View Full Version : Attn: Titan Re: Man of Iron TPB

2004-01-21, 10:15 AM
Just a slim, Prestige format one. With Gina Hart's full colour Collected Comics job, rather than Yomtov's crayola-vision. no random tacking on of the Dark Rodimus saga, the last three Earthforce issues, poorly researched foreword, umpteenth reprint of your stupid TF:TM synopsis or The Magnificent Six. Just a nicely-done TPB of this great story, with a new cover by Ridgway, and a proper cover gallery.

Ta very much.

Auntie Slag
2004-01-21, 11:58 AM
Are we talking about the one set in Stansham concerning Jazz and young Sammy Hagar?

That was my first ever Transformers story that I read. Always enjoyed it, and looking back now its almost got a totally different pacing to the rest of the issues. I kind of miss that, there was something quite dark and brooding about it e.g. the comic panels going on and on with no speech, driving in the dark, Trailbreaker getting wiped out, even watching Jazz quietly ponder to himself before nuking the ship.

The story was quite powerful because I remember always wanting to know more about the man of Iron, and more importantly who that robot was lying dormant in the ship. Excellent that there were no real answers at the end, it was like a pre X-Files ep in its tone. And I like the way the Autobots feel dark and eery in that 'strangers on the moor' type way, rather than clean cut healthy all-American robot jocks.