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AWF Mayhem
2003-12-30, 06:29 AM

Joey: My God! Sixswitch with a roll up, which he bridged for leverage and he just got Tempest…1…2…3 cleanly…and Tempest is stunned!!!

JFA: And Morpheus is bounding into the ring…nailing a double arm ddt on Six as he was getting to his feet. Morpheus with a cover…1…2…3! WARZONE WINS!

Flec: The hell they do! Look!

Joey: Sixswitch has hit foot on the ropes and the Mayhem ref sees it and he’s yelling no fall!

JFA: Now the Mayhem referee is in the ring and the two are arguing…Morpheus looking less than amused…and he’s…TEARING HIS OWN HAIR OUT!!! Now grabbing both the officials and a double ddt! Morpheus just ddt’d both the referees…and now he’s sitting on the apron…and he appears to be…

Joey: Is he singing?

JFA: I think he is…and Sixswitch now…shaking the cobwebs out…I guess the match is continuing because a new referee came down and slid into the ring, while other AWF Officials. And Morpheus still singing…now pulling himself up with the ropes…and charging at Sixswitch, who leaps frogs into a head scissors take over…and SIXSHOOTER! Out of no where comes the Six shooter! Cover…pulls back hard on the leg…1…2…3! Sixswitch wins it!


RA: The winner of this match…and the sole survivor…the Welsh Wonder…SIXSWITCH!

*The Pyro ignites the Igloo, in Pittsburgh PA, as the Archivetron is filled by the image of Mr. Brendan Reilly.*

Joey: Hello everyone, and welcome to Mayhem! As you saw, Sixswitch able to survive to claim victory for Team Mayhem and tonight…we bring you the newly reunited AWF!

I’M Back…and I’m better than ever!

Joey: And wasting no time at all…the Owner and CEO of the AWF, Mr. Reilly on his way out here…

*Confetti and Balloons fall from the Ceiling of the Igloo as Mr. Reilly takes the mic.*

Mr. Reilly: First of all, my adoring fans…welcome to MY MAYHEM!!! Now then…now then…I realize it has been almost a month since we were last on the air, but there have been a number of contracts to review and I have nearly completed that process, thanks to the assistance of my new assistant, Mr. Waugh! Now, first of all, in spite of my better judgment, I feel that JFA & JHA add a dimension of depth and character to the show, as such…I have retained both of their services and they will be part of a rotation of announcers designed to keep the show fresh.

Flec: WHAT?!?

Mr. Reilly: Also, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that we will not be holding a Pay Per View event this month for December. See, the process of negotiation and undoing much of what Vaccaro did took me the entire month, as such I was unable to secure a venue and put together a card, worthy of the AWF fans! So, the next PPV, will be next month in Madison Square Garden, in New York City, and it will be Edge of Survival! As for the rosters…well, as I said, I have almost completed that process…but tonight I intend to finish that…so Viewfind, TC and your GPA cronies, and HBK…get out here…

*An official rushes to the ring as the GPA & TC make their way to the ramp of the Archivetron, all flipping off Reilly as they stand there waiting to hear what he has to say.*

Mr. Reilly: Well the Heart Brend Kid isn’t here yet…but we’ll make due with you clowns. See, I look at you guys as just as much a menace to my show as I do the Game. However, I can’t fire him…BUT…I can see to it that he doesn’t get any help disrupting my show. See, you guys are a menace…and that’s something I can’t have on my show…so its with a great amount of pleasure that I am here to tell you all that you…are…fi…

Won’t Back Down begins to play as the crowd leaps to its feet as the Game makes his way to the ring with the paper he showed TC on the night of Meltdown.

Mr. Reilly: Just what in the hell do you think you are…

Game: Whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Hold it right there jabbronie! You know Reilly, you can come out here and flap your gums, and go on and on…and you haven’t a clue do you? You can’t fire TC. You can’t fire the GPA. And you certainly can’t fire the Heart Brend Kid.

Flec: WHAT?!?

Game: See Reilly, as always, you missed the boat. While I realize you can’t read, maybe you should have hired someone who could before you signed. Article V, Section 4 of the contract you signed with Vaccaro clearly states that “in the event Warzone loses, all contracts negotiated under the Warzone brand are to be upheld, all wrestlers statuses to be honored, all titles retained. No wrestler on the Warzone brand will lose any wages or bookings due to said status, and shall retain the same position in the company in the event that Mayhem is the winner.” So what that means sunshine is that not only do you have to keep all these guys on the roster and retain their contracts…that you can NOT fire any of them, but that these guys are given the same booking treatment as they would on Warzone. In fact, before Vaccaro left he informed me that he had made some matches, one of which includes a whole bunch of guys you hate…as the NWA gets a shot at the tag titles they used to hold when they face God Jinrai and Quick Switch here tonight!

Mr. Reilly: You don’t make the matches here Game…I do…

Game: Did I tell you to speak? No…shut up! Vaccaro made that match, he signed it, sealed it and delivered it…before his term expired, so you have to honor it. He has some other ones, one that involve TC and Viewfind…but those will disclosed at the proper time…oh yeah…and he did sign a couple more matches I should mention…one will take place next week…in Toronto, from the Air Canada Center. It will determine the number one Contender for the AWF Title…what’s it going to be? Simple…a 10 man battle royal…a little tune up for the Rumble…and the winner takes on King…should he survive tonight…at Edge of Survival. Oh…and who are the 10 in this? Well, TC, Redstreak, Viewfind, Stone Cold Skywarp, D-Extreme, Cloudstrifer, Sixswitch, The Gruff, The Heart Brend Kid Sean O’Con, oh yeah…and yours truly.

Reilly: That’s only 9 you dolt!

Game: Of course its only 9, the final slot you get to choose…its Vaccaro’s way of smoothing the waters…so that’s it jerky…the show is all yours…oh…and have a nice day!

Won’t back down starts to play again as the Game leaves to shake the hands of the GPA members and of TC as Reilly is left fuming in the ring…

Reilly: You know…cut that music…I’m not letting the Game ruin my night…nope…this is my night…now hit my music!

*Mr. Reilly’s music hits as we fade to commercial.*

AWF IC Title Match : Scout (Champion) Vs A-Train

Joey: Well, we're all set for our Intercontinental title match right here on Mayhem.

Flec: I think the Train might just become champion here tonight.

Joey: I’m not really sure if he’s got the look of a champion

Flec: Why, what’s Scout got that the Train don’t have, apart from the gold.

Joey: I’m not even gonna answer that one…

"Crash" by Mephisto Odyssey & Static-X hit’s the speakers and Archivetron

RA: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Archive Wrestling Federation’s Intercontinental Championship! Firstly the challenger, making his way down to the ring he is the A-TRAIN!

Flec: C’mon Train.

Joey: And we have this monster, this hairy beast challenging for the…

Flec: Just shut up Styles.

Joey (To himself): Bad choice of words Joey.

Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” hit’s and the fans get to their feet

RA: And the opponent. She is the AWF Intercontinental Champion! SCOUT!

Joey: I think the fans here really appreciate Scout and what’s she accomplished.

Flec: You think?

Joey: And we’re underway. Train and Scout locking up.. Train getting the upper hand, vertical suplex.

Flec: Just as I had predicted, Train gets the early advantage.

Joey: That’s all well and done for but Scouts back up….

Scout takes her elbow and smashes it across the face of A-Train a few times the Irish whips him into the ropes.

Joey: Clothesline!

Flec: But no effect, the Train is as strong as an Ox.

Joey: Maybe so but that’s why Scouts going for a second one.

Scout goes for the clothesline once again and barely knocks the A-Train from his feet.

Joey: One more ought to do it….

Scout goes for a third clothesline in an attempt to knock the big man down but A-Train ducks it.

Flec: Yeah that’s the stuff. He’s settin her up for a few germans…

Joey: C’mon that’s a woman in there Flec.

Flec: But that woman is the champion.

Joey: Train with a german suplex now, wait he’s holding on. There’s another…. And another!

Flec: And one more for good measure. He’s going for the pin… 1... 2...

Joey: Scout kicked out! Scout kicked out!

Flec: How on earth did she do that!

Joey: That’s why she’s the champion my announcing friend. And A-Train can’t believe it, he’s right in the referee’s face about it.

Flec: Don’t be stupid Train. You’ll get yourself disqualified!

A-Train turns around back to Scout, who is still down on the ground. He looks at her with a smirk on his face.

Joey: Why is that monster smiling. What’s this hairy beast gonna do!

Flec: (Sighs) Didn’t we discuss your language earlier.

Joey: He’s going for the Final Rivet.

Flec: I told you before the Train is gonna win this one. Ladies and Gentlemen let me be the first to…

Joey: Wait a second. Scout was playing possum… she’s avoided it, TORNADO KICK!

Flec: NO!

Joey: Scout’s got the cover! 1.…….2.….…3! Scout keeps his title.

Flec: She’ll lose it sooner or later. She won’t be able to keep that title.

Joey: I think she will… I think she will…


Viewfind, TC, the NWA & The Game are shown hanging back…

Flec: ACK! What the hell?!?
TC: The look on Reilly’s face…CLASS!
Viewfind: Word homeslice…we owe’s you fo dat!
Game: Nah, the hell with that…you know I’d do anything to make Reilly’s life hell and to make sure Sean O’Con is kept on long enough for me to end his career…speaking of careers ending, where’s that no talent hack, Redstreak?
TC: Who?
Divebomb: You know…the guy we booted…
P?: Yeah…the guy we replaced with the big man!
Game: Big man?

*Tempest walks into the scene sporting the new GPA t-shirt.

Game: Bwa-hahahahahahahahaha…you guys, just made Reilly’s night hell!
TC: Yep…TCA was all about appeasing Red’s ego, I was never into that…so we gave him the boot.
Redstreak: Who the hell do you losers think you are? You can’t boot me!
Game: Who forgot to lock the barn door?
Redstreak: You stay out of this you has-been. I’ve got nothing to say to you…
Viewfind: Yo…you got something to say to me sucka…yo ass cost me my belt!
TC: Let me handle this View…you got something to say, I suggest you say it in the ring…I’ve had it with your ego, I’ve had it with your whining, I’m going to end you…I’m going to show you why I’m Mr. PPV! Why I’m the Whole F’N Show…so tell you what…Edge of Survival…you have any stones…you and me…Hardcore Title Career Match!
Joey: WHAT?!?
Redstreak: Excuse me?
TC: You heard me…I’m sick of seeing you skulking around backstage trying to undermine everything. It ends…EoS, I’m willing to put my title and my career on the line…to be rid of you!
Redstreak: Allright TC…you want it? YOU GOT IT…but you’re the one who’s not going to be around when I get through with you…you’ll just be another stepping stone on my strive to be number one!
Flec: TC v Redstreal at EoS, for the Hardcore belt and with their careers on the line!!! WOW!!!
Joey: EoS is shaping up to be an amazing card folks…just with that match and of course the Rumble!

