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AWF Press Office
2003-12-18, 06:51 AM
Warzone v Mayhem: SURVIVOR SERIES: Team Warzone: HBK Sean O’Con, Morpheus, Tempest, Redstreak & TC v Team Mayhem: The Game Erik Summers, The Mat Man, Auros & Sixswitch

JFA: Well folks…after seeing that backstage, one has to wonder what condition the Mat Man will be in…regardless…its here and its time…this one means it all…this will be the one to decide everything. Team Warzone…Team Mayhem…for all the marbles!

Flec: Marbles? How do you put up with this guy?

JHA: I sleep with his wife!

Flec: Really? Me too!

JFA: I’ve about had it with both of you…

Joey: As much as I’ve had it with all of you…but nevertheless, it is time. This match started really at Syxx Feet Under, when the Game and the King were ambushed by several Warzone wrestlers inside that Iron Gauntlet cage…it only grew worse at the War Games at Autumn Annihilation, when Team Warzone gained a victory after HBK, turned on Team Mayhem, turned on his best friend Erik Summers, wiping out team Mayhem.

JHA: And a single tear goes down my face…

JFA: I’m sure it does…

Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow. Toast the champion cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow. If it feels good then it feels good and I do it all day. You want me to play you best bring your brain, you best bring your money. Make me a superstar. No matter who you are.

RA: The Following contest is the Survivor Series Match…and the winner will determine which show will survive. Participants can be eliminated by pin fall, submission, count out, disqualification, technical knock out or by referee’s discretion due to injury. Making their way to the ring area…representing Warzone, the team of Morpheus, Redstreak, Tempest, TC and team captain, the Heart Brend Kid Sean O’Con!

Superstar by Saliva continues to resonate throughout the Link as Team Warzone confidently makes their way to the ring…the five superstars slide into the ring and HBK immediately begins to shout orders to his teammates.

JFA: There’s the team that holds the fate of the Warzone roster, I have to admit that while it’s a real assembly of talent, I just don’t know if that monsterous ego of the HBK can blend with the ego of Redstreak…and how will superstars like TC, Morpheus or Tempest react to this barking of orders?

I know what darkness means (and the void you learned from me)
The isolation steams (So I think it wants to bleed)
The echoes in my brain (All the things you said to me)
You took my everything (Now I'm coming for you!)

I won't back down
I will not bow
I've come to bring you hell
I can’t forget
Things you did
I've come to bring you hell

RA: And their opponents, representing Mayhem, Auros, Sixswitch, The Mat Man and Team Captain, the Game Erik Summers.

Joey: And here, the last best hope for Mayhem…already down a man…and I don’t understand why we can’t get someone else out here.

JFA: It’s all in the contract Joey…if Reilly had read it he would have known that the AWF Superstars who signed the match’s contract MUST be the ones to compete in the match…no substitutions! I’m not saying it’s fair or proper or right, but that’s the way this is.

Won’t Back Down plays as the Mayhem Team enters the ring, glaring down Team Warzone. The Game in particular smirking in the direction of the Heart Brend Kid.

Joey: Well, the bell sounds and the Game will start for team Mayhem…HBK looks ready to start for team Warzone…lots of trash talk going on…and this is it folks…we’re off…we never thought we would see these two eye to eye…face to face like this again…and here we go…

Flec: Or not…

JFA: And HBK with a Blind Tag to bring Tempest in, and pointing him in the ring. The Game looking less than amused at HBK’s antics, but quickly shifts his gaze back onto Tempest. The two lock up and the much larger Tempest backs Summers into the corner…Warzone referee Joe Mamma calls for a clean break….and gets it!

Joey: Tempest doesn’t seem the type to take a cheap shot in the corner…and might I remind you that Mayhem has its referee on the outside of the ring!

JHA: Wow…great commentary there Styles…I’m sure after we win this match YOUR job will be safe…yeah right…Flec I’d like to see kept around!

Joey: Yeah…you two can argue over who’s more obnoxious. Lock up again, this time the Game using that amateur background with a go behind, wastelock, and Greco-roman takedown, to get the big man off his feet. Now the Game going to work, driving the knee of Tempest into the mat, trying to soften up a limb…

JFA: Great plan there, take the big man down and keep him off his feet. Now the Game locking in a sort of reverse figure four….and we can see HBK on the apron shouting instructions…barking orders to his team…and Morpheus responding to that order, leap frogs over the top rope and drops a square punch to the Game. This breaks the hold and Morpheus drags Tempest to Warzone’s corner.

