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AWF Mayhem
2004-01-09, 06:40 AM
Mr. Reilly is looking to set the pieces into motion leading up for the AWF Edge of Survival PPV. As such, January 14th will be a night of tag team bedlam!

In the main event The Game & Blaster join forces to face AWF Champion The King and HBK Sean O'Con.

Newcomer Xille seeks to gain revenge against the GPA as he teams with Brave Maxx to face Ravage & Viewfind!

DTA will be the theme of this match as Mr. Reilly sends Stone Cold Skywarp & D-Extreme out to face The Gruff & Cloudstrifer.

The Tag Team Number 1 Contendership will be on the line as the NWA faces Auros & Bombshell and Jinrai & Quick Switch

And of course, Auntie Slag will be On The Couch with Amarant Odinson and much, MUCH more as the AWF takes Calgary, Alberta Canada by storm.

2004-01-09, 06:51 AM
Jinrai, before I toast you like the marshmellow you are and give your carcass that brand new burnt steak smell, I'll see to it that I get back into the title hunt, and ensure that I'll have some real comeptition to face later on down the line.

That is, if Auros doesn't f*ck it up.

2004-01-09, 10:19 AM
D-Ex: HOLD THE DAMN PHONE! I tag along with Stone Cold Skywarp? That beer swellin hobo?! Well no offense Sky-boy but we do a lot in common when it comes to beer drinking. But the main difference between you and me is I dont act like a slimy snake and turning on his partners. But when the match is on Sky you better know who the hell were gonna beat up.....Gruff and Cloudy's ass...not each other. That can wait for another time.

But well well well! Look who me and Sky are gonna beat up. The derranged viking himself pairing up with the Gruff. Now you 2 guys think you can beat ME...er...I mean...US? Then think again, on Mayhem, Me and Sky are gonna show you guys how the AWF vets here take care of bussiness!

StoneCold Skywarp
2004-01-09, 12:19 PM
D-EX get one damn thing straight right now. We're nuthin' alike. I'm gonna head to that ring next Wednesday night and I'm gonna kick some ass, I'm gonna kicks Cloud's ass, I'm gonna kick Gruff's ass and hell son, you get in my damn way and I'm gonna whup your ass too.

Hey Cloud you creepy little bastard, here's your shot at me, I'm waiting kid, waiting to see how much of a damn fool of yourself before I kick your scrawny little ass from pillar to post, all around the arena, middle of the ring...STUNNER, STUNNER, STUNNER! 1-2-3...

Gruff you ain't nuthin but a piece of ****, ain't worth my time...

2004-01-09, 02:56 PM
Well, well well.

2 enemies in the same ring? Skywarp who I hate with a passion, and boy you listen caarefully. You will not win, you can not win. I am the Chosen One of the Gods, and you are nothing but a magot. Make fun of me if you wish, for I will not because I have honor, something that you lack. Maybe at your furneral I would feel sorry because I broke your bones in your old body. You will know fear, and I will show you the true meaning of fear.

Guff, well hes a loser, and I will admit that. Not a warrior in anyway, which is also true for Skywarp. You better know how to fight boy, and you better know not to cross me. Do that and I will lead your pompus ass to victory.

As fr D-Ex, eh I have no need or care to deal with him. I have no problem with him except him calling me names.

You all will face the fury of the Norseman and you will fear him!

2004-01-09, 03:01 PM
Originally posted by StoneCold Skywarp
D-EX get one damn thing straight right now. We're nuthin' alike. I'm gonna head to that ring next Wednesday night and I'm gonna kick some ass, I'm gonna kicks Cloud's ass, I'm gonna kick Gruff's ass and hell son, you get in my damn way and I'm gonna whup your ass too.

D-Ex: Speak for yourself Sky, cause the only possibility of you kickin my ass is when I got my back turned on you. And if your counting on that..you'll be dead wrong. Cause its you who better not get in my way when I kick those jerks assess. Just to tell you now I wont get in your damn way, but you better focus on the match you hear me? Cause if we loose thanks to you...you'll be in a recieving end of a much deserved X-OCUTION!

Well enough about you my alcohol inbreded friend. Cloudy you stupid viking you talk a lot of bullcrap that even Thor would just zip his mouth in shame! Well on Mayhem you go bring it all then oh fearsome vikin! You bring in some of those clubs, your viking hat, your mug of ale, your war paint. Hell man if your even at it you can send your girlfriend dinoslut to ringside with you while you attempt to row a damn viking boat from the ramp all the way to the damn ring! Cause when it is all said and done and I mean AAAAALLLLL SAID AND DONE, its going 2 ways buddy. Its either me or Stoney who will whup your ass so bad that we will give you one hell of a punch that will send you back up 10..no..100..oh damn no...1000 MILES UP BACK TO ASGGUARD WHERE THE MIGHTY THOR HIMSELF WILL GET A DAMN PADDLE AND SPANK YOUR ASS LIKE A UNEDUCATED MONKEY WITH A VIKIN HAT!

And when I am...i mean..WE are done with you, Gruff your gonna be next as D-Extreme will lay a damn stompin on ya. But lets get this clear Gruffy, I respect you that is so true. But hell that doesnt mean I wont think twice of kickin your ass as well dammit! Cause when it is all over Gruff and Cloudy it will be either one of you..no..BOTH of you laid out in the ring due to some Xtreme Factor of an X-OCUTION!!!

So you 2 better get ready for somethin, save a beer swellin redneck that is, on Mayhem! And you should XTREMELY BELIEVE DAT!!!