AWF Tag Team Championship Number One Contenders match: Quick Switch & God Jinrai Vs. The NWA (P? & Divebomb)

JRA: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall… and the winners will be the number one contenders to the AWF Tag Team Championships! Introducing first…”

As ‘Warriors of the World Unite’ blasts into the eardrums of everyone in the Igloo, the cheers and jeers for the Canadian duo begin in earnest. Divebomb has earned some respect from the crowd after silencing Cyberstrike at Meltdown, and the triumphant return of P? has put a certain zest back into the members of the TCA faction offshoot known as the NWA. P? struts down to the ring in his designer gangsta gear, with a padlock the size of a newborn puppy on a gold chain around his neck. The duo flip off the crowd, and make their way into the ring with the same cocky attitude that the fans remember since they last saw the duo team together many weeks ago.

JRA: “From Burnaby and Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, respectively… representing the GPA… the NWA… DIVEBOMB AND P?”

As the NWA climb the turnbuckles to give the fans in the Pittsburgh Igloo their opinion of them, Joey and ‘Flec discuss the merits of the fist team on the scene.

Joey: “Well… it certainly seems that Warzone was a great loss to us, as we got saddled with the GPA.”
‘Flec: “And what’s wrong with having the illustrious GPA as part of our glorious show?”
Joey: “What did you say?”
‘Flec: “I’m just getting into the Christmas spirit…”
Joey: “I know that… I can smell it on your breath…”

As the boos and cat-calls slowly fade, they are replaced with the Evanesence song “Bring Me To Life” and the crowd roars their approval for God Jinrai as he strides to the ring.

JRA: “And their opponents… first, from Motown, Pennsylvania… GOD JINRAI!”
Joey: “And the crowd are on their feet for the man from Motown… we would like to point out that Jinrai and Quick Switch, who will be joining us shortly for this match, bested Blood & Thunder at Meltdown. As Blood & Thunder beat the NWA for the belts in August, this is certainly looking to build some tension in the tag ranks.”
‘Flec: “You’re absolutely right… the NWA want some retribution, but Jinrai and QS want a shot at the gold. This match just gets bogged down in history if we go back too far… so we’ll just leave that for the moment, and get back to the action.”

‘Sandstorm’ rips though the silence as Quick Switch surges to the ring. He races to the farthest turnbuckle, and steps up with a salute to the crowd.

JRA: “And his tag team partner… from the United States of America… QUICK SWITCH!”

As he goes back to join Jinrai at their corner, leaving the NWA to talk strategy at ringside, the music suddenly stops and the arena goes black. A silvery pathway down the entrance ramp, accompanied by the tones of ‘Motown Junk’ herald the arrival of Black Zarak. Living up to his namesake, the man from Manchester is decked out in various materials with the sole theme being ‘black is back’. He proudly sports one of the tag team title belts around his waist, as he passes Jinrai and QS on the way to the announcers’ table.

Joey: “And… speaking of the tag team champions… one of them’s here with us right now! Welcome to the show, Z.”
Zarak * adjusting headset *: “Joey… ‘Flec…”
‘Flec: “Before we get down to anything else… can I ask where your special life partner is?”
Zarak: “I haven’t found her yet. If you’re trying to be funny, and are in fact referring to Wolfang, he’s looking for someone backstage.”
Joey: “Might I enquire who?”
Zarak: “As it’s you Joey, I’ll share… he’s looking for Scout.”
‘Flec * jumping out of his seat * : “WHAT? He’s gonna finish the job on her! SECURITY!”
Zarak: “Oh shut up… * pushes ‘Flec back into his seat *”

The bell rings, and Divebomb and Jinrai step onto the apron. QS and P? begin with a collar and elbow tie-up, leading to a rear waistlock by P? and a reversal into a drop toehold and then a front chancery from QS to P?. The NWA member pushes himself upright and twists around into a top wristlock to break the hold, and QS retaliates with a side arm drag takedown into a shortarm scissors. P? is quick to realise his positioning, and grabs the bottom strand.

Joey: “Unusual approach from the NWA… P? seems to be employing a more technical style than we usually see from the GPA… but it’s having little success against the technical skills of Quick Switch…”
Zarak: “I think maybe he should stick to brawling and cheating… that’s the way GPA works best…”
‘Flec: “Hey! I never asked for your opinion! Show some respect to the NWA!”
Zarak: “I never asked for your opinion. Nor did Joey. He suffers with listening to it week after week. So why don’t you do us all a favour and shut the feck up?”

P? and QS get back to their feet, and this time P? seizes an opportunity to take out Switch’s legs. He lunges forwards, and grabs QS’ left leg. He knocks down the US resident with a push and a heel trip, and then inserts his right heel into the joint of QS’ knee and wrenches upwards on the ankle. He then lets the heel out and drops an elbow into the same spot.

Joey: “Some sound technical wrestling from P?”
Zarak: “Who? There’s no way that P? uses moves like that. Who the hell is it in that ring?”

Divebomb shouts some abuse at Zarak, who just flips off the Burnaby native to a rousing cheer from the few members of the crowd who noticed. Divebomb glares at Zarak, and then turns his attention back to the match.

Joey: “The NWA representative tries to keep Quick Switch on the mat… trying to hyper-extend the left leg, or so it appears… and that was one vicious knee drop right into the joint of the leg. Ouch! Putting the pressure on again… and QS makes the rope. He reaches for a tag… and P? drags him back towards the NWA corner… and there’s a tag to Divebomb. P? holds the leg… and Divebomb blasts it with an elbow!”
Zarak: “Gotta hand it to the NWA… they’re doing a good job on Quick Switch at the mo…”
‘Flec: “You’re just jealous because the NWA have far more talent than you and Wolfang ever will.”
Zarak: “I’m sorry… are the NWA the tag team champions? Does your missus take it up the ass? Does anyone know why the hell George W. Bush is allowed to remain president?”
Joey: “That would be no on all three.”

Back in the ring, Divebomb is utilising a number of leg locks to keep QS on the mat. He sits on the left quadriceps of the US warrior, and wrenches back on the ankle; applying pressure to the knee and the rest of the leg of the fallen Quick Switch. The referee keeps checking on QS, and as a result fails to notice Divebomb using the ropes for additional leverage. As QS is on the verge of screaming in agony, Greg Garrett checks on Divebomb and just misses Divebomb’s hand moving away from the rope faster than a cheetah could run if it had eighteen valve engines installed.

Zarak: “Hey! Come on ref!”

P? starts shouting abuse at Zarak. The two start a war of words, which Garrett attempts to stop. As the referee attempts to diffuse the situation between the NWA member and half of the tag team champions, Jinrai gets into the ring and plants a boot into the right temple of Divebomb. The crowd roar with approval as Jinrai exits the ring, and then hisses their distain as the referee threatens to send Zarak out if he continues to aggravate the participants. Zarak flips Garrett the bird as the official turns to see Divebomb clutching his skull and QS attempting to hold the remains of his leg together.

Joey: “Quick Switch is in bad shape after the pounding his leg took at the hands of the NWA… but Divebomb looks less than great after that boot to the head from Jinrai. Divebomb gets up… sees QS crawling for the tag… and grabs the injured left leg to prevent him moving any further. QS up… and look at that! A stunning enziguri that took Divebomb clean off his feet! QS crawling to Jinrai… and P? steps through the ropes to prevent the official seeing the tag! The crowd roar… and Jinrai gets sent back to the corner as the NWA drag QS back to the centre of the ring!”
Zarak: “Man… how bad is the officiating in this match? I’m appalled that that referee is on the payroll. There’s a traditional chant at soccer matches in England that’s applicable to this particular situation.”
‘Flec: “I’m sure I won’t be able to rest easily at night until you tell me what it is…”
Zarak: “As you wish… It goes like this * taking a deep breath. * THE REFEREE’S A WANKER!”

As Divebomb makes a legal tag to P? Jinrai’s frustration is evident as the camera zooms in on him, and he steps through to aid his partner only to be cut off by the referee. As the Motown mastodon argues with the official, the NWA proceed to throw QS into their corner and Divebomb chokes the Switch-meister as P? puts the boots to him. As P? backs up to deliver a big boot to the face of QS, the US resident ducks out of the way and P? catches Divebomb squarely on the jaw; knocking his fellow NWA member to the arena floor before turning to be caught with a dropkick to the jaw from QS which sends him right out after Divebomb.

Zarak: “You’d think that the cleaners would move this **** off the floor… oh sorry, that’s just Divebomb and P?”

Divebomb gets up and lunges at Zarak. The collision knocks Zarak and his chair over, and Divebomb smashes Zarak’s head repeatedly into the security barrier before proceeding to try to throttle him with the cable to his headset. Jinrai suddenly appears and throws the NWA member across the arena floor as QS starts raining blows down on P? As QS picks up P? for a bodyslam, Viewfind and Tempest jump the barrier and start to pound on anyone who isn’t GPA. Viewfind picks Zarak up across his shoulders and drops him with the Philly Pimp Drop as Tempest hits Jinrai with a Thunder Press and the NWA hit Quick Switch with the N-Crusher; their own version of the Dudley Death drop.

As the bell rings, the crowd are surprised by the arrival of Scout and Wolfang. Wolfang drops Viewfind with a Shadow Storm before checking on Zarak, only to be dropped with a backdrop powerbomb through a chair from Tempest. Scout fells Divebomb with a Tornado Kick, and blasts P? with a foot to the groin and a picture-perfect DDT. She then falls victim to a Philly Pimp Drop from Viewfind, who laughs as he stands over her prone form. The GPA seem intent on laughing at the misfortune of the Intercontinental champion, and squash down Jinrai as he attempts to aid his friend.

Suddenly, Viewfind senses the change in the atmosphere and is stunned with a Crimson Twilight from Wolfang. Before the NWA can react, Zarak drops both of them with a double reverse DDT. Tempest advances on Wolfang, who ducks as Quick Switch comes speeding along the adjacent side of the ring and swings around the ring post to deliver a double-footed kick to the face of Tempest who collapses like a Labour government in times of adversity.

Joey: “Look at the chaos here at ringside! Greg Garrett has called for the bell… and the ring announcer is about to announce the decision. Wait…what’s that?”