Joey: Tempest reaching up for a Tag and HBK drops off the apron ordering TC to take the tag. TC glares at the captain but accepts the tag. TC…looking at his opponent…a guy pulling himself up…a sight TC has seen before…and now the Game looks over to see TC…TC charging, and with a spinning heel kick he sends Summers back down to the canvas.

JFA: Speaking of keeping someone down, the Game is one guy you don’t want to get even an inch to breath…he’s just too resilient to give him any type of quarter. TC, knowing this perhaps as well as just about anyone in the business, bounces off the ropes to deliver a rolling thunder!

Flec: He’s going up top!

Joey: Indeed he is, and you know what that means…but Auros shoves TC from the top rope…to the outside! The Game now crawling to his corner and he tags Auros in. Auros immediately charges to the other side to the ring and shoves Tempest to the floor, nails Redstreak & Morpheus, HBK drops down scoffing Auros… Auros attempting to go to the outside…to go after TC or HBK…Referee Mamma restraining Auros…and Auros gives him a hard shove to the mat. Referee Mamma calling for the bell!

Flec: NO!

JHA: HA! What a moron.

RA: By order of the referee, Auros has been disqualified and is eliminated!

JFA: Well Auros has some bad intentions in mind…grabbing the referee and delivering an Atomic Piledriver on his way out of the match! Now that isn’t right!

Joey: I’m inclined to agree with you there J. Auros, really hurting his team with that shove of the referee…especially considering it was a Warzone referee he should have known better. Now his teammates glaring at him, and Auros responds by flipping them off on the way out.

JFA: And very quickly, a bad situation is made that much worse…and Mayhem referee now helping the downed referee to the outside as AWF Officials make their way out and a new Warzone official takes his place in the ring.

Joey: Mat Man taking over for Auros, meanwhile Morpheus has been exchanged into the match per Team Warzone’s little coordinator, HBK. Morpheus and Mat Man locking up, Mat Man with the early advantage here, slipping a waste lock and belly to belly suplex! Mat Man, showing his technical proficiency, goes straight into a cover, but Morpheus powers out at 1.

JHA: Thus far the technical in ring advantage has to go to mayhem, but the numbers are just going to be too much.

Flec/JFA/Joey: …


Flec: Nothing…

Joey: Insightful…

JFA: Very…

Joey: Mat Man now trying to take control, theres a neck snap sending Morpheus down…this Morpheus is one bizarre individual.

JHA: We call him special…

Joey: I can see why.

JFA: Mat Man now trying to work Morpheus up, into a snap suplex…quick cover…1…2…and kickout. Morpheus too strong still. Mat Man working the suplexes, close to the Warzone corner…and Redstreak with a blind tag, Mat doesn’t see it, Northern Lights Suplex…and Red with an elbow into the abs of Nmat.

Joey: Sneaky, but effective…Redstreak now hoisting Mat up, but Mat slides off Redstreaks back and grabs him with a release German suplex, Morpheus, still in the ring, levels Mat from behind with a clothesline before being ordered out of the ring. Redstreak and Mat Man both recovering…and…what is HBK doing on the outside?!?

Flec: Talking with the Mayhem referee…

Joey: And what…the Warzone referee is talking to the Game and Sixswitch…what is…

Flec: HEY!

Joey: Amarant Odinson…sliding into the ring…grabbing Mat Man…and Death Valley Driver…AO just DVD’d Mat Man…and now Redstreak miraculously getting to his feet and planting Mat Man with a Scorpion. Redstreak with a cover…oh…and wow…amazingly the Warzone referee turns around…1…2…3! Game tried to leap in…but he couldn’t make it…and Amarant is on the apron…all smiles…he’s just gotten Mat Man eliminated…

Flec: You guys…you…pricks!

JFA: Hey…even I’m sickened by this…this is no way to win!

JHA: Speak for yourself loser…I like my job!

