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2003-12-22, 05:50 AM
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Hi everyone!

Having packed up and shipping out all orders received so far (excluding comic book subscriptions), I came across an extra MIB Sunstreaker and MIB Roulette/Shadow Striker Viper 2-pack. Instead of selling them, I thought of a better way to get more fans involved on the input side of things. So, we're going to hold a contest...

This contest will last until the end of the year and the top two (2) "winners" will be awarded the MIB toys: 2nd place is the Viper 2-pack and 1st place is the MIB Sunstreaker. What is the contest? I'm glad you asked!

Besides the obvious (shipping delays, don't respond to email, make an all-new mold exclusive etc.) and constantly stated, what suggestions and constructive criticism do you have to make 3H Productions serve your needs better? Whether it's making the convention year more enjoyable, making the website easier to navigate, or any other perks through the Club, please make a post in this thread and offer your ideas of making us perform and operate better to serve you, the public, better. Keep in mind we have resource constraints (1-2 workers at most), so tailor your suggestions accordingly.

I look forward to reading your posts and suggestions. As stated above, we'll take the top two, well thought and suggestive posts and award them those toys. Start thinking and start writing.

I eagerly await your posts!

Best and warmest,

3H Productions, Inc.

2003-12-22, 06:09 AM
I wonder if "hold some damn conventions in Australia" would win me a prize? :D

King Fargo
2003-12-22, 10:06 AM
Face it man, we just don't have the support base. We might stand a chance of convincing someone to host a convention if we guaranteed that all the AU fans showed up. It just wouldn't be worth the time and effort promoting a convention that only about 100-150 people (making allowance for people who can't turn up) would show up for. And that doesn't even account for the cost of appearances by people behind the scenes, or the licensing and production of exclusive toy/s.

2003-12-22, 10:43 AM
Don't remind me.....bah....at least it'd be nice if Supanova would get one or two TF peeps to come out - heck...I'd even be happy to hear Pat lee & co go on about the day-to-days @ DW...it'd still be something TF-related...

/me dreams of one day being about to attend a botcon/otfcc....