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AWF Mayhem
2003-12-04, 05:22 AM
Images flash of King escaping the ring and winning the AWF Title on Mayhem and then shift to the Game being HDD’d off the top of the cage…they then shift to Warzone, where TC is shown giving the Lifetime Enlightenment and the Five Star Frog Splash to King, then Viewfind delivering the Philly Pimp Drop and winning the AWF World Title…

The Mayhem Theme and Intro play as we come to the air waves live from the Cow Palace…the pyro ignites!

Joey Styles: After the most shocking weeks in AWF history, we come to you live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco. It was just our last show, where the King shocked the world with assistance from Mr. Reilly, a steal cage and the Brendinio Heat, Sean O’Con, by winning the AWF Title from the Game. Then on Warzone, Viewfind again shocked the world, by defeating the King with a little help from TC.

I’m Back begins to play as Mr. Reilly stomps his way to the ring…

Mr. Reilly: Cut that damn music…I SAID CUT IT!

Flec: Boss means business here…

Mr. Reilly: You know…it wasn’t enough that Vacarro had to cheat his way to a victory at the War Games…no…that wasn’t enough for him. He had to steal away the AWF Title…a Title that I myself worked very hard, to make certain that the right AWF Superstar would hold.

Joey: Yeah…he did everything in his power to stack the deck against the Game…

Flec: Shhhhhh…show some respect Styles!

Mr. Reilly: And what happens? Vaccarro can’t control his men…and they STEAL the AWF Title. Well, tonight…in this very ring, I intend to make that right. Viewfind will defend against King. No one from Warzone will be allowed in the building other than Viewfind…

Flec: Tonight the belt comes home to Mayhem!

Mr. Reilly: This also got me to thinking. I have had it with that show and its blatant attempts to be a poor man’s mayhem! I’ve had it with the other show…I’ve had it with the other roster…I’m tired of his attempts to usurp my ratings and my glory! Therefore at Meltdown…I’m proposing a winner take all situation!

Joey: What…what is he saying?

Mr. Reilly: I never wanted half…I never wanted just half of this company…I wanted it all! EVERY DAMN BIT OF IT! I want all the wrestlers…I want all the glory…and I want all the money…but most of all…I WANT YOU GONE!

Joey: He’s lost it…

Flec: He’s brilliant!

Mr. Reilly: So what will it be Vaccarro? You could do this…and take a chance of being rid of me entirely. Or you could say no…and have to worry everytime one of your champions comes onto Mayhem…you’ll have to ask, is my boy going to make it out of there in one piece? Then you’ll have to wonder…is Reilly going to send his boys to my show to disrupt things? I’ve done it before V…I can do it again…choice is yours…

Joey: And look at that sick, sadistic son of a bi…

Flec: WOW…isn’t it bout time we get to the first match?

*Just then the Archivetron clicks on showing Mr. Vaccaro.*

Mr. Vaccaro: You know Reilly, I’ve had enough of you in every capacity. You’ve harassed and insulted me, you have attacked my show…and now you can handle the fact that you lost the War Games. Here’s the bottom line…at Meltdown, you’ve got it. Its going to be Warzone versus Mayhem, with the winner taking all! 6 matches throughout the night, but we’re going to culminate it with a 5 on 5 Survivor Series…should it be necessary, but I doubt it will. My troops are motivated Reilly and yours hate you…

Reilly: They may hate me…but they are all very well paid…and they know that if they win this for me…their pay will only grow! See, I know what you pay your “troops” and you can’t touch what my boys make…

Fail to see…how destructive we can be…

Flec: Uh oh…

Game: You know…I hear you two chickens clucking out here…flapping your gums like you have something relevant to say, which we all know you don’t. So here’s the bottom line. While I’d rather be working for Vaccaro…the bottom line is that I don’t. However, I do know someone…who does work for Vaccaro and I got ten to one that this person will be leading or on Team Warzone…so Reilly, you’re looking at your Captain for Team Mayhem right here.

Reilly: Why in the hell would I do that?

Game: Simple numbnuts…see, when Vaccaro re-did the contracts, he put in a champions right to receive a rematch for a lost title inside of 30 days for that World Belt you screwed me out of last week. Well, you name me the captain of the Survivor Series team…and I’ll waive that…you won’t have to give me a rematch against King or Viewfind.

Reilly is shown smiling: Allright…welcome aboard…CAPTAIN!

*Vaccaro is shown shaking his head, visibly concerned*

Reilly: Just one thing…since you…made some poor choices last time…I get to pick your team.

Game: Done…I just get one pick though…and that pick is Sixswitch!

Reilly: You want him? He’s yours…as for the rest of the team…I’ll determine that before the end of the show!

Game: Sounds wonderful…oh and one more thing…about that match you booked me in tonight…

*the Game flattens Reilly with some Sweet Chin Music*

Flec: What the hell was that for?

Joey: Like he’s ever needed a reason to lay out the boss before!

Flec: Lord…let’s just get the first match…

Cloudstrifer v Cane Deathscream

Joey Styles: Yes…you’re right. The opening bout here to determine the number one contender for the AWF Hardcore Title…a prize highly coveted by both men here…

Flec: Obviously showing that both men are idiots…

Deadly Game begins to play as Cane makes his way out…

RA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it will determine the number one contender for the AWF Hardcore Championship. Making his way to the ring area, from parts unknown, accompanied by fellow nTo member Cyberstrike…the Big Blue Machine, Cane Deathscream!

Joey: A true monster of a man here…about to face against the AWF’s own Viking warrior…

Flec: Also a moron…

Built for Speed takes over…

RA: And from the land of the Vikings, Norway, his opponent, Cloudstrifer!

Joey: Interesting contrast in styles here…bell sounds and we are under way! Cane charging hard, but Cloud catches him with a belly to belly! The Norseman really on his game tonight….series of hard punches as Cane rolls up…and Cloud rocking the big man back into the corner.

Flec: Cloud’s really in control here…I’m almost impressed!

Joey: Well…that could change…look who’s coming out.

Flec: Ugh…why God…why him?

Joey: It is a hardcore match…technically its not illegal…Cyberstrike in the ring here…with a kendo stick right to the face of Cloud, Cane with a quick roll up…1…2…3…damn them both! Now, Cyberstrike and Cane going to work on Cloud…and Cane going for the spray paint…but…

Flec: Who…who the hell is that?

Joey: Two men just jumped out of the stands…and…its Divebomb and TC! TC bounding to the top rope and hitting the Lifetime Enlightenment on Cane, while Divebomb just leveled Cyberstrike with a clothesline that sent him crashing to the outside!

Flec: Security is flooding the ring…but the TCA boys just bailed out through the crowd…Vaccaro planted them! We’re being invaded!!!

Joey: I don’t know about that…but one has to wonder…JUST wonder, if maybe there is something to this, first Vaccaro appears on the Archivetron, now this…I think Viewfind may not be as alone here as we may have thought.