Joey: Amarant pointing at Mat Man…but…HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! SCOUT! Scout is out here! And she’s looking for some payback…spinning heel kick sends Amarant Odinson crashing down. Now Scout…with a glimmer in her eye…and maybe some bad intentions…TORNADO KICK! Tornado Kick sends AO off the ramp and crashing through the production tables down on the arena floor…Scout, glaring at AO…who cheated to beat her earlier…and now cheated Mat Man out of this match…but Scout getting herself a little retribution! And AO is laying in a tangled mess of wires…left lacerated by the fall and the implosion of technical equipment and the stands! And Scout…wow…

Flec: HA!

JFA: Meanwhile in the ring…the Game and Sixswitch are left to face the entire Team Warzone.

JHA: Well, I’m out of here losers…I’m popping the champagne with J’s wife backstage!

Flec: Yeah…don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out…

JFA: Sixswitch taking his spot in the ring, begging HBK to enter the ring, but Redstreak remains in…Sixswitch sends Redstreak into the ropes, Red bounces off, blind tag by TC…Red ducks a clothesline bounces back…Forceful Entry…but Six moves and Red drills TC! Six drop kicks Red to the outside! Six shooter! Cover…wrap up…1…2…3! Sixswitch gets TC! And for the second time tonight, Redstreak has cost Warzone and the TCA! TC…not at all pleased as he rolls up…Redstreak recoiling back a little as he climbs in the ring…TC saying…nah…its cool…

Flec: Don’t think its cool…

Joey: Spinning heel kick sends Red crashing down…Sixswitch just tagged in the Game…TC to the top…FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH on Redstreak! TC with the Five Star…and the Game…ever the opportunist…hoisting Redstreak up…Pedigree! Cover…1…2…3! And Redstreak has been eliminated…and in under a minute it went from 5-2 to 3-2 in favor of Warzone…and HBK hasn’t even been in the ring.

JFA: No…he’s been limited to directing traffic by my observations…

Flec: How astute they are too…

Joey: The Game now begging HBK to enter the ring…full out taunting him at the moment…TC has just tossed Redstreak to the outside and he’s leaving him behind as he makes his way out. HBK now part way in…part way in…and…oh…figures…

JFA: Sending Morpheus back in…Morpheus locks up with the former 3 Time AWF Champion…the Game sends Morpheus into the ropes…Morpheus bouncing back…Game catches him…and Game OVER! The Game nails the game over and it should be over for Morpheus…1…2…and No…Tempest sent in a the bequest of HBK breaks the count at two. So 20 minutes gone by here in this match up…and we have Sixswitch and the Game against Tempest, Morpheus and HBK.

Joey: Thus far, we’ve seen so external interference and we’ve seen some internal implosions…I’m willing to bet you anything TC is still furious!

JFA: As well he should be! Whether intentional or simply negligent, Redstreak did hit the forceful entry on both he and Viewfind and in both cases it cost them dearly.

Joey: Game with that Dragon Sleeper locked in on Morpheus…and it sounds as though Morpheus is squealing…though it sounds almost as if he’s joyful.

Flec: That’s one sick little monkey you guys have there.

JFA: Morpheus now starting to succumb to the effects of the Game’s dragon sleeper…the ref checks once…arm drops…twice…arm drops…third time…and no…again Tempest comes in at the ordering of Warzone Captain HBK and clubs the Game to break the hold.

Joey: Game now glaring at O’Con and tagging in the Welsh Wonder. Sixswitch coming in over the top rope landing a guillotine leg drop on Morpheus. Who remains in serious trouble…but we all have seen how much punishment Morpheus can with stand. Six going up top…could be looking for the Technophobic. And off he goes…and…Morpheus rolled clear. Six lands hard and Morpheus crawling…crawling and he tags HBK!

JFA: Forced tag might I add…O’Con really didn’t want in.

Flec: No choice here…referee is ordering him in!

Joey: That he is…so HBK moving in…lining up…we know he wants that Heart Brend Kick…and here it comes…and he NAILS IT! Sixswitch falling back…but ON HIS WAY BACK THE GAME REACHED OUT AND TAGGED HIM!

JFA: And here’s what the people paid to see…Erik Summers and Sean O’Con…eye to eye…

Flec: Or not…again…

Joey: But this time, Morpheus and Tempest drop off the apron and are pointing at their leader to face the Game.