No chance, that’s what you’ve got….

‘Flec: “It’s Mr. Reilly! He’s gonna sort this mess out!”
Joey: “Reilly now… up there on the stage… microphone in hand… is no doubt about to tell us what will happen now…”

Reilly: “Good evening, Pittsburgh! * Crowd boos. * Now… I will have to sort out this mess. * He starts walking down the ramp towards the ring. * For starters… Zarak… Wolfang… get out of here, and take that little tramp with you.” * Crowd boos. *

Wolfang grabs a microphone which has been thrown around in the fracas.

Wolfang: “Now… everyone in this arena has a right to be pissed off with me and what I did at Meltdown. I’d ask your forgiveness… but I know it isn’t forthcoming so I’ll save my breath. * Points at Reilly. * Now… you take back what you just said… or Zarak and I are prepared to make your life one living hell starting with a Nightmare right here.”

‘Flec: “What’s a Nightmare?”
Joey: “Keep watching… you might find out in a minute…”

Reilly: “Listen, Wolfang… * steps up to stand face-to-face with Wolfang. * You might think you’re a big, bad wolf… but you’re nothing to me. * Crowd boos. * Zarak’s the one whose been carrying your team. * Wolfang begins to look angry. * You’re just a waste of skin…”

Wolfang knocks Reilly off his feet with a right cross, and is held back by Zarak as the crowd boo. Zarak appears to be trying to calm down his friend as Reilly gets to his feet. The words ‘You’re defending him?’ escape Wolfang’s mouth, and Zarak can be clearly seen saying ‘No… but you’re not going to hit him’. Wolfang looks astonished. The words ‘why not’ are left to fend for themselves as they move into the air and Zarak responds ‘Because I’m going to hit him’. Zarak rushes Reilly and hits him with the Ebon Flow to a tremendous ovation. Zarak retrieves Reilly’s body from the arena floor, and rolls it into the ring. As the GPA regain enough of their faculties to attempt a rescue, Jinrai crushes them all with a barrage of chair shots and chokeslams.

Wolfang * picking up the mic again before getting into the ring. *: “Well… we said we’d give you a Nightmare… so here it comes.”

Wolfang blasts Reilly with a microphone before Zarak locks in a Sharpshooter and Wolfang applies a Crossface to begin…

‘Flec: “OH GOD! MR. REILLY!”

The GPA, deciding that discretion is the better part of valour this night, slink off quietly as Jinrai, Quick Switch and Scout get into the ring to watch the festivities. QS taps Wolfang on the shoulder, as Jinrai waves his hand in front of Zarak’s face. The tag team champions break their hold on the GM, and hold Reilly up with his legs apart. Jinrai and Quick Switch start to get the crowd going, as Scout just looks around and, with accuracy beggaring belief, spins and delivers a stunning low crescent kick to the groin of Commissioner Reilly. The crowd are going insane as Reilly falls to the mat clutching his joy department and the quintet leave the ring. As the group make their way up the ramp, the Archivetron shows Reilly getting to his feet.

Catching sight of Reilly getting to his feet, Wolfang and Zarak return to the ring. As Reilly turns around to face the entrance, he is greeted by Wolfang’s less-than-beautiful visage and a Skywarp salute as he is lifted onto the shoulders of Black Zarak. Wolfang quickly jumps onto the top turnbuckle, as Reilly continues to plead to the tag team champions and Zarak faces the centre of the ring.

Joey: “Reilly is going to regret picking a fight with Blood & Thunder when he regains consciousness… here it comes… RAGNAROK! Wolfang drops the leg onto Reilly’s neck as Zarak drops the Commissioner on his face! The crowd are ecstatic!”
‘Flec: “I think I’m gonna be sick…”

As Wolfang kicks to his feet and Zarak jumps up from the mat, the crowd continue to go wild. The two walk back up the entrance ramp, Zarak holding up his title belt and Wolfang throwing out a ‘W’ salute with each hand as they vanish into the locker room area.

*[/I] Commercial Break: AWF Apocalypse available for PS2, X-Box, GameCube, PC-CD ROM and GBA from January 30th [/I]*

Joey: “If you folks are just joining us… man have you missed out! The number one contendership for the AWF tag team championship is hanging in mid-air… the champions were aided by some of the potential challengers when the NWA took a cheap shot at Black Zarak… and then Zarak remained out here and he and Wolfang attempted to cripple Mr. Reilly.”
‘Flec: “Oh god… don’t remind me… poor Mr. Reilly!”
Joey: “we still couldn’t figure how Scout and Wolfang found out about the situation out here… but this was recorded just prior to their appearance in here…”

Moments earlier…
Wolfang knocks on Scout’s locker room door. He has his tag team title belt over his left shoulder, and is wearing a red shirt with a silver ‘snowflake’ design all over. He has changed his normal black mask for a more festive gold with red trim. He cradles a bouquet of two-dozen red roses in his right arm, and holds his tag title in place with his left hand. The door opens, and Scout sticks her head out.

Scout: “Is there something I can help you with?”
Wolfang: “Please… just give me one minute and then you can forget I exist.”

Scout looks sourly at the Merseyside marauder, and then steps out of her locker room wearing a full-length white dress, cut from ankle to mid-thigh on the left hand side. The ensemble is completed by some silver open-toed heels, a diamond wristwatch and the Intercontinental championship around her waist.

Scout: “Well? You better have some good explanation for that debacle at Meltdown.”
Wolfang: “I admit… I’ve always fought for survival. I’m a survivor. But I always thought it was me in control when I fought. I found out the hard way that it isn’t. * Scout looks puzzled. * It’s like… the Phantom of the Opera. * Scout looks even more confused. * The surface… the mask… it’s the way people are used to seeing me. But on some occasions… like Meltdown… the mask slips. And no matter how certain you are that you’re ready for what’s behind the mask; you’re never truly prepared to see it.”

Scout looks even angrier for a moment. Wolfang turns to leave, and then she grabs his arm.

Scout: “You’ve got thirty seconds to give me a better explanation than that…”

As Scout utters the sentence, referee Noah Ordak goes rushing past them towards the ring. He bumps into Wolfang.

Wolfang: “Hey! Slow down, man!”
NO: “Sorry… but we’ve got a situation at the ring. You guys might wanna take a look.”

Wolfang and Scout look at each other. Wolfang throws the bouquet into Scout’s dressing room, and the pair drop their title belts as they race towards the ring. Scout stops, quickly throws off her heels and races after the rapidly shrinking silhouette of Wolfang.

Clip ends

Joey: “Still a lot of unanswered questions and unresolved issues after the happenings of that match… we’ll keep you updated.”
Flec: Yeah…like what the hell any of that was…

JFA: “Well, Brendan Reilly’s still out here, shaking the cobwebs. I wonder what he’s up to right now.”
JHA: “Well, let’s see. Um…the ref in the ring is Joe Mamma, whose reckless actions last week nearly cost Mayhem the Survivor Series match. If it wasn’t for Sixswitch, we wouldn’t even be here right now.”
JFA: “Please remind me why that’s a good thing.”

As this happens, Reilly climbs into the ring and moves towards Mamma, who nervously backs away, ending up against the turnbuckle as Reilly grabs the microphone.

Reilly: “You know something, Mamma, I was sitting in the back reveling in our victory last week when something occurred to me. You know what that is?”
Mamma: “I don’t…”
Reilly: “That’s right. You did something that nearly cost us the match. I know that your brain isn’t large enough to recall what that exactly is, so I had the boys in the back put together this little tape to help jog your memory. Roll it.

Joey: Auros attempting to go to the outside…to go after TC or HBK…Referee Mamma restraining Auros…and Auros gives him a hard shove to the mat. Referee Mamma calling for the bell!
Flec: NO!
JHA: HA! What a moron.
RA: By order of the referee, Auros has been disqualified and is eliminated!

Reilly: “And once I thought of that, I realized that you nearly screwed us over. Now, I know that we managed to pull off a win, but that doesn’t mean that you’re getting away with that little piece of screw job. So guess what, Mamma? You’ve got a match tonight!”

JFA: “Referee Joe Mamma in a match tonight?!”
JHA: “HA Little bastard’s gonna get what he deserves!”
JFA: “Whose gonna be his opponent? Who?! WHO?!”

In answer to JFA’s question, Oasis’ “F*cking In The Bushes” plays and Auros makes his way down to the ring. Mamma makes a futile attempt to flee, only to be stopped by Reilly, who tosses the ref straight into the waiting arms of Auros, who lifts him up and plants him with the Atomic Piledriver. As Mamma lies on the ground in pain, Reilly gets down into his face.

Reilly: “Now that you’ve learned your lesson, let me make sure it will never happen again. Mamma…YOU’RE FIRED!”

As “F*cking In The Bushes” plays again, Auros and Reilly leave the ring together.

JFA: “Auros taking out Mamma, whose now unemployed from the company. And right before Christmas too.”
JHA: “It’s a damn shame. I’d feel sorry for the guy if I cared more.”
JFA: “But you don’t, right?”
JHA: “Abso-Friggin-Loutely.”
JFA: “Right. Neither do I.”

Cloudstrifer v Mat Man

Built For Speed’s “MotorHead” blares as Cloudstrifer makes his way down the ramp to a chorus of boos.

Joey: “Can’t imagine why Cloud’s getting the big boos here.
‘Flec: “Maybe it’s cause he’s a idiot with wild delusions of being a Norse god. I dunno. Just a though.”
Joey: “Hurt much?”

AC/DC’s “Back in Black” cuts in as Mat Man makes his way down to the arena, getting an even bigger crowd responds that Cloud did. Mat Man, ever the fan of the people, takes the time to slap hands, give autographs and pose for pictures, obviously irritating the already annoyed Cloudstrifer.

Joey: “Cloud’s getting a look of irritation on his face.”
‘Flec: “I get that look whenever I’m on the crapper.”
Joey: “I don’t think the viewers at home need to know that, J.”
‘Flec: “Like I care what the humanoids think.”

Cloud makes his way from the ring and rushes headlong at Mat Man, who is signing an autograph for an attractive female fan. Cloud rushes forward, surprised that Mat Man hasn’t noticed his approach. His arrogance is clearly shown, though, as Mat Man turns around and slams the autograph book right onto Cloud’s head, knocking the big man down, his head bouncing off the concrete floor

Joey: “Cloud taking a shot to the head there.”
‘Flec: “At least he didn’t hurt anything important.”
Joey: “And Mat Man pounding away on Cloud…Ref coming over now, ordering the two to head back to the ring to officially start the match.”
‘Flec: “Idiots. Don’t they know that the best action happens outside the ring?”
Joey: “I told you people don’t need to know that.”

