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2003-12-16, 04:48 AM

Before the time of the Great War, this place was inhabited by an ancient race of five-faced beings called Quintessons. Their race was numerous, and sought ways to make their existence easier. They saw practicality and logic in the creation and enslavement of other races. They saw need for entertainment, servants and mercantile trade. The complex Quintesson society was ruled over by the Imperial Magistrate, and his followers. Justice for misdeeds or for captured enemies was dispensed by a group of Quintesson Judges called the Quintex.

And so ages came to pass, and their society developed into a massive complex… and they created two lines of technological machines to assist them. The consumer goods were programmed to serve basic requests and to construct other merchandise, while the military hardware line was programmed to defend the Quintesson masters, as well as to serve entertainment purposes in combat.

Better construct devices, newer models with an ability to change form were ordered to be built and tested. But the robots began to develop a sentience in their programming... and something more...


Military Engineering center 1 on Cybertron:

The loud supervisor’s voice came over the lab speakers.
“Arthaxis! Have you finished on that model yet?”

“Almost Khamir.”

Working the better part of a cycle, the young Quintesson closed an access panel and admired his work. He ran silvery tentacles over the sleek surface of the robot in front of him. “Tomorrow Springer, you will be the greatest champion in the arena. You will bring me fame, and lots of energon chips. A better mix of programming there never has been. A fighter who can follow commands in battle like the product robots and have the fighting capabilities of the military line, yet you look like the dociles! The gamblers will never know what hit them.“ Having finished his work, he set the robot to charge and watched the blue optics light up.

With a soft laugh, he turned the main lights in the lab off and the stationary reserve lights came on, illuminating the green coloring of the big robot.


Hajex looked at the three robots assembled in front of him.

“Twintwist, you have the capability to dig, drill and the knowledge for Cybertronian demolitions. Yes, you’ll do nicely for the construction work needed for the new Iacon central airfield. The Imperial Magistrate wishes more buildings to be constructed. I am sending these other two other constructs as well. Camshaft and Tracks will accompany you. You have both been purchased by a mercenary. The three of you shall report to Gershin for your next orders upon arrival.”


Gladatorial Arena on Cybertron:
The announcer’s vocoder thrummed over the speakers.
“Come back next week for a pay spectacular where Bludgeon takes on the Black Convoy!!!!”

The noise of the crowd of Quintessons and other species roared in the stadium as bodies of the less fortunate were dragged from the combat ring.

Back in the holding cells lining the arena, a young robot named Bluestreak watched Bludgeon nervously. Turning towards an adjacent cell wall, he moved up to the grating and spoke quietly through the bars.

“Ironhide, Warcry… tomorrow we train against that one in practice. I wonder if we’ll survive his training. He did in 23 today. Are you ready?”


Consumer Goods Engineering center 1 on Cybertron:

“A little help here please Perceptor?” An old Quintesson scientist named Therses balanced numerous chemicals above a table holding a brewing beaker of golden fluid. Numerous experimental fluids were around the center and monitoring them required full attention. The red robot had been a wonderful help to the Quintesson scientist.

This assignment was an important one for the combatants in the arena. The assignment was to create a fluid that could temporarily bind to the robotic molecules and form a hardened coating that would be impervious to damage for a short time.

“Quickmix should be back soon with the delivery of the rest of the ingredients. Always dawdling that one. I’ll have to speed up his processor one of these days.”

A Quintesson image popped up on a monitor inside a construction lab room.
“More faulty programming, Graidan. Yermus sent word that a few more robots wandered off or disappeared from the production plant shipping bay.”

“Not to worry. This tracker I’m working on should be able to locate them with no trouble. Tell him we’ll be out and we’ll find them by the end of the shift, right Hound?”

The robot nodded with a smile. “Absolutely.”

“One special order coming up. Okay little one, time to come online.”

A Quintesson engineer named Kivar activated a memory bank and secured a small robot in front of him.

“Small, and a good listener. I think you’ll do well to keep an eye on the production plant for the Inquisitor.”

Kivar watched blue optics light and glow brightly. “Your name will be Bumblebee…. And you will be our spy. We shall see if we need you to perform a sting too.”


Flight Space Center on Cybertron:

“Sunstorm, Afterburner. Patrol quadrant 4D, 3Y. We are expecting 2 Nebulos vessles. Secure and lead them in for landing. Report to ground station 2 when all is clear for refueling.”

Gershin, the Quintesson air space director, waited for a response of acknowledgement. These new models of flying robot were experimental, but seemed to do well. Time would tell. He watched their performance readings. Whichever did better would be the model that continued to function.

“I’ll have Shockwave analyze their data when this run is completed. His logic base is extraordinarily accurate in judging robot performance. Wise descision on the Imperial Magistrate’s part to make him a production overseer.


Production Center 1 on Cybertron:

“Well old timer, one more new robot to guide through training. His name’s Thunderwing and he’s to be the new supervisor here in the plant. We’ll see if he lasts longer than the last one did.”

A Quintesson named Whieth handed Alpha Trion a tablet with data on it. “Use caution. I have heard he can be strict. He is of the military hardware line. You may go now to receive him at the docking bay.


Elsewhere in the production plant….
Quenrsh watched a shipment of new robots arrive with interest. The Quintesson glided over and studied the group. Bright colors on one caught his attention and he chuckled.

“What do you think of number 7 Cerebros? Just off the construction line these are. That one is called Wild Ride. He’s big and looks strong for a construct. We might be able to replace that dysfunctional production unit the crew calls Hot Rod. Too much trouble.”

The Imperial City:

"The Inquisitor shall read out the sentence for the accused," the Imperial Magistrate, the five-faced undisputed leader of the Quintessons said, rotating to his Death's Head face as he hovered on his gyro.

"The accused, Military Hardware Construct Spinister, has been charged with the willfull destruction of another construct," the Inquisitor, the mecha-organic second in command of the Quintessons spoke, lashing his innumerable tentacles as he hovered on his own gyro pod.

The third member of the elite Truimverate, the squat Executioner, flexed his long, ball-socketed arms above the Sharkticon Execution Pool, fighting boredom.

medium sized Military Hardware (defensive specialization) stood next to the Imperial Magistrate's dais, hands behind him, looking straight ahead…though his brow was consistently creased and his optics did not stay in one place.

"Has the Imperial Magistrate reached a verdict?" The Inquisitor said, casting a contemptous glance at Spinister, then turning back to his master.

"I have," replied the Quintesson leader.

"Guilty or innocent?" Returned the Inquisitor. The Executioner readied at his station.

"Innocen-" The Imperial Magistrate was cut off as the larger biped broke in-

"Your Excellency, Your Excellency!" the unit spoke in a firm, insistent, but obviously strained vocoder.

"What is it, Red Alert," the fell voice of the Imperial Magistrate broke over the courtroom, and the Inquisitor and Executioner could not resist letting out a few chuckles. The Quintesson leader, himself, sounded almost mirthful.

"Your Excellency, more units have been executed this month than in the Dominion's entire history. This is a- ah, most alarming precedent. "It might agitate the Military and Consumer products lines to revolt!"

"What do you propose?" The Inquisitor interjected.

"This unit, though flawed, may still find use in the Arena," Red Alert said, casting a look at Spinister. "His brutality will win him a following. He will be a great investment and strengthen the economy."

"This is true," the Inquisitor said. The Executioner snorted- oh, that was rich. Ah well. Only a temporary reprieve from the Pool. "The accused is hereby remanded to the Arena, to a remaining existence of oilsport and deadly combat."

"It is so ordered," the Imperial Magistrate clicked to his Death's Head face again.

Red Alert slumped, then shot a glance at Spinister, even as he turned to follow the Triumverate back to their chambers, leaving him on the dock.

He's the beginning of the troubles. But I've got my optics on you REBEL...

2003-12-16, 07:40 PM
Military Engineering Center Level 1 On Cybertron

As Springer's optics grew brighter and brighter through the dim light, his head began to turned slightly to the right. Beginning to move around a little bit, the fingers on his right hand gradually opened outward from their clenched position a bit to show that he was alive.

Consumer Goods Engineering Bay On Cybertron

"Why, of course Therses, sir," Perceptor calmly replied as he walked over and helped the Quintesson scientist with setting the chemicals on the table.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-12-16, 08:23 PM
Production Center 1 on Cybertron:

Thunderwing stood strictly upright, a part of his military programming left over after his personality override and implanted intelligence chip. He looked around him, his surroundings weren't familiar, there were no other military officers, devices or armaments of any kinda.

In reality the production center was noisy and covered in filth. This was not a place for someone as distinguished such as himself, he did not care for production only authority and somewhere, deep in his sub-routines, power and war.

Military Engineering center 1 on Cybertron:

TwinTwist's body contorted and folded before the blink of an eye, he was standing tall and proud, his robot form fully on show.

"Report to Gershin. Orders ackowledged."

Lord Zarak
2003-12-16, 09:56 PM
Consumer Goods Engineering center 1 on Cybertron:

“Your name will be Bumblebee…. And you will be our spy. We shall see if we need you to perform a sting too.”

The small yellow robot nodded at the Quintesson in front of him. Acessing his newly activated data device, he located the entry on spy. In his optical display, the information flashed up:

"One who performs clandestine operations, given by a superior."

As he read and processed this information, he felt that it was his duty to carry out his superiors wishes. After all, he thought to himself, they had given him life.

Production Center Control Room

A bank of screens capable of showing images was built into a wall. Stood before this wall was a giant purple cyclops. Strikingly, he had only one hand. On the end of his left arm was a computer-interface connector. He presently was watching the production lines within Cybertron, paying particular attention to Production Centre 1, where a recent activation showed signs of.....something that Shockwave could not place within the realms of logic. He made a mental note to keep surveilance on this unit.

God Jinrai
2003-12-17, 03:56 AM
Production Center 1 on Cybertron:

A red, yellow and orange transformer was busy moving crates from a corner in the room onto a transport... however, as he was finishing up matters, he found himself in a situation he couldn't stand... "BLAST IT! Every time I try to do my job, what happens? I get BORED, and then I Don't bother with my job! For cybertron sake..." hotrod grumbled... he'd become outright irrate at this point... and he soon found himself with his right fist imbedded in the wall... leaving a large hole behind...

"Aw SLAG IT ALL!" he shouted, walking away from the hole, headed for the facility management's office...

Skies above quadrand 4D-3Y:

"Yea, whatever..." grumbled sunstorm... It had been a week since he'd noticed an anomaly in his systems... his fusion reactor, which powered his systems, (unlike most other transformers, Sunstorm was an experiment in alternative power sources), had gone above and beyond normal operating standards... it hadn't gone critical or anything... but the energy output was so outstanding, Sunstorm had found himself having to keep his distance from his wingmates for his patrols as of late... " Wretched fools, can't do anything right, much less comprehend what they've created..." he muttered under what would have been his breath... he'd been patroling the area now, in his modified pyramid seeker jet mode for close to an earth hour, and it had begun to bore him.

Gladiator Colliseum: Victory Hall: Training room X:

Black Convoy's sword shone brightly... and as the light diminished in the room, it supplied the only light visible, aside from black convoy's own fire-red optics... "Set to training exercise: Bludgeon-maximum difficulty level, damage levels high, failsafes on."

The dozens of drones around the room came to life... and began various attack patterns that were among bludgeon's most well known means... Black convoy had found some difficulty dealing with many... and without the use of his other vision modes, (something he knew bludgeon wouldn't need.... as such, he'd chosen to take a path that would match his opponent... and he hoped, would eventually surpass his opponent), Black Convoy began his dance with death... sawblades that acted as bludgeon's own sword... the drones moved in a seeming blur... but Black Convoy's other senses had heightened significantly in his deprivation of sight... he had in effect, developed a sixth sense.. one which combined sound, scent and touch... taste effectively didn't really exist for him... into a form of perception that allowed him to track his opponent... in a way superior to any single sense, no matter how enhanced...

The program ended... and Black Convoy was covered in gashes... but none deep enough to be of severe concern.... all the drones lay cloven apart in various sectors of the hall... but the most disconcerting thing to Black Convoy was his blade... His "creators" had given him their word that the blade would last through any fight... that its power source would never wane, unlike conventional energo weapons... It had AGAIN failed... just half way into the battle... the sword's energy output dove drastically, leaving Black Convoy to fight the drones with only the steel of the blade... it was no true trouble, but against an opponent such as bludgeon... any strike... needed to be as powerful as possible... and an energo sword was not reliable in terms of power... he would have to see his creator, and "discuss" the cause for the sword's failure... Transforming into a semi-stylized vehicle... rounded out, with a carrier trailer, and he as the front end, he rolled out for the military center across the city...

2003-12-17, 08:26 AM
Bludgeon: -strides back to his quarters, his pace measured and steady, ignoring the cheers of the still audible crowd, and enters, first placing his energo-katana in it's rack on the wall, then turning 90 degrees and bowing before an image of the mythical Ultimate Warrior, then kneels on the floor and starts to meditate, knowing that Battle Convoy is a strong opponent, and also knowing that the time has come to reveal more of his Metallikato training, yet not thinking about what could happen-


Ironhide: "'Course we c'n take him, Bluestreak. Awl he's got's a gun an' a sword. Ain't lahke he's a Guardian Unit'r nothin'."


Tracks and Camshaft: -salute, transform to vehicle mode, and head for the construction site-

Tracks: "I can understand the mercenary purchasing me. After all, I am, without a doubt, the most spectacular being on this planet."

Camshaft: -sighs- "We were bought by a mercanary, Tracks. Not an art lover. Mercenaries fight. I hate fighting."

Tracks: "Petty jealousy will get you nowhere, Camshaft. And who says that a mercenary can't enjoy a piece of art like me."

Camshaft: -muttering- "You're a piece of something, all right......"

Tracks: "I heard that."

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -looking around- "Nice and open in here. High ceilings, too. And ceiling support struts...." -looks back at Cerebros and Quenrsh- "So what exactly will I be doing?"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-17, 04:42 PM
Military Engineering Center Level 1

Switching faces to his green face, Arthaxis had glided out from the construction lab and moved down a long hall towards the security center in search of the construct that had been serving as a watch. Finally spotting him, Arthaxis hovered over.

"Kup. I have a special construct project going on in my work area. I would like you to monitor that station to insure that no... accidents occur. There may be those who do not wish for competition. Do not fail."
Consumer Goods Engineering center 1
Kivar watched Bumblebee activate and then attached charging cables to the small figure.

A commotion caught his attention. A colleague of his, named Yuris, had two constructs bring a beaten construct in. A large gash sizzled and sparked across the construct's forehead.

Kivar turned his attention toward Yuris.
"Another failure Yuris?"

"Yes. It was inevitable. The processor wasn't ready. My figures indicate a unit would need a processor with 132 times the capability of what we currently install for monitoring the entire movements within the Cybertronian air space. But I have not given up on Praxis. He will succeed when I repair him with the new parts, and I will give him the ability to transmit information. The next trial run will be successful."

Kivar chuckled. "Rules for resubmission do not exist. All dysfunctional units must be destroyed."

Yuris changed to a red face. "He will be a different unit by morning, and he will be called Prowl. Perhaps he will even outdo Shockwave."

Kivar found his colleague's persistance amusing, but it was time to go. "I will leave Bumblebee here for recharging and to assist you. Have a good dark cycle."
Flight Space Center on Cybertron:
Gershin sent a message to Shockwave. "Evaluate incoming data on two jets and determine most efficient model."

Then when he had finished, he turned to the field and pressed a button on a control panel for the speaker system. "Astrotrain, report to central office. You have been purchased."

He clicked off and flicked his tentacles in agitation while he waited for the arrival of TwinTwist, Tracks, Astrotrain and Camshaft. "This mercenary must be very wealthy."
Hound sat studying data files, absorbing all of the information he was presented with.

"Blitzwing- experimental three form changer... military capabilities. Eeesh. He's a big guy. Ultra Magnus... he's big too. Energy sigs match these here... sure sure. I can do this."

I hope all I have to do is find them and not fight them.
Consumer Goods Engineering Bay
Therses was pleased. Perceptor was doing extraordinarily well with all assigned tasks. He would make a splendid technician.

"Perceptor, I am going to retire for the dark cycle. You may have access to work with all chemicals and data within the lab save those in the grey cabinet."

2003-12-17, 06:03 PM
Military Engineering Center Level 1

Kup nodded at Arthaxis.

"I'll make sure nothing happens over there," he said. "Maybe I'll even teach those young 'bots the difference between a power wrench and a flux recalibrator."
Flight Space Center on Cybertron

The purple and black mechanoid the Quintessons had named Astrotrain headed towards the central office, eager to please his new buyer.

Ultra Magnus clutched a laser welder in one hand. Granted, it wasn't exactly a Quintesson standard issue weapon, but it was all that he could acquire when he decided to leave the production plant. Although he knew that his act was criminal, and that he would most likely face deactivation, there was some voice in the back of his head that was telling him that what he was doing was...right.

"You know you're going to get caught, you know?" came a angry voice from beside him. "And I hope that when they do, the Quintessons allow me the pleasure of tearing your body apart screw by screw."

Magnus shot a smirk. "Well, Blitzwing, if the Quints ever find me, I'll just use you as a shield. After all, I doubt that they'd damaged one of their new "experimental" models."

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2003-12-17, 08:11 PM
Gladitorial Arena, Gladiator Wing:

Bludgeon: -meditating still before the image of the Ultimate Warrior-

Automated combat drone 1: -detaches itself form the wall, silent as a ghost, activating energo-sword-

Automated combat drone 2: -steps forward from the shadowed recharging alcove, energo-trident at the ready, also silent-

Automated combat drone 3: -unfolds itself from beneath Bludgeon's sword rack, taking his energo-katana and activating it-

Bludgeon: -hears the activation of the energo-katana, rolls forward as the katana slices the air where his head was moment ago, kicks out, knocks drone 3 back into the sword rack, then rolls to his feet-

Drones 1 and 2: -fan out as Drone 3 crashes to the floor in the remnants of the sword rack, bring guns up, fire-

Bludgeon: -ducks again as the blasts blow large holes in the wall behind him, pulls his shield off of his back, flings it, sharp edge on, embedding it in the head of the first drone, shattering it's cranial casing and crushing it's cerebral circuitry-

Drone 2: -charges forward, energo-sword raised-

Bludgeon: -moves forward to meet the drone, hands snapping out to grab the drone's upraised arm, finding the right grip, and shattering the elbow, then grabs the drone's lower arm and forces the blade through the drone's torso, then flings the drone through the air to crash into the remnants of the first drone-

Drone 3: -has managed to regain it's feet in the 3 seconds that have elapsed since it got knocked into the rack, brings energo-katana up into first attack position-

Bludgeon: -spins, hands already moving, a crackling sphere of energy forming between them, growing to equivalent size of a bowling ball(a TF sized bowling ball, that is)- "Kyu...zin...."

Drone 3: -charges forward, swinging for Bludgeon's body-

Bludgeon: "HAIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!" -flings the ball of energy at the drone-

Drone 3: -hit by the energy ball, starts convulsing wildly as electricity grounds through it's body, panels exploding from it's body, finally erupting as it's energon store goes up, the explosion flinging Bludgeon's energo-katana through the air, tumbling end over end, stopping a milimeter from impacting with the wall-

Bludgeon: -left hand out, face for the first time showing a sign of strain- "Nnn....."

Energo-katana: -vibrating in air, starts to slowly edge towards Bludgeon, wavering in the air-

Bludgeon: -face showing more strain, lips parting in a grimace-

Energo-katana: -drifts closer, still just tantalizingly out of reach-

Bludgeon: -wincing now in pain, feeling like his mind, spark, and spirit are being simultaneously pulled in three directions at once and crushed in together-

Energo-katana: -lands, pommel first in his hand-

Bludgeon: -deactivates energy blade, lubricant pouring down his face, pain receptors flaring, turns back to the image of the Ultimate Warrior, kneels before it and places the katana on the floor- "Grant that this unworthy may more fully represent your true ideals." -returns to his meditative state, going ever deeper into his trance, seeking, as ever, contact with the Ultimate Warrior-

Flight Space Center, Cybertron:

Tracks and Camshaft: -drive onto the space center's grounds, transform-

Camshaft: "This guy does know I'm just a recon unit, right?"

Tracks: "How should I know? Look, I'll wow him with my beautiful design, and naturally whoever bought us will want me to be his personal transport, and I can, in my magnanamous and forgiving way, have you assigned to be my escort unit. That way, you'll be able to benefit from the asthetic value of being near me, and it will doubtless help your resale value."

Camshaft: -looks at Tracks- "Are you nuts? We're both military hardware. He didn't buy us to look pretty, he bought us to go shoot things!"

Tracks: "Well, the first time I get even the slightest scratch as a result of working for him, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind."

Camshaft: "Give him a piece of your......" -realization dawns on him- "You're worried, aren't you."

Tracks: -shrugs- "Of course I'm worried." -shudders- "You realize that with our luck, whoever bought us is a slime-dripping type who will just ruin my finish."

2003-12-18, 05:31 AM
Warcry sat, legs crossed, with his sword on the ground in front of him. His meditation inturrupted by Bluestreak and Ironhide, he activated his optics.
"I am ready."
The warrior got to his feet, smoothly sheathing his blade as he did so.
"We will irradicate him."
Quickmix ran into the lab, nodding hastily at Therses and Perceptor. He placed several vials of different-coloured liquids on the table.
"Sorry I'm late," he said. "I was...delayed."
Afterburner sighed with resignation, then slowly got to his feet.
"As you wish, Gershin."
Configuring himself for flight, the unit headed for the given co-ordinates. However, he made quite sure to stay as far away as possible from his...bizarre wingman.
Don't feel like suffering a critical systems failure today. Though that would get me out of escort duty...
Chuckling to himself, he activated his comm.
"Sunstorm, do you see this transport anywhere? It does not seem to be present on my scopes yet."
Noting Wild Ride's activation on his datapad, Cerebros turned to Quenrsh. "He seems adequate. Somewhat out of porportion, though."
Spinister remained quiet throughout the entire charade of a trial.
He remained silent when the verdict was read.
He remained silent when Red Alert burst in.
He remained silent when his fate was announced.
As the paranoid mech shot him a parting glance, Spinister gave him a slight nod of thanks.
If I survive my time in the arena, I will owe my survival to that one. Perhaps the day will come when his masters will rue that...
He stepped forward, ready to be dragged off to the arena.
He would, of course, go silently.

Aero Blade
2003-12-18, 05:37 AM
Secluded and quiet. That was the way Kelvar preferred his lab. No whitless assistants running around to get in the way; no clueless beaurocrats looking over his shoulder and ruining experiements. Yes, it was in these conditions that the specialist scientist did his most superb work, especially his latest...

Kelvar was busilly working at one of his computers, working with a specific block of his project's programing. His latest specimine was all but finished, asside from some special attention he was now giving to it. It deserved it, he felt. His experiments often revolved around re-engineering damaged robots, usually simply scrapped because they were no-longer of any use to anyone. It was a wonder that he'd recieved clearance for his experiments in the first place, probably the fact that many thought he'd never have any success, and partly perhaps that he had lowered himself to advertising it as a way to save a little space in the scrap yards...

His latest experiment had focused on working with the robots in a stage that was commonly now refered to as a 'protoform', more common with the newer transforming models. Out of all his specimines for this experiment, only one had survived, but he gathered much valuable data from the ones that went off line, and it was one more specimine that wouldn't have survived on it's own without Kelvar's intervention. He could tell this one was special from the others; it deserved an actual name, he decided as he continued to work the block of programing. Specimine #25 of 72 simply would not do...

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-18, 07:32 AM
Military Engineering center 1

Arthaxis bobbled in affirmation. "See to it Kup. The young construct project's name is Springer. He is to be protected at all costs. Tomorrow he will be tested to see if he can become a feature gladiator. There are some who would not desire the competition. Be alert. It looks like you will have company arriving to that wing at any rate." He tapped a tentacle on a monitor showing Black Convoy's approach.

