View Full Version : Where can i get the Dreamwave comics....

2004-01-01, 10:36 PM
Hi Im new here and I was wondering if anyone can tell me where i can buy\maybe subscribe to the current dreamwave tf series and devil`s due`s GI Joe Tf crossover.

I live in Norway and we had armada and war within until a cuple of months ago when they were canceled.
Thnx in advance to anyone that replies to my post :)

2004-01-02, 07:26 AM
Welcome to the board.


2004-01-02, 12:39 PM
As you live in Norway, you might also want to check
ntfa.net (ntfa store, plus ask tips from the forum)

2004-01-02, 06:33 PM
Thnx guys ;)
I found almost everything i needed.
It`s gonna cost but it`s worth it.

By the way Osku, do you use ntfa.net ?
Is it any good?

2004-01-07, 02:29 PM
Originally posted by Optimal_Svenn
By the way Osku, do you use ntfa.net ?
Is it any good?
Iīm a member, and contribute (a little) to the siteīs content, so itīs hard to give an impartial answer... But yes, itīs useful because you can get info whatīs going on in your own country, whatīs been published in your own language (old comics for example) and get tips where to find new toys, magazines etc. Also some of the "regular" info pages are useful and well made IMO.

But only way to find out, is to check it by yourself, yes? :)