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2003-12-19, 08:05 AM
*P.I.M.P (NWA re-mix) blares over the arena speakers*

~D-I-V-E-B-O-M-B and big P? in the hizzie

We internationally known and locally respected

Boy, I know you done heard about me

D-I-V-E-B-O-M-B and big P? in the hizzie

We internationally known and locally respected

Boy, I know you done heard about me

I'm a P.I.M.P~


Da NWA is back in FULL mothaluvin swing biotch!
We slapped that foo cyberdyke like he be a little runt trying to bark at da big dawgs. DA BOMB got his pimp flo right on down the poongtang river while big P? took that foo runt all the way to pain market and bought that foo a bulk can of whoop ass and fed it to him with a wooden spood till he cried for his momma. Sh!t be looking pretty good for da TCA that night.... then Blingzilla, the lord of the bling, stepped up to swing at dat foo King. Blingzilla was handlining buziness like no otha sucka could, then I peeped some sh!t that made a G's blood boil. That jelous mothaluva Red f*cked everythin up.... and cost Big Bling da belt. Well guess what foo? You ass is dumped! Da TCA BE smoked FOO! Take yo hata aide and go chug that sh!t with yo fudge packin hommies in the limp wrist social club dat boys that love the man stick go to find some tail. We know you be chillin in da closet when da TCA be hittin up da clubs wit all the hot ladies and ya be peepin the bubbha bouncers all night. So now it be da GPA back in the hizzie fo shizzie. We dumped those suckas that held us back and picked up a straight up soilder, Tempest. He gonna be mackin all the hos with all the flo of a GPA bro, fo sho. Then he gonna go kick red's mothaluvin a$s while big bling gets his ten pound belt buckle back. All the time while otha GPA hommies be gettin their glory, da NWA be goin biotch huntin.... we hear some pansys called 'blood and thunder' put up some decent game, but we aint be impressed...... So heads up suckas, ya worst nightmare is coming for what belongs to us, DA TAG TITLES!!!

and there's nothing ya can do but respect this....


2003-12-19, 08:45 AM
*P? passes the mic over to Divebomb*

DB: "Thats right folks you heard right. TCA is dead, Long live the GPA . The GPA is back, lead by the former and soon to be again World Heavyweight Champion Viewfind, we have the now back in action NWA and a new member, Tempest, the human bulldozer.

Over the past the GPA has went through some changes. Joining the TCA, P? taking a little break, breaking away from TCA, getting a new member. It has been a whirlwind of change with us, but you see we are now back and improved. We have had time to work things out and time to train and now we all have our prioritys set. We all know what we want in this fed and now we have the tools to get the job done.

Cyberstrike, you were the first victim of the reformed NWA. You got to witness and feel the power of the NWA first hand. You thought you could take me but you were stupid. You should have learned by now that when you mess with one member of the NWA you are bound to piss the other one off. You thought you were cool when you said you had more money and better women. But let me ask you a question, when you were getting your ass handed to you by P?, who was the one in the ring with the two beautiful women? Me thats who. Then after the match you had the balls to challenge me and P? to a, what was it, a hell in a cell match. You gotta be kidding me. Do you really want to be put inside a cage with the most vicious tag team the AWF has to offer. The nTo doesn't stand a chance in a fair tag match with the NWA let alone a match were you give us that much steel to hurt you with. You lost, face it. You stepped up and got put the hell down. Now run along before the big boys really decide to hurt you.

Now as my partner here has stated. We want the gold. That means you, Blood and Thunder. We lost that gold to you too long ago and when we did we said we were coming for it when we thought you had had it long enough. Well guess what, you've had it long enough. So you had better get ready because whats coming is worse than Doomsday. Whats coming is the NWA and there will be no holding back and No Regrets for what we will do to get our belts back.

The NWA is back, so that means only one thing.

For all who oppose, THE END is coming...

2003-12-19, 02:39 PM
*Divebomb passes the Mic to Tempest*

T: Yo, Prowl?, Divebomb, HOLLA THAT!

Their is no doubt in my mind that you two will get YOUR belts back. AssBlood 'n' ****'nThunder don't stand a chance again the NWA.