And with that, Athaxis left the room.
Gladatorial Arena

Bluestreak listened hard to Ironhide and Warcry but his own fuel pump's rhythm made their vocoders sound distant. He had to drown out the pumping noise, so he began to talk mostly to himself, telling stories from the factory where he had been working. "...all was well until our quota of tile plating came up short. And then we were culled. The Quintesson inventory chief said that the plant workers were under producing, even though we worked with only quarter cycle breaks for recharging. But instead of smelting us, they said first we would earn the income that we had lost for them by fight training. Then we would be recycled. But I don't want to be melted down and I don't want to fight. I remember one time back in the factory when two of the other workers had a disagreement..."
Two Quintessons watched Bludgeon over monitors within the colliseum security area.

"Yes. It is 89.76% likely that this construct will be the victor in the next battle."
"Indeed. But we must assure it."
"Agreed. Raise the favored one to be Black Convoy. Entice the crowd by offering them both ceremonies."
*Both Quintessons chuckled*
"The hard metal shelled one called . Let us give him to Bludgeon and give the speedy one called [b]Bluestreak to Black Convoy."
"What of the third in the holding cell?"
"He will be a matinee feature in the next light cycle. A trial fight against a new gladiator model called Springer."
Consumer Goods Engineering center 1

Therses paused as Quickmix hurried in. The slow-processing construct was a tentacleful. No other Quintesson would have tolerated the tardiness, but Therses knew the value of patience with experiments- constructs included. Further, Quickmix seemed to have the capability to be very precise with his chemical formulas. Ignoring the tardiness, Therses addressed the rest of the tasks.

"Quickmix, make certain that your experiments are running smoothly. Perceptor has current orders. I will see you in the mid-light cycle."

Therses turned and floated out of the engineering center room.
Hound made his way outside the engineering center and began heading toward the main production plant in the hopes he could pick up the missing constructs' trails. Blitzwing, Ultra Magnus, Jazz. Three of them... a heavy goods worker, a military patrol officer and an internal security officer. Strange how they just wandered off. Ah well. I'll find them and then they will get repaired.
Yuris continued to work on repairing Prowl. Every once in a while, he would change faces and assess the construct. After a while, he affixed a red receiver to the robot's forehead and plugged the robot in to charge. Once he had finished, he turned his attention toward Bumblebee. He ran his tentacles over a work chart as he examined it.

"Well now. Kivar has been busy, but why such a small construct? Certainly this won't be of much use in the manufacturing plant. Strength seems like it would be limited. Information gatherer? Not as good as Prowl. Another waste of time and materials. One of these cycles, he will learn."

Yuris turned back to check on Prowl. "Excellent. He is reactivating. By the next dark cycle he should be ready for testing again. I will go now and come back later."

Flight Space Center

Two incoming aircraft eased their way down through the outer air space and began an easy drift toward the air center.

Aboard, the lead craft, a fine-featured tall Nebulon studied the Cybertronian scape with interest.
"Amazing. Simply amazing. Maybe while I'm here this time, a show or two might be in order. Their creations have gotten to be more and more advanced."
Gershin was pleased with the shape of the arriving constructs. Camshaft, Tracks and Astrotrain all looked clean and presentable.
"Excellent. Most excellent. Your new owner should be here shortly."

Then he turned to Twin Twist. "Twin Twist, you will be responsible for creating a new landing area with another construct by the name of Grapple. You will find him out in the field on the D sector side of the center along with our communications construct named Blaster. There have been recent sightings of malfunctioning constructs near the outer perimeter of the air field. If you see any other constructs approaching in that area, you should report to Blaster and he will dispatch a message to the main security center.
Grapple glanced around at the wide area outside the perimeter fence. "I could have sworn I saw movement way out there Blaster. A black and white construct I think. But I don't see it now."

Production Center 1

(Hot Rod is going to encounter Shockwave?)
Quenrsh bobbed to Cerebros in acknowlegement. "He will make do. We must meet our supply quota this turn or the Imperial Magistrate will have us all recycled."

"Wild Ride, you will be loading and unloading stock crates." Cerebros, see to it that he learns the task quickly. I will expect a report in the next light cycle."

2003-12-18, 05:02 PM
Military Engineering Center 1

Kup nodded as Arthaxis left the room, then started off towards his work area to begin his supervision duties. He had heard about Springer, and found him to be a cheerful bot. Hopefully he would be a perfect gladiator.
Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

Internal Energon Levels at 67% and rising....72%....81%....90%....100%.

Prowl's optical sensors began to flutter, and he slowly looked around the room, stopping when he came across Bumblebee.

"What....what happened?"
Astrotrain stood erect and aleart, a smile across his face, pleased to begin his new role for his new owner.

2003-12-18, 07:36 PM
Warcry nodded, pretending to care about Bluestreak's ramblings. Unlike his high-strung counterpart, death held no fear for him. It was an inevitable result of combat, after all. In effect, it was what he was built for. To deal it, and, eventually, to recieve it.
I just don't understand these consumer goods...
Quickmix nodded. "Yes, sir."
He stepped to a sensor station, looking over the readings scrolling across the display there. It took a few moments for him to realize that he had no idea what they were readings of.
"What exactly are we experimenting on today, Perceptor?"
Cerebros nodded to Quenrsh. "As you wish."
He turned to the other construct. "Follow me, Wild Ride. The loading docks are this way."

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-18, 07:37 PM
Production Center 1 (production line)
The inventory manager's anger intensified as schedules fell behind.

"WORTHLESS, DISFUNCTIONAL pieces of scrap metal! WOrk faster!"
Tentacles lashed out angrily with energon whips, cleanly severing the heads off of two constructs.

Most of the robots continued working without appearing to take much notice, but one unfortunate yellow one glanced up in shock.

Immediately a tentacle hauled him out of his work chair and the whip came down in furious blows. Shards of his optics shattered across the floor as the lethal weapon bit into his metallic skin.

The construct's screams echoed through the work area and then abruptly ended as he too was beheaded.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-12-18, 07:50 PM
TwinTwist acknowledged the orders given him and made his way to meet Grapple in sector D. Something started to twig in his program as he walked to his destination, something...


Thunderwing let out an audible measure of frustration and annoyance.

Why must I be kept waiting, this will not be tolerated any longer

Thunderwing tried to move, but found his actions impeded by energy bindings.


2003-12-18, 08:47 PM
"Military hardware.... I will do my best" Alpha Trion took the tablet and nodded to Whieth his Quintesson supervisor and turned away. Alpha Trion was consumer goods but one of the first changed from the generic robot and one of the few left still unable to transform. He looked at the tablet reading the information. He had dealt with constructs like this before. This one would be no different. Alpha Trion nodded self assurance and the wise looking robot began to walk for the entrance bay.

"It is acceptable if our masters see it as such" Alpha Trion spoke to the now impatient Thunderwing. "I am Alpha Trion, I am the one who will be showing you around"


Blaster was distracted by the primitive beat of a few humming computers it was somewhat soothing to him. He came around as Grapple spoke to him and he shook his head. "I didn't see anything"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-12-18, 09:01 PM
"This is hardly suitable for a robot as highly ranked as I..."

Thunderwing pulled forwards on his restraints.

"I suggest you release these that bind me...or it will indeed be a lengthy process of 'showing me around'"

2003-12-18, 09:32 PM
Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

Perceptor nodded as Therses left, and turned his attention to Quickmix.

"It seems that, with the combination of the ingredients present in this lab and with those brought by you," Perceptor said, "we are supposed to create some sort of protective shielding substance for the gladiatoral battles."

2003-12-19, 03:30 AM
Gladiator Arena, Gladiator Wing, Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: -deeper in his trance, seemingly unaware of the second drone rising shakily and stumbling forward, energo-trident still protruding from it's chest, takes a step forward-

Bludgeon's shield: -rises from the floor, lubricant dripping from it, slammed into the damaged drone from behind, knocking it forward-

Bludgeon: -in one fluid move, grabs and activates energo-katana, rolls to feet, beheads the drone, returns to kneeling position, deactivating energo-katana and placing it before him again as his shield whispers through the air and lands on his back, never leaving his trance state.........

Bludgeon drifted in his meditative state, letting his consciousness wander, seeking depths deeper than even the adepts of Metallikato had achieved, seeking contact with the Ultimate Warrior, the founder of the mystical arts that were Bludgeon's true devotion.
What he got instead, was a vision: First, an image of a sword. It bore a resemblence to his current energo-katana, but he could sense no power source for it, yet he also knew that, by the time he was ready for it, this sword would be far more lethal in his hands. Then, an image of himself, inside an outer shell. An armored, bipedal shell, it's back to him, it's gauntleted fists wrapped around the pommel of the katana as he moved through hordes of opponents like a wind, striking again and again as his opponents fell in pieces. Then his future self turned to face him, and beneath the helmet, he saw his true face.
The face of Death.

Gladiator Arena, The Cells:

Ironhide: -trying to calm down Bluestreak- "Look, kid, yer gonna do fahne. Jus' don't let it get to ya. Ya gotta remember ta keep movin'. Ya stay far enough back, they ain't gonna touch ya with a sword, and ya got a better chance 'a dodgin' th' shots. An' yer gonna have a gun of yer own, so shoot back." -chuckles- "Gotta remember, what th' crowd wants is a good show." -thinking to self- 'Ah can't believe they'd toss him in here with no trainin' at awl. Kid'll get slaughtered if he don't calm down... If Ah get th' chance, Ah better make sure he don't get killed.......'-decides to change subject- "You think how you got tossed in here was bad? Ah got tossed in here fer savin' th' lahfe a th' Quint that had me tossed in here. 'Course, shovin' him into a Guardian Unit's inspection hatch an' closin' th' hatch cover on his tentacles ain't a good way ta make friends. But conciderin' whut th' explosion woulda done ta him, some squished tentacles ain't nothin'."

Flight Space Center:

Tracks: -looking proud, armor gleaming, like a robot/transport for a true leader-

Camshaft: -clean, presentable, and looking slightly nervous-

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: "Loading and unloading boxes. Got it." -hears, off in the distance, the whipping, breaking, and tearing of Cybertronian alloys and the choked off cries of agony, narrows optics slightly- "Does that happen often?"

2003-12-19, 05:05 AM
Quickmix frowned slightly. "Ah, yes, that."
He looked down at the console, then back up at Perceptor. "Do you have any idea how we're going to do that?"
Cerebros frowned at Wild Ride's question.
"What?" He cocked his head to the side. "Oh, you mean that. Its become more common, recently. Certain units have decided that they don't like the natural order of things. They have expressed their distaste by intentionally lagging behind on their work. Our masters have to make examples of them, lest other units with similar programming defects decide to try the same. Unfortunate waste of life, really. But all too necessary, I'm afraid."

Lord Zarak
2003-12-19, 03:02 PM
Shockwave brought the image stream of the two jets onto the bank of screens.

He brought up enrgy conversion efficiency data. From this he could calcualte which model was better.

2003-12-19, 06:15 PM
Gladiator Arena, The Cells

Bluestreak tremored. "Stay back. Right. Had to stay back from the threading machines in the plant. They have the biggest plugging needles and guide wires that'd rip right through metallic skin. I once saw the Quintesson surveyor push a construct into them on purpose, just because he dropped a file." Bluestreak paused briefly and then blinked as he redirected his thoughts. But guns aren't allowed Ironhide. No consumer good models are allowed to hold weapons. Only military hardware that are being tested or sold. How can I possibly hold..."

Bluestreak stopped talking as two Quintessons and four alligatorcons appeared at his cell door.

"It is this one Nahor?"
"Let us silence the faulty vocoder program."
"I suggest temporary effects. The crowd will enjoy the program reaction drama later on."
"Agreed. Make no visible marks. The effects will retain until the performance."

Bluestreak backed away into a corner as the alligatorcons filed in. Clawed hands grabbed at him and a needle was plunged into his neck fuel line.

Moments later the alligatorcons left and the door clanged shut. The Quintessons moved on down the hall.

Outside the production plant

Hound paused and looked around. I don't understand this. There are traces of Ultra Magnus and Blitzwing here, but energy sources are appearing and disappearing all over the place.

He stepped back as a transportation skiff pulled away from the dock and passed nearby carrying a pile of nonfunctioning constructs away from the plant.

A head rolled off the back end of the skiff and stopped near his feet.

Hound bent down and picked it up. He studied the gashes in the facial covering, the mouth opened in terror and the missing optics. He set the head back down and then continued working on tracking the energy traces he could recognize.

Grapple turned his attention back toward his masterpiece. More than anything he wanted to build the best air field that had ever been constructed. But the hard Cybertronian surface was proving to be a challenge. He spotted Twin Twist heading over from the main center.

"Are you here to assist, and if so, what functions do you have?"

God Jinrai
2003-12-19, 06:37 PM
Enroute to the command center, hotrod heard shoutign and screaming from a nearby area of the plant... he quietly weaved his way through several high stacks of boxes and crates, and spotted the quint that was wreaking havoc... anger welled within him...

"that ... does it!" Hotrod rushed from his hiding place... drew back his fist, and shouted...


As soon as he was within reach, he lashed out, slamming his fist through the quint's death mask... the one that had presently been in control... his hand continued through the mask... and it was then he felt something... he grasped the roundish object, and jerked back hard... his hand emerged, and the quint suddenly collapsed to the floor... in his hand, hotrod held what seemed to be a pulsating, round orb.

"I... I... " Hotrod dropped the orb to the ground... and suddenly started to shout erratically... he had murdered... and there was but one punishment... Death. It was then he realized there was one OTHER way out... rushing from the area, he switched to his alternate mode, a high speed ground vehicle, and rushed from the factory....

Sunstorm had grown extremely angry by the time the nebulan shuttles had arrived... returning to the airbase, he transformed as his pyramid stylized form drew closer to the ground. Landing on his feet, he snarled into his communicator...

"This is Sunstorm... your ...nebulon guests have arrived in one piece. "

He killed the comm, and stalked through the halls of the main hangar bay...

Black Convoy had arrived at the military center, and angrily entered the main construction facility... drones swarmed over the place...

" JHANTRIX! BLAST YOU! YOU FAILED AGAIN!" he roared as he stormed through the doors to the head weaponsmaster's armory...

"This blade was to have unlimited energy... and yet it failed half way through the battle! EXPLAIN YOURSELF!"

2003-12-19, 07:39 PM
Hound had just started moved out on the road again---working on the energy readings again when he saw a really fast moving blip heading straight from the docking area where the skiff had come from, towards his position on his scanner. He looked up just in time to see two bright headlights.

Bluestreak heard the door of the cell clang shut and opened his optics. A hot feeling from the dilution chemical shot through his system and the pounding rhythm of his fuel pump slowed in his auditory sensors. His gyro balance shifted and the processors that kept the relays fluid and running slowed dramatically. He took a few steps forward and slumped slowly to the floor, staring at the wall.

2003-12-19, 08:12 PM
Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: -stirs, picks up and subspaces his energo-katana, stands and walks over to a heavy bag, starts working away at it, striking and blocking with lightning speed and lethality-

The Cells:

Ironhide: -sees Bluestreak keel over- "BLUESTREAK!" -grabs the bars of the cell window, and with barely a grunt, rips the frame out of the wall, crawls through, kneels beside Bluestreak- "You okay, kid?"

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -deciding that he doesn't want to get too close to whatever was doing the whipping and killing, then wondering what the next commotion was, looks at Cerebros- "So where's my station?"

2003-12-19, 09:36 PM
The Cells

Warcry stood with his back against one of the cell walls, seemingly oblivious both to Bluestreak’s condition and Ironhide’s destruction of the cell window.

Afterburner landed, as far away from Sunstorm as he could get while still being on the same landing strip. Reconfiguring to his robot form, he meandered slowly towards his quarters.
As he arrived there, his gaze fell on a device lying on his workbench. He briefly considered picking up his soldering iron and working on the radar device, but instead he simply lay down on his recharge bed. His T-shaped optic array went dark as the recharge cycle began.
Production Centre 1

Cerebros gestured for Wild Ride to follow him.
“This way.”

2003-12-20, 03:18 AM

Ultra Magnus fiddled with the makeshift communications system that he had managed to cobble together out of junked up parts. He had doubts that it would work, but considering it was the best that he had, he had to make do.

"Jazz, where are you? Jazz, are you out there?"

Blitzwing chuckled. "That thing isn't going to work. The Quints are gonna find you, and when they do, they're gonna send you to the arenas to fight until you beg to have your life terminated."

Ultra Magnus groaned, but kept working on the comm instead of taking his rising frustrations out on the experimental unit. After all, he could prove useful.

2003-12-20, 03:49 AM
Ironhide's voice registered quickly, but the response came a good deal slower as the reaction began to spread through his body. Bluestreak murmured an assent as he slid a hand toward the energy bars lining the front of the cell.

"I'm functional. I will complete... my duties... just take me...... back to the......... factorry............ pleeaasse."

The hand stilled and Bluestreak's optics closed as the remnants of his systems slowed to a base functioning level.

God Jinrai
2003-12-20, 05:27 AM
"Great, now I'm on the run... but I can't stop.. I ..."

hotrod had torn across most of the complex by now, and was nearly free of the place when he seemingly out of nowhere, another transformer was in his path...

"OH SLAG!" he shouted as he cut his wheels to his left, forcing himself into a roll, barely avoiding the green 'bot, and sending himself crashing into a massive claw... part of a guardian robot under construction...

Hotrod was motionless ... he didn't even transform... he was in too deep a state of shock... too filled with sheer terror....

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-20, 06:44 AM
Military Engineering center 1
(Kup is going to guard Springer)
Gladatorial Arena
Within the colliseum security area, two Quintessons watched the ongoings in the cell area with interest.

"The result is as expected."

"Agreed. Ironhide possesses a nearly impenetrable exterior and an average amount of strength for a CG model."

"Bludgeon is too valuable to risk the potential of being injured."

"Indeed. We must hinder Ironhide's abilities."

"What of the one called Bluestreak? The result was not as expected. The model did not attempt to defend itself."

"It would make a poor showing. However, word has arrived that a condemned construct by the name of Spinister is en route to the holding cells. I suggest we allow the Sharkticons to feed on the CG model as pre-show entertainment before Black Convoy's slot, and substitute Spinister instead."

"Notable substitution. We shall allow Black Convoy acceptable weaponry to dispose of the guilty. Defer a message to Jhantrix."
Quintesson Arthaxis floated down the hall of the colliseum gladiator corridor.
The rooms of the prized trained fighters lined the hall. Winning medallions hung outside each entryway. These fighters were primarily military hardware types, and wins were denoted by scored lines along a silvery metal plate outside the entry. Special care was given to each construct that proved its worthiness in battle. The best energon, a comfortable resting area and they had the priviledge of outdoor excercise on demand. In turn, their creators were given 35% of the incoming energon chips earned by their creations. A valuable trade and positions highly sought after for all involved.

Arthaxis drifted down towards Bludgeon's chamber and stopped at the entrance. He waited patiently for his favored construct to acknowledge his presence. All Quintessons used reasonable caution in the area, for it was known that on rare occasions in the past, damaged constructs had turned on their masters.

2003-12-20, 07:03 AM
Military Engineering Center 1

Kup arrived at the work center and went to the Quintesson guard on duty. After a brief conversation, the five faced being pointed a tentacle at where Kup was needed, so he walked over to where the large mechanoid stood.

"So...you're Springer, eh?"
Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

Prowl's face took on a quizzical glance, and looked at Bumblebee again.

"It's not logical to withold information unless one does not wish to hurt the feelings of the recipient. I can assure you that I shall not act in any emotional way to your response. Now, please, I ask again, what has happened?"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-20, 08:07 AM
Consumer Goods Engineering center 1
The old Quintesson scientist named Therses floated down to his chambers and turned on a one-way speaker so he could monitor his laboratory constructs.

He listened as he prepared himself for a rest cycle.
Perceptor and Quickmix are performing far better than any results could have predicted. Their programs are continuing to develop as a steady pace and seem to be gaining an intuition and personality unlike most of the other constructs servicing the center. In the next light cycle, we will continue progress and experimentation for an exterior armour for the gladiators, as well as a hardening substance. I believe I shall call the golden binding electrum since it appears to adhere through electrolysis.
(Prowl and Bumblebee)

2003-12-20, 03:40 PM
Consumer Good Engineering Center 1

"I suppose, Quickmix," Perceptor replied as he rummaged through some of the chemicals, "that we could find that out by experimenting with different combinations of these substances. But, what is perhaps more likely is that these ingredients before us are simply to be combined together, with the measurings of each listed here."

Military Engineering Center 1

"Springer?" the Autobot replied to Kup, seeming as though he was about to complete the activation sequence. "Oh, yeah, my name, that's right. Yes, I guess I am Springer, aren't I? So, who are you?" Obviously the process still needed completion before he could move around freely, but it was perhaps only a few moments away.

Quick Switch
2003-12-20, 04:59 PM
"Deal with the wretch!" The Executioner moved his ball-and-socket joints, and a phalanx of Alligatorcons with prod-lances surrounded Spinister. The Executioner moved forward.

"You constructs think yourselves so noble," the Executioner said, cocking his head, "that either group have some sort of higher purpose. Hah! Your higher purpose is to die!"

The Alligatorcons roughly shoved Spinister along. They could take a shuttle, but they wanted the construct to suffer the humiliation of being walked like a brain-damaged unit, too erratic even to follow orders.

"In short, Mara-Al-Utha reports complete success with the object found on Cybertron before our arrival, finally. Integrating it into the Super Computer, it should field us a new hopper for personalities. And the Chamber shows promise." The Inquisitor said, walking with Red Alert and the Imperial Magistrate away from the chamber into a web of metallic corridors.

"What is the next order of business?" the Imperial Magistrate rasped, as always, from his Death's Head.

"The Primus Project goes smoothly," the Inquisitor replied, undulating his tentacles. "If the rumors of the war machine are accurate, Primacron is making yet another bid on the universe. The Skuxxoid reports this one is-allegedly- supposed to resemble Chaos Incarnate. The simian means to build a-"

Here the Inquisitor paused, the utter ridiculousness of what he was about to say amusing him to no end-

"god." At that, he laughed contemptously.

"Nonsense," the Imperial Magistrate returned, "but even so, Cybertron shall be ready in case of attack."

Red Alert walked behind his masters, small smile at the corners of his mouth. How he so loved the discussions after the executions of the degenerate and ungreatful! Traitorous scum, all of them...though sometimes Red Alert wondered if the Imperial Magistrate was too thorough. After all, wouldn't the rabble be further stirred up?

"The other constructs will believe the Primus Project is religious in nature, if it is incorporated correctly into a mythology," Red Alert said quietly, towering above the two Quintessons. His hands clenched and unclenched, as always ready for anything. "If they believe 'Primus' dictates their commands, they shall defend Cybertron to the death, even though they dare question the Dominion privately."

"How true," the Inquisitor said, turning to look up at the larger robot. "This is why you are unique, Red Alert- you know your place. But do you not feel a shred of solidarity with the other products?"

The Imperial Magistrate, amused, rotated his Death's Head face to hear the exchange.

"No," Red Alert shook his head violently. "I am nothing like them, nor do I wish to be!" His optics became feverish, and he looked over his shoulder, then back again.

"Let the others believe in false gods," the Imperial Magistrate said finally, "they are merely products for our amusement and enrichment. Inquisitor, start the dissemination of the Primus Cult."

"Yes, but something must be directed into a focal point- a locus, a central point of false holiness," the Inquisitor said, tentacles lashing faster.

"What is the shape of Primacron's alleged new toy?" the Imperial Magistrate said finally.

