempest has left the building! The absolute thief. Disgraceful in every way… stealing the NWA’s money like that.

JFA: The NWA’s money? Riiiiight…. Anyway, the upshoot is that, whilst Tempest will doubtless have a good night – he’s forfeited his match. Which means Morpheus has a title shot in his future.

JHA: That’s scary.

JFA: And we can now cut ahead of schedule to our Tag Team Championship match… the result of the Four Team match at Autumn Annihilation…

Tag Team Title Match:
Blood & Thunder (c) v RCOSD & D-Extreme

JHA: You know…if ever there was an odd pairing…its those two heading down to the ring!

JFA: What? Why?

JHA: Like you need to ask? I mean come on…RCOSD teaming with D-Extreme?!?

JFA: Regardless of your opinion…and if you tie that with a dollar you could get a cup of coffee…


JFA: Regardless…quite an opportunity here for this shall we say unconventional tag team!

Smoke on the Water begins to play…

JFA: And here come the Tag Team Champions…one title dominated completely by Warzone! Here comes Blood and Thunder, Zarak and Wolfang!

JHA: And while I don’t care for them, I do have to admit they’ve been effective as a team…now they’re no NWA, but still better than anything Mayhem has!

JFA: Well, that I can agree with…match underway and RCOSD starts out with Wolfang…don’t expect any style points from the One Man Army…and not getting any…clubbing blows and body shots send Wolfang, who is much more technically inclined, back into the corner. Now RCOSD hoisting Wolfang up…into a dead man’s choke…Wolfang flailing about and RCOSD tosses him hard into the corner. Blind tag by D-Ex…and in he comes…quite a change of pace when you go from RCOSD to D-Extreme.

JHA: Yeah…from a b-52 bomber to a stunt jet…

JFA: Yeah…ok…RCOSD not looking all that thrilled that D-Ex committed that blind tag…D-Ex whips Wolfang into the ropes…and Zarak with a blind tag of his own…D-Ex not seeing this goes for the clothesline…Zarak suddenly grasps the moving D-Ex… Wolfang knocks RCOSD off the ropes…and UH OH!


JFA: That patented fall-away slam combined with a running neckbreaker! Cover…1…2…3! WOW! Out of no where!

JHA: RCOSD looks mad!

JFA: That he does…Blood and Thunder with an impressive victory, coming OUT OF NO WHERE…and D-Extreme getting back to his feet…shaking the cob webs…and RCOSD back in the ring…D-Ex trying to say he’s sorry…RCOSD…that’s a good…shaking hands now…HEY! NO!

JHA: Hell Smack!

JFA: What the hell?!? NO! DON’T DO THAT! First the Hell Smack and now…BASEMENT BREAKER! RCOSD leaving D-Extreme in a heap in the ring…this is completely uncalled for! There’s now need for anything like this…damn it! COME ON! Referees out here now…let’s go to commercial…DISGUSTING!


AWF Championship
The King vs. Viewfind

Party Up begins to play as the pro-Warzone crowd reacts…

RA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the AWF World Championship…currently making his way to the ring area from Philadelphia…the AWF’s resident homeslice…VIEWFIND!”

JFA: Is it just me…or is Viewfind actually getting cheered here tonight?

JHA: Course he is…this is Warzone J!

JFA: I guess…

Head like a hole takes over and the crowd reacts with hostility to the entrance of the Mayhem star…

RA: And his opponent, from Los Angeles…he is the new AWF Champion…the King!

JFA: I think you are right J…very pro Warzone showing by the crowd here tonight as homeslice prepares to take on the AWF Champion!

JHA: You know…I was talking with TC earlier…and he guaranteed victory for Viewfind!

JFA: How could he make such a guarantee?

JHA: Well…just watch you troll!

JFA: Bell sounds and the match is under way here…King moving in early, trying to set the pace with a series of chops to Viewfind, but Viewfind blocks and counters with a hard right, to the jaw and rocks the King back, Viewfind with an Irish whip on the champ and a high back body drop sends King to the mat hard, King still sporting the injuries sustained in two brutal matches…one in the War Games and the other against the former AWF Champion, the Game.

JHA: King’s in for it now! WORD!