2004-01-09, 03:12 PM
Aww Xille is still upset about his tiny manhood that he needs to get in the ring with not just me but with Viewfind as well.

I am betting Xille thinks he's set because he is teaming with Batman I mean Brave Maxx, you know teaming with a chump with a cape is not going to save your sorry ass boy.

So bring it to the ring where view and I can prove we are the kings.

2004-01-09, 05:16 PM

Anyways next mayhem i get to tag up with my new homeboy Ravage and we get to show all you punk ass white boys why he is GPA, yo bitch maxxx you still alive? un-dead? whatever HOLLA!

2004-01-09, 09:06 PM
OOC: Well another day without OP2005... Card looks good though

God Jinrai
2004-01-09, 10:19 PM
In your case, Bombshell... One of Stone Cold's addages would apply... D. T. A. ... DON'T TRUST ANYBODY! Seems you're gonna need to just pull your own weight in that one, bombshell. otherwise you're S.O.L. The titles mean little to me. They'd merely be icing on the cake... once I finish this mess between you and I once and for all.

2004-01-09, 11:12 PM

P? on da wheels of steel.
Ravage, DBomb, Tempest Kick a little flavor

Bitch maxx You better hit the deck, as rap busts from my lips
You think I'm finished, I load another clip
Look in my face, I crack an evil grin
Lyrics bring death from the microphone Mac-10
Sucker Fools, you ain't down with the streets
Try to kick game, but end up talkin weak s***, yo
You're weak, you're wack, you need to quit you lil punk bitch
Go and freak your mother, go dig a damn ditch
Get out my face, I'm tired of the press too
You talk about me, I holla about you
You think I'm violent, but listen and you will find..
You might get shot
And wind up lookin' out a ziplock!!!

2004-01-10, 05:38 AM
Sing it View! Let them know about the bitches we get in the ring with everyday.

2004-01-10, 07:10 AM
Originally posted by DrEvil
OOC: Well another day without OP2005... Card looks good though

Did you miss the part where it said "and much more" why do people assume because they aren't listed in the preview that they won't be on the show?

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-01-10, 01:36 PM
OOC: Looks like a great show and G91 check your pms!

2004-01-13, 06:40 PM
Did you ever feel... scared as a child, Ravage?

You know. That feeling that came over you as your mommy took away your nightlight, the creaking of your closet door, the scratching of the mice under your bed; it was all unbearable, wasn't it?

Do you remember, Ravage?

Do you remember how you called out to your father during the night? You wanted him to save you from the monsters of the world. Well, those monsters are back, Ravage, and daddy isn't here anymore.

Sleep tight.

2004-01-13, 09:34 PM
Odd, Xille, you really think your talk about my family and my nightlights mean anything to me?

I also, do not need to know what you did with my father the scumbag he is anyway.

But don't worry next week Blingazilla and me will show you that the worst monsters are real.

2004-01-13, 11:57 PM
*The camera comes on as we see Divebomb sitting on a couch in his locker room with a beautiful woman on his left and a beer in his right hand while he is watching a hockey game(Canucks V. Pheonix)*

DB: "(takes a drink of his beer) Hey there, hows everybody out there in TV land tonight? As you may have noticed I am in a better mood tonight than I normally am and you all may be asking yourselves why that is. But if I have to explain it to you then you obviously need to get your head looked at."

(Divebomb glances at the woman, then the TV and then takes another drink)

DB: "Well then I guess I should get right down to it. Mayhem, its going to be an interesting night. Not only does the world get to see Ravage and Big View take on and take out the team of Xille and Brave Max but we also get to see Stone Cold Skywarp and D-Extreme take on The Gruff and Cloudstrifer. (Divebomb pauses for a second then says) Wait a minute, nobody wants to see that. Oh yeah its The Game and Blaster V. HBK and The King. (He pauses again then continues) Wait, wait, wait. Thats not it either. (The woman whispers in his ear) Oh yeah, thats what it is. The world gets to see The NWA. Damn I almost forgot about that. I guess it goes to show how worried I am about that then doesn't it."

(He takes another drink and clears his throat)

DB: "The number one contenders match to see who gos on to face Blood and Thunder for the Tag Team Titles. In one corner you have Auros and Bombshell. Not a bad team, I am sure they will put up a goos fight. In the next corner we have Jinrai and Quick Switch. Another good team that I know will not back down once they step foot in that ring. But then the final team in that match is The NWA and seeings how I am one of the NWA members I can tell you all right now that once we step foot in that ring and the bell is sounded that we will not be stopped. For too long we have sat back and watched as Blood and Thunder have held or titles and for too long we have seen them come out here and try to say they are the best team in this business and I for one am tired of it. So this #1 contenders match has to be the first step on our way to them then so be it. Right now I have nothing against the teams we are going to face but believe me. When the match is started there will be no holding back and no feelings of guilt for what we will do to win that match."

(Divebomb jumps up and starts cheering as the Canucks score the takes a drink and sits back down)

DB: "Sorry about that. But you all no what its like to see your favorite team score a goal. No where were we, oh yeah, we will win and we will go on to face Blood and Thunder where we will get our titles back, but thats enough of that. I have said my piece and everybody knows how I feel so allthats left to do is to proove it, so come Mayhem they will feel THE END. Now as for Xille, I know you wanted a match with me or P? because of what happened last week but things happen and we have other things to take care of so have fun being on the same team as Mr.Chuckles when you go up against our leader in big View and the newest member Ravage. Have fun. But now I want to get back to my game, my beer and my woman. So see you later.

*The camera shuts off as we hear Divebomb cheer again*