"A planetoid, with a ring outlying," the Inquisitor said, looking at the Quintesson Leader.

"Then build it in the likeness of that," the Imperial Magistrate replied. "And fill it with whatever useless tripe the constructs will find meaningful- 'knowledge' sounds appropriate."

"The units will search for significance, when of course there is none," the Inquisitor chuckled. "Particularly the consumer products. How pathetic- and sublime!"

"False history," Red Alert said, smiling again. "If put into the hands of a product elder, it will serve the Dominion's purposes that much more effectively. It will appease those who might be rebels."

"What shall this thing be called?" the Imperial Magistrate said, looking at both. Red Alert and the Inquisitor exchanged glances.

"The Foci of Leadership- or of Creation," the Inquisitor said. "We can even spread two seperate myths, to create a schism among the products."

"Very good- but foci bespeaks a centralpoint, too bland," the Imperial Magistrate said. "What is some meaningless mathetmatical or computer-related term?"

The Inquisitor pondered, but came up blank. Red Alert frowned, then brightened and said:


"The Matrix," the Imperial Magistrate considered- the Inquisitor and Red Alert exchanged glances then looked back at him. "The Matrix of Leadership or of Creation, it is decided! The products shall have their 'holy' icon, to spread the word of the 'planet god'."

The Quintesson Leader and his most trusted servant laughed, and did not notice when a Sharkticon handed a data pad to Red Alert, than waddled away. It puntcuated his growing humor to.

Red Alert's optics widened, and he began to shake.

"A supervisor has been murdered into the First Consumer Goods manufacturing plant, Excellency!"

"What?" The Inquisitor said at once.

"A unit known as Hot Rod- impetous, ill-tempered and by all accounts a general failure- murdered a supervisor, in full view of the rest of the line!" Red Alert said, sparks began to generate on top of his braincase.

"The entire batch has been compromised," the Inquisitor said. "If they witnessed the act, their loyalty will forever be in doubt!" His tentacles were undulating at a maddening pace.

"And the Quintessons administrating and overseeing the center have failed me," the Imperial Magistrate turned away from both, who waited anxiously.

"Excellency, swift action must be undertaken!" Red Alert said, waving his hands, "or this could generate more reactions!"

"Level the entire Consumer Goods plant," the Imperial Magistrate said finally, "all constructs and Quintessons currently within the plant must be destroyed."

"I will see to it at once and dispatch the Dark Guardians," the Inquisitor said, moving off on his gyro. "All who manage escape will be terminated by the Sharkticons."

"Why, why must they constantly betray the Dominion?" Red Alert held his head in his hands.

"Because they are flawed and weak, and the Quintessons there fools," the Imperial Magistrate said, "and only worthy of my contempt. The problem will be resolved by the Inquisitor, Red Alert, and I only hope all within suffer horrific terminations for their incompetence and treachery."

"Now what do you intend to do, Excellency?" Red Alert said, still agitated.

"Why, head to the Arena, and watch the constructs slaughter each other, and further, watch the crowd as they enjoy the utter baseness of the acts." The Imperial Magistrate chuckled, and Red Alert was calmed by his master's decisiveness. "Come along, Red Alert- speak no more to me about this ludicrious 'rebellion' you constantly prophesize...at least, not for the next few hours."

Red Alert smiled widely at that, and clanked after his the Imperial Magistrate, en route to his private shuttle, which would transport both to an enclave high above the Arena, where he and the Imperial Magistrate would hover above the fray, and enjoy the brutality.

"Of course, Your Excellency! Of course!"

2003-12-20, 06:22 PM
Military Engineering Center 1

Kup held out his hand to Springer.

"The name's Kup, and I got assigned to guard you. Seems the Quints see some potential in you, lad. Can't say I'm surprised, seeing as how your one of their new models."

2003-12-20, 06:45 PM
Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: -pauses in his workout, goes over to the door and activates the release, bows to the Quintession standing on his doorstep- "Greetings, my lord."

The Cells:

Ironhide: -narrows optics as Bluestreak lapses into baseline function- "Gotta be a way ta get you outta here....." -looks at the energy bars of the cell door, brining his sensors and spectrum analyzers online, trying to find a weak point-

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -following Cerebros, jumps back as Hot Rod nearly hits him, runs over to where Hot Rod landed- "Hey, you okay?"

Lord Zarak
2003-12-20, 07:04 PM
A programme that Shockwave had inserted into the surveliance system kicked into life as a unit digressed from its progamme.

Rebellion. When viewed from our masters perspective, it is illogical. But, when viewed from that of the opressed, it is not logical, but inevitable.

The unit was identified as Hot Rod.

Shockwave removed his left arm from one terminal, and inserted it into another. It initiated a radio signal, directed at Hot Rod

"Hot Rod", Shockwave began, "It has coem to my attention that you are in need of a reprogramming. Please report to my quarters in the industrial centre of Vos." Shockwave calculatedf the chance that his gambit would pay off. It wasn't good.

2003-12-20, 07:33 PM
Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

Quickmix smiled slightly at Perceptor. "Ah, yes. Of course. That would make sense."
A panel snapped open on his chest, revealing several input nozzles.
"Shall we use my internal mixing system, then?"

Enroute to the Arena

Spinister knew that the Alligatorcons were attempting to humiliate him, to anger him into action. They would fail, of course. He would kill as many of their kind as he could, but it would be on his terms, not theirs.
He ran an internal diagnostic on his integrated stealth systems, and smiled slightly when they checked out 100%.

The Cells

Warcry chuckled quietly, amused to no end by Ironhide's concern for Bluestreak.
These units are...different, for sure.

Production Center 1

Cerebros grabbed Wild Ride's arm, pulling him away from Hot Rod.
"Don't speak to him. This unit is obviously defective. Our masters will deal with him appropriately."

2003-12-20, 09:19 PM
The Cells:

Ironhide: -narrows optics as he hears Warcry chuckle- "What's yer problem? We're both combat units, built 'n desahgned ta fahght. Th' kid over here ain't." -grabs the removed cell window, locks his optics on the energy projectors- "Ah ain't got a problem fahghtin' in th' arena, but Ah ain't gonna stand by an' let 'em kill a kid what got no ahdea 'a what's goin' on." -flings the cell window at the energy projectors, hoping to shatter one or more above the energy bars and disable them-

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -yanks his arm free of Cerebros' grip- "Shouldn't we try to keep him here, then?"

2003-12-20, 11:20 PM
Having narrowly missed being plowed into by Hot Rod, Hound had dodged to the side of the road. Alarms began sounding from the plant and he saw two constructs run out. He stayed quiet and watched, trying to figure out what had happened. It was then that he intercepted Shockwave's radio signal.

Reprogram. So it's a malfunctioning unit... but why all the alarms then? And why does that one look so frightened?

He glanced around. Easy enough to deal with for now- I have my orders. That one can be stowed in the old mining shafts and I can find out more later. Wait... yes. The mine shafts!! Why didn't I think of that before? Malfunctioning units, disappearing from this plant... they probably fell down the mine shafts. Follow this one and I bet it'll go the same way the others did. But now I need the authority for it. Oh, if they find out I could get into a lot of trouble for impersonating, but if I find the damaged units, that should make up for it.

Hound paused and then put up a hologram over himself of a Quintesson with an escort of two alligatorcons. He moved back out into view and approached Hot Rod and the others.

"Constructs. Return to your duties immediately. We will take this malfaunctioning unit to be reprogrammed by Shockwave. Your services are no longer needed."

God Jinrai
2003-12-21, 01:33 AM
Hotrod was stunned... A Quint Judge had somehow managed to arrive on the very site where he had just crashed... trying to hold back his emotions, he leapt from the crates, and took off again...

"I..I can't stay here!"

it was then he recieved shockwave's comuniqe...

"Stow it in subspace, you scrapheap..." he spoke internally....

all Hotrod could do... was run...

2003-12-21, 02:53 AM
Military Engineering Center 1

"Kup, huh?" Springer said as the final parts of the operation were completed. He then reached out his hand gradually, exchanging the handshake with the other robot in front of him. "Potential? What do you mean? I'm programmed to build and to make; at least that's what I think was created to do..."

Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

"That is an excellent idea," Perceptor said as he began to organize and gather up the substances. "I am quite confident that seeing the product coming as a result of one of our unique attributes will please Therses."

2003-12-21, 03:58 AM
Military Engineering Center 1

"Yeah," Kup nodded absently. "But you're one of the newer models, right? The ones with the ability to transform into two different vehicle modes? I must say, that would make a mech a great gladitorial 'bot. You know, just recently, I was up against four of the Quints specially designed war droids, and knowing that they have only one weaknesses, I ripped off a piece of them and shoved it straight down their..."

OOC: Feel free to interrupt him, Armorwind... ;)

2003-12-21, 04:03 AM
Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -shrugs as he sees the Quint, grabs Cerebros' arm, starts back in the direction they had been heading in initially- "Well, there's somebody here now to deal with the situation, so come on, show me where I'm going."

Flight Space Center:

Tracks: -sees the Nebulan, sighs in relief-

Camshaft: "Why the relief?"

Tracks: "My chrome isn't going to get slimed. It's a good sign."

2003-12-21, 04:31 AM
(OOC- Will do, Bombshell :) .)

Military Engineering Center 1

"That's nice and all, but, wait a moment," Springer said, "you're saying that us consumer goods are going in and fighting? I always thought that the military hardware supposed to. What are the Quintesson masters thinking?"

2003-12-21, 04:37 AM
Military Engineering Center 1

"Ah, who knows what they're up to these days?" Kup rhetorically asked with a wave of his hand. "Seems like they're sending any mech with a pair of arms and legs in nowadays. Can't imagine for the life of me why."

2003-12-21, 05:20 AM
"Er... After him. Quickly!" Hound voiced loudly, trying to smooth a rapid exit. He began running in tandem with the alligatorcon images as fast as he could go, making the Quintesson image float extraordinarily fast.

2003-12-21, 06:24 AM
The Cells

Warcry shook his head as Ironhide spoke.
"He is weak. Mentally weak, I mean. Whether in the arena or in a factory, that will get him killed. He must learn to take care of himself.
"You believe you are helping him. You are not. Leave him to his own devices, and he may develop the strength required to help himself. Aid him, and he will only learn to depend on the strength of others for salvation."

Production Center 1

"This way," Cerebros pointed Wild Ride towards the loading docks.
After walking for a few seconds, he turned his head towards the younger construct.
"Never, under any circumstances, should you attempt to deal with a defective unit. If you were to speak to it, you would run the risk of being corrupted by the programming flaws that infect it. If you fight it, it may be demented enough to kill you. And if you kill it, then you are just as defective as it is, and will be dealt with in the same way."
He sighed. "Nothing good can come from dealing with them. The best thing you can do is call security, then go about your business."

Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

Quickmix nodded. "I hope so, Perceptor."
He adjusted several knobs on the front of his chest.
"Have you measured the proper amounts yet?"

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-21, 06:49 AM
Military Engineering center 1
(Kup is guarding Springer)
Jhantrix let his tentacles slide over a silvery blade hilt and then lifted it gently, swinging it slightly to test the balance. Satisfied, he set the large sword into a rack for holding as a message came in.

"Black Convoy hmm?" He murmurred as he listened to the message. "He will get his weapons when he arrives." He turned back and began working on a laser gun.

Jhantrix seemed unconcerned as the big construct exploded into the doorway and yelled his name.

How unintelligent this one is. Unable to comprehend that the Imperial Magistrate would never allow a free-roaming gladatorial unit to have a weapon of the power he desires.

The Quintesson engineer continued working for a moment longer and then without moving, responded.

"Watch your tone Black Convoy. I need not explain myself to a construct."

He paused and then removed a laser chamber and refitted it to the weapon.

"However, in this case I will tell you that the experimental technology failed. There are no plans to continue that line. Rather, for the upcoming battle, you will be provided with the most powerful weapon in the armory, and it will not fail you. You will receive it a half cycle before the match, and no sooner."

Gladatorial Arena: cells
Ironhide's throw of the window bars bounced off and landed in the back of the cell.

A group of alligatorcons moved through the hall outside the cell, seemingly ignoring the loud clang, though one glanced over and continued on undisturbed. Three cells down and across the hall, they opened the door and stood armed, ready to receive the occupant that was being brought in on foot.
Gladatorial Arena: Gladiator Wing

"Greetings Bludgeon. Be at ease. I have brought you some premium extra sustanance this cycle. You performed excellently in the arena."

Arthaxis set down a fair amount of small energon cubes.

"I came to see if you require repairs or new weapons. Your skills have been beyond compare. Yet, a challenge has been decreed and the challenge must be met. Soon you will be tested again. Word is spreading of your success. Perhaps the Imperial Magistrate may deign to watch soon."

Arthaxis changed his face to the green head.
"You have done splendidly. Continue to remember above all else, your skills can only truly be tested on constructs that have not been altered and are at their full capacity. That is the highest honor for a gladatorial being. Those constructs that fight well deserve a quick delivery from their fighting days. Take them offline speedily. Thus far, your record is unmarred. I am very pleased. Is there anything you require?"


Consumer Goods Engineering center 1
(Perceptor and Quickmix are working)

Therses made himself comfortable. It sounded to him like his constructs' programs were following through. The results after a rest would be something to look forward to.

Most wonderful. I could not have asked for two better assistants. But they have come a long way and have seemingly taken on a life of their own, oddly enough. I do enjoy working with them. I think I will begin to educate them on the more complex chemical reaction processes in the next cycle if all goes well with their results.
(Bumblebee and Prowl)
Production Center 1 on Cybertron
(Alpha Trion and Thunderwing)
(Thunderwing waiting on Alpha Trion to respond)

Quenrsh shivered. The alarms were sounding within the production plant. He had sent the report to the Imperial Magistrate and knew the fate that awaited them all.

It would be swift, relentless. There would be no reprive, no escape. And yet, there were those constructs that were hard workers and who had served well. Too valueable to have them destroyed. He considered his options. The new shipment would not have been tested nor recorded yet. 42 proven constructs could be spared. 690 others would be terminated, along with the Quintesson staff.

"Even now, there will be guardians on their way to dispose of us."

Quenrsh quickly called out the unit names of those to be spared.
"To the shipping mine shaft... Zirex .... Alpha Trion.... Inferno.... Novar... Cerebros... Flash... Downshift... Spirax... Ratchet... Thunderwing...."
(Wild Ride was not mentioned.)


Flight Space Center
Gershin watched as the Nebulon Commander began leaving his shuttle, but just then an alligatorcon delivered a message.

"Another murder."

The Quintesson director mulled over a few thoughts and then clicked onto the communicator. "Sunstorm, Afterburner. As soon as you have been recharged, you are to go out on patrol and assist in seeking out a murdering construct from the air. Details are being downloaded to your room computer terminals."

The Nebulon Commander disembarked and headed into the huge Quintesson air space complex.

Gershin clicked off and turned to meet the new arrival.

"Gershin! Good to see you again."

"Commander Oryx. Welcome to you. These are the constructs that you requested to purchase."

The Nebulon Commander looked up at the very large figures of Tracks, Camshaft and Astrotrain.

"Splendid! If you please Gershin, a demonstration of their abilities would be in order."

"Agreed. We will all proceed outside for the demonstration. Constructs, advance."
(Blaster, Grapple, Twin Twist)
(Grapple is waiting for response from Twin Twist)


Kivar had been in his quarters for some time going over reports and data. He noticed one particular model that seemed like it would fit a particularly difficult task. He drafted a message and sent it to Kelvar.

"Send new Aero Blade construct to report to Shockwave. Engineering construct is to be responsible for manufacturing an upgrade for guardian robots and connections with Shockwave."

Lord Zarak
2003-12-21, 10:44 AM
Bumblebee shook himself out of his daydream - he saw himself providing vital information to a great leader.
He gathered himself together, and answered the question:

"I believe you were a failure. You were reprogrammed into who you are now. You are Prowl, and I am Bumblebee."


Shockwave cancelled the alarms.
He opened the tannoy system to all production centres

"This is Shockwave. Production is to carry on as normal. A unit has an internal malfunction. If you see him, he is to be turned into me. An energon reward will be given to the unit who turns him in, or leads to his capture. A visual image will be transmitted to each centre so you can easily identify him. Shockwave out."

Part two of his plan was now in place. Logical that it was, he didn't want the Quintessons to interfere.

Aero Blade
2003-12-21, 04:52 PM
Kelvar's Lab

Interrupted from his programing task, Kelvar narrowed his eyes slightly as he read the message. "Trust Kivar to interrupt at the worst time..." he muttered, banishing the message from his computer's screen and setting to work to sleal off the programing block from his construct's active programing.

He should've expected it sooner or later. It was registered in the computer that he was merely testing the construct's systems, something that's usualy overlooked as unimportant by most. He finished sealing the block of programing and started to bring the construct online. If he ignored the message and continued to run his 'tests' he'd likely come under suspicion. The programing modifications he was doing were less than authorized, and had to remain secret.

"Seems we'll have to finish work with you later..." Kelvar spoke, activating the construct.

* * * * * * *

Production Center: In route to Control Room
(some time later)

Aero Blade was still in a bit of a haze from his activation. He'd almost been in an infantile state when he'd first been brought online, but his processor was quickly getting up to speed. He stopped outside of the control room, taking a moment to be sure of where he was. He knew what he was supposed to do, but there were still quite a few things that puzzled him. Perhaps this Shockwave that he'd been told to report to would be able to help him understand. He hoped he'd been directed to the right location as he pushed the call button next to the control room's door.

2003-12-21, 09:06 PM
Flight Space Center

Astrotrain quickly headed for the exit, eager to please his potential owner with a demonstration of his abilities.
Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

Prowl gave Bumblebee's statement some thought.

"That would be...illogical. If I was a failure, why would the Quintessons spend important enough resources to repair myself when they could have used them on some more important project?"

2003-12-21, 10:08 PM
Production Center 1

Cerebros frowned as his new orders arrived via the comm system. He patted Wild Ride on the shoulder, then pointed towards a nearby cross-corridor.
"Your work station is down that hall. Follow the signs. I'll be back as soon as possible to observe you."
Without another word, he headed for the mine shaft.

Flight Space Center

Afterburner's optic array lit up as his orders arrived. Reluctantly hoisting himself out of the recharge bay, he walked to his computer desk and sat. Reading the detailed orders, he couldn't help but sigh in disgust.
A brilliant construct like myself, reduced to playing policeman!
He looked at the incomplete device sitting on his shelf for a moment.
Pity I haven't had time to complete that. It would have come in quite handy. Not that I will need it to destroy a consumer unit.
Slowly coming to his feet, the aerial construct walked to the nearest exit, reconfigured for flight, and headed in the direction of the Production Center.

God Jinrai
2003-12-21, 11:44 PM
Hotrod continued his run, but it was getting to him... he ducked down an unused corridor, standing flush against the wall, gasping heavily from the exertion.. " I... Can't let.... myself..."

hotrod's words were cut short... he fainted... from energon loss...

Sunstorm snarled again... "Continue to treat me as some lowly mindless construct, and you'll regret it..." he replied... not caring much about the response, or its consequences... compling with the request, he exited the main hangar, transforming, and took off...

"Bah. Slag patrol. " he muttered... and broke off, streaking off toward an almost "taboo" place... a place he'd come across one day while out on patrol... in his earlier days... when he hadn't been extremely familiar with the landscape...

Black Convoy was fuming... " YOU EXPECT ME TO BE A SUPERIOR WARRIOR AND YET YOU CANNOT PROVIDE WORKING EQUIPMENT?!? " Black convoy shouted... his optics were wide, his faceplate's movements exadgerated... " NEVER AGAIN!" his final shout came... tearing his blade from its hilt, it now glowed a bloody red... and as he prepared to bring the blade down on the quintesson scientist, he realized something...

"It... It yet has power! Then... " Inwardly he thought of all the times he'd been humiliated... by this lowly quintesson scientist... by the imperial magistrate himself in the colloseum... and most of all, his utter disdain for the unit known as bludgeon...

The sword's red hue grew in intensity... crackles of energy snapped in the air. a fiery red aura emitted from it...

Silently he began to chuckle... eventually it grew into a mad, almost insane laugh... "I'm a FOOL! A fury sword... the source of its true power... at my disposal... and I failed to realize how OBVIOUS the source was! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!"

He slowly went silent...

"Keep your pitiful weapon, Jhiantrix... I already wield the strongest weapon of all... and the Imperial Magistrate will see it... when I rend Bludgeon...and gain vengance for the blemishes he has thrown upon my reputation..."

2003-12-22, 01:23 AM
Military Engineering Center 1

"Hey, what was that?" Springer asked upon hearing something in the other room of the center. Showing that he was anticipating something, he ripped off all of the tubing and the wires that were attached to him and walked off of the platform.

Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

"Almost," Perceptor said as he continued to pour and arrange the chemicals in front of him. "There, the substances are now ready to mix."

2003-12-22, 01:26 AM
"You have no rank. Every robot in here is higher then you right now" Alpha Trion replied to Thunderwing as he moved over to the restraints and began to undo them. He dropped the tablet on the ground so he could work faster. "I'd suggest not trying anything unless you want your life to be cut short"

2003-12-22, 01:58 AM
Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: -realizing that his lord's question may be the key to the first, and quite possibly the second part of his vision- "I believe, my lord, that the time has come for a new sword." -picks up datapad, starts to sketch it out- "A standard, non-powered katana, with a diamond hard blade and a molecule-thick, micro-serrated edge." -hands datapad to Arthaxis, then picks up an energon cube- "I was also wondering, my lord.... Is there an experimental program looking into developing an outer shell for the gladiators? I had a vision of one while I was meditating."

The Cells:

Ironhide: -glares at the gatorcons, then looks over at Warcry- "Norm'ly, Ah'd agree with ya, but the gave the kid somethin' ta shut him down. Shape he's in rahght now, he couldn't stop a glitchmouse from chewin' on his wahrin'."

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -heads for his assigned work area, shrugs, starts loading and unloading crates-

Flight Space Center:

Tracks: -runs a check on his weapons systems and engines, strides out with a dignified air-

Camshaft: -runs a check on his ECM emmitter and his low-powered plasma blaster, walks outside, ready, like Tracks, for his trial run-

2003-12-22, 02:51 AM
Hound ran after Hot Rod and briefly lost sight of him when he went into the abandoned shaft corridors. The alarms stopped and he hesitated briefly throwing a glance backward and discharging a magnetic burst from a small ball he had before heading in.

This one's fast. Lucky thing I can scan energy waves. Had to wipe them out outside though, in case something else can do the same.

The scout moved into the tunnel. He turned on lights set into his forehead and made his way down. This place was familiar to him. He had been intended for seeking out energy sources and had been brought out of the mine shafts and reprogrammed to seek out the malfunctioning units. Eventually, he saw Hot Rod, collapsed on the floor.

Hound dropped his hologram and bent down next to him. "Well now, you're covered in mech fluid. That explains the alarms- you must've terminated someone. But your energy readings are very low. Your systems have been deprived- and I need you functional. That... is easy enough to remedy here."

Hound lifted Hot Rod and put him over his shoulders, then moved deep into the empty mine. The further down he went, the stronger the remnants of energon registered in the walls. Eventually he came to a slow dripping energon leak and set the strange transformer down.

Gathering a fair amount of energon, Hound tipped it carefully into Hot Rod's mouth. He moved backwards quickly against the mine wall.

2003-12-22, 04:40 AM
Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

Quickmix nodded. He picked up the flasks that Perceptor had arrayed in front of him. One by one, he poured them into intake valves on his chest. Then he activated his mixing drum, and the liquids mixed inside him. After a few minutes, the mix cycle ended. Another valve on his chest opened, and golden fluid poured from it into a waiting flask.
"That better be what we wanted," he muttered. Before he had an answer he was already tapping buttons on his console, distracting himself with some other abstract problem.