Mat Man slides Cloud into the ring, as the bell is rung, finally starting the match. Cloud vainly tries to fend off Mat Man’s punches, finally landing a kick to his gut, sending the Madison superstar stumbling backward.

Joey: “Cloud starting to get some life back into him here.”
Joey: “And now Cloud attempting a clothesline…Mat Man ducks…Cloud bouncing off the ropes…attempting a body splash…Mat Man holds onto him…looking to do a fall away slam…wait a minute…Mat Man moving towards the ropes…oh, no. He can’t be doing what I think he’s going to do.”
Joey: “Fall away slam…Cloud travels over the ropes, falling to the ground outside! Good gravy! What does Mat Man think he’s doing here?!
‘Flec: “Giving the fans an early Christmas present: the satisfaction of knowing that Cloudstrifer will never be in the AWF again!”

Cloudstrifer twitches on the outside, struggling to get back to his feet after sailing to the outside. Mat Man, not being one to miss an opportunity, heads to the outside, an evil grin on his face. What he fails to notice as his rounds the corner is that Cloud is searching under the ring for something.

Joey: “Cloud’s searching for something under the ring. I wonder what it is.”
‘Flec: “Probably some medical supplies. Either to patch him up or to get his daily drug fix. Either way, he obviously needs it.”
Joey: “And Mat Man’s coming over now, grabbing Cloud’s leg…Cloud struggling to free himself…wait a sec…Cloud’s got something in his hand…he put it down his tights. What do you think it was, J?”
‘Flec: “How should I know, Styles? And don’t even suggest going to look. I’m goin’ NOWHERE near there!”
Joey: “And now Mat Man grabs a handful of hair, tossing Cloud back into the ring. Now he’s taking the time to pose for the crowd. Doesn’t he realize that he’s got a match here?”
‘Flec: “Hey, it’s Cloudstrifer, a easy win if ever there was one.”
Joey: “That’s a piece of debatable news…and now Cloud…he’s got that object in his hands…looks like brass knucks…Mat Man getting in the ring now…Cloud tries to throw a punch…Mat Man easily sidesteps…traps Cloud in a sleeper hold…”
‘Flec: “I feel like I’m in one of those right now. God, this is boring…”
Joey: “Ref moving in to check on Cloud…raising his arm…1…2…the ref noticing the brass knucks now…ordering Mat Man to break the hold…now the ref’s arguing with Mat Man, questioning the appearance of the knucks.”
‘Flec: “Why bother? Cloud was the one who brought them in. He should be DQ’ed.”
Joey: “True, but there’s two things wrong there. He never used them…”
‘Flec: “He tried to.”
Joey: “…and Cloud’s knocked out while Mat Man is perfectly coherent. You can’t help but be suspicious about what’s going on here.”
‘Flec: “Man. First Mamma, now this ref. Are our refs asking to be fired?!”
Joey: “Now Cloud’s making his way outside the ring…Mat Man and the ref continuing to argue…Cloud re-entering the ring now…Mat Man turning around…ODIN’S SPEAR! ODIN’S SPEAR TO MAT MAN!”
‘Flec: “What the hell is this?!”
Joey: “It’s Cloud making a comeback.”
‘Flec: “Looks like the apocalypse to me.”
Joey: “Now Cloud picking up Mat Man…setting him up for…Heimdall's Stand! Plants Mat Man down! Three count…Cloudstrifer wins!”
‘Flec: “Ladies and gentlemen, the Apocalypse is indeed upon us.

*Commercial for Edge of Survival*

b]Sixswitch v Morpheus[/b]

JFA: Well J, we're back out here at the order of Mr. Reilly, to call this rematch of sorts from last night!

JHA: Order? I'm pleased as punch to have my job…you should be too!

JFA: Oh yes…I love working for a raving psychotic!

JHA: Oh please…like you weren't dying to get back to sucking off the Game?

JFA: Excuse me?

JHA: You heard me!

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata begins to play as the demented one appears under the Massive Archivetron.

RA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring area, from the minds of innocent children…MORPHEUS!

JFA: The enigma of the AWF…perhaps the single most bizarre individual this company has ever seen.

JHA: And the man responsible for the demise of Warzone!

JFA: You can hardly blame him for that! Considering the fact that Redstreak caused TC to be eliminated, and that Redstreak, and Tempest…not to mention your pal HBK also got eliminated!

JHA: You really see what you want….

RA: And his opponent…

Like This Like That begins to play….

RA: And from Swansea, Wales…he is the Welsh Wonder…and the Sole Survivor from the Survivor Series…SIXSWITCH!

JFA: Tremendous response here for the Welsh Wonder here in the Igloo, Sixswitch really heating up here as we head into next month's Edge of Survival. Of course as we heard earlier in the show, Mr. Reilly has cancelled Deep Freeze to finalize contracts and complete the integration.

JHA: Too bad he couldn't get rid of those GPA hooligans…

JFA: Now since when have you ever been anything but Pro-GPA?

JHA: Since the boss told me to be…I do my job, you should take notes from me!

JFA: Doubt that will happen, suck up…bell sounds and we are under way…and Morpheus looking to start out quickly, charging in and launching a series of knife edge chops into the chest of Sixswitch. Backing him into the corner, Irish whip to the ropes, Six bounces off and gets leveled with a double arm clothesline. Morpheus now drops to the mat and again…the screaming…he sounds…well…he sounds like a stuck pig!

JHA: And I'm sure you've stuck many pigs in your life so you would know…

JFA: Har har…now Morpheus dragging Six to his feet and whipping hard into the corner…Six slumping down and Morpheus following in the that hip buster…driving the thigh into his face, all that weight crashing into the upper part of Six. Now a blatant choke hold, and he breaks as the referee reaches the 4 count. Morpheus taking his physical style right to Six, now scooping Six, and fall away pile driver. Cover…1…2…th…no…Six able to scoot that shoulder up and Morpheus back to that shrill scream…beating his fists against the mat.

JHA: Ok…so maybe Morpheus is a little…off.

JFA: Morpheus now, with a blatant choke hold, draping his body across Sixswitch and choking with all his might. Now dragging Six and draping him across the middle rope. Morpheus off the ropes and landing square across the throat. Absolutely no regard for the rules here as the referee again admonishing Morpheus, and Morpheus simply chases him away.

JHA: He shouldn't be doing that…

JFA: No kidding, Sixswitch seeing this pulls himself up with the ropes and sends Morpheus to the floor, over the top rope! Sixswitch to the top rope…NO! DON'T DO IT! TECHNOPHOBIC! Technophobic off the top onto the floor!

JHA: And here comes Tempest!

JFA: Tempest tossing Morpheus into the ring, who grabs the referee, and Tempest scooping Six up as well, but instead of tossing him into the ring, he powerbombs him into the steel steps...the GPA has added a weapon all right...but I don't think this is a weapon they can control...now tossing Six back into the ring...Morpheus scooping him up and nailing him with that Double arm DDT of his...cover...1...2...3! Morpheus wins...but damnit he better give a big assist to Tempest!

JHA: Why?

JFA: Why? Do you watch any of the match? Did you not see the powerbomb?

JHA: I had something in my eye...

JFA: Oh...I'm certain you did...well, let's go to our new segment folks, its time for "On the Couch" With Auntie Slag.

Auntie Slag: Oh, that's right boys and girls, its time for your favorite, and best dressed superstar to present his own in depth look at the world of professional wrestling. Today, I have a special guest...he's none other than the man who could be the single most decorated athlete in AWF history...the Heart Brend Kid, Sean O'Con.

Saliva's Superstar plays as HBK makes his way out to sit on the couch.

Auntie Slag: So Seany darling, how does it feel to be the first to sprawl out on my couch.

HBK: First of all, the pleasure should be all yours...secondly, ever call me Seany again, it will be the last words you utter.

AS: OOOOOH My...aren't you a wicked boy!?! Spank me! Now then...Sean, you've had quite a history with one, The Game Erik Summers, tonight he came out to save your job, thoughts? Feelings? Emotions to share with the group?

HBK: If Erik saved my job, its cause he has his own interests in mind, namely keeping me around to try to one up me, he's always been jealous of my skills, of my achievements. I mean lets face it, the guy cares more about pandering to the humanoids than he does returning a phone call. He cares about one thing, getting himself over, and that's it.

AS: But Sean, he did try to bring you back...

HBK: To suit his own purposes...I was just the weapon, a weapon to put him over the top. Too bad, I'm tired of playing his sorry old game...

AS: Very punny Sean...so...now I have to ask, will there be a rematch between you two?

HBK: A rematch? Does he deserve one? Let's face it...I own him. I'm in his head...there's no need! I ended him in the War Games, I ended him at Meltdown, I ended his title run, I've broken him...and as far as I'm concerned, his run at the top of this fed is as over as this interview...

*HBK ups and leaves*

Auntie: Well...that was yummy wasn't it? Evasive isn't he? Next week, we'll really get in depth...and we'll really get the couch settled in!

JHA: I can't believe what I just saw...


Backstage, We see Lisa Loveless cautiously approch the locker room as she gets set to talk with The AWF T.V. Champion: Amarant Odinson

LL: Amarant, you said some harsh words about some of your friends from Warzone after the loss they suffered in Suvivor Series match at Meltdown. Why is that??

AO: Listen up Lisa. If you ask me another stupid question like that again... Weel, let's put it this way... How's your neck this week?? Anyway, the reason why I said what I said was if it wasn't for HBK, Tempest, Redstreak, T.C. or Morpheus, we could've won last night. Vaccaro picked 5 of the worst wrestlers to led Warzone into victory and look what happened. They lost.

LL: But Amarant, didn't you try and help Team wazone get the win last night??

AO: You're damn right I did. Because I knew that they couldn't get the job done. I took out Mat Man for them and they still couldn't come out with the win. I did my job. I beat the I.C. champ Scout like I was supposed to. But those retards couldn't get the job done.

LL: So what are you saying??

AO: What I'm saying little girl is this. If I was on that team, Warzone would've won last night and tonight I'll prove it. I'm calling out anyone on the Mayhem roster to a non title match. A simple one on one match just to show these people what would've happened had I been on Team Warzone.

LL: And what if you lose???