Now its my turn. Since I've been here in the aWF I've been humilated by certain people, I am going to make sure they get what they deserve. Fist on my god forsaken is that bitch ass Kingy Boy. At Syxx Feet Under, you tried to take me down, man I don't stand for s**t. so I'm gonna do what ever is in my Bulldozer body to make sure you loss that Title, and that it goes its rightful owner, Viewfind.

Next on da list is Blood 'n' Thunder. You hold the gold, NWA's whats theirs.

Nuff Said.

Last is somebody that has caused the GPA alotta troubles in da past. Yo Bitch Maxx, I'm coming for your undead ass, I'd my size 12 boot is going for a ride to limbo.

Bitch Maxx, Your going down.


Auntie Slag
2003-12-19, 06:49 PM
Oooh, they card read good!

2003-12-19, 07:51 PM
Has anyone ever told you boys that you are white? Though you do bring up a good point. Redstreak...you claim that you are #1 and all that horse $#!+, but you know what, after tonight you proved just how wortheless you are. Not only to me, but to the entire TCA, and really to the entire AWF. You are nothing, you never will be anything...cause quite simply Red, you suck. So the good ole TCA...is over. GPA can go and do what they want it doesnt matter, cause all that matters is what I'm gonna do, and whats gonna happen to you come Deep Freeze.

2003-12-19, 08:59 PM
Please TC, teach that fool a lesson that he will not soon forget. He cost us and warzone too much to get away with it.

2003-12-20, 12:08 AM

Sup, damn, dont hate tha playah, bizzatachacetaaactch. Man, you tricks be played out, hear? you think da GPA was over? naw son dis is just the start now we be rolling wit my homeslice Tempest you think anyone can stop dis? HAHA YOU MUST BE CRRRAZZZYYY......? damn dats Vin line

DA GPA be kickin' it with mah whiteboy charms,
chillin with the possee by Hickory Farms
I be pullin out da gat, so don't be no hero.
We bust our way in to watch Pokemon Two-triple-zero?
I play all you bitches, so get outta my hair,
Else I'll get some barbed wire and beat ya with a chair.
I take you in da ring and beat you to death.
(something something something) breath. I cant think of no rhymes for dat one, nigaah


Silly Cow
2003-12-20, 12:13 AM
Originally posted by Viewfind
I take you in da ring and beat you to death.
(something something something) breath. I cant think of no rhymes for dat one, nigaah
OOC: Your chances are worse than your breath?

2003-12-20, 12:15 AM
Originally posted by Silly Cow
OOC: Your chances are worse than your breath?

Yes :(

Lord Zarak
2003-12-20, 07:11 PM
*Looks at the title of the thread*


No, fook off and go back to wishing.

2003-12-21, 12:09 AM
The following promotional material was recorded in Raleigh, NC, at an AWF house show event. This broadcast contains bad language… and cursing. We mean that Blood & Thunder are from England, and their accents are horrid. We apologise for the inconvenience, and will shortly return you to the scheduled broadcast of ‘S & M TV with Minnie Driver’ [this does not refer to ~*ShadowDancer*~]. Thank you for watching TFA. Enjoy your evening.

* ‘Smoke on the Water’ begins to play as Blood & Thunder walk to the ring. They wear matching leather trenchcoats; sleeveless, with ‘Blood &’ painted on in dark red and ‘Thunder’ painted on in silver on the back; and tag team title belts. The only feature distinguishing the two jackets apart (aside from the size) is a pin upon each; Zarak has a ruby blood drop on his uppermost left pocket, and Wolfang has a silver thunderbolt on his uppermost right.

The two stride down the Warzone ramp bathed in a deep blue light. As they approach the ring, both climb up onto the apron; Zarak steps through the ropes, and Wolfang leaps over the top strand. Both venture to opposite corners of the ring, Wolfang at the back left and Zarak at the foremost right in relation to the ramp. They climb to the middle turnbuckles, and raise their arms to the crowd; proudly displaying their tag team titles to the masses and a thunderous ovation. They step down from these perches, and move clockwise (again from the perspective of the ramp) along the ropes to the next turnbuckles and repeat the motion.

After both members of the tag team champions have visited all four turnbuckles each, they move towards the ring announcer. They take a microphone each and slap a couple of high fives to the fans before they climb back into the ring. The crowd are still cheering wildly as the tag team champions take up station in the centre of the squared circle. *

Z: “Man… you’d think Elvis just walked in here.”

W: “You know he can’t be doing that man… he’s got a gig at Greensboro tonight...”