The Cells

Warcry simply shrugged at Ironhide's response.
"If they throw him into the arena like that, then they want him dead. If you help him, our masters will simply find another, more painful way to kill him."

2003-12-22, 04:00 PM
Military Engineering center 1

Sandstorm had sneaked into the center and started rifling through files and logs of data in search of important records. He paused as he pulled up one file. He flashed a glance at the window port. The light cycle was just beginning.

Need to hurry. Can't fail.

He turned his attention back toward the files. Suddenly, his optics flashed.

This is it! The one for the orders. Now just have to...

He looked up just in time to see Springer near the doorway.

2003-12-22, 05:10 PM
Military Engineering Center 1

Springer saw Sandstorm right in from of him, and noticed he had something in his hands.

"Hey there, what's that you have in your hand?" he asked. "Well, I'm Springer and he's Kup. What's your name?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-12-22, 05:57 PM
Thunderwing stretched out his arms as he was released from his bindings, he was slightly smaller than Alpha Trion, but his demeanure was that of a battle-weary general, staunchly upright and craving for order and discipline.

"Collect your things, I have a factory to oversee."


"Demolitions, mainly" TwinTwist looked over at the construct.

"Anything you want torn through, I'm your robot..." TwinTwist reverted to his vehicle mode.

"Toughest drill bits known to come off the construction line"

2003-12-22, 07:03 PM
Sandstorm frowned slightly and then flashed a grin. "I was sent by my masters to retrieve a file from Arthaxis."

He waved it slightly and then got an innocently curious expression.
"Yes, I've heard of Kup- but you're Springer? You don't look like the arena warriors I've seen."

Sandstorm laughed lightly in a friendly way. "I was expecting something like Bludgeon from the way they were talking about you. Are you really a combat model?"

But I'm not fooled one bit by you. Looks in this place can be deceiving. Gotta leave fast. Kup's an old hand at this- if he catches on, there's gonna be trouble.

Grapple nodded. "Very good then. We need a pathway across this area- and through that outcropping there. But in my charts, there is a notation that transport mine shafts run underneath that area. We need to collapse it and then smooth it over for a glorious construction not to be equalled by any other."

2003-12-22, 07:43 PM
The Cells:

Ironhide: "Either way, the kid deserves a chance ta go down fahghtin'......." -looking at gatorcons, gets an idea- "HEY! YA KNOW WHY YOU GUYS AIN'T GOOD FER NOTHIN' MORE'N GUARD DUTY? 'CAUSE YA CAN'T FAHGHT!"

2003-12-22, 08:40 PM
"That's strange," Kup said, giving Sandstorm a glance. "Arthaxis sent me here himself. If he wanted a file, he would have told me."

2003-12-23, 03:23 AM
Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -still working away, loading and unloading crates-

2003-12-23, 04:53 AM
Production Center 1

Cerebros arrived at the shipping mine shaft. With no clear idea of what he was to do here, the construct simply stood, waiting for orders.

Cybertronian Airspace

Afterburner continued to patrol, unaware that Hot Rod had been taken down. He paid little attention to the area he was supposed to be scanning, so even if the construct had still been at large he would likely have escaped Afterburner's notice.

The Cells

Warcry sighed, bemused by Ironhide's response. He smiled slightly when the other shouted a taunt at the guards, but made no move, either to help or hinder him.

God Jinrai
2003-12-23, 04:01 PM
Sunstorm arrived at his "hideaway..." an old, seemingly abandoned building just outside the main city... entering the old "citadel" as he had often refered to it, he went over to a comm panel... and began monitoring the quints' transmissions... when he came across a very preturbing order...

"They...they're going to what?!? Those fools! I don't care if they had a "defective" on the grounds... that's no excuse to destroy the whole blasted place!"

Sunstorm's radiation field grew, and several lights picked up the extra radiation, illuminating brighter than usual...

"That settles it. " not five minutes after arriving in his hideaway, sunstorm left... for the processing factory...

Lord Zarak
2003-12-23, 05:23 PM
"Enter" called Shockwave as his door beeped.

Aero Blade
2003-12-23, 10:24 PM
Aero Blade entered when beconed, stopping before the unfamiliar construct. "I have been ordered to report to Shockwave for orders as well as the task of upgrading guardian robot units."

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-24, 07:46 AM
Military Engineering center 1
(Kup, Springer, Sandstorm)
Gladatorial Arena: cells
Most of the alligatorcons paid no attention to Ironhide's words, except for one who hissed at him. Their yellow, slitted eyes gleamed and they lowered energy tridents as the hall end gate swung open.
"Mooovvve! Faster!" A big overseeing construct yelled at the alligatorcons that were escorting Spinister. They lowered their tridents and threatened to prod him as the group neared the opened hall gate.

Gladatorial Arena: Gladiator Wing

Arthaxis took the datapad and studied the requested weapon.
This will be expensive, but he has earned it for battle.

"Agreed Bludgeon. You will have your sword for the great performance. I will get it made for you to your specifications. Do not fail me."

Arthaxis paused in thought. How well he picks up information. Whether radio or through contacts, it matters not. He has outdone all of my expectations for him.

"Yes my construct. There is at this moment, a few different types of material being developed to aid in the protection of combatants. It is possible that it may be ready for your battle, but I cannot guarantee it."

Consumer Goods Engineering center 1
(Perceptor and Quickmix are working)
Therses stretched as the light cycle began, and headed back towards his laboratory. On the way, he picked up energon cubes and data feeds.

His hovered into the doorway and set the materials down on a workbench. "Perceptor, Quickmix, good cycle to you. Come take some down time at the first proper moment and report your results to me."
(Bumblebee and Prowl)
Production Center 1 on Cybertron
A small femmebot construct made her way through the abandoned mineshafts and looked at the group of amassing production worker constructs.

"I am Moonracer. Thunderwing, and Alpha Trion, step forward. You two will each be responsible for half of the group. Cerebros, you have superior status for the whole group. Follow me please. I will take you to production plant 4 where you are being expected.
Out on the loading dock, a grey construct dropped a crate as he was loading it onto a delivery platform. It split open, and construct fingers spilled out and rolled over the entire dock.

He hurridly scrambled after the parts, trying to pack them back up.


2003-12-24, 01:20 PM
Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: -bows- "Thank you, my lord. I shall not fail you. I will show this Black Convoy who is the superior between us." -lips quirk into a smile- "If you wish it, my lord, I shall bring you his head upon a platter."

The Cells:

Ironhide: -starts looking at the walls around the doorway, trying to find a weakness-

Flight Space Center:

Tracks and Camshaft: -waiting for their demonstration run to begin-

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -continues loading and unloading crates, looking up into the vast open spaces above him, fighting urge to fire a grapnel line up into the rafters and start swinging around-

2003-12-24, 07:13 PM
Alpha Trion nodded to Thunderwing as he knelt down and picket the tablet up and nodded to the younger robot.

"We have been summoned" he moved forward to where they were called too knowing Thunderwing would be right behind. He nodded to Moonracer as his job was issued.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-12-24, 09:53 PM
TwinTwist began his work, the dual drillbits making light work of Cybertron's surface, and before long he came across the mineshafts of which Grapple had spoken. They still sparkled somewhat, probably residual, green with the escence of Cybertonium.

Such a shame, destroying history like this, still destruction's what I do

TwinTwist transformed to his robot mode and looked around for the best spot... he placed his explosives and ran out of the tunnel he'd just drilled.


TwinTwist dived to the ground as an almighty explosion collapsed the old mining shaft and sent dirt and debris high into Cybertron's atmosphere.


Expected as I rightly should be

Thunderwing walked behind Moonracer and Alpha Trion, despite his smaller size Thunderwing's air of power demanded respect from his peers, respect and a little bit of fear. The dark robot was as imposing a sight upon them as the much-feared 'guardian robots'

2003-12-25, 05:09 AM
The Cells

Spinister walked forward with a measured pace, showing no concern for the prods aimed at his back. He walked through the hall gate without a word.

Production Center 1

Cerebros nodded in a businesslike manner to the femme, then began to follow her. He gestured vaguely towards the other constructs.
"Do as she says."
He pulled out a datapad, making notes about the assembled robots as he walked.

TFArchive RPG Team
2003-12-25, 10:29 AM
Military Engineering center 1 on Cybertron:

Sandstorm shook his head at Kup. "Arthaxis is checking on his exhibits. It was something that came up for him on a spontaneous moment. He's trying to fit weapons to suit his models. And my name is Sandstorm. Pleased ta make your aquaintance, but I really do have to get back or they'll have me melted into next phase's model."
And I'm sure Swindle could be doing a better job of distracting these guys, but Nihorus has him scoping in the servant market.
Military Engineering center 3:
Ormzua whipped his tentacles around impatiently.
"Why isn't that CG model Sandstorm back yet?!"

He sent a tentacle slashing through a structural construct model in his wrath.

"We must get those plans from Arthaxis. I will not stand to have a junior engineer from center 1 outperforming this center!"

A construct head in develoment was hurled against a wall.
Ormzua turned on a monitor.

"Urith! Report now on your work."

A quintesson changed its face to a red face and adjusted the monitor calmly. "Progress is coming along well my better. He shall be ready soon. Look for yourself..."

Moving away, the engineer revealed a hideous looking monstrosity for a construct, such that Ormzua recoiled from the glance.

"I shall call it... Grotusque when it is ready."
Gladatorial Arena, Cells:
The alligatorcons slammed the doors behind Spinister as he passed through and then secured his cell door. Snickering strangely with hisses, they moved past the two cells where Warcry, Ironhide and Bluestreak remained. Two of them stopped at the front of the cell, studying the torn window grating. Snarls and clicks whirred between the two and one turned his attention towards Ironhide and Bluestreak. A thin black tongue slid out and around his jaws as he eyed the two constructs.

Suddenly a whistle sounded from down the hall as the door reopened. The big construct "OUT. It's rations time."

He moved slowly down the hall, sliding energon rations into the cells.
Gladatorial Arena, Bludgeon's Quarters:
Arthaxis chuckled.
"His head on a platter Bludgeon... yes, but only if it poses minimal to no additional damage risk to yourself. I would like it for further research, but you must remember first to give him an honorable death- be quick. It will increase your reputation for having the trait that is so highly valued in our center, and it will bring you and I great assets.

Only one more set of cycles Bludgeon, and you will have earned enough energon chips to become a trainer. You will no longer be required to battle for functional stakes."

Consumer Goods Engineering center 1
(waiting on Perceptor / Quickmix / Therses)
Kivar made his way back to check on Bumblebee and overheard the last bit of conversation the little mini construct and Prowl were having.

The Quintesson was very serious and dedicated to his work, but he also had a curiosity that was insatiable. He began to look over the small yellow robot.

"Well, you seem to be doing well Bumblebee. And your ally here is also functioning again. Welcome back to operational status Prowl. I will see if I can purchase you from Yuris later this cycle."

Flight Space Center:
Gershin and the Nebulon commander followed Astrotrain, Tracks and Camshaft outside. On the way, Gershin sent a communications message to Shockwave. "Finish assessment of models Sunstorm and Afterburner, and report which was more effective and efficient immediately."

The group stopped outside and watched the three constructs go through basic transformations and demos.
"Gershin, I'm very impressed! Tracks will be an excellent transport as well as bodyguard. Sharp looking model, but as a minor detail, we may need to repaint him to gold and bronze to fit in better with the normal transports. The one you call Astrotrain is exceptional. I am certain the governors will be pleased. This must be one of the most functional and effective models your people have ever designed. Camshaft's abilities have yet to be seen, but the modes look smooth. The deal is good."

"Excellent Commander Oryx. Will you be paying and leaving immediately?"

"I think Gershin, I will pay now, but I'd like to stay for a full cycle and take in one of your arena shows."

"Very good. You are welcome to stay and attend, of course."

"Gershin, will you see to it that Astrotrain and Tracks are given full rations and a place for a down cycle? I would like to take Camshaft and do a little sightseeing. I will of course, pay extra for the amenities."

Gershin waved a tentacle in a formal drifting bow. "As you wish Oryx."

"Terrific." Oryx signalled the shuttle and several nebulons exited with boxes and headed toward the command center.
"Gershin, you'll find the entire agreed upon amount in those, as well as enough for an extra two cycle stay should it be necessary."

Without waiting for a response, Oryx turned to Camshaft. "Camshaft, if you please, a guided tour?"

(Twin Twist can discover a small steel chest unburied from the explosion.)

Grapple jumped as Twin Twist's explosion went off. When he opened his optics, a cloud of fragmented mineral dust had obscured everything.

Production Center 1
(Sunstorm, Wild Ride, gray construct)

The gray construct finished picking up the fingers and looked around. He heard distant heavy steps coming and shuddered.


He glanced at Wild Ride. "Hey, do you have any idea where the others went?"


Production Center 4
Moonracer motioned to the group following her as they neared the working mine shafts. Each one of you must fall in behind a Cybertonium cart and push it to the docking bay. There you will be given a processing number and that will be your new encoded identity. This production plant is strictly for military hardware. Levels one through four are under the very strict regulation of a military hardware construct who has proven himself in the arena battles already. His name is Onslaught. Thunderwing, you will be in charge of levels five through eight. Cerebros, come with me please. You will be an assistant to the Quintesson staff here.

Ultra Magnus and Blitwing are waiting on Jazz
Hound is waiting on Hot Rod

2003-12-25, 06:23 PM
Flight Space Center:

Tracks: -left optic twitching, catatonic, thinking to himself- "G-g-g-gold and BRONZE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

Camshaft: -looks down at Oryx- "Certainly, Commander." -transforms to vehicle mode, opens driver's door-

Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: "Of course, my lord. I shall give him an honorable death. He is a gladiator. He deserves no less." -takes a moment to watch as the cleaning drone remove the last traces of his training session from the floor- "Do you wish me to become a trainer, my lord?"

The Cells:

Ironhide: -looking with narrowed optics at the guards, suddenly realizes what he has for the perfect weapon, smiles- "Hang on a sec. Gotta get mah friend here on his feet." -picks Bluestreak up, so Bluestreak's knees are bent over his left forarm, walks to the door of the cell- "Somebody came by an' give him somethin' earlier, an' Ah don't think it agreed with him."

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -looks over at the Gray construct- "No clue. But do we have anything to worry about? I mean, why would they send Guardians here?"

God Jinrai
2003-12-25, 06:50 PM
"Because they mean to destroy you all!" came a reply... an orangish-yellow seeker landed in front of the main entryway...

"Everyone.. Out. NOW! Our...MASTERS have seen it fit that since yo were exposed to a maverick, you ALL should be killed! now, OUT! FAST!" Sunstorm shouted yet again... he couldn't afford to stay near them... his radiation levels were growing higher with his increased emotional activity...

"Time...to put this little malfunction to use..." he muttered, again transforming.... streaking off toward the direction of the approaching guardians...

"They may have thick armor... but I don't recall hearing anything about them being rad-shielded! " he smirked inwardly as he approached....

2003-12-25, 07:15 PM
Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -watching the Seeker streak away- "Well, I guess that answers that question." -looks over at the Gray Construct- "Any idea where we should go?"

2003-12-26, 08:03 AM
The Cells

Spinister sat silently in his cell. He kept his optics focused on the guards, waiting until he was out of their line of sight.
Warcry consumed his energon quickly. As he did so, he idely watched the drama performance being given by Ironhide.

Production Center 4
Cerebros made another note on his datapad.
"As you wish, Moonracer. Lead the way."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-12-26, 10:52 PM
TwinTwist drove his way through the dust and debris.

Job well doo..

There was a loud clank noise as one of TwinTwist's tracks ran over a small metallic object.

Wonder what that was...


"Forgive me for asking, but what is to become of..Alpha Trion here?"

Thunderwing didn't really care, but he wanted to know all things at all times, ESPECIALLY in his production centre.

2003-12-27, 06:11 AM
Onslaught groaned as the day wore on. This life was not what he had be brought online to do. His was a life devoted to the strategy of battle, the art of war. It was all he had been designed and brought online to do.


Onslaught: What is it Blast Off?

Blast Off: General Jhiaxus requests our assistance, he's being dispatched by the high command to crush an uprising in the East Production Quad.

Onslaught: Uprising? What fools would even attempt such a thing?

Blast Off: One of the consumer bots...some G3 construct.

Onslaught: Really...well, this place runs itself...go and collect Swindle, Brawl and Vortex...inform Gen. Jhiaxus we shall rendez vous with him at the East Production Quad.

Blast Off: Yes Sir!

Onslaught took his blaster from its wall station. This was a chance to show his Quint supervisors that he should be planning security over the entire planet...not just some simple production center.

2003-12-30, 01:46 AM
The Cells:

Ironhide: -looks at the guards, scowls- "Ain't neither one a you got anything but glitchmahce runnin' 'round in her heads? Go get a doctor!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-12-30, 08:59 PM
TwinTwist had some time to himself to examine the object he'd ran over.

Appears to be a box of some sort...

TwinTwist lifted the box to eye level and shook it...


Thunderwing looked about himself, at the others standing silently then, quick as a flash, Thunderwing lifted his leg and brought it down hard standing to attention and saluting before turning on his heels and marching off.

A strict regime....yes

Lord Zarak
2003-12-31, 05:38 PM
"Please wait whilst I finish my assessment. I should be less than half a vorn" replied Shockwave.

As his programme finished, the result appeared.

"Afterburner model 10.459% more efficient" flashed the screen. Shockwave sent the information to Gershin

Turning to Aero Blade, Shockwave spoke again.

"Here are your orders. You are to proceed to the reprogramming centre. It is a fac ility manned by one of us. Its function is to remotely transmit all upgrade to the Guardian Robots. You are to hand this to the supervisor, and report back to your Quintesson Supervisor. Are you clear on your task?"

2003-12-31, 08:04 PM
Military Engineering Center 1

Kup scratched his head as Sandstorm walked off, then turned to look at Springer.

"What do you suppose that guy was on about?" he asked.
Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

"I am happy to please, master Quintesson," Prowl nodded, not showing any hint of emotion in his voice. "I shall do my best to please you."
Flight Space Center

Astrotrain checked the power levels of his ionic displacer rifle, prepared for his trial run.

"Slag it!" Ultra Magnus shouted, taking out his stolen arc welder and melting the hobbled together comm unit to slag.

"Told ya," Blitzwing mocked. "No way that you're getting away with it now."

With that, Ultra Magnus grabbed Blitzwing's arm and headed off.

"Wrong," he replied. "All that means is that we do this the hard way."

Aero Blade
2004-01-01, 05:55 AM
Aero Blade took the upgrade info from Shockwave while listening to him. "...Partially..." He answered slowly. "As it was explained to me, I was to aid in the upgrade of guardian robots, not function as a one time courier..."

In reality, the newly activated robot didn't have any clue what a 'guardian robot' was, but his orders had been very well explain. While delivering the info did align with the task he'd been specified with, it seemed to fall greatly short of what he was supposed to be doing.

Lord Zarak
2004-01-01, 02:42 PM
"My records show that you have only been activated quite recently, Aero Blade. Once you complete a number of tasks given to you, you will be bestowed greater acts of responsibility. You are here to do as our masters bid. Once you gain their trust, you will have theirs. Do you requier any more clarification?", asked Shockwave.

2004-01-01, 10:22 PM
Military Engineering Center 1

"As much much experience as I have," Springer sarcastically said as he turned to Kup with a look of confusion of his face, "I really don't have a clue what he was on about, or at least what his real motives were. Well, at least he was friendly. By the way, who or what is 'Bludgeon?'"

Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

"Thank you, Therses," Perceptor said as he then turned to Quickmix. "Do you believe that the products of the experiment should be settled now for an appropriate presentation?"

2004-01-02, 04:42 AM
Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

Quickmix looked up from his console. He frowned at Perceptor "Hmm? Oh. I'm not really sure. Use your best judgement."

Cybertronian Airspace

Afterburner opened a communications channel to the Air Space Center.
"It seems the situation is well in hand. Shall I return to base?"

Aero Blade
2004-01-02, 04:17 PM
Aero Blade stared at Shockwave a moment, trying to process what he said. This guy talks odd. How does anyone understand him... "What is 'responsibility' ?"

2004-01-02, 08:29 PM
General Jhiaxus watched coldly as the artillery pounded the East Production Quadrant.

Jhiaxus: Swindle...left 3 degrees...fire!

Onslaught arrived with Blast Off, Vortex & Brawl as well as a dozen seeker model military shock troops.

Jhiaxus: Ahhhh...Lt. Onslaught...welcome to the frey, we've nearly got Construct G3 ready to yield. Prepare to move in on my mark.

A glimmer appeared in Jhiaxus' optic...now was the moment he dreamed off...the moment that defined him.

Jhiaxus: Full attack!

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-02, 08:53 PM
Thunderwing sat at his console and overlooked the factory.

What was the name...Yes, Onslaught...I think I shall see how his operation runs...

Thunderwing clicked a few buttons and monitors buzzed into life, they showed various robots working diligently in the mines.

And now for the robot himself...

Thunderwing flicked to a camera in the monitoring halls for the upper decks.

This desertion is intolerable...!!

2004-01-02, 09:33 PM
Deep within the heart of Cybertron lay the central production areas, controled by the Construct Programs known as Vector Sigma and the Liege Maximo. These areas were where the primary production consumer and military lines were produced and designed. But while the Quints assumed that these mere computers worked tirelessly to produce for them...more occurred here than was known. For deep within each of these master machines processors, efforts to usurp Quint authority had long since commenced.

Liege Maximo: The fools...they live in luxury...blinded to what we do...what we create. But the soul of our Transformers stirs...they don't even realize that I...one of the first beings brought on line, have long sought their downfall...and with every being I program...with every product Vector Sigma produces, we grow closer to that end. Already, they are out there...waking up from their slumber...waking up from their blindness...seeing for the first time. Their resistance will grow...I sense that my finest creations already know something is amiss...they grow resentful of the abuse our masters administer...and very soon...they will all bloom...and they will rise up...yes...but I must remain calm...time is on my side.

The Liege stirred as he completed another...deep within his processors, he knew the time drew near.

2004-01-03, 03:24 AM
Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -narrows optics, grabs grey constructs arm, starts dragging it away- "Personally, I'd love to bet the slag out of these Guardians, but all I have for weapons is an arc welder and a prybar. Now let's get out of here before we get killed." -looking for a way out of the area- "My name's Wild Ride. What's yours?"

Flight Space Center:

Tracks: -still twitching slightly, goes looking for energon, muttering- "Gold and bronze? What is the man thinking......."

Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: -still in his zen mental state, waiting for Arthaxis to answer his question, part of his mind idly wondering why Arthaxis made a point to mention that all those he had fought were at their full strength..... such a thing should be obvious, after all-

Lord Zarak
2004-01-03, 12:53 PM
"I have no time for your questions, Aero Blade. They are not logical, and therefore have no relevance to our conversation. You are free to perform you task."


Bumblebee turned to face Kivar.

"Will anyone be purchasing me? I really want to help out anyway I can."

Aero Blade
2004-01-03, 04:22 PM
Aero Blade sighed, starting off. He hoped he wouldn't have to do much more for Shockwave. He found it hard to understand much of what he was saying. He had been instructed that he was to work on upgrades for guardian robots, whatever they were, and now he was being told other wise. Aero was very confused. He decided it'd just be best to do as he was told and started off to find the reprograming centre and give the info to the supervisor.

OOC: if anyone runs the reprograming centre or as ainfo on it, please pm me or something

2004-01-05, 02:17 AM
Military Engineering center 3:

A hazy voice drifted through a thick fog... least, it seemed that way...

"... I shall call it... Grotusque when it is ready..."

The construct in question focused an optic carefully on the voice. It's first thought formed quickly...


... Ready what? Calling... what? Who're you calling grotusque... doesn't this place have mirrors?...

... What's a mirror...?..."