AWF IC Title Match: Stone Cold Skywarp v Scout
JRA: Our next match is intergender and for the AWF's Intercontinental Championship

“This ain't a song for the broken-hearted
No silent prayer for the faith-departed“

JRA: Making her way to the ring is the challenger. She is a member of Action Faction, and the AWF's IC number one contender... SCOUT!

“I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice
When I shout it out loud “

Joey: Solid response from the crowd for Scout, and I'm not surprised. She's earned this match.

“It's my life
It's now or never “

Flec: What are you talking about? The only thing the crowd's looking forward to is a quick match. As much as I hate SCSW, at least he'll make this a quick one. Besides, she didn't earn this match, it was a dirty win over Blitzwing.

“I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive”

Joey: Really? Any who helped her? Bombshell or Arcee?

Flec: Just lay off. It was a fast three count at best.

Glass Shatters

JRA: And making his way to the ring is your current AWF Intercontinental Championship.

“Under the lights where we stand tall
Nobody touches us at all”

JRA: Stonecold Skywarp!!

“Showdown, shootout, spread fear within, without
We're gonna take what's ours to have”

Joey: Huge ovation for the current champion! My seat is shaking.

Flec: Probably just another earthquake, or cheap construction, or maybe it's because of the lard ass walking to the ring. Look at how slow he's moving!

Joey: Yes, it doesn't look like SCSW's looking forward to beating up on a lady.

Flec: That's not his wife, you mean.

Joey: Cheap shot. In any case, where's Gruff? I half expected to see him out here. I guess he learned his lesson after last week.

Flec: Lay off my man Gruff. I respect the guy; he's one of the few people willing to stand up to that beer drinking baboon over there. Now what's he doing? Harassing the ref? No class.

Joey: No Flec, he's clearly expressing concern for having to wrestle a woman. He's not happy about this. Come to think of it, I can't ever recall any animosity between him and Scout.
Flec: That'll change. Maybe that goody goody Quickswitch will come out to save his wench and get a stunner for his trouble!

Joey: Flec, you know as well as everyone else that QS will stay backstage during the match, assuming the Canucks do the same. SCSW still trying to argue with the ref, and the ref's had enough. He signals for the bell, and damn, fast start by Scout. Great acceleration into a baseball slide there. SCSW's had his knee chopped off, and he's rolling out of the ring.

Flec: He's scared.

Joey: No, he just wasn't expecting that. Back in the ring now, high roundhouse by Scout, ducked by SCSW. Quick lockup and SCSW throws his smaller opponent to the mat.

Flec: Just look at the way he's throwing that woman around.

Joey: Didn't you complain about the opposite about 15 seconds ago?

Flec: He should be in jail. Boots to the midsection, I think it's a formality now. Just end the match so I can watch something interesting!

Joey: SC looking to pull his opponent off the mat, probably for a stunner, oh! Kick to the face from Scout! More kicks. Scout's still on the mat, hammering away at SC's knee. Even with a knee brace, those are brutal kicks. For those who don't recall, that's the very same knee The Game took out way back on March 31st, 2002 at ArchiveMania. With SC wearing a knee brace all the time, I can't assume that it ever fully healed.

Flec: Who cares! Kick him in the grapefruits! Awww, SC rolled away, back on his feet, and waiting for Scout's next move.

Joey: Not a bad idea, actually. Scout's the quicker by far, and with the assault on the knee, I can't imagine that SCSW will be moving at full speed anyway. He's a brawler, and he's going to force Scout to come to him.

Flec: Scout's closing on SC, slowly circling. Get to it already, he's not buying those weak feints. Oh great, and now she steps back. I think the crowd is getting bored. Come on and wrestle already!

Joey: Scouts moving back in, probably another feint, no high kick, SCSW ducks this one again, but what a follow up low sweep! SC can't jump it, and it trips him up.

Flec: Scout drops a knee onto SC's leg, and she's away.

Joey: No, the cat has caught the mouse. SC's got her by the foot. She's kicking like mad, trying to get away, but to no avail. SC's got the other leg too now, and yeap, pin attempt.

Flec, SC's too heavy, and a leg is hooked. Well, next on our card is..

Joey: Kick out! Scout's too strong a competitor for that to work. It might work on Arcee, but not Scout. SC's lifting her up, nasty spinebuster, going for an inside cradle, putting more body weight behind it this time. Hand grabs the ropes to stop the count. Scout's being resilient, trying to find purchase to get away.

Flec: Blatant eye rake! Where's the DQ?

Joey: It was incidental. SC breaks the hold instinctively to protect his eyes.

Flec: And there's Scout once again working on the knee. Fast application of a half-Boston crab. I knew I liked this girl. Make him tap!

Joey: No chance Flec; SC's already forced himself to the ropes. Ref forcing a break of the hold. Clubbing blows by Scout on SC's neck. Neckbreaker! She's really done her homework here, hitting all of SCSW's weak spots.

Flec: Yeah, but it's not enough. Her snapmare attempt was reversed into a sleeper. Scout's flailing about.

Joey: Foot found the rope, ref's braking the hold.

Flec: It brushed the rope, SC should have been allowed to keep it.

Joey: judgment call. Since when do you root for SC? She was making contact with the ropes at the least. Oh,stiff Irish whip by SC. Scout off the ropes... spear!

Flec: Ha! She rebounded off. SC's staggered because he's on one leg, Otherwise he's fine. Looks like Scout got the worst of that one.

Joey: I'm not so sure, she's up and moving, SC's holding his side. Drop toe hold, avoided by SC, another Irish whip. Looks like a powerbomb, countered into a tilt-a-whirl leg scissors!

Flec: Some more cheap kicks from those long, lovely legs, but they're still not enough. SC's back up and fuming. Scout's not going to be pretty for much longer.

Joey: The faster opponent is clearly causing SC some frustration here. He may be up, but he's favoring his leg. Scout does the smart thing and rolls out of the ring. SC seems content to let her, simply watching from inside the ring.

Flec: Hey Joey, how is Scout going to get back into the ring without SC getting a hold of her?

Joey: My God! Hell just froze over!

Flec: Say what now?

Joey: You made a good point. SC's following Scout, not letting her back into the ring, ref's up to a six count already. If Scout doesn't want to be counted out, she's going to have to get back in, and fast.

Flec: Wow, great burst of speed from Scout. I haven't seen a woman move that fast since Joey's prom date.

Joey: It was food poisoning!

Flec: Sure it was... That's why I saw her dancing later that night... with me.

Joey: You didn't even know me in high school

Flec: Perhaps, bit I was nailing it in spirit.

Joey: Back to the match, Scout's sliding into the ring, trying to keep some space between herself and SC. SC's lunging, sign of pain on his face. Those knee shots have clearly been working.