JFA: Oh lord…

JHA: Peace out!

JFA: Stop it…and Viewfind moving in on the attack and there’s a running ddt to send King back down. Viewfind to the top now, waiting on King, and from the top rope, Bulldog. Cover…1…2…and barely able to get that shoulder up was the King.

JHA: That’s cause homeslice is so whack…

JFA: What the hell are you talking about? Or do even YOU know?

JHA: Shut up cracker…

JFA: OK then…look in a mirror…Viewfind now punching away at the King, referee tearing them apart, trying to keep order here and Viewfind arguing with the ref, giving King enough time to nail a low blow!

JHA: AH! The little homeslices!

JFA: They just got scrambled…Viewfind now down as well…and the little homeslices and the big one is some trouble now. King shaking the cob webs, up to his feet and putting the boots to Viewfind. Now diving to the mat, with that Razorclaw, that blatant illegal lunging choke and the ref with the count, and the AWF Champ breaks it just before the five…only to re-apply it once again, and again the hold broken just before 5.

JHA: This isn’t right! He’s such a cheater…TC should get out here…

JFA: Cause yeah, that would be so much more fair wouldn’t it?

JHA: Yes…

JFA: King now scooping VF up and pumphandle coming, and slammed down hard. Cover…1…2…and kickout.

JHA: You’re worse than Styles, that was the Rampage…at least use the names!

JFA: I’ll keep that in mind, King up, in clear control picking homeslice up, powerbomb….and TANTRUM ONTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! King just powerbombed homeslice onto the top turnbuckle…and the challenger in trouble…cover by the champion…1…2…and..thr…NO!


JFA: Viewfind able to get that shoulder up and King is livid. He couldn’t beat the Game, he couldn’t put him away…it took a crooked referee and blatant interference by that black hearted Sean O’Con, who in my estimation is nothing more than jealous. And now I don’t feel King can put away Viewfind. He’s one of those guys who will never quit.

JHA: Now, I’m as big a company guy as anyone, but really…come on…

JFA: It’s just a feeling I have, Viewfind won’t quit, King will have to render him unconscious to win this match! King showing frustration now, scoop and a backbreaker…crowd really giving it to King now and he turns his attention to them, shouting at the crowd, meanwhile, Viewfind pulling himself up with the ropes, King turning and Dragon Screw Leg Whip sends the Champion down hard!

JHA: YEAH! Homeslice in the hizzzouse!

JFA: What did you just say? Nevermind…Viewfind with now thoughts of his own injuries, quickly plants King back to the mat with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. King crumpled up on the mat, clutching his back and Homeslice taking a moment to recover. But at the same time he’s giving King the same luxury, King able to pull himself up and with a sudden burst…HEADSTRONG! King with the headstrong, spearing the challenger back down, both men now down. King and Viewfind have thrown some of their best shots at each other…

JHA: Get up homie! Come on!

JFA: King looks to be the first to his feet…and he’s going to the ropes, looking to hit that Divebomb…waiting for Viewfind to get up and Viewfind falls pulling the referee in the way! King nails the referee with the Divebomb and now, reacting angrily, moves quickly and grabs Viewfind with the PPC! Viewfind hit with the PPC…and of course out of instinct, King goes for the cover, but the referee is down…

JHA: Hey! Here comes TC!

JFA: Oh…I get it…he’s going to make sure his prediction comes true…out here with a chair, King hasn’t seen him yet, TC in the ring, shouting to King, tossing the chair his way...King reactively catches it…and LIFETIME ENLIGHTENMENT! TC with a Lifetime Enlightenment…now to the top…Five Star Frog Splash…Viewfind meanwhile is coming around…and at the same time…he’s shaking the referee…TC rolls to the outside…this isn’t right, Viewfind scooping King up, both men weary, but VF able to get him up and Philly Pimp Drop!


JFA: Cover by Viewfind…1……2…..3! Viewfind is the new AWF Champion! Viewfind is the new AWF Champion! And Viewfind collapses to the mat…TC grabbing the AWF World Title and bounding into the ring, Viewfind flat on his back…in a state of disbelief, he’s been battered, he’s been beaten, but at this moment…by hook and by crook…he’s the AWF Champion!