JFA: HBK instead sliding to the outside, the Game gives chase, so O’Con slides in, Game follows, O’Con back to the outside…cat and mouse here…and Summers….looks like he’s had enough…and he crawls under the ring!

Joey: And O’Con looks darn proud of himself…

Flec: Other side marks! Look!

Joey: It’s the Game…he’s had enough of O’Con’s nonsense…and he’s got a friend…don’t do it! NO!

Flec: Too late…

JFA: The Game just tossed Sean O’Con a chair, then delivered some Sweet Chin Music to the chair, sending O’Con over the top rope to the floor…the Warzone referee is calling for the bell and he’s disqualifying the Game.

Joey: The Game livid here…shoves the referee…Sixswitch talking…trying to reason him to the back…on the floor Sean O’Con is a bloody mess…but he’s grinning ear to ear.

Flec: Yeah…but the Mayhem referee is counting…

JFA: And he just reached 10…HE COUNTED SEAN O’CON OUT! And the Game on his way up is looking back, smiling…The Game got disqualified, but he managed to knock Sean O’Con out too…but getting him counted out…

Flec: But Sixswitch is still alone against both Morpheus and Tempest. Tempest steps into the ring…Tempest with a chop to Six, which Six fires back, but the big man is barely even phased. So Six goes lower with a drop kick to the knee…dropping the big man down and following it up with a modified bull dog. Cover…1…2…and a kickout!

JFA: Did flec just do commentary?

Joey: It happens…

JFA: Tempest now reaching up and clutching Sixswitch by the throat…looks like the big man shaking off the move…going for a chokeslam…no..powerbomb…converts it to a powerbomb…but Six with a backslide…roll up, bridges…1…2…3! HE GOT HIM!

Flec: YES!!!

Joey: My God! Sixswitch with a roll up, which he bridged for leverage and he just got Tempest…1…2…3 cleanly…and Tempest is stunned!!!

JFA: And Morpheus is bounding into the ring…nailing a double arm ddt on Six as he was getting to his feet. Morpheus with a cover…1…2…3! WARZONE WINS!

Flec: The hell they do! Look!

Joey: Sixswitch has hit foot on the ropes and the Mayhem ref sees it and he’s yelling no fall!

JFA: Now the Mayhem referee is in the ring and the two are arguing…Morpheus looking less than amused…and he’s…TEARING HIS OWN HAIR OUT!!! Now grabbing both the officials and a double ddt! Morpheus just ddt’d both the referees…and now he’s sitting on the apron…and he appears to be…

Joey: Is he singing?

JFA: I think he is…and Sixswitch now…shaking the cobwebs out…I guess the match is continuing because a new referee came down and slid into the ring, while other AWF Officials. And Morpheus still singing…now pulling himself up with the ropes…and charging at Sixswitch, who leaps frogs into a head scissors take over…and SIXSHOOTER! Out of no where comes the Six shooter! Cover…pulls back hard on the leg…1…2…3! Sixswitch wins it!


RA: The winner of this match…and the sole survivor…the Welsh Wonder…SIXSWITCH!

Joey: Mayhem has won the match and won the night…Warzone is no more! What does this mean for the staff for the wrestlers…for that man sitting in the ring in shock at what happened!?!

Flec: Like he has any clue where he is, much less what happened.

Joey: Folks…we are out of time…we have a ton of unanswered questions…and we’ll answer them on Next Week’s MAYHEM!

The picture fades as Sixswitch is shown celebrating in the ring as various members of the Mayhem roster, including the Game, Mat Man, God Jinrai, Quick Switch, Scout and Stone Cold make their way to the ring to congratulate Sixswitch on his victory. Jinrai and Quick Switch hoist Six onto their shoulders as the crowd cheers madly.

2003-12-18, 07:06 AM
Well, I might not have been in the match, but at least our team got the job done, even though Sixswitch was the last person on my mind to get it done. I guess miracles do happen.

But enough about that. Now that Warzone has gotten their asses fully handed to them, now I can go back to terrorizing that waste of skin some people like to call Jinrai.

Cause let me tell ya, Jinners, it's gonna take more than a ****ing concussion to knock out the Mad Bomber.