AO: I won't. I'm the T.V. Champ and no one from Mayhem will ever PROVE ME WRONG *He pats his title and heads to the ring.*

JFA: “Amarant is out here next!”
JHA: “Yeah maybe he can get our old boss a little revenge against one of the members of the Mayhem survivor series”

More Human Than Human hits and the pro-mayhem wrestlers start to boo furiously as the AWF TV Champ appears at the top of the ramp holding the TV title around his shoulder with a small grin as he looks at the fans ignoring the ones who crack an insult off too him as he walks to the ring and slides under the bottom rope and stands up handing his belt off to the referee then leaning to the outside taking a mike and turning towards the ramp way.

JFA: “Our AWF TV champ is going to speak again”
JHA: “Hopefully to tell us that he is going to cream who ever he faces not that he needed to tell us, we knew”
JFA: “Well lets stop and listen”
AO: “Alright well send out your best Mayhem lets see what you have!”

Amarant leans back against the ropes holding his mike and stares at the entrance way as the arena starts an Amarant Sucks chant.

JHA: “They can’t say that about him! He’s a Warzone bread star!”
JFA: “If you couldn’t tell there isn’t a Warzone brand anymore so perhaps it’s time we get used to our surroundings”
JFA: “Reilly will fire you”

AO: “WILL YOU PEOPLE SHUT UP!?” he screams at the fans he yells infuriating the TV Champion. He moves to the ropes nearest the ramp and leans on them ignoring the fans. “Well come on Mayhem! Send your best out! Or are you all afraid!?”

JFA: “Amarant getting impatient here”
JHA: “As he should no one is coming out”

Another minute or two passes and Amarant pushes off the rope and laughs then shakes his head

AO: “Well as we can all see there is no one on Mayhem who can beat ME. Their best simply isn’t....”

Before Amarant can finish the lights in the building dim and the archive-tron lights up with the
00:05 in the center sans burning flag.

JFA: “What the...”
JHA: “Huh!?”
JFA: “You Don’t think it could be....”
JHA: “He’s hurt!”
JFA: “Amarant turned and saw what was there and it started!”


JHA: “If it is him Run Amarant!”


JHA: “Oh man!”


JFA: “You seem worried”


JHA: “I am and Amarant should be too!”


JFA: “Look at his face, don’t worry he is”


JHA: “I am to worried about who this is to be worried about if he is worried but he should be worried!”

The zero flashes then two loud pyros go off near the side of the ring then One of a Kind by Breaking Point starts and Blaster walks onto the ramp way micro-phone in hand as he stares at Amarant as the crowd un-sure of how to take the return of the now knee-brace wearing Canuck leader as he stands at the top of the ramp staring down at Amarant who glares back.

JFA: “You can cut this tension with a knife Blaster is staring a hole through the man who said he was better then Blaster for months and now he is going to have to face Blaster”
JHA: “Retract the challenge! Retract it!”
JFA: “Too Late! Blaster is running down to the ring! He slides in and he is on Amarant!”
JHA: “Oh man!”
JFA: “Blaster is hammering away here on Amarant rights and lefts! The TV champ is reeling into a corner! He didn’t expect someone he’d built so much animosity with! He didn’t expect a two time AWF champion He...”
JHA: “So it begins again JFA’s love affair with someone who is under 18, you’re worse them wacko jacko”
JFA: “You disgust me. Blaster with an Irish whip now across the ring to the other corner. Amarant sums up enough energy to reverse it. Blaster into the turn buckle. Amarant follows him quickly. And he is met with a shove by Blaster. Both men standing tall now staring at each other. You can feel the hate these two have for each other. They lock up now and this is somewhere Blaster probably doesn’t want to be with Amarant. Amarant turns this into a wrist lock. Armbar by Amarant here softening Blaster up for his finisher in the early going. He doesn’t want Blaster to get any momentum going. Irish whip into the ropes by Amarant. Blaster ducks the clothes line. He stops behind Amarant and... jumping spin kick sends Amarant to the mat!”
JHA: “Get up!”
JFA: “Blaster pulls Amarant to his feet and locks him up! He goes for the vertical suplex, Amarant locks his legs down. Amarant reverses it into a snap suplex. We have out first pin. Blaster gets out at one and a half and both men back to their feet now. And here they go! Both men locked up again. Amarant breaks the hold and there’s a belly to belly suplex on Blaster. Blaster is holding his back now and here comes Amarant. He has Blaster back on his feet and is now administering knife-edge chops to the younger Canadian. Blaster against the ropes. Amarant pulling Blaster away now going for a Body.. no Amarant delivers a shoulder breaker to Blaster. Amarant standing up now and using his boot to choke Blaster.
JHA: “If we are lucky he will kill him and we won’t have too put up with Blaster and his “I hate America” antics”
JFA: “Well I agree America is great but I don’t think killing Blaster would stop Auros and Bombshell. The referee warning Amarant now. The choke stopped and Amarant grabs a handful of hair and pulls Blaster back to his feet. He administers a few shots to the head before grabbing Blaster’s arm. Irish whip, reversed by Blaster. Clothes line attempt, Amarant ducks comes back at Blaster from the other side. There is a european uppercut to the un-expecting Blaster. There’s another one. Blaster is once again reeling. Amarant is in control five minutes into this match. More knife edge chops now and this has Blaster back into the corner. Amarant not relenting at all, he is slamming the side of his leg into Blaster and Blaster is now slumping against the bottom rope. Amarant beginning to put the boots to the chest of Y3B and he is holding onto the ropes to get leverage. Amarant has definite control now and he is once again choking Blaster with his boot. And the referee once again forces Amarant to break the hold.”

Amarant exchanges words with the referee and then ignores the scolding and pulls Blaster up by the hair and starts yelling in his face he then applies a face lock and delivers a fisherman suplex to Blaster and turns it into a pin but he only gets a two count out of it. Amarant quickly gets back to his feat and sets Blaster up hitting a snap suplex on Blaster then rolling and keeping the front headlock on and flipping over again with another snap suplex this time letting go. Amarant jumps to his feet as the crowd boos and Amarant taunts them then taunts Blaster as he is slowly climbing to his feet. Amarant quickly moves in with knife edge chops that cause Blaster to reel backwards into the ropes again. Amarant moves forward and whips Blaster across the ring and then hits a drop toe hold on Blaster dropping him on his face. Amarant wastes no time and moves in and pulls Blaster up locking in a reverse waist lock and hits a German suplex which leads into a pin and a close fall but Blaster manages to get out of the pin. Amarant wastes no time locking the reverse waist lock back in and hits another German suplex and rolls around and stands up still holding the reverse waist lock hitting another German suplex and then rolling one last time and hitting one more German suplex then hopping to his feet and grabbing Blaster up again and locking in a waistlock and delivering a Northern Lights Suplex too Blaster.

JFA: “This match has been all Amarant except for parts. near the beginning and here’s another pin by the TV champion. 1....2... kick out by Blaster”
JHA: “I think Blaster is on Steroids”
JFA: “Why because he gained muscle mass in his month off?”
JHA: “He’s too bulky for a 17 year old. Someone get the CHA in here to make a commercial about him and steroids”
JFA: “Riiiight... anyways back to the match. Amarant is arguing with the referee he seems to think that count was a little slow. Amarant shoving the referee now, he’s lucky he isn’t DQed right there. The referee back up admonishing Amarant who just ignores him and moves over to the corner. What is he doing? Oh I see...”
JHA: “Getting himself a little extra advantage in the form of no corner padding. Blaster is gonna get a face fulla metal!”
JFA: “The referee attempting to get to the turn buckle and Look at Amarant.. Complete disregard he just through the pad to the outside! The Referee has to go get it and now look at Amarant moving in on the slowly recovering Blaster. If he hits this Blaster is screwed in his first match back.
JFA: “Irish whip... REVERSED BY BLASTER! Amarant into the padless turn buckle! He has dropped to his knees his face is stuck against the turn buckle! JUMPING SPIN KICK! Amarant just got hit by his own medicine! He just had his face driven into the metal turnbuckle! And Blaster goes to work! There is a quick snap suplex! Not letting go he has Amarant still! A vertical suplex now! Blaster is getting some control back! Blaster pulling Amarant to his feet and laying the punches in! kick to the Stomach! DDT! Blaster just hit a DDT on Amarant! A flurry of power here by Blaster! There‘s the pin!”
JHA: “And there’s no Referee! He’s trying to put the pad back on the turn buckle that the cheater Blaster used! This is what he gets for cheating!”
JFA: “Not that Amarant took the pad off! Blaster had the Referee’s attention There’s the count! 1...2. kick out by Amarant! That would have been three had the Ref seen it right away! Blaster back to his feet and Pulling Amarant up with him. He goes for another kick to the stomach, Amarant catches... WHAT AN ENZIGURI! I think Blaster could have decapitated Amarant with that! Blaster is back to his feet Blaster with an Irish whip! No Amarant with a reversal, Tele-graphed by Amarant! Kneelift by Blaster, Amarant is on his back and the referee is having trouble with that turn buckle! Blaster laying the boots into Amarant’s chest. Now he is moving the Referee out of the way..”
JHA: “Where is your yelling for justice now Jay? Blaster just told the referee off to get to the ropes!”
JFA: “He asked him to move. Blaster on the top rope now and he is stalking Amarant as he slowly is getting to his feet!”
JHA: “Don’t turn around Amarant!”
JFA: “Amarant turning around. Missle Drop kick by Blaster! Square on Amarant’s chest, and this time the referee saw it! There’s the cover! 1....2.... no Kick out! Amarant kicked out And Blaster is back up and now he has the legs I think we could see some Walls! And the ref is keeping a check on things as he goes back to work on that pad. Blaster is trying to turn Amarant, the Crowd is going nuts here and.. LOW BLOW! Amarant just leaned as far forward as he could and hit a low blow! Blaster has released the hold and dropped to the mat. Amarant with a Catapult into the corner! The referee was caught! Amarant just Catapulted Blaster into the referee! And Amarant quickly capitalizing! He just moved the Referee out of the ring and there goes the turnbuckle pad!

JHA: Amarant is going to catapult Blaster again, he just took him down and is about to size him up and send him into the steel!

JFA: BLASTER COUNTERS! AO went to lock in the legs and Blaster rolls him down and now turns him into the Walls! AO suddenly finds himself in the walls...a new referee streaking into the ring...AO fighting...he's almost to the ropes...just inches away...BLASTER PULLS HIM BACK TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! AO trying to fight back to the ropes again...but Blaster cinches it in deep...and AO...fighting...but...HE TAPS! Amarant couldn't hold out forever...and Blaster has returned to Mayhem out of no where and is victorious! The crowd on its feet!