Flec: Clothesline by Stonecold! Scout's head hit the mat hard, and he's following it up with some punches. Great job working the face there.

Joey: Ref's telling him to open the hand. Elbow drop by SC, and Scout might be in some trouble here.

Flec: Yeah, no kidding. Back suplex into a pin attempt. kickout at two. Just stay down woman! Haha, I love saying that.

Joey: You're a pig, you know that? Salto suplex there by SCSW; I haven't seen one of those in awhile. Since Scout's lighter than most opponents, I guess SC isn't having any trouble lifting her off the mat, bad knee or not.

Flec: Just hit the stunner, please. Another Irish Whip, this time it pays off.

Joey: Toe hold takedown there, and Scout hit the mat hard. Oh, one of those blind kicks caught SC in the patella, he stumbles back to the ropes.

Flec: A pata what now? Gruff! He's through the crowd, massive guillotine on SC! He's reeling. Great job!

Joey: Ref didn't see it, he was checking on Scout. She's up and hits SC with an inverted atomic drop. SC's knee gives out as he lands, and he's down. Gruff's no where to be seen. In any case, Scout's climbing the turnbuckle, ref telling her to get down.

Flec: SC's already up and Scout hasn't even turned around yet. He'll catch her trapped on the top rope. There's Gruff with a chair... and damn! SC got laid flat.

Joey: Dammit! The ref nor Scout saw or heard a damn thing. The crowd went berserk when Gruff showed up, and Scout thinks that it's for her. Scout's up top, still thinking that SC's down from the atomic drop. Textbook Corkscrew Moonsault Splash! Hooks the leg!

Flec: Gruff's hiding by the side of the ring! He's reaching up and has Stonecold's other foot. I don't think he can kick out without a leg. Hold it Gruff...

Joey: 3!!!! Scout just won the IC title! Stonecold can't believe it! He's pleading with the ref, but the ref didn't see a thing, and that maggot Gruff's already vanished into the crowd.

JRA: Your winner, and new Archive Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion, Scout!

“This ain't a song for the broken-hearted
No silent prayer for the faith-departed“

Joey: Scout's celebrating in the ring, the crowd doesn't know what to make of it, and here comes Quickswitch. He had to be watching from the back, and I think he's going to tell Scout what happened...

Flec: Come on boy, break her heart. Tell her it wasn't fair... Oh, you pansy!

Joey: He couldn't do it. Once he got face to face with Scout, he couldn't break the news. Quickswitch is hugging Scout, congratulating her. What a crazy match!

Flec: At least we have one more thing to look forward to.

Joey: What's that Flec?

Flec: A short title reign.

Joey: I think Scout has the potential to be a great IC champ. Time will tell.
Stone Cold approaches Reilly
Stone Cold: You saw what happened?
Reilly: Errr….yeah…
Stone Cold: What?
Reilly: What do you want?
SCSW: What? Do I have to spell it out for you? Gruff…you moron…Gruff v Stone Cold…
Reilly: Are you deaf? Meltdown…Warzone v Mayhem…
Reilly: Tell you what….I can’t give you Gruff at Meltdown…but I can do this for you, you lead a Team in an 8 Man Tag Match. This team will have Blitzwing, Cloudstrifer and…Gruff.
Reilly: You heard me…keep that team together…get me a win and you got your match!
SCSW: I get that win…I got my match?
Reilly: Yep…
SCSW: Just like that?
Reilly: Yes Sir…
SCSW: All right then…Stone Cold will win your little match…but if you don’t deliver me Gruff after that…one on one…Street Fight…straight wrestling…I don’t care…don’t deliver him to me…
*snaps fingers*
SCSW: You’re lights will be out like that!
Reilly takes a deep breath as Stone Cold leaves…
Flec: HOLY HELL! How is that team going to function?
He’s coming…
JFA: Who in the blue hell is that?!?
From the Psychiatrist’s leather upholstered chair
JHA: And why is he dressed…like that?!?
Into your homes…every week! And he knows how to accessorize! New to the AWF…Auntie Slag! The cross dressing doctor…is in!
Flec: Auntie Slag? What the hell is Auntie Slag?!?
Sixswitch, Quick Switch & Jinrai vs. Bombshell, Blitzwing & Auros

Joey: “I don’t know, but apparently we’ll find out next week…turning to this match…You gotta think that Bombshell had a hand in the making of this match that’s coming up, ‘Flec.”
‘Flec: “No doubt, considering that Jinrai and Quick Switch played such a vital role in the dismantling of Bombers sex toy last week.”
Joey: “I’ll be sure to tell him you said that, ‘Flec. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear what you think of this whole thing.”

The beginnings of "Sandstorm" followed by “Like This Like That” signal the arrival of Quick Switch and Sixswitch, who make their way down to the ring getting a rousing cheer from the crowd. A cheer that grows larger with the playing of “Hold your Head up High”, and the arrival of God Jinrai.

Joey: “Jinrai looking mighty pleased with himself here.”
‘Flec: “Yeah. Mighty big of himself considering he took out a defenseless woman.”
Joey: “You’re one to talk, Joey, if what I heard is true.”
‘Flec: “Never believe everything you hear, Styles.”
Joey: “Especially if it’s from you.”
‘Flec: “Yeah….wait…”

Get up, Get up, Get up, Drop the Bombshell. Get up, Get up, This is out of control. Get up, Get up, Get up, Drop the Bombshell. Get up, Get up, Get down...

Powerman 5000’s “Drop The Bombshell” bursts through the speakers as the Canuck trio of Blitzwing, Bombshell and Sir Auros make their way to the ring, Bombshell with a angry glare in his eyes, as he stares at Jinrai, who merely flashes a wicked smile in return.

Joey: “Noticeable by her absence is Arcee, still in the hospital after being heinously assaulted by Jinrai last week.”
‘Flec: “Assault? I’m pretty sure I saw the two of them backstage talking before that match. There was nothing heinous about it.”
Joey: “I’ll be sure to tell Bombers you said that, too.”

Bombers slides into the ring, and predictably, goes right for Jinrai, as Auros and Blitzwing go after Quick and Six. The Mad Bomber slams several large fists into the superstar known as Pyre Convoy, howling like a deranged banshee. Jinrai blocks one of the punches and delivers a kick to Bombshell’s gut, cutting into Bombers path of revenge. An elbow to the back of the head seals the deal and sends the big man down. At the same time, Sixswitch and Quick Switch whip both Blitzwing and Auros off the ropes. Sixswitch knocks out Blitzwing, but Auros ducks Quick’s attempted clothesline, and slams Six’s back, sending him crashing down beside Blitzwing’s prone form. As the two fallen men roll out of the ring, Auros proceeds to deliver several punches to Quick Switch as the American superstar retaliates on El Chingador, delivering a thundering headbutt that sends Auros to the opposite side of the ring.