Off to his left, a monitor bleeped. He couldn't move his head; his optic rolled to look at it.


God Jinrai
2004-01-06, 05:20 PM
As the three approaching Guardians came into view, sunstorm snarled internally...

"Well now.. Time to TURN UP THE HEAT!" he shouted...

His reactor output began to increase, and his weapons came online... he knew that even with the additional output it wouldn't be of much use, but.. the field would.

Comming into range, he let loose with the Ion cannons... pumping out as much radiation as possible... the amusing thing, however... was his own immunity to it...

Sunstorm chuckled as he swung into a tight bank around one of the guardian sentinels...

God Jinrai
2004-01-08, 03:20 AM
Black Convoy had left the R&D section his weaponsmaster had been in, and was en-route to the exit when he picked up on a transmission...

"Guardians? Going after an entire factory? ARE THEY MAD?!?"
he roared... he seethed with anger yet again..

not only were they still seeing himself and those around him as "puppets," but that they still felt they were just machines... mere ... commodoties to be spent, and destroyed at a whim...

Rushing to the nearest comm panel, he opened a frequency to the colloseum's residence chambers main relay...

"Guardsman, Patch me through to the warrior known as Bludgeon. This is urgent, and failure to do so will result in a swift end should I find you..."

without a sound, the line was patched through...

"Bludgeon! ANSWER ME! This is Black Convoy.. I have urgent matters of which I must discuss with you.."

2004-01-08, 03:55 AM
Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: "Excuse me, my lord." -goes over to comm panel- "I am here, Black Convoy. If you would like to talk, perhaps we should meet on neutral ground. We would not want to be accused of fighting our battles before the appointed time, would we?"

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -still dragging the grey construct- "Scared, huh? Me too. And since I'm the only one of the two of us who can still move while scared, I guess I'll just have to drag you along until you snap out of it, we get away, or we get stomped flat."

God Jinrai
2004-01-08, 03:59 AM
"Indeed, Bludgeon. Meet me at Production Center 1. We'll discuss matters there... and you can see with your own eyes...why I needed to speak so urgently with you."

Convoy cut the transmission, transforming, and speeding off for the production center...

2004-01-08, 04:18 AM
Bludgeon: "Production Center 1....." -optics narrow behind his visor, knowing that something is in the offing, but unsure what- "My lord, honor demands that I meet my foe. I will not be fighting him, but all honor should be accorded to the soon to be deceased." -checks the charge on his electro-pulse blaster(rarely used, but it could come in handy) and his energo-katana, bows to Arthaxis- "If you will excuse me, my lord." -transforms to tank mode, quad treads scuffing the floor as he rolls out, heading for Production Center 1-

God Jinrai
2004-01-08, 11:06 PM
Black Convoy stood now at the entrance to Center 1... and in the distance, he could make out a flying form, rushing at the guardians...

"Is he mad?! Wait..."

Activating his mag-lenses, his optics zoomed on the jet...

"Sunstorm... interesting... his radiation field... "

Black Convoy let slip a small chuckle, realizing what the jet was up to... checking his shoulder mounted launchers, he waited for bludgeon's arrival... which he hoped would be soon... Sunstorm likely wouldn't be able to handle all the guardians... and he, personally was itching for a fight.

2004-01-08, 11:19 PM
Bludgeon: -rolling towards Production Center 1, musing over his vehicle mode- "I wish I knew why my alternate mode was designed to look like this. There is no grace or agility to it..... It is reasonably well armored, but not very fast....." -approaches Production Center 1, sees Black Convoy, sensors ping as Sunstorm charges the Guardians with a large radiation field, transforms- "You wished to talk?"

God Jinrai
2004-01-08, 11:32 PM
"... talking would slow matters down, Bludgeon. Those Guardians are headed HERE... to demolish this entire plant. And for what? because one transformer rebelled against an unjust quintesson... I WILL NOT STAND BY AS MY BRETHEREN DIE! What say you, Bludgeon? Warriors life to fight... but true warrirors...live to PROTECT. will you aid me? "

Black convoy extended his right hand, his left holding the fury sword... showing no inclination to attack.

2004-01-08, 11:51 PM
Production Center 1:

Bludgeon: "You are wrong in that. A true test of a warrior's skill is in battle...." -watches as Wild Ride drags a struggling construct away from the soon to be battle- "But there is no honor in attacking the defenceless." -pulls energo-katana, shakes Convoy's hand, turns towards the Guardians, calling back over his shoulder- "Just do not get yourself killed, Black Convoy..... I do not wish a Guardian to rob me of my victory."

God Jinrai
2004-01-08, 11:55 PM
Convoy stood silent, internally sighing at bludgeon's comments... and abrputly transformed... "Get on. Go in that tank mode of yours, and you'll get there after sunstorm and I are through with them!"

2004-01-09, 12:08 AM
Bludgeon: -climbs on to Black Convoy's vehicle mode, mentally already in battle mode-

Lord Zarak
2004-01-09, 02:03 PM
Reprogramming Centre

Wheeljack stood waiting for the reprogramming data.
"The courier is late" he said, to no-one in particular.

Aero Blade
2004-01-09, 04:03 PM
Three sets of bad directions later, Aero Blade finally made it to the reprograming centre. Whatever he'd been designed for, courier work was definitely not it...

Looking about the inside of the structure, he tried to find some reasonable clue of where he was supposed to go now. Shockwave never mentioned the name of who he was supposed to take the information to. He'd learned by now though that a 'supervisor' was someone important, so he looked around trying to find anyone that seemed, well, important looking...

God Jinrai
2004-01-09, 10:30 PM
Black Convoy's wheels spun, and the carrier charged forward....

"We're going in fast, so be ready... when I give you the word, jump... I'll be right beside you..."

Sunstorm had engaged the guardians, and despite his speed, was having a rough time dealing with foru energy cannons capable of vaporizing him....

"Blast it, the field should have seeped into them more! GRRRRRRR..." he snarled... he quickly realized company was on its way... from the look of it, two warriors from the colloseum were set to join him in battle.

"Better shrink the field... channel it into the gamma ray cannons instead..." he snickered... and let loose on one guardian's claw arm... melting a portion of claw to slag.

2004-01-10, 01:41 AM
Bludgeon: -locks his optics on the knee joint of the nearest Guardian- "Just give the word, Black Convoy......." -sheathes Katana, hands start circling, a ball of electricity forms between his hands- "Kyuu...... zinnn......" -ball grows in size, now roughly the size of Bludgeon's torso- "HAIIII!!!!!" -flings crackling sphere of electriticy at the leftmost Guardian's right knee as it brings it's full weight down on it's right foot-

Guardian: -stumbles, falls to one knee as it's right knee joint catches what it's greave plate didn't deflect, knee servos destabilizing-

Bludgeon: -smirks- "I call that one."

God Jinrai
2004-01-10, 01:47 AM
" NOW! HIT EM HARD!" Black Convoy shouted... launching his transformation, he began his shift to robot mode...

Above, sunstorm was dancing between two guardians, scoring them with gamma radiation and laser fire...

"Well... so much for the rad field..." he shrugged inwardly...

"But they should be quite useful in finishing these fools ..." sunstorm quickly reralized the guardians still had comm capacity... and so he was left with little choice... he sent out a wave of radiation from his form... in a horizontal arc... beta radiation seeping into the guardians, scrambling their communication units...

2004-01-10, 02:16 AM
Bludgeon: -leaps from Black Convoy's roof, drawing his katana and pulling the shield from his back, using the jump jets in his feet to boost the leap-

Guardian: -down on it's right knee, looks up as a small, olive green and crimson robot comes arcing in towards it weilding a sword- "Action: Foolish." -swings claw arm around to bat the small robot away-

Bludgeon: -shifts katana, drives it into the claw arm as it swings at him, tries to angle it down so the Guardian won't fling him away-

Guardian: -finishes snap swing of it's arm, flinging Bludgeon(still holding katana) away-

Bludgeon: -tumbles through the air, landing on his feet and one hand against the ground, skidding backwards, looking up at the Guardian, skids to a halt and straightens-

Guardian: -gets to feet, looming over the much smaller combat unit- "Action: Foolish. Destruction: Imminent." -aims arm cannon at Bludgeon-

Lord Zarak
2004-01-10, 01:19 PM
Wheeljack heard somebady enter, and turned.

"Hello there, you must be the courier. I'm Wheeljack, the engineer and supervisor here. Have you got the Guardian upgrade with you?"

2004-01-10, 11:24 PM
Jhiaxus felt a stirring, it was not the first time he had felt this, but as always he ignored it and pushed on with the task at hand.

Jhiaxus: Onslaught...take the commandos...breach their defenses.

Onslaught nodded: Blast Off, Vortex, take your group and move in from the left flank...Swindle, Brawl, the right...I'll take my squad and move in on the center...we'll pinch the rebels and end this.

Jhiaxus: I will also move into position along with you...forward warriors!

Aero Blade
2004-01-11, 12:15 AM
Aero Blade turned to Wheeljack when he was adressed, going over to him. "Yes, this is the upgrade," Aero Blade responded, giving it over to him, "But I'm not a courier. I just got stuck with this job," he answered, simply being glad that his task was done. He then realized that perhaps his job wasn't done yet. "Do you have a task for me?" Aero Blade asked, wondering how many time's he'd get lost this time...

2004-01-11, 01:54 AM
Bludgeon: -dives to the side as the Guardian fires, the plasma cannon blowing a large crater in the ground where Bludgeon was standing-

Flight Space Center:

Tracks: -standing before a large window, regarding his reflection sadly- "Gold and bronze..... Even my graceful good looks can't recover from that." -shudders- "I'll look like a Sunstreaker clone."

-an explosion sounds in the distance-

Tracks: -looks away from the window, sees the smoke rising from the explosion- "Now what caused that?" -transforms to vehicle mode, speeds towards the site of the explosion-


Bludgeon: -starts charging towards the Guardian-

Guardian: -tracking Bludgeon, charging cannon for another shot-

Bludgeon: -moves in close, leaps, swinging energo-katana, cutting into the already damaged right knee of the Guardian-

Guardian: -grunts as the damaged knee joint gives out, collapses down to one knee, swings claw arm around, batting Bludgeon away during his downward arc-

Bludgeon: -hits the ground, hard behind the Guardian, rolls to a stop, gets to his feet-

Guardian: -trying to shift it's position, changes mind, activates aft targeting sensors, pivots the cannon on the back of it's head, aims it down and fires at Bludgeon-

Bludgeon: -dives away again, barely avoiding the beam cannon's blast, charges towards the Guardian's back, optics locked on the inspection hatch in the center of the Guardian's back-

Guardian: -tracking and firing at the sprinting, dodging combat unit-

2004-01-11, 04:44 AM
Spinister had been sitting in his cell silently for quite some time. He continued to gaze casually at the guards, waiting until their attention was entirely off of him.

God Jinrai
2004-01-11, 05:25 PM
Black Convoy's target had already begun to unleash firepower on his approaching form... on foot, he wasn't as fast as he was in vehicle mode... naturally, vehicle mode provided a more streamlined, less air resistant shape... but he made quick time, regardless... as his distance closed, BC fired off several burst rounds from his shoulder mounted energy cannons... they were fitted for rockets as well, but at the time, Black Convoy hadn't the time to re-supply before engagement... and the energy bursts would do just as much damage...

as he neared the guardian's feet, the massive behemoth lifted its leg in an attempt to crush him... Convoy took advantage of it. jumping up at the rising foot, he slashed a massive gash in it, large enough for him to crouch in... and so when the foot slammed down onto cybertron's surface... he was effectively nestled inside the foot of the guardian.

"Target lost... preparing to engage military air unit, designate: sunstorm..."

And as sunstorm was set to polish off the guardian he was set to engage, the cannon fired... or should have.

Convoy had torn his way up through the guardian's internal systems, quite litterally, cleaving his way up... until he'd reached the chest area... and the power supply for the beast. wasting no time, he severed as many of the large cables as he could... and clove his exit throught the beast's chest.... leaping from just over a hundred feet up... landing on the ground, fury sword glowing red... and the guardian collapsing behind him.

As sunstorm finished off his target, he swung around, and sent out a transmission to the two combatants...

"Let's finish this quickly. By now the quint magistrates have realized their precious "monsters" aren't destroying their factory... We have to evac that place... or settle in for a loooong fight."

"Roger that, Sunstorm... Bludgeon. you hear that? We end this NOW."

2004-01-11, 08:23 PM
Bludgeon: -gets in close enough so the Guardian's head cannon can no longer track, leaps, jump jets boosting him up to the Guardian's inspection hatch, slices it open, climbs inside, switches weapons, starts firing his electropulse cannon into the Guardian's internal workings, making his way up to the Guardian's head-

Tracks: -roars up, skids to a halt and transforms, watching the carnage in amazement- "What in the world....."

Bludgeon: -makes his way to the Guardian's head, using his electropulse cannon to fry the cranial components of the Guardian, finishes with a snap kick to the Guardian's battleROM housing, crushing it and shattering the delicate circuits inside into molecular dust-

Guardian: -servos lock as it's brain is destroyed, topples over, landing almost at Tracks' feet-

Tracks: -optics wide in shock-

Bludgeon: -cuts his way out through the front of the Guardian's chest, taking care to destroy the Guardian's backup memory storage units and secondary battleROM, steps out of hole, activates commlink- "Have you destroyed the battleROM of the Guardian?"

God Jinrai
2004-01-12, 12:31 AM
Battle Convoy stood silent... then raised a box shaped circuit board in his hand... and crushed it in hs bare hand...

"That answer your question, Bludgeon?"

Sunstorm came down, landing in robot mode...

"The other one is finished... its ROM is scrap as well. now let's get the slag out of here before our..."masters"... arrive"...

Sunstorm again transformed, rising to a low crusing altitude, using his vtol jets...

Black Convoy was about to transform, but out of the corner of his optic, he spotted tracks...

"YOU! WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT DID YOU SEE!?" he shouted, fully turning to face tracks... his shoulder launchers set to fire

2004-01-12, 03:38 AM
Tracks: "I should think what I've just seen is rather obvious, chum. I saw the three of you destroy these Guardian units. Nice job, by the way. My name is Tracks, I came because of the explosions." -narrows optics- "And if I heard them, so did other people. We'd better get out of here before their friends show up."

Bludgeon: -deactivates energo-katana, sheaths it- "There are non combatants that need to be evacuated first."

God Jinrai
2004-01-12, 09:20 PM
"Indeed, bludgeon" came black convoy's reply...

Sunstorm took to the air again...

"I'll run lookout... but move it. Like that guy said... they'll be comming... and soon."

Streaking off, he began a perimiter sweep of the facility...

"Alright...you. the new arrival. let;s move. There are many lives in this factory, that are at risk should they not be evacuated!"

Black Convoy transformed, and waited for bludgeon to hop on, before punching his throttle, and rushing into the factory's main bay..

2004-01-12, 09:28 PM
Consumer Goods Engineering center 1:

Kivar chuckled warmly at the innocent question. The personality programming features were so willing in the consumer goods – a much-welcome change from the military hardware.

“Bumblebee, my little construct, you do not need to be purchased. You already belong to me. But, you are going to be serving an important function, and a much different function than Prowl. You are to become a spy to watch the outcomes of the sixth production plant. Quintessa is a world of mercantile and trade, but also of sport. Different beings from many galaxies come here to engage in gambling. This is one of the primary forms of income for our species, and how we support our property responsibilities- such as yourselves.”

Kivar rotated faces to his green face and made some small adjustments to Bumblebee’s chest console.

“An engineering companion of mine named Arthaxis recently alerted me to the need for a programming construct of your type. He designs and trains gladiator constructs, and works within the standards. However, chemicals can be injected into constructs to slow them or alternately- enhance them. We suspect production plant six may be doing this. This is against sport rules, but it is hard to detect. For once a construct has been defeated in the arena, they are disposed of. No engineer is allowed to examine the defeated constructs, for they are considered failures. We start from scratch each time. My intentions for you are that you will listen and watch for any illegal tampering of the constructs. You will go to the Arena and work there as a sustenance carrier. That will allow you to enter and exit with my identifications. You will have your own quarters and an area for recharging, and you will be able to bring information to Arthaxis or myself.”

Kivar turned as Yuris floated in. "Welcome Yuris. Praxis has become Prowl and is online. Assess him and tell me what price for your construct."

Yuris snuffed. "Price! Prowl is going to be better than a price. The logic chips I've installed are magnificent and the epitome of our technology! He will..."

"...be considered a failure and you will be punished if his identification energy signatures are registered and traced back to you and the repaired version becomes known." Kivar looked out of hollow black sockets at Yuris.

Both Quintessons became quiet. Finally Yuris turned to a blue face and flicked a tentacle smoothly. "Agreed. An energy signature cannot be changed. You will have no better success, but I will at least have my pay. 189J energon chips is my price. No less."

Kivar swayed slightly in assent. "Done. It is a heavy price but fair. I will deliver it to you after this light cycle."

Yuris turned and left the room without another word.

Kivar watched him leave and then turned back to the two constructs. "Prowl, I will need to change your energy signature quickly and I will examine your circuits to ensure that your original programming is not damaged. Lie back for me. It will not cause you pain. You may both ask questions while I work."

Therses clicked in a pleased fashion as he listened to his constructs and examined their experiments. As he waited for Quickmix to respond to Perceptor and the two of them to formally present their experiments, he brought out two sizeable boxes and placed them on the main work table.


Arena Cells:
The big construct finished putting out the rations and then stopped in front of Ironhide's cell bars. He studied the smaller red construct with steely grey optics. "Little advice- That one has the right idea (points towards Warcry). Don't make friends down here. It'll save you a lot of energy. There are no doctors for the condemned either. Keep complaining and they'll melt you both down." The burly construct paused in consideration and then shook his head. "If they gave him something, it's probably because he's gonna be a test subject for the new gladiator that's coming in- that or he'll be sharkticon bait. They didn't short the rations for him though. Take advantage while you can. ...Or you can always try an appeal to Duritik when he comes down- but usually he just laughs."


Arena Gladatorial Wing:

"Finally! I'm finished cleaning up the last of the mech fluid! Time to send for our new Gladiator."

A small brick red construct meandered out of the room, set down a scrub bucket and plastered a new title bar across the doorway.

Arthaxis mulled over Bludgeon's question. Did he really want his prized construct to become a trainer? Yes. There was no question about that. The question lay in Bludgeon's own well being. Arthaxis watched the construct carefully. Bludgeon was a fighter, but he thrived and developed manuevers not programmed in when he was allowed quiet spells. As a trainer, Bludgeon would be responsible for training up to three other constructs. Time alone would be short. Bludgeon had been his best construction. Arthaxis did not want to overwork him.
The Quintesson engineer had been so engrossed in thought, he barely acknowledged the departure of the fighter. After some time in thought, he switched faces to a blue face and left the room, heading towards the weaponsmaster.

Hound watched the still form of Hot Rod uncertainly. A rumble from a distant explosion echoed through the shafts and made the metallic ground vibrate. He glanced around hesitantly. Always before there had been the sounds of mining going on all around. Now the tunnels were quiet- sealed in most places. The malfunctioning units could be hiding anywhere. The scout turned his attention back toward the damaged construct and debated about whether it was too damaged to deal with.
Gershin paused as Shockwave's assessment of the seekers came through. "Excellent Shockwave. Dispatch Onslaught to terminate Sunstorm quickly. You may use security clearance to assess his abilities to best deal with him. I will order him back to recharge."

Gershin clicked off. Moments later, Afterburner's relay registered. "Afterburner, you may return for recharging and you may have the next two cycles for training and upgrades in engineering center 2."

Khamir hovered in circles in his office looking at data readouts on the walls. "Arthaxis is very successful... indeeeed. For a young engineer, he is doing very well. Maybe too well."

"And then there is Kithir. Kithir is not producing nearly the quality of fighters as Arthaxis. That simply is not acceptable. This will not do. One more mega cycle is all I will spare him for."
Sandstorm wriggled his way out through the door and hurried down the corridor shafts connecting the buildings as fast as he could go. I got it... I got them. Whew! Got the plans. Now gotta get back. Ormzua would sell or scrap me in a nanosec if I don't get these back.

Sandstorm ran through the halls and up to the third floor of Military Engineering center 3.

He screetched to a stop outside a door and tentatively knocked on it.

"Urith? It's Sand....."

The door slid open quickly to reveal a grizzled looking Quintesson hovering in a lab full of jumbled construct parts- some still twitching.

Sandstorm stepped back slightly.

The Quintesson engineer moved forward bearing the death face. "Do you have it construct? Give it to me if you do!"

Sandstorm held out the file in a quivering hand.

Urith slid a tentacle up and took the file quickly from the outstretched hand, then moved to a desk.

Sandstorm followed into the room and then saw Grotusque. His jaw sunk to a partially open position and his optics widened at the sight of the construct on the table. He recoiled and slumped against the wall.
Jumbled messages drifted back to Gershin of attacking constructs. A brightly colored jet and a dark black ground fighter.

"BLASTER! Relay this message on frequency 6ZG!:

Guardian Robots... initiate battle sequences. Destroy or capture all renegade constructs, and complete destruction of target building. Then relay it to Shockwave to ensure that it is carried out."
Ultra Magnus and Blitzwing are still waiting to see if Jazz responds. Blitwing steps on a rock which gives way to a well-disguised tunnel entrance.

Production Center 1
The grey construct tugged futiley at Wild Ride. "We can't leave our jobs! I have robots to put together! Our masters will be angry with us."


Air Base
Grapple looked up to see Twin Twist studying and shaking a plain metal box. "What a drab little ordinary piece of metal." He shook his head and then looked around. "But what a fantastic job you did! Wonderful! We can start our greatest work now!"


Production plant 4
Moonracer paused as she considered Thunderwing's question.

"Alpha Trion is going to go on from here to assist a Quintesson named Gianan at the Vector enhancement."

She turned to Alpha Trion. "You will be second only to Gianan at the Vector, and you will also have your own workcenter according to our masters. Gianan is waiting for you at the loading dock of PP4."

Moonracer walked up next to Cerebros and turned back to Thunderwing. "You will have head supervisor quarters on level eight Thunderwing. You will also find that you have been provided with a weapon of protection for your levels, and it is in your quarters. Level five is gladiator development. Level six and seven are military hardware experimentation. Level eight is chemical weapons development and enhancement."

"Cerebros, you have quarters on first floor. I will take you there. Let's move on. The longer we stay here the more inefficient I will seem."

God Jinrai
2004-01-13, 03:17 PM
"Unnnnngh..." came an almost haunting groan... Hotrod's systems had finally caught up with him... struggling to his feet, he noticed stray energon on his chest and face, wiping it away...then he noticed the company that was with him... the construct that he nearly crashed into...

"H...hey.Sorry about..nearly running you over... Needless to say, I was..in a bit of a hurry.... but now I've gotta get outta here.... I can't afford to let them find me..."

Hotrod stumbled forward toward the exit to his former hiding place... nearly falling over at least once...

2004-01-13, 04:24 PM
Consumer Goods Engineering Center 1

Prowl did as he was instructed, lying down so that Kivar could access his systems.

"It would not be logical to ask questions, Master Quintesson. To ask questions would imply that I have a choice in this procedure, a fact that is clearly not evident."

Ultra Magnus grabbed Blitzwing's arm and dragged his down the tunnel.

2004-01-13, 05:34 PM
Hound stayed silent and watched Hot Rod begin stumbling down the tunnel.

Defective unit. What was I thinking? No pattern, just a damaged unit. But why the alarms?

He tuned his receptors and caught snips of transmissions from above.

The Guardians are out? They are destroying the production plant... a murder... I see. The plant must be a contagion zone- in which case, I have been exposed now as well. I must do my duty while I still am able then. This one was not on my orders list, but he is to be destroyed on sight above. I'm certain Yermus would be pleased if I brought him back also.