JFA: Welcome back Blaster! And Blaster taking a few moments to acknowledge the crowd after a stunning return and a huge victory...folks, we'll be right back!

*A commercial is shown for the new Y3B T-Shirt available from AWF Shopzone*

AWF Title Match: The King v Tempest

JRA: The next match is scheduled for one fall and is for the AWF championship. Now approaching the ring is the challenger, Tempest. Hailing from Mandurah, Australia, he is the human bulldozer and a member of the G….P….A!

Joey: How about the return of Blaster?!?

Flec: Pretty darn impressive! Y3B is back...but I wonder if he's back with the Canucks?

Joey: Great Point. On to our main event. The Challenger not being received warmly by this Pittsburg crowd. With his recent elimination by Sixswitch in the survivor series finale at Meltdown, I have to believe this kid has a lot to prove tonight.

Flec: He’s getting this title shot because he’s good enough. He’s paid his dues, and he’s earned it. He has little, if anything to prove.

Joey: With a loss in his last match? Rumor has it in the back, King handpicked this guy as an easy mark.

Flec: What are you getting at?

Joey: That King selected Tempest to give himself an easy first title defense.

Flec: That’s because he was never able to put Viewfind away on his own. King is the one with something to prove himself here tonight. Speaking of Viewfind, I have to wonder what the GPA leader thinks of his newest home-boy getting a title shot?

Joey: I’m more curious how King responded once he found out that Tempest had joined the GPA. I can’t imagine it was anything pleasant nor was it.., well, there’s the Champ’s intro.

JRA: And now approaching the ring hailing from Los Angeles, California, is a 2 time AWF Tag Team Champion, a former AWF Intercontinental Champion, and your current AWF Champion, The King!

Joey: King getting a slightly warmer response than Tempest here tonight. As stated earlier, this will be his first title defense following his hard fought victory over Viewfind at Meltdown.

Flec: Bah! It was nothing. Reilly’s boy tore Viewfind apart.

Joey: We were watching the same match, correct?

Flec: Yeah, and as I recall, oh! Ref’s calling for the bell.

Joey: Fast start by the champ. Immediate charge towards the challenger. Divebomb!!!! Divebomb!!!! The champ nailed Tempest unprepared. Tempest was caught unprepared, and that may have cost him the match before it even got started.

Flec: Temp flipped 2 times in mid air. I was counting.

Joey: You can count that high?

Flec: What was that?

Joey: Nothing. Immediate cover by the champ. Might have the fastest title defense in AWF history here. 1…2. No, kick out by Tempest. The King is clearly looking to put Tempest away early here.

Flec: No kidding. That was a massive clothesline.

Joey: King wasting no time. Lifting Tempest up, setting him up. Rampage!!! The Champ’s special version of the pumphandle slam there. Tempest is in trouble, and we’re not even a minute into this match.

Flec: At this rate, we’ll be lucky if it gets to 2. What will we do for the other 13 minutes of programming. Wasn’t this thing booked for 15 minutes?

Joey: Tempest powered out of the pin. He’s got fight left, but I can’t image that he’s in good shape after those two power moves.

Flec: What was your first hint? That he’s groggy and unable to stand under his own power, or that he just got dropped by 2 of the champ’s specialty moves?

Joey: The latter. King throwing Tempest to the ropes, clothesline attempt ducked by Tempest. Tempest bouncing off the far side of the ring, nice cross body buy the challenger. He’s going for the cover.

Flec: With a fistful of tights. I love it!

Joey: Doesn’t matter as King reverses it into his own inside cradle. He’s got the tights as well, but this time the ref sees it and refuses to count.

Flec: King’s upset, and I don’t blame him. Too bad arguing with the ref never seems to work. He’s got a point. If you could a fall while Tempest grabs the tights, you should count one while the champ does the same.

Joey: Challenger is up and hits King from behind with a running bulldog. Ref barely sidestepped that.

Flec: He’s part of the ring. Hey, he’s not a foreign object. Think someone could swing him as a weapon and not get DQed?

Joey: Got me. No one’s tried. Challenger going to work with some boots to the midsection. Champ rolls to the outside to catch his breath. Flec, what do you think Tempest’s strategy needs to be to pull out a win here?

Flec: Well, he needs to either pin his opponent, or make him submit, Joey.

Joey: Er, thanks. Care to elaborate?

Flec: Sure. You see, pinning your opponent involves you keeping his shoulders firmly on the mat for a three count from the ref. A submission is when your opponent surrenders the match, generally due to pain. I’ve also seen a ref call a match when a wrestler stopped responding to questions.

Joey. How do I get by without you?

Flec: Got me. Baseball slide by Tempest connects. It wasn’t clean since the champ tried to sidestep it at the last moment. Nevertheless, it got the job done as both men are down.

Joey: And then you follow with something like that. It’s amazing.

Flec: You know I am.

Joey: King to his feet first. Ref beginning to count both men out. King with an old fashioned powerbomb on the hard surface outside. Rolls in then out of the ring to break the count.

Flec: Tempest had a lot taken out of him early. I think the bulldozer is going to run out of steam by the time this is over. King sends the challenger into the steel ring post. Temp is down and his shoulder seems hurt.

Joey: He certainly does. King moving in only to get hit by a surprise knee to the gut from the challenger. Tempest going to work on King with his good arm, punches giving way to simply running the champs head into the ring post repeatedly. The ref’s trying to force him to stop.

Flec: There the goon does. He rolls King into the ring and follows, probably planning on using his ill gotten advantage.

Joey: Got tired of being neutral?

Flec: No, I just started to think.

Joey: Hurt?

Flec: Humorous. So, King is Reilly’s man. Reilly’s name is on my paycheck.

Joey: Wise man. Tempest has the champ in a corner, going to work with a blatant choke hold.

Flec: He’s just giving King’s throat a close up view of the sole of his new boot.

Joey: I thought you were rooting for King here?

Flec: Oh yeah. Choke finally broken by the ref. That was a slow 5 count if I ever saw one. Shoulder thrusts from the challenger. I don’t think they are having much effect on the champ though.

Joey: Besides the clear pain he’s in, none at all. Snapmare brings the champ out of the corner and sets up a cross arm breaker. Challenger’s inexperience is showing a bit here. The champ is close to the ropes, and he manages to get a hold of them fairly easily.

Flec: Falling slam nets a two count. King is refusing to go down here. Frankly, I’m shocked that Tempest has managed to put up this good a showing against the champ.

Joey: No kidding, I’m surprised myself. King is in genuine trouble here.

Flec: Still, you have to admit; it’s only a matter of time before Tempest makes a mistake. King is a good enough mat wrestler to capitalize on such a mistake and quickly turn the tide. Tempest is still feeling the effects of those massive earlier moves The King crushed him with.

Joey: Wow. Insightful commentary…

Flec: Well, you have to earn your pay some… Check out the knockers on that babe!

Joey: The Flec we know and love… Tempest levels King with a clothesline. Irish whip into the turnbuckle, King staggers out of the corner to get hit with a pendulum backbreaker. Still only a two count. Tempest is showing signs of frustration as the champ refuses to stay down.

Flec: Another Irish whip, this time to the ropes. Tempest telegraphs the backdrop and gets a knee to his face for the mistake. Still, the challenger fights back with a kick to the midsection, now he runs back, bouncing off the ropes for speed.

Joey: And falls right into a Tantrum! King lands yet another power move, this time a powerbomb. He goes for the cover, but only gets two. Wristlock applied by the champ. The champ is applying a fair amount of pressure to the challenger’s shoulder. The challenger is being forced into a sitting position, and King is standing over him placing weight behind the hold. Tempest looks to escape the hold, but King just puts a knee on his shoulder, which forces Tempest back down to the mat, and provides more leverage for The King.

Flec: Whoo! We’ve got some company at ringside. Viewfind looks mighty nice with his new felt purple hat with matching peacock feather, I would like to add.

Joey: Viewfind out here means one thing for King.

Joey & Flec: Trouble.

Joey: King’s yelling at the ref to get Viewfind out of here. I hope the censor’s weren’t’ asleep. Ref’s yelling at Viewfind, King’s using the opportunity to choke the living hell out of Tempest, and now what?

Flec: How long was Brave Maximus hiding under the ring? He and Viewfind are trading blows. Maximus gets the upper hand with a knife edged chop to the windpipe. Viewfind is gasping for air.

Joey: Tempest just tried to neuter King. Devastating low blow, but the ref never saw it.

Flec: 1…2…3!!!

Joey: It only counts is the ref counts it too… He’s still trying to get rid of Viewfind and Max. Tempest seems upset, since he thinks he had a pinfall there. King’s rolling to the outside, Tempest is yelling at Viewfind and the ref. There’s chaos in the ring, out of the ring, and now on the ramp.

Flec: The NWA just arrived to finish this off for their teammates. We’ve got more bling out here than ever before. P? is going after Max while Divebomb’s attacking King. P? connects with a nice chop block, but Divebomb wasn’t so lucky.

Joey: PPC through our announcer’s table! Divebomb’s a mess on the floor, King just threw the timekeeper over the railing, and now he’s holding his belt and headed for the ring.

Flec: And now Cane Deathscream is out here! He's out here on his own after Cyberstrike was injured at Meltdown during his mugging by the NWA. All we need for a circus is that Morpheus. I guess the boss unleashed his goon at last. Deathscream is headed straight at P?. Looks like he’s going to break up the double team on Maximus. Viewfind leaves P? to fend for himself as he turns and tosses a chair to Tempest. Now it’s P? who is being double teamed by the unlikely combination of Maximus and Deathscream. Viewfind is trying to revive Divebomb.

Joey: The ref has lost any semblance of control here. We’ve got carnage everywhere. Tempest and King are actually in the ring, but the ref’s still trying to direct traffic outside. King and Tempest charge each other. Temp tries to go high with the chair, but King managed to slip under it and hit the Headstrong while using the belt. He covers.

Flec: Second ref just sprinted down to the ring. Reilly must have had him ready and waiting. Quick count, but Tempest somehow kicked out!!! King’s irate, screaming at the ref. The ref simply turns his back? I don’t understand here. King’s not happy about this either.

Joey: King understands. He’s lifting Tempest up, and a PPC straight onto the chair!

Flec: Ref turns around and makes the 1..2..3. King retains.

Joey: And Tempest has a bruised rib at best there. That was nasty. King isn’t wasting anytime leaving the ring. I don’t blame him, Viewfind and Divebomb seem to be looking for payback on someone.