Joey: “It’s total chaos around here, ‘Flec. The ref’s having a difficult time trying to maintain control here.”
‘Flec: “I’m surpised he’s been able to have ANY control here! With all that’s happened between these six guys, I’m surprised one of them hasn’t done away with the ref already.”
Joey: “Bombers taking it to Jinrai in the center of the ring, delivering lefts and rights…and here comes the ref, getting in Bombers face, apparently taking offense to how the match has gone down since it began…oh, and Bombshell now with a massive boot to the gut of the ref! And now setting up for…and there it is! The Atom Bomb on the ref!! ”
‘Flec: “Wow. That didn’t take long.”

Obviously driven to the point of insanity, Bombshell slides out of the ring and grabs a chair from the ringside announce position as Blitzwing and Auros take it to Quick Switch and Sixers, obviously content to allow Bombers the pleasure of taking out Jinrai. As Jinrai gets back to his feet, Bombshell takes great delight in slamming it against his head. Jinrai doesn’t go down, though, which infuriates the Mad Bomber to no end, who raises the chair again and slams it down on Jinrai’s head again without success. A third attempt is halted as Sixswitch intercepts the shot with a dropkick that sends the chair slamming right back into Bombers head, sending the big man down.

Joey: “This is absolute chaos out here! The referee wouldn’t let this go on much longer.”
‘Flec: “Luckily, he’s out for the count. So I say sit back and enjoy it, Styles.”
Joey: “And now Blitzwing with the Dragon Punch to Sixswitch…Six is down. Quick Switch coming to intervene…and another Dragon Punch to Quick Switch. Oh, this is going downhill. Someone needs to restore some order around here.
‘Flec: Yeah. *hands Joey a container* Popcorn?

The fall of both Quick Switch and Sixswitch leaves Jinrai all alone against the three Canucks. Jinrai, clearly sensing the three on one disadvantage, goes after Blitz, leveling him with lefts and rights. As Blitz tumbles over the ropes to the mats, Jinrai turns his attention to Auros, who smartly backs away, looking for cover. Jinrai moves to get El Chingador, but a swift chair shot by Bombshell brings those dreams to a quick end. As Blitz crawls back into the ring and Auros move in on the fallen Jinrai, Bombers waves them off, pointing to the backstage area.

Joey: “And now Blitzwing and Auros heading for the backstage area. What do you suppose Bombers is up to here, ‘Flec?”
‘Flec: *mumbles*drugs*mumbles*
Joey: “Drugs?!”
‘Flec: “Or reading comic books. What am I? His biographer?”

As Bombers carries Jinrai’s body to the top of the ramp, Blitzwing and Auros return with a large wooden wheeled crate. Blitz opens the casket as Auros and Bombers stuff Jinrai’s body into it. Once Jinrai was stuffed in, Auros and Blitz sealed the lid with a padlock as Bombers walked to the opposite side of the box. Taking a microphone from Auros, Bombshell addresses the California crowd.

Bombshell: “I’m sure all of you filthy Americans just loved it when Jinners here beat the living tar outta my girl last week. I’m also sure you were all expecting to come here and see Jinners do the same to me. Well, I suppose you have a habit of expecting things that will never happen. Oh, and in the words of your soon to be appointed Governor…’Hasta la vista’ Jinners!”

‘Flec: “Well, it’s official. Bombers has gone off the deep end.”

As EMT’s arrive on the scene to help the fallen Jinrai, Bombshell addresses the crowd one final time.

Bombshell: “That…was for you, Arcee!”

“Drop The Bombshell” begins again as the Canucks head back to the locker room, as the crowd expresses its approval of the events that have transpired and the medical staff attending to the dazed Jinrai.

Joey: “The Canucks doing massive damage here tonight. This is just sick.”
‘Flec: “You know what they say, Styles: You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.”
Joey: “This coming from the biggest egghead to be employed in this company.”
‘Flec: “I’ll take that as a compliment.”
Joey: “It was meant to be an insult.”
‘Flec: “TOO LATE! It’s a compliment!”

Suddenly Reilly appears at the ramp…

Reilly: Well….well…well…you boys seem to have some ruthless aggression to work out…so here’s the deal. I was going to be nice…and while I want to win this more than anything, I am not about to let the Game go out and hog the glory…so joining the Game and Sixswitch as part of Team Mayhem…will be Canuck Members Bombshell and Auros!

Flec & Styles: WHAT?!?

Reilly: And rounding off that team…a man who just returned…someone who has impressed me since he came back…namely the Mat Man!

Flec: He’s kidding…

Joey: No…he’s not! The Mat Man, Bombshell and Auros join the Game and Sixswitch as part of team Mayhem…and one has to wonder…is Mr. Reilly thinking? Mat Man, yes I can see that…but Bombers and Auros…well we know the hatred there between those four…

Flec: I’m getting nervous Styles…


Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit begins to play as images are shown of the Game sitting alone in the gym

Game: People ask me, why take the risk? Why do I do what I do?

Images shift to The Game delivering the Pedigree to Redstreak on top of the War Games cell, crashing through and busting through the cage

Game: The answer is simple…I do it because I choose to. I choose to go out there every night and give the fans something they have never seen before. I will give every drop of blood, every ounce of heart, and every piece of my soul to be the best, to entertain them. In my career, I’ve been through hell and back…

Images are shown of the Game after “retiring” HBK…then to the War Games where HBK drilled the Game with the sledge

Game: I’ve been to the top of the mountain when no one, except for me believed I could…when every doctor told me I was done, I was the one person who said the Game was not over…and right now…when everyone around me is telling me that the Game is over…the Game is finished…I beg to differ, because if you ask Erik Summers…the Game has only begun!

JRA: See the Game…exclusively on MAYHEM, every week!

Joey: The Game…a man who many say is done…that he IS finished!

Flec: Look…we all know I don’t like the guy…in fact, I can’t stand the guy…but here’s the facts, the guy came back from a broken neck to defeat TC. He defeated HBK Sean O’Con in a supposed Career Match to win the world title for a third time…and I really can’t think of anyone I would trust more to put in charge of the fate of my career than him…

Joey: High praise from you!

*Whiplash is currently waiting in the ring as the arena darkens…*

Time to play the Game…ITS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!

*new video starts with the words: The Game is On…scrolling across the Archivetron, then new images of the Game in his most brutal matches begin to play*

The Game v Whiplash

Joey: Speak of the devil…here he comes…he’s the captain of Team Mayhem…who we know will consist of Sixswitch, Mat Man, Auros, Bombshell and the Game…and they will compete should it be necessary against Team Warzone in a Survivor Series style match up at Meltdown. But first…he faces a young up and comer, by the name of Whiplash…and I really have to say that I pity that newbie…

Flec: Dead man walking…got a dead man walking here…

Joey: Stop…

Staind’s Price to Play resonates throughout the arena to the delight of the crowd as the heavily taped Game.