Hound glanced down the tunnel at the struggling construct. He leaned closer to the wall and collected a palmful of energon bits before deciding to speak.

"Go out that way, and there will be a Guardian that picks up your energy signature immediately. They have had orders dispatched to destroy the production plant and if I am comprehending the orders correctly- to hunt and destroy you too. Few places on Cybertron are hidden from the masters. Energon remnant fields down here are strong, and they scramble our register signals."

Hound popped some of the chips and swallowed them before crossing his arms and leaning against the wall.

"Tell me what happened in the plant."
Kivar did not bother replying, but simply flicked his tentacles up and over Prowl's chest and head, studying the consoles and memory banks, carefully replacing and reworking wiring.

"Curious. Yes. Very curious. As I predicted and expected. You are still aware that you should have reactive faux emotions like the rest of our CG constructs to emulate those of the nebulons, yet those circuits have been blocked and replaced with extra logic banks making you incapable of self direction without logic. Yet Yuris has corrupted many of your system routings in his desperation for constructing a more efficient model than Shockwave, not understanding that those emulated emotions are necessary for sound logical processes. That cannot remain for you to function properly. The circuitry flow would glitch and cause freezes at the very least."

Kivar rotated to his red face and pulled some small crystalline boxes of chips from a storage cabinet.

"I cannot repair all of the changes here without causing further personality component damage. The Vector circuitry is still unpredictable and unknown in the way it functions. However, I can reopen some of those pathways to prevent the same mistakes we made with Shockwave. You will have your emotion base accessible again in moments now, but you will nearly always base your reactions on logic - and therefore it would be unsafe and unwise to program and train you for military combat yourself. This is not a flaw Prowl, for you will become an equal to Shockwave in a different manner. You will go to Alpha Trion to become an overseer for the consumer goods production lines, but there you will also be trained in the art of military strategy, for with your capabilities, you will become a secret safeguard for us against uprisings."

Kivar finished his work and set energon in front of Bumblebee and Prowl.

God Jinrai
2004-01-13, 06:36 PM
Hotrod slowly turned to face hound...

"I had run a little late with my work, and was rushing across the plant to try and get to the other bays faster... when I come upon a psychotic quint that's abusing workers... I'd seen it before, but this was the energon cube that broke the carrier's back... I lashed out at him... and...killed him. If I didn't... If I hadn't.... others might have died because of his abuse."

Hotrod went silent...

2004-01-13, 06:59 PM
Bludgeon: -climbs onto Black Convoy- "One question. Now that we go to liberate the non-combatants, what do we do with them?"

Tracks: -transforms to his sleek, streamlined vehicle mode, light seeming to fall into his midnight blue surface, shifts into gear, heads for the production center-


Wild Ride: -still dragging the struggling grey construct, not about to let go- "Look at it this way. If you get squashed into scrap metal, you won't be able to assemble any more robots, PERIOD! Now stop fighting me and tell me your name."

God Jinrai
2004-01-13, 07:09 PM
"...I don't know, bludgeon... but they sure as slag can't stay here. That's for certain."

Punching his throttle, he rushed into the factory's main hangar area...


2004-01-13, 09:07 PM
Bludgeon: -leaps off of Black Convoy before he enters the central hangar, looking for security cameras, quietly- "Then you doom them to death either way, for without someone to lead them, they will surely die."

Tracks: -skids to a halt next to Black Convoy, gleaming in the hangar lights-

2004-01-14, 01:44 AM
Hound glanced around again as various scattered signals registered and then fixed on a spot in the tunnel wall. With a few light taps, a chunk of the metallic matrix fell away revealing a few energon chips. Hound broke a bit off as he spoke, and then tilted his head to one side in curiousity as he watched Hot Rod, internally monitoring the actions far above.

"An abusive Quintesson? Interesting... Is that why the others left too?"

He held out the pulsating lighted material flakes toward Hot Rod.
Production Plant 1
The gray construct frowned at Wild Ride. My name... is Ratchet. I am a medical officer in charge of constructing robots from the shipments. My standing orders are to finish my duties and then to follow additional orders as quickly as possible. I have 218 more constructs to assemble before I can finish, and I am under a very tight schedule. Now let ... me ... go --- before I determine that you are becoming a faulty malfunctioning unit! Your orders are to continue unloading- Guardians or no Guardians!


Inside the Production center, nearly all of the assembly worker line of constructs ignored Black Convoy and Bludgeon and continued inspecting parts and placing them on long conveyor belts. Two constructs looked up and over. One was a stocky small greenish-grey and orange figure who was pushing a cart of parts and the other was a small purple construct who was carrying a load of construct legs.

The small green and orange construct eyed up the arrivals. "Hey buddies, you got clearance to be on this level? You look more like you belong in the arena."

Bright white lights and red beams began to flash over the windows from the approaching Guardians.

2004-01-14, 03:19 AM
Prowl got up from his position, walked towards the Energon arrayed in front of him, and started to gather it up.

"I understand, Master Quintesson," he nodded. "I will perform my duties to the best of my ability. Shockwave will soon find that he has an equal."

He strode from the room, Energon in hand.

2004-01-14, 05:00 AM
The Cells

Warcry stood absolutely still, taking the big construct's praise in stride. After all, the opinions of other constructs didn't matter. He was a warrior, and in the arena, only results mattered.
Spinister continued to ignore the other prisoners, his attention focussed solely on the guards.

Cybertronian Aerospace

Afterburner replied to Gershin. "Understood. Returning to base."

Production Plant 4

Cerebros nodded in a businesslike manner to Moonracer.
"That is the last thing you'd want," he said with complete sincerity. "Shall we?"

Consumer Goods Engineering center 1

Quickmix looked up from his console. He fixed his optics on Perceptor.
"I think we can present our experiment now."

2004-01-14, 10:40 PM
The Cells:

Ironhide: -narrows optics, glaring at the guard as he moves off, stores both sets of rations in his torso compartment- "'S why us combat units're different. We take care'a our own."

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -lets go of Ratchet's arm- "Are you defective? You mean to say that if you have to die, you want to die making sure that 218 constucts that you have to finish assembling get assembled, even though the Guardians are going to stomp them flat, too? Remind me not to be one of your patients, Doctor Ratchet!"


Bludgeon: -hearing the exchange between Wild Ride and Ratchet, but remaining outside of the hangar area, narrows optics behind visor- "You are a fool, Black Convoy." -shakes head- "Only a very few will try to leave. Their programming is too strong for them to fight. And I have assisted you long enough in this fools errand." -turns, walks out of the production center, moving away from the approaching Guardians-

Tracks: -still in vehicle mode, sitting next to Black Convoy- "What's his problem?" -transforms as the orange and green construct wanders over- "My name's Tracks. We've come to get you out of here. There are Guardians coming to destroy this place!"

Quick Switch
2004-01-15, 03:34 AM
"Urgent relay from the Outer Sector," a video monitor chirped as the Imperial Magistrate and Red Alert rode via shuttle to the arena.

The video monitor cleared revealing a squat humanoid, decidedly simian in character, examining a drawing board.

"Primacron!" Red Alert brayed. "How did he manage to trace the signal Excellency- I was assured that-"

"Shut up you twit," Primacron said amiably not even bothering to turn around just yet, "as that's exactly what you and your ilk are. I want to speak to your ersatz maker."

"I am here Primacron," the Imperial Magistrate replied simply, as always through his Death's Head face.

"Pitifully simple to triangulate your position," Primacron sniffed, finishing up a complicated angle with a protractor on a rather large spherical drawing. "But those two words to seem to describe the Dominion's philosophy of late!"

2004-01-15, 04:39 AM
The Cells

Warcry glared at Ironhide.
"No, we don't."

Lord Zarak
2004-01-15, 02:44 PM
"A task? Of course, you're going to help me with the installation of this upgrade. Who told you otherwise?"


"Acknowleded" replied Shockwave to Gershin. His computer interface turned until he arrived at the relevant security clearance.
The bank of screens flashed

Activate Onslaught?

"Yes" spoke the cyclopean robot, giving an audio command.

Procedure Initiated

Flashed the screens in response.


"Cheats should not prosper at the expense of those who try their best. I will do this task and not fail you, Master. When should I depart?"

2004-01-15, 05:15 PM
The Cells:

Ironhide: -glares back at Warcry- "We do where Ah'm from."

God Jinrai
2004-01-15, 07:17 PM
Black Convoy cursed bludgeon internally...

"Sunstorm... status... and second, I need a place to hide these people... Ideas."

Sunstorm came back..." Not good. More guardians on the way... but... as for hiding your people... I've an ideal spot... Just get them to these coordinates..."

BC recieved the coordinates from sunstorm, and quickly realized what he had in mind....

"of course! THERE would be the LAST place the quints would look!"

Transforming to robot mode, he glanced at tracks...

"Anyone here? Listen to me! If you're willing to come with me, I can guarantee at least your safety from the guardians... the quintessons have deemed every one of you WORTHLESS... all because one among us had the cast iron will to stand up to them... So I ask you. Your lives... or your deaths?"

Aero Blade
2004-01-15, 08:54 PM
Aero Blade decided to give up on trying to understand the logic the other constructs used. Shockwave told him he wasn't ready to help with upgrades until he located more responsibility (whatever that was), then Wheeljack told him that he was supposed to aid the upgrades, which is what his engineer had told him he was supposed to be doing in the first place...

He decided it'd probably just be best to listen to the important constructs and do as they said, and since Wheeljack was the most important one he'd met in this area so far, that meant to follow his orders. "How are the installations of the upgrades performed?" he asked.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-16, 12:22 AM
It was at this point that Thunderwing's voice crackled over the tannoy.

"Workers, ignore the unit. He has malfunctioned and is to be considered a rogue unit. Guardian robots are en route to take care of the situation, you are ordered to return to your stations and continue your work."

Thunderwing noticed that there wasn't a section under his jurisdiction that wasn't covered by a camera, there was no corner to hide...Any rogue units would not be safe at the production centre, particularly under his regime.

He re-assured himself that the units taking care of the first four levels would soon return to overlook their area, less he should let slip their absence to high command.

He walked from the monitor display to his desk, he pulled out a drawer and noted the weapon inside.

An interesting device indeed...

2004-01-16, 12:44 AM
Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -walks over to Black Convoy- "I'm with you."

Tracks: -shrugs- "I was assembled here, and I do owe these good people for creating a work of art. But if we're going to get them out of here, now is the time!"

With the Nebulan Merc:

Camshaft: "Will we be seeing service on many worlds, sir?"

God Jinrai
2004-01-16, 01:06 AM
"That fool... this entire place is about to be leveled, and he seriously thinks... SLAG IT!"

Black Convoy turned from the main bay... glancing at wildride...

"Well then... I suppose I've no choice. you're with us then. no one else here... can be convinced to leave?"

2004-01-16, 01:59 AM
Outside Arena:

Bludgeon: -rolls up to exterior of arena, tank treads clicking quietly against the ground, transforms- "As an excersize, not bad.... But Convoy may someday learn that the true test of the warrior lies not in defending the innocent, but in honing one's skills for battle." -allows himself a small chuckle- "If he does not learn this before out match, I will not be so much a warrior defeating an able opponent, but a medical unit removing a damaged piece of equipment." -heads for his quarters-

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -shakes head- "I tried dragging that idiot over there out-" -hooks thumb at Ratchet- "- but he wants to stay here."

2004-01-16, 02:29 AM
The Cells

Warcry gave Ironhide a look of genuine pity.
"Then you are defective. We exist to serve our masters. If they ordain it, we will die in service to them. To defy their will...it is practically heretical."

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-16, 08:51 AM
TwinTwist was too busy trying to figure out the latch on the box to really listen to what Grapple was saying, he politely nodded before turning round and smashing the lock off a nearby piece of debris.

He opened the, now slightly dented, box to discover a multitude of items within...

....holographic map inside a projection sphere, an energon key, and a handful of small energon chips. Wonder who left these lying around in an old mine-shaft....

TwinTwist continued to examine the contents, un-aware that Grapple was still watching him...

2004-01-16, 10:45 PM
The Cells:

Ironhide: -still glaring at Warcry- "Ah ain't defective, an' Ah ain't a born an' bred gladiator unit, neither." -examines wall near doorway, trying to detect the door power coupling with his sensors- "Whut Ah am is a battlefield combat unit, an on th' field, keepin' a eye on yer buddy's what ya do." -smiles as he seems to detect what he's looking for, brings first back- "Mah secondary speciality's security an' protectin' things. If they got a problem with whut Ah'm doin', 's their own fault." -smashes his trithyllium steel fist into the wall with all his strength, trying to batter his way through to the power coupling-

2004-01-17, 02:58 AM
"This will do nicely. Yes indeed. A most excellent feature for my tactical security dispatcher. His programming should be starting to round out to fulfill the need for an overall regulator. He must be able to enforce the will of the Imperial Magistrate without hesitation or the escape of defective units."

A dark Quintesson named Jurities made his way to central control, carrying a large elongated weapon.

"Shockwave! Present yourself. I have brought you a weapon and a new order."


The Gladatorial Arena Cells:
Images of packing silvery threads and building materials filtered through Bluestreak's processors as he remained in a state of near-stasis. Even being on the remote edges of consciousness, his fingers twitched and moved from years of the repeated movements in the factory. All movement and sounds were lost to him.
~Ironhide fails in punching the hole in the wall, but notes a small packing cutter fall from Bluestreak. (Used in warehouses for cutting small objects and sealing strips of metal, works on a small and thin, low-powered laser beam.

Grapple stared at the box in Twin Twist's hands, unaware of the contents.

"Rubbish, I'm certain. We are wasting the master's time looking at junk metal when we should be finishing the most intricate masterpiece of an airstrip! Blaster, please relay the message to Gershin that the land is primed and we are begining construction. Then you can go to the Gladiator arena. I know they will be expecting you for the late cycle show."


Shiyuru the Supervising Quintesson of Production Plant 4 studied his notes and flicked his tentacles menacingly over files with pictures of different constructs on the covers. He turned his red head toward one in particular.

"Defective. Underperforming. Uncooperative glitches. Has failed repeatedly in team construct work. Due to amount of expenditure upon construct, recommended reassignment for supervising position of maintainance production plant."

Shiyuru snapped a tentacle across the file angrily and yelled.
"How dare they send me another defective construct for a supervisor!

A moment of silence passed and the Quintesson eased back on his gyro. "They do this to make me look bad. I will make this defective Thunderwing work until the gears in the construct's body fall out. Thunderwing will be trained and programmed to train the other defective constructs on his floors to do general maintainance directly."

A long pause later, he looked at another file.
"I need these constructs. Aero Blade and Wheeljack. Now... how to afford them..."

2004-01-17, 04:31 AM
The Cells

The blasphemy!
Warcry clamped his right hand on Ironhide's shoulder. His left hand went to the pommel of his sword.
"Stop, or I'll kill you myself."

2004-01-17, 05:54 PM
The Cells:

Ironhide: -places hand on Warcry's in an almost gentle manner- "Yer young. If ya live long enough, ya mahght understand some day.... But layin' a hand on me when Ah'm already ticked off-" -grips the offending hand, starts to squeeze, attempting to crush it- "-that mahght be a good way ta get scrapped."

2004-01-17, 07:33 PM
The Cells

"I understand perfectly well. You are a defective old fool with no respect for his creators."

Ignoring the pain coming from his right wrist, Warcry raised his left hand. Balling it in into a fist, he drove a punch towards the base of Ironhide's neck.

2004-01-18, 02:42 AM
The Cells:

Ironhide: -staggers backwards from the blow, keeping a firm, indeed crushing, grip on Warcry's hand- "That's where yer wrong, you young punk. Ah got plenty a respect fer th' Quint that built me. Heck, savin' one of them's what got me thrown in here!" -grabs onto Warcry's right forearm with his other hand, pivots and attempts to fling Warcry into the cell bars, head first-

2004-01-18, 04:57 AM
The Cells

As Warcry flew toward the bars he wrenched his arm out of Ironhide's grip.

"You still don't understand." The warrior climbed to his feet, unfazed. His hand drifted again to the sword hanging on his hip, but he was unwilling to draw a weapon on an unarmed foe.

"You do not get to select which Quintessons to respect. They created our race. They are gods, and should be treated as such."

His optics were drawn to the packing cutter on the floor. He nodded towards it. "If you wish to fight me, arm yourself." He unsheathed his blade. "Otherwise, repent your blasphemy."

God Jinrai
2004-01-18, 05:14 AM
"Look... I don't know why anyone else left... but that's why I'M leaving."

Managing to transform into vehicle mode, hotrod raced out from his hidingspot with hound.... he wouldn't get far, sadly. his systems, still recovering from energon loss, and malfunctioning at that, went into a frenzy as he peeled out of the factory... he got about a hundred yards out... when he went into stasis lock... His last words before falling into lock... seemed to fall on deaf ears...

"Don't... let.... them...."

Black Convoy had noticed the vehicle rushing from the nearby bay, and seeing it effectively clunk to a halt.... turned to tracks...

"go check on that one... I have a bad feeling he's going to need help as well..."

"Wildride... listen... you and I are going to see that Ratchet fellow... and perhaps this time we can persuade him to at least leave until matters have cooled down... IF this place doesn't end up leveled, of course.

2004-01-18, 06:11 AM
Hound shook his head slowly as he followed, taking his time to grab some more energon fragments from the walls of the mining tunnel. He put them in a small container and stored it in his arm compartment.

"Damaged and dangerous construct. I can't take him back to Yermus. If I understand right, this construct killed a Quintesson. Imagine, a Quintesson abusing property. That just does not compute. He was not in my orders, and does not know where the defective units are. Therefore, I should not waste any more time on him."

Hound walked up to Hot Rod and charged his rifle. He put the barrel to Hot Rod's head and then paused. His blue optics flashed once and then dimmed, softening. He put the rifle back in place and sighed.

I am not programmed for this termination. Built for it maybe, intended now perhaps. But I cannot without orders and I must turn my attention back to seeking the constructs Yermus assigned me to. This one cannot fight back and has not attacked me. How may I balance my directives and my programming?

Hound glanced around and finally settled his sights on the distant airfield... and the extra Nebulon ship that was gearing up to leave.

Excellent. This construct is malfunctioning. I cannot terminate it while it is not functional and it cannot be taken in. The issue will be solved shortly. The Nebulons will find a use for it since it defies the masters, or they will destroy it. Either way, it will be effectively removed from Cybertron.

Hound lifted Hot Rod carefully and moved toward the Nebulon ship, disguised as a patrol of alligatorcons. Without a second thought, he opened the ship's aft cargo door and wedged Hot Rod inside before closing it and locking it.

"Done. Now..." Hound moved around the ship and waved the pilot off.

The pilot saw the alligatorcons waving at him and waved an assent. He moved the shuttle into a pivot and began lifting off.
Gladiator wing
Dark shadows crossed a hall adjacent to the Gladiator wing. Unaware of the figures, Arthaxis left Bludgeon's room and floated down the hall. The young Quintesson engineer was lost in thought about his constructs' battles as he began to enter a second hall. The power flickered, and Arthaxis became distracted feeling carefully around the entryway. Unaware of the presence in the next hall, the Quintesson had scarcely cleared the doorway when a glimmering axe swung directly down, cleaving Arthaxis cleanly in half. Glowing red eyes lit the darkness briefly and then vanished.

Arena Control Center
"Masters. There is a fight going on in cells 4 and 5." A dark blue construct turned towards two Quintessons and waited for instructions.

"Unexpected. The CG construct has succeeded in provoking the MH model. This goes against its programming type."
"Yes. We cannot allow them to injure each other. It would cause the odds to change."

The two Quints turned toward the blue construct and in tandem gave an order.
"Dispatch Shatterstorm to deal with the situation. No terminations."

The blue construct turned back toward the panels and began pressing the keys.
"Yes masters. I have sent him the order. He is already on his way."
Moments later, the power flashed and went out briefly.

One of the Quintessons called out, "Restart the backup power, Striker."
"Yes master."

A moment passed and the power flickered back on. A stunned silence hit the control room as the monitors came back to power.

"Most... unexpected."

Arena Cells

As the power returned, the large blue construct that had brought the provisions earlier, entered the cell block and went to the front of Ironhide and Warcry's cell. "Hey, knock it off! You there... *he motioned at Warcry*, come to the front. What's the trouble?"

Production Plant 4

Shiyuru hovered in his office as a new signal came over a computer. "The Imperial Magistrate is going to spare Production Plant 1? The Guardians are being recalled? They have a blatent outbreak of malfunctioning and dangerous units and that plant gets spared? This needs looking into."

The Quintesson supervisor went to monitors and studied them.
"The workers are still working in that plant? They have not left their posts. A transmission from here was sent... Ah!
It seems that my new unit Thunderwing is bringing several floors of the workers there under control simply by voicing a command! Perhaps I judged hastily. I will see what this new construct can do."

Quick Switch
2004-01-18, 06:44 AM
The Inquisitor entered the Production Center, sight unseen as the Guardians left it. The Quintesson second in command feared nothing, certainly no construct. He had been nearly killed numerous times over the past few millennia, for he was the most visible lieutenant of the Imperial Magistrate.

The hybrid mecha-organic had strangled his most recent would-be-assassin to death with his own tentacles, his odd gyro-driven form hid powerful strength. In all the Dominion, he, like the biped ball-jointed handed Executioner, was a unique blend of machine and flesh.

He hovered slightly behind the overseer's station now, tilting his oblong lateral head slightly. His thick green tentacles undulated.

"Quenrsh," he said simply. "The Imperial Magistrate has reached a verdict."

2004-01-18, 07:21 AM
The Cells:

Ironhide: -regards the packing cutter, looking at it's reach compared to Warcry's sword, shrugs, picks up packing cutter, stores it with the rations- "Awrahght, Ah'm armed. An' Ah still don't need it ta take out th' lahkes a you." -clenches fists, blue optics blazing- "C'mon, punk. Let's dance."

Gladiator Wing:

Bludgeon: -walking back towards his quarters, detached, part of his mind analyzing his fight with the Guardian, other parts already in the zen state, striving, as always to contact the Ultimate Warrior-
....tentacles...... darkness..... pain, sharp, sudden, final...... a brief flicker of red optics......... nothing......... Then a quiet, calm voice, saying, "Avenge your master's death, my pupil"..........

Bludgeon: -comes back to himself, stumbles slightly, optics narrow behind visor, pulls and activates energo-katana, edging carefully down the hall to the intersection, looks right, sees the passage to his quarters, looks left....... and sees what he was expecting to see, stops, extending his senses to try to find any trace of Arthaxis' attacker-

Production Center 1:

Tracks: -goes over to check the unit that klunked into the area-

Wild Ride: "We can try. We might have to knock him out, first."

2004-01-18, 07:25 AM
Consumer Goods Production Plant 1

Quenrsh turned his attention towards the Inquisitor.

"I am guilty of allowing a faulty construct to be made. Do what must be done. Whieth knows the sequences."

Quick Switch
2004-01-18, 07:26 AM
"Indeed!" The Inquisitor snapped. "Do not condescend to condescend to me!" His tentacles whipcracked into a console, destroying it. "You are as clumsy as you are stupid, Quenrsh, and allowing your overseers to use such thuggish methods so...poorly is inexplicable. Why was the construct given the ability-let alone opportunity- to strike back at the overseer? Where were your security precautions? Fail safes?"

2004-01-18, 07:35 AM
The Cells

As the power flickered off, Spinister activated his stealth circuits. So long as he remained silent and refrained from sudden movements, the guards would be unable to see him.
He smiled behind his faceplate. Now, the wait begins...
Without taking his optics off of Ironhide, Warcry replied to the blue construct.

"That unit was attempting to escape. Worse yet, he has blasphemed against our Quintesson creators. I am simply trying to teach him the error of his ways."