2003-12-18, 07:24 AM
I can't ... I can't believe it ...

I ... I ... I was beaten? In the mathc that made all the difference.

I was stupid not to nail the Game in the corner ... I shoulda taken him out. I should of won it Warzone.

I've had enough.

As of NOW I am a member of one of the best factions the AWF has to offer.

I am now a member of the best their is.

I am now G.P.A.!

2003-12-18, 07:31 AM
Originally posted by ‡T3MPE5T‡

As of NOW I am a member of one of the best factions the AWF has to offer.

I am now a member of the best their is.

I am now G.P.A.!

And I am now :laugh: ing my ****ing ass off!

2003-12-18, 07:40 AM
You bitch why you laughing like that?
Man your been ride'n you momma again, you know the one thats fat?
Yeah thats didn't daddy tell you,
That he did more then your mom, he did your WHOLE CREW!

Man your head alright, you know?
You been having have with good damn slows.
You been doing Arcee's job for the Canucks?
Man your a stupid fuc .. Whoaaa ...

Don't be doing that! Man your sick,
Man I'm from Australia, I don't wanna see your genitalia.
Go back to the hospital dude,
So you can play doctor and eat his ass as if it was food.

2003-12-18, 10:59 AM
D-Ex: Well Mayhem won. those lucky idiots....and Tempest. As far as you being GPA..thats very believable seeing you CAN rap. Good luck running with those guys, especially when they play poker

2003-12-18, 01:41 PM
The HeartBrend Kid cuts a solitary path backstage, barging past road agents and pushing security guards out of his way.

Lisa Lovelace approaches, microphone in hand, trying to stifle a grin.

LL: "Sean O'Con, do you have any comments after losing tonight?"

HBK stops, tilts his head and glares at the interviewer.

LL: "No comment at all on the fact that Warzone is no more, your employer is redundant and your contract is now owned by Mr Reilly - a man who hates you with a passion?"

HBK: "I know what you're doing. You're trying to make me angry. You're trying to get me to accept the blame for the fact that I was on a team with four worthless losers. You're not gonna get me there. I wasn't beaten and everybody knows it. The Brendinio Heat will long live on in the AWF."

LL: "Not if Mr Reilly has anything to say about it..."

HBK: "We'll see. The Game and Reilly may have had the last laugh... but we've not reached the punchline yet. You'll see when we do... and it'll be a corker."

Reaching the end of the corridor, HBK pushes open a door and steps in. The door swings back in Lovelace's face, revealing it to be marked "Mr Waugh - Official Legal Representation of Warzone."

2003-12-18, 02:54 PM
Well, well, well and well again. Morpheus, Tempest... You brought it. Two on one, one on two - doesn't really matter. Fact is, I kicked both your arses. The Human Bulldozer ran out of gas, and the... Well, I don't know what the hell you are, Morpheus you whacko.

Fact remains that team Mayhem did what we had to do, we came into the ring, and the Mat Man, The Game and myself kicked some ass. Like I expected, Auros the little hack screwed up, and like I knew. We didn't need him anyway.

Oh and Odinson. I've got one thing to say to you. Watch your back.

So, what does this mean for the AWF? What does it mean for the Welsh Wonder? It means that now, Reilly's in charge, and who wants Reilly in charge? No one, that's who. But as they say, better the enemy you know, and I know Reilly pretty well. I've spent the last few months rockin', rollin' and kicking his pretty boy goons' asses. Which means he knows me pretty well too, and Reilly knows that the Double S's victory here will not go un followed up on. What does that mean for the AWF? Wait and see, Reilly. Wait and see.

So if you think YOU'RE ready for the Double S... Come get some!

(OOC: Great one writer folks, all throughout the PPV it was quality. Top notch)

Silly Cow
2003-12-18, 06:03 PM
That was fun.

Friendships were shattered, egos were broken, violence pulled me back to the darkness... but it was fun. Losing, winning, makes little difference. Surviving is all that matters, and this time - as I predicted - I was not fit for survival. That is left for individuals with dreams, desires, ambitions. What is inside me, counts as none of those.

I still have a long way to go, much pain to give and even more to take. But there must be a limit, at somepoint I will get rid of the pain, or be full of it. I want to get rid of the pain...