Flec: Divebomb just hit Deathscream from behind with a German suplex. Brave Maximus isn’t being so brave and is breaking contact. Can’t really blame him. The full GPA is out here and he would be facing them alone.

Joey: Deathscream is going to have his hands full here, and I can’t imagine anyone from the back coming out to help him. Philly Pimp Drop from Viewfind, and now P? picks up the prone Cane and rolls him into the ring for a waiting Tempest. Tempest lifts the big man up, and ties him up by the ropes.

Flec: I can’t watch.

Joey: Cane is defenseless, and Tempest is beating on his thigh and knee with that chair. He’s swinging it like a baseball bat. The referee is trying to intervene, but P? just gave him a Russian Leg sweep for all of his trouble. Viewfind is sitting back, directing his troops.

Flec: Cane was just let go. He’s down on his back and not really moving. Tempest just set the chair up and is now placing Cane’s leg through it. What are they planning?

Joey: Divebomb is going up top. He’s jumping off! Forward flip, and he lands feet first on the chair. It just gave way and snapped with Deathscream’s poor leg still trapped in it! His knee is probably broken.

Flec: I just hand one thing to the GPA. They finish what they start. Folks we are out of time, so for that moron Styles, JFA & JHA, Auntie Slag and the lovely Lisa Lovelace, we’ll see you next week from Toronto!

Sir Auros
2003-12-30, 07:08 AM

Damn, that felt good, but the only thing better than laying the smackdown on some cabron without the guts or strength to defend himself is hurting some of you knuckleheads...

2003-12-30, 07:29 AM
Could there be anything sweeter than completely ruining that hack Reilly's night? Oh wait...there could be...because next week, Sean...you'll be one of the guys in there in that 10 Man Battle Royal with me. The heart break I felt as you stabbed me in the back, will pail in comparison to what you are about to endure my friend...the torment, the hell, all the suffering, all the mourning, the loss...its all coming home to you...in just a week...

2003-12-30, 10:13 AM
D-Ex: A 10 man Battle Royal? TC, Redstreak, Viewfind, Stone Cold Skywarp, The Game, Cloudstrifer, Sixswitch, The Gruff, The Heart Brend Kid Sean O’Con and me? And an unamed piece of ****? Well well well of little glee. Next week, you 9 other suckers better get your hopes up cause they will all be crashing down once I take you out....one by one out of the squared circle. Think of it as a new years treat by yours truly! Sure you guys disregard me by thinking I'm nothing but some wrester stuck in this midcarder hell...well next week...think again cause this man, D-EXTREME will win that Battle Royal and get that AWF Title Shot at Edge Of Survival.

OH and Amarant.......YOU...TAPPED...OUT...hehehe pathetic....guess you got proven wrong yet again.

2003-12-30, 03:26 PM
IC: The Machine has been released and I is unstoppable.

Damn you to hell King. You robbed me of that title, I had you ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... and the Ref did nothing. Viewfind came out to help along with the NWA its not their fault, it was the Lane Bitchscream's fault and that undead dumb@ss Brave Maximus.

You got in the way Cane, and I made you pay. BM, Viewfind will make you pay. But now I gotta find a target ... something to kill ... something ... fresh ... mabye Sixswitch ... Or Morpheus ... but for now ...

King I will have my revenge. You will lose that belt. I may not get it but I sweat I'm make sure that you lose it.

2003-12-30, 03:38 PM
All I care about is I still have a job. Kicking people's asses and showing them up for how weak they are.

Anyway sooner than later I'll be back and oh yeah it will be cool.

2003-12-30, 04:32 PM
A Victory!

So Mat Man how does it feel like to lose? Do you like the taste of your loss or are you brimming in anger at your own foolishness?

I have done it. The great Mat Man taken down by the Norse Thunder, The Messenger of the Norse Gods! You have felt the pain of Odin's Spear and Heimdall's Stand. You have felt the great CloudStrifer pumel you into oblivion, you should be proud having lost to me.

As for this Rumble with 10 men that Game has planned, I am all for it. More opponents to pound more victories to be won in Odins name.

For Odin, For Victory, For The Blood of Warriors

2003-12-30, 05:14 PM
You want to kill me Tempest? You want to cause death to the Double S? The one who beat you like a bitch at Meltdown? You see fit to interfere in my match tonight? Why? Jealous? Of what? My popularity? My talent? Or maybe all of these things. Fact of the matter is, I don't know, and I really don't care. You want to bring some? Feel free to try, because not only with the human bitch run out of steam, but he might just get shoved backwards.

And you better bring your GPA bitch-buddies along with you. And your grandma, your dog, your cat, and even your little budgie with a bigger dick than you've got. You can bring them all, and it still won't make a single bit of difference.

Fact is this. Next week, I'll be walking into that 10 man battle royale, and even though there are some people in there that I respect, it doesn't really matter, because I'll do what I have to do, and I'll come out on top.

Silly Cow
2003-12-30, 07:07 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
Jealous? Of what? My popularity? My talent? Or maybe all of these things.
I am.

I envy you. Everyone respects you, the crowd loves you. I envy your ability to make them cheer for you with a single move. I envy your talent and ability. All I have is pain. All I can give is pain. I try, I try to make it right but every time something goes wrong. Someone says the wrong thing, something happens that should not have happened and I can't take it anymore. Then I maim, hurt and punish. I've forgotten how to stop, I'm not sure if I even can anymore.

And something in me likes it that way.

OOC: Battle royal for the #1 contender spot? All nice and dandy but I thought I was the #1 contender.

2003-12-31, 12:37 AM


But damn Reilly you better get some people who can clean up trash better yo, i mean look at dat trash i found under the ring
Oh wait dat was BITCH MAXX!

Look you solomon grundy rip off i think its time we test how dead you are son.

2003-12-31, 06:00 AM
Tempest, tempest, tempest..... or should I call you GPA Lackey? You were hyped up so high when you first arrived at AWF, calling yourself The Human Bulldozer and all that ****, when in fact you are just a pinto. It doesn't matter how many of the homeslices are at the ringside. You still couldn't beat me. Oh no.....when I put my PPC on you it's OVER. So run back crying to your mommy, or Viewfind, and let it be a lesson to you not to mess with the most dangerous man of AWF. Yeah I may not be part of any faction but I pick my allies carefully and right now my allegiance is with the owner of AWF, Mr. Reilly, cuz he gives me what I want, the AWF championship belt, and I give him what he wants, the backing of the best damn wrestler in all of AWF, ME!

Game: Did I tell you to speak? No…shut up! Vaccaro made that match, he signed it, sealed it and delivered it…before his term expired, so you have to honor it. He has some other ones, one that involve TC and Viewfind…but those will disclosed at the proper time…oh yeah…and he did sign a couple more matches I should mention…one will take place next week…in Toronto, from the Air Canada Center. It will determine the number one Contender for the AWF Title…what’s it going to be? Simple…a 10 man battle royal…a little tune up for the Rumble…and the winner takes on King…should he survive tonight…at Edge of Survival. Oh…and who are the 10 in this? Well, TC, Redstreak, Viewfind, Stone Cold Skywarp, D-Extreme, Cloudstrifer, Sixswitch, The Gruff, The Heart Brend Kid Sean O’Con, oh yeah…and yours truly.

Mmm...... a 10 man battle royal to determine the challenger to my belt? You gotta be joking.. none of these jobbers can hold a candle to me. Sure there are some that I have never faced before, but that's hardly cause for concern cuz you see.... it matters not who my challenger is. The one who faces me next will end up with the same fate as Tempest...as the loser.

So nice to come back from my vacation and have a new Mayhem to read. It's a constant reminder why after almost 2 years I still enjoy participating in AWF. Another great job writers. Thumbs Up!

BTW: Why isn't my name on the current AWF Champ? Somebody update it please? ;)

2004-01-02, 12:27 AM
OOC: Before we start with the smack, I want to wish everyone in the AWF a Happy New Year (yes, even 'Strike) and thank the Mayhem writers for the great job they do. Keep on rocking, guys...

IC: there aren't enough words to express how sorry I am for what I did at Meltdown, so I'm not going to attempt to. The only road left open is that of redemption. So... to redeem myself... I'm throwing out an open challenge. Anybody wants to take a shot at me... and me only... on the next AWF broadcast; be it Mayhem, Warzone or pay-per-view in Alaska, Arizona, Albany or anywhere else. Anybody wanna step up and take a shot?

God Jinrai
2004-01-02, 04:28 AM
"...'fang, you HAVE your challenger. consider it a pre-emp for the title match... even if it means Switch and I have to tear throught the GPA AGAIN to verify number one contendership for those titles. "

*clenches fists tightly, teeth gritted eyes narrowing*

"she...may not be my girl... nor have I ever gone on a "date" with her... but I'll be damned to hell.. if you're going to try and make a pass on Scout... I don't care how she might feel toward you.. and I don't care how the hell you might feel for her. And I may not be her father... nor would I impose on her if I were... she's a woman, and can make her own decisions... but this... this I cannot forgive. SHE was at my back... she and Eric from the START! and with Eric all but gone to me... she is all that I have left! Everyone else... gone... Mom... Dad... my brother... EVERYONE! DEAD! AND I WILL BE DAMNED TO HELL AND BACK AGAIN BEFORE YOU DARE STRIP ME OF THE LAST PERSON THAT IS HERE TO HELP ME RETAIN MY SANITY! One time too many, I found myself set to fall on that katana that many of you may have seen me wielding as of late. and once.. I nearly DID DIE. The blade pierced my left lung... and barely missed my heart. And even immortality is no good... not when you don't have the desire to live. Now... the story's known. know every single one of you people... friend... foe... bastard, b*!ch or otherwise knows why I am how I am. You're entitled to be concerned. Hell. I'll accept condolences... maybe help... but NEVER YOUR PITY, UNDERSTAND! It's PITY... PITY that has pushed me to try and claim my life time and again.

You've got your match, wolfang. I don't give a damn about you anymore, bombshell. You want me dead, you know DAMN WELL I will rise up again... and when I choose... smite you.

Auntie Slag
2004-01-02, 11:27 PM

I said I'd come and I have! Yes, me your very own superstar interviewer, the unquenchable Auntie Slag is finally here to dig deep and unearth the tantalizing questions AWF fans across the globe have wished from their heroes.

I will root around your psyche's and fathom the unfathomable, with my probing the fans will feel what you feel, taste what you taste, live the highs and the lows, the power and the glory, for ever and ever, amen.