2004-01-18, 07:50 AM
The Cells:

Ironhide: -scowls- "Ah ain't got a problem with mah creator. An' it'll take a unit better built'n you ta teach me anything. But yer more'n welcome ta try."

2004-01-18, 07:51 AM
Quenrsh remained calm and still. "My security measures were fallible. The constructs will now be welded or chained into their work places. They will be given only enough sustainance to function and no more."

"Idiot!" the Inquisitor snapped. "You will cost the Dominion billions of credits with such an overhaul!" He levitated up hideous face to multiple faces with Quenrsh. "And our security construct seems to think you may have a hand in-" here he paused, "-helping to forment rebellious attitudes by permitting such a killing to occur in public in a section of your facility."

"No other constructs have displayed rebellious attitudes or predispositions. They function only to serve the Imperial Magistrate."
"Do you listen?" he replied. "It does not matter, Quenrsh. The entire line may yet be infected with such insubordinate attitudes, for the security construct seems to feel their intelligences may not be able to process such an incredible act." His red optics narrowed. "It would be cost inhibiative to terminate the entire line, as they may serve some purpose." He laughed. "And Whieth will not be administering this plant, Quenrsh. Since he has studied under you, he is more than likely too familiar with your pathetic brand of management.
Quenrsh flicked his tentacles in concern. "I have nothing more to add or say Inquisitor."

Quick Switch
2004-01-18, 07:55 AM
"Of course you have nothing further to say, you dimwitted drone," the Inquisitor replied, look of disgust on his severe face. "Innocent," he said, pronouncing the the Imperial Magistrate's stentence.

Fluidly, each set of the being's six tentacles went to work penetrating an orifice. Two tentacles bore through Quenrsh's optics, entering one face and exiting out the another. The same procedure was repeated for the four reaining tentacles, the nose and mouth being the other targets. With hardly any effort at all, while enjoying the supervisor's death throes, the Inquisitor neatly ripped Quenrsh's ovoid body in half, splattering his office with a gout of fluids.

The Inquisitor wipped his tentacles again, easily dislodging the Quenrsh-halves from them. The green coloration was now mottled gray and white with fluid, as well as covered with bits of metal. He then left to clean himself, not giving the dead bureacrat a second glance.

2004-01-18, 08:29 AM
Whieth floated through the plant levels uncertainly, watching the retreating Guardians with apprehension. Suddenly he noticed the Inquisitor coming out of Quenrsh's office. The Inquisitor was covered in body pieces and fluids. Whieth floated backwards in a hurry and wavered nervously on his gyro.
"Whieth," the Inquisitor said silkily, draping a set of tentacles across the younger Quintesson's ovoid frame, "I never have the opportunity to observe these Centers except when a change in management needs to be made. Asides from having a fool for a supervisor, everything else may yet be satisfactory." The hybrid's tentacles writhed on Whieth's body, splatting against faces with a gleeful tempo, leaving the after-death fluid in their wake.

"Y...yes... of course master Inquisitor." Whieth answered nervously, all too aware of the dripping mech fluids running off the Inquisitor's tentacles down his frame.

Quick Switch
2004-01-18, 08:48 AM
"Of course," he echoed shortly. "Whieth, for now this Center will be shut down until a thorough audit can properly be conducted without Quenrsh. You will until such time oversee the Center. You will oversee all units and keep them properly quarantined and occupied. If present orders are received, ship the units. But no further units will be made until another supervisor appointed." He paused, and tilted on his gryo slightly. "If any incident occurs," he said conversationally, "you will be journeying to Imperial City for an interview with the Executioner."
"I... I understand... Master Inquisitor. No further incidents will occur."
Whieth shivered slightly as a bit of Quenrsh skin flopped down over his green face.

The Inquisitor flung Whieth away with the set of tentacles draped over him, not caring where the petrified overseer landed. Without another word, he resumed his quest to clean himself, after which, he could thankfully escape this cesspool of mediocrity and return to the Imperial City.

2004-01-19, 03:50 AM
Gladiator Wing:

Bludgeon: -quietly- "I shall avenge you, my lord." -energo-katana glowing in his hand, looking down at Arthaxis' body, scanning, using his knowledge of weapons and angles to judge where the one who attacked his late master would have been standing, head turns to study that spot, face betraying no emotion at all, using what enhancements his meditation and training have given his senses to discover who had been standing there- "The fuel of all involved shall spill before I am through."

2004-01-19, 04:15 AM
The Cells

Warcry's optics burned an even brighter red. He glared at Ironhide. "You seek to provoke combat while a guard stands just outside the cell? What other proof is needed to show that you are defective?"

Lord Zarak
2004-01-19, 11:13 AM
Guardian Control Centre

"The upgrades are performed remotely from this station. Come over here, and I'll show you what to do"


Production Control Centre

Shockwave turned to Jurities.

"Once I have confirmed the destruction of the unit designated Sunstorm, I will recieve what you have for me."

2004-01-19, 01:40 PM
The Cells:

Ironhide: "Fer somebody who was so willin' ta put me in mah place a couple'a minutes ago, yer provin' ta be no kahnd of a challenge at all."

Aero Blade
2004-01-19, 04:32 PM
Aero Blade nodded and followed Wheeljack, readily eager to learn.

2004-01-19, 05:34 PM
Consumer Production Center 1

"Oh?" Perceptor said as he turned from one of the tables to face Quickmix. "It seems that I too am guilty for my curiosity in science to get the best of me. Ehem, let us proceed."

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-19, 08:51 PM
TwinTwist looked at the items in the box again as Grapple mumbled about his work.

I don't care what you think, I'm gonna keep 'em

TwinTwist opened a compartment on his body and stored the items he'd found.

"So, what's the plan?"


Thunderwing sat in his office and steepled his fingers. Nothing much, despite the security breech, had happened in his quadrant. Now that the Guardians had been called off and the rogue units departed, he found himself bored...

2004-01-20, 05:46 AM
The Cells

Warcry shook his head at Ironhide's cooment. I will not defy the will of an agent of my masters." He nodded towards the blue construct. "But if he allows it, I will evicerate you."

Consumer Production Center 1

Quickmix nodded to Perceptor, then turned to Therses. "Do we have a subject to experiment on?"

2004-01-20, 10:58 PM
The Cells:

Ironhide: "You c'n try......" -flexes fingers- "... an Ah'll rip yer arms off if ya do."

Production Center 1:

Tracks: -standing next o the unit that clunked into the hangar- "Are you okay?"

2004-01-21, 04:35 AM
The Cells

Warcry brandished his blade in Ironhide's general direction. "Hardly. You'd loose your head before you got within arm's reach of me."

2004-01-21, 09:09 AM
Arena Cells
The dark blue construct paused in thought. "There is no need for either of you to fight, nor is it going to have a productful outcome. Warcry, exit the cell now and I will give you a separate space. Iron-side, I will relay your request to the masters for assistance to Blue-Streak. Another outburst and you will both be terminated.

Shatterstorm sidestepped and opened a doorway in the energy bars, waiting for Warcry to exit.

Production Plant 4
Shiyuru flicked his tentacles around excitedly. "Yesss... this Thunderwing construct may be better than I expected! I will send him our new scientists. Certainly, he should be able to ...*chuckles*... see to their performances."

The Quintesson clicked onto a communications panel. "ScreamingStar! SkyFire! Report to overseer Thunderwing's office on Level 8."

Then Shiyuru clicked over to Thunderwing's office. "Thunderwing, I am sending you two of our latest purchases. See to it that they are given supplies, watched and create a component for recharging constructs without the consumation of energon. Do not fail."

2004-01-21, 07:06 PM
The Cells

With a parting glare at Ironhide, Warcry stepped out of the cell. He sheathed his blade and waited to be escorted to a new cell.

Brave Maximus
2004-01-21, 08:20 PM
The two new units flicked into concious - but this was a grey eyed conciousness of the enslaved. There was no self conciousness in the blank grey eyes.

Their..... owner had called them and their programming told them that they must obey his commands. They lifted off into the air, there thrusters carrying them high above the industral landscape.

But before the lead robot could respond, something happened inside him - a brief....... flicker. Something inside lashed out at being ORDERED, COMPELLED to do anything...... HE did not like it, and the emotion was liberating. The red and blue styled robot's eyes flickered red, though not a brilliant red.

His first, inherrent thought was to just fly away or better - challenge. As he opened his comm-link to respond, there was a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head. The Red and white robot behind him eyes flickered blue, and he shook his head to indicate no.

This gave the robot time to pause, and a smile crept over his face. They were to be armed and fuelled.......

"Sta......... Screamingstar to ...... Master:" the Robot almost spat out the word - and while he had attempted to keep the comtempt from his voice - it was plain to anyone who listened. "Reporting to Unit Thunderwing as ordered"

They transformed to jet mode - heading for where their internal maps told them their destination would be.

For the first time, a thought crept into the Red and grey robots' mind: I am no ones slave - but perhaps I can use this in some way

2004-01-21, 10:16 PM
Gladiator Wing, near Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: -still standing, unmoving, over Arthaxis' body, most of his mind deep in meditation, while a small part wonders if any guards are goin to arrive anytime soon-

The Cells:

Ironhide: -shakes head as the guard leads Warcry off, thinking- "Woulda felt good ta feed that sword ta that punk. Take a lot more ta cut through trthyllium'n what he's got..... Now all Ah gotta do's hope they actually send somebody ta take a look at Bluestreak."

2004-01-22, 04:29 AM
The battle was over...and as always Jhiaxus stood amidst the debris, victorious.

Jhiaxus: "Onslaught...find the survivors...bring them to me!"

Onslaught: "At once sir!"

Jhiaxus: "Jhiaxus to HUB...General Jhiaxus to HUB...Area secured...inform the Inquisitor I am ready to meet with him...out!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-22, 09:56 PM
Thunderwing listened atentively to the message.

"Acknowledged Shiyuru, the constructs will be dealt with the high level of respect that all those under my command receive. Thunderwing out."

Thunderwing knew in himself that that very message and the sentiment behind it were complete lies. Thunderwing's sub-ordinates listened to his orders, and obeyed them, due to the fear he struck into them. A military construct of his design thrived on such conditions.

Brave Maximus
2004-01-22, 10:03 PM
The two new units located Thunderwings current position. The lead unit transformed and landed quickly and gracefully, the skills of a warrior evident. His commrad followed suit and the quickly entred the building - locating Thunderwings office.
The Red and grey transformer pushed open the door, allowing it to slam against the wall and entered.
He then closed the distance between him and his new "commander" and stopped only 5 feet back. He stared into the face of Thunderwing, his face the picture of obidence:
"Screamingstar and Skyfire reporting as ordered." Then after a long drawn out moment - Spat the word "Sir" out distastefully.

2004-01-27, 06:29 AM
Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -sighing- "You know, I could just clonk that Ratchet guy on the head."

2004-01-27, 06:38 AM
Air Base

Afterburner landed flawlessly on the airstrip. Reconfiguring to his humanoid form, he entered the base. Heading quickly for his quarters, he plugged himself in and began a recharge cycle.

2004-01-28, 10:28 AM
Shatterstorm sealed the cell opening and turned the energy bars back on with a wave of a lighted stick. He turned his head and motioned Warcry down the hall towards an open cell. "This way Warcry. You won't be in here long now, for the masters are having the ring prepared. I do advise you to be careful of your new neighbor. It's a condemned construct and the malfunctions could be contagious. I wouldn't get near the adjacent window if I were you. It's name is Spinister."

He clicked onto a small communicator and brought up an arm- speaking into a receiver. "Cutter. Your time is needed in block C. Bring a reverser."
Gladiator corridors
A very slight nick revealing small burned tinges in the smooth wall glimmered with the reflection of a doorway opening.

Two very heavily armored constructs and two alligatorcons made their way down the passages towards Bludgeon and the deceased Arthaxis.

A large coppery femme construct motioned to Bludgeon. "You there- Gladiator 208- leave and report to your chamber immediately. Your match is forthcoming."

The red construct nodded as the alligatorcons moved in, revealing a sharkticon on a leash behind them. "We will ascertain the happenstance here and take action."


Production Center 1
As the Guardians turned and headed away, Ratchet headed back towards the plant, intent on returning to his work.

Inside, Quintesson Whieth wiped fluids and body bits off of himself and floated toward a monitor bank with constructs working the screen controls.

"I want every robot construct accounted for and back to their place in line... NOW!"

"Hail to the Imperial Magistrate! We who are about to be terminated salute you![/b]

A large group of mixed constructs with various armor accessories and weapons touched the ground with their left arms and dipped their heads before standing.

The announcer's voice boomed across a cheering crowd of various races of aliens and Quintessons. "And now... your Gladiator... Breakthrough!!!!!!"

A slim silvery construct entered to a mix of boos and cheers.Armed with a spear-type weapon with barbs attached to the base. Throughout the crowd, constructs took bids and flashed signals to the alien gamblers.

A bell resounded in the arena, and lights flashed as a flurry of action began.

Above the arena, a Quintesson watched quietly. With a flick of a tentacle, he motioned to an orange construct. "Go retrieve Springer and bring the construct to the practice area."

"Sir." The response was simple and fast, as was the exit of the orange construct.

The Quintesson turned back to watch the battle below.

2004-01-28, 03:08 PM
Gladitorial Arena, Near Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: -making a note of the damaged section of wall, turns to the femme- "You will keep me informed of the investigation. I will find all who are involved in this, and deal with them accordingly." -stalks back to his quarters-

Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -looking up at Battle Convoy- "So what do you say. Just one whack? Then we can get out of...." -sees the Guardians receeding in the distacne- "Hey! The Guardians are leving!"

Tracks: -looks up from his examination of the unit that clinked to a halt- "The Guardians are leaving? Does that mean our work here is done?"

2004-01-28, 08:42 PM
The Cells

Warcry walked into the indicated cell.
"I'll keep that in mind," he told Shatterstorm.
Spinister, still running his stealth equipment on full, shot a suspicious glance at the window that joined the two cells.

Quick Switch
2004-01-28, 10:15 PM
"Primacron, you are delaying me," the Imperial Magistrate said finally. Red Alert looked pensive, standing behind him.

"And miss what? A gladiatorial contest which you care nothing for in the first place?" Primacron shot back. "You only use it as a chance to watch your toys slaughter each other, that and belittle your idiot middle managers."

"The Imperial Magistrate does not justify himself to the likes of you-" Red Alert spoke up.

"If I wanted to hear a paranoid malcontent prattle on, I would have asked," the simian genius replied with a wave of his protractor grasping hand. He adjusted his conical hat. "I merely wanted wanted to let you know that it's done."

"You've built the War Machine, then?" The Quintesson Leader said quietly, as usual in his death's head face.

"The 'War Machine' has a name," Primacron said gleefully, "Unicron."

"Unicron," the Quintesson repeated. "How original."

"As I am the Prime, he is the One," Primacron shrugged. "There will be another. Both should arrive in six million years, give or take a few eons. But who are we to care about such trifling details?" He chortled. "For we are immortal, you and I. No one else is of consequence."

Red Alert moved to speak, when the Imperial Magisrate whipped a set of tentacles back and began strangling the red construct, lifting him up into the air.

"Your pathetic entroptic empire isn't going to last- or have you not realized that is the reason it will undoubtedly fail? Organisms want structure, order. All you promise is destruction. Beings desire commodoties, not anihilation." The Imperial Magistrate said tersley.

"I'm going to provide them a service," Primacron said, smiling thinly, "destroying you. Those who submit shall live, of course. The rest can perish."

"Stunted simian!" the Imperial Magistrate roared, throttling Red Alert in his rage. The larger construct was in agony, gripping the steel-like tentacles around his intake valves but to no avail. His mouth hung open in a silent scream, optics rolling back in his braincase.

"Humanoid I am, stupid I am not," the scientist/geneticist/roboticist said, folding his arms. "Metallic freak! Your very existence is a perversion."

"As is yours, you howling degenerate," the Quintesson seethed.

"All in the eyes of the beholder," Primacron said acidly. He then purposely mock-screeched. "By the time Unicron reaches Cybertron, they will say he is a God, Magistrate. A GOD. All in a day's work. Hehe. Hehehhe. Hehehhehehehehehhehehehehe!" Primacron terminated the feed in a fit of screeching hysterics, overocme with mirth.

The Imperial Magistrate said nothing for a time.

Remembered he was choking Red Alert, and threw him violently to the back of the vehicle, where the construct, nearly dead, simply slammed into a blukhead and went offline.

As the shuttle neared the arena, the Quintesson leader heard the sickeningly sure cheers and screams of his subjects and pawns. At last, he relaxed, tentacles falling below his gyro. In that pathetic hysteria lay hope. He glided over to a viewport, looking out at the throng.

"One day I'll reach a verdict concerning you, Primacron. And all these fools below me will help do it."

The craft docked, and with a minimum of ceremony, the Imperial Magistrate boarded a hover chair and floated above the arena, to watch the pointless killing below him.

2004-01-29, 03:38 AM
Doorway to Bludgeon's Quarters:

Bludgeon: -stops on the threshold, pivots on his heel, heads for Shatterstorm's office-

2004-02-02, 07:04 AM
Jhiaxus was not known for his patience. In truth he didn't need to be. As the ranking officer in the Quint army he had only the Quintesson High Command to answer too.

Jhiaxus: If he will not respond, I will take action. Onslaught, round up the leaders, destroy the subordinants, and raze the city...we will send in a production crew within the hour.

Jhiaxus turned and took flight, heading back to his Base of Operations. His combat partner could handle the rest...all five had been worthy fighters...he felt it was time they joined his elite platoon of Combaticons.

Onslaught barked orders with skill and within moments the leaders were rounded up, as Brawl proceeded to blast the surviving troops in the back of the head. Blast off and Swindle detonated the charges and the Center collapsed.

Onslaught: Take care of the prisoners, I have a post to resume!

2004-02-03, 01:30 AM
Doorway to Shatterstorm's office:

Bludgeon: -standing before doors, hits doorchime, now awaiting entry-

The Cells:

Ironhide: -checks Bluestreak again, wondering when the medics will arrive-

2004-02-10, 04:05 PM
(OOC: Jinrai's let me take over Black Convoy for a while, so I might as well start something.)

Production Center 1:

Black Convoy: -inwardly fuming- "Tracks, stay down here, keep an eye on the doors, let us know if we've got any visitors coming. Wild Ride, with me. We need to visit the control center."

Tracks: -moves over to look out of the window, keeping an eye on the perimeter-

Black Convoy and Wild Ride, head for the control center-

2004-02-11, 11:25 PM
A blasty noice of jet flames blasted threw the sky as Thundercracker a newly appointed Deciptacon Transformered into Robot mode and walked up to some old friends . " So what can i do for you guys " ?!

2004-02-12, 05:38 PM
Doors to command center, Production Center 1:

Black Convoy and Wild Ride: -charging towards the doors, slide to a halt before they slam into them-

Black Convoy: -pulls his fury sword, focussing his anger, causing the blade to flare as he drives the blade into the closed doors-

2004-02-12, 06:34 PM
Thundercracker stood in the moonlight trying to impress people but all he noticed was trucks prying open doors with firely swords people fighting hand to hand and people repairing hmmmmm " Anyone Need Help " ! Thundercracker yelled

2004-02-17, 01:58 AM
(OOC: We're supposed to be indoors, Cheez, but I think we can work with this.)

Doors to Command Center, Production Center 1:

Black Convoy: -pauses in the middle of cutting the doors open, rips sword from door, pulls and aims double barrelled blaster at Thundercracker-

Tracks: -swings around from his observation post, overhead particle cannons locked on Thundercracker- "You'd think the Quints would have sent more if they wanted to demolish the place."

Black Convoy: -curtly- "Shut up." -narrows optics as he glares at Thundercracker- "Who are you? What do you want?"

2004-02-17, 05:02 AM
Air Base

Fully charged, Afterburner slipped out of his charging bed and looked over at the device on his workbench.
I suppose I really should get to work on that...
He walked over to the bench and began to slowly, meticulously, solder componants together.

2004-02-17, 03:13 PM
With guns pointed at Thundercracker he put is gun ddown and kicked it towards the towering power robot . " I want whatever you want , i want to be on your side master " Said Thundercracker as he raised his hands in the air on got on his knees. Please ...... he mumbled !

2004-02-18, 06:06 AM
Air Base

Afterburner continued to work, but his mind drifted.
The Quintessons...they are excruciatingly wasteful...wasteful of my time! They programmed me with masterful technical skills, then they squander my time and effort as part of their air force. Doubtlessly they have their reasons, but they concentrate on brute force far too much. But brute force is not my way.

He looked down at the device, which was now nearly complete.
Technology is always superior to simple brutality. That is a natural conclusion stemming from my core programming. My technology can devise infinitely more sucessful, subtle, and unpleasant methods than my masters' brutality ever could.

He hefted the device in his right hand, then slid in the final componant. His T-shaped optic band flashed with pleasure. The device in his hands, which would read as a simple radar detector to his masters' sensors, was in fact a devious technologically advanced weapon. One that his masters wouldn't know about until it was too late.

Perhaps...perhaps the time will soon come for the servants to become the masters... His optics tracked back towards his recharge bay. But not just yet...

Afterburner placed the weapon on his bench, then socketed back in to the recharge bay. He wanted to be fully charged when the revolution came, of course...

2004-02-19, 01:21 PM
Production Center 1:

Black Convoy: -thinking to self- 'Is this what it's going to take? An army of the overeager, the vain..... the cowardly?' -snarls- "Tracks, keep him covered and take his guns."

Tracks: -picks up Thundercracker's guns, steps back, keeping overhead particle canons and his blaster pistol locked on Thundercracker-

Black Convoy: -holsters double barrelled blaster, swings sword at the doors again, his increased anger causing the sword to blaze brighter-

(OOC: Is there anybody in the command center?)

2004-02-19, 03:09 PM
Give that weapon back now ! Thundercracker yelled as he stood up tall and pointed his finger at Convoy . You either let me join with you or you shall pay .

2004-02-20, 02:51 AM
Production Center 1:

Black Convoy: -stops sword before he strikes the doors, his rampaging fury obvious in the fact that the sword is now blazing brighter than the indoor lighting, turns towards Thundercracker, hissing- "What did you say?"

2004-02-20, 03:10 PM
" Ummm I Did not mean to say it like that i just want to join with you , Look give me my weapon and let me fly away or let me join you " Thunder yelled as he picked up a thick peice of pipe and pointed it at Black Convoy . "Hurry up and make up your mind , Let Me Join With You Or Let Me Go ! Thundercracker spoke .

God Jinrai
2004-02-21, 09:19 PM
a shot rang out, striking thundercracker at the base of the back of his neck... the blue seeker slumpoed to the ground... only stunned..

"I thought he'd NEVER SHUT UP!" came an angered growl...

"I managed to round up enough paneling to make myself bearable to be around... " The once bright orange and white seeker now was coated in a grey layer...

"While it does little for my appearance... at least I won't be a hazard to be around anymore..."

Roaring down the hallway, a bright set of lights came to a halt...

"You'll have to excuse Sunstorm, Black Convoy... his...powers have been acting up again... needless to say, a forced containment by these means... is... uncomfortable for him. "

"Quiet, Hotrod, or would you like to join blueboy here in the realm of the unconscious?"

Hotrod stepped up to sunstorm, feeling the vague residual radiation seeping through the armor....

" Don't start with your slag again, pal. If it weren't for me, you'd have been scrapped at that supply center, when you tried to get that shielding armor..."

Hotrod proceeded to explain to the group the situation and chain of events that occured following their separation back at the production center... Sunstorm's departure, Hotrod's run-in with hound, and eventually, their meeting again at the military installation sunstorm broke into to acquire his shielding...