Joey: He’s a warrior…bruised, battered, and still on his way out to fight another battle…

Flec: Blah…Blah…Blah…

Joey: Stop it…the Game sliding into the ring…posing for the fans as the pyro erupts once more…and Whiplash trying to get an early advantage with an ax handle to the back of the Game.

Flec: Uh oh…

Joey: Probably should not have done that son…cause now it looks like its going to be a baptism of fire!

Flec: Who writes your lines? My God…baptism of fire?!?

Joey: I write them, thank you…and the Game explodes out of the corner with a double armed clothesline, that sends Whiplash to the mat…the Game said backstage he was sending a message tonight…to Sean O’Con….to Warzone…to everyone who doubts him…tonight…Whiplash was going to be in his mind, HBK…

Flec: Like I said…DEAD MAN WALKING…Got a Dead Man Walking Here!

Joey: Whiplash struggling to his feet and the Game locks in a t-bone suplex! Whiplash may live up to his name after that maneuver…now the Game to the ropes…dragging Whiplash to the corner…and what…what is this…

Flec: I know what it is…it’s curtains for Whiplash…

Joey: The Game on the second rope…TOMBSTONE PILE DRIVER OFF THE SECOND ROPE! Dear God! And whiplash is down and he is out! The Game hoisting him up…Vertibreaker! Now a cover…1…2…3! Mercifully, the massacre is over! And the Game had just destroyed this young competitor…and that is a look of pure focus…and I would not want to be Sean O’Con right now…

*Commercials for Meltdown are shown*

AWF Title Match: Viewfind v The King

Head Like a Hole begins to play…

RA: Ladies and gentlemen…this is your main event, it is scheduled for one fall and it is for the AWF Worlds Championship. Currently making his way to the ring area, from Los Angeles, the challenger…the KING!

Joey: King, who of course lost the title on Warzone after winning it from the Game…and sort of helped set off the whole thing.

Flec: Old straw that broke the camel’s back there Styles?

Joey: More or less…

RA: And his opponent…

Party Up takes over…

RA: From Philadelphia, PA…

Flec: Here comes the homeslice…

RA: Representing the GPA and the TCA…he is the undisputed AWF World Champion…VIEWFIND!

Joey: Interesting response here to the homeslice…err…the champion. Crowd almost seems to have taken a liking to him…or else they just hate King that much…

Flec: HEY!

Joey: Just making an observation Flec…Viewfind in the ring, hoisting the belt over his head for the crowd to see, standing on the middle turnbuckle…and King attacking! Headstrong to the back on Viewfind, this match jump started here. Viewfind flops forward then crashes to the mat.

Flec: Wow…look at King stomping away…

Joey: Indeed…putting the boots to Viewfind…desperate to get back that AWF Title…its like King is possessed by that one goal! King scoops up Viewfind and plants him back with a fallaway slam. Now to the middle turnbuckle and off that with an elbow to the back. VF really in trouble early…cover by King…1…2…and kick out by the Champion.

Flec: VF is going to have to start to move, get out the ring, take a breath and get his focus back here in a hurry of this one will be all over soon!

Joey: I think you are right…King pulling VF up now…pump handle…and RAMPAGE! Rampage down to the mat hard…could be all…cover…1…2…and VF just barely gets the shoulder up. Something of a sloppy cover though on King’s part. King now showing his frustration…picking Viewfind up and sending him to the ropes, going for a standing divebomb, which Viewfind ducks under…then reverses course and a swinging ddt, by Viewfind! The Champ with a huge reversal there!

Flec: Wow…you forget how fast the homeslice is…but out of no where HUGE reversal!

Joey: Viewfind picking himself up now…shaking the cobwebs from the earlier attack…and…you know…this just figures…here comes Mr. Reilly! Mr. Reilly with the referee…and from the back…HEY! Its Blaster? What is going on here?

Flec: Its Reilly’s plot…I knew he would try something! YES!

Joey: Blaster in the ring now…face plants Viewfind…ordering King to the outside…King under the ring, digging…and pulling out…what appears to be a pipe…a large lead pipe used to brace the ring…and Blaster pulling Viewfind up…holding his arms…King gripping the pipe with a sadistic smile…not this is too much…come on now…don’t do this…don’t win the title back this way!

Flec: HEY!

Joey: Viewfind with a mule kick gets himself free as King swings…and King just nails Blaster right in the knee! Blaster goes down to the outside hard, rolling on the floor clutching his knee…he’s in obvious pain! He could be seriously injured and King couldn’t care less…that son of a…

Flec: LOOK!

Joey: Viewfind now, quick roll up…shouting to the ref who pushes Reilly off the apron…counting…1…2…3! VIEWFIND STEALS ONE!

Flec: I can’t believe it!

Joey: Viewfind now making his way through the crowd…he just stole one from King…King tried to take a short cut…Blaster paid the price for it…and Viewfind just walked out of here with the Title…folks…Blaster is still down…and King is screaming at him…now come on…how is this his fault?

Flec: He let Viewfind get away?

Joey: Please…that’s disgusting, King putting the boots to him and Reilly now ordering him to the back…only to walk away from Blaster himself…finally now some help from the back…and Blaster is in serious pain…there has got to be some serious damage here…folks…we’re out of time…we’ll try to get an update for you when we go on the air at the ppv…until then…we’ll see you at Meltdown!

2003-12-04, 06:56 AM
It has began.

Everything that has a beginning must have an end.

The roster splint tore this company in half.

Now it will bring everything back together.

But will it be for the right reasons.

*Tempest is seen walking out of the stadium in a Matrix Trenchcoat and in one hand a fake copy of the AWF title (Available from AWF Shopzone for $29.95, a Tempest.Inc product.)
and in the other the stolen money.*

Where they was chaos,

There is opputunity.

It is mine for the taking.

2003-12-04, 07:12 AM
Jinners, I've been telling you ever since you decided to get in my face. Don't piss off the Bomber. Tonight, you found that out the hard way. And I'll do it again, and again, and again...

Now, as for me and Auros being teamed with the Game and Sixers...well, I can't speak for him, but I got no problems with that. I might not like them, but as long as they don't get in my way, they'll be no problems. And hell, even if they do, I'm sure that me and Auros can deal with them. I mean, If G91 can get his handed to him by HBK, of all people, it doesn't exactly make him the "unstoppable monster" he's been making himself out to be. And when the hell was the last time Sixswitch did anything of note, anyways? Me and Auros can beat anyone, anytime, anyplace.

So, Game, how about you do us all a favour and retire while you still have that one sliver of dignity?

2003-12-04, 07:57 AM
It has begun. Strike it only took on shot and you were down and out. It just pisses me off that me and TC actually saved cloud. I wish it could have happened differently, but in The End I still took out Cyberstrike.

You know TC me and you should invade Mayhem a little more often. Its kinda fun to beat down some jobbers and then watch the security try to get to the ring before we can get out. They really need to get better security, those ones are just to slow.