JHA: HA! How was that reign Kingy!?! You couldn’t handle the homeslice! HA HA!

JFA: Viewfind with a little help from his buddy…but nonetheless we have a new AWF Champion!

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-03, 10:16 PM
Backstage: We see the reigning T.V. Champion in the back packing up his stuff as he heads out of the arena. We see someone with a camera crew approch him carefully for a few words.

RJI: "Hey Amarant, I was wondering if you could share your thought on tonight events."

Amarant: "Like what??? How I kicked Ravage's ass tonight??? Sure let's talk about that. This was supposed to be Ravage's night. This was a match that he wanted cause he thought that he would have some sort of advantage over me. He thought that since I couldn't make him tap out, that he could beat me. But I showed the world that he couldn't PROVE ME WRONG!!!"

RJI: "What are your thoughts on Viewfind getting the World Title tonight??"

Amarant: " Good for him. It's about time he backed up all of the smack talk." I'll be impressed even more if he ever beats me....which he won't."

RJI: "Any ideas on who you want to challenge you for the T.V. Title?"

Amarant: " I don't care who it is. If anybody want to try and take the belt away from the Best Damn Technical T.V. Champ, they know where to find me. I'm here every week busting my ass to entertain the fans and beat the living **** out of all of the AWF Superstars. It's the same as it always is. BEAT ME IF YOU CAN, SURVIVE IF I LET YOU. Now piss off before I make you tap, like I did to poor, pretty Miss Lovelace.

2003-12-03, 11:34 PM


King i told yo ass you can't hang with da 'find.
i snatch yo bling so fast you got whiplash.
now look at cha, i hope yo boyfriend reilly dump's yo ass.


All my warzone homeboys even you BITCH MAX! come make yo way to da TCA locker room and lets party up in dis motha ****** Philly Style!

Yo TC big up's.

OOC: Aw man, me the new champ? thanks guys.

2003-12-04, 12:41 AM

Viewfind, As soon as I knew that you would get that title shot, you would win. Becasue you and your buddies from the TCA would do anything to get the gold that you want so badly. You, just like King were arrogrant to the truth around you. You don't stay champ forever.

I knew if I was to have that match tonight, you would beat me down so Morpheus could win. And I even if I did win you will still go and get the TCA. So .... Morpheus Ithink I've done you a favour ... or have you. Next week, you have a title shot. You ain't gonna win.

I'll make sure of that. I want that match, I want that belt. You deserve a beating Viewfind. You deserve to lose that belt to me.

In the future Viewfind I will be champ, but first, I have to get rid of your 'wild cards' that stand in the way.

I purpose a handicap match, inbetween my self Vs the NWA!

If you do not except I know you are cowards.

2003-12-04, 01:42 AM
Boy you may be strong, and you may have gotten the money, but what in the hell makes you think you would stand a chance in the ring with the NWA. I don't care how you did in war games and I don't care what you think you can do in the ring and the NWA does not what you think you are gonna do in the future. You step in the ring with us and you will get treated just like everyone else. You want an answer, well then your on. I have always said that I will never back down from a challenge and I know I can speak for P? and myself when I say unless we are already booked for the next show that we would be glad to take you down.

So you can,

Book it...
Sign it...
...Bring It!

Now on to other business, Congrats View. Its about time they gave you the shot you deserved and congrats TC for stomping that punk strafe. Now all we need is for the NWA to get our titles back and TCA will be looking just about right.

Oh yes, Blood and Thunder you don't think we have forgotten about you. We still want our titles back and we will get them. Just as soon as we get our next shot. Be prepared for hell when next we meet.

2003-12-04, 04:42 AM
Another title match, another loser somehow wins.

But thats all good, I think it's time I rethink some things.

Either way, somebody is gonna pay.

2003-12-04, 11:10 AM
Backstage we see a furiated D-Extreme tossing a chair into the ground. He turns around to see Keith Kincard with a mic. He glares at him madly as we see D-Extreme's forehead was busted open from RCOSD's finisher after the match.

KK: Uhm...D can I ask you a few questions?


KK: Uhm..well?

D-Ex:.....*still glares as he still is pissed off*......GO AHEAD!