Cyberstrike nTo
2003-12-18, 07:43 PM
IC: Now maybe we can back down to business.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-12-18, 08:11 PM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
IC: Now maybe we can back down to business.

Well, I guess your business is getting your collective little bitch-asses handed to you week in, week out.

2003-12-18, 08:58 PM
Originally posted by ‡T3MPE5T‡
You bitch why you laughing like that?
Man your been ride'n you momma again, you know the one thats fat?
Yeah thats didn't daddy tell you,
That he did more then your mom, he did your WHOLE CREW!

Man your head alright, you know?
You been having have with good damn slows.
You been doing Arcee's job for the Canucks?
Man your a stupid fuc .. Whoaaa ...

Don't be doing that! Man your sick,
Man I'm from Australia, I don't wanna see your genitalia.
Go back to the hospital dude,
So you can play doctor and eat his ass as if it was food.


Amarant Odinson
2003-12-18, 09:22 PM
Well..... Is it just me or does anything that HBK touches turn to ****??? He was the last member, the secret member of Team Mayhem last month and Mayhem loses. He's the leader of Team Warzone this month and Warzone loses. Does anyone else see a patteren here???

So thanks to HBK and the other members of Team Warzone who couldn't get the job done, Warzone is no more. I should care but for some reason I don't. Do you know why??? Because I did my job and then some. I kicked Scout's ass in my match against her and I'll admit she got good afterwards, I can now see why she has that I.C. Title and I would mind taking it from her, but back to what I was saying. If it wasn't for me, none of you would've been able to take out Mat Man. You had a 5 on 2 advantage and you wasted it.

Never let a boy, do a man's job. Vaccero sent boys to beat up Team Mayhem and Sixswitch came out on top. It was a fluke, but there nothing I can do about that now is there. I'm just keep on doing what I do best and that's making everyone in the AWF TAP OUT.

I am the Best Damn Technical T.V. Champ, I showed that to Scout, I showed that to Mat Man and I'll be more than happy to show anyone else who dares to take my T.V. Title away from me.

The only thing that changes now is the fact that I get to beat the living hell out of anybody on Warzone or Mayhem. Sixswitch tells me to watch my back???? I don't think so. The entire AWF roster better start watching out for me. I don't care if you're from the GPA, one of Tapedeck's mindless cassettes or those 2 retards from the NtO. It doesn't matter if you're name is HBK, Redstreak, the Game, Mat Man, Scout, Skywarp or Sixswitch. If anyone here thinks that they have a chance in hell of beating me, then come on down to my ring and we'll see if any you can PROVE ME WRONG.

2003-12-18, 10:36 PM

Nice job Red you sure know how to f*** s*** up don't cha?
anyways wha was dat sound? oh bombshell? how many times da GPA gotta beat yo white ass down?

The G.P.A has just been reborn son!

Holla at dat!

2003-12-19, 04:38 AM
Amarant, Amarant, Amarant... I thought that we had already seen the lowest level of class when the nTo arrived... I was wrong. I waited until your match was over to try and have a chat with you. Did you return the same courtesy? No. You had to come out during MY match.. The match where I was walking through team Warzone. My chance to shine for the people, yet again make a name for myself on a worldwide stage... But alas, you had to come out, attack me from behind, and then use trickery to eliminate me...

Scout, thank you for the heads up defense. Revenge is sweet, no? Team Mayhem, I am sorry that I wasn't able to continue the good fight, but what can you do in the face of such dishonesty? At least we won, and Sixswitch, I think you'll be getting a title shot after that really soon. I must congratulate you on your performance.

I am impressed with one thing, Amarant; you are correct that Team Warzone would have been unable to eliminate me without outside interference. If nothing else, your show should thank you for preventing a rout with 3 Mayhem members left standing after the final pinfall...

Amarant, I won't interfere in your matches, I won't use cheap shots to cost you your title. You see, I want that title, and I want to take it from you. All that I am asking for is the same. I will let you continue on, confident in your misguided belief that you can match up with me in the ring. After I take care of Cloud, after you finish whatever business you have left with former Warzone members, sooner or later the people will demand to see us in action facing off against one another. The bookers won't be able to ignore the calls for long. And when that match is made, when we finally face off, when the ref counts the 1, 2..3 no one will question who is the best technical wrestler in the business today. When it's all over, I will be holding the strap, and you will be revealed for who you really are. Someone who's good, but JUST NOT READY!