Oh well the point of this was to laugh at cyberstrike and Cane, so hahaha. Its just to easy.

2003-12-04, 08:30 AM
And so it begins. Two companies start the PPV, one ends it.

All the Mat Man can say is that he's quite glad that his little "chat" with Reilly yielded fruit. The Mat Man has earned the honor of teaming with G91 and Sixswitch and the duty of working with Auros and Bombshell in a match more important than any title defense. Perhaps the most important match of AWF history...

Well, I'm looking forward to being part of this 5 man team that's going to tear a hole right though the Warzone roster. It won't matter if they have the "Show Stopper" a human buldozer, P?, or even that fossil Vin Ghostal. Mayhem's got the Smackdown, and it's not the bargain bin variety that men such as Amarant Odinson shop for. Oh no!. This thing's Old Testiment in style, and it's not a tiny can, nor is it a case; we're packing a full on keg of whoop-ass we're gonna tap come Meltdown! Hear that boys? It's the Pain Train coming by to make a stop at Meltdown.

So, the true question is if Vaccaro can find 5 men on his roster willing to take the beating that's clearly on it's way. In any case, my advice to Warzone won't change. Get your lazy asses to the gym, start working out, and pay up the health insurance. The reason will soon be clear: if you want to compare yourselves to Mayhem... YOU'RE NOT READY!

2003-12-04, 11:49 AM
Ah, but you see, Bellyflop. The Double S doesn't need to DO anything. The Double S has nothing to prove. Everyone knows that the Double S is the most exciting superstar in the AWF today. And what are you? A loser, that's what. A loser with a Skank-ho girlfriend, and a load of half-wits for friends.

I mean, seriously... You and El Kinkywink in a team with myself, the Mat Man and the Game? I mean, if I didn't know that us three could win the match on our own, I'd have said that Reilly wanted Mayhem to lose this match. The guy's an idiot at times... No, he's an idiot always. So as long as you two clowns stay out of our way at Meltdown, we'll win the match for Mayhem, and there is nothing you can do about that.

And if you do screw up, and we lose - which won't happen, but IF it does, it means we get to work for Vaccaro again, and Reilly is outta here. It's a win-win situation.

So, Warzone, Canucks, Reilly.

You want some?
Come get some!

2003-12-04, 05:31 PM
Well, well, well.

King if you gotz to cheat do it with some style. some PHILLY STYLE!
now look what cha did to poor blaster, hahahah fo shizzel.

2003-12-04, 05:54 PM
*The Game is seen backstage, sitting alone...

So its come to this...surrounded by doubt, plagued by questions, betrayed by those most trusted. Sean, you said it...I'm not G91 anymore...and you're right...I'm just Erik Summers...but don't think for one damn minute that doesn't still make me the Game. Come Meltdown, everyone in this company and every single fan is going to see why I am in fact the Game...why I am the Cerebral Assassin...why I'm the Genetic Freak...the most electrifying superstar in AWF history...simple put...that...damn...good. Sean...you claim to have been the show stopper, but you forget...I ended your show.

And thus it begins, the pieces are in place...the match is set and the Game is on...Auros & Bombshell, I have no problems with you being part of my team, just pull your weight and don't do anything Mother Canucker like and get disqualified. Mat Man...I don't know you all that well, but I've seen what you can do, and I'm confident you'll be a huge asset to us. Sixswitch...my old DN mate, we've been in these big matches together before...you may be the last person in this company that I could turn my back to and not worry about getting stabbed in. My prediction about you is what it always has been, someday, you will be the AWF Champion...we win this match, and no matter how much Reilly hates you, how can he not make you a top contender for that title?

And win we will...it doesn't matter who we face, all that matters is victory. Come Meltdown, the Game is on...and I almost feel sorry for those who stand in my way...

God Jinrai
2003-12-05, 01:38 AM
*dark chamber in a remote, undisclosed location*

a small ball of light can be seen seemingly hovering in the center of the chamber...

"Bombshell... what...you did...was inexcusable. and you know as well as I... that any one... ANYONE... setting foot...into that ring.. UNDER CONTRACT.... which, I must add... your "lady"...IS... is fair game... Did she hold anything back in trying to assault me? Neg... So what gives you the right... to BLAME ME for what we are ALL PAID TO DO? TO WAGE WAR??? "

*the sound of steel against stone... or steel... can be heard...*

"You...and I will never see eye to eye... and there will never be an end to this pointless battle, Bombshell. Not... until one of us... IS DEAD!"

*a burst of artificial lightning streaks through the room... a longsword is held in Ginrai's right hand... seemingly stained, recently in blood... on closer inspection, it's not blood, rather the cleansing oils used to maintain such a piece of weaponry...*

"And since you... are now frozen from my field of vision... since you are now part of Erik's team... in the war with Warzone... I suppose ther must be another then... who must taste steel... and embrace their fate..."

*silence, followed by a low rumbling then a deepning tone of voice...*

"Brave Maximus... you... and I SEEM.... to hold aims... that are alike... BUT... never before...have we faced one another... to determine who TRULY is...the righteous one. So it is to YOU... that my challenge now falls... However... It will not be death I seek from you. Rather... truth."

The crystaline sphere shatters as the sword cleaves through it.... and all light is gone... and upon the next strike of lightning.... so too... is Ginrai

2003-12-05, 01:56 AM
Originally posted by God Jinrai

"And since you... are now frozen from my field of vision... since you are now part of Erik's team... in the war with Warzone... I suppose ther must be another then... who must taste steel... and embrace their fate..."

First off, can the cheesy special effects. They don't work in '60's horror movies, they don't work here.

Second of all, don't be thinking that just cause I'm on Erik's team means I'm in any way finished with you. Cause once me and Auros take the Warzone team out, I'm settin' my crosshairs straight on your ass.

God Jinrai
2003-12-05, 03:33 AM
"You should know by now, bombshell... I fear NO ONE. You the least of all. And know this. the instant you "set your crosshairs on me"... will be the instant you sign your death warrant. that will be the last time you trifle with anyone, bombshell. So for the sake of your compatriots... keep them out of it. This is a duel between you and I. What would Arcee think... if not only YOU were slain...but Blitzwing or Auros... ? Better that death claim only ONE... rather than many. This is not something I take lightly. But I can only say this. You wrought this upon yourself. You picked the wrong element to trifle with.. and now it will cost you...more dearly than anything you could imagine."

2003-12-05, 04:00 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
So, Game, how about you do us all a favour and retire while you still have that one sliver of dignity?

Many far better than you have tried to force me out Bombers...do your part at Meltdown, or you'll find yourself retired!