KK: Your loss against Blood and Thunder. What are your thoughts?

D-Ex: Well I know I blew it, I made a blind tag and thought I can handle it since I thought R did HIS JOB correctly. Turns out that he didnt even soften them up! I had to do it myself and what? He blames ME for the loss and he cheap shots me?! ONE MAN ARMY! I'm calling your punk ass out! After the PPV, you see THIS? You see the mark you made on my forehead.....some how....some way....One Man Army..your gonna pay! Maybe not tommorow or next week. But some day RCOSD, I will show you not to mess with me! I am so sick and tired of assholes cheap shooting me everywhere. Cyberstrike, Dinoslut, Claypool and now RCOSD. If you guys take it so easy since you think I'm a free spirited man who only becomes a stepping stone to the likes of Amarant and Tempest....THINK AGAIN! Cause starting from tommorow..I will take no $#it from anybody! I tried to be a nice guy..I tried to be a friendly big guy but it done nothing. Starting tommorow, D-Extreme will go ALL EXTREME! No smiles, no dancing, just pure thrist for blood....pure hunger for violence...pure desire for EXTREMENESS!

KK: Well speaking of the ppv? What do you think of your match teaming up with other 3 Warzone men?

D-Ex: Let me tell you this KK. On Meltdown......Team Mayhem. The lowly team of Gruff, Cloudy and the other 2 whores, prepare to be devastated. Your looking at one pissed off man. And Ravage is also one pissed off giant. Even the 2 of us, Me and Ravage are good enough to take out those 4 sunoba bitches at the PPV. But with some added help from our other 2 guys....it will be a pure massacre! SO SAYS THE INNOVATOR OF THE EXTREME!

With that we see D-Extreme wiping off the blood from his forehead and licks his hand that has his hand as he looks at the camera with an evil grin. He slowly makes his way outside the locker room.

OOC:...dont worry..D-ex is STILL A FACE...just a crazy drunken face lol, cool Warzone!!!! :cool:

Lord Zarak
2003-12-04, 02:07 PM
Originally posted by Divebomb

Oh yes, Blood and Thunder you don't think we have forgotten about you. We still want our titles back and we will get them. Just as soon as we get our next shot. Be prepared for hell when next we meet.

We havent forgotten about you either, and you will never, ever, get the tag titles off me and Wolfy.

Just bring your good selves to our next match and prepare to sore backsides.

2003-12-04, 02:45 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
Another title match, another loser somehow wins.

You can smell your own, huh?

Eh, not to worry. It's pretty much a blanket statement, looking around the roster. Very little genuine potential... but there's enough.

All this show needs is to bring a little extra Heat into the mix, and things will start cooking again.

Talent rubs off, y'know... and I've got gallons to spare. Won't be long before everybody exposed to me looks like the 24kt diamond they aren't.

*relaxes in a Game-free environment*

Viewfind as champion? Ugh, has it really come to this?

2003-12-04, 02:54 PM
Aww, whats wrong Brendo, get your panties in a not again becuase your not the champ and someone with talent is?

2003-12-04, 11:02 PM
IC: What the hell is this? Right... let's work the list. Divebomb wants another shot at the tag team titles. Why am I not surprised? Look man, we beat you and P? for those belts way back and we've never gotten enough challenge for them since as is. We'll have to do something about that... after you've had your shot and lost.

Viewfind is the AWF Champion? I've woken up in the Twilight Zone. That's the only explanation I can come up with that seems at all feasible. What the hell is going on? The AWF Champion is the figurehead of our organisation. They represent everything the AWF stands for. We must be on a hell of a downward slope if it's gone from G9 to the King to Viewfind. Who's next? Cane Deathscream or Cyberstrike? Jeez...

And I might enquire who exactly, Brendinio, you are talking about when you say 'little genuine potential'.

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-05, 05:57 AM
Amarant Odinson is working out on the treadmill while watching the recent episode on Mayhem. Currently on the t.v. screen is someone by the name of The Mat Man. He's talking smack about the Best Damn Technical T.V. Champ. Amarant turns the set off and turns to the camera crew watching him workout.