Z: “Ah… of course. Anyway; we’re not here to discuss The King… or the King for that matter * a chorus of boos suddenly invades the ring *… yeah, we ain’t pleased with that either. Especially when the big bad wolf over there and Mr. PPV made him tap out faster than a hosepipe in a drought… but that is not the issue either. We’re not here to discuss how Viewfind got that belt from him * more booing * because we don’t know how that happened either. What we’re here to discuss * pats tag team belt * is these things right here. Tell ‘em Wolfy.”

* Wolfang clears his throat, throwing in some suitably OTT dramatic posturing. *

W: “ Well… it looks to B & T like we got no shortage of guys who want to hold us down. We signed a contract to be Warzone superstars, and what do we get? One of the longest tag team title runs in AWF history, and no dignity to go with it. We’re still the tag team champions… despite the fact that Warzone is now officially dead. Every other week, we got pushed back so that they could give air time to losers like the NWA, the GPA, TCA, Tempest, Morpheus and anybody else they can use to fill the dead air. We are the tag team champions. I can’t say we’re the most fighting tag team champions. Why? Because we don’t have enough competition to merit the title! We get saddled with tag teams we can beat in less than two minutes… that’s a whole two minutes worth of air time beating on nobody who poses a threat. My… what a test of our abilities! * Crowd pops *”

Z: “Yeah. So then, you have to consider who has some stake in this. CompuFire and the NWA have held these belts. Technically, they have to be considered. Jinrai and QS weren’t scared to put it on the line at Meltdown, and we look forward to facing them again. * Crowd pops. * D-Ex and RCOSD are on the rise as well; and they weren’t scared to face us. But then, you get idiots like the nTo who decide that they should be able to win the tag team titles by beating one half of the champions. * Crowd boos. * Hey… we can’t help it that ‘Strike and Ice Cream have a yellow streak longer than the US western coastline.” * Crowd pops. * But the fact remains that these belts are being neglected; not by you, and not by us, but by the idiots who are too busy with their power plays to concentrate on what’s really important. We get fobbed off with sub-standard opposition and you get sub-standard products as a result. And we’re sick of it. We don’t want to be stuck fighting the Canucks. * Crowd boos. * God help me for saying this… but if I was drunk I think I’d sooner sleep with Auntie Slag than Arcee. * Crowd pops * Because man… that Gerry chick is one hound of a woman. * Crowd pops. *”

W: “Okay… before my buddy has some sort of emotional outburst… we’ll move along. There are teams like the NWA and the Canucks. And then, we have CompuFire. * Crowd cheers. * Would you mind not doing that, please? Anyway… the esteemed duo of the Epsom idiot and the **** from Cardiff… they piss us off. We’re sick to death of them going on about how great they are and how they’ve had more pussy than all the stray cat homes in the UK put together. We’re sick of hearing how goddamn perfect they think they are. Basically… we’re just sick of them. CompuFire was killed off when Computron came to Warzone and Jetfire was exiled to Mayhem. They should stay dead and buried. * Crowd boos. * ”

Z: “We can’t really fault the NWA for being born a pair of talentless feckwits * crowd pops * … but we can certainly dislike them for it. With all the playa-hating that P? bitches on about all too constantly, and the fact that Divebomb has as much charisma as a melted snowman, we really couldn’t give an airborne sexual encounter. * Crowd pops. * We don’t even know who else is lining up to take a shot at these belts as it is. So… what we’re proposing is this. Anybody who wants to take a shot at the tag team champions can step on up to the plate at the next pay-per-view. Because Blood & Thunder are offering the tag team title tornado invitational. * Fans look around at each other in puzzlement. * Basically, what this means is… every damned team that wants a piece can come on down to the ring and try their luck. All at the same time.”

W: “Damned straight… when one member of the team is pinned or made to submit, the tag team is eliminated. Remember; a tornado match means hardcore rules, falls count anywhere. * Crowd cheers. * And, as it’s open-ended in the same way Deathscream is for Cyberstrike * crowd pops * it means anybody with a tag team partner is eligible to compete. And one more thing… Z? What the hell is the next pay-per-view?”

* Zarak reflects for a moment. *

Z: “I believe it’s Deep Freeze.”

W: * shrugs * “Hmmm…. Cool… WHAT A RUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHH!”