However, I did think Sean was rather defensive tonight, but you can't blame him, he was nervous about coming first. Its okay Sean, it happens to us all at some point, there's a dear.;)

Still, rather enlightening. He's definitely not playing the Game's game anymore, which I always thought was 'Hungry Hungry Hippos'.
Aah how I remember the nights we used to all play together, Mr. Summers frantically forcing his pearly white balls into the beasts' mouth, but I digress.

Onwards avanti. Next up is a very salubrious young buck by the name of.... ahhh but that would be telling! Needless to say you'll all be getting a deep probing by me at some stage. After all, its what the fans want. Show them love! and they'll repay in ratings ratings RATINGS!!!

I rather liked Mr. Sixswitch's comment about wanting to get on top of 10 large, sweaty men. He is a dirty beast!

And what about the bravado of Mr. Fang putting himself out on a limb for all and sundry? truly voluminous appendage doth reside in those tights. Just don't hang around any grassy knolls Wolfie, at least until I've had you on my show.

Ooh, hot flushes!

2004-01-03, 12:10 AM
Sort it out you Slag! a 10 man battle royale, of which I am part leaves 9 men for me to overcome, not 10. Honestly, what do we need more rabble around here for anyway?


2004-01-03, 03:42 AM
IC: Whoa whoa and whoa thrice more... Jinners, my objective is not in a date but rather I seek redemption. Surely it's not an alien concept to you. No knock on Scout, but I don't see her that way. I see Scout as being like my sister; not a potential date. I am not from Kentucky. But, Jinners, if you want a fight I can assure you one you won't forget in a hurry. Say your prayers brother... you will be needing them.

Auntie Slag
2004-01-03, 11:24 AM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
Sort it out you Slag!

Ooh you're so masterful! Nine, ten.. all I see is a flurry of tights and testosterone. I wonder if any studies have ever been done that correlate the amount of times in a battle royale where a contestant inadvertently touches another man's groin? I wonder how often its inadvertent?

I'm sure you'll all have fun taking THAT image into the ring! And when you're all in there, I'm going to go raid the Archivetron base of operations backstage and put Michael Bolton's 'Can I Touch You There' on full volume, just to get you into the groove boys!


2004-01-03, 02:31 PM
Originally posted by Auntie Slag
And when you're all in there, I'm going to go raid the Archivetron base of operations backstage and put Michael Bolton's 'Can I Touch You There' on full volume, just to get you into the groove boys!


D-Ex: ........ :wtf: Mercy is right. What the hell hit you hard right in the head man?! Although I like that music and it has a catch tu...what the hell am I sayin here?! Ok nuff small talk auntie windy, either you start being a man or like Randy Savage I'm gonna threaten you by washing your mouth out with soap!!! oh...dude-PUUUUHHHLLLLEEEEEZZZEEEE!!! :cool:

Speaking of the ten man battle royal. Those other 9 scumbags aint no match for me. And I aint talkin smack here....just saying the facts! Cause there aint nothin gonna deny me of that title shot...oh hell no!

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-01-03, 05:34 PM
Originally posted by Wolfang
OOC: Before we start with the smack, I want to wish everyone in the AWF a Happy New Year (yes, even 'Strike)

OOC: Wolfang check your pms

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-04, 03:11 AM
Backstage in the locker room, behind a closed door. We hear shouting and yelling, thing crashing and being smashed. It is into maddness that some poor man is forced go to get a few words from a very pissed off Amarant Odinson.

RJI: Amarant, you're thoughts about that went down tonight.

A.O.: He throws a chair against the wall as he turns to the camera. My thoughts???? MY THOUGHTS??? DO YOU HONESTLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE **** I'M THINKING RIGHT NOW????

RJI: I think that it's safe to assume that you're not happy with what happened tonight.

A.O.: Ohhh, another bright boy doing interviews this week. Is this your first time here??? Are you new???? If you are, I'll let you in on something. I DON'T LIKE LOSING. Especially to that Tapedeck. But it's not his fault, it's mine. I've started to become too complacent, too relaxed. But that's going to chnage. Ever since I showed up here, I've done everything to earn some god damn respect. I've been the T.V. champ for the last 3 months. Night after night I've gone out there to defend this belt while other champions get to relax and only defend it once a month.

RJI: What exactly are you getting at Amarant???

A.O.: Amarant grabs the man by the throat What I'm saying is that I've made men beg for mercy, I've made some tap and others I've pinned some men,1 2 3 in the middle of that ring. But I still get no respect. Look at the 10 men battle royal for the number 1 contender spot. Do you see my name on there???? Of course not, but you've got Sixbitch, The Flame, The man with the intelligence of a bulldozer, Tempest and D-Extreme. A man who I beat for the T.V. Title in the first place. But let me tell you this little man. I will start to earn some respect around here and I will continue to make evrey single one of these boys TAP. From this point on, the AWF is going to find out what happens when you piss off a Rabid Wolverine.

Amarant then throws the man to the ground and pushes the camera man down as he walks out.

2004-01-06, 04:18 AM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
A Victory!

So Mat Man how does it feel like to lose? Do you like the taste of your loss or are you brimming in anger at your own foolishness?

Proud to have lost to you? I can't say that much. Still, I can say my respect for you has grown. You fought well, and I must grant you that. But the loss is bitter, and its taste is most foul for if you had not grabbed those brass knuckles, we all know the outcome of the match would have been different.

Still, I must say that the most dissapointing event this night was Amarant's loss. Blaster, I had been looking forward to being the first from Mayhem to prove him wrong, and you come out and beat me to it. Oh well, you went out there with my blessing afterall.

2004-01-07, 04:22 PM
Ah, Mat Man, Mat Man

Thats just heresay, and not the truth. I have won, and shown my power over your pompus butt. But, I am forgetting myself. I do not gloat over a win, ney, You fought well but forgot the ultimate thing to remember in battle, that you were facing the superime chosen one, the chosen of the Norse Gods and Odin himself and you already had no chance of winning. But now on to more glorious ideals and belts.

The 10 man match eh? No problem there for me, although I lose quite quickly to my own rashness. But that ends here. By Odin and all the Norse Gods, I shall win this and the rest of you shall be covered in your own blood.

Fear me not because I am the chosen one, Fear me because I can bath you in your own blood.

Auntie Slag
2004-01-07, 05:15 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
...and the rest of you shall be covered in your own blood.

Not me matey, I'm wearing Bodyform Ultra. I tell ya its gonna be like the Aswan dam down there tonight.

Ooooooooooh Bodyfoooorrrrrm, bodyform for youuuuuuu!

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-07, 06:57 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
Fear me not because I am the chosen one, Fear me because I can bath you in your own blood.

I'll give everyone a damn good reason to fear you.

The way you talk.

Auntie Slag
2004-01-07, 07:55 PM
Originally posted by StoneCold Skywarp
I'll give everyone a damn good reason to fear you.

The way you talk.

It might just be the way he was brought up, you know, with all the Huskarl's and that?

And its given him a really ****ed up parental vision, and now he wants to mother us all in some massive bath and wash us with his loofah god and soap deity so we're all red in tooth and flaw like him...

Cleanliness is next to godliness, right Cloud?

You're weird Cloud. You and your co-operative bathing school outfit.
See? This is where the AWF will lead should he EVER get his paws on the belt.

*PS: Cloud, see me after the show, I like your bath idea really. Sounds great. Come alone.*

*No, leave them behind, I'm not doing it if you bring them. Oh alright then, but no cameras.*

2004-01-07, 09:56 PM
Get away from me, you discusting freak. A man who portrays himself as a women is a not a man, and shouldn't be allowed to live. You should have been killed, but I bet your parents wouldn't even have the guts to do that. I despise you freak. Speak to me no more, unless you want your guts spilled on the floor, you last sight my sword severing you head from you dispicable body.

As for Skywarp, you shall taste the fear. You will pay your full price in blood, and you shall die. You probbly couldn't even drink as much as me, a true Viking can. You will get your soon. In the mean time, I believe you can shut up and run away with your tail between your legs.

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-07, 10:06 PM
Second thing I fear about you is the stench... I mean really, go wash or something, they've a new invention -- soap.

And whilst you're at it, try giving your teeth a clean, might help freshen up that crap it keeps spewing out...

Amarant Odinson
2004-01-07, 10:07 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
Get away from me, you discusting freak. A man who portrays himself as a women is a not a man, and shouldn't be allowed to live.

This coming from a guy who thinks he's a Viking. I'm telling right now Cloudy. Stop while you're still ahead and just get a little Japanese guy to all of the talking for you. Life will much easier for you that way.

Auntie Slag
2004-01-07, 10:28 PM
I am woman, hear me ROAR!

Obviously Skywarp and Amarant are the REAL men around here, (and myself to a degree), and you are incredibly intimidated by all of us. They have honour, integrity, beer and money while YOU do it with Huskarls my friend, and THAT is why you are a sick puppy in the truest sense.

Honestly, if I ever get you on my couch, i'll be sure to put a throw rug over it first, and make sure you're spayed to within an inch of your life.

And actually, if were being realistic to your situation; its common knowledge that you're substantially less than an inch.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!![/Girls in the audience]

2004-01-08, 01:09 AM
Cloud, Cloud, Cloud...

You foolish little whelp, you come out here and you run your mouth about Auntie Slag? Let me warn you about guys wearing dresses acting like women...if they're still walking around a wrestling fed like that, they must be tough. And who in the blue hell are you anyway? Aren't you the jabbronie that's supposed to get the Game his lunch? What? You're a wrestler? Let the Game get this straight...you wrestle here? You mean you aren't a cateror or the janitor? Man...Reilly really has lowered his standards of hiring...well then Cloud as you seem to be one of the 9 standing in my way at my title, let the Game give you some directions for the match...first, we're going to take you down brow beating lane. Then, we're going to take you one a tour of smackdown avenue, and finally we are going to make your monkey ass famous by showing that Viking jabbronies can fly.

Any questions? I thought not...

Oh yeah...and HBK...Seany darling...guess who's next after I take out the Norse Nerd?

2004-01-08, 01:28 AM
to borrow a little rhyme from my boy Viewfinder,

Hey yo Red, look at you
You aint nothing but a little bitch
You want everything, but
All you got is the blue ball scratch, and that sever year itch

But you know what, not yet...you arent worth my time just yet. No, right now it's all about the 10 man battle royale next week...which ironically, your ass is gonna be there...so I get a nice appetizer before the main course of kicking your ass in the hardcore carreer match. But the bigger goal, is that I'm gonna win it, and once again I will be the #1 contender, and then I'm gonna get my belt back. Not only that, but I will be a double champion, I'll be swimming in all the gold that you won't ever see again after I'm done with you