View Full Version : Gather 'round culeros, I got a story for ellos.

Sir Auros
2004-01-15, 05:30 AM
Me and tequila had an affair for a few months, but I threw that [expletive deleted] to the curb and shattered her like the Wank-guzzling Wonder's madre. Got sick of the agave I guess, but more importantly, I got sick of dealing with all the mierda from yous pendejos aquí.

Tequila's gone and I'm back!

I'm here to give the crowd what they love. The real reason they come see us every week. The reason they sit on their fat, sorry asses at home and watch us while between poppin' their zits. I bring the pain. I hurt people. I don't give a damn if it's a player, a ref, or even the crowd. I've hurt 'em all in the last year, and I LIKED it!

Well I'm back to do it some more and without Señora Tequila aquí to destract me, that puta, I'm gonna not only hurt you [expletive deleted], I'm gonna win too. You pansies like Blaster and the Fairy Fantasy talk mierda a mi, pero VOY A HERIRSE! I'm gonna [expletive deleted] you maricas up and I'm going to win something within six months, or I'll kill myself IN THE RING...but I promise it won't be suicide, it'll be MURDER-suicide.

Estoy loco...