2003-12-05, 04:25 AM
No one cares about my injury. :(

2003-12-05, 04:30 AM
Hey, anyone have a report on Blaster's injury? He could be seriously hurt. Oh yeah, he's not on the Meltdown card, and we're better off without his loud mouth in anycase.:D

2003-12-05, 04:47 AM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
"You should know by now, bombshell... I fear NO ONE. You the least of all. And know this. the instant you "set your crosshairs on me"... will be the instant you sign your death warrant. that will be the last time you trifle with anyone, bombshell. So for the sake of your compatriots... keep them out of it. This is a duel between you and I. What would Arcee think... if not only YOU were slain...but Blitzwing or Auros... ? Better that death claim only ONE... rather than many. This is not something I take lightly. But I can only say this. You wrought this upon yourself. You picked the wrong element to trifle with.. and now it will cost you...more dearly than anything you could imagine."

Jinrai, you're all talk and no action. As I recall, I'm not the one who took a cross continental trip off the top of the ramp. So why don't you shut your hole and go twittle your thumbs in the dark or some other sick thing?

Originally posted by Galvatron91
Many far better than you have tried to force me out Bombers...do your part at Meltdown, or you'll find yourself retired!

You DO realize that with SixB*tch on your side, Me and Auros are your only hope of winning that match, right? I think you should shut your trap, Game, before I decide to go ask Reilly to give me the night off...

2003-12-05, 05:39 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
You DO realize that with SixB*tch on your side, Me and Auros are your only hope of winning that match, right? I think you should shut your trap, Game, before I decide to go ask Reilly to give me the night off...

Take the night off...You wouldn't hear me complain...it would be less dead weight I would have to carry! Had I had my way, I'd have the Tapedeck, but I've got to settle for the lesser Canucks.

God Jinrai
2003-12-05, 03:32 PM
"Indeed, bombshell. it was a rather short trip... one that did very little in terms of rattling me... much less killing me. so save your agressions. You truly think you can take me out? You've seen what I've been through. and you just as well have seen that every time... I have risen again. NOTHING... can keep me down. the wretched specter whose name shall not be spoken... was an example. His total and utter terror of me... combined with other "reality checks" supplied by many other members of this federation... sent him packing... seemingly forever. Cross me as he did... and you will certainly share a similar fate."

2003-12-05, 04:11 PM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
Take the night off...You wouldn't hear me complain...it would be less dead weight I would have to carry! Had I had my way, I'd have the Tapedeck, but I've got to settle for the lesser Canucks.

Lesser Canucks? Erik, have you forgotten how many times I've kicked the ass of every major player in this company, and left 'em hurtin', no matter whether or not I won the bloody match or not? Come to think of it, I've come close to winning the AWF title on no less that three occasions. I don't think I'm considered "lesser" than Blaster.

Oh, and by the way, I don't hear you complaining anyways, so go ahead. I don't mind.

Originally posted by God Jinrai
"NOTHING... can keep me down. the wretched specter whose name shall not be spoken... was an example. His total and utter terror of me... combined with other "reality checks" supplied by many other members of this federation... sent him packing... seemingly forever. Cross me as he did... and you will certainly share a similar fate."

Yeah, but in case you haven't notice, I don't exactly have a planet sized ego like "that which will not be named", so I don't think I've got anything to worry about from the likes of you.

2003-12-05, 07:23 PM
IC: Well, well, well, TC and his lover showed up because he was affraid that I would win well TC at Meltdown kiss the AWF Hardcore title belt and your life goodbye because I'll ****ING KILL YOU!

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-12-05, 07:24 PM
Hey Game, I know exactly where you're coming from, surrounded by useless morons in a fight for our show.

Bottom line of the situation is, we don't win -- you three better watch your backs.

2003-12-05, 08:37 PM
Originally posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Hey Game, I know exactly where you're coming from, surrounded by useless morons in a fight for our show.

Bottom line of the situation is, we don't win -- you three better watch your backs.


*Gruff is shown sat backstage looking at the centrefold of the AWF Mayhem Magazine*

Gruff: Once again the spotlight shines upon the future of our great industry and the man who will provide the inspiration for our teams victory come Meltdown.

Dont worry stone cold we'll win alright thats not my concern, my concern is you old man pulling your weight and seeing how you looked on Mayhem thats a lotta weight! :D

Looks like your gonna need a new belt to keep your trousers up seeing as how you lost yours to Scout who IMO deserves the championship but hey she looks just fine with or without *stops and looks again at the Mayhem Magazine centerfold*

You'll get your streetfight Stone Cold because our win is guaranteed with me in the team.
I'll get to put you out to pasture so that other up and comers like me can get a chance.
The fans will no longer fall asleep when you come out and will actually be entertained.
And then when Mr Reilly becomes victorious he'll make the obvious choice and let the future become the present and let me challenge for the World Heavy Weight title.

And you, you will be sat on your porch somewhere drinking beer in your wheelchair remembering every crippling move i pull on you and say to your great grandchildren "I touched greatness once" and that greatness is me GRUFF!!!!

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-12-05, 10:11 PM
What you're gonna see Gruff, come the Meltdown, is something in StoneCold you're gonna wish you hadn't.

StoneCold's gonna head down to that ring, captaining a team that may not be the most desirable, but is sure as hell gonna win. I'm gonna raise some hell, drink some beers and sure as beer is good I'm gonna kick a whole lotta ass!

I ain't going down to win for Mayhem. I'm in this for myself.

I'm in this to get a shot at you.

2003-12-06, 12:33 AM
nmat is seen on a couch watching TV

...make you think that some poser like you, an "entertainer" not a wrestler from that shallow end of the gene pool known as Mayhem, has a chance to PROVE ME WRONG?

Mat Man, after I beat whoever Reily is dumb enough to put against me at Meltdown. You come get some. I'm never hard to find. If think you can bring the fight, then we'll see about that when I make you tap. BEAT ME IF YOU CAN, SURVIVE IF I LET YOU.

The Mat Man hits the power button on the remote and turns towards the camera.

"That's real nice, Amarant. You have a problem with me caring if the fans manage to get their money's worth? How dare I try and keep people interested in the AWF so we can collect our paychecks? Lord knows that Warzone isn't pulling in the profits. You want to see the cold, ruthless side of me Amarant? The side without remorse? I don't think you're ready for that, but you're going to get a taste of it. From now till the end of Meltdown, The Mat Man's all business. I'm not working for the fans; I'm working for Mayhem. On the off chance Warzone picks up enough wins to force the Survivor Series, you're going to have the pain of sitting in the locker room while myself and the rest of Team Mayhem run over the 'best' Warzone has to offer.

You've got one heck of a history kid, but you're forgetting one thing. Everyone knows that the AWF has the toughest competition, and the best end up here. Sure you made nobodies tap in Guatemala, Andorra, and Kyrgyzstan. Should that impress me?

While you were facing masked wresters in Mexico.. why were they masked? Because they were so bad they were scared to let their true identities be known. Scared their kids would see how pathetic they were...Well, while you were facing these people, I was at Archivemania facing off against Quick Switch, one of the finest technical wrestlers in the AWF. While you were in Japan, I was defending the AWF tag title.