It's come to my attention that someone over on the "other show" has been running thier mouth. This "Mat Man" seems to think that he's the Best Technical Wrestler here in the AWF. We're going to get one thing straight right now. I am the only one who deserves that recognition. And here's why:

1. I've travelled the whole world, learning different styles and adding aspects of them to my own. I've dedicated my life to my craft. There's a list a mile wide of men who have tapped out to me in Mexico, Japan, Europe, Canada and the U.S.

2. I trained in the best wrestling school known to man. I was streched from here to kingdom come by the legendary late Stu Hart in the depths of the Dungeon. I can say with pride that he is the only man to ever MAKE ME TAP.

3. Since coming here to the AWF, I have left a long trail of men who could never PROVE ME WRONG. Only 3 men have ever beaten me in singles competetion and they earned my respect for that. D-Extreme, The Game and The Lock. Everyone else here is someone I beaten or just another name to cross off my list.

4. I'm the AWF Television Champion. I have defended this belt with pride and determination on every possible occassion. I beat the hell out of D-Extreme and that No Talent Orangatan, Cyberstrike. Brave Maximus couldn't scare me. They had four guys try and best me in one night and they couldn't get the job done. Hell, I beat Ravage in his own damn match. And many more.

So my question to you Mat Man is this: If these men on Warzone, the ones in the AWF who actually have talent. If they couldn't beat me. What make you think that some poser like you, an "entertainer" not a wrestler from that shallow end of the gene pool known as Mayhem, has a chance to PROVE ME WRONG?

Mat Man, after I beat whoever Reily is dumb enough to put against me at Meltdown. You come get some. I'm never hard to find. If think you can bring the fight, then we'll see about that when I make you tap. BEAT ME IF YOU CAN, SURVIVE IF I LET YOU.

2003-12-05, 06:17 AM
Blah blah blah, all I hear is a bunch of **** from a bunch of jobbers.

Soon enough I am going to stop getting screwed over. Very soon indeed.

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-05, 08:54 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
Blah blah blah, all I hear is a bunch of **** from a bunch of jobbers.

Soon enough I am going to stop getting screwed over. Very soon indeed.

This coming from a guy who "jobbed" to me. All I hear is bunch of whining from a guy who can't take the fact that he lost. You didn't get screwed, you got beat at your own game. Any worse and you'd start to sound like Cyberstrike. I am the T.V. Champ, I've busted my ass to keep this title and hold it to the high standards of Warzone. Not like that I.C. title over on Mayhem. Since when did the I.C Title become a women's title anyway. Ravage, you need to face the facts. you couldn't beat, you didn't beat me and you never will beat me and do you know why???

Because Ravage.....YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

2003-12-05, 09:40 AM
Originally posted by Ravage
Aww, whats wrong Brendo, get your panties in a not again becuase your not the champ and someone with talent is?

Someone with talent holds a title around here?

Ah right. TC and Blood & Thunder, right? Of course.

Why would I be upset that I'm not Champion? Hell, this isn't about gold, you little backstage nobody. I don't need a strap to tell me I'm the best - it's fact. My accomplishments speak for themselves. That's why I'm the most decorated man in AWF history... and you're crashing out in matches for a belt half the populace doesn't even realise exists.

Sure, if there were justice in the world, I'd still be Champ. I'm not. I can deal with that, because I know I'm the best. All it's about now is making everybody else realise it and gaining the respect of the lesser beings I see wherever I look.

In short: I rock. You suck. Cope.

2003-12-05, 01:53 PM
Here is an idea Orsen, blow me.

Now onto smaller things from what has been seen in the locker room showers. Brendo, you two can sod off, you have no use, it's going to be great to see G91 smack you from one end of the ring to another and back.

Have a problem with me please come take it up.

2003-12-05, 05:25 PM
Originally posted by Wolfang
IC: What the hell is this? Right... let's work the list. Divebomb wants another shot at the tag team titles. Why am I not surprised? Look man, we beat you and P? for those belts way back and we've never gotten enough challenge for them since as is. We'll have to do something about that... after you've had your shot and lost.