Amarant Odinson
2003-12-19, 05:03 AM
Blah, Blah, Blah, Just because you don't know how to defend yourself, doesn't allow you to make up excuses for the fact that you got taken out tonight. And you can keep dreaming all you want about taking my T.V. Title away from me, but it's not going to happen. I will wait for you to finish your business with Cloudy the Viking and when you're ready, come see me.

I'll promise you this much though, when we finally meet face to face, you're right. There will be no question in the people minds. I will show them all once again why I am the Best Damn Technical in this business. I'm not going to pin you 1..2..3 either because I won't need to. I'm going to MAKE YOU TAP instead. And when it's all said and done, I'll still be the AWF T.V. Champion and you'll be just another name on the long list of people that will never PROVE ME WRONG, because Mat Man.....YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

2003-12-19, 05:31 AM
The Game is backstage...the other Mayhem superstars are shouting for joy while the Warzone wrestlers walk about, nervous, uncertain for their futures. Suddenly TC approaches.

TC: Erik...

Game: T...what's with the long face?

TC: You serious? We lost...Reilly's already talking about who he's going to fire! And you damn well know I'm on the list...

Game: I wouldn't be too worried bro...

TC: Why's that...

The Game smirks and whips out several pages of paper, with highlighted sections.

TC: No sh*t...where'd you get this?

Game: Vaccarro gave it to me on the way out...said he knew he could trust me to take care of it. Let's go get a beer...

TC: Absolutely...

Game: Why don't you call homeslice and the GPA boys...they may want to be a part of this...

2003-12-19, 05:41 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91
Game: Why don't you call homeslice and the GPA boys...they may want to be a part of this...

Whats this? A Contract that even TC likes? Well seeming I'm now part of GPA I'll join, I'll see if I can Blingzilla and Prowl? and Divebomb. And Beer too? I have to come now.


2003-12-19, 06:30 AM
IC: So.. Warzone Team lost and Warzone is no more, and if you ask me if I am surprised..... no, not in the slightest. I have always held the belief that Mayhem is where you go if you want to compete with the very best in the business, while Warzone is for wrestlers trying to be tough but aren't. One fine example is Tempest. Yeah he calls himself the Human Bulldozer, but there's a lot of BULL in that statement, as evident by his inability to beat SS when there's a 2 to 1 advantage. Losing to a Bridge pin? HA! Guess it's just like SS said.. the Bulldozer ran out of gas. And now he wants to rap and challenge for my Title? Talk about delusions of grandeur. Hey.. I hope I can drive and do my Taxes at the same time too but it's best to leave things you can't accomplish be so you don't look like a fool.

As for Amarant, I can understand why he didn't mention me in his rambling. Obviously he's smart enough to know he's got no chance in hell of beating me in the ring so he's going after the small fishes out there. You Amarant keep yapping about making people tap. I don't care about that during my match cuz, one way or another, my opponent will lose to me. Pinning, tapping, or passing out.. the result is the same. *patting the AWF title*

2003-12-19, 09:17 PM
Asswipe Odinson thinks he can PROVE ME WRONG, and MAKE ME TAP? The only thing Odinson can possibly do to PROVE ME WRONG is to drop his pants and prove that he has a set of testicles, but I DON'T WANT THAT. Fact of the matter is this. I walked into Meltdown to win that match, and guess what? I did. We did. And guess which sucktacular fool wasn't even in that match? Yup, that's right Odinson. It was you. So you can run your little mouth all you like, but the Double S has beaten down the best that Warzone had to offer, and come out grinning.

And yes Tempest. You were beaten. By Mayhem, and by Me. You want to sing your rhymes, and play your games, but when all's said and done, the Double S will rhyme better, the Double S will play harder, and the Double S will still come out kicking ass. And there aint nothing you can do about that!

2003-12-20, 12:21 AM
Originally posted by Galvatron91

Game: Why don't you call homeslice and the GPA boys...they may want to be a part of this...


All you gotz to do is blaze up my cell yo.