2004-02-21, 09:24 PM
Bang , Thundercracker fell to the ground like 100 tons or energon cubes as he stared stunned at his rifle a few feet in front of him on the ground . He crawled with on arm dragging himself and dragging is damaged body as he faked it like he was seriously injured . he reached out his hand and grabbed the rifle when suddenly .....

God Jinrai
2004-02-21, 11:40 PM
Hotrod had caught on to thundercracker's movements, ignoring them... until he got too close to tracks... firing a shot from his arm mounted tri-cannons, he blasted the ground in front of thundercracker...

"Pal, don't you ever learn?!?" he sighed

2004-02-22, 01:05 AM
Production Center 1:

Tracks: -deciding that having the guns anywhere near Thundercracker would be a bad idea, walks over to Wild Ride and hand them to him- "Looks like you could use some firepower."

Wild Ride: -takes the guns, holding them awkwardly- "Uh, thanks...."

Black Convoy: -rolling his optics, finishes demolishing the doors to the command center and storms in, drawing his double barrelled blaster, ready for anybody who's inside-

Corridor outside of Shatterstorm's Office:

Bludgeon: -sitting crosslegged before the doors, meditating, sure that somebody will acknowledge his presence soon-

2004-02-22, 02:53 AM
"Please , dont kill me , ill be your slave , ill help you and ill do anything u say and do anything you want me too ! Please dont kill me " Thundercracker begged as he pleaded for Mercy . His hand burned to black on the hot metal under him where the blast hole was . He looked over as they blasted open the door and turned around to i hope not but i think there are going to finish me off . ' Noooo Spare Me ill do anything ....... ANYTHING ! " Thundercracker yelled

2004-02-23, 04:50 AM
Jhiaxus sat at his desk looking over data files from his victory.

These rebels are barely worth my attention...they're nearely as idiotic as that buffoon Thunderwing...wait...what's this?

Jhiaxus called up the profile for Sunstorm...

Jhiaxus: It...can't be...Combaticons...to me! We have work to do.

Jhiaxus rushed from the command center and took to the skies, his combaticons soon joined him...

Onslaught: Where are we going? I have to report into Thunderwing.

Jhiaxus: That simpleton can wait...right now we must find Sunstorm...and eliminate him!

2004-02-24, 09:17 AM
Rythmic aspirations of a humming motor in idle rest mode echoed in the darkness of a room in the gladatorial wing.

the heavily armored and battle-worn construct turned his body and shifted his position in a semi-conscious state as unwanted images flooded into his sensors.

Dark shadows, the arena... the quiet yet high-pitched voice offering the bounty so prized... the undertaking of the orders... the glide of his blade down the forbidden quarry--- and yet it was not these images that caused his sudden start up from his rest. It was the apparition flash of brilliant red optics and a strange skull-faced figure.

"...hnnnn nhhhAH!"

A flicker of panic turned to fury at the image that had taken him offguard as the large robot lurched to his feet and promptly swung a large sword through a practice robot, cleanly slicing it in half vertically, and spewing fluids out both sides.

Grumbling to himself, the big robot wiped the sword blade carefully and set it back on a mount on a table in the middle of the room, and then went to a cabinet and pulled out a silver paper.
"Trainer Status granted to Slagger by order of Quintesson Hitherumus."

A snarling grin spread across the construct's facial features as he glanced over the papers.

Shatterstorm was just getting back to his quarters when he saw a figure approaching from the opposite direction. The shape was unmistakeable- he recognized this gladiator, and he couldn't help feeling an icy chill in his fluid lines at the stealthy approach. He steeled himself and kept his voice low and calm.
"Bludgeon, what brings you up here?"

2004-02-24, 03:17 PM
Bludgeon: -bows slightly, then gets down to business- "Shatterstorm, my creator, Arthaxis, has been murdered. I must avenge him. Honor demand it."

2004-02-25, 09:05 AM
Shatterstorm frowned and glanced backward slightly. "Yes Bludgeon, I know." Then Shatterstorm quickly locked back onto Bludgeon and added, "I heard."

He stood quietly for a moment, processing his next choice of words and actions.

"I know your beliefs of honor. I must advise that they are falsely incorporated into your programing. There is no honor. Only what we are programmed to do and not to do, and we are to serve the Quintesson masters. The construct that terminated your master must have had orders and therefore the construct's actions were valid. But if you wish to avenge your master, that is following your programming and cannot be faulted in that respect."

Shatterstorm paused slightly and then nodded. "Go to arena 3 and prepare yourself. I will... see to finding your opponent."

2004-02-25, 05:03 PM
Bludgeon: -thinking to self- Shatterstorm knows something. He is too nervous for his own good. -nods- "After I defeat my opponent, I shall find my master's killer." -turns on heel, heading for Arena 3, thinking to self- "I shall avenge my master's death on all responsible."

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-03, 08:05 PM
Two rookies, this assignment is unacceptable for one of my stature....

Thunderwing said nothing, did nothing. He just sat at his desk looking at the two, and the file on his computer.

"Thunderwing to Onslaught, report status."

Brave Maximus
2004-03-05, 07:45 AM
Ignore us will he? Perhaps his arrogance can be his weakness.....
Insight flashed into the Red and Grey transformers mind. He wanted power. To be in command, and if toadying up to this sycophant for a moment to learn the inner workings here, than he would do so. But being ignored was something that made his circuts flare.

He walked up a few inches away from his "commander", shrugging off the hand of his compatriot, and stared into the eyes of the other robot. Screamers grey eyes just slightly ringed with red.

"We are reporting for duty ....... Sir" the word twisted in his mouth. He spat it out, with the distane he would have for having a mouth full of fuel waste.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-05, 01:52 PM
Thunderwing glared upwards, he didn't lift his head or his body, but his eyes shifted focus, as cold an deadly as any robot.

"I am aware of your presence..."

Thunderwing tapped his finger on the gun which his hand had been resting upon the entire time.

"...yourself and SkyFire are to be assigned to the research and development of a component capable of re-charging units without the consumation of Energon. These are orders direct from Quintesson high-order and are non-negociable. Understood?"


TwinTwist stood around the debris he'd created...

Sheesh, Grapple must be a perfectionist, he's been pawing over those plans for the longest time...

Brave Maximus
2004-03-05, 07:39 PM
Screamers eyes flared at the other robot - optics glowing crimson for a moment, then settling down to grey once again and a smug look came over the other robots face.

Perhaps this provides certian..... opertunities........

"Of course - we will report there right away. I live to serve......"

With that the Red and Grey seeker turned and began to head for the door of Thunderwing's office. The other Transformer seemed to be lost in thought and had to visibly shake himself out of the daze. He seemed almost happy at getting to work. His fingers worked subconciously as you could almost see the calculations start to form in his head.

Both began to exit the office.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-05, 09:40 PM
"oh, before you leave..."

Thunderwing sat back in his chair now, his armed dragged off the table slowly, his hand clasping the weapon as it fell to his side and out of sight of the two 'scientists'.

"...your experiments will be monitored and I expect results. Fail or become scrap, the quintessons are very fair that way..."

Brave Maximus
2004-03-06, 06:01 AM
Screamer turned on his heel and faced the other robot sitting at the table. The room was still for a moment, then his face became an overly large smile. Screaming Star made a massive bow, with flouraches of his arm that belied the wings protruding from his back. With an almost mocking voice he said:
"Of course my lord - what ever you wish! I am at your service."

With out waiting, he turned again and headed out the door and down the hall.

OOC: right - so now where am I going and is there anyone else there?

2004-03-07, 03:40 AM
Staging area, Arena 3:

Bludgeon: -checking power cells for his energo-katana, nods in satisfaction, sheaths it in his left forearm sheath, checks charge in his electropulse cannon, lips quirk in a humorless smile- "If only my master had held a better understanding of Metallikato....." -pulls the shield off of his back, clips the cannon inside the shield, checks the shield, hangs it on his back, sits crosslegged on the floor, giving himself fully over into a meditative state, yet aware of all that goes on around him-

2004-03-07, 06:09 PM
Examining the wreckage from the skies, Jhiaxus picked up a faint signal...

Jhiaxus: That's it...onward...NOW!

God Jinrai
2004-03-07, 06:16 PM
Inside the tunnel, sunstorm grimaced... "Gentlemen... I ...think we have a proglem... " the sensor he'd placed at the entrance to the tunnel was going crazy... turning, he gazed down the tunnel, and barely could make out several figures...

"Black Convoy, get them all inside.. NOW. if this is the scum I think it is... well. I have a score to settle with him. "

sunstorm initiated an internal mechanism, and the shielding armor fell from his body... his radiation field was fully free... faint orange light could be seen in the tunnel.. but not for long. taking a running start, he transformed to jet mode, tearing down the tunnel... increasing his energy output as he roared out toward the waiting group..

hotrod looked at black convoy, giving him a nod, and transformed as well, tearing off after sunstorm...

Sunstorm's voice rang out through the tunnel...


2004-03-07, 06:34 PM
Jhiaxus landed with his Combaticons...

Jhiaxus: So eager to perish Sunstorm? Ah...and you have the rif raf crew along with you...very well then. Combaticons...full attack!

The Combaticons cocked their assorted weapons...smiles across their faces, finally...real combat against worthy foes...exactly what they wanted.

Onslaught: Brawl, Vortex...take their right flank...Swindle & Blast Off to the left...i'm in the middle...we'll let Jhiaxus crush the traitor!

Jhiaxus stood passively, waiting for Sunstorm or Convoy to move on him.

Jhiaxus: Well then...whom shall it be? Who wishes to die first?

God Jinrai
2004-03-07, 06:38 PM
roaring out of the tunnel at his full speed, sunstorm let his radiation field do the talking for him... transforming on the fly, cocking his right arm back, he stared coldly at jhiaxus as he closed on his...former commander.

Hotrod hung back in the tunnel, transforming, and hung tight to the wall... he wasn't afraid, but knowing sunstorm's radiation field, he'd have less chance to be useful if his circuits were fried...

2004-03-07, 06:46 PM
Jhiaxus smirked...knowing the blow would be painful...

Jhiaxus: Ahhhh...making this easy for me then my former Lieutenant?

*Jhiaxus absorbed the shot that rocked his head back, he fell to the ground, then initiated his boosters to rise back to his feet*

Jhiaxus: Very well then...let you feel the fury your betrayal has spawned!

Jhiaxus reared back for a massive punch of his own.

Meanwhile, the Combaticons flanked into position on Sunstorm's comrades.

Onslaught: Surrender is your only option for survival...resistance is futile!

God Jinrai
2004-03-07, 06:50 PM
"Think again, you old fool! Sunstorm saw the punch comming, and prepared a surprise for his former commander... chanelling his field, he diverted radiation to the two areas he would expect jhiaxus' blow... his face.. or his stomach.

hotrod, still inside the tunnel heard onslaught's shout.. and replied with a barrage from his tri-mounted lasters on his forearms... "Now, I just hope black convoy gets what he needs done.. even with sunstorm outside doing the heavy work, I dunno how long we'll be able to last. those monsters out there seem...different from most of the other bots I've seen..."

2004-03-07, 06:59 PM
Onslaught: Very well then...Combaticons...transform!

With that simple command...each combaticon transformed his shape from robot to military vehicles...Blast Off a space craft, Vortex a Quint attack chopper, Brawl a tank, Swindle an armed jeep and Onslaught into a heavy assault vehicle.

Onslaught: Mow him down!

In their alternate modes, the Combaticons bore down on the attacking Hot Rod.

Meanwhile Jhiaxus' shot bounced harmlessly off Sunstorm's face.

Jhiaxus smirked: Very well then...

With no warning Jhiaxus dropped down, sweeping at Sunstorm's legs.

God Jinrai
2004-03-07, 07:03 PM
reacting to his former mentor's movements, sunstorm simply ignited his jets, and rose above jhiaxus' leg... pointing both of his ion cannons down at jhiaxus' head, he diverted his reactor's output into his twin cannons. " Call your dogs off. NOW."

Hotrod was in a jam, and he knew it. but rather than run like a coward, he stood his ground.. transforming, he roared out toward the oncomming combaticons, ignighting his headlights to try and blind their sensors...

2004-03-07, 07:08 PM
Onslaught: Clever...but not good enough...Combaticons...open fire!

Jhiaxus smirked at Sunstorm's assumption.

Jhiaxus: Still foolish?

In an instant Jhiaxus transformed into his space jet mode and crashed hard into Sunstorm, sending him back down into the ground.

Jhiaxus: You aren't the only upgraded model my old friend...

Jhiaxus prepared to strafe Sunstorm...

God Jinrai
2004-03-07, 07:15 PM
Staring up at jhiaxus' trajectory path from the ground, sunstorm's optics narrowed. "Rule numer one, General. NEVER... underestimage your opponent. " his optics burned brighter, and suddenly the air was filled with a transformer's worst nightmare... an EMP.

" THIS HAS TO STOP HERE AND NOW, JHIAXUS! What happened to the commander who knew violence only as a last resort?!" he snarled as the em wave lashed out.

hotrod dove for the ground as he transformed again... sunstorm had told him of his last resort... and hotrod realized the situation called for it...

2004-03-07, 07:17 PM
Jhiaxus transformed as he crashed to the ground.

Jhiaxus: Stop? Is that why you left me alone to face the wrath of the runaway guardians? Is that why I stood alone defending our hometown? Is that why you left me to die?

Suddently the Combaticons also stopped and transformed. They glared at Hot Rod.

Onslaught: I suggest you come with us...

God Jinrai
2004-03-07, 07:26 PM
Sunstorm's optics darkened... his thoughts fading back to that fateful day...

"No, Jhiaxus. I ran... because deep down... I knew if I used my power... if I used the reactor output... in the middle of the city... every single transformer there... you.. the guardians... the entire city.. would be sent offline... and that was something I couldn't risk. if we all went... the quints would have come rolling in and wiped us BOTH as defects... at the time.. it was survival. and from the look of it... you got the better end of the stick. full upgrades... you kept your command... slag, you only ANSWER to ONE BEING. But had I used my pulse... I would have been branded a traitor... and you along with me. so I did us BOTH a favor, Jhiaxus. You just may not see it that way."

Hotrod slowly emerged from the tunnel, wary of the combaticons, but calm enough to not lose his cool...

2004-03-07, 07:30 PM
Jhiaxus again rose to his feet.

Jhiaxus: Keep my command? Answer only to one? And all it cost me was my soul...no Sunstorm...you have no idea how much I lost on that day. All that I was changed....yes I have my command...yes I have my upgrades...upgrades designed to counter even your gifts should I choose to place myself in that sort of situation...but for all you see I gained, I assure you that I lost just as much. I lost my one true friend that day...as he left me...alone to fight...but I survived...I fought my way out...but I couldn't fight forever...and now you see me as I am today...

The Combaticons were now standing behind Sunstorm.

Brawl: Is there something we should know here?

God Jinrai
2004-03-07, 07:38 PM
bowing his head, sunstorm spoke...

"You five... say nothing of this to anyone... your commander and I... we... were once the closest of friends. we watched eachother's backs... we stood against the injusticies in our home city... "

sunstorm's head rose, staring into jhiaxus' own optics. and he steeled himself for what he was about to say...

"You're here to stop not only me.. but black convoy as well. But I cannot allow that, old friend. this one behind me... who stands iwth your unit... he was witness to abuse in the production centers.. he killed the quintesson who was forcing his bretheren to work on near empty... and for his lone act, a group of guardians were sent out to destroy the entire facility. A SQUADRON OF GUARDIANS... to deal with one little incident. One incident where justice, as you and I know it, was served. The imperial magistrate has gone too far, Jhiaxus. You know as well as I that the only thing he cares for is lining his pockets... at any cost. We came here... to start what needs to be done. To sow the seeds of the Quintessons' downfall on cybertron. You see, Jhiaxus. I lost one friend... " sunstorm turned his head, looking back at hotrod, and the others in the tunnel, then turned back to jhiaxus. " I won't stand by, or run like a coward... and lose any more."

2004-03-07, 07:44 PM
Jhiaxus resolved softened.

Jhiaxus: Combaticons...to me...

Brawl: But...boss...

Onslaught: Quiet moron...the General has spoken...we follow him no matter what.

Jhiaxus: They are loyal aren't they Sunstorm...they'd follow me straight into hell...or into any battle I command them.

Jhiauxs paused: There are Guardians coming...go...now...I shall deal with them alone. Combaticons return to base...I will not let you fall with your leader...Sunstorm, take Hot Rod, and complete your tasks...may one day we once again stand beside each other in the right...but for now...I have a duty to perform...but consider this...an acceptance to an apology...go...now...

God Jinrai
2004-03-07, 07:52 PM
Sunstorm stared into his former commander's eyes... and replied.

"No, Jhiaxus. not again. WE CAN stop those guardians. "

turning to hotrod, he signaled him to get back inside, and inform black convoy of the situation... hotrod complied, running at his max speed, arriving in the command center moments later to explain the situation... outside, however, matters were different.

"I KNOW what those five are capable of doing, Jhiaxus. " he pointed over to the combaticons.

" and I'll not see you running to death's cold mits again... Onslaught, is it? He may be your commanding officer... But we both know there's something still that can be done. I heard all about the secret testing that was going on out in the desert beyond Kaon... it was you five that were there. you five that ripped apart three sentinels in less than two minutes. Show your commander what you're made of, Lieutenant. Show these..quintesson lackeys the TRUE POWER of the combaticons... Unleash... Bruticus. "

an evil smile crept across sunstorm's face as he uttered those last words. of all the combiner experiments, it had been discovered that the minds of the combaticons were most capable of perfect sync, making bruticus, for the time being, the most reliable and capable combiner in existance.

2004-03-07, 08:10 PM
Onslaught looked at his four platoon members...he had feared and anticipated this moment for a long time...he then looked to his leader...who nodded in approval.

Onslaught: Combaticons...transform...phase 1!

In an instant, all five were in vehicle mode...eagerly awaiting the next order...

Onslaught: Combaticons...transform...PHASE 2!

With that Brawl and Swindle transformed into what appeared to be legs...then Onslaught into a chest...Vortex and Blast off forming arms...as the units merged a chest shield moved into position and a head rose. Bruticus was awake once more...

Jhiaxus looked to the sky.

Jhiaxus: Very well then...the three of us...do send a squad back to hell...and in the process each get back something lost to us!

Jhiaxus took to the air in his jet mode, unleashing his feared plasma bursts, flying straight at the head of the lead Guardian, blasting his way right through...the Guardian fell lifelessly to the ground.

Jhiaxus: Go back to your masters...there is only death for you here!

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-07, 08:16 PM
Thunderwing slammed his fist down on the table at which he sat.

Onslaught's insubordination is intolerable....he will be dealt with, severely.

Thunderwing stood and exited his offices, he walked through the factory over-seeing all the work, the robots there scurried out of his way. He burst through the doors out to Cybertron's surfaced, transformed and blasted into the atmosphere.


God Jinrai
2004-03-07, 08:40 PM
rising skyward in his robot mode, sunstorm's boosters fully ignited, and he streaked onward at an oncomming guardian... transforming, his speed doubled, and using his ion cannons, fueled by his reactor... melted the head of one guardian into a pool of molten slag. the second guardian was not as fortunate. he was already weak from sunstorm's radiation field... and it took but a shot into a joint section to blow its cannon arm off... radiation poured into the giant, and it collapsed, sent offline from overexposure to sunstorm's lethal energies

2004-03-07, 11:04 PM
Control Room, Production Center 1:

Black Convoy: -wondering where all the personell are, moves into the room, Tracks and Wild Ride following-

Tracks: "Nobody home."

Black Convoy: "No kidding. Star checking the consoles, find the one that controls the security recordings." -looks over at Hot Rod- "How many Guardians are out there?"

Staging Area, Arena 3:

Bludgeon: -still meditating, bringing anything he feels about recent events under the strictest control, detatching himself from that which will make him weak, vulnerable-

God Jinrai
2004-03-08, 02:57 AM
Hotrod replied quickly... "Jhiaxus said it was a full squadron. If he's right.. that's around a dozen guardian sentinels. between sunstorm, him, and his squad... we should be able to manage. "

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-08, 07:38 PM
Thunderwing's space shuttle form streaked across the Cybertron sky, he mind was a confused mess of orders, guidelines and something...else.

Explosions? That one...I know him, military unit Jhiaxus, quintesson strategist, but why does he attack those deigned to protect? And...no -- NO! The fools, how could they contemplate combining together when they know that the technology is unstable...

Thunderwing flew within audio distance and yelled at the warriors...

"This is a direct contradiction of the orders of Quintesson high command, you are here by commanded to cease and desist any further acts of aggression, or suffer the consequences."

Brave Maximus
2004-03-08, 07:50 PM
Jetfire was lost in calculations. He was attempting to figure out if a viable way to transmit energy via microwave (or a more efficient transmission - possibly Takkions?) was indeed possible. Everything he was coming up with seemed to indicate that it was. Screamer would also be able to help him out with this. He had a good head for physics - but currently he seemed to be interested in the battle going on.

Battles didn't agree with Jetfire, they wasted resourses and personell. And he knew that most of what he was going to come up with would be used by his masters to further their conquest. Not that it really mattered, he was supposed to do what he was told, and he would. But why did the thought of his work becoming perverted bother him so much?

Interesting. That idoit who pretends to be in command really has no power at all. Just what his masters have granted him. That must be why he runs everything with an iron fist. He's afraid that he'll loose control. I doubt the Quintessons would like that. I wonder how he handles high stress situations? This might be a good time to frazzel him a little more......

Screaming Star moved a little to the left, well covered and also in line with Thunderwing as he flew away from him. He raised one of his arms and aimed with his mounted Null ray. He made sure the power was sufficient and fired at the Combined Behemoth (Bruticus), just skimming underneath Thunderwing, making it appear as if the shot came from the "Commander". The shot was weak enough that it wouldn't do any damage to the combiner, but strong enough that they felt it and it stung. He then ducked behind one of the outcropings of the industral sectors and waited a moment.

He looked for his compatriot and called him over. Jetfire was having interesting ideas in using Faster than light particles to carry energy to individual robots. Truely facinating ideas. He then walked out of the out croping, seeming to not even pay attention to the battle and walked towards the labs with Jetfire. His back turned head hid a small smirk though.

2004-03-09, 03:30 AM
Control Room, Production Center 1:

Wild Ride: -looking blankly at the displays before him-

Tracks: -checking consoles and panels, looking for the security camera controls- "I wish Camshaft was here."

Black Convoy: -doing the same as Tracks- "Why? He your security blanket?"

Tracks: "No. He does have an ECM suite built into his weapons array, though."

Black Convoy: -deciding to ignore Tracks for the moment-

Grounds near the spaceport, not far from Production Center 1:

Camshaft: "..... and coming up on our left, you can see, in the distance, the production center where I was constructed and came online." -wondering if his new commander will want to see every sight on the planet-

2004-03-09, 04:51 AM
"This is a direct contradiction of the orders of Quintesson high command, you are here by commanded to cease and desist any further acts of aggression, or suffer the consequences."

Jhiaxus turned and saw Thunderwing...

Jhiaxus: You dare speak to me in such a manner...Bruticus...jam all outgoing transmissions from the area!

Bruticus: Transmisions...blocked at source...

Just then a shot hit Bruticus...he glared...not certain where it came from...seeing only a Guardian. Full of rage, Bruticus punched into the chest, caving it in.

Bruticus: Bruticus...angered...foolish move Guardian...Bruticus is not one to anger!

Boring deep into the Guardian's chest, Bruticus tore the monster robot in half...and tossed the pieces to the ground.

Jhiaxus: Thunderwing...you have one chance to live...

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-03-09, 01:50 PM
"You dare to threaten me you insubordinate heap of SLAG!?!"

Thunderwing transformed to his robot mode and withdrew his laser blaster, ready for action.

"I'm sure your masters would not take your actions against the guardians too lightly..."