Viewfind is the AWF Champion? I've woken up in the Twilight Zone. That's the only explanation I can come up with that seems at all feasible. What the hell is going on? The AWF Champion is the figurehead of our organisation. They represent everything the AWF stands for. We must be on a hell of a downward slope if it's gone from G9 to the King to Viewfind. Who's next? Cane Deathscream or Cyberstrike? Jeez...

And I might enquire who exactly, Brendinio, you are talking about when you say 'little genuine potential'.

wolfface, you talk a whole lot of shizzel for a lil guy, i done things in da AWF you can only dream about son, Hmmm lets think i'm da only one to hold two BLING BLING belts at da same time, wait who was that? on yeah ME!

Silly Cow
2003-12-05, 06:42 PM
Random Interviewer stops Morpheus as he's leaving the arena.

RI: Morpheus, you are currently the number one contender for the AWF title. Think you're ready for a title match?

Morpheus: I was waiting for a fight, I was looking forward to crush Tempest. And now I'm the number one contender without a match? That is nothing!! Tempest would have fallen, Viewfind will fall. But what does that accomplish? More slaughter, more violence, deeper and deeper... I'm not sure if I can get out anymore!!

RI: Are you saying that you don't want the title shot, or the title?

Morpheus: No. Being the AWF champion was Silly Cow's dream. Maybe, just maybe.

RI: How do you rate your chances against Viewfind?

Morpheus: He is nothing but a man. Nothing but a man with friends, style, charisma and talent. He beat Brave Max, he beat the King, he's a former multi champion. He's good. But I am not a man. I am pain, I am torment, I am oblivion.

He's just a man, I am not even that...

2003-12-05, 10:44 PM
Damn SillyCowpheus? or wahtever you call yo self, you need some fun in yo life or something dwag, i mean cow? uhhh take off da mask and come hang with one of my many hoe's or something.

2003-12-05, 11:50 PM
IC: I talk a lot of shizzel? At least it can be understood unlike all the garbage you want to off-load on everybody. And I don't take kindly to being called a 'little guy' just because Zarak is less vertically challenged than I am. I'm still 6 feet tall, and I'm still 456 lbs of attitude in a 228 lb bag. Remember that.

2003-12-05, 11:53 PM
Originally posted by Wolfang
IC: I talk a lot of shizzel? At least it can be understood unlike all the garbage you want to off-load on everybody. And I don't take kindly to being called a 'little guy' just because Zarak is less vertically challenged than I am. I'm still 6 feet tall, and I'm still 456 lbs of attitude in a 228 lb bag. Remember that.

More like 12lbs of dog ****

2003-12-06, 05:41 AM
*Sounds of crashing chairs and overturned tables can be heard behind the lockerroom at Warzone's backstage*
IC: So.. I should have known better than coming to a rival's brand and expecting fair match. Mr. Vaccaro schemed to have me lose to Viewfind with a little help from TC. Am I angry? Am I gonna rip the heads off everyone at Warzone? You bet! I will not rest until I exact my revenge on Viewfind, TC, and Mr. Vacarro. I will have my belt back even if I have to go through every single wrestler again. :mad:

OOC: Congrats 'Find. Can't wait for our rematch. ;)

2003-12-06, 12:43 PM
Op limps about looking for any hint of his moeny's whereabouts....

OP2005: That was nice, i've still got a tag partner, but i'm still without money. Think OP. WHO TOOK IT!

2003-12-06, 02:00 PM
Backstage a mad and still bloodied D-Extreme walks down the corridor shouting some curse words and a sentence saying 'I'll get you mr. one man army!'. While grumbling he finds some sort of bag

D-Ex:....WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! *gets the bag as he opens it*...money?

Just then a staff member sees D-Extreme.

Staff Member: Hello D-Extreme. Hey that bag of money, I think that belongs to...

D-Ex: *grabs the staff member by the shirt and glares at him*.....ME!

Staff Member: Oh..yeah..yours...hahaha..please dont hurt me

D-Ex: *shoves the staff member aside as he puts the money that was in his bag into his wallet* ........well atleast something GOOD actually happens tonight. Beer night it shall be

With that D-Extreme has a huge smile on his face while still having a bloody forehead as he walked out of the arena 500 dollars richer as he heads for the nearest bar in the area.