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2004-01-14, 12:34 AM

*the lights fade into black as the eery tones of Nightmare's Brain Bug start to boom out across the arena, as the tune gets into its full beat the strobes across the ring entrance go ballistic as Gruff appears before the crowd and makes his way into the ring to a mixed reaction*

Gruff: *stares into the crowd for a second* i've been quiet recently, a little too quiet. A fine performance by myself in the battle royal last week but once again that old fossil Stone Cold Skywarp had to grip tightly to his spot on the roster and deny my chance to ascend to the upper echelons of this industry!

*a stone cold chant begins loudly around the arena*

Gruff: last i saw of him yeah he was stoned and out cold in the hotel lobby! He keeps trying to brush me off but there is no chance of that, its like trying to take the batteries out of your wrist watch and hope the day doesnt end. The day does end Skywarp and the future is here now to take his spot!

*boo's echo around the arena to Gruff's comments*

Gruff: At the next Mayhem is you and DX vs me and Cloudy. Why bother? Its gonna be the same as this! *Gruff points to the screen and footage is shown of the last ppv as Skywarp beats the living hell out of his own team mates and steals the win. the crowd goes ballistic*

Gruff: i pity you DX, thats your tag partner, after me, cloudy and Blitzwing did all the hard work in that match the old timer laid us out from behind and stole the glory so he could keep his place in the lime light. if i were you DX i wouldnt even turn up for the match. Not for the fear of the beating you'd get from me and maybe Cloudy but the attack you know thats gonna come from behind you from your own partner!

*the crowd reaction is mixed but still pro skywarp*

Gruff: this isnt about respect stone cold, i recpect all you've done for this business but you are now the past tence. your yesterday. The time has come for you to bow out of the lights gracefully and let the new superstars to step forward and allow me to do what i was born for. To become the AWF champion! Face it, your past it, old bald and unstable to know.

*Gruff turns and faces the screen once more*

Gruff: let me show you all what i mean, here's an image of Skywarp in his prime http://iquebec.ifrance.com/transformersgallery/autre/d_skywarp.jpg

*the crowd whoops and shouts at the picture of their favourite AWF superstar*

Gruff: ok ok, and now tho, lets look at him now http://www.synergizedsolutions.com/simpsons/pictures/others/barney2.gif

*the crowd laughs at the image played across the screen*

Gruff: so tell me, who do you want as your next heavyweight champion of the world?

*as the crowd chants loudly for Stone Cold Skywarp small sections of the crowd begin a gruff chant*

Gruff: face it Stone Cold you cant beat me one on one. its always tag matches where you hide behind your partners, let them do the hard work for you then pounce on them and then your opponent for the win and the glory as you hog the spotlight.
You know you cant go one on one with a superstar as young and talented as me and win cleanly.
You know that your just gonna have to keep blowing me off and get away with it cuz of your stroke with the writers and bookers.
You know that the time will come when you have to face Me!!
On ......

*the crowd comes alive once again*

Gruff: It will be the past, one of the greatest superstars of yesterdays AWF vs the future, the single greatest AWF superstar of tomorrow in a singles match.
The torch will be passed, the spotlight moved on and a new name will be cheered by the masses and they will know that the future of the AWF has finally arrived!

*Brain Bug again hits the PA system as Gruff throws the microphone aside and heads out of the ring and back up the ramp*

2004-01-15, 05:33 AM
OOC: One minor critique...we aren't transformers here...we're our actual selves more or less...so I doubt Stone Cold would be a flying robot, otherwise...funny stuff!

Cyberstrike nTo
2004-01-15, 01:47 PM
OOC: It's still funny wheather SCSW is a robot or not and btw Gruff check your PMs

2004-01-15, 04:58 PM

i know, i know, real peeps not robots but i had to do it with a tongue firmly in cheek plus i use an icon of stone cold in my siggy so i didnt want to confuse ne1!

tries to make a point tho, sleek killer to fat drunk lol no offense all part of the game SCSW