Only the best make it to the AWF Amarant, none of those jobbers you defeated overseas are to be found here. I will admit that you've put together a decent record here in the AWF, but you're yet to face someone with the raw wrestling ability I have; someone who can press you and match you hold for hold; someone who can counter your precious technical move set.

As I said before, you may be the best technical wrestler over on Warzone. But there's only going to be one show very soon, and only room enough for 1 "best." Since I probably have to spell it out for you; that means that I will prove you wrong, beat you because I can, and survive because I am that good. So go back to the gym, beat up on another nobody from Malta, and keep up the delusion that you're ready to face off against The Mat Man. When you get down to it, truth is, YOU'RE NOT READY!"

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-12-06, 12:51 AM
IC: Divebomb you have made the biggest ****ing mistake in your whole miserable ****ing life and at Meltdown two things are going to happen: I'm going to beat you death and I'm going to win.
Period... End of story...The End... and yeah... Doomsday is coming but it's...YOUR Dommsday is coming!

So Divebomb welcome to Cyberstrike's Clockwork Orange House of Pain!

2003-12-06, 04:22 AM
Strike, I can't wait for Meltdown. For one reason and one reason only. So I can shut you the hell up.

2003-12-07, 10:42 AM
IC: Ok Viewfind. You've just signed your death warrant. I will hound you down and break every bone in your body for taking the title away from me. Oh and Blaster? Sorry about your injury, but next time try to get stronger grip on the person you are holding. Reilly? Hello anybody home? You should've made this a no DQ match so Blaster can whack that homeslice upside the head when he's not looking. Now look what happened. Viewfind humiliated the Mayhem brand by coming here and stealing another win from me! Are you gonna stand for that? I appreciate your help, I really do, but next time try to grow a brain before you send me out there. I could've taken care of that hombre all by my self but you and Blaster just had to come and help me lose the match. Way to go. :rolleyes:

2003-12-07, 02:19 PM
Predaking you have been beaten by da gangsta man himself.

You wanna know what makes it betta? Thats he from Warzone and that you couldn't even cheat right, your a bunch of fools.

2003-12-08, 03:04 AM
Originally posted by ‡T3MPE5T‡
Predaking you have been beaten by da gangsta man himself.

You wanna know what makes it betta? Thats he from Warzone and that you couldn't even cheat right, your a bunch of fools.

Wow... look what the cat dragged in. Are you in any way, shape or form to mock me, the former AWF Champ? I lost to 'Find at Warzone because of his and TC's cheap tactics. I lost at Mayhem because of Reilly's ineptness. In both cases I could've beatened the 2pac wannabe by myself but Nooooo there's never a fair match in AWF these days. So you think you should act all tough and smacktalk, when you are nowhere near the belt and nowhere near my calibur? Why don't you and I have a match and settle this, you overgrown piece of lard? I'll destroy you without much effort and the only way you might win is having a no talent jobber like TC to interfere the match. :mad:

2003-12-08, 11:06 PM
Blingzilla whould just like to give one HELLA shout out to my nigga Queen ugh? i mean king, cuz of yo ass now i got some much BLING BLING, you can see me from space.

2003-12-09, 03:46 PM
IC: HA ... HAHAHA .... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .... hahahahaha ... hehehe ... whoooo hehehe... ahhhhh .... that was gold.

Predaking ... you thought you can beat me ... hehehehe ... If you try and look into your memory, instead of that fat stage guy over *points* and you will remember that ... on my first night in the AWF ... I beat you. I beat you bad. Then later on at the Iron Gaunlet you tried to stop me ... but you had to use a weapon. And yes ... you did pin me. But after that I worked alot harder to stop someone like you doing that again. And again at War Games ... you used a chair to stop me ... you hit me 10 times bef

Sir Auros
2003-12-11, 07:49 AM
Grrrr, I guess I could work with some of these pendejos. At least the Game and Bombshell are decent fighters, I'm not too sure about you other [expletive deleted].

2003-12-11, 08:25 AM
You don't worry about us, Auros. Last I checked, Sixswitch and I have individually held more titles than you and Bombshell combined.

Just do your best to stay away from the steel steps, I hear they can hurt...

2003-12-11, 08:36 AM
Ohhh ... I can;t wait to see how good you are ... Mat Man.

Tell me ... who makes your costumes? was it given to you by your husband?

Sir Auros
2003-12-11, 08:38 AM
Originally posted by nmathew
You don't worry about us, Auros. Last I checked, Sixswitch and I have individually held more titles than you and Bombshell combined.

Yeah, where you been for the past year? Not here bucko!

2003-12-11, 04:31 PM
Originally posted by Sir Auros
Yeah, where you been for the past year? Not here bucko!

Besides my 4 month HC title run? Just do your job; I'll do mine. We'll wrap the show up in about 7 minutes.

Tempest, I'm single and have no qualms with making you my prison bitch come Meltdown. You really want to see how good the best technical wrestler in the industry is? You're going to get it up close and personal. Your buddy Amarant from Warzone has already made the mistake of pissing me off, and I've got a point to make for him. You'll do as well as any to be on the receiving end of said point. I just hope there's enough left of you so the clean up crew can use your mighty bulldozer abilities to clean out the remaining bits of Team Warzone from the ring after the match.

So, instead of mouthing off on my show, why don't you get back to the gym and start working out, because, and believe me on this point, YOU'RE NOT READY to face Team Mayhem.

2003-12-11, 04:39 PM
IC: HA! I have already faced team Mayhem. and my team won. We beat you. We beat you bad. So I suggest YOU go to the gym .. to do what ever sexually fantasies you have, outta da way, and get a clear view on the Human Bulldozer, cause I'm gonna mow you down.

2003-12-11, 05:02 PM
*White Stripes Seven Nation Army Plays in the background, we see cloud sitting on this viking throne, with is Huscarles around him*

Well, well, long time no see. Well, back to business.

This is what I expected, Cane can't win by his own and needed Cyberstrike to win for him. And he did that with weapons.

*pounds arm rest*

A freeking weapon. You are the utmost coward in the world, you and cyberstrike. I had enough of this cowards in Mayhem. Its time for my true self to come out.


This time, I will hold nothing back, your all dead you hear that Mayhem Losers! You hear that! I will care nothing if your already in a match or whatever, I will have my revenge and will beat you! Its time for the viking fury to come out, and nothing will stop me. Nothing!

*clams down somewhat*

As for this "match" the rest of you better not get in my way. I willl handle this on my own, I need no help for you, and you better be careful about your own backs to, I will not care wheater I have to kick your ass, or thiers. It is wise to get out of my way. After this, I don't care if Cane has a match or whatever, but I will get you so watch your back cowards. I will get you....

For Odin, For The Spilling of Blood, For the Massacre of Mayhem Warriors!